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2020-01-11 | 🔗
It's another episode all about YOU! Tonight we discuss a possible glitch in the matrix, a ghost named Fred who just wants a damn latte, a little girl ghost that needs to shut up, a warrior queen who ended her own kidnapping, a likely alien probing and a haunting that will have you questioning your at home hairstylist. Enjoy, friends!Visit our sponsors!SimplisafeGo to SimpliSafe.com/MORBID today to get FREE shipping on your order, plus a sixty-day, money-back guarantee. Save on home security!ProseProse is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Get a FREE consultation and 20% off your first order today! Go to Prose.com/morbid
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Whenever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream, classic sitcoms like the office box and recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy face. Could a peacock dvd com get started? Hey weirdos, I'm Alina I'm ash and there s is a little morbid called listener story brought to you by you for you from you and all about you all about ye. Do we love yeah you? Even if you hate listener stories, we love you. I love all of the above all, even if your mouth that I said now prevail lobby in April veil, I'm never going back. That's ok.
I don't think they want us. I think they're gonna photo, unlike others, pictures that are like. Have you seen this woman and it's gonna be Ligon Harry Potter when I like just gonna Syria that black as like it's gotta, be us screaming in these animated photos? Yeah. I bet that was a really gross noise, for you analyse into an I'm pretty sorry about, but you know what the vision Well, there you are having your head was correct. I'm sorry about it! I was great things. Are you nuts? Are sorry? Not sorry, that's the twenty twenty anthem, I'm saying You know safety Thaxton from awkward. I should think ear, while them actually set One of the listeners asked us there. There are like you can say that a lot is that law. I or am. I think that's where we don't want one hundred percent, where we have in fact my best friends, little sister, we referred to her as L b because of that low bitch low batch anyways, we digressed a lawyer, What we want, are you guys about coming out to one of our mother fucking shows do excitedly.
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a photo and tag us an murder apparel and it because we love to see your faces. We do we just love it also. I think that's it now. I think we are ready to dive into listener. To that end, every fuckin time. You're welcome! Do you. governor sir: do you want me to Russia? We rock paper scissor shoot o Jonah. Paper says issued on the air? Yes, we're gonna rock papers issue right now, row sham bow. I only Poland finger. I did you one figure out and I put nothing out. I just hope one finger, I just breathed languages, as is it because I said Rosa by AIDS, it stressed may have the same game and all of it rob Paper, says or shoot. Snip still. You should have known what I was gonna do I do it because I put one the girl was arrived at what derived from the get go as everyone is listening, renouncing shut the fuck up and tell me a listener, so asked one. She got scissors and I did paper so and my first listen. Her tail is called my ghost brother
listener tale, I laughed and the car. While reading this love it, it says he guys, and it's only just like that So this is the story of my brothers creepy, ass ghost. This happened about two to three years ago and it still crossed my mind pretty regularly because it so fucking, weird to me everywhere have told the story to just seems to think I'm a little nuts but I'll. Let you be the judge of that you're. Not my boyfriend tray and I were the only ones in the house. We were laying on the couch together watching one of our shoes and we both fell asleep around three. I am who always every time. Every time Every time I woke up tray was still asleep, but now my brother Richie was standing next to me near the armrests of the couch Richie lifted. my dad at the time about twenty minutes. For my townhouse. It was an unusual for him to randomly come over, though p. My door is always open to him. He standing about a foot away from me and he was almost translucent. Like a ghost, he told me then I need to talk to you. I was racing.
my friend on the highway today and they crashed I died tonight. I won two continents how you myself before you had to find out another way. I figure. would be less painful for you this way, please just no! I'm! Ok, take care of dad. This is gonna fuck him up, and then he disappeared. Oh my god! I'm getting you know those way. If so chills that's my body just keeps children and children and children your body is straight eyesight Chillun right now, I'm forget chills valuable Ignacio I. This is my second time radiant, no just catch all. I really did. This is not just like hyperbolic of us like we're. Really I felt till we get affected by ash it, so it just background Richie was either twenty or twenty one at the time, and I was twenty five. Twenty six he's one of my absolute favorite. People on the planet, so I was hysterical I immediately started buying my eyes. I like I was on my knees on the floor. Doing that terrible loud sobbing cry, you pretty much only see in the movies. Oh, my god, you poor thing like I woke up try and told him what happened between my hysterical sobs trade?
you're telling me it was just a dream, but I'm almost always aware of one. I'm dreaming- and I knew this was in a dream. Also If it was a dream, I would have actually woken up after seeing this goes right. I didn't so at this I'm convinced my brother died and just came and told me I too call Richie, but he didn't answer which freaked me out more tray reminded me that it was three I'm a normal people, sleep during that our train I or night. I was definitely stamp until forty six, a m, normally Jesus Christ, six, a m to you as a wild, and you are true finally, was able to call me down. He didn't totally convinced me that it was a dream, but he assumed that but he assured me that Richie would call me back in a couple hours, and I realize I was just being silly, so I let my health believe him for at least a while, and I eventually did hear back for my brother when he woke up this morning. So rich he was alive and okay and pretty much said I was just do not bag, but I still don't believe it was a dream. If it was the dream, I'm not sure what it actually was, but I still can't comment
myself that it was a dream. I can't get over the fact that didn't wake up after seeing my brother's ghost, but if it actually was ghost. Why did he look and sound exactly like my alive brother was eternal fuck with you yeah, maybe with em the vat, gave me or is this a prank stir roast because it's not funny prank. What could be like a meme go like Ireland at omen. Diamond a so around the same time my dad actually had a similar incident at his own house. I'd say the two things happen within the same year. So that's what makes us even weirder totally believe in the supernatural, but my dad is more sceptical. Sceptical I was, I would say, skeptical he's more sceptical them have the most of us. It's ok Ashley EU aid is called, self Ashley Ashley have right now, I'm in trouble. I resisted trouble with myself a very sceptical of you. Actually, ok stop rash anyways. So if he If he's claiming, to see or hear something weird, I tend to believe it anyway. He was in his
he spent during mid afternoon on a week day. It's not like a creepy basement, it's a nice finnish policemen with couches a tv, a poker table, etc, etc. So, not like my basement, online dad was sitting at the table when he heard footsteps upstairs and eventually my brother walked down my mother and my dad looked at each other and then reaches walked back upstairs. I can't remove or if they actually spoke during this exchange, but I don't feel like that. Super relevant. The whole thing was weird, because again this was mid afternoon on a week day and my brother works a Monday through Friday, ninety five job, so he should have been at work so my dad was a little freaked out and actually called riches phone to confirm. He was there she answered and said he was at work and my dad was Basically, like no do you just down the stairs a minute ago. I just saw you and when she was like no I'm not home. I told you I'm at work. I've heard of these kind of things happening before it's like a glitch in the matrix. Oh, that's
yeah. That scares me more than six seems like it's like one of those glitch in the matrix situations, where somebody will see someone whose very much alive yeah in its situation and then the persons not their lake. I dont like that Oh, this is like when we talked about the Mandela affect the other day and fuck. You fucked me up for day ass, I'm not ok. It puts you way inside yourself because I loved my life so much. It has to be real, dissimulation fuck you and only asked I just thought you. I thought that you so angrily anyways, then during this phone call in an attempt to seem less crazy. My dad actually described what my brother was wearing. when he saw him standing on when he saw him standing on the stairs he I just saw you. You were wearing black shorts and a red hot and now my brother was freaked out too, because my dad just described the exact outfit that my brother was actually wearing they haven't seen each other at all about day. So how could my dad possibly know exam see what he was wearing my
I just saw my ghosts brother too, but my dad's version Richie was Translucent at all. He just looked at his normal self standing there. Both events, super fucking creepy to me, and even if you want to say my incident was a dream. How do you explain my dad my brother standing on the stairs at home, while he's actually at work, and my Dad describing the exact Albert my brother was actually wearing that day. they hadn't seen each other. I don't get it. The scariest fuck. Why do we keep seeing my brother's ghost when he stole I've cause it's a glitch in the matrix Innovative just answered your question and I hate that she did because freaks me out a lot, but I think she might of I. Blue, the lid right offer this blue, the lid right off of it blew It was her brother late did her brother die and legal or nature is just like a glitch in the system like it's like whoops he's here, but wait. That work, what he told you that he died in a car accident. I know it's just a fucked up, goats in the matrix, I'm telling you
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Uh, that's real and there are probably is, but I don't like to think about that. Fuck me up. You should say that thing about that movie. That's not that movie! That's how it, how it doesn't eggs but everyone seen it it s the Mandela fat. Everybody knows this whole, like Mandela effect that you are positive, that you saw something or you know something exists and then the whole rest of the world. IRAN itself also creepy aims. I've seen. Other people know this, and I know this to be true as well that Sinbad starred in a movie Colchis em about a genie, and I know what happened I can see in my brain. I can see that I can see the cassette tape cover. I know he did, but it's like he's already. Its people say it's not true, is isn't also like the hello Clarice thing like doesn't, isn't it true that Hannibal Lecter never said but yeah, I think he says, like. I think he says hello agent Starling
and people. People are like a little clearer than ever. Have actually says that or like you'll see like certain packaging and you'll know that that was packaging at a time in your life, then it won't like everybody will be like no, that's not like the Bernstein Bears and Bernstein Bears, though the burnt seen bears, but everyone I know, but now you look at it, and the of the man is telling us that the burnt stain bears- and I just But I didn't somebody find a copy of a book that was the burden steam. There see that in whose whose detail I think together, who knows, but either way we ve gone down a whole arsenal, failing that? We talked about this like the major heads? Are the men and women you're gonna end up early nervous rose, matrix heads membership, Freaks Miata covered archer. Well, let's go on to another listener story. That's entitled Ma Am whose to the full.
Is Fred. Ok, so I also read. I got together all the listeners or is this week, and I read this one and I was like Alina. You have to read this because this one is so funny in the way you read like your own, about I cry laughing. I really excited you're going to read this. Really. This by a listener named CAS and it says: hey Ash, Billina, hey, hey, I'm a huge fan and absolutely adore you Ladys in the human respect you have for every one that has been victimized by these monsters, thank you think that is a nice way of putting motor boats super intelligent, funny, an stunning while girl. Thank you man. You just gave me all the feels she want us over. I needed it anyway into this. While, thus morning, Bruce scented nightmare of a star was so live in the middle of fucking. Nowhere I mean that there is exam
we won grocery store in my town, and it's only there, because the next town is a half hour away. I work in the next town anyway, pretty dumb of me, because I'm a get straight murdered the nights I work but anyways. I have an amazing job at Starbucks. Oh, my god, I historic at Starbucks. That's also I gave you the stress, but we support her. So we have this. Sixteen year old, we hired and will call her v soviet, really nice and because she's in high school- and I work knights, were often on the same shifts. So this shit starts with a chair some same ass, chair every time I pushed the chair to the table and as soon as I go behind the counter. This bitch s, chunk of wood is scraping on the floor. I walk out see that it is pulled all the way fucking out and facing backwards. So I'm like hey what the hell, but I go back to work because I'm a hard working, independent bitch and I don't fear the spirits
This is parentheses lie so then vs checking the perimeter and making sure no one is in the store when we close up and she can't go to the, but she can't get the bathroom door open. So I come over trying to open it and pounding on the door asking if anyone is inside our boss, K walks out and the dog flings open chaos us what work flowing through overflowing with throwing a fit for, and I'm just like looking at the door said the knight ends with nothing more than a couple of decoration shifting around next day, meeting care working together, the drink, printer, wigs out and his printing repeating drink stickers that just say Fred, Fred, fresh fretted, rapid away, but the question mark economic, ok, fuck, you Fred, you ghostly HO
sleep. I unplug the pretty good cause. You that's what happens when you, when you can't mobile order, sorry Exeter being poltergeist at age, is having some in this house like Fred, Fred Kalen. it means says talking about spirits, give them power. We don't bring this up. That night means the envy vibrating making with creams, eisele lovemaking cream. Starbucks has the best yakking whipped cream on this planet in the matrix. It's got like vanilla Sirop and it's really good sober a crash in the lobby, Inv laughs. Maybe it's my childhood ghost and knowledge. go and I'm like oh yeah, I don't fuck with ghosts, but I'm trying to be brave, she's, yeah. I was haunted all through my childhood. His name is Fred, a hopeful honey. not a casual statement. I love that she's, just like oh yeah, was haunted my whole damn childhood cool same but not by ago. So his name is Fred. I library, unlike ok, what the fuck, what the fuck em, like maintain
My demeanor and I just laugh and that's when shakos goes haywire. I walked around corner in every single fucking cupboard is open. Do that's a shit that I eight Wigan, Paragon alike sanity. Beyond this, on the sixth sense now, when he's just sitting there with his hands on the table and all the cabinets are opening, I went. I had so much, I'm getting full bombshell side. So I'm bout, a cry and I'm like say you're, not funny, you're, really not funny, and she swears it's not her. Then I hear footsteps on the fucking roof. Who No, my heart is like pounding, and so I'm trying to claim I'm trying to claim wind dwell. Closing the cupboards I go to see. I go to see that turned around share from the beginning. In all eight chairs at the tables are pulled out and facing the same direction, something shatters behind us and we flip around in this glass. Pumpkin decoration is on the floor. I see this, in going grab a broom. You know a good for you for this.
we'll be unlike we gonna learn is run out of the store and locked the door behind lots. Employee of the month share a bare she's, like a matter of God. Now he of the month we gets off incur. The hell out. She worked shorter hours because of high school. I believe language. This is your go right. Why are you leaving me wisely? This is yours that should be. I just referred to. You was a nice girl earlier, but like you're leaving me with your childhood, goes to you really mean right now: it's not cool knock land was said, Z. I would while there see out- and let me know, if anything, be any more- your z now and I walk her out because I'm a good co worker who make sure people get to their car say but it's nice is really not now. It's just me and K and she's in the back some sure she's up, that is I'm shit, so sure out here, just bugging with a ghost so like who's, the one who's actually puts a question mark. I walked back by the cap, and guess what the shelves are doing. Oh no, one of the shells doing at this point.
sure it's like a shitty dream and then the pounding of the windows such starts, what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck so there's pounding on all the windows and I'm standing there and I catch a shadow in the Mai peripherals, but can't see any thing and when K runs out in all just stops, she quit the next day and nothing ever happen again, but odd how adamant she was about the ghost that followed v, because we still works there and it stopped and K left. why so, anyhow, is I hope, she's doing well. Thank you guys for always being amazing with the podcast and thank you for reading this. You rock by weight. So K was haunted by the goes not v. I guess this is we ve had a child had goes to. That was like, I think, right,
and I thought tat I did it leave. Why did it stop and K laughed? Let's see, let's look back. What's look back all like fuck, you Fred, you ghostly ho! Oh no! It was it oh no yet says that night me Inv, arriving making creams crash in the lobby and be laughs. Maybe it's my child, a ghost oak, so XVI, but I think maybe she things that like K was haunted by visa. Childhood goes Maybe it moved on to TAT, maybe maybe some some paranormal activity shit remember I never saw they pass the ghost on almost like it follows or the diamond I don't know which one it is out of all ages real, but holy shit has folk ass, that's a Starbucks story, ages. Sought is a start, but that's a breweries detail right there who damn right well, Annex one is called listener story. He likes you. He does. He loves me. I just know it. He loves me. He loves me not those a great dream song from the early arts. Oh
but so this one says: hey guys. I love your podcast so much and I am finding myself constantly waiting to or wanting to listen to it, even though have a hard time sleeping at night because of how scared and paranoid I am now Ella well my mom and my boyfriend yell at me for listening, because I get so spooked. I think it's great to know these cases, because it's also made me more aware gas. Yes, I love hearing bodice stun gun and pepper spray to have some kind of defence with me. So no one better fuck with me, yet it yes girl get it any. I have a story. I want to share with the all, because it is big spooky picks me sweat. When I think of it. It is big school. It is big spooky free to share my name and info. This is from Emily. I was wait until this supporting our failure, notably the favor here's the story. So I go. who have family friend to get my hair done, and I love her and her family dearly. She has a Sun SAM who was five at the time of this event. He is so sweet and happy all the time. I was up there
one day getting my head on and my hair stylist asked if I could stay after she was finished with my hair to watch SAM. While she ran a few earn, as an absolutely than we hung up for a couple hours while mom, while Mama's out and about we were in his room playing with cars on the floor. Having a grand old time All of a sudden, I hear a knock from under us on the floor, oh if someone was knocking on the ceiling under us it printing and I was like ha that's weird. This is when it gets fucked up. then I looked at salmon. He was staring back at me, wide eyed and then shouted help me help me help me. No, no! I'm out I'm out see later. Then jumped under his covers on his bed. I was like help. You help me what the fuck. I realized I was the adult here and tried to comfort him down. He finally relax and I decided we would not stay in his room. So we went to the living room and started watching cartoons. Sam was tired and then that falling asleep in my arms it was so q and sweet until the moment was ruined,
now there was a lamp right behind me that all of a sudden turned on while we were sitting there. I just sat there for a second wide eyed trying to explain in my head how thou just happened. Maybe they have a lamp timer set for three Forty seven p m every single day, determined on seems weird, but maybe either way. Mom finally comes home and I couldn't get out of the house fast enough a few weeks. I hesitantly texted my hair styles, mentioning what happened that day, afraid she would think I was crazy, but instead she says oh boy he likes you. Ah we ve had. It sounds like a scare stories it on the dark. Yet us we found a discussions then, and she says that the things have happened to her in their house before, but nothing bad as happened. So she doesn't mind I really Oh how you come to terms with that, but she has- and I am forever spooked things for reading guys. Asked Emily. No one Well, confused ass. You mean like he likes you, like the Spirit likes. Like that's what she was saying that kid. Like, sir, I think that's what you say either I m afraid I mean it could be the kid, but either way I don't love any.
I hated all the knocking on the ceiling underneath air that freaked me. I don't like that at all, like that's real, simple but real fuck. If somebody knocked on the ceiling right Now- and I would be utterly- I would shit back like- I would shoot the roof we were headed. We diverge really got ya absolute, no, not at all on the hearth, rug.
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we love Australia. Listener tales from alone now Nanda. That actually reminds me. If you have not seen, are Instagram Puya has a bunch of the places you can donate to help Australia out because of the crazy ass Bush fires. That are, I mean demolishing the every everything there is in fact I also saddle assumes ever all along the coalescing kangaroo stuff. I like it It's all my life, it's written Actually, I need to update that to add some more wildlife, stuff cuz. It does a ton more, but if you aren't want to have like a way to help go to our instagram, I made a post about it and I'll be editing to add more to it, but go help out our beautiful
trillion lovely speak. Please they deserve it and they need it and we want to help them so hundred or allow we Lovey Australia. So so this one's called that time I got, kidnapped and tried to kill the guy awesome. I already love this. This is by Alyssa, hey you beautiful pair of magical unicorns. While Halloa love you she. When I love you. I know everyone says this but fuck it I'm assayed again you guys rock sooty. You Alyssa, thank you for me you and birthing this balls to the walls, fantastic podcast in the Facebook group. I finally found my people. Oh I love that shut out to the spooky sisters. That's right! Oh my god. I want people to call us that from now on, Gladys as a few girls from the Facebook group have made a group chair, and we talk all day every day. I love that. I'm obsessed with this that just made my whole I love that civil, my my god, twenty twenty that just made it.
My name is alley and am from Australia good Day you can use my name. If you decide the stories as bonkers enough to read, we did we decided. My story goes like this. It starts off slow, but the good bit is at the end me and my boyfriend. At the time now, my husband Congrats were travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam on a bus overnight we arrive in hokey men city. If I said that run, I'm sorry don't think anyone will yell at me. I think it's just neighbourhood at around three to four p m. We hop off the bus and go sit down to have a smoke and get our bearings after being on a sleeper bus for hours. Worse decision in hindsight pay the fucking money fly. You can make me later minute. The human version of a clog toilet rides up to us on a motorbike in this fake, ass, fuck leather jacket, dirty blue jeans and goddamn thongs footwear. Question and so that we have drugs and he is tourist police to which I look at,
anchor dead in the face and say mate. If we had drugs we would have taken a more ready area. Will we get up and started to walk away in the direction? We think our hotels and in reality it was the opposite fucking way to which we were walking. We were so we were doomed from the beginning eyes away only to come back less than a minute later spouting the same shit. I'm tourist police, I think you have drugs. You need to come with me. Oh fuck, this, my husband at this point. It should it after the max and turns to the shit stain of a human and says if your tourist police show me your badge, the turd nugget reaches into his jacket and pulls out his tiny business card with scribbles all over it, but nothing to identify and this police so in an attack, to get this guy to fuck off my husband, confident as Hell says, that badge is fake. As your gee, I kissed her next minute tourism, Twenty two I love it. This is where, where it gets wild so hold onto those, but the deuce nozzle reaches out of his knock
colored jacket in full, set of gun and says this isn't being from Australia. I'm zero experience with guns and a lot of people ask me if it was real or not like hell. I wasn't going to find the fuckout. It could have been a water pistol for all. I know, but it looked real as fuck to me. We both have meat
freeze and our like. Well, ok, shit just got real or can you imagine go? Is situation may now? So we end up walking around the corner from this with this dump their fire. He makes my husband sit down on the ground with our backpacks with our clothes and luckily our passports inside he made me stand next to him and put all our valuables into one shoulder brag. I was carrying phones, laptops tablets, loads cameras. He then points the gun at me and tells me to get on the bike in trying to be a bad, bitch, confident and not wanting to show my husband that I was shitting my pants on the inside. I say why the fuck would I go with you good for you to which this monster applied before shifting the gun from me to my husband, because I will shoot him, I dont care. He means nothing, rule dude, but so scary. This is making me stress like real behalf, I'm just thinking of being in the situation, and I fought for the summit
movie so of course mean my husband are trying to telepathic communicate to each other, whether we will just jump this motherfucker and beat the living shit out of him or I just get on the bike and in the interests of protecting him. I got on the bike and said what I thought would be my final words to him. I love you oh my god. Oh my god, my heart just fell into my toes and then it rolled away on the floor and fell out the window. He better like by you bargain at every breakfast. With that we were gone. Oh my god, you're on the bike on the pike alley. Unstressed. Oh my god, I'm wicked stress I'll, never know where you're well and you don't and now, Just me in this piece of what lettuce I fucking love that like is not an Australia fingers. I just like, as it seems like we ve learned a few Australians out of use. What let us I loved, I gotta tell ya a love and she said
the human version of a clog toilet had also rely on is really good. I want insults, I think this is whilst reliance like get us a lie. I think so too, because we gave you we got. You love creative insult we're on the same wavelength. We really are. We love you so it's just me and this piece of what let us flying the wrong way through traffic all the wrong way. In my mind is racing. I figured I had two options: one jump off the bike into traffic, possibly die, or if I dont he finds me too. I take this mother fucker with me. I went with Shinto. Yes, you motherfucker bad. You know that commercial, where it's like everyone, has a squad and has like two two doing doing good and they're all walking in slow motion or do I know that song, because that's the song that I listen to on the way to where I live show and you were making fun of me. Oh I'm just thinking that see alley just walk into that song out of legality. in building and then in the back into low and, like French Montana RAG step up in a body,
a party I could just see you allegory Dodo, don't don't use over the old man, we all fire. So I grabbed the back of the motorbike and start throwing my body side decide trying to put the bike off balance because in all be damned if this piece of literal garbage is going to take me without a fight, he realized what doing and turns and asked me anyone know you. Anyone know. You're here will look. Will anyone. Look for you yeah! a lot of people, I'm really popular. I screamed Yes, I have a son, I'm the daughter of a politician, I'm not, but what the fuck did. He know they'll know I'm here they will look for me. I honestly, didn't think that would work after watching listening reading so much true crime, but I through it all to the wall to see what stuck and something work that out of a politician thing. Was that really aren't again? That's really smart, but something worked. He pulled
off down a tiny little alley and told me to get off the bike I did and still to this day do not know why I didn't punch that slimy little maggots square in his little squishy face. He then told me to give him the bag of Valor valuables to which I told them to fuck off your head. Reply was two point: the gun at my head, so I gave in and gave him the bag. He then told me he would meet me back to my hotel and took off what I sprinted to him as fast as my short legs and bloated belly would allow this was I laughed stop on a three week holiday, so I had a beer belly and food baby mixed together has grown down his dark alley, but by the time I got to the end he was long gone. Luckily I had a Disney moment when I got to the end and was blinded by white light, a servile woods with at least ten taxi cars and twenty taxi bikes. I ran up screaming and crying saying I was just robbed and kidnapped. I have no money. I have no idea where I was was my first time in Vietnam to I need to find my huh,
spend one young taxi driver turns to another older one and says white girl, crazy. Then the older one comes up and offers to take me to my hotel I no idea where was, or the name I could say, was bus stop. Luckily, he knew what I was talking about in took me back to the street. It all happened, oh, when we got there, I could hear all I could hear was my husband running up and down the street screaming my name o biodiversity, or are you oh, my god, my huh? Does a hot potato by this is love. I swear. You could have mistaken me for Superman. The way flew off the After that bike. I jump screaming I'm here. He ran into this reed and we saw each other again and like the scene from the notebook we flew into each other's arms, I am sobbing Ali. I am sorry we flew home the next day. I haven't been back to Vietnam sense, but I am determined to go back and conquer it,
has alley. You are my new year's resolution earlier Niggers resolution Alley. That's it. I would never want to go back. I give you so much credit. So that's my crazy story, hopefully its bananas enough to read, because, honestly, if I heard either view amazing humans read it, I would die a happy weird. I don't I don't. I love you. I love you set all all ladys hope you enjoyed my wild right and I hope you keep it weird, but not so where they you travel overseas and get kidnapped by the heat and plagued by my goodness alley alley the human, version of a clogged toilets and they and what it was a pleasant, the human plague, the human life she's everything I love you and you in your husband's love. Also, beautiful, it's beautiful, it's inspiring and I love it so much, and I love that's that you are part of the spooky sisters and you guys chat that just spent vicariously ever I love you. I love you so my next one is, a listener stories. A collection of weird freaky shit sounds like my autobiography
I know, but you also to also wilder, while also, why did I say twice Norville sure it's late visited, so this morning warning what you are about to read may make no sense. As when I wrote this, I was running on two hours of sleep and was going into work at four a m. I love that plus your soul, hey guys. My name is Adriana or any or whatever footsore boats. You can use my name like everyone else. I just want to say that I absolutely love ya. I feel like I can relate to you both so much. I've listened to every episode I'm working and yes, I have most definitely paused at the what the fuck moments and talked about it with whoever is next to me at the time of the micro workers. Probably hate me this may be long and all over the place, but I'm not sure, as I have only got this far. so I've never killed anyone Orban, murdered man, the wind way, though I that's their living at life right now, but I've had a lot of paranormal should happen to me and my family. Let's jumpin, this bitch was due,
after my mom re married to a piece of shit we moved into this nice house. I think this is what it all started for me. Girl, I've been there. one night I just got into bed when all of a sudden my door was cracked open and some one in an old man's voice. Told me good night, that's good. I just big goodnight She said that's good and dandy, but, like my accept that wasn't the kind of person who would tell me good night, my mom, while last time I checked she Didn'T- have an old, mainly boys of plus. I had never heard this voice before one day. I would say goodbye goodbye. Ninety nine by sleep tight get about one day I was putting on my school uniform and all of a sudden I hurdle nope fuck, that's all oh girl laughing, and it was coming from the corner of my room. I she's sentinel. She said I would you told her to shut up up up up up. That's for me, him sippel its shut up shut up
I can't even remember if that worked or not alone, with a little girls like me, year. Rule Ray if you're stinky, she said I can't I can't remember. Sure, my mom even out something happened to her in this house. My ex ship bag stepped out there the average, because I feel that I hate him. Do you know nobody sucks took us all library and my moms. Home alone, she was in her bedroom I heard someone yelling her name. She thought we came home and so she went down to see us and while you guessed it, we weren't there shortly you're moving in this house. We had to move again because stepped out was in the air force We got station in England and my mom refuse to sound base camp lamer mode off base. Housing is so old that kind of that kind of didn't help number this one neighbourhood we lived in was new market
was again something that happened to my mom, but this house gave me the creeps the whole time I always felt like. I was being watched anyway. My mama's having coffee with our neighbour, her two boys and my little brother were outside playing and the rest of us were at school, so Simply no one should be upstairs right. Well, all the sudden they just started hearing someone running around upstairs my mom checked in clearly no one was there. Oh no, then, After four years we got stationed in Sumter South Carolina vomit. I don't recommend going there we didn't say, I answer the other than if you won't do. We lived there for a good few years, so my older sister and I explored. Sometimes we went to this old, and and firehouse shit was creeping, didn't, feel good. I wish could find the name of the place where the address, but it's been years, it's covered by trees and way off the road. I also don't talk to my sister anymore, so there's no way to figure it out, I'm sorry Obviously I took a piece of the place with me because, apparently, why the fuck? Not my mom, found it and flip flipped shit wrapped in burns.
Wrapped it burn sage around it and buried it. That's why I still make her about it, but she's, whereas I brought something into the house. This has already felt off to me, so I didn't notice. Now is I am for the fun one and one that is kind of famous blue, town near some day. There is an old church, it is called Salem Black River, Presbyterian, church, fun facts. They found a move there before and my old english teacher for middle school was in. It makes it a spook, spook, she's, fuck that the essential evident anyway split, that's cool. There has so far never heard of this charge. Basically, it was built back in eighteen. Oh two as apparent hunted, especially especially the great yard. Where in the back passed another funds, the ministers of the church or buried feel free to look more into the church, because its history is just while. I love that shit you too, but we decided to go and one I just my sister, her friend my who we went into the graveyard. I swear. I heard a man's voice consistently sounded like twigs were being broken when none of us we're moving. My sister was a gene
Yes went beyond the second funds where they have the minister's buried. A feeling of grief came over me. We left just a tiny bit freaked out then, because we thought would be cool. We took my friend with us. I didn't last because we all got spooked by the noise. As we ran into my sister's cards to drive away as we turning out of the lot a big ass black dog comes running after that's never go no all screamed in almost wrecked the car and then just disappeared as if out of thin air after we got home, we did some looking into it, and other people saw the same dog as well. One less that is kind of cool, but also you, my grand, lived in New York at one point and worked at the Steiner well son of SAM decided. He wanted to come on in and would constantly go in and see my grandma. She finally said yes to going on a date with him or Michael, but never went on a second one, because she said he was weird and asked a lot of questions as wide David David Berkowitz was nobody wanted to go on a day with that's crazy growth.
obviously later she saw what he did and we are also glad she didn't continue. That relationship post. My group was pretty amazing, hopefully high five grams of thank you guys were reading my long ass mess of an email. I love you both and I mean feel free I'm to Colombia. South Carolina for alive show. Oh, my god. That was great powers among those I would you told her to shut up was, like I told her to shudder gentle there to shut up. you're, like you didn't, say goodbye, but at least you told the girlish vega love those amazing right. My next one is called listener story. I was either abducted or I'm crazy idea. and both are actually it was arrived at, and I was crazy, is greatly so brightest from Jenna. You gonna, hey Ladys, I'm new to the podcast and am currently benefiting all your episodes. Thank you. Think's Jenna, my best friend her me onto your podcast, so shut out. Debris love you bitch
Calloway blueberry- and she also gave me a push to finally tell my story because it's pretty fucking creepy. I apologise in advance for the length but their details to the story that are important to paint the picture strap and for the story that sound straight out of an alien movie. We love and alien movie, I'm here for it. In two thousand and fourteen I was living in a small one bedroom apartment with my now ex girlfriend. Our apartment was one of those apartments that are built into a house, so our landlord lives beneath us. Oh, have had one of those. Yes, it's just as annoying as your imagining and their store stairs that led up to our apartment from the outside. Our apartment was seriously so small that you can stand in the center of the kitchen when the first walked in and see. Every point of the apartment in a three sixty spent, because this is important to remember, promise we are getting there. It started with these three baby owls that we had noticed only look, maybe owls were perched in a tall tree that were right outside
a bedroom window every night before bad, we would open the windows and who back and forth to them. Do you know that if you hear an owl who, after midnight it's a bad omen, I hate the palms me out. Well, this is q because they would who back and forth to them and loves that they who'd back that's kilos or my favorite, and they are just so damn cute. So at this time this was just the best thing in my life, but this is important because there are studies saying that aliens are somehow connected towel. Oh, I didn't know that I had a lot of crazy and scary dreams in that department, but I started having very very realistic dreams for a whole week. It was dreams of these tall, dark tall, dark beings for a whole standing over me. Sorry carry does it was dreams of these tall dark being standing over me or in the doorway of my bedroom and the centre of my apartment, where you can see every pointed the unit. I know I wasn't sleep paralysis because I could move and I have had sleep prowess.
Before any one hundred percent was not it. Finally, one night, I had a dream that these beings finally asked me to come with them noon. We gotten my car and they literally drew just drove me around wasting. My gas was stiff wasting my guys, who I was all day was if this is where I was born things like that. Might I note that the entire time I cannot see facial features, so they were just dark beings like what the fuck? Why you guys this creepy. If I were you answering the question, which is where I was born in the list of dreams, of course seem so short, but by the time I had arrived back at the apartment in this dream, quoting quote the sun was starting to come up. I walk in my apartment in Bam. I am being shaken by my axe, standing in that very centred spot of our apartment. I am shaking sweating crying in cold as if I've been outside in the Michigan, whether all night
Lived at the time I have this horrible ringing in my ear and for a split second, I have no idea where I am till she got runes. I couldn't sleep, the rest of the night, so she stayed up with me and I would be lying if I didn't think some men in black fuckers we're about to busted my apartment. Steel me and just a raise your mama gonna foreshadowed without waiting to you did later that day. I go to my mom's house, because I'm just so spooked out that I guess my five for Tom could keep me safe for me Lions are men in black ha ha. She can really Tammy. My mom is ass. It would probably make an alien run away for like like a little bitch I take a shower at her house and come out to the kids it at a towel still talking about the crazy experience when she points out that I have this marking oh. I know this sounds so fucking fake, but I swear it is not on my left shoulder. It is two rows of five dots perfectly placed on my shoulder within a few hours.
the marking is gone. Sweetie. You got proved you one hundred I regret I regret to inform you that you are studied. You got brought up somebody make a meme of us telling her, but she caught prone to prove not a me like a dry, you ve been pro after this experience. This, where my life has never been. The same has been good, though so many crazy, like things have happened since that that night or might and or that, might or might not be related. A few months after this I left my girlfriend because I found out she cheated on me, fuck her sad but fuck. You Ella! Well, that's what you said and then move on to a completely different state. A little more background on me. I am a very sensitive person to a very sensitive to the paranormal and have lots of crazy experiences, but this is probably the creepy a thing that has happened to me. Hope you enjoy the story and against.
sorry for the length now I'm going to go back to catching up on all your episodes keep spooky girls. Jen TAT was a really good, always said, Jane, Jane opera. You God for supper. I regret to inform you that you got pro adjutant sayd, that's fucked! I of these, and you know what some people were. Like some people, I've seen comment on the listener stories and Billig. Most of them are barely fake, and you know what one. I agree I desire Poohpooh, do you and even if they are. Your great stormy say and even if they were fake, deserve great store. You like a fake movie, but to be honest, I don't believe that ninety nine percent of these, I think our real. People are very like a hundred per cent of all EU and I believe you, I really do ok, so I believe you got probed.
I was trying to think of a song that I could say. Did you see my good ace using all this about just like my way, also in this land? I have eighty days come back from your little girl. Come back to me tat. I was doing something when I was reading that story, and I saw you looking at me. Do I don't know what I was doing and I saw you and I immediately stopped. I'm like a small child like gets around only being like asked, stop touching that's, but that was amazing, and this was a fine listen sales of a love listener, storing Muslim, we end on an alien abduction yeah, his son perfect. So we, goes Doug that and look forward to run. Ben roads. Being release released released, relies life still lie stones, condone ideas, so stay tuned. For that No, it's can be fun for me because I don't know that case an exciting and it's really crazy case is an anomaly. It's real molly, her ain't wild I have to drive to any sounds which has an hour away schwaiger unless an apology
There is, but you don't get to look just gave totally getting about sounded so mean any doesn't want to do pilot cleansers anymore, because some people like that would be a lot of people got mad at us for them, sir. We're not going to do that. I mean we're. Not on will be real were not listening like the haters, because when people say that like something we're, not legal will stop, be ended, and I don't worry about that. It's just it doesn't really work with the flow Anita and we but we think that you're so hard core, that you can listen to the gas and not need a patent law either Halleck Linzer. Maybe if we do a case where it's like the most brutal, maybe we'll leg figure. Maybe one of us will do about cleansers something but like we're not gonna make them a regular thing. Maybe I could like sing you a song leg. Nobody wants. You need at bargain around the episode. Now we will see you when it's time for Ben Roads and in the meantime, you can go ahead and follow us on Instagram at morbid black ass head as abundant widow at a
or bid podcast right as a listener. Tailing please send into our gmail with the headline listener: Tail Lou, morbid podcast at Gmail, Becum terms, mission supply whimsical provocative Zaragoza. Also during Facebook group morbid call in a true crime. Podcast Facebook group will do it, it's a beautiful thing and you can. Maybe you and be part of a spooky girls. That's what I was going to be a right. The way I want to be part of his arrows hydrogen. Let me texting you left with a pretty bad. I had something good what have I son go on? The website I told you are putting our Stockholm go, do that go find our toward AIDS and click the links and by some tickets and do it We hope you keep listening and we hope you keep it appeared. But the prevailing, because that's really fucked up, and you know what I'm all those markings on your shoulder, because a definite tells a sign of something really scary, but also give its aware that you actually do tell it goes to shut up, because that's pretty funny don't give us aware that you're fuckin brother gets goes. That's like, maybe not a ghost. Maybe it's much matrix, EDA really know what it is, but you
then he came down the stairs and nobody told you he was in your apartment and that's really fucked up He was aware that when you got a Starbucks, you see fried bread, referenda and don't even so. We are that the little boy likes you when you knock and I'm feelin knock knock off in your hair styles. They're going to do you hear, but you're gonna wanna come because that little boys gonna knock knock, knock on feeling and then also don't even so. We are that you're only the working day. Let me so much.
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