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On Wednesday, for the third time in history, the House will impeach a U.S. president.

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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America. The highly antics Peter drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson Loser Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more. Donald Trump do solemnly swear. I would recommend that they start an investigation is a device that I will faithfully execute the office, president of the United States, China. She started investigation is a device and will To the best of my ability, reserve, protect and defend, I think you might want to listen. I don't this nothing
who is listening. The constitution of the United States does not interfere in save information. I think I'll. Take it Johns Bananas Clinton and now tromp today, for the third time in history, the House of Representatives will impede the President of the United States. The Democrats have their case the president abused his power and obstructed Congress by trying strong arm of foreign nation into boosting his political prospects and then covering it up the and defence. If there is one involves revealing a lot of tweeting and a lotta republicans appearing to turn a blind eye to the constitutional principles they had held sacrosanct for generations, you're in Washington. For today's historic vote, the household Evelyn at nine o clock eastern time, and we have a big
this morning with a lotta guests leading up to the start of this session, including New York Times. Those ten Pulitzer Prize Winning author Tom Friedman, former White House Council under President Obama, Bob our former: U S: Senator Clare, mechanical presidential, story and Michael bash. Las plus came members of the democratic leadership I'm in the house, Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff House, Georgie WHIP, Jim Kleiber, chairman of the house, credit caucus and member of the Judiciary Committee who came, Jeffreys, along with freshmen congresswoman Alyssa slot can. Who is one of the Democrats who flipped a Trump district and who well now, vote in favour of impeaching, the president tooth things off along with Joe willing and may we have. We have David dictation, communists and excessive debt for the watch and imposed Washington anger for the BBC World NEWS, America, Caddy K, political rapporteur for the wash
post MSNBC political analysts, Robert Costa, he's them moderator of Washington Weak on PBS. So it's important that, as we sort this historic morning to talk about what we were talking about before we came on the air and that, of course, historic day. That, of course, is the Irishman. You saw the Irishman in London so twice right, so actually I think it's recommended to watch it into So I sat down for now and I have had a long dinner came back to it finished it passed. She's amazing. I grew up outside of Philadelphia, so to see TAT, she is a fairly mob guy It's so understated the performers, there's there's power or in the understatement, by the way yea I get a channel Chris Matthews here. These are used up The result you know. That's the thing grants a lot of the visa to super, be real mob mob losses. Don't tweet now
We talk you're, a linear as we look at you, you're lucky that you're the requirements has fewer words and more intensively than anything I signs have you seen. I watched it all in one sitting. I recommend the one sittings even get all the way through. I thought it was fantastic. It's three and a half hours. I would watch it again. A second time I thinking have both give Deniro is the best actor in pressure is the best supporting actor. Did you say that a masterpiece here what I know it master? I saw knives out that what you're the guy is another key alone. We ve got him, think we're gonna move about it, but Percy, though perhaps performance was incredible and it was on stayed out had raised, says little tiny, face I really have any credit to pursue no jane- we re- oh, my God is after he was fantastic- are making
But yes, where we're ok, whereby it is house resolution seven. Fifty by from that one hundred and sixteen Congress impeaching Donald John Tromp, president of the United States, for high crimes and this abuse power and obstruction of Congress, the New York Times the Washington Post and the AP all report, that Democrats have the votes, meaning by the end of the day, tromp will make history, as only the third you as president to be coming: one day short of the twenty first anniversary of the House vote to impeach Bill Clinton, How else is scheduled to gather win in just a few hours at nine o clock to adapt the rules which call for sale? hours of debate split evenly between parties before members vote. The two articles of impeachment speaker now, This policy is urging members to join her on the floor this morning when the House convenes, the
resident claims. He will not be watching the preceding, not true. It is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in again this evening. At the same time, we expect the house will actually be voting on the articles of impeachment and he will quite a duty of the latter. Will I mean there was actually it was actually that a moment it was actually very long, Donald Trump, real D. Drop, tweet fix just happened today on presidential stationary and people like you know, people been saying, there's no drama here. There actually was a lot of drum unfolding, which I to talk about the second, but there was a lot of drama. Folding yesterday in looking at one democratic into tromp district after another Democrat in a Trump district, decide in that they were going to do something that was actually politically hazardous to their future and that is go ahead, then vote to impeach, Donald J Trump and we ve seen one after another
another decide, they had no other choice, but to do that saw congresswoman slacken two nights ago at a rally, not a rally, but a town hall in Michigan she announced that she would be voting yes on impeachment. She took some heat in the town hall. That's not an easy vote for her. A Cheryl in New Jersey, the same Abbe span. Burger did the same. These are people who did not come into Congress talking about impeachment. These are not people who been bang. Fists and saying we ve gotta impeach the blanker, whatever some other members have said, they looked at the evidence they took the seriously their people have served. The country may have decided that they will vote yes, which mean now the present United States will be impeach. The fact that its inevitable makes it historic. This is, as me, Kool aid out, one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight and now two thousand and nineteen, when United States zones have been impeached and I think it will be quite seen tonight in battle. Creek Michigan with the press, the United States standing up at one of his rallies. He may have
Ben impeached, or in the process of being impeached, get while he's railing against the impeachment process on state. You no way. I remember back a ninety nine Bill Clinton holding the sword. This rally in the rose garden with Democrats, and you can you can address it up. Anyway, you want to do quote Sera Mccain's vice in parallel with pale and you can put lipstick on a pig at the end of the day, you're still unimpeached, president and Bob SK. I know you ve talked a lot of people, the White House. He may be whistling pass the graveyard, but man, It's really stings Donald J Trot based on my report in that letter was drafted by him in coordination with some of whose confidence, but that was a letter from President Rob and you called it a tweet on paper, his associates. Describe it to me as a Trump rally on paper
letter that essentially lays out his entire twenty twenty campaign, grievance politics running hence the establishment, run it against the Democratic party. Yet as much as he and his republican allies want to cast this entire inquiry as a partisan process. Speaker policy is keeping her conference together. Member F member. Because of the way she continues to frame this as a solemn duty filled decision and that's what's keeping people congresswoman, slackened and others in line media. You read the letter well. The president's last stand before impeachment came in the form of this angry six page letter. I had a hard time reading it. It was all over the that was to speak. Our policy, if you can imagine described by my Does a rambling diatribe of react tweets on press central letter had filled with lies bad grammar and personal attacks. The president also claim the impeach
go and invalid. He says the House speaker has quote she. How Speaker has quote cheapened the importance of the Van ugly word impeachment, and that quote More- do process was afforded to those accused in the sailor which trials yester. Pelosi said she did not really my mind with software. Caddy fracture is true. We're gonna throw you to the bottom of the ocean, with rice died, eddying era which the Kyle's they work, For now I thought I would have the sentence. Donald compensation, which is in the same breath but Kincaid, we feel this Norma sense of grievance and the sense of drama- and this is all about me and that the tone of that letter- where is so discordant with
Oh see, herself from the tone that she has had during this year and when she says she praise may have- and I think the mode of me the most perhaps offensive thing about the letters way says you lied about praying for me that he is impugning her parents. Let's just ridiculous. You lied about priorities but you're lying pray from its welded. Her reaction is actually very fitting. If, if you know you could take a look at that letter, She said what they shouldn't read the whole thing, but what about. It was ridiculous and really sick as for The letter came to be NBC. News has learned that president trunk came up with the idea last week and had it drafted by I'd house AIDS, including wait for it Stephen Miller, we're all the White House. Councils office was not involved in drafting, but did offer some edits, some of which were accepted
actually like somebody actually added that letter David made as I have a heavy handed, it may be the boss on presidential presidential document ever written right it is it is red. I thought the thing that told you what's going on for our farmers when he called impeachment a very ugly word and he's wounded. Yeah. I guess it. He knows that he's about to be impeached and six pages flow but the one thing that people have to think about today is how many people around the country would be his angry as full of venom and indignation at what's been done. The Donald Trump as he is himself because that's really what already living through that is coming months. How big is the number that agree with this red from the press is not a defence, it's really just a rat
was that it was a doctor who told you that for Donald Trump, this hurts one analytic, untrue, quick one thing just keep thinking about as report- and you probably remember this back and twenty fifty, then candidate Trop, gave me a list of his finances and it was his view of his own finances and at the top of the list, Billy The dollars was his name. The value of his name- and I recognise then that he put such an emphasis on his brand and is a market or he is someone who licence that his name and his brand to be on buildings to be part of businesses in products, and now that brand in history will be associated and he can't stand it so she's a friend on an asterisk with peach when you will be in peached. If the vote unfolds as we expect in the house today, he will be in Impeach president, and this is a person whose entire bid, it was based on the name and what
name disgrace and there's some irony here, because the party is thinking we can use the that asterisk. The fact that he has been impeached to get all of those people, You mentioned are furious his. He is today to make sure they turn out in the as they do say, this is a fund raising already they have seen the numbers come up, but for him, personally in terms of his historical legacy is deficit. It may, ironically, help him in November get reelected income a second term president. We no doubt Trump project lot in that letter is just him. Try logging Renee you that he's full of bravado and everything else that he's that he projects all the time. What is covering four- is exactly what these guys are, describing the fact that he knows a guy, so what about the impression of him that he joins what club in american history that includes only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as impeach presidents, I was driving in here last night from New York and you pass them.
She's monument and the Lincoln Memorial and there's the Jefferson Memorial history is everywhere. You look in this town, you, you can't turn around without seeing some piece of history and when history looks back in we'll drop among many other things. It will lead with the fact that he was an impeach president. Imagine waking up. As Donald Trump and real Well, I'm warning and also you you talk about driving around Washington and seeing their history. I always remembered commuting em from Connecticut and going down West side highway every morning and right before I got off on fifty seventh seven I think about seven very tall, beautiful condos facing the Hudson everyone of tramp tramp tramp tramp, all one by one. People have been so humiliated to being a building with his name on it. They have demanded that the names
taken down in Chicago. The same thing. Remember that tromp tower, where they were having the Chicago sort of that foe, Chicago cancellation. Protest rally the same thing: they had to tear his I'm off, because his name is now so ox in Chicago on the Upper West side, I was Inertia Pennsylvania last week there are wearing Trump yeah beyond western powers So we are areas that crops up his behaviour, though including this letter and the right I tonight are exact. We why some might argue Nancy pillows. They wanted to keep this focused and quick, because He's gonna turn up. That sort of victim hard and that that anger as much as he can and if you had, because there are many other things they could have worked with here, they could have many more articles run, but their working with two seems to be fast and focused, and there's been some concern about, perhaps as it too fast it too simple. Have they not covered
now at the same time, look at what he's doing what they actually had the chance to their crimes on the table there that I am as they decided, and there are crimes off the table that not one would argue that to put it there, but you know When you're talking about Donald Trump. His brand and how much it meant to him before you can talk to colleague, fair and hold the post. You can talk to some others that have seen his earnings have gone down. Ion customers have left the tromp properties and impeachment just adds it's. It's it's one, more black mark attached, my aim and yes, is based is going to be with him, but they ve always been wedding. The new those at the resistance will always be against the resistance will always be against its those independence, of course, that matter and those independence,
syndrome: slowly been breaking towards impeachment and removal that's really where the battle is going to be over the next year. Get it I mean, there's gonna, be massive not operations for the bases, but it's where those into thence, go how they respond. Do impeachment that's going to matter so much in the end, and you say that over the next year, It's going to be the likely scenario at the same when you talk to people who have no president trump for the longest. They wonder those does entire pattern of behaviour last beyond November. Twenty twenty does Ebay, if he is defeated, twenty twenty, a president in exile that they see this political warfare that is beginning to mount the letter goes into twenty twenty as something that is going. Dominate not only his life for the republic and Party next year, and perhaps in years to come that he can't give up the fight and that this is just the beginning, because we're trumpets offending good rule of thumb. Donald Trump has in the end is all about him that there
intense narcissism about and which is wide, also becomes so personal. Why the name, if you filter whole business empire based your name and your identity in your persona, then, to have that asked, which I think is why this letter to policy is also so personal. He sees this, as is you know that she's? It follows that she's lying it's it's about his battle with her as a person is not nothing to do with his behaviour or the country. And what its, why the central phrase in this impeachment do us a favour, though the US is Trump it's. It's not no country. Its trump method talked about the speed of light Adam chef will be our guests. This morning was on the show sitting with us on September. Seventeenth, that's three months in one day ago, talking about a mysterious, whistle, blower complaint, Anthony entails committed, he didn't know what was in it yet said. He didn't have it yet and now here we are three months and one day after that moment and the houses rate of vote to impeach the present
I don't want to get in trouble here. I am drove drawing now comparisons whatsoever between. Pablo Escobar and Donald Trump, but speaking of great shows goes its labour law. He tried to get at the Congress. They didn't let him in now he got in legally because he was a drug traffickers and it just driving crazy. We spent the rest of his life trying to get even the establishment, there's very touching moment where the hostages, who was the daughter of a former president, says: don't you you could have done so much. You could have helped the poor who you wanted to help you could have their houses, you could have fed them food, but you let the establishment get in your head and drive you crazy. That's Pablo! Now, let's talk about them, old, Donalds entire life, and I'm not the first person whose said this can be explained.
The fact that he's an outer boroughs guy that always wanted to be respected always wanted to be beloved in May. In vain. Ever would let him in the doors they would never let him in their country club. So we had to build its own. They would never accepting him Nancy Pelosi more than anyone is in that lab that he always wanted to be, and as a Democrat through two thousand five through two thousand six through two thousand eight, when he was giving money eight times, Dale or regret, and when you giving money to Charlie Wrangle when he was giving money to Elliot better when he was giving money to Anthony Wiener when he was giving money to any Democrat. Who would take his money, he wanted to be in the club. They never let him in the club and in that letter yesterday use the intensity,
ferocious of that anger and that rejection and our Nancy Pelosi handsome the ultimate rejection. Even his present, you will never ever Be seen the way you want to be seen, because you can't conduct yourself as a command and cheap should show that the tone of the wounded applicant. They wanted to take this away from me from the very beginning, ever gave me a chance. It is the outer bureau guy, the one I remember from Mercosur, which I agree as a great movie is how hard it is to get people who kidnapped your politics out and what courage it takes in that that show, but so much of what we see around the world is people waiting year after year once something bad happened there politics to put it back together and I think again
you know what we're gonna live through the Democrats. I hope educating the country about about why this is important, why this is why this is about the constitution. Not that's. What went down trumpets about the constitution is beyond our bureau taxes. Well, there's there are so many echoes of history. In this moment you think back to Richard Nixon, nineteen seventy four that fame farewell address when he's talking to the White House staff and he says others may hate you, but you can't be consumed by hate and once you get consumed by hate weather against the establishment of your perceived enemies. That's when that hate becomes a dominant factor in your life, and especially your political life, and we're seeing President tromp with this letter showcase into the world his own detests meant those who he sees as aligned against him and that is dry If that is the pistol of this presidency and and going to that makes its speech which ensure David remembers,
There is also another line in that speech that lines up, but Donald Trump and the regret that never be accepted or Nixon said. They'll never write a book about my mother, talking, of course about a book. They rode up, rose Kennedy and and I think that's the strength in this message of resentment, because people outside elite corridors feel it they fill it coming from the media, us they feel come again, and I know I know that, because when I was a republican member of Congress, I felt it from the media. You feel from Hollywood. You feel it from popular culture. Do you feel it from everywhere, so Donald Trump, the lifelong Democrat, who gave tons of money to Hillary Clinton, Charlie Wrangle,
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we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. He's a very great crime fighting. He was probably the greatest grandfather over the last fifty years
tea, they love anybody all right, well Rudy Giuliani. After saying in interviews that I'll tell you S, ambassador to Ukraine, Marie of Honour, was an obstacle to trump country, to enhance investigations desired by president Tromp took to twitter. Yes, oh boy, climbing quality of
of which needed to be removed for many reasons, most critical. She was denying these as to Ukrainians, who wanted to come to Where will the next year we haven't corruption whom you to read. You read something from the New York or I think it was where actually he said it was because we had to get her out of the way to clear path for the investigator in some paraphrasing there, but that's what he said in an interview on the record with the New Yorker saluting she probably now that when you make the admission and it's you can tweet all you want the admission still sits there I gave up well whatever you want to sell this year, like even city betting can shine yes and also you by the way you fox the same night. The new Yorker peace came out and said something the pollutants different as if he had
has been quoted in the New Yorker saying the thing that he said ass eleven, I tweet he's very concerned with the visa process coming out these and we're gonna get her out of the real consulate upon many screams black outwardly that she's corrupt and there's no follow up. He goes to places where there is no follow up. Saying explain: how many who know Ambassador Nirvana, which feel she is corrupt well and what did her job with great dignity and patriotism by the way nobody has ever suggested? She ever did a meeting corrupt, let alone untoward and is just there sometimes David. We need to stop and think about, the fact that here we are in Washington DC in stored in every country that has had an extraordinary history because there are norms that
pass. Leaders of both parties have gone by that our second of states are secretary. Defensive have gone by and here we are days after room. Giuliani. Sleep associated with the press. The United States calls an honourable woman, an honourable ambassador corrupt and the Secretary of State might pomp doesn't see day. Nothing worry defence of her that's not just bad for her. It's bad for the entire state department. That's bad for the our foreign service community. It is Can. I describe ass ships ambassador. You out of it should have been a real euro to her colleagues to call her corrupt is just such a groan Smith reading what was happening in the grand I spent the last six weeks. Looking carefully at what I call Rudy ink. The way
Giuliani combined his being the process personal lawyer on paid is political adviser, but also had these business interests, and in Ukraine was Europe. Two ukrainian Americans men and Parnasse, or their names who had exceeded ambitious energy deals in Ukraine. One reason that a mastery I was fired with, was Giuliani, leaving the camp is that she was standing in the way of these deals and she to that end. People around you mean Rudy steals the deals that Rooney's clients wanted to make they want. They had their. They wanted to help you natural gas deals in Ukraine and ambitious the amount kept counselling ahead of the so you're saying it wasn't about visa visas. It was about
The idea that this was about her being obstructive hot lead and that granting visas proposals about money, preposterous rubies, insoluble eels, swap as they say, if you really money and politics are bound together like that right ends and in so many of his representations abroad, are our foreign policy and interests intersect with his car. The Squire s business. He bristle one. I raise this with them and said these are not. The normal conflict of interest, rules that apply to people. One thing I'd say about Rudy Giuliani, he's somebody who, I think but he would agree that our cartoon clip shows it in this way did great things once in his life, after after nine eleven He was the figure who really rallied New Yorkers mobile lawyers confined by the way is first term as mayor of New York. Some people want to say that dickens damn that process, but
round is nothing short of extraordinary makes him in some way is tragic failure. He was he nothing short of extraordinary makes him somewhere, as is tragic failure. He was, he was a person of of distinction and achievement. Look at worry is now and that's what I found point it make it writing about him. Is it fair to say David, then, based on what you just reported about rubies business deals that the president will be impeach today in part because he was protecting Rudy and trying to help Rudy get a business deal in words. He may not have intended that, but that's what I was rubies motive and he brought president, along with Willie Rudy, got Donald Trump in the Ukraine down care about. Rainy, Constantin nervous. I didn't I didn't you get away. I just didn't like it didn't want to hear about it and and Juliet John Juliana gotten deeply involved through these clients and month by month he keeps pulling tromp further and further. So I think that
services, and it isn't a fascinating that Donald Trump gets so angry when somebody work this campaign and makes few dollars here and a few dollars they're off of his campaign or off of his name Bobby, drives him right? it always as and yet here he is being impeach today. In large part, because Rudy sold him a bill of goods while he was trying to get even richer off of inside deals in Ukraine people all around. The present people in the White House didn't want. The President Delors in the Rudy, but he bought it hook, line and anchor because Rudy said you know what I can get it. The one thing that exist parades him, the most it irritates from them as the two thousand sixteen election or sell him a bill of good? This was about Ukraine and that Russia he'll blow the entire country. Apart, and I can go into the chaos and make me billions of dollars over these inside deal so Donald J from,
getting impeached today in large part, because he bought rubies nonsense hooker, hence anchor the president's wrath for those who he believed feels are using. Him is immediate, but there are different rules For those who are in the true inner circle, he trust so few people those who are actually in the circle, have a law a lot a ban with in which they operate. You think about Quiche when the president decides to fire FBI director James CALM. He doesn't go through the chain of command. He asked key Schiller, his long time, aid in and personally go to the FBI and deliver the letter during the campaign. He was working through the campaign apparatus where there was Lewandowski or Steve Ban and Leon. Conway was often working through me, we'll Cohen or friends on the outside to get things done, and you see with rooted Giuliani this acceptance of so many different aspects of behaviour quest.
Noble behaviour from Mr Giuliani, because the president believes he's an advocate he's a loyalist It's a real indication of how the White House works that there is not somebody at some point saying hold on a second, Mr President, why in the first place and who is ostensibly your personal Loya, getting involved in State department affairs and advocating for the dismissal of one of our top ambassadors. Why doesn't that raise a red flag that thing taken into the policyholders. This is gonna calls trouble, because this is not the normal procedure. Something going on here, that is to do with Giuliani and his interest not to do with countries and they throughout these jobs. She was denying these as she was corrupt mandate. They she was fighting corruption. She was fighting corruption. She was standing up for the United States of America and testimony in the impeachment inquiry, given by George can't explains the. Is, that denials visa denials for people like this prosecutor, Shokhin, who was
this corrupt and that he was planning a trip to the? U S despair. And they're not denying visas for people that president President Tromp wants to investigate and Ukraine or whatever else there trying to literally build Europe. Wants to investigate and Ukraine or whatever else there trying to literally builder up is corrupt, won't. What she was doing was protecting American ended and the country deserves, and reporters are trying to figure this out. The country deserves to hear from people who have been supported by the House Secretary of State Palm pale. All these people at the Office of Management and budget. What did they know? Because if the rational was a true believe in Ambassador Jovanovic, and this perceive corruption then stated on the right. Not through a tweet. But what and how we have this orange through a tv and what a board about what about John Bolton Willie. Here we are we're going through Impeachment John Bolton teasing people that he. A lot of information about this, but he's gonna save it for
The million dollar book deal. It's all he's waiting for a book. Obviously Democrats in the Senate, after the presence and impeach, would like to hear from John Bull that Mitch Mcconnell has promised to keep this narrow and tight, in brief because he knows he has the votes and wants to ended, but of course, John Boldness at the centre of all of this, and based on the test Money from other witnesses in front of the House Intelligence Committee, John Boltons, named pops again and again and again is somewhat by the way who is very concerned about what the present was and said you are better go lawyer up after this meeting. This means over this is a bad drug deal, etc, etc. He is assessed a piece of storing what I hear from him before his book comes out. So hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
I am, I will, administer the all too all senators in the chamber in conformity with article one section, three clause, six of the constitution and the Senate. Impeachment They call one section three clause, six of the constitution and the Senate, Well all, senators now stand and raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear then things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton, Press the United States now pending you, do impartial justice according to the constitution and was so help you ve got the clerk, I will call the names and record the responses that way and chief justice, William Renquist, administering the fat, turned senators into Jorce, doing the Clinton and patron while it is the same most that Senate Majority leader mitch- Mcconnell is expected to take when the Trump impeachment reaches the Senate, but a colonel said
what out yesterday it is an oath. He has No intention of honouring a geopolitical there is not a vain judicial about it. Impeachment is a political decision. Housemaid made partisan political decision to and page I would anticipate. We will have a largely partisan outcome in the Senate. I'm not imply what about those at all join, now: politics in journalism, Professor Morgan, state, university, politics editor at the root and MSNBC political contributor, Jason Einstein said so: what's he doing well isn't measures job? This is not about it Wanna know I'd be why Americans eight politic yeah all you have to do see what Mitchell Colonel said. Anne lines M said, and I need I see what they're saying now pick out your favorite democratic still, see what they were saying, and ninety nine
talk about what they're doing. Now I mean you have people actually leading the democratic impeachment against Donald Trump shocked and stun deeply and then anyone would call this a co and guess what they call the it's ninety nine. It was a coup so it's just you know, then I'll be honest. We I dont understand these people I remember getting shredded and my district, an extraordinarily conservative district. They want a museum, is going to vote to impeach Bill Clinton for time. I said kindly kind of like a jury, even though they don't call us jurors as much in the house. Is it, but just I'm a lawyer right. Let me look at all the evidence, but he's guilty about things. I said. Let me look at all the evidence and I get pounded
but there are a lot of people like me, conservatives and liberals its it. You know what we're gonna look at all the evidence before we decide now. I was a little back bencher for the majority leader of the United States Senate and for the chairman of the Judiciary Committee to say we're not gonna, be impartial right. We're not going to look at any evidence we're going to treat this with absolute contempt. It just cheapens institution, so much it did disturbs me immensely and not just from the political science annually Mitch gotta half right. It is a political process. It's not suppose we partisan right think they hate factions they hated parties when they wrote the constitution. So this is not supposed to be a part of the process. You're supposed to believe that I am be acting on behalf of the United States with the United States is, and would want to see now in a perfect world to be broken up with Egypt.
Just get rid of all of the members of the Senate, who already said how they feel you would also give further. The Democrats are running for president because I'll be an obvious conflict of interest rate. Elizabeth born Corey Booker calmly Harris they shouldn't get votes either, but problem is that we have a system that operates on the assumption that we're dealing with noble statement and we're not we're dealing with a bunch of partisan hacks at this point well, and when I go to to your point this and during the Clinton Impeachment- and you can point back to the Clinton impeachment and to Bill Clinton, for a lot of why we are here today on every level, including tramping president, but this process is to assess whether Not the president has done something wrong. Just like it was. When Bill Clinton was impeached and he did I remember so many Democrats, and so many members of the doing the same thing saying he didn't or it didn't
It's not it. Doesnt is not european as to whether or not it matters did he do something wrong did commit a crime did he put in, it states at risk. Those are the questions at hand and Democrats or publish Republicans should be able to answer them and some based on the facts on people do stand up. It was its thirty one Republicans Joe back and ninety eight who broke she ranks and actually voted with the Democrats against impeaching, maybe they were looking at in districts. Maybe there was some politics of play that, but maybe they were also thinking when I'm gonna take an independent stand on that I don't think you're gonna have thirty one Republicans We are actually looking at the evidence this time around and I'm gonna we're not age any more. What anyone with one or two who may vote party may break ranks because of what they see because exercise April Babbage. As you know, my district one of the more conservative districts
and I know a fundamental at writing and my safe my say vote would have been voting for peace, but four times avoided for two articles voted against two articles. I was I married for voting against two articles, but you know this is a thing I always found that I dont understand about members of Congress today, I just held a lot town hall meetings and they said why did you I said Anne. You all have to stop believing that there will never be another Republican once we're too general. I said Anne. You all have to stop believing that that president will be held by we present the United States because that president will be held by the same standard that we hold this present and guess what. I won the primary with eighty percent because they understood the argument
We do not only want to analyse the slot can said what right don't forget that there will be a Democrat who could be held, we're republican who could be held from the other side on this one at the capitals at the Senate. Yesterday, too, kinda lawmakers employing them aside its evident that this is now the party of President Trump and Republicans, except that and when you step back and talk to them, it's not just on impeachment. This week they also approved a. Point, four trillion dollar spending deal a party that one's head fiscal stand off with? President Obama now was clear: ITALY, Greece, in the skids, to send a bill to president trumps desk. One point: four trillion on spending: a free trade. Already is now succumbing to into his protectionist position on trade in approving and moving to approve it. U S, embassy a revised version of master, that's been approved by top labour groups and eliminates protections for pharmaceutical companies and on impeachment after crowing for years about the conduct of the protocol
from President's their accepting and how character matters it. So we heard during the client a character matters when Character Cain, character, character, character per no responsibility. It's all. They talked about. Nobody talks about in the Republican Party these days Justin, Amash tweeted this yesterday, following up on Bob: point conservatives will someday face a horrible truth that the Republican Party fought so hard to justify an excuse and at an aim, oral self serving president and what Them in return was bigger government and erosion of the principles and values once claimed to cherish, to which I responded. They get bigger government, the biggest most bloated federal budget ever biggest federal debt ever the biggest tear of taxes ever the guess, socialist form subsidy scheme ever and exploding deficits for, as far as I can see that also got a useful idiot for Russia magazine.
What we conservatives are now used to call people that aided and abetted Russia useful in the media or on the Capitol Hill, useful idiots. You talked about Conversely, during impeachment, how about that Parker right now of people who are deficit hawks alleged deficit? There are not any more rally behind and drop people of rail link. The terrorists, including Lindsey Grandma, over the course of his career. We have tariffs out people of rail against farm subsidies. Mass farm bail out is happening. This country, that nobody really talks about right now, all the conservative intervals, that Bob is talking about that you ve lived and talked about your entire life are being swept. In service of a man not of a movement or an ideology, but of a man and Donald Trump, and by the way you talk about character. That He left the station a long time ago in two thousand sixteen during the campaign. Whenever one look the other way and excuse the fact that Donald Trump slept with a porn star,
had an affair, while his wife was home with her newborn child. If you want to talk about character, mattering you'd better. Well you're self to that standard all the time and not look the other way, just because a stone wall on the crime that he committed that come on, is now in jail for, if you want to talk about it, peace, when I still don't know there was an actual crime committed that somebody's in jail. Or for running that operation for Donald Trump. I still don't know what it's not an article in impeachment Jason, it's it's! It's really because it's quite remarkable that that the Republicans and just again completely capitulate to a guy who has done violence to just about every conservative value measurable judges show conservatism the conservatism of Edmund Burke, of Russell Kirk of William Buckley, Ronald Reagan, it's all been reduced down to abortion. Exactly but here's the thing that Brazil
did you ever thought that these things were based on principle right now that there are some republic into we're doing this on principle. But if you look at the vast majority of the support, how in the world right Men North Carolina in Georgia in Texas anyhow in Illinois, if you ask those people, why are you supporting Donald Trump? It's not because of any these real values its? Because what do you work resents? He is backlash. He is we had this guy and all for eight years who made us feel bad here we got rich under Barack Obama. Will we want somebody who is on our side and Donald Trump makes people feel a certain type of white people, a small number of black people, a certain number? What you do, people this country they have when an office who's going to smack down the people that they don't like it is guttural, Well, it's never been about policy, and that's why he's gonna be waiting in addition to that, its transactional overhauling the tax code overhaul. In effect, data sharing their getting what they want on policy in addition to those grievances, I don't think people have been driven by policy, not not in the real world, not mutual calls getting what he wants he's getting those judges and you can see for the four
of our lifetimes tore grandchildren's lifetimes. Those judges are going to make sure that these kinds of the ito, economic and in India. If things continue to cultivate, Trot wants. But but none of this is about policy I dont let about I like a day it carry. I think it's it's a little. It is its multi layered here, because Bob's talking about the tax cuts, I can tell you the businessmen and business women. I talk to their all about the tax. Especially if they run big corporations, because that was a ton of money forum, You have people North Carolina people in Northwest Florida you're no to not just Barack Obama at risk Turning to the resentment that I talked about people looking, at them for fifty years, since the nineteen sixty two like the entire culture was, it was was slanted against them and it's a pretty toxic.
A nation, and then you have some evangelicals and and others who are supporting solely because of federal judges. And you combine all of that right now. That gives you a forty forty two, forty four. Forty five percent and hundred million dollars from very rich people who, like their taxes, All of those people may say you know what we don't love the tweets. We don't necessarily love the guy and his personality, but we like what he is doing for me for us, for community, whether its evangelicals getting their judges, the festooned bargain that he made or whether its people getting that the stock market, that is booming and they love that or whether its people who fell I better in my parents generation, and these offering me nostalgia that's the brilliance of their campaign line, basically saying he's not in sky, but we don't need nice guy in Washington Right is delivering the Washington Post
Robert Costa. Thank you very much. You Bob pay its crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Coral Bertram, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they, things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really They often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago that switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book, they principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it, so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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