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White House chief of staff Mark Meadows brushed off questions Wednesday about Trump's allegations of voter fraud, and the Morning Joe panel discusses why it's time for Republicans to let the country move forward with the incoming administration.

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branched icon for details are you looking into an ample another one holds in london he care really speak too it why chief of staff mark meadow this after a meeting with senate republicans yesterday brushing off several reporter questions concerning president drums unfounded allegations of voter fraud the associated press reports that meadows has encouraged and republicans to make the most their remaining time with tromp according two senators so the problem is that the biden transition team joe is waiting for is waiting desperately actually for vital information pertaining to the corona virus what people will lose their lives if if this information and handed over there i mean
where two hundred fifty thousand lives lost right now that numbers way to go up we got the highest incidence of on a virus cases ever this is a disease that we didn't even know about a year ago now of a million americans are going to be dead certainly we're gonna be of most likely closed three hundred thousand the time donald trump leads off is he he has by continuing the said in his office and do nothing and not allow the transition of power debited began and not the key the binding administration in where they are on vaccines on strategy he is making sure that history holes him accountable for every last death that we have during this time a timeframe you know and and we
been patient on the show said tat but a gap that mitch mcconnell when he tweeted out everybody has a right to count the votes and they have the right to do the legal challenges and then we move forward well we're there and yet a willie this is of course as you know when we get around the fire when we get under the ozarks by away more coastline there ya data california story more more yachts true story to buy when we get around that camp fire we start talking about a lot of things and you always tell me you got joe joe tell me that thing about the retirement pensacola tell me the story again and of course what i tell you we as we learn very young in the north west florida region that
you're on the beaches and rip tied takes out and i'm looking at you alabama and louisiana tourist when that rip tides taken you out you just go with it and it does it'll take out awhile but you just stay calm because it's gonna take get out until it starts and when it stops you then swim parallel to the beach and then you just where mona i got that would that spend willie as you said to me last night when we read the orphanage socially distanced wear masks that's what you said our strategy should be here we are donald trump gonna badly we know the republic you're gonna act badly but just let him do other thing and when we get to the end of that process all right then it's time to start talking more we
at the end of that process yesterday willie at the washington post sorghum bob casta vein and they are admitting now they can't when these legal law suits their admitting and rob courts there is no fraud is a matter of law very marrying there's no way forward in any of these legal challenges so now moving on and there are going try to disrupt the electors doing something that is grossly undemocratic grossly on american at something that will stay with this republic party for years to come they know it's over and yet they won't do anything about it willie we written that reptile long enough it's time for america move forward get out of it starts
women back toward the shore and get on firm ground start planning for peaceful transfer of power start planning for distributing vaccine start planning the win this war on the corona virus having or commander in chief talk to our allies and our adversaries it is past time obama gay tromp vat advantage every press it has done that in the past there is no excuse for republicans tonight's moving forward now live depend on it and their continue foot dragging is not only wrong it's on american and let's be honest there was no excuse from the very beginning i mean they all knew where this was headed they all saw the vote but they said let's let this play out now they never did that
or they didn't do it in the races that they one in the house who talked about that are in the senate that indued and twenty sixteen making grand the winner immediately but we'll stick that and say you have a president right now and we should never take this says route even with this present oppressed and who in the middle of a pandemic that is raging out of control where we just cross two hundred fifty thousand deaths as you said who is hold up at the white house rage tweeting in all caps that an election was stolen from him how much longer do you let this go on republicans in the congress how much longer do you let him do that how many more people die how much more space as you put it do you give this man it's time as joe said let's go through that reporting in the washington post firm robert costs that this tragedy as now apparently change from the trunk campaign from attempts disqualify votes to actually does
opting the electoral college the posters reporting the trump campaign wants to delay certification of the vote long enough to cast doubt the legitimacy of joe biden win and to change the process for selecting electors to anonymous republican sources how the post rudy giuliani wants to pressure republican law makers and officials around the country to stall vote surfing patient then to have republican law workers choose electors to disrupt the electoral college meeting next month and that president trump is in favour of this plan but posts also reports the outcome appeal impossible is against the law in pennsylvania for example wisconsin law gives no role to the legislature in choosing presidential electors and there is little public in the other states to pursue such a path according to several people familiar
the conversations giuliani is regularly conferring with former white house strategic adviser steve ban in one of the architects arms trade is banned and not in jail why does he not in jail he's i act ironically joking is currently awaiting trial for fraud which what he's just trying to mastermind this operation so so it's really that's that's your white house is going to giuliani is going through a guy who was convicted of fraud hours whose being tried for fraud now yes who was arrested a yacht you remember this summer it is being tried for fraud men which violence on anthony fouche he and others most recently so that where we are we should just point out again that this stuff is fail again and again and again in the courts the courts are holding up in the face of these preposterous arguments made by rudy giuliani and at others so they can do what they're going to do let them do that but again where our republicans
but a hill where are they regulate how much longer do you let this go on and it is where's my mcconnell gap but you said you had a right to account the votes i agree you have a right to bring your legal challenges ford i agree but then sign the legal channel we know now and republicans in congress now mitch mcconnell no the legal challenges have all failed they're going to there is no way forward for this president what's happening and i dont know if this is a country which mokanna wants to live in but the republican party is doing everything they can do to undermine the integrity of of our our voting process of of a peaceful transfer of power something this is never happened before we got no arrive and from commentary coming up talking about there is no parallel here this is the first time a party has tried
to completely undermine the peaceful transfer of power from the person who we oh won the election and they know won the election and i will say meagre there are unfortunately some people who i would personally keep away from household those who actually believe that they they live in their bubble they go on facebook and we have friends and relatives like this who got one phase and they actually believe that there is a deep sigh conspiracy that end officers work with vote machine engineers two mastermind a stolen election for joe biden anyone why you know one say an who bomb think we gonna be quoting later today
an apple bombing or book twilight of democracy said that there's a willie lazy stereo type about trump supporters that their poor there on educated they basically deplorable at his aunt says it put that in quotes deplorable and says that's a lazy stereo type often generated by the trunk i'm paying themselves because so many are actually very well educated so many know exactly where they can get real moves that so many have no excuse for vote rummaging around in the gutters of facebook to try to find news that just for a world view even though they know it's a lie and i know you have friends who last night who went to yale
i believe this is a deep state conspiracy who believe that buys we're running around with sunglasses on and they were whispering and dark shadows of basements to people who make voting machines and the new world order yeah concocted tv stations this is what's happening and it now it's not the quote the the working man from yellow eyes cash start boils reddish boys out of new york who go in this it's this portal nor its from new york richie rids is its although reggie riches out there that have made time the mother of donald throbs tax cuts it's all the people who say
their order coming to an end and so so these people who have been given everything my america are now turning on america because they don't like the fact that a guy who cages children lost an election right and president tromp tweeting pitifully that he won the election maybe those who can speak to him he doesn't you're about our democracy we learn that he doesn't care about that but he cares about himself and these two hundred and fifty one thousand six hundred and seventy eight deaths are on his watch and the more he keeps information and transition information from the biden team the more he owns this virus if it's possible it's not true the presidency its trumps a virus he's holding onto
holding onto it and he's not allowing information to get into actually the hands of responsible people who are going to be taking over the means of power and are we should be dealing with this virus he's making sure more deaths and on his watch whether he knows that are not a thing screw and abide team he thinks he's he's being whatever instead he's owning death after death after death on his watch on his name in history willie yeah it's true and we should say again because there's so much fog in and there's so much garbage out there the election is closed georgia where they're just finishing their recount and the secretary of state their says it's not going to change much that joe biden will hang out and when it close in arizona its close in wisconsin but about the same margin that donald trump beat hillary clinton a few votes less there
in pennsylvania and michigan the two places where the trump campaign continues to fight it's not close the election is simply not close if you think you're going to change a couple of hundred votes here there it's not going to make a difference you won't change a couple hundred votes but it's not going to make a difference joe biden is about to take a six million will lead in the popular vote has led in the pocket vote right now is about twice what hillary clinton lee was at the end of the day when she won the popular vote against donald trump so yes few states where they're going about their business of recounts our close but this election broadly frankly just isn't that close and if you believe that somebody in the shadow of the night changed a couple of voting machines that that didn't happen but if you believe that that that's going to overturn the election you're dreaming yeah you're a fool if you believe that because and by the way you can run around all the while deploring sayer
seventy one seventy two million people sent me through my people voted for done that's great sending eighty million voted for joe biden put this in your cans conspiracy pipe and smoke it joe biden has received more votes that any american ever in their history this constitutional republic not really i close by and by a light he while by a lie he rushed donald drop in the popular vote by six point five million i've been have will it end up being six million each year and then no state by state mika pennsylvania public and self image listen to this very well pennsylvania public and senator pat to me said there's nothin their there our officials did a good job there's nothin there is going nowhere these results are gonna be certified and
his comments and where of course donald trump decided he only wanted a review of black counties what a shock that is yellow yet scott walker scott walker saying two weeks ago this is a kind of change we think the spreads to wide this is not going to change anything you got the gulf their ozanna the secretary of eight out in arizona saying the same thing this is a kind of change anything like that there is no fraud no widespread fraud this action is over in georgia you get the republic these republicans all except the sick he stayed in arizona republican secretary of state in georgia say and this is this is not going to change anything i get i get republican senators ask me to throw legal votes i got losers pollen up whining it's not gonna change anything you have republican
visuals in all of these states saying that this is a road to nowhere as and again we know what is the washing buzz word meagre at all it is is enough the guy i'm rudy giuliani is wasting judges and he's wasting the federal courts timed because he's got into what dinsmore used to call the four corners he's stalling he's holding the long enough that he's hoping that they get to a point where they can just throw out the electoral thus etc happen met you know that's never gonna happen it's time to put america first how about american lives a movie are passing now the quarter a million lives more than a hundred and fifty thousand people have died from the corona virus
there is a massive set of facts that backs up that even that number didn't have to happen this presidency has so botched this but now keeping information from the president elect and his team so that they can get a jump on trying to trick the numbers to mitigate until vaccines are available its unspeakable and that is the side of history that applicants are choosing to be on every day that goes by now we're gonna take a quick break and then will give you a full update on where the corona virus stands right now we'll be right back more than seven five percent of identity theft victims who had accounts open in their name did not find out there been victimized from their bank or credit card company what you can't see can hurt you don't be one of the seventy five percent who in check more places identity cept could be hiding get lifelong identity theft protection lifelong see certain
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delicious who does low breakfast for dinner so what are you waiting for get the food you love perks from grub up grub what you love we have to have mass we have to limit indoor crowded spaces if we do not do that we will lose tens of thousands of americans by the time action is out and widely distributed so i am urging everyone and you will hear every doc on the taskforce saying same thing that this is really crunch time this is crying wolf this is a time that we need to really double down because we are the most serious and dangerous part of the pandemic that we been in the united states and all this time a stark morning from u s health secretary admiral brett gerard as the united states is now reported more than two hundred and fifty thousand deaths from covert nineteen a quarter of a million
that's nineteen percent of the total covert deaths worldwide is nine months after the first u s fatality from the virus in early february cover deaths have increased by forty two percent over the last four weeks i pay is not seen since mid august the number of new and fair hence also continues to climb at an alarming rate the seventh day average for new cases is now more than one huh seventy one thousand however the washington post ports on a mile from scientists at columbia university that predicts more than three million people in the u s are estimated to have active corona vi infections right now much higher and the official number since it accounts for those who are undiagnosed the post puts that three million figure in perspective reporting that its equal to
number of public school teachers in the united states and the number of truck drivers whitley and as corona viral infections surge ass the country conditions inside the country's hospitals are now deteriorating america's frontline workers face growing fatigue and straighten as you can imagine their overwhelm hospitals are beginning to convert chapel cafeterias a and waiting rooms into treatment areas alison johnson the director of critical care at johnson city medical center in tennessee told the associated press quote we are depress disheartened and tired to the bone added drives to and from work some days in tears in el paso since the more guess so overwhelmed by the number of people dying that inmates from the counties detention facility are being paid dollars an hour to help transport the bodies of victims last week a medical center in reno nevada had to turn a parking garage into a unit for covert nineteen patients in saint
who s metro hospitals have been forced to begin to turn away patients need and care for rural areas and hospice in idaho worn this month theirs closing window of opportunity to avoid rationing care in just the past weeks more than nine hundred mayo clinic staff members in the mid west have been diagnosed with cove at nineteen the staffing shortage has forced the medical center to shuffle health practitioners of cross state lines and even to call retired staff back into service make it sounds an awful lot like what we are going through here and now city back in march and it now spread out across the country running rampant across the country to get back to the misinformation that we're talking about with the election i i can't tell you how people well then i know and even some friends who said to me when i
maybe we'll get some vaccines coming up next year and when we're done our there's gonna be overrun november the third time and again a right that this was just a ploy this on a virus it wasn't real this was just a ploy to help joe biden in the election the elections over and were now facing actually donald trump own people are saying the great risks and the great the challenge for this country people are literally dying still in denial of of this disease and what they can do to let me too it's just like the flow really of a million people dead and nine months just like the flu rather get up with more people dying from the grown virus then in all of world war two by the end of this just like the flu
not even close to the flow to stop being a full stop looking at lies on facebook get your head in the real world and like been asking you to do since march take care of yourself take care of your parents take care of your grandparents take care of veterans care of seniors take care of tell me having either lying conditions be smart i know you ve been trained not to be smart over the past four years to ignore the truth to ignore your doctors advice to ignore science to ignore facts this is beyond serious now or i remember a mask gets art listen to your doctor the hope for the vaccine couldn't
that may be a year from now we're in a different place but let's get to the recent vaccine trials which have shown hopeful results the drug maker motor now announced on monday that its corona vaccine was ninety four point five percent effective and pfizer gestures they announced its corona by respect scene is now ninety five percent effect and had no serious side effects the first set of complete results from a late stage vaccine trial let's bring in the president and ceo of biotechnology innovation organization doktor michel make murray heath so i would love for you to put into practice where we stand with vaccines because i worry that people mentally jumping there and and yet if you look at them verona virus man and you look at the death toll i think the country
is it fair to say is in a worse situation than it was when we thought we were at the peak that is completely fair to say and the easiest way to think about it as makers that were close but we're not all the way there we have a final mile that is very very important for a moment i also wanted to add that as scientists so brain as it is for us reach this tragic milestone of two hundred and fifty thousand lives lost and as such does it's going to be for folks to face ensure thanksgiving season with out gathering with their families which is incredibly important to maintain our public health guidelines i also have some reasons to be thankful this thanks giving season and we had the biotechnology the innovation organization are so incredibly grateful to the tens of thousands of americans who stepped forward to all until four the covert at trials and for the tens of thousands of scientists who
then braving covered restrictions to continue the research so we are seeing some amazing results as the fruit of that the sacrifice that work until it's important to say it's really promising that it this point just nine months into the pandemic we have two promising seen candidates already that are showing incredible results now the u s good drug administration was hoping for fifty or sixty percent efficacy and at this point it looks like we may have candidates that are above ninety percent in effect a mess this is incredibly promising but there are still important steps to go it is staggering work done by those scientists and by those doctors in such a short period of time as you know better than than anybody that's usually takes years and here we are nine months looking for fda approval but there's a lot of time as you also point out between here and there for most people to get the vaccine we are seeing some governors and midwestern states have been reluctant to put in rules now say yes we're going
have a mask mandate as their hospitals become over run so would your message be two states across the country to governors to me it is about what kind of mitigation efforts should be in place i know you're gonna sound like a broken record because you and other documents have been saying this for months now but we have a crisis now particularly in the heart of the country what would you say to the people there we cannot say it enough where we have to wear masks we have two socially distance we have to avoid unnecessary travel and we have to sacrifice the holiday season and not have large gatherings or even modest gatherings with our family we stay with our household and protect the healthcare workers that are out there every day while action is in sight we do not have one as of today we still have not had a full approval of a vaccine candidate yet were hoping that in december the use of the aid just announced yesterday that december a ninth they're gonna pick convening there
look advisory panel to hopefully review the madonna and pfizer vaccine data so hopefully december early january our healthcare workers who will be first in line may have access to vaccines but this is away from the general public really being able to be vaccinated at their local doctors office and we have stay strong we have to continue to follow the public health guidelines doktor michel mcmurphy he thank you very much for being on the show this morning great advised let's bring in nbc news correspondent mike memory from wilmington delaware covering the buyer transition team and what the biden team is trying to do mike what can you tell us let me go i think it's important to start with a reminder that there are only eleven weeks between election day and inauguration day for it
bite administration to really do all the work that needs to be done to get hit the ground running on day one and we are now in the third week of that that they have been lost now because of this ongoing delay with the transition and i think the sentiment of non binding advisers has long been that the more you escalate publicly the more it might lead the president to dig in but there is now i think growing concern that if anything some of the republicans who had been speaking out publicly talking about the things biden should be gaining access to like intelligence briefings have anything gone quiet in the it only seems to be digging in further and so you beginning to see the president elect self starting to raise the level of concern he's gonna be speaking with some republicans today is meeting with a group of governors to talk about what needs to be done at the state level but yesterday he voice concern about what these ongoing delays means for the abilities the vaccine distributed out effectively and quickly to the public
and one it's ready he also is doing something else which is trying to set an example for the lack of leadership that they see in the way how we haven't seen the president much of anything taken listen to what he had to say yesterday during a round table with frontline workers about steps americans can be taken to try to mitigate this ongoing crisis i mean charlie bet a meeting has taken place in the white house about any of this and but i am convinced that we can get it done with the exception of a republic is like that like the governor of ohio whose men straightforward about worried mast and the like now you have a governor of north dakota you have others figuring out that this is real we gotta do something and it's not a political statement is not about how'd you know whether you are tough guy are not a tough guy whether year this is about patriotism if you really care about
countries which want to do is keep your neighbours in your family safe only christian walker also reporting overnight that the binding team is confirming that they have had some outreach quietly back channel conversations with members of tromp administration but let's just hazard a guess here this is not mark meadows this is not stephen miller these are not the agency the and urgency chiefs who the president elect really needs to be getting brief from about our global let's and biden campaign deputy campaign manager kate betting field communications rector saying this is no substitute for what should be happening under the law in order to fully briefed the incoming biden team so what they need to be doing at this point this is my memory thank you so much we really do appreciate it and make it here yet you heard what the former vice sk madam president lacked just said and it's so simple
here's what were used to hearing from presidents republican and democratic president's alike that this isn't about politics this isn't about being a tough guy this is about loving your country and if you love your country you gonna wanna take your family and your neighbors and keep them safe everybody would just do that if they were just just be concerned about heap in their family and keeping their labour save that only do want to others but then have others do under them and keep them safe vat in and of itself would make a huge difference multiply millions of times across amerika not at all boat but its painful and what makes this so painful is that it is so simple coming up bring in our political panel noah rossman and his new piece on what's happening with the republican party entitled the dumbest have coups
and many others morning joe is coming right back hey everyone its crusades you know these days i find it helpful to just take a step back from the day to day onslaught of news and take a broader look at the issues i haven't had time to cover on my tv show all in everything from the legacy of racism in america to how community and creativity can flourish amidst a pandemic adore each week i'm ipod gouged wise is happening and i joined by uniquely qualified guess like pulitzer prize winning reporter nicole hannah jaunts progress does not mean justice or equality or that we are right after floundered year the black he will be in this country the tiber marking incremental progress patting ourselves on the back for that is the long over author rebecca summit how do we take care of each other in the context of not being able to physically be with each other in ordinary ways and many others who helped me makes sense of what's happening in our society and our girls i really
we're conversations i hope you will do so join me for new episodes every tuesday just search for wise is happening wherever your listing right now and subscribe is the seed vermin currently harry to engage with the biden transition team and if not what point does a delay hamper a smooth transition will pose a risk to national security there will be a smooth transition to a second administration were moving forward here the white house on the assumption that there will be a second trump term he's left in infrastructure in place our cove aid can be handled we believe that we will do so going forward and a second trump administration members of the trump administration placating president trumps refusal to accept there's gonna higher those people trump tv the white house after lying and try you get in the way of a peaceful transition a power while americans are dying left and right
its disapproval would hire them they had and magazines an apple one who has extensively studied the impact of authoritarian regimes points out that quote trumps is not a temper tantrum it's a carefully planned assault on america american democracy which will have an impact even after he's left the white house joining us now whitehouse rapporteur for the associated press jonathan le maire invasion capitol hill correspondent in host of way too early casey hunt national security expert communist usa today and author of the book the death of expertise tom nickels and editor at large for the non but newsroom the nineteenth and an msnbc contributor aaron haines and with us so city editor of commentary magazine and emerson busy contributor noah roth been good to have you
all on board jotted little mere you read a great story last night the ap where you said that behind the scenes republicans are admitting on the hill and across she didn t see the donald trump is lost no way he has no way forward but you say at the same time there oh you off the record the reasons why they are afraid to come out and say that publicly what are they that's right job seen as growing examples in recent days of republicans privately coming to terms with the election no better example the one now president elect harris will determine returned to the sad flora this week for a vote a number i ll begin senators somewhere and asks whisper can grow nations lindsey grant was one of the trumps most vocal supporters offered her a fiscal i salute at her by her new posts yesterday when chief of staff mark meadows went to meet with centre republicans others discussion what can be done in the fire
two months of the trunk term and we republican centres now be more willing to cast doubt on the chances of these laws the challenge is far fetched legal challenge they mounted by regionally ani and others but they say privately they're not willing to go there and hears why for a number of reasons first while they point to the fact that president trump did we than seventy million votes he remains extraordinarily popular among republicans republican base who of course these centres will need for their future campaigns they note of course there is always the long held fear of the tweets two other things that if that have emerged here one they feel that if it republicans are perceived as pushing trump out rather than the present coming to grips on his own kind of quietly whimpering out out of office these wonder what the blow back will be they fear he will make further risky strategic policy decisions perhaps a troop further troop drawdowns war
dismissals of the national security staff and of course because this is politics and this is what advisers told me a senate majority leader mcdonald's primary concern georgia the run off there where their hopeful that trump can still be useful campaign asset but at the very least they don't him turning on his own party if they are afraid that if they feel the he perceived the gnp turning pushing him out that he will said the one the attack and perhaps damage their chances in those to write offs they need to win at least in order to maintain control the sense of joe obviously this doesn't excuse thereby hub of silence which is too of course gives life to these kids theories and hands joe biden a very difficult hand not only the transition here delayed him unable to pre fully briefed on the democrats surges out of control but also and perhaps the minds of a huge portion of the country damaging binds legitimacy and ability to govern
willie there were stories that of russia during solomons great purges that he would give a speech in every way we can laughing because of the fear that the first person to stop clattering being taken out back and shot and somewhere in this case we have what afraid to be the first to come out and actually support the democratic transfer of power because they think that donald trump will hurt them in an upcoming primary it's pathetic it's pathetic i'm just chuckled out loud unfortunately when jonathan said they're afraid of the tweets are we still there were afraid the tweets like me i can assure you you survive tweets and yet get him tweed actually make you put you in a better position and by the way i'm it's ridiculous unless i miss read some of the headlines in the papers mitch mcconnell just one reelection by like twenty points against a well funded challenge
in his home state what's he afraid of exactly he's afraid of tweets from donald trump its confusing and it's pathetic we're not talking about the wall or immigration or something we're talking about the foundation of democracy or talking about whether or not you accept the results of an election that was run fairly and securely the homeland security department let's wait from that peace from noah in commentary magazine titled the dumbest of coups in it no rights this if this is a cool as an excitable sort has taken two calling at its core the dumbest in modern history what trumpet sacrificing these desperate efforts to cling to power is one of his best political assets the perception that he is an effective pugilist in defence of what is his and therefore presumably a strong advocate for his constituents that was only ever a matter of perception trump himself has confessed he's more of a wider than a fighter but the presence
is to remain relevant within the party kingmaker head of twenty twenty two and a resurgence force in twenty twenty four the fiasco for which he presides only makes it easier for those republicans who have to break from trumpet trump ism to succeed him the republicans mounting a hopeless last stand are second fighting their legitimacy and honour in defence of a hill that is all right overran so no other fundamental question we ve been asking for a couple weeks now why wider republicans can then you to stand by and watch what donald trump i think jonathan put it pretty currently that the concern here is about politics i don't think that it has much to do continuity in the stability of the country and can and convincing donald trump supporters of the legitimacy of these results that if they work to cling to that narrative and it would be a conspiracy theory on their parts they're not be reasoned out of it and it also has very limited
the goals salient saying there was a very famous you gotta pull his latest twenty eighteen that found a full two thirds of democrats believe that russia had tampered with vote tallies no evidence now evidence contrary notwithstanding and it happens his zero legal impact this is all about maintaining control over the party i am concerned i am not terrified by these maneuvers i don't think it's apt to call them a coup per se but we're witnessing our hare brained parliamentary maneuvers and at least lawsuits but if we go down that road and i did that in that in that column that i thank you only parallel you can point to in living memory is the organ ninety ninety one coup in moscow the attempt to rest control of the forces of history from those who are seeking to employ the soviet union and there's an inch parallels there are the people who are doing this are besotted with their own narrative their defending territory it's already lost and they're probably a hasten what they're trying to prevent not the outcome election that's over by donald trump perception
of himself as an effective pugilist these petulant impotent displays are the opposite of effective listen they made him look weekend small indefinable and every day that he does he looks more politically eminent we said that last week it's one law after another loss after another loss why set yourself up to lose every single day when everybody around you other than rudy giuliani use in the middle of this griffith why do you continue set yourself up to lose every single david that's exactly what tunnel trumps doing and nobody nobody there's go into hey listen you're losing every single round of this makes knows to go on get a clean cut
and move on and start planning for your tv network over twenty twenty four tom nicholls me you have been going back and forth with trappers who have been criticising you for saying that if you really want to help conservatism and you out the republican party you have clear out the whole tromp republican party at once i just read this from a nose peace that makes your point for you exceptionally well on just out how low the trunk party is gone there's no modern analogue for the display republicans are engaging in no parallel the which the right can point and claim their actions are just fight this is new it is pathetic it is now it is pathetic it is dangerous and it proves that you right all along vs republicans have
thirdly no political moral centre not much consolation unfortunately his imagine the thing we're dealing with and john i mentioned a moment ago we can't speak truth to the president sees me about a democratic election is we are afraid that he will actually heard the country than him undertake foreign policy actions the old damage the national security and military security of the united states this is unprecedented not just because i seem to have gotten used to president will hurt the country as a way of lashing on punishing us for rejecting him but we just now seen this behaviour wooden see bob dole say millions of people voted for me are therefore not going too can see we ve never we didn't see enough
it's mine deal or ronald you gonna nineteen seventy six saying while you not for the sake of the people who voted for me in a way it's it's how donald from treats his own voters as children it treats them as he treats himself as resentful children who must be placated or they will do tat will harm but they will start fires as they will destroy the house don't break windows means really remarkable that we are not just talking about american citizens homeward cults we supposedly understand the rules of the democratic game and we're talking about a president who has his own party grip with the fear that if they tell him to do the right thing but he will actively destroy the country and harm at such rules our doubts and they do understand which makes it worse i think jonathan than russia contributing writer at their land
can a senior fellow at the brookings institution rights for the publication suasion apiece entitled trumps firehouse the falsehood firehouse falsehood in which he says the president's refusal to concede is more than sour grapes it isn't information warfare tactic to leave the public bewildered and cynical jonathan rights in part what trump and his supporters are up to should be thought of not a litigation campaign that is likely to fail but as an information warfare campaign that is likely to succeed and indeed is succeeding already more space they are employing attacked it called the fire hose falsehood russian term by the way this information warfare technique floods the information environment with so many lies half truths and theories that the public
disoriented confused and distrustful of everyone to succeed him merely reach two attainable coals convince republic and that the election was not free and fair and convey much of the rest of the public that the action result is in doubt is in doubt and can never be known for shore those outcomes will frustrate and distract democrats outrage and mobilise republicans and most important from trumps point of view position him to remain agitator in chief after he leaves office and i would contain lucchese that promise in doing this through his presidency how he survived unbelievable burst king of norms unbelievable situations that other people that democratic president would not survive tromp has this throughout his presidency and most people just started
it's gonna be ok i think the damage is actually quite deep right now and that this is an incredible point that rush me it's a stranglehold over information that his supporters are consuming and it's a big part of why republican on the hill have no or at least they feel like they have no recourse in pushing back against him because all of the hour whether its conservative media social media twitter it all overwhelms whenever they say with whatever this fly of information that the president is and his allies are pushing at what their what they are offering and trying to excuse it i'm just saying that's that's their challenge that's the problem i've had a major basically given up in the face of that they have set well met case we're just not going you think about it because it's not gonna break through or make a difference in it just going to get this media
system turned against us and from that perspective technicals i have a question for you it's it's a little bit theoretical but some of them the most conservative members of that of the senator or the most conservative thinkers and people in our country sake might leave for example they like to criticise democracy in the most traditional way by saying you know we're republic we were set up to make for that there were safeguards in place to make sure that we were not ruled a mob the included implication being direct democracy is all italy rule by a mob more conservative point of view is what he's doing not exactly that which they are criticising bob zoellick senator we like to quote the point about being a republic when it suits them
what trump is doing is not direct democracy and its not small are republicanism its demagoguery and the constitution for specifically designed to event this kind of behaviour and to ameliorate it and to make sure that it can be stopped when it begins and instead you have people who consider themselves champions of the constitution like senator we giving us airy speeches about the nature of the united states as a republic the in fact we were we are public and we were specifically created as a system of separated powers so that when some like donald trump off the rails they're supposed to be someone like senator might leave stopping him instead of enable an rationalizing here and misinformed doing the constitution they make it seem like what donald trump is doing is part of some grand american tradition the whole point of a system of
operated powers and of delegated powers and of indirect rule so that the peoples represented we have an ability to restrain a monarchical and even authoritarian autocratic president like donald trump and it's just more evidence that that the republic party and the most senior people in it are done are absolutely abrogating their duty to the constitution errand these are of course important questions about the foundations of our democracy and respect in the election the legitimacy of president elect biden but it's happening in a parallel universe created by donald trump in his campaign here in the real world this pandemic is consuming the united states and if you look back at the president's twitter over the last few days not a mention not a mention corona virus it just all caps tweeting than he won the election all caps tweeting literally she went on conspiracy theories about what happened on election day as the country is
fire as nurses and doctors are crying out for help in hospitals it is standing even though its him and he said i always wanted to downplay this disease and everything else it is astounding that the man with his hand on the wheel of the country is not paying attention to the fire that's right in front of a well willie we a week away today from the thanksgiving holiday and you know it we ask me as americans whereas the gratitude for our frontline workers we were regarding as heroes at the beginning this election in you know two months from now we are going to have an inauguration and there will be a new present of the united states and so this really cannot be about president ciampi anymore this really has to be about the reality too many americans i've been avoiding the reality of this pandemic and now
too many americans who are avoiding the reality of the results of this election and that includes by the way the republicans one there are elections it this election was rigged are their victories legitimate i would ask our asking some of them who have been silent on on the legitimacy of this election but look we know that this is not about the legitimacy of this election but the illegitimacy of the expanded elect and trying to deal agenda mass folks who showed up to vote at one it is very the relationship between i think the now in in in folks around this and again the man out around the election and i think this warders pull that came out yesterday and i just we did this because it was striking seventy three percent of those the agreed that bad and won the election but when asked specifically whether bad and had rightfully one republican show that they were suspicious about how bad is victory was obtained fifty two percent of republican said that trump rightfully one
rightfully one line though ballots i mean who is affecting this is affecting the black and brown americans that expanded this do it not just the result of this election and questioning their i mean this is the behaviour that sends a message a message to them that not all into their boats not count but in this pandemic their safety and health don't and that is that is dangerous defies logic and it is delaying this democracy and of course air and you look what happened in weighing county a few nights ago where you actually have to who decided that they were going to try to stop the counting of of tens of thousands of black votes because they lost estate because black voters erin county came out and voted overwhelmingly for joe biden just like they did
in milwaukee county just like they did in philadelphia when just like they did in atlanta and so so they're trying to eat call it what you want to call it but what it is its racist you have republican officials who are purposely trying to target black votes just like donald trump is doing now he could have challenged oliver certifications and the state of wisconsin but instead he chose is to do it in the two these it had the most black voters and so aaron it's it's just more of the same absolute these votes are being questioned here is the question that we have to ask and these matters just for this election as a one off that is happening in egypt that is coming up in in several weeks if people are being to feel that maybe their vote we called into question that is the
beside a voter suppression on the other side of this election that is what voters repression can look like in the twenty first century the psychological effect that says maybe my vote won't count if i show up you know so so so can i trust that if i participate in this in this election again this is i'm giving season we should be grateful that a good number of american sixty five percent turnout wait the highest turnout weight since nineteen in the middle of a pandemic we should be grateful that as our federal government has a that our democracy works even in the midst of a tremendous challenges for the majority of this electorate and yet that is not there rotation that we are having we're not gonna be sitting here talking about our gratitude for the pull workers for the voters and end for everybody who participated in this democracy regardless of what the outcome
was that that was able to happen i we're talking instead about you know possible legitimacy voters le because the outcome was not as some
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