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Morbid Network presents: A chat with Spencer Henry from Cult Liter (Special Episode Sneak Peek!)

2021-02-11 | 🔗
Hey weirdos! We want to allow you to get to know our little family here on Morbid Network, so we decided to start a special interview series where we chat with the hosts of these handpicked shows and let you get to know why we love their guts! With these special episodes, you also get a sneak preview of their latest episode to really wet your whistle to dive into a new pod. Yes, that was a disgusting sentence but that's who we are. Today, we chat with the one and only Spencer Henry of Cult Liter. Spencer is hilarious, magnificent and is waiting to be cast in the next Lifetime flick, so please get your people to talk to his people. We chat about his favorite cult leaders, what brought him to true crime and which killer he thinks kept it the most weird.  LINK TO FULL EPISODE: https://open.spotify.com/show/444jaJyGleW8I2wPhLLnvV Follow Spencer and Cult Liter! Instagram: @cultliterpodcast and @spencerhenry Twitter: @cultltr 
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Sir Henry, and this is more bad, Slash called leader all in one place, all the same time the cause that, because out exactly firmer Barbara Matera? No, so basically we wanted to have Spencer on the show. Today, number one can see just like really fun to hang out with a number two, because we want to have people go, listen, Spencer, Show called leader cause. We think it rocks we're but network. So why are you listening to it if you're not? Yet? This is just a little way to get you guys till I get to know the hosts of our network shows seeking here, I'm in their natural elements in you can be like. While I love that person, let's go, listen all their episodes. Basically leaders want you to have something new to binge and we want you to love our family as much as we love our morbid family, and we know you well yeah. So we gathered some questions for our boy Ass Henry today. I can't believe it and put a lifetime question a mare miles. I thinking. Maybe off
for you and on the spot, it's never too late, it's never too late, First Spencer. Thank you. So much for coming in doing this with us, things were having the insects cited that we actually get like sit and ass? We ve talked about lay a lot. We talk a lot yeah everytime air from the thing I know. Finally, it's all let all roads have led to the face all happening. Oceana Shea would say: and some day it all happened in some like spooky place like Salem, like a cemetery yeah gone open to happen and beyond epidemic, let's get rid of the Roma and then we can all do we just need a vibe. We do so. start this out with, though, with a pretty. I think I think, a good question. The call leader. It makes so much sense, but you spell it. L are so I
After where did the name called leader come from? I, like, I said that, like I don't know, if you know this stood out like a wish, her of coal is funny. It is very like a cold light like a real life cold, like fashion it was like very afraid it s just to me at once, a logo and an aim in itself, and if you look at the logo and obviously the sands Cosette seconds the leader or fuller, what exactly right? I just like this, random image of it, so there it is, just came to you in a dream, came from him ok! So here's what happened. I went and make us at all. Yes, yes, tell us more, as we all do, came to me. If someone spoke to me and said listen, this is
This is what you're supposed to do that. I'm always like welcome to your closet Porto we ever message. I am merely an you should spell leader with the t, because who doesn't love soda Dantes out ass, a kind of makes sense to cause a first of our colleagues are obviously make so much it's such a brilliant name for upon cast of my opinion. As soon as I saw it, I was like yeah lamented about like a boom and then also when you think about leg. It almost has the connotation with like the Jonestown thing drinking the Kool aid were yeah, it all kind of lake. It makes you think of it immediately. I did it. I don't know why they got. It suggests art yeah, it's just art, dammit art, getting its call branding ever heard of her alone and such rights Pella. Will you did a great deal it because I'm sucked in
and then obviously, with a name like call leader your show. Focuses a lot on called, but it actually does ensure focus only on cults. But who is there like a show, a book, something you with some case. You saw that made. You really start this interesting cults. I mean I've always been like this Sleep money, so I was listening to opposite. He has recently did with Rachel anywhere we're talking about her concept and everything and she was like TAT. About why she focuses primarily on the people that she focuses on his like us, otherwise, every other week could be a hot they play a box and most awkward, but I do want to make is that it is your tears tat we got. We do is there hasn't been one thing in particular, but the whole concept
Of course leader actually came. I was sitting at home. Thirdly, and I was lucky in Heaven, my god Doc, you serious Heavens gay and I scariest to talk to more people about business was pre. Colt leader ends put it on my instagram stories. Nose like on my god. You guys. Can we talk about higher it, as I have like, like no followers of the timer anything why we started a lot of people liked messaging need back and forth, and we started talking about it and then doctored into like a regular series that I was doing on my instagram stories every week talking about a different cold, or crime or murder. Basically, whenever I was watching- and then somehow. I just turned into this area. that near like a social media guru that such a good organic way for it to have really is five yards like ok, I like talking about this and then I
I remember I like put appall unlike should I do you two were podcast or whatever, and I think actually more people said you too, I would get as they always like you to go to you today about myself now aim of its enough. Its painful end up having to edit hearing here boy. Here, that's why I don't at it yeah Billina is only an early and sometimes I'll play her voice for, like I'll just play her voice really loudly and she's. Like start dream, island get pissed off. I don't want to hear myself because in my mind I don't sound like that. No yeah the dry- and it's just when it comes to you tube. I give you two were so much credit, because I, like you, after get totally done up. Just to do an episode. I know I do an episode of my predominantly go use. I assure you now like a like. I couldn't do that. Every day I give up.
granted with elegant gown, Yes, you gonna give you a very elegant gowns, I'm in a taxi does that we offer Youtube ready. We are, but we choose not to put ourselves what we do want to make people feel bad. Well, that's the thing you can't you campaign that on people, yet we don't want to force that kind of aesthetic on everybody I called on. Let me move like my crinoline gown and get comfortable so dear. So do you eventually wearing an old man sweater right now, my your old man, sweat, but do you have favorite calls or cult leader like one that you love to talk about that you could literally just do like a hundred episodes on and is it Charlie Manson? I mean he's such a good one. I billing That case is definitely one of the cases that brought me into true crime in general? I remember I was done HANS things that my family for a week and they had been there. That was like
called Hollywood tragedy may think that having draw me, Andrea, when I read about sharing hey, and I was like I'm supposed to be read in this, but after I need to read more about yeah and he says what happens it's like a tried and true it is so weird. I D get feared that the website there. I think it's weird that there's followers that still exist. Yeah, that's what gets me about heavens. Gamma has still do in that area still subscribing to thy way of life. We'll just the videos alone are terrifying. There, like farewell videos in every day, I'll horrifying apple light. Who was so great And his actually
relative of has. I think it was like her great uncle or something reached out to me recently, and she had these letters pictures of letters that he had read. in her father, they are but outside that's crazy, and it is the photos from that. One, like the photos of the shoes under the blank, this is like than isn't it my knees. Yeah. Look they each hardly add some we're dollop around like five Belgium accept a that they come together, it's the spooky assimilated crime scene. Photos can get narrowly and those are obviously not like graphic but they're, so spooky leg. Oh, a recreation up, the Museum of death and its
Oh yeah? I would send shells down my spine for sure. I also need to go to that museum bears so many things in California that we need to go to a need to go or moving, and we will where our night isn't our cripple. I literally wearing my Nike today be up in honour of this shoes or any she was ready. I came repaired, knew tat. You always do so. Also. What so is there an upcoming episode that you're, like particularly excited about just to get everybody? Everybody? senses, tingling yeah, that is a case that actually in long beach and its- on going right now, fight this kid's Kennedy. Guy in twenty years, had disappeared. and
his body was found. I think those last year or the year before in this there guys Backyard Scott LEO It's just a big fucking mass right now, because I was actually read an article that back out, I think, nine or maybe the day before and they were talking about guy who buried remains on his property. Just got bail lowered to lower into a hundred thousand dollars what the fuck I'm sorry. And removed the murder charge being confusing Hey. Is that I'm like trying to start right now in my head? I mean you up at night yeah, and keeping me up for like two years I abandoned I've the house where it happened, and I spoke with one of the neighbours when it still all. Really allowing sire.
interest in input MA I'm exciting. For this now I know I felt: do you know anything about this now. I don't think. I know why haven't heard of this at all. The internet, one. Oh now, I'm excite. Now I'm gonna go into a hole. I now when a fallen to an article. Look what you did on us, the entire community, like man, at this hour. just everything I'm like we're doing that. Next, that's the worst Mormonism episode stolen from spending original idea, Lena and Ash. At the same time, Spencer, Andrea, had nothing to do with it tee of labour I love it when I'm excited for that one now, we're gonna run. I'm excited to hear about it so
I guess we have to wait for them to come out before we can hear anything else because non. I want there to be like full suspense, oh yeah, cell or percent. I think the next question we have for you is other than this person that you're gonna cover this whole case. They earn a cover like so with the pre These cases that you ve covered, who do you think kept it? The most weird it's like King children, Turley ass. I am This is a real Sophie's choice. Sorry, I think it's a toss me between the revealed poltergeist. I didn't episode unreservedly such a guideline flatness Gabon and Emily. the UK, because it inspired the conjuring too and, above the whole conjuring universe like the only tell it's fun and that an ad in the rain Warren Stan. Oh yeah.
Ok, wait! Do you wanna, hear something crazy? Let me just totally interrupts the ship. My best friend who lives in Colorado got this new roommate. An ad in Lorraine were her babysitters when she was younger the coolest babysitters ever and my friend just texted me that, one day with like no prophetess whatsoever, I was an observer war. The mechanism. Imagine a cool babysitters, but how does that person? Not A book ass right, that's what I said. I can she be on some time. The education that kid received is like. nothing you could ever pay for. Like Y yeah, I wonder, and kept it normal or they are bad an stories? Were they sat down on the bed and we're like ok, go to sleep and don't mind that little girl standing in the corner, you say it. We can speed up Annabel she's gonna play. We do this. We look she's
between roms. school, that's, don't bring it up the ashes owing to have time to mention a tough time and space and time now, but those I fall interruption so gods who else kept the most weird regarding about what you one case that always likes me. his arm in my eyes. Oh, I know that one. I don't think I do know that line on Ernest I didn't Cyber Hannibal, I think it's a yet already in Qatar but it somewhat recently so growled and see what is a camp war. I was willing participants like an essential all I know about that's. Ok, ok, so it's kind of women, as weird are, and then I like that, like when things, how does connotations of well technically the person yeah? He up just one of those guys
that makes it go down like a dialectical. He in those ones are always the ones at start. Like huge discussions to re write, I love like a lot like. No one can agree on what the rhetoric is. It. Ok is allowed, ok because there was consent, but can you really consent to that? I like how do we all feel about this Lee? it's so wild? Well I am now. I need to go back and listen to that one again, because I love that case. It's so we're fucked up and all of you guys short term gutless into that episode. You say forty nine think its forty nine. It's called Cyber Cannibal Cyber Canada that such a good name on mine. Yet- That was what was good idea is back in like a high and is like we're not talk earlier autograph note like em up, whether we are talking about
I am which items are we all the Glory days Sutherland taken at some point, I should have been taken for many times oh we're all lucky that ashes still here with us as high as the act. my name is: what did you do that, like Sl Age Sex, location. Tell everybody everything in a lie about your age, Melick, I'm! Actually, eighteen younger Marty, thirteen, my balls haven't even got up like I don't even know how to apply make up. Yeah yeah, I'm eighteen for her. I am those are the days of like rotten. Dotcom were like
you would look at new black. I shouldn't look at this, but you did what I remember you looking out right, I mean like Laana cannot be like no, you asshole, I was I do it. I knew I look up and then I became a weirdo a it worked out for you in the end, the dead, definitely governor, its this means that was like back in like these strangers in internet chat rooms and watch all get be had been online. It states that that's why we have like a thick skinned this. These Genovese don't know what it's about. They just don't know asked by walking she's got our parents and seeing pictures of John Bernay Fucking everywhere in the nineties on every magazine up where This stems from is just like this more Her blood
It is also true. The zombies case will forever be my number one that needs. I know what happened ass, a thing, that's what I'm somebody to did Mitt firm in its outer denying idea. I was sick of it at this point John Bernay upset a view shared by Giuseppe illicit figure. It out. Ok, look out at night. It's there gets there. They're, not gonna, say what's there, but it's there. It's ready! There's a lot just need there need someone to kick it and admitted on the death bed or such like. I need someone to tell me like yeah you're right. That's all I need. I just need, like a wink in a nod to me like Alina you, gotta do is look like that's all I mean all is coming from inside the house. Yes,
However, these reports ring rang ring wearing written just three between those lines. Here I think we all love well, everybody. I think you need to go a centre of assault, forty nine, and I also think you need to listen to the upcoming hundredth episode. Yes, I'll call leader with Spencer Henry. We love Spencer, Europe, you love, Spencer, Spencer, loves Moira. of Wagner and we'll all be together. One day will, let me ask you: what's yours, you guys have a favorite lifetime movie. While I was like we have to do the lifestyle yeah. We do ok, full Amigo first, because I grew up with a mom, not loved lifetime and neglected me. So I also a lifetime I would have just today. It's a toss up between the Betty, broader cause. There I think, there's two buddy project movies and my neighbour jostling
So when the other day, and then she went into that, I listened to your episode and should I can't handle scary sufficient. I went and I listened to your episode, somebody Brownrigg after a whole guy. I watch sap of Arabic around our episode on Bunny MAGIC and then its atossa between not line and the one that they did. I can't remember it's called and might even be long island lolita but think they re They did with her about Joey, but a fool go, but a food go and am what's her name. Amy Amy, Fisher, Amy, fish area Cynthia was one Isn't there. One, though, is kind of based loose. It was based on the Schuyler niece case. I don't know what more recently I think there is one that was like in that same vein. I can never remember the name of these movies, so there's movie about essentially everything I have talked to Ok and one is my number one. Is that the mature leader? Ah good wine, that's a good one. I I
fucking mother, and I mean Tory spelling, oh my God, for God. You can't go wrong. Nick you just brought me right back, but we just talking about Tories Valley, whether day she fell on her body, grow ones out like a Benihana and then tried to sue the restaurant email. That makes a lot of sense, tat piece of information that I feel you just gifted. You didn't have to deal with that, but I should be grateful for it the bring you something You really brought a gift dots. Otherwise I love that you dislike kept that in your pocket, it at the end, and you buried the lead. Other favorite line is love you to TAT, which is the Our version of the gypsy rose by all my god yeah I've watched startling. Yet is it. I haven't seen that one, but I've heard thing. None of that is a good in the way where it's not good. The whigs are
have a good wig, the most ridiculous. The re telling a story that I have ever seen in China to recommend ok, can impact on arch, advise that story. I mean well yeah, well, job in trying to make out like theatrical or cinematic do is tough goods on its own to say more than at all, it's all got it. Oh man, so near legally to you, a lot of stuff tat, he's gonna, be here, because a lot of homework so go check out those left for real. I love that we figured out a way to put them in there and by we I mean you, don't have to listen to me. Just go watch the book, in my view, to see them lead to see that we as important you'll be a better person. Afterwards, you ill will Spencer. Thank you so much. This was so amazing. In some day we're gonna sit at a dinner table together. That's gonna be beautiful about that
thank you guys for having me anytime, an open invitation for you tail. It was an honour and privilege our law diwan. I want you plug where we can find you work you buy me you ass. Well, and finally on Instagram colleagues are Podcast Spencer Henry and then combined podcast anywhere You listen to your favorite part and then enjoy this little snippet. A chosen episode, so you can listen to it and be like well. I love this. I need to finish it and go over to Spencer's feed and see all the wonderful gifts he has for you on there, and so
episode here. Our story takes place in Nan up a western Australia, a small town whose name means a stopping place with a population of just around six hundred people give or take a very simple life here. The town boasting main street, with a few cafes and the Nan up hotel cattle farms in that area seem to dominate the local economy for the commonwealth. Family is the perfect place to call home when they moved there to a small blue farm house in two thousand three, the family consisted of Simon Cadwell, his wife Chantelle, who was eighteen years. His junior and their daughter that was born in two thousand and one Lila also living in the home was friend of the couple. Tony Popovich will get more into the inner workings of the family dynamic. A little bit later on upon moving to the town of Nana Pashan tell a simulated quickly as she was very involved in the community teaching swimming classes and eventually she picked up shifts at a fish and chips bar in a local hotel in town call,
Nana hotel, the family friend Tony also got a job fairly quickly after the move working at the local hardware store, according to his manager at the time Tony related easily to people and always kept busy, and he was an excellent, employ a real nice guy while Chantelle was out and about starting a life. Her husband, Simon, was much more introverted. He would stay up all night online and he would sleep in late. Raise your hand if you also are the same. He was a private person and, to be honest, was not thrilled with how chatty his wife was with the other people in the town. Simon was controlling and bizarre. His behaviour was off friends and family reported that its behaviour was even sometimes outrage, As shown tells own parents, Jim in Cathy Macdougall, weren't thrilled necessarily with their daughters, marriage to Simon at first, they really do now. He was nice enough, but the more that they met him, the more they questioned his quirks. I read somewhere that I think the parents, the first time they actually Matt Simon, wasn't intel shortly after they gave birth. Tell me
LE, so the couple had been together for a bit before the parents Madame, and it has nothing to do with the age difference, necessarily it was more just the things that she would tell them. Simon has radical beliefs. Chantelle would tell them he's gonna change the world. Like ladies lesson, if your man says he's gonna change the world, you better fuck and get out of their run, based on best In our experience here, I quote later, you wanna know whose world he's gonna change yours, because now you're with some dude that things on this higher level. You're gonna end up in a closet portal or you're gonna end up six feet under would they would visit
daughter and granddaughter they saw his controlling behaviour first hand, even something as simple as taking a family picture was met with some drama or axed Jim Chantelle Father recalled having to secretly take pictures of Chantelle and we lack. Sometimes Simon would be in them too, but he had no idea. They were being photographed. He was not about it, never wanted to be in any of the family pictures. They just found Simon off pudding and he would say weird shit to them, like your daughters from a different planet. Do you know that, like a common theme, we're gonna see throughout the day through other time, living Indiana Simon would periodically become more and more controlling and sometimes
he'd even wait outside the hotel or restaurant, where Chantelle was working and observe her to make sure that she was in talking to people too much a friend of shant how's Amanda pointed out that their relationship with always Simon first and she meant it quite literally when the family was out and about Chantelle, never walked next assignment and never walked ahead of him just always state a few paces behind which is disgusting. I feel like that. Just gives us a pretty good picture of what their life and Nan up was like. So I wanna go to two thousand seven, because we have some major stuff about who unfold their living in this farm house right will one day electricians arrived at the farm house that they were renting and began setting up a transformer on a powerful outside out front of the home and Simon just runs out they're losing his shit. He runs out of the house and it's like what are you doing? Why are you putting that up there? The electrical interference is just going to it's going to kill me. It's going to kill all of us, apparently so bewildered and upset that he began breaking out in hives.
I watched an interview with the electrician and he was just standing there like yeah. So this is what happened to you could tell he was uncomfortable because I mean who wouldn't be, but I'm getting very much like five g. He went on vibes here from Simon. The electricians ended up finishing their job, they put up the transformer and they leave and there, like you, know sorry dude. It is what it is three months after the transformer is installed Simon, forty five Chantelle twenty seven six year old, Lila and forty year old, Tony vanish out of thin air, and this is where our story really begins. Friends and family were bewildered. The whole thing was so bizarre. They knew Simon had some strange believes in almost other worldly ones, but this was by far the ranges thing. Any of them had seen from the couple shortly before they disappeared. Chantelle had found her parents and excitedly told them we're moving to Brazil Simons there already Lila and I will be-
joining him there, Jim and Kathy, say that their daughter seemed enthusiastic about the move and Kathy asked the obvious question: do you know why Brazil and Chantelle tells her she's going to help people there's people in the Amazon they can help and there's also people there that have the same ideology and belief system. It was the last time they ever heard from their daughter and poof she's gone. The house was left as if they were just gone for the day, nothing out of place, just a letter pin to the front door from Chantal, addressing the landowners to bath in London. We ve left suddenly due to lack of sleep from the electromagnetic fields we ve moved overseas to Brazil Jim and copy, where a little perplexed about their daughters, sudden move after her phone call, they weren't completely shocked. I mean she'd moved with Simon several times. She definitely when
the beauty of her own drama, and they knew that she also shared some of his more intensively leaves. But after eight weeks of no contact, they started to get the feeling like something wasn't right. So they go to the authorities and report Chantelle Emily LE as missing. It was only when police launched their investigation that they started to discover some alarming news. It was an investigation that left them with more questions than answers. Authorities first went to immigration where they learn that none of the family members or Tony pop it had left the country not by aircraft not by boat, nothing matching their description and then in even more shocking twist, Simon Cadwell he's not who he seems to be. Refresh your summer! It why? Why would they? with our handcrafted smooth these pressures or pressures handcrafted with one hundred percent, real fruit juice and green tea, rejuvenating burst of energy? Try
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