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Joe Scarborough looks at the challenges ahead for President Trump as we head into 2020. And, the United States is sending about 650 soldiers to the Middle East after thousands of people stormed the compound of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday night. The panel discusses.

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go. Crowley summed up the president's new year's eve like this, it was perhaps fitting that President Trump ended their dizzying year in office with a crisis driven day of surreal contrasts one the began and with him tracking a Middle EAST emergency from his golf club and ended with a tuxedo Clyde President holding forth about North Korea, IRAN and impeachment and vapor on a red carpet Over the thumping den of party music in the Middle There is increasing danger of an armed conflict with IRAN in Asia. There's the unravelling of the president's diplomatic efforts with North Korea. Kim Jong, oh now saying that he can in fact continue testing nuclear and long range missiles, despite the pro since claim of assigned agreement. For now. Korea did he nuclear eyes, and there is of course impeachment with a present
obsessing over how Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacking our does of times on Twitter, during the holiday break when it comes to fight over Somalia. In the impeachment investigation. Many legal experts say the dismissal of the law suit, brought by a deputy of former nationals, need Visor John Bolton mains. John Bolton must testify All of this, while the present works to convince the american people that he deserves a second term in office, plus we, of course I have the latest tally of the money halls for the leading democratic contenders a really surprising hall by Bernie Sanders, but first let's where the president's vacationing and bring in white house. Rapporteur for these Socio press Jonathan were Jonathan. Another quiet sleepy holiday weekend with President, tell us,
what's happening, it more alike, go right now and what you are expecting over the next few days. Tell happy new year. We haven't seen that much the president. We didn't see him yesterday because he spent the day at his golf course. The press full, which I was part of a travel with them action ever lay glimpse out of him. He was there for about six hours or so we're expecting more of that today. But you you are certainly right. We did see him new year's eve in this tuxedo admiral. Go with the guests of the club with their new year's Eve bash and He addressed a number of the storm clouds that are certainly heart hovering over here occasion here in South Florida, IRAN, North Korea, impeachment and yes even bathing the present here I mean it's a two plus we vacation, we are anticipating, as events on Friday. I do with Eve evangelical validity in Miami Little south of here. That was to the schedule. It must be noted after that,
Scathing, abandoned that Christianity, today evangelical magazine, which really, which called for is removed from office, the present really very mine. Of shoring up his eat base. So I think we're here. One fry will see that, and he was shortly Luton strike. It notes to reassure them that he should remain in office and he's been there guy and he will tell the accomplishments of clean federal judges that he is living for them. The focus here is is indeed overseas that that the embassy in Baghdad S really seems quieted down the last day or so. Why has aids and then, with a lot of defence market and state Department? Aids were watching every carefully the last couple of days and also lets the unravelling of the seemingly unravelling of the diplomatic effort with North Korea. The prisoners bet big on that. He is met with chairman came now three times June, I was part of the trip where he went to the deal: and even stepped over the North Korea, believing that? Not only would we he bleeding this effort there to get. No three I give up their weapons, could land him a Nobel Peace Prize and its and we are seeing the nor three has returned to their tough talk and even
deliver as gifts in some way to the. U S Trump said it might be. A vase pretended tat. And I think it's going to show you how tense Joe things have gotten again I'm curious, tell us what's what is we? We talk about north yeah we're going to be talking to Richard Ass David Ignatius, many other experts Hoover very beginning of said that that the United States Donald Trump, what, forget the nuclear radiation from camp or the north korean people, and yet the president of course set out the tweets after the initial meeting saying you, never have to worry about nuclear weapons or missiles? Again, he's is for some. Strange reason continue to talk about love letters between common himself and his kind to share Americans that this one was taken care of this.
And was in the bag check. This went off you're to do list of worrying about North Korea. Well, obviously, that's not the case. It's not true! It was never true. What's the president straw budget going forward, as it becomes more evident daily that North Korea is not going to get there Mama curly. They want and Donald Trump, not going to get de nuclear reservation that he guaranteed right. This is never better Jewish, where the president is try to manage expectations. He has talked big from the beginning, the leaving This repression report is chemistry. He says that he's alive with german Kim, could lead North Korea to give up these weapons, which so many foreign policy exe analysed, say they never will because then the regime, their views, is essential, their survival that there that there is the only read if they continue to have this weapon. The capability to teach him to do
Liver them is always that prevents other nations from not invading interposing that regime from power. So that's that's always been that seek viewed as a non started with a president hasn't hasn't seem to grasp that at least not publicly. He met with him at Singapore with him at Singapore. He met with a chairman in Hanoi and then at the DMZ over the summer, and we see this time and again where the present is believes he can deal with these strongman characters. These authoritarian figures, in this case a dictator who is in prison and killed thousands of people Yet the present could just rift charm him out of out of these weapons there. There had been some fine of the talks last year, but is that they think pause they They pause they really that they really stalled over the fall and winter and now North Korea is back to delivering it the belligerent threats in and rhetoric. We have brought us to have seemingly maybe the brink of a conflict two years ago that when the present was calling chairman Kin Little rocket man, the presence not saying what he will do next
He's a few times our but potentially another meeting between hard to see how we can grant came another audience in light of this sort of rhetoric ride on a final mirror, the Associated Press hanging out at the Tiki bar across the street. From more alike, to stay with us right right by the way, Jonathan, what what going into the going into the playoffs, obviously, New England limping and after a loss to feel good Hence Miami Dolphins, any hopes that the patriots have what it takes to when it are ruined, win the Superbowl. Well fill our knock. The discuss that whatsoever. Yet shocking to lose at home. Too often seen that wasn't play for anything that the patriots by, in my opinion, probably pat the they might when this weekend against Tennessee its I see them when to shape games, probably accurate, a city that Baltimore I looked and never gonna bet against Brady ballot check, but Joe I'm not
really see it? I'm starting to begin the countdown to spring training now hop, don't do that I don't know lose gets any better than I am I to do their job in finishing mohira, we'll be right back once very and right now, the present the council on foreign relations and the author of the book a world than this Richard ourselves so columnist and associated for the Washington Post, David Ignatius. The morning and the co host of mourning Joe first look Amen old dean. Thank you over being this Richard we'll get to North Korea in one moment, it gives us a very latest on IRAN. Will happen you're good morning in the case of IRAN, that the context has changed in the narrow situation is yes. People have pulled out of the embassy compound in Iraq, but I
think it's only a matter of days are most weeks before the iraqi Parliament votes that we need to leave that. Essentially, U S forces need to leave Iraq, the five thousand or so that their iraqi NASH Lisbon is a raw alive and well, and what we ve done is not its longer turned against IRAN. So much has turned against us. I think the larger context, thou and only way to understand everything of the last couple of weeks is the stage is carrying out economic warfare against IRAN and IRAN has gone through a series of responses, attacks tankers that attack saudi arabian refineries bricks actually getting out of the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal, and now it has its militias attacking? U S, personnel, this dynamic is go to continue and the risk is obviously we we stumble into war. The one thing that continues to be absent from american policy is policy, research,
to be pressuring IRAN, but it's not clear what the purposes and that the issue is, is there anything IRAN can do other than tat the change its nature essentially have regime change. Is that ain't gonna happen? Is there anything they could that could lead to a reduction of the economic pressure we are putting on them and they should Thracian simply won't put that on on that but they still seem to be holding out the hope that this IRAN regime is either going to. Superior, a totally change its behaviour and that simply not in the car? So this does the absence of real diplomacy or there's this pressure without purpose. David Ignatius, they the IRAN sanctions and and president trumps approach towards IRAN. If, if you view IRAN, as an existential threat, the United States- and I am- and want to put pressure
damn it seems at the end of the year to be be a success. I mean IRAN's, We are, in fact engaging and economic warfare against IRAN. There call me is crushed, their leaders are feeling the worst eat, they felt I'd, say even beyond going, the two thousand. I not say that this is the greatest threat to the the Europe of iranian leadership, since they took power in nineteen. Seventy nine and it's not just coming from the cosmos lieutenant leads in Tehran is coming, from those who supported the regime back in two thousand- I this is a grave threat. Is it not for I'm all those who have run that countries it seventy nine If you measure success in terms of chaos, an economic difficulty within IRAN. Then, yes, the trumpet minutes
oceans. Maximum pressure policy has, successful, whether its created that instability, the Iranians by most reliable estimates of killed, something like three hundred of their own citizens. Since these protests began fifteen. The protests were caused directly by growing economic. Difficulties in IRAN which results in the? U S: sanctions from the beginning This? U S! Maximum pressure campaign back in two thousand eighteen really the United States point of vulnerability as been are substantial commitment of american troops in Iraq to train rocky military to try to keep a measures Already there that's always been, are exposed weak point radiance went after the last week through their proxies on attack Friday. We girl that that killed, an american contractor near Cook, the? U S,
act of the way the Israelis do when they get they can't get that they had reaction, you kill one of Mars, we're gonna, kill twenty. You kill one of ours, we're what kill twenty five here. That's what it ended up happening while we attacked the base of the iranian proxy group to type s. Those are the people who were at the gates of our embassy. A few days ago. It was a scary, confrontational. Again I was gonna. I was going to ask. I can ask both and Richard, because Richard and talked about Iraq, nationalism rising? This, isn't a rocky nationalism. Is Richard and then I'll go to you David as well. This is it okey nationalism. These are these are proxies for IRAN that were at the gay demi. This the iranian regime is desperate? So what did they do? They send drones to blow up saudi oil fields? and they send their proxies to invade the. U S embassy this as an enemy they do with a rocky nationalism, does it. This is a desperate turanian regime to things show
start a new year. By disagreeing with you, I don't think the iranian regime is desperate. I think it's a mistake to underestimate the resilience of this regime. Are they hurting ass? Are the sanctions hurting yes, but is regime in serious jeopardy, absolutely not I would say so. I don't think we should have underestimated sexual. Aki Nationalism was manifesting itself over the last couple of weeks and months against IRAN, you had. The brain of iranian consulate. She would people coming out against Iranian influenced. What the last couple of days have done is switched things. It will you, was understandable that we responded to the militia strike, but was not understandable or wise was why necessarily responded with in Iraq what it does with put in jeopardy the? U S diplomatic and military presence in Iraq show
There is a rocket nationals, I'm not arguing with your basic point that the people at the gates of the embassy compound or iranian militia people, that's being or orchestrated, but that chain The scenario- and I think we again, we just Didn'T- think through the likely sequence of results from what would happen. If the United States responded inside Iraq itself of course an end, no problem with what you just said so you were certainly welcome to disagree with you here fairly gotten, doesn't seem like a wise course if for the next twelve months, but if that's what you Jerry's, that's fine. I certainly now that members of the some foreign relations, and I want you to be correct. Most of the time to Y gotta, you describe myself sensitive, I'm not I'm actually, joking with you, David Ignatius, of course we,
spoken many times about the iranian regime are being extraordinarily resilient. I do not suspect David that they are going to collapse anytime. But it does seem they are feeling more pressure than they felt since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine and it's aimed if you look at the sun, attack- and then, if you look at the other, facts that their proxies put forward in Iraq. Certainly does seem. Does it not that their desperately searching for a fight that will help distract their people from the dire economic? fly that this economic national, this this economic maximum pressure, is actually put on that regime. They have been looking for fight. They they feel backed into a corner. We ve cut their oil exports from something like million barrels, a data, something under five hundred thousand barrels,
so there are there really hurting and starting in in May June, they began hitting tax or tankers trying to increase the costs to the. U S and its at its allies is so this is a regime that has reserves. Resources resilience is as Richard was saying, but they have a fundamental problem. This is not a popular regime. It increasingly is governing aniron by straight out of the return will when they have to kill three hundred of your own people to maintain order. You got a problem and I The regime knows that think so what we saw in these last few days was an effort by the western IRAN to figure out. What's the balance in the place where the flashpoint really will happen, witches which is a rock iranian proxies, struck me You ass, they went to our embassy. We,
killed a lot of members of this proxy group, kitten, Khitai Hezbollah. We'll see where the balance works at all, often that Richard would agree with us off and the funding of the Middle EAST. As you expect, it's got a break We have a fundamental change and you end up with the sort of patched their version of the status quo. I think american troops are now likely to leave soon. Despite this crisis. In our work continue to have this kind of very delicate stalemate. Good, could slowed any moment, but I wouldn't I wouldn't expect big changes right away an aim and that everything in Donald prompts eyes. It seems always goes back to his resentment of of Barack Obama and it seems so much of this. The maximum pressure campaign today, with the getting the Iranians back to the table to renegotiate oppressed,
Obama's nuclear deal with IRAN, any chances that that could have The chances are very slim right now and when you try to take a big picture approach to all of the topics that we are talking about right now, I think the interesting thing here and you you guys kind of disgusting, Araki Nationalism and how that relates to the Quran talks, is that you now put the Araki government, the struggling Araki government tremendous amount of pressure and that's not something to be lost. In this discussion about what is happening with a right important make the distinction between the iraqi protest over the past couple of months, those four months of protest again IRAN, against corruption, trying to combat sectaries and then what has happened in the last couple of days with these see militias that have been pushed onto the american embassy, but you're asking about their own nuclear deal, and situation that you find yourself in today is that IRAN is engaging in this clause. I proxy war again american targets. This exposes how vulnerable our diplomatic facilities are in countries like IRAN
and in places elsewhere in the region that IRAN could strike and could reach if it decided to- So, on a moment's notice, they really escalated this very quickly back down very quickly, but it is an interesting one those that it was America that made the miscalculation here, because over the past several months, everyone has been run gets into the corner and they have begun to lash out, would they then hand and now you have, is America not only carrying out this airstrike insight, You have: is America not only carrying out this airstrike inside a rock put. The rocky government, which has to the rights and yet being an american ally. Now completely in jeopardy. Being an american ally now put in jeopardy and two Richards point. Yes, we may not see american troops withdraw in leak, but you will see the iraqi government and the iraqi parliament take a slightly more aggressive posture. Maybe even more antagonistic posture towards America's presence there, and that's not good for us that makes our chances of negotiating with IRAN that much more difficult
Also to note even our kids just outlined the region, Saudi Arabia, there are not necessarily subscribing to this american pressure campaign on IRAN. Dave now started to open some backdoor channels to try to dress or solve some of these proxy issues with IRAN. Indirectly so shows that the trumpet ministration really does not necessarily have a comprehensive policy as to what you want to get a ride to do, to bring them back to the table when RO it is kind of all your allies in the region are not working on the same page. I totally disagree disagreeing with your approach to it: fascinating, even the Saudis, uncomfortable and working a bag channel with IRAN. Alright Ayman, thank you. So much greatly appreciate it. Some people learn the hard way. New HBO film, bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni STAR, Long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie
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MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called off when people listen to music. There feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. And all of this comes against a backdrop of course, of impeach
earlier this week, the Democrats argument that there needed to be witnesses at the centre of impeachment trial get a big boast for more reporting from the New York Times. The time reported that during an oval office meeting and late August secretary of State my Palm PEO Defence Secretary Mark S four and then now Security adviser John Bolt and tried, but failed to convince Donald TUSK to release military aid to Ukraine would now one of the co authors of that extensive story, investigative report for the New York Times Eric Lipton, so Eric Where does that leave us? I'm your story dropped like a bombshell. Last week, add on top of that the edge This ruling that in fact means John Bolton can testify. Suddenly, the next few weeks of peace and seemed to be a bit more fluid. I the result is that some of the people that refuse to participate in the house investigate
are the same people that we now have even more evidence that they played a central role and in least the Congress. Since that were going on about the aid freeze, and that is a myth. Mulvaney Rob Blair, whose an aid to miss ovine Esper upon Pay, Bolton, we're all involved in conversations not necessarily supporting it, but they participated, and so there's a girl our interest and saying what they have to say and turned to testifying, and how can you adjudicate on judicial action of sorts without at least having input from people who are direct participants? I think it puts more pressure on the Senate Majority leader, but whether or not it something that he chooses to take up. There's no no had so far that he's do any movement on the part of Mcconnell Eric its chancellor mayor that the pieces, terrific, with really thorough reporting and some good details are seen that really struck me as deputy Dac agendas. I make my lady stepping in and out of the office when President Trump was talk.
With regionally on these personal attorney in order to preserve attorney client privilege. A servant, a similar note for small. What is this show you in terms of what mulvaney perhaps knew what was going on and also do This now word add the intensity of the cries for mulvaney to be. One who also is called before Congress testify in the appeal proceedings I mean. I think that mulvaney you know has is more at that The nexus position in terms of having tension, knowledge of the two different tracks that were playing out in the summer, and the one track of horse being the freeze on the aid and the second track being, Giuliani in his compatriots that we're trying to pressure the President of Ukraine and Mulvaney was really in or out the access to both those more so than than someone like aspects, for example, are even perhaps even pale. And so I think that there is that there would be an intense interest in understanding. What is it
mulvaney new and potential. And how much was he aware of a potential connection between those two threads that the the office What we learned was that the people at the Office of Management, budget, job was execute the freeze on those funds for starting in a recession June nineteen through September eleventh when they ve been present Trump Lifted- the phrase that they they really. Didn't have that much insight into why the freeze have been imposed, but someone like Mulvaney, whose acting chief of staff here he potentially did Stay and why the president had imposed that freeze now, David Ignatius Washington Post, is where this and has a question David AIR Kit reporting. I want to ask you a question. We often think about in our business, which is what's the next the drop. Whereas look at this story: what what's the next target about genetic? Why and we should be asking, for example, do think we're gonna know definitively when trot made. The ordered,
Freezer say that still been mysterious. Nobly quite can explain what he thinks next may think. John Colton is probably one of the biggest open questions as to what he knows and what he has to say and whether he decides to participate in some capacity or even speak publicly and It's you know, there's nothing necessarily legally preventing us from speaking in the administration does now the ability to to force him to not participate, and I think his deciding potentially in terms to speak out, could could have, at least in terms of public opinion, could have an impact. By that I mean the president had been raising it. Concerns about corruption with Ukraine for back to twenty eighteen and his aids heard that sought to some extent, even for back to twenty eight and his aids heard that to some extent, but in this guess, starts really. The aid free starts on June nineteen June eighteenth deity.
Puts out a news release. That says it's about you release over a hundred million dollars and in this military assistance the present learns but either on the eighteenth and nineteenth there's a star in the Washington Examiner conservative website. Should join in the present becomes aware of it and that unite. It is when the first, the chief of Staff Office, reaches out to the office and management of budgets as what is this money and it can, can we hold it, and so that's it nineteenth, and so we know we basically no when the free starts, but as to exactly you know at what point does the present connect? The the notion of stopping the aid to the potential influencing the the president of Ukraine for purple of potential political power. Is that something that isn't necessarily still entirely clear. Our eye the New York Times Eric Lipton. Thank you so much remarkable reporting and still add on morning Joe
Buddha Judge raises over twenty four million dollars in the fourth quarter. Bernie Sanders says hold my beer, we have potential candidates, new jawdropping numbers for fund raising in the fourth quarter, you're, not gonna, believe some of these numbers at first there's really care he's gotta check on the forecast pill, how's it look and now good morning to you, Joe and a happy new year to you and everyone else. Rainy starts in the new year in the south, where you insult us we're heading at the door and areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and eventually, even ahead of Florida, just a soaking rain later on today. Some of this rainfall will start to add up, and we do the potential at least for some flash flooding areas. It It is risky and to be as we go through the northern portions. In and a tendency and also their in Minnesota areas, especially around now believe even southern Kentucky. The other concerns that we could get some super
thunderstorms. We the chance of isolated tornadoes out their New Orleans to bat ruse. Southern portions of Mississippi, so let me take it into the upcoming we can forget that automatically be travelling back in the holidays. On Friday, have a rainy weather on the EAST coast, then on Saturday to linger is a little bit. Then the cold air starts to moving back behind it. There's cancer and get some snow on the backside of this new in doing so that no Saturday, the Ohio about it, could get a little bit too and then Sunday, some of that's going to change back over to snow in areas of southern New England. To is anyone traveling from Boston all the way to Hartford, maybe through its Massachusetts, also enable little bit of to deal with after a rainy warm period, we haven't had a lotta wintery, whether in southern New England at least not lately, so we're getting start the new year, pretty good travel conditions were most to the EAST coast today, but that changes tomorrow and this weekend
watching morning. Job would be right back egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free wherever you download yours. They happy new year. The replacements will take us This morning, at six thirty three cows and primary voted gets under way next month and twenty twenty candidate PETE booted. I just submitted his position- is one of the top. Razors in the democratic failed. His campaign announced yesterday that there is twenty four point seven million dollars in the final three, my of the year, that brings us total Using all last year to bout some six million dollars. That's incredible! Meanwhile, the sinner
Bernie Sanders campaign announced this morning that it raised thirty four point five million dollars in the fourth quarter. He also had another milestone. Surpassing million individual downers in that same quarter. Andrew Yankees campaign announced this morning he Ray sixteen point: five million dollars a figure that certainly can help. Remain competitive. Friday Centre Elizabeth warns campaign. Emails aboard ASEAN should raise just over seventeen million dollars in the fourth quarter, quite a drop from fundraising tunnels in the third quarter. Let's bring a now for chief of staff to the deed, triple say, and a former director of strategic communications for Hillary Clinton presidential campaign during all she's, an MSNBC contributor in politics and journalism, professor, it more State University politics editor at the root and Emma and we political contributor, Jason
Johnson Agri and serve with you. So. Bernie started, lagging an early fall in the polls was frozen after thought: poor Bernie, poor Bernie. This is this- is Bernie. Two thousand sixteen did. No one tell him that we ve moved on Then Bernie had a really bad debate. Performance drop further in the polls and then just to make things harder for him. He had a heart attack, and so I was however, like the is campaign, was dawn everybody. It was getting ready to to write the farewells to Bernie and this in being more like John Connor, the terminator you turn around. He said coming at issue in this fund, raising all is the highest of any candidate, in any case, this cycle, that any Democrat talk about talk about what the what this number means for the same
this campaign and what it means for the rest of the failed moving forward. Well, What it means is that Bernie Sanders has absolute staying power in this primary. He will be able to stay in this race as long as he once do, because this campaign is killed by those small grass roots donation. What what any candidate strives for is have a campaign that is not built on large signify. Donors who are MAX's out, but small fifteen to twenty dollar contributions. Bernie Sanders has that here be able to say in the race until you know the last primary boats if he wants to until the last date. Boats, five million unique donations. That is nothing insignificant, especially when you have said crowded primary, and so you know the hat. Two Bernie Sanders, I think some big pivotal moments. There really worked in its favour or number one as with Warren, slipping a little bit in the polls around Medicare for all and then of course
CS endorsement with significant he's. Solidified has place as the far progressive candidate on the left, who can sort of cultivate that large basic also bring in some of those younger millennial. Voters that add their candidates have it at a difficult time to attract and I'll. Tell you Jerry I have said this many times on the show I'll say it again, as somebody who worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign in twenty years He never underestimate Bernie Sanders. He has staying power. He is a such a devoted base and again in Europe, see. This guy, I think, continues to do very well as we go through really states, and there is Super Tuesday and we're just getting reports from the control room. Alan Apparently I incorrectly agenda the terminator. He John there was a little kid determinator Alex his name is the tea eight hundred. He didn't actually have a name, the tea eight hundred, but we were about facts here so islamic sure, that's
I understand duly noted, Alex Thank you so much what an embarrassing mistake to make. I probably should watch the terminator movies before throwing names around so without Jason, we ve talked about the tea eight hundred and his staying power in this raise. So I guess Elizabeth Warranted said. Obviously this is something that Joe Biden needs to be concerned about, but there has media From the moment Elizabeth Warranted said she was going to get this race. There has been discussed mom in the media in political circles, among fun. Razors about this progressive battle, between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth. And certainly this morning, if you look at the polls, if you look at the numbers, Bernie Out Fun raised Elizabeth two to one Certainly right now you have to give pretty strong, not the Bernie Sanders in that fight right. You do and here's a thing.
The out of it, Joe John Connor's, was turned into a terminator last movie, so you're still right. Now we can, but but yet so here's the thing the idea was gonna, be a progressive idle between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrant. It was never something they have much residence with me, because that presumes that Bernie Sanders supporters of supporting and primarily for policy purposes, and that's not really what's going on a lot of his core based support like him, because they see him a sort of a political and democratic Savior type character. So he was always going to end up winning out any sort of policy organ because in the end of the day, people like they like Bernie and their Bernier bus kind of people. But I do think its critical remember this week really are down to, like you know, for people who have any chance, you ve got Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Mayor Peat and Elizabeth Warren. The question: is going to be not about who's got enough money because they all have enough money to go way. Past super Tuesday. The question is going to be which of these candidates can
together the kind of coalition that they need to work long term and no matter what anybody says. Scoreboard Joe Biden is still when in this thing he still leading Bernie Sanders by ten percent of the vote. In so clearly he is winning amongst black people. He has meaning the old he's, meaning amongst young people to clearly it's not about a progressive policy battle. Democrats want to win and they still seeing the faint Joe Biden together do try I'm curious, then Jason about you. You said only for four people. Can shot at winning this thing or we'll? Let you deal with Andrew Yanks online supporters today- and I may, but let's Michael Bloomberg, Charlie piercing this weekend was talking about the possibility, I think a real possibility. Esquires Charlie peers tongue. The real possibility of some the winning, maybe Mare PETE, Running Iowa, Elizabeth Arbour winning New Hampshire. You have by winning South Carolina who
so when's Nevada, but you go into Super Tuesday day, forty percent of the delegates, her a robe are awarded rack and you have Blue with his billions and billions of dollars, advertising in states where nobody else you can have the money to advertise, except for Bernie only this blue burg start to fit into the Cohesion. Under that scenario, well look Michael Bloomberg, a sort of a less connected version of Tom Style, right they're, both guys who has spent a combine two hundred million dollars so far in this race. One of them are really going to wear in Tom STAR has actually been an activist in democratic circles for impeachment and voting rights for the last two years. I don't think Michael Bloomberg can make them much of an impact. What is his constituency workers. While I don't know, that's necessarily, constituency is gonna work across the country he's doing terrible months, african american voters because of stop in France and some of his recent statements about exonerated five. I dont think money can get you where you need to go,
in an election seas and where people feel that they facing an existential threat and Donald Trump. It's got to be somebody who lives, people off the ground with passion and excitement, Michael Boomer, doesn't do that Tom style doesn't do that. Andrey ANG doesn't do that, no matter how much you be, he wants to throw at you. It's still want to go down the before it in again, but I will say this Winston, Bloomberg, eventually drop out of this race and realise that this Don Quixote, fantasy of theirs, is never gonna happen where they spent Money or who they support. That could be a bigger issue that what they they do during any primary set for Jason in a few policies it seven percent Bloomberg higher than the right again. I am not arguing for micro. Bloomberg has a shot of winning this, but right now he's certainly has a lot more left then Cyrus had thus far right. He's got more lift, but he doesn't have more people on the ground. The biggest thing numbers got, is as money it little
of a name even the resort, people who don't like it and he has a sort of collection of sort of surrogate mayors out there who, like him, but here's the thing on the ground. When I talk to people, I liked what I see commercials of of Michael Bloomberg, Maryland, he doesn't enough people were actually working for him on the ground for him to get the votes. We need right now his highest full members come because of things like name recognition, a name recognition alone is not gonna win you estate, when you ve got four five. Additional campaigns are bearing that Michael Bloomberg can do five, six or seven percent and certain obscure states it go pass. It produced a once. He's gotta compete. What a Bernie Sanders once Joe Biden people on the ground once we really start a narrow down the people who can when people are gonna, be faced with the question you think Michael Bloomberg can be Donald Trump. I don't think the answer that gonna. Be yes for most Democrats well, will Walter to Adrian and others on the other side of the brake on that and will also be talking about mare, PETE starting to go out for Joe Biden morning, Joe
stay around because morning, Joe let's, if we get this right Alex morning Joe Cause, you I'll be back pay its critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Durham, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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