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From the shocking, surprise passing of legend Kobe Bryant to the Grammys to revelations from John Bolton's book, it was a weekend of major news. Mika Brzezinski has the headlines.

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Nineteen year old young black men are a lot of other young black men out there watching this morning, What do you say to them about their responsibility in terms of families who come from a very strong family? As you know, the black thirty as a problem in terms of a web like children, What do you say? The young black kids, young black men, watching you today laughing? I think you sometimes I was fortunate to have a family strong family background, wonderful, mom and dad segment of the moment. I saw the system, but in some cases they have submitted their love the latch onto something To be strong individuals in the debate themselves decide themselves. Another further values are the negative paths to water down, because there are so many of today's society, so that summit Leaving aside repayment strong hid the books work hard and continue dream another thing I think was rowed today's society. People try to shoot down our dreams, though we have a.
Hope you something everyone accomplish deeply limits on them. And it cannot do so, not some ass, even himself. I was young Kobe Bryant. Alongside timorous. Certain embassies made the press back in. One ninety eight good morning and welcome to morning Joe, is Monday, January. Twenty seventh, along with Willie, and me we have White House reporter the Associated press giant, Velamir Donnie Deutsche, is with us I of too MSNBC politics, nation and president of the National Action Network, Reverend sharp, so neither present tromp nor John Bull and is set to testify the Senate impeachment trial. Yet we're still hearing directly from both first the president, who was recorded speaking to a group of dough. Was it a private dinner and twenty eighteen longbows at the table? These two guys.
Conversations have you had with Lev Parnas and Eve those gentlemen. So clearly that was not who and what was the president's directive when it came to american diplomats. Maria Bonneville, in his words, quote, take her out then there's John Bolton, whose new confirms the centrepiece of the president's impeachment. It was Trump who time Ukraine then, who was recorded speaking to a group of donors at a private dinner at one, quoting the violence, will the former national security adviser be called up to the king but to say the same: under oath Bolton, also dishes on like pon pale, who, according to the book privately admitted that rooted We always claims about. Ukraine were bogus the separate Instead, however, was a bit preoccupied over the weekend lashing out at an NPR reporter over questions about the administrations policy.
He's an pr stands by its journalism, while president Tromp seems to hinted pulling the broadcasts funding the I will carcasses are also just one week away from today and the weak and saw a ton of developments in the rain. The new poles and new endorsements all just ahead and to complete Europe formation overload this morning in a grand, ceremony dedicated to Kobe Bryant, newcomer Billy. I wish I had a your night, winning five major categories or get to all that as well. What an incredible morning of new really is make just incredible morning of news coming out of the White House late transcripts of vocs. League audio taves, so it's more emails that prove it terry of State bullied and lied to an MP, our rapporteur, that the press, Hence our own supporters on Capitol Hill, scrambling, trying to figure out
exactly how to move forward. Now that this John Bolton bombshell, food has just absolutely taken Washington Bet, but Willie, we have to start with the tragedy out of California out of Southern California. Yesterday it is it's really impossible to overstate White Kobe Bryant meant a basketball, but, more importantly, we or from the tributes coming out, and even reporters fans on twitter what he met an entire generation yeah I was watching that clip of Kobe talking timorous or twenty years ago, and I status. I can't believe it. It's gonna, take a while for this to make any sense had Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday and all you had to do was watch the reaction of players. From ages, nineteen to thirty nine in the NBA people who played with them some of the older players. There were games in the NBA yesterday sitting on the back in tears during the games,
guys in tears, who look up to him and were who worshipped him a guy, trade Young, the young all star from the Atlanta Hawks, who thought after the game about Coolby being mentor to him here. Guided MR on his long and a guy who would give the phone call and help them through life and how to navigate it's. A stunning gut John, so many levels, and mainly because he was his daughter on a human level on a family level, a young girl thirteen year old, de as she was known in the family Gina, who who were travelling to a basketball game. Toby was with his daughter, and he took great pride in teaching her the gay she loved the game of ask a ball. There's a clip there circulating again yesterday that I think we have that was just from about a month ago, the two of them sitting court cited in NBA game and there's Kogi telling Gigi. You know how to get better breaking down the place. Here's what you do
and to watch him girl from the eighteen year old, who came into the NBA to become that man that Father that we see right there, it's just it's too much to bear, but let's get people cod, and what happened. The world of course, is reacting to the death of NBA. I Kobe Bryant killed yesterday in LOS Angeles area helicopter crash the forty one year old superstar, was, as I said, with a thirteen year old Deanna when that private chopper went down european report They are believed to have been on their way to a travel basketball game according to police, a call for a down helicopter brush firing. Calabash California went out just before ten, a M authorities say seven other people on board, including the pilot, were also killed in the crash. And who live south of LOS Angeles. An Orange county often used a helicopter his own to avoid southern. California traffic. As a player, he travelled to practices and gains by helicopter a practice he continued after he retired
It was, of course, one of the most influential basketball players of the late t nineties and early two, thousands racking up huge scoring title while playing elite defence over twenty seasons, with the LOS Angeles Lakers that ended in two thousand. Sixteen five time NBA Champion Bryant was named most valuable player in four of the fifteen dark aims. He played it. He was the NBA envy in two thousand eight and for new traffic as a player in travel practices, aims by helicopter a practice he continued after he retired Bryant was, of course, one of the most financial basketball, players of the late nineteenth nineties in early two thousands racking up huge scoring titles while playing elite. Brian best selling, offering calmness, might loop cousins covered Kobe Bryant for a long time? Might just your gut reaction, news that we saw cross yesterday looked at our phones from one source and said my God, please let this not be true. Sadly, it was
Yeah Willie, my youngest son, called me in the middle of the afternoon. Any such data think Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash and that, of course, grandma on television you're scrambling through social media to find out. If it's true and then you ll, find it is true and will it use spoke to it just now really. Well I mean you wish on this? As a sports fan, you responded. This is as somebody who watched him grow up, who is famous for time he was a teenager, I'm I'm really. Relating to this as a columnists, but you can avoid that he was with his daughter children died, this time and and some more than ever Now I am responding to this as apparent and and the most heartbreaking, pictures I saw last night we're with human Gigi him standing at practice just the other day and in its it's quite here's. What I've been thinking about this these
athletes, these celebrities and an end. Toby was his famous stars who patent american sports Daily, the most public public life that has ever lived in this country, so everybody felt like they knew call me and that's? Why so many people are treating this like a death and the family? ask about you MIKE and Willie you as well about what may Cubby says factual, because I actually I went to school on CO be ology, because Joey Scarborough would away would take me to school every day every day, it seemed during then we see that he had another. Story about co, be whether it was encouraging. Probably the twelfth ass player on the Lakers, to give us all, and- and He made everybody around him and we are talking, and he said you know just Leon, like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, looked outward. He looked outward
all of this is teammates and he made every body around him better even after he left the NBA. He picked up the phone. Called players at we're. Having a tough time there were This selflessness that co be head on and off the court. Is that what made him so special? What made I'll just say this? A whole generation of people like me oldest son and make us all, this daughter feel They lost a close friend when Kobe Bryant died. Yesterday Joe there has been this extraordinary progression over the last thirty five or forty years. First, my we'll came along and Michael was like the main event for me. I saw the whole show, but then Michael was followed by cold, and- and we never thought- we'd- see anybody quite like Michael Jordan and then copy came as close as you can possibly be. So he looked up to Michael.
And then because of the way call. We went from high school to the pros who looked up to him on James, and we ve all seen the phone now leubronn getting off the team plain and in it being shattered in saying this, I wrote this today in my car in the daily NEWS there guys that you just know by one name, Michael Coolby, Leubronn Tiger I happen be watching the golf turn. What yesterday, when Tiger came off the course and Joe recover his Caddy, Bro Four knows to what had happened, because Tiger couldn't understand why people had been referencing, cobby ass. He walked around the golf course yesterday, yeah, and he was transcendent in that. If you had the probable on yesterday, there were Anna fell players choked up, this all star game, so it made you stop and think to your question Joe. What was different, what what was it about Kobe that he wasn't just agree? basketball player. We ve had a lot of those. There was something else about him and I think it was,
in addition, Watson, the great young used in Texas back when he was interviews again. I met call, we copies me and talk me through hard times, wow cobra, former allies, Lakers STAR is called, the Sean Watson, quarterback and Houston Texas. He viewed himself is sort of a wise man, not just of sports, but as something but help guide these young guys because he went through it as as loop has said, When he was eighteen years old, he was about it MRS you can be in America, and the high school to the pros thing was new back then remember Kevin Barnett. It did at the year before, but it eighteen year old, especially his position go to the NBA people, questions about whether or not he could do it. He struggled is first, little bit Jonathan Le Maire, but he became a stall star, the net, fear and was for the rest. Timely that killer instinct, I think, goes to Jos question that Michael has the time Brady has that Tiger has that he just had to win. I was gonna to do whatever it took to win
he was. I agree with loop, a guy. I grew up watching, Michael Jordan. I thought no one would ever touch his greatness. Coolby came about as close as anyone ever has. Yet he clearly of himself after Michael Jordan and he had a ruthlessness that also, I was reminiscent of what have how Jordan play the game. I mean code rise, I've seen upper echelons hollow famer. I mean he's going to go in the offing. Probably this summer. You know you is that killer instinct. The structurally he'd like shut out, is draw three made a big. You knew that he would, or he would be taken. The last shouted Lakers get the new taken, no matter how many guys run it and on him, times are not he made it and obviously he is someone who can only very very young and end look. He had I sort of a complicated off court legacy but we did see him for a transition, as he got older into that family man that we are seeing in all these clips right now. The loving father- and you have certainly he Prohibit- seemed to be a big promoter of women's basketball. Suggested, there's a clip going around by feebly with Jimmy Kimmel Show where he was ass.
But how is often said that we should have a son. You should have a son, so you're your son, you pick up the Basque while legacy do you like not my daughter, says she's got that like in this isn't. He was really really supportive of that, and I certainly say this that has as a self expand the later obviously, our our biggest and most hated rival so it always want Kobe to lose. But at the same time, when your team was playing Kobe Bryant, the game always felt bigger. However, now again Joey Scarborough telling me the the cubby stories heard Matt Damon Recount wanted Game five of championship Series, where the celtic three two one speaking of this rivalry. Matt Damon mark Wahlberg called or Emmanuel their agent noise and ass for courts ticket scenarios ARI way come on this, isn't an ally. You guys sure you yeah, we want the tickets. Are they get cord side gets through screaming and yelling their tormenting Phil Jackson. There talking, Cobby and feel Jack,
and said something to them in the middle of a hidell that I can't repeat by Matt Damon Sell Kirby walks a pass. Some of the smile sort of that George like where we said and said not tonight, boys not tonight and then he went out and it is completely demolished. They sell things and he did it with a smile on his face. That is why I called we rise. Is such a huge figured everybody even outside a basket? Well because he was that determine winner Annie dad swagger wooden dead, really personified age, a generation He was a part of that went beyond me, he held two main stream beds, all around the world. Look what he did with China and I think the fact that When you go to his eighteen year old interview with timorous it on meat, the press has acted, Was he was a role model? He ended up with a train
in a facility that he had built training people, but he was not the activist the march and do things like I would do, but here the act by saying, if you discipline, if you determined, if you have tunnel vision, you can break berries and he did any supported, causes these supporters in Tribute Martens, Kate, but he We do it in a way. We a body that the dialogue, conversation. I have what we already had a few encounters here and there, but after did the euro Michael Jackson's funeral. What mean he said, you know it's something when somebody is good. Then there one profession or their particular lane. And now Michael, is really transcended things and you catch did was good well in that We as today, when I heard about called me because we really could have been talking about himself had no idea live to see the day that he himself would prove you. Can
France in Europe, given particular field, The whole world has some kind of relationship to cope with new land but not least how he broke berries for women by being one or two be the legendary basketball players to really. Brace the double NBA and see his daughter as we and the one that could be. The new call, we all be the first Gigi and usually men look for our son of men, but makes guy. He was saying embrace openly. No matter since you got this even more important. He kept amplify. She got this. Women can do whatever in good do day. There are so many layers to this tragedy in one of them is that he had this entire new chapter that he was starting, what an Oscar last year, but we bring one an Oscar last year for a short film that that he produced my historic city s p and worked with him on a series and said
in the most positive way that he was as competitive about doing. Well with that series, as he was playing the Celtics in the NBA finals, it wasn't stamping his name on the door. This was a guy, was turning the page, forty one years old and its entire new life. There are few people that it to pick up as point also that transcend what they do and their deaths here a certain way on Princess Diana JFK Junior, where we always will remember when we heard the thing that for me, I think for most people just put it to such a different level as the daughter, Can you plant as a human as apparent as a father we advocate when you see the yes, this was a guy who was human beings page he's going to his daughters practice as a dad and it just reminds us how
more we all are. He, as I said, there are very few people that transcend what they do for a living and to the point in my blue because point that we knew him. There. We knew him, and there is nothing you can do after this, because we rush things in this war. We don't understand why they happen, how they happen. You have never faith but pray to his his wife and his rather daughters and its in comprehensible, like all you had to do. Loop occur, Watch, those games yesterday and the way every one of them let the twenty we're second shot clock expire for the first possession of the game because he wore number twenty four for the lake but more than that, like I said at the top here yet one thousand eight hundred and nineteen year olds, who grew up worshipping Kobe Bryant there now at all stars in the NBA, tears on the court, a guy like TAT, in Chandler whose, at the back end of his career, who played with against cobra in tears on the bench it was
something for me anyway to see the range of people who were so impact, not just to say. Oh, my gosh, that's terrible but to be in tears on court during NBA game speaks to the impact Toby had on a journey, generation at men, more than one generation actually of people in this country. You Willie really I've been thinking exactly about that, and I tell you I'm three sons and a daughter, and I always tell him the walk away, keeps Movin really fast and sports and and Michael's now the good old days, but we wasn't the good old days. You die My oldest son sent me a picture of an all start game ticket that can be signed for him when they ask game was it Madison Square Garden when, when he when he was a teenager and- and he said to me last night. He said that he
really nice to us that night and and what's remarkable about coolby before all the difficulties he had as a young man, he did something that that Peat camel once eloquently spoke about. The sex ACT of his life, his career in his life. He lived a life if not an apology, And- and I think that is another reason why people spawning the where they are over the last several hours. My group thanks so much for your active on all this great to have in this morning, thanks MIKE jobs, There is obviously a ton down on this this week and there's a ton guy on this morning, but my gosh, that was a culture, bomb that went off on our phones yesterday and then on, played out on television. As I said, we hoped it wasn't true base up that one source, but Sadly, it is in its Kogi, and his daughter is thirteen year old, daughter too, families that are grieving today and the family of a pilot as well. Nine people altogether killed in that helicopter crash
This is just a just heartbreaking and it is one of those moments. The daddy talked about one of them cultural moments where everybody stopped. I know I was make an. I wear the middle of a very busy day at home and we were running around where out, with kids and loved ones and in doing a hundred things, and when that news had we all just stopped and felt like we ve been punished and the guy and sat down- and you know, maker, the the legacy of Cubby Brian, at least for me. What I take from his life is is the while the stories that your heard of him reaching out to people when they were going through difficult times, are being the superstar that he was and still reaching out to people and his team, who may have been maybe been the worst person other team and always encouraging them and giving them the competence to do things. They did think they could do and
that's a legacy, hopefully for people that want to carry a part of Hobbes legacy. It's you can't call an then quarterback or a bath ball superstar or another famous athlete who's going through hard times. But maybe we pick up and call a loved one or family member or a co worker who's going through a different time because everybody's going through there set of challenges, and that something Kobe understood based on what we have yesterday, and hopefully that something that I won't have you will bring to their own Lysander Osity of spirit and the inspiration he got from his daughters and say no more. That was really. It was incredible to be hearing all these stories. Some people learn the hard way in the new. Speak: o film, bad education, Academy, award, nominee, Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni, STAR
Long Island school district supervisors that find themselves at the centre of a major scandal. Inspired by true events, the movie, all Hugh Huge Frank, too, a passionate, the greedy superintendent, whose hard work and from his daughters- I mean say no more- that was really. It was incredible. Their schools, national recognition when astute reporter tracks, a paper trail and embezzlement scheme, unfolds and Frank prizes, his power and the illusion of a success will stop at nothing to protect his school district status. Don't would any wire calls a masterful and diabolically smart crime story. Thoroughbreds director, Corey Findley depicts a powerful story of green utilizing, abiding humor, elevated by Jackman, Janni and supporting cast. Cloots, RE, Romano and Geraldine. This one Nathan, film Vermeer, Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true mainly
MSNBC corresponded and host of the new into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet He just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are canceled? Clubs are closed and school concerts are off when people listen to music. There feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits. We're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where are you going to progress. We are also kicking off the week of an incredible new cycle here week, two of president trumps impeachment.
And new revelations from former national security adviser, John Bolton's upcoming book, war, add ammunition, ammunition to the call for witnesses the New York Times. Says reporting that Trump told Bolton last August that he wanted to kill Can you freezing critical military aid to Ukraine until When officials there helped, with investigations targeting Joe Biden, his son hunter and other Democrats. The time says this is all: according to an unpaid manuscript Busy news has not seen a copy of the manuscript or verified the report, which cited multiple sources familiar with boltons account. Now, according to the paper, Bolton right about how the Ukraine affair unfolded over several months until he departed the wider. Last September times. Notes that boat not only describes president trumps private disparagement of Ukraine
but also new details about Signor Cabinet officials who tried to publicly sidestep any involvement. For example, Bolton says, Secretary of State might come pale acknowledged private that there was no basis to claims by present Trans Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, that the ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Ivanovitch, was corrupt claims he also raised concerns about Giuliani with attorney general, William BAR following the press in July. Twenty fifth phone call, but the leader of Ukraine and Poland writes that Ding Whitehouse, chief of staff, MIC Mulvaney was present for at least one phone call where to Ben Giuliani, discussed Ambassador Eu Bonneville, Spite Mulvaney telling associates. He would always. Up away when the president's but in his lawyer? Ball attorneys are blaming the White House for the disclosure of the books contents, one of Bolton's AIDS. Say the ambassador sent a draft to the White House for Review
by the National Security Council? She says, And has not passed that manuscript to anyone else for review period. President is denying those new Bolton revelations outlined by the New York Times. He tweeted last night, part. I never told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats in The violence, in fact he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Boltons this it was only to sell a book. Let's bring in the New York Times, report who broke the story. Msnbc national security analyse Michael Schmidt. So, first of all it can you splain. What we know exactly about the release of this parts of this manuscripts and who might have released it and why my care really get into how we we found out about the contents that already in it, but look this
something that answers the question of what Fulton would testify to over the past, several weeks and even months there has been a sense in Bolton's lawyer. Had set it to Congress and in Bolton came out and said he to testify that Bolton a story to tell, but at what clear what that story was. What was he actually going to say? How is it going to eliminate this situation and what are reporting showed that it takes on the central defence of the Trump impeachment the President's lawyers repeatedly said that there was no Ty between the military, the aid and the investigations at the president's but here you have the presence, former national security adviser with information that takes on that contention, the central contention of impeachment. You know I really John Boltons manuscript tells us what the president knows. The present know it and it also explains
to anybody who reads it that it was a the United States, who was running the conspiracy to extort Ukraine exchange for dirt on his domestic political rival. This is, this is open and shut game over for the present. As far as the facts Guy- and this is what the White House was worried about with a white house by the way I have a copy of this manuscript, their attorneys, they were going through the classification review, so they were aware that this was out there As you say, this lays out very clearly and brings to daylight. Now the question again to the United Senate. You really aren't gonna, have witnesses now leave that John Bull now publicly saying what he says happen: the National security adviser this is nuts fringe player. This is the man at the Centre of national security. Saying here is exactly And yes, it happened the way you suspected it happened and they're not going to it and have him testify? I dont know how you hold that position at this point, but Michael. What have you heard
white House since about that classification review how long they had the manuscript, what they ve known since they ve had this in their hands for the last few weeks. So Bolton's lawyer Chuck were put out the latter that he sent to the White House on December thirty Authentic included the manuscript. So we know that they have the manuscripts since then the White House has not said anything about the review process. They actually said very little. The only thing that we heard from them yesterday was this late night tweet from president several hours passing between when we went to the White House when the story was published in winter eventually came out so some interesting sort of quiet that we were trying to. What was going on what was taken the White House so long to respond and interesting thing here is that the White House may be able to draw up road blocks where the publication of this book, it's a review process to determine whether there is classified information. Bolton has a public, Indeed, a
age on Amazon going live yesterday. That shows that is for the middle of March. If you're in me putting out a book by the middle of March, you probably need to be done with around this time, given the difficult of publishing a book it certain. A very short window that he has so will the White House delay that classification review will expire on longer unwieldy get in the way of the actual book. We're not even talking about the testimony. Jonathan mayor. How desperate is this White House to stop John Bolton from defying and any reporting all the suggested Senate Republic on the hill are going look at this? The way, certainly the while majority of Americans are going to look at this league transcript and say we need here from John Bolton, so we can get the whole truth. That is there
question a few days ago, Senator Romney suggested he was leaning towards voting for women But he did that's not enough. Other Republicans we'd have to join in and certain Prior to this story, we have seen me moving against that that there, well, because we're not going to vote in the Senate to call witnesses would extend the trial that we seem to be on track for this to be rapid. This link transcript and say we need them. Did they hear from John Bolton, so we can get the hell resumes. Today we have a chance to talk to the two senators capital held this morning before things big and that is going to be the question that is is put to them. Certainly the White House, has been Leary of the jungle and testimony throughout we ve heard the present times in recent weeks we have tried to downplay him suggest that you know anything We then he has to say because his disgruntled a former employer suggest that yo. He might use ings invoke executive privilege,
now, security reasons or even if there were to be a vote for witnesses, Bolton would not actually be able to testify migration Let me ask you in an opposite congrats on the great scoop, eliminate a little more how this the extra that stuff use her from the book shed light on some of the other car the characters around the president, including Mc Mulvaney, who would suggest that he was not part of these discussions and that the bolt and suggestions book that he was in the room for some of this, but also my comp pale and in particular, because a nap security reasons or even if there were to be a vote for witnesses Bolton, would not actually be the expressing deep scepticism about why Giuliani was saying and Julia unease role in influence. The present in and pushing for the ambassador to Ukraine. To be removed. The other significant thing in the book is what Bolton says about us. Conversations with the attorney general Bill BAR Bolton says that he told bar after that, all in July that his name has been mentioned on the call Annie
bold, and also express concerns that he had about Giuliani too now that change The time line that the Justice Department has put out in terms of bar the just debarment said that bar did not know about that. All until the middle of August, when it came up in contacts with the whistle blowers complaint. Now here you have Bolton saying in the aftermath of the call he told it to bar Oh bore the his name had been mentioned. The a yesterday putting out a statement saying that Dac intention is not true that board that did you know that dead bar. You know learned about it in a different context, but what you do have, There is less than twelve hours after this story has come out. You have both the president and the attorney general saying that contentions in Bolton's book are not accurate. Mike schmid. Thank you so much quite a start to the weak. Still I had on morning, Joe a pair of presidential candidates, PETE Buddha.
And devour Patrick joined the conversation, but first this data race, lots of Newport Numbers from Iowa. Is this burning to lose me. Bernie has, as had the stunning surge over the past several days, I shaking up shaking up Democrats in Washington. That's for sure, we'll have more on that and by the way morning Joe will be live and Moyne one week for from today for full coverage of that states. Carcasses and its onto the pen stock restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire live shows there on February tenth eleven than twelve even register. To be part of our audience at an J New Hampshire dog event: bright dot com- they guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours.
I do not believe I simply do not believe that the same All the same old politics is gonna, generate the excitement to create, turn up? You can arrayed excited when you're busy going to New York, raising large sums of money, a millionaires and billionaires people want change. And I think that one our campaign is about. Is the ability to speak to working people, many of them having been come disillusioned with status politics, people work longer hours for low wages, are tired of the
let establishment and what a government that stands up for them and not just the one percent. We can talk to those people, Bernie Sanders campaigning in Iowa over the weekend with the IRA carcasses. Now, just one week away in the sea, BS news you gotta, pull out of IRA Sanders is detestably tied for first with Joe Biden, twenty six percent and twenty five percent PETE Buddha Judge is in third with many two percent Centre, Elizabeth Warren Fellows and forthwith fifteen and Senator Amy Clover shower, runs out the top five, with seven and in the New York Times. Sienna college pole centres is up six points from October to take a lead with twenty five percent Buddha Judge, shits second with eighteen percent, and is today They tied with Biden and Warren seventeen and fifteen percent respectively clobber Shahrazad fifth, with eight percent,
trusting numbers joining us now. National political correspondent, and busy NEWS and Emerson BC, an author of the Red and Blue Steve Pornography and former chief of staff to the Dietrich foreseen a former director of teach a communications for Hillary Clinton. Presidential campaign, Adrian L ride she's an MSNBC contributors, so still gonna like you, we are. Finally, we are finally at the moment, as as the Patriots added Bunker Hill Hill, where we can see the whites of their eyes. So when we see these Paul's Iowa, is upon us. Nobody can no longer Tut tut them away and say that these policies, it matters where we then a ten days, and here Bernie Sanders. Certainly surging in the New York Times fall. Joe Biden a surge of his own in this- in the other Paul wait to take these two balls and all the other
Zat that you're looking at right now and give us state of the race one week out: Yeats, for the last couple months we ve been here trying to talk about Ireland, saying G. There aren't that many poles now who knows- maybe too many pulls out there, but we're out what look like Romania is obviously it looks like Sanders, has had a very good of weeks here, a very good couple of months really, since he had a heart attack back in October. Riding a bit of a wild card here, because the numbers vary so much from pole to pole with him one of the big differences you look inside the numbers on these posts. It really The girl yea for the last couple most group of voter, starting at eighteen years old in Santa and he now suddenly there's maybe too many pulls out there. Slowly but steadily drops the older you get and by the time you get to sixty five plus, Sanders is nowhere near the lead and it's sort of the opposite for Joe Biden younger you get when you start at eighteen years old, it's Biden, Gettin blow now in the
what are you getting, especially when you get to sixty five years plus? That's where Biden sort of Sir spot is so it's sort of complete, mirror image. Sits at each other, their Biden Insane in terms of their support one of the questions here with the colleagues, as I noticed such a cliche in politics to say turn out. It's all about the turn out. It's all about Yahoo, show to vote, but the Caucasus being so different than a primary you're having to go out commit to a couple of hours at a public meeting publicly to clearing your preference. This sort of thing you do tendency turn out be lower and Caucasus, then, in primaries a different, more specific type of voter tippit. Typically turning in the Caucasus expectation that that number that Congress number will be high. This year than its ever been before, but still probably different in the Kok estate. I think there's a question whether that gives sanders, potentially again. Just you look at the ILO. Poles So a couple new ones out in New Hampshire, one in fact that had sanders up double digit there- and I ve been talking about this for months. The possibility for be lower and Caucasus, then in primaries a different
in a very powerful combination, democratic primary politics through the years the one to punch of win. Iowa rule in New Hampshire and come out of those to know for candidates have done in the past. Basically the past half century all four of that have gone on to win the nomination, it, can be reinserting where we, of course, after new hand, come South Carolina will see if Bernie can translate in the deep south with older boy voters. He and the rest of the veil of had problems with that other than Joe Biden bite who also have with Iowa it so unique, because the seconds place matter so much, and we, as we heard last week that there are a lot of can choices for Bernie Sanders. There are quite a few, though, for Joe Biden and their pizza, this race could end up being extraordinarily extraordinarily clubs. Yeah I mean we ve said anybody who tells you they knows
gap in, and I was lying to you and I think, that's probably still true when you look it within the margin of error, the three bees, their Biden, Bernie and Buddha, Judge and Elizabeth WAR, not far behind you ve got a cluster of any any four of those people. You wouldn't be surprised, You saw them come out of Iowa great I'll write were now looking at a scenario. The possibility with Bernie Sanders is solid, standing in the first two states. If he were to go to know and go into South Carolina place where Joe Biden right now has a big leave, largely because of his big support from african american voters. We could be looking at a totally different rates, We thought we had with burning Anders with a big head esteem exactly right Willie I mean look at Bernie Sanders ones. I why he's got a very good shot, regardless of how he performs in Iowa to win. New Hampshire and then, of course, you go into battle with with a lot of momentum. If your Bernie Sanders he's wherefore very well with latin acts, voters, so that gives him a huge tactical.
An engine about it and, of course it goes in the South Carolina where Joe Biden is expected to win. Because of that large port among african american voters and older white voters, which are the key it blocks of voters in South Carolina. But you know We going into that say with a lot of momentum. It is important to keep in mind that five percent Delegates that are warning in the democratic primary process are awarded in the first four states. Of course, you get past Super Tuesday. The democratic primary process has awarded forty percent of the delegates, so while of course, these first states matter for momentum. Absolutely there is still a lot of room for other candidates to perform well, especially in those delegates Super Tuesday states that are also largely diverse, and rubber. Now, when you look at South Carolina, Joe Biden Hold, it has a lot to do with how he he Ferris with the african american Community feed Buddha, judge struggles with that. But if you have
Bernie Win in Iowa Bernie when a new Hampshire. How does he fair he is now following a lot better than he did. Would African Americans buddies nowhere near Joe Biden Numbers and I think, that is going to depend on me. You mean he makes into the black, immunity is in terms of specific this whole debate and in some areas about socialism and capitalism, blacks, experience in wood tourism is, we haven't, had access to capital, not that we have been very hungry, socialist or cap in this and think that he's got to fine tune, specific, program and cannot be this all inclusive thing, because we have well, gap which he's been very good at what we are the race gap, because people either in the low economic strata still live our lives black and white and he's got addressed more clearly.
So he can still have a problem with black boat as if he does not get more specific but underneath please run a transformative campaign. It seems that momentum, his quest, now also going to be a marked, because much is you raised the question of. Why is momentum? People want the candidate that can be Trump and all of the traction, eighty eight and sixteen he could not bring up enough about turn out to be the other way. Clinton in primers he's still gotta convince people. He could go with a large turnout, if have enough, turnout in the general election to be Donald Trump. It cannot just be on the air tromp he's got to be able to show in these farmers can even, better than so dont, were. We ve had over the last six months, top for candidates being Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Mare, PETE analysed,
worn Elizabeth from course had a pretty massive surge a month or two ago and has long been acted to be extremely competitive, New Hampshire, let's put up those New Hampshire Paul's again, if we can't alex- and I I just wonder how Elizabeth Warren actually said past Iowa and New Hampshire. If she doesn't score a win in it, one of them because couples three. Four weeks ago, it looked like she actually could be the one sweeping the first two states, but if she comes in fourth place in our neighbouring state, where she supposed ever built an advantage at twelve percent. I don't know how she soldiers on the South Carolina I mean it doesn't take a mathematical jeez to see that the party is called the progressive activities coalescing around Bernie. Basically, his his game seem her loss this this
somebody else in the polls not in these parts of the national polls, that I want to keep reminding to keep an eye out. That's my Bloomberg, you know he's a ten points in the morning. Console Paul and particularly is one thing. Abiden comes out first, one two or three and winds, and I think Bloomberg is not a factor if that far ended the party progressing comes out: either it's a toss up or it starts to become Bernie. You are going to start. The sea Bloomberg start to rise, because I do that there is kind of a got within the poor. It says, look historically, look what happened in great Britain, Jean Mccarthy, George Mcgovern, that that far progressive wind will not end of the party will not be done from keep an eye on. Might Bloomberg of that slots to happen You look at these Paul's and any Paul are any all deny new Hampshire that elevates Bernie Sanders. Michael Bloomberg, thanks, that's a big plus for him that he will be able to do very well
sorting on Super Tuesday, whether that means that being the case or not none of us now, but that certainly the theory of MIKE Bloomberg case These falls unsure they ve seen, is very good news, much better news than Joe Biden. Winning one are the first two states so so Willie knew you look at, the Poles and you see how everything's going- and it does look like a momentum- Bernie Sanders, but it's obviously something a lot of the people a the and C. I have to be very concerned about right now? He is an outsider. Every bit as much as Donald Annul, was an outsider in two thousand. Sixteen, oh yeah he's annoyed everybody up and down the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton being the most obvious example who spoke out about him just last week as a matter of fact, but yet concerns and Adrian you can probably speak to this better than anyone having worked on Hilary campaign that Bernie has been
a thorn in the side, the establishment and that's exactly the way he likes it. How much concerning think there would be if again, we're just the saddle it Bernie Sanders did when I was then he did when New Hampshire and it started to look like there was a very real chance. He could the now many of the Democratic Party. Well, you know well enough the wine to be left to be determined. You know, I think, if Bernie Sanders can show that he can continue to broaden his bays and you can how much concern you think there would be if again, we're just gaming the saddle, down, but also brought now base to get some of those older black. You mean the saddle they Bernie Sanders. Did older latina voters. Did you really broaden that base, then we might talking about something different, but going back to what Donnie said. I do think it is, Bernie Sanders winning three of the four states in the first in the first four contests going into Super Tuesday that you will see, perhaps a lot of people lose, but a faith and Joe Biden and
of their energy and to Michael Bloomberg, because I still firmly believe there are two tracks in this democratic primary, there is the progressive age change track, and there is the endless hold onto it. I'm an era policies status quo track. So, regardless of how Bernie Sanders does in the first four states. If he does well, you will still say sort of a push and pull a fight for the soul of the democratic Party. In going through this primary process, I dont think that if he does well and has almost a clean sleep and sweeping the forest for that, you will we. The entire party apparatus rally around him a minute ago, This is where I think to what Donny, You can see my humble embark start to really surge, because some people It is well with faint faith and Joe Biden, but you know this is any game at this point and we ve also got to keep it. By the way the Bernie Sanders, while he does have a tactical advantage, he's been die. Before he probably came into this- raise with at least a thousand precinct captains and stood allege. He is still
competing with an operation. Elizabeth warriors still known on the ground Everyone you talk to, you will say she has the background game in Iowa and, to an extent the best grounded. New Hampshire, so getting those people to show up at the Caucasus is a totally different ballgame then going to vote in a primary says you ve got to convince your supporters to show up for two hours you ve gotta eat. I hope that they will the whole time- and you know it a much more organizational tional efforts on the ground so Anybody's game is: can we fascinating anybody who was an eye when two thousand four hundred and that we get off the plane- and we saw orange hats in all over doin- and it was our dean's victory until it wasn't that night
shock, because a lot of young people very energize for our dame going all over this state campaigning for our dame. But of course, things didn't work out the way most political approach thought so corner Jackie if these numbers hold may not because, as Adrian said, Lisbeth Warren, the best ground game in the first two states, she's done it thing right. You know for about six, eight, nine months of this campaign, we always say that all the blocking in tackling right, these numbers, how the question at the top of my my fine have been what happened to Elizabeth WAR and I just every Paul. You see minus six, minus four this five minutes of mine, it's just over the past month or so her support his dropped, separately and I were in New Hampshire. Do you see any
inside of the polls that explain why the ever work, the fairy what's going on here? I think there are a couple as you can. First of all the issue of when there are the question of when it happened, you can see we are told her. It was when she got in the lead. I think it was, and I think that met my be a coincidence that it was those. All these. When Elizabeth warring caught binding the national pole? There was talk that hey her trajectories been upward for six months. You caught him now. Is she going to run away? going to leave him in the dust in oh hey, this road map? The nomination? It's very much insight version can win Iowa. She can win new Hampshire. She can win the vat as she can build support s where you are hearing all that talk talk in October and I think coincidentally two things happen. Number one she got more scrutiny should get more scrutiny from the pressure, get more critical recovered from the press. She got folds asking more questions about Medicare for all. She was put on the defensive on the subject of Medicare for all and, I think democratic voters who we it over and over again, you look at the polls. New asked them what the most important thing to you. They say it
ability to be Donald Trump- and I think democratic voters looking at Elizabeth, worn at the top of the poles and under a media spotlight Lex, yet spotlight like she had not had before, I think themselves. Is this the debate we wanna be having against Donald Trump for six months and is this the candidate? We to be leading the debate. Are these the answers we want to have an eye? I suspect they mean I been satisfied that moment because that's when her numbers began to drop back in Spain What of the story for three months now: that's sanders kind of slid into that spot in war and a step back from it. I just add one thing about Sanders too. By the way we I think is where there may be a disconnect between how we in the press and sort of national political median talk about these candidates. Lanes and their appeal that way and how voters actually perceive them to national polls that came out last week asked self identified moderate. And conservative democratic voters. Who is your number one choice they said Biden, whose second place too percent in each Bernie Sanders so
got some moderate and conservatives support and I think, there's part of his appeal. The Democrats is not progressive path. Six per se. It might be some more basic about the kind of leadership style impersonality that he can day's pay its crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong. But what we do and dont know about run: a virus once these things get out there, and this has got a sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said, SARA four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in both book they principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
so we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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