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Morning Joe 11/2/20


The Morning Joe panel breaks down the state of the 2020 race one day before Election Day.

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Karen Reserve. Can you show that you show this grab and in reverse they'd ever talk about sleeping crowded either about twelve twelve people just showed up. Well, it's maybe you could take those cameras, it you show over there. is this obsession by the way with crowd size, you notice that he's always work this is the one measure years of success here. Worried about his inauguration, probing smaller the monk
we talked about this about that, Nothing better to worry about that. Now come to rest Birthday Party wanted it was it. Was it I'm attires! Why? What's with the crowds of crowds before you had your point of view, but you know what a country's go to abandon. That's not why you're supposed to be worrying about while good morning, and welcome to morning Joe, it is Monday November. Second, now, just one day until our election believe it realise riding along, but will you look you just like your screen right and how can you tell its election weak right? I brought it
my election weeks, where I'm never wear this sweater. Unless languages clatter their way every four years going back to what was it forty eight One foreign China world will forty eight you believe that their election weak sweater than every week is collection, weak Joe scar before about thirteen year, along with their leeway and white. As Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire and TAT, the silhouette
here's the deal of em and I'm looking to dogs works, funded a silhouette, something I'm silhouette going to beat alters the large and the dog. I don't go hosted: MSNBC Politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Al Sharp in its field of everybody. Here really so, let's just start right now. Can we just say right now, just where the whole group here? Nobody knows nothing, I don't know who's gonna win this election. Every Paul out seems to be pointing towards a Joe Biden. Victory seems a lot like two thousand sixteen when we were marked and ridicule for even suggesting the Donald Trump could get to to.
seventy so before people are saying this races over. They take me to take a long, deep breath and understand you remember what Tom broke. I shut told us back in nineteen. Why guess who's in the twenty first century in two thousand and twelve aren't you a thousand eight, when we were all saying that Hillary Clinton campaign was over up again Hampshire. The poles were showing a bomb by eleven twelve points. Everybody rotor pilot we'll get you worry and Willie, then the voters went out and decided who they actually wanted. Well yeah? That's right. I mean the difference. Here is a lot of those voters already have gone out and decided who they want to win. If you just look at the data, if you look at the polling and if you look at how consistent the polling has been your mind and your eyes for data, tell you that Joe Biden has a comfortable ie, but as bill Makin, turf, Sir. Here said this is the most competitive ten point race he's ever seen when that New NBC the Wall Street Journal Hall came out.
Estray, showing Joe Biden, Ashley with a ten point, leave it's good the awhile night and Donald Trump has already signalled that he said effectively weren't flood the zone with our lawyers, send organist in the Pennsylvania and Michigan and was Answer and we are going to dispute this election. No matter what happens he's already saying that movement, Some reports say you could go out and declare victory as early he can on Tuesday night? Of course he will not have my mom, but he's gonna go right to say it anyway. We can assure you we're gonna, be doing coverage on peacock and we can assure you of Donald Trump goes out and declares victory. We we there to say don't take the feed right, you got it. Going to happen, we're not going to be part of any disinformation campaign by anybody will be doing eye coverage from six p dot m until midnight or until this thing's over election night on peacock I'll be so you can
on your smart tv. You can get it on your damn tv view of apple apple, tv You get it on your apps, downloaded and say, but let me go. Willie brings up the very point. Donald Trump is this past week in saying that that even if he's losing he's going there flood the zone and Pennsylvania with lawyers- and these are in fact: the United States Supreme Court already, SAM ahead of time. Why partners, just Jos Donald, don't say that quite poured out loud and he's doing it keeps stone. It he's already talked about the need to get em how buried on the Supreme Court, so she can rule in his favour on any future election challenges. this weekend. He was thinking this, brain quarter, headed time for being nothing more than his political tools to get him form yours and let me slow president trump himself and say, will see what happens on this final.
daisy, I'm satellite here all the time. What happens will see what happens to us. We got one day before tomorrow's presidential election, some consider at the most consequences election of our lifetime, I d rather tromp holds a rally in North Carolina later this morning and ends is day with stuff in Michigan and was content in between environs, Hotel, Scranton Pennsylvania, Biden, meanwhile, is focusing his attention today on Pennsylvania, with one of them this afternoon of Beaver County and two events later tonight in Pittsburgh. Here's why the focus Pennsylvania by the way in the latest morning, console Paul Biden leads by nine fifty two to forty three percent, both the Washington, ABC News and the Reuters Ipsos polls. Poles have Biden leading by seven fifty one to forty four percent, the MILAN Bert College. Call pole finds five and a five forty nine to forty four percent, while the
Your time, Sienna College poll shows by not by six forty nine to forty three percent and the Emerson Column College Paul has Biden up by four fifty two, forty six per Sir John, a thousand years of being jungle mere we ve been looking at the data all week we ve been looking at the public policy, been talking to the campaigns. I think you and I have heard the same thing from both campaigns. A week ago. It was more of a toss up now. buying camp, even though their going very camping out over the next day or two, the Biden Camp is feeling more comfortable by the day the victory in Pennsylvania that it's coming in Pennsylvania, they're not going to take it for granted. They know how critical it is, and the trunk campaign well They still think they can win, but certainly are not sounding is confidence. They were week ago. That's right, job of campaigns, pub,
we of course say there you can win and or going to win, but behind the scenes it is a little different. Let's start with the binding campaign, who has been expressing quiet coffins throughout this last few weeks about all the battleground states, particularly Pennsylvania Biden, born Scranton lives next door in Delaware. Linda Pennsylvania, more than any other battleground, say by a huge margin, and here Entire ticket, including new senator calmly Harris their respective spouses, are gonna, be camped out there today to permit Should a Pennsylvania comes home, returns to the democratic com. They feel they have a lead, not not a huge one, not as big as that public pulling, but one that they feel good about it. They can bring home but let us look where else there going on the map to Joe Biden going to a higher. This follows President Obama he'll be in Georgia by himself and Harris for in Georgia in recent days, as well as the ticket made, stops intact I what this is all part of an effort to try to deliver an early, not couple
tomorrow night. So to prevent what Donald Trump has said, he would do to make this be about Pennsylvania, two snarl it with legal challenges, Pennsylvania state that could take days to return its winner, other states that if Biden can win early, if you can pick off, let's say a Roger that happens much earlier in the night and without it Trump has a much more difficult road to two. Seventy, the term campaign. I mean the president himself laid bare yesterday with their strategies and that's too hope this is close enough. They believe they'll be ahead on election night. the votes that are cast that day and he will try to prematurely call victory. Let's be clear that does it make him the victor, because there, we'll be votes to be counted, no matter what legal challenges they try to front that his campaign believes they can win. Pensive aunt, but their margin for error, small. They like their turn operation. Spent years building it, but it is why do as one senior advised puts me over the weekend? Gonna have to be flawless that they have no. margin for error in order to get these voters.
Pennsylvania to overcome the margins. They believe Joe Biden will have and that's a similar story elsewhere on the map. As a final point, they have grow pessimistic about states like so that where the president has been a recent days, they ve also believe the Michigan at this point is an extreme longshot, even though the president will be there for two different Alex today, including his finale in Grand rapids, their hope that they pull inside straight in the sunbelt, we're trying to Georgia Florida where things are very tight and Arizona where they're down and then try their best in Pennsylvania, even if it means going to court. Yeah the presents got five stops today. Two of those JANET and said will be in Michigan refers vaults condition, another human being in the studio, spent a lonely. Eight months, but you ve been through a few these thanks presidential campaigns in the final days. Where do you see this race right now, obviously see working at all these poles nationally Joe Biden, some samples showing him with a double digit, led looking
comfortable in some battleground states. But what is your word of caution to Democrats? How you feel about this race by caution is that no matter how many people we vote orally, and we seen a tremendous turn out a break in our records. They stay must turn out tomorrow. They must also be prepared not for the president, trout, but for we know in New York DAWN the con he's gonna come out early and proclaim victory and didn't have you screw what he said for the next two or three days, saying look at what they did to me. He's gonna poles. the model of this election if he could give any sunlight at all, what a early state victory somewhere he'll come out, claim victory and claim that now, What the facts may lay out ten eleven twelve o clock. They are trying to rob me and we gotta be careful
man to go for the early com to mark the earlier that truck comes out the more we He knows he's losing and is trying to change the narrative. That's the only you could try to win now. In my opinion, if there's big turnout, You can try to win the narrative, even if he can't when the election. So help me out here with specifically Philadelphia because we're gonna go state by state worm, Pennsylvania right now. I suspect we pick up the pace, but the Florida these the swing state so important. Let's talk about Pennsylvania for one second insiders. I talk to on both campaigns. king of Florida there looking it at Pennsylvania, or to actually tightened this weekend, because a lot of black voters yesterday after church whether it is online or a person, went to the polls, and so now in Florida, Walter well that little bit
actually outperforming worry Hillary Clinton was four years ago and that his changed the outcome, the outlook in Florida, a little bit over the weekend by Pennsylvania. It comes down two black voters in Philadelphia and cross the state come out and voting. Obviously, years ago. Black the black boat went down for that time in twenty years. What can you tell us about that too? out operations in Philadelphia cans. by an expected perform as well, are better than Hillary Clinton. Four years ago, a date from I've seen and my car tax on the ground that you we'll see more of a turnout in Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia. The recent Shooting last week killing of a meant we challenge rag man as energized the community Downside was there was some looting and it took a lot to say for many of us to say,
The looting is only gonna help trap and it will not get justice for the victims, but I The shooting and the reaction has energize. A lot of people say we need to come out in voting, get an administration that will deal This was also very interesting that yesterday the Biden Harris can't pay put out a photo abide meet with George Royal, family and thirty, been crumbling and and put that out at a time in Philadelphia. Particularly. You will need to be reminded that he showed compassion for family seeking justice, where's Donald Trump, what the opposite way, I reiterate the moving and disorder only freezing the trumps law and order and narrative and a ladder community leaders in an activist, grandma say every brick you throw through a window is a vote for Donald.
let's stay in Pennsylvania is for one more moment before we had the Florida Monmouth University now puts Joe Biden they head of President Trump by seven points in that state. Fifty one to forty, four, let's bring in director them on the whole Patrick Mary, Patrick of mourning, workers through some of your new polling and how steady exactly it's been over the last couple. weeks and months. Have you seen any late break here? I think you pull. Pennsylvania has been that the state where, as you, Talking about. There has been the softest, a movement of support that the ability to move folks, we had Joe Biden up by double digits by by eleven points, just after the first eight and when the president was diagnosed with with covert, so that a major impact- and I think these voters are or more likely to move the keys that we're seeing
Pennsylvania right now is that Joe Biden is holding onto that lead and it's pretty decent leave, but it still is movable we're looking at potential for him having some weakness in The senior vote probably still going to win the senior vote, but maybe not by as much as he was a few more I think this is what a rapid sharpened was just talk about with the law and order issued coming up for these voters, but Joe Biden is we're seeing asylum led for him in Philadelphia soundly with black voters particular Philadelphia suburbs. The areas that are so Would it be up for grabs, as they were for four years ago, Northeast Pennsylvania that area from lack of on accounting down to Lehigh County. That's why be spending a lot of time there, because that that area is still very much up for grabs. The part, where we see Joe Biden doing well, is eating into Donald trumps. A share of the vote in the red areas. Just move a little bit over to say Lucerne, county, for example, which are swung
to twenty points towards Donald Trump and twenty. sixteen down from I was still gonna win loser, but we're seeing that Joe Biden is due. A well enough with those, whereas they might cut that at margin say in f. But let me that there is still room for four Donald Trump to make up that. To make up the difference there by Giovanni will be in the state of two appearances today, one in favour county one in Pittsburgh tonight so wise. You talk about the suburbs, which is what a lot of people be looking at bucks county and many others. How is Joe Biden, doing as compared to Hillary Clinton four years ago in those counties? How significant is that he's doing about five points better. On average, in the suburbs, than Hillary Clinton said it S. Pretty much locked in this is that blue wave that we saw a couple years
two years ago? In the mid terms, while it didn't knock out Fitzpatrick in the first district there in bucks county that the votes were picked up there and they stuck for for Joe Biden, so that's pretty sol for him? That's why we're looking at a larger led in the polls now than we were for you ago for four Hillary Clinton winner, we're not seeing as much of a slight but we're just still seeing that softness outside of those subjects of Job Heineken Bank on those suburbs She really comes down again to what happens in Northeast Pennsylvania, fascinating stem director, the Monmouth Paul Patrick Murray, thanks so much for bringing this those new numbers little perspective on your state. Thank you I'll its turn. The Florida Mika. Our the new morning. Console Paul, has Biden ahead by about seven point, fifty two to forty five percent Emerson College, Paula, has Biden up by six point, fifty one to forty five. So let us near Time Santa College, Has Biden leading my three within
margin of error. Forty seven to forty, four and and busy NEWS, Washington, Post Paul, has tromp ahead by two point: fifty two, forty eight percent- this seems close Joe. What do you think about Florida, well, I mean look at all. All the poles and I think only the need time. Sienna, Poland, the Washington, Post, ball, actually Can I have reserves, do and You look at the data right now. It looks like we're tide so so just to walk through the data and Jonathan wellmere I'll go back to you on this, because we ve been been studying this close, over the past week and we'll talk to my computer, the next hour about it. But the Democrats the four hundred and thirty thousand votes spread between Democrats Republicans with absentee boats we solve the sweet Republicans is fifty thousand
the day we're picking up fifty thousand a day and and one affair it has been doing this for thirty years, said they'd, never seen one party when in such a linear way, as the Republicans did not at all the way down to eighty nine thousand this past weekend. Democrats stopped leading it's up to about a hundred thousand now the difference. Now is this matter. Hillary Clinton heading. Ninety thousand wrote indifference, and out of that, she ended up doing it, like they were the two hundred and seventy five thousand vote lead so those Ten thousand extra boats were Democrats are our balance, for Democrats are important and Denmark operative I spoke with last night who's been following this extraordinarily clause. Things are going to pick up a additional ten thousand a day with absentee ballots and additional thousand tomorrow, which means, if that's the case, and if they end up twenty with twenty or thirty thousand vote
I get party affiliation advantage. That could be quite significant, but at the end of the day But the Republicans and Democrats come down to to say that as all coming down to the others, the Non party affiliations party affiliations. Those Two million voters, it'll be probably two and a half million voters on election day does break for Joe Biden Bite. we're three percent. The drop people feel good if they break by five percent. they still feel like they can. When it Biden, people their policy that they think they're up by twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen percent buttons very volatile, one one bite and care a person who helped run Hilary campaign said those in voters, were plus a lever, four Hilary before call me letter and plus two four tromp after they call me a letter, they are persuadable and what direction they
can over the last three weeks or so will deter who wins Florida? So it is still from everything I'm hearing. It is still a jump ball, Jonathan or mere wanting you here. I spoke to a senior in person on Friday who, at that time it was really worried about Florida, see a real softness. Miami day county in particular, saw this surge republican voting and felt the Florida was one perhaps slipping out of reach, but that is not true. of the weak? As you said, I feel like they ve stopped. The bleeding this is a fifty fifty ballgame again on Tuesday. There are also some hope: Democrats have that Republicans have cannibalize their day, a vote that some people begins, who would normally vote to say already have voted this past week after the is it a series of campaign rallies here where he was urging indeed people to turn out and, as you said We cannot overstate the importance of these independence and certainly election wide the trend, she's independence, had broken a job. I will not happen
on Tuesday, and for that we shall see, but certainly that is something the button campaign is grown hopeful about the Trump side. They ve always Billy, for it was in the bag, but they now That, indeed, is closer economic swimming on Tuesday. They know, of course, that they have no path without it and, as a final point, Joe after my life, I have now completed dog silhouette. My next animal work silhouette of meet all the cat. I thought you'd make it should know. But now I turned to my studio- that's lovely, we'll play wonder just just the sick. Just pause play ass, just about six so really didn t get funds learning this, isn't it on learning I under but you're really good at them is good. My grandmother, wise guy, I'm gonna, teach you crochet next day, so Willie what did three days makes it. If you talk to democratic three days ago, at the buying campaign, they were telling you floors. Looking rough, we don't know
we're gonna, be able to win that when the trunk campaign feeling really really confident about how that was going to talk to both sides. Last night the trunk campaign said to jump ball. We just don't know. The buying campaign actually thinks the numbers. out the way they play they. They think they're gonna play out. They can win it just buy a hair, but, of course they're not looking at the public calls, they laugh at public pools and say twenty seven thousand six hundred and fifty four. I think both sides still think this race We decided within one hundred thousand votes either way, but I must say late last night the Biden campaigned for the first time said. We think we may pull Florida out just barely if Democrats
it out and about the way they need to vote on election yeah I mean floor does not know how to do this easy do they. It's always comes down to a few votes in the state of Florida, but, as you say in Jonathan pointed out, we will know a lot about Florida on election. I know all the concerns about Pennsylvania, Michigan and was com. Because of the way they count the mail in votes and may take a couple of days, afterward before too no others of good China. They that mail in voting by ten o clock you'll start to get most of the pulling same day voting tabulated, so if the Biden campaign pulls out a victory. Obviously, I'll trump, we know is gonna contested some out, but if they pull out on election night, a victory, that's game over They can't there's, no, you can't overcome losing that say, he's playing defence across the country anyway, if you lose Floored he's done so well. Will bend will know that you won't have to wait a week to understand what's happening floor and Willie. You can also look at a cross. Lord of Florida obviously not
isolated state, not an insular state people, are flooding into Florida. Every day you can look down the Gulf Coast. You can work from TAT for all down the fort mire. A lot of mid westerners are retired there that breaks actually heavily for Donald Trump, that is great There is for Donald Trump, but it Joe Biden starts out performing early this evening and all others by seven fifteen, seven. Thirty. If you look at those that those eight million votes that are dumb on online by seven thirty or so eight o clock and and by this performing Hillary Clinton numbers by five ten percent that suggests problems, not only in Florida, that suggest problems across the MID West, so you can look at the forms of Donald Trump and Joe Biden and actually projected out across the map
I am in many cases to see who's going to have a good night. That's exactly what I did with Bush in two thousand and four. When I was looking at the numbers I saw he's ever performing in south from what you did in two thousand and I knew that I knew within thirty forty five minutes we weren't going to have a replay of two thousand Caroline in Georgia count quickly to sew on those east coast closing times we're gonna know a good deal. Speaking up the middle, it's gotta Wisconsin now brand new morning, council, pull out just this morning, gives Joe Biden a third seeing point lead in that state. Fifty four to forty one per cent time Sienna College poll shows Biden ahead by eleven point. Fifty two to forty one percent in the writers, Ipsos pull the former vice president head by ten points. Fifty three to forty three in the Emerson College, pull vice president, is up by eight point. Fifty three to four five and in the CNN S s arrest, pole, Joe Biden, holds an eight point, leave fifty two to forty four,
and over in Michigan the latest scene, and assess our s, pull Joe Biden up by twelve point. Fifty three to forty one, the writers This policy has been met by ten fifty two, forty to both the morning consult and Emerson College. Have been met by seven. Fifty two to forty. and the EP, Mri pole also gives Joe Biden a seven point led forty eight to forty one percent, so Joe, the president will be in Michigan. He still fighting for these states, but you look at somebody's spreads in Michigan and Wisconsin and their beginning to look like reaches for him you know they are reads this form and the trunk campaign is A little mirrors been reporting suggested for some time. Did they grow didn't feel like at a good shot in Michigan. But
I'm sorry! I look at these poles and say double digits in Wisconsin and Michigan, and I don't mean to be doktor down. These aren't gonna, be double digit races, mean. Maybe four five points, but you look at the look in some of these Paul's and it's almost like their paid for by the Republic and National Committee, saying I don't worry about it, binds for I had tromp doesn't have a chance. I mean it's two thousand Sixteen all over you- and I know the posters are independent. I'm just saying any Democrat that believe: Joe Biden, is up by eleven or twelve points. Man you're drinking like these raises are still close. Clothes and no one should in any way not have a sense of urgency, their democratic support, I'd, Mahars ticket. I do believe that the two things that are helping by drinking fraud Wisconsin in Michigan is in force.
the souls to propose a very effective and they also used in other states what a lot of people dont understand, particularly the truck campaign, is that the church related kind of border in the book community is usually a voter. They go and get wrappers whose friends don't vote there were voted. Go to church church folds vote either way you want to put it and the cells and applause brings out numbers, the other
that I've seen in fraud? And you- and I have talked about this- is we ve observed it? Is it they worked in outside counties? Debt have been ignored in the past that are not majority democratic majority black, but have you energize them? It brings down the level of the victory for a guy like Trump which could in the squeeze heard, and I think that is also happening in outlying counties in Michigan and in Wisconsin that did not just concentrating on the big cities but they're going in to those suburban areas in into those outlying areas and working those areas where has now a lot of people of color in them that have been ignored in Paris campaigns and chat with those two states. Another thing to look at is the covert numbers because Wisconsin specifically doing very badly and that can't bode well for the president. I suspect a view do see. Members were in
you gonna Wisconsin, were Joe Biden, wins by six. Seven eight points. If it's that big of a song, that's a home in his brain that there's no doubt a lot of that will happen. With seniors and others moving away from him. Because of may I hospitals and makes it possible to how reckless the present has been as it pertains to the car outbreak, Jonathan Layer before we gonna break, we talked about Florida talk. Data that is a toss up could go either way the why card is one of my begin friend says the wild cards, the others, and we just I d like tonight, but in the MID West, ITALY, he's from the campaigns that we have spoken to some of those states. Both Campaigns, immortal suggested locked down the buying campaign feeling as best. Good in Minnesota, Wisconsin Michigan,
and filled. They feel really good about Pennsylvania, though they know they were going to spread their hard until the very end talk about what you ve been hearing from rob campaign about those midwives states trunk. Pain is all but given up on Minnesota, where they try to push earlier this year and now banned and it they feel that Michigan, as noted, is strictly a long shot, and they know that they recognise their trailing Wisconsin to state that earlier this year they thought that would be the one of the three Great Lakes states. They could keep it. We should note the president on his final day of campaigning. After that start stops. North Carolina depends on me. It will be upper Midwest, stop in Wisconsin too, in Michigan as a frantically try to piece together. Their road, too, seventy they know. There is one point that Eurostat once again showing what. Why would the President wise twice the Michigan when his team and the vital to say it's over
It's a good question, one that there is some divide in the trump ranks about his final. Tonight is in Grand rapids, which the same spot. We had his last rally in twenty sixteen down trump heavily superstitious want to try to recreate that magic? His aid say that's but on the books forever, but it's that other up in Michigan, that makes some of them feel like is wasted. That should be one last rally. He should be standing somewhere else, perhaps either shoring up a North Carolina or Georgia. or doing yet another in Pennsylvania states that he simply can't give two seventy without Wisconsin Michigan there much. Much harder there much talk hills to climb, and if for the binding camp is you saw it they'll been bill, in principle all day to day, but let's not overlook that stop at Ohio because they know if they can got a higher than other been Westgate? There's no chance! our trump to try to declare early victory tonight. He could prevent him. From doing that, it there's no way he get to sovereignty
and what's whether Mab one last time before we go to break a state that is completely dark for both camps, Florida, the state of Florida. It is interesting that Donald Trump Gonna be in Michigan State again, that most say is is gone, but going down to the floor today. That is fascinating decision on his part and I will see our place out I'll see what happens. We ve just scratch the surface and we have new numbers from other states that hold the keys for victory Georgia excess North Carolina Iowa, oh hi. and Arizona, also ahead, a group of president from some quarters surrounded Joe Biden Campaign Bus. That Biden campaign says the trucks, I had to run them off the road, and now the FBI is getting involved, plus what the legal base
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Video of the incident from Friday showed Trump supporters surrounding the Biden campaign Bus with their vehicles in Texas, the binding camp. Inside said the programme trucks tried to run the bus off the road, as it travelled from San Antonio to Aston Trump tweeted. Praise for the support. Now. Look at that. Look at that knocking the course out of the way and then well, in my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong is dead. The FBI and justice should be investigating the terrorists and our kids blah blah blah shares. My word, you know really. Is this really? Is this really? Where is this? Where Republicans, because terms. Gonna be gone it's really where republicans want politics Where do they want their supporters to be chased off the road and a Democrat for years, and now do they want their? They want their candidate
Publican candidates to be surrounded by angry mobs and have their bus pushed off the road and meet this. Is Everybody knows better and, of course, you would expect the president. then this should expect every Republican condemn this. They won't, but Is that not only refuses condemned this behaviour. He praises at that always been the case for him as president? Has it been where there's ugly incident, a despicable and says in this case, and you would expect the President of the United States to use his pulpit to condemn it. Instead, he thought And the flames he's done it again and again and again in every different area, you can conceive of calling these people. Patriots on that Biden, Harris boss. Vice President Biden was not on the bus, but his staff and surrogates we're they d call nine one one. Ultimately, the police came in and gave them and asked for it there to cancel some events where they were headed This was a serious incident. The FBI doesn't get involved. If it's not an you wouldn't Pope,
You can't help anymore with this present, but we would hope that a president would not call them patriots and then gleefully Rico. The story at his rallies, as he did. so ugly moment, and we we sought, much of it yesterday. Actually trump supporters blocking traffic on roadways around New York City, the Tri seed area, Maggie Hats, Can flags flooded, New Jersey, garden, State Parkway Sunday morning backing up traffic for miles Zack, not really, that's a good way, a really that's a good way to win votes. Isn t really to be. I I most used a word on the air that I cant use here, but to be such jerks? to be so inconsiderate as to actually block L you know you ve done it. I've done it. A lot of us have done it we're we're trying to take our kids either to Basque, all games or trying to take our kids to friends. Houses for a birth
parties are we're trying to get our parents somewhere. These jerks decided to block traffic and make a point by blocking tracks. they should be arrested. Every one of them should be arrested here and what do what's? who are you persuading by doing that exact, not persuading anybody there? It's a symbolic middle finger with flags and everything else, but God forbidden balance is trying to get through their. There was another one. Mario Cuomo Bridge in New York, state troopers, were able to of them along pretty quickly make it. We saw these scenes playing out across the country. Taxes on Friday in the New York area, yesterday little jealous. When I see people cruising around on an electric bike, they look like so much fun, good, forgetting nature cruising around town and our sponsor Rad power bikes knows better than anyone that these rights are. Also great for commercial use, like rental fleets, urban
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they're, going to make traffic worse than going to make people's lives more miserable, whether it is literally improving and by the way. Yes, I said same thing about leftists who have done this. That's not with our ears here. Look. What Donald Trump is made you years, You do what you have heavy did you're in Higher life III is married. You when you have criticise your entire life, you have a calm, despicable and stopping parents from taking their kids where they need to go stopping stopping people taking that their parents maybe do the hospital. Maybe There is an emergency because you were trying to make a point, and this thing taxes. I want you to see this this car getting out of the way. Is this report
Is this what you want, because your president, your president, is praising this dangerous baby early this? What looking ass look at that? Is that what you want politics to look like, because, if not you need to get out, and stop being the weakling that you are criticise? Donald Trump, because this what he wants to future of american politics to look like, and I meant you now. Obviously, I expect you to say nothing because for and this is the fact that you have a president, that's going around demanding that his opponent be arrested, the attorney general because he's losing the policy. You have a president who is saying that the Supreme Court, hey fix that for me, I'm going to lose. I appointed do with this election process for me because I know I'm going to lose so why
pointed you. Ain't Tony bear it. I expect you to rig this election forming as non you talk me up behind this. Bear it that's a present united. Sage and said he was going to point you so you'd ring the election for him, and he said past weekend. Betty was he's taking you. What That's for rigging the election, pouring, not my words, his words and again for Republicans. Is this really how you want american politics to lock joining us state attorney for Palm Beach, County Dave Ehrenberg, also with us, Professor, a Duke universally law, school and and Mason Bc Legal and Charles good to have you all on board. We can start there. I mean Dave Ehrenberg just that traffic incident, its to me that that would be unlawful on a million different levels? Meagre Democracies die in a fully function
democracy. You wouldn't have the political leader celebrating his arm supporters pulling his political opponents. That's why I'm glad the FBI's investigating- and I hope that state officials bessys? Well, because there could be some federal they climbs here, depending on what the evidence shows that could be violation. Voter intimidation. It could be possibly aggravated assault. If someone was waiting a of the bus that there could be attempted false imprisonment, but even if there are no crimes have been committed, it's bad luck, especially monk, suburban women who will decide the selection process. This is backfire. This into has been so widely reported much more so than regional event where the bus was headed, and so I think this whole thing has really turned off a lot of people. Also, let's find out who, in the trunk campaigns encouraging all these people are blocked traffic, because now could be worth closing argument than traffic jams, whether in New York
New Jersey and although New Jersey are blue states were trumps, not gonna win. They have viable down, take Republicans who will suffer result of this, and I think one final thing. This puts an end to the whole theory. There's this wide segment of shy. Trunk voters out there I met a shy trombone in fact, now that would allow these out as people who are just out there, so wanting everyone to know who they support. If anything, there may be shy, biting voters out there because they don't want to be run off the road. Es, or do you want to ask about this case in Texas, the Supreme Court? There yesterday denied an attempt, by Republicans to invalidate more than one hundred Many thousand votes from ballots cast a drive through centres and Harris County. That's the states largest and home to Houston the effort to disenfranchise as voters. There largely Democrats will now move to the federal level where a judge is called an election eve hearing the loss, argues that ten drive through voting sites in Houston are operating illegally and array
in areas that favour Democrats, but the all Republican States Supreme Court disagreed. Giving Texas Democrats hopes federal challenge also will be denied the New York Times course. The system was unanimously approved by Harris County commissioners after being tested a pilot programme over the summer. So, professor, What exactly was the argument here from Republicans this was agreed upon? This is way. They vote in that area the argument from Republicans is completely faceless. There really is no legal basis for this argument. Mary essentially arguing that what they what Harris County is doing is institutional because the state legislatures reforming one that has the hour the chain the voting rules not only was the siberian abide by its consistent with state law, so there is really no legal basis that disenfranchised a hundred thousand voters, who have relied upon an agreement by the state and by state law to vote.
This is simply trying to ring the game and water to get an outcome. That is why it is consistent with law. There is no legal basis. Also working day? Berger on my Amadeus County and efforts there to hurt the vote there. What what are you hearing meagre? The images the stacks of election mail at that post offices, really struck a nerve around the country because it reached a motor suppression. That area in my de County, where they have this problem, is, has minority population and even if the cause of it was negligence intentional misconduct post some general Louis enjoys not the benefit of the doubt and that's why my colleague in Miami dates data turning Catherine Fernandez, Rundle call for a of all the pulse of distribution centres in the entire county to make sure there's no other undelivered
election male out there in the bed seem to be responding voluntarily to it. There looking at the post offices is too, see if there is any of that mail there and they found in that one facility that there were forty to Avonlea ballots. That had get me mailed voters and six balance that had been completed to be sent to be counted. That warrant sent out now that's been fixed, but Florida a narrow state and every vote counts. Clearly, my biggest concern is that what happens in the rest of it Is this happening elsewhere? The only way we I found out about this was because the courageous whistleblower, a postal employee who took a secret video and then leave it to the local state. Presented concerning the who made a public. Otherwise, no stacks of I would still be there today, Professor Charles oppressed, United States already is signalling that they're going to send in lawyers to these states where male invoke take a while. We know they're going to take a while and because they take a day or two or three does not mean that there's fraud,
does not mean the election is rigged, it means that's how their system works and literally they are counting those boats. The present would like to see. On and on. Action ninety says we should know election night who the winner is: that's not how our system works. So what does it look like? in the way you see it. Let's talk a couple days after the election the week after the election. If the present campaign does send attorneys into Pennsylvania in Florida in Michigan into was content. What does that mean exactly how long this play out? This could plan long time so. The first thing again the argument that the election and on election day is a specious already minutes, not wish that a strong legal argument it actually again has no basis. In fact, one of the visible word about our sea. types of manufactured legal arguments that are met the drag out the process possible that you know you have the absence about questions
the signature matching questions of their potential legal issues that If the election comes down to a state like floor, does they like Florida or to Pennsylvania over North Carolina embedded drag out. The cross were we to, depending on close, it is what the legal questions are, but we also have to recognise when they are. There is no legal basis in some of these arguments that were seeing manufactured invented. as a way of bringing the outcome, and we have the bottom up. All right. Professor Charles, thank you so much ring with this day. Very varied. Thank you is well, it's always great. Every year, however, now rather disturbing article last night, just about the industry, the vote suppression industry that the Republican Party, has mastered over the past decade. And yes, I was a republican and, yes, I was involved in the two thousand election and harmony
and I was involved in was in Northwest Florida. We held rallies and what we are doing The do because this matter too Publicans at least after the words back there is we wanted sure that every military voter overseas get his or her vote counted, even if it can. men after election day that matter nor public back then, and we got the county commissioner through we got depression by Well how big rallies, but we made sure and every man and woman in uniform and their family members get their absentee vote. Counted even if they came in after election day again that now you get begins fighting that, but, but I got a question for you: do how many times- and I must say as much as I follow politics this shock to me- You know how many times Republicans have. Why,
the majority of the votes in the presidential elections in nineteen. Eighty eight. Now. I do not want one time, let's system for one second and think about that, the Republican Party has one most votes in a presidential election one time so nineteen, eighty eight and with demographics the way they are publicans are going to continue working a harder every day to suppress the vote of Americans, but you know call meal fashion, I'm not talking about the electoral College Year, I'm just saying
We knew- and I grew up the believe. One man, one vote, one woman, one vote one person, one vote, but publicans, loss of popular vote and ninety two and ninety six in two thousand, two thousand eight two thousand well, two thousand sixteen and yet they own the United States Supreme Court, where You know you and I also grow Baptist and the Bible says that that a man souls he shall sorry? They had sold in suppression and try To stop people from Marvin having an expanded voting base. then sold in having the Republican Party expand to me the changing demographics, if they have cat invested in that and would do now they would be more competitive and this drinking while they are trying to suppress, rather than expanding
they embraced the new and growing America and they become the victim of own plan, unknown strategy had that's what we are seeing. The do. Go into tomorrow, and he's gonna led to bear becoming police. Clean, not only impotent but his star ray irrelevant over the next two or three cycles all right and all of this, so I can painting, by the way on the part of President Trump, is happening as coronavirus is spreading across the country. Hot spots are cropping up, and cases are popping up and even death in his wake and you Today, the UK announced a one month locked down, but despite all of that President once rally in South Florida late last, ran past Miami dead counties, eleven p M curfew and while the present spend time in Florida rally criticising corona virus restrictions, the crowd, and chanting fire found she and here's how the president responded.
Don't tell anybody, but let me wait till a little bit I appreciate the now he's been wrong in a lot. Is a nice bear? No he's been wrong in alone he's ran raw alive. where I was I knew it was coming back in the fog knows not here the guy. That's all new high drugs are core and was not
The miracle cure. Yes, it is it's a miracle cure, of course, when you needed a miracle cure, you sure, as Hell state as far away from it, there were as follows: actors now guys rock and the empty is the guy you you're, not empty aid is is: are the group of your people who had the worn Americans not to put bleach inside their bodies had to actually go out here sky has been cleaning up your mass from day wine and yours is very wrong. You know it's a body is when you are talking one word funny and a sort of you killed. Two hundred pounds boy, but once Ironic is the new or act telling Bob Woodward in February on tape. What actually doctor that you're, not talking about getting rid of, has been saying publicly there was one you and him as he's been saying it publicly,
you were been saying at privately and then you, lying to the american public, letting die just let them die. Despite the fact, you knew better so and look so you gonna fire him for saying this. What you asked we were telling Bob Woodward and February residents. Interesting, is going against all health guidelines and holding he's rallies across the country, and now that the public health departments are tracking the uptake in corona virus cases, due to his rallies and death new to his rally know. Who else is striking? It's like a kind of a murder trip, your country, you know roses tracking voters, yeah seniors. Let's bring it up joint MSNBC as Rachel Battle, Nicole Wallis, joy, red and Brian Williams, analyze the election of our lifetimes, Steve Cornet will break down the data stay with.
Msnbc until the last bodies count it
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