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The Morning Joe panel discusses the House Judiciary Committee’s first round of hearings on Wednesday.

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come into mourning show it is Thursday December fifth, along with John Williams me, we have now affairs that less for and busy news and MSNBC in CO host an executive producers Times the circus John Harmon our chief of staff and the CIA and Department of Defense, NBC News, national Security analyse Jeremy bashers with us New York Times. Porter and MSNBC National security and less Michael Schmidt, not picture Jack he's under cover morning and envious Hindus, correspondent, Heidi Priscilla, joins us again with new reporting this morning. What are you what a day whisk? It was quite something to watch where one, but what we ve done. This puts greens young what screen so yesterday, the split screen wise, the presidents, leaving getting marked getting mark Rolls and rushing out of out of the United Kingdom
or released stamping his way out the door? I guess he was angry. Did he leave early or, as is the norm doubt as the New York Times really said? It was really. It was bad timing for him and his staff, of course, were shocked that he did it. They wanted picture. They want this sound by. They want to watch tv celebration of the seventieth anniversary of NATO and it would have been very good for the campaign and they would have had that split screen. Instead, they split screen are professors king apart just the inane republican legal defences for Donald Trump and the other side of this What screen are world leaders? Literally, literally laughing and Markings Donald Trump, and that's why isn't it didn't hold the news conference, the traditional and of NATO Muse conference? He says it's because he actually held separate news conference, with all the world leaders in those pool sprays, which became press conferences, that part is true,
but he also was asked about that video, where we saw Prime Minister tutor. Prime Minister Johnson and President Macaroni as literally laughing at present from Prime Minister, Trudeau, confirmed by the way a few hours they were talking about downtrodden, were infected maxims of regulation that they were laughing about it. But what gets underdog from skin? More than anything- and this goes back to the nineteenth- venetian eighties and in New York being MA and when I go on the world stage, I get where a trump like famously thick skin, Hardly any thing to lie I say I may be laughing too can went that more than eight hour impeachment hearing on Capital Hill yesterday, where three, of the legal scholars call to testify by Democrats, told the committee responsible for drafting. The calls of impeachment the house, Judiciary Committee that President Trump undoubtedly committed impenetrable offences, arguing
that the president's conduct regarding Ukraine is exactly what the founders that in mind when they carved out a path, for removing a precedent if we cannot impeach a president who abuse his office for personal advantage. We no longer live in a democracy, we live in a monarchy or we live under a dictatorship. That's why the framers created the possibility of impeachment. You conclude that he asked for the investigation of Vice President Biden and his son for political reasons- that is, to aid his real action. Then, yes, you have bribery here. The people in power requires this committee, this house to be able to investigate presidential misconduct. If president can block and investigation undermine, it stop it? Then? The impeachment power itself, as a Czech against misconduct, is undermine completely. That's really in credit.
Watching them spell out as it pertains to the constitution. One plus one equals to very strict we're but republican, ranking member Doug Collins. The auctioneer have you noticed sounds reversing stock- that nobody can nobody, sales, DVD's income, that George Border Jordan Bulldog about. You can't be jump Galicia, which again comment about all the things that I don't know it just don't my reasons we do not gonna be the eligible out of point again, a pigeon soul Since tv land that actually talk a little faster, must be say, zero, there are now he down so irritating to stay out of this would be funded, wash here, Stud Collins, taking issue with the notion that people can surmise what the founding fathers would have done. Just keeps getting more amazing. I think we just jure put in the jury the founding fathers.
I am said: what would they think nothing? We have any idea what they were thing in all due respect with this, because of the different times different things we ve talked about, but also two in some way, insinuate alive. I, with a lot of people, listening that the founding fathers, would have found present tromp guilty. Just simply malpractice in this. With these facts before us, that is just simply pandering to a camera. That is simply just not ride It is amazing we can decide It wasn't my illness committee as we don't even disagree on the facts. We cannot ignore fact right now they limit what are they doing Leonard Li L Lillian. Just I get bad news for you. We just found that know Joe Scarborough. We live down the street meal account we have found out leonards that you can't figure out what they are.
Jill intent of the founders were without the constitution. You're close it shouldn't you going to do down that I'll bring goodies. Ok, ok, network thanks but we society, you know sorry original intent, rigid lists, that's all kind of like the Beatles. Guitars! This is that they are all about original intent. Right. Can I Witness are about the ladders all their about, and now these public clowns ourselves. If we get what we have here, one region, DNS Milan in them We are not doing that. What are they doing? The quoting like Vladimir Putin propaganda talking point this is this: is This is the most desperate defence, any of my literary now just drove whatever you want to look at any rate to play. That Collins thing the next time around
Normative judge, jury, but of the Supreme Court has the sky in about original, attentive how water they intend to the framers in their interpretation of the walk. When you get to that at a key moment, was when Jonathan Turley said well. If the present done these things that would be impossible and the blood drain from the face of everybody. Can he has his eyes because, of course, but the factual predicated Intelligence Committee, had shown, as is the present. Done all those things and their intelligence committee. Show that he had done all things and they thought he they thought turtle using argue the lawn he met. These are now the laws clear. If he's done, these things, it's unimpeachable doing is two. In fact, let's hear Turley trying its best to give the proper Republicans what they want. Take a lesson: it's not wrong because President Trump is right is called, anything but perfect? It's not wrong, because the house has no legitimate reason to investigate the ukrainian controversy,
It's not wrong because we're in an election year there is no good time for an appeal. No it's wrong, because this is not how you and peach an american president have been critical of the president, the crossing lines with the Justice Department. I think that has caused considerable problems. I also don't believe it appropriate that, but we then confuse what is inappropriate with what's in impenetrable. You know many people, feel that what the president has done is obnoxious content, do not limit? It certainly was not synonymous with opinions so you know my dear I will try is doing its best to it, but it is that the call was anything but perfect file on the battle here. Just make that at an air carrier was not perfect, but Michael when it seems Jonathan Turley argument. Was you Republicans, Your best argument is that this impeachment drama needs to drag out much much longer. This has gone
long enough. The investigation must go longer. It must go deeper. Before you're ready to impeach this president, I'm not so sure that something the Donald Trump would want to hear the reality is much different. It seemed like both sides have made up their minds even coming into yesterday, and they at their minds about the facts, and the Democrats have made up a timetable and that a short timetable and we may as well. I guess just move at along. You know I guess in their view, the Democrats have punted on a lot of the important witnesses that they could get because they were that timetable to be moved up. Not. Why I need to get a resolution on the litigation they have going in corridor, not hearing from bone in not getting as many people as they can from around the president, so while Turley talking about a longer I'm table and the need for that. The pope
local realities of both parties. Are that the Funds are made up in that on impeachment. The question of impeachment, I think, is pretty set what's interesting- I thought about Professor Turley argument, and he remember he was called by Republicans than the others we were called by. Democrats was not that president from should not be impeached. He was talking and about the process that has still had more to prove fry. Maybe I shouldn't be impeach, but we're not there yet is what he said. Why doesn't say that says about we're? already during the quaint impatient, and if you take the Republicans argument that Democrats have been moving towards a payment from the time you get elected where three years, so you need a baker saint. Our legal changes we erected fastened picture, but it really depends on how you count in the Clinton case, outvoted impeaching. Seventy two days effort authorizing inquiry has been settled.
Day since blowsy opened inquiry course trumpeter publicans, are you Democrats when pursuing impeachment, since they trumpets and argue rated in that sense, we are one thousand the eighth Asia and by the way the three other witnesses were there for the Democrats, not not alone. In making case case, no professor Turley there's there's plenty of evidence already this moving too too fast ve got what we need to prove high crime I think what we have here that we didn't have during the Clinton Peach Miss. We have the president admitting to everything. I'm you can go back, he's admitted to trying to influence Ukraine, China, you can go down. The list, is a method that everything you're selling, would get over as the utterance it would. It would be as if Bill Clinton walk out of the White House. Our instead of saying I didn't have such that it would be like him going go. He's yeah, I about sexual harassment and sexual harassment? Laws get over. That's what's happening here
and make mulvaney literally said get over it from the White House Podium John. It seems like it seems, like the other thing, that's different and I think the import of the three democratic way. Since yesterday was day said over and over again, this case is to go back. Factors is literally the everyday in every sense. This is the tailor made case for what the founders, what meant to protect again when they installed impeachment the constitution- and I think that's the big difference- really mean clear, because when they cling case people said well the present wide. But what about sex? We that's not something the founders cared about. That was an abuse. Power these of office. It was perjury. Eventually we all the conclusion I find. What can I tell you something and it s, because I keep seeing it everyday, that's what I'm let's be very clear. And again We probably should adjust censure right, but Bill Clinton, lied about sexual harassment created perjury talking about sexual harassment in this
sure harassment, loss, Iraqi, does the United States Supreme Court Disporting Gap and the Arkansas Supreme Court. Just I am so I don't bring that up terrified impeachment. In fact, I wish we would have just censured anyway. I'm just saying I guess tired every day. If democrats want to make an argument, they can make a better argument that that's like some of the forecasts and arguments I hear the gist are: truly. You ve got much better arguments to make them that what I think you would disagree, Joe even for those who pursuit impeachment back and radiated there. A lot of you who thank you in retrospect that that that it was legitimate to pursue it, when Craig had startled about areas Brooklyn to impeach him for lie in its actual rasper case, why haven't a branch right? I was inappropriate behaviour, the part for present, but no in argues that that was what the framers had in mind than that that that Constitutional provision for impeachment was designed to expel presence from office for kind of a lot, as opposed to a Donald Trump did, which was as we all
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Our founders wrote about impeachment: what James Madison Road of the Father of the constitution. When everybody wrote about impeachment it it, it could not be a tighter fit we're resident is getting a foreign country to help him in a domestic pain and using american military might to store. I mean my god. It's the fact pattern is again. It just hits all four corners of the founders set in but was about and that's why we still get all these tiresome off the record behind the scenes. Republicans know he did so that they know they sat and they listen for two weeks to these non partisan witnesses. Explain exactly what happened.
Why you see all these distractions and arguments not based on the facts. That's gonna, Heidi to this point. Democrats question the witnesses about three articles of impeachment. Let's listen, you ve talked testify the president's conduct, your implicates three categories of honour crimes and misdemeanours, abuse of power, betrayal of the national interests and corruption of elections that right, Professor Carlin. Yes, it is, and it ended, professor development of Professor get argue agree. Yes, sir Any one of these actions alone would be sufficient, impeach, the president, according to the founders, but is it fair to say that all ray causes for impeachment explicitly continent. It by the founders, abuse of power, ray over national security and corruption of of our elections are present in this president's conduct. Yes or no professor Feldman, yes, and pressure here, her yes in Frederick Ireland, is you
agree, ok and do our any of you aware of any other president who has essentially trick all three concerns that animated. The founders no now knows well, Miss Sherwin, it's hard to think of a more monarchical sentiment. Then I Do whatever I want. Is president in your back, so that lines up with your reporting on our show yesterday morning about how the articles of impeachment against President Trump could be laid out by Democrats what you're seeing their Willie is based on my previous reporting, these lawmakers one after the other laying out what I reported was Abc of impeachment, which expire aimed why this case in this impeachment of United States President is different from anything that we ve seen in the history of this nation, because in this case as you and is Joe and John or discussing tromp, meets all three conditions later
by the founders, not just one abuse of power comes to using his office for personal gain. Be betrayal. Of our nation secured national security interests and see corruption, corruption, of our electoral process in a way that, in the worst way, actually that designed to try and keep himself empower These law makers were very much trying to explain to the american people, and they take away here is This is unique because the president has violated all three of these. That is why you saw such powerful in even at times emotion testimony from those constitutional scholars that hey. If this merit impeachment, then nothing does and then. Secondly, talking about what the consequences. This will be an why impeachment was put into the constitution, because, if corrupt of an election is taking place. Inherently, you cannot.
Have another election serve as the remedy, and that is why the founders in essence to put institute impeachment clause into the constitute Do you know? It's fascinated me we're talking about is bad news yesterday for the four for the president. What about. The finding the Washington Post read the article that bars handpicked prosecutor. That was going to prove all these rightly conspiracy, theory said he had in flying all over the world for has come back, and now he said maker he's like a game. Course we all knew that an hour had and just a byword by I mean had no one. Who is it? John DOE, Durham, John, don't move, went back to the idea, said sorry got nothin their peoples, The matter till the washing deposit,
part of the zone upcoming report just Depart Inspector General Michael Horowitz is off his Ask Intel agencies in: U S attorney John Durham, whether they had Amy and its, whether a maltese professor interacted with a Trump campaign adviser, was actually use Intel spy. According the post agencies said no so bars own Justice Department, Career prosecutor, John Durham, he's got a long record of investigating sensitive, can tell matters he's included at this conspiracy. Theory already debunked is in fact not accurate. It's not true. It's never been true and, I think He thing here is that what the fact of general at the Justice Department, Michael Horwitz, has been doing, is he's been calling around tall the end We agencies saying: is there any evidence to support the fact that they are administration spied on the trunk campaign illicitly? Obviously, this was all approved by article three judges, but is it
any evidence of this and the answer so far that we ve heard is absolutely no. But let us be clear about the import of this Does the United States for the last year has been saying this I d report is going to prove that all. Conspiracy theories about what Barack Obama did about the deep sea How about your comments about Adra Mackay, at least a page and Peter struck, and all the people who are trying Take him down. This report was going to prove he said over ever going to be the biggest political scandal. History, the country worse than Watergate. That report now do out on Monday? You think that dog truck is having a bad month right now, if it meets meant when this report comes out of the base, the report that we now have bought it, which is going to apparently again on the basis of reporting that some fine newspapers have done its basis. They say all of its false all of its fiction. None of these things happen the President United States, I just bought people, you remember how much weight the present this report, and now you see Bill bar trying to this is one way or another Elisa Monday about, maybe
the dial up up up up up up above the there's the above a foot now to try to quash too. Or by the Idee body attorney not surprisingly, given the past favourable bar as terms lackey and henchmen but is the least surprising in the world of Attorney general's. Like is not going to say what we thought it was gonna say. Maybe I can reply will release the recent report at all and of our Asia and don't forget, John, turns a? U S, attorney, who again attorney general bar handpicked, because he thought he'd be his guy unless their flying around the world together doing interviews across european capitals to try to find thing that John Durham now says he has now found and NBC News has confirmed the Washington Post Reporting that Durham found thing to indicate that this professor was in fact a. U S intelligent plant to get there Trump investigation rolling, as some republicans have claimed, migration can wipe off this conspiracy. Theory pizza gate, I guess
have have everybody s, gate pizza gate. Next, ukrainian meddling we're we're we're boil. The Russians have already got the talking points to the republican conference in their following it up so yeah Michael so how much stock has the president and also attorney general bar put in this idea? Report is John points out the presidency. Into this to exonerate him again, but it looks like the person that attorney General bar picked to find it can go vision about this conspiracy theory that the maltese professor was And by the CIA to draw some other trunk campaigning, This story- I was not true. Yes, so this raises the bigger question that bar is going to have to contend in the coming weeks, which is why does John Durham exist if the inspector general is based, who say that there were the FBI invest the of the trunk campaign was not corrupt.
And we now know that the sea- I did not set up the FBI to begin that investigation, then what Durham doing if all of these issues have been looked at by the inspector general, and this isn't it. Back general, who has not been nice to Jim call me he's not been nice dandy. We gave you not been nice to the FBI. If he's gonna give the FBI Thirdly, a clean bill of health on the basics of the investigation, then why Durham exist and is Durham exists because there's something larger. That don't know about that he's looking at or is bar simply just finding a way to placate the President and tell him that there is something else that is looking very well when I wonder chicken everything's to placate the prayers, and even even in that, even now, Michael him saying here that we may not even release this on Monday in bar doing what he did with a smaller
what where he twisted wretch the words from their proper context to try to put it the best possible light for Donald Trump. Look, I think bar has shown himself to be one of the more capable cabinet secretaries of President has had, and he really seems to know to harness his own cow right, capable of of why doing what the present one and you have to wonder. Why is it that he is doing this? Why is he pushing this and as report that's a real question that we need to focus on dry. I have you ever known in your adult life, because I can't are. I was still plenty bordering Watergate. I heard John Mitchell: is there not a great well it in the words of my cosmetic cable, Ehrlichman, aldermen capable, but by some of the most corrupt people, but I
This isn't a leading question, but I can't think of any body and a cat secretary in this in the cabinet post. That's ever operated in bad faith to the degree The current attorney general's operating in bad faith, just like his store we corrupt? Now, Republicans, yes, they turned the powder, bring it back to the hearing or currying witnesses for results, oriented analysis. I think he seated at the top the Justice Department, above all by the way, the stupidity of so many those of either there's they're stupid are there wilfully lying hard towards Russia. Picking baby, I got bigger both be say, there's about things they gotta be swear to God. I did toy no facts where the facts of low. What, but with this wasn't about thanks these these, these people were talking about the law. They were not none of them work.
Where's witnesses, and then you had others sky from Florida. I forget his name. Every it has anyway? I stash beer, I think but he was going on and they just say things like you look at the mall report. What do the Mulder report? Oh? structure to justice by area either. It's ok. I've seen like respected that right, I say this. Let me this Wanta. Ok, there are ten instances where Donald Trump Likely committed acts of obstructing justice, it would land you or me in jail Albert Mauler, said he's president. We couldn't indicting You can say that if you can no we're going
summarily say, although no Is there no collusion such unjust? Although no stroking, just raw, these people have not read the report. I've got to say like the obstruction locally. You look. You look at the collusion part and all of the Miller that that's is horrifying as the obstruct. One part of it no not now are you writing jobs, regular collusion by Jerzy? So do you guys think they're really dumb. They didn't read the porter, you or think it's well, there's listen to Trump, China has noticed that we should make Para nope social inclusion. Obstructionism, and they all up there are they playing. The Donald Trump is that on aeroplanes, God of Atlantis constituents, what did they do both replaited our trouble? I'm afraid that adult on coins on them? They will hurt them what their constituents will adopt. Is there no way this sort of middle ground there. I just I'm shocked by how
bathroom or by the end of your former parties, to have any intellectual or philosophical consistency or principles there would make. Maybe Jonathan Turley hit the middle ground is somewhere. I smelled sometimes things a love. Jonathan that has been on the show a lot. Sometimes you said an embarrassment that we're just actually an accurate that were legally and accurate that we're just false. It was now a loving I ask myself, though several times but wait ways you doing this. What's this what's this what's this about? What's this, even if you're republican, witness What was interesting about in those he came out and said. I didn't vote for Donald Trump automatically like the Han trombone paraphrasing use. Every science are not a supporter of down from so he believed Was there on the fact saying this is yet employment. His argument was about are the right conclusion. After listening to the testimony of the last couple of weeks of Turkey's basic arguments, just that he thinks that you should that day in order to really make this kid being what it comes down to its trip, although I would always view is that to really make
this case and get to the point where he began. Why you wanna, hear from both Mulvaney compare that's the basic. These best is basic posture. That there, but why certain access point alone? It's what do you want to hear are you here, somebody say that there is a quid pro quo, we're already there. I want somebody. They say they spoke with a president and he directed them because we're already, there are not taken a position that is by sank, why what is more backed this, bring but we all know the facts here. And he doesn't answer, but the present denies the facts. You present angry at the republic. Who are saying that the facts or dispute the present things it presents biscuit, admitted to everything act and is basically like he's proud of it. He's like you know you can handle the truth
like is somewhat tweeted. The term campaign Heidi over selling, get over a t. Shirts, that's has presented. I'm gonna make money the President Johnson, the facts, because its fight with the facts and earlier it Navy T Devils thirty dollars, Democrats think they ve seen enough. They had a meeting yesterday were Adam Shift, said I'll go anywhere December. Twenty eight before the recess, I might need on the twenty first to the twenty. Second, we're not waiting for John Bolton. Have my like Michael Schmid for you, go Mulvaney said get over it. I have always said that be the Republicans argument. They should say he did. It's not impede, trouble. We only Iowa censuring, that's fine, but the Republican Party would have helped themselves from the very beginning by not making food themselves, every single Danes, and yet he did it all right, maybe he's, I've done it, but it's not unimpeachable ventured on overturn sixty three million bout because
President acted bad that bit, but they they can't get their cause. Donald Trump won't. Let them the question of yours you're talking about about Bolton in other evident in the timing here. Is that is there anything that would change Republicans minds and enabling the Democrats, if included, answers right? So because of that which is move as quickly we can move the process along because we think that the best thing coming into twenty twenty, but because of that, it's not operating like normal investigation, so your net, you don't get to see the totality of everything they could get because a lot of its tied up in litigation. So, while you say you're right, maybe just do a lot of people there's nothing will change their mind because you know they have enough evidence to believe the President did this. There is the question of if Bolton, working as to try and say, look in my forty years of government. I know
seen anything like this in lays out whatever would their change Republicans mind now I guess the calculation is now only another that I may go again. Just John Bolt, and he wants to make a lot of money. Fine, we're in America changing, but we already know of without coming to testify guy says in the middle of a conversation and why we need, Michael by your own. I mean by that nobody has what's wrong dials, he doesn't yonder, that's energy, circumventing the maltese cigarettes, a haircut exactly that IRC wouldn't think how many sometimes anyone's ninety balls the earth. So anyway, you know when John Bold and says that this is a drug deal and neatly tells everybody go talk, so the lawyers now that is equivalent of pulling the fire alarm, so we
pretend that John Bolton, what would roof I'd? Be. Democrats Republicans. We know where he stands. That's the thing is the thing that Schmidt's are the most important thing here. Close in Adam Shift, not us all Democrats, but splashing chief, who had the whip hand on this, have decided that there is nothing no piece of evidence that would move a publicly about in the Senate? Donald Trump is going to be equated inside right did. Did Michael Bolton Play P, That is why I feature these things I gotta get on with your back above as a wandering and loving. Why our time to go to bring one Michael Smith. Thank you much still. I had a morning Joe. There was a time that Barack Obama had the crowd laughing at Donald Trump. During the wine correspondence dinner, there was with him that the United Nations laughed at Donald Trump during the General Assembly and now the time the entire world world leaders laughed at Donald Trump? At
NATO summit rate egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down, podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. No one I was sitting with Georgia and Laura Bush and then started on that speech, which so bizarre and debt got really worried net carnage in the street and the darkness dopey envision, I was sitting there like just wow, couldn't believe in George W Bush says to me
that was some weird faint, pretty funny it's their guide still got invoiced fighting is poncho whether aid Can I just wish list may be needed, Laval, this policy, but come on Willie that Doing story has been widely reported and it was nice diggers. Secretary Clinton confirm that he did believe the American carnage speech at the inauguration was quote some weird stuff that's a real trying to hay long stub. You haven't convergent with verve too. She told me. I should, like you told the story well as well, that off joining us Auroras bond for Ford Genk magazine Julia yeah favour latest peace is entitled. Trump is way. WAR on America's diplomats. Swear. She reports on how the president is political, I our embassies, alienating our allies and desolate in the ranks of the forest
that sounds like you wrote that article no real has got reporting to go along with this, but a me really felt it yesterday watching the press Julia, getting marked by world leaders and really making an utter. Of himself and the United States of America at the NATO summit, storming out tell us about what you found out, what you wrote about huh. Well, it's interesting that this was happening in London. How are you add is interesting, This was happening in London because, as I found out of my reporting about a year ago, diplomatic number two at the world. London embassy, one of the most important diplomatic posts we have in the world with one of our most important allies, was found aired by Woody Johnson, who was a political appointed by the president, heir to the Johnson and Johns. Fourchan owner of the New York Jets fire
The number two at the embassy was a career foreign service officer simply because he mentioned Barack Obama in a speech that he gave to british college students drew. Yeah like thank you that in London was at the embassy. But back here Washington DC at the state department. Could you speak to the crippling of the state Department in terms of people? Nobody ever hears about the people who that department functioning and servicing embassies around the world, Well, there's fewer and fewer of them. We found some numbers that hadn't been released before that, just in the first two years of the term presidency, almost half of our most senior diplomats have left the State Department the foreign service, either because they were pushed out over retie, retired dip, ninety days to ambassadors who different coming back to the states. You know according to retire,
Parliament rules there given ninety days to get a different job in the state Department or they have to retire and the only option that administration gave them was they can review, for for the Hillary Clinton emails or they can retire and a lot of people had to retire as a result about a third of our of our jobs abroad in the foreign service sit empty. We have about twenty ambassador ships that are not filled and of the ones that are Phil over half our political appointees, which is the highest number of recorded the of the previous. This number was thirty seven percent and I was doing in yours, and these people are often political, novices and they run into the kind of things that Donald Trump right into London is professional diplomats from our adversaries and our allies, who just run circles around
and that's the best case in Germany just sing, but the childish children's it's been exposed. Even in these impeachment hearings, where you have the president, we at ambassador, because his picture wasn't put up timely way and then we find out actually that it was I'd house that are not sent the pictures out, because Donald Trump HAT and found time to get his official portrait made Are you saying to an ambassador, a professional? I you know it's either way, guide gods, grace and the timing your father, before he had to hear this story, was evident. Saying: don't ambassador a professional, you know why, if you wanna keep your job, you need to tweet something nice about the President state. I would love to have somebody say that Doctor Brzezinski allow you to set now. You must
what have we certainly sanity, give that late? air Joe. What else is out there? Where else is an irregular policy channel under way? Where else has the president directed a foreign policy? That's inimical to use national security interests, as one of the term joy and ask her. If, if your report has under covered other places other areas of concern around the world where foreign policy has been corrupted, shaped or undermine somehow by this dynamic that your report about our shores This is happening with some of our most important allies. In Germany, for example, when you have an ambassador, who is just purposely throwing political bombs and during our allies for no good reason, just because you know to own the lips back home you talk about that specifically Grenelle went over and made such such fair assessment of needs. Like. I knew him when he was like a star
for on the hill- and he went over stock is was in the middle of german politics pushed I got wanted. The pushed wing agenda there and, of course it's not like Germany's not having a problem with the right wing nationalist right now My question is what Grenelle that is remarkable now yeah, and also you know, I don't know if you ve heard Germany has had a problem with right way. Ethics just stay now, maybe not something we want to push for anyway. It's just that it's happening all over the world. We were again you have these the highest proportion of political. Clay appointed ambassadors, people who, We believe in the deep state so, for example, Johnson our Ambassador to London. Again, one of our most
Port now lies firing his deputy, because he mentioned a bomb in a speech. He felt that was evidence that he was this man was deep. State that he was treason s. So with these people who really believe they see on Fox NEWS and on Twitter and They are not perfect, diplomats. They don't know you don't one. I heard of one we appointed ambassador asked his state Department employs what the difference between the cia- and I say my you know who knows a different version of a good question, you know who knows the difference between this year. I say the Chinese. The Russian was again that they there they don't have politically appointed ambassador as they have people know what they're doing, who are career professionals, the exact kind of people- and you know when this came out. I have to tell you my mentions for dead, because it was a lot of Trump folk, saying good, but this is
including Sebastian Gorka saying good, this is what we elect to do these revelations way way way way. You haven't muted Gorka proved to me. His life would be only too glad to minority, and when it was always my article very rarely blocked evacuated sunshine, it's very special that you can use. You should a hanger add on the wall the beyond all. This is one of the Brca basic fact in Julius Peace, a third of foreign service jobs. In overseas. U S, embassies and consulates are empty. Twenty ambassador ships remain unfilled, three years either way administration. This was a plan that funds from the beginning, the president and his son in law said from the beginning we're going to run the world from here. We don't know people feel miseries, Elvis, though So we know what you're gonna worry. What guy
no one? So what is a thing about woody. He's a nice guy, isn't job guy. Here, Mainstream Republican oh he's acting liquors stooge like say: oh somebody said Obama's name. It just shows you how much people are shape, shifting because of Donald Trump, in securities I mean I mean he was as many straight republican right as you get, and now he shaped shifting just like everybody else, because they see all these job people. How can you be a job person? turn into a stooge for Donald Trump, a couple of other ambassadors, one of whom I personally know and have and spoken to say. They assumed the ambassadorship of a major country and there's an amazing similarity between like Woody,
Anthony southern ambassador that I'm referring to an member of Congress in the house and send Republicans they are petrified of the president. They may be they tweet railway line, when in no way like explained but explain, that's right. I get that the members of Congress, their poor, they're stupid their politically. Not only gonna writer, on its appearance there, they gotta based they're, afraid I'd like to that. We Johnson's worth ten exe from busying actual ass. He always into your jets guy he's financially more powerful job. I get a man, it wasn't needs. I guess I got another one way to do something because I didn't want to hold on Mitt Romney he's in the Senate right now. What's the deal, we could make such a huge difference having one month then he will ever need you notice. The newly elected senator Inlaid target wrong. He should be out every day
every single day when Donald Trump does something that weakens our democracy. He should, but he doesn't do it. I am quite sure that we all know what this is all the greater, because when there is quite he's the ambassador to the Court of Saint James, its origin to resume come home and coach. You don't put another question so now the moment one the joint answer. Why hasn't come on the answer? While they are in their posts, they are afraid of offending. The president will perhaps with the judge or turn right now? Julia, maybe that's what I'm woody ammunition is anxious to make a statement about only, but I know what you're saying on whom I wear the constitutional look at you moving someone armbands. We saw what happens to ambassadors, who anger the president and I have to end the people I spoke to. You said that the departures from this farmers are actually have picked up again since impeachment has started, people are kind of eyeing the exits asking people
got their razumihin meat for information interviews there, looking at career diplomats being start by legal bills. Being vilified on Fox news being treated by the president in these horrible terms who you know, and I think the reason he doesn't like them as they didn't swore an oath to him. They worn out to the constitution, which I used to hear that that's what the Republican Party is really about united strict interpretation original is I'm that sets out that without it's not call and said what tat. What is this think of all let me get my constitution, that I've been like shoving up people's noses for the past twenty years. That's what I'm Karen CATS tears yeah stags out they actually. What is it that suddenly become do shit out by the way like MILAN
here's a great example of president I say says: article two gives me the power to do what ever I want to do. That's actually that's what Putin would say that's what Erna one would say, I'm calling out. Why wouldn't why? What Mitt get up and say you know, that's actually not only ignorant, that's actually dangerous and does violence, tat TED. Madison Indian Blood Meares, and I really do think Mitt Romney is going to vote in the Senate. Impeachment tired, I think about the request. Now I dont know why? Why why what profit a man if he gains nobody loses on so, but using that met is the work of gas pipelines, but the right of centre thing one morning. The thing that I dont get with body is: can you imagine the power of former members who would have Came home, get fired, hasn't microphone set, I get fired because fill in the blank and just start laugh and Donald Trump hurts drop more than words worry when it goes back to coach. In that
its sub, humiliating insects in talk earlier, and I urge you to judge what did I say go so that's all. I want to tell you: how do you do that? All Turner isn't that right now our senses? I would take up the jets, but I have a giants fans like here and now in a position to do that, but Romney me was the hope for a lot of moderate repugnant democrats. Now you and be a one because of all the reasons you just laid out he's gotten gonna lose to stand up He has at times hesitant, but he is waiting for his announcement about Julia Jaaffier thanking weightings, our movement, the pieces- and why is the moment it feels like your mother was a magazine actually violently. Tromp is waging war on american diplomats and when you have you and thank you for your patience, what we talked about the jets yeah now that was good. It's a good launched by the voyagers, what she she got blocked by somebody and hosted to their area mobile
Those days and I ask the house to just sharing, can any moves forward with they impede. You know. Engorge did like an anti semitic remark, which would like not be off of Cuba. Around for, like so many other trot people have done with Julia through the years. That would be like the trifecta carrying out we'll see what happened. She'll come back for sure, president from the first, my lawyer, Giuliani was in Europe this week meeting with former ukrainian prosecutors, who or what say here: am I what do you do? I mean somebody's like any role in promoting claims about former Vice President Kennedy arrest order. That, like me, can I get you gotta stay right here in New York Times from that, according to people, familiar with a matter on Tuesday Giuliani met with former ukrainian prosecutor among earlier I ll send cow in Budapest, and then he travelled to Kiev. Yes, hoping to me when other acts ukrainian prosecutors, including to show kin and cons
nineteen coup, like those were fired, in efforts to crack down on corruption is only told him, there's like, I could there's impeachment process going right now. Our steel ever mention that's already these on a mission. The times also notes that the com or New York City mayor, reportedly helping right wing news network, one America NEWS produce episodes of a document. Free documentary series promoting his arguments against the impeachment inquiry I have written about these people on your mind. For for this, we need Does it made a mine everyone down for his age for Paul? five minutes a day of mindfulness before you do the news Willie. I'm sorry that does do do you have reporting on these folks in Ukraine, what's where it Giuliani doing there it's hard to decipher what he's going to accomplish, because these are has
former accomplices, but they no longer have, power make the Euro Lukashenko we reportedly met with in Budapest is guy that tromp was counting on to connect dots. Frankly, and the violence that just aren't there he's the guy that really Giuliani worked with to smear Marie you Bonneville and to place those articles and the hell making lies. Fabricating absolute lies about her having, for instance, a do not prosecute list Trump was upset when the lens fire Jerry, Lutz Anko because he was his mad and that July 25th when you hear about a very good prosecutor, that was. It was who everybody else, including the of the international institutions as well as in the thought needed go in addition to Victor Shokhin, because they weren't prosecuting corruption.
I was talking to anticorruption experts in Ukraine who say that there is really no incentive now for you ate, let's ankle or in these other guys, to help reduce Giuliani because their whole goal, and in Gauging in this was to keep power now that they're out of power actually wrote an article about how Europe lives Anko, No, actually there there was nothing there. There. There was nothing illegal with Abiden, see I've just why all of that one all right. Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it is all very founding to meet Jeremy. This is like Butch Sundance, walking back and going on oblivion bank. They robbed a couple months before just to stand a sand round the Sarah, that's what rubies do and in the new crane, what going back the scene of the crime in the strongest bad as strong as argument that Democrats have about why impeachment should be there, many as opposed to waiting for the election, This is currently under way with the present is doing is
happening as we speak, and if he's not ship is abuse of power is not checked, he will continue solicit foreign interference in the U S election and try to alter the outcome and undermine the will of the vote. Just making a dock innocent you gotta meet the deadline, dahlias actual buried there. There's these direct there! That's what he's doing these make it a decades during some willing. I talked about a cup of ants. You need to see in our coasts s kind of irish men worth every minute of the three and a half body. Everybody see the irish less. What's the last guy, James, fantastic, I thought patchy was, and what about the tools and talking to the MIA I thought that was actually passed. She's best acting, it was so whether state aid, it was so strong, was unbelievable, saw them
raising the groundless, like a body that guy or Place Prince Philip stole. That show may seem good. I arrived, I thought you know is so fastening the first two years and we really want to the average and once you about baseball, nigh data, the first two seasons, we're fine and you had Churchill and World WAR two, and yet all these huge big events. This was about life and it was weeping, and it was it was sore. Growing. All is what it why and the challenges of growing old and the challenges with children, the challenges with with just Origin is perfect for us. I rang the Bell. I was stunned by the writing, and here I want directing wrecking acting- I mean it was. It was not the happy sort of rights the first two seasons for which, of course had had some ups and downs as well, but
you got a new Iraq. Like me, you know this isn't as far as the first two seasons and at the end of every episode, you said my god that is just so much better than anything else. The Prince Philip character, the really crystallized that family of these? For me, this one viewer, and that is a guy talented, with the great background he spent his entire life following. Behind a woman that he was married to wondering what could I have done with my life? Had I not sort of like me, while I was I was myself on my the Prince Philip of Morning s narrative, even in just as I know how many people you can actually for your children- hey it's Critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong. But what we do and don't know about that.
Run a virus once these things get out there- and this is quite a sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several. Four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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