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Episode 88: Dennis Rader "BTK" Part 3

2019-08-24 | 🔗
It's finally here! The final chapter of our Dennis Rader saga has arrived and this one is the longest yet. In this crescendo, we will take you through his final murders, his 10 year downtime and his eventually resurfacing and capture. It's been real but holy hell are we happy to be done with Dennis. Get out of my head, you loser. Promo: Parcast’s new Daily true crime podcast,  “Today In True Crime” now on Spotify
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The same my name's incentive for easy denying welcome to part three of Dennis Raider a k due to a gay idiot face Miguel. Exactly it's been a long haul, and this is the end might be the longest installment. Yet this episode is going to be four and one slash two hours long yeah. It's a long on this episode is gonna, be a Harry Potter, movie But you know why, when we get to the end, it's gonna be worth, it would have been worth it. The whole time we get closure at the end were like yeah. I've had closer the whole, it's been so far made in front of us. Dingus face the. If you have not joined the Facebook, Croupier uranium Facebook Group and see the absolute just debauchery that has occurred, advantages expand.
It is so funny. I'm over means that you guys are brilliant hell. I can't even game, no pun intended. I can't even pick my favorite won't know that and we're trapped in somebody. Some beautiful angel made a whole thread of all of them, so they're all one spot, gonna love it, and it's like a Bt Dennis demonstrator mash up with mean girls in its. every single one is better than the other it like I'm dying. What, if we send them to beauty k, I can I want to get somebody do that should do that? Let's do it must do it well before we start in on this jack we'd three, but I just want to. We have just one thing to cover one thing: quickly: we just want to remind you that we still have tickets are for our second life, which is on November nineteenth two thousand and nineteen, and it is that a yes to twenty means stage, improvidence, Rhode Island,
tickets, around sale right now, there's still a good amount left, so go global. Em up and here you can get them at event bright. Yes, you can just go on there in search, morbid, a true crime, podcast live or You can go on to our instagram and I've put the link for the event page for the tickets in our bio, so go get em. It's gonna be awesome. It's the week before Thanksgiving we'll, do somethin sick and we're gonna stay after same deal, exotic extra for me in Greek Noah we're just there. That's crazy! We're just gonna hang to the extreme afterwards, as you people messages asking, because for the October one we're doing like that
key background of Halloween. Never for this one, its most likely gonna be like at your grandpa yeah. I think so yeah. I think it's just going be be untrue. Crime case boat Nina what we don't know will it you know when we know will hit you up we'll do it so without further ado, let's get into it. Let's get back into Dennis Shelly Dennis. Fuckin, Dan delays. So when we last left you, we left you on the pretty awful murder of surely Diane. That was an awful but we ended on them. Even the equally is awful poem. He wrote about the artist sir. So now we are at his next because he does away very long between illegal between kills now he's he's real. Hungary is real feisty, all the goddamn time he's system. They all do. First, Before I do this. I just want to say that there is another really great resource for info about Dennis this,
photos, lots of evidence, photos and stuff, and it's a website called surviving Bt K, DOT, webley dot com and they haven't like all out and chapters of his life that aid really gone like very thorough. very well organised. I got some of my information from their. So go check them out because they ve done like shit tonnes. A leg work Sew in we're one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven now welcome everybody. I've ever been there before yeah. It's this one thousand. Nine hundred and seventy seven is not awesome. I don't want to go there. Looking for his next victim, already awesome he's fresh off a Shirley and he's ready for the next one. This was going to be victim number seven and in his words he referred to this next one as Pj Fox fox tail or foxhound by Peter PJ's, abbreviation his brief for project that stupid.
and in his own words from the Katharine Rams land letters he said quote: there are three letters and foxes name. It sounds similar to sex in the fox is hard to catch shield very smart, so I had to out smart her. The date was also close to the end of our three of the attack on pro harbour, and this was a sneak attack December is also the year coming to an end, and winter is the end of the life cycle. Things were right about this hit. Ok number one Fox said: don't sound like at all. Besides effective way of three letters and ended Ex, that's it that's all they have, they think they do not sound like notice. Maybe you should get hooked on foreign exchange, really don't, but So obsessed with that, in fact, in we'll see later, he uses another like Alias name, I believe it's Rex and its because it rhymes or sex- and it's like I'm sorry you twice yearly twelve year old boy re like a dead he's literally like tea
I've, sacks legally fog, dude of which you are getting. None so choose let us not have been operates like only a year in his court testimony which we're gonna play later, quick clip from that there was after he had it pleaded guilt which spoiler he was guilty, yeah crazy. No, he went into, I mean, like disgustingly cold detail, and he just coldly confessed to the gruesome details of each other's murders. So he went over the night of December Eighth nineteen, seventy seven, which is the night he killed twenty five years, Nancy Fox Dennis said he had been trolling for awhile and that he happened to see her going into her home. One night no side note this is what is truly scary about Dennis. He would just see you. and just fixated on you. It was just something about you that way
and all he had to do was see you once and a few fixated, those it you're it and he could just see like out your mailbox or just getting into your car, certainly doing one in things, everyday things. You never think someone's watching. You he's fucking learn how many times do see like so many people throughout the idea we met and like here dislike the unlucky one that he added, and it's like you, don't think, walking out your car that summits- daring at you and watching you now in sizing you up to maybe stock you for months and then murder you and your this, not because they live my life and fear yeah. I book. I think that summer to a lot of people, I know I literally I got out of my car and I just run it. Tat is all for that smart man, because this Dennis is out in the world. I know good now during the confession in court, the judge interrupted him at one point and asked him to clarify what trolling meant. I don't blame him because I think that first
He thought he said patrolling and he was like where you working like a security officer and honestly. Anyone who sees this can see that Dennis is just fuckin tackles that he has to explain his serial killer. Lingo everybody in court. Will you can tell he's like Willoughby, exploit he's being such a mink us about our he's, such a homicidal mangus? you can see how ridiculous he is. He answers quote: it's called stocking or trolling, and then he says, if you read that if you ve read much about serial killers, they go through different phases. That's one of the phases that they go through. Its is a trolling stage, basically you're looking for a victim at that time, and you can be trolling for months or years and one Look in on a certain person it becomes stocking, there could be several of them, but you really honan on that. One person that speed they basically become. That's that's the victim. Oh well, thank you for that
beautiful explanation in this is what he said in court after he played guilty in front of victims, families explaining to the court. Let me explain to you what a piece of shit I am and how I go through my process. he's such a bizarre person and the best part was after you went through the whole thing, like worlds called the trolling stage. If you do that, it is about serial killers. You know that they do this. After that, the judge was like. No, I thought you said patrolling. I was just wondering if you are working and he was like. Oh no. This does it on my work hours, I get the feeling that would you dislike pocket legal, like so leg cited, lay then other guys, like yeah the John Brown Buddy, the judges like the decisive register or flags.
He said one c locked in a Nancy. He did his homework. He stopped by to look in her mailbox to see her name and where she worked. That's creepy that anyone can just levels are just hang a law yeah full of Bologna, a sun all accounts. I hate mail. He basically says that the more he could find out about the person of the better. Obviously, because you know, obviously, this makes some kind of twisted sense, because it allows for more personalize ruses for to use to be allowed in. If that's the rude he's gonna take, because he would do different things, and it also just allows them to gain the him to gain their trust better because it allows him do come more personal, with a really understand what they might wanna hear so as stupid and fuckin dumb and bumbling and fucked up as he is. He has these like methods that you're like fuck, that banks, like I hate that year, like kind of some,
There are three kids like saw on the night of December eighth nineteen. Seventy seven Dennis parked his car a few blocks away from Nancy's home at eight forty, three South Pershing. He thought this number was pretty neat because it, three. It remember. He loves. You remember very three vermeer things I thought could never happen in pumped back a new regional calmly streaming only antique up feast mix and passions, sour go silent, locals Aisha Drama Bismarck Basis, mom task manager and me a Mina led guitar, you really good repute tunisian front. We are lady parts.
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enjoy your project, dot, Org, slash not alone, and now back to this jag we'd skip it about boot. Up here he knocked at the door because he said he wanted to make sure that enormous home. After all, he had stopped her enough to know when she arrived home. So he wasn't looking for an answer. The door, no one answered, so he just went around back. He cut the phone lines. That's a shit He then just broke in in just fucking. Waited in her kitchen, just like hung out is insisting that honour kitchen look. What do you think of the kitchen cherry He said he he like to drink glasses of water. While he sat in people's homes, interest rate and then he would wash the glass and be like tiki like that was his little thing. That's so stupid. He now he had practice this one to make sure
and go awry like the previous ones. There does remember all his other ones. Unfortunately they were successful. They were fuckin bumbling, like he fumbled he, MR bean. His way through all of like the girl, his brother was whole example. Didn't do nothing at the dad was gonna be home, the otter that yeah? He had no idea where he was gonna, be home. I mean like there was so many things, so he said He had an old window in the shed at home. That was like Nancy's window, any practice cutting glass with a glass cutter till I get in their quick, easy and without any noise. While so he says quote on a b which breaking and entering is a powerful feeling, as you enter someone's territory, the smell and fixtures surround you, and there are unexplored parts of the house with treasures to find
keep. It is a violation to them: yes, sort of mental rape. You I can completely understand why burglars are attracted to it. Jesus Christ he so grow he's like not my mom, and I get it. I get why people on a mentally rate, people liquids. I hate you that's dark, so she so Nancy comes in and she's obviously very startled to see ya fucking Dennis sitting at her kitchen table. One might figure, so he just tells her. He had a sexual issue and he needed a tire up. He needed to have sex with her and you need to take a few pictures but that he wasn't going to kill her its I'd, say: I'm not gonna, hurt you, but that's hurting you. She was upset according to him. Obviously she was for many years and slid you're, not just gonna, be ok, as long as you're dogs. All you want to do and the two of them began talking about like he was trying to calm down
He said. Eventually, they sat across from each other in the living room and she started smoking a cigarette, but he was trying to keep her chill but acting like she was going to live through this ordeal he's just talking. It was like yeah dude, like I'm, really sorry, I'm just this like fucked up sexual guy. I need to take you're. So I can Jackie later that's all this is in she sitting there being like any. while they were sitting there, he did go through her purse and you ve picked out a few things. You wanted to steal like her licence and all that cause. He steals all their licences. That's like his thing right. He said at some point. She said, and he said this in his court testimony and in the letters to Catherine Rams. Land he said quote. She said: well, let's get this over with, so I can go call the police which
What about you? I love like. I love that she's. Just like you know what was just get the sun was sent for the fucking police on your ass. You degenerate, but he said she sealed her doom for sure on that one, because when he said issues she was going to call the police. I wasn't wearing a mask and he was like, even if he was going to kill her and he was like yeah. He was like, even if I wasn't going to kill her I hadn't killer. Now. She then asked if she could go to the bathroom- and he said yes, but he propped it open. So she couldn't make any moves right like he wanted to be able to see what she was doing. He told her to come out naked and he and dressed himself, which makes me shudder so hard. that I am fairly certain that my great green kids are going to feel chills does not Russia. They won't know what those chills are from, but one day they will just shudder like a shake waited hints at it, and it's from this knowledge
Dennis to standing their naked waving, Giuliano yeah. Now it's nazis came out still wearing a pink sweater. I believe it was and he went to remove it and she was like please don't and he was like. Ok, Oh yeah and he his in his words, he said she asked that I leave the bedroom door, open, which I did this relates to other times when I respected victims request. like oh, your three things so much for doing my leg. He has to point out like this. Like us see, I am a human, I say nice guy he's like. I think I might be human guys not always like knowing. So no so he handcuffed her with handcuffs he brought with them, with her hands behind her back, which generally you gives me it gives me the heaps. I can't
and he had a lay on the bed any tighter feet. According to his letters to Catherine Rams Land, he said quote, I asked if she had ever had sex in the, but with her boy I had no intention of normal rape, sex or even sodomy. I wore no condom at the time, so, actually to me it was Reich mental rape or mental sodomy. That's all I needed with a victim in bondage. The active strangling broad vat gratification quickly, along with the victim struggling he is so groves, is so far into like monster land. It's just unbelievable. That's so he's making her think. I'm going to rape, you right when I sodomized you so now, she's freaking out and he's like Owen, but I don't need to do that. All I need to do is strangle her. That's the last thing, she's expecting cuz all she thought yeah guess he made her think any acting very low you're, not gonna, wait.
any also going along with requests like. Please don't take this off and he's like. Ok, please leave the door open. Ok, like he's acting very like too I'm all right, so she's, probably thinking my Leah and that's his thing is he wants them to feels lake there? Ok, that's part of the whole thing that he like south as it was then, when he goes actually kill them. They're, probably there's little shop there face reality like wild, exactly that oh creeping out of one hundred. I know it's off and you will understand I didn't want to either. Why did I understand? Why did we do that so in court? He said he merely climbed on top refer at this time and strangled her. What about
to Catherine Rams land and to the police. He said quote Fox passed out. I had her come back and I whispered in her ear a bit. I told her. I was Bt K. I was a bad guy. This was the torture thing you can visualize being tied up and knowing that something is going to happen to you and you can do nothing. That's my torture now to me The fact that he said in court, I just strangled her or the bell, and that seems to be what he does. He strangled pretty quick yeah Then he's telling the police, in various letters from Ghana, and then I brought her back and whispered in his ear and pity came a bad and also I dont Bologna meant nothing to her cause it. How even been printed exactly now it hadn't she's like your burger, so she's excuse me, and I don't think it happened right. I think
just trying to toughen up his shit. I think is strangling fluff up his stories, which you know what to that. I say fuck, you, sir, so You then said he on handcuffed, her and re tied her hands with pantyhose and took the belt offer neck and then re tied her neck with pantyhose. This was all for, like the look like he did, this. He never left the handcuffs on or the belts even like how that looked. He liked how it looked in the moment, but if you once he was going to take pictures, you like the aesthetic of the nylons and all that measures are exactly it's where his own fantasy. He then went through the home to take some other things, which is what he does.
He does have a very specific routine that he takes it. Basically, just looking for clothing, jewellery, feminine things where he can use later, he also grabbed her licence. He poured himself a glass of water, he turned up the heat and then he left because remember it turns out the time to fight with time Adele. but you didn't know as the possibility of Yang it's crazy and in his own words all this was done. While she was quote dying on the bed nice, which it's like fact dude, now. As for the jewellery that he took from her home, he considered giving some of it to his wife and my god.
Oh it's energy, I'm wherefore boats. Even worse, he said quote. I thought no, I'm not going to give it to my wife. That's too cruel yeah. I thought about giving it to my daughter once and I may be- did give it to my daughter, but I don't think so. I think I still have it the fact that he is like you might have given it to my young daughter, like I gave a dead woman, whom I kill her jewels. to my young daughter and then he's like yeah. I could have done that place, so it's cruel to give it to your wife, but it's you gave maybe gave a you maybe you're like you know what does a distinct possibility that I gave it to my young daughter like die like while is, and I feel like he got off on that Somalia We are seeing it seeing at war in everyday himself. That would be a whole another little daughter or your wife. It's he's so beyond now. now. Remember Dennis, isn't attention seeker of the highest order
link in so the next morning, at around eight fifteen, while he was with his crew at work getting breakfast, he just couldn't take it anymore, so he took a moment ago to pay phone and he called the police. Yes, he reported this murder because he was too eager to wait for it to happen. Naturally, like an eel literally left her house one to work and was like I just gotta, send people there need people see it was like lights So he said he covered the receiver and like a muffled undisguised his voice. Any said quote: yes, you find a homicide at eight forty, three Self Pershing Nancy Fox, and then he just left the phone dangling off the hook and they trace the phone call obviously
he said that he didn't know why he left the phone. After see very said, he didn't even that we think it was like a conscious decision. He said quote, I dont know perhaps nervous or delay, but it could be traced. Maybe it was a cat and mouse. move, probably a thing you do in your younger and if you think things out- and you wouldn't do it now- which it's like yeah. That's something I often did in my youth. I always left the receiver dangling off the hook when I found myself desperate for attention after I brutally murdered a human being. I pay for something you do in your young. Does that's like you shit out Adele, someone
We were you. It's just youth. We found dangling off the hook outrages one time hashtag young uns, like just kids, the internet, speed. Kids. Now nothing happened and no it like that. Obviously they went to the house. They they found her right, but nothing happened. Yes, I'd like no one. No one can send him a suspect. Nothing was reliable going crazy. see those media, but it was like it was kind of like small. It just wasn't what he wanted. So on January 31st, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight you sent a copy of his Shirley Locks, member, the Shirley Vian phones, that phone to the Wichita Eagle. Remember the thing that you yet for ninety nine cents a month. If you want a ride with is a limited articles and it's a good thing. Didn't you got that I did I paid for it. It's worth it
So there wasn't any news coverage of it, though, like the Shirley Locks, poem being sent there and he was pissed, so he was like. I just sent you this poem and I will defeat myself wrote it myself, it's great, so he composed another letter and sent it to K a Ketv, egg tv, which I now, which is the local news station the other way tat, ego and cake tv got the most shit during beauty caesarean because he liked their coverage right and he's just like. I like they covered my shit when I wanted them to so they of good, and he also have like a weird lake sexual obsession with one anchors cake tv. He liked that she was raped yes. I think it gave him like a little less barkeepers Jackie big time you known anew
now, the letter that I sent to kick tv was signed Bt K and he talked about how he murdered the o, terrors, Nancy, Fox and surely Diane, and he also mentioned unidentified, kill that we now know was Catherine Bright Boca, but he didn't the he like I he mentioned it unconnected himself to it, but they do. He didn't, say her name right. He also included a drawing of a woman who is bound and gagged with another fucking poem, this one's entitled o death to Nancy. Oh good, and this is how it went. What is it that? What is this that I can see cold icy hands? Taking hold of me for death has come. You all can see how has opened its gate to trick me. O death, oh
Can't you spare me over for another year I'll stuff, your jaws till you can't talk all blind your legs till you can't walk I'll, tie your hands till you can't make a stand, and, finally, a close your eyes see you can't see I'll bring sexual death unto you for me. What is sexual deaf sounds narrowly though, and I want a little harder work while I do not want any part of it. Now, along with that, you know amazing. He also sent a letter all this is what the letter said. I find the newspaper not writing about the poem on Viviane unamusing. A little paragraph would have been enough no, it now there's a lot of grammatical errors in spelling airs severe with makes some etc. That, just because it's really bad.
I know it not them knit news media fault, the police chief. He keep things quiet and doesn't let the pubic the public know there's a site. running around loose, strangling mostly women. Their seven in the ground, too, will be next. How many do I have to kill before I get a name in the paper or some national attention? Do the cop think that all those deaths are not related? golly g, yes, the ammo is different in each but look a pattern is developing. The victims are tied up, most have been women. Phone cut, bring some bondage major sadist tendencies, no struggle outside the death spot, no witness except the viands kids. the death spot, while the death spot, they were very lucky, a phone call save them. I was going to tape the boys and put plastic bags over their head, like I did Joseph and surely, and then hang the girl God, oh god, what a beautiful sexual
leave that would have been Josephine when I hung her really turned me. I knew her pleading for mercy when the rope took whole. She helpless staring at me with wide terror. Phil dies the rope getting tighter, tighter. You don't understand these things because you're not under the influence, a factor acts the same thing that made son of SAM Jack, the Ripper Harvey Gladwin, Boston, strangler, doktor, H, H, homes, pantyhose, strangler, Florida, hillside, strangler, TED of the West Coast, which is what he called tonight by Monday. Ten of the West Coast. Are you shitting me know enough? No has finally Lopez, but will give him the biggest bird he'd be like no. He would give him an atomic wedge
yeah now in many more infamous character, kill which seem senseless, but we cannot help it. There is no help, no cure except death or being caught and put away. It is a terrible nightmare, but you'd see I dont lose any sleep over it. After a thing like Fox, I come home and go about life like anyone else, and I will be like that until the urge hits me again. It's not continuous and I dont have a lot of time I'll take time to set a kill. One mistaken it's all over, since I about blew it on the phone handwriting. His own letter guide is too long and typewriter can be chase to heed, makes a litter, excuse, my short palm of death and maybe a drawing later on real picture, and maybe a tape of the sound will come your way.
How will you know me before murder or murders? You will receive a copy of the initials Bt K. You keep that copy. The original will show up some day on guess who may not be the unlucky one p s, here's where he gave all the the name suggestions PS, how about some name. For me, it's time, seven down and many more to go. I like the following: how about you, the BT, gay strangler, Wichita, strangler, poetic, strangler, the bondage, strangler or psycho the Wichita hand, when the Wichita executioner the garage phantom, the hideous fix eater he.
It's a fucking loser and after that he will he also listed each victim and how they were found in very specific crimes, jails and they knew that you buy. So they were like talking about. Oh this fuckin losers, the guy like really awesome, God. Now things quieted down for a little bit after this and he kept doing like petty thefts and breaking and entering saw no real, quoting quote projects planned out for him, but he knew he was trolling. I thought PJ's PJ's, sorry, I'm sorry, no real pj's destroying and he was just like live in his life, basically for when his wife was out so that he could dress up in women's items and film himself, an auto erotic, asphyxiation police use me, I just threw up all over the exactly on June Thirteenth nineteen, seventy eight their daughter carry was born
a second child. During this whole time he was excessively learning about all serial killers at the time like tat of the less blinks head of the West Coast. He was also very until he gave see in the hillside. Stragglers who around during this time so is all like in his face basically now April twenty Eightth nineteen, seventy nine- Sixty three year old Anna Williams came back to her home later one night to find that someone had clearly broken him. Phone lines were cut no wires and shit. We're left around. No one was there, though June fifteenth comes around. She gets a package that actually addressed to her dead husband, oh god, that's really off and in it is a photo copied Why am I think there was like drawings of lake naked Veto bound and gagged women, which is what he loved to do?
Do you like do a drawing of a down and gagged woman, or he would put a like magazine picture of a like some chick. He thought was hot and he would draw like gags and bindings on her in the package was also her own scarf that you've taken from her house and a piece of her own jewelry being taken from her, and I would move away now that poem that was in there. that, oh Anna, why didn't you appear? No yeah see member the one we talk a lot like I fingers part one. Now he sent similar package with photo copies of all the actual items that were in that to kick tv ok, so you want to both of them to get it now. Apparently, it was actually Anna's granddaughter Rebecca who is like twenty four years old. That was the intended I get so. He thought and his granddaughter was her. Ok,
that's? Why he's like super? He was went through the whole thing. It wasn't for poor sixty three year old, Anna but yeah so she didn't nobody died, but that all happened now. Creed. This is like a crazy side, think is used. how he loved this. He was upset about this one, because the anything didn't work out. He really was looking forward to that projects by, but he said he did. Love freaking The fuck out, like that, just ruining their worlds, now that your role to be entirely no someone's been in their house like they're gonna yeah. I hate that more. And he said that he also during this time, used to get great pleasure in scribbling Bt K was here on men's bathrooms. Like men's bathroom walls or mirrors, when he was out and drunk like us straight up fourteen year old and nice will bathroom
exactly, but also unlike where are those like some one in which a target, if I said the other about how many car either not stir in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three, his son Brian, became a cub scouts and Dennis Go Scout and Eagle CUB Scouts and Dennis became a scout leader seems like a perfect job for him right. No, no, we're not at all wrong, correct and I'll. Take no for three thousand Alex in this comes back later. Just so, you know an eagle skull precisely in eighteen, nineteen, eighty four, he noticed one of his neighbors who he saw all the time. This was a neighbor like literally a couple houses down, sorrow the time and you just noticed her all of a sudden. No great! That's why you,
Yeah her name was marine hedge and she was fifty three years old and she was adorable. No, I don't want them he said she often smiled and wave to him no, and he said quote, I thought about what her neck would look like with rope around Jesus Christ. Which killigans good morning Dennis and shoot and he's like when she look pretty with rope around your neck. Doesn't this remind you of Ed Kemper when he said? Sometimes I see a pretty girl I think I want to take her out on a date. Other terms, I think, while her head would look good on a stick: yeah he's just slake mimicking other serial killers. So that's it just a kind of like a funny coincidence that he used it to use that phrase. You re right, so he said she did have a male friend to came around. Sometimes
but he wasn't very concerned about that. She was definitely next. He called this one project cookie and project de flower, wind de flower, because he often saw her when she was out gardening and he also liked gardening, so flower. You know a terrific yeah, so April twenty six nineteen, eighty four Dennis went to scout camp to help set up because they were going on ain't camping trip? No, yes, he said quote that day I parked up on the hill off the roadside near the camp, so I could leave and come back and noticed. I had my hit KITT in a bowling bag. I had brought. I had bought at a garage sale. I'd keep em
I had kept it in the work shed. He said he told the leaders and the scouts that he had a headache, so he was going to go to sleep early that night. This is when he left. You went and changed into different clothing drove to a bowling alley pretended to bowl. Why just like an alibi kind of thing. Then he splashed beer in his mouth and on his face to appear drunk and called the cab. Why does he want to appear drunk cuz? He wanted this cab driver to think he was just a drunk guy who needed a ride home okay, he went. He went too far like if this is just my jealousy out why he made the cab guy let em out does he said he told them. Then he like needed some air. Please let me out the guy, let him out and he walked Marines house. So he basically needed a cab to drive him far enough away to where he could walk. Ok. Now he caught the phone lines and broke into her home.
she wasn't there. Ok, he said immediately. He heard a car Poland when he got in the house and to people approaching the house, so he ran so he immediately ran to a bedroom. This is where he hid in the fucking closet. Now this this is the one that leg shut and just give me it wishes yeah. This is also why I check all of my fucking closets before I go to bed and why my husband's, like you're insane calm down, I do that and I'm like no Dennis might be in there.
I don't know. I don't know no marine and her male friend, where there visiting for over an hour well Dennis, hid in the closet while drink that in leg they are hanging out talking doing their thing thing and he's in the fucking closet watching them. Do you know what I just thought of her? That's why I don't wear socks, because my shoes and and there's no way anyone could last cloth tat. I was really wondering where you're going with that's, why I don't wear so that's a good reason not to our side Viti cave will it gets worse. He then waited until in his words to the judge when he was discussing this whole thing at his court appearance. He said quote: waited until the We hours of the morning to walk into her room and Flickr on her bathroom lights as she slept. So he waited over that our that oh yeah, with her friend yup Sheila, got ready, went to bed
fell asleep, and then he waited a little longer until she was asleep and then walked into her room inflict. Unlike what the actual yeah. He said she screamed immediately with, of course, and he just jumped on bed and manually strangled her like this poor woman wakes up out of dead sleep too a light being flicked on a man who she recognizes neighbour, because that's you think she probably looked him was like. Are you why like why the fucker you in my room in the middle of the night, and then he just jump on her bed and manually strangle, sir, while and she's, she can see him. She knows who this like. That's even worse. He said he was, you know, feel uncanny sexy He stripped of this poor woman immediately afterwards handcuffed her hands behind her back and placed her on a blanket. He then took polaroids of her.
which I accidentally saw on low. Now when I was in this, was honestly an accident. I don't recommend looking for them, because it's really sad and awful yeah. wasn't looking for them. I was just looking up information about her and with crime scene and they popped up and I can see them. So that's Do it that what you will, I'm sure yeah, it's no good, so he says after you put her on the blanket he got a glass of water and looked through her personal stuff like he always does, and he make sure to say that this is. Is it that its trade mark to grab water like after the thing that he says it several times and he stole her licence. Little lame thing re a good one. any loves to say it like he's, like those kind of my thing like an exciting like hydrate who hide duration, so edgy deliver commissioners such a fucking edge master demonstrate he then moved her outside to the trunk of her.
Own car, oh when he talked about moving her. This is just like a little side thing when he talked about moving her body He mentioned in the Rams Land book how hard it was like you surprised at how far it was. He said quote it's like a concrete box This was the first time I ever actually moved a body. I wear it Might I worried about my back as I lifted her out of the trunk like bitch, I move bodies. for living by myself. You truly are a tiny little wisp of a man in every way imaginable and why? Why was he moving? Your body could use putting her in the trunk of his car, but look why? Why was he moving her like and he didn't move victims before he just decided to switch about We want you want explanations off, I don't want to get in certain countries. Now I ll tell you have explanations, for I don't have one for that: one, but
I'm going to quickly play the clip of him describing this this part of the The guy act yeah and it's just dumb its during his court appearance where he just nonchalantly, is talking about all these murders and the reason I want to play this clipper quick, is just because of how one in here would have broken Dingus. He sounds like into you're gonna, hear how fucking casual and Lake Board he is describing these things awesome can't wait so here we go sexual.
Anytime anyway. She was nude. I put her on a blanket to Winthrop birth, some personal items in the house. I figured out how I was going to get her out of. There eventually moved her to the trunk of the car over to Christ, Lutheran church, The thing that, like these many things about me about that, but one of the things that really stuck out to me was how he's like. Then I put her the trunk of a car like he's, just like your recalling, like just a very very bore. Sunday. Nearly dishwasher
watch mind, Hunter four legs? Our story like it's a very chill which I did the other day. I have not what's the psycho and yet so nobody tells us It's bizarre to me how casual this motherfuker is, and that just shows you that's him retelling in front of these victims, families, or just sighing dvd I remember every vivid detail, but I M so Fucking board He D be taken, I'm just humbly undisputed breathes disavow! You now, when he brought his so like he mentions in that clip. He brought her body to Christ, Lutheran church. He brought her inside the church and he pulled. Turn nude dead body in bondage, positions inside the church to take pictures
Oh wow, yeah. Now cases is shocking. You and making you feel some type away. The yep don't worry because, according to Dennis quote, I tied her up and different positions and took pictures. I did not use the altar. I was bad and disturbed, but I still had respect for some items of God's house. You placed a dead body that you murdered in God's house I mean hello, he may have just hidden the home of an older woman that he knew and frequently greeted in his neighborhood for hours before waking, her up from sleep, I Flickr the light on in her room, wrangling her with his bare hands stripping, naked and driving her dead body in her own vehicle to a fucking church to then pose her. Inside in bondage positions but fuck you for assuming he would sully that alter
He would not sully that alter the very fucking derriman line about how dare you I'm like I'm gonna be real. If all of this has been, you note, mildly concern. nothing, but the thought of him selling the altar of a church was the thing that was gonna, throw you over the edge, You may need to look in the mirror Olympic bad at the fact that that was his like guys. A windfall can do that. I didn't do it holds her. It's like you brought her in a church, Ray what professor airy that's now all this these things leading up to that does not make it like. Oh well, you didn't touch the altar whoop close call you almost a bad guy Dennis you are always the bad guy. I'm stress I literally distressed by like his leg. Just his life is a conundrum
so after you took all the polaroids he could. He said he found a ditch where people dumped trash and he dumped her body their cause, trash right or young, even cleaned up the church and drove himself back to Fucking scout camp, because I bet you didn't remember that he did all this while Chaperonage a scout trip. He went back and MRS Ogata Mechanics gone, just went back and was like still, but still sleep gas like he pretended to be asleep. While now the poor guy, who had hung out with marine at her home that night be actually became. The prime suspect I mean yes the gas prices at a seer, yeah and big in basically, this was because Dennis didn't you do as usual attention seeking thing worries. I can't believe you a letter. Writing a fuckin poem right,
because he was worried because he said she lived so close to me. I had a connection to her and he's like I didn't want this to be. I know my attention on that poor guy, it's like he was saying and I in any person here alive as far as anybody else who knew so also in, like I said before, in the letters with Catherine Rams land he repeats every time he uses one of his like trademarks. like he was annoyed. They hadn't connected certain seems to him because he would always cut the phone lines and he was like what the fuck that's my trademark. They should have known that was made, not everybody in America's trademark. You fucking more cutting the phone like every other yoke,. Both the greatest like every cereal. I dont come peoples for you, don't know what do you mean league uneasy? These look! Why are they not getting it like that? This is his like. I'm be decay! This is my trademark. Let me why only carrying movie anybody does that
with marine head. She said he got a glass of water in our home after he killed her because that's one of his quote trademarks- and it just makes me think- think of like the DSM, which is like the manual for mental illnesses. newest one. When you go into lake narcissistic personality disorder,. It really does show that leg. He needed to be known for these things very part of the listen just a couple of the law, traits that go along with narcissistic personality disorder is pervasive pattern of grandiose city, a need for admiration and lack Empathy has a grandiose sense of self importance. Like exaggerates achievements expects to be recognised when they have a really done anything to be recognised for their also very preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success power,
brilliance, beauty. They also believe that their special and unique and can only be understood by you, no special high status For in this a stray from the Dios EM, I am not making this up from the manual that they also require excessive and admiration Harrison. of entitlement and they show arrogant haughty behaviour and attitudes, which is exactly Dennis He needs that recognition and he also needs to be specially uniquely music. That's my trademark. I drink a glass of water migration is my thing. It's not your thing. It's my thing since its creation is not yours. It's mine. It's my thing airline is like my plea is always clear than hell yeah. I will never be a color Dennis so that both fell come at me, brown with their hydrogen will never be he's just sewed textbook like he'd. Just needs to be noticed for something in
He is, and it's not even just one thing. He can't even just pick like I drink, a glass of water. That's kind of my thing so ass to be known for cutting the phone lines in fer. You know looking through their shit and for stealing their licence and for like everything he does is like pretty like state nerd we're like that. Ariel Killilea able willing- I think it's like he picks so many things, because he so terrified that he won't be known for anything that recycle Dennis it's like one guys like. I have two overcompensate from having multiple things that you can know me for it s interesting so September, sixteenth, nineteen, eighty six Dennis I did he wanted to kill someone on his lunch break because heights, because you know she's dull, so I mean what else what I'll see you're gonna die and all they are. I don't get a real lunch break, so I can kill anybody on violent. That's very good. Unfortunately, for twenty eight,
you're old mother to a young toddler, Vicki workable. She would become victim number nine. Is the sun upsets me. He had seen her weeks earlier, just getting out of her car at her home Anyone know any fixated on all it. I hate that it so simple. I hate it and he dressed as this day he dressed as a telephone repair MA. Am he created his own helmet logo and everything you see really one for it, and he said he like the fact that she had a covered porch that, like come of covered the front or linger wasn't an open front doors here, and he had also heard a piano from within her home. While you stocking her and he's fucking like the piano, oh, ok, yeah, that's a reason so he showed her better home this day and asked her if he could check her phone lines inside and she let him in no, you cannot,
So he said he immediately saw a baby in a play. Pen, this baby was two years old: ok, an ear to dogs going nuts at the door, but their outside. Here she said quote: she showed me where the telephone was. I had a fake instrument pretended to fiddle with it as a phone tester. When she looked away, I drew my twenty five caliber Otto. She was scared. She started to cry. She said her huh when was coming home for lunch and would be there soon. She asked about the baby. You fucking asshole, my god like Herbie. Literally her toddler is sitting there. You fucking asshole, like this is the shit that I'm like but I was living in IRAN, so he made her go to the back bedroom and he told her. He was tying her up. He said that she was super upset and then like fighting him hard. In fact, he says quote she fought hard. She fought like a hell cat which, unlike fuck a very urgent,
Ricky. She ended up fucking up his nose actually and he had to figure out how to cover it up around this wife awhile, which go you Ricky, strangled her with a nylons stocking and she passed out. He opened up her blouse and pants and took photos of her quickly. I think he took three. He said, then he said it now. He wants to make sure you know he didn't hurt the baby. Oh, what a great guy you didn't hurt the bay. They really glad that he didn't like didn't hurt the baby. You violently took his mother away from him feet from where he played your Damon. No all the windows were opened during this and it was broad daylight, and he had said she had said her husband was on the way, which was the truth. O thought this was another completely bumbling murder. It was Vicky's poor, husband who was coming home on his lunch, break that found her in after frantically removing the nylons from her neck. As you,
do when you find your wife firms, husband with anything around their neck? He called the police, of course, Dennis had taken her licence in some personal stuff before he left cause. That's a trademark guys, videos and then just went back to work with his messed up knows near user groups should happens, law no eating contact the police about this one. and in her poor husband became the prime suspect for a long time legal take specially because he removed the the stuff around her now is So in obviously they were like. No one else was here. When you came on your lunch break, you must allow that's awful. I know he really fucked with a lot of people.
In nineteen eighty eight he lost his job at eighty security place, I think uses laid off. I don't they goes for anything crazy. At this point, it was forty three years old you, a jet, tried to become a police officer at this point to be really and smart. The Wichita PD, the highway patrol and serves department were alike know. Why do you know he? even says he doesn't know they didn't give him a reason, but he thinks it was his age which could be forty three is pretty old: to become police yeah. So this made him feel inadequate? Oh great, so he gets brouhaha. Guph welcome home
and also what made him feel very inadequate was the whole serial killer boom of the eighties. Can serial killers were huge, they were infamous, there was a ton of them at the time and they were splashed across every media station ever and Denis was getting upset because the Bt K Keller was not getting a lot of attention outside of Wichita. I mean come on guys, he drinks glasses of water, yet he was like I hydrate at the crimes and I cut wires at the crimes ass. The crumbs, like I'm unique alone, I'm special I'm alarm, one of a kind head of the West curve, so different from tat of the West TAT. I just love it, so he started working for the EU senses department for a while in this took him out of town a lot. So he was having a lot of time to hang in motels alone, indue self Bondage and ATO erotic as Vixenish and raise your hand
you hate that and he would call it his motel parties star no job and here's ratings by himself. Like I will go into all the details about obviously because honest leave. This is all he did, then that would be fine right leg, whatever you do you in the privacy of your time is lines is not at the expense of someone else like right. You. Do you write? You want autos fixy yourself in a hotel alone, she's safe man. That's all I like not him but like if you like it, go just be safe here, but then to kill people know, don't that's why you're not cool anymore. so that senses job was only temporary and didn't in it ended in the summer, so he was pissed, inadequate and prowling again new boy. This is one victim number. Ten became sixty two year old, Dolores Dave, as he did the same kind of thing. He came
the place and told and stopped her until he had a routine down or homes lay out all that good stuff. So he set a plan into motion and he decided to use his scalp master shed as cover again, also this time so in January. Ninety ninety one, the scout, had their annual dead of winter camp out at Harvey County Park, westons miserable, he said quote. I arrived early and got camp all set up one arrived. I fabricated, a story that I had to go back and town for something I went to my parents house. They were on vacation in dressed in my hit clothes in the basement. So then he drove to the Baptist Church and walked to Dolores. You got there sometime around eleven p dot m and he waited for her to go to sleep just watching her, like you just watching her from outside, he watched her whole routine watch her waited for her to go to sleep So he said he was going to do the normal sneak in thing.
but he didn't have a ton of time because remember he had to go back to skullcap. Very very so. He found a cinder block outside in just checked it through a glass door or in the middle of the night. Apparently she ran out believable in thought. He had hit our house with his car and he was like nope, I'm a wanted man blah blah blah the same fucking receives is over time. I wanted. I just need your car, just any money, proper Jupiter do good stupid stupid. He said quote: this was the first time I carried a club, a pipe twelve inches long Phil.
With lead fishing singers. When she said I couldn't be there, I said MA am you're going to have to cooperate. I've gotta club I've got a gun. I've got a knife, I suggest you do you, take your choice, how you want it, so he forced her into a bedroom handcuffed her. While she fought him like hell, he yanked out the phone line and said he just chatted with her to calm. Her down when I set out are then work, many cities. He said he just shot the shit whither and he kept telling her that he was just warrant warming himself up getting food, and He was like I'm not going to hurt you. I just need food like trying to keep her car. I don't like that. He does the own. He also wants you to know that he drank water because without. Legendary move of his wooden be beating, and what is this all about? We say you're telling me that he had a glass of water.
He had a glass of water and so unique whirls, so legendary world, so DNS as anybody ever done ever were only Dennis trademark. Only BT carrying water, TM hotter t happen. So after getting her comfortable, which a fucking hate that he gets his poor woman thinking like out it's out I'll, be over and a little bit he tied her hands to her ankles. While she was on her belly and strangled her with nylons, as in his words, she begged him not to kill her. Oh good here Now he didn't take photos of her because she had indicated that at one point that someone was coming over and he wanted to get out of there before any other shitstorm happen, like the other places that he's like it is not taking chances this time, so you threw her in the trunk of his car and did it again
And, moreover, to some lakeside area and dumped her body, oh and then he realized he was missing his gun and had to go back to her house where he found it on the floor. He legit dropped his gun in her house and left it there and had to go back and get it what an idiot condemned as smooth the fact that in a bid to that too, is just like even better so dynamic, as I realise that in Wales it it'll be good political back. Those are the floor so funny you do that because I just channel him. I think it's very upsetting thing. I do, but I do it. If you do you do you drink water? Not now only Dennis those that yeah yeah yeah? No, I don't across over, like I am glad this ledge and maybe nervous for who had talk so well using the getting his gun that he dropped it. He stole her in
higher jewellery box for licence some clothing, a camera hers. Then he went back to her body and moved it under bridge narrow barn, where he had scooped out ahead of time and he'd like to this area, because he said he wanted to take pictures in that area. It was gonna, be really spooky. Sexy you yeah, Dennis nothing about Dennis is sexy, although not even one cell in his body. This is just a lot of people are spook ease up. I got a lot on all your pretty spooky if he's just like a fuckin bizarre you're. Just like one are you I don't know, and I don't want it
Well, the weather that night was too shitty for photos. It was like foggy in shit future power. So then he just went back to scout, can't see the moon. My back the scout camp again here, because you know you chaperone another scout trap. When he did this. Can you imagine knowing that you are on that scale trip? No, I believe, while being like? Oh, I remember one Dennis left Conseil. I left his cheesecake in town near just came out of my mouth to very Dennis thing. Believe in town leaves leave his cheesecake. I owe a guard We did area so the second night of Scouts camp. He found a headache which they're probably like. Do you have a brain tumor? You boy dissenters, you always a vague and he told the skull leaders. He had to go into town and get medicine, so instead, no one had tylenol, no apparently not or not for Dennis. Instead, he went back to doors. His body, putty, creepy porcelain, mask on her and took photos. No thank you.
Danny went back to scout camp. Again. I just barfed so is may one thousand nine hundred and ninety one that he got his job as a compliance officer and boy did. He love this job compliance officer, yeah that so this job like making sure lease laws are obeyed, making sure everyone's grasses a quarter and shy enforcing all the laws around like litter and trash, and all that from all my body was a hall monitor Healy. was literally like a town hall monitor why that's only what you would be home any learn loved it. He took street. The part of the job was also taking stray dogs and any dogs who are in violation of any codes to the pound to be utilised and he enjoyed the loved it. I mean I'm feeling a police officer and he got to be a day.
I like wield power over people. I love dogs because I seem like stories on like a credit and stuff like that where people are like. Oh, like this, this guy I knew or whatever, like somebody somebody new Godin, an argument with Dennis Rader really, and it was over his dog not being liked or being loud and nothing leashed, or something that you're not being registered and Dennis came back in like took the dog to the pound, like vengeful e, like did it like, you would like to do as a dick like he used to do that shit all the time. So then people have likes civic stories about him, be compliance, as in the last season of mind hunter. I think you start to see his leg dickie nests, because I think it's I don't know if he's working at eighty tea in the other hearing, like when the guy comes back and needs like another role of table. They give me the old. You have to give me the core
nothing. I don't like you literally like what the fuck and he's like you need to give me the core. I can't give you another, unlike that's him, and he does like this stupid little activities This is how it works me Alex are in the guy literally like fuck you and that's why being a compliance officer was like his ideal job, because he essentially got to do that. all day everyday. He essentially had to got to tell people give me the core. I can't give you that the narc of the century- he is he's the worst, Oh so that in his words he said quote after Davis, the desire seem to go away for a while. I finally found a good job and I was busy with the kids in home life, but that cycle started again. it seems like one thousand nine hundred and ninety four one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. I started looking. So's. During this time that he was planning to kill, a woman doctor who came to their house for house calls when he was having ear problems. That seems problem
well in hello, that's hearkening back to the ear infections. When he was five, even Dennis said that he didn't understand why he wanted to heard a woman who is helping him but thought it was the b. the assembly idea of her hurting him to help him thing like when he was five here. So you brought it back later agrees. I really harping on that is like it. That was, it Maybe it was maybe was map of any pretty like significant. Yes, I literally couldn't just think of the tough words up until ninety ninety five, when he And fifty he was just what he was doing breaking and entering in just like prowling and can awake writing down projects and stuff, but he wasn't doing anything. He just didn't, kill anyone. Ok, he did have a specific fantasy, though that is fucked up beyond measure grey. He wanted to
all it p, J, twin peaks, and it was to be a mother and a daughter. Oh no, they were both to be blonde with long hair and the daughter was to be ten to twelve years old. Oh Jesus Christ he would tie the daughter up in her bedroom and have some kind of system where she would hear her mother being tortured at high volume through some kind of like stereo system. Oh my god, like this dude You have children every time you ll get to the point where you like, oh he's, just a fucking bumbling any like what it had monger heard. One incident any says should, like than your leg know: you're, the straight up: devil. we you're just like what the actual fuck and healing wanted that tappin didn't happen. Loud so was in January two thousand and four sword jumper way ahead, because you didn't do anything through all this time you
being a compliance officer used. I think, like vice presidents of this church, she was just live in his normal life. I didn't realize, didn't, kill anyone. That's though Cerise oh yeah, I didn't kill him. One at this point was just according to him and will all hid the evidence they found later. He was planning a lot of projects where he was ready to do it. He just didn't. Do it right. It was January, two thousand and four that first love Vienna, who was a poor, a rapporteur for the Wichita Eagle Road amazingly detailed investigative peace that, like outline the decades since the o taro murders, and he like kind of connected. The fact that beats UK was the one who did a and b to care was never caught. Dennis was thrilled that this, like you'd like omega. This is my time so that same year he was voted vice president of his congregation Christ, Lutheran Church, interesting- and this is so
he sent a letter to levy on other reporter on March nineteenth of that year and put the name as build Thomas kill. Are, you kidding me ass. This this letter contained he was like a package and it had the three Polaroid photos of Vicki work or lying on the floor and a photocopy of her licence. Now the BT case, symbol was, in the right hand, corner of this thing and the return address, I think, was like a vacant building. So, but ever there are like the shit, it's legit, like these are photos of vacuum. Argo! That's her fucking licence like this is of real. So this is when the media blew up. Many FBI profiles became involved and Denis Sparky big time to all over himself with glee. This was the beginning of the packages that he kept. Sending that eventually got his damascus stupidity.
no Dennis like we said he loved cake tv because he will have keg. Loved K, K Tv and they it's because they cover them a lot. So they got a lot of this shit vary so on May fourth, two thousand and four cake tv gotta package from Thomas be king. that's stupid now this one had all kinds of goodies and by me lay there was this like weird cryptic, Wordpress so our Zodiac killer, kind of thing and
That would also looked like an outline for a BT came book. Yes, he did that he outlined his own book. It was called the BT case story. How original do you want to hear the chapters know, but I'm sure I have to use you sure. Do you sure do one? A serial killer is born to dawn. Three fetish bore fantasy world five. The search begins. Six BT case since seven PJ's, which met just makes me think pajamas, a literally eight m, o idee ruse, nine hits ten treasured memories points. Eleven final curtain call twelve dusk thirteen. Will there be more what the fuck yeah like Dennis
The site like this was his moment, leaving eagerly network in jail right now. He was ready to step into the spotlight and be like it's me like. He was all about this particular also. He said it have been thirty years of this. Technically sincere, the matters. Murders been added a long time, and so he said he was collecting trophies for most of that time from victim, so you like, I want to download some of this stuff taking up a lot of space in my hide holes wow, you know so on June 13th, two thousand and four, someone found a plastic sandwich bag taped to a stop sign. That's freaky inside this bag was a brown envelope and on it was written, Btk, Btk field, Graham Field, Graham indeed, there were papers in this package that had drawings of naked. Ladies hanging found
eggs in various torture devices, and there were captains under them like death on a cold January more, namely shitting me end. The sexual thrill is my bill: oh my god. I love you. Just calm down and gay damned devil. Take up Either there was also another copy of the list of chapters for the Bt Gay story because he was like guys are really wonder at this book. He was like. I know you didn't you just take another look at it really trying to raise this really quick, pass it along to your editor, and then there was some really creepy ass, like typewritten story. That was dated one thousand nine hundred and seventy four and it was about the Otero murders, but he like kind of like it up a bit by referring to himself in the third person and fantasizing about like different scenarios like a fictionalized a little bit
said quote. I left the package's at first in Kansas. This symbolic meaning was important to me. We live in a symbolic worlds. I didn't pick the spot just because it was handy. There was a purpose first, I believe the clutter murders were the first of this kind of mass family murder. All the police reports to media said hinted in that direction. So, first in Kansas and this top sign was stop and look people of Kansas. The poll was the male symbol. I picked a number three tape date attached the package on June. Twelve six twelve refer to three. It was not related to my daughter's birthday. It just happen that way. The package was wrapped in plastic and duct tape, a symbol of bondage and stable items in Bt K hit kit by posting it here I figured an amateur would handle it before the police. That would destroy key evidence ya, that site
really thought out, while like your job as a clown, compliance officer is not taking up enough for your time. Sir. None because holy shit you're far too much time to figure that out so Saturday morning June, seventeenth, two thousand and four somebody. he's working at a local library was look able There are emptying out the book Return Box and at the bottom of this box, oh god, there was a plastic bag with papers, in that this person saw Bt K on it and call the police a meat, ok, good the. So this letter contained a story Called Jake Aoun about an actual nineteen year old boy, who is either murder committed suicide. It was like a real case here and Bt Care was taken, credit for it,
this weird bizarre thing where he was claiming to have done it and had like he was like. I just have to tell everybody about this, and he said quote Jake. He had fantasies about sexual masturbation and unusual ways with bondage and homosexual thrills. While I pack this out, my Sparky is going hard over. All long guard Now I really close my eyes: the police did investigate this and there is no connection with BT gave to this matter and Denis himself admits it was complete bullshit. He just wanted to see the police like run around form, no clue louse saint Sparky, Bigtime Lynn. He said my sparky like you thus going.
to hear you yeah, no yup. You all know that now I don't have my head space, no more, not ready so October twenty. Second, a! U Ps worker was picking a package's from the Omni Centre Office Building, which is located at two hundred North Kansas, and he found another put like plastic bag with brown envelope inside it, and it said Bt K field grim on it. So there was more of lake the Bt K story for Asia. there is in there and then there was a page that was just photographs of children where he had just drawn gags, bindings and other torture stuff. All over these get all that's Beata. He also wrote a whole slightly real, but slightly fictional ized version of his
life for the chapter dawn. Okay. So then he tried making calls to cake tv and such like admitting things and all the stuff, but nobody was taking seriously what he called here and then in December he called in a bomb threat to ninth in Minnesota, but it was bullshit. You just left a package there and he wanted someone finds no unfounded for like five days, so the bomb threat Box was supposed to represent the bee in Bt K bomb threat. This one had a gagged Barbie doll with its hands tied behind us back in the actual licence of Nancy Fox attached, not a photocopy the actual twice allow. Then there was the tale of Nancy Foxes murder on a couple of pages. In there he said quote, When I see this now, I'm actually embarrassed at times at what I wrote the police, but this is part of the queue, boils cube world them's the breaks in Cuba.
No one January twenty fifth, two thousand and five cake tv got another package. It was a postcard with the address s, kill it. Eight old three north edge, more Wichita, Kansas, six, seven to away skill it. This was the o terrorism address. Oh yeah. Now this postcard asked whether a post, Tuesday's cereal Box left between sixty nine and seventy seventh had been found. They found it after this and inside the box was another Barbie doll with a rope rounder wrapped around the dolls neck, and this rope was attached to a little pvc pipe. It said in next to it said: quote: chapter nine hits Pga Little MAX one fifteen, seventy four, so this doll was obviously specific. Josephine right. This post testes box had the tea circled, so it was weapon. The tea
to get you. There was another package at home depot too in a special K box with the case circled. There's the k he's really gone for us is just too much this one is that I think it this one he had like the plans for his leg- murder- lair in there, and in this one he listed a bunch of projects that he was looking for once and he had pleaded and then he asked this is where things get really good in this one key then asked if he could send a floppy disk with some things to do with any said he could. He was
Will it be traced that will it be able to be traced- and he literally said Quote- be honest- you literally asked the police. Can you trace a floppy disk? If I send it to you, be honest with what a fucking moron and he wanted the police to respond to? tell him where they could do. I can trace that surround. Send it to us on the way he pay that he wanted them to respond was having them put an ad in the paper. That would say quote Rex. It will be ok also, he picked Rex. Why does it rises because arouses SEC? Like socks rounds, exactly, are you loudly all the same so the police were like is for real. Like add I've, you know they were literally like. Is he fucking like what you can't be the stupid? Let's just beyond
Popo. So they ran an ad in the Wichita Eagle. So let him know to be totally fine. It's fine right there like do it wrecks. On February. Third, two thousand and five Dennis sent a postcard to Kake TV to thank them for being red and so the police. He was like thanks for being honest, I'll, be sending the disk soon the fa so easy, like guys it does thereby broke his brain so because he was now the president of his church, Oh yeah G had been, he had been elected president. He used the churches computer to send a test file on the fog it ask, thereby this was a file where he signed in with his own goddamn name on the computer. Are you kidding and had no idea that I would pop up on the thing, so the police use their computer guy? Who saw that the person who made this this name was Dennis and a little search showed them that it came from the Christ church
crisis there in church, where demonstrator was the new president, while so now Dennis had also left because remember we're going back, he left seamen. Crime scenes before remember, usually views Geraghty timing. Ever and there was dna under the finger nails of the key word or cause she fought like Hell cat brave, he had Jackie that most of the crime scenes, most notably at the Josephine O Taro scene, and into a blue nightgown at the Nancy Foxy. But at this too, at that time, DNA wasn't something law. Enforcement were really able to do anything with, but they collected it right in the chance that obviously shit would get better now decades later they could take those samples they kept and finally test them against Dennis Rate or now oh my god, and that should be no in what should be noted as really impressed.
Is that the lead detective on this case. Lieutenant land were, I think, is decisive He was really smart and he didn't allow those samples to be tested like they wanted to test these four years. Where decades leading up to this, when they finally had the technology there like, let's testes- and he was like no not until we have- somebody to test it again, and he said he didn't want to do it until this time, because he was worried that the samples would be destroyed by testing them, and he said if we ever had a suspect, we wouldn't be able to use that to test against him. He was one hundred percent, rate when waiting for him, so they actually ended up. Getting dna from his daughter carries medical files. And luckily they were able to take that dna swab and compare it against the seamen, samples and the stuff under Vicky's fingernails, and it was a match for demonstrator so February. Twenty fifth, two thousand and five Dennis, was surrounded during his lunch break.
and the rest I'll kill someone on this lunch break. Dennis can't do it Eddie do a going to jail adduced to the end he said quote. I did what son of SAM did. I said hello. Mr Land were like a fuckin tool to the end to the fucking em, Oh my god, it's a fucking weird. When he was interrogated he gave over thirty hours of confession. Oh yeah, he tried to hold for a little while than his dislike nevermind his duty as he was like sit down. I can't wait to tell the story when now when he was found. They also found his quote mother lode. What he called it,
Mother low. Is that other things and tat was all the shit like the dry yeah, the shipment hiding holes, the drawings, the journals and the quote slick adds with slick. Add that's what he called these things he made where he would take three by five index cards and paste magazine photos of women unto them and draw gags and torture things on them. He called them. His slick adds. Ok, you know there was also a newspaper clippings of the coverage of his murder. The photos of himself in bondage positions, maps to and from victims, homes, lingerie from victims and items like licences, like all that shit It was like literally a treasure trove of evidence he his wife, Paula, immediately divorced him yelp and put their house up for sale, corrects they have not spoken. She said he said that he wish obviously he's like. I wish. I knew that that was the day but the last hour and ever see my
and in which linked fuck you ve Dennis but like that literally, is the last time she was like. No that's out and I was like yap- did the same thing I hope so July. Twenty seventh, two thousand and five was his court during some Blair where he announced is guilty plea the one that I play the clip from this thing. Did the need for a long drawn out trial and that's where a lot of people have seen the clips of him being that remorseless robot right. He confessed in graphic detail to each of the ten murders and then the victim's family members were allowed to speak. The sentencing phase was August. Seventeenth to the nineteenth in two thousand and five, the judge was Judge Waller and he eventually sentenced this rate to ten consecutive life life sentences. It will be some one hundred and seventy five years before he is eligible for fur parole, which is a lot. pretty long time He is serving his sentence in segregation
El Dorado Correctional Facility in El Dorado, Kansas and in segregation, prisoners are in their cells. Twenty three hours a day. Oh yeah, now side denotes before we on this this little nifty gift. Is he made the Bt K logo himself? Then he would put you like. Did it on everything that he signed? It wasn't just writing. Be decay made a logo. Ok He is a pair of tents. Oh my God, Dennis like this grown ass is grown. Ass man drew the bead Bt K with nipples to make a bootlegger and fifth grade.
He's literally a twelve year old boy or in fifth grade. He also said quote: I'd like regarding me: floppy discs that he used here he said quote: I bought the package of diskettes from Walmart West off twenty first street north I paid in cash. I used purple to mean imperial power, symbolic of beating Kay, So his purple floppy discs that he sent to the police were supposed to mere imperial power Meanwhile, I was like Imperial: do sharing exactly he went. Quite officially from ninety ninety one to two thousand and four like that's when he didn't kill anyone yeah, but from his first murder to the time he was caught was thirty fucking law yeah, that's crazy, at some point, Stephen King included in a collection of four short stories. One called a good marriage and was about a married couple where the wife finds out about her husband's homicidal lake, bs and stuff
wife had no idea at the time in the story, and king says that he was inspired by demonstrator Dennis agrees that the characters a good parallel to yeah that and that he fucking lobes. Oh, he does his kids still say he was a very good father and not abusive to them in any way shape or form. Neither one of them has a relationship with him right now, but carry Rossen is her last name. did write her own book at lake. I think it's called like a serial killers. Daughter, overly yeah in its I have already, but I really want to so sounds. It would be interesting to hear so. That's the story,
of demonstrating, did it b t mother, fucking job Haifa? We have three, this alima do bad ass job, who sir opening up job to rob, bang up job. So thank you guys. Fur hang in here with us who, through this whole thing, you know, I'm gonna, sit here and say to you. I am so glad that's over area of the eye. You know why, for many reasons but also I'm just so sick of BT cave living in my brain, the idle with him today on me, a dollar labs around nine hundred, laugh at him. Now, with all of you exactly rumbling. It is then, do this as your purple. Floppy disk shrug imperial power imperial idiocy. Some really glad that Turkey can now move the fuck out of my brain laugh about yes hope, because
and you guys a fucking hilarious, and I can only see without assigned to keep sending a share. If you want to go ahead and do in Facebook page, you can do so at morbid. Calling a true crime part also follows on Instagram morbid vodka had us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast gmail US morbid, podcast, said Gmail darker check out the website that Alina designed, morbid podcast, tackle jointly to the nature of your feelings, are inclined
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