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2019-12-28 | 🔗
Tonight in our second installment of our Spooky Roads of America series, we cover Dyer Lane in CA, Dudley Road in MA, Third Bridge in CO, Denton Road in MI, Piney Fork Tunnel in PA and Gold Brook Bridge in VT with special personal stories from you, our listeners!Visit our sponsors!Episode Supported by Ned!www.helloned.com/MORBIDUse Code “MORBID” for 15% off your orderEmbrListeners get $50 off for the holidays if they go to embrwave.com/morbid 
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Whenever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream classic sitcoms like the office box and recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty by of say about about for all your exclusive comedy face? Could a peacock dvd com get started? He weirdos, I'm ashen, I'm only in this is a many more bed spooky roads addition especially said. Maybe I'll put us, he rode song in this episode. Maybe we could just play old town road. I don't think we can afford the yeah, we d, but I'd love to.
We can even allowed to say, like old town, rude sure, you're. Ok, let's get play budget. Also, I don't want them. The EU has been a lot of people, don't want that, except for me because I'm trash, but I appreciate it hardly right Here- Billy, I will mouse with solar. Ok, so so fine! You talk as if so yeah I just love Nero. This is our spooky road series and this is brought to you by yoga. This basically playhouse inner episodes, though we help with these ones the listener episodes alike. Totally you guy you for you from these are like forever. You react features emu, because what we do is we pick. Some road that we like we research the legends of em. We research some of the stories about him, and then we asked you guys to send your. You know you're special stories that you personally but had happened that these roads and you have done it in spades and its.
Great so thank you and keep them coming. I'd like to apologise for my out, because I didn't realize that we are supposed to only pick emails that told stories. So I fixed on lower. Just like hey girls do this mode, and by some I mean all of them in mind. have stories, though, so you don't look at this right next to it, because a lean is better than me. I am not. I have not, but this is. I came up the series the Alice her idea, this is a die taxpayer last. I know that this is a dangerous idea. Isn't the Syrians by brainchild? Some very that's why I was that I got like the the Holy you, got it right. I got a right and I'm gonna break wrong. I should have explained that better I've never had a brain child. I've, never birthday break out I didn't so funny, this progress- is all your brainchild, I'm just like I'm here, I'm lamas coach furthest, fuckin brainchild of Abad, cast
I'm, the lady in Baby Mama, whose like whose great give their baby drugs and get them out of the thing you know like. Oh yeah works of origami carrier. Here we Well before I say anything else. Let me talk to you about our fuckin shows of you. Wanna come see us be a mess lie if we get a Schiller shows to you. If you want to watch Alina, have a brain child onstage stubborn total. If I can get to grips groves, don't fuckin come for that I come from that's wrong. Ok first show is already sold out. So you can't come just her first show is sold out. We're gonna be the grim. The theatre in New York, Soda Baraboo Man and I can't wait so we carry to see there can be awesome. then our next shall, after that is in Nashville Baby Nashville. Our first showing I should also sold out. I can't talk today, so the stone everybody about up- and let me be- who I am Let me live
when sold out. So we did at another. show that very same night. I might live like night. I believe their still tickets for not so click the link to in our Bio on Instagram. If you want to buy tickets, do it and then after that, we're gonna be in Philadelphia. And in DC, and I think that's it for now yet for now that are. We got but we're really excited so go buy tickets, so we can add more city as if we followed they shows there. Thank you, cool and there, like Wanna, play another place somewhere like yeah, but I keep saying that were playing the places, but really I have no musical talent curie. Do well. You can start as I've talked a lot married, so come to our shows. Go by those tickets, it'll be ass owing baby onstage patriarch funds be lookin out this weekend, because we're gonna die.
Up a little video just update you guys on the Hap sewed keep an eye out on the patriarch page, and you will get a notification when the video drops who just want to up to you and now without further Ado onto spooky Ro Lena's birth, child, my main chaperone childbirth traffic, so the first road that I chose is- dire road in Roosevelt, California, California, this road, brought to my attention by Jason Catch. So thank you, Jason, thanks Jason, I'm gonna start out with my own research and then I'm going to read some of Jason's email, because he kind of gives me a little bit of Dietz and I just want to shout them out, because thanks Jason cool cool cool, so the first legend of this road. Dire road and rose veal. California is the cursing the cursed
churches of dire lane, the curses witches, because I've been calling a dire road. It's called dialing quick up the dire lane, don't get confused with dire road, not the same place. It is dire away. My apologies I am a little diskin violated once again, because my ten year old puddle has decided that once again she needed in a it's a trip to the bed at the last minute on Friday night bubble, baby of a baby she's. Ok, she just have like a big you know swollen thing in there I turned out to be a swollen, Glam Sumner hopped out of her damn I ass a now she's gonna need day surgery, but you know what she's a tube her in the least. It is just that and you haven't, I must live. Fears so we're gonna smuggler later. But yet I was a little disk unmodulated, I'm sorry it's dire lane. So we can talk about the legend of the cursed which is of dire lean. According the legend between one thousand nine hundred and thirty, two and one thousand nine hundred and thirty four. There was a bad
come in a witches. They used to hang and the woods in a secluded field surrounding died, fuck yeah go which see mean our ancestors, our ancestors have. They would do awesome stuff like call the corners and like chat with the moon. I mean I'm just kidding about I don't know you know what they did exactly by their thought. You have just been wiccan. Women loving nature, do an awesome which stuff pollyanna, I'm just not witchcraft, books of suspending, I literally three books of spells in my bookshelf from when I in my first one that I have is from when I was in Lake seventh grade. You gave me my friend spoke of shadows, ideas and third grade like that will do that. Now, apparently, a group of young men followed them and had been watching them. Do their thing, I don't love that no you're, not gonna, love that one night, the young, assholes decided that they were entirely to just grab to the woman from their gathering and condemn the lunar know yet,
trigger warning modem, talk rate, all They dragged them into the woods, restrained them, assaulted them and raped them in the woods my gun the rest of the women ran off to escape. in the two women that were assaulted, screamed curses at the asshole boys them that they were to be held accountable by the Spirit but also by the actual police, because they were like we're going to the police. After this, you fucker, you go fuck yourselves, yeah feeling like this. going to be held accountable and responsible for their horrific things that they chose to do one of the assholes strangled one of the women to death gap, While this was happening, the other woman got away and began to run through the woods, the other one of the other guys grabbed a huge rock and hurled it at her head before she could get too far and she fell over dead from a cracked skull MIKE the boys just left them they're in peace stout in all this. We're doing his fuckin, like like a priest,
nature, just love and on the moon in the ground and the earth. You know Don't worry, though, these curses Bullshit all the US. He died weird and unique from like Weirding unique, from stands. Early died young three weeks. After the rapes and murders. One of them was hit by a truck good, another one was later like four months later, attacked in stab to death on the streets of LOS Angeles stood another one drowned in the Sacramento River, while swimming and the last one was killed while screw skiing. He had a tree and was killed on impact even gooder, even gooder. Legend says: if you run across these witches because they're still their spare to sell hanging around the road guess, they will curse you to die in a tragic manner.
But honestly, it's probably just man's who need to worry about that. I imagine I'm a fellow which, because I feel like they're, not hate and on their fellow Ladys, and I don't know- that's just me- that's just my feeling about these, which is over kindred spirits. So you have the correct exactly and it was I mean them, I'd men. This is not like it a few, but it was. It was a group, a man sailor like them out the abandonment of revenge, so that's the curse at which is entirely cursed, now the weakened or is it the poorest I, like her said, could be. The dire lean has a lot of legend. So the next legend is the ghostly police car. Another agenda? Apparently it is said that in nineteen fifty forage, a police officer was on a high speed car cheese. Darwin dairy, the chase officer got the suspect cornered in his vehicle, but unfortunately he ended up soon. thing out the car in shooting the officer killing a ministry of awful. That suspect was never found,
a lot of people say that these were probably members of the K K, K which had ties to the area who and now people say that if you drive down the road late at night, sometimes you will be tabled by a police officer. You will see the flashing lights, he'll pull you over when you stop. The car is gone no one's there he's to mark the fact that and what a shitty after wave to constantly just be pulling cars over like you keep having to do your job for eternity fucked, I thought all outside now I don't. I have said this on upon cast before, but if you're like by yourself on a creepy road, you don't have to pull over. Actually I don't you never have to pull over and you can just drive dear nearest police station if you feel uncomfortable yeah, that's a really good thing to make sure everybody knows of. If you do not know, if you don't feel comfortable with a cop, that's falling you over. You have every right to drive to the nearest.
Police station to make sure that that's a police. And yes, I feel like it's like now. Actually, a copper like here by yourself and your freaked out, there's an absolutely nothing wrong with that, and that's in my father always told me I was innocent our father. My pie always taught us my Father, always saga because you know sometimes there an undercover cars- and you don't know- I don't like on over for any undercover fuckin car. How many cases have there been of people impersonating, police officer solely fuck? That here is a fun fact of the one time that I got a ticket going really fast on the highway. I knew that I was going really fast and there was a cop behind me and I pulled over before even put a sirens on that He was like. Why did you pull over and I was like? Oh I don't know. I knew I was doing like a hundred times MILES rip up. I am so sorry goodbye summer is here and why was blueberry cobbler coffee is bad for a limited time enjoy noted blueberry battery
on crumble and fragrant. Vanilla flavors in every said: stop indeed try this perfect summer cup or you can use the war were apt to order ahead or get it delivered make your morning even brighter, with a cup of freshly brute blueberry, cobbler coffee back for a limited time, gotta have a wild, whatever you're funny peacocks got it exclusively stream. Classic sitcoms, like the office boxing recreation and soon have met plus pact pick up original comedies like eighty I say about about for all your exclusive comedy: based could a peacock dvd? I can't get started so the next one eye on this I just like to say at some theirs bigger warning here, because this is talking about the cake, a k, Sagamore racism, Rhesus Fox and lynching, so just trigger warning. If you don't want to hear that I'd say just skip ahead, maybe like a minute or two,
so somewhere in the early nineties fiftys the KKK was said to regularly meat in the secluded fields around dire road. In nineteen fifty four, it's that they kidnapped a black man who every very red he was referred to as Tyrone from Sacramento they Tyrone into the field surrounding dire road, where the kick a gay often met They did all manner of horrible things to this poor human being and then they lynched him from one of the large oak tree now. This guy was literally just picked off the street in lynched, that's it which is so high that ever happened, yeah when you go into that like history and so really digging in their indeterminate. Oh it's it's horrible! now it said that if you drive down Darlene at night, you may see figures in white hoods standing in a circle in the fields which full bod chill shit my hand
shit shit, my pants like that is terrifying or you can see Tyrone hanging from the tree. It's boring. I just like every thing in me just rejected that notion, like everything was like nope, don't want that. Don't want to see that anything hanging man hanging his leg, not ok too much. For me, So that's the the click. Ok connection, the next one is the ghostly farmer on his tractor incur the son, I dont want to say this once funny. It's not funny ghost is how leary like a little bit alike. You can either we laugh at the rhinos someone's it, and you know what I mean easier, there's no historical record of this happening. So maybe this is just a legend. I can laugh at and new ideas respectful. So this one I saw a ton of first hand accounts for ochre its apparently a farmer named John Wilkins, which in turn
We funny that they're always named John. We sometimes I wonder of John- is far worse yet little newly old timer goes so like it's just John out in the field, so I never noticed that. Sometimes I wonder if John is the ghost of something old time in strange job. It's kind of old time me and I will be- is the prerogative of the junk, an old, tiny and suffered huge, because I love him. He's not already know, John is like an old fashioned gentlemen. He is He could see him being an old time ago. Season. Also yeah. You know the guy's a married to no time ghost and I'm cool. I John I'm gonna love you in nineteen forty six legend says that farmer. John Wilkins was you know dunes in thing just firemen and he came across the.
no, oh, my god full Fuckin circle of Bulgaria. Look at all this disconnecting and overlap. It's like the adventures of the supernatural. It's just all. Coming together, there are gonna fight the good fight together. I don't even know if that's an accurate, like thing that I just said but I feel like the offenders- is a bunch of sea superheroes altogether. So you got me convinced of this. One is like a bunch of supernatural shit altogether. I like it. in my head guys So these ladys the witches were beyond all seductive all come in Mister Germaine lower in him and, as you ongoing them like come on John Toby ongoing. wanted to any tractor actor. And he rode over. Johnny, who is crushed as close to the so people will see him on it. I mean that's funny way to die
It's done store because you will learn some tidies he's, although some ghost wasted, I can't be out here, Google and go studies. That's no! That's IRAN allotted level is not funny. If you were like here is John who died well get run over by his tractor because he was too busy ogling, some ghost, which Teddy's I mean. I don't know, Anyone know what a way to guide me. I mean great its value, which you do deliver best life, John and also again. This is an urban legend. Everybody else. Why aren't you can hear the emails being raised at this very moment urban eyes shut this off? I was horrified. Those are our day, you or John Wilkins, I'm sure Johns fine tuning.
I simply dive holding teddy these. He died with a handful of it's all good. May he rest and sweet titty peace. No he's a horizon and any peace people see him on his tractor in the fields and when they, are you working? He just disappears or a few have said that they will almost be cut off by his tractor litters, leading out into the roadway oh and then, when they also currently in the tractor, gala they'll start in their legs were around him like what the fuck do and then the look back. Aunt em and the little brown and no one the figure how he disappear so fast, but it's probably just John being reckless to China's Rackliff Toby, reckless Johnny, so reckless, but you know what I'd do you John?
doing John will do for a good tat for seven without any jerks. That's the story of John John. Will do for a good chest, a gulf, a good chance of our men, so the next one is the dire Wayne site. Satanic calls all casual. So, of course, there's a site. Satanic called because no spooky place would be a truce movie place without satanic calls roaming about. I'm sorry, you don't meet the criteria of spooky places in the US. You ve had a city in a cart, correct, gone, gaudy, so nineteen sixty seven satanic, call called the satanic order of induce. Yes, I really wanted you to say, as satanic clearly called called a satanic called Satanic called ink. visible, satanic order of inducing us? They hung out those Gladstone fields around Ireland, where all this shit is happening their whole deal. Was they wore red hooded outfits within an the back for EM deuces, don't send our journey times. They I known,
and they worshiped and attempted to summon the demon by this Never did they sacrifice wildly getting him to show and it started by a bummer. So they figured that humans professor assembly, due the trinity, tentacles her fine until sacrifices out long. They were like. Where are we Can I get a nice human sacrifice with such short notice? I don't know it's tough, especially problem. you know at such a late hour, as am I imagine they were looking for. I've been told yet so they were illegally just take one of our fellow fellow called members sister women and use her Ass I get so they can after they took her back to the fucking fields. They did their whole thing chanting worshipping I mean I'm sure Latin was like we spoken and then the leader stabbed the linen the chest. Suddenly, study done during the trees bent into the circle that there are standing in people said there were fuckin trumpets, because apparently this demon is jazzy.
Fuck, I'm picturing, like the New Orleans acts, man there I am too, and I dont want to because the sound serious. But what is serious, sounds pretty jazzy two. Apparently they summoned him. Ok shit when arrive for them after their services. about idea what happened would have it will have a lot of them died. Weirdly lake one was just found dead on a park bench with his throat slit near so people say that they will hear chanting out there and you follow it or stick around too long you'll get scratched by some three Claude Demon, oh yeah, so few hears chanting get the fuck out of here too high in the air and dull over for the police on asylum. Listen for it don't try to build. What's that chanting, it sounds like a jolly, as you well know, just get the fuck out there were chanting, is never casual. Its is never casualty. Nobody casually Cham, never the last. Is it the last one? Yes the last
imagine for dialing is the Darlene hitchhiker again, not a spook, eroding asterism all fuckin head you're gonna have a tiger, it's the rules and will make em. So this is about Ed Beacon from Organ Edward. hitchhiker in nineteen sixty nine he was happy live. Free love all that only gonna wanna married a ready. You would be like. I love her beloved below the unhappy eleven I am not He had time to Darwin and decided this creepy a stretch of road was a good place to care about for the evening. It is hippy Levin habiliments Night people heard this dude screaming is ass off. That's not very happy a settled. They go out there because smart correct when they find add, he's convulsing rocking back and forth in just yelling the chanting, the chanting and everyone around him hurt absolutely no chanting, so they were like ok, bye You got it out there like by next morning and is found
out in the street, on dire laying all eighty chanting sweet so now. People see Ed hitching a ride proudly trying to get the fuck away from this place. However, back over her shoulder. He sticks his thumb for a ride. People claim they actually given him a ride and they drove him like fifteen miles. La and then suddenly he vanished. While now the last thing that I found was that somebody was tryin to make em a movie. Oh darling, oh and there was actually INDIGO Go account created to lake, raise money for the project related only raised like foreign and fifty bucks out of five hundred thousand and so a little boat out of it. I would I have to see or horror movie about Ireland. This please sounds bad ass end before move onto my next road, I'm just going to read you of the email that Jason, who boy brought this wrote my attention rope. He title
the demons hippies and tractors fucked up roads, California, he s so he says, greetings and salutations weirdos. I originally sent this email. I think we're back on tired ass made, its antella in cohesive and thus on, throwing so give it a second girl was of actual research done. Let's say three here's to my lazy ass, cheers jurists chairs everyone say: hey Ella, well away, that I hope the little one is doing well same with John and the twins Ash. I, who your trash year than altogether grouch and kicking s ear than John seen, every Reese rescuing a pile of blanket. I think I am you're thinks anyways I fucking. Finally, I'm catching up and now in the pilot episode of spook malicious roads. Finally, luckily I won't keep jabbering on about how much the bee's knees and get to the point. Diarrhea
on Rosville, California. It surely an infamous rode up here, nothing, northern California. It's definitely hunted in spooky, so it definitely qualifies see. He said what definitely happened here so he gave three things that actually happened recently somewhat recently there two thousand and seventeen twenty eight year old rose will woman was found wrapped in an inflatable after us on the road. Oh, I don't like tat. Ninety ninety five, and was shot execution style by sea Dude you smoke in the swedish sweet Chiba with I wasn't sweet Sheba thirty years ago there was a gang fight on the land where one team was stabbed to tackle. No, it's not like a happy polite bomber of a road, and I had seek an alternate room. He said it's like, I always say quote: we're fucked upstate.
now he says I only visited the lane once and by all accounts mother fucking, Spook spook. It was midnight which didn't help. I was fifteen and dub, as were dumb as wet rocks and with my little Quartette of Helen there's really hot and see if you recognize these names, Randy Cotton Casey in Sydney shut the fuck any ahead at the end. By the way judgment went away to change their me ray, I'm crying, I'm surprise. No one felt inclined to enact a slasher flecked with how cliche we were being Randy, the leader, a K. Only one of the licence drove us there, this idea was all cotton. He told us that week prior when visiting he and his brother Billy going down the road when the car came up dead for no reason. he lived in the area, so this was always fun yet very stupid. Teenage thing to do gardens plan was to park and explore the area. I am quoting quote sensitive and I was getting plenty of bad. You do vibes just me.
They're, my abilities, weren't a tune, so I didn't see anything per se but definitely felt the really bad aura. I was acting like Jeff goal blooming Jurassic Park, saying guys we gotta go, go now, and then t Rex. No, but that would be awesome is far your pussy suggested in the car the car mind. You was parked the middle of the lane on a goddamn deserted ass, foggy road to get me to shut up brandy, obliged and how to continue on our way. While that was, Hopefully this will make the cut on a future episode enjoy the whole These ladies remember, to keep it weird, but not so aware that Europe empathic and just get bad. You do vibes and puts out at the last minute before Friday, the thirteenth can be reenacted, I'm off to watch gremlins for Christus Christmas altogether and ugliness Jason. Oh, my god. I love, I loved you. Thank you so much days, and I was amazed at those dire road guys, crazy, crazy banana I don't really want to follow that up, but I will
you gotta be ok, you're done so get sent us an email and again I picked ones that we're just suggestions which is totally fine. I didn't us up, so we find as high southeast mission. Michiganders. Here again, yeah will weaken in far this was the place to go just driving down that road at night was enough to scare you every time I drive down that now as an adult, I still get the shivers here's an article on it and then they sent me an article and give a good job So when I found under the road first thank you to budget for emailing us about Denton Road and apparently there's two Denton Roads and Michigan, but I want to focus on just at road. Not old, Denton Robe already excuse me michiganders that nothing under all the different Denton roads They are both continents Fox and maybe alone, to old, Dunton Road at a later date. Air like that. So first legend of Denton Road is that of the blues. Lady o, the blue yeah. She sends icy. I bet she is
she probably is fishes dead. He's alpha. There's a lot of different versions, but the gist of the story is that in the nineteenth century, a farmer always a farm Apparently the chinks finds out that his wife is being unfaithful in, so he does what any sane person would do and chases after her with an ax. That's an overreaction, no it's not at all a bit of an overreaction, so apparently she's holding their baby run. Your big overreacts yachts, knock it as she's from him, and no one really knows what happened to the baby after the husband chased her all the way to the Denton Road Bridge where he ends up killing. Her walk So nobody knows Rapporteur the baby we set for a baby. I don't know, I'm a need to no one goddamn. Now, over a hundred and fifty years later, people still see the ghosts of this woman And
Crucially enough glowing lights, that some say could be from the lantern she was carrying till. I liked her way either, but most people say they see a blue glowing light coming from her, like not a lantern light, well yeah If you choose to drive your car down that road at night, you might find more than just the blue woman. It said there could be a glowing orbs floating around that area. car windows might follow up and worst of all, end up covered in the footprints of an infant I'd know the prince of an infant for I got a lot of questions. First of all, who is holding me infant to walk on your guys, this infinite walking, I dont, know too who is this infants? Proudly the ghost baby, three wisely,
upon my car, who now do indeed you just picture an infant walking on top of a car, as I did in fact share like the infant from in utero. Also, very ok, all over your cocked variants. Nanogram laughing abide, don't love them all! O n you might year crying goes baby. I hate that shit, I'm here for the record to state that that's it was terrifying. You'll ever hear your life, I don't want any crying babies, Ernie infant footprints on my car people's I've had driven down the bridge and their car will accelerate without explanation that the figures are, lights will come out from the river and chase. You doubt me, fucking road so that some Some of these things are supernatural, but at least once or twice the spook has been debunked MA. I hate that in the sixty, some jerk whole would drive up and down the bridge with lanterns like attached to a fishing bull and too it seemed like there really were flying orbs like flying around kind of funny. I actually cattle
local college fraternities would use the bridge is like a hazing tool. You can always count on frat boys. We we ve, been talking a lot about frowning wisely, but it's all in good fun. That is just like this little thing that they used to do. They would send pledges out to the area to find a lantern hidden in the land surrounding the bridge to help them find their way back all the way to the college, no one as far as hazing rituals for blood is not about one. That's a pretty. That's kind of fun, except apparently one night. They had a lantern and got knocked over and burned down a farm. You know, but that's just apparently, I didn't find any actual evidence of thy mean if that happens there, that's a big bomber, deluge, Burma Bob hope they. Nobody was inside the farm but yeah. I hope. Nor was it
the firm, even if dome was inside the farm. That's a big bomber yeah! That's real! That's like someone's livelihood Theodora denounce. Let's hope that didn't happen. Unless yourself, it's just a fun, they may do for pledges and no one knocked over later also some people attributed the light seen on Denton Road to Ufos. I love that so the story I came across on Michigan Michigan other side. Dotcom gives that very some background. A woman in the nineteen sixty said that she saw three white lights, glowing in the sky above her coming straight toward her car like meaning. So when Lights were directly over her car, her car engines. lately stopped and everyone inside started like losing their shit Odin wrathfully. So Clearly the hardest started back up and they fuckin nope to fuck out there and they probably never trouble. Don't Denton Road again. The fact that that just speculation body, but they didn't
author, who wrote the peace in Michigan others I dont come also says they once heard. If you shine your headlights toward the sky across will appear in the sky or occasion We'll ball of fire! That sounds terrified, but what's really terrifying is that people can point there headlights towards the sky. Can you do that to you I don't know the whole time I was reading it. I was like It was this like an old feature in old, her voice because, like the rest of that sound spooky as factors like, but I really want to know, people are pointing their headlight stood the sky caused me now, I've ever had the pussy. Let's put it, for I mean I used to have a two thousand one Saturn selling. I was what I thought was an old garden. You could not move that had where are you? I dont think you could ever move any, maybe way back tat if he pointed your headlights towards. the toward the ceiling was got I've. Even if I like drive up on Iraq
My third going about this guy agar over their eyes or didn't read these days is just nicely paved and surrounded by really nice home, so nice. So if you do want to hide out there to investigate, go right ahead, but just keep in mind that you should be all more respectful, because it's a little more populated these days said Anko I am sorry that was a brain suggestion. I d you do such better research than I do. Try so hard. You did really the older, you did a good job. I have the worst idea. Volta s cabinet thing to some Linux Road is done, road in bill, wrapped the Massachusetts only I add to your family, Andalusia, sure we do and also Dudley reminds me of Harry Potter, so about him. No love love that This one was sent to us by two people: Mattie EM, and also Alisha Sawyer WAR Sham
Now I am going to read, like I did before me, to read my research births than I'll read her little tail. I I have a leashes tail here, so Dudley Roads, bulls all kind of revolved around a nunnery. Oh I don't know and it's because I will have a nun every time. We do this because then, unless tat, but I don't want you to have it just happens. I I dont, seek out nuns, don't do it next time a lack of time. I shall feel like it's on purpose here Don't try to see This takes place in the early nineteenth century. A bunch of nuns from the daughters of Saint Paul convent would do in some Hosty deeds were they do and they were practicing witchcraft. The nuns worthy a lot like they were going against everything they were going to be an awakens doors. So, of course, Is it being the early part of the nineteenth century these women? immediately cast it as which is, even though, who knows if they were even really witches re in o me they're just haven't some fun, we have in a moment.
To their immediately Cassidy's witches and without trial scented staying. Oh, you is only part of the nineteenth century aid. It hey thought is scary part. Is that when they do covered that they were sentenced to hang. They all ran screaming across the fields near Dudley Road, but they were caught hanged immediately in that same theologies, spooky hate that now this is the spooky shit. The legend says: the nuns were found initially to be practice, so the way that they were found to be practising witchcraft was that they were due yet in an abandoned house in the fields that house still exist today. Who, but since they were all hanged, it is slowly sinking into the fucking earth right now it is sunken into the earth up to the second story. Windows. It is sinking into the fucking earth one more time for the people in the back sinking into the earth guy. I'm not ok! This house
and we saw pictures outpost picture whose picture is sinking into the earth itself. Fact, mother fucker. I'm skirt suttons, where their miasm heads off now people say they hear voices near that house in that strange smells come from it at night, so baby system, She goes like nuns. I followed a heavy profoundly. Didn't I dont eyes your kids, it s a goes nuns tune in the house, but yeah gashes exe, visions, explosions, a bag of eternal Standish is ah landing stage no, no labyrinth. Oh you, this hurt my heart or its labyrinth. Ok, favorite movie of all time I was good, though I didn't have a childhood. You did all new to me, as you heard the heart. Without yes, the bag of eternal sense labyrinth. That's movie ever David Bowe copies you I'll, get it so another story revolved around unknown from that combat who got hit on
we rode and was thrown against it another nine where she died. Yes, another none. This is all nuns people say they see her lurking around the tree where her body was tossed at and broken in. She walks down the street and asked for directions. Backs of combat. Oh so justly give her directions a few. If she stopped Zira Fur, just keep I will just give direct. I just like you know, what's right up there, but I know I keep driver has been. I seen I wouldn't stop she's just trying to get directions back home. I'm scared the third legend is scandalous. As a young. None had an affair with a priest or pay. he be SAS. Frowns get it very well. I suppose you she got pregnant, allowing this is wrong. a pregnant, none is not something that is ensuring bomber. She was so ashamed and scared that she hung herself from a nearby tree. All people see her hanging. There are still some time I hate
This like seeing ghostly irish entire countries so the lad. Last thing, people see on the road is a guy dressed like a farmer, John John, the farmer, and it's like farmer would be dress long ago and he stands in the shadows on the side of the road and people say never stop. If you see him in fact, to speed up and rise the fuck up out, because why I couldn't find any reason why you should stop, but my brain is powerful enough that I put the pieces together. What happened is vibrate is telling me that this farmer is a bad dude and if you stop he's, probably in the lake run you over the tractor or make you hola field, Google, your time is up. then run himself over the so interacting all those things you ought to get there talk about other. You don't want to deal with the dollar, but our budgetary law, that's a lot their workers and
so those agents and I'm just going to read you a leashes story here, it's entitled flag in haunted road Massachusetts occur so Massachusetts of her. I love it. Hi. My name is elation. I'm from low Massachusetts, Lenny Leah S, pale Asia. Let me just say you guys made my work days, Morbidness Helen. I love you both for it, but onto them in road. I'm writing a book, I'm going to say with a little back story of legends that I've heard that way of a better. The standing of the horror that happened here then she talked actually gave me a little update on novel nuns. All that fun things and she said that that house is apparently sinking due to a curse. A lot of people think she said now that you know the backstory here is a listener's tail to go with it. high school. I was obsessed with, goes hunting same soil. It doubly road of my brother and some friends. In fact, my brothers, the one that introduce me to them
We went late at night on Halloween. Oh your decision. I now and then she D, like I, whatever face best fastest after slowly driving down it? We all decided to park rolled down the windows and shut the car after really listen. We all heard the same thing. A man a voice mumbling then sudden screams from women. No, not just any old scream, the ones that cause other fear after screams. It went completely silent. We looked at one another with wide eyes and pale faces than we screamed, and my brother rush to start the car and pretty sure he left burnout out marks from the tires such a crazy experience hopefully enjoyed the story, will do some research. If you decide to look to look up the tree, they were hung on many claim to see faces their creepy hope this was a fuckin creed.
We rode here for you both most morbidly Alisha, why ass fuck, internet, io, scary and also I will put a photo. I did find some stories that, and I forgot about it and read it down dumb I saw some stories where some people have taken pictures of the tree that there was supposedly either hung on or the one that the nun would like was thrown into with the car, and there looks to be a face on this. It's the fucking, creepiest fox, so I'll put that's for sure, but thank you Elisa and also thank you Mattie EM, for sending this in his well back in deadly road in Massachusetts, LAO yeah that was fucked up. It is right now. Why was it you'd come in for your dinner, favorites after four p m and earn two times the rule
words on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast, just by shopping, your dinner favorite, after four p m, while rewards members earn two times the rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today right now, Why was inviting you to come in for your dinner favorites after four p m and earn two times there? words on your purchase, build your perfect burger in fries or get a fresh, big possible poor grab your favorite Hobbes salads in more get your next reward twice as fast, just by shopping, your dinner favorite after four p m, while rewards members earn two times that rewards now give June thirtieth get the Y Y Apple joined today,
Mine One is my favorite one of the night of that so Jessica, suggested s and said: hey Lady, congrats and all the success and plans for the lab show so excited for you, even though Philly sucks go Steelers, love that I don't know above a ball, but I hope your teams Alwyn it. So my sensations of submission by four fucked up roads is green man's tunnel in South Park. Pennsylvania right outside of Pittsburgh, terrorism links anyway, Lovey Ladys and thanks for letting me through my work days genes the greatest and I hope to see you at alive show in Pittsburgh. Keep it we're just. I know this story. Ok, I read about you, know the story because we're like I know that story and then tell me all about it. I did yeah, in nineteen. Twenty four a tunnel was built right outside of Pittsburgh and they named it. The piny fork tunnel, Those tiny fork tunnel, it could be penny but that its tiny
but it was my first service coal mines, but by nineteen sixty two. It was abandoned and became known as green man's tunnel who spooked books were teenagers are on the area so that, if you drove out into the tunnel turn off your car and called out to the green man that he would appear seeming, from nowhere, and you would see his green skin, which lead, and has it was green because of an electrical accident that he was involved in and they even went as far as to say that if he reached out and touched your car, your car would stall because of his electrical charge day. But this is not true. Because if we are listening in thinking earthquake, the sounds absolutely ridiculous. You're right, because this legend does have some truth behind it, though I do say, will you do so? The all sorts of this ledge and actually comes from a high. Oh and an area often referred to as zombie land, all alone,
that movie greatly. But you know I tried not to not like that movie. I know you did and then I watched it and it was Self Aachen funny exactly now. We just have to get you d like ceiling there I'll try again, I was a little bitch nice glad they could. If it's weird, it's not funny, it's true and you were on your phone the whole, but I haven't always been a weirdo Mitch. Anyways Ray Robinson was born in October, one thousand nine hundred and ten and grew up with his mom and dad and Monica Pennsylvania. I said that was a Mark yell at me later cool heads, had passed away when he was only seven. All and when he was a nine, he was involved in a horrific accident would steal his fate as the green man for decades to come. Oh, my goodness, I know the story and it still makes me sad. So he was hanging out run around with some of his friends on a bridge which sounds like a really bad idea. Don't do that. It was nineteen ten, four nineteen, something when they dared him to climb up to the girders which care
some wires because the bridge was home to the harmony trolley or just like a train sounds good me yet ray proved to his friend that he climbed to the top, but as soon as he got there, he was shocked by twenty two thousand in volts of electricity keys won: t two thousand votes of electricity. One might hey. That's too many evolves for one person far too many. Voltage, threw him from the bridge and he suffered severe severe severe burns to his body, but especially his face all it was shocking to doctors that heathen lived. Not only did he suffer intense burns, but his left arm also had to be amputated out the elbow here, asked his nose and his eyes and his mouth became really like enlarging slightly off centre israeli composer picture of em here, so
for a while. He was reclusive, obviously because he was greatly affected by the accident. Tell ya, but eventually he wanted to get out of the house, because everybody deserves to get the fuck out of their. How sometimes so he started. Going for walks efforts he would start rocking efforts. He would walk during the day, but then people being the asshole should scenes that they are would be to disturbed his appearance LE pen. and instead of explaining to their kids, that not everybody looks the same, and sometimes things just happen were like Oh my god, please you're scaring my kid. That's fox outlived dont be like that. Just explain to your kids that not everybody is the site where you can take this as a learning opportune Mary, I guess some people look different and like sometimes bad things happen appeal and, like my fault, that they look like the exactly and it's not scary, he's actually fucking adorable. That's really sad! I get the hype to me ass, my soul,
so anyway, re started taking his walks at night instead, because you don't want to scare kids, because he was a really fucking nice guy, all ray. I'm teenagers eventually gave him the name. Charlie no face wishes Dick Ishmael, nice teenagers, yet more than moderately rude, but ok Everyone is a bit confused about where the green part of the green man came from. Some people say that Ray always wear a green plaid shirt or that his skin did have a greenish tinge to it, which I wonder if it could have been from like the electric Maybe I don't know I know, but happens, but here Wasn't this like terrifying, spooky guy, everybody thought he was in Those were who who were quote brave enough for human enough to stop and chat with it found out that he was super nice and he would even take a picture with the way he be especially happy to push for the picture. If you had beer cigarettes to offer him a major the justice. So I love the be passed away in June of nineteen eighty five, when he was seventy four,
We have a long life good enough Oda good, bye, when he left the woman. He was happy enough here. many gonna like. Why would the flow it's like good for him? If he was do it here, we can post a picture actually there's like a picture of him. Wasn t majors and I think he is easy to holding a bureau cigarette love thy. Just look at this issue if it is life, so I haven't heard of his ghost if it goes still enjoys, walking down that same Hansel being erode. But if you feel like finding out for me surely emails about it. Let us know if re still hang about hit me I've loved, you turn. It is fun like a fund monopolies on your turn,
So my last one is a third bridge in Denver Colorado. Tell me all about it. This was sent to us by Jason Marta, who I know him from twenty. We do we talk to decent all the time, so, hey Jason, what's actors in your the testicles now Jason send a really long, really awesome email, I'm gonna read you like bits and pieces of it, because I did my own research and I want to read you double research, so Let me read you what I have first and then we will read what Jason's crazy experience was. I'm excited So third bridge is, after a long dirt road covered with trees and very little street lights. It's also surrounded by fields, because everything is done. I wrote to you by the writer you buy fields and nuns and John NASH, John Farmer hours you go down a huge hill and then you hit the bridge, which is over a creek.
Which is usually a dried creek, bread, always spooky, sometimes was there's a lot of rain. They'll be it fell out, but it's usually dried creek that ok, one of the biggest legends was that a tribe of native Americans was slaughtered one night by sutlers, while the men were away hunting when the men were, earned their entire tribe of their families were murdered. They rode off too. take advantage on the settlers, and today people still hear their war drums beating. There is also the history like actual history. that's a settler killed the native American over a horse. The native Americans tribe, took revenge and killed The settlers family one thing was the motivation for Governor John Evans to use the murders as a reason to pursue war against native Americans in the air. We so horrible to NATO. Mary adds pretty rough. Lotta hunted checks have been avoided, aviator lay straight America. We created a lot white people create along behind a chip way. People create a lot about you really do.
So now you can hear drums, see native american figures and hear horses running across the area night. Sometimes in I've seen some like videos goes hunters and self. You can actually here drums and some of the videos, its bunk s, always wild. Now you now to bring it back to present day. There was some logic: grisly deaths attributed to this place. in nineteen, only seven to Cupfuls of teenagers ages. Eleven seventeen willing flying down the road it in the middle I think it was like eleven or twelve p m J Ahern Aged sixteen lost control, the car she started veering off to the left side of the bridge and she skidded nearly eighty feet before hitting the guard rail link. I the car, then slid down forty seven feet of the guard to rail in the guardrail impaled the car through the windshield. Then it fell fifteen feet. into the dry creek bed Alma leaning on the drivers side.
One teenager aged fourteen died on impact. Another aged twelve died from her injuries the next morning at a hospital Jessica. Her the driver was thrown from the car and was paralyzed. The three other passengers from the vehicle all suffered the really severe injuries, but they live cod. You now, because the hourly and because of this in December of ninety ninety seven Roy who'd crews took twelve feet off the top of the hill. because it was once fifty feet that held and goes down there they're just trying to make it a safer place to drive her twelve feet off of adjusted. Because of this I wrote it. While people now report seeing a girl standing on the bridge, she looked sad and upset, but she vanishes once you approach her in your car. He thought in two thousand and seven ten A seriously awful murder happened here. Oh no,
super awesome and really popular calculus, slash science teacher named Randy, Wilson, age, fifty two from key. Oh ah Cuba, high school ass. graduation in May, two thousand and ten he went to Montana divisive family on the drive home tee to key. I think finance on Sunday June thirteenth. He stopped for dinner and shine Wyoming and then also stop for gas on the way home. thirty miles from getting home. He was murdered. No then next day June, Fourteenth two thousand and ten her on one p m TIM Fry and his friend Gregg were driving down the road they spotted our parked await sedan across the road in the grass they saw a body. Low he found Randy Wilson murdered. He was on his back with his hands tied behind him. Oh my god, he had a bag over his head and a belt around his neck Jesus. Next to them they found a tire iron and a black glove, and it looked as though he had stopped to help someone
they took his money wallet and all his credit cards and killed him biased creation and meanwhile he was trying to fuckin hope that yeah, like there's a tired and like stuff stuffily, help fix attire out there. there's across their now. What's his name on it, he had five son. Oh my god. In two thousand and seventeen someone was arrested for Andy's murder, Daniel passion, It was arrested for the murder of Randy Wilson, but so he confessed Then he randomly said he didn't do it in the murdered murder charges were dropped because they had they had zero evidence to convince the jury that he did at his family and friends, said did have a history of confessing to bull shit. He didn't do really fucked, but they said he was having a mental health crisis at the time. So he likely didn't realize the gravity of his confessing to us his dna to match the scene, he avowal by the cover and basically nothing matched up. He did say at
a core like I'm so sorry to the Wilson family for doing this to them, which, like it's a fucking thing to do, he seemed I use out at all, let alone outside it. no really sucks for the family, so it remains unsolved. Lucy had the wherewith, Two APOLLO eagerly see apologize mostly Faria. Two thousand and sixteen five teens died in a fiery car crash on the basis of timber. Second, their car skidded enrolled a bunch of times fell into an embankment and burst into flames, godless most terrifying, think their names were I'm Angelo and as Olaf nineteen years old Levi and dissolve seventeen Omar and see dough, who is nineteen Guadeloupe, Mars. Merci, us fifteen and Jennifer Villa Grana, Flores fifteen, bodies were so badly burned that the investigators told the parents that they were not going to be able to identify their kids. Oh my god, I can't imagine hearing yeah people now
here, screams there at night they see figures of a girl. They see a figure of a man. There's disappearing vehicles, there's weird lights. This weird music, all sorts of shit and, unlike me, weird music yeah, it's not awesome So I am going to read you what part of what Jason sent me. He said hey guys, love the show. You guys are the shit. Maintaining neutral stances on fucked up stories like John Buddy Ramsay is a talent Her Colorado represent, appreciate learning about self, mummies, etc and fuck. That piece of shit, David, Parker, RE generals in the whole story mess me up anyways. I dig the whole podcast guys, think you, let's just drag diverted and shall we we shall off fuck. story? I really hate talking about it, but I rather like other people to know I to have change to names in the story, not mine, and I'm not going to tell you who those that's fine story time
started on six six, oh six. When on opening night we decided to go see the omen. I saw that there's too It was a midnight showing so it was all dramatic. I was sixteen and I could still stay up that late not be dying for the rest of the week accuses them. There was a total of Four of us myself, Chris Corrie and George planning on being room. Bumptious kids, Ezra, bumptious, kids normally do we're going go to this place called the third bridge after the movie. It would be. There too. I am so I dont know what exactly what times exactly, but you guys get the picture this is when he gives me a little background on the bridge. Gave background and the native Americans. He gave background on the two, car crashes. so then we have a. He gave another story that I didn't find, but this is very interesting. He said a car, was driving out there late at night. He was just doing his rounds or whatever cops, do and
He came over the hell you saw truck down in the ravine where the river used to be he said anyways, so he saw this dude out there in a truck in front of the headlights. Mister up, stepped out of his death squad car and shine a light on the dude and asked him the sweet mother of God. Are you doing out down here in the middle of the night? The do did. He said looking for his wallet you know, like innocent people, do in the middle of a dry river bed in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night by themselves. Looking all previous five that I just lost it and tat. You know so there tell them to go home and find it in the morning, because it's weird to be out here, maybe did obliged and went home while the cops super where'd about it. So after the de laughed he went down off the bridge into the fort ravine, see what there was down there. He found his wallet, but he also and a couple of fucking bodies. This, due to his burying here so
now. You says we're pretty much caught up to two thousand and six were at what he was talking about initially over. I mean that summer we had heard about this place and there had been a few times over the past year or so with a bunch of people. It was fun. You know, go wander in the woods and get scared. We found a lot. weird shit out there we found to garbage bags one time one had to decapitated dogs and the other held the heads. I would never ever ever want to find the discovery tat. Once we found a baby dear with awe, with its gusts guts I'll displayed out in front of a carcass, I mean it's safe to assume those a bunch of weird occult sacrifice stuff out there. New times. You would hear tribal dont drums start beating, blue and sometimes in fulfilling. The sound would get louder and louder until its super near the bridge, and we would book it weeds in the car, with one headlight, maybe once or twice before, but it's like as it we would come to it- would come to the point the hills. Sometimes we see it off in the distance way behind us on the road. Maybe not. We were kids,
but I'm pretty sure we saw it a few times. So what better way to spend six thousand six hundred and six then to see the omen and go out to third bridge know we were both. Eighteen George was seventeen. I was sixteen the driver and he wanted to be this extra cool once in a lifetime experience. So we two of those disposable Kodak Amber cameras at the gas station beforehand after the movie, which was mediocre by the way. To be honest, the I agree we draw, out there off. I hate this part. This is what he wrote: I hate this part. Ok just so happened. There was a harvest moved out, he had heard, but we can see it anyways non thinking, Amelia Vega, it was going to only be a crescent moon anyways. So although it would have been cool with blood Red Crescent Moon, it was nowhere to be seen. Tommy
Chris had the bright idea to turn on the radio to a blank station, so we should get some Knighton white noise going and see if spirits would talk to us through the radio. To no thank you as were driving out there around three. I am no we're taking pictures laughing having a time we all, cigarettes because we're cool heads and we had to have the windows omen for that fresh air for dead people. Homey we arrive but though he said that we arrive at third bridge with no issues and no weirdness, I mean a couple times. We thought we heard women on the radio like the kind of voices, but I think that we then just guess, was picking up from other stations car off with nose down white noise, going six, let chilling and waiting now taking whoa picks, and we heard the drums snow cool. I mean whatever, though, a couple picks in that direction. Out into the wilderness mind, you were bad asses sower out. There were already way to scatter it even open the doors
thinking oh seeing things out in the darkness, but I didn't want to say anything. You know I didn't want to be back. I am chilling in the back with George who I swear was starting to act. Super fucking, weird, like his features slower, he's all of a sudden super distant and I'm sitting next to him. Beside do do at any good friend would do I take pictures of him. Would the camera that we heard on the radio no one of the year? There were two distinct fucking screams dude now and we were silent not like. There was no way that just happened.
but we were whispered, but we heard whispering in it after that, not just one voice, but there was a bunch of voices, not all at once. Slowly calmly, whispering in talking, I heard one say, help her little and I was freak the fuck out. I says the fuck out, I said: listen guys. This shit is in call any moral, it's fucking go, but no, the older kids want to be bad asses. So we stay. I roll up my windows because fuck that I also rolled up Georgia's because he was falling asleep and because fuck that, but I urge falling asleep. I don't know it's gonna with George Man, maybe he's a little stowed, but I'm getting super bad vibes from him. Man and I feel freaked out to reach across him. I remembered distinctively that lump in my throat or just straight fear, dude corny and Chris are staring out the passenger side window. My side of the car out into the darkness in the ravine and say look at the fucking people, no, no
No, I mean literally chill I am I Burgos bombed as FUCK man. There were at least two weird black things out there staring at us. I swear to God they were staring at US man. I was trying not to cry at this point like an eleventh again, because I can hear the fearing Cory's voice. There were more dude, there was at least five now near us, but farther back in the trees. You could see them like we're coming out. All this, while there were goddamned rooms are going dude and their louder, I'm yelling go Chris, go so he goes whispering on the radio drums black figure things. George weird vibes Chris turns on the car and just off till the side was one of those things just visible from the headlights we booked it. We thoroughly messed up. At this point, I turn on the dome lights, because this is all too much and we all know that monsters go away when you turn on the lights,
we all have our windows rolled up and were screaming at each other. Georgia's silent, staring off into the distance like what the fuck George any slowly looks at me sign. No, no! No! I kicked out of the car at this point. Like joint he's, gotta girls, I george you ve, been joined, he's gotta go your tribe spoken, curry took a pic of him and he just I love that everyone's despair of George useless those book we didn't even noticed the radio goes completely silent korean ire yelling at each other, when Chris screams those big ass, fucking dog standing in the middle of the road. Are you kidding me dude? What in the shit is even happening Chris swerved around it, but it just stood there staring at us. Think that I dont hell. I don't know far we drove before we had the balls to turn around to go the fact to get the FUCK home because keep in mind the only way we knew how to get back home is to go back the way we came over the third bridge. Again. No luck, my life dude. We turn around slowly dome.
it's on lump in my throat complete silence as we do I back the dog, is nowhere to be found of course have to turn the dome lights off, because if we have dome lights, If we have the dome lights off, the phantom thing he's won't notice the car over the bridge. I don't know man we're terrify. Oh, my god, we fucking flew over the bridge and got over the hill on the other side in this huge wave of relief washed over us, Georgia's still out of it, but fuck him dude, we're safe from the bogeyman. Things were held, It down this dirt road on the way to civilization. Koreas turned around talking to me when he notices right behind us two things. At the same time, when we come to the top of a hill, peeking up over the horizon was a gigantic ass blood, red silver of a God, sliver of a goddamn moon and a couple of hills behind us, a car with one fucking headline know what, in the actual fuck is happening. Panic
I swear in my mind. I knew that the moon was death safe than we were going to die. Chris would survive to tell the tale because the drivers always live. So, of course, he slammed on the gas in the radio starts whispering at us again and louder, though, that this time, it sounds angry. Why and right at this point. His car really starts trembling. Our bouncing around I dont know how to describe it. It sounded and felt like. We are running over a lot of things. Chris thirty because we're going fast, but I mean we were being followed by the ghost car thing. Speed is of no concern. I took a cup pictures of George, who had started telling us to go back like what the Hell Dude Church out of any fixes. As I still have to go back with radio went immediately off when he started saying that crap and then we saw the street lamps. We saw the road we saw, civilization, we couldn't see the headline demon, car thing and we saw kings suits King superpowers holy shit. We made it so he pulled into catch a breather. I mean it.
Hopped out of the car when we parked lit up a smoke and walked away to sit by myself smoke and let out a little cry, ink those terrifying. So what back over to the car that was covered in dust to see Corey taking pictures of the front of the car. Listen, I don't know Accurate accurately described this What I saw were handprints coming from under the car, like us people were underneath the car being dragged along or run over dude. I had had enough take me the focus of our right men, a few days ago by George, is kind of acting normal in the pictures were developed in all the fucking picture, so we gathered at Christmas House and when we were all four together opened them at first, we didn't see much of anything, but then we sent seeing things and pictures faces in the windows and not like super clear faces. More like outlines and silhouettes, but definitely fucking faces some common, so stoic stoic, sir in one
had a face. That looks like it was staring intensely at me from the back window. There was some weird things in the smoke from the six. We only so one definite black Spectre demon thing that mother Fucker was standing in the middle. The ravine staring right at us or facing us, you couldn't see a face, are really any features, but that thing was right there. a black spectre thinking but he is the worst part. Now that picture I took of George, whom he was all weird. There was a huge angry face in the window with its mouth wide Ben, like it was yelling at George O Dude, my all body is literally on fire, like I can't even deal in there This weird light thing that looked like it was going into the top of his head. I mean, I don't know man, we had such bad vibes, so we burn them, burn the pictures and decided not to talk about the specifics of that night, and that was six six of sex, but guys it didn't fucking end there. What's two thousand and eight George moves out to England to say with his family out there he had been in
it's pretty bad and they wanted to help him. I never really got a straight answer. What happened while he was out there, he moved back, after only six months, but they put him directly in this mental health hospital. I went to visit him once he was on a bunch Ahmed's, but he looked at me and asked if I remembered that night on third bridge- oh my I just got chills. I absolutely did not want to talk about, but he didn't really push the issue in kind of zone doubt I had now I heard the real story, like I said, but from what I gathered, he lost it in mutilated, his sexual organs, somehow yeah, I dont- know oh gosh, two thousand and nine at a pirate. There were a few kids in the living room of an apartment who are comparing skies and laughing doing drugs drinking whatever Georgia, in the kitchen and I guess overheard the conversation all the sun. He came up behind the kid we can call Chad and said how about with scar. He produced
A hunting knife in cut sheds throat immediately another kid tackle, George to the ground and rustled the knife out of his hand, all the while George was yelling game over game over all my goal. After he got the knife out of Georgia's hand, he snapped out of it. He panicked, looked around the chaos and bloody room and he booked it out the door meme Chad, the absolute bad acid. This dude is ran out with another kin to their car. Chad sat in the passenger seat holding his hand around his throat blood everywhere and gave corrections to the hospital by pointing to the way he survived dude He has a huge scar, but Shad fucking survived meanwhile, I was in the night class. Well George blowing up my phone, but when I look after he was an answer, his phone. So the way I heard it Joan George drove like a madman and made it to eat a whole before getting pulled over an extra dated back to Denver where he was charged with attempted murder and got some kind of insanity deal because into a mental health jail. He recently got out o k
this out guys. When I recently asked him about that night on third bridge, he got super mad at me and said he has spent years trying to forget about that night. You know a guy like possessed her something that's my entire story about the third bridge whew. I family wrote this for you guys this is so emotionally dreaming. I buy ash Alina you guys, a weird keep it weird be safe. I know these super log, so if you actually use it thanks, I put a lot of effort into asking the people involved for their input on this story. Yaller, epic, thanks for being you Jason, much. Love have fun, be safe. Where you see bout, make it a great day, love one another and make good choices. Who is a picture of a kitten and he's? a picture of a kitten, my God, my God is so cute. That's exactly what I fucking needed right now. I need to put my hood on television that still she did her hooded up. Whenever I am like really scared. I put a divided wearing sweatshirt. I put a hood on extra, really scared of you too. She has her head. I couldn't live Jason Isn T side even a cat way. Thank you
so much for taking the time to read all that down for dredging all that up and allowing us to use it as a story because holy Shit, Jason, I'm gonna, have still read up nightmares tonight. That blew my mind while so, Well, my laboratory ashore, three to the point and nothing compared to that of a highly wrote to us and said he ashes Billina. If you haven't already heard about Emily's bridge than your fucking, welcome its a super spooky bridge in Vermont, actually named Goldberg covered bridge, and it is definitely worth king, into its whenever monsters hunted places and let me tell you on a dark night. You scared the shit out of you and high school go to the bridge to party and hang, and then we would take turns walking across the dark. Definitely crazy shit happened there. You could just feel I keep it weird alley whew Ellie, perhaps I didn't find a bunch of creepy ship, but I did find the background and like a little bit of creepy shit, I love it
so what was formerly known like she said as Goldberg covered Virgin, Stove Vermont. it is now known as Emily's bridge, because really angry goes named. Only HANS that shit o Emily, like We go sorry, I'm telling tonight there are few variations or opinions about why Emily is so pissed why she's haunting said bridge I'm sorry that she was waiting on her lover. Is there not a lover, I literally route, because what God go story doesn't start with a lover, is healthy and always a lover and that so I'm only in her lover was supposed to meet on this bridge and run off and elope together and live happily ever after, but he, ever showed up that bastard. So she made the rational decision of hanging herself from the rafters of the bridge was not a good idea super often really about it. Just find it a lab If I had another lover of illiterates us on another level. Another lover, Another live, it's not we're bacon and what they have another another. Sorry, as that The lovers set her up at the altar, who
she ran off in a hoarse drawn carriage, but while she was like making those fuckin horses run as fast as possible, a good day MR turn at the last second, and they all went flying and landed under a bridge in Iraq. A brook oh, that sons, bad yeah. The first item anyone ever mentioned, the breadth of the bridge was haunted by Emily, was, in nineteen sixty haste, all student wrote that she had been using a wager board on the bridge and that a Spirit name, Emily came through. Don't use wager boards on Hunter bread, those values majority at my eyes, set at once. I say it again: if my fuckin future kids ever bring a fuckin wage aboard into my house, I will lose at tat. I dont get awkward wager words do not fox I reach of major board on Sale, Barnes and no ball. Oh yeah, By that I mean, though I go, they ve been a toy forever. It's not a toy. It's not a game close the portal. Back to how we use them all the time and I school yeah fuck. You know I never knew well, and I never did you areas want now. I know.
he's doin in my house. There was always I like parties and cause you're down. I really am Super stoked when people come looking for her people reported being scratched hearing footsteps ropes, tightening which is rule. because I don't love myself and even the screaming of a girl, and if you park the car bridge, you'll, hear and feel Emily banging or scratching your car, and I, Gonna find the shocking the most action takes place between the hours of one thousand two hundred and three hundred and thirty, a dot m shocking if you want to look into it more into this, there is actually a whole website called Emily's bridge dotcom who go on their families, bridge love. That was super spooky superbly linked to the point new perspicacity. Another modify, I love, is still my head on her. So fucked up, I dreamed that was a lot on Jason's. I knew I project when I know it. S really gave us like a little bit of reprieve
like all of us, will you old girl when, for her love, allow Russia to madly bats scorned, overshoot there ain't no in a woman like scorned woman than that, that is very true. So we hope you guys, like this instalment of spooky ass roads, delicious roads are mean episode. This week is going to be Bracelet Pisa. We so fucking excited crazy case guide us action. Since in that's why we drink shouted us outlet, shout them out about the first time ever heard. This was about this case was one Christine covered it instead a really good job. So thanks and that's why we drink, we love you. We do.
so yeah station for that. It's gonna come out properly on the same day as this does and I'll be out on Sunday, yeah that'll be hopefully out later tonight. If I can get it go and our tomorrow, which I know of your break- that, on the eve of my birthday, everybody better wish my sets back in the happiest motherfucking birthday of all time, the big three foe. I love birthdays, either they more than anything. But I love your birthday almost as much as I love my I love that. I love you. I love you, though, You can write us an email about a spook, drastic road gmail of out, bad guys that gmail dot com, you can had us up on Twitter. Add a morbid pod cast you, and join our Facebook group morbid Colin at your Grandpa gas check out our website, which Alina so awesomely designed and now it features March, morbid podcast, dot com or to their faces on it. How fuck
We're we're. Never thought I'd see my face on a shirt true. What else do we We have instagram at morbid broadcast and I forgot to say and to remember that we got one of those in has been at least we have pitcher, on which you can donate to act, patriarchal, slash, morbid Paca. We hope you keep lesson and we hope you keep it, but it's really you're driving the road of your friend George gets off activities fucked up the recipe for ever, because I'm really scared of georgian my hotel on- and I hope you don't Ben Counter Emily, because I bureau bummer. I hope you don't need a farmer John. I hope that you don't want any nuns on the road to keep it that fucking, weird, don't keep it that weird. do? No? No, no! No, and where is it? I don't give it so that you were a Google farmers under farmers. It is even all end.
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