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As the president now says he ordered the killing of Gen. Soleimani because he was plotting to blow up U.S. embassies, Trump and some GOP allies are trying to claim Dems who question the killing are somehow supportive of Soleimani.

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From ethics on Hulu comes, MRS America. The highly antics paid, a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin Shut, Sarah Paulson Loser, Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more last week We took decisive action to stop a ruthless terrorist from threatening american law We had a shot at him and I took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate and that was end of a monster, solemn mainly directed the recent attacks on? U S: personnel in Iraq that badly
did for service members and killed one American, any artist orchestrated the violent assault on the? U S, embassy in Baghdad. They won't break in it break it it had they got through. We would have that either hundreds of dead people or hundreds of Hamas judges that wasn't going to happen, and I called up great generals, I said, get em over there now in recent days he was planning new attack, sort american targets, but we stopped him and we stopped quickly and we stopped him cold President from whence six to the script and when he doesn't good more, and welcome to morning Joe it is Friday January tenth along with Joe Willie and me we have done it senior rider at political and Co. Author of the playbook Jake Sherman he's MSNBC political contributor COS under and ceo of Access, Jim Van too high and senior
eyes or add, move on dot, Org and MSNBC contributor Corinne Jean Pierre great. To have you all on board. This morning. There is a lot to get to president from rail hence, Democrats for voting to limit his war powers, officials now believe IRAN shot down that passenger jet near Tehran in the fog of war How Speaker Nancy policy stands firm when it comes to sending those articles of impeachment to the Senate and then the two surprising pole was that show billionaire Tom's dire surging in two key really states appearing to qualify him for next week's democratic presidential debate and also PETE Buddy. Looking good in some of these pale poles as well in New Hampshire. Yes, so the house has passed a new war powers resolution meant to limit president trumps military actions against IRAN, the vote
was largely along party lines, with eight Democrats voting against the measure and three Republicans voting for it ahead of yesterday's vote. Speaker Nancy Policy criticized the administration for the air strike that killed a runs top general last week. In our view, The president, the administration conducted provocative disproportionate air strike, against IRAN, which endangered Americans and did so without consulting Congress. We have no illusions about IRAN, no illusions about solar money was a terrible person, did dead things better not a bad, how bad they are it's about how good we are. We all would die for our country. We take pride in saying that, but to care, for our country is a pretty traumatic thing.
So that was the criticism from Nancy Policy which is similar to what many Democrats are saying about. The administered the decision to kill ceremony buddy recently, some Republicans are claiming. Democrats actually support this in iranian general, here's what the president and some of whom were his republican defenders had to say, what I bought bothers me when I see a Nancy Pelosi trying to defend this monster from Iraq. And whose kill so many people were now The policy of the Democrats want to defend him. I think that's a very bad thing for this country. I think that's a Losing argument politically, too Yet now I say the radical left, grants have expressed outrage over the termination This horrible there and you know instead they should be
rage by solemn savage crimes at the fact that its countless victims were denied justice for so long. I never thought there would be a moment in time that the speaker of the House of resolute representatives would actually be deep. In doing so my they are in love with terrorists. We say that they they more solemn on more than they more. Our goals are families who are the ones who suffered under its own money. The only ones that are mourning the loss of solar money or art Crap leadership, and democratic presidential candidate. At least wrought one Republican, Senator Marco Rubio. Isn't following this line of criticism. Do you think it do you believe that Nancy Policy is a defender of so many others
I don't think I haven't seen any defenders, us alimony american politics, and I wouldn't include the speaker in that God? I just think they're wrong about their assessment of why this action was taken and why in the wrong? by claiming that it wasn't necessary that actually is how debate in Washington used right, yes, can be to market Rubio from time to time when he does things where it seems that you put the interests of the present above that of the Republic That's Marco Rubio actually got speaking for a lot of senators. I now in some house members whose we have a difference of opinion. That's what we have and by the way is a Democrat had watched ass. She would have had Republicans being critical and bringing forward war. More powers, resolution acts of, but I'm sorry I don't these this list really quickly, Donald
up saying that policy defence all amount is a lie, it's a damnable lie. It's just its discuss. And disgraceful, we expect that from him. We expect nothing more than that, but it's a total lie and anybody who, but leaves Donald Trump just stupid as hell. If you in Donald Trump Nancy policies defended solo money. Let me very clear, your stupid as hell you're, one of them People I say, should not be allowed around household Why and says you will take off some fingers of not your entire your hand go be Don t. Believe what Donald Trump says when he says Nancy. Closing the radical Democrat sir, defending solemn money and by ran Paul, actually doesn't defence alimony, but they oppose the attack likely likewise needs a republican, conservative Republican.
Actually and the same their libertarian party, where we re I had a libertarian party in little Bit data defence alimony, but they also don't think that and should be an imperial present Is this ass an eight people in every damn? Well feels like it when there's not an imminent threat? Is he did? I mean an end. Collins. Also american conservative magazine also their night they're not the loss of solar Molly, but the very concerned that an imperial is going down assassinating the number two person another government there. Yes, I saw the rebel round. I do the majority later just stupid. Later, just stupid, minority later just sounded stupid just sounded studio rethought. We do to a point where Gambie point where's on defended a terrorist come be. Why are they defend?
be. Why are they defend and tear ass stupid or you don't be that DOM in public? Ok, say say that say that for the club groom right, that's it stupid most discussing one by the way, Nicky Hayley? How shameful what Irene s theory of having the same? Why do I want how disgusting Nicky Hayley nobody's Nobody is morning the loss of solar money, in the Democratic Party that I've seen it they if they are a shame on them, but certainly not Nancy pleasure, but Collins yeah. Vast talk in Collins. Where he say no great democrat given Democrats, I supporting an immortal so many more than more than more than gold star parent. Wow. What a tall we'll liar what it is costing. Total liar reminds
George Washington said I, I love. This grow guard against the pastures of pretended patriotism guard against preposterous of pretended patriotism maker. That's exactly who Collins, prob. All of these people are very, should be ashamed of themselves and by the way they should be like in this case, more go wrong Well, yes, we can have our differences, I understand why why Markka Rubio the present should have this power and it should be limited by Congress. I understand that, but we can have these differences. Let's debate over the differences do right, over the differences. Do I'd, say your opponents, who are actually defending article one powers in Furthermore article one powers are morning: a terrorist,
That's a damnable lie in you know. Well, you will see, though, perhaps astray, gee or a reason for holding the articles. Each man until Nancy Policy as Gooden Ready, but what she's exposed all that has come out first, following mightier from Bolton, which I think a lot of people like to hear from Bolton, but here's Charles P peers who wrote that longer pillows and Charles Pierce was initially against holding them for a long time. The law Pelosi holds the articles. The more we see how closely every single Republican is tied to the president and the like to which they would all go to protect him from any kind of oversight and from the faintest of consequences. I dont think this can go on forever but there is one thing, I'm sure as if Mcconnell goes ahead with it while on his own, days as a majority leader are numbered
Willie guy semi, like it's a great quote from Charles peers, who talks about what Collins said and what all these other people said, and now using the Bolton Informations coming out Nancy policies, waiter hand pretty well these republican, so that have gone out and question peoples, a criticism and claim that they supported terrorists are discussed. Sting human beings alert levy. Let me rephrase that they are behaving they disgusting politicians an end. They worry ashamed of himself and those are people who are writing hosts for the darkest corners of the conspirators. Internet. Those are sitting United States Congress, and that was the former ambassador to the EU and perhaps a presidential candidate. He hastily and I would add, to congressmen Collins that I can think of only person whose attack the gold star family that was present trump during the two thousand sixteen campaign, but Daddy Dodge the big picture
financial policy and Democrats and also actually from a small small but a handful of republicans for the war powers resolution is, you have to come to. Congress we're basically underlining a principle that already exists in the constitution, which is at present needs to talk the kind before making a decision to take the united AIDS to war, and now that is spine by some people on the right and these myths sitting United States congressmen as hating as supporting terrorist as morning the loss of a terrible person and in general solar money No, it's amazing! Those radical left us who basically just defending the constitution, makes him very radical. You know Joe it's interesting. You talk about people of their buying any of this that their morons that they're stupid. Something too, maybe make our viewers feel a little bit better because they are calling the advertising world used to say voter or consumer is not a consumer there, you're store neighbour there, your mom! Are there your teacher they're, not morons and which interesting a new USA today, Paul this
are we more safe or less say fifty percent say we are left left We are less safe and only twenty, one percent say that we are more so I think people do in their work. What you mean that every after the killing after the killer, yes- and I do think that people do have a primal sense and I think you wings to insult voters or insult you. An extra neighbour insult your mother p. Have a sense of it, and I think that is the course This administration has left behind that people are not morons but are not idiots in mass Not you will say to you as a pole proves you know it's very simple: Amartya SEN, just a war guy, I'm not a politician, but I can can say since that happen I and once again you're acting up their nuclear warheads five months away. We are our eyes. Also fighting ISIS. You galvanise the iranian people, oh and by the way, probably be leaving Iraq, which makes us less safe. So it's not that
complicated to look and see and by the way there are sixty three canadian families morning this morning collapsed damage as a result of trouble, So the escalation has killed, already well I'd Donald Trump, didn't fire missiles. So I you put that on the Iranians completely on the. Needs. I I do think it's fascinating. You look at those numbers set by almost twenty point large and Jim Vandyke Americans thought. Donald Trump actions were recklessness suggests. Actually, Mcdonald trumps initial instinct in two thousand sixteen was correct. One Americans are exhausted by wars in the Middle EAST. Now, listen, I'm here, I'm still not sure how I feel about the killing of solar money personally, still not sure about it. I think com should have been advised. I think it's something. Now. I say that just for argument, sake too
would it out there to say we need to have it eight about it. It needs to be reached double and rational debate I can be, launched one way or the other, but these clowns go on out. And saying that some who disagrees with them on a war powers argument somehow loves terrorists. That's pretty disgusting, and I don't know I don't. They were back when you and I were roaming around on the hill couple of decades ago. I don't think that was happening. No aim, go back. I was thinking about that time period, as you were talking over the land. Twenty years Congo, is basically making itself irrelevant. It's almost snapping itself as a branch of government leaving the is it see being even more and more of an imperial presidency in increasing the importance of the courts? Congress says you know what the hell with it don't consult us at war time which we have been doing for twenty plus years. If you say
what kind of a relevant even in a lot of the domestic policies, because we allow things. Done by executive fee out. If you face they can ignore us when we're subpoena in you, like? Suddenly these people, these members of Congress are basically making sure that the position that they one is exe, then weaker it's what I guess, I'm just just to be irritating that both sides are follow up on what I said yesterday. This isn't just Donald Trump like this was George, Bush nine eleven seizing power from from from the article one branch it was brought Obama doing the same thing with all of its executive orders, again consolidating power and the article do Branch and Donald Trump, The same thing, of course, It's faster pace, doing some things that are just outright unconstitutional on their face like declaring emergencies instilling money from the defence budget to build a wall in it.
Seem to some years ago, where we're going on a rabbit hole of just what a debating something that would be in a political signs clay but it's not like if you, if you worry about authoritarianism, if you worry about one person having too much power, we a essentially created an oligarchy right. The president has so much more power today, then he's had in the past and then Congress basically says that how what that we're? Not that involved then the only other arbitrary, the only other brake on the power that I didn't see as the court and conservatives have been produced, about putting a lot of effort into making sure that they can Tipp the court at the federal level and at the state level towards, can it is because that's a durable and there are the referees about whether or not you go too far. So these things do have consequences is no different than that. Act in how we thought about the response tonight, the point Congress as yet do whatever you want to do, basically, so so Jake sermons of eager policy. While she's been defending the war powers resolution,
Sherman, so eager policy, while she's been defending the war powers. Resolution also has had to defend our handling of impeachment she's. Getting some pressure from Democrats, now looks like she's inching closer to sending those articles of impeachment against President Trump finally over to the Senate, but on her time one hears what she said now that impeachment peach. You keep asking me the same question. I keep giving you the same answer as ice right from the start, need to see the the arena and which we are sending our managers as that too much to ask no I'm affording indefinitely of cinema, and that will probably be soon so Jake. The other side you ve had leader. I said: I'm not really going to show you the arena, don't really! Oh you that explanation centre. Over we'll have a trial. Of course, he's already said that he is not you're, that is coordinating with the White House
When will she be satisfied with what she sees over in the Senate enough to send over the articles of impeachment? What's a good question cause she's not going to see me in this area. So at that's, that's a question that you might want to pose to her because Mitch Mcconnell said flatly. No, I'm not going to show you the rules. It's gonna be close to the Clinton rules, which are obviously already out and end searchable online. So we listen dancing. Policies. Detractors argued that she is wasted two weeks three weeks and she could have sent this over a couple weeks ago where this week, if this trial started and she's already impeach, the president's you might as well send the articles in the Senate, realising her aids have said that she's forced a week's, long discussion on whether send it should have witnesses baked into the process. Of course, witnesses might or might not be part of our says: they'll be subject to a majority vote in this during the impeachment trial. This might make people's eyes glaze over, but that's the reality.
And and listen Nancy Policy has is going to send these overrun she's not going to see the rules the trial. So it's fair to ask what exactly she's accomplish, but people in her orbit believe that she has at least not a political victory. By forcing this week's long discussion will be a lot of discussion that. But I imagine based on what she said yesterday, the clip you just showed she is to send these articles. If not today, I don't think it'll be today Monday or Tuesday, which would begin in German trial next Thursday or Friday is depending on when she sends them and then impeach day, judgment trial we'll get started so that the dynamic of what will be different that day, a few days from now than it is today. I mean if nothing Smits Matter really not so then what will have been her leverage? What will she has achieved leverage is only leverages a dynamic when each side needs something from the other side, Mitch Mcconnell does need anything for Nancy policies of the leverage. She I don't know,
ever said it, but the leverage than her allies believe that she had. She actually never had she never able to change the rules Mitch Mcconnell like them or not as a very very tight grip on road bookings in the Senate, and he came out to the microphones earlier this week in Finland. Second, I have my entire conference, all five thousand four hundred and fifty three senators behind me and if we'd like to send me the articles great, if not on, move to passing a trade deal and curt confirm more conservative justices. So much Mcconnell never needed anything from Nancy Right see. So there was never any leverage. It was all imagined that kind of a political stunt which didn't cost any the anything it wasn't damaging. It's not like shutting down the government Just put us in the suspended state of of pause for two weeks for a seemingly little practical reason, although you could argue there is a political reason, Joe Mitch, Mcdonald S last night about Nancy policies, demand to see the rules for the trial. He said flatly
we're not going to do that and kept block it well though you look at once happened since Nancy plus he's delayed this instead of rushing through suddenly John Bolt and perhaps the most important witness to all of this says, he'll come forward and Talk, given the right opportunity that may get a couple of republican senators devout. They hear that testimony. So the last two days have shown once again how repugnant and political figures are willing to be on the house. Side is Charles here sad Corinne is It's not a great secret that a lot of Senate Republicans see their house counterparts, as quote bad seeds, and when you have them running around saying that democratic. Love terrorists more than gold star parents again just as another mark on House
begins on the Republican Party themselves and if you don't think, I'm looking at you, but if people out there don't think, but that doesn't place pressure on publicans you dont want to be associated with that sort of action. Those sort of words who have to run state wide instead of a safely gerrymandered district in Colorado or Arizona or main or North Carolina or Florida than they don't, undressed and politics. This has been a boom. I think been very positive for Nancy Policy and the democratic cause. I agree with you jail. I mean One thing that you mentioned, that Charlie Peer said is that nearly every day that he's held on to these two pieces of articles of are those of impeachment, we ve heard more explosive information and details, but One thing that has happened as we have now had this national conversation about how unfair
This trial is potentially going to be because of Mitch. Mcconnell, essentially saying he is going to be an accomplice to Ford Donald Trump to help Donald Trump, and so I think that is it really key and important, and you have to think about it if, if Miss Connell saying that, why would Nancy Policy hand over the two articles of each when he saying he's going to set up an unfair trial. But here's the thing I think, here's the thing, I think, at the end of the day, she is going to move forward clearly, has to give forthwith the the articles of impeachment. I say if I were, What I would do is the day that she does, that she also subpoenas the House Subpoenas John Bolton. To testify. I mean there are only a bunch of things that she can do that and we know she's smart and cease to treat the teacher, and this is what she has said.
One last thing to is: we found out from the public that they want witnesses. They want a fair trial, and so by holding onto this, she has really help, does get more information out their help. The public see what exactly is going on and to your point, Joe, there is political ramifications for Ms Mckenna He has a very small margin of error if he wants to hear hold is potentially the majority Kansas City. Kansas is potentially now in play because run for Senate the he's, not gonna run for Senate other. U S in it. Image Mcconnell sitting at what eighteen percent in his own state, he he's had people shouting open. Have Moscow Mitch of we too have hell of a rough run in twenty twenty I don't care how cocky people are that, since the video sit say, Cocaine Mitch, you know what those dollar
bills Willie that they have going through that cocaine Mitch Little video tribute gonna, be roubles by the fall that he's counting because that's me he's gonna be up for a tough fight. Corey gardeners up for tough fight, Martha MC sallies up for a tough fight, Susan Collins, Dear Lord she's, going to be a very tough fight. MR thirty two percent himself Tom tell us in North Carolina also going to be up for a tough fight. So, and you look at these numbers, I mean you know by twenty percentage point people were to see witnesses and once again this in a trial, you even look at this pull that Donnie was talking about by twenty percent and point people. Think Donald Trump was recklessness pass. We his commander in chief Republicans over running around celebrating they don't their celebrating make it they don't they're they're they're getting
rushed in every one of these poles. Even on the issue of impeachment, the majority of Americans believe Donald Trump should have been in page in a lot of poles, including a Fox news ball. They want M paged and were there on the wrong side of public opinion there. On the wrong side of history, and why are still running around, I guess they can afford to and gerrymandered districts in the house, but republican senators you'd better at least pretend to be having a fair trial and at least pretend that you want to hear from these witnesses and get him over there. In my wanna hear Gazette me tell you something: I've seen this before my bodies, it we're going down to the fate Moscow Midge, I'll. Be there your last ten days of your campaign in Colorado, he won't he's gonna be fighting for his own political, Moscow midge won't be sending money to me. He's gonna be like flooding into,
the markets around Lexington Kentucky can he's, is gonna, be fighting for his political life. Moscow midge, he's gonna Bay, and the research triangle in North Carolina campaigning for you, boy he's not own, be there he's if be want his own political life. So Easy why, this process to look rigged, you're gonna pay for the latter Ten days of your campaign, look at the polls. And choose wisely, goodness has just free advice right there choose. What is it to you? You knew what the night
Actually you say he chose wisely. You need to choose wisely: ok, political Jack Sherman! Thank you very much for being on this more Indiana Jones. By the way, I'm final crusade one of the best and will be one of the best risest classic Semi movie thousand clock still out. I'm warning you will hear from the house. Republican decorated, combat veteran Dan Crenshaw is our guest, but first we want to get to the new. All numbers out of South Carolina, showing Tom's dire in second place, Steve product says, while the other candidates focus on Iowa, New Hampshire stars scarcely had the run of the place, but first, let's go to build Karen but look at some unseasonable by warm weather bill it's gonna be a wild three days. We could hit eighty degrees in West Virginia over the next couple days. We could deal with severe weather and tornadoes deceiving and that's the main concern life threatening whether developing over Dallas, too
go all the way down through San Antonio this eating and then that line of storm rules all the way to ease Texas, Eastern Oklahoma into arrogance on the wheezy Anna later on today, and then to my morning, though, storm still roll on to New Orleans, Mississippi and eventually to Alabama during Saturday afternoon, the weakened they get the Georgia. Now, that's the warm side of the storm. The cold side is gonna. Have winner storm warnings now issued from Kansas City, although we have through Milwaukee, we can have an ice. Don't know we're gonna be dealing with in areas of Michigan, especially central and southern machine. You may get snow then ice in winds of forty miles per hour. That's a recipe for widespread power, outages. Here's the snowfall forecast, Kansas City, could get about four inches. It's no areas. Cargo to form a walkie could get about nine inches us now, and then I mention that warm side of this whole storm system and the areas
the EAST coast, are going to be in the sixties over the next couple days. That's why we're not talking about any snow arise all the way up to areas even into New England. Boston could be in the sixties. New York city could be in the sixties this weekend, so just be prepared for a lot of airport prompts anywhere east of the Rockies because of the winds, the severe weather and the snowy, whether it's gonna be a rough travel period over the next couple days or New York City made it these two is in a row this weekend, unbelievable watching morning job would be right back. Some people learn the hard way in the new b, o film bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni, STAR, long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie. Follows Hugh Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant. Superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni
their schools, national recognition. When astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank, prizes his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green, utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine. This one Nathan Film, Premier Saturday April twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet. He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell
off. When people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. What about the morning Joe, join its now MSNBC contributor, but really so much more than that might barnacle and chairman of priority USA, Cecil. The latest Monmouth University, pull out of New Hampshire shows essentially afore time now in the race for the democratic donation, their former mayor, peep Buddha Judge, leads the field with twenty percent is up ten points just in September, former vice president, Joe by net nineteen percent he's down six. So
Bernie Sanders at eighteen percent. He's up six points. Those three set the Poles four point, nine margin of error and just outside that. Sold Senator Elizabeth Warren in fourth place at fifteen percent. She, though, down twelve point since September Centre, Amy Club our Minnesota rounding off the top five and this New Hampshire Pole with six percent she's up for Guy Cecil, as we leave that I've just for a moment, a snap where we are right now in New Hampshire. What do you see what I think I am sure, is reflective of what we're seeing around the country, which is, there is still a lot of movement inside a democratic Are you still have over a half? voters in most states that are early saying that they haven't, we decided who their first choices, you see five six. In some cases. Ten point swings. The reality is going into the final months, Iowa New Hampshire, the earliest
Its are all really a jumbo for three to four candidates. It's going to be pretty exciting. The watch, that's exactly the correct phrase: to jump ball. Ve been up in New Hampshire several times in the past six weeks, it extremely volatile. The surprise, in thing to me is Bernie. Sanders is not as popular in New Hampshire Ways is popular in New Hampshire is not doing as well in the hands of the voters, as you four years ago, Joe I'd and has tremendous resilience, but it's still the four of them jump off. Who knows You look at two big swings. Buddha judge up ten and worn down twelve, and does that say that this party from Survival one of what we do have to be in the center. If we do go to If we lose reelect our trump and I believe that, as this, my thirty one About being in the center, I mean you're, absolutely right in the solemn money hit that that right, suddenly Hampshire National Hanford Hampshire, like that Manchester people were not opposed to the hit itself.
I think, as we go forward the binding the judges. I believe or when he gets in, and you can just take the time star in South Carolina. What you're going to get to is a precursor of what money can do for you, so I do think the more centrist candidates, the moderate candidates, are unaware of the day. If you look at the special listen with war in their obvious issues from a neighbouring states represents a neighbouring state hoping to do well. There Bernie Sanders does too showing in New Hampshire what she shown in some other places a dip over the last couple of months from the fall, went to the new year. Now it remains a real challenge for egg our campaign. This stem that But guy see somebody it's fascinating. You have two favorite one, a favorite son, one, a favorite daughter from neighbouring Massachusetts and Neighbouring Vermont. Usually you could say in the old days Tom Hark anyone's Iowa song is, does well, in New Hampshire, it seems really look at this point that this Paul it that if it really,
yes flattening out you have a former mayor of himself and Indiana doing well and and by then it really does seem like we have complete tional of these contests that it's no longer you're you're, not gonna, favorite songs and favorite dog. Doing as well, just because of where they serve. I think that's right and I especially true this year, you have so many candidates not to get into arcane delegate rules, but the most important number in all of these pulls his fifteen in order to get delegates, you must meet a threshold of fifteen percent either in a congressional district door. Statewide race, and so what really makes a difference once you get into these final days? That's what the organization, do you have on the ground and so from a media perspective from appalling perspective. We have nationalized our elections, but if you're gonna be,
to get over that fifteen percent threshold? And you look at the New Hampshire Paw? There's a lot of folks right on that bubble, the organizing on the ground and comes into I, especially in the first four states, where there's so much interest in organizing I so take a look at. According to a new Fox NEWS, Paul former vice President Joe Biden sets a thirty six percent twenty one points out of the rest of it. The democratic primary field and their style sitting in second place. Democratic primary field, tire sitting in second place at fifteen percent up eleven points since boxes. Last South Carolina, Poland October he's in a statistical tie with Senator Bernie Sanders who, as fourteen percent support in their early state, also up by four points both sit within the poles over three point margin of error, Senator Elizabeth WAR,
rounds out the top for with ten percent down two points and former mayor PETE Buddha Judge has four percent up two points terms. Tire also enjoys a seven point bond in Nevada, tying with Senator Elizabeth WAR and ahead of its February Caucasus. According to the latest, oxygen is Paul former. Vice president Joe Biden at twenty three percent has a Sport advantage over the democratic failed in this state, pull down one point since November Senator Bernie Sanders follows at seventeen percent also down one since November. Dire, is up seven points in this pole Warren down six former mayor people judge has six percent down to. And Andrew Yang set at four percent support upward so indifferent to get banned high not to make comes dire six us about Michael Bloomberg, but this
blown logic which was okay. Well, everybody spending all of their money and new I am sure Iowa and other people viands can be focusing on South Carolina. I'm going to spend money on the super, Tuesday states after South Carolina and by the way I have more money This is working for gums, dire, he's spending money in the bad and so Carolina, and it is having an impact. Pang, muddy it seems, is. Others, milk of american Politics Moraine they can't buy an election, but it certainly can by name recognition which are seeing workforce tire and in those states and I think, what use about Bloomberg is right. That's what they would say as I listen. If, if this thing is tight, like all your polls show- and then it beyond those four states. It's possible he's not said. Numerous now said how much he's gonna spend is not impossible that he would spend two three
I've billion dollars, if you put that type of money into bunches states against candidates who could even come close to competing against that it can make a difference particularly wants that I'm heats up, and you have to compete in many many states in a very, very compact period of time, and that's the bet that Bloomberg making now what at some point you have to be yourself out there. You have to go to the scrutiny you have to be on the debate stage. You have to go through interviews and I think that's what Bloom probably fears the mullahs, but money is not a bad thing to have right now and by the way the green puts dire on the next debate staged in wine register. So let me ask you a few. I mean you're sitting there in your Elizabeth Warrant or your Bernie Sanders located that South Carolina Paul, say: I've spent my entire life, my entire career, developing a message and ideology. Building a base, and here comes- star in the course about a month spending fifteen million dollars more than any of us can spend outside, might Bloomberg inside
Carolina and catching me or exceeding me in the polls gap. Tom's tyres able to buy arms his way onto the debate stage and by ads in the states and its helped him in the polio me. That is clear. That has been history energy and its working for him right now, we'll see of those two poles in and about it Carolina outliers, but I have to tell you Willie everything is going to change after Iowa, I want, is in less than thirty days as we ve in time and time again, whoever is the winner and who the losers, the polling and all the States change almost overnight after use. Those resolve and there's something actually kind of kind of different about I want this year will there's a couple of things, but one of them, as we haven't seen that many polling from com
Out of I why we haven't seen. This is the first time since, like two thousand, and so it is a toss up in Iowa jump all as you guys were saying it's a toss up in New Hampshire. We are it's really very much the unknown later ten today, we're going to see the Moines Register Paul coming out, which is a gold standard in Iowa for Poland the presidential. So we will get a sense of where this this race and I will might stand by This is, we are really it's hard to to say who is going to come out on top, because I do think it is a toss up a fall away, toss it right now, so Guy Cecil, it's a toss up right now, who has, as George H Stubby Boy said in nineteen eighty four big mouth. Well, I'm sure of it, the momentum, but the stability is with Joe Biden. I mean he
manage to withstand an onslaught of attack from opponents, advertising directly from Donald Trump Energy overcame a few. Early mistakes and the debates he has built a team, their advertising and early states. They have independent group supporting them to help deal with some of the financial disadvantages he had from getting in late, so he pro We goes in and the strongest position at this point, The reality is, I think today, if you were identifying a tier, wine. It would be Joe, I'd in and Bernie Sanders with people to judge and Elizabeth Warren right behind them, and then the they open question is: can money star momentum, what happens when the loom bird and potentially sky or don't place in the top five or six in the first two states? What happens at Bloomberg doesn't place at all in the first four aids can the money he's pudding
nationally around the country, help create momentum. That really hasn't happened before, because we haven't had this exact dynamic before I think we're gonna break a lot of pressure and inside the democratic primary going into the beginning of this year. Hey guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. All right now to some hypothetical head to head match up said fifty pounds the hour in Nevada, both former vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders led president tromp in a hypothetical twenty twenty match up. According. Fox NEWS Paul has an eight point advantage over Trump and the silver state. Forty seven
the trumps. Thirty nine percent and Sanders has a five point led forty six to trumps, forty one, let's go to Wisconsin Fox news. Polish shows Joe Biden, Bates Donald Trump, by the widest margin and in Michigan Hypothetical match up conducted w g Ivy and the Detroit NEWS, Joe Biden again ahead, those fifty three fifty two forty recital blown were: not only does it does. He have fifty bill more dollars and Donald Trump Donnie, but boy might Bloomberg just taken it to Donald Trump. Detroit Rock and roll in Michigan. I got it that this dire thing is such a tell about what can have with Bloomberg. I dont think people appreciate the tonnage, We don't you sing more money? I would say to you this guy's worth fifty two billion dollars he could take twenty billion and on time,
without he has a message, is wondering why, of course, all the states one message about healthcare, talking about obviously about he's, got protect health care, but here the this in the media. That has the message he says, look ice I created stuff so So not only does he have the guy. That has a resume: that's not a lot of good stuff, so not only does he have the message, he has the money and I want to go back to Donald Trump, two thousand, I mention this once before. Donald Trump showed up for first rally yours first speech and CNN good friend, Jeff Soccer gave an hour free time and they went from one percent to three percent of the nickel well look he's rising. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. This media economies of scale the more he spends What a marquis rises in the polls them way rise in the polls Joey, your reaction? Look at Bloomberg might Bloomberg. Do not Looking at this guy, I believe there is a serious chance. He ends up working
Guy Cecil, as you ve done a lot of these political campaigns. You look, it might Bloomberg. I think a lot of people's eyes. It looked like a vanity project at the beginning, but is he says, he's got fifty two billion dollars to span. Are you taking his candidacy more seriously than you did perhaps a month ago. I don't think there's any any question. And not just based on the Michigan Pole. The reality is that, from a strategic point of view, Michael Bloomberg is running. A national campaign has over eight hundred people already staff? Many of those it came these states, so it's not just the money. That's buying name, I d in buying and television. It's also organizing that's happening in states that these other candidates cannot afford to advertise and organizing and and probably be able to me just the idea that you have a candidate, this early advertising statewide in places like Florida and Texas California, which are obviously delegate rich, that there
absolutely no question that it puts him on the man s in a serious way. The question becomes one: his candidates move into these states again. Obviously, advertising at a lower rate once we get through the first for what happens if Bite and winds three or four of the first four states. It changes the dna, and then the question becomes. Does money really matter in these places? When you have a candidate that as well known as Joe Biden around the country my aim and that's a great point, because I do think it vital wins three of the first four, then he's off to the races and I dont think anybody's money is going to stop because he's going to have the earned media hundreds of dollars an hour in media that money can't even by. But you know my barnacle It's interesting! What I think is so fascinating about Michael Bloomberg. Position in this race is
the money that he is pouring in even now is rounding error. Donald Trump raises spraying. This money is, people are excited about all the money that he's raising Bloomberg. Can write a charge for whatever Donald Trump raises over the next two years and bloom what even mess it? Why is this important? Well, bad quarter century we have re elected three president's for them, first time since early eighteen, hundreds, and there's a reason, because in nineteen. Ninety six bureau collapse started. Advertising again start against Bob Dull before Bob Doll. Even the nominee he was running ads are always, was. I remember what one that he was running in Panama, city and peoples. It you don't advertise at early. Of course we remember most famous example where variety
Burma was running- adds basically accusing Mitt Romney of murdering people that worked for him, because taking way health insurance that was well Mitt. Romney was still fighting for the nomination in the late spraying and its and they said we're gonna stick this on em before we even get to the general election. Wool. Presidents have kind of money, but Michael Bloomberg, Madam President, could finally level the playing field, immigrants, whether he gets a nomination or not, look too big about like Bloomberg, obviously, is the money. It is literally a ton of money and money. Money buys you. Gentlemen. Politics, no doubt about it like Bird, though, also has a resume. He has a record as mayor of New York City, unlike the other billionaire, run, an undemocratic primaries Tom style. Who really has no no resonate to talk about in terms of politics? Bloomberg does, but
now Joe. You know better than most because you ve been on the ballot before we're in or in the retail version of american politics, as opposed to the wholesale version which is nationwide run and then all fifty cents right now, retail politics is dominant in Iowa in New Hampshire and its people once again that for a long long time, as long as I can remember, politics still remains at that level in place. The guy or New Hampshire and to some extent South Carolina Jim, then too, high that politics is still a people bid and guess what my doom, As a ton of money terms, diary has a ton of money. People like job, they see him in New Hampshire, lay seamen in Iowa in small forms and people its people business People like Joe Biden me and I don't think people Describe Bloomberg necessarily as a people person right like that. There is a reason he hasn't done. Many interviews there's a reason
really tried to make this around the advertising and make a decision his sort of success as mayor and for him to be successful. People can have that I can't I'm gonna have to trust him. They're gonna have to, believe in what he has to say and he might be able to pull that off. He did it in New York we'll find out. That was interesting and those poles a book Michigan and with incentives that you just have tromp, who has been locked it about forty two percent in those two states for a law. Time. Much like he was before the twenty sixteen race and I think this election is going to be a lot like the last election, that for Trump to win he's going to have to kind of pull up. Pull. A narrow victory in a lot of these states said: Durham belies what you might see in a lot of public policy. And if I'm him and I'm sit near, they can get. The stock market really is crushing it like when he says that he's not there lying, you do see wages going up and he still locked that forty two percent, one of the things that really worries and behind the scenes, despite the public bravado
I mentioned the phrase really quickly. Guy Cecil, yeah We see the head to head match ups and I just Scots and obviously we're gonna be late on those Karlsruhe results- but I look at Nevada and I for every game. Donald Trump seems to be making in the upper MID west. He has more. Challenges and stayed said or Purple like Nevada States, it used to be deep red like Arizona Colorado, obviously here be winning the industrial Upper Midwest. But you may be leading a lot of support out west. What do you think? I mean that's right in the other, to know about no, that is that, just this week, for the first time Republicans or out numbered both by Democrats and by not affiliated independent voters and voter registration, so Democrats are on ground there in large part, because of a machine built by Harry Ray
and he was the leader that is far out, Sing, a new voter registration thing that you have in Colorado, Arizona, innovative. All three western states is just a more diverse population, the the increase Hispanic voters in that state is making a big difference. You have people from around the country and to that end to those states, college, educated, whites moving into those states know the ground changing rapidly in those three states in particular, and a lot of the same way that you saw big changes in Virginia over the last two years. I think it's a big problem for national Trump guy Cecil and Jim Van DE. I thank you both for being on this morning. Gray conversation. Hey it's crises this week on my part, ass wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong. But what we do and don't know about that run a virus once these things get out there- and this is quite a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and just information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several
four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe,
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