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Morning Joe 11/18/20


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that there will be an "orderly transfer" between administrations Jan. 20, although he did not mention President-elect Joe Biden or President Donald Trump, who is refusing to concede, by name.

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slash scan and twenty five percent off with promo code m j always presidential elections we go through this process there is a way to deal with disputes it's called the courts and the courts and the various we are dealing with whatever disputes there are whatever evidence may be provided and what i have an orderly transfer from this administration to the next one what we all say about it frankly irrelevant all of it will happen right on time and will swear mediterranean on january twenty not these are the words next administration repeatedly not a second time but the current administration the maxed administration who's gonna be less
voluntary bradshaw maybe jerry bride shall be run in the next administration i don't know i mean i could mitt romney there's probably gonna be in jail by its ok midge you can say it the bide administration it's ok doll drunk and fire you buy tweet but better we are getting to appoint and i said at the beginning when mitch tweeted out that he tweeted out that we're gonna go through the process of the votes need to be counted when you count legal votes when you did the court challenge i agreed that's willy betz we do here in the united states of america but this boy it's giant giuliani graft laughed out of court yesterday pennsylvania somethin went on
weighing county last night we'll talk about later i mean just talk about but literally try to this enfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters black voters in michigan they're just their hurting themselves it's hard to believe but after all these years so many of these people just continue to damage their reputation more by the day and there the getting rounded and now again if you will know how bad things are going they ve now pass their legal proceedings over to the griffin or in chief they giuliani who i don't think it's been a new court room since nine team ninety two when he got laughed out of the federal court roman philadelphia yesterday
yeah i mean first of all republicans our calling this the biden ministration in private summit calling joe biden themselves others are asking their democratic colleagues to pass on their congratulations to joe biden they know where this is headed which makes it all the worse that they're doing what they say is to give the president's space to let the legal process pay out but i think as of yesterday there one for twenty five court is the trump campaign got smack down in the supreme court on the question of election observers you have the secretary of state a republican who president trump endorsed in georgia whose holding firm pressure from those two senators there and from the president they're going about their recount which is going to certify again that joe biden one this is all going very badly it's very embarrassing but the present seems to be leading into it so the question to me joe is how much longer do republicans let this go on
how much longer do they let him why people who are qualified and who are doing a good job how much more do will they allow this man to do the country in his remaining two months where they finally publicly acknowledge that he's leaving and joe biden is the present and when do formerly conservative outlets that have devolved into being little more than addy anti tromp propaganda machines window they start saying over the second joe biden but for the sake of american for the sake of their own reputations this is this is a spectacle republicans are making fools of themselves i've been waiting for the editorial page i've been reading my entire life the wall street journal editorial page write something like that i'd love
see the national review do what we have finally we do what we met but would have done the day after the election and say it's over mr president it's time for that but i would say the wall street journal this morning took a step in that direction have i'm his rage against the voting machine this is the lead at a time in the wall street journal opinion page in terms of what has been unwilling to concede to joe biden than the slightest argument is voting machines must have been rigged where's the evidence straw claims need strong proof rumors and your window on twitter and they finish by saying it is recount doesn't fine big irregularities which it's not in these clay should be put to rest in the george
the bush years the conspiratorial laugh focused on diebold a maker of electronic voting machines it would be a mistake for anyone on the right to down a similar dead end and really i mean i remember back during the bush year and that all the conspiracies raging on the laughed about george w bush it was jaws thing i remember when republicans one euro elections unity the next morning we found these ballot i mean it was just we republicans use to mock conspiracy theories on the four left for doing the same thing that they are doing now accept my guide they have a president
who is doing them on whose actually getting in the way of a peaceful transition which of course is one of the cornerstones one of the foundational elements of this constitutional republic we have the peaceful france for a power and we ve seen it happen time and time again yaort happened from your i'm sorry go out i mean we say from democratic republicans and republicans the democrats and its trump and his cronies can grow up it is time for formerly conservative fought leaders that use run formerly conservative news outlets to step up and do the right thing here yeah i mean the conspiracy theories are getting more desperate you have rudy giuliani on television talking about mobsters in philly stealing votes
and then literally in the same sense say well that sounds pretty far facts but that's what i am hearing i mean that's the legal defence is lobbying conspiracy theories out but your point it's not just republicans giving the present space to go through the legal process some of them participating in the charade lindsey grand calling the secretary of state in george and putting pressure you're on him during this re count he also he was calling around two other secretaries of state including the one in ozanna while that secretary of state quickly put out and a tweet yesterday's i've never spoken to lindsey graham about this this is false i haven't talked to him what really captured the farce though lindsey graham is calling around two states he doesn't represent asking them to really look at other ballots and then yesterday going on the floor of the senate and fist bubbling commonly harris when he saw her on the floor during a via so there you go there and there it is all in one place he's going through this charade with the present calling around the country and fist bumping commonly harris yes
it's just hard to be shocked at this point we will reject it out because we're not shocked right we're not needs it's the damage that their doing so the country that you just wonder how how far do you need to go with this charade along we're gonna dig deep into all of this along with joe willie and may we have whitehouse rapporteur for this is it press jonathan le mere and he knew this capital hell correspondent and host of way too early casey hunt is with us she never sleeps and in a moment we're going to get to the latest person president from dead fire by tweet a top election security officials simply because the official told the truth about how safe and secure the tune twenty election was but first the story that all the dominant that is that the dominant backdrop to all of this cases but obligations and deaths are on the rise in the u s as the country continue is to suffer from the car
virus pandemic it's getting much much worse yesterday the u s added over one hundred and fifty nine thousand corona virus cases bringing the overall total to eleven point four alien cases hospitals continue to run out of space and equipment as more than seventy three thousand people were hospitalized as of monday an increase of over three thousand from the day for the average u s deaths per day has also now reached over eleven hundred up from just under eight hundred and thirty two weeks ago the average pace is expected to climb in the coming days it is getting so much worse willie it is in the white house knows it nbc news has obtain a copy of the white house corona virus taskforce latest sweetly report to states that delay
an assessment of the pandemics trajectory the report dated november fifteen is jarring it reads in part there is now aggressive unrelenting expanding broad community spread across the country reaching most counties where evidence of improvement but rather further deterioration current mitigate efforts are inadequate and must be increased to flattened the curve to sustain the health system for both cove and non covert emergencies heading into thanksgiving the report warns upcoming holidays can amplify transmission considerably state should continue to expand public health messaging across all media platforms including sms auto tat thing to warn citizens about the risks of social gatherings advise people to avoid them and reemphasize face coverings and social distancing civically recommend holding an event only with individuals within ones household and emphasise the risk of exposing
an elderly person or someone with an underline condition if gathering in doors without mass again that's the white house corona virus taskforce weekly report let's bring in present the american medical association doktor susan bailey and chief nursing officer for them nurses association debbie hat maker doktor bailey let me be and with you at the white house assessment there is pretty stark tells the story what's yours we know where we are right now being are indeed very grim doctors are concerned that our hospitals are filling up and that we do we need to double down on our basic preventive measures wearing masts washing hands keeping six feet apart and avoiding large indoor gatherings of we have some vaccine an exciting things coming around the ban but we want to be ready for them when they get here and so we need to work as hard as we possibly can right now
low down the number of new cases to me we ve seen nurses doing interviews trying to get the word out to show what it really looks like in these icy use what it looks like in a covert unit many of them being overrun across the country what can you tell us what your nurses are seeing their on the front lines flock you will way and i am pleased to be here this morning to represent a nation's nurses are we we are hearing that things are quite start and we are very concerned that this delay and the transition is negatively impacting that justice weak and north dakota we heard that some facility these are writing critically low on supplies and that nurses are being ass to train this and work in other units for which there hasn't been time for orientation and
i've for adequate preparation or training for that so we were concerned about that and the delay in the transition only impacts that so it is time for the trumpet administration to began to prepare the by transition team on those weren't issues around the stockpile or the necessary critical medical equipment we're still seeing delays in p p inadequate supplies on p p and this will only get worse with the delays in the transition so your bail before i get to my next question i'm wondering if you could develop upon that point the actual impact if not sharing the information will it cost lives we are very concerned about that and an example when shift change occurs in a hospital doctors
nurses everyone in the hospital needs to transfer information about their ill patients as quickly as possible and as completely ass possible to make sure that nothing false through the cracks and taking care of that particular patient well were in situation now on a national level and the american medical conciliation american nurses association american hospital association are all asking the trumpet administration to provide that morning report that seamless transition that information that and we need to make sure that every patient is taken care of and nothing false through the cracks so and doktor barely a follow up the folks from the biden corona virus task force are saying the first thing the president's going to do that president elect joe biden
invoke the defence production act on things like testing and p p supplies it seems like right now the state of testing is still quite marginal difficult not where it should be it's either inaccurate or there are delays you can't get immediate response has sometimes you wait five days which of course makes too the corona virus and stopping the spread much more difficult is the would you agree that almost the most basic thing one can do right now is uniformly across the country where a mask a may has recommended that every one where a mass for quite some time right now and yes are shortages in supplies of basic testing equipment of the chemicals that are used or do lots of other tests and hospitals right now two as we come on flew season reminder buddy
your flew shots and makes it more difficult even to even more to get the tests done and so there's it's a different test out there there's a lot of confusion about which test run where to go to get it on how long you're gonna get the results back and were starting to see it increase in delays and test results because so many more being done and supplies were short a soda let's what's in this segment of the numbers of ground actions and got up debts are moving cup again but but let's give our audience some so reason to hope that we are actually moving in a positive direction i saw yesterday the new york times a study or why that study talking about how immunity may actually last for actually years they don't know yet but one of the largest studies show that the
although it seems to be a little less intense in the fall than it was in the spring and also of course therapeutics and just the way what we're what you ve learned over the past six seven eight minds eve learn awful lot about covert patients when they first comment that you didn't know in early march what what what advances have we made cell joe you have pointed out we have made advances in treatment we are seeing lower mortality is but we are still concerned about the case numbers and the strength that its putting on our health care provider there is in our systems we're very excited about what is just around the corner with vaccinations but we're all we also heard and our surveys of nurses that they need additional information and education or in order to be adequately prepared
to do the mass vaccinations better just ahead and i will say it's gonna be four important transition team for the binding administration to receive the protocols for operation works speed an order to prevent hair adequately for equitable distribution of those back nurses and other health care providers will be key in distributing and administering does explanation so we need our politicians to stop politicizing this pandemic and stand up and be role models and to continue and to move ahead with the transition in order to be prepared for that the nations and to move us pass this critical surge in the pandemic we're wasting time
and we're impacting lives the longer this delay continues well i want to thank you both president of the american medical association doktor susan bailey and chief nursing officer for the american nurses creation debbie had maker thank you both very much for being on the show this morning now to the head of the department the homeland security cyber security unit whose ferrety be fired after breaking with the president of the integrity of the elect and yesterday it happened president trump tweeted that chris crabs statement tweet calling the election moat the most secure in american history was quote highly inaccurate after repeating false claims about the election the president then announced that crabs was being terms did as director of the cyber security and infrastructure security agency a source
else nbc news that crabs found out about it via twitter and that he was upset because took the work seriously crabs clashed with the white house over his agencies were more control blog designed to combat false claims about election fraud and hacking many of which the president and his supporters have touted last night krebs tweeted honoured to serve we did it right defend today the cure tomorrow he also retreated opposed from mark camel and which the actresses crabs was fired for refusing to lie the former chairman of the senate intelligence committee republican richard bird tweeted his supportive apps calling him a dedicated public servant who did a remarkable job during a challenging time were commended the quote creative and innovative campaign the age developed to promote cyber security and set it should serve
a model for other government and so what we want we were ranked senator but i just would like to say that we are pointing down similar ber once again thank you thank you so much and so jaw jonathan wellmere you you i've had republic and senators and republican election officials and people from the de hs quietly tat me over the last three years don't listen to what the president says we're quite working behind the scenes and we're doing everything we can to make sure that we do you have a safe and secure election i've and ask them to come on because this was in the middle of people worrying for three and a half years about the president's words about the fact that the public can send it wasn't moving on things but parts of the administration would working aggressively to protect this election the two thousand eighteen
and the two thousand twenty election and i heard it over and over again and here's a good well here we are and i'm sure republican centres will say maybe even mitchell say this was a moat after donald trump leaves this was the most carol election ever knows most secure election ever because people i've sir crabs did their job but in this silly season the truth tellers get fired and most republicans are afraid to do but richard bird dead and commend the man for doing what protecting democracy from russian interference his final words in his tweet last night crabs were put was protect twenty twenty which was the carbon slogan this entire election and you're right joe there's an extraordinary amount of scrutiny
honest agencies since twenty sixteen since the unprecedented russian election interference and the fears that whether from their other outside forces that could happen again in the twenty two in mid term certainly but most particularly this year in presidential election year and it seems as if for the most part that has been that was warded off this is data both sides of the isle cask have commended said at that jobs and his unit had done a terrific job of except of course for the president states who has been the one dealing with in these baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud about the bird suggests the election was was re than it was in legitimate and this is the department on security and this year in particular has been trying to combat these frankly rumours this spurs and baseless accusations levied from the president and is allies and misfiring was indeed widely expected it was a quarter matter of when we ve been talking to people close to pay
four days who said he'd been stewing about this but this was frankly and active petulance the score he can settle before heading out the door there should be we were told we should have a radars up for more work in the days ahead and we as you said the senator bert did condemn s will see if other republicans have the courage to do so again probably very few have broken with the present here even during interim period where he is refusing to concede and refusing to cooperate with the transition joe biden but this was indeed as one person close the present said last night who was not neighbor of the aspiring happening suggested simply there's a public servant who is doing his job and this is what he gets dismissed by we do not really willie there are sometimes come to an end and we don't take note babe ruth being traded from the reds
to the yankees you know and i know you do well yeah know know where down where were you babe ruth being traded its steady yankee sad right was bigger right now that was a big one you know that signature japanese city they say during the year i says a bizarre ate like we knew that was big but we did now how would impact is for our long and jonathan wellmere staffing away from silhouettes is www this election is over it doesn't matter what the presents it doesn't matter what metaphorical says you know that now that the silhouettes had been too now he's getting ready for the real transition willie he has turned the corner i know you so well that the first time we took jonathan shot before
i knew this was coming somewhere down the road jonathan what happened to the silhouette a nation wonders this morning all good things must come to an end willie and this is indeed a where we all look and take stock we reflects we try to turn the twenty twenty one is on the horizon the election as noted is over and this is my own way of marking it i will fear not continue my endeavours the silhouette down the road but today today this is a new chapter for us all well there are big ride a tide the the the the silhouette of fees chest the dog the torso down to them
does that was that was a gift todd that was gone i want to see when i get that wearier joke of wearing gradually long now move off it's a little whether following meeker most because that was the most bizarre thing though is that the mere had a silhouette of dogs torso stop cut off right here it was attached lay one i never earthquake that sort of the decapitation biggest let's move i'm so let's do that case you sorry to keep you waiting in five box here while we go through this speaking of charades but let's talk about prescribes because it wasn't just that the democrats thought he was doing a good job it was that republicans thought he was doing a good job mcconnell repeatedly over the last several weeks and months has praised the innovation led by chris crabs for preventing foreign interference in the election last night bends ass the republican from nebraska said obviously crab should not have been fired he did a good job are the
is little chips along the way to getting republicans as they see these things unfolding as they see norms being shattered as they see truth tellers being fired true tellers who they support as well is it not them farther along to finally saying out loud what they won't say that donald trump loss this election no really i don't know they so far have refused to and it doesn't have a lot of private conversations where it's very obvious what everybody thinks which is that joe biden is
president and this is the same pattern that we have been reporting on frankly the entirety of the trump administration this kind of thing is particularly damaging and i think one of the reasons you're seeing these statements is that there is an acknowledgement at least that we still need a government that functions at a high level and chris krebs was not a political actor he was a competent government professional who did a job that everybody needed him to do don't forget all these senators are you know people who need their elections to be secure and there had been some since as well of senate campaigns facing interference or email hacking etc i mean
you're all relying on him doing his job well and i do think it's noteworthy that they set out to defend him but at the same time the most effective way to put perhaps put this to an end is less is more likely to actual come out and say something and colonel joe talked about mcconnell to tap the show he said in those remarks yesterday that what they say is irrelevant to the process in terms of who's gonna be president of the united states i am not sure that they think that when their opponents talk about things like the green new deal or other things that they want to run their campaign ads on that they think words are relevant and its clear from the polling from what we're seeing online from the conspiracy theories the people are listening to what the president says and there is a leadership vacuum that is now
stepping up to oppose at what he is saying so that's kind of where we're out i don't you know they ve been pretty clear that they it's gonna take the certification of these states were seeing the trunk campaign fight on certification questions and then the electoral college actually voting before they really acknowledge what's going on so they ve got like another you know month month and a half of this no dear but did you that ok thank you still i had a morning joe new drama surrounding senator lindsey gram and georgia's vote count now witness claims to have heard gram ask your secretary state now you're talking about out ballots could that be considered a crime i think it is that discussions next and a note coming jos netbook saving radon troll little the cold war and the fight for west civilization is coming out this tool november twenty four you can freely
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so those it but you must have been the one they bought from the mob of some kidding i'm cute about clarity although there is there is there is an allegation mobster over but i think it's a for factual there's an allegation of mobs come my these hidden paying to do this by what is a lot to generally graft light where thousand dollars a day i return michael schmidt about that second what will we do you turn back i do ask that block and i just saw clip you notice the thing about that i never noticed until just looked at the clip again during the brake was it vince von is accused of trying to tide occurs is very fond of trying to seduce and this is getting my pay me back vine doesn't even try to rebut this for as a spur spurious com
all right past me said the painting was a gift card paying with debts what was i walked out of the data that may have been don't please don't ever admit that ok don't admit that didn't watch a godfather for fifty years now and don't it you walked out of what he had ever seen as you found out last night you ve got mail so really is set the apex events phones career right then i think that more it might be the von apex in that run of old school dodgeball wedding crash barriers wes made a youth role and anchor man i think that painting moment i might have been peak von right area area very good knowledge bob that made me pay they run they that are also of course at the start of the gulf war two thousand three he was ever sees in europe and they were harassing in many areas like mars
plan ever heard about melons the marshall plan that was also a very good reasons for this is pick embarrassment for the usa rudy throwing everything at a wall let's be honest relates it's big embarrassment for rudy and done but i've system such as everybody knows it's a clown show of americans spoken because it happened yesterday the pennsylvania supreme court rejected maternal campaigns claim that philadelphia violated state law by not allowing pole watchers to get closer to the counting rule lang likely to undermine the federal law suit based on the same claims the court found that state law says watchers must be in the room but does not set a minimum distance away from the counting and the court cannot impose one
they are in the day averted giuliani was in a federal pennsylvania court arguing against mail in voting generally calling it quite dangerous it was his first cord argument and almost thirty years according to court links according to the washington post in the courtroom giuliani quote fiddled with is twitter account forgot which judge he was talking to and stumbled over the definition of the word opacity i one point he attempted to turn around and he said there's some opacity crowd in the courthouse right not to see it at one point it did a needle and opposing lawyer calling him quote the man who was angry with me i forgot his name o my god he told the district
i urge that ballots were improperly cured in some counties but not in others and when it was fine and you had a list that is for controlled by democratic machines had problems but under judging by the judge giuliani said it was not a fraud case the parties will return to court on thursday at least fifteen election law suits have been denied dismissed or withdrawn that's when you right now that your terms important msnbc national security analysed michael schmidt as late as peace is title they are it is sad to see twenty thousand dollars a day or payment for trumps legal while our butts sagrada griff first of all micro julie obviously in way over his head but here's donald trump dealing with i'll drop is always done and that is hiring yours who are not up to the task at hand thinking that he's gonna save a little money here save a little bit
there you can doctors lawyers that have left the case you can talk to people in this campaign they all say it's a disaster and since rooney's now in charge it's going to end badly by its a great graft ferrucci rudy is making a ton of money yeah i think in the trunk sorry the question that i always have that i never really get a satisfactory answer to is the why and this answer some of the wye unduly armies part why is he pushing this so hard and why is he one of the few lawyers in trumps orbit who is willing to do this if you notice the demand for the other folks had have represented the president and other case so the mahler investigation or such are not attack themselves to this this true we ani show so the question is why the giuliani is pushing it so hard
it's all over the place making all these specious claims about voter fraud and about things that that there's nothing to back up and who is june the present up to this and this may answer some of that question giuliani seeking twenty three ten dollars a day dating back to allow she day for his work certainly there there appears to be no end in sight for this there is a financial incentive for this to go on longer and longer now there are other reasons why giuliani and trot may be doing this look bother them think there they may have criminal exposure here going forward if trump were to leave the white house so there are other factors here but at a a baseline level the longer this goes on the more money rudy giuliani makes what
encouraging the y know you have a question for michael but the question casey is is donald trump when they want to be separated from money that he knows is going to get him now where he knows these lawsuits are going nowhere and these have a choice to make today was caught in the cough up seven or eight million dollars to have a recount move for that he knows is not going to be reversed just like the georgian wines not going reverse so how much longer is going to be paying rudy giuliani who advisers have been complaining for weeks keeps joining the president up how much longer are we gonna pay for this and does anybody think he's going to spend the eight million dollars waste eight million dollars on a recount wisconsin that even scott walker says will not reverse more than a couple hundred votes but i think that smart money joe is that no he's not gonna pony up to pay for that but that's kind of the deadline that
that i have been watching to figure out how serious are they really about this are they willing to pay for recount because that is what they would as you point out have to do in wisconsin the person who demands the recount has to pay for it and it's not cheap and we know that donald trump while he makes a lot of claims about what he's doing with his money oftentimes is making decisions that are totally different when you sangamon charitable contributions are pretty good example of this but my judgment i want to ask you about the certification question because that seems to be part where we're moving here there was a flap overnight in detroit in wayne county where there were some a lot of confusing back and forth about whether we're gonna certify vote totals there sir
vacation seems to be worked republicans are waiting for in terms of acknowledging and saying ok yes joe biden has won this election but there seems to be some evidence that giuliani is now focusing on that an and trying to create problems and raise questions about that to try and ensure that the conspiracy theories would say oh this is to try to keep them of the elections house of representatives that that we know is a very far fetched scenario but what do you know about what giuliani going on that front of what he's telling the president about that play sort of the next juncture in this story where the eyes you were saying the republicans are waiting for it to happen to you know they say finally go along and say that you know it looks like joe biden i'm sort of just sceptical that because we have waited the entire trump story a story for the norms disordered just kick in and don't dumb less convincing their just gonna kick in here at the end of the most dramatic part of the story
giuliani sees that as his neck is next best bed he doesn't have a lot of great courage to play what if he can undermine that process and throw anything in the gears of that that that's that's their only shot going forward its clear that these needs the council needs these claims are voter fraud are not going to move the needle so that just simply the next point where they can try and do something and to try to convey to underline the result here but i think that at a broader level you know a lot of who say well this isn't going anywhere and it doesn't mean anything and i think that's that's totally true but at the same point there taking the president's base on fox news every night or away and or news bags wherever there watching and there keeping them in the wider fluid of this vote or fraud story for several weeks and look i'm not saying that down from space ever going to like except
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why how busy discussions about absentee balanced and if a potentially if there was a percentage of signatures in words really truly matching is there something i really did you say someone went to a court room cosette was on all these matters because we have no way of knowing because the battles are separated and it was poured partial what was going to see how to send a grand you to one way and secular rapids bermuda one way but our job in this state is to follow the law involve all the process and we continue to do when graham was asked about the call yesterday he said it was ridiculous he asked georgia officials throughout ballots then said he talked to secretaries of states in arizona and vat about their elections as well only that never happened both kay and said they never alone with the senator eventually so little more this is going so lindsey was actually lining the dry to cover his tracks
after you didn't used by a republican secretary of state of trying to get him to throw out legal ballots eventually gram revealed it actually talk to arizona governor and hadn't actually spoken to anyone in nevada while the bad rallying level around spring in national political reporter for nbc news josh letterman who has been covering this story josh what can you add wilder don't be a worse time mika for republicans in georgia to be going to war with themselves with the path to control the senate running right george over the next two months but that exactly what seems to be happening here i spent the last several days in georgia where the republican secretary of state that broader athens berger said that he's been pushed up against the wall by his fellow republicans making these baseless claims
systemic of fraud and problems in the george election they just don't exist i it's come from president truck it's come from both of the republican senders david producing kelly leffler it's come from doug collins the congressmen used in leading the president's recount effort there then came a word of this phone call from a diagram who for my there is not a senator from georgia he's from a different state unclear why he was even calling the secretary of state there but the secretary of state a republican who told me loaded straight down and up the ballot for republicans this year and every year i think he did feel pressure from linsey gram to try to find as many ways possible basically to
get rid of legally cast ballots now as you point out lindsey ground says it's not true he says the only thing he was doing here was trying to figure out why they don't have bipartisan teams that review the signature matching in georgia but then it turns out as you point out that there was this witness to the call who says you know you could interpreted differently but that it did absolutely go down the path of discussing let's say that have a county perhaps like fulton county and in georgia where you have a lot of votes for someone like joe biden the president elect a view of the high rate of signatures that are coming back as a mismatch could you just say well there's too much uncertainty here let's get rid of all of the doubts that counting which would obviously help president drop answer obviously is no you can't do that a court could potentially do that under such circumstances but the big question here mika is what is this going to do to republic internal
in these two georgia shanna races our republicans going to be turned off by all of us in fighting by this intervention from lindsey graham from out of state or are they gonna hear this nonsense drumbeat that the election can't be trusted in georgia and think what's even the point well thank you so its jobs we really appreciate it you know me get a thing is first of all lindsey graham is making this argument if your neighbor didn't feel out their ballot correctly then you're ballot should get thrown out please asking the disenfranchise thousands tens of thousands of votes to try again to help donald trump we can gain the presidency of the united states and and he's lying repeatedly lying about the phone call lying about the purpose of the phone call lying about
in the secretaries of state of arizona lying about calling the secretary of state to travel about trying to cover up the fact that many people said i was called and secretary of state that the secretary of state say could not believe again a republican could not believe he did which by the way exemption the secretary of state also said the donald trump cost himself the state of georgia if you look at the numbers are divided by can continuing the lie about mail in voting but what are the chances lindsey grand just did this himself like from the goodness of his heart he fell you need to call the secretary of state of georgia what are the chance you didn't ask him to mean that rome quality are at last the legal angle of all of this joining us now chair and constitutional law at ohio state university and nbc news election law analysed ned foley and state attorney for palm
each county dave ehrenberg joins us once again to have you dave censure current prosecutor let me ask you i know you ve you look at the statutes and georgia and the federal searches above me this if if what the republican secretary of state is saying is true that linsey gram called and ask him to throw out legal ballots is that a cry joe it sure smells but from a process your standpoint there is not enough evidence yet to charge him with a crime the federal law does say that it is illegal for someone under color of law to try to deprive another of their constitutional rights including the right to vote and under the state law of georgia is a founding partial back to three years in prison to ask someone to commit election fraud but here it's a matter of interpretation you heard the women well i could see it one way or the other and prosecutors hate that because great
we'll get you reasonable doubt and reasonable doubt gets you little though that's why we need a fuller investigation to get to the bottom of this will have to be the next you ass a general to do so because don't count on billboard do so even though he was very zealous in trying to root out election broad he's concern if you buy a silence when it comes to this but it would be different if lindgren had said i want you to do this or you should do is but that's how will we have here i will not wait until bar to commence investigation because it doesn't seem to have the same passion for funding election fraud when its being alleged on his the political i'll so ned let's talk about pennsylvania for a moment we kind of walk through what happened in that supreme court room yesterday three giuliani fumbling and stumbling around what are the implications of that ruling in the pennsylvania supreme court will other courts across the country take that into account as they look at the truck campaigns arguments
yes i think so social rights and even the dust in judges there said you do not throw out the battle from valid voters just because there might have been a procedural problem so internet secure clear point that everybody is making that you try to help the votes of the voters who are eligible to vote the castle that was in georgia that's in pennsylvania and if you follow that principle all these lawsuits are going too far because they are trying to overturn what is evidently the will of the voters in these various states and the courts or not gonna do that though the the lawsuits seemed are you going to a dead end because they're just seeking relief that's proper in an election case like this one this is something that you brought up earlier back when we didn't really know what the outcome of pennsylvania was going to be
when i think was alito talked about segregating the ballots in it in the eye believers interactive relieved publicans were taking it only wanted to separate the valets and i ask you what the impact of that would be and you said that they may rightly make a statement about the supreme court stepping on the state legislatures toes legally since the state legislatures one is supposed to make these rules constitutionally but you drew the can version then that there's no way the supreme court was going to disenfranchise vote and take away their votes for simply following what pennsylvania law was then interpreted as being by the supreme court that apply so i guess you'd say in georgia in michigan everywhere that these courts are simply not going to disenfranchise voters because of political skirmishes
i think that's that's right and that's why i mentioned the dissenting opinion in the pennsylvania case yesterday you can make some reasonable questions about the magician opinions interpretation pennsylvania law but in the end of the day i don't think that's gonna mad are in at the key point is i think there is unanimity among the judges to protect the vote in the voting rights to whatever else you might think about and subsidiary issue the main point is going to remain the same have you seen any any law suits that the trumpet ministration i currently has active but the trunk currently as active that you believe as merit and could have an impact on the outcome of this race no not has merit of the thing that concerns me about the pennsylvania suit in federal court the one that the hearing was yesterday is what that does the calendar in my own view based on
i draw the electoral kodak which governs presidential elections as this belongs in state court not federal court because it there really tight time table for resolving these cases in florida back in two thousand kind of ran out of time to finish the recount because of this concept of the safe harbour deadline which is always five weeks after election day you're the hearing yesterday was two weeks after action day that's in our two fifths five the five we periods and their only three weeks laugh and if federal courts get involved that doesn't leave time for the pennsylvania courts to do all the things that they might need to do it it's a very tight time table and and the federal law says stay court should be the principal place for adjudicating any issue involving the ballots in a presidential election so that's the principle that should be followed here
and they were hamburger let's give final thoughts to you i have you seen anything out there from the trump campaign you think has merit that could impact the outcome of this race absolutely not this this was over a while ago and this whole force is being perpetuated by people like ritually ani who has no powers motivations i thought was interesting that he apparently is trying to get one thousand dollars a day for it is legal services to put down a perspective job after three days that would mean he would make more than most my prosecutors make in an entire year and my prosecutors are in court all the time unlike juliana you has not been a practising trial lawyer in about thirty years and that's why he keeps losing badly in court it's one thing to spread conspiracy theories of the public on his magda channels is another thing to
in court which is not doing because he knows who be sanction if he does so and in reality they keep losing likened the pennsylvania supreme but they keep losing their lawyers because there are law firms don't want any part of this sinking ship that tell you something about the merits of their arguments on line is there is no evidence a widespread fraud the margins between the two candidates were was wide enough in amongst several states that will prevent any court canvassing board in any state legislature from overturning this free and fair election by the way davies that important word meekest sanction thank you guys for being whether thank you thank him greatly appreciated one thing for giuliani to go in and spout conspiracy theories but he can't alleged fraud is a matter of law he can't go there say i'm going to argue this is a matter of law before you because if the judge finds it to be a frivolous claim giuliani can be
sanctions that's why lawyers aren't going into the court room offering these outrageous claims for donald trump it's one thing to say it in front of a microphone outside you go inside the court room and you say you can be sanctioned and actually face repercussion rise eloi dave ehrenberg net full i thank you very much and coming up breaking news from pfizer about the ethical save the vaccine their developing we'll talk a member of the vital transition team about that and much more we'll be right back
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