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2020-02-02 | 🔗
In tonight's epic Listener Tales episodes, we talk about a too close for comfort landlord, Alaina'a lovely best friend Deb's personal story about the Boston Marathon Bombing, sassin' a robber, a mud pie kidnapping with a happy ending and a ouija board mishap. Come on in, the water is terrifying and strange!Visit our sponsors!VistaPrintVistaprint wants you to be able to “Own the Now” in any situation, which is why our listeners will get free shipping on all business cards, any style, any quantity. Just go to VistaPrint.com and enter promo code Morbid for free shipping on all business cards, any style, any quantity. Limited time offer. Warby ParkerFree Home Try-On program. Order 5 pairs of glasses and try them on for free for 5 days --there is no obligation to buy! Ships free and includes a pre-paid return shipping label. Head to warbyparker.com/morbid to take the quiz and order your free Home Try-On!Introducing Scout by Warby Parker – comfortable, breathable, and affordable daily contact lenses! Order a trial pack that includes six days’ worth of contacts for only $5 – and then receive $5 off your next Warby Parker order. Learn more at warbyparker.com/morbid.
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What to do in China, glasses was any Threed virtual. Try on weight are those the actual prices. I think it all of them seriously. Why not right? How now I want you glasses, Zinni, dotcom quality, prescription, glasses, starting at six. Ninety five: hey weirdos, I'm Alina: this. Is more bed part in this morbid is for you by you, oh, but you by about you and you Tal value deals motherfuckers we're back, and let me first say that Ariel Castro, part too, is coming within the a day or two were doing
very quick, so you will have it very soon as it is by popular Japan. So no one thinks that we're dislike here's a listener tail. You knock me other one for a long time. We insist because it alive show which was
Being awesome, guys, sank, you so much everything that was there. It was the wildest thing of my whole entire life yeah. My brain is still really not like comprehending that it was real in even comprehend it. While it was happening, I still haven't heavy, so I got to yell. Thank you knew your shirt in microphone and I plan on doing that. Everywhere we go and I got to do David Berkowitz his voice and say seamen. Alot she's had seem in a solid fifty five times: lousy, YO, R, Graham Migrant by your dad is here. I know it was a moment, but while life I felt that I decide to go with it, but we just wanted to thank you. The grammar see there was awesome and we can't wait to see everybody in April at filling in DC, with my new pants with ashes new paths which you are the US, I don't I'm the man I just work while she already ordered publication of them by yeah. So tonight we're gonna be doing listener. Tails
like I said aerial Castro. Part too is coming very shortly, so I promise you it's coming. You know I don't think I can't. I don't yell at me all that good stuff she disliked yeah, let's just dive into less, because as the listener tells episode we get down to business is now sorry if my voice stocks on the way here I was Jim into Taylor, Swift and saying every song so hard tat. I fucked my voice up, which is hilarious, cause. I would think that it would be like. Oh I'm still recovering from my my New York trip, and you know it cause. I was singing tailless, but no. I watched part of the tailors documentary on networks and I was like. pulls out everything. She ever wrote my car pretty much. Oh, that reminds me
that New TED Bundy like Doc. You see, I want to say that I think we should perhaps we should watch it and do another gas tankers. Remember where I think a lot of people like John, we covered that TED Bundy movie with Zack. I found that one that sectoral, that I can't even go back to because it so that people have been telling us to watch it and if you guys are down for us to watch it like doing episode about it, we would absolutely do that. I also is a lot of fun. I also want to do about the harvest. Won't know Henry Lucas, oh my god, for life are even believe that ensure the only hurt I mean it. He's a murderer, deal yeah three names. I got it there's an age, their entire. Doesn't it's fine art tell us, nor does it anyways I've? Yes, we should do really yeah so everybody's down for that which to be on his enemies. You, if you're, not its wits, our show so due to high water, but it would be nice if you guys wanted out twenty Twond, I'm totally kidding, I'm just being a deck PS. That's my motto: it's not you guys, like everyone and honestly, I've just been solid, saunter make a funny, but for you
Let us know if that something you would like. We love to do it's really fun to watch the things and react to it. So let us now yeah yeah Ok, so there's one is really really long and I was chuckle into myself today. While reading it is called the creepy fucking landlord that lived in our basement listener tail. Yes, I know doesn't have that experience. Actually, I had not a similar experience. Violet Loki related to look a little bit of this, because my mom, let us live in great places when I was little by her whoop for this one is from Chris, and it says hello, you magical and wonderful weirdos. My name is Chris. Yes, you can use my name in upon cast if you use the story thanks Chris. Thank you. I'm going to apologize now for the length of the story. Do not never never and possibly the jam jumbled nets that may or may not come with it. I'm gonna try. My heart is to keep everything in order and she does not gonna have to it's cool, our brains are crazy. Token Jeff, Workin Jumbled, MRS my brain
himself, so jumping right on into this shit show that was my life for six months, when I was there on ten years old, my parents separated for a short while my mom had just had my youngest brother three weeks before the split, so she had all four kids all on her own all under the age of sixteen after she partnership and left. We said Anne, oh tell her about a month while we searched for a home. That was big enough for all of us now, since my mother had just popped out some crutch fruit, she well worth adding another way of saying giving, but while that it that's beautiful, hooped out some crotch, for you know what absolute crotch fruit makes me laugh so hard. I never heard that by our I love it signed crotch goblins, the funniest they ever since she was a working as yet be my older brother. I envy you, my older brother had this friends that we had known for awhile and he was eating a place to live, so he told him he could move in with us once we found a house as long as he helped with the bells and groceries. We also had my mom's brother and one of my mom's friends that wanted to move in with us.
My mom and all these damn kids and the bills until she could start working again. Whatever else a full house No after spending a month ago tell we were getting desperate to find a house that would fit all of us. Eventually. My mom found this out on Craigslist for a six bedroom, three bathroom three story house for only one thousand dollars a month, I'm gonna go ahead and say you don't want a movement of F. Tell you what it says: fucking steel right, abso, fucking, mutely wrong! My mom responds to the adding goes to look at the house. The house as a little creepy, the rooms and halls were dim and outdated. Every single entry, entryway door or cabinet had padlocks on them and held a little old and weird but hey this has was cheap and she needed to get us kids into a house Asia, but the padlocks. The padlock. Serbia, though, be the thing that I'd like it. You know what some weird,
up until you're. So let me go ahead. Leave so the landlord the fucking landlord dude, we'll just call this shit seem Kirk, because other no Kirk has just question. Question mark westward sounds like a creeping terror. Sorry, if really sorry Kirk's upon the first trip to the house, he told us that he currently lived in the basement, but because he was building some one bedroom duplexes on the property and would be out by thirty days of assigning the least, but he would still be around periodically to finish building these crazy ass buildings. Fine with us, We just needed a house when we moved in my mom made him, take all the locks off the doors and the cabinets at Africa. I forgot about Jesus Every other mentioned even had locks on the fucking fridge lots because she wasn't comfortable with that, so he took off all the locks exam My mom's room. She thought it was weird, but she figured he just forgot and would remember at a later time. No, no, I don't think I set now. The first weird thing we notice is that he was like here: like fifteen locks on the outside of his door. In the basement. We were all like
what the fuck her, whatever I'll. Do it just weird, but he'll be gone in thirty days is no. None of this is just weird. So then he starts asking my Mama dates. My mom is like question mark was marked by summer first, ass, wipe, I'm thirty two in your like sixty five. Second of all, I literally to shoot at a child's above exactly what you re. So we got some pussy when she turned him down again: it's whatever cause. We needed a house, then my mom is going through her closet. This is crazy. and finds us hidden, fucking little tiny closet with a secret door and a padlock on it again. We were like Fucking Kirk.
So we literally gets. A big ass cutters ought to know what the hell they're called but they're like bought cutters or something I don't know, I'm above the builder and bus that she's open and look inside. We found this nappy ass blonde way: fish net stockings, no short black dresses and a name tag that reads a female name very similar to his mail name. Wait all of that except the nappy wig is what you order. A few sets up looking out o my god. Damn thing is the line as I do not wear relying arab and why it is so it's it's a female name on the name tag, that's close to his mail inherent in and she says say his name is Kirk. The name was like Katrina. We were all views, but we were like ok. Dude has aside hustled no big deal right so
box did not deliver back so a few weeks later. My mom remember is that Ngos to pull it out to show my uncle and that shit is gone. So this some bitch, I don't even know about some of it- is just as everybody has been in my mom's room. Remember the lock on her door. Keep that in mind, as the story goes on, I have been Meeks hereby. Certainly have we had a downstairs bathroom by the kitchen, the Spanish, so nasty on that occasion that nobody use, because we all try to stay upstairs as much as possible and as far away from Kirk as we could. I hate this will one day my mom take. My little brother down there to give him a bath. because all the other bathrooms are occupied. She sin and found shit smeared all over the toilet. Once again, what the FUCK Kirk my mom being the angel she is instead of going down there beating his ass.
She leaves a note that was like hey. If you leave em s, please clean it up. I have seen all children in the house and I don't want them getting sick in cleans this fucking toilet for him. No, this woman is an angel glowing literally come clean, your actual shut up. I would literally light him on fire. That's that's just out him events in the next day. She finds a note from him on and on the toilet. That reads: I have been doing this for twenty five years and I won't stop now pick who walk. I added shitting out all over my Doyle it for twenty five years and stop because I had opened spattering shit all over this bathroom for twenty five years and just cause you live airlines not, but I will be damned if you will tell me to cleaner by shit. Man blue, while Kurt or whatever your nay Herc any took our toilet, brushing smeared at all over the toilet, just to make more of a mass like dude YO, why are you so adamant about putting should all over our toilet it's the meaning of this
At this point I had been passed the thirty days, so wit, who we were all like pissed. He was just give me a few more weeks and I'll be out no or no car. Now we still just needed a house, then, as you don't need a house whisper. I'm here, I'm about to devalue. I'm here to tell you then this. This is thought that my mom starts waking up in the middle of the fucking night to a goddamn hand reaching out from under her bed and rubbing her legs yeah I'll. time to burn this house down with Kirk in it, because that mother Fucker needs to go in fear of getting murdered by the psycho. She didn't say anything and just rolled over what had happened when she woke up her door would always be unlocked, even though she always locked it, because she was scared of shit like this happening, linked to the point where I would challenge the lock
Get out of there. I got to the point where this was happening every night, and so we all ended up blowing up air mattresses and sleeping in her room, my uncle her friend, all my siblings and their friends. So we just had a big slumber party every night and it stopped. She was never touched again. streaming only on pick up a new regional comic me in a punk than we are late. He puts a confused mixed. A hash happens, sour got our appeal to an open from where we are all so streaming now. Only arbiter,
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getting our electricity bill. This shit was over eight hundred dollars. My poor boy, Mother literally shut her pants because she couldn't afford it. Somehow she must have enough money to pay for it for the next four months, but Jesus man so sad legacy Also sad how much trouble she went to just to pay this electricity. All we also started noticing that our food was disappearing and it was because Fucking Kirk was eating our shit. Oh hell! No doubt at all that! That's that's it s too! That's my bread, that's my breaking for you! No no! You eat my food about it, couldn't tell already the pompous short biscuit, never fucking move. He would even take our clothes out of the water in the middle of a wash. I go put that shit on the basement floor and his closing, like Fucking Kirk, ok now to the rules,
be booby shit. I'm sorry that wasn't this provision there was both swoop. An poop in all of this is that we all kind of fell creepy in the house, and we now you're too, is just the vibes. We started seeing white figures in the house at first. It was harmless just out of the corner of her eyes, but then it started getting negative. We would Up to the piano playing at the bottom of the stairs and the fucking piano didn't work, it had no strings. My mama's like question question requesting, or I dunno kids we're gonna die. I don't know. I guess this is it then, playing with my babies on the staircase or on some on the staircase on something push me down the stairs There were a few nails sticking out of the wall, where I'm sure Kirk tried to do some dumb, ass renovation and I need caught on a male and ripped it open, and I had to get tat. I put the I put thou in and I had to get seven stitches. My mom went to her can was I question question.
That seems to be the only thing that is happening here by our their nails and a stairway using customer question. Question are no man figured out yourself, then me and my three: oh brother, were playing hide and seek, and obviously I wasn't going to hide in the hard spot because he was little and stone idiot. So I hit at the back of my empty closet. While glove whither crocheted blanket over me that I could Elsie out of because added holes in it so anyways, I'm just show thinking about Hannah Montana, some ship are we all. I mean I've been watching that a lot lately, while waiting on this little idiot to come, find me in quoting quote he walks into the and I can see him through my blanket. So I read the blanket often I say you found me because I was a bomb ass, big sister, And there is nobody there that's airline, question, mark or short question, because so my big baby aspirin Cindy terrorism, rent my mom, thankfully she always believed us into. Me just to yell at them to leave us alone the next time. I see something scary
there was a ton of other shit that happened to the other ten thousand people about lived in that house, but a lot of them are, is it other stories cause it fucked them up so back to them fucking pardine had Kurt remaining your kill it. It would be Venza. I love it here. human. After my own heart rate, he had been for with the wiring when he was building those stupid, fucking apartments or whatever and ex store. So every time we took a shower the metal, Knob Metal nodded turn on the shower, what a jet to adjust the tub, shock, the shit out of you, oh my god. It's like parks, Rick. I call that shot and you couldn't stand on the dream. because it would also electrocute you. Will we hold him, and would you believe me if he said question our question. Mark question mark outmoded figured out yourself. I do. I believe it at the time we had a Paypal, Mastiff mix he was a big scary it this is my favorite part was though he was a big Gary looking to go, but he was a big old baby one day, Kirk was walking up the trail
Way and our dog barked at him through the fence incorrect straight up, no high. diarrhoea shit. If we could see it on the outside of his pants, we felt by because some people are just scared of dawn, than ours was a little intimidating, Miss Hale Kirk is a position. This would have been fine. If this do didn't go sit on our ports swing for three hours with shit in his parents. I am I am not even in a reality right now with this story, but this isn't it bananas at this point we're late We need to get the fuck out of here. It wasn't when he had under the bed or fucked up our wiring, or even that he was eating our food that throws over the edge. No, it was the fact that he should it. handsome set on our swing. That was the lustre you ought. You can't make this shut up, no little You cannot around this.
in time. We got our monthly eight hundred dollar electric ball. My mom was done. My uncle was done. We were all done with bitch. Ask her I'm done with car. Can we do so? We wanted to know what the fuck he was doing in his bedroom. That was making our electricity so damn high we asked him if we could see what was in his room and if he could help pay the electricity bill, because was living there too, and using electricity to and he flew into a fit of rage. So we let it go until my uncle and his friends had a few drinks and felt brave. Now I do condone what happened next, but I do I do to your. If it didn't happen, we probably would all be murdered by now. I don't even know what happens next and I can I go down and they took those bolt cutters or whatever the fuck they are and they cut all the locked the door and went in when he was at home. I would have done it. Does this factor, you Eddie, I'm not eight different monitors hooked up in his room all connected to cameras all over the house, along with three computers running God knows so not only had he been down there watching us, but he was
also the one running up our electricity bill because of them running twenty four seven. He had hooks hanging from the ceiling. Keep this in mind for later. He had magazines and posters and pictures of brutal bondage, not the ok media. Somebody like the growth rate, be kind only So my uncle and all his friends are like ok, one, what the fuck and to call nine one so I was just going to say. I really hope the police were called because this is an acute anymore. So how does they're getting ready it? Never whisky never was. But it's like a call. The cops fucking car comes down. The stairs is freaking the fuck. I e literally start strangling my uncle home. My uncle's friends of my brothers, Paul him off will in the process his shirt ribs and we can see under it. He is where this leather stroppy suit under his clothes, with these big rings all over it. Ring that seems memento hang from the fucking hooks for Miss feeling: ok pocket a king shame, but we were all like Fuckin, Kirk Dude thought anyways my uncle gets free and puts the steward under citizens arrest with the goddamn handcuffs that were in his room,
as I made. This is amazing. This is everything eventually hops come in their baffled by the shit. They take due to jail and that's the last we ever heard from him, even though I know my mom had to go to court a few times, but I was so young. I don't remember exactly what for we pact bullshit and under two hours and put it Zono, where we had family that we could stay with after this whole idea ordeal. We were talking to my mom's friend, Lived there were thus she didn't move in with us, but she left she didn't move ass, she left the house, but stayed in the same city, and she said she did a lot of research on the history because she wanted to know why I was so haunted and apparently she found articles about Kirk's, mom being in some sort of satanic, colt and then dying in the house. She nightclub, boughs and them to us and we still had them so yeah there's the time we lived in Satan's Asshole fifty that is the truest most amazing description of a place. I've ever if you made it this far. Thank you so much reading this I seriously level.
to listen every day to and from work on an while, I'm going to bed Ives I've, in wanting to send the story to you since you started, listen entails, but, to be honest, I'm just a lazy piece of shit. I don't wanna type all this, but anyways love her risks. That is, truly outrageous. I was reading it and I was dying, if you can't make any of that up now, none of it like that is that is it's unbelievable, but so believable up and super rear labour when I was growing up out as an aim, but we lived in like this like GNP s apartment Across from the school, oh yeah, I remember the neighbour named D, the up and he like definitely still suffer my mom's room. That's creepy, I don't even think about it. I hate it hate it yeah. I well let's go on to the next listener tail, and this one is pretty also needs from a vip listener. this is from a true vip, who some of
you met this weekend at the grammar seashells, your emerald, please. I brought my best friend. I believe that it is urgent and I adopted Debbie as my other big sister, exactly so in now Let me set this up. This listener. Tail is like close to both of us. Because the whole thing I was like the phone with, therefore- and it has to do with the Boston Marathon bombings, which was like a really intense veto, if you're from Boston, you know so let's start she says high loveliest, I deb hey. Here's my listener. Tail its along like annoyingly, so sorry about that. Let me know if you need me to whittle it down: copy and paste it here, but also attached a pdf, because I think you have a MAC. If that's easier, for you love you always looking for the greater good. She really is that such a damn thing Jessica also did that's love you bite.
hi everyone- I have been doing his best friend since we are about fifteen years old. I met ass well ass, full commitment. Even my men, ass I met ash. Would she was four or five and she was just the cutest little muffin I ever saw. She still is heavy. I love you. I know that my being friends with these two makes a lot of you jealous and I'm here to tell you that you should be up, I loved her. So as has been making me, laugh in bringing me joy since she was a tiny child in a line as the best friend. Anyone could ever asked for all cry. Just ask her about the time she chased by college. Ex boyfriend through his place of work, have allowed liberated him, making that not only everyone in the building heard, but also I heard by keeping me the phone in her pocket, the whole time that happened. he cheated on me and broke up with me at a text message guys it was war instead of sea there was a jailer intend away. I will always have anybody's back you well,
so I could gush over these two all day. I litter. Beam with pride over all. They have accomplished achieved and overcome both professionally and poet. Personally, and I love with my whole heart, but I know how much they are going to hate having to read that it will get to the other reason, I'm here to tell you the time that there was a terrorist in my back yard. I love you too confirmed in Two thousand and thirteen I was fresh out of grad school working at my first real job and living with my fiance pat love. Pat Pat is now her husband in or town Massachusetts. We lived on the first floor of a tube family house at the end of a dead end street the upstairs where's Rachel in Gary, where our age and were great neighbors. They all sat in adorable pug on April fifteenth, two thousand and thirteen, the Boston Marathon bombing devastated the sick, It is tragic and her effect, but luckily had an impact. It has still to directly still the holes Eddie improbably much of the country was shaken up. It definitely felt little posts, nine eleven in those following days, especially working in the city on the night of April eighteenth.
And I went to sleep around eleven thirty around twelve forty, five that night, phone rang and it was Alina. This was very out of care her for her as away and I both have always been grandma's, and I would have expected to do that asleep to ignore, the call and figured if it was important, she would leave a message five. minutes later I got a call from my sister now beginning to get suspicious I answered half asleep and my sister was freaking out, saying something about the marathon bombers being loosen Watertown throwing bombs around our neighbourhood apparently I had called my sister when she couldn't get a hold of me, because what she had heard was this the Boston, as on bombing suspects had shot a police officer. Hijacked in Cambridge. Let a police chase through Watertown, initiated a shoot out with the police and began throwing grenades and the exact neighbourhood that I have lived in a year before Elaine even proudly fill in the details here, but I think I remember you saying that you heard the mention Dexter Avenue, which is where we lived.
This year, it was still less than a mile from where we were living at the time of the man Hunt this true. So what happened? Fulfilling these blanks isn't it. This is a fun listener to exist, interact and please turn off your theory. This boy would output textiles. That is no way but it's so What happened that night is. John and I so we were watching tv, we're about to go to sleep everything was crazy, because the Boston Marathon bombing it up a few days earlier in the suspects are still on the loose area. kind of on edge and we were watching tv and suddenly this breaking news came that a police officer there had been shot in Cambridge. There was, you know, a Chase put that they saw the sky, so we started listening to the police scanner because early closure what's going on all of a sudden. I start hearing them going to Watertown, and I know my best friend limbs and Watertown and unlike oh fuck, yeah
So, all of a sudden, they said Dexter Avenue now Deb had lived there like we said the year before, but I forgot whether she lived there now or whether, like mixed her streets up ass, she moved a street over So I don't know she lived there now and the other one was a year ago or vice versa, annexes as panicked, because All of a sudden, I'm not kidding you guys, I'm listening to the police scanner, these police officer, start screaming yelling their throwing grenades in their screaming they're talking about explosions, I'm like oh God. So I said, Calling debutante crazy so back to earth her version, my brain cutting comprehend what she was saying until I woke pat up and we turned on the tv he thought I was- freaking out over nothing and told me to go back to bed. Oil oil is right. I once only with the poodles once he was able to see what was going on. We are both on edge. By the time we received the news of the man Hunt, my first, the first brother was dead and the second was on the run. We look
don't side and saw police officers walking around our house with flashlights. It was such a hell this feeling, knowing that a literal terrorist was on the loose in our neighbourhood and no one can find him We state up all night waiting to hear news that they caught him, but that never happened tat night. Take turns napping so that at least one of us was alert and following the news at all times, throughout the and the next day the police issued a shelter in place. Order for all of Watertown eventually Olive Boston and the surrounding towns as well. This is true because I remember John got up and couldn't go to work. This was really every time I just argue about anomaly who, no was allowed to leave their houses, my poor neighbours had to try to get their dog to Piana newspaper in the basement because they couldn't even take him outside, even in the yard. It was unreal to see surveillance, footage of Boston during the day with no cars on the street. That really was not yet it was like a you know: Apocalypse we got let out of a job.
Latterly helicopters flying over my driver said that's crazy through the day we saw occasional police officers and our yard, but no one searched our house or even knocked on our door at sea, like our little street was just outside of the main search perimeter pats best for This will have done a street closer to wear, the shoot out had happened and they sent us pictures of Swat cars and military tanks driving up and down their street. all day we heard the sounds of black hawk helicopters flying over neighbourhood at one point, our bedroom window. We could still see police officers looking in the bushes at the end of our dead and street, maybe twenty free from away our window. I am not sure about, that are really bad at special relations, but it was very close. You feel the same. concluded quickly and they didn't find anything. This guy could have been anywhere at one point
Pat search. This is one of my favorite stories, my god. I love this at one point, Pat search the basement, while wielding a wooden baseball bat. We learned waiter that Gary from upstairs had also search the basement while holding a glass of tepid water Rachel, and I were safe in safe and capable hands God it's true. He was like what are you going to do with tepid watered whose like throw it in his face? I don't know after many more hours around seven. I believe they announced that the travel ban was lifted, even though they couldn't find him. I told not that we should leave and go to my parents house, which is about forty five minutes away, that rolled his eyes at me and famously proclaimed. Why should we leave what's going to happen now, so we didn't leave note. We should have left.
You owe me, no one can tell you how to travel as you are. Orbits wants to help. You discover where you want to go, who you want to go with him and what you want to do and you get their desire for bits. Dot com, slash pride to both your next trip: orbits travel as you are, what you do it
China. Glasses was any Threed virtual. Try on weight are those the actual prices. I think it all of them seriously. Why not right? How? Now I want you, glasses, zinni dot, com, quality, prescription, glasses, starting at six? Ninety five, a short while later I was trying to arrest and pat, was looking out the window. He wasn't saying anything and I later learned he was trying to prevent me from panicking, but apparently a very large police presence right near the bush at the end of our street, where they had previously searched helicopters which had been circling all I got very low in very loud, for I knew what was happening. Gunshots started ringing out all over the place. It literally sounded like fireworks, we're going off inside our house. I had no idea what was happening was freaking out like an absolute maniac. This is how I know I would never survive any kind of serial killer scenario. My
thing was to stand in front of the window flat by arms like a baby bird while saying, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, look. Told me the lifeline on the ground, so I did but truthfully the idea to do that. Never would have crossed my mind that stayed at the window as he was convinced that the terrorist was going to try to escape from wherever he was hiding and run under our window, and it was going to be up to Pat to jump on him and save us all A police officer outside our window, spotted Pat and yelled, get the fuck down on the floor and sheepishly he obeyed and we soon learned that the terrorist was hiding in someone's boat. This was so not skies of that wasn't the boat like next door. It was literally like right, through their backyard, and he was hiding in this boat, and I remember being this like huge thing where everyone in me and my friend, Damien shut out, Damien sat up all on the police Skinner texting
each other like opting bewick. While this is happening as we just couldn't stop listening goes like it was like an action movie is unbelievable. so we learn that the terrorist was hiding in someone's boat in their backyard, as it turns out boats, owners, backyard, almost diagonally abutted our backyard and by yard I mean about ten square feet. These proposed properties were tiny. The police those were able to get an angle on him from our street because it was kind just open pavement at the end of our street and directly behind the boat after a cup minutes of me lying on the floor in the feed opposition crying hysterically, we heard banging on our door a swat. Carrying very large weapons quietly quickly. Flooded to our house and we're trying to get an angle on the boat from one of our windows. I was on the phone with Debbie for the possessed by the way they pulled out our couch from the wall and told us to hide behind the couch and to stay down during our.
Stay behind the couch. I heard Pat mumbling where's. My back. I can find my back, I'm pretty sure that the actual swat team in our kitchen had us covered, but just to be sure we secured my husband's weapon. through its after a few minutes, Police officers yielded us to run now, That was all they said when I stood up from and the couch for the first time that day, I sought our front window. I will never forget that seen and I wish I the presence of mind to take a picture. If we had been in an action movie. It would have been way overkill. There were hundreds of belief, police officers flooding our street. they were crouched behind walls and hiding in corners with their weapons drawn. They use The cars are shields as they ran take their positions we got out. side and seem to be the only house getting evacuated. We didn't know where to go and the officers just kept saying run. We quickly. We quickly found our neighbours Rachel in Mary with their pug under Gary's arm. We ran up the hill together Rachel and I in tears up the hill a whole
neighbourhood stood outside watching down on what was happening. A nice fat. We invited us into their home and gave us blankets. We were soon getting phone calls from national new stations attic asking for interviews, apparently they'd and our number since they were registered to our address after awhile patent. I decided to walk to his friends house about a mile half a mile away. They do beers and shared stories, and I cookies and cried eventually we found out than the man Hunt was over and that we are allowed to go back home as we The mile home there was a lot of celebrating in the streets. Police officers were fist pumping out the windows, and everyone was feeling a lot of relief. I remember them like seeing this in hearing it on the phone and stuff and police officers were driving by in the entire town was on the streets like this. Like celebrating the pool. surface areas because those guys let tell you did some shit living. I was like getting ice cream one. They To him before he sighed the guy, I'm nuts
I I remember one thing from Debbie neighbourhood early next to her neighborhood because they were alike lockdown. this woman needed milk because she had kids and she couldn't get out, get milk police, officers went out, got them or gallons of milk and delivered them to her aunts, and I remember seeing an mba like that's fucking, us all users Those police officers that day really really amazing for Boston. So our street was locked down for about two weeks, while the F b I conducted their investigation, our neighbors had what's that went through their house, but luckily no one was hurt. We actually loved living there and renewed our least for another year after that it was crazy day for sure. But now, many years later it makes for a really great story while playing true truths in Alai. Anyway, that's my listener. Tell Alina ass. I love you so much. Thank you for being wonderful. We love you dab dab, I you so much Deb at that tail is so fucking crazy and I'm so glad you sent to them because it's cool till I have been a part of that.
be able to tell the other side of it, and I would hope that I've heard that story so many times and it never gets old, listening tints created I remember, being on the phone with her through so much of it hearing police officers like telling them to get down on the phone I was. Freaking out thinking, something was going to have a job and more patrie, but yeah, so indubitable Paso. That's that's Deb story of a crazy one makes for sending it. I don't stepped up stepped up. I my next one s listener Tory that time. I saw Sir Robert most got ya lover Ladys. Before I start I just want to say I love your podcast. I travel a ton because a Mamma universities, debate, team, cool, it's red and I've never boarded a flying or gotten in the car to travel without having the latest episode downloaded the I must carry. You can totally use my name amiss of the time I was getting robbed forgot the fact that this motherfucker out a gun pointed out May had there was probably sassy enough to have gotten shot. If you wanted to. Oh, my goodness, to give some context, I was eighteen. I have a groan.
since seventh grade sign five two and had to stand on my tiptoes select this man in the eye. I feel you, but I was having I forgot. My church runs a fireworks booth every year around the fourth of July that I've been workings that I've been working since I was thirteen or fourteen, so I'm pretty experience at bullshitting people into buying a couple hundred Is worth of fireworks mostly because I was normally the person under sixty in the booth, the only person under sixty in the booth I handled all the sails and technology and stuff the guy who runs. It is a fucking asshole who constantly brooded my mom, a single mother who raises three bout, US kids, all by herself. So, needless to say, I was in part to be working in again, but I was helping raise money for a trip. My churches, youth group, was going on. We ran it for two four hours, or so someone always had to be inside the booth, but because the guy who runs at is an ass. We were constantly short staffed, especially for the night shift. So one night I got a call from the guy,
who was there with his two little boys asking me my mom and one of my brothers? If we would be willing to come, do the night shift he had. He had worked next morning and forehead. So obviously we said yes and went over bringing one of our dogs with us, which we would normally never do, but it just felt right that night everything was fine for the first few hours and because it was a few days before the fourth business was slow. The guy and his sons were getting ready to leave in a few minutes, and we accept did to you, and we expect it to take turn sleeping in long chairs that we brought with us, then, at about eleven p M, the shady looking dude walks up to the booth and but like who am I to judge when you wanna get your fireworks
so he walks over to the window, and I try to start giving my whole spiel about how great our products are and asking him what he's looking for, etc. At this point, one of the little boys who was outside the booth handed him a fire and he came inside the booth, which I didn't think anything about the time he's not responding to my obviously great sales pitch which weird me out further, but again do you. You want undress here, to try and get money for some Jesus. He stuff a few minutes go by with him not talking or looking at me, and he comes up to my. When do I get any comes up to my window again, I ask high what can get free him. At this point he caught he pulls out a gun Cox at points it at me and says your money who I looked at him and just sort of when ok here you go. This is all the cash we have proof of officials who candid victors ticket, which was about three hundred dollars
I had pulled out from our cash box. Most of our transactions are done electronically, which I tried explaining to him. So we didn't have a ton of cash which really pissed this ass wipe off. We started getting. He started getting super aggressive and threatening to shoot me for hiding money from him and thence, did and then he started threatening the little boys. At that moment. I should probably the dumbest thing I've done in my life. I took the coins we had in the cash box through at him through them at him and said: I'm sorry did you want change with that too? a lot more condescending when I meant to I still get up here. Offer made him respect me because he looked at me he's, although shit wealth are still pointing the gun in my face and said, look you're smart. I think you know. What's gonna happen if you're hiding money to which I replied less, Indeed, you can come back here and look. We don't have any more cash at this one off. My dog upset
Oh max he's literally the sweetest boy. He just look scary puts his paws up on the counter and ending up scaring the guy away. We obviously had to file a police reports and I ended up working with a police sketch artists, which was pretty cool thanks so much for taking the time to read this, keep it weird, but not so weird later, but you to a man holding a gun in your face. I got your carry p s m. Attaching pay of my angel dog and the sketch artists the, but the artist came up with a lot of all the dog S adorable. Second of all, that's crazy! Good sketch! I know I was like all they don't really get sketch and then third of all, while I think it is wholly is what you said to this man guys do not say those things such as the guiding your bay, definitely not whom she was. I am sorry, it is unchanged with this is aware, is, though of but an example of turning out well Well, you know I carry high five. You could be it Sassy as fuck, I know all the way through all the way through I love it carry thank you for that. So
next listener tail is called. I was kind of kidnapped no seriously in its firm Rachel. hailing and ass. Why are you telling me ass? Is this like a forty and slippery? You hate me like he s no, I think it's because I'm I'm keep feeling looking when a spit on. I say at some like turned and not spent on the Micronesia see from the life. Shall I do? Is I spit olive everybody? I feel it. That's gonna. Have it again and I am night and he didn't notice it all and every time he said it. I was likewise evening knowledge because, Philip. You should acknowledge weird shit like that, but I don't think anybody notice, but I did you know what it is the lights and so every time I spent I could see all of this event actor said: orgasm, not sick. He wrote the principle from not so raven I sure was. Hello, Alina an ash. I wrote you guys a week or so ago, just thanking you for being who you are and making my life brighter in your wonderful banter involve seriousness, stay weird, because us true snoops goops, snoops series, spooks love it. Oh God, though, so nice any
guess what I'm back to tell you the most apt up story from my childhood amid I will be by telling you that I turned twenty one: twenty nine this year and my mom, whose is wonderful but my grudges still being held again, sir, and you will see why, when I tell you my story and my quoting quote dad who started out the great paternal instinct and, as I got older, turned into a steaming pile of success. Just to put it lightly answer by me. Sorry, to try to get carried away in banter sisters so bitter whether girl I got married this march, two thousand and nine good job, Congrats Congrats. To my best man friend of eight years apparent according to my family marriages, what makes you an adult night? Not you age. So they decided to sit myself and my newly wetted husband down to tell us some information about my youth weird, since hate each other in divorce, so we're on edge already at Starbucks increase in a crowd of people that, for my anxiety, hold on dear butts, so, as I set, tearing monopoly napkin and a tiny anxiety size pieces. My brand
decide to tell me that when I was five I was fucking kidnapped won right out of my driveway in returned promptly and unharmed no fun. Fact about my mom in sperm donor. I remember this happening vividly, but those a holes decided to tell me was a nightmare and put me in counselling making me think I was cool banana, not Madame, because of all the details I had from this quota quote dream, so I you're dying to hear about my not dreaming kidnapping. So here goes decision. Distressed stress me up, It's why I'm scholars dress me right up. I grew up in a safe, good old nineties neighborhood, where I was an expert in mud pies at CAFE, Rachel french accent in favour, share ratio and drawing portraits of my guests with chalk as they enjoyed my mud pie, craft honestly, that's a beautiful sentiment! Then you know, and I feel that
I did this all wearing my pink to two and poker hunters work boots will one day we are celebrating my birthday in the summer, so my so more family would come out. So I was five, but we are celebrating six early yea. I at the end of my driveway unusual garb and making some detailed pies. However, all guess to my cafe were too preoccupied in the stupid princess bounce how's, my backyard to care about my craft That's when a man rolled up in a fucking would panels many, then I'm already really stressed out, like this Giving the union which in the nineties were coolest fuck but thankfully didn't last too long now, this man was interested in my cafe and in fact he had some more mud for me that he needed to get rid of now me a sheltered five year old in Illinois, basically in the middle of a cornfield thought, yes, Sir, that makes complete sense. Let me just happily happened here car, so I fucking did oh
right. My girls, just foreign, unlike her palpitating, are enough. So ever let I can't I leave selling them. Unlike all strangers are fucking nightmares. Do not talk to that whether we re tell them your teacher to an awful lot to really do no one is your friend to everyone. You need is all its, although I may, I don't talk to any grow, not nightmare. No none o! This drives away just chatting with me about mud and whatever. So I told him that we just had to make sure we could be back for my cake. Oh my god, because had a special wished to make them. My parents would stop fighting so much guys. A tear jerked be guys I know I was pure as fuck. You really were. You were well me wishing for my parents, marriage to not failed saved my damn life. This man had a change of fucking heart, to say the least. He pulled over lit a cigarette drank out of a flask instead
going mad batch crazy, beating he's steering wheel screaming why he was like this and sobbing isn't that so fucking scary dude, like a picture that My whole body feels so many feel like sow. Every part of me is stressed, but it's so good. Woe, I mean, while let him know that nothing cheer you up like a good mud pie, this swayed, where you live Russia, how? What Ethan? of the sudden he stepped on the gas so hard. I wouldn't tumbling to the back of the van. He went screen king back around my neighborhood got out of the car opened the door picked me up legit through me in the mud and said happy birthday, I'm so sorry in sped off my dad came running down the driveway screaming many found me to tell the cops, I'm ok and through a raw through this man's back window, see cool dead. Then he saw to be up and my mom came running and they sobbed- I didn't,
their stand. Why? I was just with my new friend getting new bud, but they continue to converse with my party ass if nothing up Jesus Christ, hopefully shit I'm feeling so many things, the cops apprehended them and he had driven himself into a tree and died. It is sad, quick question mark better him than me, not sure, The field since my whole life- I thought it was a fucking dream. My parents never cared to find out his identity either. Just firm, the license plate and there was much in the back of the van. So there's that law is that, so that's my story about how I almost got kidnapped, I'm still pouting about the truth being released, because, let me tell you: I've lived my life on the edge windows, open doors on locked, couch sleeping, even when I could have taught to be cautious and safe and learned from this fucker E. Instead of thinking, Stephen King was writing books at my head. So thanks in whatever. I hope you guys enjoyed my story and keep a weird love. You weirdos, Russia or Rachel S lot, bananas she's,
straight I'm goin out and was so pure. He gave her back like that, never have so the fact that a psych holy shit right and that he's sitting they'll eggs. I can picture about like vividly because ass I am losing his shit being like. Why am I like this whole sum. And she's lying without my Bible children's like happy birthday, gonna fuck, my God I am having another stranger danger. Talk with the girls tomorrow, you're the most the worst all strangers none of them are ok. Just me you're out of your new, an adult? I'm sorry other other dollars, but are not me who who ok, Your turn. A lot of love. Ok, listener tales, dude I've never been so spooked hi. My name is my eye and I absolutely love your podcast. I am currently studying to be a more Titian in Turkey Has always been so interesting to me in hay you, along with the supernatural
I've, been meaning to send this email for a while. Now nobody there haven't found the time were just forget. I. Finally, it. Now, though, because I thought you might enjoy this little story or at least get a good spook. I am about to tell you the scheme. Yes supernatural experience. I've ever had hold onto your freaking, but little cool supernatural, when I need that after a kid at length, the alpha and on one of those gimme a spooky boat. Ghost is probable boast when I was six years old. One of my best friends, I'll call him Bruce got Bruce Bruce was having a birthday. He had always been really into spirits and the idea of communicating with them and had mentioned a few months prior that he really wanted a wage aboard. Never get your front page report, Love Bruce, I will pursue, but now I thought, we'd, your words are a bunch of bologna. At the time but the only dams I've ever seen them were used on Youtube with a bunch of girls. No excuse me up. I don't awhile.
About a young adults as acting tariff budget. Girls who have work, and a summary of me on word, tired and moving the pitch help themselves, but I figured if it would make bruise happy. I shall get him one hell. Yeah Bruce, I ha Bruce Bruce, many unwrapped it. He was beyond excited and insisted that we bring it a little ways, to the mountain, he lived right next to you that night, oh yeah, I'm not even realizing how mercury that some areas where we need them most, we D Calo, whoever was moving the planchet that night we see we went to shortly. Up the mountain so that we can still see bruises house, but but we are so far away, everyone was taking it so seriously that I actually lost all desire to make fun of my friends and instead I just tried to comfort their obvious fear. I was the oldest in the group and they look to me as the mother Bear. I won't go into detail about that night, specifically, because this is just to set up the really spooky part. So you understand why it happened later, but I will say it was me: real aha moment that lead to me believing the whole wage aboard thing.
one was touching the planchet with feather light touches and it moved so swiftly and smoothly over the board. As I, as I asked questions with a trembling voice, I had been appointed the speaker since I guess you are only supposed to have one. We followed all of the precautionary steps T when we got back, I just remember us all sitting on the couch and bruises basement worthlessly out of shock. Bruce's parents forbid Bruce from having the weeds reward in the house, so I told him we can keep it up my house until he got his own apartment in the future and that he could use it whenever he wanted. That was a dumb stake. Does that not I had been keeping the board and drawer under my bed for about a month leading up to the time I came home from school to find it out of the box and on the floor with a planchette half horse, half have a throne on the corner of it. Nope nope nope, my brain was fried from school that day and didn't think much of it. I just grumbled to myself, because I knew that my too young The blanks had a habit of growing through my room, and I knew they were the ones who took it out. I made a mental note.
Call them later, as they put it back in its box, not even thinking about what Bruce had told me about how it was dangerous to leave the planchet on the board without properly saying goodbye to the Spirit, OSHA. Even if there was no success in making contact you're not supposed to leave the communication line open or something like that, no. I know this from the next week I was feeling like I was. I was being watched from the corner of my room next to my closet. Remember that its import Although I'm and all the time and attracted of despair Nora, I cannot talk. Anywhere from watching horror movies. All by myself, which I did quite often me sometime One night I went to bed and woke in the middle of the night in a sitting position I was confused and disoriented until I noticed I felt two hands one on each of my forearms was trying to get me out of the battle Falk NEA. It didn't feel hot or cold. Just like pressure. My have vastly brain was trying to process that
It was feeling that it was feeling, but not seeing something trying to pull me out of my bed, and I did the only thing thing I could think of in that state. I yanked my arms and slammed myself down under the bed as hard as I could. The pressure cease, but I had hit my head really hard on the bed frame and ended up with a gnarly welts on the back of my head. I got out of the bed to Russia's far away for my room as I could. Needless to say, I didn't sleep you didn't. Why not crazy by the next. I manage to convince myself that it was some sort of soup. It's stupid, sleep paralysis, type thing, even though that completely, even though that didn't completely make sense- and I went back to my room- sleep paralysis sucks. Yet I want to do a whole episode, you sure tat. It was the weekend. So I was up really rate Why I'm here have in a moment I am. I was. up really lay in around two. In the morning I felt pressure on my head ass. If something was stroking, my hair over the world what are my previous day. I know creepy
along with the around me getting cold, and then I heard a whispered male voice, clear as day say, go to sleep. I would literally. I would point out that I believe, sir. I don't want my view, everything we are able to do by you. Scurried me, sir. I don't wanna go to sleep, not honour. I whacked myself in the head with the heel of my partners Was trying to get a spider often ran upstairs. there was no way I could make that logical. In my head, I was cry and hysterical and then up remembering the wage aboard. As I tried to sift through my head for an explanation, I immediately call Bruce, who was a little frustrated that I called him in the middle of the night, but he was nice about it. Since I was being so hysterical and I told him the whole story- and I will never forget when he said holding Maya, why wouldn't yank you out about one day and then be so gentle the next then how I yelled my ugly crying that I didn't know anything and I just begged him to help me cassettes Those Ikey sounds nice. He's like just go back to sleep initial stroking. It had a big thank. You will maybe he's trying to take
you go to sleep so that he can take her to the fucking underworld without her noticing, ok Damon, some plan to diamonds. He agreed to come over the next day and check it out. I slept on the couch. What will let it go at one time. It's just going to say that they were not doing well right help. I would sleep on the couch that might do. I would sleep and care I was sitting at other gods leap in the next day. Bruce came over and immediately couldn't stand being in my room for even a few minutes, because he felt such a strong negative energy from the corner in x. To my closet, Bruce, that's right. The corner I felt like I was being brought watched from a mutual friend abuse and I ll call him Henry fattening. Appointing an ice about ash came over after a call from Bruce and told me he would. He would hold onto the board instead of me and he would keep it in the trunk of his car. I had never been so happy to give something up. Nothing has happened in my house since
And Henry says that nothing we're just happen to him either. So I am glad this is over with my really wish. I wasn't so ignorant and I wish I had decided at least learn from rules about wage aboard before actually agreeing to keep one in my house where I knew grab little children would be digging around my mom even scalded for having it in the house without telling her and told me, I deserve but I got that would have you know I'm not at once, and I will say it again if my mother fucking future kids burger wage born into my house, something on a leaf out of all Europeans to child backed his story. I'm to say, I'm finally moving out of this house in a couple months and hopefully stop having nightmares about seeing in my own room thanks hurrying, super along email and I hope you like the story. Thank you so much for doing the podcast him for keeping things like hearted when they get dark, don't stop doing what you're doing Ladys, because I love you. for it Maya, I love you Maya, my I love you too, and DM two young I'm choosing to believe that man that was late, just go back to sleep, stir gonna help me
he was a nice one and maybe the other one was a meme one he's just trying to be. Like all hang here and I'll protect, you might disagree. I mean could have been a diamond and even at an earlier today and the further what I find to be sent to summons her to the underworld with his with his hands. But I dont think diamonds need need, help like you to fall asleep to them Drag you down, I think I'd, give immediate agora he's out. Maybe he's gonna wanna hear you fuckin screaming shut up. My sleep slackened drag you quietly. I hire me my diamonds love for you, the scream I bet probably, but maybe this one was new and meaning I don't know. Maybe it either way from part Fuckin Three and she was like. I really got to bring you to shut up and let me. wow spoiler, while not really. Let me just tell me a pile of not figures, tell everybody what what what everybody's Polly watch it except you. It's been overlooked four minutes properly week here that still
some of us Benjy benches here, but you gotta give more time before he starts Boil and will then edit it out. I'm going to put the argument: Well, so we D argued because ashes, wilds, Sabrina TH, me, but I won't make it so that it well, for you guys too much of a swell guy. You know I love you all and I don't want you all to be spoiled like. I am not multiple spoil com so either way. That is our listener tales. We only had a few. because there are super long, but there are well worth it. I think they should have dank US upsets, but that last may be think that maybe should do we wanted I I know I wanted to do in episode about sleep paralysis, because I suffer from it. And I know a lot of listeners due to so. If you could well do one full episode,
that I want to look into the science behind it. I want to look into like the whole thing. Would you please send us your sleep paralysis tail? So we can. We can read some of yours during this and It's a cool if you wanna just email us with the the M subjects. the first thing you put in. It is sleep paralysis and then, whatever you want to name it send us in so I can read some of your tail so that we can put it into the episode that we're going to do about it. Maybe a couple episodes but because I really want to hear other people still, because I have some too and I'll. Tell you mind why only happy? I was only gotten it while I got at once, and I was really really little and then I got one more time, but other. So perhaps the icy I get it like every few months, I got two I was camping. That's while never go can effectively yeah so send us in your tales and subject them sleep process and, in the meantime, follow us on Instagram at eight morbid podcasting.
too often. The morbid podcast follows on Twitter, a morbid refined gas tennis up with your sleep paralysis to our gmail. Morbid. Podcast adds email that come go over to our website to check out what we have four towards eights morbid gas dotcom during the Facebook group, morbid oh and underground broadcast Facebook group go find it its awesome, donate your beat you're out of your feeling so inclined Pedro, a calm, slash, morbid broadcasts and patriotic donors look out for your bonus episode soon got this week this week, look out, we will be here. Listening and we hope you heap it, but it's really ever could landlord and undertook an you try to leave right leg. You can't really because the electricity is expensive and not so we're that you are in the middle of a Boston bomber story like everything is just happening around you and you have a glass of tepid water, because that's really gonna do anything, don't even know where the kidnapped because of mud pay. You offered sky. My fine he's a gagging, ACE morbid personally,
the copyright they get. The fuck outta my car, I gotta go in and Sassy Robert Obese fastened robbers, small good idea, bowling alleys. You got out of it and documents, a weird that you by your friend are we supporting it sought for the rest of your life by the closet, monster who's. Gonna drive you two a day.
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