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Mondays don't rank high on everyone's list but in 1979 Brenda Ann Spencer took this cliche to a horrifically violent place. With 2 dead and 9 injured, she had one simple reason for her rampage; "I just don't like Mondays". This episode is sponsored by: Embr Wave! Visit Embrwave.com and enter our code MORBID for $50 off your amazing Embr Wave bracelet. 
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many many many many many more bad, many morbid, many morbid, many more Santa. What's good! It's it's a really bomber one, but its princess and teach bummer you're welcome the unjust and get ready for two years, but that car and drive and try not to cry in no one yellow us, because we will probably laugh but not at the case. This is just part the package, just what it is really a comedy section. We are perhaps stumbled into the wrong section, but just so you know this is the. Calm and if want to go to a comedy. Shell, kinder were a guy that cycle, I'm like a mark up those great. I was like an anchor sanguine whole block Malta at Ashcombe, mark up
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sweatshirt see things get your bumpkins. Why are you not a put your sweatshirt on getting try latte. Do it like fallen some leave slam doktor punkin, yes, slew. Like you, I can never save slimmed down. Slim took a buck up to see that just harsher, whom do it get with four guys knew it. and I think, that's really all the business that we have today about Rainbow Doc. As this is a many morbid, there was a fun introduction. While he was there was great everybody loved it. I know I'm gonna take you down about five pegs cool, because tonight I thought that I would dive into an infamous case of the mandates for you, and I thank you where I'm headed, know exactly where your headed is guys On January, twenty ninth nineteen, seventy nine after shooting into an elementary school across from her home tenure- Brenda and Spencer was asked why she had committed such an act. I don't love her answer. She left everyone
but the hunting reply- I just don't like Monday's and she added it just liven up the day I mean none of us like Monday's. You know what I thought and actually love Monday's lie. Love of now, because I got to hang out with you all those sweet I have Monday's off, so I actually tuesdays vaguer. But if you don't love a day, just go get like the latter dressed seems like a pumpkin. Saw him don't do anything, but what Brenda they don't do it Brenda did a few hours before giving that interview, which was given over the phone and I'll get into that later. Brenda had ass your dad if she could stay home from school that morning, because she wasn't feeling well typical yeah right Britain, he said yeah sure whatever and he left for work around seven. A m Brenda claims that she was suicidal under the influence of pot, alcohol and other donors. At the time of the morning, yeah infidelity
you're like girl of seventeen. I only want to you it's very early and around eight thirty. I am. The kids were starting to arrive for school at the Cleveland Alimentary and were lining up to go inside these, like babies and how it worked as there was like a gate and principle would come outside and undo. The Catholic unlocked the gate and all the kids would like start to roll into class. Ok, so there is starting to do this and directly across the street. Brenda was loading a twenty two caliber rifle and begin shooting into the crowd of the kids. I can't imagine know what kind of mindset meet after have to do the idle. I will never be able to write my head around this case, because it's a fucking can undermine, makes me think of new town. It does, and that is still to this day, my brain dozen compute it doesn't. I just get any human being. Could do that? I don't understand it's like you would like
nobody, Libya's innocent little babies just gone school. So the principle of the school heard all the gunshot dislike happening. Capelli had no idea where you're coming from no didn't realize what was coming. Grumman just ran outside trying to protect them. It's like he was like literally like we'll just yielding when thank God and he ended up getting shot. I believe in the chest and he unfortunately died. He did. He die and then the custodian of the school named by Michael Suture. I believe, as I say, the last name he was known as Mr Mike to the kids, and my guy also ran out to help because he saw pressure is the principal. No doubt yeah ran out to help the kids and was also shot and killed. All my guide, Brenda managed to shoot, uninjured eight children. Luckily none of the children were killed.
say, goodnight seriously, the fact that those students died for detecting get things like a custodian in principle, not law enforcement officers. Lake exact threw themselves in brackets, like also sad that just hurts my soul and so then obviously, police start coming on the scene, and it's like what the fuck is happening here and she shot one of them. spending officers in the neck, like God, in the dark, and he lived under the fucking cheese with so. Finally, a police officer was able to drive actually a trash truck in front of me as home, to put an end to the like a barricade. He asked she all in all fired thirty six round, slowly, shit. All in all, that's crazy, like God, age is literally, like a rifle
emissions. Wasn't she just likes like sitting on her couch like aiming at the window? Yes, she was, I mean I'd, really gave way. I felt, like I remember, seeing like a documentary long time ago about this when she did, it just seems so casual she was just like in and out and she finally does come out like just like what she's wearing is like it, just like a casual out there, but it's also like us every effort. I don't know if that everybody is just like well, I gotta know casual its and she- and so sorry, I like to say this, but she is one of the most tariff. Actually Mozart said he's one must have no bearing on my lies here. They photos of her horrifying. She there's like video footage of her being taken away and then their yoke some. I watch like some trials and stuff like that in her eyes, do empty. I've, never seen them to your eyes. She had literally has dead, it's crazy. So after firing thirty six rounds into the school, she locked all the doors and windows in her house and barricaded herself inside so I'll
Please Swat teams were called and they were given the ok to kill her leg if need be goodly there. Given the green light on not so officer, Paul Olsen was the primary negotiator in this whole case, and he had to speak on the phone with Brenda for like ours and ours, the negotiators fascinates me. I don't understand it's for calculating the mind hunter. You right, you have to be a specific kind of brain, the Icrc, much, especially in a case like this, like they were negotiating with her for over six hours, cod This started, obviously they greater on eight thirty and didn't, and until close to like three Clark. We're like allied or three o clock had creed, how do you hang onto your sanity to do that? I have no idea how well he apparently offered her a burger king whopper if she were to come outside I'll. Do it read that one
because- and I was a fun factory- kindly agreed ass- I like to offer you select Lubbers useful of offers paper. She told him all kinds of things while she was on the phone with them, because remember she's like apparently like, on drugs and like yeah, drunk or whenever and he's really good negotiations in good negotiators can get and get you to topple to do the right? So she told him all kinds of things. She said that the this is horrible trigger warning. She said the victims looked like a herd of cows for gathering around those that she'd already shot and it made them easy pickings, my meaning, like the ones that would fall down that route shoot that I'll gather around like who she was like all I can she wore yeah and she there was like. I don't know the exact good. I didn't write it down, but she was like it was fun to watch them like run around, like especially the ones in the red and blue coats, because they were like easier targets.
I want to bring this girls and I an want to puncture litter learning, Merrimac schoolmaster whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classics contact the obvious boxing recreation, It would have meant plus pact pick up original comedies, like eighty via say about about for all your exclusive comedy based. Could a Peacock DVD Cobb get started? Peacock used your true cloud obsession with exclusive new originals John Wayne case. Double in disguise, clause can get away with murder and I've seen shut, delay MAX Machine heritage, every fifteen secrets, lest the most visible prime series snapped sign of now. You got Tb Dhaka through, like I said, after close to six and a half hours of negotiating Brenda Surrender, herself and was immediately taken into custody by Brenda by Bitch one police search, the home, a God dark darker, if possible, to have
there they found tons of empty bottles of liquor, spread on the floor around the mattress that Brenda slept on with her father. oh yeah, oh no, with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, so just kind of like to go into burned as background a little bit unlike her home life me, I'm a need that renders mother didn't really seem to be super involved with her life and her father actually ignored advice from psychological professionals who recommended that renders in time and a psychiatric word, I'm shocked. Yeah, they told him. Her behaviour at school showed serious, suicidal tendencies. Her classmates remember that she was really introverted like she did not talk to anybody and one kid said that she was kind a crummy looking kinda chrome,
Look two hundred from you. What are we to describe what is like in the seventies over twelve years? Looking crummy, but I mean she was crummy. Looking you'll get crummy bra, look like shit friend parties cronan. She just like apparently didn't talk to anybody like didn't interact with people, yes and she just looked like him, oh yeah, the pictures you can run down just looking at the body. She was miserable yeah. She like teachers, Glauber and are you awake lake ass though she was just like in another totally, unlike other fucked up beautiful, totally zoned out here that same year that they told him, like you, know, dude, like she's, got suicidal tendencies like she's, just there's something going on here and she needs help yeah. She burglarize that school, but she shot into and also shot out some of the windows with be begun because she didn't have a gun yeah, that's probably find no. Yet it's not
that's normal kid! Let us read arising a school in shooting a windows with any gun. You can find it's totally nor yeah. That's binding knows that growing up all the time. Escalation probably won't happen not, and I don T care so he still said no to her gunning help and then, for some reason also thought it was a good idea to give her a rifle for Christmas eyes. I can totally see why So the rifle that she used to shoot into an elementary school was given to her by her father forecasts for Christmas. if that's not bad enough already, she just ass for radio like do She asked for a radio for Christmas and instead gaudy rifle radio like give her a radio and when asked about that later, this is actually really sad and found out front. Who said that, maybe it was so that she could kill herself and get on with it, while,
so she felt like that was like a message because it had been a little while of her kind of being in this place, where, like people like teachers in Like Yahoo psychiatrists were concerned, but her dad wasn't. So she was like Maybe that's what he was doing when I gave you that I get on with it my job excitedly, sad it. Case lawyers. this clearly and nurture situation hundred percent- and I tell you, how you at the end I watch documentary and the whole thing was like super but it's really good cause. It's like you got the inside Scooby oily while picture, and sometimes you need the whole package. Super those who, like fun, it's not funny to watch but investing in the electricity here.
Brenda has many claims as to what happened in her life in general and also as to what happened the morning of the shooting. So one claim she made was that she was watching tv and she began hallucinating. She said that she had been drinking heavily the entire week leading up to and on the day of the shooting him that morning she drank whisky, took pills and said that she had smoked. We need that was least with pc p. What I have to wonder, like especially link with the whisky like alcohol and stuff ITALY, how are you able to even function enough to do that? It's very mean again, not a buyer. I dont shoe guns, I don't know like I don't either. I just feel like it would impair U. I watch in this document that actually talked about they. It's like one of the easiest guns tissue is the one that she has barely any kick back
which I don't know much about guns, but that's just like. I think when you pull the trigger, Janusz like because I have the baggage shut again before and legal would like kick back into your shoulder forcefully scissors, actually in a documentary shows like he shoots the gun and shows you in it barely moves and it's like very likely wait it's kind of like one, it's kind of like the M, the one from a Christmas story, probably probably like I'm not trying to be funny. I really mean like that. Little like easy to shoot: rifled, yeah, ok, we're looked very varies yeah, unfortunately, but see ass. She said that she was drinking whisky took and was smoking PCB, lay swede which, like all one of those things alone, would make you laugh like drinking whisky at eight thirty morning. You got something going on diesel now to take pills and then to smoke, we'd habit,
the least with the busy bee like what has happened, a thesis, and so in this one. Like version of events, she said that she looked at the window and saw combat outside and that's when she hence shooting yeah, don't believe like. I don't believe I don't believe I think that's a bunch of all set to try together out of this year. Expressly when she makes comments later. That is like I'd like to watching the little ones run around its, like other, really, the combat. That is that what you're talking about was so that she said that that day, Libya on the phone while she was on the phone for three hours, but after that you like any time after she was interviewed, The said that she like didn't, have any right. That's why, when it is so can be an and that's why it makes more sense achievable shudder, because on the phone she sitting there being like adds underpin these little Kay that's funny and then, when she gets caught and has put somewhere she's guys I saw combat outside its like no you'll birch when they were under the influence. You told the truth, you, solemn kids,
Does anyone know a thing? You didn't say anything about now I didn't say anything about the. If somebody was having like PTSD or something like that conference emulate this happened. Yet there was a call that that's what they would be say exactly issue be under the still under the influence of its shrank, be still in that when I see combat. That's. Why shooting a monstrous like she's, a bullshit also in two thousand and one. This is really fucked up and super super sad Brenda claims at her father had been sexually molested. her, I was worried about that explicitly when you mentioned the matter a master here, and she was so depressing suicide on the morning of the shooting that, in her mind, this is what I think is actually the truth. The shooting would lead to the police eventually shooting her and pudding put
an end to her life. I've yeah that I think that she wanted to do something like super fucked up, because she was mad at society and go down and like a blaze of fire behind exactly like. I think her and goal was to get shot and die, but when somebody dark moments in this case is cause you're, just like fuck, you Brenda Europe. cookie monster, and then you hear that seven year, like you're, still a monster but like you were created that way. I don't know it's too much. It's awful too many things, although her their denies any claims of sexual abuse toward Brenda. It is interesting to note that He did go on to marry and have a child with a woman who looked so much like Brenda that the detective call her lawyer and was likely how is burned out of jail liquid. Bernard. What the fuck is going on. Oh yeah, that's not! Ok and if that's not bad enough,
He married this woman within a year of Brenda going to jail and he knew her because She was Brenda's former cellmate. No, no! I deaf really believe Brenda that situation less high. She was also a year younger than Brenda. Ok, yeah. I would say that, all signs are pointing to Brenda selling the truth about that about child, so they had a child together, and eventually this woman left Wallace Spencer, but left her child with him too, so put out surrenders half sister, and her step mama's younger than she was the actual fact and Brenda's mother said that she had suspicions about sexual abuse, but never acted on them because she couldn't afford an attorney. Oh bitch, please. Yes, she was a very absentee mother
what an absolute piece of garbage and Brenda said that there are like a strange light. They haven't talked him. Oh yeah she's a garbage forever like in forever. You suspect, But he is literal, is a splendid arousing your child and you're like one of the money for an attorney, so I can do anything you are you kidding me and Brenda said like? cuz she had two older siblings. That's all I know that's all there is to know, but they would go over there like after school bring his head and the heart like it seems like her mom. Just like didn't really care They were there, but it's almost like. Ok, I don't make me so sad, yeah this this, like home. Like in the way she was brought up seems to be like very sad. it is lacking in the much and then like overturn it just one me, like honestly, like neglect bums me out and just as much as like abuse One in many cases neglected you Cn Italy. Can I just he will you just think of lake have yielded collect a kid.
Understand honest. I really had that you decided to bring into like. I understand that all a kid wants from you is just like you to take care of them where it and that's what you brought them here for like. Why did you do you don't have to do? This now have to have kids know one told in nobody to I promise you don't itself ox me up the letter he fuckin went on to marry her former cellmate, who looked just like her to the point where someone was like. Why is burned out of jail? I got eyes up yet That that is a big red flag here oh and also arm. He still lived in the house after the shooting. He don't leave that that does not shocked me about like why scissors. Like so much around, there's so much wrong. There is just a giant pile of nope all over the city,
claims that they shared a bedroom but had separate beds but like in the police things like of everything. I read said that there was a single matters in the living room. It wasn't even a bedroom. It was like a living room and there Obviously there is something bugging going on where there was like empty bottles of liquor, every exactly it shouldn't drink. All of those that day, no and it's like, say, you're living in filth yeah. So this is too much here about you just They're like isn't clear that so unclear, but just mean any thoughts that you can give it
like the guy is, takes you down a really bad path. So, during her time in prison, Brenda has undergone psychological testing, which did reveal an injury to her temporal lobe, which could actually explain why she's epileptic and take medicine to avoid like having seizure, sosius, epileptic, G8 and apparently epilepsy is two to four times more common among violent offenders than that, is among the public might make sense. So I went into like this deep dive of like what your temporal lobe does. Slew. I went away now, I'm the guy you went away and it's all like because there's like separate sides, obviously and like one sided all about like understanding, from ride and link and then one lodging rational, yanking, it's crazy and on the other side, is like talking and like movement in a cohesive. Like understanding of everything here
and if there was in fact- and there was, it was proven that there was something wrong with her Tibet Centre S. It's like that can lead to. It offers sure it's like one b, a when you know people have damage to their frontal lobe right back and affect their reasoning and knowing rate from wrong and all that good stuff. Yeah, that's interesting, I wonder how she got and she and their lives fell off her bike and Mr Wynn home well we're home galaxies luxury knows both some of these issues. Only sixteen in the sun I keep forgetting that she was only sixteen. We have very much liked. She should be like forty literally or dislike. It should be all night,
I wish I was going to say or to just not exist at all has a case. Also this is, I don't not like funny, but it's interesting to me. She had it. She got a tattoo in prison that was brought up at one of her parole hearings. So it's like it's just weird that it was brought up at her parole hearing. She had been romantically involved with someone in jail and when it went badly she got a chat. A tattoo. on her chest that some people think says pride and courage and everyone's? Why does you got pride, encourage tattooed on your chest piece of shit? What neither one of those things ever applied to your ever will apply to you know exists since, and then this is really sad. If this is true because well role, commissioner asked her about it, she told him that it was written in room. I think it's what's so and she thinks it was done wrong, but what it was supposed to say was on forgiven and alone, while yeah I feel like,
when she sat down like I got like chills like it. Was this its Sicily Sadly, this case is so sad and tell ways because obviously she does fucking horrible and like there's no excuse for that but also she was like a neglected, childs and was clearly going through. mental health shit that no one would help her with it. So can I'm here, I'm so conflicting so many way meat is only when you don't get me wrong. I am not fucking excusing what this Rona all like in. anyway, then sometimes I like you, I believe what she sang and then sometimes, unlike I think, you're bullshitter yeah, like is like that when she's like it was written wrong, and it was supposed to say that I think your balls We are trying to make people feel bad for you. I definitely can see that, like I see that
side, but just like seeing her say she does seem, and those people are so fuckin good at manipulate. That's a faint. What she does seem very sincere yeah. She could be got it just now. I dont know if she just I don't know so all Brenda's parole attempts have been unsuccessful. It actually is another one. This year, twenty young, I am there Brenda seriously the victim of the shooting who lived in the family members of those who did not have been outspoken, outspoken and don't want her paroled obvious good. That's crazy, Iq Violet forgot that those kids are now adults, yeah. Well, it's cool, What I want to talk about cooler is that's crazy. So first I want to talk about the deceased family members. Oh yeah, Sir Wilfrid Suture, whose Michael suit our son, he was the custodian. Ok, he once asked my question is: will there ever be another boring
Andy for her, which is like I just catch. All saying I absolutely I was just sounds like Google like let her out and was you know where she have another boring Monday? It's true, its Monday's, does emerge every week we camera now. What do we do care and fuckin Monday? Exactly like you, don't know what bit leg in it sounds like it lets sounds like a like me. You know she hates Monday's, that's oxen rhetoric, but real she user that that was her? Excuse, there's one days every week you can't, hence the Andes suddenly gonna be like you know what this Monday sucks right and it's just like that seamen and another saw so housing callous. Yes, so called so careless, so evil in its entirety shot all those kids, because I don't like this day of the week. I shot babies because I was born and killed to grow yeah trying to trying to save baby and shot a police officer in the neck and ruined his career. He lay could and of course I can recover. While that's it that's a great way of yeah
putting that it set out by its just so simple, but it was like not simple or life. I'm time wall like will there ever be another one boring Monday for housing. Food, like hope, not can't take that chair principle Burton Wags daughter, said. People have told me that I look like him act like him and my kids over spinning image of him when the kids here this. They can't possibly relate to such sentiments because they never met their grandfather and they know that they never well because I've told them over and over again that he's dead, that he was murdered by Brenda Spencer. Yes and he was murdered protecting his students soon. That, like really care of me like that, the feels allow because it's like that's cause you its lead so weird to think of it this way. But it's like you would hope that your kids are ads. with people who were do what do that further down I mean. Maybe we would never expect someone to now always think. Like pulp at sea, I mean like I
these people love these quantities when they know that is like when a time like that happens, it's, like you, don't know how someone not your fighter like why? It's that's not your kid. At the end of the day, like that. Guy acted like all of those, though, is over his lions and Yad like that is like having a really is Crystal hearty is one of the kids that were shot and then Obviously no she's a fucking adult, and she said to this day. She still fears that someone is pointing gonna hurt when she's just walking around. Like I dont like I didn't no that that was can happen to me. I got, I literally arrived at a school and when her boyfriend invited her to the shooting range she went because she was they go. I think it's been long enough then I'll- be ok, ensure the ruins. Oh, my god, I don't know how she probably she broke down uncontrollably and was like sobbing, and they had to get out of there right away of civilized it was it had not been long enough, no endeavour.
Maybe I don't think can Miller went to a prison hearing and remembered, a glaring at him ass he walked in and he said the look Brenda gave me was enough to scare any young child to duff fuck you Brenda empty choose like very Gary looking here and it's like really you're gonna glare at the people that you shall fuck you rat and prison, so Brenda. Still serving her twenty five to life sentence in the California women's institution and we'll be up, like I said, for parole again at some point this year. I assume that in britain- and in case you didn't know the song I dont like Monday's the boom town rats. It was written by Bob Geldof in it was inspired by Brenda. Oh dear and you know it's even during my village. I've heard that before I, No, I didn't realize that they play at the beginning of a documentary that I watched and I was like whoosh like her lying, but one of them
survivors crystal hardy shit in them end. This documentary that I watched she is like explaining that she used to work like like an afternoon job and they always would play, and it was like for popular on the radio. When it came out- and I was ex she was like- I always heard it like- I was expecting her to be like, and it like haunted me forever and she's like. I think it's a pretty song, oh my gosh. I like she sound like some kind of like solace. Has I mean yeah? I guess it. I guess you can look at it. You have to look at it that way or the other way there's no in between. No grey area, all like the survivors in this case and the family of the people that unfortunately died and we're like killed by Brenda. The way that they look at this is just like yeah it's I don't have a yugoslav, not it's insane and
documentary that I watch. If you guys want to go out, there is a killer woman, Brenda Spencer Documentary I dont, like Monday's. You can literally just watch it on Youtube, yeah, I'd literally typed in Youtube, killer, woman, Brenda Spencer, and it's like the first forty seven minute, clip that pops up It's a wicked good documentary. I watched something a long time ago on this, but it was a long time ago now. Remember so know any of these details in this case, just like I'll, even like the little details of like her dad like mere herself and then her tat, two or just things that I haven't heard of Bulgaria was evident that, while in that it makes it like adds that tattoo singling out into the complexity of concealing is there stood. There are different ways of look at it. Or are you really this like sad damaged, she I mean obviously she's damaged yeah, like yeah just a bull shudder or are you evil like
I'm going to say that I I believed she meant to tat to the like unforgiving, and alone, and I really am. I really think that if she had had psychiatric help like maybe this one, untied. I do believe if, if this you know, if this went away, then it's all saying went the leg. these people are warning reply there telling her father I she needs help. I agree that if she had gone- and he had like then a father and actually like nourish turn, tried to be like. Let's help, peons fix this, and I think this would have been avoided. I definitely do not leave a hundred percent. I do because it she won't like. Yes, she was ended but by all accounts you did well in school like she was it mean to her class made. She wasn't aggressive anywhere yeah before this other than that time, where she shop Windows out, which was terrifying.
Well, it's like shoot choosing. She was like drinking heavily relic a a week before this and nobody noticed narrowly no one inch of her father parents or one and any guardian. Anybody was too, it was put, any eyes on her at any time there were warning signs sees. This could have been stopped. Girls like why would she be able to drink that heavily? For a week before this, she sixteen right exactly things should have been stopped way before this happened and is only I'm like. I said earlier the pictures of her. out of the house of sharing almost like on a catchy. Sort of s. Yes, I remember there, like Senator, like boot, cut and shares the big glasses. they aviator losses that she's worn literally forever and a beanie like a black beanie, and she has this long, stringy, red hair and the least eyes. I have ever seen in my entire exists. She does her face is truly just dare time
She gave an interview, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. You can find the clips on on Youtube honestly be a nervous kind of boring, but she has a mullet, She still has Olam draft glasses in your dislike woes, any illegal Brenda. That was a choice. There's a lot that happen to you, who are the choices happening again in the look so yeah that was the bummer. If I can case a land Spencer. Burma has many many many more and now I need to go a dessert cow zone. We need to cleanse the palate like bitterly like it. With a dessert Jennifer Invalid, because John doesn't wanna, give pallid cleansers, he doesn't. I say you I now he knows retracted, We said you won't give palette cleansers and it's a bummer, nobody, what will give you time relaxed atmosphere that has come up with some we're gonna go to do it.
While in the meantime you can follow us on Instagram, morbid podcast scientists on Twitter, a morbid podcast join that Fuckin Facebook group morbid calling a true crime podcast. It is where everything is happening, and it's amazing guys. I wrote in the Facebook group today that I loved you guys so much and I don't want any. To think that I was like like super happy or something when I wrote that leg drunk or something. I genuinely believe that, because you know, unlike like girls distilling, I a very large you like a drink brought about them. It was like seven o clock and I was a young now I love the Facebook shoes literally here they get was genuine stone sober was just like I love them. So imagine so much. We really do all of you all. I just go through that entailed with helping me to. It fills me with joy, anyways. Also you can send us an email, maybe send us a listener story, because road, but in another one together, because I think we're going to be able to do a sinner stories like Waymore off more.
I thought we would because after last up, so we got an awesome influx of them. So where can we do another? One of those really soon Cosette was really fun, send them to morbid podcast gmail dot com. You can also check out the website that Alina designed, I did it morbid podcast outcome. Don't need to the patriotic you're feeling so inclined peace round our come slash, morbid podcast. We have a bonus episode coming for you soon and we do just ordered some new goodies that you should be getting a fee We have seen a few weeks just because gonna take a little bit to get em together what the man, what with no being on the brink of bringing a new life into the world. We appreciate your patient peat. Should we appreciate your patient river tree or patients. We hope that you keep listening and we hope you keep, It appeared and I'm not going in this case, because my over just got yet not light hearted
No not at all why. Summer is here, and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy notes of flu. every brown crumble and fragrant, vanilla, flavors every said, stop it. Try this perfect summer cup or you Use the why why, after order ahead or get it delivered,
your morning, even brighter with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time Gotta have a while. Streaming. Only on pick up a new regional comic me punk. Then we are late. He puts a confused mixed hash anthems, sour, go our people to live in front. We are lady parts are the sole streaming now only arbiter.
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