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Morning Joe 1/15/20: Post-debate analysis


The Morning Joe panel recaps Wednesday's CNN/Des Moines Register Democratic debate and a tense round of exchanges between Sen. Sanders and Sen. Warren.

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chance to unite, unite as Democrats, but also with independence and applicants according to Elizabeth, oh Why? What is hard is bringing people together and finding common ground instead of scorched earth, because trade, goddamn. Sir, I think you are. Trade they. I guess it is certainly that traders, when you think about Democrats talking cooperation. Donald Trump, accusing them of treason are the White House Injures bringing a knife to a gunfight good morning and welcome morning Joe. It is Wednesday January fifteenth along with Joe Willie, and may we have Daddy Deutsche White answer whatever the Associated Press, Jonathan, Le Maire, chief public affairs officer at move on DOT Oregon and MSNBC contributor Corinne Jean Pierre
in Moyne MSNBC National Affairs analyse co host of short times. The circus and editor in chief of the re count John Heil men? We have a lot to talk about this morning we have of horse With that web basic note wrote this now confession out shakedown. Basically, I all that at the end of Perry, Mason gathered, say that's too the mass. My second remark is that a very wise come are we can't those scriptwriters have to be a little less obvious, So, let's get one David wholly, why that is the smoking gun to end all smoking guns, but we sort of course, with the most important story got to say that since the framing of ride logo rich and
really. How much longer can this injustice girl I'm his eye? He needs to walk about Alex Cora It appears that people you know that aided law go as he's. Because of healthcare reform hated Alex Cora because he helped kids and forty Rico. I guess you know them major League baseball is sending to America is: don't help poor kids importer, Riga, because he was a champion of hurricane, really he was a voice for the people. Porter wreak, magically baseball, kick zoom out the same folks. The frame, rose rapid, again mice, This is the first. He is he resigned last night as manager of the Red Sox is a mutual parting of ways. Is the statement with the Red Sox ownership? It comes on. The heels of the report on the basics
This report into the huge natural science dealing with corps was the bench coach there and twenty seventeen years ass, a bit player that yeah he's decides. Haven't me rather club asking the occasional DEC. Then Joe, he became the rights that the manager, the Red Sox between eighty. What do we do in twenty two and remember the do we want I remember you ride. We thought that we second guess Cora every step of the way I reset button with this proves that rights are, you may now as a joke, because he made every right call regarding pictures and everything else yet incredible, because he knew what was coming apparent outcome, not mad with pitch by those. Let me just say right up Friday, I mean I was we heard last night. Well, he and I was making tell you. I was some tears, wiping dear and I tweeted this and if you dont have to tweet
see? That was I just I set that graphite we're talking about you. I made a big bang, the trade sector. Now it's coming, I guess led to call. Shall my good I couldn't understand. Was that mean I very upset by all of this, and I am sure that actually liked Alex Cora a light, The thing I don't understand MIKE is that they signs for a year and a half. Leaves, and during that time, Jackie Bradley couldn't partly mementoes I mean you're hit and one seventy seven for, like the greater part of two years you know. What's coming here is like a major league that would wireless yell at each other? It is exactly but my biggest right now is how the Red Sox Lucille signs.
Jack, you Brad Likud. Still it below two hundred for most of that, I get our jogging, so dark humor, its it, it is two thousand eighteen was especially special year and Alex Cora. Again, especially because of the stance he took on her leaving poor weak on a lot of other things. I hate to see this happen. Well, you know in the long run, major League baseball did the right thing by inserting itself in trying to clear up this, advanced, analytic, slash, technology hurricane that has overtaken Major league baseball in the last ten years in this in the scheme things that we talk about normally here every day. This is not a huge story, but it is it. And its essence, it's a sad story. Careers or I will speak for myself. Alex core is a terrific guy. He owned up to it. He basically reason find
and now we have to watch out for Carlos Beltran with the New York and that's because he was in on it as well. So we'll see what happens there so now you can get back to calling general managers across major league baseball and put together your fan That's the king, when you twenty out not at my friend, is the key, and I'm already at work on that. I love it with their rights that is again measured. Job open now, my wife. It was like a powerful eyes out by your that's what site. Let's start that re here out every game at frontiers, monopolize guys, like you just to judge the signal, this virtue, the less friendly virtually so you know, I don't get it Danny, What I'm looking for right now is now I'm looking for all the major league players. Nobody has to come out in sat cloth and action, She is last in self righteous
nation about what happened earlier, because it's not gonna happen. You know why, because it can't be I am saying this, but I'm going to say it because it's true tacit, every, but maybe not to this degree. But everybody does, and I ve been doing it a hundred years Bobby Thompson, shot heard round world most famous home run in american history, baseball history, stalls While the interesting thing is Microsoft or technology, it was known you, basically you guys in the field try to do. It is almost a lot of the game this because it had this kind of insidious technology wiring to it, took on different degree, but it was an accepted part of the game, but still I mean we'd still is right. Yeah I mean the old fashioned sign stealing we're time at this yesterday. The guy stand and second base looks into the hitter and sees what catcher setting up many points that where that way, there always advantages, but this had the I think, the more to dine with dramatic
of a game and the catchers sign into the dugout bang trash Can- and between that won the world Series in two thousand seventeen and we're gonna, learn more about what the Red Sox are up to in two thousand eight hundred Alex CORE Aol. I play College Beijing somewhere and it is when you know what's coming, you did not I'm sorry about your now, you know you know Joe. There was a level of Chauncey Gardiner genius to your tweet last night about Jackie Bradley. Jew and I ve- been able to hit two hundred even knowing what it's come. No one who had coming. You still have to hit the ball. You still have the hidden, that's the trick.
Well first of all, thank you for insulting they might. But secondly, if you can know that Chris sale is going to be throwing you a slide or, of course in April and may, because his arm falls off on July, twenty seventh every year by year in May in- and you know the chrysalis pitching thrown decider doesn't matter here, I mean you're, just not going to be of limited, so Yes thank you for calling me Chauncey Gardiner. I guess we do. We have to make our lives like she's now in physical we had, but you know what it's not just the base call targets the matching jacket, vast, wristband and glasses waiter like come on you how much I like! Well, ok vicious I thought you were little short by. The words is all I can say is because I was thinking about the natural event away that used to wear this year. Soccer and we'd go like this when the senior soccer area, but thank God, he's wearing Circe, foreign policy, and we re to lead the debate last night and about four.
Minutes, and the moderate orison turned we're about forty minutes. Zimri acts is getting to be interested in moment here, where the moderators turned to Elizabeth warrants claim that during a private conversation in twenty eighteen, Bernie Sanders told her that a woman couldn't win the presidential election. Here's how that played out did you say that world motor fact I didn't say and I do want to waste a lot of time on this, because this is what Donald Trump, maybe some of the media. What Nobody knows me, those it's a comprehensible, though I would think a woman could not be present the arts, let's go to you to tonight, there's a video of that thirty years ago talk about how a woman could become president of the United States into thousand and fifty I do in fact the senator warns was a movement to dress?
worn to run for president and you know what our sun sleep worn decided not to run, and I did. I did run afterwards. Hillary Clinton one the popular vote by three, million votes? How could anybody in a million years not believe that a woman could become president of United States, Senator Santer Gonna, be here you're, saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the elections. Group Senator Warren, What did you think when Senator Sandra Centres told you a woman could not when the elections? I disagreed He is my friend, and I am not here to try to fight with Bernie, but look this clause About whether or not a woman can be President
been raised in it's time for us to attack it head on, and I think the best way to talk about who can win is by looking at people's winning. Third saw, can a woman beat Donald Trump look at them on this stage collectively they have lost ten elections. They all. People on this stage who have one every single election that they ve been in are the women Amy! I am concerned a confused as to why it turned from Bernie Sanders, saying I didn't say it to Elizabeth. Were in being asked. What did you think when he said it here? you didn't say it so you you turned to Elizabeth Warrant and say: did he say it was the issue is bizarre, I'm as bizarre it was what the heck happened. There are or are they listening? I could you gotta? Listen when you do a debate and then take the question to that.
Candidate, you just missed lives every year. Just are you willing to go, but do the worries and this so painful to watch these candidates argue about this Corinne John Pierre. These Democrats are supposed to look like they can take on Trump and their bickering about a conversation that happened at a private event. By the way. I've had conversations private conversations taken to the press and totally manipulated for the better the person who was sharing the story. This happens all the time. It's clear there is a misunderstanding or Elizabeth Worn, is focused on something that was said and I'll and Bernie Yours is not but to be someone who says, I don't think that woman could win. That's just stupid right. We now Are you so Bernie went to her in twenty fifteen.
I think you can win. I think you should go on four presidents. One oily asks you to bring such small ball is end and we have to remember the democratic basis and want to see this. They want to know. How are you going to be Donald Trump? That's what they want to see, but I have to say they did. I think both of them tried very hard to do. Late, they didn't want to continue the fight, and I do have to say that worn data, really smart job would broadening it and talking about the kind of the under, What's been on the surface, can a woman when the presidency which she can but there's something that's been there for since twenty sixteen? This is not about that. This is about beating tromp. Guy is my way off the ball. I agree on the way there are now several women's on the debate stage. There are many women who ran for president this time around we're in a different place. Now, let's stop complaining and get to work. Some people learn the hard way.
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By and by the way, John Shanghai there are moments in debates where people pick up on something, I think back to amount to debate, creates George H, W Bush puts it is watch for like two seconds and my god you think he would have. I mean the reaction from the press We think that he had gotten a nazi flag taken out at all of his clothes and run around the debate stage screaming for the next thirty minutes they focused on it. That's what people focus on debates debate. This clip is what people were focusing on last night after the debate. Let's run Alex it's so
everybody shaking shakes Amoco Biden and then clearly the rift is with Bernie Sanders. So you're gonna make an attempt to shake his hand, to show real aids glower. We like that, ok, so why Van Tassel Democrats are gay and then, of course, Andersen's we're getting. How do you know what I mean? Listen people, it's that we were gonna, have framed by frame its citizens, a poet or tat same by arrangements by mid still not a good luck that call for to dump democrat serve fighting over resentment and tried to shake stupid. As this house. Sorry guys, nice and yes totalled. Look that the tape you're right Joe it's gotta be Zapruder before going to Eliza Door, people try to do lip reading out after the debate last night.
Usually the environment. We now live it onto twitter. You have people who looked at that tape and we're like man, it was Elizabeth Warrant really. Really Bernie Sanders. Then you have another good people, like all my god. Bernie Sanders was showed Elizabeth Warrant and it makes my head heard how In did the same context of this story where some people are absolutely convinced Bernie Sanders, and why and other people are absolutely convinced, Elizabeth warders lie, and I you know I get heat when I say No, I don't really know what happened in this conversation, but I do know this. I think you know this moment of the debate. Night, it was a bit was a doll debate. It was a to my mind away by the way. John, that mean nobody look good on that debates I just went to everybody saying the saints me that who I've talked to nobody looked good on the debates station ass. It was, right it would delay everybody's weakest performance. It was a dull and plodding debate. You at thirty nine minutes at the top
they'd about foreign policy and trade not really have any pointed questions about IRAN. It was really Carl Why are you the best person to be commander in chief? You know I really was a sort of stand by how airless end in life was. The debate was so this Sanders Warren saying how the emotional energy coming into it. That exchange had while people it was the moment we were waiting for- and I gotta say whatever happened a year ago and whatever is going to happen. Now that's pretty important why the thing that happened at the end of the day may matter the sense that those to keep fighting over the course Two weeks going a dialogue that could have consequences for the race, but what everything about? All of that that when one Elizabeth Ward pivoted and made the point about her? But the electoral success but the women onstage where's, the metal stage was a good debate moment. She was a scripted moment for sure she knew the question was coming, but she's
the way. I think you could see millions of women democratic women across the country going damn right. So I think it's the only moment, maybe that aways gotta remember. Debate, twenty four hours from now, and so I think the question about this debate as I think it changes any of that makes them this race over the next two weeks. Now we still have for candidates to allocate bunched up at the top. I think this debate will quickly fade from memory, but the question going forward now is? Is it all centres and Warren, not just as candidates, but their teams and their campaigns or that get away at a side, now get back to campaigning. Or is this battle in centres and war in which is a real thing. Not a media creation on these campaigns are mad at each other. Is that get it continue are not out of the air to one? You know the figures if there that they were debating over policy. That's one thing: But here we are on the same night. The Donald Trump the United States called Democrats, traders they're not shaking each other's hands.
And there there was whining and whimpering about. God knows why people trying to recall two year old phone conversations and adjust the whole thing should set a chill dammit that's fine days finds this is these people are still not ready for primetime. When I heard John say and he's right that on line and and behind the scenes, people saying Lizzie really stuck to Bernier Bernie really stuck to Elizabeth, my only thought was, those are the people must be sticking it do not alter. Is the one. Theoretically, Democrats are supposed to be sticking to a name. You have mentioned this morning, Joe Biden Job, sat there and let them go back and forth and volley on this question as by the way we got no closer to the truth and the question of whether not Bernie Sanders said that, because Elizabeth Worn wasn't asked and followed up on, but Joe Biden can sit and let them fight it out, and hopefully
right it out until election day. I guess yeah that was clearly his his tragic yesterday. There was there was no break out perhaps in the center warrants, commented that challenges just mentioned, and it did seem that Biden was willing to come to stay out of the fray there. In a mayor people for many people, the judges well Amy Club, which are that bit moments. You are there, but there was no. I don't think that for the rest, change at all. We have the top for bunch within a few points of each other. Far more likely to impact things is the fact that meet there is an improvement trial. That's bids that those articles or be traced. Today that trials gonna start in earnest next week. And they're gonna be senators on that stage would not go be a gorilla because they're going to be stuck in war on that, in both worn and Sanders argument really have to curtail their campaigning. Just very come, on the other hand, shaken the video that we're all be seen time and time again that the Tom style part of it, is also Finally, because he's there throughout the whole thing
I think what we need is a congressional subpoena to Tom Style executives and exchange between the two of them on stage, and that would be how we get to the bottom Geier. Commission, hey might you know, is missing. Last I from the stage for made Donald Trump. You know people at home have I think visceral need to feel a candidate poncho. Amy clobbered Sherwood Pivot, each time, there's a question and somehow bring it back as a contrast, a trump to me when we have this over, who is so defining and every research tells you can be tromp, that's the greatest driver. I feel those two not make it about him, but there's a way to still keep it about you and about policy, a your message, but at the same time, punches you and about policy a your message, but at the same time punch out, I thought that was sorely missing. Well, Joe just raise the critical point I mean: how can these people standing there all of the morning due to be present in the United States, not refer to the fact that within the last forty eight hours, the presidency states photoshopped an image of Nancy
closing and Chuck Schumer Anti Muslim you know calling them. Trade is basically he's called nearly all of the Democrats running for president traders and not addressed that in terms of being able to take on Donald Trump take em are now you don't wait September or October, take em on now. What is already done, just in the last, ten days and we talk about endless wars all the time last night was that we now have endless debates and you raised Tom Styron standing there look at probably a good guy, Probably you know he certainly got a legitimate business record to look at, but there's something wrong with the debate formats. When Thomson IRA's on the stage inquiry Booker is not on the stage you know John Ion It is shocking that the decisions that these democratic candidates have made shocking politically over the past six eight minds, many of them in the first two weeks
we should pay its decided that it was going to be a good move to attack barrage of armor on L for air and immigration just stupid. The guide, ninety percent of programmes, and and very few of them focus on tromp. Forgive me for saying this, but the young The first time I ran very like a level people in the field mentioned any of those peoples names. Now I ran against Bill Clinton. It was nineteen, eighty four. U S, question about another candidate. I talked about Bill Clinton. You ask me a question about. Whatever it was. It all went back to build Latin and I was a kid nobody knew who I was but they're like ok, he's a guy, that's gonna go up and fight and. Here we are on such a law. Our journey stage, where I will say it the frame. Of matter. Zoning democracy is at risk good standing in the world. Is
we ask our or I'd be our government in everything that we have believed that it was striving to be is at risk and Democrats or debate. In what somebody many have said on the telephone. Two years ago, kids away the show this morning, so I can't tell you what I think that is just say that's mess. Up to hand Paraphrase George W Bush one of the great of all time some weird stuff yeah, you know it's interesting Joe in here and in the morning or I've been for now it s five days in all the candidates,
up on tv, and you can see some really good there once a pretty good ads and inviting in particular has nad. It tries to focus The way the you're talking about tries to focus in on this What this is really all about, who Donald Trump the threat? Poses and been binds argument that he's the best wanna take on Trump in all the candidates, I find various ways, try to get that in their would you C mon on the stump. If you see him in TAT all meetings, if you see him on television in their paid advertising in different ways, it is the most clear on it, but I totally agree with you. I think we're gonna look back on twenty nineteen and really feel like that with the giant field, a lot of talented people, What no one really ever did was really crystallized. That argument. Norway and the whole field didn't crystal that argument away that we everyone recognizes that it's the central thing on democratic voters, my and no one really was able to harness an argument about it and make it clear and coherent, compelling and yet think canal. Two and a half weeks out that with this one
are stage, and this is the top till we get really for candidates, maybe five, who are still really in the running amicable, sure you no kind of a dark horse still in there. You know when you would think that there would be focused. This will be the moment you folks TAT was my prediction run. This debate would be a great debate and there would be a renewed focus and they finally find the thread in last night. It was not there and- and I agree with you right now and you're starting to hear one other thing. That's added to this right, which is someone from this group, is going to have to go up against Donald Trump and that this did this entire democratic fight has been so to use chicken coop, I think, would be the word that want to use public goods that are watching this morning. No one has elevated to even the class She's are cheap and petty. Now is. How is this? Is this gotta condition the ultimate nominee take on the police. The doll tribe is its people start to get worried. Is our nominee gone through
the rigour of the potential that the any these people have gone through. The cod rivers and taken the kind of beating, You wanna see from a democratic candidate when you know what's coming down the road. Is anybody competent look at these people that they are tough enough not to be the stairs just purely top it up and can take the big patch well an end. Do they have the political instincts? Because you know it's not just The political class to talks about Donald Trump, all the time got any dinner table when America, but you go, you go in the communities in America and and people are talking about tromp he is. I think it is an obsession on the right It is an obsession on the left people. They don't talk about. Tromp tell you, I'm not talking about trust.
There's no major about pronouncements and yet touch it, the stage on the democratic debate stage, With so much at stake, green, which so much at stake, these damn we do not even have the political and state to focus and modern what about way crowds talking about, but what the world is talking about. We live in the age of top right, and they are talking about, found calls that may not have even happened. Yeah and twenty days away from Iowa cock. This is the last time we're going to see these guys onstage together. This was the opportunity to make a stand, to really show why you should win. I will the rest of the coming up stage and you did
I see that you did not like you said there was no Donald Trump in the conversation really, there was no contrast Donald Trump, and I do think any time they ask you about a policy or an issue. You can't as you say, hey this is what Donald Trump is doing guys. This is what's happening out there and it was amiss once again and it's really disappointing, but you know, there's another thing we haven't talked about now you have the impeachment dump coming and three of was guys are not going to be in Iowa come next week. So, Are they going to really break through? Not they have to figure out how to break through how to continue to have that conversation. So this is gonna, be wild twenty days like that, they have an imagination there. Going to be able to say I was gonna, be able to deliver speech on the seventh floor. Finnegan walk out. There can be any a press conference. They set up telephone town Hall
I can do a lot of different things, but I don't just I'm just rock. Donnie you did this for eleven living- how these people are. If you stop on the street, the first thing tat was: what are you gonna do about that guy? We have something It is to not understand it that is the emotional trigger to not get that that is, Decisions will be made on who can be joy used the word tough, whose tough enough people want to see somebody punch him in the face. Mean that literally, but is the emotional meat and emotion and feeling- and got DR elections not left brain last night was all Draw- and you just have to wonder why the worn campaign Elizabeth Warren brought up this will that says, that's. Why am I? What in the world is did not by accident? two days before this debate, a report was leaked to see an area that Bernie
there's allegedly had said that to react with one that woman couldn't win? Elizabeth worn came out the day before that I stand firm, the stores a you know: it's gonna be a topic of debate that was in the worn campaign child tat. It was- and I will echo something Danny said. We have talked much about Amy Global Short. She did take every answer and talk about down. Yes, she did she entities on the sound is actually yes, I will be talking to her about navigating impeachment first sent versus viola and people to judge will be on the show today as well, John Home, and thank you for being here, so this morning, and still I had already fallen lie where no joke, you noticed gray eyes with a Czech did and its least very come my way, we're gonna be asking. We can be asking are wont to jokingly. Put John, I opened up where you been. Can we have MIKE's hot take and, of course we can now we're going
have a segment called getting high, get rehiring Ike with high element in we're trying to figure out. Do we use the Austin powers? Well, while fact were pushing in an hour? Do we do the job Harrison Kaleidoscope. Star thing amount does electronics, music here lotta since our music. I think we have to do that. Ravishing you, if you can, everybody tweet is tweet me it Joe Envy and tell us how How do we frame they get in high on life John highlights how I wish it were life that John yeah. I have to say that, because the kid certainly kids, like George, this is, in this case life as a synonym for a lot of things right more. On that hand, written note, we showed you at the top of the show how democratic provide new evidence of a push by rooted, Giuliani and his associates to meddle in Ukraine will run through all of that and Joseph
and oh, my gosh- has the gig tonight at prohibitions on air quality since all large type, so light ass? I may I am I right. You want to dance recital eight if it goes past nine obey the law, something that date and yet we don t I hear watching morning. Job will be right. It sounds like an egg eyes, Willie guys here. This week on, the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. Around one clock in the morning she called me again and she said that there are.
It concerns there were concerns up the street and she said I need it to get on. It. Come home immediately, get on the next plane palm to the: U S and I asked her. Why and she said she wasn't sure, but there were concerns about my security Astor, my physical security because Sometimes Washington knows more than we do these things and she said Now- she hadn't gotten that impression that it was a physical secure, the issue, but they were concerned about my security and I needed to come home right away. You know I argued this is extremely irregular and and no reason given. But in the end I d get on the next plane. That was former. U S ambassador to Ukraine Marie, given a bitch testifying back in November, calling an unknown concern that had arisen about her physical security, forcing her to come back to the? U
now have clarity as to what concern actually was after records were turned over yesterday by love harnesses attorneys bringing a new figure to the spotlight of the Ukraine scandal Giovanni candidate for Congress in Connecticut, Robert hide documents appear to show that high with tracking Jovanovic is physical movements, along with her computer and phone. The documents also include: what's that exchanges from March twenty nineteen between partners and hide where they peer to be discussing you have on a bitch. The messages do not mention the ambassador of my name, but include links to stories about her and were from around the time Giuliani was pushing to get her fired. They suggest that the press haven't, had already decided once too. Move her, but may have changed his mind. However,
According to NBC News, Hide said he was drinking when he sent the messages to harness text to NBC News, hide, attacked, House Intelligence Committee, Chair Adam Shift in colorful term. He Bonaventure lawyer is now calling on authorities to investigate whether was in fact being monitored. Let's bring in national political rapporteur for NBC News, Josh Letterman droughts. What can you tell us. Well, this has just been a really bizarre turn of events. Just when we thought that all the facts had basically come out in the impeachment saga, bombshell? Last night, new text messages, even this new character, Robert HU. We had no idea until last night was even involved in any of this. I, in addition to those really menacing text that you were just describing, that suggests that they might have had Jovanovic,
under surveillance. There was also those handwritten notes that you showed earlier showing love parnasse. This indicted Julia, associate, basically organizing plot they're, going to carry out talking about Gettings Linsky to announce investigations. Also, this new, previously undisclosed letter from you Giuliani too, it insolence key saying he was acting with trumps now. Knowledge and permission in trying to seek a meeting with the linsky, and the upshot of this really is going to be additional pressure on centre Republicans and Mitch, Mcconnell in particular, to allow witnesses not to try to shut that that down in the process. Now that it's clear that there are new people, new events that occurred in this story that House Democrats really weren't able to get to during the house, impeachment hearings really needed for more thing. Where again people say will denounce he closely hold the articles two long thing, but
everything that we have learned say been held. I know she's underpaid by Democrats, us and them over I'd like to know why because this is going to keep coming out, we're going to Keep learning new things like there was says we can even know about this character. Robert hide, we didn't know above use this. What looks like surveillance of the? U S, ambassador for their jobs from from associates of the President's personally, I know you're, who was set to Ukraine right for this, so Jim we? Obviously these documents from provided the House Intelligence Committee by Love, Parnassus attorney? There were, at which his name isn't use there. But when you look at the contacts is pretty clear who they're talking about so I guess my can t you is. Is this what an appeal
is to be, which is what Joe just laid out associates of the president's personal attorney conducting surveillance on United States. Ambassador physical surveillance will look if it wasn't that, then there have been plenty of opportunities for hide to say so and for others around him and paranoia they sell and when I was texting with Aurora hide last night. I asked him explicitly so you know when you say you were drinking with your buddies when you sent these text messages. Are you saying that you weren't finally having a surveillance operation on a city of honor which he won't answer that at all- and we know as you're mixing there were security concerns related to her about you, Tomanovich now saying, there's going to be an investigation into this, we got to look into whether U Dot S senior diplomat was having possibly both her physical, Mintz and her electronic telephonic communications. Being monitored. So far, no word from the government or the state Department about whether they will
carry that out. But by all appearances you know they're there. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes here. Then we knew about so you been talking to this guy hide Robert hide does he fit into this picture? He's a guy's given a lot of money to the Republican Party is given money to the trunk campaign in the reelection effort. We know all of that, but did he do get ties himself to lead. This surveillance of the United States Ambassador in Ukraine, like where did it come from its outwardly or how he got pulled into this, and he also wooden answer that question to me last night. But will it kind of fits this pattern of a lot of republican, that we ve seen who have ingratiated himself with the president and in his orbit by making a lot.
Contributions towards the start of the administration showing up at events at Mara, logo and fundraiser. Is that kind of thing I basically finding their way into this circle and proximity to the president. We know that his congressional campaign, the very front page of his website, is a big old picture of him with President Donald Trump, so by all appearances, he was trying to provide some assistance or get involved in what was clearly a top priority for the president in hopes of being able to project himself. As a close associate of president tromp Jonathan Almira. We don't know exactly how all the dots can act with meagre was just looking at a story that said hide was at the World Series Game attend, I guess, another hour. Thieves get video with Kevin Mccarthy, Of course Why do we always henchmen gave cover Mccarthy money? his campaign drew
Arnie specifically going to Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden and push. A? U S ambassador. These eyes or over there. The henchmen are over their hides over there and then american ambassador is being tailed by as somebody there appears to be connected to the press. The attorney are the very. Least the president's attorneys henchmen. It's all I mean this is This is one more its it is. I write it What to do in Russia Right said that right is this: what they when Russia, where they these, they they follow their people in other countries to make sure there's patiently loyal? This is because I, if this has happened to them, Erica before World presents personal attorney, hires henchmen. You are now indicted. Of course, I'd like to I'd like I'd like parallel in american history, because there is not one that is important to talk
you know what's more important, though a phone call that may never have, two years ago, when the ambassador testified late last year, is partly impeachment where she talked about being unsafe. Does she felt like a cheap, felt threatened but didn't really feel a lot of the details and then that's what this does right here, the perhaps there was surveillance, both electronic and physical, on her, which of course, would be an urban which member she was summoned back. The United States has given a warning like you need to get on to explain better pay or said anything about this. Was palm peo criticized anybody about this? About a? U s: ambassadors, safety being at risk and being told they get on a plane and go home because she's not safe is pumped bail, said any as spoken out about this. Incidentally where's. She certainly has spoken about this latest revelations know when it has in his ego. He was been very guarded and what he has said he at times he reports would back the president rather than sort of states, power and accuracy would seemingly your side with the train or chief rather the people who work for him in farming. And the other piece of yes for the other document. That's really important here and
mention is the idea that its own, from red say, requesting a private meeting with with Ukraine's presence. Whiskey and saying he's doing so with president trumps? Quote knowledge and consent, which of course, undermining would present has said that the true I was acting on its own I didn't want to go over. There are not just another piece of crucial information that we are now aware of as the impeachment lose heart. So let's talk about that letter. As part of the evidence turned over the house, impeachment piecemeal investigators by lawyers for Giuliani, associate love partners that comes as demo at sea to bolster their argument that Giuliani was tried it got dirt on political rival, Joe Biden and Dnc. On behalf of the press in the past. President Trump has tried to distance himself Julie on his efforts saying in November. He didn't direct him. Ever in his letter, Giuliani rights in part, I have a more specific request in my capacity as personal council to present trumpet his knowledge and consent. I requested me,
With you on this coming Monday may, thirteenth or Tuesday May forty, I will no more than a half hour of your time, Giuliani wrote to the landscape, the former, New York City told NBC News at a text message letter quote, shows ethically I was acting in my role as Defence Council seeking exculpatory ever, sluts brain MSNBC Legal, analyse Danny some just as an attorney Danny on its face. What do you make of this letter dear president of Sparta I represent a toga wearing private citizen who just happens to be the emperor of Rome. Could I get a meeting there So many things wrong with this letter- and you just mentioned one to already saying that this is that this is skull budgetary evidence as a defence council whose saying any, indicted the president! Isn't that putting the cart before the horse? I mean that alone. Is it really strange response that something a criminal
to turn. You like me would say that I'm seeking exculpatory evidence, but then going back to the letter that I made that that Roman Emperor joke, but that's it, exactly what Rudy Giuliani saying and the mere fact that he takes such pains to say that thing, is private council It was that he is aware that if he was writing on behalf of the President as an official, request that it would be wrong. So even if he is representing the president as a private individual, what possible private business could Donald Trump have with the president of Ukraine? Could it that opposition research will that doesn't work, because that's the exact same thing that Trump requested in his official capacity This letter is a real problem for Giuliani and it's a real problem for Trump, because it connects dots that were before somewhat connect
but now there really connected we're. U you point to something important in Giuliani statement yesterday, NBC News- or he says the letter shows unequivocally. I was acting my roles, Defence Council seeking exculpatory evidence butter written in May so from what did it to be cleared. In other words, the president was indicted that anything. So what did he need to show his innocence from? My guess is the question at that time. The others there's nothing there at that point. What exactly it I've been saying this for many weeks months Rudy Giuliani is likely going to eventually be burned by the fact that he's wearing way too hats in one since his defence counsel, in another instant he's representing lead parlours and other folks with interests that appear to be I did not only the President and the it states, then he appears to be some private representative of the state department. Then you to be some kind of lobbyists and when you wear
many heads there are too many conflicting interests, which is a huge problem, especially for lawyers who have to be aware of, and avoid com just conflicts of interest, but the appearance of conflicts of interest? This is what may potentially bring down Rudy in the end is that he tried to do many things at once. All right, and this is Josh Logger men and Danny Civil us. Thank you both for being on this morning. A lot going on hey it's crises this week in my pocket, wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, curled bergs, Durham, but what we do and don't know about that run a virus once these things get out there- and this is quite a sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version.
Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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