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Morning Joe 11/12/20


While President Trump still refuses to concede the election, the panel looks at what the data from the 2020 election shows and why we have to avert our eyes from Trump's 'shock opera'.

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Guy had and have a good relationship with the previous presently they do not resolve from that is its duty by british premises, have a good relationship with the White House, but I'm I'm delighted to find the many areas in which they buy. The incoming Biden, Harris Administration is able to make common cause with us. quota previous president, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson during question time that the british Parliament yesterday discussing call with President Elect Joe Biden. Yes Biden added calls for the leaders of Australia, Japan and South Korea, at this rate more foreign leaders have. Can actually Joe Biden on his election victory, then sitting republican senator? Well, how really did we, Spect Donald Frumps Shock Opera, they are using open.
Are any new surprise. They d tromp shock opera would not have. This of sad prophetic finale. I'm surprised, you are surprised. Surprised by the tax that I'm getting go. We yes, we and we are gay. You know why. because what I've been saying for four years is playing out in the courts. Right now, the rule of law is stronger than any one. Man are any one woman. And when these scary press France's turn ended, scale pleadings and they go forth. Federal judges are state judges to stay, judges, ask trumps lawyers under oath, whether they have any evidence of foul play. an under oath and under the penalty of perjury,
they all say no you're on The cases are dismissed, not listen. Why you were sleeping last night and you We went to bed if you follow politics closely concerned about some of the developments that have been going on. While you were sleeping last night, they counting votes, one by one by one, there and finally, after counting one voted day, they came to the conclusion. The secretary of state out. There is as well as Dave Superman Arizona is all over yes, yes, I know, I know, Fox NEWS and the Associated Press called Arizona for Joe Biden in the summer of seventy six. Now everybody else is doing it. Arizona is over.
And they're doing a hand recounts in Georgia, but is coral? Rove wrote in the Wall Street Journal that raise is over. Pennsylvania is over Nobody when's recounts. When losing this might so I just what to say again what we ve been saying for years when you tunnel Trump and the Republican Party is getting away with this. Giving away with anything new. to avert yourself from this farms going off on stage in the shock opera and just look the data you wanted But the data shows me chose me.
that, after all, the failures of the Democratic Party in congressional races and Senate raises and state legislative races and after all the weeping, the matching of the teeth or are finished in that area. Look the presidential race and historians, are going to see when they look at that map Is there going to see a map where Democrats we build The blue wall across a permit west. They shattered. this solid south by going straight to the heart of Dixie, which is not Alabama, but Stead, Georgia, the paint state, so first time the son of the south, it's the first time that a democratic presidential candidate, who is not a sign of the south, One Georgia, in Sixty years it looks What of grayish now is below.
by his one Georgia in Arizona. You see Arizona that stay this. State of gold, water and Mccain, not only elected Democrat for President, now have two sitting. You senator something unthinkable in the land of Goldwater Mccain before Donald Trump was present at the United States, and let me give you couple a more numbers, as people are saying now, he just barely wanted just the shock opera. Ten years, but let me just give you some numbers if you want to know the wages of Medical, sad is in America, when you're Donald Trump here a member state to illustrate it Georgia flat, between two thousand and six, two thousand sixteen and two thousand twenty Georgia flipped? over two hundred thousand, votes.
Michigan, A Donald Trump one Bear Lake four years ago, flew by over one hundred and fifty thousand votes Pennsylvania, another state, their responsibility, really close a week ago, the have been tallied up Joe Biden didn't wind by the eighty seven points that media pollster settings gonna win by still there stayed flapped over one hundred thousand votes from selection than this and Arizona the land of Goldwater, all flipped from republican presidential candidate to a credit presidential candidate by over one hundred thousand votes. There is nothing that Donald Trump or all is little menu.
inside the White House can do to change that fact. If you don't give a damn about America give a damn about America's national security if you're, just a democratic political operative. you should be happy with it, going on in Georgia, because there and turning away their continuing to act in the same of the hoard. Any democratic way they have been doing over the past four years and by the way, if you don't think what they're doing what Kelly LAW floor and one day per party pair. How do you say his name per day, Marny per day? Parliament does not know how to pronounces, nay, common Harris doesn't know out a pronounced his name but anyway, what those two people are doing right now, if you don't think, that's not going to hurt them.
Today, this moves forward, then you just start paying close attention area because it is, turning them, and not only now, but into the future. This is one of those things that shape of political culture and a state for decades, stay calm and make no mistake of it. I've been saying that here other people been saying here for years now, even before Donald Trump, the demographics, his destiny and that Georgia Taxes and Arizona one day are going to flip blue and white play flip blue. They ever coming back. From, and is racism They died in that process. This year make movements. Think about it? There why there were a hundred thousand votes, have slipped in Georgia. A hundred thousand votes in Arizona
what they're doing now. Willie is only going to expedite the suburbs fleeing from the Democratic Party and once they're gone they ever come back. You can add some more numbers to that three hundred six electoral votes is work. Mine is likely to end up at fifty one to fifty two percent of the popular vote, her win by between five, and six million votes, so it actually is despite the fact that Arizona in Georgia are tight races. It actually is a decisive win for Joe Biden. He will have the most votes by presidential car. In the history of a presidential election in this country. Probably gonna get mere eighty million votes. I think Concern right now, Joe that you here and I hear, is not that he will not eventually become the president of the United States and not the diatribe eventually will not go away.
The signal that all this sends to the seventy one million people we showed their who voted for Donald Trump at Donald Trump and the Republicans are allowing Donald Trump to go through this charade in the courts, sending out Weeds undermining the election, they worry what it says to those seventy one million people who believe what Donald Trump says, which is that our press ass is right that our process has been undermine. The Democrats stole this election. It's all wrong. It's all made up, as we ve been saying for a week in a half. Now these claims it Donald Trump is making in the courts are showing us that again from Pennsylvania, Michigan and across the country and as the votes come in the lead? its wider in Arizona in Georgia, but there an awful lot of people in this country. Who will believe because of what Donald Trump is doing, and what Republicans that, yes, this process
as somehow has been rigged against our Trump and the election somehow was taken from him. Despite all those numbers you dont laid out, despite the vote spread, we just showed right there and, despite the fact that, yes, this will decisive victory for Joe Biden, with the help of Fox and Facebook So here's how you know solace. Being cherry pick find the trunk campaign for day President Trump and his allies have been arguing whenever state was called for Joe Biden that the media does not decide the election that its up to news organization to project winners except apparently It is ok when it comes to dates that trunk one yes when the news media announced said, Alaska had been called for, president travel awhile, the trunk campaign ble lasted out a press release as one with the headline Alaska has been called for President Trump and then asking for
nations and barbaric, trumpet also tweeted about Alaska. Wait. I dont understand me. We ve been hearing that, for the first time, the history of political campaigns that news media is music. Is called, don't make a difference, but making your time we, the Trump campaign, said yesterday with Alaska and its three electoral votes coming in four Donald Trump. Those errors in four celebrated childish under congrats its field and by the way the people that are blindly following. This are stupid Mommy. Our influence felt incorrectly Elias wide by guy, like just what away from household blunders. Okay, if you continue to call me and say that and he fell to use part of a conspiracy theory. Now right, don't call you're too stupid is all tat is not always. Facebook is Annie, Democratic facebook is making a lot of Americans dumb or by the death. They think it's news. They think it's too thin like going to sustain our true. They know it's true. They
clinging on to something that they know is a lie, whether it's about masks causing Ovid weather about a yellow, Anthony algae being and in the Cannes conspiracy theory, with with with gay, its and sore to make billions. That's why they know it's a lie, but they cling to those lies, because it's better than the truth, which is their just paying Willie really stupid way. They go around and just pay These lies, and now it say election day he's laws. Republicans in Washington DC. Now that he's lost and at some point at some point, Maybe they want to consider putting country above their political, because guess what this is. helping either it's actually getting dangerous. We're gonna gets the very latest and out that had already hasn't been with president
Joe Biden in just a moment. Yesterday, he named along Time Washington operative who's been at his side for decades, as his incoming Whitehouse chief of staff but First Willie, dagger in New corona virus member? Here we wait. Here is another thing I actually at people calling me in coming up to me mucus, saying: well, this corona virus it's gonna be over by November. The third The media is only proper the curve the virus up because of the election now see that's what Donald Trump does another and right wing news organisations do and Facebook about Caravans from Mexico that are going to bring leprosy do America, that is, guard the corona virus. Sadly, tragically is still very much with us. Despite the lies, even told my facebook and think Donald Trump Willie,
here is the right word make a staggering me latest NBC news. Tally shows more than one hundred forty eight thousand covered cases were reported in the United States just yesterday that meets the prince, his daily record of nearly one hundred thirty four thousand cases reported on Monday. This now marks the eighth each day that more than one hundred thousand cases have been reported in the United States, there were another, fifteen hundred deaths reported yesterday as well, Texas become the first day to surpass one million corona virus cases. Leaders there have. I've, given any indication of new forthcoming risk, actions. Meanwhile, hospitals in Massachusetts, Michigan other states cancelling elective surgeries to make space for what they expect to be flood of new covert patients, the male clinical, system says: it's hospitals in the North West region of Wisconsin already now have reached capacity
North Dakota is so short on staff. The governor is allowing health care workers who have tested positive for corona virus, but who are asymptomatic too continue working in hospitals in Iowa. A record number of patients are in intensive care, Illinois there was a new high of infections, again things dire in that state. The watch and impose reports, a group of doctors, their sentence urgent letter to the governor, saying quote: we're here to almost decide who gets treatment and who does not rationing care and the state of Illinois and a group of healthcare workers, that stay predicts Illinois. We'll surpass its. I see you beg capacity by thanksgiving several states Sorry issuing new restrictions. Amid the surgeon cases, New York state will require restaurants in bars to close at ten p m p It gatherings must be limited to ten people. The republic Governor of Ohio, reissued, a mass quarter and worn businesses. If they dont comply, they could be forced to close Utah.
We issued a mask mandate on Monday, meaning thirty. Four states now require people to wear face coverings in pubs and the state of Maryland urge people to avoid non essential travel to thirty five states that are struggling with the vote. Earlier this week, Connecticut added main in New Hampshire to its travel advisory, which now includes forty force its Joe, so far from going away, far from appearing after the election. Its clear that what's happening now is exactly what was signalled to us. Even back, large by people like doktor fouche you, this was going to come back with a vengeance, come fall and winter Why, and you know why? Is it so important for us to go back because so much is thrown at us in this shock? Opera, so many lies are thrown out is everyday. Donald Trump and one of the lies was. It was going away in April and then he said, lying to American sang, it wasn't coming back in the fall, doktor fallacies stood there and
will come back right. Next, all doktor Valjean Doktor got Lib. Story and everybody back in the spring and early summer. We're begging, Donald Trump too, focus on the fall because they said coming back and events like the pandemic of nineteen. team it'll be even worse and Willie. It looks like we're headed in that direction in numbers are worse than they were been just like that Doktor said, even Donald Trump was lying to his own supporters. and it just its maddening in its its outrages that you think about how long we ve had to prepare for this moment and how little we ve done. We ve heard the frustration from the doctors who come on our show. Every day we ve heard the frustration from people on the task force. That hasn't been heard from it in several weeks, but they knew Was coming that they predicted this, that they laid out and
The federal government led by the White House, didn't do anything about it. We heard Donald Trump on tape and Bob Woodward's book. He knew how serious this was. He even knew how this was gonna play out, but he infamously said he always wanted. It down for political reasons and not to panic, the country, But here we are exactly where the doctors told us. We were going to be it's not good now to the transition of power, which is happening with the corona virus. As the backdrop Among the many tasks President Elect Abiden is tackling is the need to work around the Trump administrations refusal to cooperate, with his transition team the Washington Post report citing those knowledge with the situation that member the transition team are under strict orders not to have any contact with current government officials. They are instead, obtaining information from those who have recently departed government reading from the papers report?
quote they are relying on a team led by our former senior state department of Sholto handle an influx of calls from foreign leaders all without the bay said of a secure government line or life which interpretation services provided by the current statement, is just what what what what is lacking is what our Republicans think about this on the rails and what a reply, weakens across capped oil. Think about this. What our house Ah think about this. What does syn Republicans think about this they're sitting there and their pudding President elect and they're putting these conversations in June a pretty all, because they know The person sitting inside the White House is being reckless and irresponsible, and so for not allowing the United States of America a smooth transition, so Jack by then
commander in chief, can be prepared when he goes on to actually protect, not just democrats crash Republicans? Independence marks sick, our You name it three hundred thirty million Americans verse depends on Joe Biden being able to prepare, to be commander in chief Republicans on Capitol Hill. Now he's going to be commander in chief and yet Mitch, Mcconnell will not step forward and pressure. Donald Trump. To do that a pre thing why many foreign leaders who have called Biden directly have reportedly not been able to rely on the state Department to fall, the communications, the post reports that the state Parliament will not relay them on The General Services Administration authorized the transition which they will not. This is thing that
that agency has so far refused to do, but another Look and Senator James Lang. Furtive Oklahoma is calling for the transition period for Joe Biden to begin starting with access Intelligence briefings Jirsa it has to certify that election to start turning it around the Committee of Oversight of already started engaging in this area. There is nothing wrong with that, President Biden, getting the brief, to be able to prepare himself in it, that's not occurring by Friday. I will step as well, and to be able to pushing aside this needs to occur. Marco Review is said this and Mitt Romney set it as well. Obviously, more republicans need to step Bob with us. We have NBC News, Capitol Hill correspondent host of way too early. Casey hunt. Poets. Senator for the Daily be SAM Stein column. best and says it editor for the Washington Post, David Ignatius.
Also bring in our reporters NBC News. Correspondent MIKE memory is covering the brought Biden transition. He live and Wilmington Delaware and covering the Trump Whitehouse NBC News, Whitehouse, correspondent Kelly, Donald my memory. we'll start with you. How are they coping with these unnecessary quite frankly and dangerous road blocks Michael. I think what you're seeing is Joe Biden trying to set the tone that he has set a throughout career the way he's to legislate in the Senate, the way he's to conduct foreign policy. Both foreign relations. Chairman has, as the vice president, was to try to Their stand. The political pressure points of the other side, to try not to cut off a path for them to get where they need. Be in the end. In this case, we're. Seeing him try to do that with republican senators with the trumpet major nation, as well Biden this week saying he was concern. He was trying not to make the situation worse now on the part of his time
We see it beginning to take shape, with shape withdrawn, claim being announced as chief of staff, that was always obvious so the binding team I've been told for weeks, plain to be the chief of staff but they're doing they can to focus on some of those a political positions in government as well as one tat transition official told me. We care deeply about who FEMA, administrator, as there are deputy under secretaries in each agency. Data that are gonna have a significant role in planning a response to the pandemic, that there also you saw the problem: is there not able to get the background checks they're not able to takes of what's needed in these agencies and so on told that what they ve been doing is work it from the outside talking to outside stakeholders who do business and have worked with these agencies and talking yes with former corrupt officials who left the government. I think what the clay, Appointment as chief of staff shows, though, is that what has been a lot of talk on
social media and among democratic circles, about the ideology of some of the appointees in a bind administration of what is going to tell us about which way here govern. They are focused on being a political, making government work again and that the town that's being set in these early days by the transition on clean an old hand of the binding campaigner old hand working as chief of staff to Vice President Biden at the time, and also we should point out appointed by President Obama, two thousand fourteen to lead. The response to the above Christ my memory and Wilmington Delaware. Might thanks so much meanwhile present from met with some of it. TOP advisers yesterday, including campaign manager bill stepping in and son in LAW Jared Cushion to discuss a path for word. After last week's election, several people from with the president's sinking say there is a growing expectation among the president's advisers. He will never I concede that he lost the election. Even after votes are certified, one tab aid said do not expect
to concede more likely the aid said. He'll say something like can't trust the results, but I'm not contesting them. The Associated press reports present trumps. We have swung over recent days quote at times he had seized with anger fuming that he lost to a candidate. He does not. Respect and believing that the media, including what he views, is typically friendly. Fox news worked against him, but the He notes aid say the present has been more calm than his tweet suggest, showing greater understanding of his predicament and believing he needs keep fighting almost as performance to show them seventy million people who voted for him. He is still battling? Kelly. O Donnell. Take us inside the White House with your reporting. How long will this go on how our his aids handling him as he pushes through they say they want to wait till the votes are certified. Do you have any expectation that at some point, the present will acknowledge that he lost this election was certainly the
sure is building and the facts from the outside. Our closing in on president from with a reality, the Joe Biden is moving forward and today is one example of maybe small step towards a more typical day in the trunk White House, where he is going to be having lunch with. Vice president, my pants and meetings with treasuries retiring malnutrition and Secretary of State Powell Pale. I say that only because there have been days and days now with nothing on the present schedule, he went for the ceremonial laying over the reef at Arlington yesterday in the rain which created a metaphor. Moment of president is soaking wet carrying out one of these solemn duties of his office, getting that one on one time with three of the men that he has relied on most heavily over these four years. Maybe another opportunity to try to assess. Is there a pathway for president tromp too
Why to set some sort of new definition for how he would exit, if he's not going to concede? If he's not going to do the traditional things, is there a way he can try to focus on defining is a legacy or a next political step. We reported about having a pact that the president would be a part of where he could give donations to candidates. Try to still be a king maker in the party. He's talked about one you to keep your honor Mcdaniel in her position as chairwoman of the party signs of trying to keep a grip on that. Of course, that complicates things also for the twenty twenty four class of republican tomb be trying to position themselves, President Trump does not get out the way I either for Joe Biden or for that next group of potential candidates. Things are of paralyzed in a Trump world without the power. So it's waiting to see how this is evolving? Now, certainly, there are lots of people around the president who recognise the math and
The timing that you describe will wait till certification. That's one thing we're hearing, but were hearing different things because there some different factions of people who want to encourage the president to fight others who say it's time to move on and sort of Those who are saying this this legacy building, if he and try to tell the things that are competition office, as he sees them and try to create. That is something he can carry forward as a tangible result of his time. In Washington Willie Kelly presidents are limited to two terms, but they do not have to be consecutive terms, has been derived from our history with Grover Cleveland House. twenty three and twenty four stop. That's it. There. I knew you'd have that interfere too. How seriously should we take in the the idea that President Trump wants to run again in twenty twenty four well, it's a lifetime, we know in politics and it is hard to imagine that that that he could That decision now, but wanting to preserve that option really is a part.
This whole ethos of being the fighter and not wanting to give up normally president's, who would be leaving office, would be thinking about raising funds for the library, not funds for a potential run down the line. So perhaps it's part of any long, gated trumped stages of grief that perhaps Other run comes somewhere between denial and acceptance, but that is something he's talking about and it freezes the field, and it may just be part of the process or it may be a way for the president to try to say he wants to remain relevant. We ve seen some other presidents who have gone from their time and in the White House, certainly with Morocco, bomber and George W Bush, not wanting to engage overtly in politics having other things that occupied their time. We never really thought Donald Trump would be that kind of president, given his desire to to sort of control the message and to do that for warm and art seen so it's hard to know if that's real or if its
about buying himself, more time and certainly buying time, has been something he has been trying to do since election night, I'm stuck, also runs a review and art I'm just gonna say Senator Marker Rubia said earlier this week, look at present drunk decides who wants to run in twenty twenty four he's not only front runner the likely nominee and be Kaliko Doll in Washington thanks so much as always Kelly meagre its performance are everybody stay in place. We want to get to our entire panel, including David Ignatius, peace in Washington Post a furious behind the scenes battle to count, Tat threat to national security will be right back with that We get support from grab are you know about grub, they d
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Thirty four pass the hour Dave Ignatius in your latest piece in the Washington Post, entitled a furious behind the scenes battle to counter trump threat to national security. You write in part this president from senior military and intelligence officials have been warning him strongly against Dick supplying information about Russia that advise her say, would compromise sensitive collection methods and anger. Key allies. Try and his allies want the information public because they believe that would rebut claims that Russia. President Vladimir Putin supported Trump and twenty. Sixteen that may sound like ancient history, but for tat it remains ground zero. The moment when this political problems began Senate applicants who might stop the post election revenge campaign face a growing tension between trumps demands and the country's interests there
is how much damage she will do to national security. For he leaves and David all add, just personal knowledge of Donald Trump. He doesn't keep secrets He can't he doesn't know how he loves to sort of revolution, knowing things and sharing what he knows behind the scenes and passing along how much of it, Inter does his post prizes press then see pose, given that part of personality, which seems to be in it One hundred percent undisciplined. Ok, we need audio, we need audio for the answer. I will wait on David Ignatius and to move on now to say still lacking SAM. What's your take! First of all, this behaviour in general
bugs erratic, obviously AIDS can't from being thrown by seventy four year old man, but this sort of what we have come to expect with trumpet this point right. You know, I think balkan kind, dismiss it as well, Hell eventually weave You ve gotta, wait it out, you gotta! Let him get nervous system, but as David COM illustrates in these are reporting illustrates that are tangible, real life in you mean my colleague, Aaron Banco talk to members of trumps old crone, a virus taskforce who said the lawyer that we wait, I'm doing a normal transition, the worse the pandemic go get in the heart. It will be for Joe Biden steam to actually come up with a viable, effective vaccine distribution plan, People rely because this I mean that's, that's just put it bluntly, and I think that one is really. The costs that are associated with this. When the nine Eleven commission, what
failures of the government. To that point, it was gonna happen in September, two thousand and one one of the things that they pointed to was the fact that the trend should between Bill Clinton and George W Bush was delayed because the former recount they're just wasn't lifetime enough time to do that. Pretoria work that was needed to get people up to speed, to fill those also, you know since I was just term Opera theatre of the absurd their asylum or a shock Andrew. I agree: I agree with that term. Joe Joe is very right, but it's I shot there will be no really bad consequences. And I do think one- thing is you seem like a hot potato among Republicans, you're, no one wants to step in and say: ok, it's over meaning, campaign is asking your bar to fight the tour to help him bull bars, going to? U S attorney, seeing how we find material. The campaigns asking the court's could signal come back with something tangible Republican,
Congress are bucking it in saying no, the court seated beside it point somebody suggest interjection, say enough: this is over the army's there's, not a word or two on our public inside to do that. While the shark opera is absolutely exhausting, but it I think it can the news, David Ignatius. I think we have you back right now, get you know what fox or Facebook is screaming and blaring trying to sort of get involved in some way. Aubrey Way to prop up trumps pathetic, you know petering to the end. But it's the day under that you write about- and I like to add to it that I I do think that this president, this man has the abyss just the ability the number one sole focus to use everything that he has in his possession for his financial gain so
It's not just sharing information right now with the binding with the Biden, Teen and creating a proper position, which should be happening and, thank God, Joe Biden, knows where the bathroom, as he knows, where all everything is how the White House works. A transition will not be as difficult for a Joe Biden. but when it comes to classified information and relationships with foreign adversaries and friends and conversations that need to be had. This is dangerous and I worry Donald Trump takes in from out of the White House, and I don't. We ve ever seen someone who wants abuse information that he who can, while in office, but he will,
We lost him again. This is like one of the most critical questions by the way facing our country and David Ignatius is like the foremost person who can read, they talk about it, so we will get his audio back, come hell or high water water really guys and again, Yes I'll just say that tromp has access to everything. and when he leaves it continues to have a great deal of information that he could. To his benefit and his personality has shown that he doesn't have a lot of discipline beyond using information or people, or relationships to his financial gain. It's all about the money? You follow the money you end up with what the. What the answer is to the question once with Russia, you look at Turkey look at his relationship in Saudi Arabia and how we handle everything.
all leading to potential past finance transactions that might have been stopped stopped. It never came to fruition or future for we'll transactions? And I worry President, will have quite a party with all of this information that he learned as president when he leaves office. That is, unless Willie certain sections of law enforcement come after him. He could himself in any number of courts. I think you're right to go back to his pre presidency in his personality, which is that he likes to be the guy with the information it was gossip back then, now its national security secrets, I mean go back to a couple years ago, sitting out on that patio at Marilla go with Prime Minister shins, obey Japan when the news of a north korean mistletoe, came out and couldn't hide his glee and being able to share that with not just with the Prime Minister but with the membership dining at tables around him, so yeah you're
to be worried about that and Casey There's you cover Congress. We heard from James Lange for the Senator from Oklahoma Republican who said. Look if Joe Biden does not have access to these intel briefings by Friday by to Morrow. Now I'm going to do something about it and push that that happens. Are you seeing some of that behind the scenes that they're saying look widow want to go out and publicly acknowledge, yet that President Tromp has lost for whatever reasons that work were we have for that, but it the very least that the man we know privately is going to be. The next president needs do have access to this information. Hey I'm Andy! If you don't me it's probably because I'm not famous, but I did start and screaming company called Harry's. The idea for her, we came out of a frustrating experience. I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approaches, simple, here's our secret. We make sure, durable, blades and seldom at honest prices for as long as two dollars. Each we care,
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been willing to say one ass, that he doesn't approve of Donald Trump personal conduct, which perhaps shouldn't something to differentiate him from his colleagues, but that's the reality of it, and he adds his is to marker Rubio, the acting chairman, and I think that there are a lot of questions here about how many others are going to add their voices and the division really between people who are seriously focused on governing and the those who are protest, first and foremost on politics, This is a test for the report party that we have been building to for four years, How many times have I have we chased these folks down the hallways? I can't tell you how many times I have put a microphone in front of republic Lookin, senator or member of the house and said: do proof of what the president has just done mean there are countless
samples and every time either they it was dismissed as something that was not necessarily shouldn't rise to the level and in the way that they would do. That is to say, oh it's just too wait. I don't read Twitter haven't seen the tweet, but the question all the way along in the question that I spent the last two months asking them is: what are you gonna do when this happens, when the tweet is about democracy, the results of our elections, about our fundamental trust in our system and they You know we're saying to me privately well we're going to deal with it as a key. but at the end of the day, if they exhaust all their legal challenges and its clear that he lost, we will support that and agree to it and right now that's being tested in a way that I don't know that us anticipated, partly because we still don't know who is going to control the Senate, but partly because The president is in this further than than anyone. Perhaps
would have imagined, and I know David Ignatius is also reporting on some of the battle. behind the scenes around intelligent sources and methods around Russia. There there are so many administration who are trying to keep protected so there is a lot on the line here, and you know I can't I can't sit here and tell you that I know how Republicans are gonna handle this test, except United can underscore that There is one, and this is This is the moment that history he's going to remember all right. Let's. Let's bring and NBC News and MSNBC law analysed and editor in chief of law, fair, Benjamin witness his latest peace asked how hard it is to overturn american election and ben. You write this there's the chance that Republicans have dug themselves into the trample, stop digging when the results are certified, that they don't quite know how to back down. There's a chance.
The state legislatures are little more aggressively partisan and I imagine or that a few courts go off the deep and there's a chance, in other words, that things spin out of control. This chaos factor is one of the reasons leadership is so important, and it's why failures of leadership even when they seem to be relatively harmless. Posturing, tolerating, are so dangerous span. I agree with you completely what legal checks are in nice by the way for this president to be run out of office, but then to abuse the formation that he has an end, use it for its own benefit and what, by the way, is there anything that can ensure proper transition, while he's still in office, so the check, His ability to us spill large amounts of classified information for his own benefit when he leaves office is low,
Thirdly, the same as the chap on Say: Edward Snowden ability to do that, which is the possibility of the criminal law of being deployed against him, and if, if it sounds crazy, uncharted territory. To imagine indictment or prosecution or investigation of the former president of the I did states for closures of classified information, or, in your example, for selling classified information that, by the way, that's depending on who you sell it to that's espionage. that would be wholly uncharted territory and a very hard thing to imagine save that Donald Trump does force you to imagine it more precise. Lay the reason they say it earlier, which is that he how
he he does not he's not a discreet person he's not capable of not talking, and so I do think the past. quality of major information spillage is a real one that we have to think about. they Ignatius is excellent. On that you ve been trying to get him His audio simply talk about provide a really important ongoing example of that which is the effort. Use the office. Why Still in it, too. Spill a lot of information that he thinks would be advantageous him to have out there and the entire intelligence community believes would be an unwarranted set of disclosure of classified information, so I think that is a very real questions in different ways, both while he's in office and after he is removed.
They ask you about. Some of the law suits we're seeing across the country from the trunk campaign. Most of them dead ends, many of them being dismissed very quickly. Recently in Detroit and in the state of Michigan, where people have said here, say I felt intimidated by a large man, for example, are some and wearing a black lives matter? T shirt all these examples that have not held up in court, as you might imagine Do you see any of these getting traction is somewhere in Pennsylvania in Arizona Nevada anywhere where their filing suit is. There any merit to any of these lawsuits have not seen a single lawsuit. That has any merit. Now you can never say some somewhere, for whatever reasons of suasion stupidity, partisanship Bob throwing might not be persuaded, but I I I don't think there's any
chance that any of these suits will gain any serious traction, the stuff It's that our environments, cap with you know, going to remain in violence camp. The Georgia recount is not going to overturn a fourteen Arthur. in thousand vote margin in Georgia. Arizona is not going turn out to be a trump state. After all, Pennsylvania the margin keeps widening and Michigan it's pretty wide. It's you know it's a hundred twenty thousand votes. Those margins don't fail. So the there is no prospect that litigation is going to change any of the results in these states and law happens. It's a little bit automatic at this point. People really don't understand this, but these states have certification deadlines and those headlines are the days when the second
state of the state or sometimes depending on the state. The governor of the state certifies that the election result is final and that some of those dates are coming up with. Some states have already certified, I believe that Georgia's certification date is November twentieth right, so some of the states that are supposedly being contested in just a few days will start certifying. their results it becomes. Financially more difficult to read up realistically, the challenger Zol answered asian I'm jump in short role.
Because I agree with bends analysis there. I think the guy has been cast here. This is their performance, but that being said, I do have a question in this sort of an internal newsroom too big question we are having here, but I'm curious your thoughts, the bill bar announcement from a couple nights ago, which essentially told you s attorneys to go and find. to gain our serious allegations about or fraud was it signet? Was that announcement significant? What did it actually matter Consequent- was a consequential or was that, in your estimation, barges sank. The trump look, I'm trying I'm doing what I can because I've heard arguments both ways and I'm curious for your insides on this one. Yes, I have long since stopped trying to ascertain bill bars motives, my early efforts to understand him and give him the benefit of the doubt
it made me look foolish and I'm not gonna do make that mistake again, so look I I think it is possible. Both of the scenarios that you describe are correct and, first of all, it is not consequential in the sense that you know bars, memo allows or pre certification. Invest Allegations in situations in which the allegations are non frivolous and would, if they were true of patents, really affect the resulting in us in a given state. There are no such cases and so he's describing a knowledge said. Anne sense. There's nothing consequential about the announcement at all. On the other hand- You know she reversed a forty year. Justice department policy for no reason, other
then to make you know, apparently to humor the president's delusions or fantasies or whatever. They are that there are some Major voter fraud issue. Here too, to confront. I can do over the objection of rear official. and in fact, in a fashion that way to the room, resignation or the US, mapping, aside from of the senior career election crimes of department, This is a significant step in terms of the chain. of Justice Department Aspect, nations and policies and approach to action related crimes all done for the poor. Of a pair for the purpose of flattering Donald Trump Ego and supporting his is
Narrative, it certainly isn't being done because there are substantial voter fraud is, aren't, during chief of law, fair, been witness. Thank you very much, SAM Stein, thank you as well. When we back staggering new corona virus numbers and also I see, use are getting overrun coming up I'll, take a look inside, and I see you that
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