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Sen. Ted Cruz continued recent Republican talking points that Ukraine along with Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. Joe Scarborough weighs in.

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From ethics on Hulu comes, MRS America. The highly antics Peter drama that explores the dawn of the nineteen seventies women's rights Movement tune in as Explore the story of the equal rights amendments, ratification and the unexpected backlash led by Phyllis flatly that forever shifted the political lands. Stirring and award winning cast, including Caitlin shut? Sarah Paulson loser, Duma and Elizabeth Banks, MRS America, new episodes wednesdays exclusively on effects on Hulu visit, Hulu, dot, com, furthermore enable Ukraine metal than the American and and twenty six day. I do what I think considerable evidence. You do because Russia interfere the media pretends. Nobody else. Did you crane, lately interfered in our election. This is a fictional novice that has been perpetrated in propagated by the russian security services themselves. Right now, Russia's too.
She services and their proxies have geared up to repeat their interference in the twenty twenty election. We run we time to stop them and the cost This investigation. I would ask you, please not promote politically driven falsehoods. That's ok, advance russian interests, TED crew, could learn something from Fiona Hell, obviously good morning, come to morning gym Monday? No, he can't you just can't You know that he is living is all seventeen? U S. Intel agencies have told senators like TED Cruiser. That's a lie. They ve also Russia's interfered in the Ukraine. And, in fact, TED crews. And other senators were warned not to repeat. Russian propaganda, don't repeat the propaganda from an Ex KGB agent and has that's exactly what he did. So it's not that I can't it's that here,
Won't with us, where is, he is, will fully choosing that's correct, keys, wilfully choosing to ignore our and tell leaders and the intelligence community he's willingly choose ignore the United States, military he's wilfully choosing to ignore wait, wait what he's, or even from the heads of homeland Security and he's wilful ignoring the warnings from America Zone, His own intelligence professionals that Donald Trump appointed by the way who is a this is russian propaganda. Please do not push it and tat crews from taxes, has decided. He would rather please put his pocket if what he needs to be done is support, Donald Trump right now, saying it
a strange legacy to attach to yourself, but he has done with us. We have White House Rapporteur for the Associated Press, Jonathan, the mere Donnie Deutsche is here as well. Look and strategist to MSNBC political endless. Susan dealt pursue and host of assembly politics asian and president of the National Action network Reverend AL sharpened joins us, so we have such a big day ahead of us. We really do where we really do make it. We could talk about impeachment. Of course, I do have some are coming on their work, we're gonna find out this this week at the ig I has said in a blow apart Donald Trump, suggesting that Barack Obama was crawling around in his office space it from tower and tapping phones, it's gonna predate the ideas blow apart. So many varies. We could talk about that. We could talk about that fact that North Korea, now is openly insulting. Donald Trump is a damn old.
Under what out. Whatever words they use. We we can talk about net, put there's so much, but I think Donald Trump. This weekend spoke for Us all, I really hate- and I have no problem admitting this easy. I think he spoke for us all when he talked about the scene. One issue that is most pressing to our great republic at this time. Take a look. We have a situation where we're looking very strongly it sinks and showers and other it's a bathrooms. Where and the fortunate alone in areas where this tremendous amounts of water, where the water Russia's out to sea, because you can never handle it we'll get anywhere, you turn other force it you don't get you weren't. They take a shower and water comes dripping, how just ripping out very quietly dripping people of washing toilets ten times fifteen times, as opposed to once
They end up using more water, so Epa is looking at that very strongly. At my suggestion, go into a new building or new house or new home, and they have standards. Only you don't get water. You can care wash your hands practically this a little water comes out of the force it in the end. As you leave. The force of law takes much longer to wash your hands using the same amount of water. So I look That's a at opening up to standard and there may be some areas where we'll go the other rout desert areas, but for the most part you have stays where they have so much water that it comes. This call rain. They don't know what to do with itself, whether it be opening up that I believe the vizir of toil soon to be appointed Beginner Jonathan LE mayor. We thought it was so romantic and we liked idea eyes our presidency
Kennedy had Robert Frost read for him with the nineteenth six inaugural session, and that really I thought it sent the mood for one area of the present United States quoting a girl. In part, in the middle of just very pedestrian news conference, the White House, the water, comes dripping, it stripping out very quietly dripping out. Let me hear what say you Joe. I try to think of myself. As I asked questions for living, I never thought test acquired the president, my time to take them to flush the toilet tonight, if the entire time Jonathan, He seems luscious. He seems to have really, as you said, identify these central issue of our age. As we move forward with impeachment I d reports, foreign policy crisis, but apparently to be low, flush, toilets that are alongside you along his wife
This is what we're not really sure where this came from. We certainly ass the White House if the rapture having issues with the plumbing the building is an older one. Its guns undergone some reservations lightly, and maybe it's the sinks. We're showers. Perhaps the president is hearkening back, as time is a developer, maybe he's a cop. Our. They have flush, powerful, toilets. The will we'll keep ass. I we will will pursue this. Don't you were busy Syria ye hear the type petroleum guess where you could like flash it put a centre black gave than it would break it up. I don't know what he's talking about Johnny Deutsche, but I do think when he's talking about flushing, ten or fifteen times. This is one more example of everything the present saying: either a projection or a confession. Oh, my god, I'm reports because so many ways to go with this personal he's, probably
while the royal a monologue already met by crappy properties. What about blood a bed around? You know that if you just can't, I saw that baby. They like didn't, I bet I know cheapest and I've been bedbugs like Billy bigger than now and a big boat bedbugs. They saw their guys back at the royal, did the ral anything didn't bedbugs Jazeera all over the place that's for cook overcapacity, crazy, First, I mean really, if you, if you were gonna to you, know, get a therapist into look at that until the drift in that mind and where he was going. That's not a well man We we kind of laugh, but if you just took that vacuum know, and you looked at that- that's so, But if that was Uncle Joe you uncle go by and if that was Uncle Lewis, whatever you'd call the internist annually should we have you won't? Should we get him checked? that's a mind, that's not right! All right! It's called rain
Let's move on its expected to be another consequential weak in the impeachment investigation in just a few weeks at nine, a M democratic investigators. Covered. The has judiciary, committee and Republicans we'll have another chance to refute it chairman during Adler says he expects. Law says he expects the committee to introduce articles of impeachment by the end of this week, a track that could have the president impeached by Christmas We have a very large salad case. I think the case we have at present to a jury would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat. White House has declined an invitation to participate in the hearing. The president appears consumed by the issue tweeting and retweeting more than one hundred times since yesterday, mostly about impeach
meanwhile, Republican, Senator TED Crews of Texas is the latest Republican to advance the Russia promoted debunked theory that Ukraine, idle than the twenty. Sixteen election here here, is painfully on meat. The press yesterday. Do believe Ukraine Metal than the American Revolution in twenty six thing. I do what I think. There's suitable evident? How do you do? and Chuck? Let me say this is the center of this sort of strikes me, as is odd, because you went through a primary campaign with this president. We launched a birthday and campaign against you. You went after your faith, he threatened to quote spill the things about your wife about something he pushed a national issue our story, which we now know he had a real relation with your driving that ran up all about, but aren't you and it's very good? I is it. Let me ask you this: is it not possible that this president is capable of creating a
in order to help him politically it. Except that's not what happened? The president released the transcript of the phone call. You can read what was said on the phone call uncle. You can read what was said on the phone call, and I must point out anymore now. You yourself into a binding part, was traveling Chuck. Let me point out again that the media is playing a question that that you have asked a number of people It is used. You said the senator sort of a gas. Do you believe that you and not Russia interfered in the Elect now that that in a court of law would be struck as a misleading question. Of course Russia interfered in our election. Nobody looking at the evidence, disputes that, whereas in the United States is look on the evidence. Russia clearly interfered in our efforts in our election, but here's the game, the media's playing because Russia interfere the media pretends. Nobody else. Did you crane lately interfered or our election the sitting ambassador from Ukraine Road and not bad.
Lasting Donald. You know and there we go? I mean it's, it's all it's all the same. He he's now attacking them. This is what the media likes to play, this game, the media likes to play and if they did it in a court of law, the judge Woods it is misleading question now, because the council S, of course, residual your honor, we can take you she'll notice of this, because this is what the United intelligence agencies, all seventeen of them said. Mister crews himself was warned by the into agency do pass along the route propaganda did not pass along the lie that Ukraine
meddled in the twenty sixteen election because Rev, the United States intelligence agencies specifically said that was a lie and it was a lie that was being pushed by an Ex KGB agent as russian propaganda and that they have been doing it quote for several years and yet tat crews. He knows this to be true. He knows that he spouting russian propaganda and yet he wilfully an air, Get lay pushes russian propaganda against the guy who, repeatedly about him during the twenty twenty campaign and ends up poor its? Alas, refuge of the truly desperate ends up attacking the media forward meeting the words of America's intelligence agencies less refuge for be truly desperate? I think that is the fray.
It needs to be kind here when you look at the fact that this has been totally devout and that you're going to feed to this against Ukraine at a time that Europe president who use supporting senator crews has held by the military aid Ukraine on me, this the double whammy. Not only am I going to extort you blame you for a fantasy, did you had nothing to do with to protect the one that you would being tat did fall by the aid of me. If I would Ukraine, I'd be protesting in front of the White House one I didn't get the to the one I need the aid to defend myself forgets is interfere with the election and three I'm gonna, be brave for being interfered with the election by somebody whose daddy and everybody else was love on by this president. Can he sits up there and defends the president that disparaged, daddy, the members of his family- and he himself is dead
is not political desperation, and if that is not people bowing to dump I don't know what it is. No wonder. Trap is in his fantasy world, ruler when you have people that you have absolutely disparities city for national television? Breaking a political impulse allowed themselves made it where he disparaged his father, said he was responsible for this F K assassination disparaged, his wife, suggesting that she was ugly disparaged him having the national Enquire run, an article saying that he had affairs would like four or five different women. Cod lay disparaged him, and yet he is now going out. Pushing russian propaganda.
And Susan Del Percy also continuing. The trump lie about. It wasn't the transcript he he said everything, but quote the transcript was perfect when, of course, we know it wasn't a transcript. First of all and secondly, We know that even the White House is bleached version of that transcript, which wasn't transcript, mentioned the vines and said I need you to do something for me as well. That summary of the phone call that TED Crews mentions is damning, has proven the Democrats case. Of course, I spent two weeks having testimony that just add, blocked by blocked by block to build that wall of impeachment, but what's TED crew, again white way, you just one how low these republicans can go. How shame was vacant Bay in defence of a man who not only with
ban viciously attacked his wife viciously attacked his father and viciously accuse them of an viciously accused him of having an affair with five different women and Joe? It's? It's even worse than just trying to go, the Republicans, and especially when you see someone like take crews going on When you see someone like TED crews going on the air, he is actually hurting our democracy. He is basically saying Our national cannot trust our national security. You cannot trust the basic foundations of which this country decent of which this country is built upon and hasty, to make it a thing about process in this, and to your point about him is what Donald did to his family and to him. He doesn't care and he's willing to go down this, this Rapid Hall for Donald Trump, but it's it's much more significant than that and we
have to start looking at things like a kind of funny when we laugh at their flushing of the toilets and how many times you known, Trump said it and base but we know he's line, but the fifteen, but it's it's continuing on and its given permission for this new environment, which is basically lie, we do not run over act? We are now that they are lying to the american people and they are not being held accountable for because there are also playing to basically conservative media and trying to get there. You know kicks in as far as I'm concerned, it's just pathetic. Well! You know, what's interesting then we'll Mere is often when somebody will say that politician is hurting our democracy, as Susan Del Persia said back, listen that could start a pretty heated debate, except for the fact. In this case the entire community went to the United
they'd Senate and warned the United States Senate against using russian propaganda. Talking points like TED crews just did and warn them. That there was Vladimir Putin's go as as KGB agent Ex KGB agent was to preach. A moral equivalency between right and Ukraine to get the world talking about Ukraine instead of what Russia did, they say, lest they told the senators. This is. This is a lie, but this is something that he's been doing over past couple years and then a fact saying: don't take the bank, because what will it do it will help Putin and it will heart ice and yet that's exactly what TED crews and Kennedy, and so many others of dawn and Jonathan Mayor, as you said,
in these. These Republicans at our spouting russian propaganda, get the good how keeping seal of approval from source himself. Vladimir Putin, that's right! I mean Senator Kennedy and Senator crews have been those outspoken, perhaps so she went there far from allow another Republicans have also Apparently at least portions of these talking points and backing up the president's belief the Ukraine was involves with each sixteen Alex Interference but, of course, are you s? Intelligence community says it it? It did. Wasn't there we're not involved that it was Russia behind this we ve had they take their accuse from the President who not just in Helsinki, but other places too. Has time and time again not criticise, sure for doing it for what they did, because he feels that you know it would diminishes electoral victory in TWAIN. Sixteen eighty zero jonathan- it actually at Helsinki. You know better than anybody, because you asked a question: the press
that shows to side with the Ex KGB agent. Instead of with you as Intel agencies, and even just as in the past couple weeks, what did Vladimir Putin say thank people are talking about Ukraine. Instead of us, they can have good luck with it. So Putin is actually thanking diesel applicants, senators and press conferences first spouting his propaganda and his lies? I wonder what the good but Louisiana taxes. Think about that. We certainly have seen pulling that suggests republicans a more variable or russian view of Russia. Now they ever have because Donald Trump does you're right, I mean in Helsinki. He was given the choice. Would you believe the I'd? These agencies were Russia. He chose Russia and we have Yes, as you just said a few weeks ago, Putin in a rare polar press conference suggesting that this is a good thing, the heat office. Now the heat people in our time Ukraine, be the one to meddle in the election, not Russia,
let's also said it going for yeah. This is also going the all this talking points from the president from this, amateurs this makes it for the? U S to defend it from happening again. This makes it that much easier for Russia to interfere with a twenty twenty elections too, and we know the president at times has suggested he would welcome the outside and throwing away our national security and anything else. For the sake of trying to win this, devaluing of the truth that twisting of the truth, daddy on private along with impeachment Republicans and the Trump campaign, or go to use in the run up to the election year are going to use. These lies to try, when the election again- and I worry- I worry- it- could work- well. Here's highway is working. You know if you they did a study as far as talking people get exclusive, their news from Vocs fifty five point. Fifty five percent of those people said that there is, nothing. Donald Trump could do that would take em out of love,
versus twenty nine percent who get their news now look here about or think they don't care hours cover TAT cruises members I can show you grew up and pensive I grew up in queens. Want more, the action be if somebody came after your father, somebody came after your wife Are you not, though the pathetic weaning is of him. I could wait to run against a guy like that and say what kind of man let's not only let it happen but then gets on the bandwagon. Somebody who went after their dad who went after their wife called there. Why ugly Joe. I know you are very genteel man in Pensacola. They they just debate things very nice way. How will you handle it as a politician, if some We came after your family. If somebody attack my family, somebody attacked my father and wife, from the rest of my life, actually focused on designing their political career I may I just would I no choice. That's just
mainly eyes ass when you know I've I've, I've, I've maker, you you ve heard me say time and time again that mean I've learned. I get older that you do turn the other cheek ignore as many things as you can ignore, but there it is. It remains a mystery to me how TED crews could lie and spout russian propaganda for a man in defence of a man. Who attacked is his his wife. Who caused pain, to his wife by pushing ally in the national inquirer that take crews was having an affair with five different women. I mean that he knows. Donald Trump was responsible for that lie and yet here he is pushing and other lie, but this isn't just Donald Trump Sly. Its Vladimir Putin's lie in,
It remains and will remain a mystery to me why any man would with words oh blindly, serve and, and just be a lemon for someone who so viciously attacked his own family for rely revenue but I think we must also look at the fact that there is a much bigger problem. Thirty forty years. How would we're look at it? We have now normalized people lying about numbers. The family we running against when normalizing sending intelligence giving us information on foreign countries would normally foreign governments interfere with our lectures. Each a collision president has really changed how we govern and the political climate in this country. What's more important, Didn T come than anybody else, we becoming normal. What? What was
Why don't you think we find the word yet to describe the damage? This is doing, does run our democracy and to button this up the world anti doping aid see voted this morning to ban Russia from all global sport for four years after discovering a year's long sheeting schemes, the ruling- perhaps Russia from participating in next summers, Olympic Games in Tokyo and the twenty Twenty two world cup and cutter after the agency conclude that Russia tampered with laboratory data, including plan, fake evidence and deleting files to positive doping tests, rush I will also not be allowed to host or bid on any future sporting event and its flag will not be allowed. To fly at any major event. The country is twenty one days to submit an appeal to the court of Arbitration for sports in Switzerland? There you go.
Still. I had a morning just under a Kirsten Joel brand joins the conversation. How she's prepping for the president's likely in Each man trial in the Senate plus Centre, with war and a mayor, PETE Buddha judge our trading attacks, what it says about the state of the race just eight weeks until Iowa, but first, let's go to build parents with a check. The forecast bill Good Morning make one of those rainy mornings. We're gonna, see tons of delays in the northeast also the highly valued and active week of whether maybe that'll snow for our friends in DC to so this morning, heavy rain and Indianapolis through Ohio, higher Raina snuck up the east coast. Now, to New York City, trying to move up in the Boston, so slow drive. I think the evening dry like to be worse with heavy rain how I see the airports playing out today. Obviously we got the low clouds. We have the rain not dealing with too much. I still be careful, though interior sections of New England. I heard there's a little coding out their early today, but it will turn over the rain later today. Heavy rain possible in New York airports this afternoon at the Boston Philadelphia in
Washington DC during the middle of the day to day. So, here's how this week plays out. We actually get a nice sunny break today in the West Coast. You at all your stormy weather this pass. We get so here's all the rainy weather today, Ohio Valley into the northeast, then as we go into Tuesday ran through the southeast then Wednesday morning. The eye. Ninety five quarter, going to go from rain to snow during the night Tuesday night we're going to wake up to some snow in New York Philadelphia enough for does not look like a heavy snow and then, but it may be enough, school delays and a few spots and then Friday. Another wintery mess comes up the east coast of losing our rainy Saturday in the northeast us the snow accumulations go today, Minneapolis the withdrew its content and as far as Washington, Dc Philly New York in Boston, go look sick about one two, three inches possible Wednesday morning course I'll give you adopted on that forecast tomorrow morning, just to see they get any better or any worse history looking good in the rain this morning horse, I'm not out in it. Some people learn the hard way
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Welcome back to morning, Joe just on a personal note, hear me go we. We talked about the weekend in politics, but for you personally for your former colleagues at Channel three and one slash two. Four Dennis House and really entire state of Connecticut some. Some really sad news is we ATLAS so shocking. Apparently this has a sudden and unexpected when this news anchored Denise Descend so had died. On Friday, we worked together in hard news. That's to send so had died. Friday, we worked together in hard for it. That's actually where I got my career started and local news and reported for a decade. Dna served as the Ankara there Since nineteen, eighty six, alongside my old friend Dennis House, they were co anchored for twenty five years together.
Today's was a friend and mentor. She was strength, warmth and confidence wrapped up in the kindest hard. I will ever know I'd like to remember her beauty a voice. I am so excited to be able to share the story with you and Venice knows me. I, whenever I get ass, to show the strength of the human spirit. Whenever I get a chance to tell a story where people are able to offer the challenges challenge. They have in a way that a start with integrity and grace and am and courage I love it, and this is one of those stories. Denise was one of the great her connection with the story. No matter what it was was real. You could hear it and her voice taught me lot about communicating effectively. It was, kindness that always came through because she was truly kind, so calm and very reassuring so connected to you, the viewer,
and for women who are looking for some guidance on authenticity and presents pullup videos of Denise, just any record of her reading the news listen to her voice, listen the kindness, the carrying the courage. She was Hartford finest her. For thirty one years bar none, she was only sixty one years old and my channel three family is distraught because she was the dacians about station, their conscience, their north star, Donny, survived by her husband Wayne and their daughter, Katharine Senior in court at Cornell, we're praying for them and we'll be right back if you're getting your career as a teacher, a journalist, a business person, a medical professionals, A scientist is social worker. Why not be a kind one Ever you go from here said it.
Sample by doing your job and living your life with kindness, egg eyes, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. President tromp set over the weekend that his personal attorney Giuliani wants to deliver information, he's gathered on Ukraine to Congress and General, William BAR the president, told her quarters that Giuliani hasn't told him what information he's found yet, but he's heard there is a lot to go through.
Well, I just know he came back from someplace and he's going to make a report I think, to the attorney general and the Congress. He says he has a lot of good information. I have not spoken to him about that information, but Rudy. As you know, it has been one of the great crime fighters of the last fifty years. He has not told me what he's found, but I think he wants to go before Congress and say and also to the attorney general and the Department of Justice. I hear he's found plenty in his White House, correspondent, Kristen Walker, S, Giuliani, about trumps comments and whether he intends to give information to the attorney general and lawmakers Giuliani. Texted back all my conversations are privileged and he can disclose what he's comfortable, with I'm in process of still analyzing. What I perceived. Meanwhile, the Washington Post is reporting that during several conversations in recent months attorney
well, William BAR has council president tromp in general terms, that Giuliani has become a liability and a problem for they administer Listen! That's according to multiple people, familiar with the conversations in one Caution Attorney General BAR, worn trump that he was not being well served by his lawyer officials tell the post that way house AIDS. Fear Giuliani, has used its role as the print president's lawyer to promote the interests of private clients spreading. That they do not know who he represents doing. He says his conversations with tromp are protected by attorney client privilege, the post. No, it's that former White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, tried to look Julia unease, reach scheduling here, meetings with tromp at the White House residents, so he would not in act with other White House staff. Former administer an official say Kelly, also told others. He did not want to be part of calls
meetings with Giuliani the Justice Department and the White House both to comment on the post. Reporting Giuliani did not reply to multiple calls and messages, and his lawyer declined to comment as well Joe well, Jonathan Wellmere, MIKE Lubricant, said these Eyes, Giuliani and proper, like the sunshine boys, except there not trying to be funny. I mean I mean this quote from frock. He just got back from someplace just got back- and I had I mean I had to talk to him about what he found it someplace, but he just got back from someplace and Giuliani going all over new crane trying to do. God knows wide at a time when Donald Trump Spring impeached, because what Julie I tried to do the last time you, Sir, but the Lehne report we can in. What can you tell us about it coming from the White House about not just the attorney General
but also a lot of white House insiders very concerned by just how right was Rudy. Giuliani is still being turned general bars, far from alone their officials in the Justice Department officials in the state Department a vision in the West Wing who all have expressed great concern about Julia on his actions. The fry earlier this year that they believe the walk president who up to the brink of impeachment. Now that he still there? I talk to someone over the weekend who, who literally said they could not? They thought I was joking when I them and set out to do her. Giuliani is back in Ukraine and the person and close the president almost could not believe their ears that he would go back. There distort more trouble low Giuliani, of course, is suggesting that he's gonna find evidence to exonerate the president that he would perhaps find more damaging information about the burdens. Of course, there is no no has been charged with any doing any matter in the Ukraine, but this is something that people are on. The present are very anxious about,
they feel Giuliani as someone who is still so desperate. First, the spotlight he some. Was passed over four cabinet position. He was a fierce advocate for Trump on the twenty sixth campaign, thought he'd be rewarded with Secretary of state wasn't gonna get that could have perhaps for the lesser cabinet position. Homeland security was bandied about. He chose not to hear that up with no, host whatsoever and then re rented himself as the president's personal attorney. You first for the mother probe and now this matter, but there are people around tromp who, urging him to casually aside. But to this point at least for now, the product is not really do so he likes Giuliani is an attack dog. He likes him being up defending him in the media and still is willing to support it last spring and MSNBC contributor, MIKE Barnacle and state attorney for Palm Beach County Dave. Ehrenberg. Dave. I want to jump to the question about ready Giuliani. How does his travel to Ukraine impact the questions
bout him in the federal investigation of him where it is really something isn't maker continues engage in this drug deal in plain sight. This guy's got that bothers me self awareness as a politician commercial? Why that's a that's love he's out there run around in plain sight like taunting process, Here's your investigating him. It's not a good look for him. If he's out there representing the president, then looks it campaign finance law violation, if he's representing foreign clients- and it looks like a violation of foreign agents- registration act- it is just a private, doesn't do in his own bidding representing no one but himself just to give a report today general and Congress for potential investigation and is really a private citizen. I know a lot of private citizens who, like that kind of power, even
as a staunch as allies, like Congress and MAC Gates had said that Giuliani trips, Ukraine was weird and when you ve lost Matt. Gay you know you're in a whole. Lot of trouble, gags hikes lost, math gates it's a bad sign might Barnacle guy, you know maker the front page sure the New York Times today, multiple by airlines, including Jim Dwyer and Maggie hey and how a next mayor lit a president to the brink of impeachment. When read. The entire peace is quite Lang com. It's kind of pathetic, I mean here's, a guy who is mare of New York City. Everyone remembers December, eleventh, in which he, you know, did heroic job that day and days and soon he is now clamouring for the spotlight? He'll do anything for the spotlight and if he puts together this report, that is supposedly doing crane, everyday veterinary. Maybe you can answer this. What does he do with the report? Who does he give the report to what kind of
report. Is it who does it give it to and wants to be done when that that shows that he is not a private citizen if he has the power to give the attorney general directly report or Congress Report, and then they act on it in stripped. Ukraine also undermine the narrative for the Republicans that we should just wait. Twenty twenty in the elections to decide from state. Don't Dury, do it through impeachment by Congress. Because remember Giuliani, is in Ukraine to try to encourage foreign interference in the twenty twenty elections, which shows why the impeachment hearings were necessary. Rove. We spare grew up in the city with tuna is mayor and yes, for a few days, he did do something heroically for the city, trade it on it from their on anybody. It lives in this town knows that he exploded. Nine. Eleven I don't even want to give him that, because, in the here's to come in the most self serving way he exploded.
This tragedy that we have lived through a waiver gale. I can't I can't let you say that you cannot say journals and you ve got it. Is your daddy issues with Rudy Giuliani? Take up those issues? Rudy Giuliano, what's going on right now, I know for myself and for a lot of Amerika When George Bush was stumbling. The first week it was Rudy still I did when I was about to overlook. We are talking about here is eager to me. Let go Talk about wide scope on now can don't bring up nine eleven. I mean, because I mean we want to talk about Rudy. I say this makes it more of a tragedy that Rudy Giuliani, along with a great people of new city in a great police commissioner terms this city around ninety three, ninety, four, ninety five, ninety six, I mean we can talk about that. We can do. I can
What I believe about nine eleven. I think that makes what's been going on the last three years, even were tragic, the lad I don't usually in Iraq. I just showed you, but that's not. It is ok. I just I can't have you say that I'm not sure why we can agree to disagree, because I just think he shared a lot of his soul after that and people living He was highly unpopular by Tommy lest office highly. So yes it his job? Those days for many many many months and years afterwards, I felt we can. Degree and ran away every single jumping on the, as you say, grub them a city. There was no one more critical of booty Giuliani, they made no one met more marches, but I think He and worse did the nine eleven where we will all work petrified was needed and I was never critical of him in terms of nine eleven and shockingly the city came together.
Did he do its job? Yes, but I would not a tag. Yet what do you do now, though, I think has disgrace TIM and the potential legacy he could have had in his book? Divisive Rudy we know is the Rudy that we know that would use any to his advantage that we do pre post nine eleven side. I would agree we're Joe nine Eleven stands alone, because we did not know there was another tat coming in dolls hours was sitting there. Would no cell phone use not knowing what we were under? It was import leadership, but the ugly Rudy before that in terms of racism in divisiveness and occasionally after I think he deserves. All the criticism that we can put it on him, and I think that that is the chickens coming home to roost. When I looked at the New York Times about three thirty, two, small and work it out with this headline, saying that the Ets mare,
May I gone and history he may be the man that help to brain damage Rudy Giuliani may end up going to history. Like an election, and I think that is something. Down if not innocent civilians, action, and not think that is something that is very interesting particularly. Would Trump humiliated hit by not making him Secretary of state or attorney general Is this a blogger. I would remind you happy you bring. You know, someone who worked for really Juliana worked in they ministration for six years. I tell you I will believed a lot of what we're doing. I'm not saying you don't have your point of view that there were three issues in this administration and yes, Donnie and in that way, towards the end of his second term, before nine eleven yeah there, where he was not that popular That being said is in LE monde, ok, but in the months and years that follow nine eleven? As someone who is well aware of the comfort and the things he did for people after nine eleven year
after the fact he was there did he ask. Did he make money after he left office? Yes, a lot of people do whence. We are well aware, but I will what he has become today and this article is is frightening its depressing. It's really sad as someone who supported the mare, I'm devastated by what he has become and what he is doing. I think he's not just doing a disservice to the president, giving him really bad advice, but he is doing discredit to the country, and that to me is is right there, but as someone again thing- here, the months and years after nine eleven what he did for people that a lot. Folks are unaware of. I will not take that away from him ever but his nose in that same article this morning to think there. He brought these guys from you rain to the nine eleven dummy? I hear that is going to determine our too
Roy, that one's it maximizing using that there and when you re that story- and he brought him to the nine eleven different that nine eleven dinner was sacred for years. And years and years. So a lot of people were really surprised me going too He brings these two in Armenians and I mean how shocking it was. I mean why how development that would sell for any gain, but did sight, was but make it clear that was a private dinner, no unprofited offer that that doesn't go. I don't think that he had thing to gain offer, bring them all whilst that is needed, to bring the bare inquiring mine, John Brown, and you don't make it obviously, I am not defending post nice Levin Rudy beyond what he did those years after that that Susan's talking about. And certainly he has acted apparently- and it's it's it's very too
passing again for those who actually looked after this guy, he would called America's merit one point, but at a very, very controversial run as mayor of New York, but no. What is so, I think, distressing and in and also just so one. Leave a boys. We were walking. Down the street Mika. We won't mention the name, but last week somebody came up to me, and make me who I won't say the name, but was was associate there were thirty Giuliani and in his, It's his glory years, his mare of New York City, enduring nine eleven and said: isn't it so sad what a tragedy it is that I'm just using the word that were said to me that this old man is so desperate to be in the headlines.
That he is shattered any positive legacy he would have ever had. After all the thing We went through defending him through the years. It is, it is all about. The spotlight is all about grabbing the MAX headline and he is willing to squander his existence for well pocketful of headlines, to paraphrase All signed people who know him say a real decline in whose behaviour and everything The journey from including colluding the presence of the United States, which is so bizarre that the present the United States, even before he was sword in his present, the United States was talking about in the president's words, not mine, That really Giuliani had lost quite a few steps, especially after six p m? That's the president's work pay its crusades this week on my part, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and dont know about,
corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said several, four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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