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Morning Joe 10/21/20


The president on Tuesday called on Attorney General William Barr to launch an investigation into unverified claims about his challenger Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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You see to sixty four thousand one more time: text NBC to sixty four thousand paint. Your life celebrate the moments that matter most the attorney General BAR has the president or any went. The White House ever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone. I wouldn't I wouldn't yes or no. Strict people. First, wanting prosecuting attorney general the present or anybody else. seems you'd. Remember. Something might then be able to tell us here, but I'm trying to grapple with the word suggest got to access he's got to to somebody. Somebody have not asked me to open an investigation, but perhaps they've suggested This is major corruption, and this has to be known about before the election. I don't know, I wouldn't say suggest in I don't know inferred, you don't know
to be done early, so these Thirty general has to act. Senator Harris now? The democratic vice presidential nominee finally gets an answer to a question she asked. The General more than a year ago, you know better late than never really I'm surrounded most of the pit Will that I see every day are voting for Donald Trump Most of the friends. I grew up with our voting for Donald Trump and its talking to a and just saying so. Why are you voting? for this man. Well, he's a chair, what guy he's a horrible example for my care, I'd, never invite him over to the house. He is he's just Make of all he I hated, I just hate him bite and then fill Like a oh say, our man Pelosi
Bernie Sanders or regulation or tax cuts. or for a one case and as it were so well we have right now presently. The United States there is demanding that his attorney general arrest the vice president, for me, present the United States, his chief political competitor,. This is something that happens are happening the former Soviet Union. This is something that happens, still Russia. This is night wide soft tell it Terry and looks like this is what a full blown hark receive, looks like at least just focus on the actions of the present, the United States and Europe. Telling me you're more concerned about
see polo see I as outside of the White House. Then are an autocrat, side of the White House. It's really theirs. just a vacations. From again my friends are extraordinary, but this just one of hundred examples that we decide this. just as mass of disconnect between what are actions at the presence taking that are on American and the, certification for voting this man who is trying to arrest his political rivals on the eve of one he believes to be an election defeat. Part of the challenge the Trump years, been that there are so many outrageous claims, and there are so many outrageous statements the precedent that it's hard to stop sometimes and look one in the eye before the next one comes but
As you say right now, the the United States, less than two weeks ahead of the election is calling for the Ernie General of the United States to watch the investigation that I think he somehow things will be resolved before the end, today in some way, or at least, to muddy the waters before election day, and he goes farther than that. It is rallies calling for Joe Biden to be locked up. You get the sense if he could. He would direct attorney Jenny, bar to just throw Joe Biden into prison in and beyond with it This is a man. Donald Trump who is desperate. This is a man who is looking at the polls. This is a man who spending as days calling for Joe Biden to be locked up. Attacking Sixty minutes interview are attacking debate moderators anything he can do to change that I'm rotation from corona virus, which is what will this this election, perhaps to his parents, I'm just wondering naked and really so if somebody says well, you know Donald
will probably be better from my four one k than Joe Biden, even though Moody's and others on Wall Street suggest. That's really not the case he's, because we'll have stability and the White House will have stability in the markets will have stability in trade negotiations. One stability the globe but even if they make that argument. So you know that one case may be went down twenty percent this year. Are they Saying that electing a president who is trying to arrest is political opponents in America two weeks before an election they saying that Maybe they lose twenty five percent? therefore one candor Biden waiting percent under Trump and that five percent is where throwing away american democracy on a guy who claims have unlimited powers because of article two, a guy that questions
federal, judiciary, independence and a guy who is trying the best he can to have as political opponent arrested two weeks before a free election, and let me remind you, all my friends and loved ones- the United States of America not bellows, not in Hungary, not Russia and the United States of America. Why? What is worth that yeah I've heard also make this This other excuse, the press is liberal, so ok, so you Your voting for a guy who's trying to arrest is political upon it cause you don't like what Don Lemon says on CNN yards beer you want to appoint a man who says he has unlimited powers and can do whatever he wants to do and call for the rest of our
to question him like Jeff Basin and also well liked me repeatedly. You gonna love for him, because. Lauren, so Donal makes you mad cause. You don't like the New York Times. Again it is really. There is no logic till it. This is you desperately trying to justify something that you know can't really rashly be justified. I haven't even got to the racism to the muslim registry to the present, calling Hispanics breeders. Haven't you I haven't gotten the Charlottesville to the present Tele whites. premises to quote stand, to buy to the present talking about
assassinating his political rivals would second amendment solutions to stop them from appointing judges to the Supreme Court, haven't even got through for five years, a violent rhetoric. I haven't even talked about the present the United States saying that he would not guarantee repeatedly in debates, the peaceful trance of power. He did eventually, after the fifth or sixth die, not relay no, it's always sort of are, we sure sure guarantee their bite. What about anti for what this. What about that? So I even even talk about all of those things you added up. This is a man, and you know this would be an autocrat. If he good well would be a dick. later. If he could, you know that you said that to me. Many of you have said you know that if he loses, he can't leave America because our
government would be afraid that he would sell state secrets are most classify secrets to other countries, so you tell me you think, he's going to end up in jail, but you're going to vote for him anyway. You know I'm Tom Hanks in big, I dont get it. I don't get it here. I don't edit, your you're, my best friends near my family members And you're going to believe garbage that you read on Facebook manner. care than you, still used to murder murderer tried to get to investigate you use You are telling me, even though I told you heatedly, it's a lie and sent you evidence evidence
still saying you may not take a vaccine next year, because Anthony finality a financial stake in it. That's just a lie, and I love you. But you have to be really really stupid. Are wilfully ignorant If you still believe that why cause it's, not the truth, you just and Facebook A posts to each other exacerbate these lies Facebook. It's really it's something, but but but this is what Madeleine Albright mourned about it's the fire hose of corruption and ugliness that comes at you from a purse. with so much power like President Tromp, who can turn this country into a different place where this is a challenge. This is a challenge for democracy. I guess I'm not talking about people over there. No I'm talking about
friends and loved ones again, who we got it give their lives far for me for my family, and yet there are still voting for made something again reminded willie- and I often on Friday night swim. You know, you're out with your bowling league Mika Billy and I often get together and you and Christina are Bowling and Wilson and one wide river run through a little weep at the end Tom Scared says, says that sometimes we have to completely love those. We don't completely understand and that's what I work every now, especially for the next two weeks, really what part of river run through it. Why
you tell them the it makes you work. You were doing really well when Brad Pitt falls asleep in the sun by the river. I think that's a lot of fun. That makes me weep every time. That's a great reason. Along with Joe Willy and mere top. We have White House report for the Associated press giant until a mere NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent and a host of way too early Casey Hunt back with us. She never sleeps. Ok, breast Islands are going insane. Jonathan Moliere, Johnny Of course, we dont, let you go to our river run now, while you know what happened last time to try to Brian, I just can can seriously sears, we don't want to get it That's not! It was now garnish but mirror the Red Sox had a great game last night, Moki like an amazing, Joe Kelly close down the rays as one.
Since best game since two thousand eighteen personal ever air, non disclosure agreement about the time I tried it? With you and willingness to let's move waiter, yes, monkey bats again approve that he is one of the most electrifying and best players in baseball the cornerstone of a franchise one that a team should lock up for a decade or more would seem to be the right strategy. That, of course, did not happen to for the Boston Rights, oxen feedback is showing off his incredible Taos, LOS Angeles dodgers. Instead. Last night he ran the bases like a the demon he had a whole run and made other great play in the field. They did it with infectious enthusiasm. He is perhaps the most popular in one of the top two or three best players and baseball and for the Dodgers, and why can't we get players like US
well. You know. The thing is, though, in all fairness, Willy there's no way the red socks could have seen this young kids as common. The way who could have Convey predicted that milky way be this good Willie. It's almost like giving away your Derek Jeter. You know the cornerstone franchise, the guys the kids can live up to not something most franchise This would do it is fine for me. The listener ransacked turn into Yankee. For two years removed from a world series in just moaning about the fact that you haven't one one and so long welcome to our That's got one years our gives this conversation now we're gonna have case. These are all went through this dark we're stopping right now and getting to the news presidential store hell on earth. I gotta have where you get don't we're conversion to share the same room
ok, how the rallying airy Pennsylvania yesterday, during which he kept joking daddy, wish it didn't have to be an area Pennsylvania when we knew we were now before the plague came in I headed made. I was it. Mr Erie I mean I have to be honest. There's no way I was coming I didn't have to. I would have called you and said: hey: are you know if you have a chance get on, but we had this thing, one that, Interesting, so thank you, wanna be, can create a you people. You dont want to be here The Lord mayor, the present its ban on edge, to say the least over the past couple days, two days ago, one of the angry performances tarmac than yesterday, he storms off the set with Leslie Stall airing off his MIKE attacking Leslie stall. Now goes
are last night says. Thank you ARI. I don't want to be here, his wife back. It stays in the White House doesn't come is supposedly a nagging cough going on in the land Donald J Trump, but in Trump didn't wanna, meaning every last night apparently, but I did I was there with him for that year, which was shorter than most, that he he's been locked in under our and to be fair was pretty chile last night, but you write the present here last night did deliver supposed to be his closing with two Islam election, and he said that The choice is between the Trump economic recovery or, if you like Joe Biden in his socialist policies in tax cuts and so on, will slow down the recover even put it as a depression, that is what is advisors who wanted him to say for weeks now, unfortunately,
for them. He gets. It continues to step on it with these sideshows and yes, we had a few more of them. Yesterday, a day after his attacks on doktor fancy, he stormed out of a sixty minutes. Interview proceeded to then attack data, burlesque stall on twitter friend release a videotape whatever that may of the interview. Perhaps the last has made its own recording. That is not certain. We have pressed as to what that means, but it does reflect this. Private mood shall, as you say, aid on Monday and the tarmac out west. He angrily last into reporters aid say he is increasingly growing anxious and concern that this is a race to the slipping away from them. He's running out of time as much as outwardly, of course, declares that he is still going to win. We have even seen some public comments to the case where he's acknowledged and he could lose he's mused about how could he lose to Joe Biden who privately he says as someone who he feels that his shot has lost it, that it would be an embarrassment if he were to lose to him the other day publicly. He thought he might have to lose. The country leave. The
country, if indeed he did and he has seen here. He was in terms of ale last night. The state that matters, perhaps most of all, and not your college map- he's gonna. Be there a lot in the next weeks, but there's a frustration that have returned three of the race is unchanged. It is about the dynamic and his and the side shows that he is trying to engage and day after day just aren't working. pandemic relief. Casey Hunt, apparently Mitch Mcconnell, might have a different point of view about when people should get it. The president loves to put check in people's hands? it's almost so transactional it hurts, but where does and relief stand for people who have been waiting, for some sort of hell. while I'm in the reality is if he wanted to put checks with his name on them in two peoples, mailboxes pockets before the election he should have done.
A couple of weeks ago, instead of sending a tweet that blew up all of the negotiations, contrary to his own political interests, ahead, this election and yeah. It's just a clear that we're gonna get anything before election day. Here the dynamics are complicated. Munition the administration and Nancy Policy seem to want to get something done. They say that there are still at the table, but for Ms Mcdonald politics of it are complicated and he let it be known yesterday that he told his members in a private meeting that he doesn't he's telling the White House don't do it before some day and Joe knows this: well, the politics can change on a dime. If this, this really is the kind of landslide election that some of them Suggested could be not just for the White House, but also across the Senate Map, which, if you look dig into those numbers. It looks like sexually worse for Senate Republicans than potentially for the president. You know: that's gonna, that's gonna change
thanks in Congress and in which Mcconnell running potentially an opposition party means It could mean that it's less likely people get the help that they that they need, and I think, there's some real questions for American for their families, but also for our economy. More broadly, I mean that the Federal Reserve a lot a lot of people have raised concerns about the lack of of chicken from Congress and any implications that back in so you know a lot of of dire of dire consequences here, but you know that the eerie the eerie moment it just made me think back to I mean, first of all, political candidate goes somewhere and then says I don't want to be here. You go to ask for people's votes, and you say I didn't want to have to come. Ask for your vote. I mean it's mind, boggling, mind boggling, and I also keep thinking back to the image because
about star wars of the death star, remember, Brad PAR scale called the Trump campaign the death star. It does blow up at the end of the movie, which is again an image when you've got a presidential candidate going in campaigning and saying I don't want to be here. I mean that is what it seems to me is happening to this campaign in these final weeks definitely important to watch the movie to the end before you post your Jiff about the death star to see what happens there, yeah Joe. So this sort of ties in Jonathan's point case he's pointed back to your initial comments on show this morning about the economy? Work you have Donald Trump saying Joe Biden. If he is elected, will turn America effectively into a socialist hellhole or, however, he puts it. The problem is Joe Biden and it's not Bernie Sanders in a lot of voters. Are buying that argument and, as you pointed out there big economic forum, Financial firms are Goldman Sachs, saying actually, if Joe binds elected there's a blue wave and they take over the Senate, that's better for the economy than Donald Trump Being re elected, because we'll get stimulus, yes, corporate taxes will go up
they'll be stimulus in the economy, so when he goes therein tries to paint a picture of Joe Biden Famous the moderate for the last fifty years or whatever it's been as socialist in the mold of Bernie Sanders or AOC voters have said again and again that they just don't buy that caricature of Joe Biden yeah and then, by the way, if Mika had interjected, in case he was talking about the death star and said that Captain Kirk blew it. I would have walked off. This area That, then, is is correct. The way, if you look at all the numbers veto can all the cross tabs and every single pole only issue were Donald: Trump is competitive and in most of the policies, that is the economy who could have the economy, better Donald Trump, Joe Biden, if Donald Trump had stayed on message this entire year, which I know is impossible to do. But let's say if it candidate in Ghana,
Tom's position that stayed on message and talk about two things on the economy. How well it went before the cross of virus? How he's going to build it back again and then in places where the message cells like for this The Florida, a fighting and socialism, which works obviously very well with cuban Americans emigrants from nickel. where immigrants from from many other places. Venezuela, then it in that actually would have given him a better shot of of being much closer. The poles are now again. He he could still win, but it I think his campaign, AIDS and they've been saying saying it for a year now, be the first to say that if Donald Trump Stock with this message should be done, for better than he is right now, but he again he lets you
happens it make it tomorrow night and the debate right. Is he going to be able to stay a message? Essays? Gonna be kinder and gentler. Here, have that gear, is it is sort of a one. pony and its it stood tack constantly and a to move to everything, but the economy. The debate should and fascinating will be up covering it so we'll get to new and grand state pulling it just a moment, but first some other headlights, Maloney trumps, return to that pain trail was put on hold yesterday. Drain lingering cough after her bout with covet. Nineteen to her chief of staff. The first lady decided not to tag along with the president for his rally in Pennsylvania, last night. The outer of abundance of caution when legislating, neither of them to be an airy Lee she was sick. Obviously yeah, that's true! The event would have marked her first public appearance since contracting code at nineteen earlier this month,
as well as her first time. on the campaign trail. Than a year former president Obama will be in Pennsylvania today. Campaigning for Joe Biden he'll be speaking at a drive in rally in Philadelphia this evening. His first in person campaign event four Biden this year ahead of us. Its event. The former president also released a new video message on Twitter late last night young young Americans to get out the vote this November, times as polarizes. These your vote, just matter it matters more than ever before,. And to change the game on any of the issues we care about, Joe Biden need your vote. And the Department of Justice, along with eleven states file and antitrust law suit against Google. Yesterday kicking off a legal battle, but as likely to last three years, the lawsuit accuses the tech jobs,
and of using its size to illegally monopolize the market. First generated advertising through contracts that keep competitors out. In response, the company called the law so deeply flawed, saying in part, people use Google because they want to not because they are forced to the lawsuit marked the biggest move by the Justice Department against a big. Companies since nineteen ninety four, when the government food Microsoft for similar business practices and still I had on morning Joe, we know Joe Biden doesn't have any financial ties to China because he's is Tis tax returns. Donald hasn't released his tax returns, but thanks to the New York Times, we're learning learning about a previously unreported bank account China will get that story plus the Senate. Scheduled to hold Amy Coney Berets confirmation vote next week, Politico's Jake Sherman joins us with a look at new polling about the Supreme Court,
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Twenty five percent off your first year with promo code MJ, that's a free scan life locked out slash, scan and twenty five percent off with Promo code m J. that's a new battleground state pulling just into us in Michigan. The latest Reuters Ipsos Pole puts Joe Biden up by seven points in that state. Fifty one to forty four percent. North Carolina Biden in President Tromp, are statistically too by that forty nine percent, Donald Trump of forty six percent in the state of Florida, the latest university of North Florida poll shows another statistical tie with Joe Biden it forty eight percent Donald Trump at forty seven, percent and in Georgia, the latest New York Times Sienna College poll shows the two presidential candidates tied exactly at forty five percent a peace journey, is now senior writer at political co, author of the play, but Jake Sherman. He is
MSNBC political contribute Jacob morning good to have you with us, Joelyn start with you that going back to some of those balls, this kind what have you been saying from the beginning when some of these outlier poll showed you know Joe Biden, ups in eight nine point place like Florida. This probably is more what this race looks like right now, yeah the Florida race has been within a point or two actually, for a month you talk to the people that are looking at Every day they can tell you right now the exact number people who have voted early that and obsessing over these numbers on the democratic and the republican side. They've always told me this race. Is it within one point probably be like the sentences raise. It will probably be like bill, Nelson's race, the past year of an hour, two thousand eighteenth, where maybe it's one by twenty thousand, Thirty thousand forty thousand votes. Maybe a hundred
thousand are less assets, which is incredible and its stated eighteen million. This race in Florida is so tight that any poll that says it's three or four points. Is not reflecting. Why would the professionals are saying you know what's interesting, though, is as you look at this map. Jake Sherman. We Talking about for MID west after twenty. Sixteen everybody was talking about the angry white man. The disinfected white man, older White and in the upper Midwest in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that had enough said the hell with it, and that's where the Battle Ground was going to be actually We ve seen are actually job enjoying the batter leads Comparable Wade's across our MID west and the battle for the presidency is taking place right now in the sun belts.
It's from North Carolina, where its tied to Georgia, where its tied Florida tied, Arizona, very close, maybe Biden up one or two so If Donald Trump can squeak out a win in Pennsylvania which right now they think is their only only hope up there then It means to be shot out. Those other sunbelt states are. He went and right now if it goes. One point two points either way: that's a drum Magic shifted the entire election in theirs states. Now in that, sunbelt show that if, if, if Joe Biden wins the races and winnable for Donald Trump Estate, like taxes by the way where at least on the congressional level. There is a lot of optimism that Democrats are making massive gains in the big cities like used in the outside. The big cities, like Joe. It's is an amazing statistic which you will appreciate more than Anybody Tom, the laser district, the ancestral home,
time delay. The architect of the Republican Party of them in early two thousand. That district is going for Joe Biden and it looks to be a competitive district in the congressional map so that sugar land outside of Houston suburbs and exerts is is the is the cradle of democratic politics at the moment, which is studying for anybody who power politics for the last twenty years there, twenty five years. And joyful Amir. What do you see in those numbers we are seeing what the Trump path is. The very narrow one, but it still exists. Jos point they have largely pushed it from Michigan was costs and not a bad thing in entirely. The first presented problematic one more trip there, but his advisers right now are encouraging and narrowing of the of their map of their game plan through Tribe Some of the travel be cut back and focused on indeed What is basically the Sunbelt plus Pennsylvania, but that's the way to do it
gotta hold onto Georgia play defence there in a race that is far tighter than any Republican. I would have expected, or wanted a few months ago floor the course is always closed North Carolina as well. You have to hold that those that trio on the southeast corner and, yes, captain and catch up in Arizona and then in particularly Pennsylvania, which will be course be the hardest one of the twenty six Instead, we want to hold on a state where he has faced stubborn deficits more than one or two, but more like. before four five six, depending on the pole, and certainly one we're Joe Biden, is uniquely situated to keep Scranton and also someone who so identifies himself as a police political persona with those white working and middle class. Voters that's gonna, be the stay where I think the next wave of Poland will tell us a lot of where we can expect this race to look like when we all wake up in two weeks, and Casey, the republican parties future, is bleak, regardless of how
selection turns out, and I'm not saying that George W Bush was saying that in nineteen ninety nine that unless Republicans got right with Hispanic, some other minorities that the Republican Party was gonna go. The way of the Whigs Jem Bush was saying it nineties. Mean right now and being extradited by Donald terms, policies he saw you about taxes, and we should, because it may not get a lot of friends that served in there Can Congress and suburbs of Dallas, and use in that, wouldn't be there now some aren't there now because of because in the democratic as ever suburbs, but they say, for me that better, less traits the problems that Publicans are gonna, have for the next twenty thirty forty years is. Georgia, where we used to look and georgian say: ok, Republicans are getting it trounced. Indeed,
town Atlanta Gonna get get wiped off the map. That's that's we'll we'll pick up in the suburbs will sort of even it out and then we'll catch up in the rural areas. Now because of Donald Trump Republicans live in a world where they get trounced in the heart of Atlanta. Now, they're bleeding support, extraordinarily quickly under Donald Trump, in the suburbs and they're just may not be enough rural areas to help Republicans catch up to what they lose and the one mass of city in that state. it's like the revenge, the suburban women of blockhead, or something like that. I'm sure I think you're absolutely right show that that's part of why, if you look at the Senate race, why Mitch Mcconnell picks Kelly, lawful or who has turned out to be a bit of a heavy handed politician? They wanted somebody. They could appeal to those to those very
but because they know that that is future of the state- and it is we have been talking about Georgia for a law long time, and it in you can put it in the same category with Texas. Every time Democrats him to say, oh, we might win their and inevitably are disappointed, but you know I think we are. all can fall into the trap of covering the last election right. Democrats are still completely shocked by what happened in twenty sixteen to the point that their reluctant, two in or in any other circumstance. We would probably look at all this information we have about where the Trump campaign and republican stand and say this is clearly a landslide, a realignment the country is reject this overwhelmingly, but everyone's We need to say that, and I think that the place where we're going to answer that question is this realignment of fundamental realignment is in places like you outline exactly the suburbs of Georgia, the suburbs of Dallas and Houston and
having Jake Sherman. What does your sense of where what republican leaders are thinking right now behind the scenes? Because there is gonna, be this battle? Roy wow, I think between those who say we need to look back to that autopsy and twenty. While that we did when Mitt Romney lost about how the country is changing. You mean you ve. Already your hearing, people like List Cheney make that argument behind closed doors, but on the flip side the elect, Republicans that are going to be left in Washington are gonna, be people like Marjorie, or green from Georgia District to has embraced q, and I spirits see theory, so I am struggling around my head around how that battle is gonna play out the item thirty They are really understand it either I mean that there are not incentivize demean. Leadership has tied itself so closely,
President Trump. I don't know how they reject from that. Even if he's gone from office, any I've talked to the senior Republicans that I've talked him many of them. You know crazy, as that we can't fix our problem in the suburbs. It'll Donald Trump is gone, he's not gonna, be gone if he is even if he loses the election, so I mean you're, seeing the fundamental realignment is already happening and it's already happening in a very meaningful way. Right, I mean you're, seeing tight races in the Charlotte Suburbs, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix places that made up the bedrock of the republican majority. The party is farther. Go you talked about nineteen. Ninety nine they with an autopsy, even in two thousand and twelve, that said similar things, I would argue, the Republican Party is ten times as far from those goals as they were in two thousand and twelve after a Trump presidency. Right now, the republican parties to victory is through very red rural america- and I don't see how that changes right now or in the near future,
funny. Jake Mitt Romney actually brought up the twenty and twelve postmortem explicitly the other day and said we have completely ignored the lessons we were supposed to have learned from that postmortem report, Jake. I'm curious about the Senate. How is Mitch Mcconnell feeling right now is he looks across the map. We seen senators come out publicly for the first time in many of their cases and cross. The president obviously that audio that was mysteriously Lee from Ben SAS explicitly in through the items of where Donald Trump is, is terrible. John Court, coming out in his own way and in crossing the president. How are they feeling about? The Senate they feel there is a real chance. They could lose their fifty three forty seven majority, oh yeah, The council has said that openly that there is a very good chance. I mean I think, he's put it he's a correct me at fifty. Fifty at this point, which is really about a great problem. Fishing for a leader to be saying and say what you want about package for cattle. The understands the politics, these races as good, if not better than anybody else, something that really sticks out
Me, though, is that he has yesterday he's kind of warning. The White House to not cut a stimulus deal which to me if you've, the tea leaves means that he doesn't think any of it. members could be saved by voting for a two trillion dollar bill in the week before election day, which I mean in every other year. That would probably not be the case, so yeah yeah absolutely thinks he can lose, and I think that he doesn't leave. He himself will lose, but it's difficult, looking at the map as an honest broker here, that you think Republicans have a good chance of keeping a majority at best. Fifty fifty many would say it's much worse and Jake what a morning consult poles. You have looking add to that: the nomination of Aimee Coney Barrett and how that's going? What would he have fifty one percent people say that they should vote and confirm right now, which is witches. an interesting statistic, but very interestingly Joe Biden has an edge in our
forty six to thirty nine and whose best to handle the Supreme Court and as we thought we noted this in playbook this morning, I heat for the first time that I can remember. I don't want to see the first time ever Joe Biden, bowls of four thousand five hundred and forty four advantage on who people trust to handle the economy. That's a big deal. That was the one area that Donald Trump retain an advantage on it's. The one area Republicans tend to always hold an advantage on, and Joe Biden has captured the advantage there. Alright politicals Jake Sherman? Thank you so much and coming up lawyers say they can't find the parents of more than five hundred our children, separated by the Trump administration and based
is Julia. Ansley joins us with that new reporting, hey everyone. It's Chris says these days. I find it helpful to just take a step back from the day to day onslaught of news and take a broader look at the issues I haven't had time to cover on my tv show, all in everything from the legacy of racism in America to how community and creativity can flourish them it's to pandemic, to how Democrats could win and deep Red America, I do it each week on my podcast. Why is this happening and I'm joined by uniquely qualified guests like Pulitzer Prize Winning reporter Nicole Hannah Jones? Progress, does not mean justice or equality, or that we are right after four hundred years. I've like people being in this country, the type or marketing incremental progress and patting cells. On the back. For that has been long over author Rebecca Summit. How do we take care of each other in the context of not being able to physically be with each other in ordinary ways? Crooked media's John fabric? It's gonna be the high turnout election in history, which means that it is a persuasion, game and many others who helped me makes sense of what's happening in our society and our girls
really enjoy your conversations. I hope you will do so join me for new episodes. Every Tuesday, just search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe attorney supported by a federal judge, to track down the parents of migrant children separated from their families, so they cannot locate the parents for five hundred and forty five of those children according to a court filing by the American Civil Liberties Union, two thirds of those parents separated under the twin seventeen pilot programme for the ministrations zero tolerance policy, where Japan to Central America before the programme was held, by executive executive order, the parents of than five hundred and fifty have been contacted, but only two on five may have a chance, Return to this day, four reunification with their children,
Yes, now be sinews correspondent, Julia Ancillae Julia! This is one of those ongoing stories you ve been covering, then following where it's it's it's beyond staggering it's shocking and its it's just unbelievable that this is happening. it is make it was also unbelievable- is head. This task falls to lawyers when President Trump did. Family separation turn executive order in June of twenty eighteen. He had no place to go, find the families that have been separated and put them back together, he just stopped there, operations going forward, and so a judge in California Federal Judge appointed the ACL you and other organizations to take data that ice provided just said. these: are families who are separated take that and go find them. Fortunately, there, is anything fortunate for the families that were separated under zero tolerance in May and June of twenty eighteen, most
those were still in the country still in custody, so they can be easily reunified these families, when you're talking about five hundred and forty five children, where we don't know where parents are: they were separated in a pilot programme that largely went under there radar and twenty seventeen? No one was keeping track of where these families were going, and now these attorney say: look can't even find the parents of five hundred and forty five Friend and we believe that most of them have been deported and if they do kind, Then they will likely have to come up with this. Terrible decision will have to make the terrible decision between bringing their children back tunas country or allow understand the United States with a family member sponsor in order to keep them protected, Juliet really what a story! This is just stopped in your tracks when it posted yesterday, where are the fundamental question for a lot of people is: where are these kids? You alluded to the fact that some of them have been placed with
families, family members, ants uncles, grandmothers, whoever that may be, but that can't be all of so physically. Where are these kids? Many of them very young. let's just start with the fact that of those five hundred and forty five children, where we don't know where their parents are, these organizations haven't even been able to contact three hundred sixty two of children themselves did this and over a year now that the lawyers have had their day It is so hard to figure out where these people went this incredibly com black system, so there even know where some of those children are others are here in the United States like we said they could be a family member. What but when they were separated, as they were, put into the custody of health and Human services, and then people could come forward sponsor or they could be sent to live with a state sponsored Her family and be absorbed our system system. Here they try to make a claim for asylum, but it's very clear that these children-
Those who are old enough to remember will have the memories of being separated from their parents and by the. U S: government MRS Julia Ancillae. Thank you very much for your reporting on this and still ahead linear I'm speeder Baker joins us with his new reporting on the bipartisan effort to shore up the vulnerabilities in the. U S: presidency exposed by Donald Trump, as an election year, like no other heats up, turned MSNBC for the context and clarity. You need for big debate nights, election night and daily developments. The team at MSNBC Hook connect the dots Rachel Matter, Nicole, Wallace, joy, red and Brian volumes. Host coverage of the pivotal moments. Steep chronology breaks down the latest data, the big word and the road carriers are embedded with the candidates as they make their final appeal to voters the sprint to is here. Watch on MSNBC
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