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Episode 77: Diane Downs Mini Morbid

2019-07-02 | 🔗
Diane Downs is an evil monster. Straight up, this woman is one of the all time worst. Ash's Mini Morbid will take us down her dark path and out the other side where we will all probably meet for a drink because, damn Diane. 
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If you ve been diagnosed with cancer, you need a team of cancer experts by your side. Every of the way working together. Native CARE ambient Anderson Cancer Century Cooper, sir? jerseys largest and most experienced cancer team personal I care for every type of cancer with me. Double locations close to a full range of supportive care services? empty Anderson Cooper. Points available within forty eight hours. hey weirdos, I Molina Marsh, and this is a many or did ash, then Centric episode, many many many, many many more bad. Many morbid many morbid many more. You d, like a different, hey weirdos.
I know I went into a being like I'm a switch this apple, I kind of like tat. You, like nothing, young thing, you link, so hey everybody we're back, and we hope you dug the Bridgewater Triangle Series. It was fun we might pay. We might revisited again at some point or show of discover more crazier secrets about the Bridgewater triangle. We might want to do another absurd. I've been so much more like cognisant of the fact that I'm like constantly in the Bridgewater. Try and unlike somebody is big foot- There is a pugwash you over there actually there's like a little family of rabbits and our front area, and I would the other day I was looking at the music coming, honours thing. Q and- and I was like waiters, those could
the package and I ran the fuck inside. I love that now, like tiny and not me, you animals who think woodland creatures. Like that's Pugwash, I literally was like coming out so Q and then I was like fuck. You guys. Don't you know, I'm smart because that's the advice we gave everyone last week was, if you're in the bridge want to try, Don't you see anything like the other way? Cute animals in the Bridgewater Triangle are four dead people they airport much like fresh
so because this is a mini episode- we don't have a ton of business to get too. But I did want to mention, because it's a pretty big thing that I am unfortunately the case of the missing student Mackenzie Luke got a pretty bomber ending. Yesterday we got the news that her burned body was discovered in the backyard of thirty one year old. A u le a g. I finger J o who gives a fuck what his name is really fucked back. I fuck you guy, there's not a ton known about the case yet, obviously, because she was just found. We do want to cover this case in an episode at some points of stay tuned, for that we just want to get more updates about it, and one thing they came out was that a country
Does that worked at this guy's house at one point said that he asked him to build him: a secret Roman, his basement. No, he didn't the skies like now circulating. I was like I'm really busy that day My offer just got here and I'm busy he's like you No not come to pass it looked on it. I would love to keep my license and not be involved in a future the case. So do you know what I like? A lot of people have secret rooms in their houses and like who build those around now like when that's the thing it's like. What do you do when someone will? I wonder people who asked for we're like. Oh no, I'm gonna, use it for this, but sky was literally like. I would like a secret room. I would use mine for captain crunch species because your trap, cousin trash higher trash-
I should point out on my dating profiles. Higher trash, I'm gonna make that may dating profile introductory loved and speak actually speaking of dating profile at sea I knew it. I was you in your work. I guess I just want to point out. I posted on the instagram that you know we did what a bummer ending this was the case. and that it was a bummer that people were kind of like victim, shaming her, because no matter what a murder is, a murder is a murderer. The person they now the innocent victim did not deserve to be met. Right of court. We don't know everything either like, rumours I was going to say: there's probably could I'll come down to just a rumour exactly like we don't know what was going on here, but people were talking about. She was possibly doing. Unlike a sugar baby, I'd, say or something related to sex work in some way now listen. None of this is confirmed by the way.
All I want to be very clear about that that these are rumours one. It's just like when people say like sex workers like yeah, oh, if they were looking for their less today. yeah exactly like either way human was killed and here's the thing what people and understanding is there. People are like, while she put her self interest This situation, ok nobody's arguing that that was a risky situation. If that's what it was right, ones arguing that it wasn't, but by saying that you are inherently taking Responsibility from the monster that shouldn't be banking, murdering women. That's the thing: it's like risk. situation or not. Nobody should be people and I think that people put themselves and risky situations daily and don't even recognize like like being on dating website exactly regardless. you know like it is risky to be on a dating sank. As you know, the other person we just wanted to be clear that
All of this is all nothing has been confirmed about what her lifestyle was. What her occupation was what this? What happened here? Nobody really knows what happened here, yet it hasn't been released. So it's. I just think it's unfair to immediately put on her what happened and not if this fucking monster that was asking to have a secret room built in his basement, probably to do this over and over and over again we're going to take the shit off of him and we're going to put it on the people he's killing. Now
Scuse me you're dead, ass, saying about this man that burned off fucking body, bull, to punish those who both situation like no, he burned a body. It just shouldn't, be a situation to begin with the Mackenzie Louis cases really sad and we will be updating it as we get more updates. We were defiling into doing episode at some point about it, so stay tuned for that and what a bummer ending to that case. Now that is really son. So without further do we're going to dive into another bomber case so, first and foremost, this case dislike really heads close to home because, like my mom screens in an Diane down literally reminds me a lot of my own mother, and I realise that, while watching the twenty twenty case- and you can we ve got all next time. Elizabeth Diane Fredrickson, was born in Phoenix Arizona on August seven. Nineteen, fifty five, I'm also
If you watch team on which I am trash, can I do if dude generic medicine is dying down, yet They have the same face. Showed me a side by side in its uncanny. There's a whole read it for about there's some genes, are connected there you're lying to me. If I die in towns, isn't it isn't a relatively at your leisure one hundred percent sweaty with should Open Phoenix and while she was in high school she started doing this like hunky, do name Steve after school. She spent time studying at the Pacific Coast, Baptists, Bible College in Orange, California EO, but she had to leave because she got kicked out fur. I'm not enable saved passwords premise, security. Thank you, Baker. Every college person, I feel, would be kicked out for promiscuity adviser lesson for making your own damn choices about who uses
exactly Sweden, we know what I'm saying Diane down the purse notion, but so she had to move back home and when she moved back home her and Steve reconnected and in November of nineteen seventy three they got me read. Wonderful. Everything was beautiful and this is the end of the episode so they had three kids together: Christie, Cheryl, win and Stephen Danny downs. So from this point for it I'll just referred, Stephen as Danny, so Diana Steve had a rocky relationship because Diane the Devil, Yes, but I had no idea asked we'll see went like a lot of time at work and Diana felt alone and ignored win She literally. She would like run away with the kids and might not tell steep where she was so mister link. Don't fucking! Do that, like people who use their kids in that way,
don't use. Your kids is par, stray mom, evil. It's true, that's rate you ever eliciting can really did sheepskin to fight with him. I would have been a lifeline. Uncle facts but see was always able to like tracker down a milk yo. Lady Gaga together come back. I love you, but that's all just bombs mail for the kids So my lawyer- and I am was getting it seems. Public Steve was like like a norm old shell dude, like he was just like Diane come home links the share, please stop being a crazy person. Do. Can you just stop? Stop dramatizing our kids, yeah, but she was bored and tired of married life and they divorce shortly after Danny was born in nineteen. Eighty also Diane used to cheat on Steve, like all the fucking time time. shit with three kids. I dont know what I want. Another well fun facts,
you do any downs, is not steeps kid, oh yeah, so she had like this affair thing. I don't I couldn't find to visit. You know this like thing where she was like: wasn't I don't buy for or the other, but the exactly I couldn't find who Danny's dot like real dad Biologically was fifty, that's, not Steve, and it was both like that that didn't really cause their divorce at all. Because Steve was, I quinoa, like I don't know what Diana was doing, but she had him wrapped around her finger and he was like you know. I like Alex up Danny as my own, whose priority has been a stand up, do right which, like it's just not worth it, doesn't carefully. She named him after the guy who wasn't his father, I only availing it's like. I was just like her being a bitch audibly because she's the devil. Yes, she saw so, like I said basically, I'm pretty sure their divorce happens very shortly after Danny was born because he wasn't. It caused a lot of time
So after the divorce Diane moved back to work on its USA, organ digestion, do shit. No, my oregon. Ok, so she moved out the divorce Diane move back to Oregon, try and now the Ps as she seemed, pretty uninterested in being a mom said they would connected with her. She worked a lot. She stayed out, and she pretty much pond her kids off on, like anyone willing to take them off all right. A ball one babysitter said that she like yellow. Does she like reprimanded one of the kids for like doing something bad and that she got like? I forgot which kid it was, but she was like really upset and she was like yeah, like my mom says, I'm real.
Like all the time, and then she asked babysitter if she had a gun because she was like gonna kill herself for these kids were young, like they were young gonna that's awful. So in nineteen eighty one Diane started working at the Post office where she met this man and fell in love. She met a man She met a married man, saw Jesus day I'll be up. He was separate and though, at the time quote, quote. We ve all heard that lie before me and my wife just got separated tonight was fine and right now you know every everything's, fine, it's great the whole person wall. No there's not Well, never saw it didn't last long because he was married and also he realized that she was fucking crazy and he didn't really want kids, this dude and she was like. Well, I have three CS. Lake is a kind of
three of the sword, but I couldn't meekly but I would like to get them. I do take care so she became obsessed with this. Dude like obsessed, she wrote him later on the police, like ransack her house for a reason now get into later, but they found like tons and tons of letters to this dude and his name was like Knickerbocker and she called him like Nicky like make tombs, Knickerbocker, that was his last name, but she wrote him a letter every single day who, like girl, you have three children. What I don't have a single child and I didn't have time to write some. Forgive me. Reed Asshole a letter every day. You know one sometimes my nails with Egypt for like months at a time young I dont repaint them, because I have to children's rights
nor have I hoeing approximately zero obligation sit down and fix a chip in my nails, because I don't have time that never mind sit down and write a letter to some dude whose married. I dont even right in my diary. Every day I barely have to I mean I brush my teeth and that's it or even numbers can only do that investment t totally gotta go birthrate, so Obviously, things were not going well and I am not going swimmingly now, because she's fog in she's got these through kid. She doesn't seem like thumb which it's like you know, you you have the option to not daughter I saw you know it is like. Becomes she just? divorce. Then she meets this dude. She thinks there and then he's like yeah piece out slammed visa and it's just really not going well. So, on the night of May 19th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty three things get worse for Diane little Boy she had taken her three kids on a visit to go see like a woman. She was friends with.
And then, on the way home, they took the scenic route, because She and the kids like to take back roads and like take different routes, they'd member taken before I'm nervous. He should be. It was like the somewhere on the nine o clock at night, this point and they want it. She said they wanted to go sightseeing. That's usually when you go sites, it's like the primetime dizzy everything pitch black is like prime time your name is kicks the fine. It's absolutely also your kids are like the ages of eight an under like, oh, my god, it's like they should exercise that right, They should be in bed so ass. She was driving a quote bushy stranger, flagged her down and sheep held over to see what the problem was only two or three fucking kids about it I'll. Do it MIKE yeah totally. I always I always approach bushy hair strangers, my children always yet every day and it's always fun. It's in all works out all end here. so what sheep
over and she's like what's up and he approach the car and he says that he wants her car. Like he's basically car jacking, her emotional I'd like your car. I mean I'm great car I'd like to have it that whole conversational. What's up hey I'd like a car and she says you ve gotta, be kidding. That's what she told me She said you ve gotta, be kidding fur summaries and she'll get out of the car, and he pushes her aside. This is really sad. He shoots the three kids and shoots her in the arm and like a scuffle. She pretends to throw keys into a bush to distract him, and then she gets back in the car and speeds away. like a lunatic to drive the children to the hospital. I don't think that's what happened. It's not listen! I'm telling you just because you have kids doesn't mean your mother. Oh, that is the truth
West, because this legally state is not a mother. True, a stay at all. He s, one hundred percent. So this is also very sad. when they get their Cheryl is pronounced dead crises, for at a stroke and was like clinging to lie, Christy's the their shells. The Medina Danny is in super bad condition and is paralyzed from the waist down my God, how old enemies could so at the time. Christie was nine show all was seven and Danny was for so they were like baby literal baby baby. And, like I said, Charles Pronounced, dead Christie has had a stroke and Danny is paralysed from the waist down at four. Years old and when Diana told all of this, she doesn't set a shed a single tier lights, normal and all the people were like, ok. Well, we can judge how she's grieving, like maybe
he's in charmed, but every one that was interviewed afterwards is like. I tried to tell myself, like ok, don't judge husbands grieving, but everyone had a weird fuckin feel about this. These are geared children, or just one of your children was just murdered in front of you and the other two were just brutally vanity and you you just lost your seven year old baby and your your other kids are clinging to life like they didn't know. If these kids we're gonna make it that's awful, fucking nine year old has a stroke. Are you kidding me in a four year old is paralyzed from the waste of inefficiencies of all horrible and, she showed up with like a towel wrapped around her wound and the kids didn't have us about. That's very motherly design. I can tell you right now that I will go, and I am not a crime
Ask ass! You know this bitch! Doesn't emotions do not escape I've see. I think I've literally seen Alina Cry one time, pickled, Israel and if IE, if my kids even show that they are like scared of something when one of them was having knighted terrors, it literally made me cry. Just because they were upset about something in something was newly couldn't facing them said so, seeing one of them shot would be the in being in pain. I would be a fucking basket case. This case is not yet and so is dynamic. It just shows that she's not Now so as typical protocol she's brought in for an interview, so they can figure out like what went down yet so she says the whole story about the bushy heerd stranger. She pulls over. He says, yellow on your car. Lady doesn't work out. He shoots the kids awful awful awful
and in an original interview she kept saying. Oh, she said that she kept saying in the car: God do what's best Now, as they gotta die, let them die, but don't let them suffer. Oh yeah, if Michael its have to die just like, let that just stewards go if they ever diving gotta die like here, because a four year old in a seven the nine year old have to die and, like its that's, not here say there's an interview where she is. smerdyakov. She did so many fucking interview soon the chaise too. I'm so glad she dead, because she's saying her fucking ship and God she talked because those are the ones like you said they talk, think there, oh yeah so, like I said everyone of the hospital with super alarmed at her lack of emotion but trying not to judge, but this urge and working on keeping Christie alive, remembers. Diane saying I really ruined my new car there's blood all over the back of it like that
Her concern what Wall actual while her child is her children are clinging to life and one is dead. You're worried about what the fuck your car looks like. I'm I'm beyond now the dye Anthea. Oh, I get so much where we get in your life. Your child is in surgery. The like have their lives may easily. How much is it gonna like put me out of this issue? like beyond and she's? Not worried about it, she's worried about our car and she's worried about fucking being with dude and heads fresh your summer. It why? Why beat the heap with our handcrafted smooth. These were pressures or pressures or handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea. Berber Juba, dating burst of energy. Try are delicious flavors mango passion, fruit or strawberry, dragon, fruit, refreshes and a mix barrier strawberry bananas, smoothie crafted, keep you cool, so
brushing your summer with our handcrafted refresher, since Moody's made brush your way at why why. if you ve been diagnosed with cancer. You need a team of cancer experts by your side. Every of the way working together. Native care. Ambient Anderson Cancer Century Cooper. Sir, jerseys largest and most experienced cancer team personal. I care for every type of cancer with me. Double locations close to a full range of supportive care services. Empty Anderson, Cooper, points available within forty eight hours. So after speaking, the Diane that today the detectives get a sketch of the bushy hair stood, poor and they began searching this crime scene fur like anything that they can find it all. But there is really nothing that they could find
They were never able to find the gun. Only the casings, the composite sketch, was getting like virtually nothing in response. Nobody is probably basically just- TED. Bundy data like everybody was like like Broadway. Wasn't a fucking. As an employer. So nobody knew him and they're getting more and more sceptical like the more inner use Diane's doing the like weirder, she saying. Should she does doesn't seem up selling. She isn't she like a man whose kids are like yeah, it's one thing to grieve in a different way and you know it's another glean judges are not at all any impartiality. Arcadia. Having seen your kid shot in front of you by strangers that you're gonna have them a reality. so they have heard your reenactment of what happened that night and its unfair, when you should all go watch it, because it's literally like it's like what the fuck did. I just watch if I can find that our post and you should put its on Youtube the outside of it
before the reenactments Archie sitting in the car like the interviewer is like outside of the car, and you can see her in the car. Looking The mirror, like the rearview, mirror, whatever fixing her hair like printing for this God, I hate this woman's in it like. I know this story, and still like too shocking me she's about two reenact, the brutal attack and murder of her one of her children. That should be one of the most traumatized she's, making sure that our hair looks good, which is one hundred percent. Why they did this because that be oh yeah romanticizing experience where you can. Usually they went away, look clay and changes, printing and she's like giggling through whole an iron, and, if that's not enough, she bumps her cast when she gets into the car and Third, she goes oh, this is worse than, and she doesn't finish your sentence, so she should like all I got hurt worse than, and they were like
like when you shot yourself at the army, s like that's what the detectives we're like. That's what you, gonna, say where's that arrive for when I myself me I'm in, but she catches some of the issues, and she doesn't doesn't even finish so in the countless interviews that she does. She says the horrible things she says if I had shot my own children, what I had not have done a good job of it She literally said that and then she said in one interview, my kids were lucky: lucky. What's wagons dead, one of them had a stroke and the other ones paralysed, Are you kidding me and she's, saying that she's lucky that she wasn't killed and that she was able to drive them to the house? But I like that's, why they were lucky? oh my god, I'm the woman. I believe her name's, an Yeager that she does. The interview with she literally is like looking the entire interview, she's looking at her like she's,
but she doesn't even understand how to comprehend what this woman ass I couldn't. I couldn't even be in the same room, is their hearing or say those things I Billy I'm out of here. So if you thought that was all bad, no, then she gets fucking pregnant. I remember this because at this point her kids have been like taken away because she's she's a suspect yeah. So they will again you can and should get pregnant. and she gets pregnant. It drives me, nuts, that these are the kind of people or just aids. When she's asked about this in an interview because they're like yeah, hey like art, where you sat at all like, why did you just get going Kids were just taken away. She explains her decision by saying one that she, MRS All, her kid so much and she's. gonna see shower on earth again and then to children. Give her so much less an intention and satisfaction, instability and three Its are so easy to conceive.
She literally so I got so angry like no elder they're, not they're, not yeah leg speak as someone who it took a long time to have my twin. And many IVF frown right fuck that laid are not easy to conceive for everybody and fuck. You are Supposed to have kids so that they can provide you with a larger giant instability. You are simple to do that, for your literally is supposed to be the other way around right that you feel a need to provide love and attention and stability to another human being. The samurai yourself Diane's point of having this bitch knew exactly what she was doing when she got That report that I meant mentioned, and I think her last name is Yeager its J. A e g are some early Jaeger, she remembers, Diane telling her that she knew her cycle so well and she knew tat if she had said
but this guy on a certain day that she would get pregnant. I don't like God, so she knew exactly what the lux yesterday's there in that providing her with such a fertile free products since my daughter either. It's me so After all, this craziness police realised that they need to start building a fuckin case who grew not laid, so we can get that get away from her bright exactly they take a look at the bloodstains in the car and they realise that they're not conclusive. Diane story at all, because Diane Story is that the children were shot inside of the car yeah. But there is blood spatter on the outside of the car, on the lower passenger side door frame, good, so detectives pieced together that most likely Cheryl was able to open the door was trying to get away from her own mother. But
fell and that's when Diane shot her outside of the car. She also had told police that she had never purchased a gun like she didn't, have a gun, but they found out that she had purchased a twenty two caliber pistol the same gotten used to shoot all three children an idiot and then they search her for her home and find a rifle butt cheese and eradicate and shows that had previously been ejected from a different weapon like they were able to tell, because there was, like extract or markings on, though so investigator. took those shells and looked at them under the microscope and saw the little extract or markings that matched all the markings of on the on the shelter from the other gun. Nobody matched the shell casings found at the scene of the crime. meaning all those bullets had once been in a different gun. The twenty two calibre pissed, only she hears that night for
it's a fucking files, then all hail forums. This is going to fuck you up. Oh, no this. I like it's gonna, be hard for medium savers. Hokosa everybody got ready, spoil alike, have not spoiler like trigger warning. Ok, this is like a kid trigger warning. It's it's just awful! It's not it's. Just like horrible, then a witness comes forward, saying that he was driving behind Diane's car on the night of the attacks and he claimed She was driving so slowly that his fiddle butter wasn't even registering well sushi was driving each member. She said she drove to the hospital like a lunatic. Oh yeah, this guy was begun her after having island, and she was driving that slow to ensure that they were like bleeding. Oh, oh, my god,. like so slowly, but I just got channels as well kids, are in like the most pain and trauma of their entire life deriving that I'm just like that.
mine, can't even go there so slowly tat. His thing wasn't even registering all my guy like that is so far you're literally naughty, like that's a prolonging their torture right. You know, it is that's exactly what it literally prolonging there to open them. So at this point, police bring her in for another interview, and this is actually this is like funny, but not funny. Like the detective. What really goes Diane your story, stinks and she goes and so do you and she goes. Then you better go get some deodorant. I'm not kidding that's real, I earnestly at that point. They should have been like a new tariff as any evidence here. That was done thus far beyond and we're locking you up for learning for freedom for dumb Fond see said those stories figs and she said then you banging Anthony and man I'm sorry, are you five literally
I'm sure, you're, a cheese HANS years ago lay avenues that a long time about not only by she's now in this interview Diane, totally changes her story of Valor shocked, she's there were actually to men and they referred her by name, and they must have known her because they said something about like her tat too, that, like nobody, knew about, and it's like a suit. You literally just remembered that the re like why, wouldn't you have said that from the job like that, doesn't make any fuckin sentence and then she adds since you seem to think I should have brought the guy in with me I'll get em myself, because I know who did it like? You know who killed one of your kids and attacked the other two you're, just allow saying I'm you ve been pretending at some random pushy. stranger, you, like Diane, why
and then she goes on to say that she knows his name and everything so where the fuck are you telling? anybody one! Why are you letting him walk the streets after he paralyzed one of your children send another into a stroke in literally killed the other one like that, doesn't make any fucking sends Diane you dont like no. This is a little this is bunker you guys seriously in its interfaces. Bonkers all. It's an interesting side. Note that that you should remember like the end, because when Diane was able to still visit her kids, she would like walk into Christy's room and Chrissy was like recovering from a stroke. I think I've read about what this is So scary, the nurses all say that time Diane walked into the room, even if Chrissy was like sleeping or like not totally with it. Her heart would her heart rate,
like go insane like like she was scared whose Terry Shitless every time remain locked into a poor nine year old girl right, looted. Who know with her mother tried to kill her yeah. Oh, it's so fucking, crazy God so and she just kept torturing her by a hundred presented in sheer, knew what she was doing so at this when Christie is still recovering from her stroke but she's like learning, to talk again and language, or learning or everything I go in for a stroke, and she was going to ferret being because obviously was really attacked and the fairest was asking her like dude that she's she said she knew who shot her like, and she just couldn't talk about and the therapy was like. Ok. Why don't you write it down on a piece of paper and will put it an envelope and will keep doing that and we're gonna burn the envelope like every time like you, then thrown in the fireplace and then eventually one day you might be ready to say
how would I know is not really all de LA gets. There are literally marchesa so Do this for like a few times or whenever and then finally, she's ready those illegal ugly, really impressed I know, as I would never think, that's brilliant way to do that. You just keep doing the girl and allows her to get it out, but not whatever she's worried about rowing vibes, saying it allowed these not having to do that until she's ready and then it's enough it must have been like frost Turning to the road and the fire, because I'm sure huge party ever wanted to again, it was like catharsis again, try it again so than its leading up to this massive catharsis of letting out exactly how fair
best Sarah. So they do this exercise over and over again and then the day that they didn't do it. There's gives me the day that they did it and she was ready to say who it was. The therapists looked at the piece of paper, and it said my mom is that, like ruined me, a poor little baby has to write my mom yeah threaded, like my mom, and it was I who attacked you hook, who killed. Your sister and paralyzed your brother and tried to kill you my mom, so on February, 28th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four Diane Downs is arrested, she's charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. During the trial pregnant us fuck, because member who I remember seeing picture wasn't soon after this whole thing happened that she got the right now like it was. You got pregnant very quickly and then she was basically like pretty much nine months pregnant through, though trial. I bet, I guarantee you two part of that
pregnant? She knew she was getting caught up, to print. I knew that this whole time she could use that as I'm just a pregnant woman, Logan You see a priori love during the nine, a medium mother yeah, it's immediately sympathetic and immediately you look nurturing job by virtue of having belly and she's like in these. Like nice, maternity order, I say I then she's always hole tat of an alley. Lessons in our lives like the bellies like forefront obeying hunter procedure, so in this case Scott, so much attention may as soon as the trial. Hundreds of people would show up every morning the main question on every these mines, even like the prosecutors and stuff, was whether or not Christie was going to testify, which your nine year old baby like testify against. You also going to
song for you, one of the main things Christie. Remember it about the night that she was attacked was that Hungary, like the wolf, was playing shit. I love the room during the process. The EU should use this in the trial and they played Hungary like the Wolf I am not exactly sure what the whole like question was. Therefore, but while they played it, I was literally like dancing and, like all my her I'd and tapping her foot to the fucking music, I mean that's a bar, it is about it's a fucking bob that she attacked or three guys do harm fine. She like girl, I mean you suck, but if you're trying to make yourself not guilty, maybe don't dance along to the song that was playing while you're fucking kids were brutally attacked. My dear she do that to summon the Bonn, I know how zero labored, herbal, so the prosecution when all over, like their flight,
may governance the shell casings of blood spatter on the outside of the car. They brought the matter then who drove behind Diane moving at a fucking glacial pace, and then Christie takes the stand. Oh my god, nine year old, grandstand, imagine being in the schoolroom. The prosecutor asked her: do you know who shot Cheryl and she says yes, and he says how do you know she says I watched I watched my poor little seven year old Sister get shot I'd like I'm getting chills. She then explains that her mother pulled over got out of the car and got something from the trunk their trunk excuse me came back Neil done the driver side see facing the back and shot them one by one. Oh, my god, like White
I just like I M just your nine years old and that's what you have I'm just like. That's your last basic. That's a basically your last interaction with your mom yeah and unjust picturing, like looking in the back seat of a kind three year, three baby, that you made that you had a choice to bring into his right terrified faces, as you pointed gun at them, and then each of them are watching the other other bench like yoke. Oh god, it's too soon. It's too much but luckily June nineteen. Eighty four a unanimous Jerry, comes back and finds Diane guilty on all counts. Ten days after her convictions gives birth to a baby girl what a blessing event the up but hours later, she's back in jail awaiting sentencing, and she ends up getting life plus fifty years good, and you know what I hope she was worse still wearing those
lookin like mesh diapers. You have to wear a bird. If I was like, where are we going to love? She was so uncomfortable because that shit is uncomfortable spark. Do you wanna hear something wholesomeness, fuck we're not we're not done yet energy or information. I do a quick, wholesomeness, fuck break Doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo, Wholesome s back the prosecutor in his wife adopted Christie and Danny. Oh, my god. I love that the prosecutor omega and his wife adopted Christine Danny. I can announce that soon. And they re everyone so like spoiled. I bet Definitely people decided that they were dislike beyond love totally and the baby that Diane gave birth to while she was incarcerated, was given up to four adoption to this, like beautiful, loving, wholesome as fuck family only love and they didn't plan on telling her who she was. But I mean I
That must have been the hardest train to plan how they were never knew, how to boot being like we ve gotta, keep her away from even being The aim is obviously they will ever know that the internet would become his vassals right has. But it's like you have to be thinking like is their way she's ever going to find the sound. And how do we talk about it when she does that's a tough decision? Well, they were for to tell her that there's no way she got through her. Do you want to know why they had to tell her? Oh, no, because Diane escaped jail, yeah! That's the time you gotta tell em up would be it. Diane scales are sixteen foot barbed wire fence. Jesus covers barbed wire with her coat that she's wearing tides under car in the parking lot and then disappears into fucking Smike Humane society down yet sir
TED Hugo millions understand like there's mandarins, that humane society nothin, like I'm just saying, she's, inhumane and she's, going out into the streets where, like most of us, are cool. We arts and she's, not cool she's, not doesn't belong as humane society. Ok, she's a coup, not label can face Magee that literally that's what she is. You heard a here first again here. I am with the hopper assistance, so tat. You need the prosecuted by ten. You see the prosecutor is fucking, terrified and also are adopted parents to the baby, oh my god that less than an awful whose now pre school age. At this point also she still low by of the TED was literally sitting in a rocking chair with a loaded gun waiting for dyin to show up at his fucking towards you literally sat in the rocking chair for like ten days after dad
that right area and the adoptive parents had to tell like the child school. The baby sitter like everybody who the baby was that they have never told anybody yeah, that's because because they didn't want to the end, they were worried that she was maybe like gonna come to their like finds this baby. That was hers. They go to the pre school intranet, just snatcher exact in budget in fucking bullshit about her goods for son. Did she just couldn't ratified that dude? No, but little does anyone know she's at the home of a fellow inmates, husband not very far from the prison at all. It was like literally like a buy things like a few blocks It turns out that she and this inmate had made a map of where the house was listen, They were like planning yeah escape, and the summit was like my houses. There you can escape and then I'm sure the plan was probably something along the lines of and then like all try to escape our escape Denmark,
so, the police were like looking everywhere. They searched herself to find, like anything, to figure out where she was and this first smart fuck endued sawdust clipboard with like stationary on it, and he saw the outline, the map, the languid impressed into the pr underneath it s. and they were able- I mean whoever was fuckin drawn. This map is really fucked impressively live terrible, but that's how they were able to figure. Where was the shoes introduces were more your? U help so the I wrote a minutes, they realize it's a map and they follow it right up to her dumb, just good police, where an ten days after escaping she walks This house, in the guise boxer shorts and his shirt in clear, Diane Fashion, Diane needs
jeez unless we have pursued by anybody needs Jesus today. I am maybe me too, but like not yet, though, see me zones and No, I don't think there's a maid knew that this bitch was about to be cosy up with her husband, and I was thinking about the whole time on my girl. You really serving Diane for funds to your house will be threatened like narcissistic borderline personality disorder edge to clearly husband puts men before her own head ran like come on. If you watch the twenty twenty, unless it's called my mother sins is really fuckin good. You can watch on Youtube, except you can't wash Lily blast two parts which is really annoying personally, but where they interview this guy and he's just a fuckin mass like he's aware. He literally a guy virtues, really honest and great, the term than a new earn. You know approaching letter my house, but they were already in their business in math,
so they she like, gets back into jail and to this day she still maintains her innocent innocence and He says that she still looking for her daughters, killer and that's she said, that's why she escaped in the first place, because no one was fine. Seeing this murderer and she was find him. Yes, she threw on some boxer shorts and share in Turin. she's attempted parole numerous times and every time there like ya know Diane Diane downs were good and her next, a Temple the in twenty twenty, but just a little side note in the twenty twenty episode they interview the woman. Now who is the baby? That was the dawn of day and she, but she had a lot of trouble coming to terms. Obviously, with the mother, she was dying, Downs s daughter. Can you imagine and she drew her letters like eventually she got to the point where she wanted to write her letter and just see in at First Diane was like super nice to her
except for one by Russia's. Like oh, like you, I can tell you my daughter like because we have the same chance. I bet you hate at right. Cause Diane has like a really should each and cover it. It's like ok, but thats link, brutal Diane banks yeah, although I don't like you fuck off, knows what I would have said: but then the letter start getting weirder and weirder and she's like telling her that she has people like watching her, From the outside and she's, like How do I know you're? My daughter, like she and she's like apparently in jail she's like super indolent conspiracy theories and share in this I'm tellin you do. I don't know what fuckin. Wash machine, is in her brain she's, crazy, physical woman, she's, crazy, and she started to wear her crazy, oh yeah. She is, she already find it did in the beginning, yeah. But it's like so much worse. Natalie charity and neatly had that crazy face. Ghana, she's really really wherein the crazy fuckin ends so she's us her huh,
life she's like traumatized undestroyed, her children and now you're, doing it for any side to try to traumatize and destroy your children. Movingly died people watching you like you just raw in jail, silently away forever. For that. is the story of Diane Downs, and you know what guys I really to impress you with my research, so I hope I daily good. I really wanted to do you like a lane issue many, and I know I'm not there yet, but will people love the ash? Many more? I know you don't want change and that this was really it's like Iraq. Never change, hacks ass, to have a good sign I literally stayed up until one in the morning researching this one night. That's what I do, though, from civil I'm not made for that, but I really really good thing really impressed to. I think this is a really good one. I try only way this could have been better as a she died
the end of a severe case of like crotch wrought crash brought the embryo? Well, this I was going to say there still home everybody, everybody, brandy and hope, no lighted, and though I don't do that because then like karma and they are, you might get crotch raw really. Who has time for any of you getting graduates to authority? Sure don't through has time for crops as time for cried trot would be a wicked could bear name, that's a great one. If I ever get fucking a talented, I'm gonna name my band, if I ever get down. Did I make my band? Cried trot, fuck everybody That's how you gonna try guys thinking, so much for listening in the meantime of this episode in the net
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