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The president still refuses to concede the election, which could be putting the country's national security at risk. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Four photographers, it was into the White House to continue what has been a day of transition business for the President elect the President Pledge personally to Carter. You would do everything needed to make the transition smooth that could not have been a bit of, stretch your now: unity and friendship and goodwill. Then has been shown to be by President forward since the election of president grinning broadly escorted, the Reagan's back outside saying. We are very glad to have you here and I must say to further with most gracious most helpful and has been gone and all out completely helpful in this transition. When George Bush walked down a welcome Bill Clinton to the White House, both men were ready to focus on the future and not the pain of their bitterly thought campaign, but they spend twice much time together, as had been planned, including an hour and a half alone, and the oval office, afterward Clinton was clearly grew
for if the tone Bush established it would help me the times when I first term president invited the new President elect to the White House after losing the election simpler time good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Wednesday November eleventh veteran stay alive, with Joe William may? We have White House Rapporteur for this, as a press, Johnson, Le Maire, Z news capital Hell correspondent in host of way too early, Casey, Hunt and politics and journalism. Professor at Morgan, state, university, poet, Senator at the Rio and Amazon the political contributor Jason Johnson is with us as well. You know, really, I'm just a simple country now here we go now I really noses yeah. We tried some cases together around Alabama. I still feel bad cutbacks gaucho.
none that rail. I feel terrible about it, but go ahead, really earned ballpark really what men it? No I mean we had adjourn because he couple Alabama game, but anyway I just don't get it there. career moves. I don't understand, Minos, narrowing down there and doing Capital cases devalue that bad career move on our part us getting involved in that import, export business added weight to point out seventies funny I dont get it back. Lives, those Instagram post yesterday, I'm not sure why the career move em fat, but maybe there's something there and I'll drop, is doing right now I dont really what The career move their cause. He knows there are no paths left for em there's! No, I mean the count
keep going up in Georgia in Pennsylvania he's not gonna, give Rico worth anything, that's going to add up anything in Wisconsin, even Scott Walk or so that he's not gonna get it in Michigan so he's just setting himself up to lose. one challenge after another challenge after another challenge and that does want to run again and twenty twenty four just help. Women are all just being seen as a loser repeatedly in all of these stupid challenge. Somebody did a with loser with com. Yeah I mean Joe Biden keeps running up the score. Frankly, as these counts come in from Arizona, more votes came in yet yesterday from the state of Georgia from Pennsylvania, some people think the mark in pencil, vagueness and people know, I think, could be a hundred thou and votes in that states are well outside now recount territory, except at the state of Georgia, with that they may announced today. If they're gonna have a recount, but your
the more they push back the more they fight the worst this seems to get the head court cases dismissed in states across the country, vote, counts, up job. I now winning the popular vote by more than The challenge to a one term presents its Effie are in nineteen thirty two, and if you look at a pole, was out yesterday. I think it tells the story there's a lot of noise coming from the Trump campaign and from some Republicans, but here's where the country Is writers, Ipsos, Paul? Seventy nine percent of the country, not of Democrats of the country believe Joe Biden won the election thirteen that have not yet decided five percent dont know and three, not thirty, not thirteen. Three percent of Americans believe down won the election, so he's using in court he's losing votes. with every passing moment and America
spite what your hearing from the campaign and all the loud noise and all the protest at your hearing from some Republican, some of them couching at others being more vocal about it. The America People know what happened here and Joe Biden by the way and the world are moving. word, with the fact that he is President Elect. Everybody is in Casey High. You look at what is happening in Georgia. Mitch were Connell's sad this majority later is on the line. If they get this behind them and run tough campaigns. I've got a better than even shot of picking but those seeds, but right now they're creating a civil war in Georgia and the Republican Party and those two senators, especially you're, just looking stupid, chasing conspiracy theories. That really- relatively few people believe. So why put your Senate seeds and in fact, why put
the republican majority at risk oh you're doing is, I know that Viking barrel whipping up the Republican but the doing the same to the democratic base and yellow dot probably not going to be on the ballot when that those special elections are run and rope we can support, drops way off when he's not on the ballot weeping, exactly what we learned from the twenty eighteen results and then the twenty twenty results and Joe. The only way that I can explain it is that they are still incredibly scared of tweets from president drop them, and they are afraid that he will start attack in one or the other of the senators. If they don't, you know, tat, his line, they're afraid that that will turn off what republican voters do exist that will show up to the poles because they like Trump they're, they're, afraid of of the bay
and that's been the narrative all the way along here and I think, when I was reporting going into election night, and I think applicants will have been ready to kind of you now shuffle president Trump towards exits if this were the outcome. But this puts them right back in that Box that they have been in the entire time, but the kind of box that makes people like my plan PEO, who we all treated as a serious person, get up there and and something that is just simply clearly not the case at all. because they're afraid of what President trample say to his base about them and he is still very much in control of of where they go on this and material Joe I think in Georgia, the what we learned from Joe Biden winning. Georgia really underscores the point that that you just made in its aid, It seems obvious to me that the state
is changing in a way that reflects all of the problems that President Trump has created for Republican. especially in these suburbs- and you all combine- that with the get out to vote apparatus and Stacy Abrams has building in Georgia, and here we are so I mean I think it's in many ways, a totally impossible situation for them, but the longer it goes on the more questions haven't. Republicans yesterday started raising questions about hey. We gotta get this transition under way. There are national security implications. Here we really need to get this moving along and The president's seems to be too pleading some very, very important agents institutions of top people will get to that here. updates in states where balance are still being counted and where president trunk is mounting legal challenges and claiming fraud in me, again in twenty sixteen trump. On this date, by nearly eleven thousand votes right now
currently leads there by one hundred and forty eight thousand votes a swing of nearly more fifty nine thousand votes and estimated eighteen thousand six hundred Seventy one votes remained to be counted there, so no meaningful recount there in Pennsylvania in twenty. Sixteen from on the state by forty four thousand two hundred and ninety two votes right now. Biden leads by forty five thousand six hundred and sixteen that's a swing of nearly ninety thousand votes and an estimated one hundred and fifty thousand estimated at one or two fifteen thousand five hundred and forty one votes remained to be there in Arizona in twenty sixteen from one the state by just over ninety one thousand votes right now I'd and leads. Nearly third in thousand vote to swing of nearly a hundred and four thousand votes. An estimated fifteen one thousand votes remain to be counted there
in Georgia in twenty sixteen from one state by just over two hundred and eleven thousand votes, currently Biden lead. That leads thereby just over four Jeanne thousand votes, a swing of nearly two hundred and twenty thousand votes an estimated thirty two thousand doubts remain to be counted there. My jaw them a mere, whether join but Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Georgia. they're, just there are not the margins for not close enough to justify any recounts. There will be no meaningful change in any Those of those results based on history look at Arizona. Arizona has such a tough recount mechanism that you have to get within two hundred votes for to have a possibility of any recount there then the campaigns can't even ask for it. So this
present, whose completely blocked out of switching stated that that would the difference in the outcome he would have to flip and out three states at this point and is Second, I have talked to any the illegal export of the Republican or the democratic side. I talk to anyone beneficial the New York Times did one across the country. There's just and it's over it's over. Unless he can get dogs Delorean time machine and go back a couple of months and start the campaign over again, it's over for him good, better future France there, Joe you right has even been successful. Recounts tend to pick up a few votes may be a hundred or so at most in terms of changing sides and there's not a surly. To me they would break for president Trump. Joe Biden made pick up more votes
in a recounts, these margins in these states are just entirely too big and these legal challenges seem destined to fail this with the White House had no success any meaningful success so far in any the challenge and even if, as you say, once somehow was to turn its result over? He would still Well short, he is either gonna be several states you have to do, and that simple not going to happen so now. The question is what next, how old you Republicans? Let him play out this game. Why talk to some visor recent days who say well, what's that, and giving him a few days you to come to terms with this to explore all these legal options. That's what we ve heard from said a majority Mccall and others, but there's could be Signal get car This is why a transition at a time of true cried this kind of ours pandemic, is surging out of control process country, the worst its ever been state by state setting record cases number of cases each day and we have a plan
who, in the meantime, has largely bans in his day job he himself has not attended a crowd of irish taskforce weakening in months he's public schedule does not reveal that he's received his intelligence briefing since October. First, the way hasn't read out a foreign leader call in weeks. He simply not doing governing the country. Right now, at a time crisis more seen, Joe Biden try to step into the breach his campaign, re out of several for leader calls yesterday, who offered their congratulations to the President elect. We know that he has already organised his krona virus task force, but there's limit to what he can do right now. He is not the president not receiving these briefings comes a moment, and we may already be there with the president's trumps refusal to cooperate with the transition with a government ages, refusing to authorize the win in allowing these Bible landing teams to to enter these government agencies.
putting lives at risk and endangering the entire nation. The organism, through more that New York Times. Peace, Joe mentioned a minute ago, with a tiny spoke to election officials in all fifty states, and single one of them reported any widespread election fraud, including republican heavy states, downtrend perfume They can see most Republicans on capital hell, as we said well publicly admit Joe Biden. This present elect, but President Elect Biden himself is saying the Trump Administration stonewalling will not stop his transition? The ability or the administration in any way by failure to recognize this win does not, change, a dynamic and all were able to do. king through without Finally, what do you say to the Americans that are anxious over the fact that President Trump has yet to concede and what that might mean for the country? Well,
Think it soon embarrassment, quite frankly, We think that. How can I say this tax? I think it will not help. presents legacy. That's got to coming: Delaware, where we find NBC News correspondent, MIKE memory has been covering the Biden campaign from the very beginning, MIKE of mourning peers outwardly anyway, and talking privately to some people, the Biden campaign, President Elect Biden himself just not concerned about this. They know about their leads in these states. They know about the failures of the Trump campaigns legal challenges. Time and time again, it seems they just think it's a matter of time, not if, but how, he's in trouble leave office yet Willie intellect at this point- is trying to show he's gonna govern the way he campaign, which is a promising to try to lower the temperature to de escalate. The political
pensions in this country, and so at a time when Democrats, especially on Capitol Hill, are sounding the alarm about the fact that he has not got any opportunity to begin the kind of transition execution that he has been planning for months by Self, really downplaying. That yesterday saying it was not consequential. These delays, even the fact that he's not getting the presidential daily brief, but I think it's worth stepping back spent some time over the past year. Talking to former White House Chiefs of staff to others, your officials involved in multiple transition, some of which didn't end up happening and I'll say that even an ideal circumstances, the presidential transition the hand off of power from one administration to another is a very perilous potentially moment for this. country, and no one knows that better than George W. A obviously had a short transition because of the contested Florida recount and then saw in the first eight months of his administration, one of the good terror attacks in american history.
So ass, he went toward the end of his presidency. He gave direction to his then chief of staff, Josh Bolton. I want you to be in planning the most of it give them a seamless transition. In present, history, President Obama, Obama's team, to this day, Credit George W Bush for that for just how professional and on parties that transition was in many ways it created sort of best. Practices the Goldstone of transition and those are actually written into law after a bushes administration by the very man who is now running Joe Biden dangerous transition tech coffin former centre here from Delaware, and so where we could have in potentially another seamless transition with a lot of folks, experience in governing foreseeing the administration, using a technicality here, a bureaucratic technicalities idea of ascertaining who is the victor to try to delay the withhold it from the President Elect history
setting, though, all indications that they're trying to proceed. Nonetheless, they announced yesterday hundreds of name of individuals who, when they get the go ahead, begin to go into federal agents. take stock of what needs to be done. to reassure the country that yes, there they're gonna, get to this point but clear behind the scenes. There is some concern and that's why even had by industry, this team several days ago talking about the possibility of legal action if there is not any too. change in this posture. In the coming days into your earlier point, might the nine Eleven Commission actually pointed to that delayed transition is one of the problems that they weren't prepared MIKE memory. see Biden transition in women, Delaware. Might thanks so much Jason Johnson from world leaders as well. Yesterday congratulating some of them again by none his win. Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson President Mccrone in France, and notably per and earn a of Turkey who has been Friend of President trumpet present Trump has pointed to time and again
and ass, his friend Irwin congratulating Joe Biden on his win their. I showed you parliamentary. A minute ago. Only three percent of Americans believe that Donald Trump One this election. So where do you We are in this process. Most people seem to know where it's headed, except for Donald Trump and a handful of repair guns in the Senate war. I think we are seeing yet another example The constitutional changes that we would like to see in this country, that probably won't, but under Biden one of things we ve seen from the Republicans over the last couple of years, the end of and throughout the Trump administration is. Maybe there should be a constitutional law about replacing Supreme Court justice is maybe there should be rules in place about appointments to administrations. A lot of things that we thought
just norms that people would follow be reasonable about. If you have somebody in office who doesn't care, they don't happen, this transition is showing. That is well. What the that the initial reason for having such a long transition from the end of an election to a new administration is because people used to happen. Move around the country on horseback right. We didn't have trains, there's no reason to have a seventy day gap between an election and a new administration anymore, em we're seeing why that is the problem, for the same kinds of reasoning, we see problems during the drop administration. Here's what I think about at really macro level, yet There are large concerns, yes or national security concerns, but watching Rob manage this transition. It's the same but of callous disregard for everyday human. things that is sort of defined his entire presidency. People try to figure, They gotta move their family
in California and the Illinois. There are people being asked to join this administration in different places, and they don't even know if they can move yet because they don't know about trumpets, gonna leave office. This is this: is the callousness that's always defined his administration. Can you look at a great point? You even a log on his side. People who have worked for a healthy people who with a lot of abuse, to be on time, tromp that are sitting in the White House who were told last week. If we, Are you looking for another job, we're going to fire you on the spot? everybody that working in the White House right now is frozen and the way Washington works is whenever buddy figures out? Who the winners are and the losers? Are they going to figure that out, We lobbying company in Washington D figured that out. I've talked about Lock Eden Boeing contractors figure that out every other
Think tank in Washington a figure that out and those people inside the White House right now are frozen and can't look for jobs. They know they ve lost their jobs they now they're going to have to find a new job. come January, the twentieth and As Jason said, he doesn't care, tromp doesn't care about other pin. They know that especially his own and so there there twisting and the wind, when everybody sighed the White House knows but he's lost this race and it's time for us to move on. If he's gonna really come back and try to run again and twenty twenty four now's the time they start that campaign, but but by looking like a sore loser that just it's a bad luck on anybody, So all this as new covert nineteen cases are rising at an alarming rate with the EU
ass, surpassing one million in just the first ten days of November. New daily cases have top one hundred thousand every day for over a week pushing the running total to more than ten. million nationwide hospitals are getting slammed cases surge in forty nine states accorded according to the covert, try in project the number of her specializations topped six. a thousand yesterday, for the first time, meanwhile, governors across the nation are making increasingly desperate, please what the public to take the fight against the virus more seriously in constant governor Tony avers, issued an executive order urging stay at home orders and limiting staff in places, in Minnesota gum TIM walls ordered bars and restaurants to close by ten p m and Iowa owe.
Kim Reynolds said she will require mask sad indoor gatherings of twenty five five or more people join Now infectious diseases position and medical director of the special pathogens unit at Boston Firstly, school of Medicine doctrine ahead, but Delia she's, an NBC News and MSNBC contributor and Doktor Vidalia the news of the vaccine over the past few days has added lot of hope to the headlines pertaining to corona virus, but If you read the data and correct me or help me understand the context that we are in right now, it seems that work backwards and is our concern that even hospitals are over run again emerging meagre This is a scary time and end. The scariest of this is that there is no ceiling worse. The cases is still increasing every single day and any new seeing places like North Dakota, our governors. Now
ass to rule that allows coded positive nurses to go to work because their shortages and health care workers and make it this is. This is why we don't want healthcare systems to get overwhelmed, because when they do, it affects the care of all patients. It affects them the health of Healthcare workers right the more the more community transmission. There is more cases there are the more chances health characterised the potentially get sick or get overwhelmed at work. The Pfizer vaccine is news I'll start with caution better that we know that without you, yesterday said that there might be doses potentially available as early as December, and those early doses are meant by some healthcare workers mentioned high, patients, that's not gonna get us. The kind of population level heard immunity from a vaccine that we need. It won't help us this winter or want to help us as much at this winter, and particularly these three or four weeks where everybody is planning to travel around Thanksgiving. But it is good news. I mean that's the point,
of concept around the fact that you could build a vaccine that could be highly fact around. This virus is great. It's good news for the long term. It there's a light at the end of the tunnel, because that means that not only does this scene work, but potentially other candidates like modernity, vaccine us very similar defies earth could have a potential successful, read out. As well, but it's gonna be a long time between now and then right the question I have between now and a vaccine, its effectiveness, it's full of illustration? Acrostic, I mean this is a number of apps, I'm not trying to downplay it. It's incredible news in breakthrough, medicine, etc? but what about between now and the vaccine? What areas are seeing surges? What areas of the country you most worried about and the full measures being taken to tamper down when we can
midway still remains the leading area with the surges said, but you really, as you said before, forty nine states are reporting greasing hospitalizations are really were, were all reaching, the same resources that personal protective equipment that the medications and end it'll help characterised as you can't invent healthcare workers overnight, and so in previously, when you had surges, you might have had visiting nurses you, my bad health care workers, I get old in from other states when we get to a nationalized endemic, that's what becomes harder to in terms of a timeline re yesterday, age, a secondary is our said that they're looking to April potentially for widespread vaccinations and and now would be graded as it has been ambitious plan, and I very much depends on a few things, get a distribution, as you said, set out, but also administration, making their vaccine available as widely as possible in communities that need it and then having people actually take the vaccine
the most important things you can invent a vaccine, but if people want taken root, Siena serve a drop in the number of people. One third of the population that they're not gonna, take the vaccine ass, the scary numbers right and so that the things I don't help in this situation as well, that president trunk did yesterday worry further politicized, Pfizer vaccine development processes. We ve but in a country where your political affiliation decides. If he were a mass, your political affiliation decided you physically distance. Are we gonna become a country where a political affiliation affects our Maxine taken out, be so dangerous because it would delay everybody's chances of getting back to normal and achieving that population level heard immunity from a vaccine pay doktor Mammalia good morning, we're looking at all these cues about where this is headed. The CDC yesterday update its guidelines on Thanksgiving, encouraging people now just have thanksgiving with members of their own household. Have it over zoom, if you can try to have it up doors at the weather permits New York City, I can tell you there's a lot of concern among parents in
it's here that were approaching a positively rate that would force has shut down of the schools? Once again, in saying this. So forgive me for asking you again for eight months, but what should we be doing right now? If we want stem this, because the trajectory of this is not good Willie, I mean a start with it. I didn't answer part of make us question previously. I dont think states are doing enough. They need to roll back more real things, and you know considerations should be put about whether there is it do a short national roll back of reopening going back to phase one everywhere now would be the time to do it because the longer we wait, the harder than gets and not let the harder the lockdown would be. That would be required bright and sore softer lockdown, we'd, better and more widespread locked us, not just these time, limited certain delays in business openings for indoors, like restaurants in bars, so but but really the guy as to the public remains insane less. Where
that mask there's no evidence. You know but growing evidence that it's not just better protect other people, but it also protects you. It reduces the dose of the virus that you get, which could potentially reduce the severity of the disease that you have physically distant. If you dont have to travel this year, this is the year that would potentially, as the CDC says, have our small household only things giving an and hopefully, by next year we can have a bigger table around thinks. Giving our adopt ahead but Delia, thank you will be checking back in with you for sure, and still I had a morning Joe more on press and trams refusal to concede, including his admitted patients plan to propose a budget for the next fiscal year, even though tromp one in office, at that time, plus Socrates state. My pompiers apparent attempted humor you're morning, Joe we'll be right back
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Podcast Spotify or wherever you're listening right now or listen ad free on wondering plus. president Trump yesterday, tweeted about Secretary of State like palm Pale quote: that's my life! number one in his class at West Point here. What tromp was reacting to is the same form- is currently preparing to engage with the Biden transition Team and if not, what point does they hamper a smooth transition will pose a risk to national security. There will be a smooth transition to a second from administration. What we're ready, the world is watching what's taking place, it we're going to Canada votes when the process complaints, stubby electors selected, there's a priest The constitution lays out pretty clearly the world should have every confidence that the transition necessary to make sure that the State Department is functional. Today successful today, and successful, where the present, whose
office on January twentieth amid afternoon will also successful. I went there a transition on the front of a ban on the other side of this, very confident that we will do all the things that are necessary to make sure that that the government, the United States, can will continue to perform its national security function as we go forward, seemingly, there's widespread voter fraud that the reports that we are getting from. Sylvania for Michigan, showing both totals NASA Liza significant leads with not, percent reporting are going to be overturned and if the United States fail to conduct a fraudulent free election rich on the second mistake, I'm getting calcium all across the world, its people watching our election they undergo and that we have a legal process. They understand this takes time right. Thirty seven plus days in, unlike back in two thousand a successful transition. Then I am very confident that we will.
and we must count every legal, but we must make sure that any vote that was unlawful are not began. That delude your about. That's done improperly gotta get that right when we get it right, we'll get it right with where we're going to check. Joining us now senior writer at political and co, author of the play book, Jake Sherman he's an MSNBC political contributor and acts, as political court reporter and Emerson BC, contributor, Alexey Mackay in joint, says so Jake you take out the joke he made at the top. I guess one couldn't have too much of an issue with what the Secretary of State send your thoughts. He knows it Joker? Not here's loud, say meagre. We wrote this play, but this morning there is nobody.
Washington, no republic in that I have found who actually believes the whole Trump one this election. Nobody believes that tens of thousands of votes in multiple states are going to be overturned. This is all performance are, and it's dangerous performance ordered tat. I mean I'd. Take that the Secretary of State, for example, I mean there foreign service offered across the world too far in dangerous places. Right now who have to answer for this kind of stuff, and I just wonder what they are thinking he would have a better Paulson, then that I would, but this is all from the send it to the house today its duration. Nobody believes Donald Trump. What this election and you guys we're talking about. Looking for jobs on the front and Joe is right. There Entire administration. Alexey knows this well everybody, for a job. They all know they're out of a job at a couple weeks, so were watch in a movie that is being constructed, that is being
It is unfolding because people want to make Donald happy that's what this is an idle. When will it end? I don't know I don't understand the strategically so to speak here, right he's going to lose most every challenge. So when that happens, this is this. Is the theory gonna be that the entire country every state government in every state courts is colluding against him. My need- I did don't think there is she and I think, it's all kind of goofy hijacked its current senator democratic Senator of Delaware, said yesterday in an interview that Republicans are saying to him, because he knows that they know these close Joe Biden Republican senators are saying to him: tell Joe Biden. Congratulations, I'm not allowed to say it does that True to you all thousand percent a lot of these people know Joe Biden, not as many as your pride would like you to think, as he's been out of the Senate for twelve years, but did they
These people know what money people like Richard shall be a veteran Republican from Alabama who said yesterday, you know, brushed aside whether he had talked to him and said he didn't need to talk Emerson, some variation of banning these people's served them for thirty years in some cases, so of course, there too there it would make sense that they're sending their well wishers bees, Donald Trump in every state that, under that he's clay, Bigley Might witted. So I did sometimes it's good grounds cells back in reality and understood that there is no feasible way it? This way that we could understand, based on the information and the Donald drop, is one this pact should. I did I'm sorry to laugh, I'm laughing with you lead, because the intention here so bizarre and we walk through minutes ago. The vote spreads in those states, their containing, as you point out it, it's just not close and most of them
from a mere the president is the one person who took my pompiers seriously, perhaps in what I guess, as being for trade joke. I don't quite get the joke, but very dry we're not gonna, get him a neck like special off that, but the day the tweet from I'll drop where he said. This is why my Pompey was first class at west point. That was a signal from my pomp to one man the audience of one Donald Trump and he took it serious That's right! That's the phrase audience of one that we have used so often in the land, for years Willie and that's what this moment clearly was secondary, say maybe he was joking, but doll trouble think it was a joke, and this is clearly the Secretary of State- try to keep the boss happy in the short term being not wanting
an adviser to crosses him here, not wanting to be someone who is seen as contradicting the present states. But, of course compare is, has his own political ambitions is widely thought of entertaining his own presidential run and twenty twenty forty wants to keep our trump happy. He doesn't want that tweet coming down to scuttle his own bid, perhaps in the report primaries and has he barnstorming across island in New Hampshire and late twenty two three, where this certainly an assumption if President Trump isn't running again himself at the very least, potentially the role of kingmaker, that's what he hopes, but yeah. I think that we should take a step passive packages. Note what you have said was the sending to the rest of the world. When and let us take a thought of what is what would we do think if this was happening in a day nation. If this was a foreign minister of a different state, making a similar joke about a leader try to hold on to power after he had been defeated in a fair and free Elect the alarm bells and value Bottom State Department would be saying this is a crisis.
the way to monitor closely- and I think the message that a lot of the world, the shown right now Joe Biden, certainties, projecting confidence in calm and a lot of our ally seem to be drawing some strength. The reassurance from that, but, to be honest, this is no laughing matter despite my pompeo's ill- advised attempted very dry humor. All right so likes him again and obviously Democrat Democrats didn't have the best I welcome the outcome they wanted in there house, and you spoke to Jim Kleiber and who really made it clear We felt especially about some slogans being issues for the party. Take a lesson. Curious? What you make of the fact that the house? It's a? U Lawson, and why that happened. simply because We were not able to from ourselves, ok Do for a synonym we
he made a mistake? This forces about you gotta this progressive, progressive that phrase They found a police car Jerry Harrison tremendously, Do they. rob so Alexey that has been sort of a strain in the party being being talked about quietly out loud sometimes not purposefully It is something that they have to look out for future success,
only a couple of moderate, more moderate Democrats yesterday, who were sayings idea that you know you need two wings in order to fly a plane, and at least we still feel that way about our party. But we don't think a more progressive members feel that way about our party an end. That's because they are feeling like the right has successfully weapon eyes. These slogans, as congressmen, Jim Vibrant, was saying around different policies, whether it pleased her former, otherwise that really crushed Democrats who one these republican districts and when he teen and in part helped gems take back. The has just two years ago were seeing how those votes are being punished by the constituents, because it, this narrative, is misleading narrative around the larger democratic party that congressmen, Kleiber and others is not alone. Congresswoman abigails, Bamberger Congress in market easier by theirs
feel that as being weapon eyes to varying degrees of success and really crushing their chances and crucial congressional down ballot race is so well. They might be celebrating Joe Biden victory against on trumpet the White House there. Not they didn't make the gains in the house as expected, which of course makes it harder to move forward on the things that they want to do, and this is especially true when they're looking at a Republican, controlled Senate of four a change in these Georgia Senate races in January, but we're seeing these tensions player as soon as Joe Biden, Wednesday election and that's going to make his job a little bit more difficult because he's going to have to keep all the actions already in line and happy and working together in a way that their kind of signalling, they're not doing right now, Casey jump. Yet so The one thing I've been thinking about here and and Jason Johnson I'd like to get you to weighing in on this, because I was oh Cassio, Cortez has been out on twitter talking about how she
to work with Democrats on not necessarily the messaging, but the campaign apparatus the mechanics of how to win and Doug Jones, probably the most moderate, obviously lost now Alabama member of the Senate. One of the more moderate members of the Senate also said that they to start rethinking how they do there campaigns to try to make those adjustments. So that's two people that are on the same page and cares what you think about that, but There is also this cultural element, and I think this is part of what Joe Biden Tee focused on, is trying to bridge some of the cultural divides. The dominant. has spent a presidency stoking so having Denmark its grappling with both of those things. First fixing some of their tactics, but all thinking about this broader strategy, the soul, Air Sea and Dull Jones are completely correct and I completely push back on everything that congressmen climber said he's a great guy he's a kingmaker, but he is completely wrong.
for a long time first or anybody. Who didn't vote for democratic because they heard defined. The police was never gonna vote for a democratic anyway. There no democratic running. Unless you were Corey Bush who said the fund, the police, so it it's ridiculous, the bigger issue, as Doug Jones talk about as Ale see talk about, as we saw in Georgia is. The democratic party have learn how to stop investing in personalities and start investing in states. It's not about Amy Mcgrath, it's not about stopping Mitch Mcconnell, it's about or Indigenous people in that state who know ST by street, placed by place how to get people out to vote. What is internet strategy, spammer was being heard in large part because they will flooding flooding ads on Youtube in her district, and she didn't have a counter. The democratic party have to jump. It did not the two thousand. They gotta jump into twenty twenty four because
this information campaign by the Republican Party is constant, whether their campaigning or not and democratic way. Behind. I also say this: when you talk about sort of the cultural that you don't want to attack, The people who brought you victory. It is Progressive wing of a party that move Georgia. It was a progressive wing of apart that move parts of urban Michigan. It was the progressive wing at a party that got people excited in Pennsylvania, so jumping up and down on those people and say you're. The problem is the last thing democratically to do right now, because you still got two races in Georgia and the people who are encouraged to people were out their protest to college students were involved. You're gonna need them to get out and vote again to make sure that Warnock can also get their jobs, and if you want I'm saying all hey these progressive finger too much problem Democrats will shoot themselves into when you have a chance to take control the Senate
Jake Sherman and likes him a cam, and thank you both for your reporting this morning and coming up. The Supreme Court appears willing to leave the affordable care act in place, possibly with the help of a trumpet. Pointy will explain ahead. morning. Jail did. You know, Only one percent of day traders actually turn a profit. So why are so many of us mistaking picking stocks for serious investing. You control the markets, but you can control your risks, so how do billionaires like Jeff Basis and Bill gates control their risk? They invest in blue chip, art from tooth and to two thousand eighteen art outperform the Essen P by an incredible one hundred and eighty percent buncher master works dot. Io is an exclusive platform that makes investing in art as easy as trading stocks online and the best part is Don't need to know anything about art, not a thing. Their experts will create a customer
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to flesh out the details so that we can hit the ground running, tackling last increasing access, lowering the price of prescription drugs families are really right. That's as president, yesterday announcing plans to expand healthcare coverage when he takes office. Those comments on the same day, the United States Supreme Court her arguments for striking down the affordable care act in that session. To conservative Supreme Court justice is indicated. They are likely to vote to uphold the easier without the individual mandate at issue is whether the Asia should be allowed to stand up for Congress repealed the tax penalty payment on those who not to sign up for insurance chief Justice, John birds and just as Brett Cavanaugh implied the penalty could be tossed while keeping the right the law, I think it. hard for you to argue that Congress intended
entire act of fall. Its mandate were struck down when the same Congress that lowered the penalty, two zero didn't. even try to repeal the rest of the act. I think, frankly, that they want the court to do that. But that's not our job several ability presidency does seem we clear that the proper remedy would be to sever the mandate, provision and leave the rest of the act and place the provisions regarding pre existing conditions and the rest. You know knows how to write in several ability clause in that it is not. the language they chose here Jonathan Le Mere. Obviously that was just as cabin offer people listing in in the car that second sound bite. The first was from John Roberts, the chief justice
on a trump learning again that these justices do not view themselves the way he viewed them when he appointed them, which is to serve his interests effectively. You heard from the too conservative justices they're saying it's not our job to pick a part, the affordable care act and if you think gotta, get rid of the mandate. Do that, but keep rest of the law in place robber, of course, has drawn. The president's ire repeatedly for breaking what he wants Roberts, not a trumpet pointy Lebanon is- and I think that that is not going to sit curly. Well in the White House, as we know the president, this issue in many others, has tried to throw thanks to the court, including election chick. challenges, although other doesn't seem to be at the moment, a path for one of his lawsuits to get there. This is another moment where this, where the republican survive efforts to turn the icy eighty four will correct to seems to be destined to fail to have the Supreme Court do their bit
If the justice communicate of the Congress, They don't seem inclined to do that individual mandate penalty happens you're out already, it was rendered toothless and that was set out central argument. These justice were making yesterday that, just because The individual mandate may be approved that doesn't mean you have to strike down the entirety of the law, so it certainly is not done just yet, but certainly seems as if, as if the affordable CARE Act, Obamacare is on track to be preserved. As one of the architects bind that plan Joe Biden heads to assume office this January. Our I'd still ahead. We're gonna dig into the New York Times study that found no fraud in any of the fifty states plus former Obama Administration official Jim Messina join to see how plead the two thousand ape? potential transition,
morning, Joe is coming right back. I it's MSNBC alley. Velvety. You know these days, there's just so much news to wrap your head around its hard to know. What's most important, that's why we're updating msnbc dot com with a special feature on our homepage called MSNBC daily. It's a place where you'll find the same type of expert analysis, you're used to getting on tv, but now, with the new written perspective, section all neatly organised in one place, so you can go beyond the headlines and get a deeper understanding of the stories that matter most you'll find perspectives written by people uniquely qualified to write them. People you're familiar with from our
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