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2020-09-05 | 🔗
Listener Tales!!!! Get ya listener tales! We needed to lighten things up this week after the wild ride that was the Moors Murderers. This episode features a horrific hike almost gone wrong, a UFO sighting to the song Untouched by the Veronicas, and a ghost car chase among some other great gems! If you have a listener tale you’d like us to read send it on over to morbidpodcast@gmail.com with “Listener Tale” somewhere in the subject line!Thank you to our sponsors:VARSITY TUTORS: To reserve your spot in a FREE class, go to VARSITY TUTORS.com/morbid
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Whatever you're funny Peacock got it exclusively stream classic sitcoms like the office parks and recreation and two and a half met plus cats. Peacock original comedies, like Ap Bio and stay by the bell for all your exclusive comedy phase, go to peacock tv com and get started. Hey weirdos, I'm ash, and I'm elena- and this is a listener- tales morbid it's a listener Brought to you by you for you from you and all about you or is it's going to be a good one? I picked Fall in the bathtub last night and I had tears coming out of my eyes. So if you don't think they're funny you're just wrong, I love that and I haven't read them yet, so this is going to be me. Reacting in real time live. So if I
a trip over words, I'm sorry it and read it. Yet I forgive you so, I think the only thing we wanted to mention was all just this little thing. Nothing held morbid network by bleed morbid network and we just wanted to quickly does Canada the first time, if you don't have social media, are and see it. Yesterday we announced we are starting or have started our own podcast network under the audio boom umbrella, and it's called morbid network right now. We have five show, Under our network, we have called leader, which I know like a lot of people ass their mind, because who doesn't love Spencer everybody loves, a good Spencer. Everybody loves the Spencer Henry vote for him in the Bma of next year. We have strange and unusual podcast, which Allison is literally she's right up there with like Aaron Mankey is like one of the greatest storytellers on a podcast, her voices of If so, relaxing you're gonna learn so much ass. She wrote she spooky history, its great. Then we have that spooky
we have Johnny and Tyler there and they are amazing. They're gonna, be your new gave us friends. Talking drag race, all things, paranormal, they're gonna talk shit about serial killers, it's incredible their amazing and their from Canada. So hello who doesn't love Canada, either we all oh, have seven deadly sinners, which is a new pod, cast that I think you're all gonna die for so guide start. You are crazy preachers and crazy calls its awesome and its hosted by Rachel O Brien, whom we had with whom we refer for who is who we had on our show and we love Rachel and she's. Also a stand up comedian like professionally. She is so fucking funny guys one of the most hilarious people I know, go check out our social media sites. You can see other videos that everybody wrote about them, because the last one that we have on our now right now and by the way. These are the only podcast wherever gonna have on the night, where we're gonna expand, but it's going to be a more
take over. This is just a little here you go. This is the first smattering of the fam right, but the last network that we have- and there is a new podcast that has not been released. Yet it will be released October first and it is me Elena, who are you? I Lena yeah and are very good friend and friend, of the pod Caleb from horror soup. And together we are doing a podcast called scream with an exclamation point scream. It's basically us every week choosing a different horror movie. I choose one, he chooses one and then we argue about it and talk about it and it's fun. It's all harm, so, if you're in horror movies, that's where to go to hear me talk shit about serial killers with reckless abandon, oh yeah, that's gonna, be coming out October. First were really excited about this network. As we get to introduce all these people too you know the morbid audience as these are up
that we ve loved for a really long time that we have a feeling that most of you are going to love them too and jam slowly. We feel that they should get the lovely deserve. Exactly and again, we chose them based on one. We love them. We have listened to them, you believe in their long out in them, and also we want to go to dinner with all of them. So it's important and like yeah unlike the so yesterday, exciting and we just wanted to get you know say yea for all those podcast sat and we can't wait to keep doing stuff in them and keep adding in all that and stuff, and did you explain like one and that workers, if anybody can familiar because I know some people were confused a night? You know I didn't know what an output gas network was before I was applied, castor designer lookin. They were saying so like we are under audio boom- is our podcast network. They are the people that just kind of grow you and help you grow with you and
it's kind of like how NBC is a network and they have shows under their network right kind, that's kind of what it is. So nothing's change change with morbid. It's just us introducing more in your lives, and we just now related to the issue, I'm just just growing our brand a little bit better. All nothing will change with mortgage just in case anyone was wondering It's all gonna, be the same. Still citing your honor me exactly or welcome you be nothing will change with crime countdown either. That's parka sets a supper at that. Britain and whatever, but literally. I know it's confusing, but we love ya. It's all going to be awesome, so I think that's really are we have where we are so excited about that, because the last like week or two have been have been.
I'm all right, I prize here. Let's it's a day because last week's with Myron in him leave and Brady audience I mean I don't know, I can't do I'll, be the sick and all I can say I dislike while I think my coffee hasn't had. Apparently it's the morning s little bit because the last couple of weeks have been so devastating to your ear. With my with Myra Hindley, who did we do I did that we would kind of light and things up for you a little bit where some listener to Elsie. I think we could all use it. I know I could use it personally, because I've been leg and just meshed. Into everything and Brady, and I recently I need to get out of that head space. So I'm ready for you guys. Take me on your weird. Historically, whatever you're doing, I need a weird ass journey because we think we talked about the picture that you accidentally saw and then I accidentally accidentally side. So that was Lisbon was rough and then I won't
at one in the morning, the other night, and it was the first image in my brain, and so I was like oh I'll, go on Instagram to relax and then The first thing that popped up was old, ass and Brady. In my I mean So you know what I did Oh, are you know what I did? I have to tell everyone either. If you don't follow me on Twitter, I woke up at one o clock with that horror. Thought, and then that happened and I went to my kitchen, and I got some chips, holi cookies and I dipped them in marshmallow, fluff and ate them, and then I, the simple life, and then I ate my screen: what a power until four o clock where did just be taken it all back for me in brief, we had already that's how I punched admire him. They support her in the face yeah, that's our new, our new with marshmallow level of violence. Is punch Myra Hindley support in the face today. Ok to do that, so
the centre tales. My first one is called listener stories. Hiking is for dead. People sure is lacking at through this, because you know how one that's listener tales. I just forget how to be literate retired. It starts off by saying hey ashen Billina, I just listening to you guys about a month ago and a mighty like a hundred episodes in. While that's impressive, I love you. This is my first true crime. Odd costs and I am so glad glad proud to now come self. A weirdo am unsure how to profit the story, so I'm gonna jump right in I'm original from Iowa and I've never travelled outside of the Midwest until very recently. The only time I travelled was with my Emily to be to go, be crew for my dad at races. He's a runner last week last runner. Last runner. Last summer I went to California to do search near ally and it was the furthest I've ever been from my family. I was so excited to be away from home and in California of all places, and I wanted to try.
All of the things anyway, where I was staying, was really close to this beautiful mountain. In about a week you're too into coming to California. I decided I want to go hiking Ella well, first, MR low and may wrote that not I asked if any one wanted to go with me, but I think all the students I was therewith were sleeping in me. So I decide to go alone, no choice girl do it. I decided I just really met again. I was planning and taking the ski lift up the mountain goings, applying great choice and then going back home I over there took the ski lift up once a blinding Took like thirty seconds and felt like I might as well make a day of it and take up the mountain, no don't make a David know if you make a day that you might make a life of it or a night of it. That's the new motto. Just make make a day that you might make a life of it. So think about- and I feel like it will be- a short life. Yes, who
was June in California. I had one bottle of water, one granola bar and zero son screen super smart. I know broad be dead, just go the lack of could obviously- and I would be dead because I eat every two hours after I get that for my group It was maybe a five mile hike up to the top. It was beautiful. I took lots of pictures and then I started hiking back down. I then ski lifted back. To the bottom and bought a sweatshirt, because I was so sunburnt that I was getting cold. Oh no in my eyes were sunburnt, so I use the hood for shade. You do this, I'm upset about that. I know this is the hard part of part of the story. For me, my eyes were Lange who have never have that happen? It was about six p m, my, had like seven percent left. I had zero service, it was this time, I realized how royally fucked I was. It, took you a little while I'm not gonna lie, but you know what you came to elude since that you got there. I'm proud of you. If I had already walked like eleven or twelve miles, I don't even think I walked out of my lifetime. That's all
didn't even register to me. It was like what now function and was now going to need to find my way back to the school, or at least the boy. Mother Mountain to get Neuber. I was so matter myself, but I turned my phone off to try to save the battery and started walking down the hill after a cup miles somebody pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. You never want a ride. You don't want rapidly. As you want a ride. You don't wanna ride, dough. Introducing Guinness Nitro Cold brew, coffee beer blending, the smooth, creamy nitro taste of Guinness with hints of coffee, chocolate and caramel Guinness. Euro COBRA Coffee beer, your new favorite part of the day, look for it. We're Guinness assault must be twenty one in over to purchase. Please ensure responsibly, Diego beer, company, New York, New York.
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Oh thanks we're Norma. First, he was asking where I was from and what kind of research I was doing, but then things took a dark turn. He started asking whether I was a good christian or no. I would literally talkin roll out of that car immediately. How'd you, like I'm real bad. Imagine the Bali Watch. This watch me. I was stunned. No, he asked if I, if I read the bible every day now and weird stuff, I've tried to block it out even started telling me about how much he hated his wife while his S wife, for keeping him from his daughter. He started talking how he hated all women and thought of them as slaves. Oh no why I really go glad that you're writing this right now, because if I didn't know any better, I beg you died and then you die Alcide Billy hi, I'm I'm the woman's arms a woman legs. Why are you telling me you're gonna get me the s. Of course, I'm freaking the fund I try to get him talking about his daughter, which seem to common down a little bit. I notice what
going. The right course you're, not you're, never going the right way should adjust no, never go. I knew you had to know that you are going to go in the opposite direction so far have so far the opposite direction, it Alina so mad. She does through a monk and charges are again sorry, I very loose outlets in my house because again, it's a thousand years old legitimately. Headed in the wrong way, look to be headed in the opposite way from school. At the from the school I was staying at. I turned phone back on and finally had service when the dew noticed I had my phone out, he started going crazy and talking about how I just needed to turn the phone off and stop recording him, and he looked super crazy. My heart, pumping so fast, and I felt like this was gonna, be it, and I told him to let me out that I could walk from here. Luckily, he stopped and let me out of the car a genuine. You don't know how I got out of this alive me either. While, like I'm not that he just let her out with like no answer, but sat stresses me out even more yeah
Why did he follow you? Why? I don't know he was so he often seem so unhinge and he reminded me of the way so many serial killers feel towards their mothers are just women in General S, absolutely honestly, so with it percent left on my phone. I had lost signal again and started walking down the mountain. Again I found a fire department. And called an uber who took me back to the college I was staying at. I keep getting there to go: look through the arrest in L a county, but I know I would be fucked up. If I found out he had actually after murdered somebody. So I start my son, whom no go back and look for that you're fine. I know I would your good I'll look for you. I need to know any ways that was the beginning of my summer. It didn't stop me from continuing to do all the things, but I took people with me for the rest of my trip set my good smart, girlhood good. I have now and that I would not have survived the seventies me. No, you wouldn't You would have been right on that bus with ash. I think you honestly would have died before me and that's a big insult and I'd be waving. I love you girl, but that's an insult because
I am away to trusting and might have gotten into the car with a temper. I was thinking that the entire time that you would have definitely taken ride for madcap, see I wouldn't have. I feel you know what I've gotten bad vibes from. Oh, no, I think you know, I think you he's very trusting any as a very soothing voice and he has glasses, and I think he can make anybody feel very, like chill eminence, say something moderately problematic. I feel like I just wanna gotten on the bus with Charlie Manson does he was pretty good looking back in the day I mean, if it is what it is not enough, anyway. This is why hiking is for dead people and why I should have started listening to you. Guys a year ago, love your show and, Thanks for listening to my story, Kayla PS! If you are curious, I do research and math. I was curious Kayla at the end of this, I was going to be like by the way what kind of research, because you know what that's awesome and good for you. Women in math that needs to be more of a thing. Kayla I'm glad we didn't lose. You me to real glad about that
Never do it again. No so glad that you're listening to us now we can yell and scream at you about all the things you didn't hug me love you. We love you so much and that's where we're so happy that you lived I want you to continue to live so wow. Well, don't ever have that happen again, cause I'm genuinely like really a salary of a thousand stressful on Whoop Millbank scaler, my next and is called Guph. I might VHF are no, not enough. I just made that up. But you may laugh. I'm comfy a list story regarding a minor bane in a major UFO. I already love this we're ready, hello, you beautiful babes, ghoulish, goddesses, sinister sisters, you when I think that's we need a sharp that says that's all of that. We really do one proclamation of love, I just want to start by saying thank you. I've only recently discovered morbid. However, in the last couple of weeks, I've successfully been the first one hundred episodes I recently started.
Tiny business literally just me as well so work all alone, all day every day, you're the best, the workers, I've ever had and keep me company. While I paint old creepy houses, that's amazing, ideal, iconic, I cannot tell you how many times I have almost fallen off a roof flash ladder either laughing with the all or jumping cause I've psyched myself out so bad. So thank you for keeping my adrenaline pumping. I just bought a few shirts and can't wait Iraq them this spooky I also feel as though I have to congratulate Elena Baby morbid because that's where I'm at in the podcast, even though she's probably forty three She is honestly, I don't even know it year. It is everywhere, for they give so much now. Those so's you may have in months are still take the congratulations. I appreciate this actually a year. She had to be one like next week. I know that's Boeing, my mind I can with it since number. Two, I'm sorry me. Let me preface this with the fact that so pissed so pissed off.
To be a million Ya'Ll, saying I've seen a ghost or communicated with those beyond the grave. However, my experience with an EU with a: U S, file, a guy damn you. I thought those avoid get such reputations and their spectators are usually quirky quickly, written off as cuckoo coconuts The only reason I didn't literally commit myself after my encounter was. Because I was with other people who saw it with me to a I'm realizing now that this is going to be lengthy, feel free to trim whatever the fuck you want. I can't help that I'm a goddamn adhd hot mess. Brain is a wild place to be. I felt that line and within my bloodstream to be love this so much. I love how its organizes organise beautifully. I appreciate it to be I'm getting ahead of mice, so let me get down flippant and reverse it aren't I love you, but now I M were to that vary from one of her family up number three get on with, bitch. heather! You got us. I love you Heather, my name
Heather and I grew up in a tiny northern town and sticks called Wes more. We must work Morland, sorry, I thought it. I thought it's in Ireland at the lesser those like that's more than one in the sticks called Ireland with more Ireland. Does a wow, that's ITALY's Westmoreland! I know sounds very, not real. The population I am of this story was somewhere around one thousand, eight hundred for prospective sake. I could fit the entire town into my high school down. It was the summer of two thousand and eleven. I was a junior in high school and had just gotten my driver's license the best. I said that summer carding, my friends around, because a lot of them didn't drive such didn't have a car. Yet now, there's always I one friend It was always me I didn't get my license until after his notes out. There's always the one friend that has the license our yeah and is the one that has the driver for the purpose of story. Let's call my best friend K and her little sister Bein, that's legitimately what we call to Kay Bean and myself lived a quarter mile down the road from each other and practically grew up together. So I know for a fact that there
They are very sane, incredible, both of whom were actually valedictorian of their classes. At one point making me the dumb one know thyself. I love you Heather, there's my favorite together. One hot night of said summer of two thousand and eleven I drove up to their house. And cane being hopped in the back of my Jeep Cherokee we're off to do, The only things three under aged broke broke, rapscallions could do during the summer and a small town in the sticks break into the private beach of them. Each person lake in the next town over we I love it. We did just as we had many times before it was all business as usual and after our swim we watch the stars a bit before he headed through the winding roads of Westmoreland, just as we were about to cross through the Quote center of town, a small church in a smelly, creaky town hall and a beat
general storms of the general store. Oh, I love it. That's incredible bumping something along the lines of untouched by the Veronica or general. I do feel so untouched go case. You didn't remember in case you remember. I got a weird feeling. My God and abruptly turn the volume down, but not off cape in, and I were signed simultaneously looked out the window and saw two men standing outside their haphazard Lee parked car still a stone looking at the sky, doing maybe ten miles an hour at this point and subconsciously pulling off the road my eyes following their gaze. All I could before I myself stepped out of the now parked car was very quiet, holy shit, which point K and being followed. The gaze of the standing strangers and slowly got out of the jeep with me. We all stood there. All five of us incomplete, complete, deafening silence, mouths, cape body. Still as we as the lake we had just come,
out of all looking the same unbelief, unbelievable site. That was can't read sorry not just me. I'm also trying to look at this like to the side because I'm reading and putting my face and the microphone sums are it's hard. Let me start that citizens that sentences we all stood there. All five of us in complete, deafening silence, mouth gate body still is the lake we had just crept out of all looking at the same unbelievable site before us. I did it. I did it first. I want talk about the noise it made because its unlike anything, I've ever heard before the close, correlation I can make, is after having lived through a hurricane? I don't know either have you ever experienced a hurricane especially being from New England. We did. We had like Hurricane Bob they're a big one, they're like a little more chill, though than like Super Chill hurricanes way more chill The only reason I have as because I lived in Nashville for three years, but let me be the first to tell you it is terrifying
hurricane can usually be heard before it can be seen in the sounds kind of like a low rumbling of a very heavy freight train. Only much more ominous and with more of an almost growl I don't really know how to explain it I don't really know how to explain it well, but this couldn't court aircraft. If you will sounded like a hurricane. That's terrifying, Jello! Thank you, the weirdest part was that it was almost as if the sound was coming from inside my head and not the thing itself. That part got to me so much. I was like what I could feel till the noise it was making. Gave me fucking all ass body chills imo Ashley shocked. I didn't shit myself on the spot. I thought that before you even say it for real, I wanna shite. Next, how it looked. It was massive massive bigger than any area I've ever seen- and I have since worked in an airport walking next to the likes of seven forty seven. Also massive things like that really struck me:
that I think there's a word for that. I dont know it, but there is a word I were. I think there is a fear tat. I have that phobia because I want to say one thing he's like that will send me into a panic of giant which is crazy because a married to a six point, three men. He's not let that massive, it's just getting mega LE phobia Mengele phobia have that this thing could have level the entire centre of town. Just by wounding little, it was dark and still terrifyingly low in the sky. It almost looked as though it was resting on the steeple of the church, like I could reach out and touch it. If I wanted Whether it was truly that low or it just emitted, a mysterious, pull making me feel even closer to then I actually was. I cannot say there were a few small and very discreet lights on it in an arrow triangle, layout, but due to how dark it was in the extreme lack of light pollution in my small ass town, I couldn't see much more of it
whatever you're funny peacocks got. It exclusively bears beats the Avis on Peacock stream every moment from Dunder Mifflin and explore bonus extras and exclusives plus. If you're looking for more classic hits, you can stream every episode of parks in our creation, two and a half men and every season of SNL in the mood for something brand new check out. Peacock's original comedies, the Amber Ruffin, show and say by the bell whether you're, creating a new vinge or familiar face. You can find tons of comments. Comedy hits on Peacock get started for free at Peacock tv com. Not all breast cancers are the same, sometimes respond better to chemotherapy. Others may not require chemotherapy at all. At Penn medicine, breast cancer specialists develop a plan to diagnose and treat your specific type of breast cancer, which may include targeted therapy, genetic testing, fertility preservation and breast reconstruction, because the right treatment makes all the difference. Another reason why your life is worth pen medicine visit, Penn cancer, Org to schedule your appointment, it hovered over all of us for what felt like an over an hour. None of us saying anything. Finally, it retreated slowly at first and then with
shocking speed. I thought it would rip a hole in the night sky. Is not a full and terrifying way of putting that Heather's a great writer. I thought it would rip a hole in the night sky. That's like what's that movie with them. I hate him anyway, Firstly, gloomier Avalon remains: do I just don't you guys? I just don't know the Djinn carry movie. That's him carry movie, it reminds you have on their task. They don't know they, just as you know the true Minister Tchermashnya Dream and show I'm so sorry I was like I'm very passionate was tearing you hate him carry yes. Why. I I don't know all of his. I just get angry at him guys. I'm learning this all has rules and, like all shut the fuck up like knowledge. While he also went crazy in real life,
I mean I disagree, but okay, we're going to go with it. Flew straight back away from us, started to the left a few hundred feet and then shot straight up and vanished without a trace. Just as it appeared to appeared to us, it was gone. This wasn't enough. The rest of the ride home was the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my life, and I've been through some shit K. Being myself. Go back into the car at half speed, eyes widened unblinking, none of us, a single fucking word to each other for the rest of the night, now even when I dropped them off? We say bone chilling silence with some sort of telepathic agreement that there were no words that could possibly describe what has just happened. Just picture three terrified team staring straight ahead, throats dry with fear. Sitting in utter silence, not having glancing at each other, like a movie, to put some icing on that spooky ass cake. Remember how I said I had turned the Veronica's down, but not off, will the stereo is completely off and none of the gauges on my dash we're working my gas needle read empty
the needles on my speedometer and rpms were at zero and four years after that night, until I finally got rid of Jenny, the jeep rest in pieces dad showed randomly fall, Work Dashwood, randomly fail, all needles would fail. All gauges would malfunction. I took it to the town mechanic, and he could not figure out where the electrical disconnect was or find anything wrong with it. So there's more, weird story, I'm just so glad, none of us were anally probe, just got the three of us, never really talked about it. I think we all felt a little nuts so, but in my humble opinion, I think anyone who believes we are the only beings in this entire fucking universe are Domi narcissistic. I agree. I totally agree, agree sorry, that turn into a novel. Like I said, my brain is wild and my is a plenty thank you for reading, this and thank you both for being such a lovely and beautiful humans. Wrongdoing seo make my days lot easier brighter with every with your fucked up murder stories and dark humor. I hope to make it
live show some day. If the world doesn't end up twenty twenty Levin support, Heather, Heather, incredible Heather, you shall take it a career in writing. Letters I hear you're an incredible writer than I pictured that entire thing in my head, the entire time I believe you Oh, I believe you, I believe in UFO Sight, thanks for sure totally believe you and also it makes sense, because in a lot of UFO sightings, there's mechanical like electrical malfunctions that happen afterwards tell me I think that happens, and Heather, and I believe you and I will take the stand for you and also when I get get my car after this one hundred percent. Listening to the Veronica, you go and also Heather, let's be friends. What where different or friends have. My listener Torreon listener. Tory times its. Ah, we ve. We then two weeks, a very intense stories. I think these leg, nice, fun ones They really trip, and so whenever you say intends all you can think of his uncle TIM tens Hypatia,
intensive fashion at the boom boom room. Anyways listener story. What the fuck is that smell what's up current subtle guy. That's why already level you lead shorten sweet, but it's incredible. I love you, hello from the hot Moist North Queensland, Australia. That's that's why they so freely said what said what I could say: people's icons and other places, don't yell at me, no matter what somebody says: you're wrong: it approves of love. Your shit shenanigans been bending hard core of the past few months. I'm a sales for here company. So I'm on the road, a law- and you guys have kept me company on some spooky highways, including the finders highway winders highway cool. I did the episode of under Flintshire resign cool Social, hey girl had to ash from a Hare Silas to hairstyle as love the gas, ok gush over rewind to when I was a wee apprenticed, I'm not going to say how long ago I refuse to grow up. I feel that
I was living in a small, open plan townhouse by my lonesome. You can imagine how dodge this place was, as I could afford it, barely on an apprentice wage and let me person they tell you in this way. It is not a lot you're not doing any hair. Gnashing rocks a good story for later of the true thing any who it was like number, seven of twelve in a row right in the middle you neighbours, remember how I said: hot moist, North Queensland, yeah. I definitely remember that I'll, never forget it one fine morning, I'm getting ready to go to work and when I find when I get out of the front slush, only door I get hit with a rotting carcass now I know rotting animal smell, I'm from a small country town. This was not it, but it was close. Fish and kind of fame just wafting along as the wind change direction. I just picture this like green air, just swapping one. I basically live in a dorm now, so I feel like that's what I smell all the time. My first thought was
for fuck's sake, didn't no one ever tell them not to put your meat in the Bin until Biden Day. Don't leave that shit fester, again, nasty yeah nasty that reminds me that sore I checked my And in case someone had done something in it and it wasn't the source I assumed it was one of my nasty as neighbor always assume that nobody always has a nasty neighbor now fast forward to. Two and a half weeks and the smell had just been getting worse and more intense, o someone's routing somewhere hundred percent, and this has, but only when the wind was caught in a certain direction, now see if this happened now I would have been on the phone calling the police, but I was young and dumb, and I was just annoyed now, because clearly someone keeps missing Bin day and leaving grow shit in the bins nasty people. That's clearly what's happening anyway. After a particularly long day at work, I drive into the parking lot and see two police cars and a crime scene crew in the lot, and there is a dead person in there
a trigger warning. My neighbour and nine, like two doors down was an elderly gentleman whom stay didn't see often button. You exist that's alone most neighbours. I see them are talks the oil, my neighbors just apparently the porridge, suffered severe diabetes, passed away and no one had known until someone had done a welfare check, because apparently he had no famine town. He had passed peacefully on his bed with the window slate the open, so that's why we got lost every so often well, they had to clean them up didn't they they opened. The and started hauling shit out. I note the fuck out to a friends of after no amount of incense and candles would combat that aroma, nettle, stay it is burned in my nostrils forever now and I will never forget that smell it's also. Something that haunted me. The idea that I die and no one would find me that really scary and very sad,
Some great stories of crazy old ladys and dead bodies for my nurse in student days. I might send your way if you enjoyed this. We did. I we thoroughly enjoyed it. So please keep sending yes, love your work, I'll keep it up, keep it. We are discussing p s and come to a strange one day when the world his whenever has in turn ending in shit, Cheers Adam Crow. Oh, my goodness Adam I just love when people have all the dead body and not realize it until the, and he was right to by saying like that, is going to be burned in your nostrils forever, because I still like especially like days after I come out of the morgue like I'll, be like drinking something like one of the smell. Like dead person like it just sticks in your nose in IRAN. We just shows itself and renowned. Then a lot of times we record when Alina gets home like from work in a most like. Did you was the smell of the dead off of you yet because I'm not coming over until you showered and I'm like nope, I came right from there.
So nasty rain splatter on monsieur touching shit. Now I did a shower. I take a shower. Everybody. Don't wear shoes mainly because of cope third should definitely be that this One is incredible: that's why I'm ready for this. Let me just get in a better position. Okay, it's called. Shit himself and then she nearly shit herself a listener. That's what I'd like to. I love picture as pretty excited. Ladies first off Let me tell you that your podcast is unreal and the absolute craik. What is Cra, I think, like shit, that's great I'm going to look at Eric Craig Craig. Oh, I think it's cried. Craig sounds better when you said Craig you guys are legends totally glaring us and I'm addicted to your shit for real you're, the best serving to break, and we, I think it's crack according to Wikipedia the crack. Ok,
term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment and enjoyable conversation, particularly permanent in Ireland, that banks nets crack ambrosch. Aren't I need but to be oversee. You guys can make this thing in a national income to Ireland explore some of our creepy shit. You have no idea how much want to do. Do that honestly because both Irish, yes and John, and I ve been talking about doing a heritage trip forever and I just everything that John Aniline, because they can't get rid of means exactly if we want to go to Ireland, Scotland and Norway and I do not see it so want to do it. My name is John hi Janice hi, I'm from Dublin and I'm here to tell you the story of my friend and the murderer, who pooped himself. I already love this. This story takes place in two thousand and twelve. When I got married, my good friend is a view and his living her best life working in a laser there be clinic and Dublin City Centre, she's new to the laser game and is still in training, so she's, mostly working on pets in bets the most incredible description ever pits and bets. It's me
women coming into the place and in her spare time, she's lasering herself to within an inch of her life. What's smoother than being smooth, this bitches hold body from the brows down? That's why assets so one day, this middle aged man walks invert consultation. Normal. Looking Irishman, nothing noteworthy about him, he's all right we see my bodies, arms and his envy he wants to be a silky smooth too. The guy wants it all off facial hair and all his body hair. I believe he just one of the hair on his head left, but I can't quite remember it. This would make me concerned immediately like maybe this is just my very tainted mind that I would be like what crime are you. In a comment that you don't know the lady and from having attained at mind. If there's some, being like metro when you don't like any body body here I mean several men. Don't like you know anybody here and that still find my tainted mine went immediately. Billy, given
dumb ass would be like he's a swimmer he's a swimmer. You're probably right he just wanted the Harry. I believe you just wanted the hair on his head left, but I can't quite remember if they agreed to do the kinda jib, let's for him or not, if they quote him for the job, it's going to take six or eight sessions over a number of months. I care remember the price, but it was a few. It was a few Bob over a thousand euros anyway. Guy guy agrees to it and pays up front, which is also sketchy. I'm concerned they send him. Home to shave himself from head to toe and is scheduled to come back the following day. So any comes, it's a big job so experienced therapist takes the lead. My friend is training she's just hanging about, he's in there for a couple of hours, its gruelling and between the jigs in the reels. The guide, let's one, slept button but follows through and poops on, the town Let's have farts look back,
but he actually shards. Although it goes up, a therapist is a pro, though, and get the job done, wow. What a legend that's like when you put on the table- and you have a baby ideology served- was like the level are legends he's gone She tells the other therapists what happened. They agree that may be prepared next session. They will split it over two days. Still it's funny as fucking. My friend tells us about We laugh telling her. She has to do him. Next time generally ripping the piss cause, I think it's really painful. So, like oh yeah, there were like, let's break it down, so he doesn't know ass, Louise Utter sure, also love ripping the piss. I'm telling you, Ireland has the best slang man, you gotta, kill it. You guys, Australia, like just Europe, has some of the ass everywhere, but America's so awesome. It's God fully doing that. We love America, don't but you guys just have awesome play phrases last forward a few.
The guys due back back in but never shows it's weird he's already paid him. They can't can't get in contact, so they just wait. If few days later, my friend is visiting her aunt. There's a newspaper on the table and in big headlines. Beware: murderer changes, appearance, we don't know that was me girlfriends shook. It's captain be bans splattered all over the front of the newspaper in an article that says he was released from prison, but the judge thinks he can't be reformed. We consider why was he released? This kind of book depravity doesn't go away and people, especially women, need to be where he's chain how he looks so he won't be recognised as the piece of shit who murdered his partner chopped her up dumped her body to ditch, didn't get caught and went on to do the same to another woman within a few months. Holy shit is not bananas. His name is Michael Brim. Bambridge use a piece of shit,
like the stain he left on that towel and to add insult to injury. He is living in the same Dublin suburb as us. You can read the article here or google him to read more about the actual crimes. Caesar you're you're feeling would have been right, I'm very eyes, given that we have tainted my really glad. That's what you do and use you would. I might only limit your needlessly Save my friend showed the paper to our colleagues, but he never showed up there again or look for a refund role on a few months and he's out buying a Valentine's card in a local supermarket and who does she see poor bitch? really did Michael Bam, break and clean shit herself in the aisle she piece of bark out of their aesop fucking word, is hanging around the vegetable oils and she'll, probably looking for adult nappies, diapers or something anyway. That's the story of the time. My maid came into contact with a double murder who couldn't control his bowels feel free to edit. This is
especially if my irish isms don't make sense. No, no, they make perfect sense. They enhance it. Also shout out to my friend Laura who proof read this for me: she's a listener too and remember to keep it weird, but not so weird that you help a convicted murderer, change his appearance and reduce the possibility of him believing trace evidence at his next crime scene thanks and bye, incredible. I killed it as a gift Janice. These are great. Aren't they I and I love Iris Isms. I love them so much. We have another assay love, sinner tail of a spooky asshole. They weirdos absolutely love your podcast, never thought I'd get into your crime, but after listening to your podcast, I'm addicted my name's Chloe Cook,
Cole, my name's Chloe, I'm a nineteen year old as with a lot of stories, and yes, I'm happy for you to use my name in your podcast. Thank you, Chloe, I'm going to apologize now for the link, but I'll jump right into it. Never apologize! It's not even that long girl, it's okay, don't do it. I live in Perth, Western Australia and an area named money de young Monday John Monday's young. I, like I, have a few lorries from this area, like the ghost horse that lives in the stables, but anyway this is the That really spoke to me. I want to hear about the Of course. If you want to hear about it all the I worked makeshift as a step in the city and one night, I had finished early around one o clock when straight to Mercosur and got myself a big Asperger. That shit so quickly, while driving down some dark back street roads to go home, hell yeah one o'clock burger is the best kind of burger the best, No better burger in town,
Australia. We have some random ass wildlife jumping out of our cars out in front of our cars kangaroos rabbit. Sometimes a cow of colonial rule is always blow my brain apart. You know it sucks. I guess kangaroos are like dicks like the rally jointly are and like I want them to be, will help them to view noisier their dicks it like a kangaroo, just jumping out from your car. I know that wild, but I feel it. The thought of a cow to visit, even create cow is weird but like that could happen around here yeah. That can happen, but I cannot allow just bouncing around out there stresses meals worked out like those jacked kangaroos, that's really scared and they can fuck up your car robot hashtag Ulster mostly people around my area have four wheel: drive like land crew with land, cruisers and patrols with big bull bars me I have a ship ox hold that I have crashed into a million things, but I have no idea how is still running, definitely not ideal to have in this kind of area. I'm worried for you, honestly,
anyways, while I was driving on a road called carriage, I think target itch. Look at you, bitch There is an extremely bright light, obviously a car coming from behind me. I remember thinking fucking, turn your high beams off your dickhead while shoved the actual he shoved the extra nuggets I had bought earlier. In my face, I was hungry woman. I fail you, I always get. Berger get a burger and nuggets. Now you can't decide no we're gonna choices that its Sophie's choice is what it is. That's exactly as I get the nuggets and the bird s you're gonna be hungry. I always closer and suddenly to close for comfort. The cars I be literally lit up. My entire car me feeling mildly uncomfortable. I decided to put. The accelerator and speed up to turn off. So this idiot can pass me. I turn off onto a road called bishop that is classified as an open road means: there's no speed them. Well, I want to live in Austria of those I wish we had that so called the best we get is like a fifty
you're. Turning down this road, I realise that the tailgating sandy, what let us was coming down the same road after returning random, down a few streets. I was sure I was being followed and I was only a short distance from home, but I didn't want to leave this asshole anywhere near my home, so I took random streets trying to lose this Dickwad Ward even guard dickard, even even driving past my house twice for you, though, that's smart, that's very smart. Absolutely panicking. I was trying to call my best friend there. Yes, you can use her name, but this was all happening at three o'clock in the morning. Oh no, the devil's our, so she was still asleep so no help their sherry. I was driving like a mad woman trying to lose this piece of shit that I thought had some ridiculous amount of roadway road rage. The the car was a huge four wheel. Drive boot, you two you'd newts with biggest bull bar. I have ever seen and I live in Australia, where we have some big bull bars, because we also have a lot of kangaroos with a death wish. Now those fuckers can get huge.
Oh I'm so terrified Australia. I know Clearly, I was also very intimidated as this big ass car at the biggest car as it could just crush my little pathetic excuse of the car I spent the next twenty minutes trying to lose this car random back streets all through, say the word Monday Jong. Yes, now. When I say this car was tailgating, I mean the bull bar was inches away from my car, so I was indeed panic. Getting I'm panicking for you cause, I'm just thinking about the snow. So I love indeed picnic. Indeed panic. I thought I'd probably gonna die tonight. At least I gotta good feed, though I fucking love. I turn ambitious brood and absolutely for Lord it some asked at various shit was about to happen. I swear yeah as they turned back onto my street. I looked in my rearview mirror to see the car stopped in the middle of Bishop Road headlights still beaming and literally just vanished like what the fuck. I suddenly got the biggest wave of relief. I looked back at the road and turn
The coroner only to see the sea a you'd slammed into a ditch, completely fucked up with all the lights still on and airbags deployed. I immediately was like no thanks. I choose life as I've listened to this pod Gus for a while, and I know that when you try to help someone, you could get murder sure deals vibrio right. So I was I'm getting out of the car or stopping but yeah. So I just started immediately crying because I was fucking scared and I didn't know what else to do this car was in. Did the last few times I drove the street, was a definite spooky spooky. I went. Rita. I went straight home and called the cops and let them know about the huge route in the ditch on the side of the road. The next morning I told girls down at the stables while making horse speeds up about the spooky car in the car and the and here goes I'm pretty sure, there's a disappearing car on that road, Surely there is so much better. I still go down this road to this day, just never at three o clock. So yes, that's that,
I thought I was going to get my car crushed by road raging asshole, whose car vanished before my eyeballs. Then a similar car was then crashed into a ditch. Keep it weird, but not so weird PS, please Australia for alive, show x, X, x, holy shit. I love disappearing car stories, that's terror and then bread to be in a ditch rate. Afterward. I note like fuck, that's terrifying, very terrifying us to find her father s role, fine and I just love hearing about australian things, exactly we just what I can tell you about while so that was scary, very scary. Let's do this otherwise than I do asked ok, it's called for bees are Satan spawn and no one can convince me. Otherwise, I isn't tale. I agree so hard, her love it, and this version of this is pretty cool. This person attached it in a pdf, when people desired easier to organise and reason. I did so hello, good ladys of the world where the world I love that it's under, ladies,
My name is sending an I disk. That's a really cool name. It is very cool sending and I discovered your podcast in February and had and listen to it everyday work. You two are amazing, I don't think I have ever heard of anyone who sings their way through awkward situations, so appreciate that I am not the only ones Billina. I hope I hope to Jesus to GPS. I spelled that correctly and you did you did. You are a bad ass, mother! Thank you literally and figuratively. I love silliness that you to bring to this rather poopy, subject in the fact that you make weirdos like me, feel normal for walking past a creek and wondering if one day I'm going to happen upon into a body one day. Ladies one day, any hoosers onto the deal. I am the young seven, siblings and even though four of them are steps siblings, I still suffered the same bling funds, as I did with my blood siblings. Oh, we know about that
I know all about. We all know about that. One year when I was about six or seven, my parents thought it was a good idea to bring a diamond into our household breach of US kids. They presented us with pink and purple spotted derby at the time the seem harmless, but I assure you it sure as fuck was not. I thought it was so high tech to have this an opera animatronic toy to play. With that interacted with you, ass the fun times ahead with it would not last because if you are a sibling, letting your younger sister of a fun time, mining her but their own, damn business is completely unacceptable. One night my sister and brother took my Fergie and meticulously removed to be fur skin, to review scary, ass terminator, a scary terminator on crack. Looking mothers, Hey there have you ever seen a friend without its habits and literally I returned to NATO where exactly what it is poorly shit. They then put this beast in
my door at two thirty in with impeccable backlighting and turned it on. I was ripped from my peaceful and consciousness to b. I forgive you baby. I talk to note the loop out of my bed while simultaneously creating a rhythmic gymnastics, P River, with respect to Maastricht II, Rivet shorter. Naturally, this broad immense delight to the Jack wagon, whose yours I happened to share dna up up up up this, would be delighted This is where it gets spook MAX and hopefully, to need to grasp your butts for safety, but you can be the judges. I appreciate that
after this imports. You unfortunate display of fear comedy. That is a thing now I just made it up. I looked into that. I looked that spawn agents. Take us are locked that spot of Satan's text testicles in a box sounds batteries and shoved it far into my bed, several nights when, and I slept soundly dreaming of living in a world where Jurassic Park number two happened. I, when the the taxi Rex made it to the mainland and eats everyone's, goes, what a dick when, when I hear crackly sound sound from the unknown location in my room at first, I thought this was do sure siblings. But there was no answer hoping it was nothing. I closed my eyes again and pulled my auntie bogeyman, blanket closer to myself. Again I heard this crackly sound, but this time I heard the word Kirby spell out from under my bed immediately. I jumped off my bed blanket still in tow and looked under to see if the box had been moved. It had not been touched. Evidently I reached for the
to check if those just my imagination and yet again resounding clears fucking day voice, said, be a Yankee I am so hard back into my body in heated myself out near the hallway ball, breaking the light at the base of it that's where I remained until seven on my dad came down the stairs to get us for school. I just picture just like sleeping in the hallway, but not sitting up in the hallway until seven in the morning after school that day, I came home, put that diamond box still locked straight into a bucket and set it on fire to send this spawn back once it came or wherever furbies originate. Needless to say, my dad was quite concerned as to why his six or seven year old was burning a box containing a furby on a random day after school, all he needed to know is the house was now safe from Damon. That would definitely sucker souls out like a fucking caprice, son,
So that was my listener tale. I hope it was spooky enough to have the opportunity to be read on an episode. Thank you so much for reading and hope you forever keep it weird, but not so weird that you do rhythmic gymnastics with p and have to sacrifice your toy back to Satan, because your brothers and sisters wanted to take the skin off and then have to. Explain to your dad that you just saved to souls from a see you next Tuesday Hoe that was hiding onto your bed bye of suckers sold out like a fucking caprice and then also just explains the time of fur, be so perfect. Any truly free southern verbiage, like pretty some, wasn't my childhood and I forgetting globally age as they go. It just turned on and then wait. You took the batteries, right, that's why it so scared shit man, I once to this lady who had verbiage like along the top of her like China Cabinet. So it was like a pie, so they would all disbelief staring down you. So I have developed a deep hatred for Ferdy see as their knock. You know that
I've, never wanted to firmly in my life. Now I think I did not. I never wanted to fair being, and I never had one now so I ain't about the fur, be life no way. I don't want that happening to me, those rural, incredible, those or delightful delight light hearted and wonderful and again we had the they needed to be light hearted this time because yeah some light, hearted silly ones which are appreciate. Why As always. You can check us out on Instagram morbid broadcasts. You can hit us up on Twitter, a morbid podcast you could. Send us a gmail with your listener tail morbid, podcast edgy meld our common label, it listener tail. You could buy some march at the morbid podcast, merge shop, witches shop, dot, morbid podcast, dot com and go to, all. This shows that we mentioned in the beginning of the show that are now on morbid network
We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it weird, but it's a way that you're driving on an australian road, it there's a searing and that's weird- that you're gong to see it like furbies, just under your bed being like hey girl, was up, and that's so weird that what else happened to Lena and me up at me up hit me up hairless murder ancillary that there's a hairless murder to shorten on your table because you don't want sharp everywhere on your blog laser table that will be so horrible and not show where that you walk outside near, like oh, it's up in day to day you too small a dead man and not so weird and you do you offer the? U S: flying over your head. Don't keep it that weird, don't keep it that weird so much, I'm Molly!
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