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Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Sunday that he 'didn't see' specific evidence that Iran was readying to attack four U.S. embassies, as the president claimed last week. And, new 2020 polling shows Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are in a statistical tie in Iowa.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America, the highly antics paid a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson loser, Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com, more. Could you confirm that Bulgaria is vital not only through the president said that he was whimpering crying in this final moments? I can tell you this: he crawl into a whole were too small children blue himself up policy, while his people state and you can do, is what kind of person is based on that activity. So that will be my empirical observation of what he did not able
farm, anything else about his last seconds. I just can't get from that one way or another that, as one of America's top commander s back October, refusing to echo president trunks fictional lies story about killing of ISIS is later is killing the head of ISIS? Wasn't national, you had to add to the ad colored now America's defence secretary is refusing to endorse the president's claims about the specific threats against? U S, embassies posed by IRAN for the present there was a tangible us. He didn't site a specific piece of evidence what he says. He probably he believe. Are you saying no to violent one? I didn't see one with regard to four embassies. What I'm saying is, I assure the presidency's view that probably my back was it really go after our embassies? because I am the killing of solar money, probably most
influential military leader across the Middle EAST over the past thirty years that wasn't enough. You had to make things up. Of course he had to make things because they made things up them from the very beginning. The attack was eminent. I work as far as the secretary to fence not have, but you know that Oh yeah, you can even see last week last weekend by the way, Trop Administration, why some people on Sunday shops. It's not like any The ever leaves in the right way. That work. That offers get Reawake China, a mere you should why every week, why do they do by the way, the patriot still out yet love the plastic denominated? Let us beckoned, they d knowledge I can this weekend, but let us just say last weekend you actually could tell from Pompiers answers the packages making up the stuff about eminent pomp. I was
the push back, and it became very obvious after his fourteenth interview that Sunday that debt. There was nothing imminent about it, and now we of course find out that from the sector that Donald Trump was made things up about going to attack eighty seven embassies, just no truth to it from the beginning illustration, one of things that the present prizes most Is the willingness of AIDS to go on television to defend him even when it is defending so we have seen this now, both the last weekend's, where a top aids pay. As you say this week, Casper have gone out there and done Sunday show circuit to make their case to try to have reverse engineer to justify the decision at present. May we ve seen in the past or outright lie We ve seen Stephen Millard others gonna walk up the Sunday shows and talk about the millions of illegal vote is another way to.
Every child. When I will not, I will not say which want to join us. Why do you lie when telling the truth would be? So batteries in unnecessary, as you say like no one is gonna question the killing of outbreak daddy, but it does had a seller with these details, sort of make him tougher and look the and make the terrorist leader look weaker with the whimpering and quietly The note was ever be able to confirm word. There was no audio ability for the president to have heard. That now I'm in this, but this those are in some way smaller things than this. This justifying a military attack that could have could instilled, could have and still could have destabilize array in the end. Yet and now there are similarly falsifying intelligence. We know the senators and others say they were not presented with any even in it. By material about threats about embassies, yet make now, as I too am, but I'm getting. I'm getting report and from the family desk ass, actually, my mother, so that about a cousin
very nice where it s going to Europe are essential, such as you can see. We have le Maire attic by Junior to answer Steve Vernacular age. We have Adrian now rod with us as well and national security experts. Necklace author of the death of expertise- and you are writing about trump. As pertains to the truth. Junk then it its remarkable because they had a compelling nerd and they had a narrative tat, would have worked. You can argue that And unwise policy, they should have taken their shot when they did, but they could have gone out, and so it looks bad guy. We took em off the battlefield, that's what we do. Other presidents wanted to do it where the guys that actually did it and it's they ve added an argument that, if its falsified, if it turns out to be wrong, there actually trouble because they ve now staked every on this eminence it's kind of like going in, and you know saying talking about Wmds right. There are a hundred reasons to take out said, but if you rely on one and it's the wrong one, then suddenly you're in
what for lying, it's it's a remarkable thing to see that administration keep lying when it doesn't ask do well what we ve heard Steve Corner Jackie Time and again, and the kind of drives me little bad people going. It doesn't matter. He did so that no matter what nothing ever attacks is the drop it's as if the two thirds Eighteen election did happen. It's as, if Demand still, when the largest landslide ever by vote Toto in the history of the American Republic for a mid term election. It does pattern. You look at the polls on that. Killing of school Almaty. Were asked whether they support it. But they do not feel safer about about where they are now because of the killing of salami, and it's a landslide Donald Trump loses they dont day. They don't feel safer. They didn't support it, but saying that
We have changed the calculation for a lot of people, I not looking at fault, but there is an impact, the lies, whether it frustrates people in the Democratic Party and or the media or the Democrats in the media are not there. The moon backed, and that is it. People don't trusting he's lying about it, so it makes them feel like you know what I'm, not. Filling especially safe about my commander in chief blown up, the most powerful Terry figure in the Middle EAST right now, the info The entire trump style is on your screen right, ass, the approval rating in forty three percent and that eighty pull over I think the average right now about forty four percent, somebody, you gonna elected, not winning the popular hope somebody with a majority disapproval rate- it certainly possible.
They re elected this year, but this one, this abc Paul, is obviously his handling of the situation with IRAN, and only one out of four voters think that America safer now because of the killing in Seoul, it is appropriating just overall is present I'm so our democratic Roma thought that his approval waiting right now in the average is forty four percent. So the it's right, along that that's tracking, with basically opinion, have Donald Trump and its performance is president right there. This has been done. For three plus years right now. This is a president who is key full of getting elected by the slimmest margins, I would say capable of getting reelected by the slimmest of margins, but it's also capable of its also possibly cannot fall apart. When you look at where opinion is on the same, the economy- and things like that is approved, he's not racked with well. By the way right now we ve record high markets record low unemployment. He sitting at forty three forty.
Represent the advisers need across her fingers. I'm hoping the economy stay strong, but I really hope and the economy say strong, because if not Katy bore they door violates be Katy. Pour the door Cosette sorted, something that power carousel might have said, and nineteen seventy. Eighty bar that do the Kansas City G man we're flying up here and it's twenty forty, nothing we, now to J of cane. You know if you ever landed J F K, the delta terminal, it's about, affording that what we do, the term exits. I mean term gates and its. I swear it out its twenty forty, seven, ten, more gates, its twenty four in its day, more gates It's more like an hour when we get in the car they go out Tom, Waterloo, wearable game It was and they'll be a decision year by the union's actions that will be sent, guess forever up twenty forty seven
on their side of the field faking upon which didn't work handed. The chiefs gives the position they going touch down and the floodgates opened the homes here in that she's offence is so lethal and scored. I think, about four hundred consecutive points. Three, after down twenty five three hundred order you to banking sector was a record but effect ass. The games setting up against the titans will upset the ravens, which some of us this table pretty happy about it. A lot what s the tightens up the less happy. That I think it really so here yet tendency tight insurance was we they re devotee. They beat the Patriots and then my God should meet the raven and end halfway through disease. Every losing the patriots are the ravens we're gonna win Superbowl yeah. I mean I was sure the ravens we're gonna, be there yeah Lamar x is gonna, be the m. Bp heats, he put up five hundred tall yards neck, but he also turned the ball over three times and give the titans credit
Derek Henry could just run the boy roman type which, by the way, there's also college football tonight, just Scarborough we're waiting for tonight I'm always are you always get a route for that as I, this is put to the ultimate test when Osborne was played for the national I've been ship for the first time in my life and like them said I, you, I read what so here's the deal this disease but you know what I've been living with every day, so Alice Alabama, that's the gate and wonderful right always the year for us, I'm There is, though, one game I get nervous about. They sit front of the team this way the giant can pass their nervous, miss, Brzezinski walks in and she looks just like their uniforms, and so Oh house was cheering for EL issue and they want, and they were scrapped
in amazed. Stop you don't. I thought it was a good game. The spun let's not for EL issue, one that you yeah Alice you and in fact, that is being played. Alice you, and in fact it is being played in New Orleans, say basic gives them a home game. Its can be hard for them to see them. Loser such of the president will be in attendance to their judgment. Now I ask number you football foundered. You only talk about David get his son. You know Joe Ironic, why not mister Blausser? I've been sitting here, I feel like I've wandered into the wrong track: salaries, layaway starting my eyes for vat eddies, not either steps and adding what you think Elsie Lord EL as unanimously and follow up, threatens you glad that negates the cheer be our now. They were gradually getting some kinds of that seventy years it's on yesterday's getting via about nineteen. Seventy songs. First of all, hey, turns up one and on the other side of this,
can we can't hate on way? Newton's? Daddy? Don't you walk so fast? It is that's a class. I think you know you'd like to a priority on, but I think we both agree that David get us and run Joey right on my car was as good as nineteen seventeen death rock will ever if that was there was a homeopathic now wasn't responsible, also for blind airlines in the bleachers ready for this. Second half is solid, say Ok, now you now you gotta! Let me in the play I ain't gonna. Let me do the news. Now we sell in the seventies pop in the order of the day. Gentleman is it's actually the latter day is I and we we ve touched on. Iran will get back to it. We have impeachment to get to but go to Iowa Senators, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren lead the field in Iowa, both statistically tied for first place? into the latest CNN Doin Register media come Paul. Saunders. Has twenty percent support up five point since November Warren sits at
Seventeen percent up one point both are within the holes. Almost four point mark There are former mayor PETE Buddha Judge follows closely behind with sixteen poorest down nine points former vice president, Biden has fifteen percent unchanged since November. Senator Amy closure is at six percent Andrew Yang still at five percent of consortia we're gonna dig in more than this Poland, just one second, I just want to bring up the scorn anarchy The new Hampshire Paul s way. That was almost identical. Do this for you at the top floor there all day, quickly within the margin of error. This is if it were a horse race there there, no one around the corner, Kentucky Derby and you get four horses lined up next each at this Last week, twenty nineteen eighteen fifteen add by the way
Psmith WAR and fifteen and wine, and she was in fourth place or third place close by and the other man. If you're Elizabeth Warren actually kind of liking that cause her on the ground. Operation is stellar and number two choice of a lot of people in Iowa and Iowa that matters what so, both it's for candidates within five points of each other within five points in the lead there from from last first place. That means that there are four it's right now who are not in possibly set up if they can get a couple. Went their way in Iowa to win Iowa get all of them. Went and that comes from morning. I what you get that each day stretched between. I wonder- and I am sure we all talk about the winner. We all talk about which pay time, for whoever didn't meet, expectations and potential rule that into New Hampshire, both very fluid, both very bunched at the top. If somebody a clear victory in Iowa you looking at we're clean. You say it's very possible persons can a role that any new Hampshire into play. How to get. We only have about nine, no ten examples in the modern era, but Canada,
with one both Iowa. New Hampshire in contested democratic nomination, raises so far our undefeated it has been an unstoppable. I'm not saying it we'll be. Now is a major question of Biden. Strengthened after one, if he doesn't come through here, but the past, nobody is somebody getting clear its nose first to it, exists you not by way when teach it tells you that he's commentary. Yes, is that what you did that will now ally with helping may bring my book I broadly share in spite of her one so anyway, so tat you can actually remember we talk about how you get hundred million dollar twenty one new amphorae said is basically worth a hundred million dollars of earned media yeah. Thing with, I was so Iowa New Hampshire, whoever and by the way, as we found in two thousand eight doesn't matter, if you're in second place, by one point or third place by one point,
John Edwards campaign, because he was just. I think, below Hilary at a pretty rough impact on his campaign, so yeah, whoever wins This thing out in Iowa a winner is a winner, ran around the first one, so Adrian I'll ride. What is happening in these two states, Ireland, in Hampshire, given these falls well meagre, First of all, this is going to be such a close race into the point and Joe just mention the ground game is going to be everything it could make up the difference between those four and five points where the gap exists. I E Elizabeth Wine and to the point that you I'll just talked about with Elizabeth, want war being the common second choice among a lot of carcass goers, that its huge, because you ve got to keep in mind every single cock, as I think there's about sixteen hundred different caucus locations throughout the state of Iowa
a single cock as you as a candidate in order to go forward after the first round of I've caucus going, you ve got to get fifteen percent of the vote of the actual people in that room. Fifteen percent of you at least have those people have to in your corner. If not, I eat your Amy Club, a you get six or seven percent of the people in that room. Then your people are free to go in this. Got round to whomever they want to go to and if their point choices, Elizabeth warn that can significantly boost her we ve also got to keep in mind that this time in Iowa they are also releasing the raw vote total. So it's not just the forty one down it's that are awarded in Iowa is also the raw vote total. So, for the first time we will be able to see how many people who cast about four who and how that red total though tunnel, plays out. That's, not necessarily going to make mean more delegates, as I can have anything to do with the delegates, but it will show different kind of momentum. So I think the messenger game- and I was also can be important for candidates because
You could have somebody who you know X out when one or two more delegates then you're the first place person can get me now. Twenty delegates to second place person could get eighteen delegate, I'm or probably not that high, but some variation of that. But if you have a high boat total, you can message that to also try to show momentum going into New Hampshire. So it's going to be fascinating, but also to the point you, both mentioned. If somebody I e Bernie Sanders, I even peep Buddha Judge pulls out a in Iowa New Hampshire, and that is going to be a very difficult momentum track Two tend to change, because that, essentially, in a large re like this with so many candidates running, if someone can pull off both of those two states- that's gonna, be very significant. Obviously mere PETE desperately need some, like that right now, based on pole that came out this past weekend, and that is black voters. Black democratic, like voters to vote
I am session in this entire race because it seems that New Hampshire in Iowa may matter worse. If somebody that's pulling. Oh, I don't know two percent among black voters. Windsor stay still violent. Forty eight percent Bernie twenty percent, pretty good, showing Graham Elizabeth, percent might Bloomberg four percent Corey four percent Andrew Yang three percent Mare, PETE, sire, two percent, which can I just mean Eddie we have to pay found the widest places beside of Oslo or at least north main street Nantucket Massachusetts, maybe that's where they do the next carcass for the Democratic Party after Jesus, I'm sorry. I love the good people of violent New Hampshire. I love you if somebody I mean by this is sound levels. How my view is that our great I love you but you're the best people in the world, but there's
a way that you should have I and New Hampshire, the first to contest for the Democratic Party. It is insanity insanity because what it said to do with making their results less relevant unless Biden wins now: buying wins, he's off to the race yeah, because he's it always strikes South Carolina in the super Tuesday states, but if not like I'd still there still that wall from mere peat- and I dont know how we cracks it. I dont neither renew this report out enough. The route this pass weakened by Michael Harriet, talking about may repeat in his police racism in its police, in its police department and South, been if that makes people feel better thing. That's why Murphy it's not gettin! You now get in in South Carolina churches. If you got em smoke and we're ok like whatever, but even even in that's supposed to wash and postpone the sixty two percent of the black respond and said that they would vote for pit, may repeat even
are they would support him, even though he was he was gay rights, so happened there, some fault recently that thirty six percent said that they were uncomfortable with voting for well. So what do you believe, I think, is complicated it is complicated. People go, oh, no. That has nothing to do with it when I've had so many preachers dummy, oh yeah. That has everything to do with it. Right, I think, is complicated. Generally. I think it plays itself out in black communities in particular ways, unlike communities in particular ways mayor peat is, I think, represent of this desire for change. Knowledge in this is a channel change. Election is done. Its use, but is also his identity is sexual identity that that attracts folks as well as generates quit. It generates questions and compromises on this agenda, rational thing, Tuesday ride like I mean I know, young care SAM. You know a lot of people, love may repeat, they just don't even think about
the fact that he is he's married to a man. They just don't leave it doesn't even kit leg each one. The radar I bet sometimes older folks, do whether their white, whether their black, whether their hispanic, I think there are a couple barrier that he's running into here in another one has to do with. This is true among african american voters. You also see this among the blue collar white voters, I think he's he'll sort of skews to this sort of upper income, liberal oh, who were always sort of talking about it. That's where booty judges appeals benefit. Very beginning, you look inside this Washington Post polio, looking at its fastening, he is about half as known booty, judges among blacker, Democrats but his neck, our higher than everybody else in the field and Joe Biden universally known as negatives among black voters are thirteen. What's Anders no universal fifteen Buddha general, that have eighty, that's pretty bad luck. I also think
even though in many ways those who have studied him closely might find can be tremendously qualified and maybe more qualified them to the candidates in terms of knowledge and but he's thirty seven is there. Seven is that is Asia than and use the mayor, the fourth largest city in one we're in the middle of shares in IRAN crisis I think people, ultimately not really looking at who he's married to their looking at age, and they just at this point, if you're done with tromp or you never with Trump, you dont want to make Another mistake again and I think age plays into that agent experience. Well amazed, whether or not their journey so does matter to some people we'll say, Thou Tom. You know if you really wealthy art trader on the Upper EAST side. You may be able to afford to take a chance, where the thirty eight year old, former mayor of South End Indiana, two gonna
You gonna, take a chance with anybody, who's, not Donald Trump, but the right that call feeling I keep getting in the pit of my stomach is who stays home because of which potential nominee enough coming at it from like you from outside traditionally outside the Democratic Party right, I'm just for the candidate who accumulates two hundred and seventy and each of these candidates. I mean to I think that these point about Buddha, judge he's when the twitter primary he'd do really well in the twitter primary, but twitter is an estate rang. Have any electoral votes I guess I like when people get really mad at you. I know. Which has every day, but in the end you actually fight them like. What are you Joey. Do I talk about in the unfair commercial you and fight them
My grandma said never get not fight with a period which actually our dirty and well the likes of five zero? It triggers my professor Jean when somebody says Sweden is socialist. I have to like. I get up my Eddie lobbies. Wheaten say: ok, you know that not correct you. You know you have failed this mid term. Let me explain to you why IRAN and its just the way we shall return to make everybody angered you today in the Democratic Party specially Charlie, we wait Charlie, we were You ve been Charlie, feel muttered, So what Democrats do think? What gimmicks? scare you the most as a former Republican of be able to get the votes needed to be Donald Trump and was Pennsylvania. An absolute control them XO mad malignant Summer former republic, but who are the ones that scary the most well I mean
obviously answer is always to say Sanders, although I think you know there are some in the in the rust belt, he actually can picks up. We're loses the probably warring scares me the most that, as I think, that camp aim when people keep talking about what should really run a great campaign, and I keep asking what was the great part, the dna tests the Medicare for all you know: Central Asia, the other candidates, any other candidates scare you, while of those were left. You know, I think I think I agree with everybody here but a judge, great future and announce Ex just not now. You know, I think that that's gonna ask- and I really do I don't you know Eddie Eddie would understand. The voting patterns better than I do, but I worry about again: a candidate like Google Judge depressing some of the sum of the vote as well. I'm not worried about training gain. We said this times, I'm not worried about trying to gain trump. Voters are convert them back, I'm worried about who would normal
be voting for a democratic candidate who decides to just kind of wash here that day it and say just now, not not gonna get we gotta go, which is why I'm going to go back. One more time leave for Nike, I'm sorry. Why would we have to finish up this conversation quaint and we can go VON, billiard next block and talk more about nineteen? Seventy stop doing that so so Steve I use. I disagree with me- friend Tom here on one point: Bernie Sanders is while car, like, I get. Like Elizabeth Warrant, I'm just going to say it. I don't think she's gonna is well and the general in Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania. Just stop now. Listen, maybe she picture Georgia, maybe she picks up Arizona. Maybe she picks up a couple. Other states imbalances that I don't know but something about Bernie Sanders in the industrial midwestern. Industrial Midwest he's wild card. You can't just sake
hey because he's a socialist he's, not gonna when it's it's weird thing, he is a socialist he's Pratt, I think His views on a lot of things are batty, regardless the sky connects with blue collar voters in the upper MID west in the respite, and I think one of the reasons for that is the thing that drives Democrats crazy about him was the first thing you here when you mention Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat and the fact that he's democratic faculty as distance from the democratic party? The fact that there's distanced from all these No, your faces democratic party, I think give some sort of authenticity with those voters. The one thing I say: that's all that thereby authenticity! Yes, learning does Give a damn like tromp, doesn't give a damn. Bernie, don't give a damn about what anybody thinks about. And I think if you are mad at the system, if you are mad at the establishment of you want to press that detonate button, he becomes an option. The one thing I quickly say you look at those primary poles.
If Sanders wins, I what he leaves this Timor register Poor, how He not win New Hampshire and we're talking about our vote in the south, twenty percent is percent it's not nothing, sixty three, dean favourable riding with black democrats. He's at twenty percent. Right now tell me what looks like if he wins Iowa, he wins. New Hampshire buying is seen as having waterhouse. Andy can win the vat in Nevada. If you gotta three, you know what a South Carolina look like and remember John Plenary when he won the nomination in two thousand for didn't, have to win I vote in South Carolina. He had to get it to attack, that's what he did by winning. I wouldn't be exercised trunk tweeted about this Paul. Bernie doing well, and it said what he said: why? What is this all mean, stay tuned to which Bernie retreated with comment. And you're gonna live well alive, divine hell, you're deny what next plus back in July President Trump described twenty quote took over military. Well. Now,
space selling the protection of american troops foreign government? How do you feel about that small government server that he is it everything at once. He says he taken out when your military he says he's take, over your country doktor when he took over the country. He says he has the power to do what ever here wants to do because of article two Stephen Miller says, the president's authority cannot be questioned as make you feel small conservatives just jacking we'll be right back. Some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film Bad Education Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR, Long, island school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal inspired by true events, the movie, follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work, and
we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Gluckman played by Alison Janni their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme unfolds and Frank prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing, abiding, humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast Cloots, re, Romano and Geraldine This one Nathan film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad, streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet
he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts. Arkell. Off when people listen to music there? feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. I never was talk to someone who spoke to burning yesterday joining us now from Damone Iowa, MSNBC, correspondent VON healthier, Yvonne, Phillotson, bondage. Did you do that? What did he do itself privilege
say men's, been around the last couple years. Lug eaten the rally city had in Davenport. Yesterday what city yesterday is the exact? Bernie, Sanders that I heard on the stump bag and twenty eighteen when he is out here campaigning for congressional democrats, backroom use, twenty fifteen and twenty four. In doing this, the first go around, but this is the first time there is the domain registrar CNN Pour. There is released late Friday night, which is kind of the gold standard poor here, and I were in, is the first time that he has set a top that Paul and there's one number particular that I want to point out from that, and that is the vote there were asked whether they were extremely enthusiastic about the candidates that they were selecting is our first choice. Forty nine percent of folks they said Bernie Sanders. Was there tat We say said they are extremely enthusiastic about. Compare that to peat Buddha Judge in Joe Biden, that number was just twenty six percent. I wanna play for you my exchange with Bernie Sanders when I asked him about the poor, which you'd be surprised by his answer, but in which he's doing quite well. This is what he said
Holds go up and down, but what is important to me is the kind of grass roots support that we have suppose a great Sundays that good some days then I could, but I we're gonna win here in I walk because we have an extraordinary grass roots movement, our Unbelievably this month, right here in the state of Iowa, want, is knock on five hundred thousand was I dont? Have any campaign in american history has done that at the end of the day, Tv Aids, a great radio waves, a great but human contact is what matters and we think we have the movement to do that in future. With him this weekend here and I want the campaign. Trail is congresswoman receded to leave, who rubber hence Wayne County, the greater Detroit area, one of the members of the squad, and I bring that because it go The heart of the conversation is Robin right before the break. If you look up in Miss again, there were thirty seven thousand fewer voters from twenty twelve to twenty. Sixteen in the presidential election
in weighing county is the most diverse, most democratic. County in the entire state of Michigan. Michigan went by just eleven thousand votes for Donald Trump you put the math together and if wing County it turned out at the same levels from putting this as they didn't twenty twelve. You can make the case that Hitler would have won the nomination so when you're Talkin about Bernie Sanders and who is drawing will look. Who is on the campaign trail making the case on his behalf in the one point I want to make is to go back to twenty sixteen examples out of Iowa out of New Hampshire and out of Nevada people to judge and Joe Biden has tried to make the appeal to the electorate that there, the individuals that could bring into and in silver those moderates or those. You know disaffected Republicans, but when you go back to those exit polls in who, which candidate actually Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton actually pulled independence to come out and take part in the Caucasus and the primary process. It was Bernie Sanders. Twenty percent of cocky scores Lascaux
and identified is independence and they went by sixty nine percent margin for Bernie Sanders over in New Hampshire in we're in Nevada, it was seventy two percent. Seventy one percent, respectively, in that through this campaign, is kind of been frustrated because they believe that their broad based support is busy been misunderstood and they believe that when you have an conversation about Elect ability, they're the ones best ready to make their case law thank you so much greatly appreciated and and Steve Connect. This is again it is reminds us of a lot of those exit polls and stories. We read after two thousand and sixteen where they talk to people and do stuff that they would just voters from so the rust belts AIDS, and they said who did you about for crop who would you avoided far enough, he did but for Trump Bernie Sanders. I mean I've always been
because I have always been either in washington- are involved in politics. It is it's always been so striking to me people outside the bubble of Washington outside the bubble of media. They are not ideological, it's it's so often it's a gut feeling that debt tromp gave em that, Bernie give you Shea welcomes the same person say they're going about four tromp are Bernie. It's the same way that Bobby Kennedys support after he died, went over to George Lawless and they Kennedy family. All these years later are still trying to figure out why there's a populist sort of component to it? I think if you look at who were the Obama from voters the folks who were with Obama, who flip the trump and twenty, steam and swung the election. Donald Trump you're talking voters? Largely the northern tier of the country's rank northern in western main part of Bernie Sanders remarked the northeast kingdom over must go on,
down the Appalachian go all the way up to Minnesota in that way the heart of it in those are, broadly speaking, those voters Bernie Sanders has been appealing to four years in this is a guy Vermont. It's a very blue state. Obviously, but you look at the depth of peculiar politics over Martha, got him elected in the first place back when publicans were more competitive republican governor. Never conservative Republicans perhaps used to be more competitive there. This was somebody. On second amendment issues on gun issues, you sort of made about the right in that state who created a very weird sort of different coalition on economic pop. A little bit more little bit off left a cultural issues, and I think there's some of so that national into the kinds of voters you're talking about at least potentially, and the idea that some people who voted for Trump and also had some one Bernie Sanders is something that dollar trumps aware of during the TWAIN. Sixteen campaign, he always both highly He understood there were some overlap there. Even now. Yes, he calls me crazy
Bernie and so on are units lets them with some respects. He understands it. Bernie appeals that seems to some degree that populism that the President Abbas, was tapped into particularly in those serve raw spout states, but Adrian on the idea, Bernie Sanders for, while their heels with warn the two real progress in the race seemed have sign like a mutual defence agreement where they wouldn't at each other at all. That is seemingly changeless on the campaign level taught us a little bit about the Bernie Sanders AIDS putting up these talky points. When apples with worn worn, then fund raising after it up after that, urged and now Bernie having played defence, do think this could play badly for either of them or both well. That remains a question because ultimately Bernie Sanders. If he's going to win the democratic nomination, is going to need Elizabeth, worn supporters. That's just play then that when the way the math works he's going to need those supporters who he's gotta tread this path very carefully, and I think I can promise about the way
May Sanders animals with warn of handled this so far, because Bernie Sanders made Where's move and then sort of Vienna blamed adopted staff or there's a lot of people. Work campaign you now I you know, I have a lot of respect for Elizabeth WAR and not sure who, but these out this war and, on the other hand, made a very direct. You know it is. Show that she was directly frustrated with Bernie Sanders for doing this and he's my friend. He knows about better than that to do this and then, by the way, slide around nine o clock. At night I received a fund. Raising a metal solicitation Elizabeth warns campaign plight drying he's many offer what Bernie Sanders is doing. So this is Kind working well for both of them right now, but I think we all knew ass it. Eventually, this non aggression pact was going to have to break. We ve got of course the debate which we assume is happening tomorrow, night on Tuesday, so I'm looking for
the way Bernie and Elizabeth Warren EDA sort of handle this. You know that this situation there currently in right now, of course, are also being looking to see how that vice president, Odin and Bernie Sanders both draw contact contrasts on foreign policy, but I think this might be the first time that we they see, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Having a direct you know information on the debate stage, which we haven't thing yet and John Kerry by the way, all over the weekend campaigning for Joe Biden in Iowa Adrian outward. Thank you very much regards Willie ghost here this week. On the Sunday sit down, podcast music, superstar Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
I can reveal that I believe it would have been for embassies, and I think that probably Baghdad already started, but I think it would have been for embassy could have been. Military bases could have been a lot of other things too, but it was eminent and then all of a sudden he was gone for the present than say with there. Tangible US, he didn't say two specific piece of evidence what he says. He probably he believe, are you saying no to violent one? I didn't see one with regard to four embassies. What I'm saying is I share the present skew that probably my big? Was it really go after our embassies, so the defence secretary had Why do you know I'm going to throw it was, and he did not see it. He openly says he did not see a threat or embassies, but that he has to believe the president. Ok, so as the trumpet ministrations justification for the attack, that
the iranian General Salami continues to evolve VC news correspondent. It carefully has new reporting this morning that Trump authorized seller. These killing seven months ago. I mean conditions, mind. Semi, that's Kerala, eminent girl tell us about your aboard about this, not so imminent decision. To kill salami break eyes or what colleague, Courtney, Cuba and I are told by fire, administration, officials, current and former- is that basically summer. The idea of killing salami came under serious consideration in the White House and joy Bolton. Who is the national security of at the time urge the president to take ceremony after IRAN shot down a? U S, drone last June, and at that time the president said. According to the people we have spoken with. No that's not what we're gonna do not basically doesn't correspond with with the action that IRAN took, but he did agree that he would authorize the killing of of ceremony if IRAN took out
if they found salami and could take the shot that they could take it, it was that they would come back. Condition also that it wasn't just military leaders if they found this if they found ceremony and could take the shot that they could take it. It was that they would come back. Give him option and have him finally sign off on any final operation, and so the timing, this. As you mentioned, it raises questions about, though the deficit that specific mission are key justification for healing Solomon, ten days ago, because they said it It was an eminent attack, and this shows that this was something that was on the president's rate are far long earlier, and he had agreed to do this if IRAN took that step and crossed his red line, as recently as Summer as opposed to the Eba. Responding to potential imminent attack, Jonathan merely lighthouses and even tried and tested Your fox would say this is amateur night Dixie. I know they're not even trying its our dilemma:
ok well, as leaders of its imminent threat than Wall Street Journal attitude, we will pay Joe, it doesn't matter whether similar third not glad to avert our eyes over. Here. Look what's that, and so now take trump. So you do you with an amazing amount of spray tat his eyes looked way. They sank, the goggled sharp eyes apply. Our alike are put the tanner, that's just the sideboard to bigger point, which is Donald Trump. So everybody four embassy for embassies plan on the blow up foreign embassies and then, as far as I know, there are ever try what's going on. Do you talk to people inside the? Why doesn't Could you just try to get your lies? Lined up a little bit little bit better, fulfil the cultural references had been terrific? Thank you. That's all my job thing as much weight by boat where the work we have we blind man, the bleachers daddy, so fast corners way Newton. What have we got? We're a joke
run Joe IRAN, fantastic Mr Berlusconi shelter we heard just now is nodding at seven a M of the White House, where we ve seen this before that his aid struggle to defend the president says they shift the narrow keep shipping but were also seen a by product of these new National Curdy team here, where there is far less push back then, when it was when matters in the building on the warm, if master or Kelly or even a vote- and this is this- whether its esper or problem, The necessary visor with present has quick kinship with their much. Seeming to enable his impulses but Karabakh to you for a second time Timing of this you at your point is terrific in shapes the split in the works for, while the present told the press, for which I was part of honor for one week or so ago that he has eyes on so many for he said up to eighteen months, but there is also another strike right. There was another attempt to get another member there iranian Revolutionary Guard in recent weeks. How does that play and it doesn't
further undermine the idea that this was being done just because an immediate threat to our embassies yet question, because it shows that this was something broader wasn't just as narrow retaliation for the killing of an american contractor and a racket drew it wasn't narrowly focused on just some salami, it was. It was broader than that. An end. The President, India, so Ahwahnee are reporting. Our understanding is that so many came on. The president's rate are very early in twenty seven within weeks after he took office. When then CIA director, my somehow came to him with some new intelligence that showed that salami planning attacks and those attacks or told never came to fruition. But was initially when the seed was sort of planted for what we saw happened, ten days ago, and I think one of the questions that your question raises its given that this was something broader is what else
we're going to see in this space and one other kite types of steps. As far as the present going to take that arson or to either the failed strike that that didn't take out another? I urge you see leader, but the eighteen o, whereas this guy I think that's me in length to which he'll go too to take action like that and besieged Charolais. Thank you very much and pay its crises this week on. My part, ask: why is this happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg strong? But what we do and dont know about the corona virus wants that, things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Branda leanings, both day symmetry principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to, create it
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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