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The United States killed a high-profile commander of Iran's secretive Quds Force, the Defense Department said late Thursday. The panel discusses.

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Baghdad, International airport last night, but of course, IRAN's top general. A deputy was also killed. The strike puts the United States on a war footing with Tehran. The government of Iraq released, These photos in the aftermath, general solar money, was the head of the arabian militaries Elite codes force. Veterans, military forces throughout the Middle EAST and was considered by many, including Dexter Falcons who is profile the man and knows the Middle EAST, as well as anyone else, Dextra Villikins who said he was a single most significant millet. Every figure in the Middle EAST. Over the past generation. The Pentagon says out general solar money was actively developing plans to attack american diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region. Adding quote this strike was aimed,
during future a radiant attack plans. The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world by must counselor money in his cuds force, where a small for the dead hundreds of Americans and colors. In service members is accused of organ trading. They attack last Friday that killed in american contractor the Pentagon also says he approved attacks on the. U S embassy in Baghdad this week, run Supreme Leader, vowed, quote horse, retaliation and severe revenge, or on press Hassan Rue Honey said IRAN and quote other free nations of the region will take revenge, or on Minister Zuri, said the: U S quote: bears response. The for all consequences: he called solar money, the most effective force, fight
ICES news Raw and Al Qaeda and said the killing is quote Greenlee, dangerous and foolish escalation secretary of State Michael pay. I tweeted this video posting quote Iraqis are standing in the street for freedom, thankful that also Lamont is no more the news has not been able to independently verify this video and we don't know when and where it was taken. Trump had no words after the attack tweeting. Only this image of the Eu S flag, where this morning we have Washington Anchor for BBC World NEWS, America Caddy K, Pulitzer Prize Winning, COL as an associate editor of the Washington Post in the mess NBC political analysts, Eugene Benson COM, for the daily base and co author of the best selling book ISIS inside the army of Terror, Michael Wise
NBC News, corresponded HANS Nicholls he's in moral law go former NATO's ally, Commander retired, for store maybe Admiral James Providers, a chief international, secure, diplomacy analysed for embassy, whose and Emerson B C and This is well. U S. National editor. At the financial Times, Edward loose so admiral. Let's begin with you, common reaction among policy officials, opinion leaders in the United States and across the west last night Is that so a money is a bad man. He went with the blood of Americans allies all over him and yet many. Many concerns about an escalating
flecked with IRAN that could lead to a war about the ramifications. The administration, not thinking through this policy and, of course, for those who actually are concerned about the United States constitution. The fact that the United States America. Last night I had a president, who approved the killing of this linking up of public official and another country that we were not at war at will. Let you on sort that tell us your chief concerns this morning, Well, let's start where you did Joe, which is Suleimani, is an evil person he's a villain. We are better off tactically for his peace beans, off. The transport he was smart, he constructed very clever attacks on is so tactically This is positive,
Tina and also Admiral just job. He considered himself to be a sworn enemy of the United States of America, and I suppose that you would agree with the extra falcons that he might have been the most significant military force in Middle EAST over the past generation. Absolute We know question when I commanded the mission in Afghanistan. We saw his finger prints all over attacks in western Afghanistan. On U S, troops, gone his hands. Does it begin to get add Sula money? So tactically, I'm glad he's gone strategically, however, we are pouring gasoline on a smouldering fire with no structure or strategy for where, we're gonna. Take this thing next and I'll tell you that and again today is gonna, be on all hands on deck, doing the defect
measures all over the world to make sure that we are prepared for their response. Because will be a significant response. Killings, The money would be roughly it's hard to kind of categorizes what it would be rough by killing the current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milly also by the way, taking out the second most active political actor in the United States in the government. So this will demand and a response from IRAN, so we ve gotta up our defensive game in the Persians for our ships in Afghanistan for our troops there in Iraq. In Syria in Europe Are you s? Troops in Europe will be targeted, our ally, Israel, be targeted, so defensive. Yours up and then Joe? We ve got to start to construct real strategy here that lays a case for how are we going to control
this latter of escalation, which is jump from IRAN, killing a contractor to us, killing their chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff, big escalate, we'd better, be prepared for the way that is gonna hit right now, when Anne It may be more in line with if Nancy Pelosi WAR, the speaker of the House and the chairman the joint sheaves combined that would be where Sula money is Are wise in IRAN, sky again, a government that we don't have an official. We have officially declared war against. Let's, let's talk about the consequences is the world safer place, would soon Romani gone same question. We could have asked after that, of Saddam Hussein and after the death of more market offing, when I Swell find out. I mean ceremony, was widely tape by
Many of the next president of IRAN. Clearly assassinating. Our leaders is? Is not something states normally do with each other? This ban, I think misleading comparisons made between the assassin. Of ceremony last, and, as I am a bit latin, that there really is very very Italy and common between these two acts by Latin did not commander state here in hiding in about a bad for several years ceremony, was the all powerful figure in IRAN, and so the consequences. This I know about this be retaliation. I dont think IRAN suicidal country, I think retaliating is not to be of direct war. I'm sure it will be via proxies, I'm sure we'll be cyber attacks. I'm sure they'll be terror, actions through proxies
region and beyond this all kinds of ways in which IRAN could react which will escalate it, but not, but not much of war. The question I think that all of us are asked and should be. Asking is whether the present tromp knows what he's doing and who is advising him he made decision from our logo, he clearly felt human. Aided by the occupation of the? U S embassy in Baghdad. He clearly felt a needs to respond the quest Does he know what the massive ass glittery implications of this some and, if not who is who is providing council to him at this time? well, in that spent on of course, are concerned, for those been covering the White House and Donald Trump for the past several years, you have a president go again. School. I did this from the killing of a: U S. Contractors, tragic as that was to the killing of
perhaps saw the second most powerful man in IRAN, through the ability to strike back at will also region and across the world. What can you tell us about the lead up to this decision by Donald Trump or enter the briefings sees receiving late last night. He spoke with his secretary defence markets for as well as Robert O Brien the new National security visor. He is down here ten Marla, that those conversations took place around around nine p m last night. The present a variety of decisions to make he's, obviously being brave. But the question is: who is he going, is he going to bring in foreign allies. Will you speak? What has bigger Nancy Pussy? Who is past articles impeachment, but hasn't transmit these are the sort of questions that the president is waking up to and then there's the here. I would put the rhetoric into categories one. What does the presidency so far? It's only tweeting picture sure the american flag, but you remember
to what extent we celebrated the death of our bag. Daddy almost to me, we afterwards and talked about. It is rallies. He does have a scheduled round. This evening, at Geneva job over the other submissive there, the White House, the Pentagon consent- is what sort of assets it a publicly acknowledge that sending it to the region and somewhere else official last night. This was telegraphed by ass. I was saying yesterday and this idea of a pre emptive defence pre Emptive action but also sending in elements of the eighty second airborne? There was a clear signal that something is going on in addition to those one hundred moraines. Now there is an great care in the North Arabian see, I believe it's the trim and they ve also got a marine expeditionary unit. Steaming the east, its transiting through the Mediterranean, but to what extent they announced that that is going to be is gonna, be interesting, rhetorically and just in terms of sets and risks
everyone in the Middle EAST, at least the same com area of responsibility, understands that the? U S, troops do have owner abilities there, they ve sense and patriots out loud last couple at least the Saudi Arabia. So maybe you have some defences, but no one is, is, is under any impression that there are vulnerabilities buildings, all although a lot of assets and yes today? The combined joint taskforce put out a list civilian casualties from two thousand and fourteen to two thousand. Nineteen and civilian casualties aspect just think that struck my eye about that. Isn't. Last five years there have been thirty five, thousand strikes against ISIS, and that's when you look at a precision strike the habit in Baghdad. One of the reasons that are so good at this is it the military may depend on has been swaggering terrorist now for five years, and they have a lot of assets and make him bring a lot of fire power? Should this? Actually it s great guys.
Jeanne Robinson Frida Korea as last night, whether this wasn't the president of the United States to had promised to get, out of the United States. I can think of move that way more glaring The United States entanglement in the Middle EAST for some time, because if we are not there, IRAN and their proxies will follow. Our allies and us here President Prodi promised to get us out of these. And was regime change war. In the Middle EAST and he seems to have started what That's the only way I can read what back what happened with the US. The of generosity I was in the end and evil man responsible for the deaths of many America
but who was also aid leading political figure in IRAN, as well as the leading military figure, and so what? What was this about? What what's? What was the reason for this? Was it just sort of trompe in reaction to his humiliation, that what happened at these at the embassy, or was it John Bolton, his former national security adviser and IRAN Hawk just tweeted this morning was king and in the making and and hopefully a step toward regime change Bolton. Certainly the spin Bolton wants to wants to put I don't know if, if that's why the president, it intends to be that's the way it will be seen. Certainly in IRAN, we'll be reaction. We will have to react to the reaction. I you know Tell me how this ends,
and I dont see this ending this ending well, this seems to to lead towards war, dwell it I spoke with the Middle EAST leader last night, you said, Obviously, in America, you are going to have an immediate sort of excitement and alive applause where this in political corners and then he said very complicated. It's gonna get very ugly for you all very ugly, and this is a Middle EAST official who has a hostile to IRAN for some time. Even yet we were both and we got the news- we were both just absolutely stand. There said actually happened because again himself to be an enemy number one towards a mayor, enemy number one towards America. Considered America to be enemy number one. At the same time, the consequences of this
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we're in this situation and, in my opinion, may as well make the best of it subscribe for free. Where were you did your progress. We all hope we are not on the eve of war, but make no mistake. Washington has just up the ante and look at the reaction from around the world with the israeli Prime Minister cutting short a visit to Greece today to get back to Israel's, because there are concerns that could be retaliation and Israel and with american forces being told and Americans Valise been told to get out of Iraq, but the idea that boldness getting out There is a long history. This is not just the last week. If you look over the last couple of years, the? U S drone strike in Baghdad that killed wandering around in islamic revolution. We guard core is being viewed as part of a broader campaign that stretches back to president trumps decision to withdraw into that. Then, a team eighteen from the around nuclear deal, while the? U S has since imposed
save sanctions on IRAN, in efforts to force Tehran to negotiate a new agreement to curb nuclear ambitions and its ballistic missile programme and stop funding those proxy forces in the region has only lead to a string of increased provocations that has brought us to this point today in May the? U S point, finger at around for a wave of attacks on to saudi arabian oil tankers and two other vessels from now when the you near the strait of hormones days later Yemen's round. Back who see rebels launch drone attacks in Saudi Arabia that struck a major oil pipeline Riyadh, a key you as ally, blamed IRAN city and may the nineteenth a rocket landed near the: U S: embassy in Baghdad, while no one was harmed and the culprit responsible for the attack was unclear. President Trump tweeted respond, saying quote: if IRAN wants to fight that will be the official end of IRAN, never threatened the United States. Again, a new ship
Incident occurred the following months as the: U S blamed IRAN for the June, the twelve attacks on to oil tankers in the gulf of a man and then on June twentieth iranian Forest. Shot down a? U S military drone over the strait of whole moose, bringing the countries to the brink of war that point before Trump cooled off: retaliated tell it to a military strike on around the night before it was set to take place that move fortunately led Ayatollah. How many, I believe the president was nothing more than quote a twitter tiger on the week of July, the first IRAN twice exceeded limits on the amount of enriched uranium in its stockpile set out in the nuclear deal, marking the first signs of IRAN progressively backing out of the past in retaliation for America's withdrawal, from the accord and the subsequent renewal of sight since hitting iranian oil sales. Another shipping incident July, the nineteenth as IRAN seized a british oil tanker in the strait of whole.
The twenty second IRAN announced that it a captured seventeen alleged. U S, spies working for the CIA and sentence, some of them to death. The White House denied that cling in August. IRAN's president announced a new no range surface to a missile defence system. In September U S blamed IRAN after Yemen's, who see rebels claimed responsibility for drone attacks on two major Sally oil facilities and then just last weekend, the? U S carried out military strikes against and uranium backed militia group in response to the killing of an american civilian contracted in Iraq, which led us to this week. Storming of the? U S, embassy in Baghdad by Pro in protesters and militiamen and Joe of course, then, to the attack last night on solid money the killing of suitable money and Michael I I remember back in May. I believe it was two thousand Levin after the killing most I've been Latin American stormed. The
house with american flags chant in USA. Of course, nothing like that. Snide. Certainly, no one would expect that damn Considering that very few people, who sell whose money lies in the United States before last night, but at the same time, is not fair, to say that the killing of salami will have a far greater impact on the shape of events moving forward in the World Middle EAST and the world, then and the killing of Osama Bin Laden, I think it's there say it's the most seismic event in the Middle EAST. In the twenty first century, Dextra Falcons, it is quite right. Customs alimony was perhaps the most machiavellian military commander we ve seen and not just one generation, but several generations single. Delay responsible for, overseeing and orchestrating IRAN's proxy wars in I lost. And the number of countries at least half a dozen boasted in two thousand and
seven, I believe to David, betray us his counterpart in Iraq. On the other side, I hope you enjoy the brief respite that you're getting here in Baghdad. I've been busy in Beirut that was during the Israel, Lebanon war. He is singular and in fact I would argue, he's irreplaceable, although without his replacement has just been announced by the Courts force in IRAN, Iraq, war veterans, very charismatic in recent days, technically, during the? U S lead campaign against ISIS. Salami has risen in this sort of culture, personality style of a figure which is late. Let tools can suspect, nation that he was plodding a political career in IRAN. Perhaps, as president, perhaps something even even bigger was doing a lot of selfies on the battlefield, essentially taunting, the United States, its important, remember Joe, when the? U S, waged its occupation of Iraq. We forget this. We think that we fought
campaign against Sunni jihadist and insurgents. That's the Tipp of the Spirit, of course, being killed in Iraq, the organization which then became ISIS, but joint special operations command actually had to task force in place under general Mcchrystal and Mc Raven one was called test for sixteen which went after Al Qaeda in Iraq. The other was called test for seventeen, which was dedicated to quote countering Iranian. Influenced by that they meant countering customs salami by the EU. Government's own estimate, IRAN, again with romani orchestrating all of this was responsible for sick, hundred and three: U S soldier fatalities in Iraq. At one point I believe was too in June two thousand seven. She militias under Salamis command or ever seen by him. We're response for two thirds of the? U S fatalities in Iraq. So if you look at the story of the: U S: occupation of Iraq that I think is going to give. A foretaste of what is to come. This is the kind of thing IRAN and again
salami, especially, were passed masters at waging plausibly deniable attacks against american targets, drawing loads of american blood on their hands and then sort of saying. Well, it wasn't us, it was somebody else. That's the kind of thing I would anticipate going forward, but again it's this is such a sort of unprecedented event cannon size that enough that is almost empty able to say what the next steps are going to be it. Is it conventional war or is it, as I mentioned see war and you with cyber warfare by IRAN, more attacks, tanker warfare in the gulf and so on, and so I actually think that the supreme If IRAN himself doesn't know what to do at this moment, You remember on July, on January, first, two days ago, He was taunting Donald Trump on We are saying that you can do nothing, Europe, basically calling the president the paper Tiger and, if you know anything about tunnel trump, this is a man
doesn't like to be taunted. Who doesn't like to be the sort of bullied back by somebody else? I would actually wager that that that one of the separating factors for this operation was indeed Supreme Leader, overwrought, basically saying bring it on that Michael all great points, admiral. I suspect perhaps that talking the President being targeted by the leader of North Korea, all may have led to this. I'm I'm just key use thou whether the unit well, first of all, you would you Ray with Michael that this is one of the most significant in the Middle EAST in the twenty first century. What would you say this is what I was right, explain to some friends last night that hadn't followed IRAN is its closely. I had suggested this was the most significant foreign policy decision we had made and seventeen years since we decided to invade Iraq
that be your assessment in were Joe, and now as you are saying, in the twenty first century my mind went immediately to the decision to invade Iraq and you can drop a plum line from that does vision to where we are today. This is inflection point and so what's happening, independent gone two things. One are all the defensive, we talked about a moment ago to prepare for all Wide potential range of counter strikes that IRAN can do and by the way, I do want to draw a line under cyber. We have an enormous site, vulnerability here. I think that's gonna, be the first tool in the tool kit they'll be more behind that, but the the guns working on those defensive measures, Joe hears the other thing, dependent God, because it's what we do is developing the offensive options right now for the present, because if Iraq
does lash out in a very significant way. We are gonna be prepared at least to go back, and that is take us off to the races and that'll be everything from aircraft. Carriers flowing to the region. Marine expeditionary units are ground. Air there that whole package is gonna, be prepped and ready, and we need to think through the strategy and again that's what's missing and our close by saying a strategy for It is to include our allies, part in France, we ve been talking for twenty minutes and really haven't mentioned the role of the Europeans, the role of the Israelis, the role of the Arabs. We need this strategically about how to integrate our allies. In do what with this, with all the elements agency coordination here we're going to have to deal with this with
all the elements of national power, not just the Pentagon, and thirdly, Finally, private sector vote abilities. Here again, I close with cyber. We are really be focusing on that, as we think about it. We ve got also control this strategic narrative here? A few tweets is not going to get there Does the president has a big decisions today? Who is he gonna call? you going to say publicly that is going to steer this. Hopefully there is some strategic thinking along. That offensive military package that, I assure you is being developed right now, nor James Providers. Thank you so much for being this HANS Nicholls early quickly. What are you expecting today? Any any word from a White House officials. I think the first thing we need to see if this trip to speaking evangelicals tonight is still on, whether not the president will decide to summon the pool he's not scheduled to leave until later on. But will we see
pressure on camera this morning and why redoubts tat. Mister Reed is this point. What readers there be with foreign leaders and crucially will he call how Speaker Nancy, cozy and shops humor and inform com of what has everyone seems to be agreed upon is momentous foreign policy decision job certainly is thank you so much odds, nickels and moral logger, greatly appreciated and still at a morning Joe Present Tromp has the United States. The brink of war with just a few ago, he was mixing up the Kurds and the Kurds, and
neither now who general so a money was, will remind the tape I had and try to figure out. What's next you're watching warning Joe were very back egg eyes Willie guys here this week on the Sunday sit down: podcast music, superstar, Cheryl Crow, her journey from a small town in Missouri to the top of the music world, get the pod cas now for free wherever you download yours. Welcome back the morning Joe, it is six. Twenty nine aiming at the White House is shot their of of an empty it house and one wonders whether Donald Trump, and his team returned the White House today, because They have the first major international crisis on their hands, a crisis that began last
night in earnest, with the killing of gin. So a money there is is Michael, I said singular presence in the Middle EAST over the past generation that certainly, throughout this century, caddy. This is some one of the problems with provoking allies. Closest allies and NATO across Europe is in town. Seems like these. It's hard to pick up that phone and have the immediate report that well Most presidents have had with with Great Britain, France, Germany over the past. Many thirty years or so so so
air. Where does Donald Trump go to shore up support for this attack last night, with a backdrop of course it even over the past thirty forty years there his there are often they ve been divisions when the United States relations with IRAN and european countries, relations the reason why we have always been on a far more hostile stance, of course, since that nineteen seventy nine hostage incident yen, usually the go to country in Europe. For America, in situations like this is the UK right, but today the reaction from London is pretty tepid at best with the foreign secretary rob urging de escalation on all sides. Not that's not really wing to America's support and, if that's the reaction from London, the reaction from continent, Europe is going to be much friendlier to the United States this morning either because there are, as your suggestion,
Joe splits between Europeans and Americans, It comes to IRAN ever since America, Donald Trump pull of the iranian nuclear cord. It's the Europeans who have tried to work together to keep going with around they're the ones that have tried a policy of rapprochement, they're, the ones that have been keen to keep IRAN in the kind of Vinos stable of of nations, whereas America's policy is being constantly just step things up and now today, in a situation where it needs to turn to its allies. It's not getting that kind of reaction is no surprise. Europeans are not jumping to the defence. The present, I think, is also concerned about. Does the present know what he's doing does he have a strategy and is even really understand what is going on in Iraq, it does appear that, after all, present trumpets doing some on the job tray Here he clearly knows who general solemn it is now, but if you look back to the twenty sixteen campaign, he did then confuse the goods with the Kurds
and had to be told exactly who solid money was? This is from his twenty fifteen interview with few Hewett. Are you familiar with general salami? Yes, I had give me a little go ahead. Tell me the way he runs the goods forces, that's! Ok! What do you do expect you by the way have been MR aided by us, and no doubt the Kurds, the goods forces the iranian revolutionary guards could generations the bad guys. Do you expect please be able to join the little colonel color, I'm sorry, I thought you should get herds, because I think the Kurds have been very poorly treated by us. You go ahead, so so salami runs the goods forces. Do you expect his behaviour is going to change as a result of this deal with IRAN? I think
that IRAN right now is in the driver's seat to do whatever they want to do. While salami is to terrorism. Sort of what Trump is to real estate he's got that many people say the most dangerous man in the world. Any runs the goods forces, which is their navy seal. Do you think you're gonna Chapman? That was going back and forth with a rush meeting with Putin? I read something and that's that seems to be also worries at here: a guy worth meeting with other countries, etc, etc. That's the guy in front of islamic terrorism, I'm looking for the next commander in chief to know her son s role is in Zagreb, Harry and algae Lonnie and our dog daddy. Do you know the players without a scorecard? Yet Donald, you know you know uptake honestly. I think by the time we get to office, tell all be changed, they'll be all gone. I know I know you would ask me things like this and is no reason because newborn up finding out, I will hopefully fine general dunwoodie got there in the back. I will find too VERDI's that I'll find and will, but there also
Can you get it? Should let those like history questions due notice? What do you know that when I dont believe and got your questions are not treated in a quiz Yahoo, though, and that is why I mean you know what you're asking me about who you know who is running this. Is this: that's that that is done. I will be so good at the military your head well spent. It's not gonna. Try not to do that, but I want you to agree a year. We ask me names that make it so what ridiculous when we start that Michael lies with the treatment of the Kurds and how badly they ve been treated. I wonder what the Kurds are thinking listening to that of the interview today. Look like, I guess the issue here about the lack of knowledge, Is the broader issue of lack of strategy coming out of the White House whether its long term strategy with IRAN and the assumption that, just by squeezing squeezing squeezing and I as pets with companies, often about money
thinking that that would produce results and it hasn't produce that result, but then there's the sort of short term strategy. Do you think you confident that, as the United States was planning this attack, as the White House was taking this target of opportunity, It had decided to get its ducks in a row beforehand in order to protect its assets in the region and knew what the potential ramifications might be well. I should think that the pension, certainly does, as does the CIA and whoever's advising Donald Trump, on the broader ramifications of these actions. My concern, though, is look the. U S has dramatically smaller footprint in in Iraq and well now, Iraq, Syria than it did circa, two thousand and seven, as I mentioned earlier, the height of IRAN's proxy war against the United States, but that's say that IRAN still cannot wage war plausibly deniable proxy war?
The? U S, targets, indeed, I mean cutting Hezbollah. One of the leading iranian proxy on the ground essentially kicked off this. This sort of tit for tat, exchange by rocketing? U S military personnel and killing and american contract that appears to have been Donald Trump red line as it were and recall it in the past few months I mean you guys, ticked off. A number of in provocations in the region, tanker attacks, the rocketing of Aramco, that the saudi oil company and so on and so forth, and response seem to be a mixture of pounding and then de escalation, I mean who can forget IRAN shut down an American drawn and it looked like he was about to launch air strikes on IRAN. In soil, which would have been a massive escalation, but as I mentioned, taking out, Customs Soleimani is really hard to understand how significant and the question is now
IRAN will have to do something to respond. It may not be immediate by the way you know the Iranian are quite good at along game. They may, by their time they may wait this out the new cycle and wait till a point where Donald Trump, perhaps isn't it lol, president, or he feels that he is put them in their place and then something major and catastrophic will happen, and it doesn't have to be in the Middle EAST. By the way, I mean the that goods forces orchestrated terrorist attacks on you, paean soil in the past, in ended in the lead up to the euro. Indeed, it was reported by british media that Hezbollah had been stockpiling weapons or weapons. I believe in UK, where I am now so these guys have for they don't have to try to pull the trigger immediately in person Leslie and I right now. You know, if fear in Tehran, you're, probably thinking what what's our best way of getting back at this man for doing what he thus did, and now I dont see a concerted all of government approach. It would be one thing if the: U S head, articulated a coherent. This is our law
term five ten twenty here plan for Deal with IRAN, but it seems to be you know in very sort of reactive Michael wise. Thank you so much. We greatly appreciate you being where this warning and adding really important perspective like spring and right now, the co hosts of mourning Jos. First look at me: Dane and Yasmine Vesuvius. They ve been on the phone all night working their sources Yasmine, let's begin with you. What can you tell us here? I am been pretty shocking user when I say the least Joe as I've been attacked, and sources overseas, any separation. We are illogical separation that we saw between the power structures in IRAN that we thought existed, especially because of the J C p away have now been unified, as you guys are talking about a little early, you had the president and the supreme. Or vowing revenge. You have the new chief of the IRA, see already in place. Iran has a contingency plan for attacks like this one,
The reason why you see I'm so many our kids in the Middle EAST and especially Israel, on high alert as we speak, and as you, from Michael? Why you can't help but think that people are also highly, on high alert in Europe and the United States as well. I actually write a piece from general Standard Stanley Mcchrystal who talked about a time back, two thousand and seven when he actually had the opportunity to take out so Lamont talked about the scope of solemn he's power throughout the Middle EAST, and he basically said the reason why he didn't take out. So a money at that time is because he knew of the repercussions of political repercussions in the ramifications that would have taken place. So the big question here is why that I've been trying to figure out, why, with administration choose to take our solar money at this point, and the only thing that you can hope for and think of is that the United States, we had some actionable intelligence in places- suggests that solar Monti was planning. An attack on american asset somewhere and at least we have no confirmation of that whatsoever, but is the only thing that can expect a situation
that's when you're taking out someone at such a high level. As you mentioned the number two in IRAN there, we would your gorse amen. We weed out now, and we won't know for some time the favor. If that is in fact true that he had plans any specific plans. That would be a step above what he's been doing? for four years, but am- and I wonder if you ve been struck as I have since the shocking news broke last night, then even IRAN. Fiercest enemies and the region The the this, the Sunni Sir, the Sunni leaders, also Middle EAST. All quietly were deeply concerned, shakin. In fact, by this killing and- and I mean you might expect- some of them to offer words of support.
But they are not, and and and several several leaders, Iceland to last night open it concerned about what this is the brain not only to the United States but to their countries absolutely I've been kind of talking to a few different sources across the region from Lebanon all the way to the Gulf countries to get a sense of what the sentiment is this morning and in fact I think, one of the most ports Colleagues that was summed up to me by an official I spoke to was that America is in checkers. Iran is playing chess, and so what you have in the region right now is America is bouncing around from point to point. Cancelling J C, deciding to ratchet up their pressure killing in iranian commander violating a rocky sovereignty with all of other legal questions, are running the around this airstrike, but the iranian government is playing a long game here you have so many proxies in place across the region. There are
parliament was that there are not likely to respond in the short term there expecting IRAN to regroup go through this morning period and then lay the long game, as they have been for the past forty years in the region, whether its in Iraq, Syria, yeah man, Lebanon. All of those are positive, cities and so the question and really becomes about what not the United States sought this through over various stages. The day of the decision to carry out this strike certainly not likely to see a response the day after, what's going to happen in the immediate term, what we ve already seen, the iranian government announced the replacement of the good where's commander, and that suggests something very important here that the iranian government, the paramilitary forces, the goods force there. Although definitely dependent on solar money for his strategy and certainly his charisma, they are able to Europe, fish and they relish martyrdom in a way that allows them to recruit more. Obviously, they have a very strong info structure. This is not a government that has been weakened in IRAN as a result of this air strike and so expect them
the course of the long term over the next decade, or so just tell me contain their posture across the Middle EAST, if not much more aggressively by a lot of the kind Waking up this morning, maybe expressing some relief that solar money is dead, but by far much more concerned about what a right is to do in the months and years ahead in terms of destabilizing the region. Even more age are, let me just say something really quickly and that a lot of people are talking about the fact that this may very well cause I'm a war overseas in the Middle EAST, and let me just say this that IRAN believes they have been at war for quite some time, especially since the new economic sanctions were levelled against them after the United States pulling out of the GDP away, and they have been clear about that. We remember and the cyber attacks from IRAN over the summer as well, I'm so, as to the matter of whether or not this is actually going to cause war? Iran is already at war. Thank you so much Yasmine an aim and greatly appreciated
this. For many, your time State Department is urging Americans to leave Iraq, of course, for that drones strike last night. Work pay its Christine's this week in my pocket. Why is this happening I'll be talking with computational biologist, Carl Burg Strong, but what we do and do know about the corona virus once these things get out there, and this is kind of sort of a key aspect of misinformation, and this information is the once they're out there. They really take off and they spread, and so Jonathan Swift said several four years ago, that falsehood flies and truth comes limping after and and that's what happens on the internet, of course, that there is a more recent version which is known as Brando in his book. They cemetery principle, and it says the amount of work that it takes to clean up both does an order of magnitude larger than the amount of work it takes to create. It. So we definitely see that sort of thing happening with all kinds of conspiracy theories, including this one around the virus that this week on. Why is this happening? Search for? Why is this happening wherever you're listening right now and subscribe
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