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2020-03-01 | 🔗
It's another installment of Listener Tales! These are some of our favorite episodes and you guys really didn't diappoint this time around. Tonight we talk about possible killer clowns, a creepy stepmom with a knife, an ex who tries to murder people, an Australian mum who puts us all to shame, a dead Toby and an ambulance ride with a DAYMON!Visit our sponsors!EttitudeEttitude sheets--they’re soft as silk, breathable as linen, but at the price of cotton. You’re going to love them! When you support our sponsors, you support our show. And right now my/our listeners will get 20% off their sheet set… and FREE shipping! Just text TRUE to 64-000.ZolaGo to Zola.com/morbid today and use promo code SAVE50 to get 50% off your save the dates. You can also get a FREE personalized paper sample before you purchase. 
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Don't go anywhere you and your car, you, U tissue, so you should come to Oliver alive shows. You certainly should you Can you getting old everybody's shut, the provocative like while your can? You can come to the punchline Kommeni Club in Philadelphia on April. Fourteen thing, you know what you really should yeah can do do you know about so for everybody that I did it to be their April: fifteenth Deasey, the Improv and Washington D. So that's gonna be so funding. monuments. There you are so excited verse. Am I can't wait for the monument like anything I can eat there, that's exciting. For me, I mean I assume, there's food lashing, didn t see you I don't know listeners tell us, is their food and Washington be certified Asshole. I certainly
anyways. I merely said that area downstairs earlier and John was like yeah. She knows that is because, with this model does on April twenty third, which is now sold out, we're gonna be returning to the groom Receipt Theatre in New York. To do the to do the thing ass. His gang leg really break its the death comes us festival. By almost said, the guest becomes as happy as when she tries to fix it. Her mouth both of these, but it is just done tonight like it's like nope. I'm done just hold open, so she just said the going is go apparently early talk too much should today or something out of your mouth is like stop it say no more but come to the death becomes a space. It's gonna be awesome. Possum, I hate you. Then you haven't, you are
show in Hansel Alabama at stand up, live on, may sixth come to Albania, it's gonna be well tad in or your eagle and everything in it. Anything in between that was the one time I did it without doing an accident, and I thought that you were going to do the same thing, but I guess I'm pretty sure max. It was offensive. I apologise again but other trying she's she's getting better every week. Trying slate may seven. There are going to be at Xenia twice in a row early and late, wow double The aim is double the fun yeah. Let's do it. Yeah Asheville then, you asked we listened June. Eleventh, we have added a show to Chicago. I tell Ya Hall what up chicken? go where there and we're not gonna be square. We're gonna be there for two days and around we are in any coming with us and we're gonna say some are cool headed to stay at the police were spent and and his family, then July Eleventh, like I said in them,
in episode, oh man, our dream, fucking show our home town. the world. Where are you? Ok, please visit so Sarajevo, Wilbur Theatre, it's gonna, be so much fun, guys it's in our home town, it's our dream! Then you everyone No, it's gonna, be there it's gonna rock and Who also? I didn't even mention the other episode. This is crazy of especial special guest for that one superficial super special and it is the comic ceilings of war Emily Walsh, who and to be only knows best friend, since the eighth grade. That's right. We have someone opening up for us who is not only a New York comic, but also somebody who has known masons Eighth grade, so you're about to. Let me on that. Whilst just all your jokes leg around about,
lay this at allowing them to anyone x in the car after dairy green. Because a cue appear existence and they had a very pure, and I really want to do much, but yeah come to the Well Barrack. Do it there still tickets left. We want to see all of your beautiful faces in our home turf, yes, and there is also still take its left fur June, Eleventh Chicago. So we also see you at us and the sixth left for the death becomes a festival. So let's go get those we want to leave any take itself because we're gonna sell everything so that we can add more places, listen, fuckin, California, I know you want nationally in power for you. I want to come there without boy. What will it come there, but you gotta by the tick and ask why there's a few more things in the works so keep telling us where you want us to come because we're every iteration that information, it's true and it's happening is happening. Hi hi, hey, I'm what's happening, it's true. She not a day goes by without a meaningless reference. Truth truth. Well now that we ve gone past all the best
I have one thing to tell them before we got into the tail sitting. What do you have to go see the movie the visible man, oh yeah. I really wanted to see that it is in credibly. I've heard good things but if we want now who Mama loves Mamma, a menu of anti semitic. Nobody, you up. Eddie, No, it was so good. I its numbers, a jump scare movie, but it is psychologically so scary. I dont have a crazy ex boyfriend. I was with my girlfriend, but then I home and I was like afraid to be at home like I had like a crazy ex boyfriend was invisible in my room somewhere by laying down. But you know most of us do you have a crazy ex boyfriend out is invisible. Equally, I got a so it's while
I want to see it, and I got word. I've heard nothing, but good thing eyes showed up will go with you again, and I've heard that it's just like tension filled the whole time attention as well. It's with our love. It starts in your spooked, love that and then, I didn't want to give you any sport. I would expect nothing less from. We won't tell me you and I D have to go dab dab if realistic, aim we're going dubbed Elsa on to speak easy, but it's no time for that. Once do the fire it. So we are starting a listener. Tail look, look lucid, ought to your floods. Do we would you like to go first, sir? Would you like me to this one's very long? Ah me king. There, one that suck that retail backed this lesson. A title is entitled what the fucking FUCK Blake Dolen Ellison. Her tail love that already I've the subject line calmly, where's my fucking falcons- I were you, I gathered listener, tells this week. So if you don't, let it understood all over me not honour, not figuratively pay weirdos,
my name's Camilla I've been listening to your fantastical podcast for about a year now than it safe to say that I'm obsess you are the best part of my committee. To and from work and school Alina you're, my spirit, animal as I'm in nursing, school and also Vigo on the crazy and grow science stuffs. I also liver, you add, by the way you're not trash your fabulous thanks. Oh that's so Sweden also being a nurse, is insanely awesome, good job good job, I'm so impressed by you wicked, I have quite a story for you and you're, just the kind of thieves who had loved the most. I have changed the names and some of the people in the story for privacy reasons but feel free to use my name Camilla, so ready, Camilla, Miller, lovingly Camilla is going to take us back circa, two thousand sixty two tooth This is that, if you prefer to fathom fathom thank you come out to sixty two thousand seven rat. I was an eighth grade and one hundred percent thought that I was living my best life. This will speak to your soul,
will it I had a SAM's unplug phone area was my jam and I found you miss new booty was my ring tone. Oh earlier, I to ninety nine, for that fifteen seconds worth a ringtone gold member paying for ring tones know I had a trial, I had mostly made it out of my ugly auction stage and was infatuated with a boy in my great name: Blake Dolan, one hundred percent, his name, but you get the picture. Although what a beautiful, This gives us a great job would write a book because, when you use Breakdown and housing they, of course his name was illegal and yes, I got the cutest boy of school he was all of school in all of school, but he was so stinking q, with black hair and blue eyes, and the best part is that he'd finally added meet a chat with him on I am, I got butterflies. I got butterflies for her when I read it onto when yeah. Do you remember on your crush added you on area manure? Like? Oh, my god? What I say is this a joke: are they are they punkin media? Durham? Add I remember,
I was. I was once more to be. I am, and I think everyone got punctilious once vs guy was punk. Multiple mail is ice, visa others. It was one of those mediums that just like really aside. I dont get really started the cyber bullying of earlier on a bang it. I will talk about this about me, so we would simply on our desktop computers chatting our lives away. So we dated on and on from eighth ninth grade the best fucking relationships. That was I don't remember since I've devil agree, but I'm a being one hundred percent facetious. I do remember specifically, but we broke up for some dramatic ass stupidity, but I always had a son before him through our high school and we remained good friends. I was a super learn in high school and back when apps first started becoming a thing. Blake was one of the first people to come up with a flash card up for your phone, while blame So not only was this kid adorable, but he was spar and my inner nerd for hugged for it. I always
never ending, crush on him fast forward twenty three years old and struggle busting my way through adulthood me currently when one day my best friend since I was ten years old alley called me. While I was at work at least three to four times. I knew that it was something juicy if she called when she knew I was at work. So I called her back after work, ready to hear about some stupid bullshit, her boyfriend dead and, as I was bracing myself- and I was bracing myself, foreign rant, Slash, vent festival. Little did I know the fucking easy shit. She was about to unload on me. My girl was like bitch check the link. I d send you I clicked knowing and lo and behold, Blake Fucking Dolen and a goddamn news article. he caught fuels. Your true proud of set with exclusive new originals. Like John Wayne, Gayle Devilment disguise sediments. Cars can get away with murder, doktor death, the undead
Stop this gas dangerous at Epstein, shattered the lane MAX what she inherited Jeffrey Epstein secrets. There was a whole other world going on, plus the most visible crime series buried in the back yard and snapped and with the daylight twenty four seven channel. That always on did you want her dad? You can not obsess sight of them and began to be Dhaka streaming. Only on pick up a new regional comic me in a punk bank. We are lady palms, confused mixed, a hash anthems sour, go our people to live in front. We are leaving all the so streaming now only are bigger. Lake Dolan was in prison. waiting trial for attempted murder. Bitch, you heard me attempted murder, that's bad, not good was really bad. My heartfelt is the
oh, no, my heartfelt through my ass, like it was on a tower of terror. As I read through the article, I painted a picture. Equivalence, beautiful Blake, didn't have the best of times in college and had developed a drug problem and a factor of mental health issues now and then in further she see parentheses. She said: I'm a big mental health advocates a weirdos. If something is amiss for the love of God seek help and don't be Blake yes agreed, so in an effort to help flacon his in an effort to help Blake his family sent him to live with his cousin and her small child in New York City. His cousin was a licence. Mental health, professional and his family thought it would be the best Four Blake little did they know this was a match maiden fucking hell sue. Apparently Blake and his cousin slush therapists started working on his issues, but also started having sexy times on the side. Oh no. I first typed out sparky big time, but then deleted it and said: fuck you Dennis Lynn
whose cousin had recently gone through a Nazi break up and had parttime custody of her son. So while custody, therapist and more or less bitch in Blake were quote working, in parentheses banging through his issues. She also started in virtue noise. She also to tell him how she believed her son was being sexually and physically abused abused by her ex boyfriend ourselves. Father now, at this point, Blake was in love with her and her son. He thought they were acute. Ass, invest ass little Emily so Blake started to get very angry at his cousin ex boyfriend apparent ii. The anger ran deep because together Blake and hasn't therapist girlfriend hatched a plot to you guessed. It murder her ex boyfriend. so logical right. But if someone with molesting my child, I would attempt to monitor them as well. I'm gonna be real with the I feel now and she said that link Blake had to get involved, no total it
they came, I'm saying I guy, I can understand the rage. I feel that I get it. I would literally like run to train and run somebody over that if they are ever doing anything on high per cent anyways? They came up with a hand, his plan that they thought was genius and set off a chain of brutal events that had me shook it to the core Blake and broad data. went to a home Debo and purchased a sledge hammer life through all that shit into a Duff bag and went to. Mr Ex wife went to pay Mr Ex boyfriend a little visit. His apartment, so Blake just walked straight in there to his place and he proceeded to tempt to sledgehammer murder the fuck out of this ex boyfriend deal by these dumb asses didn't take into account that the Ex boyfriend was as follows: a tree and yoked as fuck I ve here s my should ever heard there. No it made me laugh. Meanwhile, lake with significantly smaller and not remotely yoked, oh my god, so used to swing in upwards with a sledgehammer. Nobody on actual Latin, it's it's mildly amusing.
ex boyfriend Blake proceeded to get into a fight and Blake went for the knife he brought during the struggle. Both Ex boyfriend Blake says sustained stab wounds, but ex boyfriend managed to escape and run for help while Blake was you're bleeding as fuck. He decided. This is so weird and be a great idea to take selfies com. burden blood and send it to cousin therapists girlfriend. Why? have no earthly clue, but regardless that's just creepy Jesus right, safe to say, the police arrested the fuck out of Blake and some serious ass charges were brought against him lucky for Blake. His parents are significant we will often were able to pay for his bail. While they went to trial, they went to town I'll Blake's, family hired, topped your lawyers, but that wasn't enough so now Blake setting imprisoned serving as decade long sentence for an attempted murder, Damn Blake. This is crazy. The freaky Part of this whole story is a few months before my friend sent me this link. I went to visit my hometown while Was there are Homeboy Blake hit me up to hang out
unsuspecting asked me agreed to meet up for dinner and thinking I'd reconnect with a long time friend and crash weapon at dinner. He acted, sauces, fuck, all weird and shaky any cup. Referring to how he's been dealing with a quote misunderstanding that he referred. to elaborate on, and how said quote, misunderstanding ruining his life and his constantly stressed about it, but would not elaborate further. Oh my wish shaky and kept going to the bathroom. So for a moment I thought he was on cocaine whilst on the sushi do so immediately after our Susie Sushi dinner, which was dank, who doesn't love sushi actually she sighed Seuss, I loved us girls. He wanted to go to a viper drinks. The situation didn't feel right, so I came up with an excuse to dip the fuck out because he was giving me the Spook Spook Job Camilla weight or listen to your gut haliae. But now I No, I was literally sitting at dinner with an attempted murder out on bail. Yup eggs for reading my long story- and I hope you enjoyed my tale of puppy, love, incest, attempted murder and dank ass sushi love you guys,
Keep it weird PS irritated about. The Mai crawling. Oh, I love that someone else uses the word dank like you do it's not like a methinks. I thought it was just a youth is no up I thank all the time I got it for myself. I always thought it was just the best thing now, I'm old it's a thing. Forgive me, look bad law. older people say dank is like a bad thing. I don't say dank at all. So it's that's not register in my universe, I think Karen said dank the other day. I can add one hundred and four thousand percent tell you that Karen did not say dank no back in about like it was like. Didn't you tell me that dank is like a Dane Clegg. Only light Anglican lay darkened, dank no, not a nigh on his legs, describing like a lake Lincoln Day like a dark tank seller. Yeah you dont say like
that was dank, yellow eyes I lagging, but she said the description is staying. Yeah, not leg. So that's what I say like older people say it in a different way and I'm not my crowd, says like your thou shalt will back. Oh, oh boy, while Camilla that was crazy. He was dank that was very think about. My story is called a wicked beds, Melon Boston. I had to pick this one because Boston and its from storm, no love cool ass. That's like an x men there something storm I wouldn't be. The person asked. All right, hey weirdos, my girlfriend. Can I love you guys and think we would be a fast because we have a lot in common. We too are morbid but happy and have potty mouse. We even started a true crime. Podcast called Otto. see turvy. Isn't that such a cool name? That's amazing! I'm in I'm in storm I have had so much weird should happen to me that I had trouble deciding which story to tell you first. For some reason, people just drop
had around me a lot. I worry, I may be some kind of grim reaper. My girlfriend says I am quote disaster adjacent. I think I witness more deaths than some first responders holy shit. When I meet people and tell them I'm curse, they laugh and say that quote: everyone feels first, but then, after a few months of being around me, they have to admit that I am indeed cursed as fuck. My girlfriend thought it was cute at first, because our first date was a fucking disaster. He's got locked in the car with the motor running and fifteen years ago you had to pay a locksmith two hundred dollars to get it unlocked we're embody. and so of course we also got a parking ticket, hello, forty five dollars most expensive first state in his. Three and also the most successful, because we ve been madly in love for fifteen years now, Upham crying love, love, love. I thought you would want to know that since you love love, so why correction wrecked this amazing after dating for two years, which is a hunt
dears and lesbian years, consider what accord bloodstream eleven we moved in together. Anyway, we got a great deal of this huge one. Bedroom apartment right near Boston, common holy shit, go you also. I used to work right near the Boston Common, look at that and that's crazy that you got a really good apartment on busting common good for you. It was the parlor level of extortion, row home and it was a beautiful but impossible to heat. There was a creepy horta, hermit guy living in the basement apartment I mean you know. think what you can effectively. Let's call him Toby. It was my understanding that he had a tv. I traumatic brain injury. We stayed away from him because he could have violent outbursts and on the public stairwell down to the basement, he had hung up old, bikini girl pictures on the walls and on his door like he was a purview team boy or something that's news, especially weird, because you just go down to that public stairwell to opens to the open side of the basement in order to replace fuses. If you overloaded your circuit, which
and a lot in this old Victorian, I feel you old tells us all the neighbours, even big grown ass men were too scared to go down there, so they would ask me a hundred and fifty by fifteen pounds, soaking wet to go down and replace their views for them, even offering me money to do so. I would always do because it made me feel tough love you already. This basement was creepy ass. It was a giant knowing it had a giant noisy boiler in the corner, tons of Asia, ancient House parts here and there boxes and trunks from farmer tenants and one little bare bulb swinging from. I pay should that one little bare bulbs swinging from the ceiling to light your way so spooky Diana had a door with posters of bikini, clad Ladys, leading to the creepy guys apartment. It also had a small corridor that lead behind the length of his apartment, the back alley. This was the former servants Entrance Haiti. We have one of those in my
Not for like active service, you like for all this server in my house. No, that's just me: I've a super old house. It has servants quarters in it. I should have no money bigs giving we started to notice a foul order, bad timing. Coming from the basement, I told cat that I thought too He was a serial killer and had bodies in the basement, and she just laughed and said he was just a hoarder who needed to take out the garbage. A few days pass in the smell gets unbearable. Tat, the much more reasonable of the two of us starts the thing Toby. May died down their upper casual calling called about the smell, but the landlord. Let's call him fuck head, we ve got him forehead, didn't believe us and said he quote: could only smell a bit of garbage more time passes and I ask had dreamt about the unpaid, read all the male piling up. He said that guy's as always late, and he suggests maybe a cat died under the boiler. I don't think so. Since
Kid was clearly useless. Captain I decided to venture into the basement and have a sniff around. We are both a little window, as it was night time when we decided to explore Jesus, you guys are bad us right, but the smell was starting to affect our sex life, even because everyone knows that isn't that what you're not supposed to do? Yeah VIC's can trap the Oder allow at times and make it worse. That what they do to lick rookie autopsy people yeah. Actually, one of my I am one of my criminal justice professors like way back, then she told us they ever try to make you put VIC Sunday or knows that's them like punkin, you cause it submitted. victor, because the smell of stay with you for a long time see VIC Sunday, knows didn't help. So the situation was getting desperate. We looked around the basement for a dead animal and followed our noses. We squeeze cells into the narrow servants passage and squatted down to the crack under sealed door leading to Toby's apartment. We both laughed and then I will eyes locked in horror. There was no
stating that won the smell was coming from Apartment and too, even though we had never smell the routing human body before it couldn't be anything else, we know who the fuck out of here basement so fast, hoping we wouldn't be. Tensile serial killers next victim? Shall I described the smell? Yes, please reading the ita I've never use of all the dead body, but this seems accurate. Let's see a dash of feet, a pinch of garbage a heaping serving of rotting animal flesh and a generous doll of bio and feces. That is what are rotting body smells like you're welcome. You know what that's a pretty good I was gonna, ask it means something sweet in their low so like riding sweetie, I like a sweetness. That is six sweet, that's what it means. Oh my god! What's the drink, I'm gonna talk about the other night, I don't even know it's not so that thing, started, calling the health department and the police no one seemed interested in our plight mass holes, even
I told people very globally. What was going on? No one, the authorities are Co. Workers are friends, no one believed us what the fuck they'll just thought. It was me being my weird self again like here we go she's telling us another, weird story, I'm sure you can relate. rescheduled Christmas Party, and I was concerned, because a bit odd, we are not the most popular both in the world- and we did have a few friends who were also odd. We never have parties, but we do so. Did it go ahead with this little holiday dinner party because fuck it maybe we could find We convince our friends at the whole rotting corpse thing was happening, are weird little gang showed up in the first thing out of their mouths was what, in the unholy Hellas that fucking smell your neighbour is not ok, it's evoking and gagging. We invited them in. Our stingy s abode all decorated for the holidays, would tons of such rules prevent we all miserably, picked up a food and had lovingly ordered for restaurant and, needless to say,
it was the shortest holiday ever, but not worse, not the worst party we have ever throne, but that's it what is very another time holy shit. I want your lot on seriously if it's worse than a dead body, routing of anything everyone quickly left and many refused Eve ever return to our apartment, losers, I guess Boston, finalists didn't wanna work over the holidays, but finally enough neighbors had complained that a few cop showed up the cops knocked on Toby's door. Only can't you smell that he's dead, he's not gonna answer the door. The pope, who left the final shrugged in fucking, left us there without steady, look
King rookies, p s. I tried to be a cop of eyesight sucks, so it's nothing personal quote. Not all coughs hashtag, not ok. That's like the same exact thing would be acceptable as my eyesight. They came back the next week January. Second, six weeks after the smell started. Oh lots, rough ripe and kicked in the door down. It was dead bolted and hauled dead Toby out at last. Even the neighbours on the sixth floor had been complaining before he say: oh, it's Boston winter. How could we, how bad could it be
He was cranked up and the radiator system spread that smell everywhere. As of all summer is here- and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time, enjoy no to pollute, bury buttery brown crumble and fragrant vanilla, flavors it every set Stapi indeed try this perfect summer cup, or you can use the wall. Why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while.
summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry battery brown, crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavour is in every sense. Stop indeed try. This perfect summer cup or you can use the why why, after order ahead or get it delivered, make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a while. It's not so bad. The first responders were gagging and throwing up fuck head was there and I
aired him down and said: oh, I did. Oh did you find the source of the smell fuck had had the decency to look ashamed and even a military, I said he's fucking dead in there Isn t any mumbled. Yes, I said you had better get that apartment professionally cleaned and he promised he would. I asked the cops how he died and they said it was cut and dried. So I assume he killed himself, but who knows all I know is we have indicated and no one should ever doubted again. Fuck had waited another month before hiring aftermath, think to clean it up and wonder. If that's it, I think aftermath as nationwide
the consumer, must uses thing. I never even heard of it, but the aftermath think I wanted to get a job there ass. I did what the fuck is wrong with the leg right out of high school hours ago. Maybe I'll get a job there. I go to college. You wanted to clean up after dead body. Yes, while I would still do that, I mean all the power to you and everybody else. Yes, somebody's ever do it. They came at midnight sketchy around Valentine's day with hazmat suits and took out birds of bags of garbage and professionally cleaned it like sunshine, cleaner style and smell at last went away, but no one ever rented that apartment again. We should have sued May. I ask why we stayed run control in Boston yup. I got it. We have. Tone of unethical student loans at yeah us from the unethical. U S: government who are illegally shafting us so had no choice. We poor f and the crown Moulding was lovely up to this day
girlfriend I joke, or we smell something bad. We say its most Victoria. We give up its bucked, that's fucked up the birthright. for every before anyone gets upset. We did actually feel bad for this guy and his family, even though he was erratic, peruvian scary, especially when I found out he was Hawaii, where I am from me hey. We tried to do the right thing and got him discover in a timely manner, but no one fucking believed us. So what are you gonna do? Happily captain. I now live in Hawaii, where everything smells like flowers and copper tune. Sunscreen instil Kirsty of enemies to it. Stay weird and please do alive. Show in Honolulu will show you so much aloha storm, it's ok to bear perturb about giving up or that
stories. Amazing and we have to do is show in Hawaii the homeland, for you yeah, I'm not hawaiian, but I was up what am I looking on? Clearly not alliance of the peerless mother Fucker storm. You in cat are my heroes. I love them. I fully agree with you that we will be best friends. Let's do that. We must first, whose phenomena is let's resume. Now I will kind of one of just Billig man, it's mostly Toby and we can say yet another. I love it. Oh this. This next story is very spooky. Snack, star magic feels no Amis stuff. you are you're, forget plenty Africa. While this is called listener tale a very spooky ambulance. Starry P, hey Ladys, who discovered your spook tabular I'd say hard to say. Spook spook is one of life like the best where I always
the people are making it. I know you'd just discovered your spook tabular pod gas not too long ago and a super love you guys. The listener tells her honestly among my favorites, and I thought I thought I would share my story with you: love it a little back. I worked as an empty in Utah for the last six years and have been and have seen some crazy monkey ass stuff monkey I consider myself a pretty boss aspects for working in Malta in a male dominated field and hold My own colleague, I agree. but I do most days and have lots of stories but of all the stories I have there is one that sticks out. In my mind is one of the craziest things I've ever experienced it spooky and its paranormal as fuck my deeds, this
story is long and you won't want to read it alone or in the dark so hold onto your butt and keep the lights on holding on when the light is on. First of all, his lady bugging me, like I love ladybugs without one keeps fly into by don't fly into the light. Dont do it first. I want to say that I have written this, so there aren't any identifiers to the peoples. The story involves, and you can just call me- be heavy heavy and my time on the ambulance. I've been given the title of a black cloud because they get dropped in the craziest call. So it's not surprising that this happened while a makeshift a couple years ago, my ambulance partner and I were. sleeping peacefully in our recliners at the station we had a pretty quiet night, nothing too crazy and had actually been able to catch a few z's. I'm woken up from a light sleep when the tones go off in the station. I look at my watch and guess what time it is: yep, three, a dot m I'm just gonna, say three, I'm good old witching hour didn't think much of it. The time, but it makes sense now are dispatcher. So does this cause of the Quality college storms nearby?
and then it was a very sick person, no more detailed them not, but we got some lights and silence which men are patient, needed, immediate help. We rolled up where the fire engine, me and a bunch of barely deeds had it inside with all our equipment. Up to this point, it was just another middle The night call and we were all pretty tired, but that's just the job. We walked into a bright wallet hallway, with black big black heavy doors, with dorm room now on them. We found hours and knocked at the door. Nobody answer it away and the door was locked. So we asked dispatch to get a hold of the collar to open the door. A few minutes past we stood there quiet tire, just relaxing until the door opened very, very slowly the door open into the apartment and instead of light from the hallways spilling into the room beyond all we see as an inky black abyss. This is when it starts to get weird and one of us tapping inside and turning on a light, we all do stood there, I don't know what we are waiting for, but it's almost like. We had a six cents, keeping us from going inside. One of the guy said
thou. Where would the fire department, but none of us went in suddenly in the most pale green, person, I've ever seen alive literally crawled out of the door. I have like a spanish reading. This I've already read over Sir S and she was pajamas and was covered in fucking black handprints. All five really do than myself take a step back. It was alarming. Remember alarming, to say the very least. Yes, but remembering that we are professionals I got. I grabbed a blanket and threw it over her asking her name and helped her to stand, helped her to stand together on my structure, the we're thing was nearly gray and clearly very ill. All she could tell you is that she didn't feel well and was very weak. You know shit, you don't feel well. Girl right alarm started going off in my head. I kicked into gear and started doing my job. I got vital start in the Navy and tried to assess the poor thing, but she was very lethargic and not very forthcoming with what was going on with her. She just kept saying
I feel very good. We will turn out to the ambulance and my partner and I got the stretcher load and they lack, but did you too high my village? I know you don't feel like it, but why did you die but did you die? You die, though I jumped up and sat on the bench next her now, when you close an ambulance door, the lights in the bag often turn off until you push the button or for the switch that turns them back on that doesn't really an issue because our equipment lights and a small light bar over the switches stays on at all times that the truck his arm. So my partner closed the door and the light shut off completely No light bar no little equipment lights, not even light from the windows I fumbled for the lights, which incomplete, complete inky blackness. Until I found the sweet the switch and light flooded, the compartment you guys, the light turned on and there were there were suddenly dozens of flying red They were absolutely not fucking there. When I got in, I may have.
Something like what the hell and tried brushing them off my poor patient and that's when I felt it felt like I was standing in front of a loudspeaker, but without the sound, a deep vibration seemed to pass through me and run up my spine I felt like I had entered it, got a big chill yeah my whole entirely library. Now his jewels, I had entered into a thick dark or by frozen place of my hand on my patients arm, I close my eyes and set a quick silent prayer to any cosmic being or force. That would hear me to protect us from over the fuckin just innovative. My space. the feeling subsided abet enough for me to tell my partner, through the little window, between the cabin the box to hurry the fuck up and get us to the hospital holy shit right. Eventually, I was able to get some information from the girl. She woke up some time after midnight feeling very ill and went into the bathroom where she started having intestinal issues issues she laid on the floor and possibly passed out. She woke up around three m and called nine one one. The handprints were actually fee, go matter, but why was it black? Why was it all over her? She wasn't. It
They tell me why this legal matter was Oliver and handprints and she did not have any feces on her own hands. I never got a bad vibes from her the impression God is something seriously abnormal was happening to this girl. After the feeling I had something possibly paranormal We are rightly stressed yet so fucking You look at my arm. My play. Her arm is good, but I have literal getting shiver the original source fucked we arrived at the er my partner open the back door. Is he saw the flying ants and started smacking at them. We decided to leave the back doors open to hopefully clear them out while we dropped off our patient. I gave the report to the nurse and we left that poor girl in good hands, as we walked out to the truck my partner gloved up preparing to fuc up some flying ants. but they were all completely gone. Not a single, lingering anti be found anywhere. We cleaned up packed up and had it back to the station ass. We left the hospital. I became aware that the heavy dark feeling I had in the back of the ambulance was gone.
Two weeks later, I saw the nurse that I loved her with that night, and I said Haiti remember that girl. From a couple weeks ago, need. I didn't need to say any more than that. Her eyes got huge. It turns out she spent a week in the icy you from a mass of internal bleed. She needed several blue transfusions. The reason her stool was black and she was so extremely pale was from the internal bleed, the nurse not they were never able to figure out why she was bleeding, but she was in much better shape when she laughed it was a diamond ya. If I had to guess what was going on, I think she was being tormented by something truly evil. A diamond. I dont know what I mean. sleep has often diamond. I swear it enough to do that decision, but I was told that if we haven't got into her when we did she would have passed away by morning. I've never experience anything, those before or since, and I sincerely hope the poor girl notes the fuck out of that Darwin away from one almost under her life. Well, there you have it, I am.
to de contaminate and holy water and watch puppy videos and then listen more of your often outcast keep a weird my deeds. Keep it super fucking, weird v, v! Isn't that by man, US so it must do so. Spooky was so much so spoke. I feel so many things right now, yeah that was a diamond I have the Chile's. I have the Chilly Willie's for share. I dont, like other homes, are happening all over the place all over the world. Who are, I think, you ve societal guy. Well, next one is called spooky knife wielding almost stepmom dammit. I wanted to wander high ashen Alina. I was talking to some old friends. The other day. They reminded me about this. Absolutely bonkers thing that happened to me when I was younger. If you choose to use this in your listener, tales episode prefer that do not use my name, because this crazy lady may listening and pay me a visit. When I will not use your name so. Some back story is needed for this story. My parents divorced
those two, because my mom is a hope. So. I'm stuck up. I was a little awkward burnt up, I was living with my mom in her new piece of actual shit has solved the agony. I know why you, what did very? No, actually the rest has nothing to do it like. I can relate to piece of shit. Been South eastern Wisconsin. My parents had been horse for a long time, and my dad had been dating this woman I'll call her Sarah the year before I fucking loved Sarah. She could cook so much better than my dad. She helped me with my homework and she introduce me to new types of music and cool shows two months before this happened. My dad had broken up with her. I was devastated, but when I asked why he explained that she suffered from really bad night tears and often woke up screaming and thinking that he was trying to attacker. Once even grabbed a knife that they come near: the bed for protection and slashed his arm holy shit. My dad didn't exactly
mine this, but it was at the point where she wanted to move in. My dad was worried. Eventually, I would be home during one of the night tears and she would hurt me so after hearing that I call down about the whole thing and resign myself to the fact that Sarah was not gonna, be my stepmom. So when this happened it was the middle of December and there was at least three inches snow on the ground. It was also a fucking freezing buck. Wisconsin she's that. I did not. I was visiting my dad for the weekend and it was around eleven p m at the time and my dad manage the grocery store right across the street from our house. They closed at midnight and I would often ride my bike over there to visit him and the one cashier that state and took using normally, they would send me down the road on my bike to bring back fries for Mcdonald's, and we would sit on. The register is improved. The depths of topics such as the meaning of life It shows on networks for the best uniform. Looking I am actually pretty mad that my dad. Let me do that. The road to Mcdonald's was long, poorly lit and and I didn't have a phone. It's me.
go. I wasn't murdered on the night of the incident. I'd read my bike across the street to my dad store in part. My bike near the building the baby, given to me by Sarah and was very distinctive. I went in enchanted with my dad and the cashier for forty five minutes. My dad eventually told me that he was going to need to start closing up soon and I should go home and he would meet me before I left he rang ups. stuff from the store and told me to carry the bags home on my handlebars this so vividly that I even remember what was in the bags in the bag. To my left hand, was a small glass container of toast, Tito's mild chunky saw vodka in the bag, and my right was a small box of generic black kitchen bags, kitchen garbage bags and a box of generic white plastic straws. I put my you're buds and put my ipod. Oh my back pocket and walked out of the building. I was looking down at the round, as I approached my bike when I got closer, I saw a woman sitting on the bench next aware. I parked my bike took me minutes a place her, but I could
we realise that it was Sarah. She was wearing a very thin spaghetti, strap pink son, dress no shoes and had shaved the left, half of her hair off, Do you on her lap was a wedding magazine, oh and in her hand was a huge kitchen knife. Last night. Nowhere at all, I almost four He died right there. She saw me looking at her and said high level normal voice. I shitting my pants. responded on autopilot, hey like what the fuck SARA I dug woods. a closer and grabbed my handlebars. It was then that I a closer look at the knife it had a black handle but had lit. pink, poker dots painted on it. It was our knife. My little cousin had put the pope. Doubts on it with nail polish, the lash tight last time she visited our house. I don't even know who Naturally, I was suddenly even more creep Dope Crete, the fuck out. I got on my
bike and spread across the street, to my house, dumping my bike and the bags in the front yard and running inside as fast as I could. Even though I knew it the almost impossible. I was convinced that she was right behind me I immediately locked the door behind me and grabbed a pocket knife from the counter and locked myself in the bathroom. Then I face timed. My dad this whole escape scape took maybe forty seconds. That's how closely linked to the store so within forty seconds of seeing Sarah outside the store. My dad was running outside to find her shoes fucking gone he ran around the outside of the building and she was nowhere to be found. My dad, home immediately and told him and told him. I told him about the knife we checked and sure enough are eight inch kitchen knife was missing from the knife: blade
We have no idea when it went missing, weeding cook much when Sarah wasn't around the next day at work. My dad check the security footage, but Sarah had apparently been in the one part of the parking lot that wasn't covered by the cameras but hold onto your butts, because this is an even the worst part, sometimes with some time with him, the next few weeks. I dont know exactly when the fucking knife reappeared in the knife law has been that so fucking time sir. I came back home. We she's anyone came there when he thought he was a goner, but the cat came back. Ok, eyed girl, how the shoe you thought I was gonna, get that up. I thought and Dry says not a girl It's not, as is the norm nursery rhyme. Oh no! Oh, like song, the cat came back. He was gone about.
Ok, that's really creepy, something that I really thought that was eyed girl and I also love than I was like. You thought I was gonna get a regulated nuns, but I appreciate it I pretty, but everyone is laughing, so we changed the locks. The next thing I know she said now that it is easy servant, for me saying that Sarah had little left out of sight of her hair shaved. I can't talk my dad. I felt the need to bear by this, and so we went to the restaurant where she worked a week after I saw her when my dad broke up with her. She had a full head of hair, and now she had the left side of her head shaved. She didn't see us and we have to soon, as we saw the ship, the hair will We haven't seen her since and my dad doesn't work at the store anymore he's I've sold the bike and I never go out by myself at night. Well, that was the story of the spooky knife wheeling wielding almost stepmom, who once lashed my dad, who once slashed my dad up after a native to first second, does I wait one whose like girl, you did not tell me, actually stabbed your dad?
one slashed my dad up after a night terror and scared me shitless one December night, outside of a grocery store. I have begun enjoyed it, and I was. I want to tell you guys that I fucking love you so much and won't show the shut the hell up about. You showed my friends legit. I think I have a problem. Keep. We therefore All that often euro. We shall not be named. That was arson amazingly shed the fact that a reappeared in the block just ruined me, This curious party, I hate that alot hated, so much man merits The next one is just called listener stories: hey keep at it real real, simple. We loves it hey lamer Hash raised first, I have to say that I never gave much thought about podcast until I came across Europe's legal since then Ivan hugged you guys are seriously awesome. Thank you for all your time you put in for US weirdos. Thank you. Thank you as well.
in my cousins, and I were horror movie fanatics and into all things scare insane zis. We would often Sadly, we everybody thinks that were cousins and were not people I feel it. Everybody thinks we're cousins, so saying same, I feel like makes them think even more the tsars. I adjustments why adjustment same like entire site that Sophia Penniless. We would often sadly watching one of those movies and would fight over who slept in the middle of the bad, because we are all too terrified to sleep on the edge. Shall I get that I get that so hard. We also made up scary games, are favour being called monster One person play the monster would hide somewhere in the house with the lights off, while the rest of us would go into a specific bathroom, shut the door and counter thirty We're done counting, we would open the door and walk around the house with each other, not knowing where the monster was hiding. The rules awesome, who does For example, if you see the monster, you can't tell anybody else, and when the monster pops out to chase you, you would run back to the designated bathroom before it gets you burthen who's got would be the next monster,
love? It seems like a silly harmless game right sure does well. It was until one in the afternoon when we decided to play with my three cousins and our friend. While we are all home alone, thinking back now. It probably wasn't a great idea, but that day this we still out so we thought it would be less scary. We played a few rounds out before it was at her, our friend Kailash Term, always fine until she popped out again, she began chasing us around the house. I was in the back with my younger cousin Brooklyn, while my other two older cousins faith in June run from Brooklyn and I did not see gale about just heard her and we ran straight to the master bathroom before I continue it's important to know that hell. I was just wearing a normal certain pants short. After we made it to safely to the bathroom, my oldest cousin faith ran and she was laughing ass. She came in and locked the door entire, probably in an attempt to pick on her sister June. So she would be caught faith and proceeded to cope with the faith and proceeded to tell us that kill it
good job being scary by putting on all black and a clown Massa. They keep in the closet own no way. we laughed about it until June, began being on the door with calla. They are practically in tears and frantic. We thought it was a joke to scare, until careless there was someone walking around in the house in all black and a clown mass know about our mouth slaves it went, pale ass. She opened the door for them, unlocked it again, kilos not wearing what faith described her is wearing. She was wearing what she had on at the beginning, game and by all their reactions, they were not messing with us. We all proceeded to freak out and make sense of what they saw since the three of them all saw the same thing. While we were all talking, the door handle suddenly started moving like someone was trying to turn it and the lock it was. One of that you can unlock outside with butter. Knife was turning sofa no favour ran to the door and held the lock in the law in the lock position
Whoever was on the other side couldn't get in. At this point, we were hysterical. Thankfully faith had the idea for us all to jump out the window above the toilet to escape into the back yard. Holier thank others about Window she made me trade spots with her to hold the lock while she opened the window and helped my youngest cousin out. Let me tell you before holding not lock. I had my doubts that this was all real. Some part of me believes they were breaking us. I was definitely raw I'll doubtless gone when I felt the lock turn against my fingers. Whoever was The other side was strong and at the time I was around ten or twelve. So I did not have the strength to keep hold of that lock. What's gonna happen, thankfully, I didn't because everybody was able to escape outside besides me in faith, she took hold of the lock again and I note the hell out of there when I was out, I stopped to wait for her since she had to go like of the lock and then jump when my God, I'm so sorry. Some four faith. I know when she did jumped. She landed hard, making her yell out and pain that in stop her, though she told me to keep going while she left after me, we were
about to hop over the neighbors funds. When we looked back at the window. CS. I just gave me like a little the web, for I am not happy about standing in the bathroom. Looking back at us was a tall person in the clown mask and a black sure. Now I will never forget such terror. Until the moment of my life, the figure didn't move just stared through the window out as little thought, I don't know when I sat looking at the clown. I just we're being pulled to the fence hopping in the neighbors yarn and running to the road. When we meet at the end of the stream. I on my aunt uncle were already driving toward the house and saw us. We probably looked like sex. while he tried to explain what just happened to us. They did not look convinced and my uncle actually looked I agree that we are causing a scene. They, how does get mature To take an order that arose right, they had get in the truck to take us back to the house or my uncle wanted to check it out himself. The front door was I'd open when we pulled up- and we later found out the back signing door by the bathroom window we had jumped out of was open as well. When my uncle came out, he was living because we apparently
the toilet lead. When we climb down it's you got up at the window. He told us to stop playing scary games and breaking his things, my told us that we shouldn't play the game anymore, because it invites bad stuff into our heads, so they basically thought we were crazy. It sprinter her ankle, and my aunt and uncle took us to Chuckie cheese to calm down Calm down right, it was a terrifying experience and, to this day we all agree with what we saw was real since every single one of us all the same thing, we simply the game after that during the day, and only when there were adult home and we found the clown mask back in the closet where it always was We still do not know who is in the house with us that day, but I do know it wasn't just in our heads. Thank you for reading my story and keep it weird Hayley. What does Nothing, free rein in a cloud mask in your house in your house where they go. I don't know dog love that one who want to move on from that one to one another. drums tomato every part of that story that hey that love you for sending that hate, that
So the last listener story that we will do is called just a casual story involving my mom in the Claremont serial killer. Oh no, Canada, while this is free Gemma degeneracy. I can save money, believe she did ok hate him, hey weirdos, I loveless. Dear Podcast, and appreciate all the amazing effort you put into them only got. Thank you. I can't believe I thought I had no decent stories to write in, but then about because this is actually pretty bad ship bananas. I think I just blocked it out of my memory preferences, sweet, blissful ignorance, over, crushing potential reality. I'm sure you can already tell, but I have a very healthy copy, my friend, whose from the same, please you anyways I'm from Perth Australia. You know how we feel about Australia. Oh there is a major trial going. on at the moment, investigating the Claremont cereal killings. We want to cover those back. In the mid nineties, three women went missing from the suburbs Claremont.
J Murmur and Sierra GOAT Glenn and were found, murdered and Bush Linz outside Muslins Bush lands on the outskirts of purse, but Sarah spears body was never covered. It was a cold case. years until new DNA evidence linked the greasy spunk trumpet Bradley Edwards to the crimes they have the best insult in Australia, that's a great one. I gotta use that one. He has pledged guilty to two counts of rape, one being a teenage girl in the cemetery. I know what the actual fuck but as pleaded not guilty of murder charges. When I was a teenager, circa, two thousand and five I wish I was at home one after with my mum about us blonde who don't take shit from nobody hell yeah, we lived on a five. That's like ash. We lived on a five acre block in a small town about fifty kilometres from Perth are homeless, situated between the main road that went through town and dirt track. We would often walk along this track to go Bush walking.
You know this one day my mum asked if I wanted to go for a walk, but I was too busy playing sims or some stupid shit and declined urine lad so off my mom when she was walking home when she came to the intersection where this debt trap MAC Track met. Up with the main road, she heard the roar of a car turning to seeing a ute travelling along the main road scream to a grinding halt now. There are a lot of organs, maybe to urban dictionary about one in my town. So it is an uncommon fer, a car to be running around. I love all these. Where are you going to do not bovines? Being I forgot to look at our idle. I feel like. I know that word I'll, do it, while you are Bogan mum, didn't think too much of it and began to walk, albeit at a faster pace in the other direction. However, she stopped in their tracks, as the man driving began to reverse. Mom said she immediately got that ah fuck feeling in her stomach the car pulled onto the dirt track. You
on an accelerated tone towards her sending a flurry of Red Dustin rocks into the air freaked out mom turned around. He had accelerated to quickly on the least, gravel and overshot his mark. He was visibly enraged by thus making sure to maintain eye contact with her, as he pulled at his steering wheel to rip her caught his eye our back around it was at that moment. At that point, my mom's goober arrive in arrived and she knows the fuck out of here. She started running home. All she could hear was the red. king of the engine, as pursued her literally King nightmare. I imagine it does exactly that thinking. I imagine it to be some cheese, cheaper, creepers style bullshit. Thank God. There was a huge log that obstructed the track, so mom was able to run ahead and hide in the Bush Watch this guy slowly drive back down the main roads scoping the area. Looking for her, what the fuck.
When he was out of sight, she breathed a sigh of relief and in my darling mothers own words. She thought quote. There was a bit weird bless this woman who raised me, but her tolerance for weird is way too fucking. So after the lunatic had well and truly gone? She starts off again only to see that son of a bitch had turned his goddamn monster mobile around and accessed another road to bypass the log he's fixated on my mom. She sprints towards home, knowing that if she can make it to the boundary of our property that there is a break in the fence, she's running on very uneven ground, so Lord knows how she didn't fall over, but somehow she found this break and made a flying leap through it. Like I said my mother's, a bad ass, so What did she do? She turns around a look at this fucker to get his number plates. They lock eyes and his seething. She knows that to turn around, he has to derive about half a kilometer to get back to the opening, but she doesn't want to go home because I'm there alone concerned, he would follow her there. She crossed the road to our neighbours. Property and
AIDS and Shirley enough there? The hell wagon is again slowly stocking the main road looking for her thorough, fucking fisheries way too much next thing, I know she races into the house and a frantic panic yells at me to lock all the doors and windows, I'm so confused. Having just been pulled from my symbols, stupor asking her wide, which now I think about it- must have been really annoy. She call their local police station to report the incident she was able to identify half of his number plate and the making color of his car. This is the frustrating part because the police never filed her report, what the fuck, and so the information was lost and never investigated. A few years later, she was out and saw a photo of Bradley Edwards a newspaper and recognise the face immediately, that that was him. That's the fucking guy, so yeah
moral of the story is fuck. I for disturbing my sims game, ha ha. I just can't get fucked for so many other reasons. Thank you so much for eating my mom story. I should mention my mom is still having her best life, but would significantly less Bush walking. She continues to be a bad ass to this day. Keep it weird you bloody legends, Well, you're, a bloody led end, you're fuckin jam Jem jam is a germ. Her mom is a bloody legends Louisa, and that word what was at Blowgun Bogan Bogan? It means I trash allocated some of again that you could provoke java those fucking arrays egg holy shit Those with a good listener to guide the. It took a long time that allows buzz amazing, good job. You know it. You guys killed this episode brought to you by you for you all about you and he did it well, Wala. If you enjoyed thought. I hope that you go ahead and follow us on Instagram at morbid. Podcast set us up on the twitter at a morbid,
podcast send us their listener stories via Gmail, morbid podcast at Gmail, dot, com with subjects, Glenn, listen stories and that whatever the fuck you want to join the Facebook group morbid call in utter crime, Podcast Facebook Group, its awesome in the area of big business, and we hope you keep it. We hear, but that's where they, your mama's, like basically is giving a serial killer, not aware that figure running around your house and then this guy with a critical mass is volume and then all of a sudden you not there and that's aware that you're someone tries to kill you and your dad with wedding Fuckin magazine and that's a weird that, like that ambulances continents fog in their fuckin fire ants everywhere. Not so, where did your basement cells really bad, because it's mostly Toby him Toby's dead and that's the way that you gonna sushi date with a convicted, well
attempted murder man. I think I got them all.
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