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Episode 97: Lizzie Borden Part 2

2019-10-26 | 🔗
It's the dramatic conclusion to Lizzie Borden's mysterious murder tale and we hope you brought your fans because, the vapors. Did Lizzie bump off her stepmother and father in cold blood after trying and failing to slowly poison them, or did someone else come in the house that day only while Lizzie was inside of it and kill them without anyone detecting? We certainly  have our own thoughts about her acquittal, but take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think. Visit our sponsors for this episode!Hunt A Killer is the fastest growing murder mystery subscription game that puts you in the mind of a detective.Visit HuntAKiller.com/MORBID for 20% off your first boxAMC Shudder AKA "The Netflix of Horror", is a premium streaming video service, super-serving fans of all degrees with the best selection of horror and thrillers Visit Shudder.com and enter code MORBID for 30 days free
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Not all breast cancers are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may not require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialists develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine visit, pen cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment. Hey we're knows, I'm Alina, I'm ash. This is morbid we are back with more Lizzy guys, the fuck is what the
actual fuck is this time we are recording from the safety of our power by a k Alain as laundry room, and I have never been happier to be here, even though this house was also from the eighty nine hundred. Do you know what I rarely feel spooks boot vibes here? I feel it. Spook spooks. I feel in here a very like pleasant spooks books gathers spooks. I just dig him I'm in we we call exists to here and there, Sir, in this continent do we co whether spook spooks so had spice we dont calamity voice? We do but, but it makes me You can get some some scary vibes in there, but none here and here today and pleasant. But you know what was not pleasant
we well. I personally was like really invested in this one case. That happened to come to a really bummer ending this week and I just wanted to briefly talk about it. I can't let myself get into cases like this, because I always know it's never gonna until I, two. I dont know why held out so much hope for this one. I think I like, so this is the case of Camille Mckinney, I'm sure a lot of you were also following this case cause. I know a lot of you were tweeting about it with me. This kind of went like crazy on Twitter. People were really hoping. That is absolutely beautiful, precious three year olds, from Birmingham Alabama was going to he found alive and well, unfortunately that was not the case. She was missing. I believe it was October twelve. She was gone for ten days even
ten days went by. I was still holding out hope that they are going to find her there. Like you know you just I don't know wishful thinking on my part. We always hope for the best, especially in a key like this exactly and she was just so precious. I was like. Please find this precious little baby. Okay, it's unfathomable to me in case of like, ass, a really is, and she was that I think we're really got me is I'm sure a lot of you saw the surveillance footage that was shot outside of the birthday party, where she was abducted from and the surveillance. Footed shows two people walking by her and another little girl and one person walks by the next person walks by and starts talking to the little girls, and then they fly. Love him out of the frame and watching that scene I mean: Have three and a half year old twins were king this little three year olds, just walk off with the sky. My heart, sank into my toenails
I swear it like playing over and over my head now, knowing because she was found yesterday not alive and in a dumpster not far from where she was doktor his name most fucked up place that you can put a human, let alone a fucking shit. Just throwing her away like trash just really that's me and now, seeing that cctv footage of heard just Just bouncing out of the frame with the stranger and now knowing how it ended it like it's gut wrenching, That's the only way I can describe it as a got wrenching to watch now and they did arrest two pieces of absolute fucking shit that they think tat this. One of them is Patrick Stallworth and the other was Derek Irish, a brown and both of them as far as I'm concerned can fucking be terrorized,
prison for the rest of their lives. Fifty thousand percent like that MIKE over the death penalty for them, which honestly hang them together, I'm not, I'm like, I think we ve said before I'm definitely an aggressive, a grey area. With the death penalty. I dont really stand on either side. I think I take a case by case. I could get and with the death penalty for them, because I want them to die. I want them to suffer every single fucking day of their lives. That's kind of where I am now, though, like I'm, like you know what single section of everything today I hope that you feel like an grown toenail, exact, I hope, hemorrhoids ravage them for the rest of their days. Canker sores, even both I want them to have hemorrhoids in the south and cankers in the north. All AIR Day till
end of days, and I hope they both live to be a hundred and twenty years old, and they just feel that all day every day and they can only have orange juice, because orange juice makes canker sores worse true, and I hope that day I hope they fuckin ravenous heartburn, absolutely every day every day, so in gas, oil and gas paid exactly. Basically, this is an awful story, you will cover it at some point because I although I don't like to cover child cases, as we have said, a million times reform, we don't really cover a lot of them. We will hit ones that I think that ash things are important to tell the story like usually it's we need. We feel some kind of connection to it in Camille. Just.
Tore my heart out. So I feel, like her story, absolutely needs to be told, and we will tell it at some point, but we're going to tell it when we have more information because, right now we don't have any information. We don't know anything about what happened. I am horrified. To find out, but eventually we will so I just wanted to let everybody knows that you know that will come into a future podcast and that its real bomber, but Now that we ve talked about that awful scenario, I think we should talk about. Lizzie lies in came in Lisbon. I do mean Lisbeth. Sorry, I got remiss because we're not in her home and market while don't be remiss end because you don't know what we brought back here. Oh girl, just kidding. I don't love. That to you. Well, I think when we last left you, Lisbon was being arrested for the murder
Of Abbe burden and Andrew Boarding- and she was an appropriately addressed at the funeral- she was Saint quite like you this is so right. For she was arrested. What led to her rest was that there was five days of closed in quests where she had to take the stand every single day she didn't the stand a lot during her actual trial, but during these inquest she had to. Now the issue that really came from it was that no one could account for where the hell is Beth actually was during the murders was in the barn. Was she in pairs was she ironing handkerchiefs was she fucked? in butter, wish painting a still life photo of a pile of pears. Yes was she using one of those old timey, spinning hoop things that people used to run around with for fun. I dont know none. Her answers were matching with Brigitte, who testified earlier and Bridget gave like concise, consistent testimony, never too
for a second, I find my fucking name. Isn't Maggie exactly Bridget, and I'm here to tell you what the fuck is. It's me Bridget I'm here I got the goods. Listen. Why? Don't you the forward one with bridge Brigitte spied gas Moody's boy get. I hate you I love it. Basically what was happening was Bridget gave all this testimony about what she was doing in what she saw. Lizzie doing and lilies- was never lining up with that in mind, you couldn't even keep track of her own stories that she was telling she was unhealthy morphine. She was, but it's it's curious that she would say a story and then they would her the same question literally a minute later, just to confirm and she would give a different one so is like yeah You literally just said this ten seconds ago, like how are you already giving a bad jack, because I'm higher my.
I'm on a space level. Right, laugh, opposite Easter. I am intergalactic right now, a guy on Mars have a few Bridget and Lizbeth were the only two in the technically the area in the House when Abbey and Andrew murdered and technically I think, Lizzie was really the only one in the house. Bridget was outside washing windows. Most of the time so this is when John Morse was interviewed in there. If you remember, John Morris was the maternal uncle of Lizzie and Emma so levies and Emma's, birth, moms, brother exam, and he had I mention this in the first episode, but if you forgot, he had been staying with the family for a couple days doing business shit with Andrew. He had woken tat morning and he had left to go visit. Relatives. He had really weirdly details. Ito recollection of the morning
yeah he got himself out of the house way before the murders and he did beforehand. Yeah, he didn't even a breakfast with them. He pieced, I believe, trusting, I believe, even peace before Andrew left, work, so he was out of there. At least we have that, and we know that boy He said he was visiting relatives from nine to close to noon that day he remembered things like the number of the street carriage. He took the words and the number on the conductors hat of the train him that he was taking, and he also remembered the names of six priests that he shouted with on board the carriage very interesting. Now he never gave the names of the priests but he said he remembered them. I mean that's just a thing. You would think the question What are their names? No, now that
course. They were thinking at times that, like his answer, seemed weirdly detailed and he seemed to know exactly where he was at every second of that moment when they were being killed, but they can never too. Anything to him, so they really didn't go further with it, because I mean maybe just really wanted to make sure that they knew that he was in anywhere near there. Did you Jim declared her probably guilty. Would say earlier solid, eight out of ten guilty. I, like you, yeah you're, slightly guilty. I feel pointedly definitely guilty yeah, say probably guilty on this one and
when she was officially arrested on August eleven, not all breast cancer or the same sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may not require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialists develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth hen, medicine visit, pen, cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment so when she was arrested, she was sent to jail like a legit. Criminal would be an she spent nine months in a very tiny. So that's a long time- and I like that,
for some high class, broad that was used to live in a big fancy house with servants and shit now she's living in a tiny cell in the county jail. They came to arrest her. They said she was cheerless. Fuck, no emotion was just like yeah sure they for to read her the arrest warrant when they, a sitter and she was like no. I don't need to hear it because I think she was like. I know I know what you're here for, because I'm running my parents at school. After being arrested. Family members of hers did start talking and some of them said that they thought she and John Morris were responsible together. So there were, family members that were like yeah. She probably did it. There are also all kinds of protest The other side, though, and remember. She was involved with many charities and groups like we talked about Sunday school she did. She was a Sunday school teacher. All these groups backed her actually because they were like no, she couldn't dumbness these
Groups also claim that she was not going to have a fair trial because women were allowed to serve on juries at that time because Only those with voting rights were able to serve. We were not given voting rights for quite some time. That's a bunch of all. Exactly now, This made me think of in the Lizzie Boarding House. Does photo in the sitting room. The jury for her trial, and they all went down to like a like picture people and They all sat in God themselves, a fucking group photo of the jury, and then they given to Lucy as a gift Yeah really gave it to her as a gift. It's the most bizarre shit, I've ever heard and when you look at the photo you're just like, what's what's what's odd here and it's just a single fucking woman issues, a bunch of fuckin old. Why do they just all smile and on a jury grand old times yeah, it's great. It's definitely a fair trial. Now
The trial began June, fifth and eighteen. Ninety three in New Bedford and there were very divided opinions. All around some people thought she was super. Guilty, and there are one hundred percent sure that use guilty, and then some He bore like no ways she guilty in there. Cancer reasons behind this and was the original OJ. Try It really was, it was really intense totally was that it was that kind of by those that kind of, like really severe opinions on either side. Like no gray area. I don't think anyone sat in the middle and was like. Maybe I don't know they were like either yeah or nay, I kind, the middle of this case Eileen and will discuss. Actually you know what I'm going to wait till the end, because we'll talk about what we really think at the end, but basically the offence was that there was no real murder weapon, that they contain the crime, because all the hatchets and things that they were given from the house, They said there was no blood on them, but let's, let's think about this, for us
is its thousand ninety three they don't have luminal. They don't have any these tests to determine. So she just simply wiped that blame clean. There's, no there's! No! blood on their. You don't see it it's over. I missed her, so they could have been in copious amounts of blood on their and she's wipe that chick clean? So there's no word or murder weapon that they intend to the crime without doubt They also were going off of the fact that they said a woman could not have killed her parents with a hatchet because man shit, she wasn't able bodied, that is some man shit, that's some fucking basically, they were like women, poison people. That's their if they're gonna kill anyone which women don't do that. But I did they would do some passive shit like poison and I'm going tell you a woman gets matter than any fuckin person in the world and if I'm mad at you, maybe I will be your face and with a hatchet true. I rather do not envisage new it's true, and
I ever get arrested for beating somebody in the face with a hatchet I'd like you to delete this audio club. Absolutely Everyone remember that I also think that she did try to poison them. I hate, I think, that vicious illness. They all got was because she put only tiny amount of whatever knew how much to put it yeah. I think she was just. I think she put a tiny amount wasn't enough, to kill anyone, but they all got viciously oil and wasn't working because again she tried to go, get the prussic acid later. Didn't you and when she couldn't get it. I think that's when she was like, I gotta, do something and was like I'm pissed fuck off that none of this is working, and I hate you we're so I how to do it so many the hatchet now the judge determined after this inquest that probably guilty and that she should remain jailed until a superior court trial. So she stayed in jail. More more is she stayed in jail, Gyre, she's, more jail for you. Listen
then it was brought before a grand jury in November. This is when the jurors convened to hear the case, and we convened on December first and that's when they started of hearing all the testimonies while the witnesses and all that good stuff, one of them biggest ones was Alice Russell. She was kind of a bombshell, testimony remember she is Lizzy's good friend. We talked about her in the first part she was the one who Lizzie sent Brigitte to go get once she discovered her fathers body now Alice was the one that went up with Brigitte and found Abbe as well, She also watched Lizzie Bernie paint her dress on the stove the Sunday after the murders paint cover. Knows exactly many many airports
now. She had originally been one of the witnesses to testify at the original inquest in front of a grand jury, but she had not told them that one important potent piece of information, the one about the dress, She probably had like a little conflict of conscious. She definitely They had asked her if all the dresses in the house for accounted for after the murders, and even though she was racked with guilt, she said. Yes, they were, Well, her guilt ended up becoming too intense for her in social. Requested to come before the grand jury again and tell that information, because she didn't want to hold it in any more. She literally called them was like I'm freaking, the fuck out. I have us in nation, and I know it's really damning and I can tell you how to tell The grand jury indicted Lizzie the next day after she told them that I'll come on. So Jose and Knowlton was the Bristol County district attorney and he
Apparently, a super bad ass. If you'll get a picture of him, he just looks like an old timey badass that love that for him He really gave this case his all because he really believed she was guilty. Medical examiner testified that Abbe was killed between nine and ten thirty am when Milton asked where Lizzie was during this time. She said. Ironing handkerchiefs that morning and why He asked her how long she did this, for she said quote. I don't know sir, So she didn't have an alibi for the time of abbeys death. She could not place herself anywhere now this is from the official transcript Knowlton said: where were you when your father returned Lizzie said I was in? kitchen reading an old magazine that had been left in the cupboard, an old Harpers magazine. Now bad for Lizzie, because Brigitte was asked about Andrew returning home. She said that he had trouble opening the front door because it was jammed and it was locked
and she tried opening forum Brigitte did it was after he had rang. Bell to get everybody's attention and she was having trouble opening the door and she swore- and I think our targets and she soaring Gaelic, and She said one she swore she testified TAT. She distinctly heard Lizzie laughing from the second floor. She definitely wasn't in the kitchen, because we were just in that house. You can't mistake where someone is, if their upstairs there right upstairs from the front door. If she in the kitchen, that's across the way, from the front or way across, and if she heard her laughing chair Those are. She was at the top of the stairs yup right outside of the bedroom, where Abbe lay fucking brutally killed exactly so. She heard her laughing, that's where she was and if she had heard her laughing from the kitchen. You would know you heard her from the kitchen because it's like across the house from the front door right. She probably wouldn't have heard her
exactly so again. This places her upstairs right in front. Where Abby was murdered right in front of the guest room. Told her. This was bullshit. They were like that bullshit, because that's not matching up with shed and they start again, are you sure you're in the kitchen when Andrew arrived Home- and she said, Quote- I'm not sure, if I was in the kitchen or the dining room. So Knowlton said, did you go To your room before your father returned this basically trying to get her to slip and say she was upstairs. She said She had because she remembered carrying laundry up to her bedroom so soon but when you have had to pass the US One hundred percent so now Knowlton's like so you were upstairs went Andor came on you just told me, you were right and she said quote. I was not upstairs when he came home. No, sir,
no he's that he then asked her a bunch of other questions before circling back to the question of where she was when the Bell rang she answered quote think in my room upstairs fuck Lizzie, you, just fucking lied and then you can fly the budget's testimony. But then you lied again inflicted on it like you're, not making any sent an ear to confuse everything. No time! He asked this question. She urged differently. Yeah sewing to think of it. I was yeah she's, like you know what I was on a space level. I was intergalactic at this moment. I think I was on a cruise. I was on a cruise too Caribbean, ok, ok, so he was leg quote so you were upstairs when your father came home and she said quote, I don't know for sure, but I think I was lazy again.
She was on. An ass load of morphine she was but again. You shouldn't be doing that it should be because this is basically where you upstairs no boy you upstairs. Yes, where you upstairs there's no, but where upstairs sure, was Lincoln's literally like no. I guess you know the ass confused. I don't even know what question to ask neck he's like I'm, just using all of my lost skills right now, it's not agree, you're, probably guilty. You are definitely guilty. So the next day she was wishy washy again about whether she saw Brigitte, washing windows or not. About where she was again, He knew I Brigitte she's gonna wanna bet it was bridge infringing whose grossly was she's like we gonna fuckin Maggie live in our house, whose Bridger bet FUCK ship buttons. Bridget data was virgin, Maggie didn't preventative,
So she said she now she was saying she went to the barn to look for lead for fishing poles. But was like well, there are no footprints in the dust in the barn, and you are definitely not in there. And also your fishing pulls don't even have lines on them, so they can't be used. So why are you going to find fuckin shit for your fishing? Poles that can even be used is she's like because I'm fuckin was Jose and she was like. I just did that's really where the term no way home from is this testimony he's like, were you there and she's like no way Jose and he was like my name- is Jose Nelson. Actually, it's in the transcripts go read it. There is also something the police said. They said that there was a bucket of bloody rags and in the home when they got there and when they were like? Did you
Issues that are very young is what's that about. She wasn't like oh shit. I don't know about it. That's what I would do. I don't know what that is. Maybe the killer left it. There was ass. She was like a man, straining guys. That's just my butt a bloody menstruating rags that is found of course, at that time, and today most men are gonna, be like no they're, just going to go. Oh I'm not going to ask any further about that. He's like and that's all I have judge and that's literally what the police did. They were like, okay, dont want even touch that baloney rags. Whenever I mean they're they're going to test them for anything rice. What because Zaka they testing Authority have tough eighteen, ninety three, but She just literally was like. Oh that's just my period rags and they were like ok by its eye dude. Those were probably the shit she was wearing when she murdered them and she's through in a bucket.
I mean, and nothing was done about it good. For I mean I don't want to say good for a murderer like, but she never thought on her feet. Man she's, like you, they're, not going to ask me further about my menstruation ones. It that's the thing one thing lit and I'm calling a Lizzie now, because I'm gonna be honest with you. I think she's got to working, but, one thing: Lizzie was really gotta was reading. Fuckin written in a room full of men exactly and she knew what she needed to appear like at that time and she needed to appear like a help. A helpless woman, I don't have the constitution, I'm so fragile. I couldn't do this. I have the vapors like she literally is she would walk in there with a fan like I just actually pictured her vaping. She was Lizzie Inter Jewel, pod mid fucking. If you would a testimony, you would you fuck, a young millennial hold up Jose she's like vaping, was no
sudden it smells like grape coolly like she didn't it. I as everyone knows, wonderful everyone's, like shut the fuck up, not all breast cancers, are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may not require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialists develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the white treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth hen, medicine visit, pen, cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment.
Not all breast cancers are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may not require chemotherapy at all. At ten medicine, breast cancer specialist develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the right treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth and medicine visit, pen cancer, dot, org to schedule your appointment well note Knowlton, actually handling the clues. Do. Five hour long closing arguments. Ok, that, like Are you just reading? It over and over again he just wanted a really hammer, and there like this, this lady did
five hours, closing arguments supposed to building a solid few minutes. No, I think I mean they're, most they're, usually pretty long five hours, but bragelonne sheer. He said one of the things he said that really struck me as like kind of brilliant for him to really him and that's what he said was he said: isn't kind of weird that both times Brigitte left Lizzie alone, one of her parents ended up murder, is strange. She said: Bridget went out to wash windows I'll be damned murdered, Brigitte goes upstairs to the third floor to take a nap Andrew answer. Every single time that she left was the alone boom. One of them fair are dead so he also pointed out that it was pretty curious. That was, he said she was in the barn because there, to be the one place where she wouldn't have been able to see someone enter exit the home so she didn't have to lie and say I saw somebody she was like. I was in a place where I wouldn't have seen anybody right. You also
pointed out that the story about Abbe leaving to see a sick friend, because remember when everyone I'm Andrew came home, he said, whereas Abbe right and Lizzie said she received a note from the sick friend she's out, seeing that set friend. Ah, he said: that's really weird to them We found a note where's the no. We never found the no no notice found, and he also said if a man Cynthia was sent what this note to tell her to come, see her sick friend. That's me That's because one, the notice of their into where's the sick. Or the messenger to come forward and say yeah. That did happen right, nobody's coming forward and saying this happened. Anything like why? Wouldn't somebody come forward and give her story credibility if it was true right? No one has now There was also the fact that the house is bonkers when it comes to lay out.
And she said that houses, while it is true, he said some random stranger- would not have been able to walk through this home unnoticed, no way without being in this home before right, because. It's true, I just said rooms- are on top a bedroom lives bedrooms. I like it. It's like an sitting doll about the entire second floor is just bedroom and it's all bedrooms that are just like all. On top of each other. You have to walk through other bedrooms to get to other betters very, very odd, so somebody who didn't know this house would not have been able to go through without interest, separate staircases, t exactly Lizzie lawyers. Also new, like we said how to play the all male jury they had heard. Super fancy. She was black. She was wearing like Europe tight Corps, since they had a square Eminem dairy am according to a Smithsonian article, that I read. They had her come into court with bands and holding two of flowers, sleep
being the plane. Who would you another bouquet of flowers about more because back now, yes, TAT S. Eighty now walked him with a bouquet of flowers. People like all she did. It is vital that than they were like she's. The lady. She just picked these on the way living her feminine life. That's all she's doing she's, just growing Flowers, everything is nifty. She so fragile. No, the annex, you know just women So one newspaper described her as quote: quiet, modest and well, bred well, bred, yeah! Well, I wanna be fuck indescribable bread makes another. One said that she lacked quote amazonian proportions. Could she wasn't? Tal said she could not have wielded that hatchet the way that they are saying she wheeled what a way to say. Someone is short near you do not possess. Amazonian proportions: young ass, like prescience.
Thank you, your Billig. Now again most they all the jurors one. Male and more. Stir them. Were. Farmers are blue collar workers in most of them, daughters, Lizzie's age because fall river. The bustling metropolis said it was couldn't be used for Jerry candidates because of bias and the usually can from the place where the crime has they acquitted her the jury accreditor and they did it so quickly that they had to sit around for an hour into another fuckin thumbs to make it look like they actually took time to decide how good so they didn't take an hour they took like four. Seconds and then these sat around with their thumbs up their asses for an hour to make it look like they actually deliberated perfect. When the verdict was red. Lizzie fell to her knees and started to sob, probably because she was
I got away with that. She was like. I never thought this was gonna happen. She's, probably like these dumb fucks are actually quitting me or she was probably like. I don't have to go back to that tiny ass shell to praise the God, the praise alone. Now it's important to remember that In order in the order that these two people were killed, benefited Lizzie greatly in the This is why I believe was a born is guilty. Ok, this is just something that really strikes me. First of all, why was Abbe killed at all because she didn't like her. But if it wasn't Lizzy I mean oh, you can kind of see another justifying it by any means.
But you know maybe andrew- wasn't really liked person. He was a business man be sometimes businessmen have ended school right and they can have people that are nemesis, you know of them and want them gone but Abbe. Why would ever be killed and where we have to kill? First right, like that, doesn't make sense and Lizzie was in the Fuckin house and so is Brigitte? Why we're all from killed a theoretical one white killing. Why you only killing Abbey and Andrew doesn't make sense, and where would the killer have hit for like a few, exactly Abbe was killed first, so all her shit was transferred to Andrew by her well right, so that at that makes sense that she was killed, if it's Lizzie, because Lizzie gets rid of Abbe. Now all that these assets are read a meeting we transferred by her well to Andrew
so then Andrew was killed under a hundred. I don't know I just got very fancy. Andrews kills off some like old times. Spirituous possessed me like hosting a tv sorry, but then Andrew Andrew and so all of I'll shit and all of this immediately transfers to a man and Lizzie Brill. It's very beneficial of her to get rid of Abbe first right, because it transfers just all that shit. Her name- and it doesn't make sense for some stranger to do it that way, because what the fuck am I getting out right? Nothing, not if just Andrews, killed, I could totally by and the idea that some random stranger that but if she had killed Andrew his shit would have gone to Abbe exactly so, Abbe had to die if its Lizzie right, but if it's some random stranger, why an ivy was our Lizzie was passed. That Andrew was giving money to abbeys family exactly so, I
they stopped calling her mother. She did. She called her missus boredom. I dont know why, South, certainly winkie doing that throughout the subtle deals on time dies says now: Abbe had two sisters, birdie and Priscilla Birdy from these forward from the state farm. I think it's important to note in the just to be transparent and not in place We advocate here that I Lizzie did give them both money from abbeys estate. Yeah guilty back and conscious. I conscious I agree just, put a girl. Sorry, I forgot hacked off your sister here ya. Had they did transfer estate to them for one dollar they didn't hold back everything from them, but they also didn't. They didn't give her a ton of it. They would heritage should tell them yeah. Now hemming Lizzie inherited five hundred thousand dollars. Got then back, then this is like ten million dollars on that's a lot of fuckin money to lot adult
now as soon after this in September of eighteen. Ninety three Emma and Lizzy, moved in together into a giant mansion on the hill that was in the hill, which is where Lizzy especially always wanted to live in the house, their family was up there and that's the fancy ass part of town, that's where all like the debutantes live. That's where all the parties that you need to feature if you, gentlemen, Collar Thomas Revenue, guys betimes Thomas of terrible horrible he's a terrible man. Lizzie named this mansion maple craft. I, like that name. Very I love. I just want to name my house. I think we should name my house something very imposing and fancy like a trial. Spooks Ville does not sound elegant sure does now, four years after her, quite she was still getting a little bit of trouble Lizzy. She was not wiping her sleep,
What happened I know use after after a warrant was issued her arrest, improvidence, sir, why she was charged with shoplifting, and she had to make restitution You don't need to be shoplifter. Does you just got ten million dollars by bumping off your stepmother and your daddy? I remember watching, like a tv show where she you, like gotten trouble for shoplifting before them ass. If she had some she and some moments, ok shed some things going on Don't we all know Lizzy Lizzy finally got to be in the hill and live in that society life she always wanted, because she always just wanted to be a part of this. You want to be part of the fancy parties and all that me to I get it. I got a girl of tonnes that your family's tons of money you in that be even if you join tons of money out of it lunch so and they moved into maple craft together she was throwing parties with the high society left and right. She was all a parting with theatre folk, including
Actress, Nance, O Neill and apparently Theatre P, go back there more considered, colonel lowbrow, which isn't I know it's a really weird, but I think kind of made me think of like the great Gatsby in her and her like crazy friend yea, and it's just like really crazy parent, beginning its ideas. So it's like these high society, people came and these leg low, we're brow times they just like a fuckin shit. They say, exaggerating together, exactly and Emma did not love this. In fact she fuck and hated. It should not like Nance, O Neill. That would have been you and me right. So Emma was not feeling this whole thing, and they have actually had a falling out over this over the partying over the kind of people that she was associating with, and she was like dude we're on the hill. I want to associate with Fucking Hill people look, I've got he'll people the hills have eyes. People like the hill, like that held Helen, fall river, now
actually- and it was basically her relationship with Nancy Nea- was a problem for Emma and I am always also kind of weird it out by her relationship with their driver, Joseph Tetra. She was gonna like what's goin on their driver. We'll in nineteen o five Emma left, maple craft, she moved out, and this is crazy, They never spoke or saw each other again like ours. Spoke again never spoke again. After she moved out that was it like the end of their relationship, which makes me think that something else big made that happen which may be Emma, found something out and was like by not living with you anymore, and maybe that's why she cut the relationship off cause. She might have found something out how maybe she wasn't ready to give her sister up to the authorities for but she wasn't going to be anywhere near okay, that's what I think at least
but Lizzie Fuckin, loved her lifestyle, shoes, Levin partying, with theatre people on all that shit and she ended up owning one of the first vehicles in the neighbourhood of shit. And even had her own gas pump at at the home, and it was put in a nineteen twenty four and it's still there today in work schedule, has something that org I'd told us that, like it willingly our style where, if she part, if she like, had her car driven into the garage it would. Turn it around her entire can car around so that when it was ready to be german again, you could just pull right. I was just facing outwards, which is bad and very ahead of the time, really innovative, because people have that in their house. Now, that's the thing! That's like a bit like fancy people that is so cool again. Never after back in anywhere. You cause you to fancy to back out Eu Dr I'm always backing in places. I can pull out cause your fancy. Lizzie also really likes traveling and, as she got older, Yeah. You travel the Boston New York to all kinds of places.
Actually hired a traveling buddy, who is named Trudy PA and lived in the house with her for a time. Ok just say Trudy how, Low truly she continued charity work. She love she stolen doing charity work, but she did it anonymously a lot of the time now, because These are not by me from her, because Lizzie was a pariah, because after after her acquittal, people, I'm pretty sure that she killed her parents with a hatchet. Kids would literally come to Maple Croft and sing that awful nursery rhyme outside of her house. Yes, people would stare, people would whisper. She was shunned by her church who she had been very much a part of she. Also remember: the tour guide said that the issue
these women on the street, her like her tenants at one of her house, oh yeah, and they all turned their heads, but then she caught them. Evicted, yeah sure she was like ok, but you don't talk to me. You want, I lived there. Noma will in these, like ass, said these kids would cause. This nursery ran came out in the nineteen twenties. I believe is when it came about valley. You know the burden had an axe gave her mother, for the wax witches he saw. What she had data era, Father forty one came out, these kids would come two maple craft and they would sing it outside of maple crop which Emily what the fuck is wrong with you. If you think this bitch hacked to people, fucking parents to death with a fucking have yet again stop in her from how can you do it? The fucker? You do and said now, they're singin that song to her I built nope. I mean a leave that crazy old bad alone and let her alone our house in maple crop. Wherever well, then they would also put pins in her doorbell, so that it would ring continuously. Oh that's horizontal fucked
they would put the pins in and it would just be like Ding Ding Ding, so she'd have to come out and take the pins out to get it to stop ringing and all that would it's me that which off you guys lucky, you did not get hatchets to the face because I would have had. I would probably not show your face for the happy with what the fuck in this funding and it's funny because we were talking. Actually, I was to my mother love us this case, and I was saying how these kids would stand outside of our house in. I was saying, like you know how fucked that, if she really didn't do this letter is a really innocent. What a life that she like bats, socks, and it's a him it's funny, because my mother in law, who is hilarious, we say well. You know what I would do if these kids are out there, so you miss song. I would just
swing a hatchet outside the women she's like I would lean into that. I wanted to. I would come to the door leg with my hair, all crazy, holding a hatchet and just give you this shit. I've, really you wanna, fuck and sing at me. Oh yeah, something- and I was like mother Fuckin- seem I would do that. How I want to do that now. I would love to be like the neighbourhood, crazy bitch. I would know how do you think I'm so your house, you give me your God. I hope someone does, as I will totally lean into that shit. Don't don't testily! I leave you just waiting to go. I am I so am I quit I'm waiting to be like the creepy old witch of the neighborhood, because I live in like an old greasy. Really I don't think you're waiting. I think you are I'm ready, I'm ready to get that reputation. I think you had there's about fifty pumpkins on your porch sure is I think, you're gonna get worse like this, this year, the pump
Vincent even reach their full potential, because I was so choose tailbone born shit, just wait dissuade everybody Lizzie died at the age of sixty six of pneumonia, all that's pretty young. And it was in nineteen. Twenty seven was a young backbone well in the twenties, butts sixties, pretty old for six years. I mean you know what I mean either way Emma died. Nine days later in New Hampshire, I believe interesting because she was nine years older. Isn't that very weird gadgets strange and spooky an awesome. So Lizzie loved animals, shoes, a big animal advocate, chanted ouch. She had a doubt and there is a photo in the house of her sitting on the porch of maple crackled in her down and she's. Like all elderly and shit, and she sit in this white gown and she's. Holding Those which is a Boston, Terry AIR to you and she looks
like kind old, lady and you're. Looking at the photo, you like pretty sure you fuckin hatchet and your parents faces like a few years of the here and now this- is something that is very hard to reconcile with this photo view sitting on your porch in Iraq chair, like an old lady, with a dose against you again the photo like these are not the same. People and so in again issue is innocent. What a fucking terrible! to be a life. I know you got to live in maple craft on the hill and all that concept be were basically isolate bullied and you were being bullied constantly and have in its like. If she was innocent thence one murdered her parents and she never find the now. She has seen a song about it all the time. Like that's real fact, that's real! But again I think she was killed. I just don't know
I mean, I will say, like I said she loved animals like we're thing. She left be thousand dollars to the fall river Animal Rescue League when she died Ozal. So she was even doing Chile. She was really and charity working specialist like she had these like good. Qualities about her but again, I don't know, and then I did read that on Brigitte deathbed made yeah. She told her sister that she relied on the stand to protect Lizzie, oh shit and she never elaborated or said what she lied about, she just said she wanted to put out there before she died that I live on the stand to protect her interesting. So it's like what did Brigitte Sea because our tore guide told us that, like Brigitte left after these murders and never fucking, about it again would not discuss it with. Really fucked up about it. I think I pretty
two. I think she did. I think- and I think Brigitte saw what happened. And I think Brigitte had to lie and I think that she lived the rest of her life. Knowing what happened and that's all- Probably why she was like. I fuckin lied to protect her. I think he saw some shit go down. I really do think she saw something and that's why she wouldn't speak about it ever again. Cuz you saw like why make somebody do something like that. I think seems like they were chill. Ass person I honestly think it had something. They definitely had something to do with money, but I don't think that was the flung me in court press of why this happened. I think someone must have been gone.
Listen I'm here to tell you that sometimes parents are so great event was not. I am here to tell you so willing. I'm just gonna leave it at that, and maybe that's where Lizzie was not entirely good than I moved in with my grandparents. Maybe maybe Lizzie fell like there was in a way out of this was her way out, get a move on with our grandparents again, I'm there's no justifying this Randal the thing it like the anger in hacking, somebody's beating someone in the head with a hatchet alone. We so pissed, eleven and eighteen times or however many blows it was. There is For you re only aims that end they did say that the first blow to Abbe Board was in the front of her face on my head and they someone. Obviously it was a hatchet wound.
They send someone had to be real close to her, no defence, which means she was standing in front of them which mean sheep. Probably knew them so It had been Lizzie walking up her talking to her and then wiping out a hatchet and hitting or in the face with it. That's what I think they said that the first blow to Andrew was probably fatal. Yet there was like, however, many more so one than I did read something that said they found a hatchet like a bunch bunch years after happened on the roof of one of the neighbor's house. In holy day. They found it because one of the kids had like was getting a ball off the roof and there was a hatchet on the roof terrified and they saw this hatch. It was our like rusted, but they said underneath the rust they could tell that this was a brand new hat. Now. This is important because when they looked at abbeys wounds they found pieces I believe it's called guilt. That
it is from a new hatchet? So when they looked at these wounds they were like. Oh, this was a brand new hatchet that was used for these wounds, because pieces of it came out in her skull. Ouch, so there thinking, maybe this hatchet it was thrown up on the roof. Whoever did it, which would make sense, if Lizzie cause she's right there, he asked the rose and on the roof, and maybe it wasn't found until now and it's like they can't do anything about it. But. That was an interesting note to me that, like they could have, they know I'll get you a writ. It's such a bonkers K. I will never go back to the house. I can tell you that my love, that house I loved the experience that we had there. I am glad that we did it, but I will not be doing it again, I'll did. I totally I kind of is like I'm going back every year. I kind of want to do it again, cuz it was so fun. I literally can't feel my entire leg right, but what I wonder do is, I want to go back and I want to rent out the whole house would like a bunch of people.
Well, I hope you all have fun when you do that. Who is with me? Not, I saved your good day, sir. So that is the story of Lizzie Board in who had an axe and, in my opinion, gave her fucking parents, forty wax or not. Forty now the close to it. Well, I M not going save my opinion and I hope you have a good night. So in the meantime of deciding whether or not Lucy's guilty, what are you? Gonna hadn't less on Instagram at morbid podcast hit us up on Twitter as a morbid podcast. I know a lot of peoples and accidentally tweeting at morbid bond cast in that is actually the morbid curiosity pod cast. They are really sweet in correcting people and sending them to us like go. Listen. Upon cattle. Maybe just get it right, the first time, well just totally that, but they are morbid podcast we're a morbid pod on twitter suggest. Just let me know
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