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On Thursday, Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., announced that he will not join Democrats in voting to call witnesses. The panel discusses the flaws in Sen. Alexander's argument.

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you as Mexico, Canada agreement. We ve killed a terrorist by daddy in solemn money. Our brave warriors launched a flawless precision strike that killed the world's number one tears which secured thirty eight billion dollars to rebuild a military. We are fully rebuilt. The United States villager more than seven million jobs created since the election seal. Actually, we have created seven million new jobs. Illegal border crossings are downstairs. The eight percent since May. We reduced illegal border crossings. Seven straight months. The applicant Eric and unemployment hispanic, american unemployment, the asian and unemployment has the lowest rate ever accord for you to his family and asian american unemployment rates have reached the lowest levels ever recorded. We passed as manager Jeffreys will recall by partisan Crystal criminal justice
or we pass criminal justice reform. Think of that, now think this thick I caught the shape, Business saw continue. Move over road early on a president round may have just found a new favorite lawyer could morning and come to morning, Joe. It is Friday January thirty, first and along with Joe willing and me, we have done a deutsche national political spotted in foreign recent news and MSNBC and author of the book. The retina blue, Steve Cornet Gaze with us and Pulitzer Prize Winning columnist and associate editor of the Washington Post and MSNBC political analysts Eugene France and joins us on this Friday. You know, you know, willing weak. I wrote yesterday about the confederacy of dances that we're working for Donald Trump Tee. We saw yesterday heal early lifted me rally
yes, this lawyer literally lifted the rally, notes and read them in an impasse. My trial with the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court right behind him, some believable, but you look at the arguments made Is this what Alan Dershowitz? If the present thinks it then get reelected and that's a pretty good thing. Then it is a constitution. It is institutionally practice: Dershowitz adjusting the constitution. Ok, whatever Spartacus Ivy did that that argument. Another argument yesterday, yes, I was walking through the house once again having peanut butter, sandwich jellies and the argument was weaver. We ve already, given them seventeen witnesses right. What else do they well. That's like having a murder, trial and colleagues it's true chef and calling it trainer. We get dog trying to eat it really
sandy thing. He heard a gunshot, but that say anything and the certified polisher of doorknob stay, get that from Vienna to polishing www every we ought to get the right, cleaner, get the door Traitor get the Partridge the Pear tree, but you have the person who saw the murder who acts has been holding the bloody murder weapon. Who is ready pacify who wants testify and the Republicans does that last night they didn't what they hear that person testify now. Listen, I'm fine with it because the Republicans have shown themselves already they're going to vote to acquit this nations gonna come out anyway. In a far less can whole manner, so that truth will be now. It will be.
From the mountain tops. It'll just make the report. Cancel look worse, but my god, I think there were some people were actually hoping that that truth, the latter days, atoms hair, would would break out during the trial. No luck, strikes will end as it began with Donald Trump, completely owning the Republican Party and the character of just about every Republican. The senator need said. President Trump has a new favorite lawyer after listening that somebody's, probably a new favorite senator now that's Lamar Alexander the Republic of Tennessee too late. Tonight announced that he will vote no to introduce new evidence new witnesses, in his case, Joe to your point, was that I think what he did was bad. I dont think he did was impenetrable. I've heard enough, but to your point they ve cause. They ve said the witness their second hand. This isn't first hand information. We heard that during the house phase of this process will here is the
sand. Witness here's, the man and John Bolton who called the drug The aim here is the guy who said go find out warriors to everyone who is in that room at the White House. Go talk to the lawyers. This is bad. You need to protect yourself. Here's the guy who could tell the full story, inside the room and last night Republicans haven't made it officially at all, but official that they don't want to hear from that witness Mika and this process could end. The entire process could end by tonight. Well We also have the stupidity of of a lot of lot of my friends, and I also still say friends, the stupidity of people on tv, the stupidity of people on radio, the stupidity of people online thinking, that they're making convincing arguments and while the house to do their jobs, you're not gonna, call John Bull, because the house didn't do their job. Thanking somehow
that. Americans had the memory of the lead character and momentum, and they have to take polaroids to remember what happened. Five minutes ago and carry them around with another fact is Bolton. It said he was going to test find till there was a court ruling. The court ruling came out and in Bolton said, ok, I will now testify- and it's just again. The arguments began there just insulting to Americans There are suggesting that Americans are really Mika so stupid, not to remember what happened, or two ago Americans remember and they wore a member. In November as of right now, it appears Democrats will come up short of the four votes needed from Senate Republicans to compel new witness testimony. Here's where the keys bout stand. Last night Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, confirmed he will vote against calling witnesses we're going to get to a statement. Moment worry says it happened, but I don't care
Some are cowskin, says she'll, announce her decision this morning leave certain Collins and Mitt Romney as they only Republicans who are committed to voting for more witnesses and documents. If more cowskin decides to join them and all other senators vote along party lines, the final tally will be fifty votes for new evidence and fifty votes against. Any circumstances. The vice president could cast the Thai breaking vote, but because of the obvious conflict it trysted is the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who presides over presidential impeachment trials and those studied John Robert says he is unlikely to intervene and more on Senator Lamar Alexander's decision in a statement released Last night's question and answer session, the senator wrote in part this. There is no need for more evidence to prove that the President asked Ukraine to investigate,
oh Biden and his son hunter. He said this on television on three October. Third, twenty nineteen- and during the July twenty fifth twenty nineteen telephone call with the President of Ukraine. There is a need for more evidence to conclude that the President withheld United States aid, at least in part, to pressure Ukraine to investigate the by The house managers have proved this with what they call a mountain of overwhelming evidence. Alexander, then rights. This. It was inappropriate for the President ask of foreign leader to investigate his political opponent and to withhold United States aid to encourage that investigation. When elected officials and appropriately interfere with such investigations, it undermines the principle of equal justice under the law, but the constitution does not give the Senate the power to remove
the president from office and ban him from this year's ballot simply for actions that are inappropriate. The question, then, is not whether the president did it, but the United States, Senate or the american people should decide what to do about what he did. I believe that the constant provides that the people should make that decision in that central show elections that begins. Iowa on Monday, so Jeanne Robinson Lamar, Alexander Lamar, Alexander determined the present, is guilty of the charges a statement admitted that the Democrats, the house managers, prove their case with a mountain of evidence, I don't want any more information. He said I will vote to
quit. Now. Listen, we John meets him. I've taught for some time that that you can make the argument that I think the present is guilty of the the charges, but it's and the peaceful offence. The problem with more Alexander's argument is an end in the the floor is that he actually mean so the termination of of this. Seriousness villainy of what the brain and he said it was quote, simply an appropriate will he cat that determination of whether with simply inappropriate or not entail he hears. What the key witness has to say about the drug deal went down inside the White House resolve. It seems to me if, if he's calling, it simply quote inappropriate. Well, he asked needs all the evidence before him before he makes
determination doesn't mean you. Of course we need. He needs to know what Donald Trump said to John Bolton. What other documentary evidence or no stern Bolton might have as to why was really going on is, as you know, your lawyer, you now you get witness on the stand, who s first hand, knowledge and new role. You will learn more about the crime, and and in this case, you will learn more this Lamar did was to learn. It just doesn't want to know how much worse this was we already know remember. The Democrats did have to prove their case, yes largely with with secondhand witnesses, because the president kept primary. What this is from define and lowered were providing any documents provided no documents at all John Bolton. No
where the body bodies buried in this case and then please don't want, I don't want to hear it now, I'm here now am I surprised? No, I'm not surprised that that bid, working in this way and and what it does is make the election in November that much more important, and maybe it's it's not just important that I'll pump be defeated, is dip. It's important that the Republican Party, which is a decadent party which is a trappist party, which is not there a working party that you join years ago and now, all from five years who heads dates, not them republican majority, that we knew it it it just needs to be led needs to be removed from positions of of authority and power, and I, like
I'm glad you said that does a lot of people say I will. This is the republican Party. This is what the republican Party salaries, but now now it's nice to meet. You look at the record deficit. You look at record When I was there, we balance the budget for years in a row. We did a lot of good things that we promise to do the deficits, the tat that the reckless spending the radicalism it is it is. It is reached a fair fevered pitch under Donald Trump there's nothing about this party Willie. That is what it was once was. You know this was actually the party with the former chairman of the judiciary. Can each grass like that actually talked about the importance of whistle blowers, the important, where's drain the swamp by having so blowers in the federal government be able to come forward and call out corruption in the federal government protected last night, ran Paul,
just like so many other rob. Public senators show just how cynical they weren't just how little they care draining the swamp by trying to get justice, raw chief Justice Roberts, to read the name of the whistle a whistle blower by the way whose account has been more than confirmed by the facts, rolled out over the passive months when Paul is willing to go in and undermine one of the key provisions reform the federal government in drain, swamp in Washington DC. Just because he wants Donald to invite him on a golf game and and spin or time with Donald Trump same with the other Republicans. It is
This is just absolutely incredible that they are going out of their way to show how little they care about cleaning up corruption in their own country and how little lake air about the political norms to cultural norms social norms that they allow Donald Trump, shatter every single day to his credit justice robbers. Chief Justice Roberts would not read that court On the second floor, those senator ran Paul did make it. Public later on line, let's bring MSNBC corresponding Garrett hated. Take us inside this vote. Last Eric and morning. So as Robinson said, I don't think a lot of people are terribly surprise that Lamar Alexander voted no one. This perhaps with some hope is Joe mention that he was a vestige of the old republican Party that he would stand for something on his way out the door as he's retiring now, the protege of how Baker who ass the famous question. What
we know- and when did he know about the Watergate it question? How did this go down Susan Collins, a yes and evidence and and witnesses Lamar Alexander and no obviously close allies Mitch Mcconnell. What we don't yet oh for sure that LISA Mc Caskey who's, the other sort of open figure in this will vote for witnesses? Are not she and Alexander met last night around dinner time, just off the floor privately, just two of them and what we know they talked about this question, both their offices they didn't coordinate what their answer will be more Caskey will hear from this morning, but working backwards, Lamar Alexander's, at last, I did condemn what the President here he sort of tilted his yellow, tipped his hand to the managers saying that their evidence was what it was that the present he said had done something inappropriate, but not in peaches, and then by continuing this further? He thought this would be bad for the republic and he's been studying the history of this, including
on the second floor last night, reading the very slim volume impeachment that's got essays from John Medium and Peter Baker and others in and about the historical impeachment that we ve been going through now no- or at least I think I know I've been watching him throughout the course- the weak, handwriting and editing this statement in a no over the last couple days. That I now think is the statement that he really last night he asked a couple of his name, was attached to a couple of questions. He was clearly talking. Mitch Mcconnell on off throughout the course. The night this was clearly a tough decision for him, but, getting to this point of saying House managers essentially have proved what they can prove without John Bolton. He just doesn't think it's enough. You have to wonder if maybe that's where early summer Cassie ends up on this as well. Some people learn the hard way in the new b, o film bad Education Academy, Award nominee Hugh Jackman, an Academy award winner, Allison Janni STAR
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So Danny. I said people shouldn't be surprised and here's why. I say that a month ago Mitch Mcconnell was on television saying we will have total coordination with the White House, and here was his line quote. There is chance, the president will be removed from office. So this thing was from the beginning, but on the question of witnesses, I think some people thought well maybe that we're Publicans Lamar, Alexander Chief among them, who might say we should at least give the appearance of a fair trial and let jungle and sit in front of us here. I'd love their reply. Just look at the New York Times go. The obituary section was political brought up an interesting point. You say that every tissue involved with Watergate in there Bitch. Worry it later where they stood with or for or against Nixon. It became part of their legs and every single one of those legislators in narrow bitch wary. What with legacy? Was wars? Did you stand up and do the right thing, or did you go down Nixon? So that's number one, that's something these republics have to live with support for the democratic think about to be
encouraged by is or call the cabinet effect that there's a reason. To that one of the reasons two thousand and eighteen in the mid terms at the Democrats, sweat there was swept there. Was such a cut of residue of frustration of anger with the waiter. Trial was set up and you could look Two pieces of research, both in terms of Pew and the AP era, was Saint Paul in the pillory. Purchases that eighty percent of Republicans right now think they're gonna win. It only forty three percent of democratic due at the same time I'm any any people republican there's only forty three percent, forty four percent and bitter anxious about the kind Sixty six percent of Democrats. So all that says to me is that, coming out of this there's gonna be such built up anger, anxiety, frustration forces may a sense of faults, comfort with a cat, the the candidate They are in their public inside that I think common election, that this Willie flies back in the face. The Republicans where
Danny, I don't know how much we really learned from that Paul I've. I've always Democrats to be far more anxious people of raw about their politic, your ear. Course exception to that rule, but that of course, This gives you have men running around in red vast, getting snow off the sidewalks on the Upper EAST Side Mansion, but you know Oh, I had a dream call me I want passes by you. Didn't me. Yes, who's, a big democratic contributor and he said what's best for them: in the long run. Is it to get this Information out now bar Republicans devoted down and shoot themselves in the political foot. I said: that's not even side even killed, call, because we know what are we now All of this information is going to come out. Everything on Bolton said going. They come out the White House, where the present thinks it
as fight is information is what the present calls class find information yeah, it's going to intervene and boltons gonna be ably at his book out. The information is going to get out, We also know that, after that, for me, she gets out. Other people are going to come forward and the american people are going to have a complete view of just how glee, this drug deal wise by the time November, all around just how guilty the present the United States was and joy how much she put her personal interest ahead of the interest America's national Security and every one of these Republicans are going to be held accountable for them obstructing justice, obstructing a fair hearing by obstructing calling of additional witnesses like John Bolt and who knows exactly what happened
they will be. The people these same wiggling this trial and it's just gonna like I said, there's nothing more about as finding out this week, John Bolton, those in the Senate impeachment try worthy certain rules that will act constrain. What he says for more urging for Republicans when all of this comes flooding out and the coming weeks and months, and they will be stuck with yes, vote for every Donnie as they go down into feed in the fall and yet you're right as there the judiciary and all our that's worries are one day written Joe. You know interesting. There's an advertising kind of Fraser term. That says that motor or the consumer is not a consumer. It's your next door, neighbor, it's your mother, it's your friend, that's your bank or it's. Your teacher. People aren't stupid and Americans on stupid, and they see what's going on and the rules
there's we'll come back at the losers, are the hands. What happens when people come through the roof to bear or whatever that expressions and once again to working back from there. Which worries this accessing will stain Republic Shame on all of them so the earlier! So if armor farmer held, former Donna use We pay our daddy daddy, sometimes say like. You know why the fur he's already out of date. He doesn't quite get to the eight hour. You join the Euro Zone and I grew up with the chief s: clothes not allowing its side yet so daring. Let's talk about what happens. There is as open question of a fifty fifty tie. There has been talk of Chief Justice Roberts potential role in that
the whole comes out just on this witness question. Fifty to fifty of Mc Caskey votes the way she may what happens from there. So I think we should think of fifty there is more like a draw in soccer than a tie anywhere else. I draw just ends in a draw and the people who are looking for a wind don't get what they want. So in this case, vote to get fifty one on witnesses. If it's fifty fifty it's just a failure. The constitution is silent. On whether or not just as Roberts can break a draw here, but you have to think that who's been sitting and trying to call this straight both sides isn't gonna to suddenly insert himself here at the end. So let's assume fifty fifty happened that it just that's just a defeat. That means no witnesses it sets up the end of what we know in terms of the rules of impeachment. So what you could have, then, is anything from a break to decide to go into clear deliberations come back later or you could have republic so we know we ve got the votes. Let's end,
thing right now and to try to move very quickly to wrap up the trial that causes some questions? That Democrats are gonna have to If you know you're going to lose and you're only choices. How and when do you lose? What do you do you try to draw this out and have the final vote, the at midnight or two o clock in the morning? You try to draw out and have the on Saturday, so you get one day of headlines say you know, Republicans, don't want a fair trial. What do you do the Democrats. If you know- and you will know after that- which way this trials going, how much of a fight you wanna put up. In that moment, something that we're gonna probably find out very late tonight. We ve heard from republican centres like John Barroso. They want this over to night. We want no final vote tonight. It and teach me is over when we wake up tomorrow morning, Garrett, Hake, upon Capitol Hill Garrett, thanks Steve Four is with us today, Steve by the way, where three
away from my awhile ago, who- how does this play if it does it all into that vote? Obviously we talk many times about the senators who had to sit there in Washington not been out of the campaign trails and open running room for Joe Biden, PETE Buddha Judge does impeachment play two Iowa is certainly the pulling we ve seen in the reports we ve been getting back from our folks who are out there on the ground. There saying this is not something I would democratic. Voters are talking about: it's not what there from voters about. Certainly they are asking that candidates about. Can you beat Donald Trump Power, Can it be Donald Trump, that's, first and foremost on their might and of course we There is sort of sense going into this trial that oh wow, all these centres in Washington or be at a disadvantage because they're out there, but in the couple weeks this has been going on the case, who's been moving the most tonight. What has been in the Senate chamber Bernie Sanders right so Joe. What's yours, sense of how important impeachment is going to be not just in Ireland but has moved to New Hampshire into South Carolina. If this ends
we can, for example, today candidates completely turned the corner on it that there is no doubt about it. You know it's. Variants thing. I had a talk with Adam ship right in the middle of the mauler investigation, and I said much to voters in your district care about the Mahler investigation has none. He said you don't. Their stand, my voters care about health care. They care about wages, they care. He understood that in the middle, the smaller investigation he understands the same thing now is like I tell some of my friends- and this is not. This is not being done. Because it's going to move voters. This is being done because there's people who actually believe that their conservators of the Constitution constitutional, its going to have an impact Willie. Let me tell you actually, really glad you ask that question. We're gonna talk about this a lot later. Something happened
Sturdy, that's going to a far bigger impact in the election that this coming forward to trim lines continue, because it undermines everything that Donald Trump is said from day one about the success of his presence. It also undermines. I gotta say not complain about this. A lot media just blindly, all I'm SAM, I'm just an AIDS. Everything he says about the economy Yesterday we found out that GDP growth Last year the year dirt. His massive tax cuts to The international corporations staggered at a two point: three percent weight. About the slow was since two thousand sixty two point. Three percent I mean
under L b J, it went up five point: three percent candidate, four point: three percent Clinton, three point: nine percent wagon three point: five percent Jimmy Carter: three point: three percent he is well below and his administration well below the Post World war to average. This is not an economy. This warning along and I get so sick and tired of people and the media letting helm and lead? has been go. This is the strongest economy ever not even close Jimmy Carter Economy over four years much stronger than the, economy. The economy grew faster year to year, then groove Stir you to your much more under Bill Clinton under a go all the way back and so that's actually you talk about the prove being in the pudding, Donald Trump, a bunch of heart.
When he talks about how great this economies going, because our gdp- is staggering, along at a two point: three percent growth rate. That is why below the post World war to average and again the guy marks Jimmy Carter. He marks you know l b J. He mocks all these other presidents. Who act? ve done much much better than he has with the largest tax god. I think multi national corporations could her bag for and Esteem Ratner has showed us many many times in his charts, its recovery that began more than a decade ago, with present, Obama, so that the entire theory of the case Steve for Donald appear we heard at the rally again last night. Is you gotta Black me to keep this thing happened along, come kind of unemployment is low. Consumer confidence is up on and on and on that is forget. With put that to the side. He doesn't want you to
about that stuff. We gotta keep this train on the tracks. You gonna talk about the economy all the way through yeah I mean if you look at the polling. Certainly that's what the public think sets the public's perception of the economy. The public gives a very high marks right now. They think you can he's going well in traditionally any president with the power like viewing the economy. That way is gonna try to run on it. I think the interesting thing we're trapped- we ve talked about this obviously, as his approval rating his standing his paws against democratic, not necessarily tracked with the public sector of the economy. I think if you too, trumps approval rating out of this new said president axes running with the voters linking this about the economy. Its present x is well position when reelection obviously would trump it isn't much dicey, proposition right now, we're gonna talk much more straight make it not. That long ago president trunk suggested the GDP could climb to six said instead is growing at a slower pace
as we just said, since two thousand. Sixteen hey guys Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down. Podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow. Her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the podcast now for free wherever you download yours. I think we can go to four five and maybe even ultimately, each percentage points two and a half million dollars. We are back. We're really get a sort of Iraq. We need this. As our final push I needed to see. Some numbers at a great man was president tromp a little over two years ago, promising record economic growth president tromp a little over two years ago, promising record economic growth. Now, for the reality
the New York Times as reporting that, after reviewing the government's latest economic scorecard, there is new evidence showing that the economy is growing, but at a fright trading slow pace according to preliminary data released by the Commerce Department, the gross domestic product, to which measures the value of goods and services produced inside the? U S grew at two point, one percent annual rate between October and December, the same as the previous three months The report also shows that, as for twenty nineteen as a whole economy, turned in a weaker annual showing than it did in the previous term. Yours year over a year, growth slowed to two point: three percent in twenty nineteen down from two point, five percent the previous year- as for the promise of record economic growth, history proves otherwise
trumps, GDP growth and twenty nineteen crept along at two point: three percent behind both Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter said the same point in their admitted. Madame slower locales, look how bad is limping along, Donald Trump gonna be as joining us now, former Whitehouse director of communication, I Sancho who do we have to take that down? Let's bring it out three scare murky so Anthony I'm, I'm obsessed by this chart. If we can put this back up all here all you here and all the press I gotta say: reserves are bending mindlessly repeat what Donald Trump says about the economy about AIDS agree. This economy over the strongest economy ever something Morocco Bomb, would never talk about how Strong economy was on the rebellion inherited. The great recession there were times is. Gdp was like a five point. Five percent threshold time than the three. Despite the fact we were
covering from a great recession that lucky Jimmy are there and seventy nine? This was supposed to be the year of malaise that year Malays enduring Jimmy Carter, so called the year of Malays, was doing his enemy learn a lot better than Donald Trump So so? Why is it that there is such a disconnect between Donald Trump reality, but also that talking point that the press regurgitate without thinking twice when the fact is yes, wall, street stew and great mainstreamed now? so well. Why things Jennifer. I write their Joe because the Agri demand comes from the consumer and that's a middle class wages, Lord Middle Class wages and the presidency terrible record on that. The last three years, despite what he saying publicly those wages Secondly, stagnated now he did pick up on the bottom
ten percent of wage earners. He got slight growth there, that's primarily due to the elimination of illegal immigration at the border, their eighty. Percent down in a reduction there, but here's the big message for people, the modern monetary theory that Federal Reserve is propping up right now. Their entrance into the retail market is helping p with assets. So what we know about interest rates, the defendant, In short, there, the physical gravity of financial assets is so as, go lower but all those assets get richer, but the mid class in the Lord Middle class struggles. They could never catch up, and this is what, causing the spectre of nationalism, the spectre of anger in society and the bed. For all of us is that the president represents at anger, he's an avatar for that anger. He's the proverbial in my eye or your eye or Danny's I'd, pressing into that for those people. So he's done now policy wise and help those people, their anger, is actually intensifying and he's going
to play that into the well November, you sure you're done Danny I made some- and I are not certainly not my. I hit it to tell the people that have money and the media is basically the people who are now. I am I understand that, but but one, fine, it's working class people who are getting screwed its working class people, Donny paying more and taxes Amazon, so working class people who pay more then the largest multinational corporations on the planet, its work, class people who are paying more and taxes, then the richest of not the like one percent, point: zero, zero, zero one percent, Donald Trump set out free pass. This tax cut from the national corporations and billion airs. He went tomorrow ago, he bragged to all the bill
in airs and millionaires sitting at that table and he said just made you all a lot of me today and he was right. He may the titans and is free, made multinational corporations email. The word richest people on the planet, a lot of money, working class people It's interesting the message for the Democrats. To sum it up, is patients not so much Joe, it's interesting the message for the Democrats. To sum it up is dollar Europe's economy is not your economy almost use the fact that all of US crowing about the stock market. This example in this and you contrast with real facts at the average American. The middle ass and you have to make a distinction Anthony gotta, You wanna talk about this. A lot between doll, try, economy and your economy piss people off with how well that small portion,
do it. I merely we gotta, simplify the argument. There they're not caring that much about Ukraine there, caring about their pocketbooks in caring about directly we're children are gonna, go in so growing up in a blue collar family. We were separation? Joe was an aspiration of working class family, those same families today or desperation and so I think we I think he you wanna, be doubted. You gotta go out. There explain: hey, listen! Yes, talking to you, but he hasn't provided any policy solutions to help you or your shoulder one and by the way and three the policy solutions are not Polly policy solutions that you could see coming The british labour by this is me talking right now, dim that saying we're going to take away Insurance plans that you negotiate do with your unions for organ it we're gonna, let the federal government bureaucrat decide who you take. Your child to win here.
She is sick at eleven o clock at night who your pediatricians going debate, that the answer! Ugly! There's all Democrats are sent around scratch. There had gone. Why? Why we doing so poorly against this guy when the economy is weaker than Jimmy Carter's. Well, because you're saying that you're going to basically do why the what Britain, Labour party said they were going to do before they get so roundly reject it and that's just a reality like you can get mad at me on Twitter, I'm not gonna, be looking at today. Folks, I'm telling you. If you want Donald Trump stop or this Socialists gay certain that you have given me in Jenny, Corbett on our side. That's Elisabeth warrant existing lives Anko. Hopefully we don't go in that direction. Is we're gonna beat this guy right, so spake
of British, shall joining us now from London, Washington Anchor for BBC World NEWS, America, catty gay. And? U S national editor at the financial times at lose. It is breaks it in Europe and in eleven P M London time, six pm eastern they use I did kingdom will officially leave the year. PAN Union and, of course, we're very excited. Caddy case decided to celebrate care exit day for thereby set general and your brags jacket made completely of one hundred percent it is sway. I love, as there are same with leases tie and it's all three british, so spanish Parliament, but anyway, that we go you and your ever impeccable, Joe permit a borrowed How do I say lobbied in Spanish? Let me log may well maybe
its lobbied so carrying K. She status. What what did you say? Spanish? Why, on that? I get us, are framed with the bloodshed, spanish velvet, so we ve been talking about this for a long time. I mean you grow back deck think impede their been talking about, of course, Britain standing alone, Britain by itself, finally going to happen. What's the mood What's the mood not only the Prime Minister's office, but what's what's a mood across the business and political centre of Great Britain in London. I mean you're right emphasis. Join forty seven years ago. We kind of having the debate about. Should we be as closely tied to Europe, or should we be less closely tied to Europe, as I think the mood is, three that is just phenomenally divided German. It reminds me so much of what we see back home in the. U s
two sides who cannot agree who have become increasingly polarized in America under Trump here over the question of breaks. It nothing the overwhelming need for the country is whether, after this day, when it actually happens at midnight tonight, Canna can Brits come back together again and it keeps making me wanting to office that's cool, so much divisions. Can Americans come back together again? What is it about politics at the moment? The makes people so bitterly divided and there's a lot of uncertainty right just don't know what happens because, although we leave technically tonight, we still have to negotiate. The relationships of business is hoping that at least they'll be some clarity, but even the government, even ten Downing Street is warning. Look there's gonna, be pain in the short term They say that it's gonna be for long term gain and Brits we'll just have to see, but the overwhelming thing is this issue vision, a country that's been torn apart by this p,
so angry with each other, the language so angry, and that the priority now has to be to get people to come together. So at LOS. We ve heard for for some time about the negative side of breaks it. Why don't you sketch out far as this morning, a best case scenario for breaks it and the after effects Well Bars Johnson, as promised not to talk too much about rights today is called breaks. It day, he said now. Let's move onto other subjects and the subjects he wants to do. About the kinds of things Donald Trump promised in that matter garment. She was talking about him having promised infrastructure spending in stick in work, a trading boasting national health service, which is very popular and redirecting resources. Britain's are very centralized country to the north, when in fact, he's got a whole,
a cabinet meeting in Sunderland, where that japanese Nissan plant is today, sort of symbolic, no new era where no longer a London centric country we Wigan. I addressed the knee the left behind. So This case scenario is He means what he says that this and just sort of symbolic rhetoric and that bridge then over the next year, because actual breaks it doesn't until the end of twenty twenty. This is just the sort of technical withdrawal but Britons to all the EU rules. Another year, while negotiate, the price breaks it relationship so the hope that is that he doesn't negotiated deal in the next year. That means really dramatic split from Europe his Britain's largest market, which is the source of most of its prosperity,
Rio to let the former Modern Bureau chief the Washington Post to rapidly and who has a question regarding irrevocable four caddy and, and my question is: are people talking about the question of whether the United Kingdom remains united energy? Does you know Scotland voted very heavily to remain, European Union? What's that? What's the mood around that question there be another scottish referendum, whether our people, talking about that yes the end of last year, they had the general election here in the UK, and the Scottish National Party did well in Scotland, and that has increased fools in Scotland for a second referendum. You think the country had enough referendums. No, we like referendums. Clearly they may one. Now, the one up in Scotland on the idea of independence
There is some pole suggesting that if there was another referendum on independence in Scotland now, then actually you could get an independent Scotland. That would then leave England Wales and Northern Ireland? But there are also some questions about whether Northern Ireland, eventually because of breaks it. Northern Ireland also voted to stay in the European Union. Could that then end up being part of the Republic of Ireland? K weeks. We would end up potentially, as England and Wales now you remember the name of the conservative Party, Boris Johnson's party. Actually, the conservative and unionist party that priority should be is to try and keep the union together. We're in this very uncertain moment. I mean politics in the: U S is uncertain amount. Politics here is really uncertain and they and we could end up a much. We could end up a fractured united so answered. I want to talk about a piece you rode back to domestic matter it's here. It's up right now. The Washington Post headline, Hey John Bolton, welcome to life under the bus from Donald
both are placing some you spend a little time as well. I've got the beetle juice derives directly and thereby improve before, but you actually intervene yesterday, General Kelly, the former chief of staff to the President, John Kelly, was quoted as saying a couple days ago, down and floor. I believe John boldly came on said. We should hear from everybody effectively saying out courts or should be witnesses impeachment trial. What did he tell you yesterday I mean he was obviously very consistent with. These is other public remarks, but I think that tab and then he would agree with this statement. That is a black mark on the GEO P Senate, that they made their decision and so how we use that in November. Hopefully we get the right advertising rooted in the right campaign message around it, but I think that the two critical thing Nobody has honour integrity anyway that served in the american military and fire for the freedom of that document is really upset today, and so one of the big things happened. Willie is that the members of the car
where's many of them have no longer served in the military are don't have that tie to the civic virtue of that and so we need people are general Kelly and others to speak out more, but in John Bolton's is what I basically right in the article is that the the There are three stages of working with the President Lazy Graham started at. I don't like the President now he's sort of fake liking, the president. He will eventually it it's love. It's man, it's fake, a joke! Look at that Jonathan Swan Interview acts as you can see the frustration and centre grams face. So you go. You go from disliking em. Lying to, like everybody, gets to stage three eventually, where they recognize it he's nuts, not somebody that can manage a process, someone that is literally destroying the executive branch and its ability to operate in terms of the functions of the cabinet level, and so in John Boltons case, he's frozen and he's a dear and the headlights. A couple attacks by the press. That's one and a half times the superbowl audience. In this for media thing and people they get into
to buy it, and so the real issue is, if you speak truth to power. That is, cure for a trump and climate syndrome, hopefully more people. I gotta admit that you were wrong about supporting home and then go forward and trot you're the coalition and create an off ran for people I was a mess really. It is no impact for many of his tweets, no impact from the tweets enjoy tell US entities that, So I have it's a tweet. It's a tweet Can tweed all wants to tweet You is a senator. Are you, as a member of Congress, have the ability to hold town hall meetings and go in to a high school english class and stand there in front of thirty forty fifty sixty people, maybe it's in the German, it's a hundred or two hundred people, and you have thought explain yourself go out there now and and and and be with M M veil.
Their stag they'll get it I you know I did that When I had to explain why? What are these people zero Newgate so why we were running out of town that he wasn't fiscal conservative liking, Sadie was that he was. Looking back on some of the most conservative economic principles we were championing- and it was time for him to leave. It wasn't popular first, but my people got that when went to talk to maintain our moving zero. Ok. Now we understand thanks for telling us, but at lose its remarkable Republicans since Donald has got no international national stage, not one of them have really tried that now one of them is challenged this bully. Not one of them understand that he is a bully and that is tweets at the end of the day, which is bound to offer them if they take it directly to their voters,
each time this happens. The glamour on Alexander being the most recent I am deeply shocked and depressed about the future of the republic. What is it there lemme, Alexander's retirement that he is worried about? in voting to have jumbled than others as witnesses would ruin. It's very very hard to get inside the head of that person. I woke the will one thing I just sort of linking back to the attic Opposition about today being breaks it day. There is this strange affinity when the timings of the degeneration of our respective democracies and today's breaks it day. There is also the day most likely where the Senate will vote the first time in its history to conclude and impeachment trial, without calling a single witness, a madman
giving a green light to president that he can do what he likes without consequence, that executive authority is unchecked, by Congress by the first branch of Government- and I find it sort of strangely airy that you know journeys, mutual journeys of magical thinking, as democracies, coincide on these dates, as as today and Lamar Alexander can celebrate his legacy of ending is queer by saying the President did something terrible but We don't care were actually the present did something terrible and we're not going to do a thing about it. In fact, we don't want, even though all the facts please see now we ve here. Now we will say no evil. Dont know now This is certainly not the witness that was there
at the centre of the drug deal and want to everybody else to stop the drug deal from going, that's more Alexander's legacy and, unlike will her, who made bizarre sort of change I guess he wants to work in Washington with the future. To I'm not sure what why will heard me that dramatic change as we move towards retirement but Lamar examined or like is not good. They spend in the next thirty years in Washington. Is a lobbyist, he doesn't have to worry about clients. That's just The EU has behaved in the Adriatic wage ads and we don't care and we're not going and angry Lamar anything about a senator Bernie Sanders in former vice President Joe Biden, our statistically tied at the top of the democratic presidential field nationally. Into the New NBC News Wall Street Journal Paul just out this morning. Sanders as our twenty seven percent up six points since last month, while Biden sits at twenty six
down to both set within the poles over four. Margin of error. Senator Elizabeth warrant follows with fifteen percent down three. Former New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg at night, percent and former mayor PETE Buddha Judge falls to points to seven percent centre right, I wish our remains at five. Four: let's keep Mozilla reserved and soon CORE Mackey the big headlines. Here, of course, it's an ass, poor, yes, but spree soon. Its elections going national and you get Bernie Sanders up six points since December and Michael Bloomberg, up five point since December Bloomberg, and yet Other pole, in fourth place as the voting is about to begin You said there. The significance of the national Paul is we're talking about. What's the Iowa effect? What's the new Hampshire effects, this is candidates our position to potentially capitalize on that or potentially for the fall out for them? they don't do well in four sanders again. This is not
first national coal in the last week. That has put him in the lead. We now had a couple of them. So the momentum clearly in his internationally. We ve seen that in Iowa as well. What is behind that there's a couple? If you look inside these numbers, that Sanders is doing better with now than he was before number one second Americans, the black vote. We talk about the importance of the time. Standards is still losing decisively to bide neglect. Where's. The margin is fifty two to twenty eight, but that twenty percent That Sanders has is six points higher than in twenty. Sixteen among black voters in a one on one contest with Hillary Clinton. Remember black being overwhelmingly for Clinton and twenty. Sixteen were the difference. The in her margin nationally Sanders in a more crowded field, running six, better in this pole among black voters that could be key
and because his campaign strategy here is try to win Iowa. Try to win new Hampshire, try to win the vat where he's very competitive right now and hope that he can build black support in South Carolina for it. For him, there are some encouraging signs there and again. The other key thing here continues to be a massive gaping divide. An age in our poor, the young motors eighteen, thirty four you ve got Biden in single digits, you ve got Sanders well over forty percent. If you go to the other end of the age spectrum, sixty five plus its the complete opposite picture. But again, when you look to those Iowa caucuses on Monday night, you look who is likely to show up who might be motivated for this thing college, Students younger motors activists Sanders demographic, their potentially near by We shall see- and of course, Elizabeth Warren Slide continue sees at fifteen percent. Michael Bloomberg, Actually, within striking distance of of of reaching her white wait. What do you see the numbers that exploit
Elizabeth warns. Continued slide. It's interesting to. We asked the second choice question in this boy: if not yours, toys who's? Your second choice, Elizabeth Warrant, leads that one, I think, there's some indication there. We always talk about is not a perfect overlap, but there is overlap between folks who, like warrant and folks, Zander. So when you see warring going down the poles a bit, you see said moving up that's clearly some its network. There there's been a longer term slide with war and going back to the four, but I think there has been something potentially bit sharper in the last week or two? Certainly you could discuss if its fall out from that episode with the accusations about the private conversation. Between centres and war and of course, you have to get ten percent your candidate has yet fifteen percent, or else you carcass for somebody else in this pole who stands to gain the most from that cause? We now Bernie Sanders is going to be about fifteen percent. So those second these votes for Elizabeth, worn, aren't going to matter for the most part,
because Bernie he's gonna be around in the second round, who benefits them? stir from let's say if Bashar, doesn't make it if the other candidates self make it is. Abiden are Buddha, Judge It is interesting that I think the second choice thinking is changing, potentially a little bit neo right now. Obviously the candidate right now who looks like it is most position to do well without heeding the threshold, that fifteen percent in a lot of precincts across the state, looks like it me, closure and, I think, there's a lot of thinking in the demographics back this up that binding stand to benefit. Probably more than anybody else if closure is not making the thresholds. However, I say there's been a longer term slide for Elizabeth worn and maybe a sharper one in the last week or two if Warren in he thinks around the state, particularly when you get away from college towns, particularly when you get away from places with higher populations. When you get out into rural areas, war and is not making the thresholds there I
do you see a scenario where Sanders benefits from that, and also by the way, Andrew Yang five, six seven percent? Something like that if missing the threshold. I also think you might see a benefit centres from that are safe our Anthony's scare murky. Caddy K, evolution Jeanne Robinson, thank you all for being with us this morning. Hey it's crises this week on my part, ass wise, is happening I'll, be talking with computational biologist, Carl Bergs Drum, but what we do and don't know about that, on a virus once these things get out there, and this has got it sort of a key aspect of misinformation and just information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread- and so Jonathan Swift said several hundred years ago- that switch flies and truth comes limping after an and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version, which is known as Brando in both book symmetry principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create it.
So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus at this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe?
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