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A majority is in favor of witnesses testifying at the Senate impeachment trial of the president, according to new polling. Will enough Republican senators back witnesses? The panel discusses.

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You know you can't trust this present do what's right for this country. You know what the right answer is for our country. You can trust he will do what's right for Donald Trump. You know right with the right answer is for the american people he'll. Do it now he's done it before he'll? Do it for the next several months, he'll. Do it in the election who is allowed to what they are asking you to do is to throw out a successful president on the eve of an election with no basis in violation of the constitution so the senators and all of us have now heard from the prosecution and from the defence, but the question, over the Senate Chamber over Mitch Mcdonald's office in overall of Washington is: are we Yet they hear from the witnesses who can actually give us first Santa counts of what happened.
Morning and welcome the morning Joe, it's Wednesday January, twenty ninth, along with William May, we have MSNBC contributor, might Barnacle MSNBC, They go, analyse and former chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steel Whitehouse Report, for the Associated Press, Jonathan or mayor and NBC whose corresponded Heidi Prince Bela Meeker, we'll be back tomorrow. You know before we start in all of this. Jonathan were mere. I want to go to you first, you or hanging out by Jersey, shore and a Trump rally broke out and you have a t shirt to prove it get in wild in a wild why'd. You seen walking into thirty rock with that teacher this morning. What happened last night at the Jersey shore. You can see that really done a lot of work on my tan and I say Emily Wildwood crowd there. There is
lot of discussion about the time share that barnacles eyeing for the summer. So people are we ready for you there I mean what I know. There are several couple establishments on the water that he's no longer allowed to answer the last night the president did have it a rally instrument, unlikely location. We were in deep blue New Jersey. It was a thank you if you will for representative Jeff true who is the democratic congressman you will call who switched parties at the end of last year. This is district is part of that agreement. The presidency be happy to come to Jersey, told a rally form, and I will say it was a big crowd. Pretty rockets is a part of the world so that concern part of the state, its area. Of course it doesn't see republican present very often they were fired up. The president for his part, actually sort of remained on message and sort of disciplined again we're grating on a curve here for Donald Trump when it comes to these rallies. But here most of the time to tat in his own accomplishments
Lee and stayed away from some of the controversy swirling around his white ass is, of course he did talk about the apiece retrial. Some you know, but he made no mention of John Bolton. He made no. Gosh of a wish for witnesses or a hope it they don't appear, and certainly that was what his White House wants. They do not want to hear right, national Curie adviser. They do not want to hear from some other administration officials who could further links the president to what happened in the Ukraine, but that is, as you said, Joe. That's the question hovering over everything. These next couple of days is whether or not we senators and work for a just and poorly and America public will hear from those witnesses oppressed, has privately said. He does not want that to happen. He does not want John Bull to testify in part because he claims but Bolton is now just disgruntled former employees and cannot be trusted. In saying this, I see the image Russia, United States, embracing and hugging of former,
congressmen whose, for the first two or three years absolutely he's next before having a last minute version too. The republican party, but you know, Donald Trump- is comfortable around. Democrats, undemocratic Congress and hugging, I mean, gave money. They Hillary Clinton, eight separate timescale, money to Anthony Wiener helped on his campaign. Helped on Elliot's fritters campaign helped on calmly since two thousand fortune Camp AIDS is what he does in. Others is. What do you want it? So this is predictable now, what's not, predictable really is you actually come to a juncture and said proceedings or house proceedings really anything on CAP Doyle, where you actually have question mark hanging hanging over? What's going to happen? Next, that's exactly what we're now with Mitch Mcconnell suggesting
doesn't have the vows I'm I'm sceptical Letty doesn't have the votes. I think, at the end of the day, a Mitchell probably try to figure out, how we get it done. Maybe I'll stop speaking in Russian too, to the carcass and start talking in English. Again the kings, English, but in time. New. Do wonder some like Mitt Romney, heads maybe Susan Collins, maybe lease we're cow scheme may be one other and suddenly There is a possibility that we here John Balkans testimony a man who himself now finds himself in the middle of an ideological war. Senator the New York Times of boarding in one of his closest friends. Yes anywhere one of his His friends now think he's just gotta garage. That's why they say Willie in washing and if you want a friend by a dog, knows it's
weeks ago by the way was one of his closest friends and now not somewhat I say, foresaw the guy from New Jersey, love leading the show with the Jersey Shore. Stay away from the stereotypical references, no snow key reference this morning. So we appreciate that very much so aside. What scrambling Capitol Hill ahead of Friday's expected vote on whether to subpoena wit, those closest friends? Yes anywhere one of his closest friends, Mitch Mcconnell told members in a closed door meeting yesterday. He had not yet want the fifty, votes needed to block witness testimony, but that the situation is fluid. Democrats need for Republican to break ranks, and last night Senator Chuck Humor said he believes ten to twelve Republicans are at least open to vote. Four witnesses right now, though, we count only three
Confident are you that there are at least three other republican centres who would support hearing from witnesses? I can't begin to predict whether senators you gonna do. I think that each individual to make their own decision and they're not vital, think they're all settled as a group or as individuals is too actually how they're gonna vote. But I love you for John Bolton- and I think the idea of this expressed in the media about having each side be able to choose witness or maybe more than what was witness paired basis as America, its fear likely bed, I'm going to conclude that, yes, we do need to hear from wet, assess for when I believe that there is some gaps, some ambiguities said need to be cleared up and more information tends to be helpful when you're, making such a weighty decision and other key republicans early summer Cowskin told reporters quote Mr Bolton, probably what
Some things that would be helpful for US sources. Also telling the Wall Street Colonel this morning? The White House is concern that centres pat to me Pennsylvania Rob portmanteau. Ohio might also vote for witnesses. Colorado's regarding refused to come at saying it would violate his oath of impartiality and other vulnerable senator up for re election in twenty twenty North Carolina is Tom. Tell us who said Bolton's book has not affected his decision. Tell us said quote: I dont think we need Wit says, and then here's the latest from Lindsey. Graham it people want witnesses, we're gonna, get alot of witnesses, this idea of calling worn and one makes zero sense to me. But if we open this up to additional inquiry, we're going down the road. Was it legitimate for the president to believe there was corruption and complex The measures on the vines poured in the Ukraine will explore that and whether or not there
any credibility, the idea that the sea may have been working with you track. So one of the american people think about this well, seventy five sense of voters in a new. Can it be at Paul said, witnesses should be allowed to testify in the president's impeachment trial. Seventy five percent broken down by party that its forty nine percent of Republican, seventy five percent of independence and ninety four percent of Democrats. Meanwhile, fifty four percent of Americans in this pole agreed president Trump abuses power regarding his actions in Ukraine and fifty two percent say: tromp Upstream The Congress regarding its investigation into those actions so Joe, we have Mitt Romney Susan Collins, perhaps LISA Mc Caskey on board for the witnesses Lamar Zander Pat to me, rob Portman in play. One other senator disappoint, RON Johnson, the Republican from Wisconsin who's been lockstep with President Trump recently said. Yes, on Bolton should tell his story in me
interview, but not as a witness in our internal market will of course make sense. But we know sense right. That's what we come to expect from Senator RON Johnson. So hiding you ve got not only those senators saying there need to be more witnesses. You get seventy five percent of American saying we need D You're more witnesses, including forty nine percent of Republicans, Johnny. I any their Paul saying that Donald Trump abuse the powers of his office, majority, saying Donald Trump obstruct the investigation into his own impeachment, and yet we hear Lindsey Ground, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, starting to talk about discredited conspiracy theories about Ukraine. I find the Syrian sing because yesterday you could get a straw answer from free Congress, people, a big who kept going
back to crowd strike ukrainian conspiracy theory that have been discredited months ago yeah. That was really stunning. I had a simple question, which was: what is the corruption that President Trumpet policing from May when the Department of Defense certified those funds and said Ukraine met all corrupt, and standards, and timber when three days after Congress started investigating em. All of a sudden, he released the and we went around in circles. It was eleven minutes exchange and, frankly, all of the other media who were there at that stake out, joined in with me and trying to get an answer, we walked away from it. Having no other answer other than that, the president was tracking borri small and the violence and terror previously well placed scepticism about this Joe despite those, calls Mitch Mcconnell made those comments that he didn't have the votes. Yet in the midst
a meeting where he was arm twisting people to get the boats and for that meeting, our own Leon Caldwell spoke with one of those senators, Senator Pat Rob who said he was quote feeling good about the fact that they probably did have the votes to stop the witnesses. Keep in mind that some fundamental things have not changed here, which are that a lot of those vulnerable Republicans like Tom till it like Martha Mc Sally, like Corey Gardner, have primary opponents waiting in the wings waiting to pounce. So you really come back to that site. In the midst of a meeting where he was arm twisting people to get the boats, votes and after that need our own Leon. Caldwell spoke with one of those senator's son, common saying she was curious about what Bolton had to say before that arm twisting meeting after the arm twisting hearing, we all chased her down to the bowels of the capital and onto the train where she was. Used to comment. So is
very much unclear whether that those boats are gonna, be there for the witnesses and even if they do the votes for the witnesses shall keep in mind that it could be a protracted process as theirs? of ambiguity right now over what the president will do to try to block John Bolton and that in the end, there is almost no doubt here that the president would be acquitted You know Michael Steel, when I was very young boy growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta themselves, the tv set every morning while my mother still sleeping and I'd watch show called Robber room there. Be this magic ball that the host would look into when they would say I see jolly and I see sat there and I see Joey I'm coming out. She sees me there's a lot of course most general names in the world about anyway, but we can do this for Republicans right now you and me we can look into the crystal yell and we can see the future and the future looks like this. Seventy five
and of Americans think that Donald Trump, it needs the impeachment trial. Means war witnesses, a majority believe the abuse of power of his office. A majority believe I mean all that set other policy majority of Americans think this guy abused of the offices and obstructed justice obstructed, anyway, into his own impeachment trial. For Republicans right Crystal Ball for Corey Gardener for Martha MC sallying for Tom, tell us for everybody in these swing. States. John Bolton, this information, whether it comes out height confined in the Senate trial or whether ages its blown out all over the airwaves over the next two or three months information is going to come out, which is going to include include a lot incriminating information about Donald Trump going to lead to more incriminating information about Donald Trump, which is going
We do an avalanche of incriminating information about prompt this morning, where, of course waiting about attempts of Donald Trump too, take to kill investigations into a corrupt turkish bank and impossible even and the chinese banks, not banks for chinese entities for his own personal financial reasons, well. I think these people are trying to kill me this investigation. Now, why don't we look into the crucible, how bad disease look for them? The last week, of the election when we know so much more than that, and we know now and they're the ones who voted to stop Americans learning the truth about Donald Trump willing to take that risk. Because again, these these players, play a short game playing along game into November and what their paw
sure going to be well financed. The Democrats are already outpacing republicans in regard at the congressional level instead senatorial level, are you what color levels already in our clanging oxen, hey, you gotta, get one reason why so best number one number two you're going a narrative problem in the fall when Europe on its who are well financed again are putting up, as that, remind the voters that, at a critical juncture, when could have ass well for more witnesses were you could have helped the kind, we resolve this in a way that now see all the facts and no other facts you didn't I saw, but there interested in the shocking? You touched on a very important point, Joe, and that is that, looking to there they're, saying all I've got someone waiting in the wings who were pounced on me. The Donald Trump could potentially support you don't want to so the question of corruption. I think the president gives us all. We need to know what I mean when he said students, folks, hey there. Why do we need
for corrupt practices, that can't we just? Why can't we bright people? Why can american businesses bribe foreign governments to get what they want? So the narrative is set and these guys are buying into the narrative of man who has no regard for any of this stuff, so former White House, the Sap John Kelly says he believes John Boltons report. Account of the Ukraine saga should be heard speaking to occur out in Florida on Monday, General Kelly commented on what Bolton report they reveals in its his forthcoming book that present Trump told that releasing military aid to Ukraine hinged on whether the country investigated the president's political rivals, including, of course, by. According to the Sarasota Herald Tribune Kelly asserted this quote: if on Bolton says that in the book I believe John Bolton adding
every single time I was with him. He always gave the president the unvarnished truth. The growing calls for Bolton to testify the impeachment trial. Kelly said this. I think that there are people that could contribute to this either in this are guilty. I think they should be heard. I think some of the conversation seem to me to be very inappropriate, but was in their speaking to Bolton's character, the retired forest, our marine corps, General added, quote Johns and honest guy he's a man of integrity and great character so might burnt, remember back in October, when John Kelly worn Trump that if he hired a yes, may be amphibious chief of staff, he would be impeached. He was right about that. He believes on board should set as a witness trial will in who wouldn t go along with what General Kelly said yesterday. My problem with general Kelly is not real problem. Does a man of my problem His is general Kelly, general matters, you know where are they?
no more than anybody- that's a testified, I think, probably before either before the impeachment. Many. Where are they and in this whole thing is coming down this week. I think from what you hear from talk: the sitting United States senators to a conclusion that made me by the end of this week. The present member states will be acquitted in the United States Senate he'll be acquitted by the end of this week and Joe. You know right the room is one thing, but there's a separate universe, just as fictitious as romp room is called Mitch, but Connell's united. Senate. I believe from what I've been told that he does have the votes, to end this thing and he wants to end this thing, so we could be going to Iowa over the weekend with the president. Ninety states having been acquitted. Why but Jonathan Le Maire again, the president, if he has acquitted and if these publicans, actually obstruct the investigation and against transparency and vote against the truth. Getting out,
they're gonna be voting against the overwhelming majority of Americans again in tromp world you never about tomorrow in tromp world. There never are consequence. And make Sally World oh she's these vera, are consequences. You lose elections, Corey Gardener, he's saying that you're always getting pounded right now in the polls he's upside down is favourably. What is Johnny earns blather a couple of days ago on television, said something really stupid. She used Or outside voice, when she should have kept her thoughts inside field actually that everything that she is doing in this political conspiracy with Donald Trump or she's just parity. Every word that Donald Trump wants her to say just proves that this exercises Ban
the slander Joe Biden, do attack Joe Biden so I just wonder if these senators really have convinced themselves that they, shoot somebody on Fifth avenue and get away with it. That's a long held belief in Trump World Is it a dozen try to win the even a new cycle, but rather a noose moment just what's right in front of them? There's never been a long term strategy here into look. He is present, and to this point we expect him to survive this impeaching trial, there's a limit to the consequences that he has paid. But your point is right. We now that rules can apply to other Republicans and throw the polling is training very much against them. It seems that the public's into in this trial, wanting to be fair, wanting to be impartial, want there to be witnesses has only grown as the trial has proceeded, and I think that there certainly some Republicans, who very nervous about that. Yes, I think Mitra Connell's play here It remains to be seen. I think that the certainly he's the key,
My answer is that we have the votes to block when this is currently is what he said to them, and it certainly Motivational tactic there's still a lot of optimism on we're, probably leadership, backing up which were barcode. Who said that they will have these. So they went quite haven't hand. Now they will very soon. They feel that this is going to there won't be witnessing this is going to come to a swift conclusion It is by Saturday perhaps before I, maybe on Monday State of the union, the very next day and to further on the John Kelly planting. He was his final conversation with the present while he was to party ass chief of staff, He said, if you sure, on yourself with yes man, you will be a patron certainly has has borne out here, in fact rather upset with yes, men and the other thing that happened. Yesterday of note was a present: the Middle EAST Peace plan, which I'm sure we'll get to later. It's already seems like its relatively dead on arrival in the region, but he prayed Secretary of State Monk Micron pale for his attitude towards that end. Pr reporter. When is she
the little people was belligerent to her and even swore her off air and suggested. That was the kind of attitude he wanted. There are no consequences now, the president from his staff there, no guardrail, The president has advisers. He wants any complements them when they act like he does. The present at that mainly of the peace plan yesterday gave. Secretary vampire the reward. Apparently he was seeking in berating that rapporteur. We got a lot more had, including Andrew Mitchell, on that peace plan and two of the jurors in the president's impeachment trial centres. Chris Coon's and Joe Mansion very interesting voices. All this they'll be our gas plus one of the impeachment prosecutors congressmen who keen Jeffreys of New York or join our conversation when morning Joe comes right back, friend had found a day, I think David's, having a special day today and Libya joy had a special day on Sunday. I see Rob and had a special day yesterday in vain as having a special day to day, and so is Reginald and word John. Some people learn the hard way in the news
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Film Premier Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch badges, streaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville Seattle and all over the internet he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts, Arkell off when people listen to music there. Feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music. The importance of music is to keep our spirits we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress.
I would beg Mickey mouse against this present. I should say there waiver look. This presidency is a genuine threat to democracy and there were yes, good candidates running it, but this is just as this is the first gone to close off. Ah, you know we go from here to New Hampshire than to Nevada South Carolina places, I'm Winnie. Now we go to Super Tuesday and so on should fulfil a good meal as long as you don't think, it's gonna be settled here, but I think it can make a difference to its former vice president job in Iowa. Yesterday were now five days ahead of the boat, their downplaying but I was importance in the twenty twenty race was the vice president. Also, yesterday Biden was asked if he believes the Democratic Party would rally Ah, you know we go from here to New Hampshire than to Nevada.
You know- I just think that depends upon how downplaying a bit I was importance in the twenty twenty race was the vice president. Also, yes, you mentioned Joanie Earth Joanie earns the senator for my few minutes ago. He also Joe Biden talked about Joanie Ernst and he's using that is as a tool out there in the campaign to her to hear it. She said this whole bit. This whole thing about Ukraine was today. Me, because I'm the one they fear the most against Donald Trump before making light What he said last night, making a big deal about what he said last night, but Michael, all this is. This is just the opening around. They haven't even taken the first vote shed and when, when I hear Bernie says something about Elizabeth Elizabeth says something about somebody out this
a child's play like I got to say this is one of the most timid primary seasons. I've ever seen in my life. So I guess people trying to seize and try to find for mercy where, on the democratic side, there really isn't that much controversy. It's it's been pretty ford in. Joe Biden said. We have, after your whoever wins and think you're going to see it. Body- and I dare vitamin- and that includes Bernie Bernie will open up again, I find Bernier. Bernie will certainly buying them, but we haven't even through the first pitch the season, so everybody just needs to relax Joe. You know it's interesting candidates at this stage, especially and I were in New Hampshire, this sort of like reporting. Go out there. You go in the field and you circle around the prize. That's what the candidates doing right now I mean
prize. If you talk to enough voters- and I'm sure you know this- prize is beating Donald Trump? It hell. It's not really Medicare for all its, not opium it's not a reconstruction of this country and infrastructure spending its beating. Donald Democrats that's what the prizes right now and the candidates all of them by Bernie. There was a they are certainly not trying to figure out exactly how hard they should hit that central theme and we're going to find out you know after I, after they have children, nor what more obviously- and they all know that where will they weave? We have often just before in ourselves about how liberals and in Manhattan, were stumbling around the day after George W Bush had been re elected, it was as if the zombie apocalypse had invaded the Tri state area hard
four years later. By the time Barack Obama was running. It was obvious the Democrats had only one thing: in mind was winning. I think, that's where we are again in a white. What that, It doesnt twelve years later need What are the reasons why Democrats are really going after that? Each other that hard and why they will unite, is the only thing that matters to democratic voters is stopping Donald Trump and any Democrat between now and November saying to be unhelpful to that cause will be shunned from the party for years I mean if it's right there in the polling, Joe Healthcare is important. The economy and jobs are important, of course, but number one in the list of priorities for Democrats is feeding Donald Trump, so it Bernie Sanders becomes the nominee in that could very well happen. There is no question that Democrats are going our Gunnar unite behind it, because what's the alternative, Michael still, they may not like,
sitting right now, I'm buying voter Buddha judge voter. She might not Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders policy that cost too much money we're moving towards socialism, the rest of it, but on a ballot. If Sanders sitting next to Donald Trump, and you believe that Donald Trump as an existential threat to this country, which a lot of democrats do not stay in home, you're nuts. Harm in it, and that's all very, very true, but there still the other side of the coin, and that is if it is a Bernie Sanders or, and Elizabeth worn there is. The rest of the country. Democrats also have to take into consideration. So you ve got a very large of independent voted out as a percentage maybe seventy percent That's a lot of votes And if you look at seventy eight thousand votes in the last election, you have to ask yourself at some point: yes, These policies are important, but we're gonna play them down and and and put out these candidates, but the voters
This airily are gonna, look and say something: different is one there's one wild card, and here too it's a small one, but it's on the table and its might Bloomberg. Yes, he is he's picking up a little bit of residents of some of these. Specially southern New Hampshire, because he is all of the political, also Dubai. Loosened thine eye or in New Hampshire son, looks like a week. Candidate and here comes might blood, but I hope I don't buy. That necessarily. I think there's a way oversell out the importance of eye when New Hampshire in this in this democratic primary, because you got players. There that no one seems to be accounted for and Andrew Yang, you got me, call Bush they have all voters and support as the air. They may call us in Iowa. It's a carcass people is not applied. Well. Let's keep it real at what what we're talking about here. Primary both begins in in New Hampshire and then you're in South Carolina, which is a whole different Otto Ground when it comes to someone like Joe Joe Biden, so
Let me ask you Michael Steele: are you a sceptic on Michael Bloomberg? Do you look at these walls and think there is a way forward for because right now, it's a great I now nobody has any idea whether this guy has a shot or not, because You got to see how the pieces move on the board over the next month or so. But let's say you have Bernie are Elizabeth or judge winning. Iowa and then New Hampshire you get Bernie winning and then Joe winning and so Carolina and suddenly the pieces are scattered all over the board. Do you think there is a shot before Michael Bloomberg, too. If not when the nomination outright at least stop somebody else from getting the delegates needed in the walk.
I think that's a concern for all quiet concern Nonetheless, for a number of democratic right now who are looking at what might Bloomberg has been able do in thirty days ago from Zaire, to nine percent, and when you beyond this. This primary this carcass this week- and you start the national numbers again you're, going to see him in double digits. Burke has cut out a very interesting strategy, Joe think people should discount yes, that money jobs, but there is also something about the messaging that I think people are our buying right now, and they could be related to your point really about about Joe Biden, but none It puts human play in a very Trusting way on Super Tuesday, because now you're talking about sixteen states across the cut, it is a mix, and all you do is get fifteen
percent to start grab delegates and he's on his way to do that. Neuron Jonathan on here, yeah, the Boomer Camper a number of his for top advisers in the last few days and they feel really good about where they are for a couple of four level. They are saying that the upward directory in the international Poles he's hitting eight nine, even ten percent. I believe in one day we are seeing the impact of their spending spree is having on the president. The Bloomberg has deftly got an underdog trumps skin here in recent days. The trunk campaign accorded my reporting. Not quite sure what to do with this, just yet they they dared are through. No one really knows a number of his throat top advisers in the last few days and they feel really good about where they are, for. Air has irritated the present to hear they had sort of it on and off for generally shit back in New York and Bloomberg significantly wealthier than trumpet sort of had a glide path into the New York society that that Donald Trump, that always
or have shunned trampled. I believe a survey, a tabloid creation, but the Bloomberg team feels like that that their spending is work they ve got super bowl, add coming on Sunday there very proud of their gonna unveil it right for the game. The president has his day as well, and they are looking at it field here and then in their estimation and Bernie Sanders comes out of oil with the wind and then Pratt, followed by another victory New Hampshire. They feel like that Joe Biden were he to eat to contain a wind South Carolina and, I think all pulling suggests in part because of his good support with Africa. The voters. He was still do so, but a first, you maybe even the first three if he takes Nevada with appalling less certain fine coincide I know from it sort of wounded and cheaper that is just two days later and bind were to lose the first state, he may have a real fundraising issue between New Hampshire and for Tuesday, and they feel it that's what Bloomer camp they believe right, then they re willing to pounce
play pick off some states, or at least enough delegates to really for the race into people in that's been by the way, the theory the case in beginning it don't talk to people in Luverne campaign. They say this is sort of play out. The way we hoped it would we needed jobs. To be wounded. We have two billion dollars to put on that that hey guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours
Ok, well, I think you have two for the sake of the office. I would love everybody to testify. I like make to testify. I like my palm paled to testify. I like written hurry to testify. I want everybody, but there were things you can do from the standpoint of executive privilege. You have to maintain that so we'll see word or goes, but especially the national security adviser. You can have him explaining all of your statements about national security concerning Russia, China, North Korea, everything you just can do that road sea. Are we really we're gonna go check a for a second here Let's see, I would like everyone to testify. Ok, that's a lie. I would like me to testify weaving calculi alike,
I would like to pay a fit. Has all that stuff like that? I too, I would like John Bolton I would like everybody to all eyes. Ok, I'm glad we re really clear the alibi ages. I still go back Here again, one of them great incites Donald Trump ever that when Donald Trump says he knows everything about it topic, he knows nothing about a topic and wonder Tromp says he knows nothing about it topic. Those away to MIKE's about bad topic anyway, that present trump earlier this month on whether you didn't executive privilege during the impeachment trial. Let's bring and right now the founding editor in chief of just security he's also professor of law New York University School of law. I'm good man he's out with a new peace entitled why the White House may not dare fight on executive privilege. There's a fascinating article, Ryan,
Then, from your take on it, if the president did invoke that authority, he could be setting up a feed that might hide him the rest of his years in the White House necessary right and my co authors, Andrew Weissmann, former General Council of the FBI, the base argument is: if the present actually knows a lot about executive privilege, he should know that invoking it could a boomerang in the way in which there is an exception to executive privilege, which is if, in fact, the information it provides evidence of a crime and does the presently United States really want a federal court. A pining as to whether or not the allegations in what respect her. Ukraine involve criminal activity and that could obviously impact the impeachment. If he's acquitted, by that time, then still it could impact his political prospects. It could also impact, as we write the southern district of that might be looking at Mayor Giuliani and if a federal court, so
Well, this actually is about criminal activity. It would only bolster the ass a caters there to look at conspirators, so talk about that phrase, if it could involve a crime I, how much attitude does the court have in making that decision are. Our does a court when given that stand or do they look at it in and just say If there is any possibility all of criminal activity based on the facts before us. There cannot rule that there is going to be this executive privilege in bout. So it's the criminal trial is just about seeking information, so the standard is much lower than beyond a regional down its proponents. The evidence illicit fifty one percent in Nepal manner, for I can tell you about this, because it actually happened to him in the very same court where he tried to invoke attorney climb privilege court, judge set him. You sure you want to do that. Because of your invoke it then I have to make a determination as to whether not your communication,
and might involve, activity than she issues this gigantic opinion. Feeling all of the criminal activity that she's reached by a preponderance of the evidence, that's not what he wanted id. I'd marry this and as a question yet greater at a call You may be right that the republican strategy, if it does come to witnesses, may just be to try and discredit John Bolton pull him in a closed deposition and then just give different accounts of what he said, but John Bolt is known to have taken copious notes and documented a lot of what happened during his time there. We know he has a book coming out. So what he shows up with receipts. What if he shows up with evidence that what he says is true candy, exert executive privilege over that and just that only his oral testimony stands soothing could try to exert executive privilege over both. That would be very hard for them to do it for one and not the other.
But the other exceptions to executive privileges. If the information is already in the public domain, so when's, he too defies about the very occasions, interactions verbally, it's done, Therefore, there would be no way to really block the notes, So much so there would be just like a very quick decision by any court. That's that's also the part of our argument that would never want to really go to court in the first place, so this isn't about like some elongated court battle in litigation, it's really deterring the white from ever seeking this path, so Rhine, you say in your peace that the conversation on the telephone on July, twenty fifth during the present island states and presents a linsky- is not covered by national security privilege down troublesome make the case that it is. Why do you say he's wrong? So is wrong couple levels are: first, there's this: the single waiver, so once they release the transcript and then talked about it, it's that's already kind of game, for the conversation
the White House from ever seeking this path so Rhine, you say in your peace that the conversation on the telephone on July, twenty fifth tween, unprecedented states and presidents allowance You're, probably like to say, as George Washington said in our current communications with foreign leaders, there's executive privilege, but they leave out is George Washington said, except for impeachment. That's when you have to give them. Nation ever so their multiple ways in which it's just not gonna, really lift off so riotously John Bull. Indeed call to testify that the thought is. The White House would then try to invoke executive privilege, but President has always brings already spoken publicly about John Balls and doesn't that wave privilege for potentially so that's another way. She could have waived exacted television there, some former federal prosecutors, who think that his three part tweet thread repudiate John Bull is actually a form of waiver because you say no jumbotron says acts. I'm saying why, but then.
Him saying why it actually allows for jumbles also speak as well. I wouldn't put as much It's just that we tried to whatever degree the present has been talking about these sets of facts. That's waved, executive programs, you can't say only can talk about it in the public domain and others can once it's in the public square, then executive privileges, basically over, you wonder why his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, huge, so you stick with a law, is thinking about the president possibly waving his privilege. Professor of law, New York, university, school of LAW, Ryan Gonna. Thank you. So much greatly appreciate your being here. Hey it's crusades this week in my pack, ass wise is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum. But what we do and dont know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is going to sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is that once they're out there, they really they often they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago, that
switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version. Which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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