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Episode 63: Israel Keyes Part 2

2019-05-07 | 🔗
Here we are, back again to go even deeper into the enigma that is Israel Keyes. This guy was a true monster and the details of his confessed crimes seem almost too horrific to be real. In Part 2, we go deeper into his three murders that we mentioned in Part 1 and we also discuss his motivations, his quirks and plug a great investigative podcast about this case, True Crime Bullshit. Come on in, the water is murky and poisonous.Sources:https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/crime-courts/2018/05/18/unsealed-interviews-detail-two-lives-of-alaska-serial-killer-israel-keyes/https://abcnews.go.com/US/serial-killer-israel-keyes-suicide-letter-creepy-ode/story?id=18421558
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yeah we're back. Your back to finish, Israel keys part too, because part one was so much fun party. Who was apparently a huge disappointment, one by one. I'm sorry it also just click on a thing. I apologise for my voice, but I told you guys I got the group thanks to my kids pride bearing the group, as we speak thanks to your kids, so fully. We, it was either we record with my voice sounding slightly gravelly in gross or we wait like for more days too
because that is the only time is in a work. So, instead of deprive you guys, we're fine through it. Fighting through ashes and the sick ward she's put herself here well the events? Emulous am I right click on speed, but- but yeah we're here to talk about Israel Keys part, two doors. where we can be doing in this episode. Is we we're gonna area that sells olenin done things first no way lower gonna do is we're gonna go into some more detail. We can talk about, a little bit more about Israel keys, we're gonna talk about the three murders that we went over pretty generally like last time. We can really get into super detail ass. I am, but I think people want details so
I'm a give. You details, he's young details, a strap in because Israel Keys is a scary, mother, fucker all hands inside the right at all gas all hand, guys if we already haven't told you how fucking also murder apparel is. We now have a morbid shirt on murder, apparel thy. You can own it's too. Before ninety nine and if you use the code, Morbid M, o r B, I d at check out which, if you go over to their instagram witches at Murder- Apparel- am: U r D are a p p a r Well, I think yeah click the link at their vile, which will bring you to their shop where they have our shirt and a bunch of other cool fuckin church than you can use our code for any sure. Yes, I know you're, but a notably by our shared by our shirt,
so we love them. We love them. We I just ordered three shirts from them myself that I can't wait to get I'm so stoked, so go do it, because it's right up your ie. If you're listening re now you right there hey supper rally. It's there, you're on me up there. So up there take a left. Do it later apparel dot com so before we jump into Israel keys, I just wanna, give you guys a layer of the weak and when one is ahead, we He will be releasing Israel on Sunday Monday ashes. Many will be shortly followed, and then later in the week we are going to record That episode that I asked you guys if you would be interested in where we're going to talk about the Zaka from TED Bundy Movie Wicked, shockingly evil vile agreement, I always forget just gross super
starts with internal is ill. Notice, lift an opportunity really did ill, so will will be watching. Nl will be talking how much we we dislike like because neither one of us has seen a yet because I have kids and it's really hard to fit time, determine to watch these things So we're gonna watch it we're gonna write down. Some notes were gonna, compare contrast to the real TED Bundy case for make VEN fucking diagram. We are we're going to make a Venn diagram. I don't even around a half an episode where we discuss it and yes, it will be, will be putting that out later. week, so you getting a lot of episodes this week to make up for the fact that we were kind of remiss last week. Sorry because The group has somehow without fear There do, let's forget, talk about Israel keys, so
what's interesting, we have a nice little subway cope with Israel. Keys was superseded, TED Bundy share best funny at any minute. Do that's funny key here. he knew about TED Bundy, obviously, because today I'll do but he also had a deeper understanding of his motives and methods, and it seemed like he almost at once. He did in him an arm. He was someone who he copied whenever he could. For example, Both are sexually motivated killers because Israel Keys is a sexually motivated killer. He will say that it is in all of his crimes both were very controlled in their approach to their killings until the very end when both the mastership Craig right, the differences are also kind of vast between them to like the fact that Bundy had very specific victim who he never strayed from. You know. Young college girl our care parted reallocated. He had the most. I mean I've yet to see
other serial killer that had that specific of a victim yeah in didn't stray from it right, but Israel seem to be kind of a fairly equal opportunity killer. You know, like we talked about last time, that his really only his only caveats would that would be kids. Here. Watch old dog lama. Anything really want to kill. Moms, like you didn't want anything to do like me, know full blown families. I think so he mainly when, after you know, middle aged, single or elderly, so that's definitely different. Both held down girlfriends during their crimes, breeze at one point or another. Oh damn lies with Monday, Bundy and Israel was data? the mother of his child. Tammy for the beginning of his crimes really yeah, and then he had to live in girlfriend when he, even when he kidnapped Samantha Koenig, you had girlfriend. So they were both
able to hold down relations analysing girlfriend didn't know anything about mega doghouse out back no cause using a shadow back and those any just lock. The shed. And I think it was just like one of those things where issues like cause. I again, if John had shed The last thing, I would think is that he was hiding out girls out there. Then he was now. Let me my how like jungles embellish Edward, I probably listen bloody but the time for you. The last thing you think, is what the person you're in a relationship with, and he was and by all accounts he wasn't abusive to any of his girlfriends. He was a good father. My account So there really was no reason, I think for her to think what shady shit out there. You know, and liquid you're doing a shed you to something that tools,
That's all you really can think in again: Bundy killed a child, he killed Kimberly led she was twelve years old right so that something Israel would just never do I'm not giving him any, credit for this I am just putting it out. There is a fact, I think, that you think he's really smart and that It is a great I don't they. He's great. I don't think he's any better, slim near little moral code. He had guys we don't. I do. I say that I would have got on Non Turley medicines, bus yeah. What I have just but it wouldn't have ended. Well know that we recognise I attest to that and we're saying their terrible people, but sometimes terrible people are smart people, and that is just a fact of life. She asked it ass just affect all
mad at me, well, Israel straight up. He admitted to identifying with Bundy in one of his FBI interviews. He said he could identify with him, mainly because he said he seemed that he too could separate the different aspects of his personality, and his love lives, that conflicted ledgers dark side, so he felt like he was TED Bundy like he could act like this charming. you know dude and be a family man, and he was active in his community in all that, could seventeen he was doing all was dark shit. Do that I totally life really he's Gemini, but he's not he's on his cap corn. I know I remember and funny, and Israel thought because the FBI interviews after they arrested him for the Samantha Cone, egg, abduction and murder. They had unclear listener visa them where they really talk to her hours and hours on end, he was a talker. Only, but it was only in the Reichstag, just like Bundy, exactly in so here he was a tall
but he was no I'd camper. It's not He was given you details after detail. Right for nothing and covers dislike, really need to talk, had camphor. If you were like here's a snickers, he billing our. I wonder why I will tell you every single detail, but Israel needed something back from you. That was very big and he would he would bring you to appoint and then you go and I'm not gonna talk more, about that. We only give you a little snippets. It's like all you will ship is so they its d artagnan after they brought up the Bundy stuff they started talking to him about. other serial killers narrowly.
because I guess he had a very big collection of shoe crime books. He was a big horror movie in slasher movie, Ferris thought. If you ever get her, I mean I was just going to say same so. It's like. I can't even say that that's like all that there is a killer when I shall be via what your grandpa gas there like that's funny like that's you when I tell people that delay like yacht, didn't you come out of the room where the two out of the public basically ascension, essentially in doing the lingo, so oddly enough Israel thought like ass, the Bt K was the worst. he is the word. He thought he was like german disgusting, nothing now impressive, her admirable or anything like that. He was definitely not I can about him like you talking about Bundy, but when he SK custom. He did say that he believed that the fact that Bt K had had to kill in his work had to kill an entire family vetoes and had to kill a couple of young kids in this.
process any kept saying he had to lick his hand was forced. Which is like a gardener situation. He wanted a rate this lady. He went in there the whole affair. Please their disease cancer he's gotta, kill em like Burma like. It was one of those like you, kids, back now, he said that pride that whole thing probably fucked him up, and he said if he had to do something like that, it would have changed him completely to change this process completely. Serial killers are just like another. animals such a conundrum. It's like this, it's very interested in it. That's why, when people think it's weird than to be into serial killers, you I'm not into it, because I think they're great their fascinated. So fast, because their way of thinking is just so beyond, and none of it makes sense. None of it clicks together. It's all like you, this evil monster, but then you like or find a kill children. They would have met me up for
This is why I thought why, but everyone was a child at some point. Everyone is someone's child you, but you don't think that waves like what the fuck like some of the cone egg barely in adults. I know it's like she's someone's daughter, it's just crazy to me and you played her pet, her father like a fiddle knowing that that's, Child had automobiling asylum and we're gonna get up to more details about that in a minute, but trustingly, his favorite serial killer, dino servitude. Louis, can you think tolerance, and now I can't homes He wanted, like legitimately, to be H, H, homes, weird. He thought the murder castle in the leg, the hotel in the dungeon and all that was genius any It was fascinating because he's see it. He said that he seemed saying to him, even though he was this vicious murderer. He said it looked like he kept it together.
What did he had this crazy alter ego and that's how he thought about himself, so he thought very Finally, I was going to say it is interesting that many serial killers are extremely narcissist. Exactly because he's sitting there being like just like me- and it's like you, know, murder, nobody and again not saying age, a challenges like this great genius or anything like you're fuckin. casting ETA castle. Why did you have made and everything The F b, I asked him cause a man they were like their will. we gonna ask you: do you have I think you have a dungeon somewhere library, but he was like no. I guess he was wont, work, is talking about it like this is where it says That is all that is he was my goal. He was. He was saving murder castles on his. We really I was. He had a vision born every public and he said he had plans to make one he said it was quote more of my retirement when all and then he laughed he will suffer.
thanks, but it isn't that funny everybody and everyone was like ice time for they had her. I entirely glad to make a word or castle that's what I was put in my four one case of work for the Global Europe. Cracker we're gonna, take a break and says real. He so far, can you imagine being like the people and have to any other than like right across a fucking to any literally after Billig like as far as we are setting a part, and you have to keep on talking and keep him trusting. And you can't change your face in all see. Would he still something like that? You can't believe you're fucking mania what's wrong with you a funny you have to be like Mama embody finger guns. That's all areas too much when you have to leave and just dry heave and pretend to move. even though your scarred for Henriette, even told them after those that he had a plan later like when he was unlike retirement age because usually go induce forever. The thought of it people, lifelong murder, you do what you love forever circus
If you have what you do, you never were gay lady alive so he's, and he had a plan to become a traveling contractor and he would follow natural disasters and take advantage of people and kill them this way. That's even It's a real, isn't that horrific! That's very Four years ago, just follow hurricanes and cause more half a year, and then just like get these people in dire straits. To trust me: do contract work for them and murder them law What does this is how I have no idea how this dude is not like number one. Like you, beyond it so interesting because I've never heard of him yeah and a lot of people were like either they heard of him. I shit? I wanna hear this or they were like one who is.
Heard of that when I like. Oh he bad hereby bad whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the obvious boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up regional companies like eighty by say about about for all your excludes the poverty face. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started? open, healing, close to home Cooper University health care. A complete academic health system from price every care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera, Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper as their first choice, Cooper, committed, compassionate complete Israel is one of those serial killers that confounds conventional thinking of what a zero kills is supposed to be. Like Monday, he had a family, I'm not,
saying it was always the perfect family, but he had one and than to have been a great father in a decent partner. He had long term friendships that he could hold down, which is weird. He didn't have many instances of like a girl. Behavior noted by those around him his former girl. Friend and baby Mamma said they almost had to beat him into getting matter jealous at all interests, leg, Tammy it is the mother of his child, said she. literally try to do things to get some kind of emotional reaction out of him cause he was like he never got jealous are mad. I wonder if it's because you ve got all his jealousy and anger out when murder and that's what sounds evocative anymore. I know it's true. It seems like that was I shall list and it was like tat. He got such a release out of that that he didn't feel any regression later and more terrify yeah liquors. That's how much he liked it that some would it fed him like that.
Really scary. He held down jobs and for a long time like you, would hold down jobs really years and years and he was successful. He was driven people liked him. People respected him. He was a member of the community. We like you, don't hear a lot of people I have yet to find somebody being like He was really weird- and you know like this as a surprise me that my training job are you hear my most yeah, I'm Iraq. It's like Ted Bundy. How all these people are like, I said: there's no fucking way could be tat. The stranger beside and I knew all worked right neck right next to him and she's a crime, writer, informed police officer and she said was no way. She thought it would be him. That's insane illegal dream. Grandest Naylor yeah. If I had to put money on who would be if I knew a serial killer out that thousands of dollars on you now here Europe, so it is it's just it's interesting that, like he really does have a lot of parallel with butter and Asia.
The F B. I asked him how he chose the victims. They asked whether they they were just talking to him about the process. There are linking Iraq me through it like. This is weird how you do us, because you bury these kids like in recent years and years here, one of those two years, that's insane to end in again, it seems like he just went after you know please email of opportunity will make was more like it was, I say, said he had buried it where he knew he wanted to kill someone and then a window whenever within just happened, yeah there. It was. Whenever worked for him at the moment, it wasn't thinking, Stockton and like had their profile and stuff right, so they asked, whether he would talk to someone and think about victimizing them, but then may be decided not to after talking to them did that and Israel said quote: no, I don't know as soon as someone talks to me that kind of puts it in on a different spectrum. For me, I like to take somebody by
surprise. I dont know why it feels like when I start talking to people, I go into a different mode like I wanna be their friend or something and then he laughed and then he said quote but obviously, if I have already decided to take somebody, I'm not there friend, so if your friendly to him, you and murder you, if your friendly to him, he could still are you, but he's saying just because you talk to me doesn't mean I'm gonna like humanize you he's saying if I've decided to take you, you weren't my friend right leg. I have friends and then just because you're trying to be my friend if I've decided your it you're, it Well you're, not like that's terrified, that's a lot to handle and my brain. You couldn't humanize yourself to him hate the assets like a mom. Unless you really on the mom, then he Billygoat shed any laughs a lot
in these areas like AL. We all he's a giggle in mother Fucker, He is, he laughs, Alot hated his own agencies, the bee's knees like Israel, dear friends, think you're funny. It's your friends think you're very probably not now Israel was cold, calculated, fuckin brutal. He was, not a good genius like we said before he was cunning. And meticulous that is true. unfortunately, that is true. If you don't, I guess, telling you that than like. I don't know. To tell you, because it's just the truth, unfortunately, were not like glory. buying him none any shape or form user some shitty People are really good at being shitty people just like he wasn't bad it being a shitty person whose great at it, unfortunately, That's true of some of the most awful people in the world there just intelligent it sucks. It isn't fair
I'm gonna to give you some details about the three known murders, Visser Appease from his interviews with the FBI, the ones we have already talked about. Ok, I'm gonna give you a few more details, The if, if anyone wants to debate the validity of the information here, talk to a wager boarding conjure, his goes to chat with, because it's coming from him is it. I'm not making me things out but in finally, some like Random Wikipedia place there somewhere. This is from the his interview, so eleven twenty for the night, Samantha Cornick went missing. Her boyfriend was sent a text from her phone. That said, a few asshole, I know what you did. I'm going to spend a few couple days with friends need time to think. Let my dad no interesting so he got that was like It doesn't make any sense a little while later and eleven fifty three, he got another text from her phone just said after you did, he was like I'm confused yeah.
was this seems like weird and like. Why would Israel do that right? Because Israel had her at this, but this was Israel. Yeah was a hen, and but this kind of smart on his part, because when the F B, I reviewed the recent text between Samantha her boyfriend. After all that, I assume it was the boyfriend law. They had been arguing that day so it was likely that keys looked through phone and text messages saw that they had been arguing and he was like. Oh, I can further narrative and pin this on him LA so that is pretty smart Betty leg, because he didn't just go off the cuff and be like I'm just going to start a fight, see what happens. He was like. Oh, they were already arguing that day right now, let's make this happening. Consignments murder really does dislike like in how testing? like it was. This can be your damn lucky and he was a great around with this rain. So the text he sent to the boyfriend twenty three days after her abduction after he had already
filter. It was the one that I posted on. Our instagram account inside me really sigh no Connor Park sign under pick of Albert ain't. She party groups Grass thirty, the word polarity leave that gives me the hearing on every level will leave. Leave that something can give me the heaps leave. Well, I When I first read this is like under Albert What does that mean? I read that housing is that a person like under Icefoot lonely logic is that, like a street earlier I use a tree. Apparently Albert was lost dog flyer stapled to a tree in the park and the dogs name was Albert. Why so he said like under Albert and those like. Oh that's why you link? I needed a clear that detail because whose bother know me too, I didn't know who s there was now after they got that text, That's when Samantha dad notified the Anchorage pity and invest
gaiters assigned to the case, went to the location mentioned in the text, found the plastic bag with a type written note in the infamous Polaroid yeah. The note said: thirty thousand dollars needed to be placed into Psmith is bank account. They obviously made them think that she was alive because Why would you assume someone so dead persons eyes open for a photo heat that he thought he would never think that so b, I started looking for you, no fingerprints, anything on this stuff cause you thanks, Mozilla is our they also. directed her father James to help him linked deposit that ransom into her account so that they could start monitoring it right. But at this point they were actually still thinking her father was suspect or interests, yeah, that's really horrible. It is because I guess, was rumours that day and get along that he wasn't like so she had recently come away from like pretty bad drug problem.
So she was like on her way as she was out of that variety and she was trying to like live soberly, which is even it's like. She just gets it together, and this happens is like really sad and people. There were rumors that her father was involved with Maybe something went wrong? Bout had other people were just making seen Althea so February. Twenty ninth, that ten thirteen p m someone tried to take money out of her back. Account even at the Alaskan USA Bank same night. Eleven. Fifty six p m there was another attempt at withdrawing play from her bank account at Denali, alaskan Credit union. Okay same night, one thousand two hundred and twenty six a dot m. There was a third attempt at a nun alaskan bank. So they will Oh, he is taken the money right just doing at a different atm situated like throw us right so and one of the banks they did get surveillance footage of
two thousand and seven Silver Nissan Extra. Ok, the person driving it was a white male, but they were wearing a ski masks, terrifying, but on the abduction, video of Samantha Carnegie is really scary online. You can see that he's wearing a scheme ass. He thought he thought he said they are like up. That's him. Marge Seventh was when they stopped thinking her father was a suspect. Ok, This was because another withdrawal was made from the account used. It small amounts out at another ATM and Wilcox Arizona, while so there soon, see. Gaiters saw more surveillance, footage of this one, a white man the scheme ask, but he was driving a White Ford focus away from the sea and the scene how's if on how these cars? That was a rental this, When I see this is when Israel pulled a Bundy,
you know how Bundy at the end of his just boot, when bonkers bananas cannot man could induce, let it all hey. You know he would have gotten Bundy what I've gotten away with a for ever. If you just kept on his game right, Israel, What apparently got away with it forever? If he just came round his game, they both just lost They show that the Mediterranean, the Orange shit we all lose our shared. I got a serial killer in this. Is him losing his shit? Ok because demanding ransom totally against anything. He ever did before here that was when he he factors. confusing, because I feel it you didn't need the money. I know cause you. Emily was rather do you could just keep doing they re so That's why it's just like one of those things where he just stare. over that line for some weird reason, lost, control and yeah is spun out so now in New Mexico. Eighty miles away, there was an other withdraw. This was when they come.
Back to the d a because this agency was able to pull footage from the route he was taking in New Mexico. so they got license plates from a couple and White Ford, focuses driving that route and they were both avis rental cars shit. So F B. I contacted Avis and started that whole process of getting that information, but that takes a little while the article is handed over right so Meanwhile, one day later, there was another withdraw eight or nine hundred miles away in Texas. Ok, Two days later, more money in Texas. So now everybody's on the look out there like a bull, low out form and on March thirteen, two thousand and twelve, they got one of the two rental car agreements back the F B. I did, and they figured out that that.
I was not there such outcome, or so they are like. We need that other one, that guy yeah so as they waited for the info about the renter that they thought was their guy that car was seen in a motel in Lufkin Texas, so they had investigator stake out the place for like thirty minutes before the owner, Israel keys came out, put something in his trunk and then drove away, so they follow them in at one thousand, one hundred and forty five, a dot m. He was pulled over for speeding while Israel. also another Bundy move that is still prefer erratic driving licence media do bed it's almost like you wanted to go down exactly like some heat. Yeah, so an FBI officer arrived on that scene when he was pulled over and he was question on the side of the road. He told them that he flew. from Anchorage to LAS Vegas and drove a rental car from there to Texas, because
He was attending his sisters wedding. They said he super pissy. He was sweaty nerve Clearly acting like something was wrong, any wouldn't cooperate. I was wrong at Billina, then investigators peaked in the car really quick. like through the window, and they saw white shoes, the mass, seen in all the surveillance, videos and They also noted woman's clothing to cell phones. One was Samantha us along in the peaceful resistance. Samantha connects driver's license and atm card. So this fucker was driving around being like here I did it like, literally its laying in his bounty stupid, like you're done now? Israel was arrested, probably supervised about it because he said two investigators that he had planned to go out in a blaze of glory. Wiki literally told them that
in fact, when what does that even mean so will will when he exited the motel and drove away that day. What you put in the trunk was his loaded gun and he said it was out of reach, so he had to go like a little bit, but he was pissed about it because he said if that gun was in reach. I would start eating leg, it would have been. He wanted to go out like some big blaze of Glory LA, but he just couldn't get to it. That's the only reason it in that so fucked up and I'll just play that clip really quick of him, saying that when a fuckin weirdo, he's like so chill about it? Do so casually like yeah sunset, planned Eu Israel funny, I'm glad you didn't get to me too so March, twenty third, two thousand and twelve. He was extradited back to Alaska the FBI my team that would work is case, interrogate them the whole time consisted of space
Legion, Julianne Golden who is leading the investigation she's a bad ass, apparently she ran some like huge operation in Alaska Leg, Neil sex trafficking of ennobling predators, yeah she's, amazing, now former agent Bobby shaken and Is- didn't you stick District attorney's Kevin fell. This and Frank Russo, I believe, When he wanted to talk to them about the cone egg abduction, he asked for and a man Colonel Snickers and a cigar, so he asked for An american outages Wendy, that's what he ordered from Samantha. That's fucked up folk Eu Israel seriously. God, I hate him I'll see you think they have that jail where they gave it to him. They'll give these people these things. If they all talk, and they know that that's why they asked for things back, though, make somebody go, get it the American Alice knickers and a cigar. Yes, he asked first cigar every time that he was interviewed. Weird many
he was ready till I tell something he Billy Katy goes on my cigar. What are you getting him? Yeah cigar I'll, tell you this close cigar close was there was a guy and again they gave it to him because he said you talk and he did so. He plainly: Samantha fought like Hell, but she fought hard. So everybody now said: Samantha was a fuckin fighter when he finally had got her to his truck after abducted or he's zip tied. Her too, see and drove around aimlessly, while he waited for his girlfriend and daughter to go to fucking sleep. Oh my god yup. He literally drove around waiting for them to go to sleep. Wa. He waited until around eleven p M here threw her into a shed on his property and in the shed he had laid out tarps rope tools, blankets, a space heater in a radio. So we have this
already beforehand. He said he also got himself a glass of bourbon. And gave Samantha a glass of red wine in turned on the radio, not have gentlemen way, and he said he let her have the wine, so they sat and had a drink together words and then he raped and strangled her thus she's over several hours. He then wrapped her body in a type and placed it in a cabinet in the shed absence at some point. During this night he went to Samantha Car to get the her phone and debit card like women, in part one and her boyfriend members saw him, unlike that was what the fuck I went back to the stand. Yeah, ok, so This is when This is when he went like on vacation with his family when he put her in the top right after and a cabinet, they went away for a while, so she frozen their gazelle, ask
The details of that random photo are pretty fucking terrible, and we mentioned some of them in part one but, like I said This is a really detailed episode, so fucking buckle up, I don't wanna in preparation for that. Odo. So when he got back from his vacation, he had two thought her body out. So he used a hare drier new thought. Her entire body out now yup sad, not shed and used a hare drier to phone. He then braided her hair and he knew how to do that because he braided his daughters. Hair is really super. Fucking. the heap of make up on her and then so derives open. He then dismembered her after staging the rate ransom photo and he stated that before he submerged. Her remains in the frozen lake won't like while he did that he went ice fishing, because why the fuck not right.
Oh so you literally was like putting her in there and he's like I'm just going to go fishing while I'm here and he caught some fish and he cooked it. For his girlfriend is kid that night, so he caught fish from the same place where me and fed it to his side of his family Yup to get rid of everything he burned all the evidence in only kept her cell phone, I d an ATM guard and dumb. Oh, he also kept that braided lock of hair from her. What, because he's a fucking psycho, he literally kept the braid that he put in her hair. Where, where did they find it? I dont know along well: proud they found it with all his other shit. I dont know how to speak. I didn't even know how to process that information is like. Ok now during the week that followed
this he actually went to a parent teacher conference for his daughter. Now. Can you imagine being went? Teachers now mean all yeah, yeah yeah. I know you know like that's. That's beyond you just go to parent teacher conference, Leg Novi deal like every other parent than I wasn't, even a serial killer and she never went to parentage, says Foxen up whites Even serial killers make time for various conferences. The angrily mom, like Israel, keys one parent teacher competence. You I mean he, and he had responsibility easier to get back to get. You know to life. While that is those details. just blew my mind when I was listening to him. Tat shook ass, yeah, you're gonna, be
Sha La La so on April. Second, two thousand and twelve and f b I dive team recovered Samantha remains from the bottom of maintenance. Did no man lab at Blair? Yes, that either that place you had been Matin, skull lake, I'm glad that they were able to find them NEA, specially Jim Chicken said the team then centre. An underwater, robotic vehicle to search the fishing hole in there is like video. This sexually link the video taken up rather robot in a he said, quote as soon as the video camera. One on we saw obvious human remains as a diver when you first place your hands on that person underwater to bring them home, you start to get a feeling that this is now beyond evidence in a case, because we are the first people to put our hands on that victims since the killer you're happy. But how happy can you be when you ve gotta dismembered girl in front of you
Would you don't even think about that? That's like they're so happy to have found terror, but then they like this is poor, someone's daughter in pieces in front of me that I'm happy to bring to the surface. You know. Like you, too soon even think of those taking each situation now. stirring. I think this third interview with Israel keys that the FBI agents were like he's a seer. Ok, yeah like they were like. This is not just like a wanted nothing. So they an order from the district attorney of Alaska. That stated They were allowed to start questioning him about crimes unrelated to cement. The carnatic, ok So Israel was fucking brutal though, because he was, he wasn't in control of everything so he was doing these negotiations and deals and he wanted to be part of everything in the investigation he wanted. Control of these negotiations like he was fuckin brood
you listen to these interviews. You like, I want a puncture. While equality say he was just and it was like they were pulling teeth to get even just an. from him right and it's like I mean just such a cocky dick. nosey has all the control, because he has all the information they only have cement. The codex remains. He has all the other information guy nuthin and he's a sudden, they're gone. You want it, you gotta do something of a cigar. Please Oh, he was telling them that they would find other bodies, but that they wouldn't have enough to connect him to them. And he was only willing to connect himself to them if it was on his terms. So what worries terms here main concern throughout. This was that he wanted to keep the sensationalism and shit away from his daughter. He didn't want her, knowing exactly what he did.
But you did that to her exactly leg. Again? As you do you want that to happen, then you shouldn't have become serial killer because you had a kid like yeah. She is a serial killers, daughter and she's always going to be made in that. He didn't do that. You did that to her exactly she didn't and it's like he's got is weird moral code with kids, ready, connects to being a father and connects to having a daughter, goes and says, amen, egos and kill some dollar reason. I dont want this sensationalize. Is I just want to protect my daughter? It's not about me. I don't want her getting flak for this. I don't want her having to be Israel Pieces daughter from league forever and it's like, but but you were fine with being selfish, to do these things when you knew eventually, probably would. and even if I did, I, like you, didn't think I was gonna come now,
and all that's what it comes down to end its like some weird, dick dichotomy of narcissism that lake he acts like this, so Us Father, but he's also the selfish monster intensely. Actually, so weird so he did give most information in the most leg. I don't even know how to explain the callous attitude about the couriers abduction. We talked about last time Now, during the investigation, his good during, like this whole, some the Corona investigation, his girlfriend who lived with him was subject to interviews and also subject to her things being searched and ceased to them. So this included. The Nissan Ex terror that was seen on the video using that he used to withdraw money from Smith is account one time that car was hers, oh shit, so he apparently fell bad in wanted her to be true.
Nicer, so what he did was he told them details about the couriers case. because he wanted his girlfriend stuff returned to her, and he is the information about the couriers case to make the f b I give a better at isn't very weird like feel sympathy for his so weird, it's like Because he says he's like I anybody's like I will give you all the same, but I want to know that she's getting her car back. That's so weird technically waited there not capable of loving somebody like I feel like he was like you, weirdly is thinking of her in being inconvenienced anyway. I feel bad that here, not only for the Davos and weird for her to find that out to cause. I want you to feel for me and I don't want that car back in having the car. Thank you it's so weird,
now when we initially covered the couriers, abduction and murder. We didn't go into super detail. We just colleague told you what happened and rationalize way because, to be honest, it's really fucked up. and we were trying to kind of just get the idea of his ammo and his crimes with just like that. General overview Blake buckle up there because I will throw a few more details from his own mouth to paint a little more of a picture for you? Samantha, the couriers were fighters. These two fought the AIDS. Like really frustrated. I hear it is it's like I, both L had just so fast we're just may say really sad. They were not ready from the job. They were not ready to lay down and accept what he had come in for What bothers me most about his interviews is the way he callously laughs when he retails the horror that he inflicted on these because he enjoys we leg. He tells it. I mean
if he was a matter of fact about it, that's bad enough right leg, beating Kay telling his murders to the courtroom like a court room full of victims. Families like he was reciting grocery list is in fury sitting but hearing Israel keys chuckle, as he recalls the fact that these poor people never expected. This shit to happen to them is like a whole other level of nightmare. At one point, I'm in a play the clip right here actually one point. He actually says that he's a fiend ever expelling link. It was funny that they had no like they did not expect me to come in there in the middle. He's a good player in early click shark. member heat ray. It's true. You because you know no one can expect no less. Now I do shit luck, Israel that isn't funny like this.
He's literally laughing because he's really cool I go. There were totally blindsided by me coming in their home in the middle of the night. In my eyes, a model would be, and why is that snow humor? So, What happened? We told you, you know he broke into their home. I want when he says he had to wait a while outside of their home, because their neighbor was it kept taking smoke breaks on his porch, so they don't wait for the neighbor to go to sleep when he finally went into the home. He said he just kind of like burst into the room like we said with the headlamp on, and he says they like we're like, like you know, you're going out of sleep, you have no idea, he made them. Take everything off the bed. He tied them both up here says that he gave them very specific instructions. You don't talk to each other, you don't talk until I tell you to talk, Try to move! You don't do this, you don't do that and then he ransacked the house. He said for about fifteen minutes
when he came back in at one point he said Lorraine was trying to like formulate an escape plan. He hear her so you went in there and he said he like shoved her face into the mattress and told her you'd kill her if she tried again he then got them both into their car hate, the Lorraine in the front seat, and bill in the I believe in the back seat behind the passenger side, and he buckled them both. Then he tied them both ends They can move. These Lorraine was already trying to be like you know, you don't have to do this, we you any, she was saying to her husband like we need to do something like me, yeah, let's do something like what the fuck are. They do like they were really in dire straits at this point, any says at one point during all this. He noticed see noticed something that told him that bill courier was was happened to at one point
be in the same branch of the military that he was in. Oh so he said he asked him about it like you wanted to talk to him about it, but that wasn't enough to me cannot kill him in what kills means. I wonder if this made bill feel like he was humanizing himself in like may be giving himself and his wife ashore. at living through this whole thing in the worst part. Is Israel never intended them to live through than ever, and it's like? I. I have to think that bill probably thought miss her. Look I'm going to talk about this and I want to make one For human and yeah, you know like, as I would think, that identical can't many humanize myself awry big time like we have something in common where military bodies like what are you doing in here, was like oil, no fucking intention of ever letting them live leg, never one This self knowledge- I only imagine yeah, that's just like he's
I see so chilling now when we talked about this last time again, we said he brought LE. He brought them to an abandoned farmhouse that either I staked out right. He had already brought build down into the basement hate that eyed him up and that he brought Lorraine back into the abandoned farmhouse and into one of the upstairs bedrooms after she had attempted to flee from the car after he left her husband and killed him in the basement. He raped her in this bedroom. He had brought her into, but what I didn't detail was the fact that he had secured her to the mattress on the floor that he had placed at a time in the middle of this empty room in an incredibly horrifying and intricate way, I mean horrified ease and then he goes down stairs and murders bill. Man comes up and rapes her in this
Well, I don't know what to say, and I am picturing this. I don't want that in my brain in I'm really just in. I couldn't help a thing about being in that situation than my. Oh, my god, you don't like. What are you supposed to do like this is beyond horror movie beyond and it's like. He went through such intricate measures to make this so uncomfortable and awful and horrifying yeah. I hate this law. I get it. it's hard to believe this is real. It really is. I just still like. I almost want to believe he's making this shit. I yes same same, but it was a legal, but I dont know. Could you may, that's really I mean I don't know I almost want to believe that he's making because, like Jesus Christ, so after Hebrew, Italy killed bill in the basement by shooting him ten times and hitting with a shovel gone. He repeatedly, rapes, Lorraine, upstairs.
He says in his FBI interview that the second time he raped her, he choked her to unconsciousness God she came to and he walked her down to the basement. So he just casually walked her down to the basement. he even says that she was out of it because of the whole choking thing yeah so use yeah. I don't even know she knew what was going on at that point chooses out of it. And again unjustly you can't help it have this awful movie playing in your head of this, and He said he sat on a bench took a piece of nylon. Rope stood behind her and began to strangle. Her in his words, quote, used it like a girl, a girl he said he knew she was gone, but he was still nervous that you'd wait back up because she had fought so hard. The entire time Do the cable tie and wrapped it around her neck as tight as he could. He then left her on the floor cheese.
I just don't understand like how you drive away. After doing all of that that any And it's like you just drives away like: do you go to sleep re, let a close your eyes and dream big dreams. What do you do? I know now, but it's like. I think he does. I think just goes home, go sleep, but I feel it. You need to take a really Big deep breath, I think you need to- I think everybody listeners can, we all say goodbye, Do you bring? Everybody has shit. I know I need it that this is a really tough one here. Thank you so much area very tough really tough. Now, like we stated, I think that that's that's basically the last of the really like graphic Tell him! I'm gonna tell you. Thank you very much. Sorry.
like we stated in per one. There are only three victims that the FBI confirms our keys victims, but they do believe that they can almost one hundred percent a tribute of forth to him as well. Ok, and again they think they can a trivial leavened him. They think of the may think it could be thirty. Six is a lot of registered with discrepancy, but this fourth one they basically pinned on em like they're, like this clause, the victim was believed to have been, kidnapped, raped and murdered in New England? Oh shit in April two thousand and nine he visited New England and he does admit that he kid kidnapped someone on. He was there. Okay,. so, but he wouldn't give the details because he's a giant asshole. He did say that he kidnapped someone from one state and drove a few states away to bury them along their Roquette River in upstate New York, cheese. Now This goes along with one of the interviews he gave where they asked him. They said
are. There remains in New York and he said yes and then They said who are those remain someone you killed in New York, or did you just very them there and he pauses, and then he responds just buried there so that from another state? Ok, the F B, I did questioned him about a missing woman named Deborah Feldman from Hackensack New Jersey who went missing April. Eighth, two thousand nine a while. but he denied having anything to do with her a few weeks later and actually relatively recently. As recently as we can talk about Israel keys because there's a fun little tourist at the end about this, keys. They pressed him again about Deerbrook, availing laid off at then came back to it yeah because they said, they would show him a picture of her and he just like reacted, weird, okay and different than when he reacted other things like he would pause and be like yeah. I don't know like that's, not one that they're like yeah, I just don't. This fits to
so they asked him again and keys. Suddenly responded, quote yeah. I just don't want to talk about it. Oh shit, so which you we would do these things whenever there are close and when you didn't want to give them too much like when they start piecing things together. You go on talking that, and he did a lot. I answer daily life and they would get so close. The getting something meagre yeah. I'm not going to talk about that today in your life, when you just like just build dumb ass, live here in jail, give everybody closure yeah don't talk about that end. when he said this, the agents said quote, then I'm right about it and keys, paused and then said yeah, so he basically confirmed yet no dead, but I think they just need to connect more stuff about it right, but she's never been.
And all its really so Israel does acknowledge. This is just interesting that there one body that he claimed was ruled an accidental death in the media. That is his. He also said that he always planned his alibis and such to cover his tracks, but he said there was this one time where he thinks it was a mistake on his part, because the body was recovered and it was labeled an accident. In none of his other bodies were covered, except for cement. The cloning right, so he said quote, it was kind of the same situation as the couriers. I just wasn't it position to get rid of it wait right away, and so I decided to try to make it look I mean it was already gonna be assumed that it was an accident of some sort and MIKE concern was that the body would be found before it had decomposed enough of TAT
so, he was planning I'm going to put it in this area. It's going to decompose enough that they won't know. They'll just feel like this is a hiking accident right. You know, but it didn't weirdly enough. They didn't rule it out. Accident when they pressed him on this. He said if the body was found right away, then probably wouldn't have been labelled and accident awhile, warmer girlfriend and mothers. Child Tammy did tell him Bessie gaiters that she remembered a neighbour of theirs dying during a hike and it was ruled and accident all. While she admitted that she didn't see Israel at all. During the time this man disappeared in that she could not provide him an alibi, oh yeah, Shit. This man is not been named and in these efforts I case file, so this does seem to connect, but you can't really dig about it, because you Norman name interesting when he killed his neighbour Maybe maybe Berea affiliate that when that was really
yeah. That was a wearisome to, but he admits he feels like those mistake. Okay, so Israel also sold the FBI that he killed a couple in Washington around October, two thousand and one, but somewhere between October two thousand and one and two thousand and six So in this fire upon washing and the people of poured over like missing bulls, and all that, unlike they found a few leads, but again it's hard because they only out his. Unfortunately, if he is doing these, things is really going to conceal them re. He also told FBI interrogators that he killed people in state national parks early on as well. Ok, this makes sense because he has a clear journey. Like we said earlier began It would be very careful in very good at concealing this crimes and then he said it gets sloppy and end up with the fucking.
that was the Smith Acone murder, rape again like Bundy. He suddenly beginning. It was easy for him to distract himself between murders, but it got harder, especially when he moved to Alaska, because he said the justice a lot going on. Well, yes, hard cause. I was really bored all the time. was born, like literally in a pair We had said in several sources and by all means tell me I'm wrong, because this is not confer armed, but I'm just saying people site this and nothing in this fact, but people do say that he was a necrophilia already had necrophilia tendencies like Bundy, so I always connected special agent join golden one of the lead, As you know, on the case. She said, and I see that this was just an interesting note to kind of and talking about his crimes on
There are a lot of really normal conversations with keys and when you listen to the interrogations, he does seem like a very normal guy I really hate the right leg. You hear him talking in your leg, you, like you just he's, like Tom issued in the shit hate that and they said he would be charming and seemingly easy to speak to like another person on less than a month ago. Monday, and she says it was only when they started getting into details of the crimes that he got dark leg He would just give you like end of the year. and the agents who spoke with him said his demeanor was really always come In matter fact end quote. He certainly thought he was the smartest. In the room. Shipping go like every other, exactly such a serial killer personality to now
He's was always a really annoying and tough prisoner dialogue. They said yeah in em in bring of two thousand and twelve. Apparently he was restrained in the courtroom during courtroom appearance. He ll, like lurched away from the people holding him and they had to be tackled and taser by. U S. Marchioness mergers he was also discipline for making a quote pick type device for opening handcuffs. Ah, he used a paperclip in dental glass, so he's also fucking Macgyver. So there is that he's like the evil. Macgyver yeah see one. For most of the time that he was in prison, he was classified as MAX Max Where would you max max I swear max MAX you, which with the highest security precautions, because they can trust him two officers escorted him in full restrains any time he left his cell.
now in the sum December. First, two thousand and twelve was a special day. Everybody sometime after ten twelve p m Israel, scooted himself under his blankets in his cell. He said washed his wrist with a razor that he had somehow gotten eggs and used a makeshift news to strangle himself. Woe. so on surveillance, video which they have of this of the cell. You can see that there is movement in his cell until one final jerk at ten twenty four p m love. He was found dead in his cell the next morning, which stopped all the investigation into like it didn't stop the investigation, but stopped all the information on the flow of information that they were getting from him. He just came to a screeching hauled amount about that so
yeah he's a little bitch and he's gone, but Now we can offer me because now just having to use whatever they got. men, which was like not much just weird Cody broken puzzle, Lee pieces Lake, here and there and their having to connect things- and it's like could be forever how many people he actually killed. So that's the story of Israel keys how uplifting he's he was a terrible fucking monster her I did you know there was, of course there are some things that are going to like vast detail about. You know why, while in let me let me be the first to say if you are very interested in this case many of our negative, views- have already plugged this podcast for them, but I'll do
for them zoo, because I think it's nice, when pod castors plug other podcast there's not negative review, Is blocking other biogas there's so If you really interested in the Israel Keys case, honest You go listen to true crime bullshit. It is a fifty in episode, podcast wow that goes deep into Israel keys fifteen episodes about Israel Ickes, we were an overview of its great. It's amazing isn't motive, but I just want to be clear that anybody who is like, if you want the real story, go, listen that yeah for sure, but- We weren't gonna, spend fifteen. We ex going on Israel keys sorry into crime. Bullshit is an investigative podcast that is focusing on one case right. We focus on a case a week
so you're gonna get a little more generalised of an overview, though didn't for real, I'm not being link as salty sodium Phil Budget. I am if you more about this case. Go listened a true friend books, Jake, I'm Sears, it's a great podcast, its engaging The host is amazing. He spent years invested in this case so for sure go over there. If you thought this was interesting as you'll get even more and he has hours upon hours of interrogation- footage with Israel. she's, so you can hear like literally like thirty minutes at a time of him talking wow so definitely go some of that for sure. If you're into this I just wanted to plug them, because they are great podcast. I just wanted to point that out there. So are we going to do this week as we are going to do, are shouts far our patriotic return, as is our beautiful, beautiful lovelace? Our TED Bundy episode, so not this one, not them.
Neither coming right after this one, but the Bunny episode were talking about the movie. That's coming out this week is while you will be getting a shoutout or unity a lot more that one so stay tuned for that you beautiful bags of bones and in the meantime you can follow us. instagram at morbid. Podcast followers on Twitter, a morbid broadcast shot us out on Facebook group Morbid Colin, a true grandpa downcast I can't say it enough. I'm obsessed with our face group- and I love you guys it's my favorite thing. It's great also send us email, more repugnant. the gmail dot com, if you feel so inclined onto the patriotic patriarch com, slash morbid podcast, and You can go check out the website that my lovely Gaza awesomely designed you can do that at me. Morbid podcast outcome without the who me
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