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After a marathon meeting, the House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the impeachment of the president on Friday morning. But should Democrats continue to drag the process out rather than vote now? The panel discusses.

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It has been a long to dancer consideration of these articles and it is now very late at night. I want the member on both sides of the earth to think about what has happened over these last search their consciences before we care so final votes. Therefore, the committee will now stand and rhesus until tomorrow morning, at ten a m at which point I will move to divide the question so that each of us may have the opportunity to cast up or down votes on each of the articles of impeachment until it has to be our judge, the committees and reset parent s chair. There is no consulting from the microphone. Are writing member on your schedule for tomorrow what you just blown up schedules for everyone. You chose not to consult the ranking member schedule issue of this magnitude, so typical. This is that this is the Kangaroo court. They were talking about our right after more than fourteen hours of debate,
on the articles of impeachment against president, the House Judiciary Committee abruptly adjourned late last night, holding off a history making vote until this morning was chair during the Adler appearing to catch. Many of his fellow alarming off guard when he made that announcement shortly before midnight. The committee will return at ten a m this morning to continue the markets of the impeachment articles we're Sundays, armed the how outlining whether they have like a radio flight to cast what was sidelined anyway. That's trials that man I like. What did they have to do? On the one hand, yeah, let's get some sleep and what's mine those in favour, on the other hand, did we ve, been here for fourteen our procedure may just load, and I am now I didn't benenhurst reporting on their way to those speaking, though that, what's I will bring you gotta capers. Second gaddi he's here
Gotta you gonna producer will introduce or but Mika had a horrible guys night, while that was going on. I was sitting in front of my tv set like a five year old watching BBC. I love we are reviewing. The results, have Surrey on Tulkington Satan and nobody can collaborate. I really like you so little algerian Socrates guys ass loud backing democratic later history may well, let's gallery and then just my jewels We can say that I was watching and I don't know what's wrong with it little. It was like the greatest they now I turned the BBC and I just set and meek music. What are you doing? Each covered like twelve hours later is an energy only that ever scare right now that
learn at the position you putting right now: you're, ok and even my morning, but when we talk about this, it is where's history, nothing since eighty, seven, the worse drubbing, probably for labour since eighty three everybody he is lying at the feet of german carbon for good reason, but you couldn't help watch returns comment, especially in the Labour North, that Red Wall read over there in of course labour that red wall in the Midlands about north working class people about and a labour party that darted way too far left and going conservative. First time well anxious, for the first time ever in a lot of so the first time since one it was it's like you were looking at. We're still meals used to be in intensive Pennsylvania, colossal defeat for the Labour Party, some lessons
to be learned here, but some that a particular to that action in the: U K, Jeremy, carbon hugely unpopular. He had like Lizzie ratings of minus forty four. I don't even know how that is possible, but doorstep after doorstep. What labour Mps were hearing is you. We cannot elect this party with Jeremy Carbon as the leader we just don't like him, the Anti Semitism charges, but he never really managed to dispel didn't help him at all breaks it over shadowed this election and made it unique made it different. So when we start to look at parallels between what happened in the UK of what might happen in the Democratic Party here in the U S, it is worth putting this in the context of bricks. It the people who vote did all that lies for labor on switch last night to the conservative party. Many of them did so because of the conservative this common position on the European Union and because they wanted to get out of here
in union and devotion to leave the European Union. That is, in fact a here, but there is something that I think is is really interesting fundamental to left in politics in the UK, in the U S, and perhaps globally, how have tradition no Labour Party's left wing parties lost the right to be the champions of working class men and women unbelievable. It is this now election and their actual period in which its parties on the right parties more nationalist, more more keen to put up restrictions on immigration, for example, the now claim the mantle of supporting working class. Women and that's what I think is really interesting here. That's the big political shift that weren't, so I Johnson Damn Maclaughlan retweeted this last night.
Johnson is going after some of corbians people and he just looks at it because, ok now, why don't you just go back to your students pilot it's in your little left wing affairs, I mean that That is the attitude of of working class. Pro work labour people who believe that, like many Democrats, believe their part, he's been taken over by the Twitter MA that does not reflect working class people that certainly was to take me last night. We're gonna get all that not more, and we certainly are going to be talking to care more about Surrey, an topping to Saint James South examined nor Alzheimer's Harrison their water hung. I was just there also our Slouch Bureau of the economist once a year with as cheap. Why now, for I, and for the New York Times, Peter Baker and CO,
under and c o of Access Jim Banda High joins us lots bringing this is what White House corresponding Jeff Bennett and let's talk about what happened in the stay all night. Why Jerry Natalie recess last by what happened here? Will here's the deal make a Democrat say that Republicans told them that they intended wrap things up last night via by five p m, but would have was during the hearing, and you saw this Democrats made mention of the fact that Publicans wanted to go to that planned. Whitehouse Christmas reception that started at seven p m so as a little bit of retribution republicans offered, bunch of amendments in jammed up the process as a means forcing this nighttime vote, and so when it became clear that this panel was poised to vote on, these articles have impeachment at midnight, potentially even one. A m needler tabled it and made the point that this is too important of of a thing to have this vote.
In the dead of night, so he reassessed and called a voice vote vote voice vote that will set up this committee vote on the two articles of impeachment. At ten, a m So what do we tell you that what we have seen today Jeff so that? So we expect that this committee will vote these articles. I've impeachment- from the committee to the house floor it'll be at twenty three thousand two hundred and seventeen split. It would normally be a twenty four to seventeen splits if you got Congressman TED lieu Democrat who's at home, recovering from a medical procedure that then sets up a vote in on next week went told on Wednesday, so on Tuesday House about to the our sights to set government set to vote on this government funding measure Wednesday, the vote on impeachment and s on the. U S embassy aim after to point out that is done by design how Speaker health leadership wanted policy. It may be the last thing that this Congress does at the end of the year. Not impeachment are, I think, is
Jeff. We greatly appreciate it, Mr Baker, owing to bring it and political plus for the president, but personal humiliation great article in the New York Times and and etc, but considering it maybe it's a political plus, I personally don't think it's gonna be, but just for our So I guess you, as you say, the article in this even though some Republicans in some people are on the present think this will help him in the long run with his base it it this leanings, Donald Trump. Is a aid is a personal, and we saw yesterday like over a hundred tweets. This is something that really really upsetting him on a personal level despite his protests. Otherwise, That's exactly right. Of course, look you know he. He can count on the Senate Republican Control Senate to call trial, where he seems almost certain to be acquitted or at least have the charges Smith in some fashion, other vehicle talking about a trial
ten to twelve days, it would end in Ecuador member. You need two thirds vote for conviction there, but that mean that he won't have the sting as you put it these Michael Margaret, maybe a party line vote, but it will be an impatient that will be part of his. You know a bit. You historical legacy, the on his on his page in the annals the presidency, and that something does staying behind closed doors. He cut toggles back and forth between self pity and combativeness he's carbon. A better place visor say in the last few weeks, because he's exciting excises energize their devil. Republicans are finally defending human. The way he wants them to defend him, like you saw yesterday through fourteen hours of of things they weren't saying. Well, he did wrong, but does not have each what they were saying. What he didn't do anything wrong. That's the kind of defense he wants. You didn't like the sort of Casey heard from some of the Republicans earlier on. So I
goes back and forth this point, but it's it's he's in you're right about the twitter. Look at what happened. Two hundred and twenty three tweets aren't way territories that, when more than one day nor in one day when he had any full weak and twenty seventeen, he is already now at a weekly record. It we have two more days ago as president no he's is clearly taking out his energy through through tweets, is where the most of which are to re of things, others, are saying defending, I think again likes the idea that has supported has allies who have his back. So they didn't they I feel, like you hadn't September, a hundred and twenty three twenty one day, while Russia, the United States, is pretty busy job, I think he's not for our hand less for him than for other, Sir John. Let's, let's go with what we all known is going to happen and that's the house next week, assuming the vote takes place thanks, we will impeach the President Penn State and look over the hill toward what's gonna happen in the Senate. If you had any
and I don't think you do- that republicans- would vote to acquit the President Island states no further than majority leader Mitchell Connell's interview with Sean Hannity last night, where he said quote. There will be no difference between the president's position and our position in our hands this answer, republicans coordinating with the White House to ensure that they get the vote. They want to get this. Going to go and going to play out just the way most people thought it would yeah. It's right and proper for all of us to say, let's, let's lecturing play out and not and not in fact, be to firm into predictive. But look though, the betting odds are these, their presence can get acquitted tourism drama around the question. Willie of these Republican in vulnerable Senate seeds. The Martha mixed sallies inquiry gardeners and They mean twenty of them. Yes, no guy! That's. Why said, there's some drama on the question of, because those its matter so much? What will those damn Republicans do so weak? We care about those outcomes, because when you care about control design and those are important, political decisions day, though centres are really wing.
With a fine greener and by the way they can afford to have the same take. There? Are those house Republicans and all the priorities, the partisan, predator coatings, arts Mcconnell worry gardener, can't do it Martha Sally, Martha Mc Sally can't do it certainly is a guns? Can Susan Collins can't do it even Tom till it s to be careful in the one Santa and those are the ones where we think about who might vote against the present? There are the very topic. This, along with maybe Mitt Romney someone who who might go that way in principle, but I do want to ask you Joe, because I caught something proceedings yesterday, including a lot late last night before the drama or the semi clause? I weird procedural drama during either in the ranking member going out and over of the process. The last thing I heard yesterday before with before the network through to Richmond coverage, would you talking about your view that maybe it was a mistake to have only two articles of impeachment and to be so focused Democrats focused on trying to do this quickly,
focus on trying to do this quickly and try to have these two kind of omnibus articles in Your comments played out yesterday your comments, so I specifically, this violent asked you about him in my ear, because Republicans really yesterday over the course of the day, felt, I think, The reason, as Peter Baker said the Republicans their presence happy Public answer now defending on substance, the reason or, depending on substance, wasn't exists at the same, you did nothing wrong they were able to seize on? Was this notion over the course of the day? Was that Democrats? If you thought you were a chargeable crime, you would have what you would have charged the present, you would have included articles impeachment on specific things. Bribery so on sovereign, instead abuse and power are habitual offence, but is not a crime. It I'm not. I'm not trying to credit the argument, but I'm going to ask you whether you think that by
by going with these omnibus articles in a way that kind of, through everything, in a kind of genocides when there are democrats, might have made a political mistake and giving Republicans stronger argument or whether having enumerated four five, six, seven, eight, the regular obstruction charge would be better off Republicans in what were you know, get right over there. I just think you have to be nimble. I end and in its hard to be nimble when you're hurting that many cats speaker the House Nancy, He's first concern has to be those moderate dammit Et Cetera in Virginia and California other people, people all the Democrats, that one republics seeds by one thousand two thousand four thousand votes, so and that their plight, We move through this process and the Republicans in the house acted the way in such an important way. It meets its going to damn some, the long rather than much better off just say. Yes, he did it, but guess what it's not a crime and here's? Why an
constitutional. This is why we shut removing. That would have been a good hour there, not doing that and so Some Republicans are likely saying we are rushing this it is my nature. Does I? Oh ok, I'm rushing this. You know we're going to do. We slowing this strange. Let's stop the train stairway! Isn't let's stop trying ain't? Hey, ok, hold on a second now, oh, you don't have a crime. Oh you mean like when the press fence fixer in the president, talked about legally giving a pot hush payment to a porn star, a cup weeks before an election that would have landed any of you and you're. Ok, you know what you're right we're going to see how you know we're gonna. Do we're gonna ad that is a crime, and this we have you that we haven't a new did a specific crime that want send any of us in jail. If we had done it and our house raises ok, we're gonna add that wait. What the Russians
when ministers in the White House again reminds us. We have president on record obstructing Joe. Just telling the wash em I would play it out. It would be shy he's water torture over weak and minds and Donald Trump. You know what to do. I'd I'd be like a joke. Age, W Bush that eighty eight campaign against Michael do come we're gonna have environmental weak, except for the democratic debate we're gonna have to me Daniels, weak gonna brings Army, Daniel Jim we're gonna come on out of jail, you're in jail, because you did white of weight in general, because you help the president and a conspiracy, see to violate a federal election law that would have landed human job. Ok, so this is stormy Daniels. We you know what next week is next,
he gets Sergei labourer off weak and I would just do it week after week for a week now. I understand their recent democratic get to that. I understand that, but I'll tell you what We would that be best for history. I think politically would be best call the Republicans bluff if, if Donald Trump selling out an american ally in selling out american national Security is not enough for them. Then, let's, let's the the immortal words of deputy childers from the Red Riviera save Zennor, let's let's put the wheat where the goats can eat it down there where, where where they could eat it and livestock, that's the thing that drove crazy about Bill Clinton. Impeachment having very committed perjury Monica Lewinsky, but there are so many other things that you know that. More troubling than that
anyway, so yeah I would. I would call the Republicans bluff. I would drag this out. I would add, he could be committed crimes let's at the amount, humans clause at it? Institutionally I it's it's it's The? U S, constitution, they should add, and I understand their doing it for brevity to try to get it through their keep it as simple as possible. That has worked the Republicans bad faith. Such bad has reached a new levels but, of course, Germander high. That won't happen because that's it blowsy wants to get this time and she is rightly concerned about our moderate Democrats. I think her calculation is that if she did what you do, what you're taught telling her to do that you still have the the same outcome that there really are any Republicans that persuadable, I think that's been the lesson of this presidency. You and Peter had little debate early about whether impeachment, how Sir hurts trumpet the truth is that
Nothing really makes a difference, he's kind of an locked it. Forty two percent, regardless of news, regardless of developments now three years running, and I know the White House is out there. They did a briefing for reporters yesterday saying impeachment is awesome for then that raising lots of money, it's stirring republican enthusiasm, but the truth is What can I kind of where it was before everything's men locked in and what would thirty I'm going to do is say, listen, we look at what happened over in Britain and we think that there is a path to victory in that path is go to those little counties. Those places that people are paying attention to we're going to go to those voters who aren't really republicans are more Trumpery who set out twenty eighteen, we're going to get em hopped up we're going to be able to target them on Facebook. Going to try to win a narrow victory, khazar. Looking at that, Wisconsin pull the even
talking about an msnbc in the last hour that shows that binds the only person leading Donald Trump in Wisconsin, which is probably the most important swing state in politics. Right now, and are going to try to do what they're doing able to squeeze out a victory in this whole the hearing yesterday, like God like this thing: is you listen to what Republicans we're talking about in their say? Listen if binding wines, we now have enough to impeach him. You hear Republican, saying that so now, I'm each is like government shut down its Like Supreme Court fights. We take these things. It almost never happened and now a guy just another tool in the weapon dream of political warfare, and that's what because you're saying they would do to buy so just another, of another bad precedent from politics. Let let let's go roundly quickly, William just curious. What do you think I do think republican our
crash, expanded or or does it seem to make more sense for them to keep it tight? I think Nancy Pelosi thinks she's got what she's got she's got an air tight case on the question of Ukraine and she's worry about dragging out longer. She is watch. The poles have showed its. Simply frozen in this country about engagement. Fifty fifty may be taking under that now for Democrats and the question peachment. I think she the more this drags on. Perhaps the more the country begins to now and its eyes a little but, as you know, in a vote and move on Peter Baker, what you think Why why why? What did Democrats think the other guy that's? Your writing? Will he's got a right of that their bank? Do? Try me strategic about this. Remember all these things didn't stick over the last two or three years. Are they decided not to religion, gave the Mahler case not relating to Russia. Into the whole hoax verses which, on verses, whatever thing the volume is not. I think that, to your point, Joe, I mean like- was striking
is this. Is this is of all the things we ve seen in these three years? Kind of a narrow case right is about one specific episode Just a cut phone call is more than just one phone call the whole series of events connected to a basically, why episode we all the many things that people think this pressure. Done wrong to turn to the violate norms. To turn to Cross Eliza hadn't been crossed and so I think there is a sort of sense if, if you're going to impeach him for history say What is it you're trying to sell? History was wrong about this presidency and I think it's not critics view anyway. It's not just as one episode this a broader case. We may, I think, strategically. Has decided loser and take what you ve got going, push it. You're, not gonna win the trial anyway, as Jim said, so to get what you got burned in China. Only though you you do have crimes that you could attend,
teach many fascinating, that they didn't attach any of the crimes. The I think that's right, and I digress with these guys. Look, I think, dancing pluses and better touch with the specific politics of the specific members whose seats are, a pretty will be in jeopardy next year will be most hard fought one she needs to keep in that area com, if she's going to retain the speakership, I think she knows the politics, those districts in some cases better than the members themselves, and so I her judgment about what message about what the cost would be politically, if those in those specific districts, saw this thing dragging out between twenty and strengthen Republicans hands on the other argument, which would be Hey January February. Why are you try? We have an election of ember. Why are you take, choice, away, wave and american people, but I will say that I think in the last, after, after feeling is, though, throughout this process, applause, the atom shift as long as things are in ships, committee and policy and ship were really drive. The that Democrats had the whip hand on most this politically. I think
when this thing has shifted to the Jews our committee over the last few days, you can really see there you can see what, as closely allied during our. But you can see what anti policy put this all ships hands, because the judiciary he's very much less disciplines, much less. Much more unruly environment republic. You can see where democratic, We are losing a little bit of control of this over the course of this last week. Some people learn the hard way the new HBO film, bad Education Academy, award nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni star long island, school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie follows Hugh, Jackman, Frank, disown, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks a paper trail and embezzlement scheme unfolds and Frank, prizes his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute RE, Romano and Geraldine This one Nathan Film Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true mainly. MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell
off when people listen to music there, feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free? Where were you did your progress. I prefer the Nancy policies instincts, but I also worry when you like crimes go normalized them normalize, I'm not only for this precedent for future presidencies. Well, let's go salmon sees these outside ten downing now and cure the worst labour drubbing since eighty seven,
possibly eighty three and it was shocking watching the map last night across red wall that labour had built through the airlines and the north for by the way for four hundred years over the past century that we're talking about like yes, instead you're right over the past. Hundred years- and you have conservatives winning in the Midlands in the north again for four people following british politics: justice King development, what laws for Jeremy, Corpsman and labour yeah absolutely stunning absolutely the seismic Joe. Let me just show you the front page of the daily me. May I hear from pays their rejoice. Quoting Margaret Thatcher, because, as you say, you have to go back to the nineteen eightys for an example of this kind of political earthquake. Boris John
The prime minister, we just waiting for you to come back to ten Downing street having been to see the queen. She to ask him to form a government and what a government he is going to lead. You have to think about Thatcher, think about Blair. Understand how much Boris I will now be in charge of the of the political landscape higher in Britain and Joe. What you're talking about is is right because it is a Please be changed landscape. What you ve seen as working class british people in those former dust, rural areas of the Midlands and the North of England. Turning away from the Labour Party from the left- and I have what kind of K had to say earlier, all of the caveats that you gear on you have to be careful about lessons for the Democrats. U S, but I gotta say watching this. Many Democrats should be scared to death, because what use here was a populist leader leave taking those left to those people who have been committed to the left for decades and bring
them on board with him now be able to push through bricks Another interesting point on that. What you saw with the Labour Party Joe, was a kind of young twitters. Believing that they have momentum, believing that they could push Boris Johnson out of office and one leftwing commentator this morning saying let us never forget that switch. It does not represent the country. So I think there are lessons for Democrats from what's happened, you gotta remember that back in twenty sixteen Britain voted for bricks it and then some months later: populous Nita names, Donald Trump one. The presidency, state and Willie a lot of people this morning on the BBC, we're talking about twitter and talking about beyond the labour voters talking to themselves and themselves in this bubble that they had created that not where they write, but they were there going to win Jonathan Shape,
ass night right. There's the british, election results or a of widely articulated political theory that holds that cormorants populist left wing platform. Is both necessary and sufficient in order to defeat rising national, the rising Nationalists right, Corbians, crust the feed and decisive offered a and to Jonathan offered a warning. Two American Democrat sang wait. A second you all have been saying any had quotes over them, several years. That Democrats need to follow the core of an example, because that would lead Democrats to the promised land in the United States. Jonathan said not so fast. Andrew Sullivan. Also saying Democrats have to get real really quickly, or else they're going to re, Elect Donald Trump and one lesson from the UK of Democrats. Don't stop their hard left slide. They'll suffer the same fate as labour.
Don't move off their support for mass immigration. There toast Guiteau the wilderness left Twitter is not me. Twitter is not realize tat very familiar in this country as well. Here. Let me ask you how much of this was about Jeremy Corbett himself? How much of this was about breaks? It Jeremy, Corbett of course put forth radical proposals. Do actualize industry, big taxes on the rich, familiar themes for some. The presidential candidates here by governments spend, of course, Anti Semitism. How much was a rejection not just of labour, but the man at the top of labour. There's no question that there was a rejection of Jeremy Carbon, another kind of the interesting now there. There, you gotta seventy mess that socialist in his seventeen. He was leading the Labour Party and he failed catastrophically the worst defeat in the Post war era.
A question of that. It was also clearly about breaks it both those things, but in Scotland people voted for scottish nationalist, not for Jeremy Carbon there either, and that was not a vote for breaks it so again. Just have a final point, Joe. There are some tea Every concerning storm clouds on the horizon. Will Scotland's try to push now to separate from the United Kingdom. This is a huge change for Britain. I think he's gonna, be we ve seen as a huge change for Europe as a Briton, on Boris Johnson tries to shift more towards America and gives you ve seen on Twitter Donald Trump already reaching again to talk about a trade deal with with the Uk New, stronger economic ties between the UK and America Historians, I think, will see this as a kind of a battle between Europe and America, with Britain in the middle, and this vote this week
vote? The british electrodes very much sided with Germany was the answer My kid are going to be times when the british government now has to choose between keeping watch and happy and keeping Europe happy when its negotiating those trade areas, because the not always in sync, here's a question for you, Boris John. Does now one over a whole load of traditionally labour party voters. Does he have to keep them happy with policies that extend beyond breaks it? Will the conservative party now have to become the party of working men and women in a way? I guess that the question is about Donald Trump. Does Donald Trump now have to actually deliver on the promise of reviving manufacturing in the United States, for example, It's such a great question carry, I think. You know what you ve already seen as the Prime Minister come out this morning and talk about doing How humbly is that labour voters in the north, the Midlands, voted for the conservatives he has
we much talked about trying to do something do things, but those parts of Britain, those parts of Britain that feel left behind and what you can see. Conservative party pilot, she's in the House of Commons law makers, who don't many of them? Don't look like the kind Conservatives that you ve seen in the past, they were very from the South of England, many from from the South EAST of from land. There's gonna be a whole sway of of conserving. Representing traditionally labour labour constituencies across the millions and the north. So it is a great cost, because this election Nolan is changing britain- and this is Boris. Boris Johnson change in Britain, but also this election is going to change the conservative party. I think I'll write thank you, Sir, Keir Simmons greatly appreciate, you being with us, I'm quite as much as Jeremy Corbyn this isn't like a Reagan. Nineteen eighty landslide eighty four lands
this isn't like a Reagan He made a landslide eighty four landslide, where aren't bomb a landslide where it's not so much about who won the race as it is. Who was? The re saw the commentary talking about Jerry carbon and you're, the the doorstep and and carbon was a problem when they were. Working on doors, Boris, is, is not not extraordinarily popular in Britain This really was more of a stinging defeat for Jeremy Corbett It was some sort of mandate for boys It's about me. Johnson has a mandate to govern, but it seemed based. Everything at least I've heard it was more of an anti carbon than Pro Johnson. But here you are quite right: German, Boris Yeltsin, their questions, about Boris jaunts about whether he's trustworthy does he lie on the stump two people really like him, he's not massively popular seen as on predictable and actually here
kept to pretty low profile by or as Johnson standards during the course of this election campaign, but they really couldn't stomach Jeremy, carbon and they they didn't believe. He's a Jeremy. Carbon was a viable leader for the Labour Party. So was much more about. The Labour party in Britain is split. Fifty fifty that this the conservative parties election to lose if the Labour Party at a leader who, more acceptable to more people in the United Kingdom. Then labour may well have one last night they could have. They could have taken this because or as Johnson is unpopular, because the breaks at issue splits the country fifty fifty but but carbon just wasn't the right leader labour party and four and for Britain to say, also stand for something how ridiculous it breaks. It was the key issue. Johnson was for it policy. The Labour party had no clear policy. Well, I'm gonna say I'm an end. Corpsman refused to answer how he would vote If I were another referendum, you don't want to
actions that way, especially on key issue of the day. We will continue to discuss the implications of all vessels egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cast now for free wherever you download yours. I made this. This reminds me historically of the trial of soft Socrates. You know where he got convicted by the jury. Hundred one people. Why? Because he was arrogant, you want to drive down to him for being arrogant. I'm sure you'd have allowed Republicans vote with you on that. Yeah he's arrogant he's got a lot to be arrogant about, but that is a crime. It is.
High crime for sure and is certainly not a misdemeanor, its bothersome to two people, some people like it, but that's not what impeachment is supposed to the about and to have had a trial the? What for here say: gossip mongering witnesses. There were come into a star chamber and secrete their testimony, so people can see them can't hear them, but we have Adam shift, put it together in in in in a big report, and we received the report known how much down to review it. But that's all we need. We don't even get to hear from the prepare the report and get to cross examining him. This is a stalinist top proceeding. What is in each about if it's not
Why don't I got my primes especially blogger? Would you like I, will we, I dont our countries, nationals, Stalin ass because it into those trials. It like referred that I like that. He referred to the trial of Socrates, no one has got beat I'd like to do a little like. I think I've LU, Lu Governmental, Bluebook essay on software. I appreciate Louie talking at a rate where we southerners can keep up with, and I cannot get tat steady, juggling, George, what I do. I somewhat intimidated, sacrament german lots of the sea, but I don't know one thing came one day. This is a report on three my place. I would like in this way they sell these gaps just where the path TAT, Sylvia Mps, gotta, stop Godaddy seem good. I'll, join you now, the President, the council on foreign relations anyway, I don't love you ever in Athens, However, now around my favorite place, I love or Georgia outlawry our says love. I love
a universal George I gotta hungry. I lay so beautiful tat, great news reality food, but my favorite place for road in the US in Athens is hardly a special actual place. You know what else is special place. I know you're going where my gun, the dead, in Nashville on a Saturday night. It is you go, and dad on a Saturday night, you better have each and stress for your lunch pale in your heart. What was your echoed this year? We do need to talk about that. One reviled under I dont really better. Next year we haven't, we have talked about the big news. The real big NEWS, that Willy nilly you and I'll know about all Miss lane careful believe just got a lot more fun than it. It's about that real enact. Baby laying give- and I make no apologies- I make no apologies for football. Coach- goes a loving if they had kept her veil, He gets fired a lot if they had not fired him right before the National Championship Game, a company
We had another national charities that he arrived in Oxford. The other night on the airport tarmac all the fans came out, may ask somebody said it was better than the last experience at which it was fun You say that Dame fired in my God and Peter gotta see football anymore. Anybody know What do you get? What you want, but Vassar football what're. You talk about my she got up on the wrong side of the bed this, nor did they felt if you can't get into a coma lane If, in conversation, what do you want a more at the next to our joint measures? For us, the show Boca Great the only way to learn. If you look at the SSC Championship Game Bout, forty guide, meek alignment of clean. My purse, haven't you, that's an important area Well, you can vote. We bring an android now acre, Alex we'd, take control of their salary, gonna bring it in that got Richard Howitt. Stared hard at present
Why don't we get more dna data that I, like them, lambent honour the mats galaxies worthy to get through, which we really quickly about Britain? Obviously you you were, You would just telling us you of Britain back when labor was Jason. Communist looks like racism trigger with a look they they paid for them again last- and I once a generation where labour goes so far- left just name this wasn't the vote about breaks up people just sick of it. They wanted a done and I think that Tories were effectively championing just get itself was but against carbon, but the outcome. Muslim, more one sided than most people thought. I think you still now have a very difficult, complicated negotiation on the details of breaks it between the british government, and do you not cleared all how it short shout and I still think the future of the countries in that? the scottish nationalist vote is
Overwhelmingly prose whoop and the job, so it still quite possible that you will not only have breaks it, but you will have the unravelling of the United Kingdom, but gentle gaddi there it's been so frustrating as ban the indecision, even looking loving great Britain, as I do looking from. For at the indecision. We're just like you do something maggots. I leave. I don't really care. Do something start widening for your future and and that actual is what happened last night and there's a good reason why they've, the pound, skyrocketed after those exit, all came out because what people are saying: hey, wait, a second Britain's fine going to move forward in the direction the iceberg. Several people who voted back in twenty. Sixteen were adamantly in favour of staying in the European Union and then, after three years voted for Boris Johnson. It's not just as they said, we're done
we're exhaust every time we have to get out of this nightmare that we keep going through, and so they switched that after three years, don't have any that had enough? They wanted to get out and they also recognize what this is done to Britain's reputation around the world. And me we used to be the sensible, competent middle of the road country that could get it's done right with a reliable ally that America has in Europe and we ve started look incompetent them in politics has been kind of a joke for the last year or so, and people are fed up with that too. They want brand Britain to be restored and they hope that by electing Boris Johnson and getting something done, getting on with bright, so they can start moving forward. Ok, when you are of course watching good morning, Liverpool appears appears Morgan coming up, also a special report. Given the field. Where are the spice?
today, we're gonna be out that we are about seventeen minutes before noon up in London or for the slow and toppings and bureau. Yes, yes, we're in this. We are also things going on in these highly wanted to say something so we're gonna give you the last the last operational you that's what my question was thus Richard this this morning, from all around the world. We have heard people say, while its now settled there breaks going to happen like with this kind of certainty that at least not my understanding of things it seems settled that that Britain is not decided, it's going to try to breaks it, but you better put comment about the. Tells it seems to me like not at all clear that there are still. But this it was still a really our deal would get done. It's not like. Suddenly Briggs, it's not gonna happen automatically. It's not the timeline and it's not cleared the data The real question is: to what extent does Britain try to preserve a relationship with Europe and allows them access to the common market, but they want all the benefits of
just without agreeing to the regulatory structure. You can't that's a cake and eat a position. They're not gonna, get it. So I still think a hard bread it's a real possible, and I would just say what tragic about this, and if I were Brit, it would drive me nuts that there was a vote about permanent relation for now breaking of relationship between the country in Europe. This is a big big decision, but it was never. And on directly a second time it was all done through the prism of this election and the election was about the National Health service about german carbons, Anti Semitism, his communists leanings, so that people have basically a decision that will have implications for the permanent future but they never voted on a straight up and that too
if I were Brit, would really would really put me over the PTA much much more about that after our spice girls, or should I don't have to talk about us over the course of the day? Are there for you start the rays of those are the questions. The parallels between the United States- and I just you know, is because we proceed into that scutcheon. You think it's fasting. We hear about the way in which this rejection of carbon, the notion that the this election was a referendum on someone who's. Not the party in power is, is a weird reflection, the fact that Corbett who had stood for election in a previous british national. Actually months always like he's a familiar face in some respects, he's a he's. It was incumbent, but its is I was, I think that people can say well, you ve never been. There must be very careful because they could. You can end up with warrant or centres, and that can be the same thing. I think The pillows, I think the people got to say well,
you gonna both Warner centres, and that can be the same thing. I think there's ways in which this analogy stretched a little too far. I bid I disagree with you. I I think I think actually Joe Biden has a much better chance of winning Wisconsin has so much then don't Elizabeth WAR and that maybe I than Elizabeth warrant I've Pennsylvania than Elizabeth Warrant. That's the election. I'm not saying that's not sure on this. The notion that that there's, a easy, that's like german Corbett was Elizabeth One's life. Bernie Sanders, I think, is way too that vat is waiting outside because Germany CORE them say how is Anti Semitic is not apologise for anti semitic statements and even conservatives last night on Twitter, we're saying hey way way: whoa whoa whoa wait a second! Ok There is not a Jeremy, carbon and american politics. He is far more toxic than any democratic candidate.
When than those high unfavourably ratings. That bit o k talked about earlier. Are the cruel of years are having stood election was before ran like I've been around. He was an old shoe adverse policy right by the time. The last night came not like others before nobody is interested in any respects on those front. So we move from from good morning good morning, Liverpool, the mounting Oshkosh, and we we want to go Jim Band. I who knows area very well in Jim, want to hear pull, that came out. A lot of people are talking about right now, its head to head magic, tween, Donald Trump, and the Democrats, and and saying why gaps and nine point eight points this market Paul though Pre, respected Paul, I guess everybody deadlocked, except you know, Biden it's all within the margin, error or Biden is only one. That's weeks out of victory on Donald Trump, it's all very close and, as I was watching the returns last night in the Midlands and the northern part of Britain. I was thing about Wisconsin, I would say about Michigan? I was thinking about
Pennsylvania because those areas in the Middle EAST and the north of England. Where areas nobody ever thought. Conservatives, when again you talk, five years ago, the any republican any any political person. They would say not republic, aren't going to win Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. That's all changed. It has. I listen if Donald Trump is no when real action- and I think it's still hard right because he is favourable ratings- are so certainly in the low forty spend it used away and it's gonna, be because of what you ve seen over the last week is able to. It looks like we'll get a NAFTA deal. He has this sort of make believe, but tiny China a deal you have wrecked low unemployment you're going to end up with the stock market. Getting a big boost, probably today because of the news China so in the year with with the real hi stock market S impeded performed at twenty five percent growth. This year,
Any then he's gonna run that add that he's been running recently. That says, you know what you might now me a lot of people, don't like like me, and not my might not like my style. You might think I'm a jerk but deal the results in. Do you like the results compared to whoever? running against winds. That's how he's gonna win any in the way they look at it. They do look the way you did Joe there. Looking at Wisconsin Minnesota there looking at Pennsylvania, Michigan any place for the very population of white voters working class white voters that they think they can persuade when it's a choice, election him verses. Somebody there praying it is Bernie Sanders or a list worn because they think that you could have a repeat of what happened over in Britain cigarettes a better match up. Every look at all the swing swings stay pause, Joe Biden does do better has keenly done better now, six, running so they probably continue to fear him the most and probably should fear him. The
also least on the no known today so Peer Baker. If you look at that was constant number, the top of the pole, that's about how President Trump One the stated Wisconsin and two thousand sixteen. He won with forty seven percent of the vote you won by someone like twenty two thousand votes over Hillary Clinton, barely squeaking out so the state now is as tight as it was on election day in two thousand sixteen really with all those candidates and Jim says it's a reflection of where the focuses of the White House that the present is already going into places like Hershey Pennsylvania, holding rally after rally in those small handful of states that handed in the election three years ago, he had struck by how The poll showed not just in Wisconsin by cross the boar, how people moon very much in the three years since President tromp first one his election. If you look at the polls, friends on impeachment So you see seventeen forty nine percent. For forty seven percent again, something like that is a very polarize country- down the middle of the anti Trump forces have a slight edge over the pro trump.
But it's really really close. If you you're looking for forty seven split on a peace conference is that's all, identical to what the popular vote was three years ago that tromp loss but managed to win through the Electoral College of Moroccans have not changed their minds about down from a very sick ass, a wireless card, these pull that will see that we over never mind whether that something change My it does not look like impatient as far as a overall narrative has has to change people's views of this presidency, but you know what democratic going on is that there will be a fatigue factor at some point that, whatever nominated eventually will profit from the fact will be tired of the mission cost tired of the circus, tired of the conflict, tired of the the cons, sir. You out outrageous and so forth. We must yeah we'll see what happens obviously over the next two months and months, and we mention the pull out of South Carolina. Let's take a look at that right now: twenty twenty democratic nomination for Caroline Joe Biden at the top there.
Sanders, Elizabeth worn at nineteen percent PETE Buddha judge at nine there's, Tom's tire and then Corey Book or at the bottom. Is it tighter? Yes, it is, and this is Joe Biden you would think, would rule there is well. He has but John Home, and at least in this ball another very good people, tighter in South Carolina, yes do you know you look at the Bernie Sanders right there and was before about the cycle is very close to each other and that then, that sort of effective tie for second place those those two key Let's have it has been so far: heads out, you're alive for so long. The fact that there are now a couple Canada in at this moment there still still seven eight points behind by, but that, as we start to get closer to us You're live as a close the gap with the one of those Canada and suggest that both centres and Warren might be. It makes a main we have looked at the cross tabs on this pole might be sorted, makes minarets into Non white vote down there.
Baker ask you there's been no, that's a pivot too much authors, Britain thing, but there is no doubt that that that that there's been a see change over the course of the last three months: the Democratic Party Arkansas about a liked ability concerns about moving too far. The laughed about you know Elizabeth Word, who has run easily over the course of the year, the best campaign and was the front runner in this race. I maintain in October, has law, some some some out through, but she still very much in the fight. So where do you think stand in terms of the eye logical fight. That is plain, is gonna, think it more intense over the course of the next month and a half start to get into those early February states that progress. He, the beg you I mean, I think, that the energy that you seem to two or three months ago on the left, the idea that it was time for something dramatic time do almost rebel scenario the party sees faded. I'll bet. There is now a greater emphasis on this, flexibility argument, the who can win argument
you guys are right. I mean they. Then we talk about what this list everybody going to be about these three four five states righted this election really does come down to a very small part of America, because the rest of the country is pretty well locked in That argument, of course, within the Democratic Party, is whose goose girl cell better was who's. Gonna, sell butter Pennsylvania now by shows implied, does better emotions poles in that kind of contacts. The question is whether or not you know he still his p right, we ve seen him on the camp, Israel and moments that seem less than ideal is not just the normal Biden gas. That is this. That is he really fully command of the stage at this point. Is he he going too continue to be to dominate a race where there are many choices at this point where's my Buber come in this place, but spam a lot of money. He is the alternative. Abiding fails for that sort of moderate to you. No kind of centrist establishment, democratic, low price
but it's a fluid moment and we're about to start coming devoting pretty soon and that's when you know what's that, will stop speculating nor striking actual results so short term just really curious way. There's been some talk, Elizabeth ones from talking about getting rid of the electoral college. It's not gonna happen do wonder as we talk about three states and the future. Of our republic resting on ours, subset of voters and three or four dates, vowed it's it's hard to not overlook the fact that the democratic civil in the popular vote in ninety six in two thousand and two thousand eight in two thousand Well in two thousand. Sixteen only boy, in two thousand for swung the popular vote. That picture from the ninety two convention of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Tipp our Gore
and three of those for people on stage one the poppy, our vote in the United States of America. Three of those four haven't you only what I've got to be present. Just curious, passing judgment on our car the solution whatsoever. I love our constitution, but I'm wondering people around the World ass when you travel around the world, can wait. Wait, wait, wait! What's going, are you mad? As Democrats winning and they took the popular vote this time too, but you really work a subset of voters around Milwaukee and Pennsylvania in Detroit they're gonna turn just in those three metro areas are going to determine. The experts in the United States is I've just back from the Middle EAST, two weeks before, in China, people so are so baffled by the United States. You're right, there's that which is IRAN
as one of our big things. Historically, we push constitutions on others mean each other into a constitutional amendment, obviously the devil's into the details. People forget that ours was now the time where our population was one one hundredth there size country was geographically much work we shall, we say, have not adopted. We have, as a ball, does country as a society, but there's lots of other things that other The example of american politics, the example of our economy after two thousand and seven and eight does not the people around the world right now who get up in the morning and say we want to be just like them out at that that that's what I do. It I meant by our eye. Your colleges whack Richard stays with design. It right now
If we are starting from scratch, no one, never do it this by Peter Baker and just then to high. Thank you. Thank you guys so much. We really appreciate you be enough and pay its critias this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about, run a virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is that once they're out there, they will take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago. That switch, flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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