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As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the country, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said in a Sunday interview that the Trump administration won't be able to 'control the pandemic.' The panel discusses.

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I'm Lindsey grabbed the hosts of one show american scandal. We bring life some of the biggest controversies in. U S, history, presidential lies corporate fraud, corruption and sport in our new series we look at a decades long campaign by federal law enforcement to target activists fighting for racial justice. Federal agents were for everyone from Billie Holiday to Martin Luther King Jr and would ultimately face a public reckoning scribe to american scandal on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you catch. A pike ass join one replaced with an ad free in the wonder, YAP. Here's. What we have to do, we're not going to control the pandemic? We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines. Therapeutics other mitigate. Why are we gonna Gary, although I am because it is a contagious virus just like the volume so we're not gonna control the pandemic, That's amazing. That is certainly that goes down it. Of course, pick pick. I guess
could have the car there on the earth S Missouri the end of world war, two showing sapping surrender of the Japanese are maybe Bruno Doran in his second fight, nineteen, eighty with sugar, ABLE Leonard throwing up his arms and saying no moss No, but I knew I'd internally set, is now people tat with two twenty six thousand people, that this is where it ends. We're notices where fraud and tat the White House is a response to the pandemic ends with them. Finally, after seven eight months of lying to the american people and making matters much worse. Finally, just giving up and saying we can't control the pandemic, when of course, you can all the pandemic. There are things that you can do that can hold the pandemic can check, but you can't do that when you speak
six seven, eight months lying to the american people, saying it's one person coming in from China and soon are going to be gone, and then, a month later February sang its fifteen people coming in and soon there going to be gone. It is going to be down to zero thanking president. She is present trump dead on behalf of the American people on January, the twenty. Fourth, thank you for your transparent rousing testing and then in the spring, it's gonna go away in April. Remember the present telling you heatedly senior said this was gonna magically go away in April who's going to open up that country by Easter. That did not happen, but then my memorial day, because it was going to me I could go up and get magically go away. In fact, we had spikes and taxes, spikes soda spikes implored. Oh yes, as we warned at the time It was the senior citizens who were disproportionately impacted and then, of course, Anthony Vouchers.
Trying to tell America through to protect seniors that this was going back back in the fall big time. What did the president say on that stage with Anthony felt it's not going to come back in the fall Anthony found she had to. Back up and say it's coming back in the fall, and you know meagre I guess younger people who Why did you lie to who loved to be lie too? Who who will look at conspiracy theories? They claim that all of this is just like the flu. They can Say what they want to say, but they know their liars they another line lying to themselves, and they know their lined other people, because Donald Trump himself is on tape. Admitting this is five times as bad as this is contagious at this is dangerous and that's
years will die and the younger people will die. That's what the president said, and it is very significant that the present in states continues to hold super spreader event all across the country is right. This is chief of staff say when he's waving the white flag when he's quitting Please admitting that the White House is giving up as yet another break out is taking. Inside of the White House. He said this the virus is contagious. It's it's! It's tough. So this is where it ends with them just giving up. Well my doing it just in time, because You can go and vote continued about next Tuesday diverting stops yet and this this obviously for so you're citizens. This will play a major role in
are they and, as you are going out to vote, especially if you are a senior just read in any newspaper, I'd just grab this from USA. Today, on Friday, the president has, dissipated and nearly three dozen rally since MID August, all but two at airport hangers. The USA today analysis shows Kovac. Nineteen cases grew at a faster rate than before, at least five of those rallies in the following counties, and it lists the counties, including a Wisconsin county. This is crazy. He is holding Super Sparta The virus is spreading more rapidly because of him got a trail of germs that he's spreading across the country. In the I'll days of his campaign. It's incredible to me the people that choose to believe him at this point. well, listen, they know he's lying
their voting. You exposure submitted today only what they think they're young. They think I've, nay, but leave him. They think I would do that to themselves. They were fifteen hundred new cases and those counties alone in the two weeks after Trump held rallies there well with its. We have Washington Anchor for BBC World NEWS. American caddy K, White House support for these says it press Jonathan, where and how severe assemblies politics nation present the national Action network, Reverend AL sharpen Mika the White House. is dealing with yet another outbreak right of cover This is this. Is a white house? I can even keep it from themselves. Five, a vice president. My pencil aids have tested positive for the virus include. his chief of staff. Mark Short, the vice presidents they said in that statement on Saturday night- that short began quarantine and that he was cooperating with contact raising
A source also tells NBC News that pensive senior policy adviser Marty, Orbs tat object, has also tested positive. The vice president has tested negative, and will continue to travel for the campaign where alike the rally in North Carolina yesterday his office suddenness statement, while vice president pens, is considered a close contact with Mr Short, this positive in consultation with the White House medical unit. The vice president will maintain his schedule in accordance with CDC guidelines presented, but got out what they said suited all them to go on the Rhine, CDC guidelines, nobody RO continues to break, did guidelines he continues to. Let it let really quickly, we will judge near the vice president, break out continues inside the White House. The vice president continues to break off.
lines we saw even on the debate. His wife comes up on stage. Only person in they're, not wearing a mask is well what's going on wait. What do you do that? just not apply to MIKE fence. Well, let's remember Joe, that my pants, who is indeed flouting the CDC guidelines. He is the head of the White House. A virus taskforce. He is the head of the task force, but it seems If the rules have shifted and do not apply to him, he and his aid say: let's walk through. it's happened here. We know this outbreak was began last week in over the weekend. We now have up to five of this top AIDS, including important, wash oppose his body. Man have tested positive krona viruses, his chief of staff, Mark short, who is in close contact and travel with president several days last week, show known around the White House for never during a mask and also really downplaying the loudest voices in building downplaying very love the lives of the covert nineteen outbreak and the present
the vice president. That at least so far has given no indication has schedule will change. He had a rally nocturnal yesterday as me, said he slid into go to Minnesota. Today it should be noted. There is effort from chief of staff marked meadows too suppresses information to not release publicly that if there is an outbreak in the vice president's office that he did not want to be? In his told people who taken cues from the president, he didn't want that to be Central argument in the races final, eight or nine days, but it is- and it shows after yesterday. His statement on the Sunday shows which of course required as it has achieved so much attention where he said of the White House, is not and to control the pandemic in the widest later said that no he meant that he was troubled. The wires efforts right now are focused on therapeutics. In that nations and so on? But of course it either importantly, serve raise the curtain as to what their strategy has been along or lack thereof, where they have not had a full force. Effort
to control the spread of this virus, whether through testing or show, distancing or, of course, requiring masts, or at least advocating their use as a role model and the president himself. He indeed continues to hold These massive events- I was with him yesterday in mantra, New Hampshire. There were several thousand people there no social distancing somewhere more than perhaps usual at a Trump event, but still not even fifty percent and he's got three more schedule today in Pennsylvania at a pace that only picks up as the week goes on an election date and ears. The president and assume their rhetoric on account of ours has not changed. There simply say, despite the outbreak in the vice presidents off Thursday incorrectly, but the nation is rather the corner. That seems to be their close at hand. Fantastic will have more on the president's schedule, but here's more of what mark Meadows Chief, the staff's said in that interview
yesterday with CNN Jake Tapir. I spoke to the vice president last night at midnight. And I can tell you that what he's doing is wearing a mass, socially distancing and when he goes up to speak, he will take the mask off, put it back on. But what he's he's wearing a mask, as it relates to this particular thing, because the doctors have advised him to do that and so Jake. When we start to look at this Here's where we really need to make sure on your website yesterday, J O your website, talking about will now we think the spread is coming from small social groups in family groups. First, it was large groups. Now a small grids and now this now, it's not what you well that took place at exactly the right now to control. So here's what we have to do, we're not going taken all the pandemic. We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines seems other mitigate. Why are we going to bury, although goddamn, because it is a contagious virus?
like the volume of wine making efforts to contain it? Well, we are making efforts to. tat you are running all over the country and not wearing a mask answer the last presidency back back and forth left. Let me just say this is what we you need to do is make sure that we have the proper mitigation factors where there is therapies, are vaccines or treatments to make sure that people don't die for this, but to suggest that we're going to act quarantine all of America and also down our current saying well, that they are Joe Biden saying that he says lock, everybody out we're gonna have we're gonna, have a dark, we're gonna have a dark winter. We're gonna have a. that health officials say here meadows is may seriously how he how does that and sleeps at night he's just lying to you, but he's lying. Through his teeth, Jody Joel didn't say, is gonna locked down the country and by the way, the dark where that's coming. That's what Anthony Foul Gee, that's what's got got
That's what every health care professional predicted when last week once in this story, I was dog, the zinc a manual for the outbreak even really went to in them. Middle of Marge exude said Joe. We're gonna have a bad outbreak in the spring, but guess what look at the pandemic of nineteen Indeed, it will be worse in the future, We all knew that because guess why we don't live in medieval times. We are able to look inside. We were able to look at a map were able to look one not able to look at me for my good man, but I am able to take the lesson of of epidemiologist can take advice of doctors and then work, thus in large, we were going down. Dark where we're going then it was going to be worse and
no way that he knows it and he's lying he's willing. people die, because that is where I annulled. Tromp wants them to say: more meadows doesn't care of you, live or die from the pandemic, because just cares about following the presence by he says we, can't control the pandemic, really Can you give me a beer imports? a White House operation that sends people out and has superstition events every day and then maker what they did this past weekend and by and by you look at all the events where their shoving people together. Yeah and then their marking, Jeff Amazin. for wearing a mask. Then, actually, not only are you not working to contain the virus. You are actually working to actively spread the virus. I agree
make it your working to make sure people get it. Let let Leno sorry, let's go through. People will die. Let's go. Let's go perusal here. What what what happened this past week, shore, starting on Friday, Tromp Hell Day, speaker phone call the leaders of Israel and Sudan and the oval office, where the majority of guests that does around him. The ham obsequious pathetic way president always needs a lot of pay, around one per laundering and ask yes, so in that meeting trauma once again marked warders Whitehouse reporter God wanna Jeff Mason for practising the preventative measure of wearing a mask in this crowded masculine room. Nice and he's got a mask. The largest mascot have you got em
by the way, it's it, it's really remarkable fed. You are thinking about voting for that man, the really it's It sagging you, you, you get information from Facebook. It says it Anthony fallacies in some secret ball? That's going to make billions of dollars going to vacuum. That's just a lie. You can't be that stupid. Say it's no worse than the flu it's just now Donald himself in February. It's on tape, so please get off your stew. Bid, Q went on sites get off your stupid. Facebook sides turn had away from whatever tv stations telling you this is just like the flu cause. Even Donald said that was a lie to Bob Woodward back in February. Limited number is grey here. You have a k a president who marked in the cure Jeff Mason.
For wearing a mask of couple of months. Back asking a question ordered that here, Golf a mask later once again like this is what this is some sort of macho thing getting a ball pain, hammer and any yourself in the front of your forehead. We might as well. Do that look how cool? I am an it yourself, head with a hammer. That's what he's doing he's sending the message to other Americans to do the same thing that that somehow theirs macho tourism is is is defined by how reckless you are with a pandemic that is now killed twice, as many Americans then died in war more one year and the sea His own guidelines are clear on this. If you are in a crowded space particularly indoors- and we all know, the over office is small and they were pretty crowded. You take the appropriate measures. You try to
distance, you were a mosque, and this is coming the government itself at the same time that there is a brand new study out from nature. My medicine saying that if we had Vessel Mosque wearing in the United States, we could save a hundred and thirty thousand lives. Potentially all it would take would be for people to wear mosque, and why would people where most because the people who are in vision of influence where it too, and that is then a role, modeling behaviour. The vote could help our country, and I think readmitted offer. Just that. I speak to every doctor that I speak to says. We have to trust our governments, the country, have done well in handling the corona virus, have two things: people are prepared to abide by the rules and the lines and people trust the people in a position of authority and the confusing message that we're getting from the White House on the issue of mosques and on a whole host of other security issues, breaks down that trust and that's why people don't wear them ass. It was interesting that, straight after the president came out.
But more people at the rallies will wear masks now to normal and almost nobody is but Jeff Masons quite right put the Moscow. yeah and let's continued a map. This out Trump then went on to hold a series of outdoor rallies where his screaming supporters pact themselves tightly together to of them not wearing masks and amid the spiking case numbers across the country. The President MA news outlets for their coverage of the virus and repeated as false claims. That the increase in cases is due to an increase in testing and appeared to call into question the. U S: death toll from the virus vigil a year about Georgia, eternal jolly vision, recovered covered covered Gulf, a glove covered, a plain goes down: five hundred people dead little talk about. covered Gov covered covered by the way you November them you won't hear about. It,
Please don't go and vote Calvin. Please do. under any Zagreb. You cannot go out and accept the problems are than in Florida. The people Go out to vote, nobody's ever seen anything like it, because They are tired of all other stuff. The tired of such negative by the way I had it here. I am is the president of coronavirus cases rising in Wisconsin. Can you used the word cases? You know why there's somebody many cases, because we test, because we test more than any CUP Eddie Country in the world nobody's has like US cases. Everybody uses the word
is mortality way down way down at a lot of those cases, and you talk about our young people, very young people that get better. Ninety nine point: nine they get better. Almost immediately, though, use the word tat case because you're trying to scare people, don't scare people, don't scare people. We understand this disease. We're gonna, take care of our seniors people that are really susceptible, especially seniors with diabetes, seniors with problems with a heart. You know some countries their report differently. If somebody sick with a heart problem and they die of covet, they say they do of a hard problem if somebody's terminally ill with cancer and they have covered we report on, and you know, doctors get more money in hospitals, get more money figure. This incentive shows
countries do differently. If somebody is very sick with a bad heart they die of covet, they don't get reported discovered. So then you wondered year the weather cases are solo. This country and the reporting systems are really not doing it right, Somebody is a really bad hard and their close to death. Even if they're not put their very bad, aren't they get curve it they put it down to cover other countries, put it down to a hard. So we have to be a look at things because they have things things alone, but that there are things a little bit back now you're, the one that has thing not a little bit backwards. Heavy going around and lying the people coming up with, Piracy theories were wrong and asking how aid more effective say that somebody died of covered whole idea that actually, you know this Bob Woodward about it back in february- that actually its people, with
other conditions that are far more success? Well, the dying of covert I have children, underlying conditions that will be completely fine unless they get covered and then one child lose a diabetic- will not be fine one child, whereas up arrested problems will struggle. He people with asthma struggle that people will die. It is a struggle. People with underlying conditions struggle, I mean what you're saying do the crowds just so stupid and puts people at risk and and is part rather of a conspiracy theory, this guy, the prince, the gospel, Miss Guy, preaches conspiracy theories, he's still he's still lying to the american people going into the
final week of the campaign about covered and he's still ass being wildly for conspiracy theories and adjust leads me to ask how how have so many people been fool how're out. So many of my friends and family members, either been fooled, are just don't care that he's putting senior citizens lives at risk as they now by the way they know better because, while they spoonies conspiracy theories, guess what they are doing this same time. Therefore, tackling members of their own family who have under conditions. Isn't that interesting that the spew hatred and lies about covered? for people outside their own, but when it signed to take care of their own. Oh, my god. It's a boy plastic bubble or the girl and the plastic bubble. Suddenly they take of their own, because they know it's true
and they know the guy there supporting is a liar and they know that he is putting Americans health at risk every day. Rev and they both for anyway. when, once my White Ass chief of staff metals said they can't contain no, the corona virus He should have added. They really can contain the president I mean just had the as it is running around having these super spread, saying these conspiracy theories is all adding to the problem and the increase in, as you rightly say, spreading the virus and for those in denial about this, while at the same time, denial of doing everything to protect their loved ones, is the height of hypocrisy, but you know the way you begin is the way you end honestly feel with the turn out sing around the country. This will be the end of the term presidency.
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tenuous the spread and perhaps even heightening it when a meagre? No, no, I don't think it's possible. I think it's wilful Mister Asher summit to take the opportunity to clear the air here on a few thanks number one. We thought cases. Let me be clear: I got to an exchange of Christie NOME on Twitter. Reading disaster credentials being issued. Isoude dogs, like myself, nurses, and regulatory therapists disaster Credentials are issued in facilities across South Dakota because they need, there, I sunni support and she's out willing to acknowledge it and her supporters are. Are following what she is saying, not actually what's happening, and the Indian Health service in hospitals and restrain, because thirty percent of people for report are wearing my because she is not encouraging it she's weakening their message, and now I see how issues across that state are folk. Their heads
experiencing a surge. That's why they're asking for disaster credentials. So, let's be clear, Wisconsin Ohio there there are issues are also and restraint as well. To this isn't about cases, testing. This is about the actual lived experience of people These states, I see using filled people across the country being asked, volunteers that everyone to this notion of under accounting that were over accounting, for the president's words coded nineteen related. That is patently false you might Remember me they that the present refers to something called access, mortality and the debate. All the time access tell me: we have one of the lowest accessible. Aldi's in the world Scott out like to talk about it. That concept must be clear. That concept is how many are dying in a crisis now relative to non crisis year and what's the difference that difference More people die now in the Arab coded is
We have led the world throughout the summer and access mortality. Many people are dying directly because a covert and indirectly, because a covert we're in crisis times, but no, there is no serious person who does not think that they know. the total number of people directly Diet and Cuba. Nineteen is vastly hundred kilometres from those like designed to adopting lets it like exists, break it down. as north politician dubbing Childers used to say, wait. Let's put it there, where the goats Gimme, the grass so explain this to People are watching How many more people have died this year then would have normal you died and regular. years- and you can just gonna, look and see that you talk about the axe ass debts, those doubts that wouldn't occur
in a normal year. What's that number Joam, so that number we think its sixty to seventy percent higher right Then it would otherwise be so at least a hundred and fifty two hundred sixty thousand that number uncertain, but at least the majority of the debts were thinking about sixty to seventy percent of the debts. Right now that we have a tribute it called the nineteen would otherwise is not have occurred if the pandemic was not happening as we speak, but here's the problem, a joke. We would actually know the took the true death toll from this virus. Again I could be as high as three hundred thousand weakening. We're vastly under counting the through number so that summer, one number two Joe! It's not like. It's a mystery. I care. I mean the ice you today. In fact, it's a mist. three about whether, as somebody with hope? Nineteen actually dies because it because a cobra nineteen they tests positive. We generally put them on a ventilator, and then they die on the Bene later, because a cobra nineteen ammonia there is no
grand mystery here and I really like Could you said earlier people with pre existing conditions are an outside risk, so somebody could have heart failure for the present point the cuban nineteen tips on over the edge and that's what causes them to go on a ventilator. So his miss perceptions, how he's said, Jane, just like our mark matters was messaging, is costing people's lives because some people listen to them. And they are not taking the proper precautions- send if I can now finally monopolies and I will get to carry in just a second, but you can make your final point and also answer this. How would you characterised another doctor. If this is a hypothesis, another doctrine said saying to a patient is assigned to a patient. You know enough to wear mask where mask if you want do I'm for masks, but you know you don't have to
that person goes out and becomes exposed and dies out. Would you characterize what that doctor did dereliction of meta. That's our doctors, as was to do this, for cease their best judgment to tell their patients what they need to do to protect themselves. So, let's call balls and strikes that is wrong with it doing what the vice president do is doing. Right now is wrong. He should be coherent. For at least ten days. There is no way to talk your way out of that, I ll ask I wanted to make was that mark meadows is talking about a therapy as a mitigation initiative. That is not the developing. A therapeutic is not medication. medication is masking universal massing with high quality masks distance in hand. I think that is the definition of mitigation efforts in a pandemic. Developing a therapeutic is great, but let's be clear, RAM desert here this administration, its message on set for eight months does not work per
since that we reach a lead, large trial and yet the FDA just approved it now including that information. So what they're doing on therapeutics makes no sense at all but that is not a pandemic strategy. Catty k talked it sounds to me too, that what matters is talking about effectively heard immunity that I want to use that for he's, but when he says we can contain this, that's what he's talking about? Can you just kind of once and for all, lay out what you think the problems are in a herd, immunity strategy and why the notion of not trying to contain it by taking measures that include some level of shutting down society if necessary, why why why we may never get to her immunity, so again. I think you're right Christy NOME and other risks
the Santer sterile disciples of heard immunity, their basically doing, heard immunity right now. You must even if they don't use that terminology, there is a problem with it. What we know is you cannot cocoon covered nineteen, let it run amok amongst a younger Indonesia, younger crowd cycle what a student's like an hour and then expects the the elderly or the vulnerable to be protected. The CDC our own cdc as now published Malta, studies in the morbidity mortality weekly suggesting that a spike in young people is follow, a few weeks later by spike in older individuals, meaning carried out there. The end up Actually. In the I see we ve seen, that's the whole reason why Wisconsin has set up field hospitals, a surge in college town followed hospitalization rates amongst our building individuals to the four weeks later said. That is the problem. You cannot cocoon cover nineteen, and that is why you cannot. You have to have a strategy. You can't just let it run
otherwise you can ever one announced. Petals sets a fundamental thirty thousand foot you here as to why that does not work. The remainder, Thank you so much now, the telling our viewers, actually the truth based on Madison inside, Some reason we greatly appreciate it. Of course, it is extraordinary that doctors like Doktor Gupta are getting throughout soon and then getting this getting attacked and disaster declarations are hard to get my day in and day out, getting attacked for simply telling the truth. About wearing masks about social distancing, about doing the basic things that that can keep you and your family safe haven we're gonna get to poles and a little bed? I'm just curious, where now a days out the end of the voting. What what are you saying on the ground? What are you hearing on the ground about the state of the race
I'm saying use turnouts people were think that may be the first day of two- it was just a release of a lot of emotions and people waiting the vote, but it stayed every day in some states. Increasing by the day- and I think that this is a real indication that people concerned about the way the government is going. I think that, from the way they were getting data a lot of is driven by a disappointment in this administration, and I think that people are doing it despite their concerns about covered nineteen, had big they're doing it because of their concerns. When you the debate. Last Thursday would President's still doesn't even have a programme for this. What is the truck program? I've suppose metal said it they have decided, they are not going to try and confined this virus and
people are saying we need people that I at least try to the programme to save our lives and I think we're going to see these lies continue all the way through November. Third than a mere we're gonna be getting. The polls in x block we're going to be talking about early voting on curious though it's a White House attitude about the numbers in this. Swing states that everybody seeing right now overwhelmingly breaking the Democrats way a lot of first time voters, also breaking the Democrats way and instead of Florida, Republicans or chipping away at the time, practical aid, but democratic, so got a four hundred thousand vote advantage. It is very much on the White House Mines Joe and end. There definitely concern that they are following the same members that we all are too and they try to point as a rebuttal to the idea
there's been a wave. The sheer of new GEO provoked registration that are more republicans. Her register devoted time this year than Democrats in a lot of these key battleground states, Pennsylvania in particular, but their aids like to say that owing to the president's rallies and then their big third there? There are thousands of people there every day as a sign of enthusiasm they say. Will Joe Biden could never do this, but first of all jobs does not try to do that, because he is monitoring, of course, a hearing to the CDC guidelines and its possible. Yes, that their Biden like Hillary Clinton before him would not draw the crowds, does he's. He is certainly unique in his ability to do that, but there are their signs of enthusiasm, though the Trump team says look, these rally show our people are far up. The counter argument is look at these lines and early voting. Are they all Democrats? Of course not? Some Republicans are voting early, but that would seem to be the major display of Democrats. Enthusiasm not large rallies, but rather turning out to vote and lighting up, sometimes four hours to vote early. One more point
Yes, I was, as I mentioned earlier, I was on the president's trip. Yes, your new Hampshire and me as a rebuttal as an attempt to rebut this very argument. When the press pool boarded archive, for the flight back four main to Washington. Last night, we found on our seats a printout of other of a tweet, a from upholding firm. It suggested the voters who have not yet voted in free states. Florence, try. Georgia were leaning toward overwhelmingly favouring trump the rest of the way, and that is of course, their theory of the case right. They believe the democratic vote orally and that Republic will turn out in huge numbers, today, and that was what they were trying to underscore is it they could still win this on November third, but to file thoughts on that one as the virus surges throughout the country. It will become trickier and more dangerous for people to vote in person on November. Third, which may keep Republic can turn out down on that day and secondly, even if indeed more voters task about for President trap,
on November. Third, then vote for Joe Biden on November third is far from a given that will be offset these huge early voting totals we're. Seeing from Democrats Republicans very nervous about while and wouldn't be telling about Florida site with the mark, caboodle who knows estate so well ass it by the White White, both I understand, is going into election day. After all, the Sir counted people would voted. leading up to election day show by it's going to be a head most likely by a few. thousand votes may be two hundred thousand three hundred thousand votes, and we will be looking all night to see. If, the same day voting by Republicans, which they expect do very well. Is it is to be able of the binding advantage. One thing to remember that both sides- I also believe that that's going to only account for about thirty thirty five percent of the overall votes,
one concern that I keep hearing among republican strategists and some of the smartest minds in the Republican Party when it comes to politics. Is this: the Democrats can be given to big of an advantage going into election day, because the put their eggs, in that one basket which they are right. Now I hear election, they turn out just may not be enough with the Republicans seeing Democrats, banking, hundreds of thousands, votes in the six which states that matter the mouse. as we mentioned earlier, when it gets the latest battleground polling just ahead, plus today the false It is scheduled to vote on Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court. Confirmation and the trumpet Straighten is reportedly planning a celebration at the White House Maybe another super spread her ok We know how well the first one went just not smart
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Brok Obama's every time that by the way, but they don't know about the floor, demand thing just so that we might learn what kids. Love to do is ask anybody that walks into the house when you birthday- and you do you do you burn? Day, and then you type in Florida, man and whatever you for thirty years, all men rustles an alligator in a supermarket near pulling we're not far worse in that area Barack Obama, though, going out Lord a man but but also, a good time at a good time up in Philadelphia and man. He had a good time down in my Bambi and it's more than just laughs, there's a guy Barack Obama who action could make a big difference in the. Closing weaken this campaign. No about that thing, there would present a form of President Obama there, cites the basis already there, but is given,
so so persuasive, Annie contrast. So with the present not here, the White House that a lot of independence, also energized that were headed by the way and now a locked in. I don't He could have had a better surrogate come out for Europe, that is Joe Biden, then Barack Obama and the everyday there is no one gets under the skin of this president, like Barack Obama, Barack Obama drive this president nets and I think, if you are in a fight, you want your opponent to be off his fight, gain and be driven by some weird kind of distracting emotions, Dashwood, Morocco, dumb Obama, does for Donald Trump. and it ended only occurs to the benefit of Joe Biden. Camera Harris This has been a great time do and it is inspiring p we get out to go about. He also is showing such a clear contrast between
traditional president's behave, and how this president has behaved. And, of course we is more a said after his Philadelphia speech. How perfect that you have the first black man to be present in United States attacking I'll drop for being lays delicious. cause, I guess why but cause he's exe Ordinarily lazy he's its around all day AIDS and watches cable? No, he golf Tis way pandemic, so listen more as the latest batch of snow pulling that we got over the weekend in Texas, the latest less morning news you T Tyler Poll, shows by up by three of our President Trump Forty eight to forty five, that's within the margin of error, which will know. can go the other way to meeting the race can be also wider by that margins their number to be tied by Libya, vice
Ex again go either way. Here in Georgia, the two were tied at forty nine percent of peace. in North Carolina, the CBS. You news, you Gov Poll, shows Biden ahead by four. Fifty one to four seven percent within the margin of error and in full What are the same poll shows Biden ahead by two fifty two, forty eight percent, so, Sir John Little Mere. Let's, let's do what! Unfortunately you and I do we have every day off the air and talk about the pulse dog about which way the data seems to be breaking. I want to start with taxes, because again now, if you do this long- and you start your ear, You stay cynical when you see things like a Democrat going ahead in taxes, but I have to remind myself that I called pencil. Fools gold for Republicans for about twenty years until Donald Trump wanted it. In two thousand sixty
we have been seeing consistently this state tied and independent Paul's over the past three four months. We had a couple of pulls out this week and showing by not by a pointer to I'm still sceptic still sceptical that democratic and when the long stars state, but my God, the fact that its this close and it can Getting closer You know you look at two thousand twelve, elevated better in two thousand. Sixteen two thousand eighteen, of course, Democrat Steady better better did even better. Now we come to two thousand twenty five tied or ahead by a couple of points in a lot of these poles, Joe the fact, the viewers Vincent you are indeed have this exact information on the air, and then a few hours later will have it again off there. It's sort of an indictment, our social lives, I suppose but Texas,
Lee remains through the White well right now for for Democrats, they're trying to figure out what to do with it, and I It is telling as they as they they say, the most valuable resource campaign has is a candidates time and the fact that Cobbler Harrison, having to Texas later this week shows The binding camp believes that its in play now remember and twenty sixteen a lot of second guessing that emerged late and then, after Hillary Clinton loss that she said time in that last week, or so she went, I believe Michelle Obama when as well to Arizona which at the time was deafening, leading republic seems a bit of a stretch for Democrats that an effective I'm guessing was based. time in Arizona at the expense of being a place like was costs which they had to have. It seem like interested in wanting up the score that was a Monday morning. Quarterback you and I should have just focused on the core stacy- would have delivered her to two hundred and seventy two,
facing the same dilemma, they ve got a lot of pressure to start playing a Texas, a better Orourke and others believe the Texas can be played out Democrats of long thought that, whether its in twenty twenty four twenty twenty eight, the Texas we move into a battleground, I think some in the party believes that the Trump effect has accelerated timetable and the Texas, who would be something that Joe Biden could pick off now. Of course, it does not say if we are to win Texas, the second biggest stay in the country. This race is over and it becomes an absolute blow out complicates Republicans Emily to end two. Seventy again. If Democrats can start winning Texas consistently another in another state, same dilemma. Of course, his Georgia, closer than taxes, but Joe Biden is heading there as well. This week in this campaign feels good about their chances there. They feel like that's not in Africa, the score they filling Georgia state that can pluck off an
and potentially win, and that would extraordinarily complicate the president's path to re election if he can't, if he can't hang on to Georgia, because he needs that Southeast corner afforded Georgia North Carolina as a building block, and then he still ass to fill in the rest of the map. Final note, the trunk happy at least at this point has not advise a stop in Texas they did, there's not plants them to go there. Yet there is an effort to make one last stop in Georgia before the election is out. They felt a couple weeks ago. The Texas was in jeopardy. They ve been feeling better ballot lately, but this new batch of poles may have to change it he again where it is fascinating and we knew pull out from where the newspaper that my family always had delivered. When I was born and and and and grew up from my first six years in Atlanta Georgia, I still have them. strong walks on the moon headline,
from the Atlanta Journal a constitution, they Avenue pull out. That shows Joe Biden up by one percentage point. Now we Republicans back when I was above a clean, but we were possible if we were going into a race one week out where we were then the margin of error and behind in taxes, within the margin of error in bit by bit losing in Georgia within the margin error, but losing a North Carolina as same in Florida we'd be duck in our heads and waiting for the blast. The political blasted come because that is not. good NEWS for Donald Trance. We wanted joy red, I'm so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the redoubt. Every week I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president matter,
and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with them at last mayor casual Lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. Antibiotics, science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed, officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening.
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