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In a 2015 interview, Donald Trump said he wouldn't touch Social Security benefits, yet this week Trump said he could be open to entitlement cuts. The panel discusses. Also, MSNBC's Garrett Haake lays out where the impeachment trial stands on Friday, January 24 and what's ahead for the weekend.

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In your book, the America we deserve, you proposed raising the Social Security Retirement age to seventy sat still Europe, not anymore, because now what I want to do is take money back from other countries that are killing us and I want to save social security and will do to save it without creases we're not going to is the age and it will be just fine entitlements overbearing. Your play some point they will be. We have tremendous growth, so Donald Trump favoured Change to entitlements before claiming he did anymore before he did it and now he says he doesn't it wrong. Arming Ukraine doesn't get Republicans attention. Perhaps that way good morning and welcome to morning It is Friday January twenty was with us. We have calmness and assess it at for the Washington Post, David Ignatius, Washington, anchor we're BBC World NEWS, America Caddy K. U S
today, opinion calmness and former senior advisor for the House oversight and Government Reform Committee, Kurt Bardell. Morning, Joe contributor and former chief of staff, to the CIA and Department of Defense now and NBC News. National security analysed, Jeremy, and Joe that's often what the present does when he says something he just says he didn't say it. That's where we are. It is for an administration that commits unforced errors left and right every day for present who does that that was yet another unforced terror and you bad that he's going to be hearing those words so thrown back adding throughout the camp. And even a week before election day and it matters that the President said that is. We have social Security and Medicare, but now, of course he is open to it. He is thinking about it. I
curious, so what they wanted to get a quick, quick EL of where we are in the impeachment trial from David ignite. Stay with. You certainly remember Watergate rare, remember the build up to it, but Of course, there is never a trial. You remember the trial of Bill Clinton. How do you compare and contrast where we are now in history to two other impeachment proceedings, one that went to trial and one that it joy is no question that there. Then more repetition than in terms of drama this impeachment in the Senate, Lisbon has been less high voltage than that previous ones that you mentioned. I think that managers have been systematic, and I thought that the manager Adam shift. If you stayed up late at night enough last night, you heard a
powerfully emotional direct statement Senate. You know Donald Trump, you what he's like. You know that he will not put the country's interests first, because you seen it fair is I thought, the best present presentation, given since the trial started, because it was the least scripted which one of Us GOP senator said the sounds like Groundhog dates over over again, oh yeah, there was repetition or of a lot of the details. But when the managers. Let themselves be emotional and speak to the heart of the case, Joe. I thought this was a spy for what I remember from Watergate and and certainly from the Clinton trial and John Major, I was, of course, Kitchen yesterday listening overhearing appeasement trial, and you know how lavish my love These are how many courses I have I mean it is too weak is it aware. So
was setting their true story, cutting my you as serving awry. He had, of course, here, of course, and there was cut my peanut butter and jelly, sat on the on the paper towel. I pick it up I'm starting to walk back over to the couch to continue day, and he just with it background noise, I sat ask myself: why are we even doing this? The report exactly, why Donald Trump dead they now They know that what he did was wrong. Like the magician. Of Americans. They know it's wrong like these. Overwhelming majority of Americans, they know Mitch. Mcconnell is trying to rig this entire process
he said: he's not impartial, Lindsey, Graham Seti's, impartial, so You are we doing this. When everyone knows the present is guilty is charge, everybody everybody knows he did it. The only question John is, is whether white he, the actions that he committed that were long, our people or not its remarkable- that there are, surely playing this line and one senator actually go the middle, the trial yesterday and attacking. More war hero in defensive, Donald Trump, And that senator represents the same state that in nineteen seventy three, seventy four and Howard Baker, the role he played in when a party. His party was under siege and it
Center Baker, while imperfect framed the key question and is two unto this hour a model and ever distant model he's like the green light in Gatsby at the end of daisies dock at this room is just always out of reach to get that kind of sensibility, which is what you're talking about and we're doing it because, at least so far the constitutional structure has worked put these issues. But these facts I should say issues can be One where the other facts are stubborn. Things is, as Adam said, put these facts before the last jury that the founders envision? number of all people who said that if it rises in America the last place to stop. It
Floor, the United States Senate and wit certainly not going to happen, and I think, one of the great mysteries of the age. The great in questions of the age is why The republican party in this case suspended rented out there the souls and their reason in the singular pursuit of serving a man basically hijacked their party four years ago. And is using it as a means to a personal in their souls their duties and make their constitutional with that or constitutionally empowered by article
one of the United States Constitution, and that is to hold those who run the article article two branch of government accountable again, it may not be impeachment and maybe maybe Republicans would decide that it censure a bite but for them to make the country go through this trying to prove something that literally Everybody knows Donald Trump did they know right because We have all of the text messages we all of the phone calls we have all of the back and forth between. Zone people and we have their testimony. We know that Donald Trump tried to extort of four. And leader a bit and you get that foreign leader to interfere in american election, specifically his America election. We know that, instead of just
admitting to that and say. Yes, it's very bad. Maybe we sense from me down and Peter. We know that Republicans, instead of Shelly admitting what every American knows his true, they decided instead that they're going to attack war heroes, they're going to their going to act these spout russian propaganda that they were warned not to repeat very going to share themselves like Lindsey Gram a man who said Donald Trump, should be run out of the report, can party and was not fit to be commander in chief and that the sway to make Amerika great again was to tell Donald Trump to go straight to Hell, like Lindsey Gram, who now we're facing, primary election and a couple of months. They now themselves instead of just admitting to what we all know and then having a good reasonable debate on what
that is in fact an offence, but they just can't get there because they ve short their constitutional duty, Let's look at day two of the Democrats case against President Tromp, which focused on the abuse of power charge. What you're talking about here with the house prosecutors. Looking to show how trance withholding of aid to Ukraine violated the constitution now there were a number of strong moments throughout the day which we will get to. But for now here are the closing remarks from led democratic prosecutor. Congressmen Adam shift take a lesson, This brings me last point I would make tonight, which is when we're done. We believe that we will made the case overwhelmingly of the president's guilt. That is he's done. What he's charged with.
He withheld the money he withheld the meeting used to course, Ukraine to do political investigations? He covered it up? He obstructed us he's trying to obstruct you and these violated the constitution. But I want to address one other thing tonight: ok he's guilty, ok He's guilty: does he really need to be removed? As you need to be removed. We have an election, coming up. Does he really need to be removed? He's guilty you know, is a really any doubt about this. Do. We really have any doubt about the facts here. Does anybody really cool whether the present is capable of what is charged with. No one is really making the argument. Donald Trump would never do such a thing, because
course, we know that he would and, of course, we know that he did it's a somewhat different questions to ask. Ok, it's pretty obvious whether we can say publicly or we can't say publicly, we all know what we're dealing here with this present. But does he really need to be removed? This is why he needs to be removed. Donald Trump, those Rudy Julie Ani over. His own intelligence agencies, he chose Rudy Giuliani over his own FBI, director shows Rudy Giuliani over his own national security advisers. When all Edward telling him this Ukraine, two thousand and sixteen stuff is kooky, crazy, russian propaganda. He chose not to believe them. He chose to believe Rudy Giuliani,
makes him dangerous to us to our country was Donald Trump choice. Now, why would Donald Trump, but A man like Rudy Giuliani, over a man like Christopher Wren? Ok, why Why would anyone in their right mind? Believers the Giuliani over Christopher Right, because he wanted and be cause what room? he was offering. Him was something What help him personally and what Christy for I was offering him was merely the truth. What could for re was offering him was merely the information he needed to protect his country and its elections, but that's not good enough. What's in it for him, what's in it
Donald Trump? This is why he needs to be removed. Now you may Asking how much damage can he really do in the next several months until the election, a a lot of damage Now. We just saw last week report that Russia, to hack or maybe did hack beryllium, ok they got in I'm trying. Find out. My colleagues on the entire committee house and said we're trying to find out that the Russians get in what are the rush plans and intentions? Well, let's say they got in and lets say they start dumping documents to interfere in the next election Let's stay, they start dumping some real things. They hack from charisma. Let's say they start dumping, some fake things. They didn't hack from charisma, but they want you to believe they did. Let's say they start blatantly interfering in our election again to help Donald Trump.
Can you have the least bit of confidence that Donald Trump will stand up to them and protect our now interest over his own personal interest? You know you can't which makes him dangerous. This country, you know you can't you you can count on him. None of us can none of us can what happens if China got the mess now. You can say well he's just joking of course, here really mean China should investigate the binds. You know, that's no joke! Maybe you could have argued three. Signing hack Hungary's emails. Maybe you is emails. Maybe you could give em a freebie in say he was joking, but now we know better
hours after we did that Russia did in fact try to hack hilarious emails, there's no, Again, the here when it comes to our national security. So what if China does. Overtly or covertly start to help the Trump campaign you think he's gonna call em out on it or you think he's gonna give him a better. Trade deal on it, colonel women said here right matters here right matters, but let me tell you something: if right doesn't matter, if right doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how good the constitution is.
It doesn't matter how brilliant the framers were, doesn't matter, how good or bad or I can see in this trial is, does matter how well written the oath of impartiality is. If right doesn't matter, we're lost. If the truth doesn't matter, we're lost. Framers couldn't protect us from ourselves if right and truth don't matter, and you know that what he did was not right. You know that's what they do in the old country the Colonel women's father came from or the old country that my great grandfather came from or the Countries that your ancestors came from- or maybe you came from- but here right is supposed to matter.
It's what's made us the greatest nation on earth. No constitution can protect us. Right doesn't matter anymore, and you know you can't trust this presents do what's right for this country. You can trust. He will do what's right for Donald Trump he'll. Do it now he's done it? Four he'll do it for the next several months: he'll do it in the election of these allowed to. This is why, if you find him guilty, you must find that he should be removed because right matters because right matters And the truth maps, otherwise we are lost, hey everyone, its tremendous,
MSNBC corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet. To see is how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs or cancelled clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off. When people listen to music, there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same. Spaces them grown virus is keeping us home, but, as you hear, it can stop the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits up in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your pockets. What is strong, closing statement, Publicans and Democrats alike have been praising chairman chef
whether they agreed with his arguments or not for for what he delivered there a couple of strong lines in their Jeremy. I just can't help, but repeating one is the first, the question? Why would anyone in their right mind, believe Rudy Giuliani over Chris for RE, because what group, because Christopher Ray was merely offering the truth to protect his country. That's why, in Donald Trump mind he also brought up China, and you remember, Marco Rubio and other Sito. The present was just joking about China, the present within our several days later. Was he joking China and he brush that away and requested again of China that they see investigation of Joe Biden, so we we ve weave are the democratic arguments over the past. Several days has been extraordinarily persuasive, let's face it, easier for them? They have. The facts their side? So the question
where did the Republicans take it from here, we ve seen a lot of distraction. You ve seen senators going on Sunday shows viewing russian propaganda. I I don't expect them to do that in front of the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Now I'd say Prim court. But what are you hearing where do republican go over the next few days and in the defence of Donald J Trot. This was in fact the rhetorical crescendo of the last What days this was Adam shift. I think at his best this was also so cogent because it was a free wheeling, echo of a conversation- that's probably happening in the Senate cloakroom. It's the thing that this themselves which, as we know we can trust the sky to put America's interest? front of his own. We know he did these things. We know he pressured a foreign government. The question is: should we pull the nuclear option? That's what John Corn and said to several reporters should we,
move from from office, which we have never done, and I think shift laid out the most persuasive case that if we don't do that, is a danger he's a national security danger, because time and again an adversary will come along and offer him something to benefit him personally over America's national security interests and time again, Donald Trump will choose himself and I think that's the hardest question. Public right after that, an and really it is about making the case that in some ways, Caddy K that the case has been made along the way to the american people, and you see that in poles, where more and more Americans are like, you know what something went wrong Yes, perhaps he should should be impeached. Perhaps even removed from office, but what is it beyond what adamant shifted yesterday and will continue hey- you know in I guess, the last day of of laying out the case. What more can you do to make the case to these Republicans?
I thought was so good about last night is after hours now of legally there was Adam Shift, can unplugged Ray. I was speaking from the heart. He didn't seem to have notes. He'd gotta kill a few key phrases and it works and me of the need not just to speak to senators in the room, but to speak to the american public as well. There is a pole of pure research has done, showing that a majority of republican voters believe the President has done something illegal since being in off right. They also believe you shouldn't be moved from office because of that what was a path of bush? What shifted last night was sing. The come on. You know the guy be honest. I know you know the guy you I owe you know the guy. You know he's not acting in the country's best interests and right. This is why he has to go, and you wasn't just speaking at that moment, the hundred people in the room he was speaking to their voters as well. So that was why I was so and so making the case Kurt Cardella behind the scenes. I dont know what conversations can be had between Democrats and Republicans, but when you hear shift, lay it out it simple for him.
And it it roles easy off the tongue, because it's about the constitution, because it's about our values, because it's about the United States of America. That is something that everybody can agree on. Can we not? You will think so? Nothing that's to come station that members are having amongst themselves in the cloakroom. Its are in this. What she was saying, are you really willing to die on this hill for Donald Trump? Are you willing to permanently stayin your reputation in the annals of history to protect? Some of that we all know lies every single day for the answer, apparently so far is yes and the question we ask again and again and again is why what what is What is more important than then the focus of what we are discussing now Joe. This is this is the question you have asked about what is worth selling, your soul for Donald Trump. It is fear
It is as we scrap let us over the past several days. Now it is it's. A fear of Not only a tweet, it's a fear of those who follow Donald Trump Follow Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It is a fear of losing primary election and yes, it is a fear for many of these people and I consider it to be extraordinarily weaken them of death? old from criticising them. Are tweeting attacks, sit down, but it it. It is back firing. If you look at the partner is: if you look in Colorado and see how much Donald Trump is upside down, if you see out Corey gardeners upside down and behind there look at who's in Collins, the least popular senator in all of us, it states Senate, because people now, and said her to be little more than a lackey for Donald Trump This is a woman who becomes
state where John need some bay, Elect fears, independence and always have Kurt Kurt spoke yesterday of working for four alive Yes, now never wants to. Don't be a say, I wonder what the President's going to think of me if I ve here that beds, just not how senators and main act, and yet we hear that that Susan Collins did finally have a concern in this tromp impeachment and she acts ran note to the chief, just doesn't she was concerned that a Democrat in two main tour Republican. There is this is this? Is it say: power doesn't transform character. It reveals it Susan, colonise character becomes, a little more revealed every day- and it is
very bad news for her politically this by ends badly for all of trumps lackeys and we made is so independent that, along with four March, with the only two states in nineteen thirty six to support our land and that that's how far out right grows and is this? Margaret Chase Smith. You don't have to this: is a again, american history, you don't have to push very hard to find the irony in. Jefferson wrote the draft for the declaration of independence on a laptop desk made by the hands of an enslaved slaves person right, you don't you don't have to look very hard The fact that Susan Collins represents the state for Margaret J Smith, United States, Senator who was the one in the first months after Joe Mccarthy went to Wheeling West Virginia and said at the names of two hundred and five communists in the report.
Stayed ultimately found none and Smith later in the speech called the declaration of conscience, the entire case against Mccarthy that we now accept as canonical violating fair play running roughshod over due process weapon rising. The Senate attempt to aggrandize himself as opposed to pursuing the public good. She only gets Ex co seiners- Mccarthy, This is a snow white and the six dwarves and yet four years later the whole reboot half of the Republican as twenty two republican senators are with her to censure Joe Mccarthy. Now Let's leave aside, what's right for a second, let me just say to the folks the United States Senate down the years forums like this or whatever form it looks like in books. That are
about this in conversations that are had about political courage and why people should run for office, do you be Margaret J Smith, and this conversation aren't you major Mccarthy, pretty clear choice, Margaret J Smith. Trips off the tongue and his top of mind As someone who did something courageous, and is rewarded in the fall no time for that courage, isn't it ultimately more important than making look Mitch Mcconnell, doesn't look in a cross crossway at you seems to me ass, an that's it was between and it's not theoretical it sitting right there and if they don't vote to the here, They are saying basically The fundamental inside of the American Revolution, which was that reason was gonna players in public affairs is no
the rapporteur. Now then David Ignatius? Even if you are going to keep your head down even if you refuse to cross Donald Trump, even if the truth is something you find inconvenient and want to hide in the darkest corners and hope that you will not be forced. Vote on a question that, while the majority of africans- wants you to vote yes on. Why why do we find senators like the one from John Medium, some state who Sir Day proactively question the patriotism. A war in Iraq war hero a man who was wounded in action with an eye day, a man who, through was awarded a purple heart
who has served his country along with his family, his entire. Adult life, why the patriotism of war, of her way to attack. The patriotism of a war hero is that now the price of admission thin? Arnold Trumpets, Washington, illogical. I hate to say this, but but I think a comments like sender, Blackburn's, was straight that she's looking over her shoulder at Donald Trump she's one score points with down Is it not looking over his shoulder at the american people, and I think that's really what this is gonna come down yeah. The some errors have been watching as we all have, but that the public has been watching heading toward the November last. We can safely predict the Donald Trump will be acquitted, but what are the public take from this
they take the curve. Sneering Blackburn comments, the republican disinterest. Where they listening to Adam chef in that was long extra. We showed from What he said last night and in concluding words you no doubt prompt? You can't trust him. The people sure that. And how are they going? Responded? The poles lightning fast, really what it comes down to it. They let us let's bring an msnbc, corresponding Garret, Hake and End Garrick Marshall. Blackburn wasn't just tat. Tweeting should also reading a book. What was the book? This was the book by Kimberley Strassel. It's about the resistance. It's a pro trump book. She had another one in her desk underneath that I suppose in case she was able to finish the first book in the course of the day during the day. Look at the sparing the senators who are still paying attention and those who are not is getting more and more obvious? By the hour we had Tom, tell us come up and sit in the press gallery for a little bit yesterday. It was
abort, apparently of sitting on the floor during the day, but there's probably no bigger dichotomy between two senators than Blackburn Lamar, Alexander Fellow Tennessee, and who sits right in the front row? public inside and has been one of the closest listeners to all of this, including at especially during shift last night- and you know if you go back and watch shift video to shift left hand side everytime? You sort of looks down into the left, that's right where level Alexander, is sitting in the chamber, and I just have to wonder if that's one of those people who he is trying to continue to make eye contact with try to continue to keep, engage through this process. Chief has probably unique ability among the managers to keep butts in It's a that. Broadly speaking, the centres appeared Listening to him more than they are at any of the others here and he's got this small in smaller audience? Basically, every time he gets up their folks, you might still be in play and still paying it but as long as Lamar Alexander is one of them. I think he and the other
managers would probably be ok, we're the Marshal Blackburn sitting a few years back reading a book back lack of interest, a man I'm hearing stories, but the Miller halls and not listening. That's a pretty pathetic defence to not want to hear information, I dont disagree and I think we know we are trying as our very best we can to make sure that the information about whose in there and who is not is very unfair. Well, because I think I would hope Even voters who might be the folks who loved this president, who think he should be acquitted, would want there state senators, to be in the room taking it seriously, one would hope what happens today. What's the plan for the weekend So today will see the house managers present their case on article two. This is the obstruction of Congress arguments, so the sort of fact focus will shift to essentially everything the president did ask The Ukraine scheme was discovered. I will hear the managers make that case, but it's also the law
ass time. The managers will fully control the clock sweating. Can see a little bit of a mix of the article two presentation and Closing arguments, if you will for the manders they don't necessarily now, if they'll get significant floor time again in the future over the weekend well here from the White House attorneys here for the first time their expected at present, probably just for a couple of hours on Saturday, they want to keep the bulk of their presentation to a wii Day day. Sorting will see up your shorter. On Saturday, then the White House will begin there. Bottle here, Monday and Tuesday. And we'll see, if that perhaps make some of those republican senders, boring gauges we get into the early part of next week. I write Garret Hank. Thank you. There much and still I had a morning Joe, the top democratic U S. Senate chucks humor joins us at the top of the hour, plus one of the prosecutors pudding, president on trial. Congresswoman vow Demagogues joins the conversation after making her case for impeachment.
Morning, Joe, is back in a moment. This moment is about the american people. This moment is about ensuring that every voter, whether a maid our janitor, whether a nurse a teacher, our trust driver, whether our daughter or a mechanic that their vote matters And that american elections are decided by the american people. They guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
There is evidence of president from himself demanding that Ukraine conducting investigations, but president from also delegated his authority too. Is political agent, Rudy, Giuliani to oversee and direct this in January of twenty nineteen, Miss Giuliani and his associates disgusting stations with IE. Then current and former prosecutor generals of Ukraine, President removed ambassador you because his agents include in Giuliani, believe if she was another road block to the corrupt. Scheme they were undertaking in his behalf, After Mr Giuliani told the New York Times on, May nine that he intended to travel to Ukraine on behalf of president trial.
In order to- and I quote, metal in an starvation, Ukraine, on officials publicly pushed back ukrainian officials publicly. Pushed back on the suggestions of corruption is proposed The Giuliani who was working On behalf of the: U S, President Jeremy, bash Dwight, Eisenhower. Nineteen fifty do said I shall go to Korea, Giuliani said, may I shall go. Ukraine. He kept roiling. The president up pushed a conspiracy theory that was spired by russian propaganda and is the one who blundered his way through Europe concocting. This
raw deal as John Bolton called it. Is it isn't it ass, noting that Donald Trump, whose always working the blame other people doesn't say, to realize that it is? Julie, Giuliani more than anybody else in Washington or the world who is responsible for Donald Trump, impeach, I mean chill imagine for a moment that what had happened was the following, which was Trump had set to sell landscape. We need you to build Trump tower and keys, and if you don't do we're going to withhold military aid at every step. Listen to that fact. Pattern would say that, because there is a benefit, a financial benefit, the Donald Trump that's unimpeachable offence So the reason I mention that is because the reason rooted Giuliani went to Ukraine wasn't because he was interested in Europe because he was following the money there is money to be made there David Ignatius has had. I think, epic set of reporting about
Rudy Julie, eyes, pursuit not just of dog trumps, good graces, but actually of some profit. I think that's really where the inquiry has to turn by David Ignatius. This drug deal is even more dangerous to America than if they Donald Trump just continuing debate huckster when it came the real estate deals if he had said build Trump Tower in Vienna in Kiev and inward. On all release the four hundred million dollars in and defensive military aid. That would be one thing but this seems to be even worse, because what Donald Trump is doing is trying to make a few extra bugs he's trying to undermine american democracy interfere
an american democracy, Donald Trump, told so landscape, and then you will get your military aid too. Found against the invading russian hordes who are threatening you're very existence of joy right this for Donald Trump isn't about the petty corruption. There has obviously been busy address around the world. This was about his own personal interest and interposing. Against the national security interest in working with a country that we have to number was was at war with never seems to have gone through. The tropic cared nothing about Ukraine, and so here, it seems to have gone through trompe cared nothing about. Ukraine He realized that it might give him some advantage again Joe Biden didn't it. Ukraine was neither radar so
Germany said, I think the reasons to believe that movie Giuliani Centrist right in Ukraine had to do with his business partners of the people who is representing love, Parnasse and eager, for what to do about the child had largely with her resistance to these schemes. Your, but for Donald Trump NO was about raw policies. It wasn't petty corruption. It was something larger. Maybe something like what Castration framers thought tat when they about hikes out her and then Caddy Kerp, Cardella oversight. So usually oversight is to hold. You know: power accountable in this case the president accountable it's to prove that perhaps there is corruption to lay out the facts that have been hidden from the american people. The facts here, vintage tromp, is to put the facts out. There is a get over it, yeah, ok, and that's that the struggle here is that what while the Democrats have had a powerful opening here. It's information that the president has
normalized. Does it not? Where does like oversight play a role right I think that's what we're going to hear a lot in today's arguments. When we talk about our two impeachment, the obstruction of oversight, the obstruction of Congressional Authority Constitution protected authority to be that check and balance to the exact branch and this system that Republicans exhaustively talk about for the entire the Obama administration every they should disappear every time you had a closed or deposition every time, cloak created a select committee like being gauzy two to go after the state Department and brought the mom and Hillary Clinton. This is the monster. They talk about the american People's right to know the facts and the truth about what their govern is doing, and now somehow there on the opposite side, arguing they make people shouldn't know. What's going on, it's ok to ignore documents at its rights. Caddy shifted it an important point that it was the were Ukrainians who were actually flagging. This
when's extraordinary ironic situation, where the Americans are going round, you crazy. We have to have transparency but have rule of law. You gotta have no corruption and it's the ukrainian authorities. Come back to Giuliani and his cohorts and say you mean you want to have also trust. Z and rule of law. A bit like what you doing to us, now, which is asking for the corrupt scheme. The The irony of this was not lost on the ukrainian Zaleski pushed and push not to make that that's when he tried every resisted the Arusha, even under the threat of russian invasion in the east of his country. He resisted as much as he could, because he knew it wasn't right. He said What has this gone through? The right channels of the Justice Department? So, let's closed the block with a little hope and Riddick NASH, ass, you say there is a silver lining here and that perhaps impeachment shows America's stability. Is that possible?
because I'm so in animals earned terms of well, we all deserve just add anymore. I don't wanna be bigger the optimism that the scale your but but I think there are two points in the american people had been watching. The arguments have been repetitive, but I think people get the point. An atom shifted, the most powerfully hope they remember them, go going forward, thing is around the world. People wonder what's going on with them: and here is a sign that what's going on work as we do have a constitutional process very serious. Be normal I can imagine something like what we ve been watching with members of one branch coming to the trial, the other branch- and so I think, people think their stability. There is continuity. You know that their fears about America, as worst, is run by this completely and unpredictable. Unconstrained present now
That is the system, the risks that they are also very aware of how the Republicans lockstep with this president and I'm not going to vote to reject from office. John Medium, various as there was with Richard Nixon in nineteen. Seventy, three nineteen, seventy four and powers to actually had good relationships with Richard Nixon personally and diplomatically curious about how american presence had to answer to Congress away Nixon did I do. Gray, with David Ignatius. I think that what we're going to right now, difficult to sending a very important message across the world. That is the norms that were shattered over the past three years, the constitutional norms of political norms, it it has not been accepted. Congress has not been accepted by America when you have a majority of Americans in two poles as well
Saint Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office when fifty eight percent say he abuses power. As president, when The presence of the United States has to sit through what he's to sit through this week, its signal that our institutions are pushing back, he likely will not be impeached, but if you each constitutional norms, if you breach political norms, view commit high, I'm a misdemeanours. You he held accountable. That's the profound hope, Oh right now we're sort of our high water mark, the certainly thus far of house manage your case You know, whenever you hear one part of a presentation is, is hard
to remember is of great line and Tom Sawyer, where preacher come Sir Town and Tom saw your says: the creature was so good and even then was saved until Tuesday. There is the possibility that and the on. How well the White House his lawyers, do it all gets muddied up again. I believe, firmly that the reason the constitution has lasted as long as it has is, is based on the premise that we too to do the wrong thing, not the right thing. That was the. When asked again insight at the heart of checks and Susan divided sovereignty. We ve done everything we can to prove the founders right. Throughout and I do think the push back is usually import,
it does show that there is a healthy and sceptical number of Americans who do not want to and the american presidency and the future of the republic over to someone is doing this for his own purposes and in no way for the countries and that's an important signal, and I think we get through this I would feel a lot better about it if in extent, days were sitting here and enough. Republicans have decided that they actually want to hear more evidence make a John Johns comments reminded me of Winston Churchill's, famous quip, that options. There you go. Now, while coming up one of the democratic prosecutors presenting the case against President tromp congresswoman valve. And Val damning will be our guest plus new signs. That billion Michael Bloomberg
damage will be our guest plus new signs that billionaire Michael Bloomberg, war against Tromp is getting The president's scan we'll get to that a head on morning, Joe. But let me start by addressing the real elephant in the room. I realise that some people may say: do we Really, you warm and a general election between two New York billionaires. To which I say who's, the other one? hey it's crusades this week in my pocket, wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said SARA.
Four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus at this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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