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Morning Joe 11/5/20


The Morning Joe panel discusses the latest developments in the 2020 presidential election.

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that. Were you enough states to Suddenly, a local votes needed to win the presence in the counters flourished. We believe you will be the winner, Joe Biden in optimistic two days after election day and the election, still undecided, five and currently leads two hundred and fifty three electoral votes to Donald Troms, two hundred and fourteen Biden expanded has led yesterday, after winning Michigan sixteen electoral boats, Wisconsin, ten and three means for Trump One, the other way I'm waiting results from several battleground states right now, Georgia, Albania Nevada Carolina all too close to call Arizona too early to call. So here we are mourning
and welcome to morning morning is Thursday November fifth, along with Joe Willie in May. We have Whitehouse Rapporteur for the associate Press, Jonathan, Le Maire and basic is tat. Why all correspondent, who knows that way too early Casey on? We will never let her stop working and host of my son, Busies politics, nation and president of the National Action network, Reverend Al Shopton is with us so first a pencil valium. Let's go right. There, Joe Biden has cut into Donald Trump sleet significantly around this time. Yesterday, Trump led by some seven hundred thousand votes now with eighty nine percent of the expected vote in Trump now leads by just over one hundred and sixty four thousand votes with a lot male and ballots still being counted. We could look specifically at throw, county home to a lot of five and voters. He
it leads by sixty percent, and we are still waiting for more than two hundred and forty four thousand votes from Philadelphia County. This currently at seventy nine percent, Hillary Clinton- one- Philadelphia County with eighty two percent in twenty sixteen We are also waiting for about eight thousand votes from Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is located Biden currently, aids by nineteen percentage points in that county and over in bucks county the states? Fourth, most populated account we're unemployment rates and deaths per capita linked to covered are some of them, yes in the country trump currently leads by just over thirty two hundred votes with fifty eight thousand votes, still expected. Trump lost bucks county by less than one percentage point, back in twenty sixteen, and while we are talking about about.
Its work in Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania. Willie legs is, at the very least some of the numbers, it just had sent to me big difference in six pain and calmly county finds out by twenty six, that's up from twenty one. Several four years ago, in Chester, ease up by seventeen. That's about firm Clinton's, nine percent, Delaware by twenty three, that's also up the box will, in the likely being a wide margin than sixteen but but is one of those states that if you look at the trends- and you see where it's going in in that way. For the past couple of days, it looks like that's a stir where Joe Biden is going to catch up in much the same way he caught up, and concept and Michigan. If again, as I keep saying that passes, prologue
it looks like he's going to have enough votes which she's getting it at a quick enough enough clip that he could tell George is a little tighter Georgia we're going to go down. I mean that's we're going to go down to the last ten thousand votes there. Biden can catch up there, most likely will get very close if not go ahead by five. thousand both. Then you look at Arizona, that's actually going in opposite direction, and its Donald Trump, whose picking up votes at a pretty good clip. They is still have quite a few to account there. The vote, sit are coming in Arizona working, of course, a Pennsylvania right now, but the votes are coming in and Zander our ballots, Edward dropped off at the end. and Vera zone is anything like Florida is for, as the waves voters
closer to the election. Most ballots dropped off. Absentee ballots were dropped off the more like The voters are to be voting for Donald Trump. And certainly the bats. It was released. Last night we saw I'd almost sixty forty split in favour, Donald Trump and the President's going to need. They continue on that pace Again, I think see. Quack he said he's gonna have to pick up fifty nine percent of all votes that remain in Arizona to overtake job. I so that's very closely where's Nevada later on today, which survive camp feels extremely confident about. They feel it really confident about that Arizona. Still confidence from the Biden Camp at your right as those come in, they get a look, with less confident Arizona is still too early to call right now, Joe Biden leading President Trump, as you said, by about sixty eight thousand boats still waiting for a vote. From all important Maricopa County, the election
for Maricopa, which is areas most populous county tweeted overnight, but two hundred Seventy five thousand bout still to be counted plus provisionally adding more results, will come at seven p M local time today, not clear when other counties in Arizona will report their latest figures, but Jonathan this is a place, as you know that the trunk campaign in the White House is focusing very closely the state of Arizona we ve seen some of his supporters out chanting count. The boats count the votes there. we see in other states, are saying: stop the count, stop the council. They should make up their minds about whether they want us to be counted. How? How close to the White House think Arizona is it may not matter if Joe Biden in Pennsylvania today he's got enough to go over it. Seventy, so, whereas White House focus this morning what else is focus is sort of in the closing days. The campaign is pretty scatter shots a lot of places at once, but you certainly hit the two states that there
Zero on right now, Arizona to start, and we should note the Associated Press and Fox NEWS have already called the Arizona for forty, Biden, and that something that has enraged the trunk campaign. We did. We have set probably about it. We have reported that the night on election night, when there is only a first went, was Fox NEWS made that first call that that said she'll through the President's Watch Party in the EAST room of the White House, and that is what you said, that they believe that they can pick up the number of votes needed to flip it in it's where there try to contest the selection right now. They feel that the day the ability to change, as even as the forthcoming for Maricopa carry? But it should be noted this, but also a lot of second guessing interim brought about Arizona. That's a state that alone for a while now is a problem, and some members of the campaign bread Pascal who, of course was demote. over the summer back in the early days of twenty to twenty, Suggests the present need to spend more time there. They saw some early warning science there
The president was reluctant to do so in part because he didn't like bravely out west. He is so reluctant to spend any nights away. from his own bed. He didn't want to be their which require an overnight stay, the other is this math hears obvious. They feel they need pair Arizona Pennsylvania in order to keep any sort of feasible legal challenge going to have the show are: they still have a possible path to two. Seventy Pennsylvania, the bare campaign campaign manager, bill Steppin, declared victory of Pennsylvania Conference, called reporters. He declared victory. We all know that's not how this works, but he did that his trunk campaign had a news competent Philadelphia that fishery Giuliani among others they made that same claim. They believe they have enough votes to squeeze out a victory there, but they acknowledge their growing more pessimistic by the hour The numbers cut, Nanda Pennsylvania will be very, very difficult and has
I don't like your right, we're seeing servant incoherence in their legal challenges right now. There are three states: Pennsylvania, Georgette Michigan, where they're trying to stop the count in Arizona they're trying to keep it going, and it shows right now, just a real fear that in the end, that today, this race is slipping away from the president. Well, and there is a legal incoherence make any inside republicans. There are no Republicans taking. that's right. Taking these challenges seriously, Mitch Mcconnell, as well as other senators airlines, governor of step forward, of course, Larry Hogan in Maryland, stepped forward and yeah Rick Santorum on CNN, Chris see when he was unable to see a lot of the present state. fast reward hounding they back resoundingly pushing back for good reason, because they understand that consequences of undermining the rule of law, as well as the president does
I understand the cards? once this vonder mining, the real voice. These made that perfectly clear over the past four five years are some would say over the course of his entire adult life. But in this case The fact that he's having such a scatter shot approach is demanding the stopping of counting and states. Where he's a had r r admission case, a measurement falling further by that the hour and then demanding the counting of votes of states where he's behind that has legal consequences when federal just see that sort of scatter shot approach that sort of intellectually incoherent Legal argument. Then that day, have legal consequences for those colleges. That's why I'll think any body that I've spoken word
in the legal community seas any more to any of these climb. So we're we're a four four stretch from the legal challenges of two thousand right. Now there don't appear. any that are going to be significant. Yeah, I mean Sunday are being some of these gentlemen and ask them what made this different than other things that they have stood by quietly, but a resounding pushed back to the president's efforts and members spam why the presents family were holding little press conferences around the country, screaming accusations of voter fraud right and left Giuliani. It was kind of interesting and What's not without a certain put further areas where their bushels diameters fairly volume always been Bush League amateurs and they tumbled they stumbled and white house through what Donald Trump there marketing campaign he was able to run in twenties
staying, and I now think that was an incredible campaign was it was so nobody expected in the wind and whose I probably the greatest subset in America history. But there have been as you said, family members and others who, just in bed, Some cells are not helping the cause at all and in fact, Donald Trump, not helping his own cause legally. When he's holding I wearing press conferences at me. He can do whatever he wants to do. We surprised that the United States, but the press conferences this guy shot approaches. Jonathan Mere said, does not help his cause not even legally, not even politically, on places like fire. knows where there even telling member so the Trump administration. This is America, you have to count the votes.
So, let's get back to the states here. Georgia is too close to call this morning a new batch of vote. just came in, and president from his lead has narrowed to just over eighteen thousand, votes in foreign county, that's home to Atlanta, ere they, seventy five hundred absentee boats still to be counted at ten fifth P M last night, Georgia's Secretary of State, said several counties were so counting ballots and there about ninety thousand ballots, still outstanding numbers that will certainly update with this latest batch of vote. Make a big day. Job today is going to be a big day, and so rather we can put the states in pockets, Philadelphia right now again, if you just follow the trends of Wisconsin and and Michigan its we looks like Donald Trump is going to cut our Joe Biden going to catch and overtake Joe by
There. You look at Arizona, Dwell, Donald Trump, it is going to continue getting closer and closer to Joe Biden as They count those remaining votes, but in Georgia, a word of, sure tie already. The new batch of votes put Donald Trump within seventeen thousand. Both you do the math at a look Joe Biden probably is going to catch him this morning and go ahead by ten thousand twenty thousand votes, That is the way it appears at this point very much. So I think the thing there to me, you- and I are Baptist preaching Me- looks set to fragment Donald Trump, probably prison as the most racist, xenophobic sexist administration we ve seen in our lifetime, and it's me the end up, just GM cry, burn blacks in South Carolina brought.
Joe Biden into victory in the nominating process in be black districts in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia four county and George you dead, brings with a job in the electoral college, which would be a fitting way to us in the trap administration. if it all hands out that way why need very closely. But I thank you exchange text yesterday when we saw what happened in Wisconsin and a boat in Canosa help to bring Wisconsin amid all round the irony of all places put Joe Biden over there and that is where Jacob Break were shot by police remain the bag. Seven times a man came. Men are young Malaysia Guy ensure and killed two people in Kenosha resident came in and never condemned it right. It could notion and could
shit, delivered the victory in Wisconsin for joy by only Joe You- and I are no more is bench- would understand what that really needs to us as Baptists? Yes, yes, here Let me ask you this: you, you said the president as has been races and of you're, not alone the majority of Americans, according to several poles, The last few years have said that Donald Trump is in fact racist. So I have this question that I think a lot The people are civil rights leaders like you and while the democratic politicians are going to have to grapple with that's a fact that a guy who is make common cause with the proud boys white nationalists who drew praise from David, Duke and Richard Spencer and and other others and NEO Nazis after Charlottesville, whose acted apparently,
and use race actually as a wedge issue. Was in twenty percent the vote of black men according to exit polls that we we need away and and see big, sometimes the first, examples on his accurate there'll, be more in depth studies, but twenty percent and this week I saw the headline in the New York Times get this Hispanics. Deliver taxes for Donald Trump. What's going on, you work, especially at votes along the border and Hispanics Bro hard hitting Hillary Clinton. One is spandex by sixty percent. In that area, Donald Trump them by five percent, so Donald Trump Outfit formed how most Republicans perform among Hispanics a group that he's derided as breeders he's locked there already in cages
and it has once again been racially insensitive at best. So, what's going on, there one. I hope those numbers go down. A little black men once formed in county comes in and fairly, but not standing it he has done better. Then he, my judgment should have would brag men and Hispanics, which means that we got to really look consumer rights community over the Lahti. And the African American sat on a real privatisation and now communities on what it is to be different. In terms of being entrepreneurial aspirants and being in terms of how we for the whole I'd think he appealed to us that one or two of free of their day. to be a certain kind of way to be asked parade. And you can be bad and still be centuries,
They did a lot of body and to be false view, They were putting out that job and work with the crime will rapidly deal with the flag. Joe Biden was going along with the majority of people, even in leadership with the cry bill and this in Canada, heresies, racket and starting that they work some kind of socialist and I think a lot of that web web was bought into in terms of fourth propaganda, what no real push back into regards is so I really believe they're going to have to be a lot of work in those areas to ignore it or act like it doesn't matter. I think it's not wise and I think O Brien Camelot, as if this successful are going to have to really work they're gonna inherit a country that is independent. What a lower economy they're gonna have of Road and you're gonna have to really deal with bring it everybody began to deal with. It will not be something
you would really want to win. If you want three or four years it really what men kwairyo it's gotta be a tough for years, and I said that before the election, the economy is going to crash in twenty one, ever wines is going to have any added or the after effects of of all of this the dominoes fall, so whoever ends up winning this race is gonna it. It's just gonna, be a tough job. probably get to say that I really want to do this. I want to follow up because its own people Megawatt Rev just said about, for instance, entrepreneurs, Hispanics or entrepreneurs It reminds me several years ago of of Gay Republican, Some people say how in the world, can you be a gay republican and the answers? using this? Well, ok, I'm gay and also an entrepreneur, I'm all So a catholic I'm. So in this, and then they would take down the list is I yes, this is one part of me, this is one part of who I am, but I'm not going to do.
As the other things that I am as well and and the same thing with Hispanics, you yeah. I may Spanish, I'm also knots Britain I am also a catholic I malls conservative, I'm also pro life. I also believe in traditional family. I also believe in this is also a Castro out. All these things, when you start saying that, in your a hispanic, the Democrats in the passenger to you off and they just ignored it in a guy. I try bring these things up and I'd like to people get really upset about it is, let me say it again. My me day turned out the way Miami they turned out to be because kids Americans, hey socialists, Let me say that again: human Americans, nickel once. You ve come to America
Venezuelans who have come to America. They socialism- and you may not like that on twitter. But you might better just keep your head buried in twitter and not one Democrat campaigns, because until you understand that until you the sand. What Rev and I have been saying for years- that black Americans arc servant, of with a small, say and not woke, not latte liberals is the Red says, kill you under stand that you're going to keep getting surprised as this country becomes more diverse, those ozone automatically going to calm the EU. As a Democrat, you got to go to them and understand down their lives, how their living, why they may? socialism why they may hey Castro my why they may hate Ortega Y. They may hate what
been going on in Venezuela, you gotta their stand that, instead of from your work, also in in New York City, R, r, are- your ivory tower- are whatever outrageous industry we can weaken from you, you get their stand. This it's a reality. Why is it so important now go read the New York Times headline Hispanics deliver taxes to Joe Biden, All the white voters that we then in about for the past year to in the suburbs. All of those gains for Democrats were raised by Hispanics in taxes who left the Democratic Party and voted for Donald J Trump. It's complicated. You can
here it out on Twitter, you actually gonna go to where they live and when they tell you something that you disagree with might be better. Just take a ride. Around dig deeper, harder figure out how you get them back to the products are so Republicans on capital. Hell are increasingly confident about their chances of holding a slim majority in the Senate right now, the GEO P, has forty eight seats compared to Democrats. Forty seven. There are still five races that haven't been called nor Carolina is too close to call this morning, while in Georgia, one races to close to call and the other is heading to a run off Arizona. Senate race is also too early to call, although Mark Kelly as declared victory, Alaska is so too early to call. Yesterday democratic, Senator Gary Peters was able hold onto a seed in Michigan,
and then main Republicans at our Susan garlands was declared the apparent winner of her right scarcely had what raises our standing out to you, which ones that are too these are two earlier you watching and why well, let's also I just want to take a b. I mean Susan Collins, people now her off for debt I know- and you know honestly, I never did- and I hope of interviews been through the tape of of what we ve said about our on the show I should always the one that we thought would be able to see and on her own. Apart from President Tromp and Joe Biden, one the state of main and choosing Collins, I carried the state for self, so that that is that is remarkable. But setting that asylum without a couple things going on here. Why in on on the governing question. It made it clear that this this is a split decision in terms our at least its books
in clear. I should sound to be a little bit more careful since we haven't called the presidential race or the Senate, but the trend lines are emerging that we're headed for. What's likely, be divided government and even if, if Democrats were to improbably take the Senate would be so so narrow it. This is not the sweeping victory that Democrats anticipated a broad mandate to institute sweeping changes in policy. This is going to be a story likely about Joe Biden which Mcconnell and what their relationship is light, but to stick with the campaign for a second. You know that we are arching, Georgia and I've been obsessed with Georgia for the last week of the campaign, and it's really bearing out in these two centre. Races, we no one's going to run off, but all my sources, Besides the aisle saying, we really don't know how Georgia is going to come out here. It is so so close at the presidential level and the question is other Senate race going to go to a run off or not is one of those candidates gonna get over fifty percent, which is what it would take.
You could see one or the other asked for a recount to try and adjust that fifty percent number to try to avoid or to push the race into a run off. That's something to keep an eye on, but but there is a possibility. We have to run offs that the majority could be on the line in Georgia in those run offs in in the first week of January, twenty Twond it's coming. Millions of dollars spent we're all gonna know all the names of all the counties yeah we're gonna, be talking about those blockhead, moms and income county that that Joe was focused on before Election Day, but the Democrats pretend you now have a lot. It's in this produce us off outcome in that centre raised because they they need both of these seats if they a hit. Fifty in the Senate, most likely we're still waiting for some time now.
out of Alaska, but a lot on the line in Georgia Makeup and and is looking at these latest numbers out of Georgia in their teetering, produce right on that fifty percent lines will see if he gets it gets above fifty to avoid the run up. But to your question about governing let's say- arguments sake. Joe Biden does find another state today and as get too to seventy, he does become the next president. Knighted states. Let's say for argument sake. You do have a republican Senate. What are the next four years? Look divided government back in Washington does anything get done, which Mcdonald's already talking about a big relief. actually wants to get done before the swearing, of the nets, president, what is government like in Washington the next four years. Well, Willie, I think there's gonna be a lot of gridlock when we have seen a lot of you know. It's been. It's been a really challenging for years. Incredibly, partisan Congress has tried to do big them and how many times we talked about an infrastructure package that you don't know sides seemed to agree on, but that they can't figure out how to do because the politics have been so talks.
So I think you know it's. It's likely that dynamic is going to continue now the war. question that I have here and again you know Joe Biden if we're we're sticking with the argument that he's in the White House. He is a senator at at at his car right I mean he what has wanted to be president his entire life, but he is a creature of the Senate. He understands works he loves it? He loves me institution. He has very strong relationships are there are fewer people that serve with now who are still serving in the Senate, but he has very strong relationships. He understands how those relationships can be applied leverage to actually get things done, and this is gonna be very, very different from Mean Obama did not have a good relationship with Congress, for most of his administration in he forced healthcare through at the beginning. It was his One big achievement- and I mean even democrats- were very frustrated with working with him
parliament tromp has not been his. He has been dealing with, obviously Republicans in Congress who have the line with him, but it has not been a successful relationship. I don't get it under Joe Biden any questions gonna be we'll progressive, in the Democratic party. Let Joe Biden cut the kind of deals that here be willing to cut with a Mitch Mcconnell in order to actually govern. So I mean that's that's kind of like when you go into this so occasion, I want to follow up on that because it so important again people right now we're thinking it see into the world as we know it. Even if you by this elected president and Mitch weakened is running. The Senate and Nancy is running the house. you are right to his core Joe Biden Is- is a senator
who understands it takes compromise. You have to work with people who disagree with you here is the antithesis of the view that Donald Trump had about Congress and Barack Obama may have been there for a couple of weeks. He didn't much use for of Congress, and to be really blight. William Willie will confirm this first couple of years of of his administration. We heard such complaints from democratic senators, the most powerful fit Barack Obama greeted needed them without any respect. What at whatsoever, George W Bush forget about That guy had no use for Congress. They treated Congress with absolute contempt as well. You go back to Bill Clinton, of course, Bill Clinton. You can
Impunity guy on Tuesday yeah call you up on Wednesday go. You ought to go as our team under striding additives. Always the next vote. Ok, so I, the guy major mad, the woman made be mad. we had another vote coming up this week. I gotta keep that relationship going. That's when Joe if he's elected snail brain. So I agree with the UK people there are saying Mitch, Mcconnell and Joe Biden. That's going be the worst relationship ever and may not be perfect, but it a hell of a lot better than the relationships we ve seen over the past twenty years between a White House and Congress, even if it's a bipartisan combination died, it's actually right, Mitchell, colonel and Joe Biden, how a relationship and they ve downplayed because, frankly, progressive so want to hear that Emit Mcconnell is probably maybe even the most hated republican politician
for many on on the last two are really focused in on his role on the judicial area and in other areas. But you know if you look back to Joe what the Obama administration did do with Congress in its second term. Guess who was the person they did? All of those deals that did all over the work that we were chasing through the highways of the capital. It was Joe Biden working with Mitch Mcconnell in They had divided government in that second term and frankly, some about written angers from the work that was done. There has generated anger among among Democrats, but we'd be missed, People, if we didn't say Joe Biden and Mitch Mcconnell- have had a successful working relationship in the past and to think that that's not going to do I'm in a significant way, any divided government? You know that that that abiden admin patients presiding over is simply ignore The reality is imminent and Joe you guys have had Joe Biden on here so often mean this. Is this
his bread and butter. This is what defines who he is as a politician, how heat he does things. Are these relationships and their very strong? I love that. Doesn't one final thing we guy Roma me. I all the complaining that there's not going to be one party rule in Washington DC over the next couple years and there's gonna be gridlock and you know the Tom rigs an amazing box. It's coming out called the first idea. First principles: the book. It's incredible book, I'm just trying to remember the title right now at a time when a lot to talk about it, but he talks, Madame zoning democracy, he talks about the checks and balances. He talks about all the frustrations that that brings the people who want to get things done quickly and he could sort of an old Silicon Valley adage, which is that frustration those checks and balances, it's not about it's a feature.
The those frustrations, those checks and balances. That's why we're still here two hundred in forty. One years later, that's why there's country is still moving forward and for those of you who didn't think we're going to survive, survive Donald Trump. If we do The saying that for mega we're going to do if we survived Donald Trump, then we will look back and we will see these checks and balances again, not being a bag of democracy being one of its greatest features well, I think Casey just nailed the area for hope. If Biden does move forward to end the presidency, perhaps even today, still ahead more Joe present Trump laid the groundwork for contesting election results in three different backgrounds: states we'll talk about his camp, Panes new law suits with an election law expert you're, watching Joe we'll be right back
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the four thousand to revolutionize your business with red power bikes, one more time, text news to sixty four thousand. President campaign manager bill step in issued. A statement on the race in Wisconsin, saying in part quote the president is why Within the threshold to request a re count, and immediately do so jobs a narrowly one Wisconsin yesterday, but according to state law candidate, is allowed to call for a recount if the margin of victory, one percentage point or less. The request for recount has to made within the window when all candy results are submitted and the following day at five p m central standard time was gone.
Former republic and governors, Scott Walker tweeted yesterday in part rode after recounting the twenty sixteen presidential race in Wisconsin trunks numbers went up by one third As I said, twenty thousand is a high hurdle will when Governor Scott Walker republican government, former governor is warning the president about a loss, You know it's gonna be trouble. President Trump's campaign, filed suit. Yesterday and three states where the vote count is on going where the president's lead is either dwindling or gone. The campaign filed suit in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, and join existing republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania and Nevada, where the party is challenging, the handling of some absentee ballots, the Michigan Pennsylvania suits five yesterday sought to stop the counting until Trump Pain observers are allowed to review ballots that already have been counted. The Michigan who claimed Secretary of State Joscelyn Benson a Democrat, was allowing absentee balance to be counted without teams of by
risen observers as well challengers, but the Associated Press, ports observing first hand. There are plenty of pull waters from both parties in counting locations, Joe Biden, was awarded the state of Michigan after the suit was filed. In addition, the president's campaign intervened at the Supreme Court in a case challenging Pennsylvania's plan to count ballots receive for up to three days: after election day in Georgia. The law suit alleges that Chatham County is improperly counting ballots after rescinded. receive that for the states election day deadline. The campaign is seeking a court order to remind vote There's two separate out late arriving ballots, don't you chair and constitutional law. The Ohio university NED fully he's an NBC news. Election law analyse NED good to have you with us this morning. Let's start in in Slovenia, where a lot of eyes are today were expecting a bunch vote out of that state today could be enough to give the state to Joe Biden.
Should put him over the two hundred seventy electoral vote threshold. What do you see in some of these law suits? You see merit in what the president is accusing The elections board there doing morning. I don't think that any of the law sits there. We seen so far ultimately limit to make a difference in the outcome. I think you're behind in this kind of vote, counting litigation, you have to say and so quickly, because the car, move in, and you need to do something if you're behind, but often lack merit and the courts are gonna reject them if they dont have merit. So Pennsylvania, some issues, but even there I dont think in the end the litigation will matter so The argument that were hearing is to stop the count, stop the counting of it's in Pennsylvania, but when you go to Arizona owner its continue the count, let's get them coming answer, because we think President Trump may be able to make up the difference there. What does that kind of in
coherence that dissonance between the White House argument mean broadly well, standard practice of lawyers in these cases is to make their arguments depending on whether there are head or behind. Sometimes you the lawyer switch positions as Nay as the lead switch. as happened in the Minnesota? U S Senate race into as an aid and as soon as the lead flip from one side to the other, the lawyer switch their positions, but we are seeing now. Is this inconsistency same time across multiple states, because this, candidate is behind in one place and ahead in the other, so that's recount lawyers sort of behaving according to form the basic proposition from those voters perspective as we should have? consistent, counting a valid balance. As long as boats are valid, they need to be how did whether there in one state or the other and no matter
we had our who is behind and again doubts in the mere will repeat what we ve been saying for weeks were still counting ballots in Pennsylvania. Because this is the way the process was supposed to work. We knew this from the beginning. We knew that they couldn't counting the mail in the early vote until election day here. We are watching the process play out the way it was supposed to play out legally and the poor it is challenging that in the process created these delays, and because of republican state legislature seeking their queues, from the White House in some ways ned my question for you, as we have already made a lot of common Harrison's eight hundred sort of any electoral law suit to what happened in Florida in two thousand, when the eyes the nation fixated on that state for well more than a month, we're right now, there's little potential legal challenges in a no of states with the scatter shot approach with them see all morning in some ways does. Is that could make more difficult for the Trump campaign to sort of
process and make a coherent legal argument because, as we have just said, there are one thing and one state one another do judges Will they see that without impact the merits of their case? Are you see anything in any of these states is gonna. Let us begin potentially to the Mama and drawn out process that we had in Florida twenty years ago. The reference to Florida is important. I haven't seen things. So far. That looks like the hanging Chad's that, where the focus of so much attention in Florida, thousand in order to have a lawsuit, make a difference. You ve gotta, have a real problem to fight about, and hanging Chad's were a problem, and nothing like that is, the other thing about Florida in two thousand was just how narrow margin, what five hundred thirty seven votes. You know not seen at this point. There still counting ballots. We ve been talking about, but margins of twenty thousand are not margins of five hundred and marked the numbers really matter in this context, and then the third point is in
and it was all Florida Florida Florida. It all turned on one state so the magic number and electoral colleges to seventy. And so we need the loss in one state. Even if that happens, doesn't necessarily the entire outcome of the Electoral College, because multiple states or play, as you say, that also takes pressure off of certain Supreme Court members to rule in certain ways, not that they would ever happen to have political, relations making their decisions. But if one state If the presidency doesn't revolve around one state there there may be a little less pressure on individual court. Members is so let me ask you, Mr Ford about Pennsylvania I will admit it on MSNBC. Conservative. and when I see judges, rewriting election laws and overtake
What the state legislature has done, which is what happened in Pennsylvania, I grow concerned? Obviously, There are members of the Supreme Court who also Our concern is that, even though they did not intervene the first time and because, of course, the constitution says it state legislatures are going to set the election laws, not state judges wondering what the Inn act of that wooing may pass Billy Bay, is a court going to come back to it? Do you think they'll have the five votes? two disallow: the votes that came in after Tuesday. Not on that point, which I think is the key point. I think that really two issues still in the case in Pennsylvania, the first one as you mentioned initially, is this basic legal theory under the federal constitution. about whether or not because state legislatures have the.
Already in the? U S constitution, to determine the rules of elections, whether it can violate the federal constitution, if a state court, as you says, rewrites the states election laws, I do think they're going to be five votes at the current Supreme Court, sympathetic without basic legal theory. But the second part which you also mentioned is what's the consequence in the election and I dont believe they're gonna be five votes to invalidate ballots already cast by innocent voters who cast their votes at the time where the Pennsylvania Supreme Courts, vision was in place, the voters we're doing anything wrong. They were eligible voters and it would be a game If you will, if their votes were invalidated and last point on this, there was another case out of South Carolina. Had a little bit of a different issue, but as a signal here and their justice
cabin on Chief Justice Roberts refuse to invalidate boats that voters cast in good faith. So we I see something similar to that in Pennsylvania. If it comes to it, what I'd say when that certainly does make a lot of sense where the Supreme Court might have problems. The Pennsylvania cord stared, but at the same time refusing likely well that makes sense reviews invalidate voters who did nothing wrong but follow what they where the rules of their stated the time all right Well, thank you. So much NED Folly. We greatly appreciate your being here a little we put it this way. We hope you'll come back, but we got a valley. S way will be under the right circumstances coming out there, take away from this election, but at least of the financial times, says the real lesson from Tuesdays hotly contested.
is that America is bitterly energetic way and almost evenly divided? He joins us with its new peace, Entitled Biden, risks being a lame duck. President next morning, job I'm not bill and in my podcast doktor death we dug into the story of doktor, dense and the system, failure that allowed him to maim and kill patients in Texas since duck Deaf came out. I've received hundreds of taps about doktor to abuse their patience. I still get a few every week but one story in particular has kept coming in over and over again far more than any other story about a doctor who sacrificed his patients, health for personal profit, a doctor who had over five hundred victims,
before being stopped by the FBI, a doctor who deserves the nickname given to him by his victims. Doktor death subscribed to doktor death season. Two on apple pod casts wondering field the story No, what for while Washington, since twenty two and the sun rising over a city that still does it now will be next. President Democrats and filling awfully. This morning, believing that Joe Biden it's going to overtake the president. Pennsylvania today? Will I I d like to know something that happened around here on election night, when we
and what we ve been doing since forty seven forty eight doing election nights on peak I've had a lot of sir. I was still look so young, but yeah Exactly exactly a very, very good diet. We both decided the Churchill Diet and its life for quite some time. I thought it was fun. Doing election night live on peacock, we should do more under. We talk a lucky guess, sorry, so, but anyway, at the beginning, the evening, while you're at the big boy, Madame because DOT all texted big vernacular. Ok, I don't worry it's a big years, you now, you know how Tina girls in the nineties,
seventies and eighties had posters of an began Ganz all right. We await leave guaranteed again Sean Cassidy exactly now, even I'm an their forties, fifty sixties, what they got the poster. Of course, shortlist laugh only like there's angry the rage and so very Safeguard act. I say this all is a very very long Rwanda, yes a step, and it is a long and I know we charge just get till she asked what will we do at the board that CORE Maggie's board why she do and told anything? Really when that then the second tax was? Does he know what he's doing the third and that not everyone is mistakes now and then she goes. I think he knows he doesn't know what he's doing any thinks it's funny and then the fourth tat was
he's pretty good. I was worried about the first right. I know it's the right that Lord we had fun, do that, but cornet key who we ve actually he's in his charging station right now. We back. Don't worry, MSNBC viewers a little bit later today, but I mean what he does up there and regulate. The numbers is absolutely incredible. He could tell you what's happening in every county in every precinct in the United States of America, so we always loved connected. But when you get up and try to do what he does you respect, does how about a little further. Absolutely exactly we're going to get you back at the board at the top of the area. I want talk especially about Georgia, but rather let me go to you I first makers will he's going to beat the board. We can be looking at those George in numbers, but let's talk about Georgia if, in fact, I goes away it's looking right now and again, who knows maybe Maybe the present holds on bite if Joe Biden care
you have to look at two people, making a tremendous stiff and here's a light out a fault in county Joe Biden. Seventy two point: five percent bite, Brok Obama's why? committed appeal in Atlanta was electrifying to a lot of peace when at last that made a huge difference and Stacy Abrams, Stacy Abrams may have come up a little bit short her race in twenty eighteen, but it Joe Biden wins the state of Florida and cracks the solid south for the Democrats, many many people have to look to Stacy Abrams. and the organization that she's been building in that state is making a huge difference. This year, no doubt about it,
Joe Biden, wins judge, even if he does it is alive That is all too Stacy Abrams really build a statewide organization. That is to be on our own race. I think both love and Warnock? Who are turned to me and run off where one argues in IRAN are they have to give a lot of their credit to the infrastructure political ends, drugs in energy stage. Abrams brought that state. It was run away red stayed until Stacy did, which she did, and I thank you absolutely right dead when bread, Obama came in a few days before and Charge get energy think that is what has brought this close to what may be turning that state for Joe bad. Jonathan on Mere Georgia is a state that election night as things were, looking bad for the
campaign there were some discouragement about North Carolina discouragement about about you. as well, but you sort of sense, something I heard from you. You sense to growing optimism inside that I'm paying that the trends were looking really good, just like they did and was Johnson than Michigan and now Pennsylvania, some some Pennsylvania officials valise Joe Biden. They won that state by as many as a hundred thousand votes, but Georgia. Georgia is a state FED the binding campaign is as yet more confident about as every year passes and Joe Biden first Democrat to win in Georgia since Bill Clinton Did- and it would remarkable moment and potentially one of reach Keeping the electoral map we North Carolina. The button can't believe, is probably gonna stay just out of reach, but certainly a true battleground now North Carolina, we ve seen Obama when it an endemic
That's lucid, other cycles, but now the dams feel that Georgia can be read as well, not not estate they'll take for granted anytime soon. They know you'll have to work but their seen such encouraging trout among black, voters in Atlanta? The Atlanta suburbs contain the trends that we saw, your long, those voters sort of breaking away from Is it an trump and an extraordinary win if it were to happen from Joe by it is still very close, but very briefly one other thing: that's remember how much time we spent the last four years talking up the former blue wall, those three great Lakes states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Michigan, the Trump one for you, ago defeat taking them away from Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden has now building a backup. two thirds of an already in Wisconsin Michigan to gigantic winds, and seemingly his camp feels on track to complete that by winning Pennsylvania in the coming is now whether those are the will is there. darted a return to those becoming democratic strongholds or or not. We see there are certainly some real democratic shifts there.
We should not lose sight of that. The binding was able to make that appeal to those four of working, Ass voters, white working class voters in those states that tromp has been successful, so successful, winning, but also improving turn up in places like Milwaukee in places like Philadelphia in Pittsburgh in places like Detroit, which you can make the difference for him and put him at this moment, just a step or two. away from the last
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