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With just four days before the election, the Morning Joe panel tracks the candidates' campaign stops and the latest polling.

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Hundreds of people gathered for president from campaign rally in the media and according to stay health officials, at least nine people who went to the rally of male tested, positive signals at nineteen. One case was known to be infected. Their work will have to face in the earth with that one in intensive care to shuttle all these people back to their cars. The Trump campaign higher forty buses officials say the buses were delayed and people had to wait to get back to their cars, policed there were about a half dozen supporters were transported to hospitals were, ride medical reasons, the president's rallies, thousands with little social distancing had few masks and in a separate challenge, and it only seventy multiple people passed out. Twelve taken. Hospital, and the president's said this as a fire trucks spring water into the crowd, or they do that. A purpose render FAO code
in Minnesota looks like foreign hypothermia in Nebraska and HEAT exhaustion in Florida, the health risks the traveller Trump Ral, able, through their Willie guys, it's the is how to go to those sayings man. Oh my yeah, I mean start with the gathering on its own for corporate reasons, and then this is an additional layer, but that the larger problem is it your smashing much of people together at a time when work racing towards new records of infection and deaths are nearing a thousand a day and Donald Trump is carrying. with these rallies in carrying on with his rhetoric as if that's not happening. You know other people in his family or dismissing the seriousness of this. It's all gone, all gone away. Donald Trump keep sanguinary corners. We keep. We keep setting records for the number of chronic virus, cases every day, and we had a thousand. I think over. A thousand people died of covered nineteen yesterday and just to put this in perspective,
That's more people dying in one day than died in you. Fatalities in Afghanistan over the past decade. Donald talks, a lot about how long we bear in Afghanistan and soldiers that are still getting kill them Ghana stand in the Marines. More people died. Yesterday of covered in America in something we just again now take for granted every day, but more people died yesterday covered in America. then died in the Afghanistan war. You are soldiers over the past decade, its staggering at this point there disconnect along with Joe willing and may we have cheap Whitehouse correspondent for the New York Times, Peter Baker Beijing NEWS Capitol Hill correspondent in host of way to relate Casey Hand and
takes in journalism? Professor Morgan State University, politics have your at the Green and an MSNBC political contributor. Jason Johnson is with us this So we are now in the final four days of camp looking ahead of election day today is all about the MID West, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden Ex Thompson, Minnesota and Wisconsin Trump in Raw. just Minnesota and Green Bay Wisconsin by in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Milwaukee tromp, also rallies in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, while Biden holds its rival rally into Moyne Iowa Willie. So we know where their focuses. Let's go pulling this morning for days out in pencil. The latest canopy at university poll shows Joe Biden ahead, thereby seven point fifty one to forty four couple: a pulls out: Lord Monmouth University gives Joe Biden a six point in in its fifty one to forty five percent in that Paul
If we act as binding ahead by three in the state. Forty five to forty two in Ohio, the could it be Paul shows by the hand, by five point, forty eight to forty three and Carolina. The latest New York Times Siena College Poll, puts Joe Biden ahead by three points. There is well forty eight two hundred and forty five also Iowa President Trump ahead. By one point. Forty seven to forty six percent so airtight in all those states. I know you're skeptical of any pulling the chose a five point leading the state of Florida, because your spoke, a son that you run for office there what are you doing in Florida, Joe and you'd? Why not you believe? Parliament has a five point spread well and also did that we have a five point spread in Ohio for four Biden: silently Mongolia Nottingham. I maintain a delight
I hear Harry Bailey at the end of its a wonderful lie like sobbing help me believe again, I want to believe what I believe in Paul's again so comforting. We now turn out of Paul. It go out. That's great! Well, all that sorry about Florida so that there is not one Paul's out Florida, plus six by Florida, plus three that's a little the reality we had. Your times, yet Nepal that had Florida, plus, four smartest democratic Operative, I know who ran a massive power cross border has buying up for maybe it will happen, maybe it will happened? But if you look at the early numbers, if you look at the data coming out of Florida, Republicans keep
doing away at that huge four hundred and thirty thousand vote led the Democrats had last week and they knocked down about fifty thousand everyday Republicans, r R, performing Democrats on a massive scale, they're going plus fifty thousand about every day. So where is a democratic energy? After four Years of Donald Trump. They lost another forty fifty thousand yesterday. So now that leads been. Whittled down to a hundred and fifty thousand votes goes all you know that's going to keep going, all the way through day for early voting, so Republicans have a massive advantage. There you look at the number out of Miami Dade, Joe Biden is still under performing, so now. I see all the polls, the Joe show of four or five point led for Joe Biden. I see the data on the ground. I also understand that this is for you.
Steve Corner, ok, but this is exactly what Paul There's we're saying not forming go in Florida. two years ago in Florida when they had Rhine the saddest down by five point. They had Skype, current senator Rick's got down by four or five points seem like every Paul had given as the next governor of or that it was an absolute shock when he ended up losing, and so I so again I I see these Florida Paul, six plus plus five plus four They just start ring any more true than that Ohio Paul as Joe Biden up by five boys. I do No, what universe if it happens. I'll, be shocked and the also will have a right but Steve, and we keep talking about twenty? Sixteen in the polls posters getting it wrong, they get a lot of,
permit West States and Florida wrong and twenty eighteen. Yes, that's a critical point for people to keep in mind. I think there were changes made the pulling at the state level after twenty sixteen and we'll see how they have that, but I do think it's worth remembering in twenty eighteen, a particular type of state state with a large Non College white population stay with large now with a large rural white populations. You saw Missus, you saw Missus in the polling and twenty eighteen statewide Ohio you saw it in Vienna. You saw it in Missouri, saw in Tennessee sought North Dakota, some demographic characteristics, their debts, I allowed those states either. I know a lot of them lean Republican, but it is a question I think when you look at Those pours out of the lid western, like you, said the example of twenty eighteen. In Florida, large, the modern history of floored always being a one or to point raised, looms large. Of course, in Florida, railway talking about it, it's
there is some kind of trade off in place when you look in these parties in these pause, where the Democrats maybe have gained Ground Biden as was seniors in Florida, just as he's losing ground with bayonets, more particularly cuban Americans in South Floor Florida. Always to find a way of finding equilibrium. It seems by election day yeah. So I will say, and I think it was Josh Para last night who commented that, yes, there are tradeoffs and part of it. All trade offs are created equally, as somebody who has been on the ballot four times in Florida can tell you if I had to choose a trade off. Where I lost more cuban Americans, then Hillary Clinton did years ago. I picked up a lot more. Why seniors. I take the old wine saying any day of the week and the state of Florida, because that's that's a pick up on a fairly
massive scale. So I will say this is Joe Biden over performs among older white seniors where Hillary Clinton underperformed last time and if those independence. We vote at one point: six million third party, other party nine republican democratic not affiliated floor. Its vote already one point: six million, we don't know How those we're gonna break it, though break for Joe Biden. Then then, yes, maybe Biden gets a to three point laid, but there are a couple of weeks Yes, you know the other thing you mentioned. The white seniors older voters in Florida, in particular key obviously to Florida, but remember we're gonna get the Florida result early. We think we're going to get a lotta results net, seven eight o clock our from Florida and this
Mind you what happened in twenty sixteen in what we could tell from a vote that came in and floored and twenty sixteen think along the Gulf Coast in Florida when saw it. Seven. Forty five eight o clock on election day. Twenty sixteen Donald Trump was running. Ten fifteen points better in these counties than Mitt Romney had for years earlier. He was hitting levels you didn't think a Republican was gonna hit in terms of support. He was seeing tat levels, you didn't think a Republican was going to be able to create, you saw that along the Gulf Coast, he told you a bit from Paris Charter windfall. it is certainly what you have done, but it also told you wait a minute who are the older white voters who live along the Gulf Coast who have moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida. Oh there from Wisconsin therefrom, Michigan, they down from the MID west. They retire to the Gulf Coast. So if you're, seeing that sir, along the Gulf Coast of Florida early for Donald Trump, it told us in twenty sixteen look out for in a couple hours when we start getting those votes from the MID West, which is exactly what hat
but work that in reverse thinking ahead to election night, twenty twenty. If it's not showing up this time, you're, seeing the kind of shit you're describing among seniors in those Gulf Coast counties. The question you stop ask, then, is a does that say something about we're what might be going but be. Does that portend a shift in the middle later in the night, is well worth and that's a great point. stay, because I remember early, two thousand and four I was on on panel with Chris Matthews I think broke out, came on some Howard firemen was there might barnacle we, sitting around, and this is something for people to be looking at seven, Tina, seven thirty, when those flutter results came in I get I started looking. I didn't, because the holes it afforded. Doesn't report obvious
until eight o clock when the central timezone part of the forum- I might my part of the state starts- starts reporting, but I can tell by eight o clock by look by comparing what Bush had done in two thousand for with what he was doing. two thousand for in these Florida counties, whether within me Dade, Brower and Palm Beach, or whether it was at the centre of the state or whether is up in jail Cinderella, Duvall County. I could tell that what was so over performing his two thousand numbers, but I turned to people on them and I said the floor. It is not going to be this year, and not only is it not going to be close here since are so me, transplants in this state, if bushes outperforming in performing himself here This is going to also be true across the MID West is also going to be, and it ended up being that way. That's why sea weed
been hearing that yes, Pennsylvania, it's gonna, take them a eighteen years. Due to count, the votes and Pennsylvania. But it's important for people to remember that by seven thirty, especially of seven five. Eighty percent of Floridians have already voted by SAM Thirdly, we can go when I look at a lot of these counties especially in the middle of the state, like you said, along the Gulf Coast, if Donald Trump is, you're performing by ten fifteen percent, while he did for years ago in those Florida counties, that's not just bad news. In Florida, that's bad news for him across the country. Now is crop is doing as well in those in those small county, some of which will have ninety percent of their vote, and we'll get it by seven. Thirty, nine on election night, if you take some those counties in the center of the state and Donald Trump is holding those margins. Well, Joe
maybe, and for not just a long night. A very long view is you know, look we can how about this I'll call this up. This is what happened. on election night, twenty sixteen in Florida. Actually, when we hit the button right here so here s an example, take a look. Take a look at Pasco, carry that's it. I was turned, court. This is one of those counties. I remember seeing early and election, they just north of Tampa Gulf Coast, look at the Trump Margin year, fifty nine, thirty. Seven over Clinton. Look what we were, comparing that too, just four years earlier Romney, when it by seven trump, was winning it by three times the margin did Mitt Romney had wanted by, and you saw this all over the place and the Gulf Coast until you're absolutely right what we're going to be doing an election twenty twenty is we're gonna have the twenty two They result right here, I'm going to call this The more you say: how does this compare county after county to four years and we saw all the trends you're describing in Florida. We saw them. Are they being replicate?
have they change in a way that favours the Democrats, have they changed in a way that favours the Republicans? Have they cancelled each? Do they say something about? What's gonna come later, but yeah I just I expect if there was Russia, twenty years ago said Florida, Florida Florida, but that's my expectation for the early hours of election night. Twenty twenty there's gonna be a lot of Florida to be potentially a lot coming out of Florida and some other states and North Carolina in Ohio Georgia, some other states too, but I think that could be telling us something very significant about the nest race? Well, I am and Willie Pascoe County. Let's look at Pasco County, they Steve has up on the Big Board right now, that's one of the four five counties that I'm going to be looking at, that you're going to be looking at it, seven hundred and fifteen seven hundred and thirty when they dumped the votes because he get there going all early, that's unlike Pennsylvania and the other midwives states. Floored is counting devotes right now. They're, Canada, absentee votes right now. They're, counting the early votes right now pulls close at seven
Draw from seven fifteen, seven, thirty and again and county like Pascoe County, they're, they're, going to have counted already. Ninety percent. Ninety five percent of the votes- that's gonna, come at as very quickly and pass goes counties. One of those kind. if we can show stay by the Big Board right there and show the numbers there. You look at what Veronica I got in two thousand and twelve and see that he got forty six percent. Hillary Clinton gets thirty. Seven. if we seeing a number for Joe Biden out of Pascoe County at seven fifteen, seven thirty Onest tonight and he's sitting at forty to forty three percent. That's big news, because that means a lot of those Obama Trump voters are edging back towards towards Joe Biden, and that means that some of those older white voters are breaking away from Donald Trump. tromp holds his numbers and buying is down in the thirties and Pascoe County and about ten other
Aldi's in the middle. The state then again great NEWS for Donald he's holding on to the people that he? I he needs to win and we're carrying from Florida and maybe some other states as well. Yet The reason Donald Trump was intent by yesterday in a hot day. He knows exactly where he needs to be in what he needs to do and the state of Florida, and even if you over a couple economies to Penniless County present one that County Donald Trump flipped it back in two thousand. Sixteen, so that we're gonna be I for corridor, we're gonna have a close eye on that all night. I know you well to Steve. I live from a lot of people over the last few days wondering with the mail and vote in the early voting, how exactly to process the numbers that will coming in on election night. So, as you look, you mentioned George you mentioned Florida dimension. North Carolina, Ohio should have a pretty good feel for those states, but what are the places where it?
drags on. It could be a couple of days and how should we look at the percentage that we get in first, that that both in the bank the early vote, while we wait for other votes to be counted it's, it's gonna very by state, and maybe we can just start, we could use twenty sixteen in Florida as an example here obvious Things are a little bit different this year because of the pandemic. Because of the emphasis on voting, but four years ago, when Donald Trump carried Florida, you see by one point two here going into election. They all this. These daily updates we're getting on early voting in Florida. The ballot advantage for democratic, going into election day was ninety thousand it With their translated into when those ballots were all count, it was the Hillary Clinton, one, the early, slash male invoked in Florida and twenty. Sixteen by six point two. you think, that's going on now, this period in twenty sixteen in Florida, Hillary Clinton by six points, that's what it ended up being then, the folks who went out
election day in voted Donald Trump, one them by twelve points from one election. They vote in Florida by twelve. You put those two buckets of votes together, that's what it added up. so again what you saw in twenty. Sixteen overall was a democratic advantage, in the early slash male votes because of the way Florida reports out its results as Joe is saying in that first out, especially when you get these big reports out from these counties, and you see seventy eighty percent of their vote. This is the bucket yours initially. Then this is the bucket that gets added to it. So in a state like Florida, you might back at the earliest numbers you get are going to be the best numbers that Joe by sees in Florida and then the question is going to be. Can you hold on as the votes from this bucket, which are probably going to be more trump friendly Those are added in across the state. That's a story to state like Florida. Now it's probably going to be different in a state. If you go into a, a Pennsylvania, for instance, Pennsylvania's a bit of a mishmash here in terms of how different counties are doing it, but
are some counties in Pennsylvania, they are even gonna touch their mail in ballots until the next day. In their only we gonna report out on election night, the votes that were cast election day. There are other counties, there are other places in Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia, for instance, there are going report out, probably a big chunk of their male invoked along with their same day, vote they're gonna get more of a mix, but even in a place like Philadelphia, it's gonna take days to get through and process those hundreds of thousands of mail about So with in Florida, the story is gonna, be the earlier vote to gets report its favourable to Biden, and then it gets we're Trump friendly is the night goes on intent. Sylvania in a couple other places, the story is going to be the first numbers you see and probably for a few hours on election. I for all the Lex night are going to be the best that Trump sees in Pennsylvania and then they're going to improve. I'd, miss the male comes into the questions going to be combined in chip away
in race, overtake whatever advantage Trump establishes, that's good explanation of various based on they say, you're. Looking at the pulling averages in these critical swing, states that we ve been looking for months and months and months now, seeing where they are were four days out. How close are these states teeth? Yeah? We could take it here go through him again. Is there street Here's here ray. We always talk about Michigan Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, three from barely one, but we're so Chris, to his electoral college, math and twenty sixteen the polling. There continues to be the wrong, this Biden pulling the biggest from vulnerabilities and swing states. This is the current real, clear average for those three states. Michigan Slovenia Wisconsin again, if by just one, those three states over coming, we likely he has won. The election seats are very difficult to see Trump coming up with two seventy. Without those. Now, when you move to Florida, Arizona, North Carolina states Trump one in twenty. Sixteen thirty one them by a much smaller margins, the polling, this is the real clear average they got by and by
point in change in Florida, they got Arizona in a tie that there are some. I should note there are some of these other pool averages who have Biden up by about two. It's in Arizona right now. It depends what mix a pause using what weight you give them North Carolina, though they ve got Biden up by a fraction of a point. You go the next year, Georgia, Ohio, Texas Iowa. These are states Trump one by high single digits entwined sixteen, what's the pulling showing their again trumped up a couple in two This is a tie in Ohio. That five point led yesterday was certainly the big. Thing by the scene. Out of Ohio, Georgia, Iowa Biden lead very, very slight, but again it's also economic, I was almost. It was a ten point race, almost twenty. Sixteen in now I'd and leading by one big shift there in the polls, but very very competitive. I'm Lindsey Grant the hosts of wonder. Show american scandal. We bring. Life, some of the biggest controversies in? U S. History, presidential lies corporate fraud, corruption and sport,
in our new series. We look at a decades long campaign by federal law enforcement to target activists fighting for racial justice. Federal agents were for everyone from Billie Holiday to Martin Luther King Jr and would ultimately face a public reckoning. Scribe to american scandal on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast join one replaced with an ad free in the wonder, YAP. I'm Laura Beale and in my podcast doktor death we dug into the story of doktor, dense and the system, failure that allowed him to maim and kill patients in Texas since duck deaf came out. I've received hundreds of taps about doctors who abuse their patience. I still get a few every week, but one story in particular has kept coming in over and over again far more than any other story about a doctor who sacrificed his patients, health for personal profit, a doctor who had over five hundred Victor
before being stopped by the FBI, a doctor who deserves the nickname given to him by his victims. Doktor death subscribed to doktor death season. Two on apple pod casts wondering field. The story. Right stave Carnegie. Thank you very much. While this is going to really could down to the wire and perhaps well over it, you never know really is, and of course you you look at something like a set of Florida. Steve said it will. Recollect was plus six percent White going into the night now We have not just Democrats but republican thinking that both parties are cannibalized their same day voting. So we We're not exactly sure what that six percent is going to look like have Republicans by Canada I think I may have they taken vote, that would normally vote on election day that Donald Trump scattered depend.
An election day and had they move them forward and have had them voting early, so gonna be gonna be a lot of questions, a lot of moving parts as Steve said a lot of shifting alliance is going on and the same Florida also across the country and will will be following it, but I do think we're going to get a pretty clear message out of Florida early in the evening. So our Peter Baker Willing and the final weakened. Obviously, as is so, it can happen and the five a week and of course we have, we have things- are different than say they weren't nineteen, eighty one Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan seemed to be tied on the Friday going into the final weakened, then Reagan had the late surge. We we ve got some states, sixty percent of the voters, seventy percent of the voters, eighty percent of the voters, they ve already bank their vote right now, so not as much of a shift
but still and erase it could possibly be. This close, this is, is fine that's the end could make a big difference. What are the two? How the two candidates to be talking to their voters to try to bring home the victory yeah either. I think self ass. They by the way, I beg you for the education, I'm glad to know about the risky floor, then Pennsylvania, myself. I think that the last weekend matter. So much less this time in any elections ever seen right. We ve always wondered what could be the last minute surprise. As that changes boats, we saw two thousand went toward a bee. Bushes. Do you eyes became a public and allow couple days. It probably sapped it and is vote through threw it into a recount and floor. We saw obviously the asylum law taken, two thousand for which we have seen so many instances where last minute thing seemed. It change the outcome, at least by a few point, but as you point out with eighty two million boats already cas right, roughly sixty percent of the total cost into Thou,
sixteen their speaking to a smaller and smaller set of voters right, but Biden and and and and trumpet in the MID West will be doing he's talking with a handful of an over the world. A small percentage of people haven't gotten out of the boat, yet very few of them. You feel like undecided, she's, really a matter of getting people to the poles were already inclined about for one Canada or the other could assume grating they they say in these last few days, really change that hard to see what that would be to me, the bigger, suspend the bigger unknown at this point is how many of those boats he counted and I went standards- are why? Right and those are the points that are being held out right now in these courts day after day were signalizes Supreme Court or other federal courts said out the rules, the road for election night after the days that follow those are the really bigger. But about going on that the set these speeches, the will be Yeah and again there been some surprising
decisions that have come out of the Supreme Court, I will say meagre resources in court. Does they now. as does the rest of Amerika, at least people that are following closely speaking of these court cases. Donald Trump is going to be a head Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin the first day. most likely because that's a day of voters they're going to fail for him and then once he goes ahead? He and the report, can party and their lawyers are going to try to stop the vote? They're going to whatever means they can t get to the Supreme Court and stop the vote, while he's had they been trying in one court case after another, they cut short the routing and those mid states because they understand, if all those votes are counted
Obviously, it's going to benefit Joe Biden and most likely Joe Biden going to win so Donald Trump knows and his lawyers have admitted it makes it very goal- is to challenge as much as they can challenge and stop the vote. While Donald there's still and, as we know, he's gonna, be transparency now a very transparent about it. So I am certainly hoping that federal judges up and down the line understand they ve got to let all the votes speak added or they'll be seen is nothing more to be very transparent is just a floppy for Donald J, Tromp Casey Hunt love about Pennsylvania, a lot about Florida, you're. Looking at Georgia, tell us why yeah Mika and its a bit surprising in, and I was, as I was listening to Joe talk about Florida and I what what he has been saying is completely reflected in my reporting as well that it is so incredibly club
and that we simply don't know at this point, how that's gonna break down. But what has been surprised? to me is that I have some strategy is now saying that they think that Biden is more likely to win Georgia, perhaps than Florida, which is We something considering in Florida spent on the map is a swing state, the entire time, and we ve been talking about Georgia. Several election cycles now thinking, ok, well, it's gonna go blue! It's gonna go blue! It's going to do this! No really this time and its never happened, but there's a cup. Things going on you. No one is that state aid, it has been doing a lot of infrastructure work down there, especially with black voters, but to the antiquity toward tromp is just off the charts and Joe. We talked about the suburbs of Lana places like buck head. Where,
there is just this intolerance for what they have been seeing out of the White House and the character of the president. All the way, along that it has really accelerated the change along with the demographics and other things in Georgia. So You have can put Georgia on the map. We ve got a much different potential outcome. Or at the very least, we have a different election election night potentially, because then, all of a sudden late results from constant Michigan Pennsylvania become less important, as you are trying to count up to two hundred and seventy electoral college votes. You know before the end of the evening, Joe so Jason Johnson Steve that question about Serbia viewers guide to make the point that Joe just made about how these states are gonna. Gonna fall. We may know a lot about Florida. We may know a lot about North Carolina. Georgiana George but Pennsylvania, Scots and in Michigan people does have to be ready for those first
Mr Show Donald Trump, with a weed and then have some patience, which I know is very difficult to see how it plays out so how we you be watching on Tuesday night. What will be the indicators to you early on or as we get deeper into the night about which way this raises tilting. that will be the most important thing to me that I paid attention a Pennsylvania paid attention to Arizona than I pay attention to in Texas is. Is this not just the raw numbers but taking us first time. Voters and voters kept out on twenty six c. If you voted and in two thousand and twenty twelve and scheme that twenty sixteen you are more than likely and bomb a coalition voter who was turned off by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. When I see a ten percent of early voters being people who skipped twenty sixteen or first time, voters that pretty is very, very well for Joe by so I'm gonna, be looking at election day numbers and saying: ok when you're doing the exit polls, how many say
Our voters are first time voters same day, voters didn't vote and twenty sixteen. It looks to me right now that dollar tromp is probably going to have to have anywhere from eight six to ten percent same day, election lead in places like Pennsylvania in places like forty, in order to make sure that he has a six. I think those things are key. The other thing is this is really important. We just saw was confident new federal, rolling says you know they're gonna in the seventh day window in order to count vote. This is just a slow moving. Coup is absolutely illegitimate to stop people from voting said before. If I'm in line at six fifty nine and I don't get the vote until eight o five, my vote still council. Why would my mail imbalance not count if it doesn't come in until after eight o clock, so we are also going to be looking. I'm gonna be looking at what kind of pushed back is there at state level? If you have enough votes coming in after eight o clock or at seven fifty nine that we believe are going to change the result because
promise you if it for some reason Joe Biden, is ahead in Michigan and ahead of Wisconsin and ahead of Pennsylvania, After election day, Donald Trump and his minions will immediately flip the script and say we need the count. These extra balance that's a good sized Sabena Baker. We have two pretty big news stories going on where the stock market crashing earlier this week it rebounded yesterday we get good job, they pay numbers overall economy. So obviously suffering from what's happened over the past nine months but seven point four percent growth on the other side of that over a thousand people dead yesterday from covered nineteen while members Donald Trump on family you're, trying to play it down What do you sense covering this race is going the bigger impact going into the final weekend covered or a bump in the GDP
United Covert, obviously because surging right now is is dominant attention. It has dominating attention in places that not helpful to the president. A thousand does is huge, obviously have Donald Trump Junior, say last night at the desk are almost nothing As you know, we fly in the face of reality. Argue with a disease. You can't argue with people being impossible, you can't argue with people being sick, you can convince people, the economy, better than it really is. Perhaps you cannot convince people, I think, their seeing their lives, the impact of above a pandemic, and the present wants to say it is the media talking about it was not at its about. You know turned to toy nine thousand deaths so far in this country and that's just in the last eight mindsets, a very hard told simply wiped away, not water public. As you wish, you talked about the economy more because it could use those numbers. It came out yesterday at a jumping off point to make his best pit, which is, I built the economy while building and write the voters showed him cold, they give him more. Credit generally
the economy than Bible, and that's the best about selling point. A lotta republicans thought the press. Had, but he's been back focusing on. Biden or other topics rather than that one cell was sailing going that he has to do to focus on even talk about this. The rally himself yesterday said: oh, I get these called people. Don't worry, talking about saying, I should be talking about the economy so easy, reflecting allowed. The conversation is being held behind closed doors and, basically policy with people they're not here I am what I want so I know what I'm doing as he is the definition pull Click of a one trick! Pony ain't! Gonna! Do one thing you can see: That's the cultural divisions at wedge issues, but not from putting a seven point: four percent growth in the economy going into the final weekend. There are a lot of people on his own staff and a lot of Republicans in Washington, and that is as their heads against the wall, Peter Bay,
Thank you so large and congratulations again to you and Susan Man around Washington, just a fantastic biography of James Baker. What what a great book? What a great story! Thank you so much being where this also this programming now Joe Willie and I will be running election. I coverage on Peacock and BC universals new streaming service will tell you exactly what you need to be watching for, as the votes come in, top election data analysts and reporters who covered the key states every day was top ports. I'm running. Reporters in columnists, including Bob Woodward, David Ignatius and Jean Raw Listen pain veterans like David plus Clare, Mechanical and Jim Messina, his story John Mitchell than Walter Isaac send to put the results into perspective. It's all on peacock on Election day, Tuesdays
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night long and also for use on Joseph just to let you know not just about the pole. Administration willing. I approve that we're down with kids we're going to be break dancing it about eight or nine, such with our business, is threatened with kids with our eyes still more their axes. That's right bury president trumps campaign event in soda today will actually follow corona virus guidelines, but not by choice apparently will explain that ahead, plus a I'm new Tal and the corona virus crisis, nine million confirmed infections in the U S, but the President tell says we're rounding the curve, your she morning job will be right back AIDS just in an air and from the generation why you might have heard of us. We ve been around since twenty twelve check out this week's episode on Dj Thick dj. What
twenty seven year old man who would end up dead while staying out of friends, some witnesses say he turned gone on himself, while others tell much different story check out new up Those generation, while Podcast Spotify Worthy wondering how joint quandary, plus in the wondering app to listen ad free, you said, were around eight corner it's going away, were learning how to live with it. No, he expects us learn die within. Our vaccine will eradicate the virus and by the way we have it, but whether we haven't or not its rounding, the term surrounding these doing nothing. We're learning to die within down trap, is weighed the white flag, abandon our families and surrendered to the virus. It's incredible, the job that we ve done and that the american dream we have done. This could have been two million lives. President shrub superstition
a vaccine spreading more virus around the country, and here in Florida that I had it did you know that I had to get back on the trail. I said this is not good timing. One thing when you are president, you have a lot of doctors, but they gave me a drug madeira. I woke up the next morning I felt I could have taken the meanest person in this the bottom line, though you gotta get better. You gotta get better. If I can get better, anybody can get better. Both candidates with varied four messages on the krona virus. Yesterday and Battleground Florida covered, nineteen infections are spreading at the fastest rates the start of the pandemic overnight? The country hit the mark of nine million corona virus cases. The nation seven, a new single day record after being ninety thousand cases. Yesterday surpassing wednesdays, all time high by almost ten thousand nine hundred and eighty two
deaths were reported yesterday alone, bringing the countries death toll to nearly two hundred and thirty thousand and many times Scientists believe this did not have to happen. Let's bring in physics and then fellow at the Brookings institution, Doktor Cathedral, Patel she's, a former Obey White House, health policy, director and MSNBC medical contributor. Also, thus infectious disease expert and president of access, health, international, duct, William Hazel Teen he's the author of a new autobiography titled. My lifelong fight against disease, from polio and HIV Aids to covert nineteen. after Hazel teen these rallies. Where people are our coming together, the thousands, do have concerns that corona virus will spread more rapidly if railways are held across. The country is obvious
at their spreading and these realities the. If you The number of people who are in fact in the areas where he's going someplace it is high, is perhaps one out of twenty people who are in fact but who are coming to those rallies, even if outside as long as your pact closely together and you have masks the likely to get infected and so these are very dangerous, rallies and is emblematic of the admin. thracians lack of care for how to protect this country from european fashion. Other countries have done it. we have failed miserably, and now we have the highest rate we ve ever had. In fact, a high radio world by along of any country in terms of number of people infected and now number of people dying Doktor Patel were hearing from these stages from the present and on tv from his family, just straight up disinformation that we're rounding the coroner surrounding the turn a member
Family last night said on a popular television. Show that were almost a thing in terms of deaths. Meanwhile, some one thousand people died yesterday more than ninety thousand cases a new single day record yesterday. You know the truth. We know the truth. A lot of people in this country are not hearing the truth. So where did what's here position about where we are right. Now you ve been on with us for many months warning us that the fall in the winter, we're gonna be dangerous times, and it looks like that's happening right now, Willie morning to you and to the team. I am very worried not just about the numbers Willie, but if you look at where we are in the country, just the map, the entire me
there's lighting up with cases which is very different from our first two peaks, where we had more of a regional information to this. Why that's concerning me? It's it's obvious that people are dying. Deaths are real and it's not just the vulnerable elderly or, I think, with a president likes to portray the cook people who were weak everybody's weak, because this fight is that strong writing what's more concerning? Is that happened? The counties in the United States do not have intensive care unit capacity or the appropriate staffing, and when you look at the map and the it's going everywhere that create than incredible shortage of health system and hospital capacity, and that forces doctors and nurses and technicians to make really tough choices about who take care of how to make sure people can actually get access to a hospital bed. So when Talk about maybe a hundred thousand cases a day, knowing that a fixed percentage of them have to go to the hospital that create an incredible disaster that
very worried about Doktor Hazel teen. You ve heard doctor G in recent days entertain the idea that perhaps it's time for a national mask mandate were seeing drastic measures. Consider because where these numbers show us. This is headed right now from Europe is kitchen, what do you think we could be doing we're not gonna get the leadership from the present we're not going to get it from the White House and these mitigation efforts. We know that. So what could governors? What can local officials be putting in place right now to at least slow what seems to becoming. Certainly in direct answer to your question. We could be putting in mask mandate. We could be putting in a series of regulations about closing bars, limiting the numbers of people. We know has a strong effects. See the transmission they anxiety is a federal government has deliberately withheld its power to control, this epidemic, and we now know that that was a conscious decision by this administration. Thanks to the car,
the german Christian or made to Bob Woodward words they calculated at all negatives would weigh the governors if They were responsible, whereas They then were responsible for opening all the positives renewed down to them. That is a heartless, malicious and vicious programme toward the american people- and we pay with it with our lives. Guess he hung champion the Doktor Patel question for you about lies on the front lines were seeing some reports that the stockpiles aren't where they need to be to handle the case loads that we're gonna be facing through the winter. Have have you been been following? That has happened sexting you and what do you think our frontline workers need from our govern
in terms of making sure we have enough of this for frontline workers it Casey thanks for that question. I think there's some impression, probably because we are hearing about people buying, yeah, no nine and ninety five mouth on the internet and that there is a perception that these supplies are well available. A couple of points number one most hospitals do have supply, but only hospitals, and only for about thirty days, maybe a little longer in some cases, but that those supplies are really limited and you still have hospital workers and people like me who kind of one and ninety five mask and were reusing them, we're doing it safely, but where using our supplies and if we do have a surge or if I'm exposed to somebody- and I need to change it out, there's nothing to change to so this applies or still an issue just another point to make is that people, I think, are afraid to speak out about supplies being an issue, because I think there is a perception that
and they look like their complaining entered. We don't have enough when the truth is that all of us are bracing for a supply. Shortage were also bracing candidly Casey for attesting turn around times British were seen Caspian turn around right now, one to three days for those pcr tests, but as we are kind of dealing with more and more patients coming in those turnaround times will be longer, potentially at a critical time when we need those test results to come back faster, not slower. doctors can Patel and William Hazels here. Thank you both very much for being on the show this morning and coming up New York Times. Jeremy Peters joins us with his new boarding, including a closing message from the hour and see that may not be Trump approved. Morning. Joe is coming right back
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