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Morning Joe 10/16/20


The Morning Joe panel breaks down the president's Thursday NBC News town hall, where the president defended retweeting conspiracy theories and he refused to condemn QAnon. The president also couldn't say if he tested negative on day of debate.

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Just this week, you re tweeted to your eighty, seven million followers, a conspiracy theory that Joe Biden has created, to have seal team six, the Navy seal to six killed to cover up the fate of Bin Laden Now. Why would you send a lie that nothing at all or whether we wish to reiterate that was an opinion of somebody, and that was a retweet. I'll put it out. There decide decides what sort of someone's crazy uncle moving in. What was a reach? We and I do a lot of retweet, so if it's a retreat it somehow okay for the president to push bigoted and conspiratorial messages to the world. It was quite the different SAS sit between President Trump and challenger Joe Biden in their town halls that at the same time, good morning and welcome to morning Joe is Friday. Toby sixteenth, along with
Willi and me. We have MSNBC national affairs, endless co host of Showtime's the circus and executive editor of the recount. John Harmon Politics and journalism, professor it Oregon State University politics er at the Rio and MSNBC political contributor, Jason, Johnson and busy news, capital hell, corresponding and host of way to Worley Casey, is with us as well great to have you all on board what a night it was. Last night I had the Ipad I had tv I was listening to both. It was there's a lot. there is a lot happening, Willie makers, I was watching baseball watching so triggered so triggered. I said I'm going upstairs. by to see it all, but so will you know me I'm such a company man, the first thing I'm gonna do is defended, be say, of course, for peace, Who now may they heads like
amateurs freaked out yesterday about NBC and ok, that's fine! I'm very good said I'm not accompany man of you, wanna be regretted. In b c and say, ugly things about it, even if you made gazillions of dollars off of NBC. I don't care, I just want the Ass rose to lose, but but what I get, the maker, but I would never tweed because we would be like you. Actually, Christ, I dare you defended busy. I send to make us it just giving the rope I don't understand why everybody's freaking out about this, because the biggest death said in Donald Trump Polling over two or three days came after its first debate: it's not like he's anywhere to go the more Lord, audiences see Donald Trump
the more he loses, because the more he's going to squirm away from his bizarre can rarely seen great greater for years. He cannot do fear What he's done uncovered? He cannot defend what he's done. Conspiracy theories. He cannot. then what is done on and not all day, yesterday when people were freaking out, I took jack to play. Basketball. Maybe I just I state opportune. And I really didn't want even see this event, because I knew how it was going in Donald Trump is going say really stupid stuff, and it was going to hurt him a poll, and then there were going to be like three or four clips that they would get out of that which people would play all day and guess what that's? What they're going to because when you won't say that you that the the Government is not run by cannibals and pedophiles
probably gonna make the evening news well Position yesterday- and I understand people are upset about the timing of all this and I respect their opinions on that was just wait. Just wait and watch and I think, people did wait and watch. They learned that President Trump, as you say, every time he has the stage to himself, especially when it's just him he's going to say an hour's worth of things that are indictments on him and his administration and just wait and CIAO Savannah, got three questions him. I think I was vindicated of those things. I mean we're going to go through some of these clips. You laid out some of it, Joe, he wouldn't say when he had a test, if had test dominated the debate. He would not can q and on saying I don't know anything about Q and that's a alive of course. But if that's true his own FBI, I field offices, have said they are an inspiration for domestic terrorism. He probably ought to read up on it He said that he does o the four hundred some million dollars Savannah got through try to get a bit
to whom you wouldn't say to whom he would not say if he thought rovers is wage should be overturned. It will come as a surprise to many conservative, yes, she's, your biggest chair Pro Champion ever asked repeatedly. He wouldn't Actually it's funny, though, when he was asked in the past or you pro life or pro choice. Oh yeah, I'm pro choice, but I wouldn't say it last night also I plan to replace the affordable care act to Savannah pointed out he's in court at this very moment getting rid of it, including coverage for people with nut with pre existing conditions. No and to replace it, he said, were rounding the corner on this disease. The very day that we got the news that almost every now is experiencing a spike and we know from doktor faulty and his own task force that this thing is. bring back with a vengeance in the fall in the so yes give Donald Trump the or in he'll give you what you gave us last night so make it
what you give it your thoughts. I think they're. There was a lot of concern for a lot of reasons about the timing in whatever, but I will say this: what concerned me was I watched the first debate. and sighing seeing how terribly executed it was technically on every level. I think what happened here was a success, because the and it was held to account. He was given time to answer questions your right, Joe. You can call that rope. Other people can call time for Trump to be Trump by seven, I held them to account she jumped on all. To everything he said and tried to turn to balance it out with the facts or to press him on it? Also, technically the with strong Savannah's voice, was as loud as Trump. She was allowed to use her voice and the audience questions were focused. They were ones too, and they were relevant, so I was actually very poor currently surprised at how well this wound
after seeing the debate, the first debate debacle, which was really in many ways a disservice to the country, because it so poorly executed and The president ran over everybody in everything and he wasn't held to account, and you know it may have been bad for him in the long run, but just in terms of execution? I think the media, The people in the audience did a great job was night Savannah. As president from about his. Bout with covered with Trump, revealing that he may have had some sort of lung infection while sick with the virus. the president also refused to answer a key question regarding own testing. did you tell me, I don't know, I don't even remember just all the time, but I can tell you this after the debate like I guess a day or so they was Thursday evening. Maybe even late Thursday evening, I tested pause
That's when I first found out back to the debate, because the debate commissions rules, it was the honor system. You see that you would come with a negative test. You say you don't know if you got a test on the day of the debate, no problem again, the doctors do it. I don't ask them, I test all the time and did you take an so on the day that you asked the doctor? They give you a perfect answer. Yes, they take a test and I leave and I go about it. Did you take a test on the day? The debate, I guess is bottom probably did, and I took a test a day before and the day before, and I was always in great shape and I was in Great shape for the debate, and it was only after the debate like the period of time after the debate that I said interesting and they took a tested, a tested, post statistic button it up. Do you take a test every single day? No, no, but I take a lot of test. Okay and you don't know if you took a test the day of the debate, possibly did possibly in parliament before I came up here
another test? I've been taking every day the deep test you know the one to go most and because I wanted to be able, if I had not passed tested and want to come here and now expose anybody. I just think it, sir, just decency to be able determine whether or not you are your clear and unless concern about movement and the people, the guise of the cameras, the people working in the Secret Service, guys you drive up with all those people, and so yes, I believe he will do that just about decency that really does really really laid out about as well as he can be laid out, but poor Donald? He doesn't know when he took a test for Donald, doesn't even know. How is lungs are
that something ipo contrary ECHO Molly. Actually within one time and before his food came out, he had a stack of of I said he and MILAN you went through and they white themselves down and this it was quite an obsessive thing. So I'm sorry So believe that that guy, that was, that freaked out about his hands had abnormal in his in his lungs. He doesn't know about when he got his task last negative test Doesn't know about the state of his lungs the help of his lungs, he was tested on debate in he doesn't know if he was tested on the debate. he doesn't know about Q and on the debate. We already dead, no know about proud boys and is campaign? He said he didn't know who David Duke was dead. Now, about the clan in
didn't know if there was a failure ring run by animals in the government wanna things meagre Donald Trump. Does it now it just seems confused about every night can line through his teeth, president last night said he denounces white supremacy, but then, as Willie mentioned, refused to condemn Q and on a right wing conspiracy, theory that the FBI believes is a potential domestic terror threat. Let me ask you about Q and on. It is this theory that Democrats are but had a pedophile ray and that you are the saviour that now you just once and for all states that that is completely shrill, show now q and in its entirety. I know not
about Q and on I just I know very little- you told me, but what you tell me it necessarily make it fact. I hate to say that I know nothing about it. I do know that you are very much gets pedophilia. These find it very hard, but I know nothing about, and even if they are usually ran by sea subject, I'll tell what I do know about about antifa- and I know about the radical left and I know how violent they are and how vicious they are, and I know how they are burning down. Cities run by Democrats not run. Senator Ben SAS said quote Q and on is nuts and real leaders call conspiracy theories conspiracy there he may not just say it is not made me right. I just don't know about you, you do now. I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Maybe, let's waste a whole show you start off with supremacy, denounce it. You start off with something else: let's keep it
gimme these priorities. You have one more damaging. Let me just study what I do here about it is. They are strongly against pedophilia- and I agree with that I do agree with that and I don't do you know that really asking me about Antifa Aren't you going to do the right thing in your minds? Are you asking Joe Biden questions about? Why doesn't he Antifa. Why does he say it doesn't exist because you're so cute, Antifa exact the vicious violent. They kill people and their burning down our cities, and they happen to be radical. Left were actually not So here I did we're not distracted. So he's running away. John Ireland, it is remarkable I will paraphrase what Jake Tapirs said yesterday. That done.
tromp continuing the retweeted conspiracy theory saying that seal team six did not in fact kill us Bin Laden but covered it up. That some have been line is still alive. It's nice to know that and still be shocked by the depths to which this man will go to pick up the most extreme and dangerous people in america- and so in this case from claims, he knows. Absolutely nothing about q and on does not know about this satanic cult of cannibals running the government. then he goes on in repeats time and again that their against pedophilia. So actually it does seem to know about it, but you can go to the Sunday interview he had. I believe it was on CNN right before Super Tuesday in two thousand
team where he repeatedly claimed it didn't know who David Duke? Was he repeatedly that he wasn't going to criticize the Ku Klux Klan, because he knew nothing about. We know. Of course that was a lie. He criticise David Duke repeatedly, in the past, even in the two thousand election, but here Donald Trump again what's America now that is going to offer aid and comfort to a conspiracy theory to a group that our own government, our own FBI, says, poses a real risk to american safety. Right. No joke and mourning guys in order up there in the pantheon of of of love. it's a wisdom that we know about tromp, I wrap therewith. You know everything. He says they the projection of confession. We
the other one, which is that in a trump, what's credit for everything, it takes responsibility for nothing right and so All of those followed that second category anything that's a negative thing in that the trumpets confronted with anything that is associated with himself. Anything it's kind of on the face of it is a terrible q and on the clan David, do pick your superior you're you're terribly, Evil. Your pestilence you're you're you're here just now force in the world. A trump has somehow associated himself with profits from promotes All of a sudden. This guy who loves twitter twitters, like you talks of twitter, is the only way to reach the people Joe. I feel that we can reach the people, loves following on twitter, but some are like a re. Tweets are like why just you know I retorted want to stop. I mean I don't know what I'm retreating theirs. I gotta take their responsibility for that, so its car, like that, you know, that's the thing if you try to put anything in front of him where he has as its promoted or profited from some negative forces american society. He then basically as well
no, I think about it, and I remember I didn't interview with him in twenty fifteen about David due to where he didn't want of this paper. This where I said you know a lot of people want you to denounce him. He just it was right when you can endorse him. I said a lot What do you do? It did now set me up. A grand was a former grid. Was it a quicker clan? He's? U Albany would doubt the doubts and I'll denounce all denounce final denounced you know he does the same thing with White Supremacist Savannah last night, which is likely to find all the rounds. Whites I must say at the outset. It see now all of it so ridiculous and we become so. Can we stop so in Europe, who at that you see the last night performance it performs the normal candidate? They gave that performance at two and a half weeks before election day. It would be the end their campaign, and we would say this person is not who has no answer being elected it just like one of US is it things about twenty twenty? Is that our soak we become so used to now? behave in this way that that performance last night did not stand out. It was terrible, but not enough.
extraordinarily terrible. Last thing I'll say, apart from everything, guys were set already about how great Savannah was, and you know making the point. Once again that when good, journalists give quote, give a platform to someone who is objectionable, you're, not giving them a platform if you hold account as mica Said- and you ask the tough questions- Savan approved That's a valuable function. One thing we'll alert last night Donald Trump admitted videos, or hundred million dollars to someone, and I believe It is said that he would ye would would be be to divulge you that who that who that who hold that debt is so I think that's thing that sub journal should be following up on as we go forward, because I think that was another piece of news. Last night, an extraordinary statement, Donald Trump some one four hundred in dollars- and he said it was peanuts. Last night, play clip in one second, at First John, I'm curious, ear, thoughts, the political impact overall, of last night? Well, I think your point, Joe
at the very beginning, as there is the most important thing I go back to the home truth right if this alone is a referendum. It's a problem for Donald Trump. His means did you objective has been for months now, particularly the context of covert is to try to make the election a choice and then disqualified, Joe Biden as well the elections, a referendum on Donald Trump. We know what the number say about that. We know that a president's approval heading is basically what they're gonna get on Elect, we know Donald Trump's really never been over forty five percent approval rate that between the highest he's in the mid forties for four years, and so, if it's a rough, them on Trump. It's going to be a referendum on trumps handling of covid and if it's a referendum loses so when he does a thing like that last night, where the whole point of it is it's all about him, it just becomes a discussion of trump we're talking about Trump we're not talking about an argument he's making about Joe Biden he's not making a good argument right now, or at least one that as an attraction again about Biden anyway, but but as well. Here's the races about trump- it's it's bad for you
strategically and all that last night did, as far as I can see, is kept Trump in in the spotlight, kept make kept the race about him about his lies his evasions about his associations with with forces an American. Why, that are widely incorrectly scene is despicable. that's all that was last night to every day of this election gets burned off the clock where it's about Trump is a day down. Trap is losing, so I think the last night was another another new cycle, Donald Trump Lost- and he just does not have any anymore? We all know this now, there's no one who can say anymore while it's so early, it is really late and there are historic numbers of votes being cast every day now I've been mine, numbing numbers of boats, shocking numbers of boats in every state is doing early voting and truck hasn't. Like that, obviously bad form Joe, obviously one more point about Before we move on here, the President of United States has endorsed a q a on candidate in the state of Georgia and never to he. resist. Flattery,
story of this criminal conspiracy, without getting into a too much, is that he is the hero of that story, that he is saving the country from this satanic pedophile ring. so that's why he won't come out in endorse it. Are you criticise it. Of course he knows what it is, but back to the question of tax is here as President giving his most detailed response today about the New York Times Report, on his taxes and his financial status, in which you seem to concede last night that he is in fact some four hundred million dollars in debt? How very their lovers, fortunately, but very The I have a very, very small percentage of debt compared debt of it I did is favours the institutions that wanted to loan me money Falander, dollars compared to the assets that I have all these great properties all over the world and, frankly the Bank of America? living in San Francisco. I don't love, what's happening to say
right now. I know his name. Do the workers now you dollars, isn't that might exist office buildings, but are you? Are you? Are you confirming that the ESA do? Oh, some four hundred million dollars sitting? Is that it's a tiny percentage of windows, That's why you see because we're doing things you know we ve, given. I think it's a hundred NATO Britain, twelve pages of financial detail to elections, and you know we have to as as the president as pity politician, you have to file nobody ever look at that, when they do, they see how incredible accompanying more importantly, this where this debt is. No, I don't know Russia money. I don't a very, very small, it's glow mortgages people have, a the boring bank, any foreign? Not that I know, but I will probably because it so easy to solve, and if you'd like to do, I will let you know who who, while whatever small amount of money, I want to say two things. Never when it's a very small amount of money number two,
it's very straight. It's very very straight, but it's a tie the percentage of the word it did? You ever the expression under lover. I am extremely under love years, Jason some Savannah pointed out right after that is where you could resolve by releasing your taxes and again he says these numbers are phony and made up. The New York Times is reporting on tax returns that it has viewed. The present went on to say some of his loans were favors to institutions that wanted to loan me the money he was doing favors by making their loans. He could again another case where you could have said: no, I'm not four hundred million dollars in debt, that's ridiculous! Instead, he went down, this long and winding road, thereby implying that? Yes, in fact, the President of United States does somebody more than four hundred million dollars right now. the Willy you know, I'm I'm old enough to remember the twenty twelve election in debates where we spent weeks talking about the that Mitt Romney, I think he was that it was too.
One of the other candidates and said ten thousand dollar bet. We were a gas right. We were gas that he treated. Ten thousand dollars like it was nothing we're now at a point where a president who's that four hundred million dollars says: that's peanuts. Well, you ve got forty million Americans who are out of work while his party refuses to come up with another stimulus package for more people will be put out of work and out of their homes. It's it's indicative of sort of the court. Like nature of people who continue to support Donald Trump, what I thought was politically compelling also about that number and about that debt and about his inability give a straight answer is look you couldn't get a security clearance at the FDA. If you had four hundred million dollars, I bet I have family members who are in national security positions and everything else like that. That kind of debt to anybody under any
consensus would not allow Eu Access to any sensitive information in the government, and so the fact that we have a president who is in that kind of debt and cannot trace it and what we're really information is yet another sign of what a national security risk is and the fact that people are willing to support him. We're godless of how his life financially and politically is completely at odds with the regular american people. But but again, I ultimately think in larger scheme of things I don't think this town hall is really going to change that much the people who, like Donald Trump, are going to continue to like them over eighteen million Americans have already voted one way or another, and every single time he his mouth. It is just a reminder not just of what a terrible person what a bad politician he may be, but it also depresses the vote for down ballot republicans, who have to go to zoom town halls and explain the behavior of a president who is completely at
with regular people. Well, as will I touched on it, he also talked about his health care plan or lack thereof. Let's play that right now and we'll talk to it. On the other side,. the pre existing conditions. This is such a big issue for voters. It is a big issue. In point of fact, you are administration is about to go to the Supreme Court to argue to throw out the rest of Obamacare, which includes the protect in particular, I think conditions that you also your administration is in court right now trying to get rid of that for shade in order to replace it with a much better healthcare at a much price and always under all circumstances. We are going to protect the Republicans and I mean Maybe I changed the party a lot over the last three years, but we will protect people with pre existing genes and Savannah what I want to do get rid of the terrible Islamic. already done to a large extent because, as you know, that the individual mandate, this guy
That was the worst, but you haven't replace. Now you ve been calls for years. We have both houses of Congress sang and in in Republican here, and there is not a replacement. Yes, that's right, I'm sorry! But if you look we had both houses and what do we do? We got rid of the individual mandate that went through the legal inter place. Look, look. We should be on the same side. I very simple, I'm going to put it very simple. We would like it terminated and we would like to replace it with something that's much less expensive and much better. We will always protect people with. existing aviation Those existing conditions will be like. If we don't succeed, we running the remnants of whatever's left because we took it upon we run the remnants of whatever is left much better than the previous administration, which ran it very badly knew you want any evidence of how intellectually bankrupt this report
party is in two thousand and twenty look no further than health care. The Republicans have been. arguing against Obama care for over a decade they, promising to replace it with their own plan a decade for ten years. they have put no plan out is a party that they all get behind, that they could pass to replace Obama care, and last night Donald It been lying through his teeth, of course, because that's what he does entire campaign about the coming healthcare plan down tromp last night admitted that he wanted take away Healthcare he wanted to take away the pre existing protection that would make insurance companies take care of you and your family. If you have pre existing conditions, and here
I want you to take a leap of faith that they'll figure something out a decade later. They still don't have a plan Ten years later, Donald Trump has been lying every three weeks in this campaign. It seems are healthcare plans coming next week or how they have no plan that would replace Obamacare and make it again we're a day in to this yeah Casey Hunt. You know, first of all, there's the conundrum of how exactly you watch to town halls late in the evening after working on capital and holiday and then get up for way too early with a baby, but what it's a longer answer. What is the republican plan to place. Is there anything in the works in any way? We we we keep hearing that there will be this replacement. What the heck is. It
well. First of all, Meca a Friday means more to me than it ever has previously is basically my short answer on your first question. But to answer your other question Joe's right, there is no plan Republicans have had all kinds of time to come up with a plan. The president's had time Republicans in Congress have had time they try. You know. John Mccain is the one who went down there and put his thumb down and said. No. This is a bad idea, partly because the plan that they were talking about was so how baked that there was no way anyone could really rap there had around the idea that would actually help anyone- and you know the policy This means it just drive me crazy, because when people say we're going to cover people with pre existing conditions, that's not in jeopardy, but we're going to dismantle this law and make things cheaper. You cannot do for those things. At the same time, the thing that is expensive is covering people with pre existing conditions. Now. This is obviously very popular,
it only works economically. If everyone is in the system together, so that healthy people are helping those with pre existing conditions. That's why it so hard to replace this plan. But the other piece of this politically is Is that an end and Joe? This has happened over those ten years right Democrats had a huge problem with when they lost in two thousand and ten in that tea party wave. But now Democrats are winning on the Health care issue. Obama care is a winner. Every time goes out there and says: oh yeah. We actually do support this lawsuit that would dismantle Obamacare we're gonna have another plan. It's a problem for Republican Senate candidates you know, are vulnerable to democratics democratic challengers, saying they're, going to take away your health care. People don't want it. It's popular this idea that your pre existing conditions are covered. It's a pretty dramatic when you think about
Are we were ten years ago when that simply wasn't the casement? Now man people expect it, and so for the presidency to say this, I makes it really tough, for those Republicans He knows that health care message Joe's being driven in races across the country up and down the ballot. It's about health care for Democrats, two more quick points here to put a in this job. The present didn't Joe Biden last night your ear in the final, the home stretch of a presidential campaign that you hope might a choice and entire night was a referendum on him. Part of that was because Savannah had an pin down all night, but he did not draw distinctions with Joe Biden, except on that question of Antifa. We saw there but on any policy issues, didn't draw a distinction and one other note to show you how things are going right now, the president just retweeted his out age and his shock at a story provided a link to the news story that Story was from a parody website, called the Babylon B, which is a very funny website that had made up a story about
There is a joke and the president, this morning's tweeting, his outrage about it thinking it was real, so. Well, you know there the way it is very funny website very funny Twitter go ahead. Hold on. I gotta go to man, you just I'm not finished got it. Is that what I say, So is so. It is crazy about about health care. and John Human Health care? Of course help Democrats run up the biggest vote. Landslide- they history of mid term elections two years ago. It's going to happen again this year. I just can't, so here we come to the end of another week another week that I would suggest not gone well for Donald Trump, two and a half weeks away, eighteen days away from this election. Of course, people voting millions of people going out voting right now and record numbers.
Get the polls. You look at the numbers that we're getting early returns from these states on the number of people are voting and white. What their party affiliations is where does this re stand two and a half weeks out statements about where it has stood for everything I wanted a pipe soldier browser. I use my magical powers, this abrasions frozen or get back to him right after the break and I had a morning Joe. The number of new corona virus infections across the United States is surging. Once again, with cases now, topping eight million will talk to former De Commissioner, Doktor Scott got laid about that plus Republicans Ben SAS offers up some blistering words about president. Will, show you what he had to say in a phone call with constituents and as we go to break
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Evan Jellicoe behind closed doors has his family is treated the presidency like a business opportunities flirted with white supremacist at the beginning of the covert to prices he refused to treat it seriously. First, he ignored covered and, and then he went into full economic shut down mood. I'm here he was the one who said ten to fourteen days of shut down would fix this, and that was always wrong. I've been, and so I dont think, the way he led through com, it has been reasonable, are responsible. I'm worried that if president tromp loses as looks likely that he's gonna take the Senate down with him I'm now looking at the possibility of a Republican, a republican bloodbath in the Senate. That's why I've never been on the Trump train. Why? Why didn't agree on his committee and that's why I'm not campaigning for him. So what are you? What do you think of all that? Well, I think it's a pretty copper
of listed the full indictment of the Trump years from a republican senator in a state that Donald Trump one by twenty five points in two thousand sixteen. But where has that and for the last three and a half year I mean- and it's nice it if he feels that way. They said that and that colony was honest about it, but we haven't heard that from a guy all of us have respected when he comes, and the show is an incredibly smart and thoughtful guy, but he's I've been. Am I a for the last three and a half years so he's right about just about everything he said there? I guess my next question would be then. Do you support his re election? Are you going to vote for Donald Trump given area? You said there, or are you republican Ben SAS, going to support Joe Biden Maybe we'll hear that answer in the next coming days as this audio came out and was authenticated, but boy from top to Bottom
John Home, and that was a pretty exhaustive list of Donald Trump failings as president. Yes, it was what we and I think that that that take that that I'll take that extra that that that audio, In any event, in its totality is story of the Republican Party in the Trump era. There is, I know Joe and Mika, and you and MIKE Barnicle- and everyone who comes on this program who does any reporting whatsoever who talks to people in politics with any degree of comprehensive this. We have heard Republican say: those things in private to us to each other, particularly for four years, Casey Hunt, I know by has heard this a million times off the record. Republicans saying exactly those things, maybe not that comprehensively, always sometimes we're fragmentary way, sometimes in the west,
well, certainly not as close to an election day, but we've heard it for four years, then those same people have kept their have kept their mouths shut. What they think about Donald Trump in public for four years. That is the story. the Republican Party very few Republicans, not there there's some, but very few evident one time or another voiced sentiments like that, and I ll not on the main stream part of the party that non for right Party, the party that did that those are common sentiments and have been for four years and then in public, where accounts. They have been unwilling to do so on the record and say what they were genuinely feel- that is, the corruption of the Republican Party there. In a nutshell, see hunt will let you jump ban, because obviously you hear this every day, but I've heard it. Every day from friends that used to be
Republican with I used to serve with. They just have contempt for Donald Trump and yet when Donald Trump says the craziest most bizarre things publicly a line up within shoulder to shoulder and then the site, the cameras are turned off, they start attacking him again and what has changed in Ben his life for this to come out? He survived a republican primary now we're in a general election. I also think it's noteworthy that this came in weeked audio. Not Camera direct decision that would prompt attacks on him from down trompe can play simply say. Well, you know I didn't want this out there, but at the same and we all know you ve colleague, that, with an impossible, Can I think any of us common sense would tell you it's likely that could have been in or its possible anyway that that could have been intentional, But I mean this is gonna, be the fight that the Republican Party is now going to face in the post. Tromp era is
There are still a group of people that are willing to say what Ben as just said there not in private, not on phone calls, but in public and actually make that case, an argument to voters and Reality is people like Jeff Lake and Susan Collins. They got raked across the calls are marked on twitter, for saying something about it, not doing anything about Donald Trump if they were the only ones out there saying anything at all, about it and they got punished by their voters. So They are in an incredibly difficult still position still, and I think if, in fact, Donald Trump loses this election gonna see the Republican Party rend itself apart over essentially take sides on this very question, and again been SAS I'll to speak for my I've always liked ban always respected aim,
grateful. That he's saying what he saying now, but America sure as hell needed him to say this for four years straight. Not in the eleventh hour as the golden carriage is about to turn into pumpkin John Hilman. Let me get back to the question I had for you before you put the extra quarter in your motels wifi and, of course, the x a quarter in the bed. It's so that is on its citizens. That episode, by the way so give us the state of the race. Where are we right now, two and a half weeks out, looking at all the polls, looking at all the early numbers looking at all the registry and advantages for Republicans, but the voting advantages for Democrats a fairly mixed pick sure it does seem, though, if you talk to both campaigns right now by camp This feeling a little butter yeah I mean so we would say before Joe right. Step of the polling picture has been remarkably stable for the last six months. You know the by
campaign has had a large national lead, a smaller but stable lead in to grab states their stronger in the Great Lakes day. In those kinds of Michigan Pennsylvania collection about it, states than they are in the Sun Bell States, although they have had a lead again, a small but persistently in North Carolina, a small but persistently in Florida, at a bigger but persistently Arizona nor North Carolina, probably the tightest of those second tightest right. So that's that's one. thing to say the second thing to say, as we are seeing this unprecedented, ordinary surge in voting at the number eighteen million. Nineteen million votes have been cast by this time. At this four years ago. That number was what one one twentieth. That you had just a tiny percentage of those boats have been cast. People are very eager to cast their votes, in particular Democrat
in terms of the early vote, where we know whether the vote is republican. Democrat who's got a hold of absentee out or early validots are slumping in those early votes as they're banking, millions and millions of votes. It's overwhelming. Now that doesn't mean that Donald Trump won't come back on election day, because we know Republicans final. are going to be more inclined to put on election day and then there's the last thing, and I know in wants to be equipped. I do want to say this: you have the top edit apiece yesterday on the show very important in those registration numbers are the big thing that's giving people cause. We got the final Florida numbers yesterday, Joe back it Rockoon, which is the last vote. Democrat,
I support the report's general comments can hear you, Sir John, be watching the Sargeus thou. This Sunday envisages to decide what wait what he was saying. There's a reassuring the break of sorting here, obviously, Democrats or banking tunnel votes right now and that's making Republicans very nervous talk to republican leaders across society. for the very nervous about bank of the votes, and you say but but what about? election day and they say. Listen. You want votes in. The and what position would we rather be in would rather be in Joe Biden's position right now, but we're so also remind you that, going into election day with early votes, Hillary Clinton was two and a half for and so is John, was saying at the end, expecting very big surge from Republican, on election day and Democrats.
Joe Biden so using really quickly just so you know, as far as viewing goes in Florida, you'll know by seven thirty eastern time? How a lot of early votes when, because the biggest these Miami Dade Brower Palm Beach, probably Duvall by seven thirty seven, forty five they're gonna be posting. Those numbers going to see how big of a lead By has, I would just guess it needs to be needs to to be up there for Five percent of those early votes can expect Donald Trump supporters to come out. in mass on election day. So, back to last separate town halls. Here are the two candidates on the issue of wearing masks? We get support from liquid ivy. Did you know that three out of four people
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as far as the mask is concerned, I'm good with mass I'm okay with mass and tell people where mess, but just the other they came out with a statement that eighty five percent of the people that wear masks catch it this is what I heard and that's what I saw you have so much power and influence its president meals to your you can require in our where everyone per annum right now and the University of Washington, since you wash you didn't India by the places, a different age. You have a love a doctor. he said, don't worry, mask right at first, but then everybody agreed. I don't know that he changed his mind, but then you have a report coming out two days ago that eighty five percent of the people wearing mass? I look at that report. It's not about math wearing. It was neutral on a question of math we're on the same side, I say where the man I'm fine with it. I have no problem word to say so. You go to every governor and get them a room. All fifty. When President say asked
where the mask everybody now and if they dealt with and I dont know not flying, then I go to every governor. I got every mare I go to, Council, when I go to every local official sake mandate the mask and say this is what you have to do when you're out make sure encouraging being done. The words of president Matter no matter whether their good batter, indifferent. They matter I want to pay. And it doesn't wear a mask or makes fun of folks. Like me, when I was wearing a mask for a long time, then it's you know people say well, it mustn't be that important. If you listen to the head of the of the CDC, he is still but he said while waiting for a vaccine help a mask. You wear this mask. You will say more lies between now and the end of year. Then, if we had a vaccine We had a vaccine, its essence. by every major study. From the University of Washington to Colombia, that if, in fact we warm ass, we can
between now and the end of the year? A hundred thousand why and avoid locked out of work down. Yes, you don't have to lock down if you're wearing the mass joining us now morning, Joe Chief medical correspondent, Dr Dave Campbell and infectious diseases, physician and medical director of the special pathogens unit the Boston University School of Medicine doctrine ahead. But Delia she's NBC News and MSNBC medical contributor, and, as you saw last last night, President Trump just on masks masks when it's obviously important to wear them in the middle of a global democrats masks, can actually bring the death rate down several put that aside, because we know that to be a fact, Doktor Vidalia, you were mourning over eighty scientists in an open, letter against heard immunity. The presidency
to be dancing around that issue, an issue that could lead to the deaths of many more Americans. Can you tell us about it good morning. May I think the concern for a majority of us who signed the John, no memorandum and authored it in the land said on thursday- is that this is showing more confusion and the stance that those who are the very fringe scientists who are supporting her immunity just letting infections rip through our society. What their stance is we're against locked up where were all against lockdowns nobody. lockdown, because they have an impact, social and economic impact. What we want is to mitigate with public health measures, so we don't get to that point and exactly the kind of things you talked about mask wearing physical, distancing, decreasing crowds, but they go be.
On that? Because not only do they not want long terms, what they're saying is you don't? We need to do when you to somehow artificially separate that thirty percent of this country, this considerable novel or severe covered from the rest of the seventy percent, somehow magically, despite Oliver, sharing the same air, the same household, the same workplaces? How do we do that? And since we know we can't do that with their setting up is a recipe that these gloom leads to overwhelm hospitals and actually exactly should rushing into rushing us towards the very locked out of the blue. There saying we shouldn't have to our This shows your matter. Memorandum is really signed by its gathering thousands of signatures over the last couple of days. For exactly that reason, because what we want to do is now look what's happening, forty states with increasing cases and meagre this is different from what we ve seen before in Spain. In the summer, because this is a generalised pandemic. This is this hospitalization,
geographically widespread and that's gonna pose a lot of challenges nationally to combat this pandemic. Doktor Dave to hear your take on on the concept of heard immunity in and what the president seems to be edging towards, but also the CDC did a study on heart spots around the country and you're. Looking at that, what did you find It is really time into the question of heard immunity, because this study has shown that in states across the country, when there is a hot spot. meaning an increasing number in a controlled area. The hot spots starts with younger adults that are under twenty four or younger teenagers and even kids first becoming positive, then We learned in the spring about two weeks later, you start to see the older population becomes, Positive then you see the hot spot. So
we're learning does type back into two things that you were just talking about mask where and somehow convincing that Then recalcitrant age group that we are all aware of, which is about twelve to twenty four, to wear the mask when they're out also to stick with social distancing measures and also we ve, now learn from Doktor Redfield recently, and we ve seen this from other studies, and we ve been saying this for a long time when the front door of your home closes. That does not mean you're safe zone so inside the house, inside areas where you have young people and older people and multigenerational families. You really have to be particularly careful about. What you do your behaviors and wearing a mask in your house, keeping the older folks away from the younger folks when all possible. So there's a lot that ties in to simply recognised.
that Americans need to change their behaviors right now and especially, we need to enable that younger group, the teenagers, the kids home from college, the young adults to recognise that they are a large part of this problem and they can help a lot Mika. Doktor Madeira, yesterday, the United States crossed eight million covert nineteen cases. We have reports wash impose that forty four states in the District of Columbia have higher case loads right now than they did in MID September. It seems to a lot of people. What you ve been on our show describing now for months with doktor crouching, warned us about way back in March and April, which is that there would be second wave. Maybe this is still a part of the first wave, but how are you looking at now as the war turns cold again in a lot of the country, how work watching this and what it looks like. What's on the horizon for the country. Good morning, Willie yeah, it's the trouble here is zero.
we are now seeing the sustained increase in hospitalization. So is not just that there is more testing, and so we are seeing a potentially people who have a disease getting picked up more and more seeing the result. Of majority a lot more of these people are getting sick end up in hospitalizations, it's really hard in the. U S is as opposed to a Europe that had this large wave and then went down, and that came up again. We ve always had multiple peaks and then high plateaus in between, and what we are seeing now is exactly that in a somewhat could change. What could keep us from going towards appoint? Were hospitals don't get overwhelmed and one who is part of this has been very, has responded in the spring I dont want lockdown scares lockdown mean I walk out streets are empty and I walk into my hospital corridors, and that means the hospital corridors are teaming with sick patients. That's what we're trying to avoid, and when we do, that is those steps you know the masking the physical distancing, making sure you that just
vaccine. It I'll see you don't get sick from losing. You don't need the same badge crowd control. The thing that I want to say that the impact of the economic impacts and social impact of public health, mitigations could have been improved by passing a covid release fund. We can ensure that people feel secure that they could get health care if they get sick. If we don't threaten potentially no way their health insurance. So it's also dry attention from all the things that this government could be doing. This administration could be doing to ameliorate the impact, the pandemic All doctors Dave Campbell Campbell and Nahid Bedelia. Thank you both very much for being on this morning, Jason Johnson, as we're looking at the final nineteen days before election day, new watching trump, last night you would not you'd almost not think there was a pandemic, which is one of the people. Once there and definite
There is one given the conversation we just had with the two doctors. What are your thoughts as coming down to the wire here to election day. You know all of these things mica are connected. What we heard Ben Sasse Say is what a lot of republicans are saying at home. They don't like how the present his handle, Covid nineteen, don't feel safe, they don't feel secure and it's led to large numbers of people saying we have to get rid of him the most important number. Yes, we've had early voting. Yes, eighteen million people have voted, but the most critical number, the number that has Republicans free the number that has been said- leaking audio him. Criticising transfer we can protect themselves. Is that in states like Pennsylvania, thirteen percent forward at ten percent, Texas Fifteen- sometimes twenty percent depending on it, of the people who are early voting, didn't vote at all in two thousand and sixteen now, if you're talking about people who didn't vote at all into they sixteen who are so enthusiastic that they're turning out to early vote and twenty twenty those people are generally
not going to be voting for Donald Trump and that's where the real challenges that, where this race is it's not just gonna, be a matter of Democrats having money in the bank. They got extra money that they didn't know they had before Or I Jason Johnson. Thank you very much. The page Johnson Le Maire joins us next with his new reporting on last night's town halls, plus news for Chairman Rupert Murdoch takes makes a prediction about the November elections morning I was coming right back, as an election year, like no other heats up turn to MSNBC. For the context and clarity, you need for big debate nights
election night and daily developments. The team at MSNBC Hook connect the dots Rachel Matter, Nicole, Wallace, joy, red and Brian volumes. Host coverage of the pivotal moments. Steep chronology breaks down the latest data, the big word and the road fears are buried with the candidates as they make their final appeal to voters the spiritual Chinese here, watch MSNBC,
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