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From ethics on Hulu comes MRS America, the highly antics paid a drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut. Sarah Paulson loser, Duma and Elizabeth banks. Mrs America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu dot com for more We are dirty gaps. We had people spying at my campaign. They did terrible things like which he had never known in the history of our very sad right Merry Christmas ya that Sir cried Happy Christmassy greeting from President United States? Those present drum railing against dirty, cops and fake news before
Can you and yours a merry Christmas good morning morning, Joe it's Thursday December twenty six great to have year hope yet a great Christmas with us. We have chief national correspondent for New York Times magazine Mark Leibovitz. Story- the author of the soul of Amerika and Rogers, Professor Vanderbilt the presidency inventor Vanderbilt University, John Major me, an NBC News and MSNBC contributor green will be with us in a moment, as will David Ignatius, but Mark labour. I couldn't help it think of youth. This holiday season is word broke that The wealthiest men in America was using prison labour to get out get out. The message about his is men of the people can pay. What might might Bloomberg, of course, that it is broke a couple days ago to delivery and how to meet a mind how they made it. It's that
I'll just dear you're right, where none? How do we do now to coming up there, but I mean I'd, say straight out of Charles Dickens: novel! Isn't it yeah? It was a great day while I mean this, for this happened. What like gum, I guess today before Christmas and who broke the story. Was it the intercept? I think That that might Bloomberg or his campaign or some contractor affiliated with a campaign, was enlisting prison labour to make some kind of phone call related. The campaign and the campaign quickly was publicly. A and said they discontinued the DE relationship and exactly the kind of story that you love to see the day before Christmas, but looks like didn't it? Didn't it didn't blow up the campaign. The campaign seems alive and kicking, and here we are again it in two thousand nineteen, it's hard to blow up again,
in the age of tribes, no matter what no matter what you do medium, of course, be you, of course, being the Pisca, wise, but you are I understand you use only only Methodists to do work around your house, so you something you understand, talk talk about. Talk about, how the hell yeah you talk, talk if you well. It's it's very interesting throughout the week in this Christianity today, editorial get good pick up a lot of people talking about it and the Atlantic had a story that caught my eye about me Vander centre, who one of the largest evangelical groups in the country and he talked about evangelicals, but evangelical, silent majority and This is this Jellicoe leader is a strange strange man. He is an outlier
He is actually like the preachers that I grew up with, who actually would rather Talk about Jesus, then politics and that's whether you're far Trump are whether your against tromp- I mean there was a time in America where Pastor were concerned primarily with the faith of their flock and spreading the word to others and did not get is in snarled in politics, as, of course, they have over there ass thirty years, but there Some say: hey, listen, my my jobs, not to talk about politics. I've got to go greatest message ever given to any man. Or woman or child, and I'm going to spread that message it it it. The really hard back to those pray, moral majority days? Doesn't it it doesn't theirs.
Everything is it's complicated abolition is movement, the civil its movement, was driven in law. In part by religious fervor, Martin Luther King the Baptist Minister, and so there has been a great american tradition of people motivated by religious conviction shaping the law for the nation in immensely positive and an ethical ways. So there there is that You know the in terms of the last thirty forty years and I would really dated from other nineteen sixty two and the school prayer decision. To go to, political rallies was covering politics in North Georgia. It was actually turns out its now Doug Collins's district and you probably saw, and in Pensacola there would be people with homemade signs there
things, social indicators, divorce, abortion, murder. All from not from nineteen seventy three four Moreau, but from nineteen He too from angle versus Vitaly, aware you had Believe if you took gotta the classroom that America I've, been said on sea, my irreversible path towards decline. Jerry Fall Wells Senior is really interesting on this. He admits that. To use your phrase, he was about saving souls, not winning votes. Until the morning he read about the road decision. In January of nineteen seventy three and that transformed what he was about. You know cause Thomas saw this coming the columnist. He co authored a book, Lord thirty years ago, or so called blinded by the might, blinded
might where he worried that the religious right would replace the pursued would replace the pursuit of virtue and salvation and for spreading the gospel message, which is the central injunction of of the new testament with political power, and that's what's happened a lot of phone zoo profess. This faith that become pursuers of power, not pursuers, of the religious message. Why it is remarkable that the reduction of costs the I read about it in Washington, post action of Christianity in recent years, it has been reduced to the collection of federal judge ships. It really has submitted this. If you hold a position different on abortion, are family on the family and in what constitutes
nothing else, matters which, of course, is given Donald Trump Free Rein to do what ever he has wanted to do. If you say so many on the political christian right say I don't I don't care what you do. Just federal federal judges who agree with me on one issue. Then you have just signed a blank cheque four Donald Trump to run around in doing everything. Donald Trump says for saying the second article two gives me unless power. I can do whatever I want to do. I can hug Vladimir Putin I can turn over the Middle EAST to him. I can. I can make it myself in North Korea, I can, I can attack federal judges. I can attack the press. And I can behave as if article two does give the present the United States online, power can do great violence that those
Estonia, checks and balances that conservatives always one around talking about talking about the importance of those checks and though balances to stop the executive branch from com becoming too powerful way If you say I only care about the collection of federal judges is not only a lot of Republicans have done, but also a lot of so called religious leaders. So called leaders of the evangelical faith, and it is so called they're not really, Just leaders their politicians, then had been called Thomas was right then, not about phase. This is about power, and that's that real reckoning. That's coming not only evangelical charge, but to the church and general. Some people learn the hard way New HBO, film, bad education, Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Alison Janni, STAR
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MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet, He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are called off. When people listen to music there, feeling, the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. Building measures. Recent opted for the Washington Post. You wrote this about how Americans can break our bitter impasse. You write in part is sharing the
Christmas week to repeat the bromide love thy neighbour, but the unfortunate truth about America. These days is that many of us seem behave our neighbours we don't stand, how other people can oppose the values we cherish most their behaviour, infuriating- and it often seems unforgivable for Luck- We escape this blockage in reset the terms not conceding our old grievances, but putting them side? What an I saw it actually pudding grievance aside, but does it work? politics when each sides narrative becomes inflamed and reinforced by partisan politicians and media commentators and is right. Filiation possible, or even desirable. When fundamental matters of principle seem to be at stake.
More and more? I hear people expressing doubts about compromise and reconciliation in the age of tromp. That's part of what makes politics so potent and dangerous. It's not the ardor the deal it turns out, but a fight to the death. Thankfully, even amid our current difficulties, How does it feel to me, like a country headed toward a second civil war, turn off the television amen, oh, do a ball game listen to some music and the den from one. Season? I bet that a version of love thy neighbour love love. Thy neighbor is a political winner. Is angry, as people are few like the state of our politics and Americans want a way out David through our words, never written and certain Louis the american politics, you know
you can, I, through the years, probably have given hundreds and hundreds of TAT Exit colleges, robbery, clubs, book events, if we go, we say the same thing: people whether some opposite Burma or the up west side, whether it's ninety second street, why or then a sample and Iowa Middle America. People are so tired of the infighting and that's not me, pollyanna? That's my political antenna going up that if you, if you can prove to me and set your strong and Europe or full and you're, not just looking. Four personality: you're, not just looking for the mushy metal that you want, like Denham Reagan, like l b J like empty. Are you you're strong enough to bring people together and sort of force, a political?
he's upon them. They want that of leader that's going to bring a marrow together again I found myself in this Christmas week is trying to think differently about politics, as I wrote in the sky, I'm a written dozens this year about our political impact, served dark day. Is that lie ahead for America, all the things that we, about. We talk about most warnings and tried to think. Is there different way to look at these issues and obviously, if you're, a Christian, your faith tells you that to begin with the sermon on them out? Those that are so hard to really there so radical like you, ought not just Well, dear friends, you love your enemies to you. What are you up to reach out to the people who you think of wrong do and
try is somehow to break the impasse with them slap. Your thinking about that personal. I think every one of us knows that there is a truth that the terrible confrontations with our friends and relatives are Myrtle partners and the only way out of the mists Teresa an escape that corner into. We back to ourselves. I've been wondering if there are some more thing that could happen in politics with people who were so angry at each other. Each is so convince their their right, and I, it wouldn't pretend that I came up with with an answer, but I did, think this through and at what you quoted at the end. I do think that Worse news says I can we and work with others. I want to love my neighbour effect, a fact I be have the candidate who can do that? Has a powerful this year, more than more than usual donor with
is Joe Biden that person night- I don't know, but I think it's It's a message that the public really wants to hear now created It's so interesting. I You ve always heard the saying the generals are always fighting the last war. I've always felt that in politics it people look at the results at the action booth. Is women. Buckley wrote in his great manifesto from LA so weak and our chained to that believe that becomes a new reality. Donald Trump won by a Donald. Our wine the election, but he lost the popular vote by a good. Or total, then Nixon and Jimmy Carter and J F hey all three wonder elections. It was a strange political, and yet we see tie our political realities all too. What happened on that
one day and twenty. Sixteen, as if that's the future that that way, we are stuck with in the future, and yet you know I disagree with that. I think I think that was an anomaly. Store, go anomaly that people are gonna, be shaking their heads about thirty years who go way. Waves wait! Second. How did this happen? You see a party, my my old party use a charge. My current church, the Avenger levels and you see comics, those who support Donald Trump, saying there hateful things because they think that's a future. They think that's invoked I saw two things yesterday I went on Twitter briefly, because I knew I was there is this morning. So the afternoon I went into a dark corner. Instead, look at beds were omitted and too late to other do other is tweeds? I saw
was a very well known, Donald Trump supporter attacking Chill Biden. For giving food to Hungary refugees on Christmas day, and I sat there, Thinking about the sermon on the amount is David said and all those wondered. Red letters in the Bible Geez Jesus words. The story, the good Samaritan helping a foreigner in there with his own people. What in hell I thought is zero more on Chrysolite tweet on Christmas day than that and then ice. All down- saw a sitting member of Congress saying this is the true reason for the season and it showed Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton a great harm, almost being done to them by falling lights, scary moment, and I sat there thinking these. These poor falls think
This is the new reality and there are going to be rewarded. For this sort of activity think that hateful to attack a woman for actually helping poor hungry refugees. On Christmas day I mean the obviously they never read Matthew Twenty five about You give get give food to the hungrier clothing to the naked r, r, R R give hope to the hopeless it's as if you are giving to Jesus himself and and yet this is the state of politics for many people who follow Donald Trump in two thousand and nineteen. It is the state of politics exactly Joe, and if you think about it, Donald Trump is the symptom to Europe. To your point about this is not it. Should
be the norm. I wish this is not supposed to be the way the things are going to be in the future. Donald Trump is not the future and if you look at The last three years, Joe just putting on, though my political analysis had we ve, seen in the change we ve, seen how people are tired of this. If you look, how a Democrat, one in these red districts. Why did they women these red districts back and twenty eighteen and give over the house? The Democrats, because you These suburban voters who said enough is enough. We are tired of this. We are tied, of the madness and they handed over the rain the Democrats in the house, if you think about Louisiana, if you think about Kentucky the same, I think, these suburban voters who voted for Donald Trump and twenty sixteen said none of this craziness enough of all of this matter, But we see from this president and then you see coalition of suburban voters, black voters, independence, handing that case
so we are seeing a change. This is not supposed to be the norm and it will not be the norm and it is devastating to see when you think about angelic waiting to see when you think about a when you think about your own party, who are supposed to be the handing that all over patriotism, handing that all you two Donald Trump when you think about Vandalia goals here over Christianity. Just it just doesn't exist anymore. It is a very sad time that were in, but the voters speaking out in the last three years, their say, enough is enough. And now we're heading into twenty twenty, and so now, This is where the big, the kind of the big opportunity to make sure that we shall hold Donald Trump accountable died and John reach him. Obviously, Christianity exists. And is doing well across the globe in many respects, but in the evangelical, go to church and worship. The Lord
how many go to church and worship? The law and in keep politics out of it. It is it is. It is something that there are very loud, very outspoken people leaders of the faith who actually have have basically turn their back on basic core believes that you can find in serve them out in Jesus is parables just A White House photo just for the ability here on tv and be seen as one of the president's selected preachers. I I I saw one, comment from the from someone who are the preacher work with Donald Trump, whose the reason they always fall in line these. These public preachers is because they
can't handle the shame of a negative tweet being dissociated are being outside the reach of power. Now the eyes, as this almost said put not. I trust in princes, and I think that applied to Morrow Logo as well. You know you're right did that the core message of the Hebrew, I and then in the new testament, begins and Leviticus love thy neighbours. I two commandments of love, the Lord. I love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself and, as it says, on these two commandments, hang all the law and the prophets not a word they're about a meet and greet with Donald Trump same thing he's not a word thereabout. A meeting agree greet with a democratic nominee. This this is actually a larger point, then than the partisan divisions the moment and it's all.
About how a republic works right. It's the republic is the sum of its parts where, fully engaged in this hour, dispositions of heart and mind yours and mine got Elvis matter enormously because they find expression in the public square, person. Madison very strong advocates for religious liberty at the beginning of the republic were very well. A clear that they understood Religion would play a role in the life of the country. We had two separate charge from state, but we couldn't great religion from politics, because they're both about people they're both about how people think and how they act and oh. This is always bat, an incredibly important american balancing act. How do you manage and martial religious feeling in the public arena way that protects the rights of believers, but does not tend towards theocracy and that our best
We have found that balance. It is always precarious is like everything else in the country is always precarious and it depends on all of us, and it depends on certain level of humility, the capacity recognize again to go to the Bible, who is known the mind of the Lord who who's been is counselor. If you want to believe that you really understand what the Lord of host wants a few minutes today ago, Red Joe see how well that worked out. That's that in many ways are the most important tasks in the Bible about Humility understand the will of God on this side of paradise is a mystery and lets through this, using our reason and using a sense of humility, of balance of forbearance and politics
complicated enough. That's the founders understand they. They were coming from a world where they are fighting wars over the formulation in the can and of the mass? And so they were? They This is gonna be hard enough to set this continent and then ran project that government project that power there. Trying to keep religious struggles out of politics, and I think that the forward leaning religious folks, for whom that is the central, socially in a fire find a way seems to me to think of their citizenship and their faith in a way? That is absolutely one, but is a balance between those two things and the balance needs to be stored, and it certainly will still at a morning Joe Present Tromp has Mcconnell in his pocket. But we can say this thing about lay somewhere Cowskin how the plot republic,
from Alaska is shaking up the impending impeachment trial in the Senate. Is this a first crack in that While I support the Donald Trump enjoyed since the impasse, when inquiries begone we'll talk about that, when more Joe comes back, hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. She too, the Republican Party she hates all April that voted for, that was a president on Christmas Eve morning. Shortly after he participated
video conference were exchanged holiday, greetings with members of the military stationed around the globe? Now the presence anger towards Speaker Pelosi continued ended Christmas night. Where he questioned whether the house even had the authority to impeach him to present tweeted last night and port quote I should crazy Nancy policy jagged again on Christmas, just because as a slight majority mouse be allowed to impeach the president of the and it states, perhaps the president- should do something he's ever done before, and we need the constitution of the United States might actually your stand. How the speaker of the house has that power of either party, meanwhile Key Republican, Senator LISA, our cows, give Alaska, says she is quote disturbed by Miss MC candles, promised to be end, quote: total coordination with a white House on the impeachment trial
in fairness, when I heard that I was disturbed if we are task as the full Senate to to do impartial justice under the constitution and the law, that's the oath that we will swear to uphold at the commencement of this proceeding then to me. It means that we have to take that step back from being hand in glove with the defence and so I heard what does their Mcconnell had said. I happen to think that that has further confused the process. Were girls does remarks
significant because of fifty one votes. Simple majority is all that is needed to set the impeachment rules. Republicans only fifty three votes mean Democrats would need for Republicans to break ranks and actually call for witnesses call for evidence, call for the very things depositions, for instance, that reply weakens called for and got a ninety ninety nine with the impeachment bill. Clap now not have said they do so, but, furthermore, cows he's remarks at the first sign. So far of any descent within the GEO Pay, a marked mark cleavage that is fascinating, that only a few Republicans actually are needed to stop Mitch Mcconnell from running a mosque, style show trial where no evidence. No, nothing where you actually have the person is the judge, Jerry saying I'm not gonna, be fair. I'm not interested in me.
Fair, we're going to work with a defendant to make sure this is a sham trial to make sure this. Is it proceeding, but grammar I'll ski Susan, Collins, Corey Gardener, tell us, you have a lot of people who were going to be in the fight for their political life next fall, they need for do you think they can get there. I do think they can get there. I think centre. Mc Caskey remarks yesterday were very significant, because I think that this argument is going to be these remarks yesterday were very significant, because I think that this argument is going to be had very much in the centre and and listened cases and collins. Possibly at Romney Martha Maxell him in these are of these citizens interest in so much is there a swing votes, in the U S. Senate these days I mean that these are the people that everyone be looked at in their remarks like such as the one that that Mercosur made yesterday are going to be nice, not just as a signal of what one senator my do, but whether is some kind of block in them.
Of all this that actually could prove decisive if there is an end, ass, it were witnesses and Mc Caskey in Collins in particular, are two very independent senators. They like to try to sort of fashion themselves that way mechanically herself got elected as an independent unalaska, her last to iter, last reelection, and Collins, in addition to sort of trying to tow that line, is also up for election in twenty twenty. Oh I mean those two in particular, but also in a Mitt Romney has shown a willingness to be quite independent over there is at least in its public remarks, and- and I think that again thing that these senators say in the next few weeks, gonna be scrutinised beyond what normal senator would be because I think we're gonna be seeing this as an indicator of where the scent of the Senate in so much as there is some, is going to be fair way,
David Ignatius censuring some people watching, listen, we're Cowskin may say, while she's gonna get primarily, dare she do that. Well, leave has already been prime married? She was primary married tea party here she was beaten and a republican primary ran as an independent and So she has less fear, then than most of the other Republicans there, but you just you just have to wonder. If Susan Tall and again Jesus in a terrible, terrible predicament politically that you put herself then but Corey gardener. There is again. I owe all along shot at best. We we just The name Mitt Romney haven't heard his name in a while. You really do wonder if some of the
Republicans who were trying to figure out a way to survive in in rough political times, don't follow. Last summer. Cows he's example, so they can go back to their voters, no matter how they voted then say at least at least I fought for a fair trial, I think that that's all were beginning to see. Mc Caskey was brave and forthright and in saying what your hearing privately Capitol Hill over the last week, which is that the Senate has to look like an impartial. Body as ways the evidence, the idea that you have in effect a trial over by the chief justice, were because already said what the verdicts gonna be other Republicans of rush to make Donald Trump feel better after you, impeach advice. I don't worry bar say that this is gonna, be here a rubber stamp that
it's true stopped and they call him a smart things that nets and see policy the housekeeper. It was too slow the process down. After the articles of the people, past and let the Republicans due for a little bit snub in about a week which they have to think. Ok, what are the rules on track? Gonna be the common applying that they just embrace this through MRS just get it done that that's looking less likely now, I do think A key person down the road is Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney, first reaction. When news began to break about about the present pressure on Ukraine that deliver political favours was buses. Words troubling in the extreme and I'm trumps, response was to say that Mitt Romney was a pompous, ass, unusual financial quote and there's nothing in it. For four robbed me really
Why does he needs to curry favor with Donald you'll get real You saw pre much no matter what so I We see an interesting month, or so one Congress gets back as the rules are sorted out and I'd be surprised at the Senate Centre bubble, didn't decide. They need this, nothing that look like a fair trial just for reasons of self interest. Why and it is so shocking. Let's bring in former years attorney for the northern district of Alabama and and be. Illegal, analyse Joyce fancy. She has a piece for Time magazine entitled Trump, maybe waited and a patient trial. That's not the same as being exonerated. You know Joyce, I said it so shocking and I saw someone to stop myself because in the age of properly at this point, what is shocking. Well, let me tell you what shocking when you not only have the Senate majority later saying, I'm not gonna, be fair. I'm not gonna, be imports.
This is. Gonna be like russian show. Trial is gonna be out. It is it's gonna, be fixed. Or even began, which is what he said. And then you have the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee That's a position growing up. I think we all looked upon with reverence weather, public and was running it or a Democrat was running it. Whoever that such it seems like such an important position in the life of our republic, and yet the chairman of that committee, Lindsey Ground has said, I'm not going to be fair, I'm not gonna be impartial. We're we're gonna run a show trial, we're going to bed basically basically said that we were go. We're gonna, get this done as quickly as possible. I don't I don't want. This is the same guy who said I'd not reading anything I dont want, we. Then he and I dont want to know when he information and that's where we are
not so sure, joys that that doesn't even back fire in South Carolina online. Graham who may actually have a more difficult. In the General election Van. He thinks I certainly no, it can't help. Corey gardener cannot tom can't help Susan Collins, a candle, Martha mixed Sally and again what does Mitt Romney the loose. Does you really want to be remembered as a guy who voted with rich Mcconnell to help Donald have a show trial to have a scam trial in the Senate. I think not I think you're absolutely right about this job. There is a political price to be paid for trading in impeachment trial in such a cavalier fashion. None of the conduct that year talking about would be tolerated in the criminal justice system. People would ask for Judge The answer is to be prosecuted if there was that sort of complicity
we all understand that didn't impeachment trial is different. It sort of a hybrid that has both aspects of the criminal justice system, but also a political act the senators. It is as jurors who judge what what facts the evidence proves, but they also get to make the rules taking on part of the job that we typically assigned to a judge in a mental trial, but with that said, the american people are pretty sophisticated, using trials, is a truth telling sort of an exercise. They will expect something here that looks like what they ve come to expect in the criminal system, a process with integrity where they hear from the witnesses who have relevant information, I think, if witnesses who were close to the president or suppressed, if we never hear their testimony? The process won't be perceived as a fair one and all Motley voters may put a price tag on this in May: impose pain on some
These senators and vulnerable states come the election and twenty twenty Karim page here. Why korean? If he were giving advice, eyes to a Democrats in the Senate. Right now, as we're trying to four, how'd, you know, what's going on anti policies, clearly holding onto the articles on the pavement, because she wants a our trial. What would you be? Vice eying Democrats right now, Chuck humor, what would you be telling him and in an watch what How did too, how can he make this a fair trial? What can he be doing. You know Joe and John Mitchell had a really interesting conversation at the start of the show where they talked about how turned off people across the country are by this political wobbling. That seems to go on constantly, and what Democrats need to do here is is what we all talked about throughout the Trump President's They need to set aside party and think about country first, so they should act in
all ways in fairness, in the interests of justice and you know, It may be sounds a little bit pollyanna fish, but I think what they need to do have only one goal here for this to be a true telling process, that's fair to both the president. And the citizens of the United States and to insist on getting that process so is possible. John Medium sure Madison One said: if is to be hoped. Everything must be tried and I think That's right solve forward. Leaning optimism that we should have been given about the religious right here, we haven't mention Reinhold Neber yet, and it is. Today I have arguments, I lay I made a passing reference actually to an early in the show. You must have missed a giant but go ahead.
Ok, you. It happens because it's kind of a christian tradition, at least around our house. That will read aloud from from the irony of american history. The kids love it. I got to tell you it's a good idea to go, But there is no sense, the we have to bear the upper graft, Jimmy Carter's wipe out. The best was sad duty of Paul. Six is to establish justice in a sinful world. Sad duty of politics is to establish justice innocent forward. And these processes, we have the choice talking about these these conventions. The entire structure of law in society is about doing the best we can check our appetites and ambitions and try to get to the best possible result. Not the best result right is the best possible result. And that's true in any legal proceeding. You put it in United States Senate and is even more complicated because of the political motivation.
Of so many of the jurors, but I think so we're Caskey was. It was interesting on this. I agree with what has said about the different senators who might want to do it. You know you It seems to me you can argue that lets take president, at his word and if this was a perfectly Let's learn more about it! Well, it's something we should do when something hopefully at least some were, will lead the way to find at least a handful of republicans who want a fair hearing from the present a fair trial, for the president and not a show trial, which will, of course, have marked down as guilty, at least in the eyes historians, for hundreds of years, let's have a fair trial which.
An open trial, get all the evidence and that we can and know the facts. A light. It has been said many times is the best disinfectant Joyce Vance. Thank you Much we can be reading your piece in Time magazine and we greatly appreciate you come on today's hey. It's crusades this week on. My part, ask: why is this happening I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said SARA, four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in both book, they principle- and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it.
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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