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GOP sources tell NBC News they expect to have enough votes to block Senate testimony at the president's impeachment trial. If that happens, impeachment proceedings could end by Friday. The panel discusses.

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We do have some incredible people, their work so hard and senators and maybe I'm being just nice to cause. I want the about. Does that makes its Pat Roberts Marcia Blackburn always been so sewers, Marcia Blackburn grow. Blunt. Thank you, Roy John Bozeman. Thank you. John MIKE Bron he's become a. Fixture on television and doing a great job, Shelly more capital. Thank you. West Virginia great place. A bill Cassidy certain. Thank you very much, John Corn, and thank you, John Paul numbers, looking good John Senator Tom Cotton or a storm Kevin Kramer. Thank you care. TED crews boy. Has he been, whereas tat boy,
It is time to get back there. It s those questions, Steve Danes, my friend from the beginning, Joanie aren't so is a team the tag day with Chuck Grass Ensuring arts, Senator Deb Fisher, terrific person, Lindsey, Ram worse, Lindsey may be having induce Senator John surely Josh was John of and John. You have been so great. Thank you, John. Senator James Lange is a terrific person Kelly Laughter Kelly can gradually shouldn't Skelly, Jerry Moran Jerry? Thank you, Mary and another one is James. Irish, James and my grounds, whereas MIKE Mike thank you, TIM Scott, Mr Opportunities and I think, he's they are fighting. He say just read the Transcripts Tom tell us who is doing pretty well as what I'm understanding and Roger Wicker Rick Scott has been so incredible. The rest of you don't have to bother with answer. You know
It works life right yes, you're totally normal completely we'll run of the mill interaction between the defendant and the jury in the middle of a trial good and welcome to morning Joe it is Thursday January thirtieth and with us we have MSNBC lessen MIKE Barnacle, former chiefest, but the c I a department of Defense and busy news national Security analysed Jeremy bash with us, former chief of staff to the DE triple see in a former director teach a communications for elevate Clinton's? Twenty sixteen presidential campaign- Adrian El Rod is with us and senior rider at political and co author of the play book J. Sherman he's an MSNBC political contributor in along with William me, Joe What I had yesterday is taking a sick day and should be back tomorrow, but TAT
We ve now just four days away from Iowa where we're going to be at Java, Jos, and we have new polling that shows two candidates in a dead. He plus the key moments from the impeachment trial yesterday, including the president's defence teams, argument that quid pro quo is unimpeachable, even if that happened but first, where lay the uncertainty on capital hell. I had of the expected vote tomorrow whether to call witnesses saw some of that yesterday, when the present was at that trade deal signing and taking a whip count out, and we can have abstained and raise their hands republican sources telling NBC News they expect now report. What can I do to have enough votes to block Senate testimony with Democrats, possibly coming up one, vote shy of the four republican votes needed yesterday to vulnerable senators up for reelection Corrigan, of Colorado and Martha Mc Sally of Arizona said they were a vote against calling new witnesses, Senator Pat to me of Pennsylvania, who reportedly problem
was trading, one republican witness for a democratic. Witness now says he is, very, very sceptical that any new testimony would change his mind, Romney. Meanwhile says he is a definite. Yes, he wants to see witnesses. Susan Collins's says she will likely vote ass, to have witnesses LISA Mc Caskey, who met privately with Senate Majority later Mitch, Mcconnell yesterday refused to share her thoughts publicly by saying Tuesday. She may want to hear from John Bull another centre Republican to watch Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. He has concern over the hold up of military aid. Here tiring after this term in a former chief of staff, then, we see news quote. You cannot predict him if the scent does vote for no witnesses. We are now told said: Mcconnell will immediately call for a final vote, meaning impeachment proceedings could in tomorrow with a likely acquittal for the present. Jake Sherman you ve, been watching every one of these votes very closely for a long time. Is there a fourth vote,
they're in play. Orders a leader Mcconnell. Have this locked up at this point? This is it. It is clear as much to me at this point and I will say of the things I covered, I'm Capitol Hill. This this is the least obvious. What's gonna happen, we have not seen a fourth vote, it's very deep to understand where this fourth vote is going to come from. The thing that has struck over the last couple days is: there's been no jailbreak. We ve had a I'm beat of what would otherwise be considered. As you know, narrative, changing stories from the New York Times getting hold of John Bolton's book, and we seen jailbreak of witnesses that we anticipated we would see under these circumstances so the longer than men Mcconnell is able to hold on to his camp. So longer he's able to prevent this jailbreak, which he has been able to do the less likely it is. We will see witnesses the more likely it is that he will be able to take this to a final vote on Friday. What about them
Alexander Jake. That's the one senator he, as I said, he's retiring. He may do so This is a time to make some statement for history. Can we read into his thinking? If we can, we can read two things number one, he obviously as the seat of Howard Baker, who played a critical to say the least in in the last two impeachment ago of a president. That's number one number two. We have to understand about Lamar Alexander, as he's extraordinarily close with Ms Mckenna. Very, very close Mitch, Mcconnell long time, ally lieutenant of his and what Republicans are saying again? This is not me sing it. What Republicans keep saying is if we vote. Witnesses. Where is it going to end once we hear from John Bull arena need to hear from ten more people Are we going to remove this president from office? If not, why open this door and listen to impeach months ago of a president
again that he anticipates, there will be fifty one votes to call Hunter Biden to call Adam shift to call the whistle blower. So that's the key. Young people are starting to ask themselves. As do we They go down the snake Britain. I know that's a controversial thing to say, and I'm just were laying my reporting from the cap. Does it not me saying it, but, but I do think that that is a real dynamic, that's playing into a lot of these centres. Thinking so J quickly, this game, this outwards, then, let's say the finally, legal arguments and later tonight, and then the vote on witnesses. Is it possible by tomorrow night, the impeachment trial is over and we ve turned the corner on this major question in this major moment in history, more than pass Well, I would say likely, because there will be four hours of debate on witnesses on getting more witnesses and documents that have come to a vote and from there the Senate will likely, he will be acquitted, absent some sort of surprise that is so huge. Fundamental that we're not
seeing it at this point. Yes, a meagre, we wish we have Mitt Romney the Serbian there from the beginning saying. Yes, I want to see our witnesses. Susan Collins has inch that way loosely summer cows he's as yes, I think we should probably here from John Bolton but it points out. There may not be that force voice. That's going to cross over well unwilling, you might have remembered you might have seen on the show. The other day, Jos, Epic, take down the republican confederacy of dances and in it wash imposed column this morning, Joe as described present, trumps impeachment defends team as a confederacy of dances. Indeed, yesterday during the q and a portion of the trial We saw more examples of this one case in point. Deputy council, Pat Feldman, claimed that it is within the president's rights to ask a foreign government for information.
About a political rival. As long as the information is credible com his specified specific ways in which foreigners cannot be involved in elections. Foreign and vote in elections. There are restrictions on foreign contributions, campaigns? Things like that mere information is not. Something that would violate the campaign, finance laws and if there is Credible information credible information of wrong doing by someone who is running for public office, it's not campaign interference for credible information about wrong, doing to be brought to light if its credible information, so I think the idea that any information that happens to come overseas is necessarily campaign. Interference is, is a mistake. Democrats were dumbfounded by that argument.
This body should not accept. Nor should the american people accept the idea put by the presence lawyers today that it is perfectly fine, unimpeachable for president I'd states to say: hey Russia or how Ukraine or hate China what your help and my election, because that's the policy of the president were calling that policy now the policy of the president to man, foreign interference and withhold money from an ally, war, unless they get it, that's what they call policy. I'm sorry that's what I call corruption, and they can dress it up and fine legal ease, but corruption is still corruption. I could not abide the President's council sang foreign interference and is in a sense, is okay if it has fallen to the classic definition of a campaign contribution and the
Wash Deo. J investigation somehow makes anything and everything that presents done in terms of soliciting foreign interference, legitimate presence count. In a sense gave a green light for that kind of behaviour to continue. I hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail but think there was a dramatic step backwards in terms of protecting the integrity of our election There are audible gasps on the democratic side, with the president's council tried to claim that its power, her for anyone running for option states to take information from foreign kindest idea that you would take information from a foreign government seeking to impact at an election and then weapon eyes that or use that, because it may be credible Is I've just never heard anything like that? I think it's absolutely unconscious and I just think a new territory,
tearing bash Ukraine and died in the middle, running for Abyssinia states to take information from down as aid was being held up. I have to say that at this point, what the republican defense was saying, the fact that an election and then weapon eyes that or use that, because it may be credible, of our enemies and like rats right mega. No, that's exactly right. In fact, they're going step farther and they're saying that going forward is perfectly ok for this president or any aid for office to accept foreign support and an american election, and that out only obviously create say owing relationship indebted relationship between a president and a foreign power which is intolerable from the optic of national security, but undermine The will of the american voter, which has foundational to our democracy, is to go one step further
he got away again on Dershowitz in TAT filled in the present legal team. Argue this is at present can do anything long this that a clear violation of statute he could give away, they knew to accept foreign federation and that will not be unimpeachable offence because it somehow the conduct of foreign policy. I don't know anyone who accept american present, giving away our nuclear secrets to The serbian nation we're gonna, hear that Alan Dershowitz Bite and that legal argument just a moment. It was another job dropper, but let's bring and envy MSNBC Legal analyse Danny Somalia to talk about first, what Mr Philby positive, that a president can ask a foreign leader for formation against a political opponent. It doesn't represent a foreign campaign contribution, in other words, nothing wrong with that. Than it did in that phone call. If you look at Feldman's words, he describes a situation that could hypothetically be true, but that hypothetical does not I did these facts or in other words he saying that it before
a country, somehow broadcasts out or tweets out this information and a political campaign. Just receives it passively. Can they use it? Is that ok, that's the hypothetical that might possibly be acceptable under his effect situation, not the facts here. That's why everybody's in an uproar about it, because even if that were technically possibly true- it's not this. This is different. This is not mere information. The receiver a mere information may be true in some other situation, but this was. Mere information- and this was not passively receiving. This was requested, This was asking for an announcement of an investigation. These are all facts that don't fit in billions theory that might technically be innocent? That's why everyone is flipping.
You know, Willie, we ve been listing to pat filled and we're gonna be hearing from Alan Dershowitz. His theory of what President can or cannot do, president can pretty do anything if he thinks it's in the national interests, but the saddest aspect of this whole spectacle at least to me watching it. Is it a continual? torsion of history led by Mitch Mcconnell. And I would submit that when history, indeed written about this particular period. American life in american politics that Four Connell's role in this distortion will be far larger than Donald trumps and it begins with narrow, Garland excluding him from the court, not holding hearings. It continue with his having of body of members of the United States Senate, fifty three of the Republicans. Most of them do his will, submit it to his will and not have
a trial, legitimate trial with witnesses for the american people to make up their minds. About what indeed happen and then stores in the definition of what a precedent is able to do. It's just that. It's in credit, you mentioned on Dershowitz Jeremy alluded to this dropping argument that Dershowitz made the celebrity turning out defending the president yesterday saying effectively. The president can do anything he wants to get reelected because he believes its in the national interest. Here's what he said Agreement has been made that presently United States only became interested in corruption when he learned that Joe Biden was running for president, its assume, hypothetically, that the president was in his second term, and he said to himself you know Joe Biden Mr President, I really should now get concerned about whether his son is corrupt. She's, not only a candidate and he's already It's me, I'm finished with my term, but he could be. The president of the United States.
And, if he's the president of the United States, it is a corrupt son through these announced. His candidacy is a very good reason for upping the interest in his son. If he wasn't running for President he's a husband, he's the former vice president ivy stage. Ok big deal, but if he's running for President that's an enormous big deal, so the different the house manages, would make us whether the presidency disbursed, Termer, Seconder Weather running for reelection or not running for real action. I think they would have to concede that it was not for reelection. This would not be a corrupt motive, mixed motive, but leaning on the side of national interest. Is running for reelection. Suddenly, that turns it into peaceable. Thank you that there are three possible motives, that a political figure can have one
a motive in the public interest and the Israel argument would be in the public interest. The second is in his own political ends, and the third which has been mentioned- Three of his own financial interests I want focus on the second one for one moment, every look official would, I know, believes that his election is in the public interest and mostly right, your election is in the public interest for president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest. That cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results impeachment. We may argue that it's not in the national interest for a particular president to get reelected foot for it to be an peaceable. You would have to discern that he or she made a decision solely
on the basis of as the House managers put a corrupt motives and it cannot be a corrupt motive, If you have a mixed motive, that partial involves national interest partially involves electoral and does not involve personal pecuniary, day. There's a lot in their good luck with that. But let me started. Let me start at the end. I just want to repeat this line quote if the president something that he thinks will help him get elected in the public interest. That cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment, which raises the question that, under this logic, by this argument. Is there anything the president could not do because, of course, he believes its in the public interest to get himself reelected. That's right. Anderson it is a law professor end in a pellet lawyer and ineffective appellate lawyer too- and this is a classic mapping stone argument, you start with the proposition that events in the public interest. Therefore, it can't be corrupt
right. So now we're in that circle and from there. This is the same thing that war professors do, their students to torture them and get them thinking really hard, and it can be really good for a law school hypothetical scenario in the circle of the public interest. So then, as long as the President believe subjectively that his actions are in the public interest, then its exe double and if he believes his campaign, his re election falls in that book into the public interest ago. Therefore, this activity is not corrupt, activity is not an abuse of power. It is the kind of law, school presentation that will leave student scratching their heads and maybe murmuring themselves yeah. I guess I can see that happening. The problem is not an effective argument to a jury or to the public and made not even to the senators, because this particular fact situation just doesn't
you know the only thing that Alan loves more than the law is the tv? Can that's pretty cool but Germany Bash listing too well and describe what a president can new and not be impeached. Go I'd like to go as to your rose suggestion that giving away the nuclear codes to Russia. If President, if a president declared two aims, so that was in the national interest. Things like that things, declaring to himself that it would be in the national interest if he ordered the. U S Marshall Service, to pick up every Muslim in this country and get them out of the country. I guess all of that isn't, if he declares it to decrease it to be in the national interest, is ok or, if you decide to disband the United States, army or feed, decide to require are all school children the shop on the way, US law every morning and sing an anthem to him. I mean there are there are enough. A number of examples of a president
misusing the office of the presidency and violet his oath of office that endanger national security and undermine our constitution and the numerous did, including the constitution this one, the health check on presidential powers, not a vote of no confidence. Not a disagreement on policy, its statement, The present misuses his power for his own personal benefit, which is the fact pattern we have here. Impeachment is the proper remedy. And its extraordinarily rare. It's it's extra merrily sacred in the sense that you don't want to take out that weapon on any policy distinction or difference. But this is a case where the presence motive was solely to benefit himself. So we don't even have to get to the Jesuits argument about next motive near the that message to the american people was get over it Adrian L rod as a top level campaign strategist. How do you run against this and whose doing the best job at that
Well, you know me cuz. I really think you, and this may not be what a lot of people don't want to hear, but I think if this is over Friday, it is it over in a couple days. I think democratic candidates just have to move on. You know that the Democrats did very well the eighteen mid term elections, historic, went up and down the ballot. By focusing on this kitchen table, she's of the american people care care about lower health care costs, better education, better jobs, that is they once you ve gotta, move on that? But when it comes to some of these, senators that who are very tough reelections hoary gardener, Martha Mcsally, Sally Susan Collins, all eyes will be on that and I can guarantee you that the democratic senatorial Campaign Committee, that other outside groups that are involved and, of course, most importantly, the challengers that democratic challengers to these repellent income, your have elections are going to have a heyday with this. I'm there's so much you, but you can throw. To an ad, so that that is where the real sakes will be, but we need to talk more about this because
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utilizing abiding humor, elevated by Jackman Janni and supporting cast Klute, RE, Romano and Geraldine this one Nathan, film, Vermeer's Saturday April, twenty fifth at eight p m on HBO and catch bad mainstreaming soon on HBO Max, hey everyone, it's true, mainly MSNBC, corresponded and host of the new pact cast into America. In our latest episode, we go to Nashville, Seattle and all over the internet, he just how creative some people are getting to keep the music going. What happens when gigs are cancelled? Clubs are closed and school concerts Arkell off, when people listen to music, there feeling the emotions and the closeness of somebody else, even if they can't be in the same spaces them virus, is keeping us home because you here to cast off the music, the importance of music is to keep our spirits
we're in this situation and in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. I want carcasses- are this next Monday evening, and I'm really interested to see how this discussion today in forms, influence says the Iowa partners matters does democratic caucus powers. Will they be supporting, as vice President Biden at this point, armored car when the jury and you a Senate like the thank the Democrats for bath in Bali this impeach maturity and for spending how much time in a cover up for Joe Biden, the real story here is a corruption. Joe Biden got away with Vice President Biden threatened to foreign country force him to farm
scared who was investigating accompany pain, assent. Eighty three thousand dollars a month. I got away with it and his son got paid I'm Rick Scott and approves this message all right that was Iowa Republican, Senator Joanie Ernst on Monday, Joanie, don't say it out loud, followed by a new campaign. Add by republican Senator Rick Scottish Florida yesterday, the former vice president responded. Jody comes out and says that the quote. I will call are this next Monday are, you should be? I will carcasses. Are this next Monday I'm really interested, how this Scutcheon today, meaning the scope about me on the floor, the Senate, how this discuss the day informs forms. I have a scores, will they be supporting Vice President Biden at this point,
kind of subtle and now we got a guy's multi millionaire, whether Intercede Fastnet, senator from Florida sitting, wash decided to start running negative as against Joe Biden just day, before the ILO Carcass. What do you think? That's about look there's marry me to try to stop me and they know a farmer nominee. I'm gonna beat Donald Trump like a drop your folks now, cobblers doors can have a for one you're, not only rolling down trumps night. If I win the cock, you get around Joanie Ernst night as well.
During our odd I was going to ask. How do you run against that stupidity of Joanie Ernst and the other, but Joe Biden just showed us first of all, how it's funny it's so Sir but it's funny- and I love her little chuckle and bring it right back to Trump. I do think one of the challenge of this campaign is that the republic, defence on so many levels is so brazenly out there. Brazenly shallow, and you know as as was pointed out out this week. It's stupid, they're, they're, stupid, no this. You know this most people know this at this point. There not focused on the law, the constitution or doing anything right there trying to enhance road the dishonest way, and it's almost hard to call it that because it's so obvious yeah me as is almost, is so obvious that if you are a campaign, strategist serve you're working, not a campaign in trying to figure out exactly how to handle this. It's kind of a star
and saying to figure out, because it is so obvious, is astounding. But but you know look you also to keep in mind which we talked about many times on. The show is that over fifty percent of Americans, what still want Donald Trump remove impeached in that From office I'm, so you also have to bear that in mind, so it is important. I think, to do exactly what Joe Biden did if you go on the deep all the time make it. As you know, it's not going to help you. I think Joe Biden had the perfect town. Yes, say that event ensues city where he basically said you know what I sit here and try to analyze. Senator Ernst words here, I'm going to read, verbatim and tell you what she said and you can be the judge of that. That's the perfect way to handle a situation like this I'm sorry. You also have to bear that in mind, so it is important. I think, to do exactly what Joe Biden did if you go on the defence all the time meagre. As you know, It's not gonna with the factually challenged
X on Joe Biden, so Jake Sherman there's a spate of new pulls out there right now, they're all over the place they show a clustering for an end but say it to any club Bashar up in that group down there. Budgets in a lot of these poles, you seeing what are you hearing in these numbers? You ve got a few. Those senators, obviously sitting in Washington right now, who might not mine and being released if that's trial. Impeachment trout does end on Friday to spend a couple of days, and I were before the vote. What's your read on this, as these numbers are so tight in Iowa, Yeah, certainly a cluster at the top. I would say that Ed senators from the ones I've talked to our very eager to get out the door and get back to I wanted fair able to on Friday night. There are private airplanes it there. Many of them take and could get too. I went by late Friday night early Saturday morning. Listen, I think the big thing is and I ve a lot of Republicans Trump aligned. Republicans have said to me, as they believe
Joe Biden is under estimating the bite of the charisma attack from the president and from Republicans, I think, obviously, the House believes Joe Biden, has a strong candidate and could assemble a coalition should get in the past. When New Hampshire, South Carolina into the and he's many I think that they believe that Joe Biden doesn't your stand that the breeze my attack, the Donald Trump, is able to go out there and say this guy and was making a hundred thousand dollars, or whatever is a month had no experience? Joe Biden, had the portfolio God. I've heard that a thousand times on capital ill this week, and I dont think that message is going to go away and I dont think in a lot of Democrats, don't think it's the prevailing narrative on capital will that dividing campaign has not tackled this issue. Instead, there very defensive about it. So that's what I'm really curious to see, because I think if he gets out of Monday night into Tuesday, the president and his attack dogs are just going to chop.
At the bereavement issue and that's gonna become the narrative that they push forts Joe Biden Stick and thank you very much. Hey guys, Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours, Joining us now, president of the council, on foreign relations and author of the book, a world in disarray. Richard has Richard thanks for going around the world with us start with president trunks. Middle EAST peace plan go The administration has done, is working very closely with Israel and with the Prime minister, there has ruled out
he's when that in principle, would create a palestinian state on roughly seventy percent or so of the land that Israel is occupied, since the six day or in nineteen sixty seven, but Israel would keep sovereignty over all of Jerusalem. Palestinians would be able to create a capital. On the outskirts most of the centre whence would remain in refugees would not be able to return. None of this could happen. The Palestinian Authority, somehow managed to disarm, are essentially get rid of Hamas, in Gaza. Stan answer said they reject this. They don't see. This is the basis of talk. Some of the arab governments are saying not so fast. Rejection hasn't served you well historically, if you're asking me what going to happen lay over which the israeli election in early March they're gonna
to unilaterally begin to put some of this into place, and this plan will not be accepted by the Palestinians. Will this, but this will become if you look at these maps something very close to. It will become the new status quo in the in the Middle EAST and West, I want to ask you two questions about that Middle EAST plan. First, Obama talk about land swaps and other where jewish communities were living in the West Bank, those might be there's really sovereignty, and it might be some land areas that will be given over to the Palestinians in a final status, is this much different than that and sex as you reference it, but I thought it was interesting that some governments, like the moroccan government. Even the saudi government basically welcome the plan they didn't condemn outright. They express solidarity with the Palestinians, but is there something changing in the Middle raised. There are some land swaps, but the quantity and quality of the land. What Palestinians would have to give up and what they would get is very different. It's not at all, even I think this,
can point you raise is the big point. What this shows is the fact that three government sent ambassadors to the White House ceremony of the day, the soil had been opened. My in there and their statement. The suggested there. John is moved on that concerning the region, is not this up to a point, much more the threat or challenge posed by IRAN. So the palestinian We can expect the kind of rolling around the fact that they had historically- and I think that's a lot of the law chick behind the plan that essentially the meat the region is moved on to use old line that the israeli Foreign Minister even once said. The Palestinians never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity and what they pay equally as we're gonna. Do this with you or without you and the Palestinians. Getting the sort of backing by the arab world that they used to have Richard rex it arrives tomorrow. Finally, what does the arrival of bricks it due to the European Union as a cohesive political economic unit, and what does it
due to the European Union. In terms of now, it will be without one of its principal and largest trading partners, Great Britain. What what we're having Essentially, I was breaks it's going forward. We stood under the terms of it. It's almost like the divorce is happening, but we don't. We don't have the settlement and the goal for that Number thirty. First, so we don't know what the economic arrangements will be, but obviously it's for the EU, which contributes to the sensitive, the loss of momentum and the pendule, the small from Brussels, Brussels and central rules tonight rules and we read since the most dramatic but we're seeing it elsewhere in places like France. Real pushed back against the european project make it leaves written, weaker, economically, more isolated and this uncertainty, Can I continue because we don't know still what the nature of the new relationship? If you will the postern up? What it's going to look like, so make a promise would go around the world Richard so away. We gotta go to China. Now the number of corona virus cases there in Maine
China has now outnumbered the entire number of infections, the countryside, during the Sars outbreak of two thousand two and three more than two thousand cases now how cancer should we be here in the United States about this? We should be my guest also willing. These numbers are way low bright. I don't I don't know anyone who believes these statistics show. My guess is theirs. Thousands and thousands more cases, probably more deaths than we we know up. I think it's mainly a problem for China and its real I will not just economically politically how the leader response that this could be. This could be a turning point in chinese history if this leadership doesn't get in front of this Isn't scene is competent and trans and transparent about the rest of the world, beginning to see flights cancelled Tourism Council it- will slow the global economy. Here we had better get our act in order. You don't know how fast a vaccine will be ready. There's been a little bit of progress in science, but we have made it better make sure that our hospitals are first responders that essentially, we are ready for the past.
Ability of a pandemic. This has long been a nightmare, and so this is this is the warning time we ought to use it to you to get prepared and finally, Richard, let's talk about IRAN. We now know from the Pentagon that fifty one service members are diagnosed with TB. I traumatic brain injury after the iranian missile strike on the base in Iraq. The president has dismissed those as headache there were real injuries in that attack as much as the president has tried to downplay them its offensive Well that headaches, obviously real VFW, not the groups to push back and think it tells us two things are really want. Is the iranian warrant is careful as a lot of people thought it making sure there weren't attacks, they will win to use missiles in ways that could have risked a lot of in this and much more escalation. Second of all, the fact that we respond, reinforce since the sense that we really don't want to have a conflict in the Middle EAST even though we want to have to shew Romani the United, and even we sent more troops to the region. It is not in the play book of this administration,
to get involved in an escalation in that part of the world. But again, to the wide things that the Iranian if not stood down what my biggest message and all this is, this problem will return, where when or how, but the iranian problem will return in the Middle EAST or could conceivably elsewhere using terrorism. Maybe you cyber, we ought to be prepared for that too long ago. Covered here Richard we should do this every day. Thank you for that, and, and by the way, tell us about the council on Foreign relations hosting force election, twenty twenty events and pivotal states. What's the plan the first one is tonight at the University of New Hampshire. What we ve done is chosen for critical primary state New Hampshire, Michigan, Texas in Florida, Each one we're going to bring together former senior officials from republican and democratic administrations, and the whole idea is to this Gus foreign policy issues which students faculty people who live towns where the universities are to essentially get them
there's more ready to ask questions at the candidates. Make informed decisions when they do vote in these critical primaries were voting for the next commander in chief and give government we're just talking about whoever is President, he or she is to inherit the daunting inbox. And if you want the voters to be ready by sure Richard House thanks So much hey. It's critias this week on my part, ass wise is happening all be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bertram, but what we do and dont know about the corona virus once they. Things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation and distant formation is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift, said, SARA, four years ago that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in both book. They principle and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it
so. We definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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