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Episode 74: The Bridgewater Triangle Part 1

2019-06-18 | 🔗
In this first installment of a mini-series concentrating on the bizarre and sinister happenings in Massachusetts' Bridgewater Triangle, we go over the history of this seemingly cursed land and some of the more paranormal aspects of the triangle. Next week, we dive into some gruesome crimes that have occurred within the area as well. Hold onto your butts because Massachusetts is crazy, guys. 
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Where is she thick were so funny just shut up or funny wearily. So I welcome back to another we here we are you were always here were hanging in. I feel like. I spend more time on this couch. Then I do on my own couch. I can let you likely do. I think, has been dammit your house than I do online and I love it. I, like you, a lover, you're cool, so much of this pact, ambassador. Why is it so? We don't really have a whole lot of business to attend to this week, and I think this might be.
gonna, U S level, observed the home, we're here for you, you really do we want to give the people what they want and one of the things we just wanted to quickly mention and just throw out. There is how great the face Our group is going, and you know why because you know why I do. Can I say you can say I want to say, say I think, that, our moderators are doing the damn thing up in the Facebook group. They are killing, it And we just wanted to show you guys out and thank you so much for all the work you have already put in, because the IMF out of relief. You have given us, they didn't say like. I feel very safe and that at least that we place to the group more in your hands in we run a thank you. So much so am I, oil chat schooner years, Nicholas, Mackenzie, WA, N Janni capes get a girl we are.
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you use our code at check out. My were. Bad M, o r behind again, that is M, o r b idea at check out for twenty five question. Mark percent off of your murder peril purchases I just bought. legitimately five sure she really did I not by we think about three, but still still awesome and again all of their stuff everybody's going to love it causing a know super up your ally there, there morbid shirt yeah. They have this shirt It's fucking great and it says morbid, it's kind of for us and you should do it. we love you go buy it by murder, apparel? We love you a so tonight's episode is about. The Bridgewater triangle which we are in the center earlier like right and can we say about we're in there right now, yunkers reared,
Wherein there did you remember a lot of towns and their? So do you remember the time that I ghost hugged me in the Bridgewater trying I do remember that goes. Ptychia goes tug dash and the boom in the review I think in the book I mean. Maybe I've been there before or two in the bridge. What I'm really popular among ghost like getting on triangles. I'm not super popular among the living. Goes dad a soul. She's gonna be a series of sorts I will explain the parts, because it's not like it's one, continuous story, like but they're. So many stories Adele. So many fun things about this. That I feel a cramming at all, like you know, just skipping. Things are leg just rolling over things too. Quick would not this justice, and since this is like our home that we feel very connected to, I feel like I want to give it its due diligence. So this is gonna, be kind of a series of legal dig it
tonight. We're going to be talking about the history, if the Bridgewater triangle how it became to be crazy, haunted, satanic. Sinister place, how we think and ITALY's cause what our theory knows really but Pretty unexplainable we're gonna, give some history some background and we're gonna. mostly about some kryptonite that are seen in me, Bridgewater too. A guest feature that we do. We have a first hand account from my good friend and beloved fellow human will she's cool she's amazing. I met her ones. Our that's. How you know somebody school if you meet them, interrogators, she's great in They were also just get it's going to be more of the paranormal signed today, and will continue that a little bit next time and then move on to some of them mean a real man there's that have taken place here and some real egg. Sinister shit remind me
to tell you my first hand account of outsider, my driveway there of the at the end of this year. I just realized. I could tell that story, I'm so excited exactly. I know exactly which one should I just gotta. So now we have to first sand account so strap in hold on to those but hold onto your birds, so the bridge, when a triangle, two hundred square trying two hundred square it square triangle had a screwdriver two hundred Square mile triangle in South eastern Massachusetts- and it both A very impressive and one say quite over urgent amount of paranormal strange, spooky, gruesome, sinister and even murderous activity, often scrape place ten out of ten recommend. it's it's. A very metal trying bank is screaming. The morbid themes for the Meda Urban sounds very metal. It's like they were
You two triangle accept different in almost every conceivable way. from geometry that item the fact that their both trying nausea, like a lot of people, wearily go the Bermuda, and I cannot say the same thing I am not at all like. We do have planes going missing or leg anything. so you're telling me Amelia erhard- is not in my back yard. Probably not. I don't think so at least, but you no matter what everything may be a giant african cap, its two hundred square miles, so. I don't know it all this, but there definitely a giant cap. That's your hair! Get to that later. Where its revolving, mostly rounded epicenter, which is these seventeen thousand acre hobbamock swamp. The swamp. Is seventeen thousand eight seventeen thousand acres as also what they collar sports, like go to guard sports division was the hawk about league.
So we really like feed into it. Also bears the centre is the hallmark swamp, but it's also the free town, Foul River state forest is also That's where I saw TAT lady with the bloody phase, exactly which, if you haven't listen to that episode, I dont remember which, when it was, I think I was just in the beginning of a random episode. Was I'll tell that story at that, and so the track. Those points are at Abingdon at the Tipp of a triangle. Ray town at the bottom right or the South eastern part, and were hoping to the self less those the tipps? No one obviously has a definitive answer from why there's so much activity in this area. But obviously some ship must have gone down here to cause some real. How'd, you do to permeate the landscape in such an early, where he's got a lot about energy. Well,
its widely agreed upon that the craziness is due to the way Massachusetts Settler is treated the native american population. I was here before them, but I'm sure you can briefly, imagine it was not great. No and I say Massachusetts settlers. I mean english such groups, obviously, in sixteen seventy five Massachusetts was separated into Massachusetts, Bay, colony and Plymouth, colony. In the summer of this year, that the local native american population, consisting mostly of Wop Uno Egg and Poker Nokia tribe members, had enough of the english settlers shit about they bought feller shut. I've had enough of these Shuttleworth shuts fight back because I mean like what the fuck right you have your native american Eureka I lived here flurry actual fuck. They were level led by chief medical com. Also known, as chief met, a comment chief paramedic come and King Philip
he's known in history books as all of these, so no one fucking, tracker and he's not a different guy. It's as one days is one down by multiple name. The I'm gonna referred him, mostly as like mad a comment and King Philip Hooker, but Medical. It was the second son of massive soil. It who is the tribal leader that formed an alliance with the Mayflower Pink pilgrims in one thousand six hundred and twenty one and helped them. Basically, the shit together in the new world, remember Thanksgiving and he just any like helped them like you use, like healing, formed an alliance. He was like a right if you're gonna get a year, we might as well be chair with each other, so use like this good dude fun fact. One of the community college is here. it's called necessary a spaghetti. Other when I went to know The Mesozoic died sometime around sixteen sixty or sixty and sixty one, and he was he was six eighty one years old, whilst our- like super up. There's I'm good for him.
His oldest son, one Suda, and I might be saying that wrong and I apologise. I know how to say: let us know exactly because this one I'm just not pot, I'm pretty good at most of these pronunciations, but when suit, I believe it is. He succeeded him. In fun, little league aside in Freetown, there's a rock called profile rock, which will mention again later cause we're gonna talk about some weird fuckin rocks and that's spitz. and it's a natural granite formation, that food peopling was from a glacial formation or while in. If you look at that added in profile, it resembles a very much resembles a human face, and it again people think it looks like an like an elder native american and people think it's an image of chief Massa soya. We get, and they said you know that's right now. It's sacred ground still said it so in masses, soya died, when Suda, who is becoming chief, now succeeding him decided in recognition of this to change his name, which they did.
often when, like english sellers came and they asked Plymouth leaders for an English me. Ok, They named him Alexander poking, ok, so Alexander also asked the English to give his brother medical an aim to, and they called him Philip, that's how he later became King Fellow thought it, which is Also, a town in Massachusetts are not a town. Excuse me, which is also high school wait for idle, for I agreed with you, but I knew you were wrong. I was as it is in my brain was like no its not and, as I was saying- and I was like nope- that's wrong, but I like Finnish, would you love- and I was like it is this- and King Philip High school in Massachusetts is like three different towns put together and its unfair, because they're really fucking got at sports because they have three fuckin option. They really are me if I'm not about in
Sixteen sixty two, the Plymouth colonists, began out of nowhere to Colonel EC suspect. That the natives might be pointing to attack the colony. Ok. Like me, no We did come in here and just like rebel movement away. the angry at us, maybe perhaps, and so they arrested Alexander, also Philips, older brother. And he was like dude? I was just trying to live peacefully are useless. He's a volley amongst ya, hear so use Brad diplomas and he added stand, trial any and approve his loyalty to the ground? Ok age must be like a real pain in the ass. So after proving loyalty the English released him, but while he was there. He had contracted a disease well on the way home. He died. What a bar and then king, Philip, was fucking
Swell rumours began to spread among the want, but no eggs that he had been poisoned by the college, which is believable, so he died and fellow. His younger brother, Malcolm it took over his chief so this is when the colonists decided to continue to press the whole. Are you attack us business and made, come to a meeting and Plymouth too, and he was a guy to want to go. There call my brother died while and basically he went. He was like our right. I'm trying to keep peace here, So, basically you told them. I love Crown its awesome, I want attack your dough masses unless warranted, and I plan to honour my family's loyalty to your stupid faces to yeah. That's in the history books. That's exactly what he said If summary, for awhile, there was a lot of land being sold back and forth and settled between the native Americans in the settlers, but there are tons of disputes here because they would problem not to encroach on native land, and then they would like go ahead.
And encourage a native land. So there is a whole lot of like hey we, you said you would argue that may be down and then they sell it. I was just a bunch of shit in sixteen seventy one presently looked like a war, might be happen at some point right. His attentions. In March of sixteen seventy one, Philip appear We made a gesture that, The colonists signalled that he was getting ready to wage war on them. He got a band of armed warriors and he marched into the town of Swans E in Plymouth County, but he's an attack. Anyone he just marched in their, not sure what he did so the colonies were like, so they made him come to Taunton Massachusetts to explain why he did this summer there. Why did you use margin And he was like, I was actually having a parade. Thank you. He was like it's fine on April tenth eighteen, seventy one Philip one to tighten. They were he was questioned by the colonists and, after being,
on the matter. Philip was like yeah kind of importing the crickets and they are like why me was like. I don't want to get into which she does. export. He was again, oh I just like my own. You know what I'm doing, what I'm doing good for him and he's just like you. Do you know what guys I think you can. Maybe you can put the puzzle together yourself, I dont know up selling Madame less stopping shitty The colonists then demanded Philip sign a peace treaty and this peace treaty with require that want banal eggs to surrender all their arms, no which he did, but he never gave up his remaining weapons that work with them. He was like sure you can use like loophole botanical loophole. So this is when things get really tense because they were still demanding all those guns and arms, but he was refusing.
And then they demanded his allies guns and some of them surrendered, ok, so Phil was accused in a war council of being insolence and basically aiding and abetting quote stream. Indians, their foes. a threat against the English. So like use pearly pissed off at all this? Is it. stop now Daniel Morton, who was the Secretary of Plymouth Colony Court, sent a letter to Massachusetts Bay, colony government, saying he wanted to summon fillip to Plymouth on September thirteenth and said we're thinking if he didn't show than they would use military force on the twentieth. To quote reduce him to reason. so the Massachusetts government said yeah totally, but that might make Philip. break all ties with the colony they right just war and good luck with he's, probably not gonna, be site that you do. He ended a meeting with them at the time they asked those they didn't have to reduce him with force, but He was a guy seriously to slay me the fuck alone,
He literally was like you: can you just leave us alone like this? Will all we're asking just leave us alone? I don't want be friends with you anymore, so who's clear that there was insufficient cause for Plymouth to propose war against Philip during this council because they really wanted to hear and they were like now. You can't do that. So Plymouth then consented to give Philip another week to turn over his weapons and asked commissioners for Massachusetts in Connecticut be present at the next meeting. Ok,. on September, twenty. Fourth, sixteen seventy one foot- up in the mediators from Massachusetts in Connecticut one to Plymouth like planned. For was totally set up, though, because when he got there Those mediators from Massachusetts in Connecticut, who are supposed to be on his slave kind of on his side to just re. This whole thing they sided with Plymouth and were like. Quote, amend your ways or we're going to war with you. Meanwhile, What time they were like, we don't want to go to war, it's like so easily guys what the actual facts right.
mixed messages, so there's lots more land disputes and then elder native American named John SAS. Among that worked, the settlers as an interpreter for the native Americans. He was murdered. Oh no, It was thought that three won't, but no egg tribesmen did it and they tried and hanged for it, but people that Philip had ordered that murder, because he was paranoid about Sassin, giving settlers their secrets or something he denied any of this. Ok. So the battle was kind of kicked off with this. The great battle that we're going to talk about more People think that this is the beginning of King Philips WAR. So King Philips, war began and Sonsy Massachusetts in June, coconut It warriors raided, looted and burned several homes, and one of them Ok I'll get warriors was shot and killed by a kindness, Philip was pissed
so he ordered an attack on solvency on June twenty. Fourth, sixteen seventy five, which became the first official battle of King Philips, war. So in response to this, the colonial troops marched to Mount hope, which was King Philips, like base operation kind of They wanted to find him and they want to find his men, but they found that Philip had already fled for progress it, but he was already out of their use. By one, but no eggs attacked middle Borough, Massachusetts and then darkness Massachusetts in July of sixteen seventy five Tax continued well. Troops tried to find Philip and Poconos Book ass. It swamp later that month, Sophia. In his troops managed to escape once they were found in the swamp, They went down the swamp on rafts and fled forecasts Massachusetts, so the battles went on for the rest of the year and in the meantime, crew
Jim native Americans throughout the colony were rounded up and imprisoned to prevent them from joining Philips team. It's craziness so in January of sixteen seventy six, Philip and his warriors went to Mohawk territory in New York and they returned seek like an elite like an alliance with that tribe right, but unfortunately, for him governor, Edmund Andrew, had already for the Mohawk tribe and alliance in exchange for assistance against Philip, so they were already had already agreed. because the marks or like Europe and they attacked Philip, when he got no, so you were driven back to New England because he was like well, I don't have an alliance here. This is wild. It is it's crazy. I learned about this, but I ve our heads like a really interesting little piece of his like Massachusetts. Is it really is by this spring the war when two Rhode Island in Connecticut, like it spread that far
so in July of sixteen seventy six, Philip and his true, you know his troops went back to the forecasts that region of Rhode Island, where it had begun, basically, the year before, and they hid in local woods and swamps. Indeed, Americans are very were very familiar at that time with all the nooks and crannies and all that of them swamps and everything in the woods, so that was smart. They knew they have colonists check it out in the rain. So english troops led by Captain Benjamin Church. Began going through all through Plymouth, massive Massachusetts trying to find Philip and his soldiers they wanted. Philip. On July, Twentieth. Benjamin church found Philips Camp near Bridgewater Massachusetts and he led an attack on the camp, So Philip managed to escape, but his will patients sun, nor captured and sold into slavery, only go LISA.
According to a first hand, account by Benjamin Church, because it's in a book history of King Philips, war. So this is first hand account here. Then, Native Americans told church that Philip was absolutely heart broken by the cap. His family, no legs, destroy them. so by the late summer of seventy. Sixteen seventy six, the war was starting to chill out, but Philip was still not found. He was storm. cuz, he was like I'm going to have ngri repute, avenge that I will avenge on August. 12Th of that year, church got a tip that Philip was in the Wampanoag village called Montauk near Mount Hope, so he went with a bunch of his dudes and he found small camp of warriors near place that later became known as King Philip seat and is still known that way today and
When he was found. He was deep in the Harkin harking back swap because again, Wade's were scared swamp Philip was shot where he was sitting by a native American named John Aldermen, who was one of churches soldiers. He was kind of like a defector usher. so he was like em cause. They were all like christian soldiers ones that lay took on that religion really kind of defectors and went to the other side. So he was one so they kept the he was killed. You shot and killed and Philip was then hanged drawn in quarters. Woe because that's the punishment for a subject of the crown who has been accused of treason who go listen to our torture up it's a good one, and we talk about drawing in quartering mythic church gave Philips here, in hand to John aldermen as a reward. I don't want it.
That's according to church himself, he was a guy. I did that. I don't want it. So aldermen sold Philips Head to Plymouth authorities for thirty shillings and it was placed on a stake in polemics county. where remained for twenty five years since, game of thrones casual and fragrant I'm sure you'll, really pungent, like very poignant, pungent Phil. hand was sent to Boston for display, in the focus of course, because wine, in the four quarters of his body, were strung up in for trees, where they hung until they just wasted away yummy like every must have just smelled like shit back them. Oh a hundred percent usages throw their shut out the wound. I can just garbage garbage she's, the whole place they get it together
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primary care to more than seventy five specialities from revolutionizing neurological care to advancing cancer care at MIT Anderson, cancer, Cetera Cooper with patients from all fifty states and thirty five countries, people trust Cooper. As their first choice, Cooper committed, compassionate, complete. Although it may seem he got a very bomb rap which he did will have. He's now seen in like a heroic light, came out of it. Looking like here, Here and as in he's the kind of known as one of the greatest native american leaders in our history, meanwhile, all the non christian native Americans left after all this war, and if they were like fog, this play yet the well. They were rounded up and sold into slavery, so they real like there's a lot of shit. Go down. That is not creating a lot of good. You know it. should be noted.
at this war was on precedent, it and brutality, yeah, innocent men, women and children were slaughtered throughout and it was gory as FUCK and he was a gruesome should show all around. King Philips were remains. The bloodiest conflict in american history per capita is insane. Five per cent of Massachusetts. Combined population was killed in this bad, a holy shit as the estimated that five hundred Ingrid english settlers died in three thousand native. Americans died during the battle So that's why this land is probably cursed, probably or definitely flew to tread wheel. The consensus, that's what everybody kind of look sad as like. that's probably where the bad Jude you begin, but there is also some people who have another little side known about their set me up. They think there. Maybe this evil shit
in this land like predates battle thing in? That was actually a. Outcome of a product of the already Sully Bland Tom. What happened while these didn't, but that's the thing. Nobody knows what happened before that, but there was every instantly ass. Erst is just inherently evil and it's that was just a part of it like king, Philip swerving, this Bloody awful like them the keynote taking away fibre Son of Massachusetts, combined population was just do to this land being so evil. Pleasure. Ass personally, I think King Philips Wars, where it all began because it all kind of stems back to that fear. Those fine before in the native Americans, they seem like they were having a fine time. So we're gonna go back to the Hunger Box swamp. That would like, with ad hoc among we're gonna, go back to the hawk, amongst hope amongst all of us all the hallmark swamp, which is again the apple
ever since it has the most tales and stories and sightings fresher like said it's, seventeen thousand acres, so it covers a lot of ground. I didn't know it was that big, that's fucking wild Aids and seen in the seventeen thousand acres low, when you think it so the towns that it runs through our Bridgewater Easton Raynham, Taunton West Bridgewater in some parts of Norton I mean it Beautiful it's creepy its spooky at mister. its ancient as fuck like when you look at your side, wow that's ancient legacy. Exactly what you say immediately you walk in the years that ancient you have. I love. That's that should be his shirt war. That ancient it really is. The it's got. A lotta genome amazing wildlife. Its According to the ecosystem, it's crazy employment too.
Important is why can I talk to you? I don't know, I'm sorry I give value out for about. One was funny: it's crazy important to all the towns, water supplies. I mean it's beautiful, like we said it's ancient. It's got all these things tat. I say it was mystical its mystical there. Some obstacle is, but it's scary I thank MR buildings are like sort a scary. I figured goes hand in hand, thoughts, so accords to the documentary that everybody should go. Watch on this causes really get on its just called the Bridgewater Triangle didn't die thinking in finding an Amazon prime. There are at least this is gonna boy, you mind, or at least a blue mine mine. I don't know your minds. There are at least at this point, a thousand grieves out there that are at least eight thousand years old wall like what Holy shit right like that's it, I can't you re my brain around Kook spook enter
at that time, it's always been seen as sacred land, American, a native Americans, that Hamas swap. This one was where I mean this was where they lived, where they hunted where they head before. During and after King Philips WAR Zones leg So a lot of gory battles happened throughout the swamp. They are still finding bones in the swamp and native american Burial grounds. They are found all the time which I mean if you ve seen, and if you seem poltergeist, if you ve seen any movie. You know that, like fucking around with native american burial ground, you shouldn't do definitely not people say that when they go in around the swamp that they get this feeling of being watched or like followed, they get it like immediately. They also say that they get this uncomfortable like sick feeling when they go through.
There's been tons of settings of different kryptonite dislike ape like bipeds creatures. Woe big foots big feet, I'm pretty sure you, I think I think multiple Big foot are big feet which is dear to me. I love, I think, that's all areas like Luger gag all big feet over shit. I think three big feet. That's what those big feet to saying, but people have seen them this has been sightings of enormous burns, huge snakes, giant cats, red eyed dogs that are huge wolves, red eyed dogs know that has no good, no red eyed anything about it. You know our red eyes, that's no good get, some buys India do it. They ve all been reported inside the swamp land and in the towns that it runs through them, Or in common is a famous crypto zoologist in him In the nineteen seventeen from California to Cambridge Massachusetts, where he became like entranced
the Bridgewater triangle. It must be super interesting, especially if that's like all right on your giant IDA here. Actually the one who figured out where the triangle points wherein way. Where encompass he was the one who coined the Bridgewater trying ship in his book. mysterious America, which is a very interesting book Now, let's talk about the big feet. Stewart in nineteen. Seventy a turn of people saw a huge harry ape like thing these areas, sometimes on two legs and were sometimes running on all fours me I'll write like I can't image of lake. I can handle the big foot image of like him just like strolling through leg, because I just picture Chewbacca is always saying like Oh well what I was on his feet.
Give you good night in Cuba, but when you see them going on all fours am, I know not Just now. I don't wanna, be there, I'm crazy about you and all the days following they found footprints shit yeah, which it I mean Just say he was thrown out there now for two days and nineteen. Seventy and two nights, Bridgewater Police in Massachusetts, State Police- did like Massive search and brought lakes search dogs, and they were actually thinking they were looking for like a bear. They were like. It must be. that must have been so fun right: leg, you're, looking for big feet! How, even though you you saying you prefer, Barry, really go here. Looking for bigger you're nerd in the fuck, I will join you in that. Look at me. You are inheriting out, you are do it They didn't and finding it, but so I want to know where big foot feet goes
when their hiding, I know I'd like your huge where'd, you hide they might. They are smarter than ass man, I mean obvious, says they sure there's a lot of things out there smarter than its fist at night, another. This is kind of a crazy, sorry and nineteen. Seventy eight, a man and I believe his uncle shot. What they, it was a bear in the swamp below it shot when it got shot a cried out like a human excuse me. They said it was like this Harry huge thing. That's terrified, we can you imagine you do that and not three action. You guideline gorgeous. Look. your dad and your dad looks at you and you just sit there looking at each other, like son. So do we walk away from this murder about it with deep, and where do we go? Should we call someone, let's not also like when it This cried out like a human. I just picture, like you think, that's the noisy, may I couldn't get shot is like
Maybe you're right. I think he like, I very like he helped, or these rules dealing with a bird. I vote for Thou art. I believe that's very human, just being required adhesion. I think Anyone know of any just ran away whenever he said, or did we also they to eat? You got away, he ran away, but when they closer to wear that he was cause they're like what the hell they family, bloody hair on. Like hang off of a tree by like fur hair like a lot, and it was bizarre and then they of two Nebraska and then they moved in Nebraska. I believe it is the same year. This is just funny too. These officers were in their car by like sitting by the hawk amongst swamp one part of it sure I think they're just like filling out reports are wages like a traffic, We are not doing anything.
And they said both of them felt the entire back of their car, lift up off the ground and when they looked behind it, there was a giant Harry Man holding the ban their car up, they slipped out and it dropped to the car and ran off into the woods. And what did they do for the data there as a sort of finance they retired? There were like whelp seen all it's a sorry chief whereof gotta go baby Now. Imagine I mean no again just sitting in your car and we can also make what was he doing also What like what he was: a big Harry Man, ok, but like every talkin like six foot to newly they suddenly five, eleven very envy, all likely
really not like just some tough guy thy Harry basket? Vicar Airy basketball Blair shifted the back of automatically. I dont know why, but I just picture like a ginger rate because back I've, I dont know because Basketball EC uses victualling brain scale, breeding yeah, lifting the bag of the cop car being like sucking up. So I saw that's what happened get help. What I saw a bracket Schiphol treat me right, we're onto your case, ok body. We know what you're doing he's been around for a while the bridge refugee camp. well in the documentary there's. Also a guy who is now like a paranormal investigator and is really interested in the stuff he grew up around. You know Massachusetts. MRS Carlsson would, in he recounts a terrifying story in the dock.
Henry sooner in the winter of nineteen, seventy with super young man. He said he and a few other kids. Sometimes would go into the swamp to lake. You know, because it was winter so like the swamp and ice over there play in there and just like me now fucker em and die We're, like I'm, said him like a bunch of other kids, like girls and boys,. wherein there and they said they were like a mile into it. When one started screaming oath. So the whole world, in one of them yelled theirs huge Harry man over there, which, To me is the scariest think someone could yell at me? I would you were the huge area man huh you just be really find it really is I really listen. You little boy much. You know not. All of us have razors, not all of I'm a feminist, ok up up up up up up up.
Like solidarity, sinister, ok, then I you're a big area fits of winter. See I am hibernating. Behaviour disappoint me first, so it shows me, look back. Certainly scarcity He took a figure social norms, only you bear Really happened now, whether the kids, like there's a huge hurry man. Do something really offended Bigfoot just killed. Everything looks like he's like this teach. You know what time
you got a screen, excuse you that supports huge use the commission will examine this teach. You know like real talk, let's I'll teach our kids not to scream chair. If we do not help me his huge there somewhere that everyone has flaws. Sorry, sorry, yeah there's a huge area men over there, and then he said we All turns because, obviously it he said, we all saw it. Everyone side. He said they ran as fast as they could backed away. Many was When we got back to the road we are linking up, I want to go home void by loving, never play the swamp again any said they all got together. Monday morning at the bus stop and they were all just like, for that time. So what did you see and they all just started like saying it to each other and it all they were. They all saw the same shit.
So he was like. I don't know what it was. I am not saying it means link, but what I saw was a huge Harry man that Lincoln impossibly huge Harry apelike man. so outside of the swamp. big foot has also been seen, and I see big foot like a big foot type creature. Bridgewater around two small ponds, their clay banks. One in two is what they're called resident Joseph D and ROD R D Andrade. I think his name is said he sighed and the forest near Calais banks to winter of nineteen. Seventy eight he in a friend who use like my friend Wayne Gypsy NEWS like, and then we did this in ways that flag waned world so aims with them. and they went looking around there in the area accede heard of like sightings of different things, and he said at one point he was turned with his back to the lake or the pond.
And he said he suddenly heard in his even says in the documentary like I'm he's like let me be clear that I'm not in the habit of hearing voice he's like just to be clear choices, but that other, but he said He heard in his head. He felt someone tell him like turn around so he's like, I felt compelled to turn around and look at And when he said when he did this, he saw a huge may. and with a long dark brown hair all over, and he said he saw it across the pond. And he was standing there looking right back at him. He said he saw from the waste up but didn't see his face because it was like covered with some of the trees grab Dwayne and was I do you see that any such as soon as we in turn around it was gone now come on? he's like I know it sounds crazy. Whatever and again, who knows All this could be just crazy nets. But it's like this. A lot of reports you think I mean yes entertain. Some,
He has since founded the Paranormal Investigation Organization and he's written, extends extensively on various investigations. He's done in the Bridgewater Triangle. So another story about big feet, is a guy named John Baker who has since passed away are happy. He was for trapping in the hawk amongst swamp in the nineteen eighties he's in that this one is told, is because it showed up in the Boston Harold in an hour Well, that interviewed him and he said quote something you so use in a canoe like going down the hockins swamp here he said, something was following me and I knew it was big. So here then he took his boat to derive area of the swamp. To stop infinitely check out what the hell's going on when he said quote I knew it wasn't a human because, when it passed by me I could smell it. It smelled like skunk, musty in dirty leg, it lived in the dirt
And he said he had no idea what it was, but he said I know what I saw and he said the exact same thing. A huge Harry man stopped him all the way up the song. But, like here's my thing, like big feet. Foot keeps following everyone, but then they like he doesn't do anything? Likewise, even following you think he's just like he likes it. Maybe he just likes it. she don't yet he dislikes the chase and once they see him runs away. I was the old big feet by fixing ivy his legs, beadlike that guy where'd you go What do you think that he gets the hurled lagree by these rights and not leg? On his wall, somewhere in the woods gods, Wall full of a guy, just all his clippings and he's like dealing each, and when you got famous, I think he changed the famous they really do. Maybe maybe you didn't so that's that's as far as.
We go with big feet like you're, never suffered headline that I just looked out Can I tell them what it is? Sorry next topic is huge caps. That's her! spoken topic is huge cats. I just looked down at its in all capital letters, unwillingness notes he's guards amazing, and this is precisely what it is love it. So he huge cats, I'm not for that are seen in the birds but a triangle quite a bit actual Cap is one of those things that you can Google, any of this, like any of the towns like Eastern Raynham, Bridgewater TON, all these places. Huge cats have been written about in legitimate newspapers will pop up of people being like funny story. We can see weird huge african cats. All over the place, you know it's a Friday, and I mean if you're, not Massachusetts. Let me just laid off you we're not Africa. So when we have African
cats here. It's like that doesn't make a lot of sense to us of that happened. I've now did you get here tat. So there is one that was dubbed the man's field, mystery cat, which which systems fun I liked I assume Mr Cat, like I feel it is like messages band, actually kissed his walk around like snap and smoking, a cigar governments with care, this Mansfield mystery tat, sort of being reported widely and ninety ninety three. They said it was a Huge ten cat, like bigger than a mountain line, shit, which we shouldn't Have I don't want anything to do now. It was reported. Eastern as well, and there were also sightings of a black panther type cat in the swamp areas. Now like a giant black and people kept this, Over and over dozens and dozens of reports would come into police being, like I just say, black panther in the swamp like why,
linked to this. Wasn't just one person being legs while working on the swamp and it's all about bathers greatly. I don't know why we're all target might over ninety. Ninety three. I don't know. Why? Weren't like nineteen? Twenty, your item, I, like my lady Little Lady S, all those while I guess I'll black Panther CAT, so a lot of people like police, we get flooded with reports from this newspaper windows would go crazy about it. It was asked you thing in the one that I remember vividly causes like eight years old No, you were not three years until your life appears point It was in May of ninety ninety three, a decapitated body of an african servile cat, it was found near the eastern Raynham line the head had been cleanly severed and was missing and it has.
the body had no signs of injury, so the method of death may have well been decapitation. I just want to know who tamed that cat enough to cause it's fuckin head off. and why would you come inside of you? Have an african jungle cat in east? dinner reign of like what do you want more money? Pass that when also you did so, did you just cut its head off and then just dump it they just dump, didn't like a big fields like an open field. We so urgently I think that it was, I am more people were like put. This word is this: why is there an african cat in the middle of a field in east and like it was one? A human must do without its had already are well. That was the thing when it was first reported. You're like weight so did something I will see its head and like what is bigger than an african cat around here. What's going on, and you come to the whole, like somebody at its head off a newly had lain, how are they able to Do not adequately was so far as fuck in ably in next episode, we're gonna get into
there were a lot of animal mutilations. around this little do like which will get into because it ties into the idea that there is a slight travelling cults right that was, but we'll get into that next up as a traveling cold idea, which they still believe could be a thing right now but we'll get into the exits like they're still travelling ever so travel in the triangle. She keeps going down, oh god, So I just remember that, like very vividly bat that cat, being found in nineteen eighty three and it was like, to where we were at the time and I am are being met. Usually what's happening right now. Here, like not alive, to play at recess. He always like not to go because there was like for a while when these cats were being spotted around people, they really keeping kids injury. Ferris essence very worried. They were like league literally like lions, walking through the woods like what's happening.
That's a very busy. I love colleagues spooky. That is because a cat like that's, not scary, but it's like weird. He is spooky, I just love that answer very spooky. So the next thing we're in the target about are giant birds. Ok, so basically, what these giant birds that are always spotted in like flying over the swamp there thought to be thunderbirds what and basically it's an ancient bird and inelegant when mythology A bird controls the upper world, while the underworld is controlled by the underwater panther or great horned, Serpent Thunderbird, Was said to throw lightning at the underworld creatures and creates thunder by flapping its wings, love that that's bad us as far right, some people think These are the birds that we're seeing or that there is some kind of an ancient pterodactyls type thing, because their suppose we, like twelve foot wings bands and shit.
your face. These aren't like condors, who are huge and we do have around but like no. These are like something ancient and crazy Again, dozens and dozens of reports will come in in one. time to like it's, not big league spread over this long period of time of, like all these people is familiar saw bird today, its literally like one day day, Dozens of reports like add on the same day, we all saw this giant ancient Thunderbird and it's like ok. Well, maybe it'd them so in nineteen, seventy one another police sergeant named Thomas Downy soon as police sergeant said he saw huge bird six feet tall with a twelve foot, wings Span, while driving down winter street near in Mansfield, which an area known as bird Hill or other functions. He said he watched it like just stand there, like spreads,
wings and then just slowly lift itself into the air. Like flap aware, can you imagine seeing something like that? I would be in straight up stuff, town usa- I wouldn't want to be like what is this a sign, for I would not litter Ivy League. Is that a good omen? Arab league? Is this the end times? If this were to happen, I don't know purely wasn't bigger end. Funny here is its knowledge. He immediately ran two papers and several, like lemme tell you about this big Thunderbird. I saw a rebate, so he said he just like slowly started telling a few people here and there because he was like. I get this off my chest that I saw it. Acta, do you know you might want to do that is by the way, if you guys here any like sizzling in the back of my husband, is cooking dinner, so it smells really fuckin good it does so. He wasn't like running to like to go, tell the story to lighten newspaper outlets and all that in,
fact a lot of newspapers wanted to interview them about this and he would so use s multiple times to give his account of this, and yes said: no, he refused. He wouldn't talk about it. Why? Because use freaked out by always like gonna, want people to think I'm crazy, although I to me: that's like more credible the I didn't want the attention from it. He was like. No people are gonna. Think I'm nuts- and this is what I saw. This one and I wanna unseen. I just want to see it. yeah. So those are the thunderbirds that a lot of people seem to see I don't think they don't like mean anything bad or anything that Islam and scare to see a fucking, twelve foot wide bird, one might say imaginable took a shed on your windshield on my damn hoo hoo hoo let me tell you, gotta, be Renault Car wash for that sweetie, Sir there's also angry red hot dogs.
I don't like that at all. That is like a bad omen, and people will see these when their walking down trails and those living near the swamp around the sovereign people like randomly, because a lot of you I, like all those working in the saw about leg dusk in Uruguay, do matter yet not not a solid plans. You don't do that men do not do that. I only have one quickly a tale about a red hot dog that was seen, but this is a pretty rough one for good. In nineteen seventy six and Evington fellow watched a huge, black dog. He said huge legal like bigger than agree like the size of the size of a pony. Basically, oh shit, rip open the throats of his two ponies killer And he said it as large as a pony and was standing over them killing them. One. and he shot at it, but it got away and he said for three days. He, unlike local law enforcement and some neighbours hunted this thing there really is a fucking.
higher wolf like what they really good excuse me and they they can find it again. but he said it was a huge black dog with like red fiery eyes, It's the most interesting thing, I'll ever heard horse throats nope like there's no joke. I got a lot on parallel Sebastian like that, so Another one this one's like this One to me is, One of the spooky is still all I hate this to end the guy, who tells it tells it so well. I remember one document every when he tells the tales. It's it's a tale man, but I hate this. One now Freaks me out this involves this isn't so This guy does not claim that what he saw was a Pugwash GI, but Pathologies are something that are often spotted in the swamp we may cover. The movie will go on to them a little more in the next episode. because this is not like confirmed, obviously to be a packaging right, but it similar it seem similar.
Know what they are so Pugwash Jeez are small, true, light creatures associated with the Warp Uno egg. In native american folklore, there said to be two to three feet tall How big knows is big fingers big ears like covered Smooth gray skin alive- oh, I don't like that in there just like weird and mischievous and try to like a loser. You places and shit picture Dhabi, the hull house by two zero I'll, be the hell. That's what I was about later than what it is doubly the House ELF, but picture a hell I'll help. So this story that we're gonna tell you is from nineteen. Ninety. it's a guy named William Rousseau, and he never for decades. He didn't tell anyone this. and then he said that he figured he was up there in age, and he said I feel it. People should know about this time attains hell this tale. I wanted to be out there, so people now. So at the time and ninety ninety he was worth
three the midnight shift at work, and he were then lived in random ass. She said he would walk is big. Who was a rottweiler? Slash german shepherd makes name Samantha when he got home at midnight every night tis, you know he's a good doggone earning a shift to go. So he said she was like ninety pounds in huge when she was a big dark one night. when he was walking her in his neighborhood. He took like a slightly different route than you normally did me, so you didn't know why there was no. He didn't feel compelled to do this. He said he just he just did took a different route, he said he went behind his home and there were a bunch of huge pine trees and power lines. Lining listen, that's right! You know the swamp runs through here. He went about half a mile when it
upon a big old water wheel from an old iron works building in the area like from hundreds of years ago, and at that point there was a street light at the road that was there that cast a big huge circle of light on the road below. He said it was like a ten feet in diameter light. As he got to the road he said. Saint Samantha was pulling and started quivering hooligan. Ninety pound rottweiler was quivering, so you know some ships about to go down and he was like I've never seen her do that. In my life, Billy key was like that he said she was quote rattling like an old chevy of my God. I love and then he said at the moment when he looked down to see her shivering, he heard something, and he said he heard a high pitched whale but they literally said, want to eat. One to care care And that's what he said it kept say. Excuse me any said: that's what I'm saying e want you, you won't you care
care when it sounds like he wants. You come here like we want you. We want you here here. things you and he said when he looked up to see what the fuck was saying. These weird things he said he saw something about three or four feet: tall standing The middle of that light that street light- and he said, you standing on two legs. Anyone covered and hair. and it also had a pot valley- he said that's adorable and a face that had slightly bigger eyes for its head, but he did not like over willingly huge billings, slightly bigger than when a humans eyes would be is said, a kind of let's like at the face of liquor, chipmunk, almost all that's q, and he said he thought he looked like at first glance. He said it looked like a child because it was so small right, but he so when I looked at it more looks like it was in the early stages of old age, It's like an elder. any said it was obviously speaking too
Residents was holding its arm out to me. so any city, you literally said he kept saying the same thing over and over again and like beckoning him using you want you, you want you care care, so he said he didn't feel threatened like I was gonna, run, atam or attack him or anything, but he said if I definitely fell like he was trying to get him into his space right. He was trying to get him over to him right, so he was fucking terrified. Many. We any says he goes. I wish I could tell you that I was like this big tough guy and I walked over to the sea more about it. Nobody was like nope, I don't blame you, sir. He said I was terrified. My huge dog was terrified, so they ran home He said he stayed up the whole night thinking over and over about what has happened is using a maiden. Little did I lose my father and he said what think he was saying? Was we want you? We want you here here: nope!
he said that's used, because I think he was trying to speak English to me. and he said he really didn't tell anyone about it. Like I said, does he Said he had never seen anything paranormal and his whole life only partly didn't want people think he was crazy, so that other guy and he was like. I was never I've, not this person who sees go, sir, if I've never seen anything weird or paranormal in my whole life, and then I saw kinds one and I see this shit, then I see like the golden ticket of all creepy s like can grow relations. You ve made it to the chocolate factory jackpot. Well,. Said twenty years later, like I said he was getting older and he wanted to tell this story because he was like it has to be out there. will need to know that I saw the Falco any never sighed again, so that that story to raise this like when he says like when he says the words I e want to. He won't you enjoy your care care when he says that they come. Let's go
I think I'm so busy they have this very easy access roads, try using a by man and edit through baby I'll postik, as it's just that it's like supposed Gary and Adorable assumed that's the thing, but if I just saw this little Harry thing being like. You want to eat what you are doing. I like, I know shoe. I note you. No sir, I beat the girl. So another place that has a lot of happenings is a place called lake, nipping exempted Nicky Nicky Nicky, Nicky Nicky, that's one, that's others nip Indyk Nip indicate its also referred to as the lake of do that's not so fund is what I'd like to an locals call. It limit.
The net. That's great dies, gold. You know we're going to the net discarded, let's take a dip in the name of great. Thank you deepen the net. So it's in right in the Middle EAST. These rights are, of course the swamp is run and all through here This place has a lot of weight and waited weird reports. There's there's big foot creatures, big feet, In people say when they're on the lake that they can hear sounds like monkeys once and people village yea, hey those monkeys in Massachusetts like they are real in Africa. Again, latterly like what's happening in or in common that famous crypto zoologist. He said people told him many times. He said many reports of seeing a red Haired rang a Tang type creature. You know typical, for this part of the kind
Older typical Massachusetts creature, he would there's always orangutans around tire if you're not from us. it's just now, when you walk down the street, rang attacks rang a tangs I've heard where every day Why do you think we say its banana, its exact as we grew up with withering its eggs and bananas? No arrange things are not native Thomas spits, no sir. So that's weird! If you're here And seeing rang, and if you see entering its egg in Massachusetts, call someone else, someone call Lorn common. Yes, he needs to know so it is also p. then this happens. A lot in area and then another area that I'll talk about the minute people see phantom fires on the shore. Where those see this big- fire in, though, in sometimes also ceiling, tribal dancers,
Round this fire and were those here like chanting or they'll, hear things on the shore and when they get closer to it, it's not there. it just goes away. I saw legally dies out, it's not like it's a big bonfire and it's just all the sudden. It's gone, and I don't know how Would feel if that happened in phantom fires seem to be like a theme throughout the summer. Playing really will see fire through the trees when there and there in the big and they like it. I can't you can't really like here. Or like seal bikini, swelling or smell it, you just follow it and it's just gone. Ok, I'm notice self, don't go in the woods, don't follow the fire. Don't go near the swamp, Yeah, it's not cool, it's also been the sight of a lot of drownings and a lot of accidents, and I thought, but it's only six to eight feet deep at its deepest part. Oh that's! What's really weird this super weird, yet leg I mean only to you and us against swam. Obviously, people drowned in any amount of water, but
the amount of drownings and accidents that have happened here, which there are quite a few for decades. It's very it's odd. It's a very odd phenomenon, and this is where it won. The skies over the net have reigned. Frogs shut white Throat. I just wanna, know shut flush of why they ve litter legs. Frogs. and from this now it's illegal published a report. Nobler jet whites yeah, explain frogs, from Skype. Why, when I gay, I cannot accept the like why ambiguous Thursday, I really short rugs were following from the eye and into as an twelve people, are going to turn this progress of Amelia those girls, you re by craze apes, published a report, I'm not making this what the fuck! And in two thousand and twelve something com, a rise in which is it
Where jellyfish, like creature, that survived the ice age, wife was found in the net one year. It is like electromagnetic energy that is this. Like Poland, the weird shit from around the world, there's somethin you that much now we're over two weird rocks. Over which we have a few. So there's something called Dayton Rock, which is a forty tonne bolder did. I was pulled from the water of the tunnel river bed and is covered in etchings. edgings like drawings, like Chechnya, etchings like no the other contracting. There's a museum that houses this rock across from the tongue river bed in its place Called Grassy Island where nineteen twenty eight a native american burial ground was discovered usher.
In that was discovered by dislike, think he was a brown university, professor psychology, professor, he looked like an expedition and they ended up finding and native american variable. I wouldn't want to find one wouldn't Lena Expedition to design an expedition to one which is in so across from where this happened. There's this tiny Little League museum that houses, the state and rock and the crazy About this, rock is, nobody knows where these etchings came from. We are, but they look ancient, they appear very ancient And this in the museum, you can see all the speculation about where they could have come from there like the Venetians, the north, the Portuguese, like all different ideas of where it came from, but no one has been able to definitively say it's really its eventual spooky. It's like a spooky mystery.
This also raw called profile rock than we mentioned earlier. We did in Freetown, far Overstreet Forest and that's the one that they think is possibly the face of massive soya achievements, sweat. It's a very sacred space, even those covered in graffiti now. All I know is that should appear This also in having ten. There was a profile rock called Lady Habington, woman's face, but it's gone now because of road building. Humans are and everything in middle borough, Massachusetts, there's Iraq with a literal handprint embedded in it now here. And this is also a bolder- with a face carved into it- cool here, like a smiling Some of you think it's a very, but it's like an ancient e kind of look to us again. Like total mysteries, sling rice came from and then there's one specifically Raw called anyone rock.
and it's a long route, forty four and were hopeless. Now the reason This one is so that has like a very spooky history in this a lot. A lot of activity around the sun is two weeks after chief medical at King Fellow, Was killed Benjamin Church, let a team into Plymouth Colony into the forest to get the rest of the native Americans how they were going around up and saw them into slavery like they did. You know. The rest of meadow comets tribe of warriors. that were serve surviving surrender peacefully to church. They did. This August, twenty eight, sixteen seventy six chief annul on was captured during this, and it became the official end to King Philips WAR. That sounds find a peaceful does, Except once they were taken out of their ship to Plymouth churches
orders to that they were peaceful and they should be right. They work that was ignored right and the whole group of LA penknives that they captured were beheaded. So taken at the same time as this whole thing was a belt of medical minutes, King Philips, his wampum about now the wampum belt basically tells the history of the tribe. That's so it's a very special belts and they took it. They took it and what happened was it was said that Philip gave the belt to anyone at profile rock before he was killed? Ok, there are records that church received. This lake took this belts. And then he lost it would do somehow got was going to be shipped somewhere and it ends up in transit. Nobody knows where it went well. I hope that they got it Well now they didn't.
Because now native american spirits are said to haunt aunt around rock and people will hear the Algonquin language they'll, hear chanting and drums beating A well like imagine going than the middle name, your drums beating, I know now because they go to places at the middle of the night. People also report phantom fires. There, like I said in full spectral ghosts. Sightings like the sale of all native american chief standing. And then even the forest so fast that you die exactly, and many people believe that whenever they seem like a recent elder native american standing room that its analysed. that then is called analyzer up. There was a port of someone going in there in hearing yelling. and they were yelling Lou Tash Lou Touch, which is Algonquin for stand and fight a whole yeah and a woman who runs the paranormal Investigation Company decided she wanted to learn some key
birds in the lamp unaware language to deal with possible native american spirits. That are not super sight to see anybody in there. And so she really wanted to remember the word new top because it means friend Ok, if you want to go in there be like ninety ran, meetup, And so she said ass, she went in there. She kept repeating the word over and over. I just want them to know we're friends, I'm not trying to hurt them. And she said ass. They left the words they recorded on. Recording my gonna get the chills. I can feel voice repeating me. Top- and they also heard somebody- and it was on the recording someone saying Kinsman and Algonquin begins, Then select were browser like so we're brows and they haven't like record. That's awesome. now during an interview on that Bridgewater Triangle. Documentary about this specific place in the Bridgewater this guy was talking about the belts the want from built in,
He cited it and he said The weirdness in hauntings, at anodyne. Rock will probably happened until the lamp imbalances As soon as he finishes this all the power went out. Why. And in the documentary they like put everything back on milk holy shit like that everything this When I was so they're like, yes, it will so they wake world. So data daily laugh about a closer look over, go those creepy liquid and they get the power Back up they're laughing in this guy says like into the lake ether like you, looks up and is like. we hear your message: if I could, I would return it. Boom lights go out again and it's like on the documentary so creepy, it's crazy that wild. So the last thing we're going to talk about tonight and trust me: there's lots more accepts, herdsmen, hang type, is the Phantom hitch
this one's bananas and also my worst sphere, exact, because I've driven down this road multiple times at night, and I M so afraid to see this oh yeah This is also known as the Red headed hitchhiker. It's you it's me these seen on route, forty four at night, usually near the sea, conqueror hope, a fine, that's where most of the reports come again. This is one of those things that gets reported over and over and over and its also drilled into every kids head in Massachusetts. Like you hear, the story he's usually said to be a well built man between the ages of forty five and fifty five. He has read her crazy he's usually as a beard as well also read. they say he's usually dressed in a red flannel shirt with genes or brown work. Pants and workbook sought it in that they eat. It doesn't really stray from that description.
Sometimes he super well put together like clean and together and other times you super dishevelled shovels with like overgrown facial hair like dirty. and untidy depends our feelings. Are we all Some were sometimes or super put together. Sometimes, worse, dishevelled is far there's no in between. For me to be honest with you, you don't get away from that in the afterlife. I'm just gonna do. There's a battered in Iraq of a judge him so. Most times. He appears totally solid, two drivers like an actual person, but then some people say like and then, when I looked at a more, he was like slightly transparent and I didn't notice it efforts and I was like what are you so much alike Who among us, has not seen someone had been like they look slightly trends United, we had all along. We got down the law. I am one hundred percent literally same like you can look at my circulatory system, in my favour, one hundred and ten percent the sun sucks. So
I stand by that same the biggest That kind of leg varies is his eyes. The disco Of his eyes, some people say they would totally normal, but they say they'd get this feeling that they just don't feel right. He thought. And but some say their black and totally empty also, while other people say there glowing but lifeless. Ok, so I was just so. It is a lot of variations in the eyes of the sun. Really spooks me. I know I am again shells, so The earliest written record of the of disguising scene was by Charles. Robinson and his ninety ninety four book New England goes files, which is like every Massachusetts, get as read that you, so one story is absolutely tariff of this, so it couple broke down on
root. Forty four at about ten p m fuck that the woman's stayed in the car and the guy went to go like at me. No call for a tell they both had different experiences with the health check. At the same time, the man saw him on the side of the road and tried to talk to him and Billy K leg we need help. Can you help us and he said the Red headed man begin yelling at him. It's it's like what the fuck and then disappeared. But he said when he was disappearing. He heard laughing from all directions. No Kill any city ass, he made his way back to his car. He could hear the laughing like all around. He thought That thought know men who is sitting in the car waiting for her her dude heard, voice, come over the radio laughing and taunting at her through the radio. Until she ran from the guy, I'm also yeah, so that was not called for
and it's usually, this kind of thing is like a kind of typical, like some and his driving along. usually alone, but as long as there's like an open place in the car, he can cannon appear and they see a man on the side of the road and they stopped to pick him up. He'll get into the past. you see the backseat all the to everything No time they say, stay silent. He ignores any questions. You ask him. And which automatically as tariff examined in a lot of the terms they'll say he's just staring at them. Always I know, would show no, no, no, no, no, I'm not into no eventually he'll just disappear. it's just that you either. Does it right in front of their eyes or the like looked back to say something to him and he's gone? Oh, my god. I hate this year, this is usually know. It's like what fear emphasised just funny to me. It wouldn't be funny if it happened to me, but it's funny from afar.
When he vanishes. It's not like you. Just vanishes- and that said- and I quote elsewhere Likewise- is funny like fart ingloriously thing I do, he usually will disappear. and then you ll either hear him laughing or yelling or taunting. which too many not funny. It's is one movies like he does businesses that is what is he stated taught you, though I dont like by these dislike you're, never getting or promotion work by seriously cutting that was taunting and mean he problem has a lot of funding. The afterlife, like you, know, he's just having fun you does. I just like. I just can't imagine something disappearing and then just yelling now these billing feeling it's not that feelings by allowed scary. I bet it's like I'm, but you figure it out of it. The I hate it journey, they lose obsess. Now it's not funny. It's not funny at all.
I don't think it's funny in the slightest were some people, if he's not just in. If we didn't pick him up, Some people see him on the side of the road and he's u like vanishing into the woods or he's just waving and then disappearing. If you fucking, wave at me and then disappear, know who don't we have For all the nice, you if you ways disappear some. This is off. some have seen him just suddenly be in their backs, yeah that I've heard and I'm just like now. If I don't invite you, it shouldn't be allowed the Alex some people literally look in the river mare and boom he's just that. That's when you got into a car glittered I was. I would literally role my car over five times, one hundred percent out of that
biggest sphere well and then some people, a lot of people, will drive through him, like hell, suddenly appear in front of their car and they think they hit some money, my god, oh then, then they find obviously that they didn't you pretty and nobody's there, though they think they did, which brings me to little story on was so. This is my friend of like a billion years well telling her story her first hand the count of seeing the Red headed eye tracker. So let me preface the story by saying I practically grew up with a copy of the New England goes files pretty much on my night stand for most of my childhood, my sister and I would read from an alot, probably after listening to Robert stacks voice for hours, unsolved mysteries. My Oji bed show now in this book, since I grew up in Dayton, Massachusetts there's a particularly popular story, which was featured key matter heard of it fast forward. Now, quite a bet picture it or hope with two thousand and four. I am now sixteen year old, new driver transporting my best friend to Starbucks, because who doesn't need a rapid Chino at nine p m. Oddly enough- and I say only because Elinor will find this part, particularly rat. I vividly remember listening to the piano bridge of hurricane by something corporate. Naturally, I was playing the piano while driving the car completely safe, but I was amazing until I always switch to the draft solo. I digress. So it's dark we're on forty four driving nine. Ninety. Ninety five to eight archers fell like aptly named Terry amid Drum sallow, when a full blown panicked, just panicked, started screaming and pointing merely hitting hitting the man standing on the side of the road. I guess, if I had known the legend before I hadn't been exposed to it growing up. I probably would have just been a sixteen year old who was giggling at the disappearing hitchhiker. What I thought I saw, but instead I lost my shit. My friend had no idea what I was freaking out about. She didn't actually see him. I know I know whenever I parliament really see him, that's what everybody says, but I did I know it. I saw my friend still thinks I'm crazy to this day. So it's ok. If you do too I initially, I did pull over and confirm that there was no sign of human life anywhere we drove up and down that road, no less than ten times. I need to make sure or kind of wanting to see him again, but we didn't. We never saw him again. Just as the legend said, he was wearing red Flannel and be.
That is about all that I notice before I started to scream. I guess the fact that he then disappeared tipped me off to the level of Crete that existed that night as well. We did try many times after that to see him again. Ninety percent of the places we went to high school were on route, forty four, so we would always look especially at night and we never ended up seeing him again, except for that one fateful night, so yeah he's legit. It was real. I saw with my own two eyes proof LOS funny issues, but I love the toothless and into something corporate and having syndrome. So look at first, I was doing the piano, which I was really good on nature and listen to the drums, and then he fucked up my work. Let a video, but I wonder if she can listen about song anymore. I know she by virtue of their great battle against, so
This is just like really quick, but I swear to you guys. One day I was taking out the trash. I was in my driveway and there's like a little section of woods like right across the street from my house like theirs, like andriessen to my house and others just woods. Still to this day I hate going home at night because I always feel like someone is watching me from those woods. I always always is always thoroughly spooks me. I am not You I get out of the car and I book it used to be same way and nine out of ten times when I and when we're like finishing up, recording and like shit, I have to go home and I have to run and I have to get inside the house and lock the door now that I've been spooked sufficiently, but one time it was still light outside. I was bringing out the trash and I just felt weird I felt like someone was watching me and I swear to you. I heard someone go and I ran the fucking side and that's the day that I started running
I'm not into it. I am not into note neither for angle if you haven't heard this episode. Where I talk Well, I had to drive to fall river for something earlier and I think I might have been free, like I think I just seen a sign for like the Freetown state for just like you and I, driving behind this car and then this the cars me. Suddenly changes lanes, unlike really abruptly negotiate and then the king. In front of me, there's like stuff like flying at my car from their car, like they just got in an accident or something so I switch lanes, and I kind of just like looked at the car and I saw this woman with blood literally dripping down her fingers. I can never unseen it I was so freaked out. I can't
express to you have read out. I was, I literally called the police and I was like YO just so you know that's good and I saw on our heads and is actually what you do. I saw enough, it was real. I mean I think it was because of art in front of me. It was like by girl illegal fairly, sir, and I drove back. I think I remember like driving pass an experts and, unlike us, looking at each other like we're in this and were horrified together. Did you see that bloody faithfully, and I was just so I gave me the most fucked up feeling I wonder what happened to the bloody facing? Why would she blinking I just one thing she had to spend and it's like still. I don't like to talk about too much, because then I see a brilliant idea, that's sketchy or so, near Freetown, and I live in the middle of the modern works. in the triangle, I live somewhere and there are many men. I've heard things and I feel people watching me from the woods yeah I send out loud so. So that is the beginning of our series, the Bridgewater carrier. We hope that you enjoyed a lot of fun
It's a cryptic lots goes something like this. It's blots, Pugwash jeez wants a single, we'll talk a little bit more about next week, but we hope you get and let us know if he did, and you're around here standard swamp of dough don't go in ran down in moral skill. That's another thing that we're gonna giving in to in the next couple of, storm and of this is a lot of bad things, have happened and they're. So, yes this day time there's a lot of bad stuff comments. But I also in the mean time, if you wanna keep listening to us, you should do that. You should any chiffon, as on Instagram adds morbid podcast followers on Twitter, a morbid broadcaster. My group with the awesome fuckin moderators morbid call in a true grandpa send us a gmail, broadcasting to check out the website that my lovely Kosovo efficiently and awesomely designed more debunk, hysterical.
Turning to the pitcher on feelings are inclined patriarchal, slash, morbid vodka hope. You keep listening and we hope you keep it. We urge bonanza, where that you like gotten to like this native american warring you're, really fundamental the native Americans, because you shouldn't be mean to native Americans of many causes all this destructiveness and then you go into the forest uneasy about carry guy in your mom, never taught you not to yell up the Big Harry Guy and then you run the forest and you go the bus stop in here. Like all my god. What do we see and then pathologies and then Yoshi come here and then its A lot of shit that happens. Also, if you see a big bird, just don't keep thy weird to it. I tried out now
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