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2019-08-02 | 🔗
This story is truly unbelievable. Emergency Room nurse of 30 years, Susan Kuhnhausen (who now goes by Susan Walters) could have easily become the victim of a murder for hire plot but instead, she used every bit of her knowledge, experience and wits to survive. This story will stick with you in a good way.Susan, if you are listening, you are a legend. Sources:https://www.wweek.com/news/2016/08/17/a-hit-man-came-to-kill-susan-kuhnhausen-she-survived-he-didnt/https://allthatsinteresting.com/susan-kuhnhausenhttps://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2014/04/woman_who_fatally_strangled_hi.htmlhttps://kpic.com/news/local/man-who-hired-hit-man-to-kill-wife-dies-in-prisonhttps://www.cbsnews.com/news/intruder-killed-by-nurse-was-hit-man/
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because of the line as many men like you know now she does it do you know how I do and, like you know, and like you know, nor did I sound like a carnation already made about yesterday, as many morbid so we don't have any business because so many morbid, so we just cut the chaser: when do they go so tonight's. Many five percent is tale of survival who she lives alone. Tales of us. We have room for all now. This was on an ice arrived episode, but I did not watch the ice, thereby Blip sewed because looking credited tackling some I'm not going to credit it because I did not watch it citing get any of this information from that up aside, so before ego taken on your keyboard, yellow and making me, I got my information from a ton of articles and
also some interviews with the woman in question: oh just SAM, someone I'm to start off with Talking about a nine on one call once Just so here's how the nine on one call went there, and I start with hello, I'm alone with your emergency. No, it's that's with welcome to wonder what can we do? I thought I'd like a far far: that's where you could do for me. Collar begins. We have an intruder in the house next door. The intruder was in the bedroom with a hammer The woman who lives there think she may have strangled him. He was down when she left think she may have strangled him. Oh yeah sure, oh yeah, so the apparent the name on one operator says: can you put her on the phone? The collar says: she's bleeding nine on one says: does she need an ambulance
He collar says no she's a nurse. She says, call an ambulance for the guy. He may be dead, bad bachelor, where the nine or non despatch dispatcher says what did she used on him? She strangled him. What else did she do? The collar says she put a chokehold on him. That is, I've got help on the way stay on the wine colleague says she has a hammer here. No woman says: don't touch it, don't touch it just leave it there. The collar says she hid him in the head several times. That's the hammer he had with him. She said I came and she strangled him and she thinks he's dead the suit. We're casual way to start your night, this call came from Portland Oregon on September six, two thousand and six So, let's take ourselves to Portland Oregon the timber six. Two thousand six tell me what was going down. We're gonna go there. So fifty one year old, Susan Coon Housing was
turning home from her job as a nurse in the ear room of Providence Hospital. Ok, so she's an airliner size, it yeah she's already like this bad aspects cause you can't just be any red A bitch working at an inn yard nuclear about aspects that I spent a baby so she's on her way home along shift tired he's le pampering. She stopped at the perfect look hair salon to get her hair. Did how young girl get your blow out. That's right, And while she is there, the stylus said that Susan told her she needed choose thinking about getting a new hair color, because she was going through kind of a tough divorce, o girl now which that's what you do as like somebody who has under the sun, yes, amen, says if a man Now, though, we know that Susan Isn T Honours, sculptured divorce. That's gonna go really quickly to her childhood, so it can bring you
up to speed of where she is he the pick of suit. Let's just paint this picture. So. Susan's childhood was definitely not abusive or anything like that by all accounts, but it wasn't it. four com, and it wasn't one where you were really learn. What a happy healthy marriage was Retweet Susie Brigham my childhood trauma to every episode in your web browser. You buy me proud to you by neglect about just keep. Are you the distant just to be clear? Mom? Are you listening? We don't have the same. Obviously only this mammoth grief. She is tomorrow or not this. Those shes Bob. so great tat it I don't recommend
ok, blue, so Susan's father was an air force cook and her mom was a stay at home mom. Separated when choosing second grade so pretty early on now life was not like bad when she was a child. It was just like. Can a chaotic not stable because again, their military family, so they're moving alot no terms, I am not saying military families are chaotic and unstable. That's not what I'm so this particular want. This particular one just happen to be: when she was a child, they moved, they moved from Colorado, Tear Zone Arizona, The California California bad, like they were just everywhere, because ADA but time their conciliate, shuffling through different schools and new friends and having to start over a lot and then they're going between their parents and ring. So is this a lot of movement yeah in she said Susan herself said quote
my parents loved me, but they couldn't teach me to have a successful marriage any more than they could teach me how to fly. I love love so when she got a high school, that's when she became a licensed practical nurse and then she quickly became a registered nurse. She to Oregon an old early eighties and later went to Portland. She began in coups Bay who, when you say whose lives back those its coups bay, somebody for Morgan will, let me know so. She started down. Coups bay later went to Portland. It was in nineteen. Eighty eight that, her. Romantic life took a turn, her mother, and friend,
This is so eightys. I feel I'm excited paid for a personal, add forces, and I feel it may romance has gone to that point. We're like I'm waiting for you to put out a person, I'm gonna pay per person, actually don't save absolutely they took it out in the Willimot weak paper It was like a senseless amines deed, it's a certain weak and what it said was quote someone different, stubby F, which a single white female. Thirty, three overweight, but not over life like you see that it is in the same way, but not over. Like Susan's seeks S M single male yogurt, who once more out of our relationship than just quote slender,
yeah so soon the battle to love her ready, but she didn't did she write that no or no but it's, but I'm sure they like consulted her they better. If there are like over way, but not overlay free is like which were well. Susan was known to have like a great since she has a great sense of humour because she's still alive guys just say why I keep saying was she's not here But sees it as a great sense of humour, she's very, like vivacious. Very outgoing model does not rule out of. I survived, yes, she's, a bad ass and one of the replies they got so from a guy named MIKE Mike. What's up, Said quote: my name is MIKE: I'm a thirty nine year old. D w.
D W, am which I mental. If that happens, you about man do with money, but rather a whole manner. He wasn't serve, take without money. Yes, that's probably exactly thank you. I'm gonna, Google Erin. I enjoy things in nature from wandering in the ape caves at Mount Mount Saint Helena to walking on the beach at sunset. I think I, like long works on the beach divorced. White male divorce sway. Male, we we see while this divorced royal mail, nay, my colleagues long walks on the beach dick without money. This was my coon housing. Ok later she began, Susan Coon, hasn't for using oil are aware they get married murdered. Now. She first spoke to him by his phone on January thirtieth nineteen, eighty eight, so my group in Portland, and he was adopted as a new born and nineteen forty eight.
And he told Susan that he had seen combat and Vietnam. But she says she, That was too big. The records in the military actually show that he was a switchboard operator lighted lives or use already bullshitting Mackay linked shut up just tell the truth is still lie about it. Man you're in the military, be proud of that re. That's enough to be bad of exactly shut up and with your lies to shut up MIKE Jesus. so they talked on the phone. I turn and he's in Susan said he had a nice voice. I was impressed he wanted to talk about the deeper things. Look, I you know those rare, The focus is so for their first date. It was in February nineteen. Eighty eight they met the crystal Springs, rhododendron garden and it was extra red college and they said they fed ducks and fair. The squirrels insulted peanuts, that's really Pierre! Isn't it so wholesomest appear as so pure.
unfortunately, the alarms and wherever men. So, within a year they went to re known about it and got hitched, but almost immediately after things just turned Come on. Wasn't romantic feeding ducks anymore. It was Kim burping in doubt, guzzling diet, coke and chain smoking envying all up on her business, and she was like now. I see why you are a d, W M, exactly it Dick with our money and divorce. Novel Susan ourselves says it wasn't very long after we got married that there was no more hiking, no more getting out all issues I gathered. Shouldst thou must suck when the like. You marry somebody and they turn into from princely. He pretended to be one person and then cause you're locked into. I am now you'll, I mean I'm electric someone and marry me, so they go fell in love, Highgate Lover, let's go so within a few years of the wedding got a new job
It was as a janitorial supervisor for their organ entertainment, ok, which was the parent company of Fantasy adult video o K. I mean a paycheck. Soon became pretty clear. That make was not exactly was coming in the beginning with how like just too much a bummer he can be alone because she said she said quote his life philosophy was life is a shit sandwich in every day you take another. By until you die, let us assume chicks too, to which I say a bizarre, live like that guy's, if at all possible real bomber with kids about fifty.
So he just sucked like you just was like everything psyche. You imagine saying my discomfort that you feel like can end in wow, like hearing your husband say that you believe this is going to be a long life, very long shaving. I thought that was so. Five new did ashes literally crying. He had no doubt vivacity only with Syria satellite that's about so much quickly became like a real pain in the ass. was constantly hounding Susan about her plans when she went out yeah I know wasn't like like hey: where are you going well you'll like it was like obsessive like controlling they make, I'm going out see and by my by here domestic. He also monitored her spending very closely in no leaned, even when she made the most minor purse purchases
which is no good. I believe I have a job and I make money to Sir he's a fucking ear nurse she makes she makes random money. I may I thank you and give you earn ceremony. It's all wasn't linked, there's just no teamwork. It seems like it was just kind of judgment and like controlling behaviour, and he can it wasn't, like you know, he's just being a dirty sharing our worthy married for well, seventeen years into their marriage was actual fuck. Susan finally had enough marriage sounds like a shit. Sam way, it really does, and so she's in achieving said if she tried to kiss him he'd Burke,
you would also uses linger being of roles and disgusting and yelling Reintegrate yelled out by frat boys. Now, probably so he Shin she said quote I cared about him, but I didn't want to live with him anymore. I wanted to be happy again sue issued in wanting to keep taken bites of this shit sandwich until they both thine as if he went against Johnny Bert I be like go. I would really like south on fire is wrong. We pass so grows, that's why I'm single so in September, of two thousand and five she finally was like listen. You gotta, move out yes, I'm proud of you so he moved into his father's home, but one The important thing is Susan, never changed the locks or the alarm. Gosh girl, I'm not victim, shaming, but a change, our law, I know, but you would never think that
I mean you by all accounts, but he didn't seem like he was by lie when mostly so it's like, I don't think you would think, like my ex husband, gonna do something terrible. If I don't change the locks, you know like that's it, I think we only think that way, because we're like yes, so in oh yeah, like iron, totally thing that, but I think, like normal people would probably not even yet no by when they ran to stir no definite wouldn't and their alarm code was twelve ten, which was there and of our sorry mother towards finally sat so the night of her attack Susan spend about an hour at the hair salon perfectly cancel, and then she left she real good. She felt well pamper that she did. You know and she drove to her blue one story. Cape house in the Montraville, a neighborhood of Southeast Portland, she got home at approximately six. Thirty seven p m
She went into the mud room at the back of the house and she found a note by the microwave from MIKE Cave in it said quote: sue haven't been sleeping had to get away went to the beach and he added that he would see her on Friday and Saturday and he wrote love me we're. Why because they were in the process of separating, but it was so they were still see each other. Sometimes I think it was like they were just in the press. Ok, so she unlocked the door to the kitchen and at this point you still wearing her blue air Scrubbs Isn T just come home from work and let s on and she hears the beeping of her security worm. Socially disarmed it. Why into the house and then went back outside, unlike looked through. The male like just was like a home thank Nellie things do not even then again she disarm the alarm like everything was normal
suddenly he walks back into the house with her male places it down and suddenly from behind the bedroom door. The figure of a man appears good, bye and immediately attack. Sir, oh, my God, which to me is the scariest thing ever and walking into my house in a man just walks out of a room. Oh my god. Oh my god, I'm yet like I'm kinda humbling bone chilled share so later. It was determined that this man, who was a complete stranger to Susan, was fifty nine year old. Ed, happy, ok! He's Five foot, nine inches weighed one hundred ninety pounds and when he had
Susan? He was wearing Dockers, a blue striped shirt and a tan baseball hat that was pulled way down low, like over his eyes, use a big do: yeah, not tall eyes but like before I use beefy and he had long straggly lay grayish, hair, tat, matched and equally long, unkempt gray beard all I'm scared, so use scary looking and his hair was an opponent tell tucked like into the cap that day. and he also wore red, yellow rubber gloves on his hand, while the kitchen sink, love ya, in one of his hands held a red and black climber fucking claw him up. Now, as the other day, I told you, I was gonna climber you if you'd and set down the true you do at keeping that belong to re around. Now ass soon ass. She saw him, she screamed. Who are you? What do you want and she screamed to this loud it loudly added but he didn't answer he just
kept advancing on. My god now Susan, who was five foot five feet four inches again. Like we said, was an emergency room nurse for nearly thirty years. She ladders, so she had seen some shit as most. Anyone who is a nurse, and particularly one who works in an ear of a hospital knows it is A passive job, by any stretch of the imagination, The tiniest most unassuming nurses can probably kick your ass six. What is too easily end Susan throughout all her time. At that job I mean she had had to disarm, injured men, women wear anything I mean she's, cracked. people's chests opens her perform heart. Massage is she. Administered IVF to patients that are thrashing and fighting back. Do our economic governance on Teasdale, with people going through drug worth withdrawal she's,
dealt with at all, so she has dealt with craziness into chaos, and so She and all the other nurses at this particular hospital, also trained regularly in self defense. Hell yeah, so they knew how to slip out of headlong, because that's what's gonna happen and all that staff so before Susan could even comprehend what was happening. This dude was swinging the claw hammer wildly at her, my god, and he was running Valencia. so he managed to quickly connect the claw now into her head and face- oh my god, no, but somehow, probably because she's literally superwoman she was able to start fighting him off why, after getting hit in the head and face, but the law hamper. So first blow that he landed honor was in her left temple, which
just give me a hand off. I know we all both does instantly started, rubbing we're different levels and this and now this is such that what she does next is such an amazingly impressive move to me because it's something that a lot of us probably would not immediately assumed to do in this situation. When he came out her. She crowded him. Ok, so she went closer to him. She ran towards him right because she said she knew that the swings of the claw hammer would have less force if she was close to him like if she stayed far away. He had more momentum momentum to hit her with, but if he was shoes crowding him, he would have to lay kindly pick after right. You know in its legal and Saint Martin Ass Lady yeah, this that's so against your natural instinct of like running the fuck, the other way, just Philip, I really hope, heavens real. I would just be running, but she
was clear, headed enough, even if you're getting slammed in the head with a claw hammer to do this. On its blows my mind, so she end also ends up biting him yeah, and this was intentional and not just a desperate attempt to keep him at bay. She said: If I died, I wanted it to be known that I fought to live hell, yeah nose like Susan but yes, Susan now once she bit him, they both fell to the floor and she immediately try to disarm. She tried to get that so they literally fighting over the climber and he got her up against the wall and then he said quote your strong, yeah. I am get out of my house and she was like for some reason that just made me so angry, because I was like he's here to kill me like she was like he's not trying to rob me he's not turned a rate me. He said,
to kill me like this. Is it just made all of a sudden and he was late? She was like I just all of a sudden was like. I don't know who this dude is, but I know what his intention and slay keys wants to kill me kill or be killed yeah, So he was, he was struggle bussing with terror, because even with a cloth him over the head and face she was not even a little like banking. Around Ireland, so she managed to wrestle the hammer from him ass, an she swung it. Three times may be, for she said into his skull, hell yeah with the clause and because you have to, and he snatched the hammer back. So she grabbed his throats. and she just fucking squeezed his throat and screamed, who sent you here and you she said he wouldn't answer and then phase started turning red, then purple than darker purple with blue tinge, and she said that's when she freaked out, like oh, go yeah
and she said then she tried to run cause. She was like holy shit. Lake I gotta get out of here is honestly. Even in this situation, it's like killing. Someone is a big deal. It's ok, you don't want to kill anybody sitting there squeezing is thorough, watching him die and she was like a nurse regularly curb purpose in life, is to save lives, uniting mean and cynical, nothing less yeah. So she tries to run out of there and she's in she. He ended up catching her ass. She ran from her bedroom into the hall and God come on dude. He was too that many times linking the head, too, is in the air. I know what is happening in a lot of extra lot of adrenalin, so spun around again and he punished her in the face and get out of here. You ruin led her lamp pursue rude, headed idly. It is lost all things to call him
he reviewed rude. That's what I would say as a tax, so that the Erika I so he plunges airy spots are where punches are again sure that's when she falls to the floor now get up and she said quote: he was standing over me with the hammer. Now I looked at the floor and I thought I'm going to die today. No, can you leave him fathom the care that you're lying on the floor? Looking up this scraggly ass do in a fuckin baseball, a tan baseball cab. What's that on, yellow rubber, forgive me very glamorous flush circle, eddies sitting there with a claw hammer and is handing you're sitting there go on like this. Not only am I gonna die today, This is how I'm gonna die today. I can't even rat my brain around that I wanna know can do it
and so she says to this day. She has no idea how she would she do, but she managed to pull him to the floor to yeah and she said quote: I got it the hammer she told herself. So she said she immediately started biting this mother fucker again, and she said this, time. She bit him because she wanted a tie herself to him so that if he did kill her, they would be able catch him through her bite marks mind she was fuckin TED Bundy saying that shit she was like eyes. I watched the TED Bundy trial. I know- dental records can do but TED I'm a bite, the financially exactly she did it when she was like. I know that this can be a fuckin smoking gun. Someone to do so. She ended a binding is arm, is flank and his thigh in. Oh, that's not enough, for you is that For you already, I hope it's not a nicer notes, because she also bit through his zipper a bit his dick
like she was like I'm literally going to buy your penis off slightly dick silly. She bit right through his upper raising breakthroughs. Tink I mean I wish you see he split that is like legend next level when I get a lot of shit she's a power interact. She's is shattered unless she she's a mythical creature of sorts. She is so much to behold the bitch. If this isn't enough to centre in the Hall of Fame of the most badass survivor in the galaxy it is then she ratcheted up a notch in which you do as a binding through his zipper and making sure she was leaving her teeth everywhere. in the midst of all this chaos wasn't legendary enough. Why, chewing on him tried to rifle through his pockets
find an idea that she could toss under a bed or a chair or somewhere. So so she said she said in case police found it later. They can figure out who he was like this she's think out of your brain. Do that in them in the crazy moment, like I know when you get like an argument with someone and then later on, yank about it in your, like, I thought wish. I wish I wish this. I wish I d never did everything she wished. She could have done when she did everything that none of us would even fathom like later on in. As a ghost I fuck, I wish I bet she did while she's everything everything she said quote. I was like a downed power line snapping on the pavement.
Why which? Also, unlike what a metaphor, also poetry, Sousa Susan, was still rocked her new Helga. She did what ensues it. Not she rarely didn't even judge. I know what should I do die yeah. You know it you to do so by these never die no way they do so moments after this. She manages to climb, on top of him and hammer the shit out, invasions him to the ground and she, places him into a show cold yells in his face. Tell me who sent you and I will call a fucking ambulance for? U S, leg not is so now she has him totally powerless and she's like. Oh, you want help. Do you want me to call a fucking amulet? How can you tell me you saying you can not only issue like I need to survive, she's like what mother focused sent. You shall never you. I will guide their dick like to tell you a drama like that. Are you kidding me
when she said he didn't say anything and just growled in her face which are out of that killed our set, my ass off, I blog citizens, die so as is so he's trying to throw her off of him and she just strengthens her chokehold until he stops moving. Yes, once east I was alive, aided was growl like your and eighty adds like what was it worth. It shut up with your growl, and so she drops his ass. She grabs the hammer, which is another small, move that it's like smart Because there's U non active life, have you seen screw you ve watched scream. You know so She goes to the neighbor's house and that's when she calls and I'm on one which is they call we are talking about and we get ass social circle. She was brought to the hospital where she works. Ok
land and they were all clapping when they re, like holy shit, sues think we just saw you two outwardly wholly dam and she was admitted to the emergency room and while she was in there, she immediately started thinking. If her strange husband bends thing to do at this. My god she immediately was like oh so remember she had kicked him out. She had asked for a divorce and the law in alarms had not been changed since it, but now now the day after the attacked friend, Helen Boulogne went with her back to her house to get some belonging move. I would not want an inch he's just like a like I'm an idiot like she's, so she so strive would come at us. Venezuela, listen crime. I need avian flu any go. How that money, some ass by lovey some shouted tomatoes and once they were there. Her friend Helen said: hey, there's a attack in your basement. That doesn't belong.
now: police had an even seen the backpack when they got in there, because I guess the basement was kind of like cluttered like a normal basement in I think they GSM, think of it. So inside the space this backpack, which was not hers, was container of her. She syrup opening which not reassure without was going two hundred dollars in cash diabetes. Spills, maybe for her. She secret they go a day book in a pace dub made out to happy the attacker. Ok, now There was a very damning entry in the day about Brook, and it was on Monday September. Fourth, two thousand and six. It says Susan CALL Mike and in Manila Envelope in the backpack was a piece paper with makes new cell phone number amish. So already there like Sarka so add happy knows MIKE
an sums goin on here so unhappy, our attacker who is now dead, diabetes. He I think you did drinking. He lived in a trailer North EAST killings Worth Street in Portland Hats, ironic right that is creepy and people who knew him said Tal police that he had been raised in an upper middle class home and was an avid tennis player. His whole life before he just like, went down the two before you decided to be a fucking head, man, yak ass. He also had a gnarly rapture, court records show that he, fifteen years earlier on February, 28th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one had arranged the murder of his ex girlfriend thirty nine year Old Georgia, Lee Dutton did he succeed, he can boast body was later found along. The coil wit River in Rosenberg Hand,
a pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated aggravated murder on March Fourteenth ninety ninety four and spent nine years in eastern organ critic, correctional institution that's and was released on November. Third, two thousand three for planning to murder some yeah got needs an amazing how little people get punished for plant like arranging murders leg. I re that's insane: oh yeah, and after he got out on November. Third, two thousand three key move. the Portland, and he needed a job. So you get. I need a job. Well, in July, two thousand and four, a guy named my who knows and hired him and he hired him to clean floors at fantasy, adult video. So he was already a violent guy. He was already evils fuck and He was also desperate for cash and addicted to crack as well. He was the perfect I to do what magnesium to do now.
During his our top sea because remember he's tat. It became known that he had a near lethal dose of cocaine in his system when he says that he was so fuckin. So that's why he was so like just come back and come back and also adrenaline observers of total mix of lethal, none of cocaine Jaso you he was like near lethal dough, so he was just like that's a lot of completely go for it and records from their day show that MIKE drove to the coast that day of the attack into the Lincoln City in with a credit card that afternoon, and he return to Portland that same night spent three In thirty nine dollars on a taurus three, fifty seven Magnum revolver at the Silver lining Pawn shop on north Sandy Boulevard the next day he gun then? Yes, yes, you'll, see we're. Ok, sorry, there now building a case to connect to make with the murder for higher plot, so
September, eighth, two days after the attack the news. Media started circulating the story everywhere, as do is everywhere. Right and police had already located the backpack full of evidence linking him to the crime rate. So my ink on the September eighth leaves a suicide note, his father's house- and he said quote. All I ever wanted was to be loved and every time I had it, I fucked it up. Yeah, you dead, it's like! I'm sorry is you hired a hitman to kill your wife, you call this a thing up. The big. Have you read any marriage places like the most epic fucker chapter on? Don't higher head man to kill your wife will then he immediately ram. He went on the run, I hope it is against the police put out a bulletin form. Obviously there, like the studio right at ten, a m on September. Thirteenth lack amidst county sheriffs deputy caught up with
I shall think God I'm yet. Oh so happy they caught up with him in the parking garage of Keyser Sunnyside Medical Center my claimed that he was going. be checking himself in four psychiatric, ok body and he said quote: I have nothing to live for any more. They put him in a vote on an involuntary psychic holds an eleven hours later. He was put under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder right now. it was later learned that MIKE had tried to hire three other people to do this and they all turned him down before he got too happy Now once he was arrested, it was clear. There was. He had a motive for doing this. Now MIKE had lost his job weeks earlier. He had known is to live Susan was divorcing him Susan named her brother s beneficiary on her life insurance policy and MIKE knew that
Finally, to do that, for me hey, but make but Susan it MIKE had paid off their house, and it was worth like three hundred thousand dollars if Susan died, that house went to him. So he tried to say he didn't know happy at all to the police. Police were like yeah we already have employment records dumb ass, like we know that you hired him in work and other event of your shit. He's like take another by your shit sandwich zeal, no one a jail, so they were like. Yet we know that you hired him and you know him and all they could strike supplying and that's when you change historian was like okay, so I know I'm just because I know the guy doesn't mean I did anything yet what we saw in the mirror, like call MIKE, I know you did just make our lives a little bit easier. Do we have to do this game with you
suicide from all the evidence they already had. There was also no sign of forced entry at citizens home right, so obviously somebody new the thing exactly insecurity record showed that someone had disabled alarm was Susan was at work and, MIKE trying to cover this by saying he did it well dropping off the note about going to the beach, but they are like of course it would re arm, and this was confirmed. This was all confirmed because, on September eighteenth, a Ford, Ma Amselle me of half ease the attacker com, acted the police out of nowhere and was dad dude Happy asked me to join a job which was a burglary or an insurance scam, and he said he in half. He had met a guy at South EAST, eighty second street and division street. guy, was my canals and cause he was like. Oh, I saw him on the news. I I definitely met with that guy and he said,
the man told him MIKE told him. He would pay him five thousand dollars if he helped Happy kill his wife in this and make I was like- and I said no because, like one no into five thousand office variants, all you're gonna get me. That's all you're gonna get you gimme for killing. Someone went on ass. I had been normally guys, they're going rate. I would more than five thousand dollars. I would google it, but I wouldn't know what to do about I'm willing to bet that people need more than five thousand island cable if you're, professional him and so on November. Seventeenth another witness to police that he'd driven happy the attacker to meet a bald man in the parking lot of an Applebee's near Interstate two o five days after that. person saw the man's picture on the news and was, I think,
Oh shit. That was my cup of them. That was my coon has and like he was. So all these witnesses are basic. Oh yeah, that's the do. There was time he was sloppiness, funk about this, and now Susan found for divorce the day after make was arrested. Good for you, Susan. She is bad bitch. Visionary lay not, and she is not even like laying down, cannot even taken a deep breath like she just went through hell. and she's already being like Nope gotta file for divorce. Gotta. Do this like she's on it? They say a woman who changes her hair is about to change your life. That Susan go go Susan. So when she got the chance to finally face MIKE at the trial. What did she say which must have been unbelievable? She she brought a microphone and dropped into is one hundred percent. She said quote: you are willing for me to share your small miserable life until death. We did part the sooner the better as it turns out. The end of the statement she said quote
damaged by what you have done to me. I am damaged, but I am not destroyed just like you spoke now, Michael, make plead guilty to conspiracy. To commit murder like we said and was sentenced to ten years in prison. My fucking right ass. It right that's insane That's really say that ten years from now what she's gonna be like retired and lorry canal- and it's like he is evil man, so it happened, so you send it to ten years in prison after the sentencing. Susan suit him for one million dollars ass she'd, because she said she wanted to make sure he didn't have enough money to hire another hitman to finish the job, my god amaze, yeah she's, just a kid.
and then she went to the Witness Protection provision MIKE was set to be released September, Fourteenth two thousand fourteen. Now Susan's life changed while he was in jail, obviously, but it didn't necessarily changed for the better at first, because she surely Sanger annoyed. Yes, she said she felt, like quote a broken plate glued back together. She said she sat in restaurants, where she could only where she could see the door she's switched all her driving routes. I mean she circled. She would circle around before going home to make sure nobody was following her the time she said quote, I'm doing a life sentence for picking a bad husband and that's the thing it's like, even though he's in jail How do I know he's not hiring somebody from jail because you do they get all the time so by two thousand and fourteen when he was set to come out here, she had moved to a new Portland home and it was like out of the way she was very secretive.
And she said she surrounded her house with gravel. So she would hear footsteps of anybody out. Yeah and she said she went to a shooting range constantly in our and how to shoot. She was like I'm gonna fuckin protect money. Have you seen the hollowing remain no, but he must have been like Jamie weaker up and she said quote. If he came here, he was not going to get close enough to hurt me. She meaning like when he comes out of prison, Oh, my God is my Meyer, while I gotta here that's weird. Luckily,. Susan, didn't have to really worry because on Friday, the thirteenth of June, two thousand and fourteen might die in prison of natural causes. Ninety two days before he was supposed to walk out of prison very well. So. Ninety two days before you was to go free and problem. Terrorism for the rest of your little. Absolutely he just up and good goodnight images like thank goodness
Susan. Finally, she said quote: I dont mourn his passing. Instead, I mourn the life he could have had, if only you could have opened his heart to those of us who cared about him and she said that she was sad that he died in prison quote so far away from any of us who had ever loved him so she even still had it in her soul to be like he fucked up, fuck that person? It's sad that he couldn't understand that people did love him. I will never be like grown league I'll, never be lacquer. I dont think Susan citizens do not grow on trees. Everybody like that is just as there are not many citizens around now
but she does say that Charae now she says that she is quote rich in all things that count, and she says that she celebrates she said quote: I celebrate every one of my bonus days. In fact, every one of my bonus breaths, I so bravely COD League. Are you kidding me Susan? Your beautiful orgies, Falander fall in love, it south. She continued working as a nurse until December, two thousand and fourteen so the year that he died and was supposed to come up and she's known as the here and now, but she actually had a ton of trouble with that and she still does because- the fact that she had to kill a man to survive that must ensure this just shows what kind of human she is because she was meant to be a nurse. Obviously, because she clearly has the boy s address that so much empathy and so much really respect for human life
that she was forced into a position where she had to end a life that normally she would be breaking her own back to save it all costs, so that must have really liked for somebody who's just down that their whole life and that's their calling and right. Everything is like that, must really fight with you, So she and another quote from her ass. She said quote: if you can't run, and you can't hide you have to fight you, don't know that you won't survive long, so she's literally like don't fuck him give up ever and she says that each year, on the day of her attack, she celebrates hollyhock celebrates that she was brave enough to take it. Take a chance on her own life. While when she do this using. We do. I dont know except she didn't reveal what caused this was in an interview that I sat with her and they asked her like. What do you do on? That danger was like I celebrate because she's, like I, take a chance on my own life. She said, and she said
She tried not to think of it ass. She took a life, she says I your own eyes too. I chose to live that's what you did then is it, just as a lasting thing. That's like that, this one little statistically really basic. Well, Nearly one in four homicides in Oregon involve intimate partners, one for you wasn't that crazy. So that is the Z survival story of income housing yeah like she is bought, It's all just worshipper everybody around our round of applause yeah, what If you want to write us an email Susan. You can do that more replied gas that Gmail back. If you wanna followers on Twitter to see pictures of Zeus,
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