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Joe Biden is up by nine points in battleground Michigan, up by six points in Nevada, up four points in Iowa and up by one point in North Carolina. The Morning Joe panel discusses the numbers.

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Will have been denied the right to vote. First, they used the pole tax to keep black folks from voting. Then racial terrorism and violence. I dont want everybody to about. If you vote didn't matter, they wouldn't try so hard to take it from you for early, not because I want you to know because he does so. If you want and gone here's what you do in Pennsylvania, you can vote early in person on November third exercise. Your right pick one and get it I'm Joe by Kennedy for present proved dismisses paper by Biden President. You know now with them here. What should it against children, coldly coffee CUP of Coffee CUP covered, covered covered and well? What's is closing argument that people are too focused on companies that this one of Israelis, Colbert Colbert, covered he's complainant he's jealous of covert media coverage.
if he had been focused on carbon from the beginning cases, what be reaching new record eyes across the country this week, is a great is jealous of com, its media coverage he's The coroner virus years will aid firing, they think could Willie. I mean present Obama's in the pocket. As we say. Right now is his approach for the last week or so has been sort of to mock president trample at Joe Biden, take them or Syria stern criticism as an Obama's out there with substance mocking the present United States, including his jealousy of codes, Where did it's an amazing argument? The president apparently is gonna, make it right up to election day that there's too, Coverage of the thing that's dominating everyone's life, not because of media coverage, but because it is in everyone's life in two hundred coming up onto our twenty eight thousand people according Our tally on the screen have died.
families that impacts on the jobs that have been lost all kids missing school, but the present things getting too much coverage while they were here. We are aware we're seeing the impact on the economy once again, Jeroboam because scientists and doctors are saying you need to take care of yourself in your families, but because Americans are allowed smarter than Donald Trump they're not going to go out and they're not going to risk. An outbreak their family they're not gonna, risk their lives and senior citizens, but you're, saying this stock market yet another day going down significantly consumer confidence is going down not because the media coverage of covered and not because there's more ass, sting and that's causing more cases of covered, but because more cases of covert and more people are dying. dying of covert? It is again. You know those Woodward tapes,
those Woodward taves. We we thought were instructive for what they said Donald Trump, past performances, but there actually do so. destructive maker of his current performance, it he's actually he's been lying on, audio. Take anything His supporters are so stupid. The type of people that you can leave abandoned in a field how he thinks supporters, are so stupid that even though they ve heard his own words saying how dangerous covert is he can do as is closing argument he can allow through his teeth, more about covered more about an economy that he's completely thrashed and about a healthcare system that he's plainly trying the term upside down by in the middle of this pandemic by doing every? you can do to abolish
the affordable care act and it looks like going to get his wish with a Supreme court that will vote. Now to do away with Americans pre existing conditions, and he can get lot done with its Supreme Court now, many as it pertains selection, but again, but an angry at a virus that he himself could a controlled and anybody else could have done it better job than him alive. Joe Willie and me, we have White House reporter for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire. former. U S! Senator now and NBC News and MSNBC political analysts Clare Macao School is Does this mean so really nineteen? Eighty eight for years before Jonathan Le Maire was born, LOS Angeles Yours, when their last world series
did? It again last night is long time. Common two years there have been a long time since Kirk Gibson was pup in that fist, as he rounded First Bates and Game one when the Dodgers last one the Dodgers, winning the World Series last night in game. Seven, three, two one over the top but may raise. They are the best team in baseball have been all season. They deserve to be world champions, Muky, bedside being game, put the game on ice with a home run in the eighth ending but Jonathan, mere the headline out of this game will be the decision by raise manager Kevin Cash to you, Lakes, now, the two thousand eighteen saw young award winner in this excepting when he was dealing, he was cruising having given up only two heads, but what happened with these analytics guys they look into the binder. They see. Ok, he's been through the line up twice and unlike what I see, let's go can you can see the frustration snails face really comes in and loses the game for the rays.
there is only. This is a question of twenty twenty hindsight. Guessing you on this decision. This was in real time, a suspect move that we are all wondering why he was doing this to me. You're right, he didn't want that are still he didn't want still to face. Hitters third time that sort of Bin, the Bible that they use for pitching there in temper, but still he was absolutely dealing, daughters couldn't touch him, you ride in Islam you can it couldn't be more predictable? The Dodgers instantly fast and tied the game and then went on ahead and certainly look there deserving champion. They ve is their third World Series appearance in the last four years they lost the other to one of them to the cheating Houston asked rose, certainly happy for Clayton Kirshner. Why the games best pitchers, who finally but its policies and struggles who finally gets a championship. Dave Roberts- Euro Muky bad.
Sure would be nice if the red Sox could get players like that Joe, the kind of guy. You think you could build a franchise around that you'd want to put in place decade or more that maybe the fans and our team would want to buy their jerseys in and make him sort of the sports Euro four team, but instead he placed on the market well. You know one of these years and I dont know where but one of these years our Boston Red Sox, may have a player like Muky bats. by a clear, let's talk about the rays for a second here an incredible run by a team that beat the Yankees beat the ass throws, and and have built an incredible organization, town that, let's lets us face it in a town that does love base, while they don't even like baseball. If you look at attendants records, but you can actually see this coming last year. I remember looking up at the end of the year and
the rays and one I think, ninety ninety one gangs, nobody had seen that coming then great coach, regardless of his decision last night, great organization and the team they ve got a lot to be proud of. This warning. Young It hurts my heart more than a terrific baseball team, it doesn't have the fan base it deserves and that certainly the tamper raised this point. and by the way I'm crying in my here too you guys loss Muky bats. While we gave away, I was arena, I mania mom I'm more season. I mean we get away from the cardinals, so you guys that we vote have something to be depressed about in terms of losing players that could have really contributed towards the teams that we love during a wide and workable policies, and I had my guy now you, but we were taught when talking about him through the entire series in eighty just make a long distance
so you see why this care is make. It was like what I say: ok now, I had eyes earlier. now go back to for us all. The president end quote of covered or Marcia Marcia Marcia Friend, view. Yes already bunch fans, but first some new now round Stay Marcia Marshall, Marcia Marcia get killed two hundred and twenty five thousand people- and you haven't that's true as to a slight plot twist. Ok Gallagher and state poles. We got a week less than a week, the election. Let's start with Michigan Reuters, if sauce Paul puts Joe Biden ahead by nine fifty two to forty three percent in Nevada. The latest New York Times Sienna College poll, shows Biden leading by six forty nine to forty three in Iowa the latest Iowa
star Robber Research poll, shows Biden leading by four points. If data forty six percent, with a margin of error, of plus or minus four points, and in North Carolina, the Reuters it's says Paul, shows Biden ahead by one forty, nine to forty eight percent the margin of error of four point four points: so will, I think, really. Let me just let me just say by sank. I trust absolutely no Paul's. I think it's a hangover from two thousand. Sixteen try snow, Paul's, Donald Trump within three points Joe Biden in any Paul. I immediately color that state red for no good reason that all but I hear I hear what people are, Media are saying about this race it sounds remarkably similar to what they were saying about the Clinton raise four years ago and yes, Joe binds over fifty percent in lot of these balls Nannie S, Joe Pie
Popularity is, is higher than ever. We live in a tumultuous world, a changing world in a started by people, picking up the calling getting sponsors become with yellow? We become far more Senegal's skeptical Heidi, even over the past four years, how many people are telling truth, how me tromp people or even picking up the phones again, I know they're doing the best I can do but for some reason. I just very sceptical when I start hearing people talking about Joe binds moving towards comfortable well, you're, not alone, you're joined by just about every Democrat. I know who sang I believe these poles for a second everybody's gotta go out and vote. It's part of the reason you're, seeing these massive lines for early voting people getting out. They don't trust the male. They don't trust the poles they want to get their vote banked right now, and, as you said, North Carolina, the state
Florida is a big concern. That's tight, who knows, which way that's gonna go and Joe by yesterday, spent his time in Georgia, which shows you how that campaign is thinking that they even can expand the map. Even yesterday had Democrats concerned? Why are you in Georgia? We gotta lockdown was constant in Michigan, and what about Pennsylvania, TSO Claremont school. You always a good barometer for us on this. Having lived through a lot of elections and watch the way the elected turns out or doesn't turn out so where you right now, as you look at the polls, Joe Biden definitely has a wider pulling Lee than Hillary Clinton had at this time for years ago, but yet some scepticism from Democrats Yonder's territory, things in it, Frank that make me feel a little better. I am like every other Democrat. I will not believe that until I see it, however, need the car Tromp had which was You know he was competitive with college educated women in four years ago. Ah, he won seniors,
anyone independence while he is, winning in any of those categories now, and he is losing college educated women by like twenty five points, I look at that. I also look at his paper ability he's It's more light. Then Hillary Clinton was at this point and then the other day, looking at the about the Poles look and see who's boating, Georgia went on for voters in Georgia that have already voted on. There's time, voters or not rely Annabelle voters. These are typical Not the people who show up early. The people job earlier. Typically, the ones you vote every single time. So the fact that we're getting this kind of we turn out from Info when voters and new voters gives me hope well The crucial state of Florida has surpassed its twenty. Sixteen early vote totals Floridians have cast six point. Eight. Lion ballots already with almost
Four million cast by male statewide turnout thus far is forty six percent. According to the: U S: elections project with four two percent of voters being Democrats, thirty, seven percent Republicans and twenty pairs and independence, but in my and we did county, which did not male absentee valets out until the last possible day turn, was less than forty six percent and lagging for Democrats. as of Tuesday evening, the state reports that in Miami Dade fifty two percent of Republicans, forty seven percent of Democrats and thirty seven send of independence of either voted early in person or cast a when found democratic. Maintain about an eighty thousand vote advantage. So far in Miami did county accounting, we're demo I need a strong showing for a chance to
not state. Is that enough job not right now, but he doubted school will see what happens? We ve got several more days. early, voting, Jonathan, Mere this, Can you give us a little complicated for for some Then that haven't followed Florida pilot Ex narrowly voting. But let's let's thought through this very quickly, so Buddy of absentee ballots come and they get counted that usually tell strongly now towards Democrats. Then you have person voting which usually tells towards Republicans and then on election day. Both sides were assuming about thirty five percent of floored is population was going to be voting on Action Day and that would tilt heavily toward the republican Party. Why it's happened is instead of five percent of people voting on election day, some parties
there's an old thinking. That number may be down to twenty twenty five percent, because so many people are voting early pillar, clad mad. I think by the two hundred fifty thousand votes led going into election day with Europe applicants picking away at that four hundred fifty thousand boat leave the Democrats had last week now it's probably half of that chances are good by election day, both these are going to be even and what we ve got to figure out. What the portal, need to figure out as well, there there cannibalize ing. Same day voting, so so what they're doing, How many of those republicans are moving election? They vote early and change the calculus of how much binds going we going in final day ahead. wise Republicans, warrant worried when buying was up by four hundred
a thousand four hundred fifty thousand votes because earlier, while those who people usually would vote on election so they say there can those about. Now Republicans are doing so well in early voting, publicans and Democrats are asking the same thing that so All of this is pretty good way of saying it's going to be a few more days until we can figure out exactly what these trends main by them it's a lot better when they had four hundred thirty thousand votes banked instead of now you're, probably by the time they report this morning to be closer to two hundred and fifty thousand votes bank joe! You lead that really well, that that is the key here. Are these simply Republicans in this case who voting on election day that have decided to vote early to go ahead and do that
after the president's wave of rallies there in recent days. We know his rhetoric, of course, has been to push day of voting in most places, because his cast such doubt on these ballots so where these simple, your papa to change? The timing of the rope worthy these new voters that's the question that both campaigns for both parties are obviously watching right now, but certainly it is going to be a few more days. We know more about these trends in Florida remains the tightest battleground state on the map, and it's the one that the trunk campaign certainly feel. Most confident about and frankly needs to, because there is really no path to victory without the President he's out west today, but he is a most of the day, but he answers night in Florida. He's got more events in that state tomorrow they need. that he simply has to have it Joe Biden- meanwhile, as mentioned, has been in Here- he is running- may combo Harris explaining the map a little bit. Biden,
in Georgia yesterday is going to I wear this week as well and other state the president, one pre handily in twenty sixteen Comma Harris Heading to Texas, and I do think that yesterday's move did raise, spark some concern among Democrats that are our bodies binding getting ahead of us over his keys here. Is this Hillary Clinton going to Arizona and the final week twenty sixteen instead stay in the upper West, but that Biden can't feel confident they feel they can do this. They can make the Trump p p defence and that they have the ability to expand their map and They wanted to lean into the empty symbolism of how big is buying. Presidency would have to be Clear, let me ask your opinion: may listen. My my opinion is yes, I love winning landslides when I ran. I love love running up score as much as I could. But I was only focused on fish DE plus one. I didn't give a damn if I get ninety five percent or if I get fifty plus one I wanted to win, and
I saw by in georgia- might do. you should be in western Pennsylvania. You should be in an alpha you should be in this. I think I think you should be in Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh, and all in between over the next stays, but I'm just curious is too conservative approach here yeah. I think it is I actually disagree with you. I think it makes you know I hate prevent defences. I hate them. I like teams, who go for points even when they are in a position that looks like they might with aggressive on offer that's what this campaign is doing and I think it's terrific he's been the pencil is so much Joe and he's gonna be back in Pennsylvania over and over and over again, and I really do think they have. A reason to feel pretty good about. Wisconsin and Michigan so? Why not go to Georgia,
the Pauline is frankly almost as favourable as it is some place like Arizona As you know, we ve been pretty felt pretty good about Arizona now for weeks, so Meantime in Georgia spending time and North Carolina spending time in Iowa, maybe even a stop in Ohio. I mean we know now Bloomberg as but real money into chances in awhile the baron actors are dying for Joe Biden to stick is tell went down there for him, actually show up. Anyone surprise me in the week before the election. If you see Joe Biden in Texas well you're, not really clear calls in previous defect, and so when I look at it with more like somebody in the phase until their head is not go out their shoulders? You pretty sure you when an you just pound away added I guess I would say: that's actually three in a cloud of dust abide by if there if their fill and good about it,
my feeling is that was continent Michigan. Looking so good right now, provided that they vote, on Pennsylvania and if they win those three states that The election is over Does it matter what happens in every other swing stay, but that, and you ve got some new pulling out of the Upper Middle West. We as to underline the point you just made about Michigan Wisconsin. This is just what you ve been talking to Clare Washington, Post, ABC News Poll shows Joe Biden up seven it's in the state of Michigan this among registered voters, not likely voters registered voters up seven and in constant in this pole, Joe Biden UPS. Nineteen points stay. I was Scots and fifty seven to forty in the watch and impose ABC News, pull that just cross turf cutting covered yeah yeah clear that probably has covered Kelvin covered. It is so important because an old saying is generals are always fighting the lad.
Swore as a lifelong warmest lifelong Republican as a Democrat than Republican spent as a report again in my public life for so many years, looking Wisconsin, Wisconsin was always out of reach. For us it was always a state we we tried to win, we get close to winning, but was always out of reach. I campaigned for some candidates. Team. Ninety eight in Wisconsin looked around. I said this: a publican territory and I'm just wondering If we really are saying Wisconsin turning the norm Michigan read. I was shocked by Michigan before you Returning the norm bed, some dim, at some lifelong democratic. Some loyal Democrats took a chair, On a guy who said he was going to shake things up. and they they said. Ok, we'll try the Republican this time, but now,
look at those Wisconsin numbers and their Ike, not again on your life what's happening and I believe in Wisconsin in Michigan- and I may happen also in Pennsylvania. These rallies are not helping Trump with the voters who knows priorities USA, without the pole yesterday, that shows with persuadable voters. They look an NGO. What are you doing? Yes, it is. good right now, so the visual of watch that campaign watched the trunk keeping they heard these people live, they make them stay. Shoulder to shoulder because it to look like it's a bigger crowd. They don't allow them to spread out. They have barriers. to make sure that they are so close. Naked breathe on each other and and spread it and they seeing the numbers go up in their states these rallies, These rallies are hurting Joe Biden IPCC, are hurting Donald Trump, and I
that's one of the reasons are seeing this spread in Wisconsin. That of course, he's get on this list for a mom binds given. This is from RON Johnson who's been such an idiot bed. I think the report guns in Wisconsin. Have really the shine has got off of the apple for for the republic. In Wisconsin in more ways than one and just one. Or underlined in this this is in is in fact likely voters correct that it is likely voter sea have in this bowl anyway job Seventeen points, among likely voters in the state of Wisconsin and into Underline Claire's point from earlier. Here's the woman vote in Wisconsin Joe Biden up thirty points, plus thirty among women and Michigan up twenty four points among women. there you have. It puts on exactly what everyone's been saying for the last few minutes work they inquired Jonathan or mere The White House is known for some time that they were in trouble in Wisconsin these they started backing away from what I know. Donald Trump went there, but you
and telling me that they ve known for some time that Michigan and was odds and was even if it was out of reach by five point, six points that they could ever get there now, Claire's right, I think, we're starting to see the impact of of an outbreak in Wisconsin. Pretty significant cove outbreak in Wisconsin field, hospitals being built and I'll lumping together as many people. Can and notes. I told you yesterday a democratic person that I talk to that probably taken more poles and everybody. This year said calls are showing us that the best thing That can be done, for Joe Biden is when when news outlets show pictures Donald Trump Super Spreader rallies and really hurts him in the polls. Maybe
That's why he's numbers have just completely collapse in Wisconsin. Right now, Joe Member in the cycle began year and a half or so ago, pre pandemic. The trunk campaign of those three Great Lakes states actually felt the best about was constant. They thought that this party was stronger there. They like the infrastructure there, that's where they thought they could place their back, because I know we're on most of their maps. They only need one of those three to win. We that was the original conception Wisconsin was, I thought I was gonna be, but two things are not terribly wrong for the trunk campaign but all in on law and order after what happened in Canosa and that, of course, backfired. We have seen political and suggests that voters there did not trust our trump. Much prefer Joe Biden on that issue, despite trumps scare tactics, online order and then of course, yes, this, the surge in in creative iris cases and was constant happens here. Just now run up to the election, which seems to be broke, causing voters to break hard away from Trump because of his men.
mismanagement of the virus, and certainly there are those on the Trump campaign staff who do recognise that these rally as though there are certainly markers of enthusiasm and importantly, keep the president happy and that's a lot of what this is about. He himself wants to have these rallies. He feels like that's his way of connecting with the voters, but they recognize there's no moments where they have backfired. They create these images that so many Americans, particularly seniors or horrified by crowds packed in together. Social distancing, very Few masks and we're see here his numbers, we plummets in the Upper Middle West, which underscores which some people in this campaign have thought that its focus here in this last week should solely beyond this sunbelt forded Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and then just try best for Pennsylvania, because you need one more and that's where the margin is seen to be closest. But his ass the Scots yesterday his campaign travel and approach remains scatter and without much of a focus is expected to go back to the.
the west to these very states. Machina Wisconsin, while again this week and Joe one last point as we talk about where Joe Biden Is- and we heard concern on this- show we ve heard from Democrats that made me he's reaching too far from places like Georgia. The way the by campaigns. Looking at this is they basically got three a list candidate, so they can spread around the country in Joe Biden, Kamel Harris and yes, President Obama, so if your mind, goes to Georgia, President Obama, the most popular living american politician, can be in Florida and they can spread Kamel Harris this week, Nevada and Arizona, whereas Donald Trump is a one. Man show he's gonna drive crowds in certain places, but they do feel like they can afford to have Joe Biden in Georgia because of power and the draw that, as President Obama Similarly, and still I had a morning, Joe temperatures were near freezing in Omaha Nebraska last night. All I felt so bad for these people. The president had supporters Boston for his rally, but left many of them
stranded in the cold afterwards, but somebody I think some and go to the hospital It was four years ago today that then FBI, director, Jim Companies October, surprise, rocked the election the your tonnes times, Michael Schmidt, has a new look at how companies wife tried to stop it. Morning. Jobs will be right back guys, always listen to your wise list. It's choice between a trump boom or abiden luck. then, let's lock it all down by the way speculative lockdown. Let's get you governor to open it, That's going to open it up, when it's time to fall asleep, do you have trouble turning off and winding down? Listen, I get it, but no or what your particular sleet troubles are our sponsor ebb and their new cool drift. Versa can help the verses,
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Constant and Nebraska Super spreader events all over the country after guidelines. Do they have bled tee shirts, so writers, I'm sure super spreader, twenty twenty I mean he's a human sober, pride or look at. Maybe that's it. Maybe it's the human super spread or twenty twenty is insane tour, thereby nicer via this super spreader tour of twenty twenty nine. I sent the latest on the back literally, unless that's it be a time of joking in this show right now, if it wasn't so unbelievably true and not funny here, up his rally in Omaha Nebraska last night. Hundreds of supporters were, though less behind in nearly freezing temperatures as a luxury for hours with no doubt pertains, you been, they were Boston and then left their trumped up
Oh, my Hon AIR Force, one around nine p and so on is Jerry comfortable in there with that such a writer and people serving, and he could she's a fifty times after the rally, gal lining up for buses because they were but Furthermore, they should be fostered right to return to their cars. Latona orders many them were elderly way. For those not take them to distant parking lots as vehicles. ride to navigate through airport traffic reports the outdoor temperature at thirty two. degrees. According to the Washington Post, by ten thirty p m. There were still no buses in sight crowds didn't fully clear the rally until twelve thirty a m three and hours after the President departed great Planning, NBC Super Spreader planning,
and busy news has obtained Omaha Police dispatch calls from broadcast by that describe at least seven people being taken to the hospital due to severe temperatures political rapporteur, for they all know how World Harold posted these last night with them, if you're waiting on someone who attended the Trump rally in Omaha, maybe a while, until they get a bus to get out like along the small roadway to the private. I'd have actually airfield is packed up and buses we're having trouble getting through. Ask a state. Senator Megan Hunt. its supporters of the president were brought in by buses weren't able to get back to transport allowed? It is freezing and snow in Omaha tonight? What people will do For this con man, what people have sack Why is this so sad to me? He true,
He does not care about you. The Atlantic Apple bomb summed up the events. This way quote playing has a border stranded in the cold is perfect For four twenty twenty, about abroad. Where you have again, though, you have Donald Trump, campaigning across the MID West? aiming and that Ahmad District that all important Ahmad district, he wanted to go back to, and of course, we certainly and all of those people that were stranded out there. or doing ok and those that went to the hospital recovering all right this morning in a comfortable this morning, it's it's really your Clare, you know from where you're from my now living upstate New York that gets dangerous Willie quickly, I we really hoping and praying they're fine.
Claire. Let's talk about this midwest strategy. Again he's he's lockdown Wisconsin looks like he's locked out, in Michigan oh yah that district still pretty close If viewed Donald Trump, do you focus on those sunbelt states. Is that your best chance winning those sunbelt states from Arizona to Florida North Carolina and then taking Pennsylvania about the Trump campaign? It doesn't make sense to me politically, I mean visual of people in and very dangerous situations in light of this pandemic is one thing, but he is I'm going out of his way to try to pick up one or two electoral votes in place. Is like main in Nebraska divide their electoral votes in their state. Meanwhile Biden is going someplace to pick up dozens it in seems to me that
problems behaving as, if he's comfortably ahead in Arizona and then he's After the way ahead in Texas is activating to me that he is not trying to shore up taxes. At this point, you talk about a blow out if, by more able to somehow turn Texas, so it is. It is and by the way problem. It might be more voters in Texas, it wouldn't be as offended by the Super spreader events is perhaps in the MID west for all of us really believe you should try to look after your neighbour even in rural areas. There is such a sense of community about even taking care one another, so I dont get I am doing this. It should Would you what a tenuous position there in a with electoral man that we talk about it Jessica problem in Omaha last night. Let's talk about the content of what president was saying at these rallies yesterday. He continued his false claim that the increase, in corona. Virus cases is due to an increase in testing the proper administration.
Testing, Tsar Admiral Brett Jaguar, says otherwise. Here first is present trump followed by Admiral Jaguar. and you know why we are so many cases, because test war, so go around and there are very by the way we just very young people, too, were tested people who go. What does that everybody in many ways. I hate it in many ways I hated overall, it's good to have the testing we find. That word is that there are a lot of things, but they use it to make us look bad maybe identifying some more cases. I think that's only true, but what we are seeing is a real increase in the numbers compared to the Post memorial day surge. Even though testing is this is a real increase in cases. Are we that not only because the case numbers are up and we can calculate that. But we know that hospitalizations, but illustrations. Now, let's bring unreported reporter
I should impose Eugene Scott who hosted that conversation with the admiral yesterday, although also with its doktor Lippy Roy she's in MSNBC and NBC News Medical contribute good morning to you, both so Eugene. You interviewed animals your wire. Yesterday, we heard some of what he said. There he's one of those public health officials who's been deftly. Why this line. Four six, seven, eight months now of trying to undermine the president, but coming out in saying the facts and thereby undermining the president's false claims? What did you pick up from the? Admiral DC frustration for him that the present continues to go out and downplay the crisis even as it gets worse, annex seem to express any frustration, but he was very clear that his messaging was quite different from the president's. If you saw entire interview at least five times. He not only said people should wear, masks and stay away from crowds. He held up a mask to his face, trying to show how to one on it,
my blowing in different from what we're getting directly from the White House as the President go on that very nights ago, speak to a large crowd and criticise opponents and other people in the public health they'll for wearing, mask and talking about com it so much it just once Another reminder of how inconsistent the message coming from the White House is stating that has been for so many people looking to Washington to figure out how to navigate this pandemic. So we from the admiral doktor right. Let's, let's hear from you, because you ve taken the sort of the higher In view of this. For so long about kind of where we are, we know that the seventy average of cases is as high as it's been since the beginning of this pandemic. We talked about hospitalizations with guns state by state and showed the cases I think you and others doctor she. Everybody else warned us about this back in March. They said, there's gonna be more when we might get through the summer in we'll come back, the fall come back in the winter so from where
you're sitting. Where are we in this crisis good morning Willie? I cannot believe that in its October almost November, twenty twenty and we are far far worse today than we were back in March and April. When I started talking to our morning Joe statements like that from the president still talking about making this false, it's just a flat. I lie to say that testing is causing cases. Let's be clear, and by cases we mean infections in human beings, these in actions are caused by only one thing and it's a virus highly contagious, virulent path, in which, by the way, doesn't need help in spreading. Yet the present by holding these massive in person, rallies he's
viruses number one wing, Man Willie, and it's really directly correlating to what we are seeing in the health care feels doctors and nurses and respiratory therapist frontline healthcare workers are being bombarded yet again by patients and now, with the with the winter coming, we're gonna see it arise and other respiratory viruses, solicitors such as influenza, not to mention heart disease, stroke and cancers. It's gonna be a as significant burden on the healthcare community Willie so doctor. I I I guess I wonder a sixty year old man who wants to go to a Trump railway, like the ones we just showed comes to you and says I want to go to this rally. What did What do you say? What is it? What would you
eight of this person to help them understand perhaps a different point of view, or is there no talking to them? Well, you know me guy be prepared to make I devoted my career to taking care of people with So this is our addiction. People home people are a Rikers island in So these are not easy conversations. So what I would say to those gentlemen or any man or woman out their particular those who are elderly, who are more vulnerable to this virus and get it becoming severely ill. I would ask them: what's your goal if you're going to support a certain candidate. That's great you can support safely from your own home. You can donate. You can mail in balance you can, you can eat, maybe go into two appalling place place when you're wearing a mask, but keep yourself safe and keep your family member. Save them
the message I will say because right now, Mika their administration clearly has come a given up right. Do remember one chief of staff Mark Meadow sets of into effective were no longer going to control this pandemic wouldn't evokes instead are what I was concerned are downstream efforts, treatment, therapies, right, that's not the same as investing in upstream strategies such as prevention, masts, distancing downstream thinking, as classic that classic downstream Lastly, ineffective strategies: that's not what's going to work in order to contain a massive infectious disease outbreak Mika and in fact, Eugene. You have Republicans mocking yesterday, President Joe Mine for not having been crowds at his rallies when, in fact those are laid out so that they are safe distance and everything else and warm springs, but you ve been looking at and writing about the role of President Obama in this campaign. We talked about it a few minutes ago.
he was out in the state of Florida seems to be thoroughly thoroughly enjoying himself up on stage, and it really is extraordinary when you take a step back when you have a former President United States, this openly going after this specifically this. Fully going after the man who came after him. absolutely, and it appears that President Obama has been deployed to motivate the two thousand and eight twenty twelve Obama voters who sat out the twenty sixteen election, the number of those individuals is beyond four million and about a third of them were black Americans, and so, when you time doing yesterday, it's pretty much what he did to Philadelphia. Well, it tried to remind those voters of everything that he believes that President Ciampi of wrong, especially related to the economic downturn in the pandemic the warning. Voters said if they dont show this year, things can get worse and so he's hoping that some message will motivate these individuals and appear so far to be effective. We
get some of their early voting. That's happening. Bobby swing. States live North Carolina. Arizona am Florida impose Eugene Scott doctored Lippy Roy. Thank you both great to have you with us this morning. Coming up on morning, Joe four years ago, then, FBI James call me decided to reopen the Clinton email investigation, just a seven days before the election, for many that has come to mark a turning point in Secretary Clinton, thousand sixteen campaign than times is Michael Schmidt joins us with his reporting on that. Next morning, Joe I'm Linsey Grand The house of one ratio, american scandal We bring to life some of the biggest controversies in. U S. History presidential lies corporate fraud, corruption and sport, in our new series. We look at a decades long campaign by federal law enforcement to target activists fighting for racial justice, federal agents when, after every one from Billie Holiday to Martin Luther King Jr and would ultimately face a public reckoning
crime to american scandal on Apple pot, CAS Spotify or wherever you get your pack ass, join one replies to listen and free in the wonder YAP. I'm sure that, have. You may have heard about a letter that the FBI, rector set out as well. If you're like me, you probably have a few questions about it. it has already stray it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election, Hillary Clinton reacting to then FBI, director, Jane Scummy, announcing it ok, Joe. I still. Why are you tapping you're just came out
can? I remember the moment we were women out of the question that I couldn't understand was resolved, put it out, but even pass that there was a way to frame to say as any law you write in America. There is nothing the contents of this letter, naturally lead you or anyone else to believe that the draw conclusions of the FBI. Had then we'll be altered. the contents of better but is a matter of due diligence. We me to look through there's Bob about bite. You because when languages, whether robbed the way he did, it was abandoned by the way people blame Vladimir Putin. They blame Heller not going, though, is concentrating on discards. Ok, that's fine! Then and put me ain't. It seems they blame everybody. The
this call me later by, we listen and Donald trumps speeches and and and four years of of of these tweets terrains tweets from this man and adapt staving foreign policy because this letter the rays was over until this letter dropped, Bud Saint James COM. It was doing it for any reason other than he thought that it was wanting. both to do, but he also thought he was supposed to hold a press conference after he didn't indict Hillary Clinton. If you died, or are you darling died or ok. I, Darwin died or your daughter a press conference and then politically embodied Sir mentally. We said that in Time as well. Let me say that slowly for you We said that in we'll time as well, it did makes. Since then
it still doesn't make sense to joining us now New York Times from Porter, and that's what I was up and lay down the saga tapping. That tapping makes me nervous near times reporter and embedded in the sea and national security. Analyse Michael Schmid, he's the Donald Trump be the United States inside the struggle. Stop a present then his last piece for NBC Think is an excerpt from his book entitled com October, surprise shook America four years ago today his wife try. Stop at the idea of ok silence. What Michael? This is not a question that Willie, usually ask on their show, but why me listen to his wife in mine come man so the night. For the decision. Jim call me comes home from work and he's in which- and he says here now believe what I have to do
economies. Life immediately recognized the problem with the decision she see that this was going. Be bad for her husband and she could more importantly, that it was going to be bad for Hillary Clinton and she argued with her. Been telling him seeing this is too close to the election. How can you do this and choose pushing back on him, enforcing him to try and explain why he believes he needs to do this call me in a very matter of fact way lays out what he says: you're too awful auctions. These speak or conceal and she's gas there. What she's hearing she can understand her husband's logic, and why he's deciding to do that and she knows not to invoke Hilary Britain's name as a way of trying to say look you're going to devastate her,
They see and hurt Donald Trump Buddy This moment there peering into the future of american History, in a way that no one else, no one else in the country knew what was going on and there sitting at their kitchen table discussing yes and she is really trying to strike test this decision and it gets a little there's a little friction in the room, and he gets a little butter frustrated with her because he doesn't think that he's really helping as he confronts would, he knows, will be one of the most. The big decision of his career Claremont Gaskell. We certainly sympathise with Jim call me. Saying my god. What if I have this information- and I release said, and then comes out after the action. Then. I completely look like
in the tank for Hilary and was covering up information that they could be detrimental. Not only do we campaign but too late standing voting time, on the way he release it was so ham fisted. There had to be a better way to really something. I guess within days left in the campaign call me delivered the presidency, you Donald Trump and it ironically, trumpets spent on for years trying to pretend that somehow, the FBI and the Department of Justice, Sonia Obama, administration, was true to keep him from being president. It is so stupid call me they were in the presidency and by the way, call me. You know, he's gonna go to his great knowing he elected Donald Trump, and I think he does now. He elected Donald Trump, but the one thing is: when you look, but time period, Michael when you look at that hi period that they had this laptop. It went
Thirty days they couldn't dog in and gotten all the information and the letter he could. Given out two weeks before the election could have been the letter that here there gave out right before the election. They cleared her, but instead they sit on it. I mean you talk about now practice. You talk about a problem that is What this country had happened to me election it wasn't that they were trying to hurt dial drop. It was therein competence, elected Donald, Trump, the thing that I think that you can? We were to redress this new spoken a fair amount about this is basically when the decision is presented to him. He believes that this process of having to go back and look at the EU now, there's gonna go on for men. Weeks it'll be something that may even take months and months to do, and I think that, if we had known that they were going to be.
to go through these emails as quickly as they did, because by the Sunday before the election, they had figured out there was nothing there, I'm sure he would have done what he did. But what happens is that they make the announcement and within within a matter of days by the next week. You know by the funding for the election they have to that there is nothing here, there's nothing that changes anything and they put this second statement out, just I believe on the Sunday before that, before the election. They put this statement out. That basically says we haven't found anything. So it looks like to the public that this was in it first there is result, we know well, why did this happen and end? There are regions that were happening, there's thousands. ages of justice, department documents that come out afterwards, that explain it, but that was the idea: yeah, I story at the time, and it certainly did ass these questions overcoming that she had largely put behind her as folks organ
to the election, and I think that you know four call me the ironic thing of the entire thing is that in Donald Trump you no doubt does as much damage to the FBI, as would have been I had the f b I have been accused of covering up for Hillary Clinton. And I think we'll call me would say we say what I had to really bad choices from me it's really good morning. So it's feels like over the last four years, since the decision made by director call me he's been in many ways: repenting for it. You know whether it is tv appearances, his book, the pensive Stu grandiose. Where he's looking off alone into the woods all these things, where he's going after Donald Trump. Does he now, as you talk to him for this, but does he regret the decision he made or does he say I had a tough choice? Had a job to do, maybe I didn't like to do it, but I have to do it to see the live with regret over that
take much more, the latter, then a former. I think they call me things said he had too bad choices and he made the best of those two choices in that, if he had done if he had not said anything and there had been something there on the emails which he didn't know when he made decision then I think It believes that it would have done an irreparable damage to the FBI. Now people on the other side of that argument would say that Donald Trump as president has done as much damage could have been done to the FBI enter the Justice Department in the way that politicize things in the way that is interfering in its work in the way that has talked about its investigations in the way that he is trying to the powers of the Justice Department to protect himself, to target his rivals, including call me here. Calls is repeated calls for the Justice Department to investigate. Call me two demonize call me so
I think we call me would say he says I would. I made the best of too awful this no matter what I did. I was still risks the damage that was done to the FBI, knowing the funny thing about it. All is that when call me fire to that's November. Of of twenty six, seeing these fired in May of twenty seventeen, the president, You know relying on broad rose and signs rationale and a memo for what call me should be dismissed the play. It says that it was commies handling of the email. Investigation is why he should be higher now, a lot of people would say that its handling of the email investigation is Donald Trump got elected president, but call me would probably say look I I was gonna take it one way or another, and I had a decision to make.
Michael Schmidt, thank you very much. The new peace for NBC Think is out this morning. Based on the report. From his latest book I only want it's joy raid on so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week night, I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, words of frozen matter and so Present United States. The first thing I want to do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level with Atlanta Mayor case Lance bottom. We need as many voices as weaken had as possible sounding the alarm. Encouraging p to wear masks and to take all precautions and biomedicine and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflage uniformed officers into a sitting,
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