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Episode 87: Dennis Rader "BTK" Part 2

2019-08-18 | 🔗
In today's installment of "DENNIS IS THE WORST", we cover the horrific murders of Kathryn Bright and Shirley Vian as well as talk about Dennis' Paraphiliac tendencies and how his narcissistic behavior led him to take ridiculous measures to insert himself into the unsolved murders. Katherine Ramsland’s book:https://www.amazon.com/Confession-Serial-Killer-Untold-Dennis/dp/1611688418
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Hey weirdos, I Molina I'm now, and this is morbid and it's a part to play its part to the long awaited cartoon Bt K, Slash Dennis Raider, sorry, Lena's pregnant as fuck, I'm sorry, for pregnant and baby morbid is like at near her arrival over and over again coming. No, I'm, not I'm gonna come you know I'm here. He had so it's been an interesting weak and we really appreciate your patience. You guys are fucking phenomenal. I love our listeners, so much
because not only do you understand what's going on, but you make me feel so warm and fuzzy. Ah, you just do because they feel that way to me. So I love you guys. So thank you for being so awesome through this whole thing and for waiting for part, two we'll try. make. It is worth it is possible and it's gonna be worth it says, one what's making and even more fun is I'll, be having contractions throughout its you're. Gonna say that you're having one right now, because before they weren't any- and I was like ok to hold up your finger when you're having a lifetime, I'm on like I'm on Labour watts. That's what I'm telling people it's true ashes like our go to labour like take care of our kids, take over for everything When I go into labor Anti ash Motherfucker, it's true, so she's vital to our survival. Violence and those people survival. Just getting really know that for sure
it all levels are, so we just have a couple little things we wanted to touch upon. I'm sure anybody who has social media has seen there he added another live show guy. We sold out our hallowing Eve first show which are vital in the yard signs off. Oh, my God blew our minds. We had no idea and so ass to one of the main stage gallery where we're having our first show and Providence Rhode Island Let us have another night, so we're gonna be doing another live show on November nineteen, two thousand and nineteen it's going to be Nine p m Believed the doors are opening an eight thirty and its be awesome. It's not gonna be Halloween Eve. Show it's gonna be like a week before Thanksgiving show. Oh shit. so you may do look at things giving Maria Thanksgiving Writer ticket
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Bed Murray sure you can go over to murder apparel to ground click on the link and thereby oh go to their morbid section, websites by all the shirts. Do all the same. and then use morbid for twenty five percent not at check out that's m, o r b idea for twenty five percent off. Do we love murder barrel? Do you all? I think that really are for business. I know that mind Hunter is on Netflix. Now I have then do it yet so I don't I don't have any has I am I saw in the finnish season one. I know that's kind of blaspheming in this house, but a busy I got it I got John into it. It's so good, which is very exciting. Cuz John, is very hard to come into shows you particular so we're going to start bending it whenever we have any second to ourselves, but I just want to watch it with a certain ex of mine. He didn't want to watch it, so you can watch it with us.
who says like literally the member of this house are exactly and Bt K is, I think, featured pretty heavily endless season. He was only last season. He was creeping around and you know it's funny. I did not time this. Would this release of mind hunters. things like that. Just kind of work. You know it seems like everyone's always go good timing, guys and we're like yeah, like Falada Lake, obeying episode. I forget what I think it was a right around the edge of his death that we decided to do it, but like not on We are not. We are usually not that, like me, you know ahead of things, but we're gonna pretend we are yes. So when we finally start talking about mind Hunter, I will have insights, but I'm really excited about it. That's organs: they came in Britain is amazing, and I can't wait to see him so what's dive into debt, this raider pat to pad to kid.
So when we left you guys, we discussed is crazy child That was really not that creates. I was then we, but he made it, creates and didn't we talk about murder Barnes. We talked about murder binds. We talked about Sparky, big time. Who could forget that, even if they tried really fuckin hard, do I'm sure you all scrubbed turbines eye to try to get that? Are there, but it's never leave and never, and we, also examined his evolution into the kind of monster who would murder for members of the family in horrific ways we did, we did for now. I just want to put it out there one more time, because the source material for this episode is heavily coming from Catherine muslins book confessions of a serial killer. Untold story of the Bt K killer demonstrator. It's amazing. This is the one I discussed in last episode. Just in case. You guys want to go, get it because it's
I mean she goes so far in daylight, ecology, caution, the criminal psychologists, she's amazing. I love her but she goes really deepened like her psychological leg, impressions of him and stuff. So it goes way deeper than what I'm even gonna give you here so definitely go. Get that book do and here so. I just want to shoot her our more time, because I really fuck him, the best and most of it is written by the Bt K killer by demonstrator pause. It was I e g by regular the Bt K killer, I think, demonstrate Eddie, I'm poetic strangler to the garage phantom persons because it was them corresponding through letters fur and it's a lot of it is in his words. So that's the best way to get these things so when we left you off, we discuss the auto murder was so sad real. the terrible murder. It was his first for re into murdering people, which is a big then, Sir out on big, forever
didn't go exactly how he plan that we saw how sloppy heed that whole thing was in any love. You fuckin was that he left a knife outside, yet he left to die felt side I mean like he did. There was no gas in the car, even though they told him there was no gas in the car, but for some reason he still tried to silver. It's just hear the wreck was a bumbling at it and he didn't expect of senior the father to be home, but I happen to be home known. fortunately Joseph Julie, Jos, Junior and Josephine were not discovered by the police. Who disk They were discovered by their other family members- fifteen euro- Charlie O taro. Fourteen year old, Danny O Taro and thirteen year old Carmen altera- oh my god, yes The surviving children of Joseph and Julio Taro were the ones who found the family the way that Dennis had left them. That is the most horrific thing. Yes,
now, the oldest childless tar is Charlie Otello at the time You know he was a really good kid. He was a straight student. He was super popular leg, use just a good kid you're everything was Goma from he wanted to think he had plans after school, he was gonna, go to Wichita State University, and he wanted to follow in his beloved fathers footsteps, because These children talk about their parents best parents ever laying off they looked up to their father. Has my heart. Joseph O terror was a master sergeant and the air force. At one point, I believe he was retired at this time in that's what Jos that's Charlie, wanted end up doing a mere forest, like his dad are used we something really thought about early. Charlie had a rough go ahead, but that day Charley was actually the last of the three kids to get home but he bore a lot of. I mean there.
Bore the same amount of way but being the oldest. I think he bore a different kind of way. He walked up to the home after school and he said he immediately notice that the garage door was open and his mother's car was missing. This was weird to him right off the bat, because his mom was that welcome back home from school mom. She was always there. She wasn't late. You would always be there so use like words going out of his love Octavia. Then he when around to the back yard, and saw their dog lucky was out there alone in the snow. Please like who the fuck do the exactly and remember even less think less episode. We discussed how they didn't want. put the dog out in the snow, because you didn't do well in snow. So he again He was immediately who put the dog sign in the snow by himself like what is going on right. So I and he's already like. Something is strange. This alarm bells going off
he went inside and things had a strange tribe right off. The bat again here He saw his dad's wall, it was opened. The contents were strewn all over the counter. His mother's purse was the same way and upside down contents everywhere on the counter. God, that's not a good thing to say when you are never, had signed because he also said not only is that, like a weird thing to say to begin with, but he so said. His mom was kept a very tiny kitchen right in this. Just wasn't anything that would have happened here like they wouldn't have dump their shit all over the counter. So he said this was immediately troubling This is in bad enough. Then he hears is two siblings Danny and Carmen calling to from one of the bedroom, so God and He said so they had come home before him, yeah and They said. I think it was Carmen who yields come, quick, mom and dad are playing a bad joke on us. Oh god, he was only thirteen. Oh, my God, Charlie.
and to the parents room and immediately saw his father lying on the floor by the bed, found that his wrists and angles with cord with a belt around his neck and remember he had bitten through the the bag. His mother was on the bed, also bounded the wrists and ankles with cord and had closed the clothing lying around her neck. Oh she's, us and this- and I mean at this point this happened in the morning. When you strangle someone that is not a, they don't look the same, so he saw his parents in a grotesque ways. I can't even fathom at a really killed so horrible they tried to call the police immediately, but the phone lines or cut ugly gone so Danny ran to the neighbor's house in the neighborhood, the police narrow, Joseph Junior was in another room and Josephine was in was down in the basement. Luckily, and I hesitate to say luckily in anything Darius luckily
they didn't see their siblings one, because Josephine was in a really rough yeah position is there if they had seen Josephine yeah, I don't know how you come back from that to be quite aren't I don't hate. You come back from senior DE parents, especially like a joke If I was yourself hanging is a very jarring thing to see. and he had left her and like such a crude yeah, and he I mean exactly that's exactly the way to discourage is crude and its lawful, so apparent When the police showed up, the three kids were just on the front line. Sobbing oh That's usually does that's like that which they also make these police officers. I can't imagine First of all, seeing these poor kids and then second of our having to go into that seem rough, seen, Charlie. the police. What that they have found their parents here, but he said I dont, know where my of my other siblings I they must not be home right so
he had no idea, oh my god, yeah Firstly, the police ended a finding them in the house and unfair Finally, this Sperience definitely affected Charlie in an immense way phone. While there is actually a tiny. Of television specials in articles in interviews with Charlie that here, given about this whole thing that go like really far into his life. In the events that happened after this is really tragic, but he's also really inspiring, because he has been able to work through it in turn himself around from the trauma. But in particular, is a really good like in depth. Long look at you Please life: in a I think it was in reader, it's in reader's, digest and its by a guy named Kenneth Miller. He did like an in depth look into Charlie's life and it's like eight pages long and I mean he Vienna went to jail, really found
himself lake formless at one voyage. He had a couple of kids but like them, then he didn't have contact with them for a little while it was this, he was live. The very leg, just terrified. Lloyd Life began? for a while you have to refer while they didn't know who did this so they were just like is. Is somebody gonna come after me to lay I killed him and they tried to whole yeah they trying to kill me a family, so human, This horror lake super paranoid not being able to really like function and then he ended up just like turning match. Around good for him. He lake is in contact with this kid's. His kids say he's like them. reed is father. He it's really conspiring to eat a story. If you want to read more about Charlie or Taro, I'm telling you go, you can read that Kenneth Miller in depth thing and readers digest, or I think, there's like stuff on net
It's about him he's done a ton of seminal. I wanna watch the young. At the time he said, Charlie's quoted as saying quote, I, aided God for allowing this to happen to my family, he was like very active in the churches. Family was, and he said quote. I lost my religion. The minute I saw my mother lying there, which I that'll do yeah. If anyone is going to do it and when you ex about his parents. He said quote: my father was really outgoing jovial kind, a guy and my mom a very carrying loving catholic woman. She was a mother first, you know so that just unity of Food Julian, Joseph O, terror were after I got rank were coming back home. It was just a mental breakdown. For me, I was on the verge of giving up that chapter. That season in my life is over. Now. Why? Who was I had to make out asking myself the pressure to have an altogether too here too quiet down the monsters inside it was too much
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And any other evidence like the rope he used the cord. He refused anything he brought back with him. I mean the gloves anything. He burned it now he did this because he he was a kind of a savant when it came to serial killers and he had studied so many other serial killers, yeah and their mistakes. Then he knew he had to burn the evidence because other killers and cap shit and it led to their discovering re. So he was like As much as I want to keep all this in Romania's on it, because he is one of those killers to that does like to take trophies rate, but he try to be very specifically the trophy video like minimalist, very minimalist. You know Dennis now He goes from this where you like, ok, you're doing your due diligence as a deck yell, but then next, he records the entire event in his journal. Ok,
fucking more on because Dennis says a moment where it see where he seems brilliant light, burning, all the evidence, and then he immediately turns around a records. The event in great detail in a fucking journal like that, wouldn't be evidence floating Dennis like you just then yourself Dennis Dennis someone I'm glad. I mean that the dumb is very strong with this one. Various runs deep run so deep. So in this journal is actually where he started discussing with himself. Of course, had to name himself be decay in the door We started being like you know, a burn, the matter to the Mai kill them. Maybe I should we copy decay. I don't know I mean I delity, I'm a serial killer, Natlink he's What is like a loser, a teenage girl but leg in serial killer form only God, hath Regina George of Cereal key, is like him remember LA and other mean girls. Another main girls reference. I dont know if this,
a good thing that we're connecting there's so much with it, but we're doing I have to have a light lit a man who know what the pictures it brought forth guys you did not do the point now I'd like to see Dennis holding the Bird bulk data you I'm gonna buy now I love that. I just demands that year with I'm sorry about what s a word like now give me your best shot, choose this cry for you and you guys it's such a good jobs or fuck. It also. You guys are amazing, so. This is also where we're getting dark for a second, So we are. We weren't already we're going arc jovial for like a second back down to the shit. You know, goes on here we go from one end to the other This is also where he rode down that he had actually envisioned. Enslaving, the entire for members of the family, but you want to do that in the afterlife
What are you gonna enslaved them in the afternoon? The afterlife and he serves how, but is so. This is just as fantasy wagons, like they all go to the afterlife together and he gets to do what he wants within Spain is dark Keaton, police that he think he said that Joseph Senior, what have been the bodyguard jewel? He would bathe and serve him. and the children would be trigger warning his sex toys. Ok, that's groves. He said here he's disgusting- and he also told catherine- land that Josephine, she reminded him of a net from the the Mickey mouse. who he was obsessed with which it yeah. So he did like connect to those two things back which, unlike what we're fucked up individual he's so beyond? That's just that yeah, I don't even know what words to describe that when it's like how the fuck
are you going from like enslaving, a family in the afterlife doing like Sherman We have a net from the cello from the Mickey Mouse Club. Where is the parallel work, sir? Like I don't understand it and you know, do you know what I don't wanta night and I am so glad I have no understanding of genesis. World seem very glad about that. super stoked now, the next step for Dennis was to wait for all the publicity to come. Because that's what he's really excited about he's a lust killer, so he is definitely into the murder and torture and sexual aspect of an all. That's his jam, but is also a narcissist and he learned of credit and attention green loves it in another little side. Note that they mention in the book is that in preparation for his next, you know trolling and murder. He was like you know what I got a strengthened, my hands a little bit because
He said all knew no strangling people to death is not easy to do here and he was like, I thought, who's gonna be easy. You see it on tv. I fellows in a recent worries at everything invariably super. It was harder. It was harder than we thought need also didn't want everybody biting through the bags again so used like I'm gonna make this quicker. He doesn't by the way, doesn't get better for a long time. I dont know if even does ever get better, he kind of bubbles his way into every murder. So what What did he do to strengthen his hands? Do I wanna know well so he said, and this is in his own words in letters, quote, I saw a movie about a minute or which is what he calls serial killers by the way that stupid toughening up the hands. I had sports balls at home work in vehicles to practice and exercise my hand. I do have large hands exercise with a handball, helped blood circulation and to keep the hands fit. What who thinks that then also again
and just doing what every other serial killer does know He D does nothing unless he's looking at what other serial killers are doing and being like. I need to do that. He wants to fit in. He does he is that dude walking to the one stable and helping you can't say whether he is Caddy Heron. He is so I just thought that was interesting. That healing took the time after this first one to sit there and like I need to strengthen my just like salaries or its balls, I mean who knows. But some strange to like, maybe just a stress, ball, and they was late. This led the rate, the terrific I mean you can strengthen your hands. You can strengthen anything yet assist like so, while the light lakes and stupid Do you think that you just want to strengthen your arm? Six legged you'd think but looking at it. Like you know, it's my hands that amusing and it's like. Oh, yes, your arms have nothing to do with their story than a stupid, they're not connected to your hands in any way or help them to do anything you done.
Dennis you dumb downloads array, so many accounts and professional opinions, including that of rooms, land and also NL psychologist Eric Hickey, who wrote the books cereal, murderers in their victims. say that Dennis likely had pair of Philip disorder. What's that now First of all, it's important to remember that not all Paris failures are illegal or criminal, just want to put that their paraphernalia, let pair Philip disorders are basically very very intense, sexually arousing fantasies that are recurrent their consistent. They happen all the time. You can't stop them and they are found to seize that surround the kind of like really up shit like strangling dab watching someone die like this, isn't like fetish, stuff or
Media, SAM or anything like that? It is very different. I want to be very clear about this tariff Phillip disorder. is our when you are a lot of the times there very extreme, where you're wanna hurt someone to get like an actual on fulsome. That's like really horrible, yeah and turn to some if not, I can't imagine well and then so, that's one part of it. One part of it is these. Is really intense fancies about very bad things like stabbing some. Watching them die watching them. Suffocate cannot just happened to anybody will usually I'll get into that. Actually one second, but these The other side of this involves things that, like people, fantasize about inanimate objects like shoes or underwear, things like that things. That aren't really gonna. Look like you can find says about whatever you want his eyes: it's not a fantasy. You know she writes fantasize about shoes and underwear, that's fine, and it goes into like chill
during the rope and other non consenting adults or human is new and it just gets it is the states like it fluctuates between being its fine. It's not ok. You know I mean this raises a very dark side of this in a very totally finds out of this that just like whatever we like shoes, cool. You got, I urge you wanna fantasize about children, that's not cool! So there's two very potato potato sides about this he obviously had the power? Actually he had a little bit of both because he was very intellect touching. Women's underwear touch things of women's, but then he also like to watch people strangle the death and die. Liked that part of it and it always got him off for asshole The thing was about gettin Dennis off. No, it was about Sparky. Is about Sparky big times and This disorder usually begins pretty early in life and then it just kind of growth. Grows as adulthood happens,
So the disorder causes fantasies to become this. Overwhelming part of this person. reverse and who suffers from this disorder has trouble focusing on anything else, but these fantasies- and they just a lot of times they will get darker and darker if they feed into them and if they dont feed into them. They'll get darker inside you're fucked, either way, often times just Fantasizing can stimulate and arouse somebody who suffers from pair Philip disorder enough to say she them just the fantasy will work again. Have you to have it on it? They don't have to actually do anything crazy, but in the case of Dennis and in another killer. Who will talk about at some point? Jeremy Brutus, they had very distinct per failures that they couldn't just stop at fantasizing within an inanimate objects or something that they had to bring a much darker,
into it. Like Jeremy Brunos had a very serious foot, enshiu fetish, which is fine, yeah, and this likely happened when he was a child in again we're going to cover him in depth somewhere time soon, but Basically what happened was when he was very young. He found like a sexy pair of high heels, some and his mother made him dispose of them in Canada, humiliated him about it all and she also kind of fused sex. and seems sad shoes like all together, so it just like totally fetish eyes. This experience for him animated, Amanda, being really fucked up with it, and he ended up murdering women and keeping their feet all I don't like other shoe you I kept their shoes to, but he also come in The case of Dan is the same and the thing happens.
I dont we don't know what happened is Dennis the tributes literally every single thing to him, because so it could be, any number of little thing. He got captain for research Annie at an ear infection. So maybe he's supposed to one tat, you just don't now hurry, but you could connect the fact that when he was little. He said he used to like to touch circle. young. You liked his mother's in oh, my gown, and then he became very into Lake women's clothing and now that good stuff, like touching it while he was doing things, but he couldn't just stop there right, but he didn't write. So it's just a man, I don't know exactly pushes somebody into not stopping there, but that sucks now lust murder, which is called a rod o phone Ophelia is what Dennis could is a class classified as Cecil S? Murder?
ok, this is when someone's just straight up aroused by murder, gray. I guess like we're all like. Oh, I am very interested in murder. Like know this, I see literally keening started a startled to Jack time. He has a spark Ebay. Time when he's watching someone be murdered. Oh, how it's like the it's the whole laughed its watching. The person die watching them suffer all of it. While the human brain wild in these kind of killers, less killers, it's all about fantasy, which is goes right along with the perfect disorder it's like his whole world is just one big fantasy world re banal, a phantom He world, like I play dungeons and dragons and its great, like I have a good active fit see world now his is real bad, so and actually in his own words, he said quote my My fantasy dungeon would a site: this is his fantasy of wood
be a silo next door, barn, the murder by murder, barn, married or burn with different levels of torture. Chamber how's. It would have wouldn't beams like castles of old the person. Would have straw or hay for bed at the top, would be a BT caved in a computer your desk, a drawing board and files. Now the question Would I have ever designed or build such a monster? Lee idea, if I were were it's an younger and alone wolf. Maybe the fantasy arm was along highway. Fifty from Newton to Florence take a castle dutch windmill. Saw mill and silo and you have a beating K. Dungeon in my quote retirement. I was going to build my fantasy silo, so not only You have a murder by him, but he has a fantasy silo. Why from early in my teens. I also used our basement for autoists fixation by hanging myself to achieve climax, so
dangerous. So this is where his age, homes, murder by fantasy, come off. The life And honestly say: yeah view yeah. You can totally build that like three fucking levels of like torture, chambers and murder, barn, legal, getting or even handedly, demanding than you're totally feasible, What he doesn't understand is that homes was an unfortunately brilliant scammer and insurance fraud, Professional who used the skills to build his huge, crazy murder, Catherine, and he does not have the it's like I'm sorry that, as he just sees the top hat and the totally wearily mustache any like. That's me, I'm a man about town like that's what he thinks he's gonna be he's gonna, be. I think you ought to see why and about I'm a man about town any store on his cane look in his moustache. You know, that so now that word so again. Likewise,
before after I had until the pair Philip discussion Dennis is looking for publicity right, the he kills a family for he wants is unable and enemies volume as there is a common gimme attention law. Now that word of the terror murders was starting to get out and he starts. Devouring. Does everything on tv and radio about it Then he started collecting newspaper, clippings and stuff about it and he use this to begin. His first quote Heidi whole file. No yeah he's I'm gonna put it in the treaty. Like I don't know. If you start Dennis was gonna get cooler he's like such a nerve pudding, eleven, not unlike the way that we are no, no he's an excruciating dork yeah. Do you remember. Mangus means world he's like. linkage of monkeys was a serial killer. Yeah
same glasses, yeah he's a mink he's a homicidal Mangus wow. I mean we're theme versus blown the weather now at last by means world sorry in that's so these Heidi whole files or where he kept all his like all the paraphernalia that he collected. By Heidi Hautala touch my whole. You you're fucking, weird man, and even that sounds like disgustingly. Dirtier highty wholesomely are fucking. Heidi Hautala get the fuck out of here you so Apparently he kept these things because, like he's living in a house with his wife Where are your heart holes? had a whole, apparently use keeping em, I believe in a shared out and his back yard, where his wife, just never one. now man. Now this whole taro murder happened in January in here,
that by February or March he was already like itching over another one, so he was like boom boom boom. He had the fever right. He had a fit. He said he had a few people that he was looking at his projects you know because he liked to call his victims project in a further make them into like these nothing's to him and so use following people use stocking people use learning about people knew just being a fucking creek where it he would lead jeered at this time, He would legit prowl around houses at night and just watch what was happening inside the house is so you would literally be in your house no an Dennis. fucking reader with. Standing in your fucking backyard. Watching you do everything in your house. It so scary, tell me: that's not terrifying and what do you do was he wanted to know if there was a male present in the home, because especially
After the o terror minors, when he didn't know that I was gonna be home. He did not want to be surprised again by a mail here because he was like was I can dispatch a mail, but I do want to have to like totally. Of course, I must speak up he's like no. You know, you know so it was during one of these, like creepy, ass, prowling sessions, Asia's hang and outside people's houses that he saw Catherine bright She was at her home. Spotted her out at is at the mailbox- and he said quote, she fit my fantasy profile. Oh good, oh Ed, dishwater, blonde in small dish your blog waterborne? That's so word I was just going to say: please hairstyles, tell me what dishwater blood dishwater blonde, ok, so dishwater blonde is, when you leave your tone or on for too long in your hair gets out like mucky leg, like almost
grayish, color blonde so easily. That's a dick thing to say: you know it's wicked, deuces, eight when he says it. It's like it he's tried to say it like it's a nice thing and that's not what I mean. I would never use the word dishwater to describe something nice going. You sailing legs and shine block. Does your blonde hair like we're? Gonna Sandy belong in this land, beautiful, not Dennis dishwater blonde that can be wearing your head to defraud. That's what I bet he was. I bet dishwater would get him. I was going to say you may be illegal and avoiding the dishes. Emilio lose like dirty dishwater to speculate now he ended appearing in her windows in discovering that she had either lived alone or just with another female anyone see a dog in the house, Ding Ding ding- this looks good, so he immediately locked in on this house and this victim. He said he drove by ten times on various days, just like casing. Laplace groves and he's
said he was site, that it was a kind of set back the little and that it was kind of by itself and he was just feeling. About their own. You certainly get this one go unease forming a plan, so he was like what I'm gonna do is one some insider house. I'm gonna bring her to a bedroom which he already where was already watching those services, Yes, I know that the thought of this fucking Creek just knowing every watching your every move for days and eyes and the knowing where your bedroom is, however, he said he was planning to tie her naked to the bed and strangler suffocate her in tie her up by our hands and feet. No, thank you and he was like that's my sire. I plan on site
just like an interesting side. Note Dennis really like the number three Emil involving strongly in threes. I hate that that's my favorite number. I know it's John loves the number three to ah, I am angry Catherine Bright street number I sent her home address both had threes in them, so you super into it. Could she lived at two, three one: seven EAST Thirteenth Street goody April. Fourth, nineteen seven, for twenty one year old Catherine Bright became the first victim of demonstrate, I'm so sorry counter this fucking dork called this murder plan project lights out. I want to use a nice him honestly, I would expect nothing less project lights. Our project lights allows the first one the aim of project a little max, remember all yeah. That was awful. I would expect nothing less from his fucking extra.
ass. He shoot. He had. A m quote: hit kit all prepared because he liked to call his murders hits and he had not a hate you because he so bad ass and cool You know, and he apparently he had class that day, because he was in college still like he was going to use it in college, glasses, ok, yeah. We talk about in the first pillar, but he had class that day, so he went from class and he drove to the can MAR Shopping Center and that's where he changed his clothing into closed that he had already packed in his car I'm so it's like for one thing Dennis, is very organised and prepared, but somehow still ends up but lady in our ongoing fucking fool around. So he can. just cause? He parked his car.
Air Thee, Wichita, state, university campus and then he walked to Catherine, some? Ok, because he was trying to be now. You know along. He was like I'm, I'm not gonna, be as crazy as I was the last Now he was wearing leather Gulf gloves one on each hand. Ok, because he you know he was like you know the seems like the best thing to use, because I was using latex gloves before and they were hard to use. No just kidding, he saw movie with Jack and are now acting as man and he thought it was super need that he wore golf clubs during being hit. So you copy them like going to know litter We saw a movie with Jack Nicholson as they hit men wearing golf clubs and he was like cool anyone. I've got install himself golf clubs. I shall carry handling I'm. Flops other, I went out about our reports and flapped lapse.
the Hudson River Energy reader is in mean girls. I'm telling you we're blow in the lid off I'm alive right now. I just let us just louder louder. Sorry, that's it! as I know because I was like I can now- I needed that in my life. So with him he had a three fifty seven Magnum occult woodsmen to knives a ton of extra bullets, and he had his shoulder holes of Ulster because he saw that movie to provoke is what a cowboy so You are right, he also had to stocking caps a black scheme ask and a great cap with a white snowflakes on it. That seems like, too many hats, one, the gray one. He said it was in his, I think, was in his coat pocket and he so brought with him books because he wants. His whole ruse was gonna, be that he was gonna knock on her door, tend to be a w s. You student and
He was saying he was doing research and he was looking for a new tutor in. Is this the right? A dream? ass. You know me news going all I am I to turn turn of mind may tutor. I really you're like fifty years old. While you are my doorstep, like super cool Dennis, has even those yellow Arkell. I think he was twenty nine at this hour gather. So she wasn't home when he got there either her car was in the driveway, but she wasn't home. So he was like ok, I'm in a break in any way and I'll just wait for only thought which is a nightmare. So he broke the back door, the kitchen, and this is when he just kind of walked around the house and tried to figure out where he could hide to surprise her. When she came one leg, fog dude and he said again, This is again scary and like a horrible, and then he says to fuck it and still is, but it's like he's done. He just bubbles at all, why would he said while he was doing this trend? Fine, like the perfect,
exactly ass. No, he heard a car, Poland and suck ass with a male walking up to the home, oh gosh He obviously wasn't prepared for this. Once again, right so he just walked right up to them when they came in the house before they had even closed the door behind them. Why and stuck a gun in their face so he just abandon ship like he was just like I'm losing my mind again soon basically use the same ruse he used on the or terrorist. He said he was a wanted man from California. I why your car, so do you. Abandons is oh gladdens is what would this the mail with Catherine was her brother Kevin, oh God, he brought them back to back bedroom cause you stick a gun in their face here and We need an even says himself he's like big, probably he's like that was dumb light of me, because they could have just run right out the door right, buddy deeds there's just one minute it up. I just scare them enough, and so
but he brought him back to like there's a couple back bedrooms. use, nylons and scarves from Catherine stores and found them. He had Kevin, tie, Katharine's hands up, and then he tied Kevin to a bed post and he brought Catherine into another room and finish tying her to a chair so another in two separate, better, that's fucking horrible. yeah he turned the radio up super loud. Oh no, that with this guy's alma cheat is always such a terrifying detail. To me it is- and I don't know if it's like just because I fucking hate loud noises like loud noises struggle agenda, adds to the anxiety about. May really does he wanted to use it to drown out any sound, obviously, and then he planned that he was going to wrangle Kevin so that he could get rid of him right away and then he was gonna be able to take his time with Catherine was his plan.
Now he started strangling Kevin, but Kevin broke his bindings and started fighting him Dennis. pulled one of his hand, guns out in literally shot cabin in the head. At this point, Dennis is like cool. That's done So he casually goes back to Catherine and try strangling her, but she is now breaking free and fighting back to now, while he's dying, fight with her in trying to strangle her. He hears Heaven moving in the other room. What duties up and ready to go again. Yeah yeah then cover. Grabbed. The Magnum out of Dennis is stupid. Ass, shoulder holster cool shoulder all story. Had their wishes shot him. Heaven grabbed it and tried to shoot him, but accord Dennis Dennis stuck. his finger in the gun to jam it. I doubt I am sceptical of that. I think it just jammed itself because when Kevin describes it in a later article, he said
said the gun jams, but I haven't found him mention that Dennis stuck his finger in the gun, I feel it the size ear. I think that's his Dennis trying to white milk alone is chinese Thea, Turkmen level Finger Gazette cool. It's like fucking, you stick! Your finger on. Ngos are ass now, The euro will lose their agenda So in Denisov words quote: I got away and use the twenty two and shot him one more time I try to quit. John Wayne Western shot no aim. I just get out of my park a pocket inspired towards his head. He immediately fell down which, like you're fucking, you don't fuck off I believe I kicked him or tried to see if he was dead. I didn't check for life signs hidden in the mouse, apparently knocking on his teeth. There just a lot of blood and I thought he was down for good that time.
Why didn't shoot him in the head? I dont know, possibly because of all the noise and confusion Dennis, reader is like MR bean. If Mr Bean was a homicidal maniac, I just wanna put that out there for this next part. Here so Catherine is now screaming historically and in His haste Dennis just pulls out an eight inch hunting blade that he brought with him inside stabbing only God, which is very not part of the planet. No, he said quote, I'd never had any intention of stabbing anyone, but it happened because I lost control that created a mess of blood everywhere. On my hands pants shoes, I made a vow. If I ever again had to confront to kill, there would be no knife, I only draw if it were, I needed it to defend myself. Then he says quote. I thought I had just stabbed two or three times underneath the ribs. I had read in a detective magazine that if you want
them to go down you stab them under the ribs and hit the lungs are heart. She says Once again, I dunno magazine that data. They do that were like a fucking hate. You down, as others have said, everything he says he's like he's talking about this brutal awful thing and then he's like a bed in a magazine once that they said you should do this. Like I hate you, there's a woman's life, you fuckin shit flower, so well. This is all going on this horrible chaos Kevin ran out the front door. Tab Kevin care this Dodo bird Dennis. Let one of two victims run out the front door after he had already shot him in the head and mouth multiple times bleak! Woe, while well well Dennis is literally fucking Mr bean. If Mr Bean was a homicidal mania, he really is not. This is bonkers. Yeah, it's ridiculous! So Dennis panics
is everything's going according to plan ray and calves gone cabbages ran out the front door and so Dennis panics who cleans what he can claim any leaves Catherine, very much alive, moaning and bleeding before he left he stopped we're licence was stupid because he was like put this in my hearty hole, you stupid and heat ride to steal one of their cars because her car was there in his truck. Was there is still one of them. I think it was the truck he tried to steal. He took the wrong fucking geese, my god not just make sense. He took the wrong. I can keep so he tries and his way out the door he cut his leg on glass on the way out so he's bleeding everywhere. He left. DNA and he took the wrong keys and is trying to start a truck with the wrong keys. Oh and he left his grey stocking cap there. Oh shit fucking, MR being now Not smart done. No, so he runs to his car disease
I gotta get out here. So you just run says car and he gets home before his wife gets back. He cleans himself up people, saw the clothing and evidence in a bag and he hid it. So where on his parents I think like in his parents like shed or something that's fucked up yeah, he says quote in this interim, like after the terrors, I destroyed a lot of magazines from my Heidi whole stash you in did the house of all bondage paraphernalia. I also moved my o taro, Heidi Hawaii items to my folks home my trip the items were now in a green tackle box with a gun with a good luck. I often used my folks place to hide items. and also do big time. Bondage when they were gone on vacant wow. What a ship bag any literally calls it big time like capital letters, big time behind demonstrator career
and he said he used to do bondage ass, a teenager and his parents basement. So just like felt right, you know now. If you remember, Kevin ran up the fuckin front or after shot in the head in the mouth. What about which he called the police when he escaped police showed up to Catherine Bright House. Do they really want to save her. She was still alive. she managed to give them a bit of info like she said what her name was. She said she had been stabbed and she kept in. Unfortunately, she kept telling them I can't breathe. Please help me, then he passed out. The officer that was unseen said that there were nylon, stockings tied her wrists and around her angles, and a blue scarf and thin cord were tied around her neck yeah. When the officers search the rest of the house obviously the radio is blasting. Her purse was strewn out just like the or oh. That was like his thing here and they also found to have
Evans teeth on the horror holy shit, so you litter little child. I don T yeah. I don't either blood everywhere there was blood in the truck outside because demonstrating in the fuckin try and I can imagine, being a police officer, unlike assembling upon a scene life like that, just be pandemonium, truly was so there I mean they're, saying all this chaos, the blood on the truck outside blood on the everywhere. It's just he had loved her blood on me everywhere. Blood on the everywhere look around the everywhere now cap friend was rest till the hospital, but unfortunately she passed away. during surgery. All she had eleven stab wounds. Why, with an eight inch hunting knife, most of them to her torso, I'm so sorry that she passed, I know now Kevin. Her brother was nineteen years old. Kidding me yeah. You would that link for some reason. I pictured the sky. Two billion of middle age do death, but
nineteen years old and he survived he survived being shot in the head and shot in the face with a bullet tore through his mouth and took out two of his deal. Can you imagine the link? You lost your cell, my god like survivors, till I can emerge and knowing how hard you fought to try to save her leg, you know what Kevin you follow. Fuckin fought and she's proud of you, my heart, spend two weeks in the hospital and then was released like a fucking bad ass, because fucking cabin man now, because fucking fucking cabin man. He gave a pretty good description of down I'll go please. He said he was white. Maybe twenty five I was eleven said he was kind of stocky, maybe be somewhere around like a hundred eighty pounds and he had dark hair and a mustache ok said he had, He had worn, gloves and had been quote sweating profusely
which Dennis later says like. Yes, I was sweating overly sweaty beyond its like you, because you are literally just a fucking bubbling and he was Also, I use a sweaty little bit Dennis He was nervous immediately. Knowing that Kevin lived yeah and he said, He thought about. He said he found out where Kevin's family lived shut up and he thought about killing. And him, but he didn't and instead wrote a detail. description of it. In his diary, words was, So any also Turkey, now newspaper, clippings and share of this crime as well and put it in his or else you wrote, a lake little Fan fact thing about Catherine in his highly hole to I'm busy day. I can't listen fantasy time. Usa.
so he started prowling again broke into some homes, but nothing. Nothing was really fitting and again, if you look- These two murders mess hardness, explodes mass. I mean he. If you answer me, so they did not go as planned. No, so so far he's a fucking mass is not working. so now he's trying to be a little more, like particular with things and he's really over any males being present in these homes, strand a really makes other there's no males soon. after this murder these random dude went to the police and started telling the police that they knew who killed the otter, owes we should leave this happens. You always yet these assholes who go to the police- and I like, I know who did it or I did it in your house- confessions Basically these guys were setting themselves up to become suspects. This pissed Dennis off
only because he was scared. They were going to get his credit. He wanted his fucking credit leg, that's how come see this dude. Is he wanted his credit? This is why Catherine rooms and whose who's the author of this book. This is what she said working brilliant because She wrote him to get these like insane inside said she got from him for the book She knew that catering to his that side of him that he needs the credit and he leads you to like king. needs to hear from you that, like you need this from him, he wrote this information remember and she knew if she cater to that that shit he would just sharing of any any did and the same thing can be said, for the insights that this another profile or Scott on God for his book, why we love serial killers? The curious appeal of the world's most savage killers, another good book he knew that when he wrote Dennis here do appealed appeal, ego too, and he did,
and he literally made it seem to Dennis like he needed to gain something from him when he was like. I need something from you, though thanks like I. I need to gain knowledge from you. That's what he was basically saying like you need to share your knowledge with me that's when no that's what he was saying to data from him and it worked like a charm. nobody bond says that one aspect of genesis psyche is that his our system. It's so blatant that He doesn't even sees not even happy to call himself a serial killer. You wants to be more than that it's more like, he actually says I it would kill men, women and children without hesitation, most Cyril colored killers have a specific victim. They target so he's trying to make himself like I'm more than a serial killers. I dont even stop at one victim to want to look here, a metal Dennis. He wants something answer
he thinks he is more of an outline, a liar or legendary figure, because he doesn't have any funds. Slowly I'll kill anyone like I just kill, so I'm more than that so on October. Twenty second, nineteen, seventy four after he found it These guys we're going to the police training at the credit. Raider call. John DAWN Granger, who was a member of the Editorial Board for the Wichita Eagle. side note for this whole series I signed myself up for the Wichita Eagle Online account. Did you really because I needed more articles and they like do both? Will you know you have to sign up for it here, but
so we ninety nine cents a month, kids and it's a good hour. It's a good newspaper scream. So if you want to read the watchdog eagle, it's worth it, I don't really know only nine. It sets a month for an online online access for the low price of ninety nine Santa can be all you are there, not even sponsoring us. I just think they have great article serve as they sauntered Wichita evil. Do it. So when he called this guy Don Granger, he changed his voice and he told him if he were to the public library. There was going to be a letter that was inside a book. Called applied. Engineering, mechanics and he said, this letter would detail the o taro murders, and it would prove that the guys We are saying that they did. It did not do it now course. Don Granger immediately called the police and was like some do just called and said there's gonna be a letter here. Maybe you wanna go check it out. So a policeman checked it out in that book they did find a letter, shit
now. Read it to me. A letter said those three dude, you have now there's a lot of either of them Three do do you have in custody, are just talking. They get publicity. They nothing at all. I did it by myself and with no one's help, and that's it. That's all one word once help love. So then he goes on to describe the or murders in pretty graphic data. He tells them about like where he left the bodies, what condition he left the bodies in, and he like gives things that only he would now right I'm sorry this happened to the society it hard to control myself probably call me psychotic with sexual perversion. Hang up where this monster enter my brain I will never know, but it here to stay.
That is one cure himself. If you ask for help that you have killed four people, they will laugh or hit the panic button and call the cops. I can't stop it, so the monster goes on hurt me as well as society society he can be thankful that there are ways for people like me to relieve myself at time by day day, dreams of some victim being torture and being mine. It is big complicated game. My friend of the monster play pudding. Victims number down, follow them checking up on them waiting. the dark waiting waiting. The pressure is great. And sometimes he run the game to his liking. Maybe you can stop him. I can't he- has already chosen his next victim are victims. I don't HU there. Yet the next day after I read the paper I will know, but it too late. Good luck, hunting, yours, truly guiltily, p s
since sex criminals do not change their ammo by an or by nature? Cannot do so? I will not change mine, the code Aids for me will be bind them. Torture them, kill them BT, Kay see, he added again they, beyond the next victim he's so fucking lame There are literally almost like threw up and rolled down the stairs and then called the police to help me with the lameness. Was he trying to sounds stupid her births do no, I think people you throw them all. I have no idea like. Did he take an ambien before writing it? so bad. I really understand it so bad. He tired, he's entire. They soon tired. Already, went emphases. There was in your best outing trying to like it not using any plural words were needs to He was also using a typewriter when he did it's about typing on a typewriter, while
so. This was when he said like this was his first, like public being like Bt can only be togae man. I am as MA My name is so the he's too. So they found that which was mentioned a military coup. so now. We know we have somebody out there that does. Her then obviously did commit this murder gray eyes areas information that somebody that's only at the crime scene would have been so to me? Oh terror, murders and Catherine brides, murder, people in which a tower starting to fucking freak out so, and so sales for home security system started going crazy. So Dennis got a job installing homes, security systems for eighty in nineteen, seventy four and he would like miss them up on purpose like I'll give him this. That's terrifying and brilliant ITALY
him I mean precedent it access into our homes. Probably also got like a super gross thrill at the idea that These people were taking refuge in the idea that they were going, the extra mile to protect themselves and possibly their families, and here he is the monster they are trying to be safe from installing the system, knowing it inside out in getting into their homes as well. That would have made him the poetic sharing would have now finally got him just going with this it is for our everyday work was barely a great spike. Lorries turn by now coworkers apparently thought he was lame, is for, I believe, because one of his fellow eighty employees told them Wichita Eagle. That quote, none of us liked him. He wasn't the kind of guy you wanted to get a beer with, after lack which to that, unlike yet So at this time,
I'm Dennis was twenty nine years old and his wife, Paula was twenty. Six do so young Their oldest son, Brian, was born. Brian was born July. Twenty six nineteen, seventy five- eighteen. Seventy six. He immediately started looking for hit number six awesome, so His wife was pregnant again at this point with their second child in here. strolling becomes. What else do you do? Well, your wife, grocer human. I mean anything. What else in others. Bulgaria's, like John, is done for yeahs shout. to John Man for make me. Spaghetti owes in buying me spaghetti gourmet meals, bank of the consumers. reason I've really wanted spaghetti as well pregnant weird. I know I ate them with you You didn't. I was going to say how highly I did so is to make anything happen in seven nineteen, seventy six. As far as we know, but
nineteen. Seventy seven was when he did find victim number six while March. Seventeen nineteen, seventy seven Shirley via an would be victim number six sue So he had actually had another victim in mind, but she wasn't home so surely had the misfortune of being completely random. O k you're not getting into the first House use pissed, so use rail past. He was all worked up. He said quote. But while I was walking away from the intended house and down hydraulic, which is a street, I saw a young boy coming back from Dylan's. I figured at a mother in the house I had picture in my wallet of my wife in baby, like his actual wife and goodbye. So I used it to pretend I was looking for them. I asked if he had seen them. I knew he wouldn't know them. He told me he didn't, but I watched where he went
now I wished. I hadn't use that family picture and then he said quote: what will they If they read about it, are here it so he's more concerned like it. So he's having a brief moment of like what, if my wife and my child No, now that I used their picture in a ruse, that's interesting! That link he's like even think about they. Think of me, like those think, I'm I'm grow says that fell. It think that your gross anywhere and it's like Dennis such as the cherry on top of the grow son, you you used their picture to go brutally murder. Sir. I that's grow such as rose son. I don't think it's just gonna be the picture thing. So now so he went to knock on the door. He had watched this little boy go to a home sad and he knocked him nor the home the boy in his brother answered and Dennis said he was a private detective and he said
he was also was carrying a briefcase that has hit get their sealed very official and he immediately forced himself in oh no on too little kids, Shirley Diane, their mother comes out if she's hearing this nonsense, She was wearing a robe and the nightgown according to data because she was homesick, Now. This is a really rough on guys. I dont like this one. It makes me sad. I just want to put that no kids are going to die in this, but there there, yes, really but we also you know a couple of years and as I read this one, this is part of the reason why fucking hate Dennis reader- I don't follow you couldn't So. In his words quote, I told her. I had a problem with sexual fantasies and I was going to tie her up. I pulled, the buyers geologist no big deal
I pulled the blinds and turned off the tv. I said that I would tie up the kids first. They would be ok if she would cooperate with me She was extremely nervous. I think she's smoked a cigarette. We went back one of the back areas of the porch she was upset. I explained I had done this before I try. To tie one of the kids, but he started to cry all the kids who are six and eight years. Oh my god, the real upset. I said this is not going to work. I was frustrated. I decided but the kids in the bathroom and shut the door. We put toys and blankets in there for them later. It was this. covered by the way that there was a younger female child as well to younger than sex, who is also put in that bathroom, so those three kids three of her kids. Bathroom MRS Van helped me she told the kids to do whatever I said I tied the door shut, the kids were still yelling.
you sure she helped me to shove the bad against the door. Then I proceeded to tie her up. He said at this point: she vomited he said I think, my being there had made her worse. yeah, you're, probably right down a sure, did you being their imprisoning her young children and about throne room? While you attempt to tie her up and murder her Robert between my stomach feel a little sick, you're right, skills of observation are, more so she was part he says quote: she was partially tied when I got her glass of water and comfort, her bit o you in Germany, says, get ready this camp, passion runs in most of my crimes, and I see that in cold blood as Smith, I believe, retired. Mr Clutter, asking him if he is cold. And then later on. Kills him without mercy in the vote,
rose house. I laid a coat or Parker down for Mr O Taro because he had been in a car send it in his ribs or still sore. a originally had taped and them up and when they complained about it being too tight, I retired them. When I placed the ban over Junior said Missus. O terror was completely upset more for him than her husband, so I removed it to think things over with surely Diane. I placed the kids in the bathroom with blankets, toys and books to try to comfort them. now. Why would I be so nice and then turned to murder? I guess I use the victims, comfort zone to gain control and trust, and, above all else, their ease So he's literally, like you know, it's funny Cosette can be super nice and would offer a glass of water like put a pillow under them. When I feel I go there, uncomfortable why do I do that you think he's gonna be like? Maybe I have. Some compassion is like now
just makes it easier to murder than because then they think that I'm a nice guy wow, that's fucked up That's illegal roller coaster. Right! Thank you said for em, like what are you getting leg, you saying you have some kind of weird humanity. No, I thought that's where you were going when I did do it. When I first read it I was like. Are you going to sit there and try to tell me you have him in it? No he's not he's like this is me I think he's like now he's like I just again that in their comfort and then I can learn them better. Like cool, that's even scarier its horrifying its learning. Maybe this dude is just like gonna. Do that the longer, because I will because it would make you for a brief moment. Think like can I get out of this. If I just appeal to that, Renault We can no matter what you do to appeal, that you're not getting out of it, So then he apparently taped her hands behind her back and said. This was very exciting to him. Ok, we
and he tied her legs to the bed post and he I think he like all the way up her legs, and then he said what was left. I looked around her neck, I put a bad over her head- and I strangled her Jesus He also said that the kids were banging on the door screaming for him to leave their mother along God. No end screamed back at them that he was gonna, shoot them if he didn't shut up if they didn't to shut up. This is why fucking hate demonstrator its Not only is this disgusting piece of shit that murders innocent women healing involves kids. I dont use like I'm not saying a lotta serial killers of standards, but like here, is our null and void yeah. He said in point. He said that he fucking considered hanging those kids like Joseph, my God, but he said he didn't have time about your mom is not enough time with what yeah so
took her underwear and laughed and left her three young, less Europe so in he any goes into a big thing about how you like to keep the victims- underwear. That was one of his things and he would I did at home. where he would have his fantasies. He would wear them new pictures of him, so yeah, and he said quote, I would relieve the day or start a new fantasy. I would die the victims, underwear slips panties Hungary, sexy House coats. I would wear a wig and sometimes a mask and put myself into bondage, as if I were the victim and finally do self gratification ill and Those are the pictures of talking about where he would like literally take pictures of himself dressed in, like these negotiations with wigs on and masks on and make up and bags on his head and shit yeah. That is
jobs, so dark tat is the darkest well the two sons of surely the six in the eight year old had broken out of the bathroom all they broke up no and they ran to the neighbors, who called the police when they feel Surely she was nude face down on the bed, black electrical tables, apt over her arms and ankles, and a white cord was holding her hands behind your back another white cord was wrapped around her neck four times and that's the one that ran all the way down her body like yeah, now when the store. Unfortunately, when this whole thing came out Dennis was It was like those kids saw, know what I look like. They couldn't really help with the description they were too. Long and they never do anything really were to yeah. They were too fucking traumatize re beyond they fuck
come back from now Dennis wasn't happy about this one, because again it was messy and did not go the way it was planned. So he wrote a poem about at the home. No because got I gotta hear it, because we us are you ready upon? about, surely surely locks, surely locks, wilt, thou, be mine, thou shalt not scream not yet. Feel the line, but lay on a cushion and think of me in death, and now it is going to be. There was the dumbest Buckingham I've ever heard it had. the more effort I would give it to do mine. I would give that, like an f minus in the desert, Z, mine and it was a rip off of Goldilocks really does so. We that poem,
We're gonna leave you for part three. I have to be honest. I can't wait for this bullshit to be I don't like him. I don't like this case only stupid idea. I am disgusted, I'm not even like, like I'm we're a fine, but like not only to box killer way. I'm just lay all those old horrified and, like I like. Ok, then, is like you, some kind of Dennis, is just a whole. ball. That's just wrapped with leg. Excruciating, Dorking S. Just over just try hardness. But also evil fucking Jason depths of hell share. Weird plays such a, I need this just so much and when it comes to leg the kids yeah thy eyes, no fucking. Patients like he's already murdered kids ruthlessly
and then these ones he was ready to, he was gonna string them up I dont want to say that like worse, that he didn't but like, but he left, starting with this is on almost like the same level. You know me really it's the same level of fact out. We think about what he just left them with for the rest of their lives. You will never ever ever guessing its They were utterly that sole murder that is so martyr straight up, so you know what I I hope, those kids I like thriving so too about and they can put up a middle finger. Billig fuck you and I both of their little fingers all of their mental fingers, every single one of them So how do we are on victim member sex of ten now as for laughed for left. We're going to cover them all in part. Three, don't worry, we're gonna wrap this up in part three. and we're gonna get into so we'll get into his less four murders will talk about those
and we also talk about the giant lulls that he took between his last murder and reappearing, which is end the amazing away he got caught. So a tune, because the third Instalment is going to be just like chefs kiss. At the end I mean it's gotta be rough up until now yeah, but one sees he's got a he once won. T got got it's amazing. You got there. Got so stating for part three Hopefully that becoming haute and next week, which, will happen as long as baby morbid does not decide to make a grand appearance in the next week, or so we said, but maybe the hospital, but I don't think that's a loud, and I think your house me ass would not send you home with a chance. Yeah, I don't think they believe it. You know easy ass would certainly need to talk to you Grady
there will be my many morbid coming out in the next couple days There are few days to what day is it only? You know: it's like these so next week my many morbid will come out to as well as part three of the because, as long as everything goes to plan with baby morbid, so we'll keep you updated on that We like to think some patriot reading to last time you have to come up with the fuckin risk, This is an man with baby brain islets. Do this so first I'd like today Whitney Blair, Whitney Blair. Your last name has the Blair Witch projects first worded it was so you're. And good job? Whitney thinks what I wrote your name done for us, because we are watching the hills stay you got his thank. You describes Billina as Human CS. Thank you. Whitney thanks. Next is many the Tran o many less but turn. Thank you so much. I don't think
I have to say anything about your name. Your name is innocent. Just speaks for itself phenomenal and I love you and I appreciate you. I feel the exact same way. Thank you. Many less Bertram love you. Then we have beverage several locks get out of here with yourself, the Goldilocks or my gun beverage. Ever locks overwhelm you just tied this all together. While thank you for doing that, bear locks, we love you, then we have clear why clear way. Of your name. It's pretty. I love it. It's beautiful, it's just materials, good, it's pure, so they scholar I like it. Thank you clear. We. I have a key Monti finesse who Katy monitor the of finesse. You a patriarch present this month. I just wanted to say in Japan,
Exactly and also thank you clearly thanksgiving. Then we have I'm so fuckin. Sorry, if I butcher this, Evelyn Bautista Gutierrez, who I love, that. Evelyn you who have long viewed vol and just buttery name your vivacious year, you're everything you're alive. You know what Evelyn? Thank you thanks, everything's Evelyn, then we have Emily Hemans Cook. havens cook cook you dinner anytime, Emily because you are a great do you think that it's like the chef of Emily Heymann that voting? Yes, that's what think thinks I'm. So thank you a boy and then I would like to thank Kimberly Rodriguez. Kimberly Rodriguez, you, who are
Probably someone who does great things about you are. You did a great thing by donating exactly so that's what I'm basing enough. So thank you. You know what thank you so much Kimberly now. I have a question: do you think that says Jackie or Jacques TAT could be either so Jack, slashes, Jackie virus Do you know what that's just a really pretty needs either way either way we go with that. I love it and I want to thank you Jackie or Jack, takes thank you so much in the last person I would like to thank is tat So now the k like kick which are really I mean. Do you know, I wonder now either frozen kit cut its lake Kismet So you know what cat thank you so much. Thank you caught and thank you to all of our other patrone says. We will
around two thanking all of you some day. You are beautiful, hammering away and we love you and you'll be getting another bonus episode soon and keep your eye out, because we're gonna start putting together some. it is very ably. I just got me stickers in the mail for you in the newspapers. Are fuckin dough? Bear you know only that designed them guy's dead, she'd like what doesn't she do so if you want to donate repatriation, you can go ahead and do so at patriot our com slash morbid vodka after you do that hit us up on Instagram morbid vodka. Once you ve done that you could followers on twitter out a morbid podcast, and then you can That is an email all about it. I morbid Marchesa Gmail com and a few contacted us in every way. Shape or form of you could try again in the Facebook group.
The morbid call in a true crime. I gasped and I'm telling you that group is the idea. I love it after you have joint every group in tweeted everything and favoured at every picture in blogger of law. You can go to our website and check it out because Alina designed that to type in more, vodka stock and have a nifty old time. So we hope you people and we hope you keep it. We heard one answer where their beauty go. We are not aware that you are Dennis, says a word that you fuckin way. Gloves in doing and place a murder because because Nicholson ended by them.
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