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Episode 78: The Boston Strangler Part 1

2019-07-07 | 🔗
It's our hometown murder time! We split this case into parts because there is truly a lot to unpack and we thought our beloved Boston deserved our time and attention. In Part 1, we take a look at the first 6 victims of The Boston Strangler(s) and set ourselves up to talk about the last 7, the psychology behind these crimes, as well as Albert DeSalvo's infamous confession in Part 2.  This is a wild ride, so we suggest you hang on to your. butts and leave your Yankees hats at home. ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT***Sources:The Boston Strangler by Gerold Frankhttps://abcnews.go.com/US/boston-strangler-case-solved-50-years/story?id=19640699https://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/12/us/dna-evidence-identified-in-boston-strangler-case.html
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they all Boston addition inevitable in my throat welcomed in every vacant. Unwelcome do bein town. This is no Gonna be a wonderful portrayal of spending. In that sense, the tourism. Another we're gonna get anyone to move here. No, but this is like our big old hometown murder edition. yeah, I guess so welcome. Hold onto your butts yeah really hold Andy about for this one. So we are thinking that we are going to split this one into three parts, possibly because it's just gigantic and we really want to go into the lake psychology We really wanted dissect this case, because it's our hometown case ITALY case turns out cases
Boston, strangler or stragglers question mark strategies. that's what we're going to be doing in the probably third part, you're gonna, be discussing the theories of whether Albert Salvo is the loan Boston, strangler whether he is the Boston strangler at all, and what There are more shit, so this can be fun ran somebody hold on. One open, dear seatbelts, end for we jump in. I just want to say that probably well at least the first two parts are going to have somewhat graphic descriptions of rape and sexual assault. Unfortunately, so if that is something you are not comfortable listening to before, I say it, I will tell you so you can
do a little skipper rule. If you want to totally up to you. I just want to make sure everybody knows. That is a big part of this case and its very upsetting. So we get it if you want to stay so without further, do we have some business too. Tend to because this is a full length more business on those are itself foremost. I just want to apologize during the Diane Downs episode last week I kind of That sounds like I was used borderline personality disorder as an insult, and I just want to clear that up about not at all what I intended to make it sound like definitely not she actually did had were have borderline. Smelly disorder, but it was not my intention to make sounds like I was using not to insult her, because I understand that that is a disease that people struggling Am I am so sorry to anybody that I offended we would never.
that is just was that, with such a thousand great episode, think he'll and it was such like an intense like region devices, so manner, Diane those like say ass. We Devlin nobody meant any harm by nobody's to offended. We also have some its. news yet, but hopefully will be a lot to be news that we are currently working on getting some live shows go because we, see you're cute little weird faces us Marcia faces. We won't do that. We want more afraid, but I want to I want to mention a few faces. Us no will want to keep it real weird, so we will keep you guys updated on that, because we are currently in new no talking to and a figure
allowed in the guidelines that it has its in the planning stage, so we will let you know one that is happening and I think the only other a couple of things we have to talk about real quick is we had a couple? People request some shouts and we wanted to honour those. So the first person we would like to shout out is Stephanie Tackle and we would like to say hobby twenty first birthday you remember the number and I wasn't ready for the death of a big birthday. I got it it is I'm still celebrating mine annually. I know you are this year I celebrated the second anniversary of my twenty first broke, but it's all you get that's what you get you girl, never end.
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nineteen. Sixteen nineteen sixty two to be exact people doing back then the civil Rights Movement what's going on about was a great movement. It's it's a great movement a lovely day, and people were just like live in that actually what's interesting about this time, is where so used to now you know when big serial killer names come up, we're like yeah me, no TED Bundy right, charming Gacy, like you know all these serial killers. Back again, this was not a thing so like the Boston strangler was a whole brand. New breed of awful nightmare must have fun, do not know what serial killers were here.
right method. So when this all started happening. First of all, nobody knew to connect these things that just wasn't a thing right leg. It wasn't like what now a serial killer, they hands belong with the term serial killer. Even the thing you do not at all, not their wives, At this point, it was just like what the fuck is going on in an that's, probably what they are. Send this parliament directly from nineteen sixty police officer was like what the fuck is going on here can add enough, I've had parking lot, what the fuck What are you actually to sound like Papa? We just area, you sound like my dad, that's it, but so what we're gonna do is part one. This one we're going to go through the first six victims which are, oh elderly, which is interesting because I know really is apple
and then the last. So there was thirteen victims altogether: the Boston, strangler, unlucky, thirty or Boston, strangler, questioner parentheses, the first six were all elderly, the finals, woods at seven no wait for them, is that seven, I think that's a maximum of seventy six. Inserting only fitting that The final seven were younger, which was what made people question If it was, how do you go on having to switch victim profiles like that, even though that wasn't technically like a thing or thought process back, then it was still now we look back on it. We're like her wait a second and wheels.
broke actions, so are we going to do in part? One is we're: gonna go over the first six victims, the elderly ones, unfortunately, and that's where we're gonna stop and then we are going to carry on in part two with all of the rest of the victims and discuss some of the psychology and all that good stuff. So here we go up where he sat with victim one, which is a great place to start always scientifically like to start at the beginning, always so soon, Fourteenth nineteen sixty two, the first victim was fifty five year old, an US lustres. Fifty fives, like pretty guides considered elderly- I think relative to the last victims- ok got and were mostly like in their twenty. So that's it. I mean like its quota uncle,
the elderly brain. She was a seamstress fur decorating firm on Canal street. She lived in a brick house apartment, probably one of those beautiful on those because apartments in Basra so do they really are, it was that seventy seven Gainsborough straighten Boston and it was behind Symphony hall. Oh shit, yeah. She had a huge passion for music. She loved symphony, music and oppress, for this kind of perfect is If you think about it, you probably hear them. I was just going to say: mother. We haven't really global if they're, so that was probably I deal now at five. Thirty p m that night she was seen entering her apartment alone. That was the last time she was seen alive.
eight it. She was getting ready in her apartment that night, because her son was going to be picking her up around seven percent name was Europe's and he was twenty three years old. He was picking up that night because they are going to Church fur Memorial service. I believe for victims of the russian invasion of Latvia a while, so they were going for a specific reason. He was gonna be getting around seven. She had opera music playing in the home and she decided to run a bath while she was in their arms. Stressed side note: opera, music, playing, makes everything fucking spooky, never play, offer music click again, and let me be clear: we will try to lighten some of these up when talking about this or not lightening the fact that an order murdered literally offer music playing in any situation is like one like, I just think about
Hannibal Lecter, pausing to conduct that. Like me, you know the rest of the opera peace. He Le Judges, ADA prison guards face. unlike bludgeoned him to death, and he's got blood all over many literally just sitting there like. When I think of them, we can develop our peace. You you killed, it got offer music was playing, there was out of my face, while being belgian press does unprecedented. So at seven, forty, five or Sun, Europe's came to the apartment together and when he walked in, he found her body on the kitchen floor. Oh no, He said he had to. He said he you first like banged on the door for a while. She was an answer news like this: she just not there. She lay What's going on, sir, he do after he said like thirty to forty minutes of like trying to get in this place users he like through. Self against the door twice in. That's what it took to bust open the front door. Can you imagine the pay
make in his like body here, and there and so he said he went back to leg. He went to the living room. She wasn't in there. He went to the bedroom, she wasn't in. There I'm like getting anxiety about this whole things can area anxiety, Israel Ban, so he found her on the kitchen floor. She was dressed in a house coat, the House coat was torn open and it was exposing her like naked. Oh god That's the thing with all of these women he lives them like by leaves them expose so shitty, the cord of her house coat, was wrapped around her neck in a huge bo. Who not just in a knot in like a bow house. Go is like a bathroom, basically phobia. an egg in this wasn't just some regular bow like not above that huge our thinking in your head. It was apparently combination of a grannie, not a square, not and a double half it should the fund, which is something that I,
I don't know anything about, not half. So I what did apparently it's not recommended to use the double half hitch alone, because it's not a very secure, not by itself. So it's then used in conjunction with other knots. The advantages to this not used with other knots is that its adjustable its secure and ties quickly. The disadvantages which actually are advantages to the strangler, are that it's very hard to untie. So a candle. It's like a pretzel. Ok, white like where do people typically learn about these not slick? Does this have anything to do with where he could like what he could be about? Will that's what's interesting. This one is typically used, unlike mooring, like boating. Ok, so think that was something that they looked out eventually, because this particular way of tying the ligature was found on like pretty much all the back to share its like the way he was
signature, and it actually became known as the stragglers not later in the investigation, which is the scariest thing. I've ever heard yet Don't love the untie that essentially very wranglers, not like good. So that's where you typically see it now. The killer had tried to strangle her with a man's bell. But in broke. She was also sexually assaulted, but they think that she was sexually assaulted with an object, happened in a lot of these cases. He really liked to sexually assaulted objects, that's the weirdest fucking, it's awful and honest. I looked up and I think in public impart to I'm going to have some psychology behind this cause. I've been trying to research why some rapists do that delay. Choose that as the way, because that is very interesting and fucked up like it
I just want to know what it's like its own major factor that I just want to know what the reasoning behind that, as you know, in their brain her son said she had zero enemies of like she's a fifty five year old lover assassins and here initially immediately assumed it was a suicide because he's She was like having like a rough time lately, and then he also said just the way she was laying was near next to the door and he assumed she tried to hang yourself with pour it on the dawn, broke, Homicide detectives, James Melon and John Driscoll were the first ones called to the scene. They found the apartment completely ransacked her purse contents were emptied on the floor. There was the city, but nothing was missing. It was always it almost like someone was trying to make it look like a robbery absolutely
They said none of it made sense. It was this ransacked like Willy nilly, but nothing was taken and they said Was a gold watch, inexpensive pieces of jewellery left inside chosen? This was clearly not a robbery situation. This was made to look like a rabbit. They when they looked at the scene, were like no. This is that it is not at all because how would she have tied that not so yeah like Ellen layer, whatever one another we weren't, you use, it notes trades like how frequently young. I think that's what I'm in here mail and effective melon says it was. He was like there's no way he said he was actually frustrated that anyone could assume this was soon because he said it so obvious that it wasn't. He said he could. He could see a small blood trail where she had been dragged from low bathroom to where she was found. Do you know why? I wonder if her son
if it was like almost easier for him to think that slogan, suicide, though to the picture, is not being fuckin person, gruesomely murder, that's like who would that first, like you would rather thing. I don't even in anything else, and I guess they said that when they talk to Europe's in the living room They were ass. Like you know, how was he would like one who is reacting acting said he was like very like just calm and quiet which immediately lead them to be like, what's goin on here, they were like, doesn't have any enemies and near here and I'm confused rail. He was considered immediately. They they said they liked him as the suspect awhile. outwardly didn't pan out, but yet so they said, police questioned, eight men about this murder and all were released mom, so victim too,
and on June twenty Eightth, not long after that, first one, the first one was June fourteenth. So me, a few days later, this was on Commonwealth Avenue in the back back, oh shit, this ones. odd, and this one is like attributed to open desalvo only because he admitted this one. I think the victim was Eighty five zero! Oh, my God, Mary Molin, now shoes found dead on the sofa and her apartment it didn't she didn't here to be strangled or anything like that. This is where the sun's very different, but years later, Albert Salvo told investigators that he was there and that she died in his arms. I think he was there to do what you, normally does and she died in his arms you having a heart attack so that her cause of death was confirmed as a heart attack police thought that she might have been frightened to death,
which you he if he was there, I'm sure just fuckin frightened, which is horrible, so sad, so victim three was in the afternoon of June thirtieth louse, moody, leaner, oh yes, some not even to day. Some of these were done on the same day, What are you so mad about sir yeah? That oh this is this is fallen mommy issues if this is the same person for at least these six, this is full on. Mommy is urgent, to me later about Albert Dissolve, Ozma Hell, yeah, ok, cool, Sir I'm suit so Nina Nicholls was the victim shoes. Sixty year old widow. She had just been Stopping by her apartment that night to change and pack a bag to go, see her sister, Anne Wellesley COM. All she was gonna be saying, I think, just one night there It was soon perhaps that day, super hotline It is true that I was just going to say like today and she
was walking around. She opened her windows to let SAM Aaron treasures for dead people, one hundred percent it is, and she was just changing. She got on the phone with her sister and she told her that she planned to be at your place around six. that night during the phone call, her sister said that need set up someone's at the door. I'll call you re back no and she said she her her door, but no one you know is out that door. Now, one of the things that we think happened, which again we're gonna talk about part too, when we talk about Albert Saga, is None of these scenes had any forced entry. was led into most, this person was likely led into these places. So they thinking he posed as you know, a semi guy, a salesman anything like this. thing that would not make you these women feel alarm.
So again she said she was going. She told her sister tubular place around six p m sometime around seven thirty pm. She had not shown up so her brother in law, so her sisters brought her sisters husband, he had some weaknesses. There's brother burn her twice her moved. You know her brother, Chester Stedman. He at seven thirty probably got a call from his wife, her sister saying it seven thirty. She said she was going to be our sex somethin's. We're so Chester calls Nina. Ok, he gets no answer on the telephone when he called several times and again he's like it is way too late for her to not be errant, not be answering the phone, so he calls the superintendent of her building.
Now, a little bit after seven thirty p m. That's when the superintendent found her on the bedroom floor. Oh no, she was wearing a pink flannel robe that was torn from the waist down to reveal her naked body under me to stockings were tied round her neck in a bow and they were set. They were tied so tightly that they had cut into her skin, lament all it actually cut her skin and Bleeding all it stresses me out. Police found again no evidence of forced entry. Nothing was missing same exact situation. Was it ran tat? It was. It was ransacked now quick, little trigger warning. This is a rough one, so just no does a sexual assault and coming up here, why don't I get to skip? sexually assaulted, with a wine bottle. I dont get to skip and you ruin wine for me here. Oh my god, it's awful
that being the most gruesome thing, I've heard thus far, that's just so through. Oiling why're! You that brutal. That's really just gin again raises some deep psychological shit right there, while because that is so be your mind to even go there to do it's like why you're a sick, twisted mother fat legs. That's trying to inflict maximum damage? Oh my god, oh my god, so again nothing. They said the way, parliament was ransacked. This time was even slop ear in the sense that it didn't even makes sense like they're, really didn't even look like a natural ransacking loses like knocking things orange so in what sad about this and also like go Nina was that she had obviously fought girl higher yes, because there was obvious skin and blood and everything
they didn't unlike those out, and they did blood taping for the bugs. That's all they could do that's good at least, but she ass. She fought like how would I know onto victim number four the same day, keen and echoes in when, was a woman who lived underneath a sixty five year old woman named Helen Blake, and she heard some stuff being moved upstairs in Helen Blake's apartment and she's like Canada Madam president, like a commotion, but like nothing that really alarmed her, she said you just heard a lot of stuff going on up there. Sir, initially was like flash must be like really cleaning up there like what the hell's going on right. Forty eight hours later she found out that that was probably the Boston forty eight hours later so that morning than morning of June thirtieth, when
Helen Blake was murdered her neighbours. Anyone show and Margaret Hamilton, both in their seventies, left their apartments in the morning like they always did at the same exact time because women in their seven. These not, I think, like routine yeah, I like routine ready and I'm thirty three centuries, I'm three. So I get it did. You say you're. With thirty seven. I said I was thirty three I thought you said you seven allows like that's, not not. Thirty, so signifies a big, but they would always do this together. At the same time and Helen Blake, their other neighbour, always joined them rhythm. this thing. They went out got their mail and they just kind of chit chat about the day and then that's all they started the debt. That's the cutest was wholesome thing. I've ever heard, except didn't show yeah, that's not wholesome. Oh yes, system,
and so they immediately were like, whereas now, as we heard, maybe not feeling well, I don't know. I ran six p m that night, her housekeeper entered her apartment. Oh no, she had a key. She just go and she said everything was a mass banal. Like hey Helen, Second messy right, I got my job cut out here. It was literally like alarmingly in she said there was like spoiled milk on the top of the refrigerator that had been put in the fridge yeah like very suspicious messy. Till she immediately was like oh shit. Now when she went further into the apartment. She found Helen boy who was a nurse who, on her bed, face down the bottom of her pajamas, which were flannel we're on the floor next to the bed and two stockings, and
Rob had been tied in a bow around her neck now again trigger warning. This is wrapped. She definitely and some of the worst element in her murder. Just for gruesome. This she had lacerations ter anus in budget. Yet This is one and now what you'll see to is that these boats are being tied with like various ligatures. It usually not one. It's not me one corridor, one thing: it's a multiple stockings, broadly multiple layers to make these like see: analytical garish, bows rights really just like awful. Yet it's very theatrical is in one of these are going to see It is he's setting these people up, he's, posing them in a way that he wants the person who finds them to see this awful site when they walkin ok,
So this is one police. Commissioner, Edmund Mcnamara decided she was gone down. I mean I would say he was like some. I would say: shit, been going down a little bit of an earlier than that, but, like shit, get rough can ok, sir, so he cancelled all police leave it to get as many police officers as models and he sent out a mass of warning to all media outlets, to tell women to stay indoors locked themselves into their apartments and to be very aware of their surroundings, imagine like this time and like you're, like locked in parliament, and then somebody knock on the door. I would never answer that knowing but can you imagine, like you know that feeling here legged behave, o unbelievers, I heard some interviews with some women who, like we're in Boston around this time, and they were saying like They would literally just set up in bed at night and like just not even want to close, I never to sleep because they were just like. Is he coming like what's happening? I would be pound.
red ball and mama. My grandma among women who was living in an apartment with other girls in this department. Could literally is a credit card to dislike, pushed open the walk, and we were like mine, where you afraid she's like manna, really new issues like we're. Fine, oh, she said, and I was like good as it goes smart. She said they heard her roommates, which this is where we our savvy, my of cypriot Ivy, she said just set up a big pyramid of bottles in front of their door in any entrance so that if he tried to come in it would knock over. the bottles and create like a big. Only commotion and they'd all be able to act like whatever plan they had devised like get the hell out of their. They could do it Oh, my god. I didn't know that what about, but she is about most about his marriage. So that's kind of fun. The only fun thing about the solving just bout, so this is when it in
This was in the very early stages of like criminal profiling and all that there does like. I don't know what the fuck is happening, something's happening, but this is when people who were doing some form of profiling. We're saying that it's likely this killer had a bad relationship with his mother and it's what led to this? Ok, which makes a lot of sense. So victim number five was on August nineteen again, he Sicily boom boom boom blows on before another thirty, four thirty as ok yeah, so this is like a low break for him. The emphasis is somewhat of a break three weeks this. that seven Grove Garden in Boston West end? The unfortunate victim was seventy five year old widow, IDA Urca and she was found like the others. go to death. Now, IDA Urca had emigrated to the? U S from Ukraine with her two year old son and settled in the bar in Boston in the nineteen twenty which, like makes reasons
like so you came all the way like a better life and she came them like a war torn torn time, an area for a better life You settle in Boston. You like this is where I'm gonna live. Now she looked ass life, their whole ass life, there, your grandchildren Kid Owsley Shoes, yet a whole life in this likened at seventy five, because this guy doesn't like his falcon mom, it always bugs me out when people live to be like in there. eighties are seventies or something, and then some asshole murderer Jim. That's what ends there! Life insolent! You like this! oh great life may not know that allow it yeah. It just makes me so angry who visits. I come on universe, what the terms She had even mention to her grown son that year that she was worried about the monetarism asked blame- and I was like I alone- am worried and he was like now it like it's
fine you're, a smart lady. I'm not worried about you, because this is when they started saying it doesn't look like this guy's breaking it looks like people are letting humans do not. Let me to your apartment, so and she was smart. So her son was like you're smart, I'm not worried about you, you're, not gonna, let him in a poor son, yes, so the day she was murdered. She had gone out with friends, like God, all dressed up Gunnar with friends can apparently she was one of those ladys that was like where she lay before lunch. She was a lady who I can't wait to be a fuckin lady who lunches and she went out and she lunched that and lunch. and then she was gonna, be meeting her sister, but she didn't show up. I would meet my sister after I would, and hopefully you would show up, because this is awful. Yes. Now, when she didn't show up her sister called the superintendent overbuilding and this We intend in actually sent his thirteen year old, son public. Why, though, up with the key, The Czech did. You really think that was a good idea, sir. I, why I am both
There is a murderer there on the loose and also kinder lake. Ok, she was seventy. Five Maybe he's like. Oh they may people are paranoid, their proudly dislike leave. but at the same time, unlike one here's the murderers murderers who are murdering elderly women in apartments in Boston. So I don't know when someone says they can't get a hold of a lot, maybe you're context Klute. Maybe you go up there, you call the police, see, I don't know it's like in also either way like me, even if she fell or something and once you're fuckin thirteen, your point: thirteen year old Son, skimmed, I don't know what the fuck do here like come on. Man get off your ass and go open the door That sounds like an old people. Thing now sounded like when you have kids and you can send them to do so. You don't want a zero sum running payment. I mean I do look forward to the day when I can send them to do things that I want to do, but maybe not that specific that maybe not this thing now. Let me be clear that IDA was posed space
specifically on this. Thirteen year old finds her oh yeah I'll fuck and she was posed in this I mean this is gonna, be graphic, I'm just letting everybody now right ahead of time. This is a really graphic one. No she supposed specifically so that whoever opened that front door would immediately be staring at her exposed genitals. Oh, she was on her back God. She had a brown nightgown on that was. one open on the friend like the rest of them, it was exposing her and her legs were sporadic parts, something like five feet up arts legs one legal yeah, but this was a little different right now he's This person is escalating. If this is the same, if this is the same person, he is escalating. He's poor child, make a hole
exactly Cairo megalomania. Yes, I almost had you did you call a thing like that thinks her legs were spread apart, but they were propped up onto chairs and hello, was placed under her behind Rob her odd, a truly obscene way, literally legs onto chairs five feet apart, spread, Eagle and under Bottom were pillows so that it was literally friends centre when you walked in it was literally propping her up so that the first thing you see, I'm nauseous she had been strangled by a pillow case in sexually halted. There was again no sign of forced entry into her home. She lived there for fifteen years and actually, when the thirteen year old Son of the superintendent, had gone to open the door to go, find her at the same time, a cause
and was climbing in her apartment to check on As well, my because I felt a cousin, so a lot of people unfortunately got this ah full sites. I think that one in the last victim, which will talk alone, purtier, definitely the worst. Okay, I would say I mean there are awful, but those ones are just a little more seen than the others doubt is super obscene yeah. So hang with our skies. This is a really rough one. Ass a victim six the lesson we can talk about tonight so that you can ever breather from this awful nationale. Gonna walk in a nice park. It was on the same day what how the what we're gonna see is. I want to say that I think Albert Salvo
most of the older ones. He's like you do you think he did these first say I think he may have I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna wait to hold onto my like full theory until we get to it, but he also was known by his wife. He was married at least one point who he had like a voracious sexual appetite, so it may be that he would be sexually salting. Multiple women in a day because it just like cooker then announced tat. He was just like this unstoppable night, just just nightmare of fuckin angry sexual prostration, ok, just a second form of it. These people created, but again we're going to get really far into that and then, like part, two we're going to talk about it. So I don't want to give too much away. but this was the same day today newspapers actually came out and said quote
deranged killer, who has brought shilling terror to the home of every Boston woman who lives alone will headline, What a fuckin headline I know it's like headlines. what they used to be there, not the really. This is when sixty five year old, Jane Sullivan, was murdered, That's just such a like climbed, a woman named really sweet old, Jane Sullivan, is James Sullivan now, and it's and it's so Boston, Did that Jane Solid, like I feelings our LISA Extreme there? So many Sullivan's here. In fact, this, too, Sullivan's in these this victim pull over earlier. So Some of them was a knight nurse at Longwood Hospital. She was described, as quote a beautiful gray, haired woman, who looked much younger than her years, so he could reach even get a girl
Jane. She was found half way into her bathtub at home, and she lived at four thirty five Colombia, Road and Dorchester the police believed her killer, murdered her in one room and then carried her to where she was found poster she was found stone, kneeling, her head and for arms were cut or in the bath and covered by water and her she had a house code on and it was pulled up to her shoulders exposing her completely naked. Her underwear was around her ankles and again she was kneeling. He had exposed purposely exposed her buttocks and she had been dead for a week after oh girl, now in the water yeah, oh god, so she had been string. by two nylon stockings, which were in about ok
and they said she was very decomposed at that point. I believe us this was obviously hot weather to ride like this was so it took a wild, identify her, but a psychiatrist who was drawing up like a profile of the suspect, said quote: he is physically small, a fact that nurtures occur, bowing inferiority complex, he's, a psychotic sex, pervert suffering from a most malignant form of schizophrenia, and unless police get to him, he will kill again. It is also in police, postulated that each of the women had some kind of ties to Boston, hospitals or medical centres, and so they were thinking that was the common denominator, along with them being like slightly older women, but that's all they really had to go on right so that when they started thinking that this was like
someone who had worked- as you know, one of the mental hospitals, which is what they call them, and they thought that this could be somebody that was in some disgruntled worker, who had worked with older nurses and was pistons united. But again they had like now thing right. It's like he wasn't taken anything any was alive and anything behind, that's while, but he was not leaving anything I'm too, because in the end again, this is the sixties. So it's not like their testing finding all just fibres and things that they contesting DNA and all that and with these elderly women, he wasn't leaving seamen or anything because he was raping them with object, who just fucked this changes later, so that keep that in mind now I read that the police in these investigations, which I mean these early elderly women living alone really really hard to see me on this.
soon, especially like a bunch of heart and police officers are obviously gonna, think mom, just like these mean unmannerly inside us there's really hard on them and they have less like in the back room. They had like a board with all the names on it and they, like tides, knots lake with each other names like as a reminder to try to like forced themselves to solve this case. It was really wing hard on them wearing had on that had had kissed? It was hysteria. This point, Boston and police were desperately trying to calm people down because there was just no evidence, so they were like. We have nothing, but you don't have nothing. We can do right now. They were also like. We need you guys to come down because we're trying to sort through like
tens of thousands of tips and like interviews and others in mass hysteria Malka to know, and they were even they were interviewing all of the sex offenders in the area. They were just doing anything they could people were you know pointing fingers at anybody, and this is one. The killings took a turn and it was clear that no women are safe, not just older. When we re, we love when no women are safe. So that's where we're going to end for part two because I think I want to leave all the other. I want to leave the different victim profiles for perverse, that monopoly I think that's a good idea. And we're gonna go further into Albert Salvo and we're gonna talk about his confession: we'll go through it as much as we can, because Some of it is extraordinarily accurate and then some of it is completely inaccurate.
Interesting seems like it's taken from some of the false inaccurate things that the police put in the in the papers just to throw people off weird yeah. So that's why a lot of you! Think like now. I'm sure a lot of you have read that in recent years dna has linked Albert the Sab two somebody's so some years at least some exactly which we're gonna get into an party so stay to him. For that and everybody go take a deep breath. Namaste, everybody hug, normal dough, Hugger Nana. Just you know helpful. An old lady cross ass, he had his leg. You know just I don't know why don't I! a wave of women, but don't do that? Lets like agriculture, that could be scared. I do love and there could be very worrisome. So don't do that, but just be now
respect. Your elders assist your elders, guys moral of tat morbid as recently Joe Elders, and I just to say that a lot of this information that I got for this part of the Boston strangler theories that we're doing I found in I found old newspaper clippings in old age, goals from back then. What was going on also highly recommend listening to the podcast called stragglers, you can find it in stature. I know I'm not sure where else probably everywhere else, but it is a deep investigative podcast, focusing on the Boston strangler case, I think this lake twelve but soon so that they go through each victim. They go through. All of that way I mean what passed him. They have like interviews of police officers from that time. These with family members of the victims. It fascinating So everyone go listen to stragglers
do you listen to our stuff because it'll give and even more in depth look into this and yeah. I think that's that's where we are now our unstressed me out. So I really can't way for part two, while you're waiting, part two in the meantime. You could follow us on Instagram at Torbay. Podcast stand a sun twitter, a morbid vodka send us a Gmail Morbid broadcast a Gmail welcome, Dron Facebook group Morbid colon, a true Grandpa check out the website, Berliner, so lovely, designed more report Costa journey to the region around. If you feeling so inclined Patria under com, slash morbid, podcast, interesting. You know I just package that the last of your goods- for this month. We will be listening and we hope you keep. It would appear that finance aware that I'm not gonna do under the substance. I buy a bummer, true bummer, thanks for listening,
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