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The president reversed course Tuesday night and urged Congress to approve coronavirus relief measures that he would sign, including a new round of $1,200 stimulus checks for Americans. Earlier he halted talks until 'after I win' the election.

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More you welcome the morning was ever sees your white house where Eddie Van Hayley, mostly it was seventy 80's 90's. No, that is around. A revolution and musical revolution and sound and Willie guys this guy emigrated from Amsterdam to the United States with his parents
and created a band that really did just change the sound of music and he was actually listed as that talk Qatar in two thousand well, the top guitarists in Iraq history for completely revolutionizing the sound of an electric guitar that I've been rooted in blues in vain. He took it in a completely different direction and changed everything yeah? What a way to start. The morning the sounds of irruption from nineteen. Seventy eight eighty Van Hale unjust shredding under an image of the way house incredible? I was when that that instrumental performance came out, seventies. I was too young, but for me ninety eighty four, the than hell apple meadows formative that was seminal. That was jump, Panama hat for teacher That was the Van Helen. I know that a lot of people know- and you know, people forget joe- he played and beat it Michael J.
since monster he play guitar and that song and you're right. In a reading more about him. transition from this sort of blues era. Guitar as the era Clapton here. If you want to call it that to eh Helen was like a revolution. It was a totally different way of playing rock and roll was a totally different, sound and then people had heard before and what was it This thing was Eric laughed and was his ins duration. Air Clapton was Eddie Van Hellenes, favorite guitar player, and yet he played the instruments so differently. And really did start a revolution with the way he play guitar Unfortunately, I am night. and remember when then aliens First Alan, came out and I guess I was a beetle spray call out my even though they were a little before my time, although my friends would listen to a cdc and kiss Why should I listened to the Beatles Non, stop and sort of
stayed away from the sort of heavier metal are what was called then called hard rock, but I've, member friend bright, then havens, first, album go and played a reduction in the EU really having. As they say what These areas and the incredible thing about it was it was a new sound waste. If you love music, doesn't matter what you are. You love new sounds and Syria now absolutely incredible. So at event. Hale in passing away at the age of sixty five will speak, sorely missed, but but a legend and Willie one other thing before we get the news, they ve done it to us again. You remember when we were the bellman couple years ago, when we were tracing out of the back of the racing form sort of r r sort of our take.
Genome editing, yeah yeah, I guess I got this clown, obviously picked it up off the floor of the bell. Racetrack and he won Pulitzer Prize, I won the Nobel Prize and other Nobel Prize for Generic, did it to its twice this year. I don't think that I don't think that usually happens, but twice a year, two Nobel prizes stolen from this, You know when you state to withdraw from the process. We're never gonna get the respect we deserve for this. How do we make and by the way we should point out, we weren't at the Belmont, the Big prestige race? We go on like that, Tuesday afternoon, a watch, the trotters were the only ones they are. You rightly, but you make some money on a Tuesday that can make some money again Galileo and also sketch out some plans
there could change the world and when a Nobel Prize, but we get no credit, it's one Say October. Seventy welcome to morning Joe we're gonna get to the news now, and there is a lot of it to cover this morning. Whitehouse senior policy adviser Stephen Miller is now the light. White House official to test positive for covert nineteen, he released a statement, saying hey last tested negative on Monday afternoon and that he tested positive yesterday will that's more formation them we're getting from the president, who will not tell us when he last tested negative, Miller said he was working remotely and self isolating in the five days before yesterday's diagnosis and that now in quarantine has I've Katy Miller, communications director, for vice president, my pants tested positive for the virus, back in May she's, the one who mocked Senator Camilla Harris for what to use a plexiglas barrier at tonight's debate, stating what
if Centre Harris wants to use a fortress around herself have, as it were told De Mello tested negative for the virus yesterday, but will not attend tonight's debate. Out of an abundance of caution. Rule I envy news is just really be so here you have again somebody. Who is marking calmly Harris for being careful, because my pants is not doing what anybody else would do with my pencil for any company or any corporation work for any school work for any hospital. Where it it. You just name the institution Amerika. My parents would be at home quarantine for fourteen days in Riyadh, he gets a doctor, rely for him.
Dan, because that's all these doctors do for these White House of figures and saying that he does it need to quarantine. The recklessness in the recklessness of Katy Miller, mocking. Calmly Harris for wanting a coordination, Donald Trump, where it is very likely that he had covered when he was bathing Joe Biden and his family true ordinarily, rude, extraordinarily inconsiderate, extraordinarily brutish by refusing to wear masks the audience that night, even when the Cleveland Clinic was trying to get them to wear Again, the wages we knew for all of the people, have been infected maker and adjust. These people are are moving themselves to be ill equipped, not not just to run a white house in that country, but to run a hot dog
there now they can and Joe to point out if you look at the desirable thing to do running, look at the people who have been infected at this point. That question when the president walked out of the house But I wanted to do his gestures of strength in strange, really strange gestures reporter yelled out Adam. are you the super spreader is the president? The super spreader you have Ass was his entire inner circle, the people closer to him Stephen Miller. Now, has it the president himself, a superpower, a walking super spreader good cause. But I can tell you this: the city of Washington actually has, that a big Vulcan infections, because of the way by NBC loses Count Stephen Miller's now the eighteenth person connected the White House where the trunk campaign who tested positive enriched
they know, ten of them right. Ten of them attended the September twenty six rose garden event for the present Supreme Court now one of them as far as we know right now, one of them that we are reporting, honest, Stephen Miller and Stephen unlike the president has responsible responsibly released to the public when he tested negative and the first time he tested positive, It will not release this information. His doctors will not release this information. Nobody in the White House, will release this information, even though this information could help understand who had it when and how. I'd be at risk, but the president for some reason I will not say when he had it and the question is: did he have it during the debate? daddy, walk in there is no way since it was light for the debate and didn't get tested that date on the debate property. I just wonder you can't help, but ask when the hell he was first diagnosed as positive the outbreak
The White House has also raised concerns for the city that surrounds it, as Joe mentioned, while watching in DC, had recently manage to bring infection rates down. In recent weeks the city reported one hundred. Five new corona virus cases on Tuesday, the highest we're. Since June third city officials are enough, worse to monitor infection trends for the next several days to see if the White House cases effect, the cities. Overall infection rate- and it would help Willie at the White House, where least real information absolutely and spread, reaches beyond the White House as well. The chairman of the joint Chiefs of step general Millie and most of the Pentagon senior officers are now your self imposed quarantine after being exposed to the corona virus in New York Times Reports, general Milly and all, but one member of the joint Chiefs of staff began isolating after learning that call Charles Ray the vice commandant of the coast. Guard had tested positive for Covid nineteen, but it's coming down Ray was at the pent.
last week for meetings and all potential close tax from those meetings have been tested. Pentagon spokesman said in his statement reads in part: no Pentagon contacts have exhibited symptoms, we have no additional positive tests report at this time. A military official told, the New York Times General Milly, and the senior officers have full operational capability from where they are working, most of them at home and said there is no degradation to the country's national defence. Brian NBC News corresponded Carol. she's in Washington this morning. Carol. Let's go back at the White House. If, if we could Stephen Miller's, we know that his wife Katy Miller, had corona virus recently Katy Miller's mocking I'm a Harris for wanting basic and responsible protections that tonight's vice presidential debate. What or do we know, though, about the president's condition and when he first tested positive, as Mika says its key to
standing this outbreak, and it is an outbreak at the White House with a short answer. Willie is not very much and that's been part of the problem. just for us and if you look at how much we don't know about when the president, last tested what his long scans show things is. Doctor has not shared. There are also people how many of them, who don't know what the current situation, what their own personal risk might be, and that's why you hear from an or of officials that there's a lot of anxiety. There are a lot of questions there, not getting answers so as much as we are not getting answers publicly, they're not getting answers in their inside the building, so that gives you had a sense of how what the atmosphere is like there there's a real information deficit Wester Day in terms of the president's health. We got a very brief statement, from his doctor saying that he was showing Knowed symptoms? There was an x irritation that we might see the President yesterday's the first time we haven't seen him since he
was diagnosed with corona virus and we didn't see him. We heard from him on Twitter, but he did not make any sort of public appearance, no video known dry by no, nothing, which is what we have seen in jail in previous days and so there is just the questions continued to pile up, and you know the White House is position. Is they're not going to talk about what, whether the President, when the last time, the president has a negative, was the presumption. And the way that that looks is that if there was a good answer, they would give the answer and they're not, and so that leaves. Everybody not only in the dark about what their own health situation and risk might be, but also just again feeds this person should that we're not getting information about one of the most important things about the president and that is his health.
Earl makers brought this up for a couple of days. Now that it may be, in fact, the most shocking thing of all up of all the average behaviour coming from the White House in its staff is the fact that this, why else refuses let the CDC come in and conduct conduct contact tracing, which of course, are the rest gardening The joint chiefs are doing that. Well really for all of these events, because now it has very quickly become a national security crime. his White House operations are cripple. The joint chiefs are scattered. The United States Senate is infected. This is spreading quickly and yet the White House who understands that they were the epicenter of this the spread and understands that. Actually, the? U S, the United States government right now is compromised because
of them. They continue to refuse to engage in the most basic contact, tracing that the CDC could do for them and for no have you got any answers as to why they would take such a risk with America's national security. We'll work. The White House is being very cagey about its approach to any contact tracing. What they have said is that their handling that through the White House Medical Unit office, and that they notify people if there's contact. I mean there are members of the press, Joe who don't know whether or not they were at risk or expose. There's a lot of frustration. There is right. We go and work in that building every day and you we learn about people who have come, the corona virus were testing positive and the answer from the houses, you know if you, if there's that concern caught, will contact you well. The problem is they have a real trust deficit so now-
when's believing that they are going to be contacted or that they're gonna be modified in a way that protective of their their own health and then, if you sit back and you look broadly This is how this White House has handled crises. This is the way, their approach, its lack of transparency and openness. You no information in bits? And pieces, some of which does not add up the difference. Now This is very high stakes and this involves people's health, not only inside the White House, but really it The administration, in the way that we're seeing this unfold, you get the feeling that this is just beginning to ramp. Up you see now studying the Pentagon. We're we're houses are going to touch Stephen Miller is testing pause, for he says negative for any number of so you know it just because someone said seeing negative and there are people who are working in the building right now, who are saying I've tested negative, I'm fine who could turn out to be posit this morning to Morrow Morning, leader the next day we just don't know and what the
problem the White House has and that we all have in covering the stories they're. Just not a lot of transparency in their doesn't seem to be a real shift to try and come out and clarify things whether it's from the president's doctor or from medical officials who are supposed to be notifying people if they're at some sort of risk right and then there is this, which is just staggering, almost impossible. to comprehend and try and figure out what the strategy is here and there are just it seemingly, not answerable. We have two hundred and twelve. I was in deaths from the corona virus and an economy that is struggling in people that are out of work, people that are desperate just to get through the weak, and they are waiting on Washington to figure out what the next corona virus relief package will be and hear from the President. In a series of tweets. Yesterday afternoon the president said that he is and struck did trust
Ray Secretary, Steve manoeuvring to stop and negotiations with how Speaker Nancy Policy until after the elections then late. Last night after the stock market dropped dramatically. The president reverse score: First, an urge Congress to approve a series of new relief measures, including another round, stimulus, taxi tweeted. If I am centre, stand alone bill for stimulus to checks, twelve hundred dollars, they will go out to our great people, immediately? I am now I am the sign now. Are you listening Nancy? Let's bring an indefinite Carville corresponded knows way to early Casey, hot Senor, rider, politico and CO, authored the playbook Jake Sherman he's an amazing bc, political contributor and yes, Jake is wearing Khakis and also former Treasury secretary, our affairs a future treasury secretary and mourning Joe Economic analysed, Steve Ratner. I want to begin with the occasion
and perhaps it steroids talking and I'm not joking actually wraps was a series talking. But there is absolutely no political justification for the present, the United States, in the midst of a severe economic downturn with the FED chairman warning that we can face disastrous consequences next year. If another stimulus bills not passed to break about being the person solely responsible for stopping stimulus relief. Is that the order of the day you know it's? Not the automobile I gas African did that Republicans. Many Republicans we actually want to get reelected like Susan colleagues were aghast. What can you tell us it sitting Collins was asked to put a statement out to that very effect Joe. It is incredibly difficult to understand why this president has.
has shown us repeatedly that he acts first in his own self interest and if you are facing voters in TWAIN, seven days now, twenty eight days, your self interest would include Two point two trillion or one point: six trillion depending on which side you're talking about injection of money in when economy, that is on a slow road to nowhere good and he, for whatever reason decided he was gonna tweet. This yesterday renewed not only that he wanted to kill the talks, but that it was his decision to kill the talks. Part of why we had some hopes that there might be something that could come of. This was because how Speaker Nancy Policy was under pressure from moderate Democrats to show that she was doing something here. It had seemed that she wanted to hold out potentially for a more favourable democratic Congress and a democratic president and do something perhaps next
here she's really drawn that firm line in the sand, but many of her members said we need to show our constituents we're doing something right now before the election and that why she was at the table. So for the president to step in and say This is all in me. I'm shutting. This down is just from a political perspective. Incredibly difficult, to understand and when the stock market drop? I think that helps explain why he suddenly reversed course, but the reality is the damage is done. Democrats are going to be able to point to that tweet and say the president's killed this didn't it wasn't US can't Genji Sherman. The president made this announcement just a couple of hours after the FED chairman, Jerome Power came out and said the american economy, desperate need stimulus who talked about the ongoing economic tragedy in this country that will continue without the state Alice fast forward a couple of hours and present from it negotiations are over. I've told Republicans to pull out of them. What was the reactionary Capitol Hill from Republicans
trying in their own way at least and negotiate with Nancy Pelosi, yet go everything. Casey said it's crazy. I thought the president's would be incentivize to throw republicans under the boss, because the truth is no matter what people might say. The truth is that that the president's and of the President's party. Republicans did not want the to trillion dollar bill now if he was laid up in the hospital with Corona virus I would imagine that he would be able to get Mcconnell to pass the two trillion dollar bill, but they were actual substantive differences here. But the strange thing to me is like him with weak compared. This will lead to the big lapels game play poker.
morning right? It's like when Walter said, the dawning you're like a child to wanders in the middle of the movie and has no frame of reference Democrats have been calling for these small or far republicans have been calling for these small bore bills for a month now. This is nothing new that the President's doing. If he were aware in cognizant and alert for the last three months, he might have gotten a deal, but instead, whatever he's been doing not been paying attention to covert relief negotiations? He's is detailed, Stephen managing to do this. It sucks bizarre strategy, because if any american president in the last thirty years had had opposition party that was willing to say we want. You could spend two trillion dollars now in the weeks before the election. They would say yes, but Donald Trump, since he's not really, indeed were aware of the legislative process or listening to anybody
strategy here is not the eat, he turned it down, but I mean listen. This is all to paper over the actual substantive differences between Republicans, a democratic so Jake the present at once. The markets went into a tailspin once he presumably start hearing from some Republicans here. This stand alone. Twelve hundred dollar stimulus check to Americans is there chance something like that passes through Congress. Now there your chance, not zero chains, but a year. I can't imagine there's a chance that I mean Nancy policy seems willing to provide money to the airline industry, which is that it's gonna lay off. You know between ten and fifty dollars. people in the coming weeks and has already started, I think, by some reports that is possible, Republicans actually blocked at the last week. So I'm a he needs to get in sync with his party here, but a small bore bill twentysomething days before it action. I hope case he doesn't disagree with me here. I just think is an extraordinarily unlikely case. You anything.
Yeah? No, I don't agree with that at all, because the reality is that President Trump wants to send those checks, because he wants to be able to sign them and he wants people to get them in the mail right before they go to the ballot box and three How is that that money is nowhere near enough to actually make a big difference, so for Democrats to say yes to something like that while leaving so many others behind. If they're gonna look about services, this is absolutely not start, so stupid you got some charts on this. How did the markets react? What build into doubt trumps comments, and especially when you ve set them against what, as I mentioned, the chairman of the FAO, Jerome Powell said earlier in the day about the desperate need for this stimulus in the american economy. Yeah. That's right. Earlier in the day the FED did say that there was desperate need for additional stimulus. The market actually took that as a positive and continued on its upward path, and then out came the two
soon, as you can see on the start of the stock market, just literally minutes minute. Yesterday, the the market reaction was instantaneous and media is not every day we see a market roll over like this, simply out of all things, one tweet, but it a shop for certain industries. Obviously, the airlines which have been dependent on the lot of federal, a as well travel, Susa socks at airlines down three or four percent stature tat was our may sound? A lot hotel companies like merrier aircraft company, like war that it was better. like me, making fewer plans in the years ahead also all down, because these businesses, where, depending on the airline, ran out and the airlines on October. First, you gonna begin to lay off people and so really scared the stock market, which was very much counting on the stimulus as part of getting economy going. Reason why the stock market was counting Estevez, we're sorry state, stated
How can I stop before one? Second, I want to talk about raising, while you put your microphone back on it, I think it fell off Willie actually, instead of tat about dog racing, while steeds putting on his MIKE I tell you and when we talked about it, some on the show over the past few weeks, Meekin I've heard and I'm sure you have as well, but we ve heard from a collection of business lawyers, corporate see egos hedge find people a restaurant owners who, on a lot of restaurants, is business. People up and down. Economic food chain, all telling us separately all telling us without talking to each other? They prepare for they say a depression and twenty twenty one and every time I pushed back so that that certainly sounds stream, why are you saying that there's aim everything we're looking at
doesn't matter who gets elected? We are you could the dominoes that are following the people who can pay the rent? That meaning, of course, where excited about that, but we don't think about what happens in that. Some that chain for the landlords and property owners who were going to go bankrupt, and then the people who have found against them and then it tumbles to the banks, and they. They again. The warnings have been so dire and you see the FED chairman actually a couple of weeks ago, saying that they're not going to raise interest rates for three years because of that that certainly signal real concern and then, as as Mr Powell said yesterday, again We desperately need these stimulus checks the stimulus plan, because America is facing dire circumstances next year.
Yeah see. Rather, we ve got you back. I know- and that was a real signal flare set up by the FED chairman yesterday, but without this stimulus. If we don't get it pass, and it sounds talking to Jacon Casey and others around Capitol Hill, like we're not going to see that by election day, where does this economy go. Yeah. I think that the FED chairman has been very outspoken in his views and people in the market is taking it seriously, which is why the presidency tweet in part, send the stock market down. So much as I showed you, because it expecting the stimulus to happen. There had been encouraging signs earlier in the week where the economy, One way to take a look at that is to look at a chart of what's been happening to the number of jobs added, and we didn't really get to talk much about Fridays. Unemployment part there, a few other things going at the end of the last week as we all remember. But what you can see here close clearly is that a month of September, only six hundred and sixty one thousand jobs, fewer than seven hundred thousand jobs were added, and that was
dramatic deceleration from one point: five million jobs and August one point: In July, a large four point: eight million back in June. And so this business deceleration in the number of jobs being added. In fact, there were more people last week who apply for new claims for unemployment insurance was She went off the payrolls a couple hundred thousand more than the number of jobs created all of September, and so you can see this all telling off right here and without some form of additional stimulus, the twelve hundred dollar checks the PPP something else being done arcade economists people are watching this see signs of a dramatic comic slow down, which, which would be extremely bad for the economy. And, of course it seems political malpractice, at the very least for fellow Republicans and many would say, including
fed chairman and obviously those that are investing in stocks. That would be malpractice to just kill the stimulus plan with America's economy, where it is now the New York Times Curly was reporting yesterday that some White House staff- this were actually concerned about the steroids and the other medicine that the present was on, that it could be impacting them up. Is this: this isn't some some political, fantasy or conspiracy theory. The fact is that studies have shown that one out of three patients covered patients have impaired metal capabilities for quite some time. We ve seen it personally with friends and our lives and and and with children of France.
Then you out, on top of that, the justice this this mix of steroids and and and other treatments. And there's one warning after another on all of those drugs that it can cause middle impairment. And here you had the present yesterday doing something. it even his closest republican allies, wood and White House staffers from consumer be extra ordinarily irrational. I'm about to come my own hair at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a fright none of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks to Madison Reed, see my friend cat told me how much she loved the shiny shimmering collar. She ended up with when she coloured her hair with Madison Reed seriously. Those are the words she used shy. Me and shimmering so I decided to try it out for myself. I've ve got a kid on the way to me right now and I'm really excited about it. The this thing I love about Madison, read their products or me,
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De Wednesday, Thursday subscribe now. Here I mean you ve, been talking about this for a couple days now that the fact that the whole cocktail of drugs that that the president has been taking, you know that raising the question of whether or not that has some sort of impact on his decision making, I think witness episode you're, you might see some talk about whether a continent continuity of government questions. The White House has maintained that the president's in charge he's going to stay in charge, but look yesterday was whiplash, it was White House having a scramble to try to clean up what the president tweeted and Ito there. But there are some and afterwards or their posture was well. He just man eating wanted to be over. He just meant he would do it or small piecemeal pieces, of up of a stimulus package, it's as Jake and Casey a side which is a non starter, though challenge for the people who, for the President right now is that cleaning up president tromp is an hip things that he said
or tweeds is not a new, but there have To do this when there are severely understaffed and at a time when there's just this whole question of what is actually happening in terms of the president's health when he's not coming and taking the charge and being his own messenger in person, it is entirely different atmosphere and also on you know, what's happening just weeks before, election, where their seeing the president do something. When he's already honest, he goes a little bit in terms of the political trajectory of this election and he's doing things that are further undermining him again, all of that Looking at a time when the number of people you are in how's working for him and is diminished and the real questions about what the status the President's health is job. I carefully Lee NBC Curly. Thank you. So much so always greater
have you here, we really appreciate your reporting Casey Hunt. I just I just wonder because. I think any doctor that understands the impact of covert on the mental health of patients. Special, while they still have covered, which we we can suspect likely that the present does still have covered he's probably still shedding. It's probably still having an impact on it. You combine that with the drugs eddies, with a stairway studies on any matters. Any anybody that has been on steroids, strong steroids for for health reasons, understand that it does impact the way you think it impacts away. You respond, I don't expect any Republican on there
to be truthful to you on the record about their concerns about the president's stability and at least a temporary transfer of our two MIKE pants until the president's off these steroids until the president recovers fully from covered. But have you heard any discussion from republican staffers off the record from republican legislators from from any Republicans and wash they say that they are at least concerned about a president acting irrationally with a nuclear codes. Not not not that. Let me restate that that the President, who has the nuclear coats that then they are concerned about a president and this mental state being able to run the country when he like
We would not be allowed to run any company in America and its current stay. I don't think I ought to speculate. Show the near the New York Times has reported that there are White House officials who are concerned about the president's currents, currents. Mental status, because of the drugs that he has taken, and I you know we have been documenting very carefully, even without the steroids, how this president has governed over the course of the last several years, and that has obviously raised many concerns. But you're too, boy. I think the level of alarm is is pretty high right now, among the people that I'm talking to privately and you're right, we're not going to see a flood of on the record comments. Expressing concern about the President's health
there is a sense that everyone is on board a sinking ship right now and there's no good way to deal with it and it's impossible for them to say. public. Any of the things that you just outlined to express concerns about the president's state of being to talk about that that he is on whether that having an impact on how he's governing only because their own political futures are tied to him and raising those questions that were raised. Questions about themselves their own ability to actually govern well. But it's it's fair to say that there is a deep recognition that we have not been in a situation like this before and that there are potentially very serious questions, especially I would say with the joint chiefs quarantining than as a layer of concern to this, that is particularly problematic. Joe absolutely
and dug in a new light. Some might argue that did the ship started taking on water debate night and question remains, whether or not the president knew he had corona virus room, late, night or german. All ask the same question as we go to break that. I asked Casey what concerns or you're picking up again Obviously, Republicans are just as concerned about the safety and well being of their children in their country and The economy as everyone else, and if the president is, if the present is impacted by covetous studies, would show it's more than likely. He as if the president is impact negatively by these steroids in this treatment that he's on which science and Edison and studies would show it is more likely there not that he is and are you hearing any Republicans sounding
sort of alarm said others are so yeah Slowly I mean a twofold number: one, it's difficult for them to do it publicly, because their political fortune, they believe in some of these very red districts. I mean Jos, think about you. World districts probably will go for Donald Trump, sixty four, love is much bigger than that. A lotta republicans represent these districts, in which the president is still an inordinately popular, and so they don't have any incentive to speak out against them, but think about it. This way I mean no one is, is looking to lie across train tracks for the President right now. Yours that sense, it raises you, some more than exactly last night in Arizona Senate debate, reviews the kind of addressed for Support
the presidency, whether she's crowd four of our support for the president. There is definitely a concern about the decisions he's making and there has been for some time and- and I think some of the behavior seeing now is acutely due to the fact that there is nobody really in the White House and not that it's that much different than previous weeks or months there's no one even to try to push back and that's the particularly dangerous part for the president. Why some? Why he's kind of operating as alone long range- or here I would say in the end, I think we're gonna see that in the days and weeks ahead, as the president kind of these healthy. We hope he does kind of operates from his he's gotten from his political heart, which is something that his advisers have continually warning. Against Joe. This move was so politically irrational when he made a yesterday in that tweet to go out and take ownership of the fact that trillion dollars of government money. What be going out to people to voters for weeks
election day that I start asking around Capitol Hill. It turns out, as ever there is four dimensional chess here at work? It was just a move. He made something he threw into the atmosphere without thinking about it. It was summarised by one congressmen who told me about the President: he feels in secure, so he needs to exert. Has power to feel good that just doesn't work here. It's not how we operate, so the present puts out that tweet that can't be taken back. And send a signal to voters again less than a month ahead of election day. I'm the guy who cut off negotiate actions, I'm the guy, who ensured that perhaps your small business will fail or that you won't get that check. You are hoping for Now what we ve taught you for some time now. This president has, for whatever reason, consistently put himself on the thirty percent side of issues that are seventy thirty issue, send you could go down the list in twenty twenty, but he's done it time and again I would guess, is likely and ninety ten issue that, if the feds
Men in the markets are saying that we desperately need some stimulus going into the new year, because twenty twenty one is going to be devastating for oppressed, to unilaterally kill the bill and then take credit for it is, is is like some I've, never seen in politics. Usually what would happen is cynically president's would kill a bill but then figure out a way to suddenly blame the other side did as they would do that to try to protect people in their own party to try to prevent, The Martha mixed sallies Corey gardeners the suit, Collins, the Steve Danes. Not even do that, so in Montana. People in Montana enough now know that Steve Danes supports a presidency that has held any stimulus checks to help the people of Montana through there
ice and time say red lines in years and spread that the main same thing happening Susan Collins Present that she has supported time and time again has cut off checks that could help the hard working people of many and do that around its just absolutely illogical and suggests that the president is right now, not only a detriment to his party, but also a danger. In fact, if, in fact he is impact, the drugs he's on and in fact, that he probably still has covered that he's even more unstable I'm more than he is in the best of circumstance, because Jake Sherman. Thank you so much save Ratner. Thank you as well still I had a morning Joe President from told Americans this week, not to let covert nineteen
and ate their lives and that mess just getting a powerful response from people who have lost loved ones to the virus loved ones like Colonel Stephen High, who was one hundred and one years old and air Force veteran hurled, the pies floor was believed to be one of A few veterans that had served in for wars from compiling toilet paper an airplane parts in his early airforce career to advising widows and widowers on their benefits. Colonel despised were left behind a huge legacy. It died from
the creation of the corona virus on July, twenty fifth, four days after its one hundred first for a day, we'll be right back, hey everyone, its crusades, you know these days. I find it helpful to just take a step back from the day to day onslaughts of news and take a broader look at the issues I haven't had time to cover on my tv show, all in everything from the legacy of racism in America to how community and creativity can flourish. Amidst a pandemic, tat Democrats could win and deep Red America adieu. Would each week on my podcast wise is happening, and I joined by uniquely qualified guess, like Pulitzer Prize Winning reporter Nicole Hannah Jones, progress does not mean justice or equality, or that we are right after floundered year, the black people being in this country, the Tiber marking incremental product.
and patting ourselves on the back. For that has been long over author Rebecca Summit. How do we take curve each other in the context of not being able to physically be with each other in ordinary ways? Crooked media's John fabric? It's gonna be the high turnout election in history, which means that it is a persuasion, game and many others who helped me makes sense of what's happening in our society and our world. really enjoy your conversations. I hope you will do so join me for new episodes. Every Tuesday, just search for wise is happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe Left Walter Reed Medical Center and it's really something very soon so the doctors, nurses, the four responders, and I learned so much about colonel virus and one thing: that's for certain: don't let it dominate you not everyone's lucky enough to walk out of the hospital
the two days ago, so we we saw what this disease can do. So guess what we are afraid we are still. I worked, I didn't feel so good two days ago I could have left two days ago. Two days ago, I felt great, like better than I have been a long time. I said just recently better than twenty years ago, why are you bragging? Have apathy to the Americans that you are our leader? Have some sympathy to the people who are suffering in Greece Don't let it dominate, don't let it take over your lives, don't let that happen rhythm, it country in the world were gone back with back to work, let it many your life, no one letting it mixed let it it wasn't a choice and it does
Maybe he's life is dominated. My life, it dominated our families, lives for ninety five days a week it because he did it make it. It will forever affect my life. I stood out front, I led. Nobody, that's a leader, would not do what I did and I know there is a risk. There is a danger, but that's ok and now I'm better, and maybe I'm I don't know you know, that's the tweet is sandyseal the tweet saying I got the hospital today, six thirty p m. I now Small idea, a small idea because I got out and two days I have a small idea of what this diseases like I'm so sorry to the people that lost them lives to it, and I will now do everything I possibly can to help. And to help their families, and I stand with those grieving families, because
diseases terrible the woman you saw their juxtapose, where the president is Amanda, Cloots, the widow of Broadway actor, Nick Cordero, who died of severe complications from covert nineteen after a month, long battle with the disease. Forty one year old Cordero, who had. no known pre existing conditions spent more than ninety days in the hospital he entered, emergency room on March Thirtieth and had succession of health setbacks, including many strokes, blood clots, sepsis infections, a trick asked me a temporary pacemaker implant, During his paw specialization, Cloots sent him daily videos one year old Son Elvis so he could see them if he woke up Cloots passionately Instagram video yesterday. Responding to President Trump quickly went viral Willie then help,
in it? She was how eloquent she was, how Just she was to the President wishing him well hoping he recovers. She went through hell Cordero went through hell for three months before he died dead and they have, I believe, a one year old son, whose left without a father. So when we asked yesterday what must it be like to be the family of the corona virus, patient or the widow of run a virus patient to hear the present say: don't let it dominate you, that's what it felt like. You just saw it in that video from Amanda Cloots. Let's turn doctor Roy, she's, an msnbc and easy news, medical contributor, Doktor Roy Good Morning. What did you think physician as a public health export to hear the President imploring people with Korea the virus not to let it dominates you not to let it ruined your life good morning Willie. no he started off. By saying, I learned a lot and, of course,
of an eternal optimist. I was hoping he is going to follow that up with. I learned a lot that this is a highly infectious and contagious disease that I'm carrying and wearing a mask, would protect me. I was hoping he would say. I learned a lot about how horrible this is made. Thousands of, in fact, millions of people, feel I feel badly. I have a sense of remorse, none of that happened and when you hear that heartbreaking story from from that widows clues its reflective of what thousands, in fact millions of people who are currently infected, seven point five million and not to mention the family members of the over two hundred ten thousand people have died covert. Nineteen is not just your typical flu, which the prisoners made that comparison a highly infectious disease that now infects all organs of your body, including neurologic and cardiac manifestations. This is a disease but we need to take seriously Willie sort of choice,
whether or not you let it dominate you, it does what it's going to do and we were talking in the commercial break, Doktor Roy about contact trace at the White House- and there is an outbreak at the White House, we put all the faces up on the screen. Stephen Miller, close adviser to President Trump is the latest case. have set out while that they will not contact trace. That rose Garden Supreme Court. Event to salaries ago, where we know so many cases have come from. What is your reaction to that? And what should the White House be doing responsibly this morning right now here I am so glad you, asked that Willie. So not only is the It states that global Centre for infectious infections and death. The White House itself is the epicenter of the epicenter. That must tell you a lot. It tells me that the people of our their working there working close we were not wearing mass and not practised packaging. Physical, distancing, the
Two measures are the only two that we know that can effectively reduce transmission. We also know, from decades a public health studies that that Contact tracing is a key element in terms of containing an epidemic, a pandemic in this case so, and the centre for Disease Control and prevention. Willie are glow both leaders when it comes to this type of work. This is what they do. This is what they do entered the walk out The world leaders in a in, Inter do it doing, contact tracing is concerning and in what I'm worried about Willie's at that
can it be transparent, whoever's doing the contact tracing they're not going to be transparent with the public in terms of how many people are infected and when they got infected and are they appropriately quarantining? I also want to make sure that people, the viewers, know that testing is not is a diagnostic tool, not a preventive one. So, even if somebody test negative, they still need to complete fourteen days of parenting because the incubation period, the virus is too fourteen days, Willie our rights so doctor, the President I guess he plans to go to that debate next week. The white and the president will not say when he. Saved his first positive test. What what risks could be in power, here, it's Thursday October, fifteen years I feel your frustration there as a physician as a public health advocate. I there is
in question that we wanted that medical team that, during that medical conference to answer one was when we first diagnosed with apposite test, and when was the last negative test. As you know meagre they didn't answer either. Those the president Is it a highly infectious period? He needs to isolate, isolate and where a mask keeper distancing You should not be going out in public. He shouldn't doing those for jobs that he was doing the White House? He needs to stay at home stay, put and say isolating make out, that's a recommendation and has been for months now, right, doctoral, Happy Roy. Thank you very much will be trying to get them nation, hopefully at the White House, will be more forthcoming, especially if the president goes to the debate and again? Is he a super spreader as he walks around us? The question everybody wants to know as the norm go up in terms of his inner circle p.
Like Stephen Miller, getting covert. This is not good coming up new watchdog report finds top Justice department officials were driving force behind the trumpet ministry. Since families separation policy, the New York Times michael- Smith and embassies. Julia aimlessly join us for that new reporting, plus there's Chris Coon's and Amy Clever shark, proposed by our gets this morning, will talk about the vice presidential term, tonight we'll be right back, we want it's joy, read I'm so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC show the retail every week. I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time, like Joe Biden, the words of president matter, and so is present United States. The first thing I want to do a stand up and talk sense and be honest with the american people level, with them at last
Mayor casual Lance bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm, encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions. Antibiotics science and the data Senator Kamel Harris. We send folks into a war wearing camouflaged. So what is going on here when you said camouflaged uniformed? officers into a sitting and many more you can listen to the reader as a pod cast by searching for the redoubt. That's our HIV! Oh you t one word were ever your listing right now and subscribing for free thanks for listening
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