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Episode 54: Crystal Mangum Mini Morbid

2019-03-24 | 🔗
You may know this name from a larger scandal but Crystal Mangum went down a dark path that ended in jail time. Take a listen to her story in Ash's Mini Morbid.
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quickly. Woe thanks and patrons anymore just get right into the morbid. Many I'm ready right. So we're gonna like we said just do further time, just sick. I may get through it yeah. This is stretched out a bit stood vaccine aid. So this week in a weirdo category, we have re sure reassure e jago I'll I'll love, the rhyming of your name. I like in a law and breathe our age, I how cool, I like that. Thank you read like re ANA Lagree reread reread. Thank you. Re really re. Thank you so much free in the window watching coven. We have Bailey ever all Bailey. I love you so much. My dog just looked at me when I said that cause that her name to whom I love. You baby beg you so much seeing you pay me
we have also in the window watching coven Kelly Leather Bury Kelly Leather, very, very, like bury the dead body like bury the dead body, that's cool name cassettes like kind the like leather face and you also bury, namely bury a dead body. So it welcome. Welcome to the trial by Rwanda and body with your leather face on each. Yes, she did Thank you Kelly. I know what you did last summer. Thank you. So much Kelly in the window watching coven still we have Kara Tinker, Kara tinker you make me thinker there. You are a wonderful person, didn't you
are the best era, airy care and about our what ways spinet I love you care, just learn, tear last one, which I hope we have already thanked her, because her name did some familiar, but I didn't go back in check we already dead, so you know it. You may just get a second. Thank you know what you and your welcome initiative. you deserve. It still says in the jagged little bitch category is Emily Corwin, Emily Corwin, you do so familiar dies either way, Thank you so much as we love you welcome to being a jagged little bitch while does not augur well. Thank you. And welcome to, and you cast you guys are seriously making this possible and we can't tell you that enough, because we would just be talking to each other about the shit without microphone in front of us without you guys. So,
you, some of which we did for a really long time. We really did. I never got boring. We were just like now. Let's talk to the world, let's put a microphone in front of our faces. Let's do this. Let's do, and here we have to do it because of you guys, all because EU area, while this is how many more bad so do you wanna hear who I'm doing broom so ready for this. Just to give credit where credit is due. I was watching snapped last night and I was like you, I gotta do this work So this is the case of Crystal Magnum, which It sounds familiar. I was going to say it sounds slightly familiar, but you'll know once I gotta go. Ok, I'm ready. So let me crystal come. He wrote so crystal grew up just outside of Durham North Carolina. She was raised by like a loving, typical family. She was one of three kids, but they weren't super while off like the family and because she couldn't afford to go to college. She went into the navy.
so, while she was in the Navy, she met a man's. She meant May I met a man on the moon wave of Man label man and a naval gal fall. If you that's my love, I write hits. movies that those good follow up so yeah. She this man's an she they fell in love. She kind of thought this was like her happily ever after they were gonna spend their lives together. I feel like it's not. will they end up having to children together? Oh so, that's also whereby it was happily ever after a pause, was married to not Crystal yeah. So that complicates things that are really tough thing to work through you sure ass, you know, like I dont, know all the details because snapped didn't get really that much into the details of the they never do. They doll
I have many more bed, so you have a problem with new hat, I loved. I love this napped. They don't get enough detail not with everything. With some cases they toadstools the old snapped was a lot better than the new snapped. Now. They're good, like supplementary supplementary alike, that well anyways, so crystal ended up discharging maybe a little bit later honourably. She wasn't dishonorably just discharged and she moved home to North Carolina with her kids. She started college when she went home cushions liking, The navy didn't work out this work, I'll Bob would get an education and we'll get meet education. she went to college. Had North Carolina University should underground in psychology, and then she started working on her masters, lack of so often in college. He meets another man's another man's and she thinks As you know, this is it oh move and they have a baby together,
Wasn't it either? Was it wasn't? It means she says it didn't work out stubborn. Babies with a hint of bans, especially when it's now work in our girl. You know to make sure that shit is leg, solid, maybe make sure he doesn't have a wife. I don't know. I don't think this guy did let it didn't work out, so yeah, irreconcilable and differences. I guess: can we just take a second to fucking, recognise how hard that word is to sign a reconcilable that is really irreconcilable itself. saleable. That is really had you say it's weird. You say it like. I reckon our reconcile both Syria vague,
Didn't work out and now Crystal had three kids to support here, which that's hard. No man's got zero kids and I can barely support because it says oh, that's, fun, early and broke, but and crystal was also trying to finish college issues like really starting to struggle yeah, I mean that's a recipe for anxiety, so what's the quickest way to make money other than selling drugs, I would say turn and tricks other quick way to make money. You can look, but you can't touch finances jumbo jet cases are no say Rama. I was I was going out of that realm of work at her. Well knows any one else make up its money that erotic dancing erratic. They also cause a great head. Is that the pussycat dolls? I think it is. I don't even know I just that
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get your next reward twice as fast just by shopping, your dinner favorites after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the well. Apple joined today. things. I thought could never happen in a punk back was a new regional calmly streaming only on visa fees, mixed hash, anthems, sour girl, silent locals, Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute tunisian front. We are late reports, all basalt screaming now only our peacock. So on the night March, thirteenth, two thousand and six, she showed up to this party that was being thrown by the Duke lacrosse Oh,
There are clear in his eye or duke lacrosse team. You are going to understand what I know so there had hired her to come to an off campus party as an exotic dancer, but it didn't like really go. How crystal thought that it would? Oh no that initiative the most intense wing away, Gwig MEDS, lank Wang. so she went to police after the party and file to police are poorer, whatever she did, because she had been raped by three of the Duke Universe. Austin powers that so terrible, so Dupe University responded to the accusations like almost immediately. They cancel boat lacrosse season and they fired the lacrosse coach cause. They were like what the hell you teaching these boys exactly the case because
like huge in America and people were like very divided on who they were defending, like some people were all in crystals corner and some people are all like ducal Crossteam would never do that, as is the case with all of these kinds of cases, it seems now which is ridiculously unfortunate, and the thing was like people came to crystals defence, because she was a young african american mother who is trying to prove for her family and was assaulted in the process, exactly like she wasn't doing anything wrong. Shoes is doing jobs make her money. What do you think about our job as moot? You know she was just doing their job, So the only thing that went wrong is that during the trial, DNA results came back and none of the three accused players were a map. for the dna ochreous so the case can to the conclusion that the men are completely innocent and that this was a case of a false accusation and oh no the district attorney lost a lot of support, after that case the DNA
So I support after that decision was made in all apparently was disbarred afterwards, o day and so on, no. If there was like, I figure just because it was so controversial media when there was a lock up I mean they don't really disbar people for that I will let you know what that uses a traverse fuck, you you're, not a lawyer. Anyone like you're not going when you think about it, you know where he is culture, because that's not what I meant. You know what I had so a crystal face. Consequences too, she couldn't get a job anywhere in or near Durham. After that she was like go from jobs when she had them. Like so many times she literate like she said that she couldn't even rent an apartment once people found out her last name because they knew exactly who she was oh shit and they were like
She lied, but you know, but we're going to start talking about a different person really quickly. We're just gonna shift gears little barrette summons how about Reggie Day, Reggie Day a K Reginald Day Reginald. What you gotta say so one I gotta say about Reggie Day is that he was born in nineteen sixty four and he also grew up just outside of Durham North Carolina. He was like an average dude. People described him ass kind. He liked to help people and he was just like Like a simple dude lebanese lie, he was just a reginald. He was just a register. it has only what's. This live in. His life has Reginald so Reggie Mcchrystal when he was doing work at her aunts house. He was like a painter, so I think it was painting the house, like our painter, we have a family. We do have loved her he's great, I'm up until you what his name is because kids don't triangulate, because I'm not trained but anyway, so yeah Reggie and Crystal Meet Cosu.
The time she was living with her aunt, because it was like really hard for her to find a place to live they started casually talking. Then he was ass. He was doing this work and crystal mention that she kind of like felt bad that she was living with her aunt with three kids and so on and so forth. So, like a sad, reduce a wicked they stewed and he's like, oh actually looking for a roommate, so within, like a few days crystal moves and with Reggie with their kids whither gets yet he's also, I think, fourteen years older than she is, I witnessed whatever's don't want to do, but, like don't move your kids into a strange yourselves. Just don't do it that I'm gonna get my foot down on that one. Don't do it given that this earth yet so reduce. She super nice and when they moved in, he started sleeping on the couch so that everybody can have their own budget only say so. Reticent about german crystal can have a bedroom but listen honey, Reggie, wasn't sleeping on the couch very long, because human crystal really hit it off
I say to her bedroom and they were doing the nice I don't really know, that's true objective. They were bump an ugly they were I'll love affair is the brakes. If I had the area back Brunetta, bearing a bet he crystal began a relationship very shortly after she moved in, but people told to be wary of crystal because you know her her Fang levelled at the level things, but he was like the kind of person that thought everybody deserve a second chance, as his name is Reginald, so they were infatuated with each other and he was like Yo Crystal still gradually, with her like her kids like everything where family he really Reggie, really whether the family is making me sad, because I feel it things aren't gonna go well, don't get too. That's why I'm gonna tell you some, then something that's like a huge farmer now, but you noticed
I'm gonna, take you I'm taking a ride. We were about to coordinate our railway, and a man to quarters would be a half so yeah Aren't you a quarter? Slash had I went away in its invisible, its someplace so April. Third, two thousand and eleven things take a turn for the worse. Carlos Wilson answers a knock at the door. at. Like I'm pretty sure it's like two thirty in the morning, he opens the door to his uncle Reginald Day, who is bleeding and stumbled into the dark. Now he has been stabbed between the Ribs crystal. Did it Carlos, I'm not impose yes, she did the Eagles diamond, wonder and tries to help Reggie keep calm, but he's losing blood really quickly. Oh no. I sell police and ambulances. Come emerges, rushed to the hospital and has to undergo
emergency surgery ease while Reggie is in surgery. His nephew bring brings the police to his apartment, to figure out like what the fuck is going on. So when they open the door, it's a terrifying scene glasses are smash, tables are flipped over a door, is completely off the hinges and, like it looks like it's been like either punched or king O Hare is on the floor. Like clumps of air day, damn yeah it's fucked up so and also there is bloodstains everywhere and there is a knife that has been stabbed into the couch. So please I like do you know anything to Carlos and he's like yeah. He reiterated Reggie told him and the police are stunned because they're like still magnum? We know her because of the Duke scan. Okay, we know who that is
so crystal is nowhere to be found like they dont know where she is so now, there's like a hunt for crystal, but he didn't know anything because Reggie was like delirious. He just knew tat. He had been stabbed and he was like. I don't know like his girlfriends, not here in like none of the kid they're here maybe she did it. Ok, so they're, like ok, another like that they know he's dating Crystal so that they know her pass other like we re ashy. So as there are looking, her. They receive a nine one wall, a nine one, one call from the same apartment complex as refugees where there are investigating in cutting like the shit together here you know: the M shortly: yellow tape up the chain of custody, of custody, I wanted to say the chain of evidence really badly. Well, it's kind of the same yeah. Oh there, nine, when one color is a young boy, and he says his, I was getting beat up and she accidentally stabbed the dude to get away.
So if you listen to this time, one one girl, if you watch the ever of snapped, he sounds like what chill about the entire thing, and I was like what you like: that's kind of an intense thing to talk about it. Yeah and I don't know a couple biscuit as are anything but I'm pretty sure is pretty young and wondering why research, but with its shut up when the dispatcher asks his name. He says please just area in that year. It's really a lot of trouble and we really need you to get here like seriously, really seriously, do that's a silver chill the bois so in the police get there. they see Crystal Magnum now she's lying on the floor, its, I think it's like a neighbour's house. I don't think I research that part two, so she's lying on the floor. Her mess her hair is a mess for later if a swollen, and there's a small cut on her hand in she's, just like crazy mess. We also thought
so is calmer, dunk issues like Cinderella quote the direct data, what she said and they bring her down to the station for question. so she refuses to speak because she's been down this road before her nose like that she's. About, Inter Alia, she's, like you know what view of this. I know how this goes. So one detective really felt like it looked like she had been on the receiving end of everything just based on like her cuts and thing, but since she wasn't willing to speak, they had to adjust tree. Her andriessen then take her into custody so she's, rested for assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting serious injury, because, as this point Reggie still alive but if Reggie dies she's facing murder charge. Yes, Reggie is in surgery, was gonna say register which right These what's regulation here with somebody who is he
hazard, jury and after surgery he's taken from critical condition to stable condition. He suffered a seven and a half stab wounds which It is calling spleen and kidney- oh no, joke, literally no joke whatsoever and survival pricey survive that its wild he tells detectives the April. Second, two thousand eleven was supposed to be a big day for him and crystal they were going to a family picnic where he was gonna, be like hey everybody. This is my girlfriend, like officially limit still was a big day from which certainly was just not exit It was to be a good big, two Erika two he and he. According to him. He brings her to the picnic he's. Ok like this is my girlfriend everybody's excited for them everything goes well, but then, when they got home they see a cop who crystal knows in the parking lot
he like calls her over and they kind of start talking. Just like. Oh hey, how are you Bolivar, but Reggie think that crystal was being super flirty which possessed him off, since he feels like it's a big deal that he literally just introduced to his family, as his woman may start to get into a fight so they're yelling at each other and like yelling back and forth at each other and then there's like their outside. So the officers like hey, you need to play with everything: ok and there, like yeah, he's ok well like if you're gonna yell at each other go side, so look cool they going outside here. That's actually exactly what he said: don't turn into flow. They go anyway sinner Ricky, then, and I think they think they were like garlic, everything sign sorry and then they got inside where everything asked it's their screaming yelling at each other, which at this point in the greater this officer girl, like lousy designer out there, that all these I'm just gonna when this happened. He's like this looks like it won't be a domestic vowed situations.
leave. No doubt at all that I'm not interested in is actually almost done with my ship. so I have now by sea, as this remaining screaming and yelling at each other. Reggie admits that he hits crystal like he tell you where he had her carriages, fuck Reggie, and this this is actually really sad, because this is him telling officers ass. He says she runs and locks herself into the bathroom, but he kicks in the door which is how the door came off its hinges and dragged her out of the bathroom. Pulling her hair out, as he is so my drowning earth. And he says dirt you like realises that this has gone too far and he stops once he realizes what he's doing one hundred percent do not. If that I also one hundred percent, you believe it is one hundred percent until believe that So he turns to walk away this. This is twisting and turning. It is too, because you're going
for one person and then you're fucked up version, and then you going to do for those brazen linear milk fuck that person to no like. Who do I believe who do you love, and I believe that anyone know before Similarly, is don't believe everybody now, so we got here he's like what the fuck am. I doing calms down and walks away here like how all dynastic dynamically go. always an as he's walking away crystal runs through the kitchen grabs the knife, stabs him and runs out the energy come on. It's like I was stopped. Everything was chill and she was, I understand. You know he didn't happen. Well. We may be it in. I dunno, but I double seems unlikely after detectives get their story from Reggie. Some time goes on, but his condition takes a turn. For the worse, because fun fact Reggie is an alcoholic. Oh, so at this point he suffering from withdrawal.
It has a hearty shudder. Yeah. So he's into a coma, a half of all refugees and on April thirteenth, two thousand and eleven his family had to make the decision to pull the plug on his life support ocean, because even if he lived like through the coma, he would have had like very serious brain damage. But his official cause of death is less stand. Us complications from establishment yeah. They made a because that, would have happened. If he wasn't stand ass, he had been settled legs out and out at least now. Crystals charges go from us all to first degree murder. So her attorney advises her to speak directly to the district attorney, given her past with the law. Will he doesn't want anybody else talking to her. Her story starts just like Reggie did they were going to family party. He was gonna, introduce her as his girlfriend, but then she says that he had started drinking that morning before they even want to
big deal and that he was already drunk when they got here when they got there. What's good hum, she says that. returned home around one, a m and, unlike you, how long the picnic go. That's a picnic, that is a long aspect of law of picnicking. They got home around one, a dot m and that's when she spoke with the officer she says like they knew each other. He called her over. It's all the same as Reggie story, and she says as soon as the door closes, he hits her. She runs to the bathroom. He breaks down. The door pulls her out, but she says it was Reggie who went to the kitchen and got the knives and like multiple knives and started, throwing them at her. She was like target practice o, which could explain why there was another of the couch
so long as it is like a believable store. It is. She says that they stuck different places and that she grabbed one stabbed him and ran wooden lot makes a little more son does does make a lot more sense. I will say that sell, although it does make sense- and it seems like crystal telling the truth- the police are hesitant to believe her because of the Duke Universities can and will once you're caught lying y know she's actually charged with second degree, murder and she's in the headlines like the next I was going to say I didn't think it would be first degree than she couldn't killings, editing. she makes headlines and now their concerns, but she's not going to get a fair trial. Of course, because of her pastel. Now the whole like worry, such debacle is, should we have her tried here and Durham, or should we move this over to another count area? So two and a half years go by before this trial even starts Jesus. Her attorneys don't make the decision task.
the trial to be moved because they feel like she still has some supporters and Durham and they don't think that she has many and These nearby listen, Durham, like she kind of grew up there and light immediately said like family, maybe and friends who, like record that group, emigrating render the rival but yeah right, so the trial begins on November fifteenth two thousand thirteen, and the rules that nothing from the Duke University case is allowed in court like nothing at all. I mean, though, make sense if we're talking about pursuing this fairly soon crystals attorneys. Opening statements basically claim self defence they say she was dragged out of the bathroom by her hair, so she had every reason to fear for her life yeah like does like. If someone does that, I have an established just the way that this be a hundred percent except
I'll, think twice about it now to be premeditated cause. I said here it was actually the prosecution sets up a very different case. They say that crystal is an unstable and with a long history and a lack of self control. So what is another fact in crazy ass turn here is that the prosecution has a star witness from crystals passed her ex boyfriend of you know not the Navy one or the other do just another ex boyfriend, his name in Milton Walker, so they bring him understand and she, previously lived with him, and he testified that only fourteen months before the altercation, with Reggie, he and crystal had been in an altercation like a domestic disputes and that this fight escalated to the point and there's pictures where crystal brought his belongings like his clothes and stuff into the bathroom and set them on fire soul.
She LISA left eye Lopez did so when he called police, the police arrived and she went after him in front the police, with a knife whoosh well, yeah, so They were able to get crystal away from him, but she was arrested river arson, but not the attempted assault, but I don't know why they did not include I am, she spent ninety days in jail and then moved back in with her aunt. Where she met Reggie why so? Because they have this testimony that she was like about to stab somebody else. The jury's like fuck yeah, she did it yeah. Of course it was intentional. so on November. Twenty second, the jury comes back with a verdict of guilty in the form of second degree murder Priscilla sentence to fourteen.
Eighteen years in prison and some people kind of felt like it was like vindication because of the city thing candlelight late Justice serve yeah, but some people like sofa for her just an update, you lost her last sentence, appeal in July, two thousand fifteen, and she is expected to be out in twenty twenty six and she'll be forty, eight years old, so she's in jail. Holyshit crystal. I know to me that just sounds like Reginald with someone with huge issues. Yep. She was someone with huge issues yep and they were both incredibly volatile and wrong, and Finally, in Canada, terrible sounds like members abolishing it, and I was like I have to do this one. Let's see how that's crazy, because it's like the Duke University,
hang in there. It's like she knew the university thing I just dinner. I didn't know. Oh, I feel like. I knew something happened after up and not that is not why out? While that's crazy, so you that's the case of crystal mangled. That's crazy case it's by us because it is but Alice. That's an f centric bananas, many morbid right there. It was ass centre, it was asked, said, take because it involved snapped thinking. I love objec. I love the introduction to snap did like printed doesn't at all sound like that's exactly what it's like you. You know nail debts when it sounds like low. We hope because enjoyed the, and we hope that you want to follow our Sun Instagram Morbid podcast. We we want to send us a tweet at a morbid podcast we hope you wanna email us morbid broadcast at Gmail that come with
If you want to join our Facebook page morbid Colin at your grandpa downcast. We hope that you Go check out the website that Michael HO, so lovely designed, morbid Punkahs darker. Most of all, we hope you keep listening We hope you keep it We hear So where do you go and stop people and get in trouble for it? That's all I've ever you don't keep it that weird, don't stop! It will be that we don't do it. Never savage, don't drive people by the marital status. Just keep it simple.
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