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The president said Thursday he was hoping to hold a rally over the weekend in Florida and potentially Pennsylvania, but questions remain a week after he publicly announced his coronavirus diagnosis.

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The president is so, shall we say enough alters right now, so I dont know how to answer for his behavior. So it's been very interests. journey. I learned a lot about covered now, I'm better and maybe I'm a mule. I don't know, but don't let it dominate your lives. I feel great, I feel like perfect. So, I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. This was a blessing, disguise newspapers. Indicted this was the greatest political crime and the issue of our country, and that includes Obama edit includes Biden well I'd like to go back to the White House soon to do another interview. Mr President, let me go back to the White House. I sighed and being these united for the terminating thirty three thousand emails that you got from Congress. I think there will be a chance that I would gadget, sometimes at me with it, in groups of, for instance, star families I met with girls, have families. I didn't want to cancel that they come back
Within an inch of my face, sometimes they want to hug me and they want to kiss me than they do and frankly, I'm not telling them to back up I'm not doing it I don't think I'm contagious at all and this monster there was on stage with my parents who destroyed or last night by the way, but this monster, NO, no, they won't be frank. There won't be this. There was every link It is a lie. I don't believe that because we ve never had this much support. They have both thing that I have. Five thousand boats have thousands of trucks all over the country I took over depleted military old equipment broke in equipment. even in the army, all brand new uniforms with the belt. Everybody wanted the belt we're taking care of our seniors, you're, not vulnerable. They like to say the vulnerable you're, the least vulnerable. But for this one thing you are vulnerable my they want. Oh, I care certain little tiny fish
that aren't doing very well without water. To be honest with you test, it is a shall we say in alters right now, so I dont know how to answer for his behaviour. Water, weakest Ben It was exactly one week ago that President Trump, when public, with his covert diagnosis now here, as its right to return to the campaign trail. Maybe it's tomorrow, so Willie, you know make an eye. We have rules before we come on the show I'm not allowed to talk about baseball for long periods. nor am I allowed to talk about our lost decade in Turkey, you and me why my jacket. That was by the way, I'm so by me, but for her
I am not allowed her to utter the phrase: twenty fifth You know because every morning she is one I've been right all along twenty fifth amendment and I say honey. You can say that every day and she says honey I can, if I feel like, will really here we The president saying he's immune, the present United States, pressuring attorney general Republicans ways: listen pressuring his attorney general to indict his political whose beating him in the polls to indict his last democratic opponent to indict the last democratic pro. Sang he'll be a sad man. If he doesn't do it and tromp said he left a basically do it himself if he gets reelected blind,
gold star families for giving him covid. Nineteen says I'm not contagious. Despite the fact he wouldn't tell Sean Hannity repeatedly last night, His last tests was whether he's been tested, whether these negative. He calls Kamba Harris the these presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, a monster repeatedly rules or a communist talks about when he became president. He had to give the army new uniforms with belts Everybody likes the belts turned to the White House. When doctors didn't want him to return to the White House, he went to the West wing when people inside the White House for begging him do not go to the swing now he's talking about going out on the campaign trail when no doctor, that was worth a damn
would would allow him to go out on the campaign trail, somebody I guess this is a very sad indictment, just a sad statement on his life. He doesn't have any bunny close enough to him that loves him enough that he trusts that that can keep him from ten owing to destroy himself and politically destroying. Has campaign and politically destroying republicans across the country. Tat tell him. He just needs to sit down and yes He is on steroids. He still on steroids that are better, that that would make Our loved ones take extra care, but they have to take it a mom and in what we do because of the impact it would have especially we were just coming off of co bitter
still had covered. There is nothing normal about this he's not. It does not sound Like he is equipped right now to be present at the United States and may not be the stairway treatment. It runs its course. Words W Bush turned over the press seen during procedures to Dick Cheney, twice its and before it happened with Ronald Reagan, and I think it safe for a lot of american sphere for lot. Americans say shouldn't this guy just take a rest for a week and let my pants assume the presidency until he gets better as long as my pencil. Okay, if might pencils, ok, no that right now either yeah you can listen to or watch those two interviews book ended first in the morning with Maria Barter Romo and then at night, with Sean Hannity and think the president is ok, that's not a political statement. That's a human, stable,
just listening to the way his brain is working right now I would add to that comprehensive list, you laid out Joe blaming goals, our families floating the idea anyway, that he might have caught it in the EAST room. On Sunday. I point out that that was the day after the Supreme Court of it In the rose garden, which most doctors and tracing experts have looked at as these are vector as the event, the super spreader he's talking about an event the next day inside White House, blaming gold, star families, possibly forgiving him corona virus, and the second is attacking Michigan Governor John Whittemore, on the same day at a plot, was revealed to kidnap her and possibly murder. Her he's attacking that governor on that day, because she was critical of the present in her remarks. taken in total Joe yesterday in, and you add, in those tape. Video which obviously for the White House, media team or their video team. How do you let.
let's go out, and you say Mr Present, let's stop and try that again we're doing this on tape. It was rambling, no sense it was, it was the whole day was a complete mess in and that is a political statement, is an American. You don't want your president, looking in sounding like that now in our r r. I can't even imagine the national security implications of this White House right now and you ask about the media team. They have covered, maybe turns were running, the show I dont know, along with show Willie and me we have wiped out water for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, NBC News, but will heal correspond in a host of way too early, Casey, Hunt or surprise running columnist, an associate the washing imposed, an MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson and political rapporteur for access. Hans Nicholls is back with us good to have your work than a mere. If things were bad enough,
you and I may be facing session on whether to cheer for the Houston ass rose, are the New York Yankees yeah I'll, see ass if the Yankees end up creating Tampa that would kind of like going into Maguire, airs Irish been and secure. Florida and saying chairman mapping. Stalin ARM Wrestling like London on cheer owing I've got now do the guy they get Forty million of his own people are sixty million other people, and here you, the Yankees V, Is the Astro slow mere? What what do we do? add a date, the measles worse, the mom said I'm still on that fortunately, I feel that certainly we hope as a nation, we rally around the much beloved Tampa Bay raised this evening, ward off that
Joel Yankees Ass rose, Elsie Asked- and I know this- that the asters, of course we have to accused Didn. of cheating for years spent. This whole season not play in front of fans, therefore not facing the boost, after another fan bases to punish them. For are cheating waves, the plaintiff, I've empty stadiums and now just four winds away from a whole series of neutral site, Texas, where there will be In fact, some fans are being allowed into that game. That's only a three three and a half hour drive from Houston. The ass might even have a semblance of a home feel advantage. In the world Series, were they to get there. But having said that, I would still refer them over the Yankees, obviously really because I also the cheaters over America's team that shocking Timmy Jonathan. Obviously it's my whole life well well.
so Jonathan tell me we will move from a grudge match. Unitarian me now and Stalin, and instead talk about events of yesterday Donald on a more these been more repeatedly, but obviously, yesterday, was so disturbing. I heard from Republicans it we're dead we are concerned that it was going to come just finished things off with less they go. I'm sure you were here in much the same throughout the day. Also from White House officials tell us tell us the very latest. Not only on The president's disturbing remarks talking about again in America. Ordering. His attorney general to arrest is political opponent, so he does lose an election in
in gold star families were catching covet. Let's start with this show that no one Press or the public has laid eyes on the president. Since his return from Walter Reed Meadow sat on Monday evening. We still haven't seen em, they asked the White House was released a couple. Those videos he's done a few phone areas we haven't seen we're so getting incomplete information on his health from the White House, doctors from his own position these last night that suggested that he could potentially resume working activities as of Saturday return to a normal schedule are still does not include the idea of when his last negative test as before the diagnosis or whether he is tested negative. Since the diagnosis is he indeed still contagious, and it would seem that most medical experts believe that he would be in. This would therefore be an extraordinary rush, to return to work in the AIDS we said yesterday, AIDS have an eye early next week for tentative return to the campaign schedule. Small events Pennsylvania perhaps Michigan Tuesday, but now the presence
out of nowhere floated the idea of major rallies this weekend in Florida, and on Saturday and potentially Pennsylvania Sunday, events that normally would actually be unsafe for those travelling on air force, one with him if he is still contagious and, of course, there's real question whether he'd be healthy enough to do that to be able to be up there for an hour. Ninety minutes or more and of course, he'll come into contact with lots of people backstage that these rallies as well. So there's that still something is raising a lot of questions. As today starts and yes, and you laid out perfectly at the Vienna show he is furious with trade general, William BAR. That's the first real divide between these two men. He feels like the Durham investigation is going to slowly Republicans really banking, on their being indictments here, potentially of people from the Obama restriction or those connected closely to Joe Biden. He is trailers, our tricks, they pop pale, who normally also a close ally, because he has internal, isn't done more. The Hillary Clinton Our investigation of four years out. He is frustrated with the state
the race he knows he is trailing You know and he hasn't been deprived of running the campaign he wants, because the pandemic has overseen. anything else. There is real second guessing extra about his decision to blow up the second debate, this suggesting that a few if his campaign usually just suggested a postponement, but where they eventually wrote got where they eventually said- hey. Let's have two debates: let's just push them back a weak euro servage of, therefore, to allay any real health concerns. Maybe the debate commissioner by the cap would have gone further, but by saying it initially, we still want to do it. We're palatia potential remote debate. They gave the Biden kept no incentive to agree the trunk camp were the ones framed ass, backing out, not the binding camp and the by and was able to say, hey we're simply sticking to the schedule, and we certainly know as a last point, Yo Republicans terrified. The bottom might be dropping out a depression and enthusiasm among the trees base which might not always think him in the White House, but absolutely bring the Senate down with him. So
Ok. On that note, I met a change plans. Little bit Alex symbol play that sound bite in just a moment, a sound bite that will show the present the United States completely unhinged a present the United States, calling for the arrest of his opponent in the as for the White House and very upset with other high ranking because of the administration and in washington- and we will get to the corral. Of the story of the botched attempt to kidnapped the governor of Michigan. Yes, I just said that, and we need to talk about all of that and the president's influence on White Superman. tests, but first case Jonathan Le Maire just talked about Republicans, and there has been a bit of a crack Finally, just a tiny crack came through- and I believe it was out of the mouth of
Mcconnell yesterday indeed make. I think I think you're talking about the fact that he said publicly that he had not gone to the White House since August six, because the reality is, the White House doesn't take the same precautions that he takes in the Senate in terms of dealing with the corona virus and much more We should remember, survived polio as a child and has has been marked by that experience, and he has been somewhat who has been telling Americans from the beginning to wear a mask. Let's watch really said yesterday I haven't actually been in the White House since August and sex, because my impression was their approach. as to how to handle this was different from my and what I answered
that we do in the south, which was to wear, masks and practise social distantly and all of those pictures of those indoor events at the White House show this very thing, and that is not. There are certain senators that disregard occasionally what Mitch Mcconnell has put in place, but he does not and his top leadership aids. Typically, not either and the fact that he came out and said that I think is extraordinarily remarkable. It's an acknowledged, many of the writing on the wall. In terms of the politics of this. It shows that Bitch Mcconnell recognizes at just how bad things are with President Trump and the political imperative, not just the public health but imperative, but also the political imperative. To say. Look. I need to put some distance between where I am on this and where the president is on this and, as we have documented, carefully on the show over the last going on for years,
That is an unusual circumstance. Then figure display of unusual circumstances, Jane so much being thrown at us right now. We could talk about the President and his health. We can talk about It is about the president's health. We get about the american people being lied to Non stopped by the president is medical team. We could talk the inspections and are ripping through the White House at her crippling government, we could talk about the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the rest of the joint cheese having to be send away we get our and and and and and basically locked themselves. Way, because that would have been all that, but I think it's We need to focus on three things that have happened over the past twenty four hours. One device pray The United States refused an amount They televised debate to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power. after the presence of the United States,
had been denying had been refusing to do the same, refusing to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power. or to the present, the United States trailing sadly, in the polls demanding, demanding that here. Attorney general that he appointed a rest. His political opponent with less than a month ago, in their campaign then of course also to rest all of his other perceived political enemies. His last the democratic upon it, the last president democratic president the United States it is that is. That is not something that suggests the wishes of an autocratic, autocratically? That's just what an autocratic later does that's what a tyrant dies, and it's happening here and third and finally, we have a present,
who inspired a group of terrorists, domestic terrorists, to kid, the governor of Michigan and they believe they quote liberating Michigan as Donald Trump and instructed and tweet earlier in the spring? and then we're going to try her for crimes, against the state in Wisconsin and that's that's where we are right now with a Trump presidency and Those three things allow are should shock the conscience of every person. Who was thinking about voting for Donald Trump and force to reassess and ask really whether they want their democracy. To continue the way it has continued over the Two hundred forty years right now,
What kind of country do you want to live in those those those things? Those three events you listed are the ball and disqualified. Simply disqualify were for Donald Trump and my parents who, frankly, I thought had had more sands and political sense, then, to echo, turning french refusal to and to accept the the idea. The reality has to be of a peaceful transition of power if they lose on which an increasingly looks like they will lose its it's just I, of course the Vienna superlative I've never seen anything like this before never heard anything like this before we go on a black. It's it's all true this can't!
happening in the United States of America. This cannot be president. The United States of America. Sounding like this. Looking like this acting like this- and I just think, is its arm. It should be shocking at a point where we didn't think we could be shocked anymore, but this is This is shocking, and just this, let me just add one thing: the refusal of the White House to do proper contact tracing on What what is now the certainly the biggest covered outbreak happen the District of Columbia and and and and maybe in this price state area here The refusal to call on the CDC into proper contact praising is putting people's lives at risk. It is peppered hate, countless people's lives at risk. It's just
Gordon the system in their doing that, to cover up there's too, They are there the lack of care, their lack of ability to follow science and research. Commissioner, why talk as if I'm right there lie when he got Colbert when it was still lie. I make it again, I just to underline it the presence of the United States called for the arrest of his political. opponent less than one month out when he's trailing badly in the polls and ordering attorney general to arrest his political opponents. This. This has never happened in America, this is. This is what happens in Russia. This is what happens in China. This is what happens in in.
What with tyrannical leaders in tyrannical governments. This is what happens in Turkey. This is what happens in countries that don't have, or are our heritage and end yet Donald Trump, again, calling for the arrest of his political opponents less than a month out, you can't say it enough: yeah, it's a shot development and and if ever, Republican, senator, doesn't come out and and and blast ass, a present for doing this. Well, then, that's on them and also dangerous we're in a very dangerous place right now. Hans Nicholls actually has some new reporting on that and will get to that in just a moment. I'm about to color my own here at home, something I never thought I'd do and at a friend none of the cost of going to a salon. All thanks to Madison Reed, see my friend cat told me how much she
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visit Madison Dash red dot com. Now, to find your perfect shade, untrue, mainly host of into America, a pod cast from MSNBC join me as we go into the roots of inequality and economic injustice and irrational and justice, and in when you add health, is a health and justice into what at stake. People are going to be voting not for a person but for stability and into what comes next into America. A pod cast about who we are ass, Americans and who we want to become new every Monday Wednesday Thursday Subscribe now, the president's doktor released a memo yesterday, claiming tromp had been symptom free from what twenty four hours at last cited Here he was still showing symptoms, although it's important to keep in mind that people cough I cough, we call on the air. Sometimes we have to bear our throats, so we want to be careful.
but listen to the president and his interview with Sean Hannity last night who, by the way, kept asking when were you last tested in the context of his? the diagnosis, it seems clear. He is still attend. We in some respiratory distress. The last time you had a big problem, they isolated my mind when I get the one debate with three debates: Venerian or I think what the date The first debate they are isolated MIKE. Will you encourage your supporters to get out and vote early, but I wanted to But I will say it is absent, is ok. de ballot. Clearly absentee ballots are fine, absently ballads ballots, you request was present Trump that was shown. Hannity is make us, I could have been cleared his throat. I would point out that there was entirely.
Adage industry look at the way Hillary Clinton coughed and some of her interviews in some of her events in two thousand. Sixteen in reading a lot into that lets bringing Doktor Van Gogh. He's apologist, NBC use medical contributor has been treating covid patients for some seven eight months now, doktor group too great to see this morning I want to zero in on something you pointed out yesterday, which is that this window that the present is talking about a few days, on Thursday night. He believes in his doctor. Connally has now said he can go out into events tomorrow. On Saturday there looking a ten day window, but you point to a twenty day window for patient with the symptoms that present tromp has shown. You explain that little bit happy to as for the benefit of the american people, because examples matter presidential examples matter, and so in this the thinking here the president
we know, has severe Kobe nineteen, ammonia, I've gotten some pushed back. How'd, you know in the absence of a city scan, that's were clinical judgment comes into play public. We deal with this all the time he had an arc. Jeanne saturation below ninety four percent shortens Abrek he's getting tree. as though he has coping nineteen ammonia that all by that's all consistent. We the diagnosis is coughing you're right, there's lots for cost, but he's just getting over pneumonia. It's all consistent in dad Stan you'd and own CDC issues. It line. Saying you need twenty is of isolation, if you had severe consequences, could ammonia or severe over ninety pneumonia, the classical definition, meaning even if he symptom free it doesnt matter it still be shutting virus for up to twenty days after the onset of symptoms. So the
Yes, he should be in any way engaging with anybody outside of a bubble and the White House mast distance, of course, in The case is towards the end of this month. Can we not tomorrow and is unconscionable that his doctor is willing to put a white coat, hind. This crazy notion that ten, This is enough. It's not and is sending the wrong message to the american people that, ten days after it Beer infection is good enough number, one. That symptom resolution is also any useful metric. We know that some useful when it comes the Bible, shedding, if you ve, had the infection. So it's me information and the doktor himself should not be sanctioning. This has he's promoting mislead. information to the american public during that memo yesterday cleared again the present to go out and do events tomorrow on Saturday, which actually is nine days since his diagnosis but doktor What are you missing in this picture? We heard Sean Hannity to his credit, pressing the press
and have you had a negative tests. When was your last negative tests present from again gave no answered. Doctors will not answer that question, so we don't know not only that. he isn't that a recent negative task, but that he's had a negative tests at all? What else do you to see as a position on that medical chart you occasionally, really there's been a lot of focus on on the last negative test and there's a good chance. Seventy four where, with coma abilities that stand we care for many patients. My colleagues and I are seventy four or were you the younger frankly, with commodities who, once the test positive benefits. Cobra nineteen ammonia need hospitalization. Sometimes these The visuals has positive up to fifty five days after their initial diagnosis, so he might, he might not having negative test for a long time, which is probably one reason why they don't want to talk about it number two. It's just not a useful. Today
the two to understand when he's not gonna, be a harm to other people. We think and Willie this science her if you're otherwise healthy, had mild, sometimes and your young. We think that maybe you stopping infectious to others at about eight to ten days. But if you, if you're older had a severe manifestations is about twenty days from the onset of symptoms, but that last has been negative frankly does really matter the heat because he might tat. He might have paused for many many weeks I gotta go on that point and then the fact that the president could still be quite ale. Is you- don't have to be shocked, but the analysis here is that this is incredibly dangerous. Here is the president, United States calling for the arrest of Joe Biden. He lashes ray on pale as well check a lesson.
unless Bill bar and dates these people for crimes that the greatest political crime in the history of our country then we're gonna get little satisfaction unless I win and dual just up to go because I won't forget it, but these people we indicted. This was the greatest political crime in the history of our country, and that includes a Edit includes Biden these people that speed. My campaign and we have everything addressed Christopher right, Will you replace him in his second term while, what to say the idea has been disappointing. He talks about you know when voting thing that cares and see the voting balances if, as a problem, the thousand Well, it's right that you pick up any paper in the country practically in the cheating all over the place on the ballots. So how does that not a problem? That's a no bigger problem than China, Russia, she had thirty, three thousand emails she got forget about what was on the males at irrelevant, although many
which last, if highly classified you go to jail for that, but in there in the state department. But my they are not able to get him out, which is so very said. Actually, I'm not happy about him for that Is that the reason he was unable to get back? I don't know why he running to say to Barbie to get him out. I mean set up again if you're, if you're, watching in keep score Domin softly our personal. He calls it and for the arrest of Joe Biden, he calls for the arrest of his last democratic opponent. He calls for the arrest of the last democratic president. He attacks American, election system. American democracy says it's worse than China or Russia. He attacked my palm peo forgot, where sing Hillary Clinton's emails, he attacks Christopher Ray and he claimed something that is a total absolute. Why of course he's lying cheated about about them, the Americas, electoral
ass being rigged. He did it get there, but also lying about having all the evidence he needs to indict. Parma are Biden because simply because he's been one. I e g report after another showing that that's what he's been talking about since March. Two thousand. Seventeen is complete fabrication, a conspiracy theory, something that is that, of course, It will be an embrace in the bowels of the internet, but that no a self respecting law enforcement officers will ever pay two, because it's just an absolute. Why? But HANS. They call them. Nickels present completely unmoored attacking again, not just his opponent not just saying that binds you go in jail, go to jail and that calmly, This is a monster, but also attacking us. Secretary of State is FBI director
his attorney general for not jailing always of his political opponents and what action, reporting this morning, Joe is dead attorney general bar is telling top Republicans did indictments, aren't gonna come before the election. This big Durham report that's been out there in the ether that people been wondering about Wednesday. Gonna come. What's it going to meet any of you? just mention that the present things he has evidence and the evidence is clear that there is some malfeasance on the rush investigations. The origins present may think that I don't know what is it honey snake? Is they don't have enough evidence for prosecutions? Now, that's nice but to say and convictions crucially, convictions. That's not to say, Durham is moving for their just their goal. this is entirely to a aching, a timeline in terms of the presidential raised their thinking about how they can win and poor and depressed. is apparently upset without you want something beforehand. You know
he's real, quick. So much reporting any trouble. My house is listening closely to what he sang and trying to figure out what set him off causing a movie about Roma, and you can almost go back and do the tick, tock and lack of will clearly here Some news he didn't like on the bar. Clearly he got some news. He didn't like on my computer network, my colleague Alain agreeing at awaited. Indeed on sort this together in terms of what set the present off and it doesnt work like they're, going to indictments, I know. Jonathan AP always wants a search for work right when you they pay their always like. What's the next story, but would tremble times less. Nobody says, and you go back and I, now wait at some sort of change inside administration? Not I mean it's also he's so regulatory to the world around us ever one can see how much of a day trader he is in his thinking. They can understand. what's going on, do not good lesbian
Stan attorney for Palm Beach. County Dave Ehrenberg gone for his analysis, so this you know on the state level I'd, say there were a democratic governor and he announced in a less than a month, before I do Victoria action, where a republic and was beating him by ten twelve fifteen points. He started pressuring you as state attorney Charges against sat republican, gubernatorial candidate, we know what Everybody would say I really whether it's a saint PETE time through the Miami hair, older Pensacola whose journal from one part of the state to another they would all be calling for his rest Asian, because it's such a shameful act talk about as a process
better and as somebody who has studied this, your entire life talk about. If you will the consequent is of a chief executive of the United States of America. calling for the arrest of his political opponents. Less than one month before an election where he's expected to lose a guy's Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down podcast I get together with Anna Garden for a virtual catch up about her latest cookbook filming her show, while at home the last few months and zoom cocktail party with Anna get our conversation now for free wherever you download depart casts Joe is actually pretty common countries that have dictators to jail their political opponents member, he has an affinity for everyone in Turkey. He does it all the time there in Rome
a lot of important does it all the time came, jawbone jails him and kills them and so he's going into the tyrant mode and even Bill BAR president trumps picture will not do this because he knows that Hop, is trailing the poles and he won't be there to protect him if he committed crimes and so he's going to say. Nobody knows that as a prosecutor, you cannot I charges based on russian propaganda. The whole thinking that Hillary Clinton and her immigration was or thirteen like buying and all the others were behind. The Russia probe comes from Russia intelligence. It was so ridiculous that even the Republicans, in the Senate, Intelligence Committee rejected it, which is crazy because pan still promoted it at the vice president. The bait the other night and so bull bars, not wait to go. This are you know the problem
bill bar in being president trumps picture. Is that he's going to be asked the king We need to do something illegal and there are only three choices. Yes or no. If he says yes he's like the end up in a prison cell, like Michael Colin, if he's, no he's like you and humiliated like just sessions There is no door number three, so he stuck, he bought a ticket and now he's gonna take the ride. Why is it a story? We got a job don't worry I'll, just say Willie, except for the fact that Bill bar and everybody else in the White House knows that this this, Mafia style presidency is going to be coming to an end sooner rather than later, and everything that they're doing Right now is
to be examined for the next several years and could actually place, they could place themselves in jeopardy if they break the law are come close to breaking the law. Here, Joe, we talked about this story. play at the top of the show breathtaking thirteen men were arrested yesterday on multiple state and federal charges for an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whittemore, with the assistance of an informant six we're charge in a federal indictment and seven under state law authorities say all members of to extremist groups that federal investigators have been tracking since March NBC, he's, learns the six aspects facing federal charges used encrypted messaging to communicate about the alleged kidnapping plot conducting court. It surveillance on the governors, vacation home and detonating an improvised explosive device wrapped with shrapnel the set
arrested on state charges belonged with separate extremist group called the Wolverine Watchman according to a state affidavit, their goal is quote so war leading to societal collapse, after extension of co nineteen lockdown orders and may arm demonstrators you'll, remember, field Anti, Whittemore sentiment and called for her to open the state. The president agree publicly criticising Governor Wittmus public safety orders and tweeting quote: liberate Michigan Whittemore Democrat appeared to accuse the present of encouraging the alleged plot during a news conference yesterday, after the arrests just last week, the press- the United States stood before the american people and refused to damn white, supremacist and hate groups like these two she militia groups standby I can stand by. He told them when our leaders speak their words matter, they carry weight
When our leaders meet with encourage, Frazier nice with domestic terrorists legitimize their actions, and they are implicit. The present responded to Governor Wittmus comments with a series of tweets. One gave a nod to the FBI for making those arrests and about government Whittemore. The present wrote this rather than say. Thank you. She calls me a white supremacist governor. my responded, tweeting. Mister president, I thought you weren't interested in a virtual debate. All six federally charge men face life in prison if convicted butts. NBC News, correspondent for investigations, Tom Winter and former chief of staff, that the CIA and Department of Defense now NBC news. National security analysed. Jeremy back eyes good morning time. I want to start with even reporting on this story since it broke yesterday who exactly are these guys and how close did they get to Governor Whittemore Worlds,
the question will I'll take. The second question for us is as far as this, because this investigation, as far as this investigation goes move for the Good NEWS is because of those informants that you talked about because of the work of undercover FBI agents form and by the way, who came or to the FBI, because they were concerned that some of these people were talking about getting the address is for local police officers in Michigan in killing them came forward to that and agreed to actually where what we would call wearing a wire to record the converse. So not only for the for the sake of the cap for the sake of the investigation, and they were able to great get great evidence is the conversations of the six people that would charge federally in this conspiracy to commit kidnapping plot. Yesterday they rivalry. where those conversations its tremendous evidence, obviously gets to the to the given in ten of what these people wanted to do, but in one particular meeting which occurred in the basement of a vacuum shop of one of the people that was rests,
yesterday they came around a collected, everybody cell phone so from a law enforcement perspective, these difficult difficult situations when you put it in women in a situation like that, but because they had those informants in there because they had those under cover agents and they did not do they wouldn't. But in a position to really harm the governor as far as our reporting and where this goes moving forward. You know I was reviewing this morning against of the reporting we did yesterday as far as the social media profiles of the six people that were charged federally, as well as the seven that were charged by the state in when you take that article and you look at it and you reply were Bigelow, which is part of the part of the group that that these people are long too, which is a reference to an obscure nineteen eighties movie. It wants to overturn government. A group that is again liberal causes and liberal groups that they want to kill police officers as well? When you look at it in
Look at our reporting. Yesterday you remove the word booger Lou, replace it with ISIS. Take them their messaging out, replace it with ices messaging intervenes. Just like the stories that we used to do. Then people being, radicalized or social media and the internet, people taking a short amount of time between seemingly normal conversations and then turning just like that to extremist views, and so I think this somebody's going to bear watching in the coming weeks and months. This is not something that's going away in poses a serious threat. The law enforcement across the country is concerned about Willie I would point out here the Republican or the state senator in the state She- and this is what a swift condemnation sounds like. He writes a threat against our governor as a threat against us all. We condemn those who plotted against her and our government. They are not patriots, as no honour in their actions. They are criminals and traders; they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That's the republic, out of the Senate and Missionary Jeremy bash when you talk about these groups
these men, this is exactly what the FBI director Chris, for re has been warning about for a long time now, privately and also in open Senate hearings about these kind of groups, white supremacist groups, militia groups that may take up arms and when the press tweets, liberate, Michigan or when he says so. By a debate that sends us signal, whether he understands that are not. That sends a signal to those groups and First Willie. I think it's important to point out the President! Is undermining law and order when he supports these organisations, these groups is white, supremacist group sees militias and when he undermines the work of the FBI to confront them point two is the definition of terrorism. Willie is essentially violence to send a political signal or to send a political message. Terrorism, as classically too far
mine is when it an organization, tries to use violence to achieve a political outcome, and I think that's exactly what's happening here with these organizations. These groups, these conspiracies in Michigan they their purpose, really two fracture state government to ignite the civil war to take down a sitting governor and they believed that they had support. I think for many others in the country, including potentially someone in turn and file. Point Willie. I think it's important to notice that, just as this happening is Joe type this all together with respect to the presidency. He wanted jail his opponent and did not commit to a peaceful transfer power. You ve got Republican sent centres like MIKE Leah Veto, who is tweeting that democracy is not the objective of the United States. I urge people to go back and look at what he put out yesterday about that vat is code that is called for
or terrorism for autocracy. Now maybe he meant and academic a point that he didn't convey well, but I think if we don't make clear that democracy is, objective here, going to see a lot more of these kinds of activities This is dangerous. This is domestic terrorism. This needs to be confronted and it really is fair to say, were at war with these organizations? We better act like a road. If my colleague wants to talk. About the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic, and he wants to explain in more detail that that the founders concerned about majority Marian will rule and majority syrian oppression of of of others. He he needs two more than try to write that in a hundred and four, your two hundred eighty carriages because it didn't come across yesterday. I must also say that,
one of the safeguards just against raw naked. Majority Marian rule has been the United States Senate, which was supposed to be the saucer that cool down the hot coffee and the way that was done, especially in the hardest of of of of issues was to have a filibuster and what usually stopped the raw naked use of power to pass to pass legislation but also to push the Supreme Court Justices well Miss Mcconnell killed that filibuster and so now we are left with nothing more than the Senate against decades of political, warms being nothing more than a crude. Giora Terry in a chamber.
Michael Ways stood up and spoke out against that again set breach. Unless he spoke out against the new colonel rule, as it pertained to this, bring quarter the United States and and and nominating people which is now they reduced to nothing more than my makes right if we have fifty votes, then we're going to push it through. Well, then likely really be giving us lectures on democracies, verses, republics, as it is a republican party it's done more over the past four years, to breach cons to norms, undermine my mad estonian democracy to two sits: I won't leave by while the present the United States talks about article two gives unlimited power percent. Again, I'm gonna go much more about my bans, but my pants talking about checks and balances concept. social norms in the debate, my pants. Never a word every time, the
as I said, article two gave him unfettered power, every time the present the United States questioned the authority of federal judges every time the President United States spit on constitutional norms. He said nothing about it and also my clay was first and I, the bridge constitutional norms and again to turn the Senate from the war its most deliberative body and nothing more than a crude vote, counting chamber and so Mike and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate really aren't the best people to lecture us on the difference between democracies. That, of course, our founders were concerned about from ancient Greece, Athens that specifically he's not really the best person to give us those pictures on the fears that are founders had about raw naked, mature, tearing democracy versus a constitutional
like because MIKE Way and Mitch Mcconnell Lindsey Grand Duke have done more to move us towards that vision, where there aren't checks again, the tyranny of the majority. Then done more than than anybody else, especially is retained. the Supreme Court, just as some might makes right they they they said they exert its constitution, allows us to do it. We can do it, and so yes, we're going to stop Merrick Ireland we're going to lie and make up this stance. saying oh well, you know, there's a standard that says can't ever appoint somebody the same year. The election Lindsey Ground says hold me to see Panes of Montana, says hold me do it. We can never do this during the last few years and then they go. And they changed your mind and they lie to the american people and Lindsey Ground lie so the people of South Carolina
what kind of lies to America because might makes right, and what do they say, the cost? Let us do it. So what are they doing to setting up now again, the demo? ass to be able to say, constitution, allows us to do it. Let's finish the job of it, Yeah, let's go ahead. add those three more justice is that, after wanted to add back in the nineteen thirties, and why can the republican second, they really say all the breach constitutional loan trying now they're, not reaching constitutional? There only doing what Mitch Mcdonald's been doing over the past four years, saying my makes right if the constitution allows us to do it, we will do it so yeah MIKE Mike buddy. Like last time, you want to talk about democracy versus constitutional, public still try to do it on twitter, and also you really needed So far, your own actions over the past four years in gutting political norms that have turned again turn
the United States Senate into a straight democracy. So David we're going to bring in sorry sorry. For that side note, but thank you and I think it is really important for American. Following that debate, understand. What's going on and what's going on in the Senate over the past four years, Therefore I want to I want to ask you about white supremacy and especially the dangers of white primacy over the past three and a half years since she what's real as pass yet three now four years, since Charlottesville, and what you have to worry about your position is a prosecutor and you hear from State Authority he's, a national authorities about what a great danger white supremacy holds in the age of Crop Joe. Why
supremacist. Violence is the number one terrorist threat basing our country by far, and you want to take my word for that was the conclusion of the Department of Homeland Security threat assessment, would send that last year was the most lethal ear message extremism since nineteen ninety five, that was the year Oklahoma City. Arming the threat assessment make clear that this is white, power violence. We must call it out. As such, you need to explicitly condemned words matter. You don't tell it to stand by you, don't tell it to liberate states The actions and words of our leaders really do have an effect here, That's why I was disturbed as stated. Turning that the the age asses predecessor, the laid by many months, and the thinking was was delayed because what was coming out in it was going to be politically damaging to the president, and in fact they high level whistleblower came out to say that they are pressured to downplay
its premises, violence in and dug a given attention: twenty five and other left wing groups that are not as much of a threat how you never get in the way of public safety and saw with us, you're by that, and also another thing, Yet we should pay attention to is that the state state of Michigan have domestic terrorism statute on the book, just like this data Florida, but the federal government does not the federal It has an international terrorism statute, but when it comes to, terrorism. They will many parents could if they had a broader statute on the books. I think that some kind should consider because domestic terrorism is a greater threat, then international terrorism and finally, Machine attorney general has said that this plot was just the two the iceberg- and I agree- I think we are
be concerned from the state to the federal government. That November third could mean inflection point could see more attentive violence. These groups will take their accused from the present. It is imperative that the present and present every one call for the peaceful transition of power, whose lives are at stake, and they have not done that and they have not done that in very public ways. This most recently at the debate from vice President pants Dave, Ehrenberg thanks so much. I want to pick up on that point quickly with you Tom Winter Day was just so This is the tip of the iceberg and we heard that from officials in Michigan. Yesterday we heard that from the FBI. You can look at this affidavit and see that these guys were kind of bumbling. Eighty its. But there are a lot of people out there who aren't and who are, training and waiting for moments like this, so how big up problem is this in your report is based on verve intelligence reports, not just the one the Dave mention, but others that have been put out by regional law enforcement and local law enforcement across the country and in discussions with the
behind this isn't a considerable concern. Willie. We of an unprecedented situation heading into the election. We have at least in modern. Times and last several decades we haven't had a political discourse and a poet divide in this country that Spain is strong. On top of that, we have the internet, which is in amplifier in bigger the likes of which we have never and so it allows these fringe groups and extremist a pipe their radical views directly in the homes of people, homes of people by the way that are at home there not at work there. Because of this pandemic there either out of work there working from home. Their short, cash and there's a lot of people that are looking for something to either comfort them or to direct their anger in their under Annabelle frustrations at the moment so this is coming together is is one intelligence report read recently said and in an unprecedented way as we approach the selection, so I would say that the threat here is very real. It's not is Org
I dare say and Al Qaeda right before nine eleven, but when you look at the amount of people that have weapons have access to things as you alive The two Willie others people out there that have the ability and have the equipment, whether they be weapons of or explosives to, do it. Damage, and so I think that this is something we're going to see a lot more of, unfortunately in the days weeks and months ahead is something that everybody is concerned about Tom Winter. and Jerry Bash. Thank you both for coming up Coming on the show on this very important morning, still I had a morning Joe Donald Trump and the twenty fifth amendment, how Baker, Nancy Policy wants Congress to have a say in whether the president is in here. right, mind to serve snow numbers on the state of the presidential race with election day. Just twenty five. Is away morning shows coming right back I only want it's joy raid on so excited to tell you about. My new MSNBC show the retail every week,
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