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New Monmouth University polling in Iowa shows gains for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and a drop for Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren. And, new polling from New Hampshire has former VP Joe Biden in the lead and Sen. Bernie Sanders running second. The Morning Joe panel digs into the numbers.

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From ethics on Hulu comes, MRS America. The highly antics paid a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson Loser Duma and Elizabeth banks. Mrs America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu, Hulu dot com for more for good morning and welcome to morning Dro. It is Tuesday January fourteen, along with Joe Willie and may we have the host of MSNBC politics. Nation and president of the National action network, Reverend Al Shopton, former treasure official and mourning Joe economic analysts. Steve Ratner is with us former chief of staff, to the DE triple seen former director of study,
communications Artillery Clinton's presidential campaign. Adrian El Ray she's an MSNBC contributor and we're heading two Iowa this month for the first boats at the twenty twenty election and tonight that state the nation will hear directly from the hitting contenders for the democratic nomination for president of the United six candidates will hit the state kinda malign among them. A pair of viewers and who agree on a lot, but clearly not everything with more and in Bernie Sanders have a very different recollection about a twenty eight in conversation on the prospects of a woman for president will into that a new pulling on the state of the race and can't talk? Twenty twenty without mentioning Russia's ongoing efforts to undermine the election, will break down the new reporting that russian hacked the ukrainian gas company at the centre of president trumps in
each man. So a lot going on. We come to talk about blogger, getting out in our eyes yesterday going to talk about that ass throws we're gonna, we obviously asters. Problem Cora may begin troubling. You know who's To my mind, cores operation, what I suggest that they take his wife's eats away and we're gonna make barnacle you no binding too, has most exciting wide seeds. That story TAT New York, Yankees, two thousand seven in American League champions of evacuate. All the winds up there, that's exciting, there's no need to actually no to today's a huge day. Of course, a lot of people on a bus, not just obviously world everywhere, like Micah's new book is coming out today, come back career. Is she in Jenny Brzezinski that it's a great book, but will you get your Gutenberg viable number one here,
right is for the most influential at your him. What's right, How can one as a good one? Maybe they will fight out now never completely figure out the possibilities are all in many. Where can I finish fully? Yes- and I finished please finish gas and Canada. Can I finish? Can I finish, then you got load you're. Both Willie guys are Paul, Ryan right, right right and then Korea is about come back. Ok wow! You just you! Just put it out there like that that this is an amazing book. It's part of it now you're value three books series we had no you're value, earn it for younger women, and this is for women at forty, fifty and beyond their so many women who have paved the way right now. Nancy pull say: impeaching, president at seventy nine years old Clare, mechanical starting a new career right here at NBC at sixty five Ellen some orange theory. She had a terrible time and then all of a sudden reinvented herself at fifty four. So the path is there
but for many women, it's a scary one, they feel judged. They killed too old and we break through all of that with combat careers and proud of this one? If it will be very one, it's a guide and Reverend AL. If you can help me, could spread that message. All around the regulated, but if you can help help to and an Ratner figure, all of your really agent round sigh and abide by the law. Can I want on Junior, actually wanted number ones have they can buy in bulk regret, and I give you a fun facts: yes, first time and at least modern history? There are more women working in this country, the man that's right and we're going to work longer, stronger eyes or and better because it we're allows going any further down the bone from we run cold there last I saw so nervous, I'm very regular, clip of big in urban Kabila's over. We go see, I'm nervous. She was he's not nervous around the wonder, nervous. Like me, you, while you're, not air, you gotta could someone, always with studies are made and yet with the bad
How do we find here now? I shall come back to me here. Look at the other guy come here. Look you can walk around the ear girl why I know you're tired. I just wanted to hear I wanted you to be any man Jellicoe preacher for women getting back in the workforce will play some later. Has that deep tee? I do want to do what it can really quick about what you just said about more women working out the men. What what's happening, what this book talks Zog and women who make choices, make tough choices early on to stay at home with the kids. Besides, I do I ever sidetrack different career, they dont want take it harder to come back and make a talks about how they knocked down the wall. With the main wall is their own security, their own concern about getting back into the workforce. There's no economy that we have
allows so many women and men if their primary care key takers of children Our or elderly parents do work at home I mean it's a rebel or anywhere. What's going on out there ya look the other pieces are certainly more opportunities for when there are certain more jobs, they can do the flip side what's happening as some men are getting pushed out of the labour force, because the jobs they did in manufacturing story the day about West Virginia the opium problem. This stuff has basically made harder for some men at work at women have taken over. In many families, women have become the bread when winter, because the men can't work more or less in another? I'm the opportunities are certainly there. We do know that growing up and we ve grown up. My dad get laid off lock, eaten. Seventy two. Seventy three, my mom, went out of the masters of music was in church organ ass. She taught like thirty kids, piano lessons. I you know she kept us go
for a year and a half or my dad was true get another job so happened. Then it really happens now. Its significance, though this whole work that meat has been doing, does no value that it really does dogs with the mentality. Would what I love about the book? No, you value not Irene as unjust collecting was written for men too, because it was here- and I am looking forward to our do you not a comeback careers to change your mind about yourself. Ass would make a really does well like a minister, because it starts work as a person takes that's how they are so you could have new opportunities, does it matter if you ve already resigned to the fact that Aqua you're finished as these people back it's the part of the equation, you can control and there's a lot and you can control. Thank you very much. I think we should do the new you now reads: Ray come career is going really well. Swim
will he go, he needs read this. Tat is to say to you that examines how'd, you make it our Willie, so the game was tight. Early on job world. Didn't look like himself for the first few minutes in the game. Then he figured out the plans and Defence Bureau through four five touchdowns ran in another one. Would you see right here through for almost five hundred yards against plans and and Alice. You won the national championship, forty two to twenty five to complete an incredible fifteen in our seas and a great run for him with eyes and trophy that that team to go undefeated the Ets, he see Alabama Auburn, Florida, Georgia and then be Oklahoma. Clemson, it's one of the best seasoned you'll ever see, and maybe a lot of people are saying the best season by quarter back in history of college. You know what we are. As I said, this isn't Alabama fan Falada great teams over the past decade. This would start to finish perhaps the best college football
team certainly seen this century, I mean from from over there twenty years she just from start there, and if they were the best thing we gotta go back at once the Heisman, when incredible defence, I mean a lot of great players and and those kind of numbers for Joe borough. He wasn't plain and like the WAC conference in the aims, with all due respect, he was playing in the SSC against the best teams of the country and to put up the numbers you put up with cleansing, which was the second best in the country. Ohio state me out a claim to that extraordinary. We are left to the national chance at his elbow around the headquarters, safe country I still can't. I still can't I mean I mean Google translator. Whenever starts talk back as I can
I can't figure out what he's right where he belongs here from the by you and these coach of the Tigris right now analysing most or all right. Three weeks before the eye of carcasses and New Monmouth University Paul has Joe Biden in first with twenty four percent support. Bernie Sanders, PETE Bitter Judge of Elizabeth Warren are statistically tied for second within the poles. Four point: five more. No they're sitting at eighteen percent, seventeen percent and fifteen percent respectively Amy Clover Sharp rounds out the top five with eight percent. For second here so Rev. One thing we see in this Paul and every other people can have some but a variants here and there. But you get the Gatt Mare PETE. Down, and he's been going down in every Paul Elizabeth going down. You can go on down in every Paul, weathers, three or five or so and Bernie going up
frontiers Biden, they get Biden, go up five point one that's from November, so from here what or time ago, but and we need to show some other poles who show by doing well in every state now. So this Paul comes just a few he's after a CNN, Damone Register Paul found Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth more and tied for first did I interrupt. I would never do you actually, when I say the greatest, that means. So what do you think I didn't go sailing from him aside, Justice Johnston Combat career. I do not think they will see that there is a real and so Why movable birdie said this blot, and I think that I hope begin hurting himself. I did a little side spats. Would this with one and all he has a solid block that they can ignore, and I think it's gonna come down the Joe Biden and now Bernie Sanders right now now
we get a surprisingly early states in New Hampshire, when you have shown right, bought up South Carolina. Then we'll see a blue Bergen money ways with Super Tuesday and changes your eyes so still a jump ball. I mean I didn't get the debate tonight. You see how to behave, but if they don't eat there, all you could clear shot had coming to five candidates wanted. But the big question is: do the Democrats beaten look, I Willie. How much does Joe Love love, Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren go on ass? It is just like Howard, Dane and Dick Coat Gebhardt tyranny, the de shred threatened. Carry just sit there go on get on the eve of the dead no less so you know the first line of questioning, or at least a significant line of questioning, is going to be about these claims. That list
of war and has made the Bernie Sanders told her in December two thousand eighteenth. Personally, she confirmed this last night that a woman couldn't win. Could I Donald Trump? He denies that vehemently. His campaign says: that's a lie that you misinterpreted what he said but Joe Adrian I'll rob has to be love what he says he sets, we call him durable, and that's exactly what he is. If you look at all these policies still sitting right, where he's been for the most part, true, you wouldn't be surprised if any one of four candidates, one in Iowa, but he does have like what he seeing as the progressive wing in Bernie. There's Elizabeth Warn of the party fight it out. You irons, right well, I mean you look at this moment all the came out yesterday. That shows them at twenty four percent, combined with the fact that Standards and Elizabeth Warren are finally making their truth and going after each other, so that debates h tonight is going to be absolutely fascinating. I think of your Joe Biden: Euro. Stand back. You're gonna help the two You know
a real policy debate have a debate on the issues because the real distinction, tween Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, they have a lot in common in terms of where they stand on policy? Is that eleven warn of the self declared capitalists in Bernie Sanders as South declared socialist. So why we have seen some of these- were the break in their bind over issues liking. O Connell patient about in a kind of women. What female? When, as president, I think tonight will probably see a little bit more of a policy debate, because Elizabeth worn to the point that we ve been talking about? She has dropped significantly in the polls since she where she was a couple months ago and the only way that she's gonna stay in this raises the chip away. Chippeway summit Bernie Sanders supporters. While the This pull out of New Hampshire also shows Joe Biden in first place in the Franklin, Pierce University, Boston, Harold and B. Ten Pole Biden has twenty six percent.
Et Cetera, Bernie Sanders its next with twenty two percent, followed by Warren with eighteen percent. Dropping seven point, since both are statistically tied for second PETE Buddha Judge and my Bloom Bargain Tulsa Gabert are statistically tied for? Fourth, though, Bloomberg won't beyond the ballot in New Hampshire, see Ratner again. You look at the trend lines, Elizabeth worn down in and this pole as well, but by in first ice in New Hampshire. This is common Over the past week over the past week, the shown by jumping into this place in both Iowa and New Hampshire, which of course, if you So when I went new Hampshire than the budget ledges budgets, off the lights in the stadium, the game's over he's he's going to sweep it all,
although mistakenly better begin. First of all, we had the demand register, pull a couple days before that that showed it was all neck and neck when well informed play hard, I sort of within the margin within the margin of error. I would say that, within this set of political political cognisant of world, I Don't know anyone whose, although a coffin, let's put it that way about bidest chances, particular New Hampshire, I think they think you have It's gonna be a struggle for him. I think they think if you can get out of there and maybe decent second, they would concern almost a victory. Third or fourth he's Paul in some other Paul's just a few weeks around the disaster, and I think the guy. What is a really really important state for by the media? but one thing about warranted Sanders suffer ever set a reasons, and some people are baffled by this warrant clung to Sanders like a life preserver for the whole first part. This campaign. She would allow no daylight between the two, without any position, as you remember, whenever she was ass, Medicare for all, she said rob with burning with burning, but you didn't really have a plan the way she had a plan for everything and then
Suddenly she became the front runner. Everybody started picking over her and they looked at this plan. That's this in this plan is reduced, I began her fall, it seems to me in and that began her It seems to me and breakfast it was inevitable. These two had two separate their fighting over the same pool of boaters the they can't arm and arm all the way to Milwaukee. At some point, this they have no separate on. The last point. To make is that if Sanders becomes the cold front runner again and I think most people have felt bernie- has this twenty percent and you never gonna get the nomination, but he's gonna be out there. If he's pissed, to be a real battle, allow. Many people gotta start picking over his record in his work His way to the left of Elizabeth warrants record self, exposing hurt her for what it was kind of did her in we'll see what it does have won and Bernie. I make no apologies for that. Aid will make no you stand in fact when she backed off a little bit on Medicare frolicking went back all in its way now: german and priorities. Usa, Guy Cecil Guy, we found a couple
this week showing that at Teflon Joe can take its did. Just keep rollin we're Unko. Call barrel, ass night Mesa. Well, what about that tape that surfaced of Joe Biden Two thousand three said Seti support Bush in the war. What's what impacts back and nine I mean is tat. Joe. We called somebody fat in Iowa challenge of the push colleagues on like Jack he's. YO, r and nothing happens to this- has the eye is like the democratic anecdote to drop that the matters is that foreign Joe I have no idea what you're gonna go with that guy. So why don't you just don't generally about how fluid the field is? Now anybody getaway well Joe? The field is full.
When, but I see so, why aren't you say very much for your point gap grace or only this evidence, country and combat career resistance movement? Let's talk just talk about the trim lines that you ve seen over the past week is actually are. We can look at. What's happened over the past five six seven days here will first if you look at the ILO, poles have been coming after just look at the moment. For example, one of the most interesting things there is that the sort of self five moderate candidates bite, Buddha Judge Club Bashar are at forty nine percent of the vote and that club our number at eight percent becomes really important, because if you don't hit a fifteen percent threshold, then the second choice of those caucus, goers matter and it's hard to imagine a club Bashar vote or going to anybody other than Joe Biden in maybe people to judge. So there is no question that Joe Biden has had an incredibly good a few weeks. There is no question that the spam
Queen Elizabeth, worn in Bernie Sanders as good for two people, Joe Biden and Donald Trump, and so it can somehow managed to win even one of the first two states put SAM and an incredibly position going into the super Tuesday states and again the biggest there, a Joe Biden winning first or second in each of the four first states would be would be, might Bloomberg, because at that point, I think most of the party would rally around bite it as the presumptive nominee. So guy. What do you make of the fight that we saw just in the last day, between Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders? It's ugly lives foreign claiming that Bernie Sanders said a woman. Could not win when they met in December of two thousand eighteen again his case in denies that I heard a lot about as of yesterday, Saint guys come on eyes on the prize, you gotta be Donald Trump. We can't tell each other to shreds with these Inter party fights. What's the inn, act of them going at each other and at sea,
said they need a separate from each other, but I think allowed progressive say which they wouldn't do it like this. Do it on an issue not now is serious as a claim as a woman can't win and become president in this country, while the first enlargement this year, as I said, is Joe Biden and the second beneficiary is Donald Trump. I mean we are facing a precedent that is putting us brink of war. That is a separate families that is turning his on the middle class and working class of the country, and primary was dominated yesterday by a private conversation, someone's living room a couple of years ago. I think it is a completely counterproductive conversation, think it should be a worrying sign for Democrats going into the last three weeks of this election. We cannot afford to picking each other apart when the country is under an existential threat and so I believe a woman can win and beat Donald Trump. I believe a candidate of color can win and beat Donald Trump
These are not the arguments to be having going into the last three weeks before I rise as recline Eddie was tweedy yesterday that that you get Donald Trump lying to the american people, saying that he's fighting to protect, praying some conditions when they. Just and equitable lie. It's just it's ridiculous he's working overtime to kill it republican attorney general's they're. All working did away Americans protections they know they ve been afforded farther children with pre existing conditions for their loved ones with preexisting emissions. That are, you issue that every democratic and have been talking about yesterday, because aunt, em ex Americans and they're talking about some private conversation, from two thousand eighteen? Get men like anybody side, but do any of us really believe that Bernie Sanders is gonna say what we can wait, Elizabeth who's going, say that
We certainly would say until this law- that's what I'm gonna say that it is very doubtful, but but I think you, the real problem, the gravity of what is going on right now. Where are we really seeing a challenge in the balances of power in the three branches of government when we are seeing a president literally lie about why he ordered the killing of a general and how that excess on a global level and we are arguing about a living? Will conversation two years ago and now has now been made about tonight in the democratic debate like we're missing the whole point, we're Y all American, his Adrian I'll ride. What is the strategy here on the part of Elizabeth Warren Brain this, now what you know me. I think that she is realising that our campaign, as in a solid three and sometimes in sunsets fourth place and see it needs against and traction, I mean I'm a little
Again. Writing the strategy that I tell you that I don't think this is an opportunity gain traction. I think it is actually takes things in the opposite direction. I'm a little surprised that you put out a statement last night because now just added more fuel to this that this fires, Lay that that's happening here, but I dont know what this energy is the only thing I can think of is that she needs to climb into second place or she needs to get some Bernie Sanders supporters and she may be things as a good play for women should go and women on our side certainly is making some some waves, we're talking about it Maybe that's what she's aiming for here, but I am not quite sure what the strategy is. One of the debate to see an end of the day and register minority? I hoped I hope they don't ask about like the minutiae of like, like, I hope it's not another Brookings Institute. I now ask you specifically these
committee on health care, reg wage and discussion of the Brookings Institute. I hope it's not that night. I hope they taught about pre existing conditions in the present the United States lying about the fact that he is trying take away healthcare protections than ever Eric and has right now, instead of having them, that's fighting each other on how they want to towards universal health care. Just it's driving me crazy, this year, and they should again they should all be talking about. The present its lying about taking away health care protection so so priorities. You I say you guys are our spending a lot of money, but don't Bloomberg spending a lot of money, but you in spending a lot of money, and you are going to be spending a lot of money. What? What? What can you I was about your plans for the next year here
last year there was a lot of focus on Donald Trump died online campaign that something that their campaign talks a lot about. The reality is going into this year we ve been out spending Donald Trump online and they learn about over and state of Michigan Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania, we announced this morning that we're increasing our pre convention budget from a hundred a hundred and fifty million dollars we're making Seventy million dollars of television and digital reservations in the early battleground states. Look this spat! Yes, Only highlights one really important thing that, while this primary is going on, we need to take the fight directly Donald Trump. We cannot allow him to define the contours of this race and, to your point Joe, we need to be talking about pocketbook issues about health care, about wages, about education. Way. Democrats when is not just pounding on Donald Trump the country has made their decision is favourable.
Things are in the tank he barely gets about. Forty two percent against any of the Democrats in the General Election Pole, So we need to be talking about the issues that people are talking about at home at church at work. And it is not a private company two years ago and so we're gonna, be focused on making sure that we take the fight the trump and are we don't allow him as many incumbent president. Over the last really three decades to define this election and guy really quickly, just just to confirm for everybody out their key impeachment. Some important issue The killing of solar money is an important issue. Of course. Ukraine. What happened in Ukraine? What a russian interference? That's an important but in all of the research that's a border issues we need to talk about it, but an olive. Your research sets out what people are talking about. Our own kitchen tables is no it's not. What most of the news coverage is about.
Bull spend more time in twenty four hours. Talking about and Elizabeth conversation about Donald Trump tweets towards Might Bloomberg. We'll talk about impeachment, which is an important issue, but what gets lost in all of that is that prescription drugs are still harder to get that ass, the premiums are still skyrocketing. The cost of college is still rising. That people are still seeing relatively stagnant wages, despite the fact that unemployment rate is low in the stock markets doing well. We need to be talking about these issues. I would remind you, Joe, you know emission preexisting condition issuing. You may remember in two thousand ten, when publicans wanted to attack Democrats on supposedly cutting Medicare every republican candidate for com all of this sudden discovered they had a mom. They all showed tv. At saying, I would never cut Medicare my mom, as on Medicare last I go. We solid every Republican Canada discover they had a kid
of these, as all the southern started talking about are they would never eliminate protections for pre existing conditions because they had with the princess multinational. That's a record only is pretty that's exactly what they're doing I mean that's what the attorney general detailing that's, what the president's stowing, that's, what we're valuers doing and we ve gotta fight back on this ray. I agree with you. Finally, this argument over the specifics around health, air and the Sub committee work. We all know that once these bills get to Congress Fundamental, the weather Sanders Bill a war and bill abiding build. These things are going to change, because Congress is going to be closely contested between Democrats and Republicans, especially the Senate. We should be focused every debate on the fact that this present at once to overturn Obamacare and a limb protections for pre existing conditions is that it is a no brainer. We will talk about this. A lot more. Thank you guys. I you read the last debate was it was half the media is a really good. Why am pdf
a great deal of debate and we know that they did not go into the minutiae they actually, as Democrats cared about. That was a great debate. Alright, let's get to some other stories making headlines this morning we receive some news every night and the passenger jet mistakenly shot down by IRAN, Tehran. Judiciary says the arrests have been made in connection with the incident, but did say how many individuals were detained. The spokesman also said that a black box or quarter has been taken to France. The French have not yet confirmed we will wait, aren't going. We are. We heard Willie that actually, supreme leader was in the control room. Rumour that they draw up later and Control Romano, they launching the missiles for they arresting m o they're, not gonna arrest and we thought- maybe I just who are you going to arrest the guy
These are the people of IRAN are getting DR frustrated. I know so they're going to go out and they're going to get a couple of scapegoats. Why The Iranians I mean the little we can't shoot straight. Ninety, All this that there are some brand. Waiter was emission control going launch and so now there the blame, all Oscar, watered down and press the button shut magenta it'll, be now it's Abram away the real because responsible, some sacrificial lambs put up by the iranian government, but the people in the street, of Tehran today, they're calling for this the prime leader not the subject of official Lohala, be it the truth. Now the Washington Post reports, President Trump, is planning to divert and additional seven point: two billion dollars in Pentagon, funds for border Wall construction, here, that's unconstitutional, that's five times the amount that Congress authorized him to spend on the project. According to internal planning figures obtained by the paper,
the Pentagon funds- would be extracted for a second year in a row from military construct. Projects and counter narcotics funding. This additional funding would give the government enough money to complete roughly eight hundred and eighty five miles of new food sing them do I thus, during the current everybody authorities strike this stone is unconstitutional. Does a district court already strike down his first, this scheme, the appeals court said no, and I guess it's going to the Supreme Court If the White House follows through with the plans in total under the Trump Administration eighteen point, four billion dollars would be allocated to pay for the border wall, and experts are bracing for the worst in the fish panes, as authorities warned of a hazardous explosion from the tall volcano. Just under forty miles away from Manila. The volcano began erupting on Andy, and today philippine officials have asked residents not to return to their homes in the danger zone. So far, almost twenty thousand people
sought housing in temporary evacuation shelters. Officials have warned that the volcano could reach a hazardous level level. Five incident involving an ongoing magma irruption within hours or days will follow that and in a moment we're going get to the big story out of major league baseball with the huge jet list and asked for others like Barnacle will join us. How many months soothing MIKE suspended from his wife seats, he's in trouble for spring training, he said leave. Ah some people learn the hard way. New HBO film, bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR as Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni
Their schools, national recognition, when astute reporter tracks a paper, trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank. Prizes, his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley, depicts a powerful story of green, utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast. Klute Re Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan, film premier Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges. Mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true mainly msnbc corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode. We go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts. Arkell
off when people listen to music. There feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. It is thirty six passed beyond like barnacles here some deep red Sox answer, but doing this. The dragon technique, added by the Houston. As I also speak here I just want to come and I am very pleased that my views right now, let me explain- Major League Baseball has concluded and ask Rose, did in fact sheet
two thousand guarantees. Injury give everybody come on. Let's get the details. Nbc newsboy responded Miguel amateur yes to win the world series in twenty seventeen Major League Baseball says the Champs are cheats, suspending Houston Ashraf manager, age, a hint and general manager, Jeff Luau, after the leaks as their team stall, pitching signs during the historic season, the Astro, taking it a step further firing neither one of em started this, but neither one of them did anything about it and that's how it came to the conclusion that former and it you're apologize saying. While he didn't participate in the sign stealing, he failed to stop it. The former GM says he didn't know the rules were being broken, but the leaks investigation reveals what
we all the Astro players had: some involvement or knowledge of the scheme using a camera in centre field, the team decoded pitching size. The information relate to the dugout. Sometimes be a text message on a smartphone which was passed along to the hitter by hanging on a trash can, as noted by one sportswriter here with Houston, also find the league maximum five million dollars and moss of top draft pigs. The investigation specifically notes, then asked rose bench coach, Alex Cora. As a middle man, Cora went on to coach, the bar in Red Sox, who won the world series the very next year and who are now also under investigation for stealing pitching signed during the regular sees it. The LOS Angeles Dodgers lost both world Series The champions now accused she suddenly line. This right up with pizza, gay salaries envisages punchy conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories come on, come
red. Sox fans worried about the next couple years, so bottom line this for everybody MIKE what exactly happened? We know the Astros lost their manager and the Gm Alex Cora. Who was the bench coach that season two thousand and seventeen for the Astros? Now the manager of the Red Sox, he was involved waiting to see what this when he gets. He might be gone for a year or more happened here: how did they get caught? Well, I guess because if you really want to go back to it I mean there's: no sport, no professional sport in America, more engaged in what they call analytics than is based and there's no sport, I dont think and in professional sports in America that has more Ivy league educated young people at the top of the game in various clubs, and they are always looking for a competitive advantage. Marriage of electronics with analytics they can going and going guys discovering something new, each and every day, so they used visual component tv monitors,
to steal signs. That said, you still got a hit the ball to get hit by what it does hurt, though, to know what's coming from a major league, much Ado about nothing Oliver, he ask if Thou MIKE knowledge you this to mean you guys know, I mean they're in there's, not justify anything mean as long as pitchers event pitching the ball still on signs Bobby Bobby Thompsons, we most famous home run in history, heard around the world we find out later. That data guidance and our field still signs for Bobby Thompsons, not justifying anything just saying This has been a part of game for sign stealing is not its. An art form has been part of major league baseball and baseball at other levels, you're right since the inception of day Now let me ask you: this is illegal for, like what's the guy and second base to try to steal the
no, not at all Where does it come unto asking as a lawyer use of electronic the useful ok? But what about the trash? Can the bid through Bang general failed and I'm cheers and being a lawyer some guy in sin. Guy in Central failed and I'm cheers and being a lawyer. Some guy and sinner fail it's a trash. Can is that legal? Not that isn't illegal? That is illegal. As long as this, where the organization you cannot use That is at least as long as this, where the organization you can I use electronics, watches tv component You can have you no buzzer's in your hand, now rap by a band aid. You can't do anything stuff to your point that you had some picture serve tongue in cheek tweeting outlets. They hey guys. Let's cheat the old fashioned way at the guy and second based deal the sign, as you have somebody leading off second, and he can point to the head right, catcher set up inside or outside. That gives you a little bit of advantage, but this was incredibly this decade with the use of television cameras signal to the dugout bang the trash can out today,
the change is come and he hits went out and they, the world's you know it's interesting is so I've got a good friend baseball guy grey. Small coach, icicle Cochin pits go again. Rich because their fears isolate ambassador figures. They look at em at home. They do better at home, on the road, it is so he goes. I dont know how at home, but I know at home than on the road it is He goes. I dont know how their cheating, but I know, cheating did they have a reputation there's at the end. There's a lotta, Houston hate going on today and yesterday, because it has long been suspected for the past couple of years of cheating consists We both on the road and specially at home that said base. All. Unlike the other sport, you play a hundred and sixty two gandia, I mean you, there's no way you gonna be cheating across a hundred and sixty two games and suddenly
people say now take that, then I will tell you why, when I think most people found offensive was that they took it into the world series took it into play off. They took it into the world series, not that it's ok to do it in the regular seas of job. This is a good thing that Rob Manfred did yesterday. Is a good thing, get baseball back on track? They gonna steal. I only do it. The old family here do with old fashioned way, and I think rare I think, the national action network we should. We should work together to talk about mercy. Let's just you know. Let's just lets us let's just leaving with ass droves lenses, leave it there all himself falling short of the glory got. It doesn't help for us to explain. And this out and get on which are ledges, let that at a stroke, paid for the sins of all and let's move on and say we ve been Boston, Red Sox there. That think we can, but you still have to pay for your sake
you were gibbered, but you have to do what does that mean for brother Cora? I think Alex score and a minimum. The report is devastating to him. I think you're, the minimal. Do, one year suspension if he gets longer than one hour than the Red Sox are going to have to think about making it. You're, ok, I'll talking Alex it's gonna have a sign for yelling at me. Really do I. You know how these are self, exactly a comic egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cast now for free wherever you download yours.
With us now: U S, national editor at the financial times, add loose s latest peace in the financial times is entitled why Bernie Sanders looks in district the boy had loose. I know you want to talk about american baseball all day, but we're not going to let you do that wise Bernie Sanders Indestructible, I'm in span and not just because they are the World Series yeah. Ok, I am indeed I was. I was plunging the era when they, when they a few weeks ago. Where I would find I'd buy some general knowledge test on base for awhile bodies in if we think about it. It's just ten weeks ago we had a heart attack and had to stance put in that three marked an idea of his fortunes. His pals have been rising since then pretty steadily at the expense.
Lee ever Elizabeth, learn to the point where three way, before I or in New Hampshire. Polish show him as marginally winning both foes raises some policy, so I guess it's in the grand night Miss of his base. Is just something we should never underestimate. You shouldn't underestimate just how tone deaf. Is it worthwhile and can sometimes be on this time, she's great at policy, but political touch It is not as good as is as you might think it would be, and I think this latest lake from somebody close to the warring campaign fairly ill disguised fingerprints there the wide campaign that than the body told up. Thirteen months ago a woman couldn't way is an example of that they know it's cake, Kelly quite close to closing bow three weeks ago.
Fairly family nefarious account of a conversation that no AIDS were present at just two of them. Worn and sound, as in the rum, comes out at this time and then she issues a statement saying let's move on, and I think that that is the kind of thing that probably couldn't even benefiting Bernie Sanders banalities. You know, it is seen as the Mr. If authenticity, Mr Integrity, many fault But those are seen as virtues, and I think that partly explains why this, strawberry story that seventeen seventy eight year old with two stance could be winning the two contests and twenty twenty democratic primary either I felt the statement from Elizabeth last night was interesting. He did it. Let's move on hey Grenelle ride. What what is the working theory on the ground of my Bernie Sanders is
is doing as well. Now, as he did, here's a guy that had been dismissed as a retread, a lot of people Sadie this was Barney two thousand sixteen they forgot to that for years had passed by He was saying, as it has been before his heart attack, lotta people believe now in the week after resorted, that was the end of his campaign. Instead, it actually was a kick start what why do Democrats stand keys at this resurgence gender. That point at me a lot of people when he got in the re set a wise Bernie running again. We ve got all these other candidates who are in the rays lives with worn, for example, can you know take onto progressed mantle Guy, I said this many times and I shall say it again: never underestimate mate Bernie Sanders. I think he connect with people and a very unique way. We certainly thought haven't into Sixteen were sick thing, it happened now working class voters,
young millennials you, I leading ease leading among African Americans people under the age of thirty five he's been endorsed by some really major organizations, the sunrise movement, which has They done an incredible job, coalescing young progressing with an eye to fight for climate change, recently endorsed them. He is he's done that is authentic, cave stuck to his message, and he has done such a great joy of consolidating the progressive base. I also think, of course, right around the time he had a heart attack. Oh see, endorse and which gave him a significant boost. You know, this raises. Alternately ultimately, gonna come down to Bernie Sanders versus Joe Biden. Bernie will represent that grass and wing of the party, Joe Biden, will represent the moderate establishment wing of the party that defending Obama era policies- that is, this debate, is going on. Bernie Sanders has been able to really call unless this progress.
Base like nobody else has been able to do so? President tromp, when, after potential tool, twenty presidential opponent Michael Bloomberg on Twitter, you for they sounding off on the hundreds of millions of dollars? The former mayor is spending against him. In a series of tweets the President Road impart quote: many Might Bloomberg. Spending a lot of money on false rising outing quote? I will always protect familiar. Isn't that really really doesn't have the kick? Does it like that, that stands out when he has been on much more money on them Maybe I been my guy she's, so well, now the eyes prompt aid, only the mail, if this guy, as any money at all but idlers who take away their as he tries your attacked a guy you're. As about sixty billion dollars more than him, he has done. Tromp lied about pre existing conditions and send saying that he's going to protect preexisting nations and amount Democrats are that's just a lie here
spending is out administration trying to dismantle biomechanics will correct, so it is just a lie, but given that there are a lot of low information reaches out there as there are in every democracy be another. Those lies at least partially stick. My my so about Bloomberg? Is why getting aiming The delegations that we'll get him on the debate stage. It wouldn't costs much just just give me a dollar there's a threshold and reason. Why is puzzling is because you don't become no money unless you're up there on the debate state AIDS, a very odd strategy to me, he spent hundred and fifty three million dollars or so According to the last last week's estimates, since he launched a campaign, none of which are on garnering the kind I don't know. He needs to qualify for debating unless he gets on the debate stage, he's not gonna be there tonight.
I don't see how he has a realistic shot of doing went on Super Tuesday day. It's a real puzzled to me. Those guys I seriously bahraini Billina. It is made, is money out of data, and politics, and this seems to be kind of an oversight MIKE kind money talks. Obviously, Tom Sire is proof of that. Go beyond the debate stage tonight having just swamped the primary with his own money, but MIKE Pawnbrokers a different case. Michael burgers obviously spend an enormous amounts of money, but he's got some. Going for him that none of the other candidates seemed to going for them, and it is He is the one guy out there who clearly Steve, drives Donald Trump Crazy, and is intent on driving them even crazier. While he's the one looked out, looks at him and realizes that he's a real version of an ersatz, Donald Trump. These is just at a real billionaire made his money. The honest way, and I think, as you watched,
streets tends to go Syria to people where he thinks they. Actually, could be damaging to him, and I think many of us believe that might Bloomberg out that nomination. He would be trumps toughest, opponent. Ok, we should point out. In terms of levelling the playing field here that you were right. I manage this fast, and so what do you think he's looking for as you looking for a broken conventional you looking for now. Looking for a win, look the number of delegates- that's gonna, be picked. These first for contests is around here. It's a few percent of the total delegates right thirty, some percent of the I guess we picked on super to stay in the rest. After most, The candidates not spending a lot of time and the super Tuesday states that camp they have to focus on everyone, bearing all this time, the super to most of his time. The super Tuesday states huge amounts of money, huge numbers of people, and that's where the action is that's real, as Willie son said. Why do I robbed banks? That's where the money is and that's why he's gone there all right out
Adrian I'll ride. Thank you both for being on this morning. Hey it's crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and don't know about that on a virus. Once these things get out there- and this has got it sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is the once they're out there- they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several. Four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book? They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe,
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