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The Morning Joe panel discusses DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz's appearance Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss his report into the probe of the 2016 Trump campaign.

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just as long as it takes Joe Biden has been working hard for the american people for years and is willing to work a couple more rigid everybody wasting my time. So you can count on Joe Biden to get the first half of the job done Joe Biden and I'll say. Buddy judge- and I approve of that is Jimmy, Camel, take on a political report that Joe Biden had technology will serve only a single term. The former vice president denies it good morning welcome to morning Joe it's Thursday December, twelve, along with willing and may we have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press giant and the mayor historian, soul of Amerika and Rogers. Professor of the presidency. Vanderbilt university, John
Germany, is an NBC News and MSNBC contributor. Yes, I did. I opinion columnist, informer senior advisor for the House oversight and Government Reform Committee. Kurt bordello is with us this morning then BC, news and Emerson BC, law analysed and editor in chief of the law affair bench, and what s so Donald Trump likes to frame is seventy in historic terms and that's exactly how its playing out Washington right now for only the fourth time in history. Congresses rican is considering removing the commander in chief from office, it's a process likely to have the fortieth president impeached by next week. The house Judiciary Committee, will reconvene and just a few hours to continue debating the two articles of impeachment. The committee is expected to vote later today to send the measure to the full house, each member liberty and an opening statement. Yesterday, the session
lasting four hours here is some of what we heard. I hope every member of this committee. We will stand the political pressures of the moment. I hope that none of us attempt to justify baby you're that we know what our heart is wrong. I want to speak directly to my republican friends, wake up. Stop thinking about running for reelection, stop worrying about being primary stuff deflect. Distracting and those you represent they don't see. What's going on, like the not smart, after realise that you are wilfully, ignoring the facts, to protect a corrupt and dangerous precedent. If we decide the president is above the law, Then we will no longer live in a democracy. We will live in a dictatorship trading, the values of medicine for the values of Moscow. I know their desperate. You know how I know it.
Adam. She s own words. Yesterday we can't go to court that would take too long. An election is coming no Adam. What you need to continue to say is we can't be next year. The thing we need is a thirty. Second. Marshall saying we in peacetime, unlike the Nixon in Clinton impeachment, there is no crime- is alleged to have been committed by the President of the United States. They are policy, differences, there's no allegation of bribery, and these articles there's no allegation, ovens, extortion. We marking up articles of impeachment for offences that aren't crimes that some members of Congress have never heard of before much less know what it means not just because Like the present data like us, they don't like the sixty three million people who vote for this president, all of us and fly over country,
all of us common folk in Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Texas. They don't like us, didn't like the present supporters and they dislike is so much there willing to weapon eyes government few years ago was the IRS more recently at the eye, and now it's the impeachment power of Congress going after sixty three million people and the guy we put the White House was TAT, is why that's wonderfully funny! It's good entertainment early in the morning In short, they don't like I'm sorry germ. I I am eyes year, you're talking about a guy that went to state schools, the deep south and is, unlike you, still conservative. I still believe- and small government and balanced budgets- free trade and pushing back on Russia. So I'll stop! Don't try that this is about a present united it's who actually likes Russia
likes Vladimir Putin, Ex doing whatever he can do to help Vladimir Putin, whether it's saying that you brains, not a real country or trying to undercut the democratically Elect free leader of Ukraine, while Vladimir Putin has invade that country you know you can roll up your shirt sleeves. You can take off your jacket as long as you want to. You can do this as verses them fly over space. Crap I invented that write me a lot of other guys in Vienna that what you are like going around it, Ohio State and like working with that clan or quill, or whatever his name why's. That was doing bad things done wrestlers it. He shouldn't have done well People were turning their heads, so don't lay a leg. Let's not try that fly over space scar, bitch, our eye, so is it that they all the elegance. All the yelling and screaming they never get to that fact do they occur. They never get to the fact didn't even like that, more extreme
in a more extreme way against Barack Obama, You were there. You were on the committee. You know what the Oversight Committee did Barack Obama. Everything now that they are acting shocks, governments than a weapon that summer, one bit but number two they never really address the underlying issue, and that is it Donald Trump as matter and chief used his position to extort support from Afar and country to interfere in election and held up about four. Hundred million dollars of military defence weapons Congress already approved that was supposed to stop whom Vladimir Putin from invade the rest of the country, but you say this morning and I think peace Willie will love this, that that the House Republicans have adopted the brick tat when
loud noise set Frere slap there, because that's all they have their making loud noises. Well, we ve seen time and again were with all these proceedings. Republicans really fall back on the same strategy, which is to yell possible, frequently loudly possible as loudly hopes possible. Hopes that nobody will notice that they have not describe this call with his linsky as a perfect call that they have not once actually talked about defending the substance of what the present has been accused of being must have not read the impeachment articles here very straight for what what what the present is being accused of in annex. I guess anyone talk weapons, rising oversight, Republicans Jim Jordan wrote the book on how to weapon eyes, oversight for what they did to the Brok Obama administration. The idea that in turn around now and say. While this is shocking, that people would issues penis that they want to have can't get example, Kurt deficit, quick example of that hypocrisy people like Jim Jordan what they did on
asked and furious what they did. God what they did on these other investigations. Well, something that was interesting. That Jordan said he talked about the irish steering during the hearing yesterday and they held a forty five Your investigation, alleging that the Irish was targeting conservatives at the end of that instigation by the way it turned out now that wasn't happening. That is a hundred percent false. Yet they held these hearings. Held an administration official in contempt of Congress for not cooperating with their made up political driven hearing and here is again saying that well we're going to ignore history ignore? and I'm gonna use something that I know isn't true to try to justify what I'm doing now, which is defending the president at all costs. It's like our vote today, and thank you that that seen in Ankara man when their end, directors office yelling about the hiring of a woman there saying loud noises. I don't know what we're yelling about that
Jim Jordan. That's done Collins, that's Louis Gilbert and that's all that they got infill. We don't. You know. Well, it's very, very speedily colleagues. It is a routine would turn the vast willing to just afraid the Donald Trump scan it can't be done, prevails and just ideology be George Moon. I can talk about that, but where the feds falcons, I'm emergencies and also others like George Jacobi- get killed was zero, but but again this is this is the nether world? I guess maybe they play a clip of vat on tromp supporting that work, but we just showed poles nowadays days ago, Joe Biden by nine points over Donald Trump and in a lot of the most recent polls. He's beating him was cards and he's beating him in Michigan he's beating him in Pennsylvania. I, if you look at the polls right now less democratic had his or her head buried in the sand. For the past several months, I mean no
is thinking. Joe Biden can't beat Donald Trump. In fact, it's looking just the opposite, like Biden, has almost double digit lead over tromp in some of the most Jordan, states yeah. It was a fascinating day yesterday. It shouldn't be a surprise that Republicans were deflecting from the evidence that we saw in this Ukraine hearing in the all the witnesses who stepped forward non partisan witnesses and told the story about what the president did. What was In this example, anyway, was the culture more aspect of which was going back to echoes of the twenty. Sixteen campaign and how Donald Trump got elected witches these people, they hate you, they hate, they'll do anything to overturn this election, not dressing, the evidence or the questions before them, but taking a bigger viewed. I mean I sitting in Nashville Tennessee this morning. This is about a group of people and Democrats in the media and coastal leads who don't like us and will stop at nothing. Two as they say, overturned
What of the man? Sixty three million people voted for its culture. It it more than anything the seventy It goes back to the seventy nineties, the parity but Virgin Asda recall the paranoid style and american politics, which is the use of a conspiracy, The idea that this is an ultimate struggle and are people there are forces that are unseen yet powerful, who are trying control? Your to- and I hate to say this, but every element of about politics are just about every element left right whatever that man given era, have at some time or another, used this because natural human argument to make it the where we are right now and where we were last night, is one of richest ironies, though, in that long span, because there's really in the modern era, the
Conservative sense that there is a media legal do a deep state. World against them really begin without your hiss Richard Nixon and Franklin, Roosevelt, they all walked, do a bar now, any there's. What there's one parachute began a nineteen. Forty five win was a young state department, aid at Yalta, Conservatives came to believe that Franklin, Roosevelt, that soldiers out at Yalta, there's called the stab in the back sell out of Eastern Europe, and enraged a huge part of the country your next Sunday, young congressmen from California, takes on Your has successfully in on the house on American Activities Committee, and it is so it began there was this Harvard elite. That was
to undermine the real America. Choir, these nobles of figures from the heartland, the California was nigh, wasn't count what California is now to defeat it and the recent call. Their rich irony is think for a second that was all about defending us against Russia the Soviet Union. So in bizarre moment wherein this funhouse world. That's not fine, because its real the actual security interests, that shaped is for three or four generations have been turned upside down. While Cultural strategy unfolds, but it is a sequential chapter in a drama, and I think the way we overcome in the past. The way we defeated Joe Mccarthy, who grew out of that was enough. People, I did you know what this is not
We want to be all the time Joe. I just covered Yalta and Alger his I meet him bingo car down we're off to his annually. Also, though he's up did I found more fascinating? I dont know what type of bars, Jon Meacham goes to in the rocky top, and I know they call it rock. You know I'm going. He knows that b3 Are we better issue be mixed? mixed up canned goods in a couple of jobs, but like man, that is, that boy as on one I could have a navy. Is bad man begins or services, stuff this works really well out and the tab yoga world. I gotta, take happy, and I can tell you, I'm sorry go well. Some people learn the hard way in new HBO film, bad education, Academy, Award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR
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into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet to see just how creative some people are getting to keep them easy going he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called off. When people listen to music there, Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. Now I was just going to say to Johns point there beyond the bay card is that.
Everything Johns talking about everything Jim Jordan was talking about yesterday. Is so far afield from the evidence it again the questions before Congress about whether not present Trump abused his power and committed people offence? They are not in any way they haven't from the beginning. We know that seeing the evidence. Do not addressing the question. Do you believe it's ok, president to use his office to extort to bribe a foreign country to get dirt for a presidential election. That is where she before them that they don't want to answer. Yeah, you don't want to answer the question again. The fly over space are it's so hilarious women is so well. I represent a fly over space. We supported. I thought For that reason I ran for off this. Was balanced budgets and Donald Often Jim Jordan are responsible for the biggest national that ever the big
deficits in an expansionary time ever in Like John said, Russia like we fought to push back again, Russia. We held hearings about it. All the time of the autumn serves its committee that this is a report. Can party that is embracing Russia and embracing Vladimir Putin's talking points and pushing propaganda the Intel agencies actually warned them against doing another thing. We Always criticise. Democrats undermining the intra community away, we're still tugging at nineteen unease about the church Commission in the early nineteenth seventies, because we thought the Democrats were insufficiently supportive, of oriental agencies. Now it's Jim George, Another Republicans centres slashing and burning and attacking. Intel agencies all the time frame. Kids, I support free markets. I've supported free markets. I support I fight against
Arabs always have been against terrorist. That's what people in I ever space at least and fly over space? I lived in four forty five, Beers in Florida, Mississippi in Alabama, and and Georgia. That's that's what we fought against, and yet you ve, gotta, trompe and party that, yes passing terror taxes on the working class Americans hurting farmers all across Amerika. This is this. Is not even my there's a republican party. This isn't my republican Party and an Jonathan Amir. There can about fly over space and trying to play that us against them garbage it. Does it caught that way anymore because you have conservatives now, sir, true, conservative split away from this bizarre
Prussia pro Russia pro big dad pro big spending Republican Party Amy even ran Paul said Donald Trump and Jim Jordan's last budget, so vague it was. There is perhaps the biggest port barreled spending project in the history of the republic is certainly could be some fractures on conservative eyes like those, but this is tactic, the Donald Trump his campaign, the White House, mostly republican allies, have you since twenty sixteen that us versus them, the Cultural where's just sort of making trade into a fight the idea we heard him at his rally intensively, the other night talking about how other presidents or other people Figure is under siege like this would just start women. And crying, and then we can live set aside. I do that this present likes to play the victim as much as anybody, but heaped portray himself as a counter puncture than I would they hit me. I hit back even harder and that's all there here it, unlike the Clinton
and Nixon impeachment moments where both those White House is really took the matter seriously. They organised war rooms, they they participated in the process and they Dave nearly so they need to have a serious response to serious matters, but by doing so it also elevated the process. There are people around president have told me that part of what we are trying to do. Here is just fight fire fighting dismiss to not give oxygen to the other side to try to answer downplay the whole concept. It is painted in their phrase a political witch hunt with the doesn't have it to do with the actual behaviour of this present. We have course no that's incorrect. We know that is a matter of laws and matter of the constitution. That's why the Democrats, the house, have forged Ford, but that's how there trade and there at least heartened by recent pulling that suggests the President's
really haven't slept much during the process. Now he still behind a number, the Democrats he could face and twenty twenty four they feel like. This has not been a fatal blow and then think again, perhaps optimistically but they portray this says, look he's gonna get impeach, that's good! I personally infuriate the president, but it might not be bad politics going forward. They think you survive the Senate and that he'll try to even try to spend that into a win, defeating that deep state that Democrat liberal media conspiracy and he'll go out and and and tore it next year and suggest that he survived this and that'll be the launch of Israel action camping. You know it's seems to me make it be frank. Around the edges are some Paul's. You look again Collins talked about how democratic knew there is no way to be done. Tromp. I just looked over the real, clear politics: Paul's match up their dead match. This week by thirteen and one that was taken, a couple overall, this week by thirteen and one that was taken a couple of weeks ago, you look head there. States sees ahead of Donald Trump by nine points in pain,
vagaries ahead of Donald Trump and other important swing states. It Alps actually explain not why the Democrats are afraid of them, and this is you gotta get the auctioneer some credit here, just edges Davy the mendacity so extraordinary. You gotta give him some credit for for work, trying to confuse everybody in tv land when you look at these match up by washing Donald Trump by nine point, the Socialist as Donald Trump, causing beating Donald Trump by eight points, poker harness its Donald Trump calls him the one that he says. What did he say shares a fresh mouth who gets wide fresh mouth is kicking here, but by seven point
even blown work. I now you're upset the Bonino origins about fifty times amount of money. You do even Bloomberg, speeding you mare, beads, beating you Amy's, beating you so so yeah maker. This is Auctioneer argument that then somehow Democrats afraid they. Be done now. They know they can be Donald Trump it he's in the opposite direction. Donald Trump is afraid the Joe Biden can be hell. That's why he decided to hold up almost four hundred million dollars of military funding that would protect our democratic ally against further invasion by Vladimir Putin. That's that sort of you got you get that backwards well and Democrats seem to be in a good position as things stand right now, Benjamin Witness we're gonna get the idea here, in just a moment. But I wanted to ask you, since the hell.
Judiciary Committee is on track to impeach the president by next week. Things are going with also heard from Mcconnell. That the president and his allies are focusing on a Senate trial and Mitch has indicated he wants a short in each man trial with no new witnesses called and doesn't to engage in a political circus. It seems politically and legally. The strategy on both sides is focused on speed. What do you make of? That will be the first thing I make of it whether at home, you know the strategy of the house. Impeachment managers will be that they will want to pray And their case right right, they will want to present this incredible story they ve developed in the course of these house hearings, and they will want to argument. That story with the Times
two mony of certain people who they sought to get testimony from in the house and failed because the White House staff to Them- and that, of course is part of the basis for the second article of impeachment. The obstruction of Congress, so they're gonna wanna try to pay. And as much as they can and the question for Mitch. Mcconnell is whether he can hold together fifty one Senate republican votes to prevent them from doing that, and I think that's a question. You know quite open from the the question of you know how many Senate Republicans may be willing, at the end of the day, to vote to convince the president, the question of how many Senate Republicans are going to vote. Two with Democrats to allow a full presentation of the evidence is the question that will govern whether Mcconnell can kind of get away
with a very short, no evidence or limited evidence trial or whether the house measures are going to be able to make a full and capacious presentation of the evidence that they think they have still. I had on morning cello full breakdown of Michael Horowitz, his testimony on Capital Hale, but that deodorant Inspector general said about the origins of the Russia probe We mention that reporting on Joe Biden, considering just a single term, will dig into that Europe two morning, Joe, but be right back now don't worry about. Why? What do you think about what
La Hague, Eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free wherever you download yours. Welcome back to morning, Joe Justice, Portman inspector General Michael Horowitz yesterday testified before these Senate Judiciary Committee, where he reiterated the central finding of his report that the decision to an investigation of the twenty sixteen tromp campaign was justified We determine that the decision to open crossfire hurricane was made, then FBI, Counter intelligence divisions, assistant director, Bill pre step and that its decision referred did a consensus reached after multiple days discussed
and meetings among senior FBI officials. We reviewed department, policies and concluded that assistance director precept exercise of discretion in opening the astrogation was in compliance with those policies. We did not find I commend area or testimonial evidence that indicated political bias or improper motivation in balancing his decision to open the investigation. We ve in the crossfire hurricane was open for an authorized thus of purpose and with sufficient, factual predication. This decision to been crossfire hurricane which involve the activities of individuals associated with a national, a major party campaign for president, was under department and FBI policy question. Every judgment left to the FBI We point out that our report there was no requirement that department officials be consulted, or even notified of that decision.
Prior to the FBI, making that decision more willingly part is about as straightforward as can be obviously no abuse of discretion, no bias. There would be a lot of problem as pertain to the fire a warrant process which ideally would talk about but later on. But regarding the bigger picture, the question that from the administration and Donald Trump, and all of this is- is lackeys on Capitol Hill, have been pushing the conspiracy It has been now for several years that Barack Obama tapped his foe and Trump Tower, and they launched this investigation with specific and tat of taking down a presidential candidate, that lie or those series of lies that that exist, ordinarily right was conspiracy. Theory blown
in a million little pieces yesterday at the inspector general made clear and said so explicitly that the F B, I did not seek to insert informants into the trunk campaign by the Benjamin Witness Michael Horwitz Ass Congress to do something estralla that it's not very good at, which is to hold two thoughts and its head at once. One. There were terrible abuses of the five points: should be alarming to anyone, and we can talk about that because of its for your side and one moment it's gonna be the other side, the next, but the other piece of it that Horwitz said clearly, as we do in the sound bite was at the FBI that Horwitz said clearly, as we just heard in the sound bite was at the FBI, astrogation into the Trump campaign was properly predicated that this was not a deep state. Spirits easy to go after and to take down Donald Trump and to prevent him from becoming present, etc, etc. So, it's more than that it that the investigation was properly predicated. The
conspiracy theories about spying on the Trump campaign. Are false that conspiracy theories about Misuse of confidential informants are false. The conspiracy theories about the insurance policy we had a conversation on this show a couple months, go about the insurance policy conspiracy, that is, True, you know the struck page texts do not reflect a deep state. Conspiracy to take down the president, a coup treason. You know all that stuff is garbage there. Is true reports here. Right and it's one volume one report is about whether any of these conspiracy theories have any element of truth to them
and the answer to that question is a decisive bottle of all of it. I mean just all of it including dozens and dozens and dozens of statements by the President of the United States dating back. Nearly two the beginning of his presidency. The other report- and I dont want to diminish this because, as you say, Willie it's real important is whether the F B, I conducted itself in the context of the foreign intelligent surveillance act, applications here in a fashion that comports with what we should expect from the pre eminent law enforcement agency in the nation tasked with this varies A grid and delicate trust under the statute and the answer to that question is no the beer, the bureau's conduct here, is simply not what we should expect
The FBI, in an investigation of you know, Carter page or an investigation of some named Muslim America, and who might there might be suspicions is connected with you know. A foreign terrorist organs patient, revising, isn't really delicate instrument and we should demand more of the FBI and the in the conduct, an app for preparation of five applicants, since then, we saw in this case, and so I think it is you're exactly right that we should be able hold two ideas in our heads. At the same time, they're both really important ideas. So Benjamin. If our acts, I should say sense I just found there was bias against Donald Trump than in the starting. Up of this investing Asian and didn't suggests that there was through the investigation, but there was high levels of what he said was incompetence should are bigger, take away
there are some beyond Donald Trump, be that if they would do that, such a politically sensitive case. The chances are good, bad, the Muslim, American, who is being investigated or are in other american being investigated has to worry about FBI running roughshod over safeguards that were put in place to protect the rights of Americans during devise a process. So I would very much hope that the errors that are found here are not typical, and that said, You know, people like me for many years have been saying this, is a really really strong process. It say there is very careful review and we should all have confidence in this process, even as we you know- we should defend
and we should you know, keep an eye. On it and make sure it's being handled properly. So when I see accounts like this you What sort of retroactive after action report on five application and you see misstatements communications and omissions of this magnitude- I it does raise a question for me of how typical this is and that's why I think Mr Horowitz, does a service in determine here that he needs to do a bit. Water audit of the Pfizer process. The handling of these title, one Pfizer's in more typical cases, order to figure out, is this that the stress of this particularly high profile case made things worse. Or that this is actually. You know the kind of sloppiness that we should expect to see more generally, in which case we got a real problem, while her
It's also told the committee that he met in November with you attorney John DOE run? You recall that door on this, the prosecutor, that president and the attorney general, our banking, on to support the president's conspiracy theories. Bout, the origins of the russian investigation. Our wits yesterday relayed his discussion with Durham about the justification for opening the investment We did discuss the opening issue. He said he did not necessarily agree with conclusion about the opening of a full intelligence investigation, which is what this was. But there there is also an investigative means by which the we can move forward with an investigation is called a preliminary investigation. So there are two types: investigations fallen preliminary. They opened a full here. He He said during the meeting.
The information from the friendly foreign government was, in his view, sufficient to support the Fleming. Investigation as the Washington Post notes. The distinction is a narrow one that typically have little bearing on the early stages of an investigation. Horowitz said that, even if Agents had opened a preliminary investigation rather than a full investigation. They still would have all the rise to use informants, as they did in the first month of the case but Monday statement in response to the idea report was much broader than that. He rode in part. Last month we advise the inspector general that we do. Not agree with some of the report's conclusions as to predication and how the F b I case was opened the boy front their general yeah. That's got big well because there is such a small difference between
The sort of preliminary investigation that he supported that he said was justified from the information from the friendly government, and and what the FBI eventually supported, such a small difference that court there's no way to read Durham statement. P, r hack, a pr flag for Donald Trump as well. P r hack, a pr flag for Donald as well, not a good look for a: U S, federal prosecutor, but obviously it's you look at that stage. When its shrilly distressing, because there are a lot of people that actually had confidence that he was not going to be corrupted by Donald Trump. His statement. And then what he said in private Horowitz are so different. That there's no he has actually been corrupted. He has been compromised and now you look at that statement, it looks like he's.
Nothing more than a White House flak. I mean it. I tell you This is just another example of the White House moving the goalposts first. This idea report show me the be all and all they was gonna verify all the horrible things has been tweeting. That has happened to the victim that he is, that didn't happen, the report, confirmed what we already knew, which was the investigation was open and it was legitimate and had nothing to do with politics. In fact, in the report there are people within the department that our Trump support there's that are cited in their said there. Some political bias is incomplete myth. That report doesn't happen. The way that trumpet- So what do we see? We see Durham. Take this completely unprecedented move. Us yet, while this is investigation, he spoke speaking nothing right now, this report, it is working on he's in a mill of doing it for someone to come out in the vestibule and make these can just before concluding that investigation is reeks of political bias. And and working to see again. Another report come out now and suppress a prize. It will say what
Donald Trump and we in wanted to say it'll, be completely not credible, it'll be nothing but propaganda, but that's exactly the powerful course have. We seen from this administration any time the facts to align with the narrative that they have invented. They come up with a way the really something that they can point to. It was the same way that we saw bar put out the precursor to the Mulder report here. Surprise summary that actually didn't in any way reflect what the true substance the report was, what we're seeing as impeachment plays out. We ve seen Devon Nunez, put out reports from the entails, in committee that complete that are completely the bank, not based on fact, but designed to advance It's just narrative and now we're seeing again what Durham and trying to my inspector jealous report, it's amazing this. Because I remember Joe, when I worked at the Oversight Committee and have said this a lot of times what it's true, every single time, Republicans worthy fiercest defenders of inspector general independence. There are the fiercest defenders of inspector General Authority, they We need to expand its regional authority to be independent of these economic and other trying
my final point out four vassals make it they were also, of course, the fiercest defenders of the. So blower statue is think about that area. Gout It is just kind of staggering to watch this all play out. Well, I so Jonathan, let's talk about the view from the White House here, all the president's men have rallied around him in Congress. We ve seen in those hearing rooms of the last couple of weeks attorney General BAR Secretary Palm Pale was well for all the confidence projected from the White House and from present This'Ll breeze through the Senate, and he will not be convicted. We know how Donald Trump thinks he does not. Work this blight on his razumihin as having been unimpeached president of the United States, but it could come as early as next week. It could- and I think that an important interim we're here, is that as much as strategist around president Republicans of relatives to fancy even think that being peaches, not necessarily the but worse political thing that could happen.
He doesn't want this. He knows if the first line of his obituary to become his political obituary become the third president impeached, which is why he is, is still is so angry and flailing about this process to underscore kerchiefs said actually right, there Durham state me here is very reminiscent of what bar do in that letter. That frame the Mulder report before its release, the sort of private sir shape the public before. We actually read the document and went in sifted through it and realise that it was actually far more damaging than the EU. A general for trade. You are also saying this in the calculation going into the potential sent a trial where the president and the White House wants to make it a spectacle they want to have it at the Marilla Politics. They want to have as defenders out there really exonerating am even trying to call Joe Biden Hunter Bind and others are mature economies made very clear that he is one of the two do with that washer posts in particular story, Austria, where he was quoted, and having mutually assured destruction have witnesses. To this end, a trial he wants This is quickly as possible, hopefully just through a couple weeks in January.
And also William Joe I'd, also like data to note that I think it could perhaps be needed. Director general Organ rational investigation into the garret, signing disgust at some length yesterday The founding act is already. Let's do this, this feels like something that really is a matter of such national significance that the the Washington Needs is tat. I thought you guys were free market unless it's a great country, our lot on things and money, washing step Adam Smith, is only when the dirt during the during the stairway crisis, and you had a lot of steroids freaks out when brought the cap to testify this is. I put it again between their nineteen nineteen, blacks, Sox scandal, Willie. I really You will say on national television today that you will not so or the New York Yankees because he never used to support a team that is willing to just
by the way back centuries. Our makes so ever met mid medics, This is this: is the Bloomberg equivalent of you now we got. We get kids right now, Jonathan will tell you play and pepper just in the back yard in Boston their some paperwork. I mean they're whatever takes the web, but this is so one becoming for you and all Yankee fans value we disavowed in New York, he's today, you never in my life, spread this money around like Pablo Escobar Escobar round the carts out red sites, gave up the moral high ground a long time ago with the payroll they have. But, as you talk these steroids I had passed: Through my mind, the late great Senator Kennedy Toilets me, sir, and that Ike Mcclure sitting before him in those who else the thing is, I mean the senators
Semi Sosa, couldn't pronounce zone name during those hearings with how the engine men wearing gateway for about twenty five thirty Bardell. I thank you both for being on this morning. Come hey! It's crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and dont know the corona virus, once these things get out there- and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there- they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several. Four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book? They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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