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House Democrats are expected to announce articles of impeachment Tuesday morning: Democrats are set to announce two charges. The panel discusses Monday's impeachment hearing and the results of the IG report.

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morning and welcome to morning Joe, it is Tuesday December tenth along with Joe willing and me. We have MSNBC contributor, my monocle associate editor of commentary magazine and and MSNBC contributor, no Rossman and ports. When a and associate editor of the Washington Post and MSNBC political analysts, Eugene Robinson also with us, our times reporter and So we see national security analysed like Olle Schmidt, who will be with us in just a moment, were making him up and busy. News and MSNBC law analysed and editor in chief of law affair vengeance, witness is with us this morning as well as and basic news. Correspondent Julia ends, late nine a m this morning House Democrats are expected to hold a news conference to announce articles of impeachment against the president. Five
sources. Familiar with the discussions. Tell NBC News. Democrats will bring to charges, abuse of power and obstruction of judge of Congress, two people familiar with the matter. Tell the Washington Post that, under the current plan that Judiciary Committee would vote on the articles, Thursday setting up a floor vote next week. This comes at after the release of the four hundred and thirty four page. I e g report that found me F B, I was justified in opening the twenties sixteen Trump Russia in the geisha Today, the president meets with I shall, as foreign minister in the oval office some timing, Joe, were what what a day yesterday, my guys, runabout, you saw at some point the Republicans on that They share committee, just just the same lose their mind screaming and yelling chasing there
entails in a circle it was. It was about the same time the algae report came out and Willie. The idea report well It was devastating to everything. Donald Trump has been saying for the past three years. His lie about brought Obama thing her drummed. Our like bugging is phone ally, belie from from the attorney general, the United States, just shocking that FBI agents quotes spied spied on. The presence of the United States alone Lindsey, Graham in bars claim that they sure investigation began because of this dossier, ally disk than by that the simplest of I'm lines that actually a third greater could figure out. If you just gave them the times in the dates, and any add I guess what should not. So
this is William, Barr continues to lie, and now we're troubling. Actually he has a? U S attorney going around lying to act, because because you know I saw this. Somebody said the yesterday, if any other it Ernie General, accusing FBI of spying and accuse the F B. I have all that William Bore accuse it of, and then it was disproven Oliver conspiracy theories is proven. It was shown to be a lawyer by an inspector general supports. Well anyhow attorney general would be forced to resign. This attorney general pages keeps lying. It's all knows how to do now. I holds a press conference afterwards attacking the idea report and some other given that the Republicans made yesterday Lord. I looked back to
halcyon days when all we were doing were was listening to the press. Nodded states project about how many times you flush toilets. Yesterday was a sad day. Willie I mean that this report, this idea report for comes Within William Justice Department. He sits at the head of that department, the instead general initiated this ambition, agent of them a couple years, and they found the top wine- that this can spare the theory of bugged phones and a deep state effort to stay Donald Trump campaigns simply was not true. There are pieces of the four hundred thirty four page report. Republicans are seizing on on the way b I handled the initiative fine words and things like that. For that line. Is that all the conspiracy theories I've been spouting that for a couple years simply untrue lets us
side some of the findings from the Justice Department Inspector General pour it about. The president's conspiracy theories were guarding the FBI investigation into his campaign. The present called the sagacious, agile, remember, a witch hunt, but the idea, ports, no evidence, was found that political bias or improper motivation influence the bureau's decision. The President Klaus the FBI, spied on his campaign by the inspector general, found no evidence that bureau tried to place anyway. Campaign recruit anyone from the campaign or try. Get someone to report on the campaign the president also claim the investigation was open based on the steel dossier. While the idea report says the FBI Officials who opened the investigation did not become aware of Christopher Deal. Steals reporting until two weeks later concluding, had no role in opening the probe. The inspector general did take it with the way agents and prosecutors when
monitoring, then Trump Campaign Adviser Carter Page and they thought Russia was trying to recruit. The report identifies quoth. Seventeen, significant inaccuracies or omissions in Pfizer application for a warrant. The mother restoration has resulted in convictions for six of the president's associates, including a camp. Chairman, CO, chairman and NASH security adviser, so there you have it Joe. The inspector general the Justice Department that William BAR leads, despite what he said yesterday, as press conference has concluded, there was no deep state conspiracy out to get the two thousand sixteen Trump campaign. What you know what where was revealed yesterday. The report was something that we knew during the campaign and there was a split inside the F B. I, during the two in sixteen campaign. There are a lot of agents were not fans of of Donald Trump A lot of agents were not fans of Hillary Clinton. In fact, there are a lot of agents, important agency
or cheering on the election of Donald Trump and yet I saw yesterday when one part of it on November. Right handling, agent and co case handling agent worm Abrading, the election of Donald Trump and instant messages, exchanges, we ha ha blank just get real. Yes, it did. I say I'm scared blanks on my way to work this morning start looking new jobs, fella and the like. Evelyn agent goes L, oh now. Let me it's this stayed theory is so ridiculous and suggest again either come very. Their lawyers are fools because during the pain. It was obvious. There is a split in a lot of people in the south in inside the FBI that did not like Hillary Clinton at all.
But Benjamin Awareness, as we go back out to thirty thousand feet. Oh overview of this idea. Report is devastating to do everyone an old tubs conspiracy theories about the F B. I investigation, his relationship with Russia during the campaign it really is, and that's without you know, without saying that the findings on the five handling of the five application are not serious and upsetting which they are. But it is really important to remember today what the allegations were that gave rise to this investigation. In the first place, I mean we were assured by the President repeatedly that there was a treasonous coup against him. We were told that
This text that Peter struck sent Toby Surpass age. Invoking the words insurance policy reflected some grand conspiracy. We were assured that there was a legal wire tap, that there was spying on the Trump campaign that there was. You know shenanigans an mishandling of confidence shall informants that there was something improper about using material from Christopher Steel. And that the investigation, in fact, did not start when the F B, I said it started, but had gone back some significant time before then. All of that turns out to be errant nonsense, which is not a surprise sense that there was no evidence for any of it ever, but it has really occupy
an immense amount of time on certain cable television networks and Uninstall, credible number of trees have died in the propagation of these myths, and they have become truths for a lot of people, and I, I think that you know, makes it a significant day when the inspector general know the Justice Department, who you know the president has in repeatedly and did was gonna come in invalidate all this stuff and you know prompt the great. The great reckoning comes in says. Actually, it's all a lot of nonsense you. Ve been reporting covering the series of events for quite some time and has been it's just stated once again, the attorney general of the United States Bill BAR stepped on a report with his press release indicating that basically we're gonna move on forward. This is not much but in the context,
what's going on job, dorm you ass, a they from Hartford Connecticut charged with investigating the same things that the inspector General Horowitz investigated is continuing with his investigation, and he too issued a statement Were you surprised at the timing of Joram statement and what's next those support, to see a statement from sort of a career prosecutor coming out in the middle of an investigation teams. Have knocked down some notions. Publicly are sort of you know, work, you know be part of a public good. Action strategy that was coming out of the Justice Department. Essentially saying that He has more information or different information than what Horowitz has and His conclusions about the opening of this investigation will be dear and then the ones in there poor. Now the
collusion in the report yesterday about how the investigation is open, because that is the central issue here. Did the FBI legally within its right following FBI guidelines. Do the right thing when it started investigation when it started looking into it was there are enough there for them to dig and The report yesterday basically saying yes, the F B. I did the right thing by Sir This investigation, the knowledge that the threshold to start an investigation is fairly well, but that that threshold was met. I think, ultimately the president in you look at the results of yesterday. Could have. If you change anything, you could switch it and you could have had the police go bias by the B. I leadership instead
the mistakes, the import mistakes that we learn about yesterday, that were made in the application for the Carter page Pfizer. I am sure the president would have it reversed. He would have had a different result, but that's what happened and this there as some real wrongdoing in some mistakes in some real problems that came up, but it was not what president wanted some people learn the hard way in Hbo film, bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR, as Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank.
Prizes. His power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast includes Re Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan. Film Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad, streaming soon on, HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell. Off. When people listen to music there,
Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. Julia translate this statement by federal prosecutor, John Durham, based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing last month. We advise the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report's conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was open to explain why this statement is so stunning to veterans of the internal and legal community make. I knew we were
our heads in the press, room of the Justice Department when we saw that generally, when I, U S, attorney, comes out and decide to show his or her hands on what they are investigating before the investigation is concluded, because of a reason of national security, something that they feel is so important that the public knows willing to go ahead and say some of the findings before they ve done all of their investigation. It's really hard to, The argument in this case that there was a national security interests for John Durham to put out that statement to say that he already has come to some conclusions and investigation before it wraps. Also he's fucking is going up against an investigation from Horowitz that has been two years in the making John Durham just opened his in May and Timing of that statement really can't be understated EC
just moments after William Bars own statement, saying that he thought that the poor wits investigation was income that did not reach the conclusions that he agreed with and that the Russia Pro was launched on the thinnest have suspicions that these two men really see. And lockstep together, and if you think about it, the entire reason why the attorney general said he appointed John Durham was to get at an independent investigation that there was a third they met, though that actually seemed more in line with what were used to seeing when the head of an agency has to respond to an inspector general report, and that was from the FBI director Chris RE, who said he wanted to look at the conduct of the people who were involved with this five applications to look mistakes that were made and to do a review of the process, which is something that has long been talked about in this country. When we look at how U S, citizens are put under surveillance, that's a debate. A lot of people think is worth having, but Christopher RE really took. It
ruled that we saw the attorney general and his hand picked you S attorney to investigate this John Durham, very different from what they said. Yesterday, do our jobs and let's make no mistake. John Durham now is nothing more than a hack, hoo hoo working for Donald Trump check only general of the United States, he asked Donald Trump Ass several years ago, whereas in my Roy com? Well, guess what he's founding, because Coun Attorney General Roy Coun after the Mola or came out quickly quickly risks Darius what happened conclusions of the Mulder report, so so that mauler called him up and expressed his concern at that. And then yesterday you, you have it's incredible you have the attorney general of the United States and a hand picked prosecutor, not acting
as as legal guardians of our constitution, legal conservators, you actually have them acting as basically a latter day, scary movie, more or a latter day. Sierra Huckabee Sanders where they aren't officers of the court when you put out a press release like that you're, nothing more than a hack. Europe P, r hack for failed reality tv show host whose whose the exercise with horribly wrong and get in elected president of the United States. But that's when Durham chose today so there was no legal reason for him without any statement after an inspector generals what other than because he's now I hack for Us
old reality, tv show us right. That's that's the that's. The other big story out of the Justice Department yesterday that the talks to worry, of course, is that were present I've has been trying to the store he's been trying to sell about the investigation. The russian investigation, the story, the Fox NEWS has been trying to sell and and all of the congressional Republicans in trying to sell and continue to try to sell is is complete. Nonsense is completely wrong. It did that it did not happen. This was there was spying there. Well, it's David. He was again the conspiracy theories pieces. Gears is no more accurate than pizza gate, writer, it's. Ok, that's a good good, a in that's! So a good good analogy thing and just the number one thing, and just one quick thing on the timeline that the problems with the Carter page buys a warrant which which are serious and should be
President, everyone a lot about fighting in the past and and and real and potential abuses. But that happened two months after the investigation are already been started, wasn't based on the Carter page warrant. It wasn't based on the dossier written by Iraq from friend Christopher steal. It just wasn't all this stuff is wrong, but that's one big story. The other big story is what you are just dying, but this shocking, really police, cessation of the Justice Department and the use of the for the attorney general and Anna sitting. U S attorney to act in this in this nakedly political way on the day that the inspector general report comes out into rush out. These statements that are clearly designed for the political will clearly designed to give political
hardly a fig leaf both, but some political covered. A present from is truly shocking, and I think American should be appalled. One and Willie the outbreak of it all again, all Donald prompts lies all of this conspiracy theories laid bare. It is Jane, said. The conspiracy theories about five a warrant can beat is at an end Carter page in that starting the investigation can be disproven by Three second look at I'm not the same thing with the steel Darcy, a it doesn't match up the timeline it just doesn't match up, but in this case of of Durham I think I mean we know, we know bar will do anything for Donald Trump he's already he's perjury hack. We know that he's already committed, perjury before Congress and surprise somebody as it moves this boring because he really should
sport and we'll see if Durham should be disbarred is well. It's happened before Bill Clinton. Get this board for purged. And we will see if these men continue doing what they do. Perhaps they'll be disbarred too, and perhaps still will they will be met with a just. They deserve, but with the durum wheat He watches estate met out an end. This stable not in response to something that a mob bar said very it is clear the air or that a drug cartel yeah, sad or a lawyer for a drug cartel dinner said had the Russia statement out to undermine that. He durham what officer of the court well the need to rush out a p statement, like a p r hack in response, students, backdoor generals were poured from his own doping.
I mean this is so sleazy itself. Millie aiding for this man. I mean how You always think is: is he to be smoking cigars, with Rudy, Giuliani and drinking wine with Rudy Giuliani at some Donald Trump, like gold plated club in the near future? We I would anyone. Shame themselves like this The statement was put out about an ongoing investigation, which is highly unusually dad that into it as well. The attorney bar has reached a conclusion along without trouble. He reached it a long time ago that there was a deep state conspiracy into the two thousand sixteen campaign, one they believe continues. And get the evidence for their conclusion yesterday, so he is now. Was to John Durham over the last several months to help him find that conclusion travelling around the world to places Italy with them. Conducting interviews know about
and being the top of the Justice Department attorneys alarm reading that report yesterday for thirty four pages from your own inspector general and reflect we're coming out in saying I dont believe it. I know you took most two years to look into these questions, but I believe what you're saying, therefore, I'm running my own parallel investigation with John Durham, as President Trump said himself last week, maybe anticipating that the idea report wasn't gonna go the way. We hope is that the big one wait for is the term report. Their put, other eggs in this new basket yeah, but it's in the narrative that they are trying to advance here is. Ellie muddied by this Gee report can undo that and Republicans who are expecting, I suppose, a political response. Europe political reaction should know that they have failed expectations game in a very similar way to help proponents of it. Area of Russia collusion, fail the expectations game ahead of the Mulder report. What the Mulder report alleged has very serious actionable by Congress attempted obstruction of justice, but it failed to meet the threshold
serious threshold of conspiracy to work with a foreign power to affect the political outcome domestically happened here is very serious. Has Jane said. The vice abuse issue is a live issue. Civil libertarians have sent for a long time the necessarily secretive way in which these courts up. Eight makes them uniquely prone to abuse? Nevertheless, what was expected There was nothing short of a conspiracy to undermine the sitting president before he even came into office. That is going to create muted response among the public, who expected that men now get some much less serious than that, even others. Allegations are very real, so I mean I don't. I don't want to prejudge this written this second report before comes out properly, though not the last report into twenty sixteen we're come. Held now to relive that investigation into perpetuity it doesn't seem like they're gonna, be able to undo the that has been created by this idea report, which is very comprehensive, very well in the
is make. I mean actually bar, doesn't believe those conspiracy theories that he's trying to push those conspiracy there actually trying to muddy the waters and and and try to confuse people, distract them from the facts, because he Ben and interviews where he deliberately lied about again. Timeline saying that the still dossier started the investigation or in suggesting that the card or pay Pfizer warrants started station we're response. More than investigation that was blue out of the water yesterday, every conspiracy theory about how this began and how it was. Ideologically driven by a deep stayed. Fbi was disproven yesterday and an embargo. Was it a bar knows it, and yet he is continuing. As attorney general. The United States he and Durham are acts. We trying to concoct Why do the american people that might muddy
waters and make people forget about this inspector generals report by a highly respected. I d better, but you know what for sleep decided a long time ago. His job was to be Roy calm. We know what happened Awakens reputation. It'll happen. The bars to this here's to be his playbook big eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours, Maybe they crane metal than the American Revolution and twenty sixth day I do what I think
considerable evidence. You do you do chuck. Let me point out again that the media is playing a question that you have asked a number of people is use. You said the senator sort of a gas. Do you believe that Ukraine and not Russia feared, and the election look on the evidence, Russia clearly interfered in our in and our election, but here's the game, the media's playing because Russia interfere the media pretends. Nobody else did you crane I gotta tell ya like choppers any right there. I gotta tell ya like chop at any rate there, but the people in the studio could not help themselves. You hear that will burst of laughter at the stupidity. I'll, see you at the ears of the years. I've been using its, not stupidity, TED crews knows it's not readily its corruption
if we are to have lost her at its Rummy AIDS, willing he's wilfully being corrupt, he is really fully after being warned by our Intel communities, not to say that he has wilfully being a propagandist for Ex KGB agent this latter mere potent years well, fully ignoring the guidance and the conclusions of America. Seventeen Intel agencies- he is tat. Groups from tax is wilfully basically basically, sticking his middle finger in the air to men. Women in uniform. Our american soldiers or american troops or are actually american Terry leaders who acts work to push back again russian disinformation everyday tat grows as chair,
inside and these chosen sides, if you believe America's elegance community he's I was in sides with Russians with russian propagandists instead of a man. Because men and women and the military America's men and women that that war, every day in our intelligence communities keys chosen, the like he's, not ignorant, he's not a fool even worse, for the good people of the great state. Taxes, the republic at taxes. They now have a senator going national television and he is wilfully promoting russian propaganda that America's Intel leaders, Donald Troops, had selected Intel leaders, have warned him not to do because they were the sooner they said: hey, listen, listen, Vladimir Putin and Russia.
When pushing this propaganda for years now, then Ukraine meddled in the election along Russia. Please don't don't don't repeat that and what news reports from September and other senators and told us that they get that want to TED crews, chose to push that proper, Gamba. When he had ended. Leaders like Christopher RE appointed by Donald Trump, saying things like this. Take a look. Did the government of Ukraine directly interfere in the two thousand sixteen election on the scales to Russia's? Did we have information. That indicates the Ukraine interfered with the two thousand sixteen presidential election and there you go wherever they wait. Wait, wait Michael Schmidt, TED Crow said that it was flying regret that everybody. Now you grain, interfered with the two thousand sixteen election, despite
fact. Crisper right did say that the the interference was a direct threat to american democracy, but there you have tat grows, and last week it was centred Kennedy. Opera Corrado toast eating latte drinking Oxford, John Kerry supporter Cary, Grant John Kerry supporter, saying saying just the opposite and tat every every Sunday. For some reason they go out and say things The entire community says is a lie I doubt under and that that that by demure Putin wants him to push gravity Emmy behind the scenes collar on why they may be choosing to push run propaganda instead of the word believing the words of the Americas Intel Community, I mean I basing this is what the President wants to hear. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to see Ray say that the President over the weekend,
retreating stuff, that basically when after array and a Ray of covering up for other corruption at the the eye and essentially the president himself, amplifying that message about his own F b, directors and re been some one that heads shied away from the spotlight since he took over. He did not do many your did not city was certainly not output, Clearly in the way they call me had been before him and yesterday, actually doing some of these things going out defending the bureau, its integrity, but also acknowledging that there there are problems there, but, as we see Puts him in opposition now, with the press? on this hugely important issue, and if you watch the Congress, Nope hearings, the issue well. The ukrainian meddling is a theme of the Republicans it
so comes up and is something that has been refused. To them in testimony, but that they have continued to discuss and It will be interesting to see how Trump reacts to that today. Going forward, because, as as those we are talking about before this report, if he could reverse it Trump would he would take the political bias on the side of the F B? I leadership in exchange for this stuff that came up on the Pfizer's and this new. No, spam. Journals report is not what he wanted He just wants to stop what what? What's today, today's December, the tenth toothache And I can to stop on December the tenth two thousand nine ten and think about what you're you're saying right now we just play you a clip again like we did yesterday of the United, senator from the State of Texas, pushing wrought russian propaganda that all of America's intelligence chiefs.
America's Intel agencies and the good hard working men and women in the interim community agree in United States Miller intelligence told them was a lie, but a push that we so is Michael Smite was saying we have the press of the United States. Who is now going to be very angry at the director of the FBI that he handpicked, because the director of the FBI refuses to follow russian propaganda. Just like This present also because as this I dont know, if it's a manhood I don't I don't you dont know why he is so in secure and his manhood, Barack Obama Obama driving this crazy does. But he's got this thing bout Brok Obama's got this obsession. Ask you sort of a cat, a happy just knew he just Barack Obama. Freaks him out in these always free. I don't know why I really
that? Why? But he's freaked out by the prospects of Barack Obama, so he's crazy this deep state math this deal, conspiracy, theory and pushes it well, that's something that Donald Trump Hand picked up. The idea Turkey also discussed with ABC News yesterday, take a lock the FBI. Was it I have some deep state why things that's a common label that is a disservice to thirty seven thousand men, women who work at the F B. I I think tackle there. Who is with professionalism with rigour with activity with courage, so that's not a term. I would ever used to describe our workforce and I think it's an affront to them. It is Benjamin where, as you know this as well as anybody, what an affright the last three years have been: the thirty cents,
thousand professional men and women working for the Federal Bureau investigation, the work they do every day to keep us safe and yet the president It states acts in the United States, Senate and trumps tax, and the House have decided to attack the FBI and talk about this quote deeps, is Christopher. Ay said there isn't a flight two or two the professional men and women who work to protect us every day. It is, and it's you know, one of the odd things about the last few years has and how this terminology, which was created to describe the permanent over in states like Pakistan and Egypt right
kind of layer of military bureaucracy that underlies civilian government and has its own financial interests and is deeply corrupt, has been imported to describe You know men and women who are career civil servants in the United States government and who do counter terrorism and major federal criminal investigations and Counter intelligence investigation. It really is a very insulting set of terms- and you know we should keep. That in mind, even when, as I sometimes You know I use the term ironically, but it is You know it's, it's it's a choice on the part of an entire political movement, tat character. Eyes the career bureaucracy that way, and it's a by the way, it's it's of a piece with the way Republicans on the house. Intelligent.
Committee and end the house, oversight, committee and judiciary committees characterize the wit says, who testified rather courageously before you know about the press on the Ukraine Matter, does missing them as career bureaucrats who hate the president, and so it's I mean it really is a deeply offensive kind of way of understanding what the FBI is and what the work it does is. I also think to go back to your earlier point about the serve glib comparisons of ukrainian officials. Writing an option in response to Trump. You know dismissing the idea that Russia had invaded their country with russian electoral interference just to be clear. No but
He has ever at least to my knowledge, suggested that its improper for Far and great might be unwise but improper for foreign governments to have something to say about domestic political candidates in the United States, particularly when they talk about those countries, issues Bebe Netanyahu, for example. Talks about you know you do: U S stuff, all the time when you candidate say things about Israel, be happier baby. That baby met me who actually read tweeds attacks about morning, Joe yes and gets into the way AIDS, invest this case, though, you had a republican presidential candidate, who was physically, giving his blessing to the invasion of a democratic power during a presidential. And pay aging
and changing. The g o pays platform during the convention The issue is not far government officials expressing the positions of their governments in reference in response to outrageous statements or even appropriate statements by: U S political candidates out in the open. The issue covert intelligence operations, design to interfere with you, the integrity of? U S, electoral processes. Vladimir Putin wants to state a preference for Donald Trump out in the open. I actually have no problem with that its ape. It is a big problem if he wants to conduct a hacking and dumping operation using
avert intelligence means against a damaged the democratic political committees. There are so few Republicans making the point Benjamin just made. We should point out when they do Mitt Romney has said Ukraine didn't metal Johnstone and Marco Rubio last week was on the entire committee came out and said it's important. Distinguished up ads from the systemic effort to undermine our election system centre. Say no one, nothing compared to what Russia did in two thousand sixteen June Robinson. What Christopher Radie FBI director did yesterday in that interview should not be exceptional, basing on fact his defence of his own. Agency, but it is in an era of bar in an era of my palm pale when the heads of these departments and agencies view their number one job as defending President Trump card. For rain. Why remind people was nominated by Donald Trump after the President fired James call me is Career and lifelong Republican will now problem
will. We be viewed by some people as part of a deep state conspiracy that doesn't exist. Absolute he's gonna be now being in the crosshairs of of the sub, the sort of compassed right wing propaganda campaign to try to gas the american people in the world in the thinking he better better. Ukraine did the same thing. Russia did, which it didn't. I wish we should all remember that there are in their russian individuals who have been indicted, who were indicted by the special council for specifically doing what they did, which amount. To sabotage. Was it was not you not, meddling with sounds like like a softer, but softer version of what actually happened made that they did that the hack and dump campaign they did the the the social media campaign to two too to distort the truth and miss
lead loaders on behalf of Donald Trump. They interfered with our what action and in a covert and an appalling way, and it has nothing to do with what Ukraine with Ukraine or any other regulators or any other country did a but but there you have it in so what Christopher re did seems absolutely, no, that's a model of integrity, novel, that's what we should expect it's what we should expect from from the only general should we when tell the truth, we your support is a form of visions and least Jane. When you don't show because tell the truth, we should expect that for me, where senators, what TED crews did just to frame it out and they go to break on national television was not in service to trumpet wasn't service to Russia and India, MAX our national security, it anymore its ways. This is. It was incredible too,
watch and then you have the jarring coincidence of love of may with President Trump. Today. It's very hot not to see how all roads lead to Russia all the time as it pertains to president from what you said about TED crude stowing, Russians bedding that Intel community would tell you that, so that's not european Betsy until Intel communities. Opinion, and by the way I mean Donald Trump Meeting with Serbia Roth, I mean that's. The patriots playing like J B, high school tat. My your dad, even though obviously to your father, was on different sides from Foreign Minister LAB Raphia, great respect for him respect for his ability, seaports, heavy Sharp mine. He was here
the brilliant mind, a brilliant diplomat and your father had great respect for his abilities and for man to be sitting round the same room with Donald Trump is really frightening, because Donald Trump doesn't have a gifted people around. He's fired all of em and we are we. Also, of course, have to remember that it was foreign minister, ever off. It was in the oval office when Donald Trump brought him in and admitted that he had fired. James call me. The FBI, director, get pressure off of them, and he said said that that now things were going to be much easier but cause he fired. The FBI director, who was invest gating? Russia's ties with Donald Trump that my friends in any what of law would be exhibit wine a an obstruction of justice Kase add there. Would I dont think that
would even go to the jury. Donald Trump would be found guilty of absurd Even on that one cow, I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Birds from, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus. Once these things get out there- and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information- is the once they're out there- they really take off and they spread things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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