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The president returned to the White House Monday after being treated at Walter Reed Hospital. The Morning Joe panel reacts to the choreographed return and news the WH won't contact trace from the Rose Garden event.

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I am actually disturbed and concern and about the fact that our base line of infection- still stuck at around thirty thousand per day. That's no place to be when you try get your arms around an epidemic and get it to a very low base line. You get into a situation where you're going to be indoors more than outdoors, we ve got to stop that trend and get everything going down as a country altogether working together factor anthem. Found. She continues to sound the alarm on the country's high rate of infection as one of those people infected with the highly contagious What disease just staged a mask worse call stun yesterday good, more and welcome to morning Joe, it is to say October sixth, along with
Willie and may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Amir. Alright, President Trump is back at the White House he's inside after spending three nights at Walter Reed Medical Center with corona virus. It was a highly choreographed return. Last night, you could see the producing it himself at times he walked out of the hospital Six thirty, he arrived back at the White House just after seven walked across the South lawn up the exterior stairs and onto Truman Balcony, where he immediately removed his mask to end posed for out assorted ways and that president gave a fancy peace that he felt good. But after climbing the stairs you can see his breathing was labour It also see him waiting to the photographer, giving the photographer orders to get pictures from behind them, as well as he was saluting to get all the the opportunity shot. the range of measures to make it more dangerous for her
The White House says physical access to the president will be significantly limited and that staff will, where appropriate, p p. when near him waving, wait, I'm confused state. I fight really. I thought that this was nothing to worry about, because the president gave this outrageous sleaze stew, without rage, asleep reckless outrageously day, girls her to go not all right behind one, yes, so he can get the beauty shot of his currently rhapsodes drop levene droplets going out with her Washington Skyline behind him by Willie. I thought that Donald Trump said there was nothing to worry. Bout that go on with your life. Why would they have delivered anything other than the fact that the why houses is, as the drugs report says, is a ghost town right now, because this man In fact it everybody inside the White House incredible and then what we're watching right there is, he turns and walks inside without his mask greets,
covers inside the building, the residents right there and then the video he records because you wanted the sun setting behind em in the Washington monument that landscape video watching cited, don't be afraid, dont be afraid, tell that The two hundred eleven thousand four hundred twenty four fan Is that are mourning someone dont be afraid he said, don't let it dominate you as if that were choice for a corona virus patient, and you could tell us he tried to project strength up there and that balcony that he was labored in his breathing. He did not project strength up there. He projected ignorance by now during his mask and he showed to the world, how serious diseases. You could barely breathe while he was standing up there, let's get into exactly what he said after I guess I just really quick Willie, though, on that don't be afraid to let it go. They all go. reality, my family, my There are three people very kind
to us who we love very close with that covered could be a death sentence, could be that don't say that for personally and Jake, I'm afraid of covering decide, I'm afraid of the sea. Even though I have I'm afraid of guns, even though I own guns, yes, I'm afraid of covered, you don't have to be terrified of covered. You have to stick your you know had under the bed, but is something to be fraid of em. If she were my eyes, no people, if I have friends, good friends who were able to a good bye to their mother or their father. The number on the screen are their grandparents because of cove it. because they died these sad lonely. Does it that's my experience in
within a lot of people are going to be voting in a month less than a month? voting right now I mean that's because everybody's experience, I think that's what will your experience. I know that make us experience we, No somebody who's had a loved one affected by this or die and lay in his age Willie. You know we have a neighbour and he got covered and for a month after hearing Think from it he was kind of just wandering around. We had been I mean back over. There was playing Susan again it it also. It doesn't just impact to physically or kill you It impacts panic to and we're gonna get to that study to, but every he said was reckless last night and there were, actually one or two really does I'd, say stupid, but I think that is really bad people, one or two really bad p.
or the United States Senate who set out here. You know covert, there's not much to worry about what that Europe. When they know it's a lie, and they know people are dying from this and they go more. People are gonna die from this, and these same liars Willie that president, a liar who said that covered wasn't coming back in the fall. He said that in April, even when doktor faulty set that is coming back and the fall in prices, and now it's not coming back in the far what we're in the fall he got at present. Gaddafi couldn't breathe last night when you get to the top of the stairs, He was wheezing last night and his on Doktor said, he's not out of the woods yet, and so you write he spreading it. Everybody did he forces to be close to him. It is its last signal say Willie. This buried, Mccaffrey, poor mister trouble,
he's sick, he's acting stupid, he's a danger to others. He's such a terrible example. Do Americans General Mccaffrey goes on to say an infantry leader in dangerous situations. We always work those leader minimize risk until forced into action. Here is a guy that his eye hell people are, has he already infected Willie? How how many people isn't going doing now, how many more lives is this guy gonna put in danger, he's in injured. So many secrets, serve as we won't know actually, because they don't want to do contract tracing from the scope event, where everybody was about eight p, I don't know I've lost count. How many people have walked away from that super spread? event for Amy Coney Barrett with corona virus? White House refused
This too do contact tracing to find out who else may exposed to else may have brought it home to their families, either family friend within that audience very close to everybody who was infected, who isn't well himself and I wouldn't I would want to know if he's gonna be ok, but now contracting tracing. We wouldn't want to show what this virus really does at a super broader event, because that would actually point out that the White House is responsible responsible for getting people, pretend lay deadly ill at the very least, very Alex, not just say, let's stop with a white ass. It's all Donald Trump Willie
everyone just do. It goes without saying that we're dominated yellow Mark meadows sat there being a cheer later when he showed. That would be a good time to actually like I'd say about, can let the present risk his own life and risk their lives and secret service men, and and reached the lives of people inside the White House, but the stooges all went along and Donald Trump went back to the White House and one of the most astounding irresponsible moments that any of us have seen from a politician our lifetime. Imagine going through the experience of contracting covert, knowing what that feels like and not being humble in some way, or at least come out in saying you know what this Italy is something to be afraid of. Let's be smart about how we reopen, let's be smart about how we operate this way. He cannot help himself but attempt to project strengthen again. Look at those images of him about that.
That look like strengths to removing the mask and trying to catch his breath, every time opened his mouth that was, strength, but what he said specifically yesterday before he even left the hospital was quote. This isn't a tweet feeling. Good, don't be afraid of covert dont. Let dominate your life, we have developed under the Trump administrations and great drugs and knowledge, I feel better than I did twenty years ago in here now was tired and masters. The present recorded for without a mask, turning and walking into the White House residence I just, Walter Reed Medical Center, and it's really something very fashion, the doctors and nurses first responders and I learned so much about colonel virus and one thing: that's for certain: don't let it dominate you don't be afraid of it. You can it be that we have the best
medical equipment, we have the best medicines all developed recently and you're gonna beat it. I went, I didn't feel so good and two days ago, I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great like better than I have been a long time. I said just recently better twenty years ago. Doubt let it man, I don't let it take over your lives. Don't let that happen rhythm. this country in the world were gone back with back to work. It be out front As you leader, I had to do that, I knew this danger to it, but I had to do it. I stood out front. I led nobody, that's a leader, would not do what I did and I There is a risk. There is a danger, but that's ok and now better and maybe I'm immune, I don't know a Donald. Oh, my god. It's the steroids, socking gone hats. Hey you're, waded out right have you, I know you can't stay away cameras, your mother would weaken those that
the elder than neighbour. She gave the labour Roy did out. You say really stupid thing now: listen you you're, you're, saying Roy did out that you're right, I don't know. Maybe I'm immune from had Donald, could use all the roads that are raging through your body, that your own doktor said quote, he's not out of the woods yet Would you let those Roy so that we also tell those royds that you're not healthier, you been in twenty years, maybe the railways are whispering interior and they're, saying that you are strong, now, you're, actually still a frail obeys over what not just mildly obeys, urine, really bad shape and size. Glenarvan you, you have You have underlined conditions, perhaps an underlying heart condition. We don't know exactly
what happens when you went to Walter Reed last year. But if you look at your medical records, calcium deposit, your blood, I think, is up and you're not you're, not well I am an Jonathan Wellmere Chris Murphy tweeted, something that a lot is seniors, Florida in Arizona. Our thinking this morning Donald Trump Roy, did out, as he was said what he said. Chris Murphy wrote, this don't be afraid, says with a team of a dozen doctors access to experimental treatments No one else gets literally. No one in the world gets the three drugs same time that he got a full? or room. Hospital. Sweet in a house with top doctors on site twenty four hours a day. So
days, a all of which he gets for free does he refuses to pay taxes, dont be afraid. Well, I would say, since his own doktor said Jonathan he's not out of the woods yet. Perhaps if present word on all those steroids. He might actually be thinking clearly understand that he even still has reason to be worried, because this is a deadly disease. Its killed well overdue. Thousand people, despite all the wise he's been spewing since February. Joe? I was on the White House LAW last night when the President return Weimar in one from Walter Reed I saw his walk across the lawn would seem and, if slow, when he stopped waved to cameras and then, as you ve, been noted after he was up the stairs and he was clearly labored with his breathing gasping for some air at times and this is a moment a moment that was both
the and yet completely predictable, he took off his mask, four saluting green one. I didn't put its mass back on when you went back inside to deal with the staff that was about to film that video, that you ve been playing this morning? You certainly hit upon an important point here. President. In that video said, maybe I mean right now he still contagious. He is still walking around shedding the virus and is now exposing people in the White House to another, a few rooms in the residents to office space is not expected to spend any I'm soon in the Oval office, Rover in the West Wing, but his doctor also said yesterday doktor calmly, but you wouldn't be. During the present either the present would have. Freedom of movement is also key. We should focus on what the doctor didn't say yesterday though he gave out his vitals inside the president, had been fever free. For a few days, though, our but the stare he is on can knock down fevers.
He would not reveal the president's lung scan citing privacy concerns setting hippo, even though he freely offered other pieces of medical information which raised sure why he was he perhaps only sharing the Good NEWS and not the bats. Are there still alive uncertainty about the president's longs? There's also Certainly there said the doktor and a White House have steadfastly set refused to note when the president's last negative test was well. His first positive test was upon his return from bed minster on Thursday, but it's not clear when he was tested previously. How long, perhaps was he paused enough and exposing people to the virus. Was he not acid Thursday morning before going to bed Mincer- or perhaps it wasn't Wednesday morning before Minnesota, or maybe even Tuesday, before the debate and that that Jonathan right there is irresponsible on the doctors part Americans deserve to know, and the people who have been around the world
including his opponent, vice President Joe Biden and this, and lay they ve all been near President Trump for the debate when he first tested positive visit. He question this doktor was Less than honest he was the first liar out there I've ever seen. Quite frankly, Doktor Manette, shading, saying a word yeah it is saying a lot more than this presidency Ronnie Ronnie Jackson. I know, but we Hungarians, resident trumps, sort of libel, big guy, and he refuses to do his actual, whether those actors, I'm just curious willing. Where do these doctors go next after lie? I lied in one of the most important event: sick, IRAN is rife and any honest doctor would say he is leaving the hospital today. He is not out of the woods today, yet we disagree run with his decision to leave, but we will support him,
medically as best we can, and then we will make sure that there is a transition to a good medical situation, the White House, but we actually do not think it should be leaving a hospital situation, and walking around without a man is especially since Willie. It's one thing if you're just dealing with a patient and patient's own privacy concerns, but when you're dealing with somebody that his spread this infection, tat, some of the top leaders in America the world and is now going back, to the scene of the crime. To do it again, a doctor has a responsibility to not lie to the american people in the world or even to the secret service agents who were are moving that president around while its one central questions of our time? What is the cost of crossing the president? If you're Republic in Congress, I guess, if you're worried about your re election, we some more of that last,
by the way centres celebrating without videos that they made, the President quote defeating covered in bed? Saint Michael, but if you're a doctor, to get reelected. What's the cost of telling the truth? What's the cost of going and sharing with the american people the President's medical condition. Specifically. What is the cost of that? If the present fires you? Ok, you go back to your job with the respect of other doctors, of your colleagues. I dont know the answer to that question and when Joe talks about the can signs that medical experts have not only for the physical health of the president, but also his mental well being because the effects the drug, the President Trump, has been administered. Here's what we're talking about! He has been discussed proscribed. Decks a a stairway that has a range of potential side effects, including mental problems like aggression, agitation and anxiety this week reporting the drug also has been linked to a rare reports of grandiose
Luzhin Psychosis delirium and hallucinations Doktor J, Michael boss took a psychiatrist at the male clinic noted that page should be monitored for changes to their mood, thinking or sleep but the stairway can trigger psychiatric side effects and almost any dose again president is on this drug. This has a new study was yesterday in the annals of clinical and trend, lay, Shall Neurology states. Almost a third of hospitalized covert. Nineteen patients experience some type of altered mental function, ranging from confusion, delirium to unresponsive ness, it's the largest study to data nor a lot symptoms among corona virus patients at an american hospital system. The New York Times reports into the study senior author quote after they were discharged, only thirty, two percent of the patients with altered mental function well able to handle routine daily activities like cooking and paying bills. Make us, I'm just a little background and the drug the President's Bene
the only let ordering thirty two percent of the patients with all tribunal functions from carbon were able to new basic things, which explains again, our friend that we are talking about earlier meagre who, even after Cove it was wandering around the neighborhood for weeks in an altered, stay and, and I even a good friend of mine, had a nineteen year old son who covered and was so out of it that he could remember what happened. Five. And before he would have dinner, brought up to his room. He would eat the dinner and then he would call it stairs and say what are you going to send the dinner and this it was life is for like two or three weeks where again here that this nineteen year old forget, I had an all
third metal stay at the present time. We all say downloaded time as in people that have covered altered, mender Mental State and if the president were in an altered middle stay right now, that would not be unusual, in fact, that would be actually typical That would be something that I believe the cabinet and members of Congress might want to consider that, if he's an altar, mental state that he perhaps isn't the best person for the job right now If you know what I mean I'm about to color my own hair at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a fright None of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks to Madison Reed, see my friend cat told me how much she loved, the shiny shimmering collar. She ended up with when she coloured her hair. With Madison Reed seriously, those are the words she used shy.
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enjoy reading explorer life's journey for open to Washington, so we sit down in the office issues like I'm at six percent, and I was I bore, but am I supposed to do with that from Amazon DC and want any tumblr next in line new episode? every Monday subscribe for free were ever your listing right now, Let's bring in some medical experts, infectious disease, doctor and senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Centre for health Security, Doktor Amish Belgium and physician and fellow at the Brookings institution, Doktor competed, Patel she's, a former White House, the health policy, the rector under President Obama and MSNBC Medical contribute tell talk about the concerns you have right now. If you were treating Donald is a patient and also the concerns. We should all have four, whether as Americans
with a man who is still according to its own doktor fighting covert and not out of the woods yet what concerns- and we all have yet chance it great questioning it- running any patient, not just the president, but any patient. That's still early stages of cover, nineteen and given all the treatments he's received, which we have to believe. and with a video you showed and for labour breathing. We definitely he's. Not out of the woods is the least of it. We know that this disease can progress and it Decline at any moment, so I would be incredibly concerned and that's why I think you saw the pool reporters pressing for a lad values results of scans. We need to understand you now is his viral decreasing, or is he in fact what we suspect shutting virus? And I just have to keep pointing with you talk about a before coming
and who attended a rally. Mass was actually was diagnosed and then said he was improving and it wasn't intel about twenty eight days after he was dying. how's that he died. So you can imagine the trajectory of a cover. Nineteen patient is incredibly tenuous, not just for those ten days Joe, but it can persist for weeks and then I think to your point. What's even more concerning is the risk he's posing and yet think about? Just the transitions from one read to marine one back to the residents. Each of those transitions increases probability touching surfaces we now know his own cdc, but she chooses not to listen to that. This is airborne and that its not just six feet. They can protect you, so there is an incredible risk. I think make us at it ass. You know
super spreader event at the Supreme Court nomination, but a potential for a series of super spreader events. If he has even limited staff, but those staff joke they go out, they interact with people, it's not that their living and bubbles themselves and if he does choose to campaign, even if he feels better the scene, patients who shut virus as late as thirty seven days after that houses even longer in some cases, so doctor a dodgy as position, what questions would you have for Doktor Sean Connally if he comes to have a microphone and today to update the country on the condition of the present United States. He shared bits and pieces of empowerment action, but completely ignored it or allude other questions. What are you, to know from the White House physician today. I would like no just a basic chronology. Just the way you would present ass. If you were at a hospital talking to another doctors, I would say one was the president: apposite one was a negative one would want the symptoms star
was the lowest his oxygen level fell till. We know they're talking about ninety three, ninety four, but the question is: did it ever fall into the eightys? We heard it was never in the low eightys, but was it in the high seas? Why was That's him at the zone started early when when survive supplemental oxygen, which is standard of care. then I want to know what we're or on his chest x rays. What is the expected finding be extracted funding to me as pneumonia? So why just say that he has pneumonia on his chest x, ray when I went alone is what is bloodworth is what it is. Memphis, I count what is his see reactor protein level? What is is de dime level. All these things would probably not mean that much to your viewers, but they tell us how severe the illnesses and what the trajectory might be. That's all very important to understand whether a person will get into trouble seven days out eight days out but we really dont know any of that, and I know there's hippo concerns, but I do think it's important if you're going to say that you don't need to be afraid of this. Debt this truly is a case. It's not going to get it
is clearly not a mild case, but it somewhere that moderate level, but we don't have enough granularity to be able to speak really definitively about what the president's prone This is actually is over the next several weeks, a doctor Patel and this question apply to both of you. First far, Doktor just tax at me and said any patient would have two heads of sign out of the hospital against medical advice and thus would have to pay the hostile, bill, because insurance would have refused to pay when you leave against the advice. But having said that, there is the question as to when he is. If is still shutting the virus. We don't know cause we don't know when it started, because the White House will not ten tell the american people who potentially was exposed to the virus. Even the people at the debate but the Scotus event. The event where at least eight people so far and counting have come down with the virus was clearly an event
It should not have been held number one, because all this behaviour is again CDC guidelines and number two because some one in fact, potentially several people. I'd corona virus and was spreading it around at this event, and now they refuse to do contact tracing there any scenario in which you would not do contact racing after an event like this, with an outcome like this, and I just wonder this may not be for a doctor, but I mean: is there any legal Rico if someone gets corona virus and dies from coming to an event like this, and there is no contact tracing to warn people get meagre. That's your entirely correct that this is the kind of the ultimate case, a contact crazy, not to mention the national security implications. We still don't understand to your point and of who was it or what series of events lead to people who became
positive were present. At that event, will you dont want to assume that there was anything nefarious, but without can't, I presume we don't even understand cover the extent of it and I think just your legal point you're right, I'm not an attorney, but there is certainly precedent in other diseases. like tuberculosis in another settings. It's the very reason we have the public health statutes that we do in states and in the federal government. So there is an obligation to report these diseases and therefore, because we have to try to do what we can to stop the spread to try to trace these diseases, then you can hear
in the current voices of the scared White House staff that even the ones that spot like they ve been learning about this through the press and media. What obligation to we have if they go home and they ve got someone should Jos point of someone who's in their family coups susceptible who is fighting cancer. These are not trivial issues and I think projecting this kind of image of strength has actually done the opposite. It's me people more scared. I want to pick up on that point. Doktor adult doctors I heard from last night obviously were frustrated when the present took office mask symbolically, but they were more than frustrated there furious that he would say don't be afraid as a national message. Don't be afraid, don't let it dominates you as if that were a choice for patients of corona virus as a public health experts. Broadly, what did you think when you heard the presidency dont be afraid? What are the potential implications of that message
but we know that there is probably have for the country that doesn't realise that we're living in a pandemic and fails to take the common sense steps that would make this virus some. that's a little bit easier to control by wearing face coverings, trying to avoid crowded area. not having mass gatherings in the more that that type of mixed messaging comes out, the harder it is to be to control this virus? When you talk the virus not dominating the reason why the virus is actually domain is countries because we still failed to have the testing tracing and isolation capacity that all of us arguing about since January? That's the only way to this virus, dominate dominated is actually to do the actual work to get this under control with other countries have done. Continue to still fail to do that ten months now for this virus has been discovered, I dont use English Adele and could Patel. Thank you both very much for being
So this is so great to have you on. Thank you. So much hope you come back and tell you look again at that White House event and look at those people hugging each other a new contract that talking in each other's face. Again these are people. that, obviously this is straight ahead of the dark ages, this is a and I are happy that court of everything that we support We ve learned since the enlightenment, the age of reason. the denial of medicine, the denial of science. The denial of reason then deny of learning and end. Also, let's just take it from the worldly to the spiritual, is a complete lack of respect for others complete disregard of doing under others. What others would do to you re
king, the lives of not everybody around you they're risking their lives. your friends and loved ones. When you go home and there we had that the Secretary of Health and Human services walking around hugging shaking hand being met ass. It was like a jackass it's really unbelievable motorway well, I do you and I have something regarding science to worry about this morning? It's happened to us again. It's happened to us again know where you're going. I now face We ve been working on this for a decade they came and they took us. Told us argument documentary on us and and then again and again why there was. Memory is all scam Nobel Prize he's in failings
because I can't believe we get every year we're. Gonna get our stuff every year, Nobel Prize do a trio of scientists from the UK, Germany, the? U S, for discoveries about what black holes. How long have we Studying the impact solar system, the entire universe, where it happened again. You know you- and I don't do this for the awards- we're not in physics for the awards were in it, for the science were in it for the kid s mostly, but it is, frustrating. When again you and I invite The idea of dropping mental us into a two leader, coke bottle and watching explode, that we do not receive the recognition we deserve to credit maverick straight, and just this happens every year by rely, you mean if it we have. the ones make that low gave oil is still I have a morning, Joe Whitehouse Press Secretary Kalen can any big surprise becomes, though, this person in the president's orbit to test positive for
run, a vibrant and everything is never saw. The talking all over the reporters without a massive day, citizenship was raven. All over Lucy was respectful to report. She was respectful and answering their questions truthfully, but as we have not really what does plus former c I a director John brought him will be. Our guest will talk to him about the national security implications of trumps covert. Ninety, in diagnosis and behaviour, the New York Times putting faces a names to the death toll from corona virus in a series title, those we ve lost among them. Adrian Who work? Doesn't assistance programme directorate at children, shelter in Brownsville, Texas, the shelter took in unaccompanied migrant teenagers and children separated their families at the border, his job was to make sure the kids in his care work but we're housed and educated while they were seeking asylum or look to reunite with their families. Adrian
daughter said, all he wanted to do was make a difference. You good Drain died at the age of fifty two, we'll be right back, hey Guys, Willie goes here. You this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with Anna Garden for a virtual catch up about her latest cookbook filming her show, while at home the last few months and zoom cocktail party with Anna get our conversation now for free wherever you download your casts. I will come back to my boy. I guess I'm bill sermons with me. Get Willie Guy Stand had turned the mayor, hey a quick question. So really ain, T J you might wanna take mega down? Why would she would never been a bill servants by gas
he's gonna get angry. So we don't why on the facial expressions, when I asked this question so question the Willy and Jonathan mere levels by who was more Roy out, Emily Sosa Maguire. Ninety eight or Donald Trump and when he twenty we'll go to you first Jonathan Wellmere, since you cover him in this, but you in an uncomfortable position, yeah. Well, I'd like to shift the focus to the power display that we saw for the New York Yankees last night. I'm not making accusations and not casting aspersions, but there was our home runs, were hit. They really long way. So in this is of perhaps for its enhanced some. Maybe we should start their Willie baseless accidents, ice there is no doubt that all the Yankees avoided out Willie so so Sosa. Ninety eight look at that would do that. You can tell that. Guy is honest. Many broke performance in hand,
drugs is Daddy Deutsche every Friday morning, when he shows is biceps and by their just enough to viewers Donny which is not going to be allowed to wear baby, get tee shirts anymore. On the show. I now really we gotta making era jacket I dont yeah. I don't want to see you now behind US so really so Sammy's ninety eight Maguire, Ninety eight r d d, J T and twenty twenty who is the most waited, I'll go. I guess Maguire with the four arms, but I'd I'd like to bring the focus back as Jonathan did to this scrappy. Yankees teen wow. Does America love this group or what is just what now needed right now and guess what you're gonna get potentially here Joe Yankees last rose Elsie S who couldn't for the Yankees against the asters in this great for the country now it's actually measles salaries. It gets because you know why that's really about as bad as it gives, because it puts me into this horrific
position, I was in the two thousand why, when I had been choose between the New York, Yankees are Al Qaeda and I chose the New York Yankees in two thousand and one we only time we're cheered for them and they lost, and so here there get. What I now have this ends the vague they they They have a showdown with asked rose and I have through for the Yankees and lament They will lose again, but can we do say for the record will merely two thousand one. You did not cheer for America, you denied cheer for the Yankees in two thousand one. You chose Al Qaeda just now. I will admit that now that, yes, in October November, two thousand, why? What living in New York City and that here I guess we're in the World Series against Arizona diamond backs, and I will very much say that I did not route veneering
He is in fact business. Seven, a watery all games watering hole in New York City, my. I were their places pack, the egg events. We were not ready for them. Louis Gonzalez, loop, sectoral, Yankees, lose diamond backs when our further I quietly got up walk. door, screened our cheers. And ran like hell diamond bags? Oh my browser, is really against Israelis. Without what did you mean Willie? How does a guy see George W Bush go out, throw the strike and at an route rude against the New York Yankees again, in the shadows of nine eleven. That's a sick twisted on an in New York in New York City BAR. That's awful! But again, let's get back to the here, and now this Yankees bunch, these young, some, whose steps
the train at Grand Central on Sundays and Hale would have to the Bronx look up at all the tall build and get out of this. Is this greater why this is what the country needs right now going? I you know I was right. Did I tell you it's great Casey DC the idea same in case hunt who can now actually fall the news with US case, given that at present returned to the White House, which most doctors would say would be against their wishes against their best advice. How do you think I mean there are some Republicans who are actually going along with the trumpets, strong, you know mantra, but is this gun? work, especially Republicans Europe for reelection. Don't let it dominate you yeah! It's so forgive me, I'm I'm! So I'm silhouettes stuck in in the baseball
rotation and I will say eyes- and I am not. I am also naughty. I Yanks, fanned by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm I find Jonathan will mirrors position in that to be about as difficult as many of these. Publicans position when it comes to try to do battle an end this fire, his the already here is. This is contrary to the message they ve all been trying to send, because they all know that fighting the virus is ultimately going to be their own political. solution that said there are, their handling a little bit but little bit differently on this morning. I think we have a little bit of sound that we can play from a couple of them how to give you an idea of what we're hearing from those watch Ok, it shows what we ve learned about this Mars. We on two things among others. But do things stand in out Mama number one? It's very contagious and number two
it's not merely is lethal, as the experts told us, it was gonna be if we have to go in and vote me about. You have told us only to shape our boy in the moon. We think is putting forward, but we really ought to do it. I'll still say bragging beat up in the press. For this we should allow the Sweden model. I believe the sick orange in them protect the vulnerable and allow the rest of society to carry on with it with life a carefully as possible This really all kind of actually lines up would be kind of all over the place conversation we were just having about baseball because we're talking about moon suits and other ways of dealing with this I will say John corn in I seem to have some actual tough words for the President saying he was blind cited by the pandemic in an interview with the Houston Chromium Editorial Board, but I'm I'm also stuck on the image of RON Johnson.
and soon because the reality, as we know, the failure of our energy over this is put us their Senator Kennedy. we ve learned that its contagious, hello? Inga Two January we actually want to listen to. Scientists may be Joe Biden rate, is bad, listen to people who actually left working at the White House in some sort of pandemic, today, since the president got rid of the pandemic office. If you listen to the doctors and tried to drown out the present where'd. You would have known. It was highly contagious actually- and I mean That'S- let statement was Eddie Audio. You know who else knew that it was highly contagious, the president, he don't Bob Woodward and White February. How can take It was under whizzing airborne. It was dangerous, it was dangerous, not we, the elderly. It was dangerous. The younger people as well Kennedy by the way playing the role of an idiot he actually went to Oxford. I don't think he's an idiot
supplying the love and indeed also saying it's not as a lethal as we thought it was again: hey Synergy Kennedy what You drive around Louisiana and talk to all the people who died, who cannot over the care, though the president, a guy, can afford the care the president. You know it's interesting, though So you can forget about the health care that just a political malpractice IRAN Johns at what went wrong Johnson talks about voting in a moon suit. What image comes to your mind is the image that comes to my mind, is Wisconsin, Republicans, forcing people out of ignorance and stupidity, and it just pure cynicism to vote for that Supreme Court position earlier this year and getting trounced because of their stupidity. Here you have RON Johnson,
Donald Trump is losing by seven eight. Nine ten points right now in part because of its failure to react to covet and I'm John Centres is again undermining, I think, Republicans, the suburbs and even in rural areas, among senior citizens among women among more highly educated voters? But this is just a nightmare for republican candidates not only was constant put across Amerika, it absolutely its job and an eye say RON Johnson is a bit of a special case. I wouldn't I with the. I think his colleagues would probably agree with that assessment, certainly in private as compared to some some others who are perhaps a more focused on the goal that you point out, which is trying to keep the Senate and working all off the same.
a book I'm to try and make sure that that that happens. But you know every day that we wake up to another round of headlines every day that we see the President Elect yesterday. It was he had taken off that mass when we all know that he's infected with covert showing the wrong example to contradicting his public health advisers everything else that Americans are hearing that they should be doing and demonstrating the he's living by a different set of rules than all of us are living by and for those people with pre existing conditions who are vulnerable and there being even more strict, then then we are not in not going to gatherings not eating inside and restaurants. Not you know, spending time together where people are missing, weddings and funerals, and all these other life milestones in the President S having hundreds of his closest friends over to the rose garden in the White House where there are getting sick with cove id.
While everybody else is dropping the rates are low enough for their kids go back to school. That's a nice scenario for the the Republicans who do want to hold on to this I'm and the reality is there still there run even farther behind president tromp. They don't benefit from whatever he gets. Whatever bounds, he gets out of staging these. The actual events that base of supporters that refuses to leave him sent a republican zone have that that's it benefit of war of bat phenomenon and their running even farther behind the presidents, every day like this is not a good one for them. It's a political, my bare, of course, we ve been talking about the healthcare effects, but politically also it's a nightmare for a public, and I ve been begging Republicans for years, the separate themselves from Donald Trump, nay, I knew they wouldn't do it for the right reasons, but I've been warning them for years that it was going to be devastate.
To my ward em in two thousand that they that they needed to separate themselves. Just like, I told Republicans in two thousand six, I rode home saying they needed to separate themselves from George W Bush. The things were going to go south, but this this swaying disasters, especially devastating, and when you yeah, you have run, Johnson who want a costly in two thousand and sixteen, I think yeah yeah yeah have Kennedy can say whatever he wants, but this this stupidity, this ignorance, or at least this feigned ignorance Fighting senators and by Donald Trump is, is, is having a devastating impact, the polling numbers of more Ec Sally in Arizona who is getting destroyed in Maricopa County. most solid republican counties, areas getting destroyed among suburban voters getting this.
droid among women getting destroyed among former republic groups. Republicans upheld Corey gardener. This herbs of Denver among women. I can get I mean I can go through the entire list. Tom till it's a North Carolina Susan can't we talk about limiting them. Well, Lindsey gram word and by the way and Linsey is completely completely losing it at an and against the backdrop of a Lindsey, Lindsey Gram? Casey. Let me just say: there's a new CNN pull that just dropped and I suspect other poles will will likely follow taken completely after the presidency noses and showing how reckless he was most likely on. On the night of the debate. Moving for
or a new CNN Paul. Just out has Joe Biden at fifty seven percent and Donald Trump at forty one percent It's a sixteen point: national aid, and yes, it is a national Paul, but no it is not early and yes says a republican former Republican. I know in pulling a rising tide lives all boats. So, if you're looking at sixteen point nationally, Posten faction, this is having a devastating impact on all of these republic. Settlers. They better save themselves and distance themselves as quickly from Donald Trump, as they can cause. Donald Trump can no longer save them. Sixteen points, down in this new CNN Paul. It's a stunning number I mean
It may be too late. I mean Lindsey Grab, bring up Linsey ground because he always had a problem with the Trump base that it really trust him. Here friends with John Mccain it didn't really line up, have to into work really hard to make sure you d, never primary. So what did he do? He absolutely embrace. Donald Trump became golfing partner, started. Talking about him on television at like he was the best thing ever. He was marching in lockstep to the point that we all asked questions about. You know what would John Mccain think about what Lindsey Graham is doing well now he's better off with that Trump base, but
Donald totally trust him and women in South Carolina are absolutely turning on him. I mean that's why Linsey, Graham in conservative, South Carolina is possibly going to lose his general election campaign. It's probably not likely at this point, but it is possible, which is a stunning statement, and it's because of this back and forth, and this aggressive embrace of a president that those people suburban women you're talking about, have just completely reject it. So there's a to undress. Looking through this pole, Joe that you with with the fifty seven forty one spread to twenty one, spread among senior member. The NBC Wall Street Journal Paul had then spread at ninety seven. I think it was among senior, so he's totally collapsing among voters. Sixty five and older President Trump underline ass. He- and I were not really, I mean Again-
What did he collapse among senior citizens? This guy told people not to worry about this Disease Willie. When I can tell you in Florida there is not a senior who has it. I mean it's senior communities that haven't been impacted terribly by this disease, it is that that senior number Willie, how does he went Florida in Arizona with numbers like that he doesn't Jonathan Le Mere? Does he and when he goes out last night in says, don't be afraid of the disease? Those seniors in most other people in America say really. What about me. labour. What about the person in my family? This is something to be afraid of him to take seriously I address the long president's campaign officials. There was some talk about the president's campaign officials make us are that they thought this moment when the president
tracked it the krona virus and, of course, would be hospitalized. They were hoping he would, they should know better. Of course, we can all see that your mom It is totally somewhat that did not that he would abandon his eye. The idea of what look coordination has turned the corner on their see you when you have said one thing for eight months about the corona virus, you can't suddenly change in a dime stop on a diamond go the other direction, but that they were hoping that there would be a little more acknowledgement that people have have gone through. We certainly heard none of that last it was about dominating the virus. It was about, don't being afraid of it, which is this speak at all, to the reality of so many Americans, particularly seniors, who are the most vulnerable group to it, who do indeed make up huge parts of the population that around states like Arizona and Florida? the president who, throughout his entire stay and watery, should be set at time dramas.
higher say watery uttered, not a word for any other krona virus patient, but himself he did not once suggested he better understood what people were going through. We did not have an eye. Here. He did not express sympathy for those who have been sick or lost a loved one was about his own focus was on himself and getting out of there as quickly as possible and now trying to return to some what of normal life- and it can't be understood enough- he just three days of the very best medical care available to any person on the planet with a lot of experimental medication that you or I could not get, and he is someone who he's own doktor acknowledges that the doctor said Doktor kindly said he would not breathe easy about the present commission until next Monday. That's another week basically, so he is far from the woods right now and we know this virus has its ups and downs, there's a possibility. He could take a downturn in the coming days. And that is something that nerve makes officials and why has AIDS extraordinarily nervous, as he's back in the west we
potentially exposing others to the vote yes and yet not moderating his tone whatsoever to show that he understands the suffering, so many Americans have gone through its exactly that that same tone it during the spring and summer that, where he's when he started to lose supportive seniors something his AIDS feel may only accelerate now and ass. You can see in the video there that is just interesting. The president, always a tv produce, are always looking for the moment he's directing his photographer to come up the stairs to get behind and she was at times six feet may be less away from him. The sea had her come up. The stairs to get behind him to get the shot of him facing Marine one and to get there out of him saluting, he was coordinating that and producing that. So we can have these. I dont know what pictures I don't know what this looks like
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