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The Morning Joe panel recaps the sixth 2020 Democratic debate, held Thursday at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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if I pledge never to be in the company of a progressive democratic donor. I couldn't be up here. Senator you're, not worth is one hundred times might about love Nine, the democratic contenders for president took to the stage in their sixth debate of the primary season. There were fewer candidates this time around meaning the spotlight is getting a little more bride. We're gonna speak, live with Senator Amy closure on the heels of her solid performance plus will dig into the Washington Post reporting on the fall out from a private meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin back in lie of twenty seventeen and how it helped led to the president's impeachment on that front. Speaker is controlling the narrative yet again, and what the near I'm calls a risky bid to exert influence over an election
your trial and the Republican led Senate will explain that strategy ahead, plus how an angry president is looking for vindication in November two of our guests. Morning? Share that byline on the front page of the time good morning and welcome to morning Joe it is Friday December twentieth with us. We have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan Le Maire, Signor adviser at move on dot, organ and MSNBC contributor Korean Jean Pierre New York Times Report Jeremy, Peters Republican Communication, strategist and MSNBC political contributor, Rick, Tyler and White House. Correspondent PBS News, our information I wonder who was the co moderator of last night's democratic debate and wanted to be It was a wise. You know where I heard from so many people were and if you listen to them, to analysis is a lot of people thought that Joe Biden had
his best knight he dead people praising Mare P for having a really good night. He s aim with I've, been the Amy closure. A lot of really positive comments about her people said Dyer had his best not yet, and you can go down the Bernie Sanders Bernie. So a lot of people we ve had a good night. I think we really so for the first time, the impact of having fewer people on the stage and giving that, yes, we re candidates more time to talk and is making a big deal and there is, I think, if we are talking about the front runner, there is no doubt that Joe Biden after a very weak debates had his best debate of the, pain season. Yet last year I was something a watch in what was perhaps the evenings most explosive exchange. A fight over fund raising that had been building up The campaign trail between South Bend, mayor, PETE, booter, judge and
Elizabeth Warren played out on stage here is some of their back and forth. The mare just recently had a fundraiser that was held in a wine cave. Full crystals and served nine hundred dollar a bottle. Why, on think about who comes to that, he had promised that every fundraiser he would do would be open door, but this one, was closed store. We made the decision many years ago that rich people in smoke filled rooms. Would not pit the next president, the United States billion errors in wine caves, should not pick the next president of the United This is the problem with issuing purity tests. You cannot yourself paths
If I pledge never to be in the company of a progressive democratic donor, I couldn't be up here. Senator you're, not worth is one hundred times Might I do not sail access to my time? I don't you. Whole time millionaires and billionaires or as my when we meet under your presidential campaign right now, as we speak, is funded in part by money you transferred. Having raised it at those exact same big ticket fund razors, you now denounce. Did it corrupt? You senator, of course not. Jonathan, it's hard to find many people outside the worn campaign. You didn't believe Mare, PETE, get the best that exchange and line really between those two of the night was doubt a whole other people. The purity tests that you yourselves cannot live by
because my repeats exactly right, she transferred a ton of big money from our Senate campaign overdue. Residential numbing she's feeling our presidential run on that, and he asked. I think the important question did that money, a compromise, your values? Then they don't think she had a good response and distracted by his tie. You like my time let's elf, like it's nice, it's my tribute to make my tribute to constitute consistently high up the chain of ensuring the break. I think last night Joe, I think for that one did the sort of these signature exchange of evening, and in fact the phrase wine cave was training on Twitter for a good portion of the night. After that, I think it's reflected of two things. I think that first yes you're right that the two then went back and forth the each courts and points made will judge probably have the best line. With the purity test remark that you just highlighted, but it also,
to show not just the fundamental, prince of how currently there kitty funding their campaign, but also merit its standing in this race. Now he took a lot of heat last night. He is sort of become, if not these overall our honor, but certainly, but perhaps the forum on our coasts and honour in Iowa he's doing very well. There he's point right near the top during the last as that, as he started, to have started to climb in the polls. He still didn't take a lot of tax from his rivals last night he did. He was near by heels and little bit at times, but largely parried them here he's he's so nimble in the moment. He's so very quick. We saw that again and that exchange with. Senator Warren. Into you come out from it largely unscathed, but to also what you said earlier. I do think there is a central people. I was talking you last night. This was little deftly vice President Biden strongest debate. He said you very suspect, performances and some of the earlier evenings when he was on stage with the other candidates. Didn't have any obvious stumbles. Last night he spoke passionately with authority on certain issues, particularly
on policy, and I think he just exuded of command of the stage which had been lacking in previous debates. While mayor people voted to achieve it's been climbing in the polls also came. Road by Senator Amy Clover shower last night in a heated exchange, the two candidates clashed over their experience and a common. France, before the break, you seemed to imply that Our relationship to the first amendment was talking point as if anyone up here has any more or less commitment to the constitution than anybody else up here, Let me tell you about my relationship to the first, and then it is part of the constitution. That I raised my right hand and swore to defend with my life? That is my experience and it may not be the same as yours, but it counts senator accounts. I want to be present at the United States and the point is: we should have some one heading up this ticket. That is
actually one? I know that if you just go by vote totals maybe goes on in my city seem small to you. She want to talk about the capacity to win, try putting together a coalition to bring you back to office with eighty percent of the vote, as a gay Dude in my tenses, India, that we'd be one thing you tried and you lost by twenty point. You look well I'm in that committee Can you give me at one point Me said I dont mean they're denigrate your service, your local services. He said you just did you get it. Maybe it is our right to have an answer. Aimee had a great many last night is well, I'm just curious what your thoughts where is the moderator of I am just going to say it is the best debate easily
this campaign season, because we didn't talk for the first one hour and forty five minutes, on subset Sea of Medicare Morton D, How that's going to apply a universal health care in the year to the forty seven I mean it was you: do you actually get them debating about issues? beyond the the subtleties and a universal health care plan. Well, thank you I mean I will obviously set out to really try to have a substantive exchange between candidates. I think we got that in this case the feeling going into this debate was that worn and PETE Mayor people to judge they were going to go out. They had been trading back and forth about detention and whether or not those with worn with demonizing on the private sector. Working in people rejected the talking about purity tests, but then Amy, I wish our really jumped in there and she is show that
wanted to engage with pain, Buddha Judge, and she shows that she's someone is obviously very interested in winning. I was someone who has our eye on the mare and she kept on saying and of course he is mere budget, some impeding mayor over and over again? I think I picked up on that because she was going back and really highlighting his experience in highlighting what she thinks that the lack of experience for the presidency- and I think at the heart of this This conversation was about, as do you really have the residue may and do you have the compassion when, in the same way that I do I'm someone who has a state, why office in our state my position rather than being made for small city, but I also think at the heart of Elizabeth in people to judge argument is another argument, that's gonna be a big part of this democratic debate and that in this democratic primary- and that is how are we gonna- be a big tent city arrogant. Welcome ten million dollar democrats. Is it ok if you're, rich and also a Democrat or are we going to basically says people? Judges is in some ways arguing that we're gonna ostracised people who
our big tickets, we dont, want to use millionaire money. You know I just an interesting Joe just in in the experience that we both have in instead of being attacked, and you know what it's like to sort of respond and figure out what to do. But you especially with politics when you attack someone the way PETE Buddha Judge was attacked. Last night didn't, make it very clear to a national audience that he's a very big deal that he's a front water and that he is a force to be reckoned with, because I would think The better strategy would be to ignore someone who's attack, to show that there are not worth it. But yet everybody seemed to become a go after him. Well, if everybody's piling up on a candidate, and that can, some obvious though, and that candidate can respond. The way may repeat response it only elevates when we make Tyler my gosh
We are having a debate at the beginning of this impeachment inquiry as to whether hundred Biden was going to hurt Joe Biden, whether all the attacks we're gonna hurt. My god. No she's been a godsend for Joe Biden, because now every Democrat, said: hey wait a second. Why is Donald so freaked out about running against Joe Biden. That he will risk impeachment that he will hold up four hundred million dollars in military aid, for a democratic ally being invaded. Russia. Why would he do that? Just stick it back at Joe Biden, so a lot of times you getting attacked from others, whether its other people democratic, feel there, whether its present United States, that's actually a political god. And it has been for Joe Biden over the course of the past month and last night. I think it was from air p
Rachel in politics. Every every problem is is an opportunity and it's how you handle that opportunity and Joe Biden I think he was a little slow. His in response to the attacks on his son and his what he actually did it in Ukraine last night, he meant snow. Words about it at all and fumbled in front Those are the winners of debates by default and he saw the you'd have to say that Joe Biden had is best debate. He is a front. Runner therefore probably came out I hadn't debate, I thought so the exchanges last night were right registering, I think people kind of broke. Even I have to say that the people J probably came out ahead here's why I think the only coming out of the wine cave was Elizabeth warrants. Hocker C on fund raising it, because I thought the most devastating point was when he said when and did you stop selling access for time? Because It's true sheet. She raised
like all the others and in took that money from her and a campaign put it in your presidential campaign and the other thing would be an attack. Why but even in again here is why? Because you have these senators and when you're a senator by senators and when you're a senator. By definition, you are the establishment. I work for Senator ten km and he wanted to run as an outsider, very difficult thing when, when what seed, your name is a title called senator and here all these centres on the stage and yet, outsider, like PETE Buddha Judge, who as you say, was prepared for every single attack, a very well prepared had very good responses. And he actually did more than break even autumn Joe Biden Mary. Where's was under fire early on Elizabeth Warrant, attacking him for saying he can work with the Republicans, claiming that was naive and Joe Biden just at a great, back here say: listen, I'm not naive their attack.
King, my family, there going up my son and if I can say that I can work with them? Other attacking my family, like everybody else on this stage, It should at least try to do that. It was a very impressive moment. Foreign Joe Biden also they're pretty darn. Well in his closing statement. Here's a clip of that look. We all a big. Russia plans in the question is who can I've run those plants. May we have to ask ourselves three questions and honestly, who has the best cheap, most likely chance of defeating downtown who is the one, is most likely to do the number two. Who can who could help Aleck democratic, I stayed states like North Carolina enjoy in I was and other states, and thirdly, who can deliver legislatively requires you look at our records. I have a significant
we'll get you significant things done, Can someone acts? Chemical weapons treaty in foreign and domestic Alice you like, and so I think, those asking those questions, I believe, as you expect, that are the most qualified to those three questions. But most of all we got level. Is american people don't play games John the truth and be authentic, God bless you all and they all have a great great holiday season and thank you ok areas, Joe Baja Joe, might also had a back and forth, How can we sanders? She wrote a tweet about is staggering a which she apologized far. He came back very strongly. She apologized for the tweet but crane I don't know. Perhaps I'm judging bite and on a low grading curve, perhaps ass the case, but he seemed to have.
Pretty darn good night seemed to have one of his best knights last night. He had it best night last night, that was definitely clear even talking about foreign policy talking about the economy, he showed the binding that so many were hoping to see. I think, though, with the incoming with the mayor peed, it was interesting to see that because, as you said, when some rises? When someone is seen as the front runner others attack, we sought with bite in the past, we saw what Harris we sort would warrant, and so this is where my peat is, and I think his campaign should be pretty happy. He did a very good job. Link that incoming what we saw between Mayor Peat and war, and is basically what we ve been seeing on the campaign trail, the way that they even attacking each other. What we saw, what which are an mayor p, is, I think, the first time a crowded kind of moderate, laying
That is why interesting. That was a very interesting because, after the first debate curried, we think we were crowded, moderate the people going by skies Paris for illegal immigrants have sought by thy. Why let them? now, of course, and will kick we'll get like Americans american citizens Oh, it's changed a lot as it not they. It seems that that they felt they don't have to chase the most progressive voices on twitter, but have body crowded moderate, lay contaminating that was here, but I have to say I think everyone had a good night, because there were less people on state If someone like close your eyes, I just mentioned used her moment in a really good
Tom's Dire Yang. We have been talked about those two, and so I thought you saw more time for folks to speak. You saw a better debate on issues on top is I feel like that was first, our things I think voters want to hear about so is a good debate. Last night absolutely and I think Joe Biden suffered in the earlier debates because there were german again and at one stage and this gave him the space to be Joe Biden. That's my got. Some people learn the hard way the new HBO film, bad Education Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR long Island School district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie Those huge Jackman, Frank Disown, a passionate, the greedy superintended, whose hard work and we'll tee from his assistant, superintended PAM Blockin played by Alison Janni,
their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank says, will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't miss. Would envy wire calls a masterful and diet Would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story? Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green by Jackman, Janni and supporting, cast and includes Re Romano and Geraldine cloots, RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan, film Vermeer's Saturday April twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone. It's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell
off when people listen to music there feeling, the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress, but it meant the Big news of the week the month a year. Here's what they said. You can't shoot. You shall see the house Jackie. It was a constitution necessity for the house to access. It did, and you know trumps response to suggest that all we have for the american people want to see a grown up.
I wish now I find- is dumbing down the presidency beyond what I even thought he would do. We need a candidate for president, the control, the sharpest distinction between the corruption of the Trump Administration and a Democrat who is willing to get out and fight not for the wealthy and well connected, but two for every one else. That's why I'm in this race the case to be major shortage. I disagree with from one virtually all of its policies But what conservatives I think I understand is we cannot have a president with that temperament. Was this honouring the presidency of the United States, the president left the house with no choice. I think a lot of us are watching this process watching Washington go through the motions and not expecting much but a foregone conclusion when it gets to the Senate We cannot give in to that sense of helplessness because that's what they want. It is up to us in twenty twenty. This is our
to refuse to be taken in by the helplessness to refuse and reject the cynicism. That is what this presidential election is about: As a wise judge said, the president is not king in America as we face his trial in the Senate. Its president claims that he so innocent. Then why doesn't he have all the presidents? Men testify Richard Nixon had his top people resident Trump thinks that he should not be impeach. He should may not scared to put forward his own witnesses Jeremy Peters, you are, writing about. President trumps responds to the impeachment. He had said that he wasn't gonna watch any that none of it none at all wearing chances are he was watching impeachment and it was tweeting throughout it and possible, possibly watching these Democrats as well. Take it on, and they say,
to do so. Pretty mourn for liberty calmly and and focused on the constitution, that's right because I think they not only realise the gravity of the situation here and that this is something that is still only happened three times in the history of this republic, but I also realise that it's something that does deeply divide Americans and that this whole process has not really change many Americans minds about how they feel about the President as one republic, told me yesterday. If you already disliked Donald President FR. The president, you are not going to dislike him anymore, the end of this process. I think that the answer that Elizabeth Warren gave in response to this question was one of the most telling of the night, because it kind of brought into relief the big issue in this pain, and that's whether or not you are going to have a debate over Elect ability or pure
and slowly which you ve seen happen over the course of the democratic primary more more democratic voter saying it's important to them too a nominee who can be Donald Trump, more important than to have the most progressive candidate or the candidate who has the most progressive values on issues. That's it shift? That was a big part of the reason why, for example, might Bloomberg decided to get in the race and when Elizabeth Warren says we ought to have can't the nominee who can draw the sharpest contrasts with Donald Trump? I can tell you that's exactly what Republicans want. That's exactly what the Trump campaign want. They want somebody like warrant to be the nominee, so they can portray her. As a radical left socialist instead or swing voters in the states across the apartment. I sit. Donald Trump needs to win reelection, so There is a nominee that allows them to draw that sharp contrast. It
only does work to trumps advantage Zob Reagan: MSNBC corresponded Garret, hey Garret. You have been on the present one Capitol Hill over the past week. Dispassionately. Tell us where impeachment setting it certainly looks like Manzi policy is holding the cards very close. To or chess and she can hold and a twenty slash twenty, where in two weeks of impeachment purgatory. At this point, the House and Senate have both gone. Until the new year, and so this idea of delaying the articles going to happen anyway. The house left without selecting their managers for an impeachment trial and with sending them down the hallway to the Senate. So what is this? Do? It allows democratic all the president's bluff on two fronts here. First, the presidency
over and over again, he wants where this is, he would send his people the Capitol Hill if it were a more fair trial in the Senate. Demagogic, saying ok, now your opportunity to prove it, and you also have Democrats saying that they don't believe that the Republicans will really try to call Hunter Biden if they get into some kind of witness negotiation here, Chuck Shermer, said last item Rachel matters program that he thinks even Publicans and the Senate dont want to turn the Senate into a certain In that way. So now you have this face off here between the impatient of Donald Trump to get this on, whether to get his name cleared and their strategic patients of Mitch Mcconnell? Who said yesterday he's perfectly willing, Wait this out. He doesn't want this trial anyway, so he's willing to sit and wait. That's what essentially the dynamic is to be over the next couple weeks with the house and send it out, does Donald Trump impact to just say: let's get this thing over sure whoever can come testify. We'll will do it. Does that win orders Mitch. Mcconnell saying I'm perfectly happy.
Sit here and wait on my hands sit on my hands until Democrats decide their ready to move forward. Another complaint Gary Was that this is being rushed. This sham is being rushed. Ok, you wanna slow this down, we'll just wait for a while one of the pitfalls that for both sides on the potential that this The waiting goes on weeks and months that what something could break acts in the news on this or perhaps the president, could make use this to further kind of make it look like he's a victim. Well for the Democrats, I think there big risks, you're the first as they spent the last month saying it was an urgent priority that the President be impeached, so you're going given its urgent and it has to be done now. You would think that you would have to move forward on it now, and the second is this idea that it suggests that the democratic case in the house was somehow incomplete,
without whatever witnesses they might be able to get on the Senate floor. So that's the potential risk for Democrats and I think the idea that it makes it look or nakedly political democrats have defended impeachment saying it's a high constitutional duty if it looks like they're playing tactical tricks with that, there is a political risk there for Republicans there SK, as that more could come out. I mean the early stage of this inquiry, we're having one new bombshell after another week after week. There's no reason to think that an intemperate presidential tweet might not reveal more info, taking over the holidays, while the president's down at MAR a Lago, more information might come out or if this thing really gets held up into January or God forbid, even February, that some of these court cases that have been slowly grinding along might also reveal new information. So in some way our political rests on both sides. The longer this drags out, Jonathan
they, I must say spot and there's that I have a blind spot here. There's something early that I dont understand, but at least from my vantage point- this morning I December the twentieth. Two thousand nineteen I dont see democratic should rush anything John bolted yesterday said he had a lot to say a lot to get off here Why doesn't he stay but he's not going to do that until the court orders him to do that? you, you have other other witnesses that may be able to come forward and every day the Donald do you I mean you tell me whether this rate is correct or not just based on my knowledge of Donald Trump. Every day that goes by we're, Donald Trump is impeached, but not quitted. That is a day the Drives Donald Trump into a rage.
So Democrats should wait. They should negotiate. They should negotiate with the Republicans and get the witnesses that both sides- I too am actually have a real Senate trial. I think there's since there is a limit to how long the Democrats can wait on this, but in terms the short term, this seems like a pretty masterful play from the speaker, could her streak of winning had gained with the president. Donald Trump is desperate for vindication he the Senate trial, he wants to win that trial. He's contrasts been that as a victory going forward. He wants to be completely exonerated and now he's being deprived of that in effect corner report and others he was talking yesterday about like we took his advisers and lawyers equate. Could she do this? How can this happen because she is so desperate for that? to get started. You know he wants a sort of longer showy trial them. Certainly Senate majority to Mcconnell wants, but he wants the outcome. He wants it to be cleared as soon as possible and move forward
cigarette. Let me go to you in terms of distance pics, some the contours of what this trial would look like I believe, centre, shimmer and minority to shore and majority to recall briefly met yesterday, but certainly there has been a lot hence exchanges speeches delivered from the Senate for about what should be happy at. Can you give us an update in terms of where it talks stand and what we expect? with the negotiations at the other two I ve been negotiating past each other with its speeches and interviews to other media outlets. They did me yesterday off the floor for about twenty minutes and afterwards they said they were still an impasse, essentially, Schumann, a guarantee up front that these four witnesses the Democrats have asked for will be able to be called at some point during the trip that's mulvaney, Pontio and to ask the absolutely Bellini compare and remote mulvaney bold and two of the budget officials who handled this money, Mcdonald's not budge Nah not Mcconnell wants a structure more like what they during the Clinton impeachment, where the only thing that's guaranteed is at them,
measures will get a chance to present their case and then the White House. We have a chance to present their defence, and then they might, and things up for motions either to dismiss the trial acquit the president or of centres wanted to hear more witnesses they stuck there now in terms of the politics of it. The next two weeks are free. There never going to start the trial over Christmas. It was never going to start before January six, when both thousands or back anyway, so the next two weeks have political room for negotiations. If they continue to talk over the hollow but when both men left the Senate Chamber last night for the law Time and this year both were saying there is not an agreement. I care at Hake. Thank you very, very much shop egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl, Crow. Her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world get the pod cast now for free wherever you download yours.
Joining us now, former chief of staff, at the CIA and Department of Defense, NBC News, national security, analysed Jeremy Bash is with us the Washington Post reports that nearly from moment. President Donald Trump took office. He quotes seized on a theory that troubled his senior aids. Ukraine told them on many occasions, had tried to stop him from winning the White House, quoting former officials, The paper goes on to say some maids believed that it was right, when President Vladimir Putin, who influenced president, comes theories of Ukraine and the twenty sixteen election after meeting privately July, twenty seventeen with russian President Putin at the group of ten summit in Hamburg trunk, grew more insistence that Ukraine work to defeat him according
multiple former officials familiar with his assertions, the paper, also notes that troms quote intense resistance to the assessment of U S. Origin agencies that Russia, systematically interfered in the twenty. Sixty campaign. Along with the blame he placed on Ukraine led many of his advisers to think that Putin himself helped spur the idea of Ukraine's culpable buddy. The russian embassy in Washington declined to discuss whether President Putin told President front that Ukraine intervene in. U S! Elections when asked to comment by the post, the White House did not respond. To the story. So Jeremy, it seems we read a nuisance, every day, that's more disturbing than the last about Donald Trump relationship with Russia and with other foreign leaders across the world but this one is this me yesterday afternoon is particularly troubling.
Courting no source inside the White House, the former official Donald but that G20 summit is told by Vladimir Putin that you could, actually meddled in the election and not Russia. Donald Trump card back to the White House. Try to spread this, russian deserve information around too is AIDS and his staff members, and is secretaries, they all said now Intel Chiefs. All said. No, and here we are two years later. We fast forward from that meeting between Putin and tromp and You have this Russian, this information. In that infected Donald Trump infected the Republican Party, and that was in fact did you know about half of the electorate who now believe that Ukraine improperly influenza twenty sixteen election, despite the fact that the
That is true and all of the entire community. They ve been warning Donald Trump. They ve been warning. Republicans two years now that this is a lie and yet prudence conversation with Prob may have started all of this. That is complete legally twisted and perverted was policy towards a democratic country invaded by Vladimir Putin. It shocking, isn't it It is jail in this concept that Ukraine now Raja, interfered in the twenty sixteen election it's no mere naughty conspiracy. Theory. I think we should stop referring to that. It is a russian information operations campaign is directed by Vladimir Putin, its carried out by the russian intelligence services, their multiple prongs, multiple layers to Robert. Or indicted several russian intelligence officers Fort Vladimir Putin did it potentially coroner's report, indirect diploma,
what the White House Fiona Hill a long time non, partisan national intelligence officer focusing on Russia. She'd literally wrote the book on flood of air pollutants. She testified about this. I think it's high time that we call this for what it is You may take off. Your presidential debate were responding. Had amazing thou, put your White House reporter hat and tell us what you make of it. It's pretty incredible, but it also has a doubling down or what we know is president transport propensity to take. The president of Russia is worth remember Helsinki when he was presented with evident from its own intelligence communities that Russia meddled in twenty sixteen election and then the President of Russia said will know we didn't do that and present jump basically, toward believing Russia's only saw them we're learning even more now that President Chump bleed
Vladimir Putin, largely over its own administration, and he also often likes to really take russian russian Intel in and in some ways to get back to influence the way that he sees the world and he said over and over again in the White House. We know through testimonies that he said Ukraine try to take me down. Rain, try taking early so that over and over again, but he never said Russia Trow. Take me doubt or Russia tried to ITALY's. Take the country doubt, which would have been in some ways accurate, but Jeremy. I want to ask you a question which is, as the president and President Trump is continuing to really want to lean on Russia, as in information, spreads further way that even the world. What does that mean for places like China? or for our relationship with NATO. There are so many other geopolitical things to navigate here. The great question emission. I think it's important because she's world view is that when they can go one on one with a country they can win, but one day when they face an alliance when they face a network of countries, whether its now
no or the European Union: that's when they feel surrounded and so Vladimir Putin's whole objective has been to use his influence with the Trump administration denigrate NATO to undermine the EU? That's why, in some ways regs it has been actually something at the Kremlin has wanted that the undermining of NATO, the constant critiques, the Trumpet Ministry, it's exactly out of the Kremlin. Playbook yeah ituri passion, you very very much and hey it's crises this week on my part, ass wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus, once the Things get out there and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago- that switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet? Of course, there's more recent version it
which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe,
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