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After nearly 13 hours on Tuesday, the Senate passed a resolution setting the rules for the trial and adjourned. The Senate killed 11 Democratic amendments, most of them seeking subpoenas for Trump administration documents and witness testimony.

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Revolving around the police Bob. Your excellency, the renewed as it was the chair. I looked it as read that sets out to those that you know what happened. No he's not going in that category. One too adorable by where the EU is category to be its but have been fund, with the crowd and being able to make putting yourself more mayor beat bid a judge yesterday in Iowa, adding to our list of great moments in political persuasion morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Wednesday January twenty second, along with Joe Willie and me, we have MSNBC contributor, might barnacle former.
To the George W Bush White House and State Department at least Jordan. Why does report for the Associated Press, Jonathan, Le Maire and Amazon BC, NASH, fares unless co host of show times the circus and editor in chief of the we count. John Harmon is with us great, group and after nearly yeah, it's a great writer. Was it really quickly, Willie guys just for the record, I'm still defending job for all the year? I went for like tat, an example of a guy that was having fine dry humor tongue in cheek and ever bodies have caught on foregoing house. How pathetic that he had to beg them. He was just having fun with the grand, will you say that as a guy who lived and worked in Florida, Aranjuez Bush knows JEB Bush in those his personality, and that was as is dry, and you say his
I humour that breast and translate to the rest of the country, but I think that crowd JEB still the standard bearer with please clap and that JEB pose at the end. He, You know why you know how it sees the standard bearer is job. Bush said during the campaign that Donald Trump was the chaos candid, It is hard to imagine how this country would be different, everybody in the republican primary voted, the way idea and voted for job boys. What a difference I mean you know it's go to the ballot boxes and they think what does it matter? They're all the same. There are not all the same. It's hard really imagined, but now would be a good data, stop and say: ok, we're we're in the middle of impeachment for a president who, sorted foreign leader that interfere in America's what actions and everybody knows he's guilty everybody over fifty percent
Americans think he should be an page. Maybe it would made a difference if the republican primary voter had voted for job Bush instead of Donald this is a reminder for people going to the polls in a couple weeks in Iowa, were their vote, makes a huge difference and shapes the future of american democracy. Our eyes have, first, in the next couple of minutes. President Trump is going to be speaking, will take that live and also car show. At eight hundred and thirty a dot m eastern time we will have Joe Biden candidate, Joe Biden on our show. The former vice president will be our guest. So we look forward to all of that, after nearly thirteen hours of debate. Early this morning, the Senate, past majority leader Mitch Mcconnell resolution laying out the ground rules for president trumps Impeachment trial Senate Republicans reject
Levin democratic amendments, most of which were seeking subpoenas for witness testimony or documents from the Trump administration some last minute changes. Tomb economies proposed rules came early the day Republicans reversed. Their original plan arguments to take place over two days now, each side will have twice twenty four hours to speak over the course of three days. Several Republicans had voiced concerns regional schedule, including including senators, Susan Collins of Main and Rob Portman of Ohio and LISA Mortality of Alaska Mcconnell. Also change the provision that could have barred all evidence gathered during a thousand page when inquiry now evidence will be admitted unless there is an objection leading the pro thence. Defense was White House Council, Patsy Bologna, who, through
a number of lies on the Senate floor? Here's the most blatant one in every other impeachment proceeding The president has been given a minimal of minimal due process, nothing here, not even Mr shifts republican colleagues were alive, into the skiff information was selectively leaked out, witnesses were threatened. Good public servants, were told that they would be held in contempt. They were told that they were and up Directing what does Mr Schiff mean by obstructing He means that unless you do exactly what he says. Regardless of your institutional rights. Then Europe strutting
the president was not allowed to call witnesses by the way they're still evidence in the skiff bit we haven't been. Out to sea. I wonder why now not going to suggest to you that MR sip alone would deliberately maker false statement. I will leave it to mister sip alone to make those allegations against others. But I will tell you this he's mistaken, he's mistaken every public and on the three investigative committees was allowed to participate in that nations, and more than that they got same time. We did you proceeding and other presidential impeachment or other that had that kind of access for opposite party, and now they were deposition depositions in the Clinton impeachment they were depositions in the Nixon impeachment some secret process, while they were this private depositions in these other impeachment, as well.
You know Willie. Yesterday I was expecting really much of anything approaching just sort of pro forma. I expected both sides are corners, make predictable arguments, four process and what I found instead was actually a remarkably compelling day actually laid out well laid out what the besides stood for an end more importantly, we need just how incompetent and how dishonest Donald Trump lawyers were caught in one week after at not there yesterday, but leaving, and I get as a filmmaker terrible lying with the chief justice of the United States in court right by new shows the others was this of all the people who work for Donald Trump and think about the contrary,
we ve seen during impeachment and how it will actually make it prince for independence and swing voters and the twenty twenty election as they look at the incompetence and the lack of character of Donald Trump support. Yours on Capitol Hill and, in that sense chamber yesterday Silly. A worthy of him at the lawyers are White House AIDS or people like Devon Nunez. Again lying about being apart. This conspiracy found making phone calls with this conspirator verses of servants it. We ve seen through this process like Ambassador Taylor, Ambassador Eve on average. There is such a marked contrast. Between the shamelessness of of Trump supporters, the odyssey, the integrity of water, the ambassadors who testified and some of the people who speak.
Yesterday on the seventh floor, just laying out the facts that could not be debated, It could only be lied away by the President probably incompetent and dishonest lawyers, yachting congressmen, ship was being polite there when he said it was a mistake that was alive from the president's attorney Patsy Bologna, when he said Republicans did not act. To the we all watched would happen in October and just two. Wretches memory. There are nine Republicans and the House Intel Committee, seventeen on the House Oversight Committee, twenty one in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, all of whom had access to the skiff included, questions during these depositions and remember. There was an entirely different group of Republican to quote stormed the skiff with their pizza and their chick fillet. And sad- and so there are plenty of republicans- that's a flat out. Why, Jonathan, the mere interesting to watch yes
day, as as Joe said, it wasn't really about process, and I think the Democrats, the House managers felt like we ve got the country's attention first day we may not have it is this goes along the way we haven't on day, one they effectively laid out the case after inverse against the present reminding people of a lot of the But instead of men presented over in the house, perhaps because they were worried there I'm gonna to be admitted under Mitch. Mcconnell rules that changed earlier than they did in the day, but the Democrats really laid the whole thing out and didn't talk about process didn't just set the table, but they made their case right. They use the moment to basically deliver their opening argument in part, because originally only going to be over two days rather than three, and that was one of the other things that change is out of the Republicans closed doors lunch before proceedings, a hurried change which Mcconnell agreed to act. Ass to some of the concerns of the moderates and an extended from today's two three now that sort of also could be taken more cynical view of that. It could provide some political cover for this
moderate and certainly Susan columns of main meetly jumped out of took some credit for that change. Regardless Democrats applauded that change, but they still who's. This moment to sort of explained to the country again, as you say, knowing it the nations full attention. This is why the president has been impeached. This is why he's been removed But on that certainly the White House Council there are those were lives. Those realised that ensure, as you said, was polite, but this is also what triggered an outburst after midnight from chief Justice, John Roberts, both sides for behaviour that was not appropriate for the setting. For the occasion That's an underline our men and all of this to the chief justice is presents the Joe just alluded to Sir John Roberts is known for being a fair man, no matter what you say the decisions have come from, the court is regarded as being a fair man who reveres the lock elements, What we're watching in witnessing a nation is witnessing right now during this impeachment trial. It's bound parts of it to go before the Supreme
and you just wonder, what kind of an impact the wise, the chief justice new being told it right in front of him by the President's defence team would impact his view of their case yeah, and you know MIKE glad you brought up chief Justice Roberts, a lot of people twitter on Chief Justice Roberts, destroy slam. Cattle down and be matlock- and I just do a clear here this this may be the law, but it is not right. He's not do that this is a guy who up Obama Herr, even though I'm sure ideological It did no wine with maybe his beliefs, about what the federal government shudders shouldn't, do, and he beheld it because you, institutional is first of all, but secondly, I loved allied in there were basically said: hey. Don't ask me to do so
thing here on the Supreme Court that you can take care of the ballot box. Well, in this case, you have duly, Senators and a majority, those duly elected senators that have put together the procedures for how this impeachment is going to want They should not expect that John Roberts who deferred to the wisdom of the people and Obamacare they should not expect that On Roberts do now step in and say: oh you know what I dont like What the majority leaders laid out his horse rules go. I'm detaining, though that said MIKE when its across the world when there are hearing centre across the street and is the and not much but Connell's.
I think these lies may have. An impact will have an impact on the bad faith is White House shows lawyer show time and time again it. You would think so Joe, because only so blatant and alone not only by Pat sip alone, but nearly the entire crew of defensive of of the president's defence team, blatant lies, blatant half truths, myths, truce, just uttered in front of the chief justice of United States. It's going to Heaven, there's gonna be pay back here at some point. Well, if you think about the Raw Roberts approach to how he approached things. We ve seen it in the past, but we had now we're going back and forth with the president's lawyers, and here Roberts with an admonition for them. Take a lesson I am struck by what we have heard from the President's council so far tonight. They complain about
yes, but they do not seriously contests any the allegations against the president. They insist that the press if it is done nothing wrong and they lie I and lie and lie mister, Adler came up here and made also allegations against our team has been making false allegations against the president. The only one who should be embarrassed, Mr Adler, is you Just a simple only says present from as a man of his word present Gave his word he would drained the swamp. We ve seen his personal Go to jail his. I'm paying chairman go to jail, his deputy campaign, chairman convicted of a different crime. The list goes on and on
That's, I guess, how you during the swamp as you have all your people go to jail. I think it is appropriate at this point. Me to admonish, the house managers and the President's council in equal terms too, member that they are addressing the world's greatest deliberative body. One reason it has earned. That title is because its members avoids being in a manner and using language that is not conducive to civil discourse. I do things. Those addressing the Senate should remember where they are good for him. Willing for him. I it's a nice moment where a man kids are reminded that they're they're still some rules in Washington DC that some people believe that senators
congressmen and yes, even president, should abide by that came at the end of a very long day, the springboard just the chief justice sitting there watching all this, and so too was MSNBC. Responded Garrett, hey cool, I dont know how is awake at this point. Perhaps for local comes into the equation, but Garrett. Let me about what we saw yesterday for Americans going about their lives with their kids and their jobs, they couldn't sit glued in front of the tv like a lot of us were what are a couple of them. Take a ways and some things that may be surprised you watching this play out over twelve hours. Yesterday, there's a forceful opening by the Democrats, and you lay this at a little bit earlier democrats, not really knowing how much of an opportunity they would get later on to make the major arguments of this case. So while they were debate amendments to the rules that were also really pushing the factual element. This case I was talking to some House Democratic my nor really pleased with the performance of their managers that they work cow the numbers against them and came in there for this fight, hurt a lot of
As for Adam Shift and Keen Jeffreys specifically be, in the room was really interesting watching the different levels of which different members were attention I thank again of here from a democratic perspective to the people, You want to have really close attention as possible swing votes for witnesses, Mitt romney- corn, gardener of colorado- we're probably choose the most Julius Notetaker is on the republic inside, you would not be so. Now. I think I saw Miss Connell put Penda paper the entire time I was in the room Lindsey, Graham some of the president's other allies sitting back, but some of them sure, theoretically, in play for later votes for witnesses, were in fact playing the close attention, and so yesterday was a divided. Today will be the white day unless the White House decides to file some motions this morning. If there's to be a motion to dismiss this whole case that could come this morning. It doesn't look like that's going to happen
today I think we'll see another forceful presentation by the managers without having to do kind of derailed The White House fact checking the White House attorney more cohesive presentation than anything we saw in the house process house process where you had those five minute aside. So Gary, I should point out we're waiting momentarily to hear from the President needs to be doing a press conference at Davao. So forgive me if I cut you off, but the eleven democratic amendments that were put up for a vote yesterday were all tabled directly on party line, so whether Thousand manages felt like they did. A good job or Democrats feel, like they may good case, was that a preview of coming attract which is to say whatever evidence is presented, whatever happens in the well of the Senate, Republican going to hang in with President Drum Well certainly a majority of them, are, I mean I think you. We know that many perhaps most of the republican minds are firmly made up on the merits of this case, but Democrats now their speaking too
relatively small audience in the chamber, I mean it's interesting. The dynamics here, you're talking to entire country on television and to about six, Publicans in the room where you think you might be able to convince and that's why I think that tone is so important that strategy of away Democrats are laying out their case. The way shift laid out this case, the way Zoloft Gridley, that our case, who had a lot of senators, paying it Can I think her demeanour and temperament suits room very well. You could tell being in the room there aiming at that small group of senators who might decide you know what I do need to hear. Just a little bit more, that's the victory they have to have in about stays are now six or seven days from now or winning they're not to have an opportunity really to win the large arguments on the merits of the case. Don't win at least one of those votes that one key vote on witnesses that I think will see. Probably next Wednesday or Thursday
Take the United States capital another busy day for you, Garrett, thanks so much Joe. So if Democrats were talking to those six republican public in centres granted change their mind, it was clear that the present attorneys, we're talking to one person That was the presence of United States sort of like employing his language is demeanor pounding the animal that kind of acting that we ve been too. The amount for the last couple of weeks. Why an end just makes it harder for people like Corey Gardener Susan Collins. These are people cow These are people who, probably most likely want to make it to the president side on as many votes as they can. But when you have a day laid out like yesterday, least Jordan, much more difficult to do away again, everybody's always playing for the president to win win there in that position, making fools of themselves by lying in front of the United.
Its Supreme Court's chief justice, while you have the other side just surgically going through the facts, Lang them out in a way that can't be contradicted- and It puts Kory Kory gardener I dont know if he was taking studious notes- or you know- updating is resume for linked and by, unless approaches this in a serious way. You know what he may have to update as Russia makers the voters. Colorado, we're gonna, kick him out. I'd say the same, even though she doesn't know it yet of more until I Sarah lotta Collins of time till I see a lot of these republicans understand how much trouble there and with the who them to actually take this process seriously and actually vote with their hearts, and there can still
once and their minds. Instead of blindly being obsequious, did Donald J Trop for failed reality. Tv store, who will be in our logo. This time next year, while there, looking for new jobs, jelly have been interesting point: the contrast in the president's represented is and how the Democrats measures are presenting their case, and I did wonder yesterday if you're Senator quarry Gardener and you watch Fellow Colorado kind men, Jason, Crow, come up and give a really stirring presentation. In talking about how you know back in two thousand and three when he was a soldier in Iraq, he was going around the streets of Baghdad with fellow troops looking for scrap metal and contrast died, so when talking about what the stakes are to just the nonsense.
That was coming out of the president's legal tame and it almost seem like they wore the president's legal team. They more prepare with the little you know tricks of the radio having slides having more nuanced presentations and they just got every retreated it like a Fox news head, and I don't that's what exactly is going to woo Mitt Romney and Susan Collins and poured gardener s very interesting since at least I'm glad you brought brought up that ox news bubble that these people live in. I because irony were growing up, and I remember reading article about John Roberts and I think it was Grover Norquist to explain the reason he was so such a good student and so good His feet in those hearings was you said one,
a conservative Harvard law school. If you open your mouth, you knew you were going to get your head, knocked off by the other students, so you had to have all of your arguments together, and that was always my belief and I'm sure it was your believe too. That is a small gov. Conservative, when you were in college, are law school even in southern state schools. I found you better. Have your arguments together? You're gonna get your head knocked off, whereas a lot of live girls could just be lazy, intellectually argue whatever they wanted to argue and weather was in. Academia are whether is in and newsrooms or whether it was in Hollywood, they they would be they get confirmation that so smart that so insightful and so it can serve. The view always had to be sharper here. It's, why conservatives learned how to win elections so much more effectively than Democrats. Now
here we are in twenty twenty and it's the tropics it's the conservatives, it's the right wing. That's created this They don't ended that bauble. They don't know, exist outside of that bubble is for is for making arguments. We saw this Mitt Romney, two thousand twelve. He wants. Fox news. He looked gallop and was sure he was going to win when the rest of American knew he was headed the fade. Isn't that bizarre that concern we have now, like liberals used to create, in their own, echoed chamber online bonds, lose and new papers of their choice and ITALY some to live very comfortably in their forty two percent. They have no, I Dia Woods com in November. It does Not surprisingly, though, it stems from the top when you have the leader
party. I you know someone who's such a story, the intellectual such as Donald Trump. You surprising that facts do not matter, logic doesn't matter you a sick implication The policy decisions are consideration when you're just often conspiracy, Lala Land, and so of course, the party is going to follow that lead in wow, stay here, talk about it. For an era when Republicans did have to come armed with facts, and maybe maybe try strategy will ultimately get him acquittal in this. Try me it. Obviously he is going to probably be acquitted I wonder if come November, voters are just going to be tired of it. Some people learn the hard way in the new HBO film Bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni star.
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Now, let's go to John I'm one right now he's on the campaign trail, and I will of course everybody knows that campaign trail to I was starts with a lay over where o hare airport Thank you so much for being with us this morning, curious. As to how you think yesterday will impact democratic raised, is I'm not so sure I owe voters are focused on this close laissez. Are I buddy I'm curious so overall, looking at those five or six republican senators who are political trouble right now who have to at least pretend. Like they're, going to look at the facts and the evidence in a fair manner. How do you thank you yesterday played that audience. Where are they Are you guys, Mozilla and smart stuff about it so far? This morning, I think you know If you are not partisan and you watched yesterday- even if you are
It is logical that very, very, very crazy. Far right, you had to be impressed with. Chef and re of biogas. There. I pointers Cava Tour de force. I thought on his just as a performance thing and the way in which the Democratic House managers laid out the case, I think they did put a lot of pressure that the knowledge they gets up make the case early went not knowing how much time they would have later on, but I think they also applied maximum pressure from the start on those particular we get centres who they are very much focused on. In terms of trying to apply the maximum put put them in the maximum political did I do think that if you are Corey gardener of your Susan College, You know we saw Susan Collins was? It was in the middle of some of the discussions. Started that cause some of the work of the tweaks to Mc Connell's initial proposal, the things that are put forward previous night, the middle of the night, to try to compressing.
And deviate from the clear rules, some of those things, got change yesterday at least not the huge way, but in ways we Democrats, one some, some small victories, and I think they won that largely because they were able to put pressure on. Why Susan colleagues, who recognise that the Is it an steam and Mitch Mcconnell were leading them into? What is going to be a trap is a kind of be not a great set of political circumstances for them. So I think, It's right here, I think you know. The great drama here is now we always knew the witness votes. Were it to be the drama. But if you look at the way in which the House managers themselves, look at whether what the wires and lawyers did in terms of competence and with the same kind of of of no Sir blindness to the total politics for those senators it's gonna be really interesting. We get to the end of next week, did seem to me like a mismatch by yesterday purely on the politics them. I was surprised,
by how incompetent and how unprepared the presidents lawyers, where I was I I I felt this at times about the room? lookin lawyers that went over and argued our case in front of the Senate back in one. Ninety nine just sat there pulling my hair out and and time and time again I mean there are several times this year that without the democratic committees did a very poor job and pushing for their case, but yes the Democrats or on top of their game, and I'm just curious. If you were surprised competent and how ill prepared the president's lawyers were when the state were so high for Donald Trump. Look. I don't think that has been over the course of our three years, Joe. We ve seen doll terms representation has not been we what we would call stellar I mean it's not right. It's not surprising on some level, because some
sure of incompetence and and and Honesty have marked Europe a present for whom rutulian unease is personal lawyer. That sort of thing the bar right for for present trumps. The Islamic ever seen a splendid legal farmers in the port of anybody, the trunk team, but given, as you say, given the stakes here, you would have thought that the law Didn't surprise me as much as the incompetence did. You did seem to care for what we for what I have all that and was the thing in surprise me more than than than the fact that they were willing to say things that are untrue, because that sort of like they say that as they they speak countries the way the other people draw breath. And to raise this point was vintage determined in that Joe it was a fox head or it was an audience of one. You really could hear them talking to him. Instead of to the perhaps area the case where they could perhaps chip away and find weakness. Thing. It was all it was all.
Ox had well is amazing, and this we ve been saying for some time that impede just like the Mulder report, does it matter, a great deal of Americans and how they are going to vote? But it will matter to enough Americans in Wisconsin. In Michigan and Pennsylvania with Carolina and in Florida too, too likely swing the election this next year. If they believe the present, the United States is a liar and believe that stored in foreign leader that interfere with american democracy even after the presents entail agencies, warned him this, and if Russia, publicans are running around spouting Russian, but Ganda as defined by Donald Trump Zone. Tell agencies that can happen, that John I'm, let's finish with a roll call of the people who do matter in this trial, as far as the votes do matter because they may possibly be swayed, and it is
just curious about the political, viability of the re election campaigns of a couple of people, how much trouble his glory gardener and in Colorado, lot of trouble lot of trouble. I think Joe you mentioned, that the swinging states right in what's in this presidential year, that there is now think of common consensus that there really five right, Wisconsin, Michigan Pencil, North Carolina in Florida. Those are the ones where the battle is going to happen, and that tells you but Colorado really. Although the president's team will claim that they're gonna fight in Colorado in a press, essential year places like now Colorado Virginia that used to be Other states are now largely consider, blue and so on. That That tells you with kind of trouble. Corey Gardiner is it in an office. Election, a coin flip presidential year, the time It is very much running against Corti gardeners or he's gonna be facing an uphill fight in his
actually violence. So that makes these boats all the more important forum, Susan Collins and made how much trouble is Susan Collins and why he looked at her in general. The dead approval rating she's, better precarious action throughout the entire, the tribe, ministration and walking that tyro. You know so odds, has demonstrated a trouble in a lotta, reelections, coarser career and she's about manages to try to keep it together, but but where and when she keeps together is by doing that we ve seen so off the more. This is gallons fan dance where sheep does all these things are meagre? Look is that she's, reasonable and moderate, but she somehow ends up you'll be able to get a little bit of both but people to conserve just enough appeal to the centre just enough. This is gonna put to her political skills, so the ultimate test does a toss up race and war, but again just highlighting how important it is not just how she boats but actually frames your vote. We, report off with job and our earliest? We faced with its interest in the cabinet instance back
a couple years ago, it's gonna, be, of a real severe test of Oliver skills to be able to just vote in a way that allows you to survive, but but framework in a way that allows you to survive and an invite. The jurors sitting in the United States Senate on the floor guy who's race. I think is overlooked, sometimes because he's from North Carolina considered the dsl. But Tom tell us been mired in the low authorities is approval, ratings have never been high, he's always had problems, he turned through a trump sycophant, when it looked like we're going to get a challenge from a congressmen in time till it's me that that's just a race that no one should fall asleep on, because so sure than a guy that barely on his election, barely be K, egg and who's been sitting in their load thirties. Ever since, Can we re election? What about Tom tell us what does he have to be looking at during this peace retract?
continue to play trump sycophant and get reelected what why will be safer not to, but there's there's he's the one who I think, you're here tells us as the pay attention right. But of these people, I think tell us, is the one in the strongest position of the vulnerable What can I tell you? I got a bigger problem than Tom. Tell us is more than a sally who exactly what is it by the way we didn't even talk about Arizona in Georgia. Very ongoing poured in the presidential race as well are things out till a little bit expects Arizona in Georgia to go below right eye, to those five, those five battleground stays, the five primary about against states. If you went number six number six would be Arizona stay where Democrats will compete well spent money again, very bad for Mozambique, Solid out a competitive presidential, what should happen in Arizona or whoever the democratic novelty is, is poor,
the adoption of that state and, as you know, she's an appointed, she was appointed senator she's in a position of weakness. They think we saw a pole of herds yesterday or the day before that date four five six points in a real act, so she, along with Collins, a gardener, I think, are the ones to watch in addition to what you think it was the prince or publicans, like Mitt Romney, seems like he's incline has said over and over again that he wants to see witnesses and wants to see John Bolton problem wage or set up for the vote, you need, if we're going Mitch Mcconnell, whether or not you believe that is another matter. So let me just go. We are, you said the sort of God. Now, don't you know? That's it! That's does my four all that stuff John Ireland. Thank you so much we're getting up so early on central timezone in Chicago. We greatly appreciate it we'll see you in Iowa tomorrow
So a lot of chess pieces on the board. Willie guys ring around a lot of senators. Now who are a very tough reelection battles who want to seem loyal, Donald Trump, at least before the primary filing lines over. But at the same time, who have reach out to the middle and their own say it's a fine line, a walk and there's a reason that Susan Collins was the first and I think the only person to come out after Mitch, Macao, aims. The rules yesterday to allow house evidence into the Senate trial. We heard from Collins Office first to say she pushed too and she put pressure on him in that close cock as lug whatever to open up those rules. So she wants at least our voters in her state and perhaps a country to know that she is pushing Mcconnell, whether not you believe that is another matter, so Joscelyn we're just going back to the trial for a moment from your view in the White House, it was like
in a parallel universe, or perhaps you would have not paid attention to anything leading up to yesterday to hear Patsy Baloney a second low. Another White House attorneys for the President say that the president didn't you a fair trial in the house that he couldn't defend themselves he wasn't given the opportunity to defend himself when, of course, if you ve been pay attention for just a second. You know at the White House, explicitly said we're not going to participate in your trial. We're not going to answer subpoenas we're not they provide witnesses or documents. Patsy Bologna, him, I sent a letter over the House and October eighth of last year, one line from at present tromp initiative. Menstruation cannot participate in Europe. There's an unconstitutional inquiry under these I'm stances so for them to stand and the well of the Senate and say boy: we got a bad deal, we got a raw deal. The president was not allowed to defend himself in the house is beyond rich its. Perhaps you do not pay attention for months and months
to believe what he said yesterday. A completely dishonest argument, when the White House strategy from the any this was basely can summed up in three words just say no like they did not want to participate. They block that at every turn. Not only was the White House counsel not telling the truth in terms of suggesting the Republicans want aloud and secure Roman the capital base, but they were there, but also throughout their a number of occasions where the present could have called witnesses. There were Democrats wanted to hear from people have first hand. Knowledge of this believe the president's claim that he's innocent well these this could have exonerate him. That's Mc Mulvaney, your or secretaries compare jumble nor others and throughout the White House, simply No, they work in a cooperate. They use the same strategy. They use towards a tailor. The mother investigation that use the same strategy that during the November, the house probes, once the democratic control in an earlier last year, and they simply want gonna, play ball and yes to to tell these is a small point. There is sort of this Fox news mobile here that they're playing too I think the presidencies in according to our reporting,
deeply mindful of how this is play on television, which is why you're see him to a series of tv views early this morning from Davos and is? Is it come about to hold a new car That was not on the White House schedule. This was something that he just ordered up himself within the last our so and he's gettin. The MIKE's now hey Eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. You think they're gonna have an epiphany a few days from now and say: ok, we're ready for witnesses. Nano very goal is. Get you to say no now. Get you to have the trial. And then argue make it go away. That's dismissed the whole thing: that's the plan
A vote to delay the vote to deny. Let's make no mistake about that. They're not gonna, have an epiphany. A few days from now and suddenly say: ok, the american people do deserve the answers. Their whole goal is that you'll never get to that point. You'll never get to that point. When they say when they mean never. Joining us now I mustn't BC legal analysed standards of olives, state attorney for Palm Beach, County Dave, Ehrenberg informers, the United States attorney in the southern district of New York, Mimi Roca, on law, principle, the constitution and facts, and candidate for district attorney of Westchester, county
any severe follows: what was your taken? What went down yesterday and what you saw from both sides? We saw essentially the opening arguments from at least the house as to their what we're gonna be hearing from their actual opening arguments. They were well. Organised. They had plenty of demonstrative exhibits and we saw a lot of maybe not so organised responses from the defence and possible even some fudging of the facts, depending on who you ask so all in all really got a good preview that plus the trial memorandums that were filed? We gotta good preview of what we can expect in the days to come. I can confirm was fudging of the fact that any of your little fish logic in their Mimi? Let me ask you: you ve been in a lot of courtrooms before what did you make of the presentation on both sides over about twelve hours yesterday, so that Republican, trumps lawyers were seriously outmatched in it and it really showed- and I think that's for two reasons. One is the Democrats
I'm shift is heads the better argument here here: visuals to launch an investigation. The constitution and facts and terms. Lawyers are arguing based on procedure, because it's all they have, and those arguments, as you pointed out, are not even fully honest arguments, but it that's all you ve got. It sounds very weak when the arguments you're up against are based on constitutional principles and again a strong, factual record so was very smart of the Democrats to get the facts, now even in this, of motion? Pretrial phase and I thought I'm chef was just masterful. Now is pretty press have meanwhile worded Giuliani, associate love partners, sent a letter who attorney General William BAR requesting that he refuse himself from the.
To gain and appoint a special prosecutor according to a new court filing a copy of it. Peter was filed yesterday and partners docket in his federal campaign, finance violation case brought by New York prosecutors. The three page letter was sent to our days after poorness spoke out publicly for the first time about his. Assisting Giuliani in urging Ukraine officials to launch an investigation into Joe Biden Dave Ehrenberg? What do you make of this well He should have accused himself a long time ago, but he didn't because bar sees himself more as the president's personal defender, then, as the attorney general of the United States here accuse himself when the whistle blower comply was released in the bar. Was located in the first few lines at the complaint, he should we're cues himself when the perfect call script was released in present trump mention build, several times to tell presents
to follow up with the bar to investigate Joe Biden, and he should have accused himself when it was apparently was involved in the deal Jeez Review of the whistle blower complaint and its refusal to turn the complaint over to Congress, but he didn't That's why you they are to have the presence back to be the presents kings. Larry, but this is such an answer that it's more like Godfather three. Without nurse to movies, so I mean the attorney general at this point I think, is one of the things that we didn't expect. Till he came out right after the Mulder Report and clear it was showing for the president? We're They accountability. How does one hold? How does this government holding a general accountable. There is now accountability. This is an attorney general who, decided that he's not going to actually fall. The law he's decided he's going to be Donald trumps. Roy come from. What it? Oh, Roy COM,
he got a Roy come who went before the Senate Assent. Committee went before our committee and committed Marjorie in at least one maybe two of those committees but Mimi. Ok, it's fascinating looking at this case visit for lawyers, for any lawyer, its honest business not close, call em honest lawyer would immediately refuse themselves, and it reminds me of the present going crazy when Jeff Sessions Ricky stem himself the Russia Matter when he had no other choice. If you read the bar rules on ethics in the state of Alabama or New York or Florida or anywhere across Amerika, He had no choice but to accuse himself because he is involved that case why
Bore hasn't done this in a case. Where he's an active participant again, that just shows How well he is willing to go is Donald Trump. We come in. Really it really is stunning. Tell you know, Bill bar right now is deciding whether bill bar should be investigated by the d o j. I mean that's. How ludicrously says right his knee. Come up repeatedly, I'm not we can sit here and say that he's committed a crime or not, but the fact is his name, his involvement, his participation, has come up incredible way including by the President enough times that here bar cannot be in charge of deciding whether any astrogation going on in the Department of Justice, should include him. They'll bar is the most straightforward conflict of interest that there is an This may sound a little quaint, but how we
justice to have the appearance of justice. So how is the american public ever going to trust, any investigation now that comes out of the Department of Justice involving any of these people surrounding the whole Ukraine matter. They can't, because with bill bar at the helm- and not reducing himself, not even explaining why it is that he has refused himself. He puts out these little. You know a hundred percent false statements. I mean that that is just completely inadequate. And down the road. I assume there will be people who will be able to hold him accountable for this, but it, not happening right now. It's it's really staying on the Department of Justice, I'm really not sure why there have been numerous complaints filed against the attorney general in state bars. Are you the federal bar and then and have those move forward. Because, clearly is is not acting as an officer of the court he's acting
Donald Trump Soy COM, which is, of course, I'm glad sluts just give give trump credit. Credits? Do that's exactly Willie. What he's been bio ages, want to circle back on something Dave? Ehrenberg said Willie one one of the most frightening, What's a regarding movies, it would be I think you said having a godfather three without having the first to wear goals of mind no, I don't want to live in a world where we only have godfather that's not even there. This morning there monitoring or as it is now speaking at a new conference taking questions in Davos were keeping No sign that John hey, it's critias this week on my part, ass wise, is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these, Things get out there and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really
they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago. That switch, flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet. Of course, there's more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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